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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security

Amid global outrage over Khashoggi, Trump takes soft stance toward Saudis

May 14, 2009



Karl Rove: Congress and Waterboarding: Nancy Pelosi was an accomplice to 'torture.'
Taranto: A House Divided: Partisan "torture" crusade comes back to bite Speaker Pelosi
Hill: Boehner to call for GOP unity on Gitmo detainees
UPI: Graham links Pelosi, terror interrogations
WSJ: Obama Considers Detaining Terror Suspects Indefinitely
NYT: Unease Grows for Democrats Over Security
NYT: Bitter Start to a Hearing on Interrogation Tactics
AP: Ex-FBI Interrogator Says Harsh Methods Didn't Work

WaPo: Obama Shifts on Abuse Photos: Would Endanger U.S. Troops, President Says
NYT: Obama Tries to Block Release of Detainee Photos
LA Times: Obama takes risk with reversal on detainee photos
NYDN: President Obama moves to block release of detainee abuse photos
WSJ: Obama's Photo Epiphany: Why make it harder for the U.S. to defend itself?

Ann Coulter: Liberal Taliban Issues Fatwa Against Miss California
WaPo: Palin On Prejean

WSJ: Earmark Nation: The Founders never imagined spending such vast sums

WaPo: Obama Plans A Weekend Review of Court Picks
NYT: CBS Poll Reveals Partisan Split on Obamas Supreme Court Selection
LA Times: Supreme Court candidate Elena Kagan has admirers left and right

WSJ: Obama Calls for Urgency in Passing Health-Care Bill
NYT: Democrats to Develop Plan to Sell Health Care
WSJ: Health-Care Reform and the 'Innovation Test'
WaPo: A Long Battle Ahead For Health-Care Czar
Politico: GOP seeks 'common ground' on health
Human Events: Whats So Bad About Universal Health Care?
Rush Limbaugh: National Health Care is Gateway to Government Control of Your Life

NYT: Obama Urges Rules on Investments Tied to Crisis
WaPo: U.S. Pushes Ahead With Derivatives Regulation

NYT: Slow Start to Federal Plan for Modifying Mortgages
WaPo: More Homeowners Getting Aid, but Demand Keeps Rising
WSJ: Economic-Stimulus Cash Is Moving Slowly

WSJ: Target: Intel, and Competition: Team Obama adopts the European model on antitrust
NYT: A Ruling Against Intel, Unlikely to Drag It Down
Wash Times: Intel defends competition in face of fine
NYT: High-Tech Antitrust Cases: The Road Ahead

WaPo: Treasury Clarifying Pay Rules for Bailed-Out Firms
George Will: Obama's Overreaching Economic Policies

NYT: Senate Rejects a 15% Ceiling on Credit Card Interest Rates

NYT: House Panel Nears Agreement on Energy and Climate Bill
Politico: GOP plans climate bill stall in committee
Rush Limbaugh: Smoking Gun Memo on C02 Myth

WSJ: White House Czar Calls for End to 'War on Drugs'
NYT: Editorial: Gun Lobby: Whose Senate Is This?

WSJ: Census Nomination Reignites Debate Over How to Count Population

WSJ: Unions vs. Taxpayers: Labor has become the most powerful political force in govt
WSJ: Meet Craig Becker, labor's secret weapon
Harold Meyerson: Card Check and Gut Check

WSJ: Hsu Acquaintance Testifies Donations Were Reimbursed

Wash Times: Republicans block Interior nominee
WaPo: GOP Senators Block Interior Nominee's Confirmation

CQ Politics: With Reduced Numbers, Senate GOP Finds Caucus Unity a Powerful Tool
WaPo: As Cheney Seizes Spotlight, Many Republicans Wince
AP/Evans: GOP recruiters tilting toward center in 2010 races


NYT: Paterson Asks Ethics Panel to Quit
NYT: Pension Inquiry Reveals a Power Brokers Web
Albany TU: A step toward gay vows?


Star-Ledger: Steve Lonegan winning ideological debate in N.J.'s Republican race
Rasmussen: NJ GOP Primary: Christie 39%, Lonegan 29%
AP: GOP group airs attack ads against Gov. Jon Corzine
AP: Incumbents defeated in several NJ elections


WSLS: Gubernatorial ads start early, what claims should you believe?
Roanoke Times: State board nixes fine against Democrats


CQ Politics: With Minnesota Race Still Undecided, GOP Presses Online Fundraising Effort
Pioneer Press: Pawlenty gets budget bills with $3B hole
Star Tribune: GOP group assails party's 'thought police'


SF Chronicle: GOP Gov's candidates: So where would they cut?
LA Times: Campaign for budget measures struggles to appeal to voters
SacBee: If budget ballot measures fail, governor may release 38,000 prisoners
NYT: Rising Calls to Regulate California Groundwater
CQ Politics: Republican Lungren Draws Challenger in California's 3rd
WSJ: Mr. Gilmore's Capitol Punishment: He's Stuck in California's 'Dog House'


Dallas MN: Cornyn's guess: Hutchison resigns in the fall to run for governor
Dallas MN: Joe Straus' only choice on voter ID
AP: Texas: A Step Toward Judges Removal
AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature


Politico: CFO Alex Sink enters race for governor
Miami Herald: Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink announces bid for governor
Tallahassee Dem: Sink to run for governor
Tampa Tribune: Sink is 1st to enter race for governor
Herald Tribune: Rubio pays visit to stump for Senate
Herald Tribune: Kottkamp considering statewide run
Gainesville Sun: Smith mulls attorney general run
EJ Dionne: A Florida Test for The GOP
Florida TU: U.S. Senate race may be a contest for GOP's soul
Hill: GOP senators back centrism with Crist
CQ Politics: Is History on Crists Side in the Governor-to-Senator Shuffle


Atlanta JC: Perdue OKs budget, vetoes only 3 line items
AP/McCaffrey: Governor signs $18.6B Georgia budget
AP/McCaffrey: Former Gov. Barnes mulls another bid for governor
Southern PR: Bredesen warns Georgia Democrats of the 'Republican disease'
Atlanta JC: Veto by Perdue act of a steward
AP: Some call for override of Perdue veto on capital gains tax


Chicago Tribune: Illinois reform: General Assembly working behind closed doors


WaPo: Moderate Specter Adjusts to View From Other Side of Aisle


Akron Beacon Journal: Political battles already lining up


Detroit News: State budget shortfall could eclipse $2B


News-Leader: Nixon aide accused of bribery
AP: Missouri GOP lawmakers sign accusations against Nixon


Tennessean: Tennessee's election board could expire


CQ Politics: More GOP Candidates in South Carolina Governor's Race
Charleston PC: Budget ball in Sanford's court
CQ Politics: 2008 Foe Takes Another Swing at South Carolina GOP Rep. Wilson


Anchorage DN: Palin weighs vetoes, whether to accept stimulus money


May 13, 2009



Sen. Jeff Sessions: The Right Person for the High Court
Hill: Clock ticks for nominee
WaPo: Obama Makes Empathy a Requirement for Court
NYT: Editorial: The Supreme Court’s Hostility to the Voting Rights Act
Ruth Marcus: Wanted: Justices From Venus
CQ Politics: Want a New Justice Confirmed By August? Move Fast, Mr. President

James Taranto: Obama Flamb: Like it or not, he's a war president now
Wash Times: Waterboarding's wake widening
Wm Jacobson: Dems Lack Waterboarding Exit Strategy
Politico: Democrats: CIA is out to get us
Politico: Torture committee needed to fix past
Hill: Hoyer wants Pelosi facts out
NYT: OpEd: Congresss Torture Bubble
Hill: GOP uses Gitmo closing to win traction on national security

WSJ: Social Security, Medicare Face Insolvency Sooner
Wash Times: Social Security, Medicare bleeding faster
NYT: Recession Drains Social Security and Medicare
WaPo: Alarm Sounded On Social Security: Report Also Warns Of Medicare Collapse

WaPo: Freddie Mac Loses $10 Billion for Quarter: Mortgage Giant's Bailout Tops $50 Billion
WaPo: Immigrant Homeownership Proves Resilient in the Face of Slowdown
NYT: Homeownership Losses Are Greatest Among Minorities, Report Finds

WSJ: U.S. Eyes Bank Pay Overhaul
NYT: U.S. Considers Financial Pay Guidelines
WaPo: Officials Knew of AIG Bonuses Months Before Firestorm

Politico: How Business will wage war on Obama tax plan
Politico: Smokers, drinkers to carry tax burden?

Dick Morris: Death of U.S. healthcare
WSJ: Idea on Hill: Taxing Health Benefits
Wash Times: Taxing worker health benefits considered
NYT: Editorial: Reminders on Health Reform
WSJ: National Health-Care Debate Spurs 36% Increase in Industry Lobbying
Hill: Waxman sets private, Dems-only healthcare meeting
American Spectator: Republicans Dithering on Health Care

Wash Times: Waxman outlines modified climate bill
Politico: Democrats edge closer to climate bill deal
Hill: Democrats break logjam on climate change bill
WSJ: EPA Chief Says CO2 Finding May Not 'Mean Regulation'
NYT: Document Is Critical of E.P.A. on Clean Air
Hill: Dems from oil, gas states fight tax hike
Hill: Carter advises Obama to follow his lead on energy
Wash Times: Obama energy options may be long wait
WSJ: The cap-and trade levy would hit low-income earners especially hard
American Thinker: The Coming Ice Age

WSJ: Businesses Encouraged by Regulatory Nominee Sunstein
Roll Call: Reid: Johnsen Doesnt Have Votes for DOJ Post
WSJ: Candidate to Run Highway Safety Office Withdraws
CQ Politics: Interior Nomination Likely To Be Rejected in Senate

NYT: With Support, Congress Seizes on Credit Cards

NYT: Stimulus Aid Trickles Out, but States Seek Quicker Relief

WSJ: Chrysler and the Rule of Law

NYT: Editorial: Return of the Trustbusters
Hill: Antitrust eyes turn toward Google

WSJ: 'A Blatant Extortion': A judge slams plaintiffs lawyers' torts-for-import game

WSJ: Republicans vs. Bureaucrats: You can't starve government and blame it too

LA Times: Trump says Miss California USA can keep her crown despite uproar
Politico: Donald Trump on Miss California: Same as Barack Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Trump and Prejean Zing Obama
NY Post: Left can't stand right-thinking beauty
American Spectator: Don't Divorce the Marriage Issue

Wash Times: Moral-values groups hail tax ruling

CNN: Huckabee slams Republican leaders' 'listening tour'
Politico: Huck: Hard not laughing at Cantors group

Michael Gerson: Republicans Have A Driving Desire To Lose
Kathleen Parker: Rush to Humorlessness: Why Is That Man Smiling?
Jeff Jacoby: The party of Colin Powell
Power Line: Does Colin Powell rate the unconditional political fellowship of Republicans?
SF Chronicle: Whither goes the GOP? To wither?
Maureen Dowd: Dick Cheney: Rogue Diva of Doom
Dana Milbank: Carter Tries to Settle Old Scores: Man From Plains, With Lessons From '70s

Politico: Dick Cheney backs Jeb Bush for president

AP/Johnson: Steele praises Romney after criticizing him

WSJ: Trial Begins for Ex-Top Democratic Fund-Raiser Norman Hsu
NYDN: Jury hears Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's call to swindler Norman Hsu
NY Post: Hill thrilled by campaign 'cheat'


NYDN: Using The Assembly Marriage Vote To Leverage The Senate
NYT: N.Y. Assembly Passes Gay Marriage Bill
NY Post: Assembly vote oks gay nups
NYT: Albany Moves to Enable Extended Jobless Benefits
NY Post: Hedge big admits NY bribe role
NY Post: 'Hevesi' rap on top doc


NYT: G.O.P. Rivals in New Jersey Tussle in First TV Debate
Star-Ledger: GOP candidates Christie, Lonegan clash at first debate
Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. GOP candidates for governor debate
CQ Politics: New Jerseys GOP Governor Hopefuls Square Off
Star-Ledger: House Democrats ask Christie to comment on bill
PolitickerNJ: Butehorn says Christie backs a 'go along to get along' plan


Huff Post: New Virginia GOP Chair Has History Of Controversial Anti-Cantor Ads
CQ Politics: McAuliffe Gets Big Endorsement in Virginia


WSJ: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to Seek Senate Seat
NYT: Restless in Tallahassee, or With Eye on 2012, Governor Rolls Dice
LA Times: Crist's Senate bid represents ideological struggle for GOP
Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Charlie Crist announces run for Senate
St. Pete Times: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist makes his run for U.S. Senate official
St. Pete Times: Crist draws quick support from GOP leaders for Senate bid
WOKV: Mel Martinez Backs Governor Crist's Senate Run
Miami Herald: Crist's record will be put to the test
CQ Politics: Crist’s Decision Alters Florida’s 2010 Landscape
Tallahassee Dem: Governor's move creates political scramble for head of Fla.
CQ Politics: Crists Senate Bid Flips CQ Ratings on Florida Races
St. Pete Times: Conservative activists question Crist's commitment to core GOP values
CQ Politics: Cornyn Nabs Crist But Can’t Clear the Field
Politico: Conservatives may buck Charlie Crist
CQ Politics: Rubio Welcomes Crist to the Race
St. Pete Times: Only uncertainty is certain in Florida this election cycle
Rasmussen: Most Florida Voters Might Vote for Crist in 2010 Senate Election


Politico: Coleman wants to use campaign funds for criminal case


CQ Politics: California Dreamin, Gubernatorially Speaking
LA Times: Editorial: California's budget compromise
SacBee: California's election turnout expected to be tiny
LA Times: Villaraigosa calls on LA City Council to declare a fiscal emergency
LA Times: Political aspirations of Latinos and Asians clash in congressional race
SacBee: State to ask federal government to back its loans


Dallas MN: Bill aims to allow governors more time to travel without losing power


Politico: GOP govs plan Tea Party sequel


Atlanta JC: Oxendine airing radio campaign ad
Georgia News: Oxendine Blasts AJC Article Over Contributions
Fayette Daily News: This years Republican convention should be a hum-dinger


Hill: Dems go for rematch in suburban Chicago Harper vs. Biggert


WaPo: Can Mitch Daniels Save the GOP?


WaPo: FAA Approves Plan to Give Stimulus Funds to Airport Named After Murtha


Cleveland PD: Ohio lawmakers debate a six-month freeze on foreclosures


Detroit News: Cockrel won't run for Detroit mayor


KC Star: Missouri House backs health-care expansion plan


Tennessean: 'Tennessee Plan' unfettered by politics


WaPo: Vitter Lifts Objections to FEMA Nominee


NYT: Palin Signs Deal to Write a Memoir
Politico: Sarah Palin book due out next spring
Fox: Sarah Palin Still Befuddles The Media


May 12, 2009



Washington Times: Health industry to spend $2 trillion less
WaPo: Obama Endorses Health Industry's Goal to Rein In Costs
WSJ: Health-Care Providers Pledge to Try to Curb Costs
WSJ: Health providers agree to Obama health plan's notion of cost savings
NYT: Obamas Push for Health Care Cuts Faces Daunting Odds
Hill: President wins key support in battle for health reform
Hill: House GOP seeks healthcare plan by Memorial Day
Human Events: Still No Concrete Plan on Health Care From White House
WSJ: Soda Tax Weighed to Pay for Health Care
NYT: Change in Estate Tax Suggested to Pay for Health Care
WSJ: How ObamaCare Will Affect Your Doctor
NYT: Editorial: A Moderate Plan for Health Care
Rasmussen: 41% Favor Government Health Insurance Plan, 44% Opposed
Rush Limbaugh: Foolish Health Care Industry Thinks They Can Appease Obama

NYT: 45 Centrist Democrats Protest Secrecy of Health Care Talks
CQ Politics: Kyl Seeks to Peel Off Conflicted Democrats

WSJ: Climate-Bill Breaks Bode Ill for Deficit

WSJ: Geithner's Revelation: He concedes that monetary policy was 'too loose too long.'
WSJ: Was It a Sucker's Rally?
WSJ: Schumer's Shareholder Bill Misses the Mark
WaPo: Despite Stimulus Funds, States to Cut More Jobs
Washington Times: Treasury nominee can keep corporate pay

LA Times: Obama tax proposal would hit securities dealers, life insurance firms, big estates
CQ Politics: Tax Plan Calls for Corporate Hikes

WaPo: Senators Cut Deal On Credit Card Bill
Politico: Senators Dodd, Shelby cut deal on credit card bill

Washington Times: Obama threatens to limit U.S. intel with Brits
Hill: GOP wants intel docs declassified
Politico: Pelosi defense: couldn't object in '03

NYT: Obama Takes Tougher Antitrust Line

Human Events: Could 2010 Census Include Make-Believe People?

Bill Kristol: An Anti-Obama Agenda for the GOP
Ross Douthat: Obama faking left
American Thinker: Barack Obama, the Quintessential Liberal Fascist
WSJ: Obama and the Clinton Legacy
Richard Cohen: What if Cheney's Right?

Dana Milbank: Limbaugh Public Enemy Number One?
James Taranto: What makes Wanda Sykes's witless vulgarity amusing to the president?

Wash Times: Sessions vows fair hearings: Says Obama court nominees won't be 'Borked'
WaPo: Hispanics See Stars Aligned on High Court
NYT: Potential Justice Offers a Counterpoint in Chicago
AP/Evans: Obama to talk court nomination with Senate leaders

Politico: John Boehner's spokesman responds to Barack Obama's joke

Hill: Bailouts crimp Senate Dem fundraising

Boston Globe: Romney finds himself the target
Hill: Romney slaps Steele over Mormon comments
CNN: Romney camp hits back at Steele for Mormonism comments
LA Times: Michael Steele's first 100 days as RNC chairman: oh brother

SF Chronicle: Is Meghan McCain the new face of the GOP?
KC Star: Sinise GOP's political savior?

Pat Buchanan: Wanted: A Fighting Party

Rush Limbaugh: What Motivates Dick Cheney?


CQ Politics: Israel Tells Colleagues Hell Take On Gillibrand

AP/Gormley: NY Assembly to support gay marriage; protest looms
Albany TU: Senate key to same-sex marriage

Albany TU: Smith gets tough with Espada
NYT: Congressman Accuses Bloomberg Campaign of Spreading Negative Stories


Daily Record: Christie & Lonegan: Candidates' first face-off is tonight
Star-Ledger: Debate puts Chris Christie, Steve Lonegan centerstage
Daily Record: Establishment RINOs snub Lonegan
Star-Ledger: As ex-mayor, Lonegan leaves a disputed legacy
North Jersey: Christie's play-it-safe strategy runs a risk


CNN: McDonnell launches first TV ad in Virginia race | VIDEO: McDonnell ad
WaPo: Debate Over Jobless Benefits Resonates Near and Far
Southern Political Report: A Republican trend in Northern Virginia?
Richmond TD: McAuliffe slams GOP candidate on jobs


Hotline: Should Coleman Concede? Steele Says, "Hell No"
CQ Politics: Franken Asks Court To Give Minnesota Governor A Direct Order
Star Tribune: Franken defends his win
Pioneer Press: Al Franken answers Norm Coleman Senate election appeal: It's over, we won
Election Law Blog: Initial Thoughts on Franken's Minnesota Supreme Court Brief


LA Times: Governor: Budget shortfall could reach $21.3 billion if ballot measures fail
SacBee: Governor projects deficit could reach $21.3 billion
SF Chronicle: Governor: Deficit $21 billion if measures fail
San Diego UT: Governor says deficit now tops $15 billion
WSJ: Cuts Loom in California if Propositions Fail
SacBee: Governor gets bill to expand health aid for those laid off
SacBee: Assembly office cuts next
SF Chronicle: California speeding toward the cliff's edge

LA Times: VIDEO: Carrie Prejean press conference: 'I don't plan on going into politics'


AP/Vertuno: Senate passes private property amendment
AP/Root: Voter ID bill passes House committee
Austin AS: Chairman says committee-approved voter ID plan unlikely to pass full House

Houston Chronicle: Kent sentenced to 33 months behind bars


Miami Herald: Crist's run to set off a scramble
St. Pete Times: Crist run for U.S. Senate would scramble Florida politics
Herald Tribune: National GOP may be getting a big lift
Washington Times: Crist poised to make Senate bid
Politico: Conservatives may buck Charlie Crist
WSJ: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist Is Expected to Seek Senate Seat
NYT: Governor of Florida Plans Bid for Senate
Bulletin: Crist Eyes Washington: U.S. Senate Ambitions Will Impact GOP
WaPo: White House Cheat Sheet: What Crist Means


Macon Telegraph: Governor vetoes capital gains tax cut
Atlanta JC: Perdue plans to veto bill to cut capital gains tax
Atlanta JC: Perdue: April revenue figures not encouraging
Atlanta JC: GOP needs diversity, core values


Sun-Times: Father-son legal team Sam Adam Jr. and Sr. might defend Rod Blagojevich
WaPo: Madigan Reconsidering Illinois Senate Race


Pittsburgh TR: Primary may yet trip up Specter
Politico: Will cash follow Specter?
Politico: Joe Sestak urged to challenge Arlen Specter
Philadelphia Inquirer: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - then beat 'em
WaPo: Nephew Mentioned Rep. Murtha in Dealings as Contractor


Roll Call: Ohio could see two 2008 rematches next year
Cleveland PD: State finds $150M in savings to offset projected $900M deficit for 2009


CNBC: GM CEO: Bankruptcy Likely; Firm May Leave Detroit


St. Louis PD: Danforth among those encouraging a Schweich Senate bid
KC Star: New name surfaces for US Senate in Missouri. It's Schweich & Danforth backs him


Tennessean: House speaker Kent Williams sways skeptics
Chattanooga TFP: McCormick wont run for Congress


Rasmussen: 50% of GOP Voters in Arizona Say McCain Is Out of Touch


Politico: Rep. Burton may face four in GOP primary


Politico: Vitter's stall on FEMA draws criticism


CQ Politics: Senate: Dodd Blasts Newspaper Piece on Wife's Income


Fox: In Kentucky, Bunning Faces Tough Fight for Senate Seat
Roll Call: Bunning-McConnell feud clouds Kentucky Republican Dinner


Joan Vennochi: Palin is no Dan Quayle


AP: Hastert, former U.S. House speaker, endorses Tiahrt for Senate
KC Star: Hastert, no friend of Moran's, endorses Tiahrt


American Spectator: Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta Announces Run for Congress
Concord Monitor: Guinta's in the running


May 11, 2009



WSJ: Health-Care Providers Pledge to Try to Curb Costs
WSJ: Republicans & the 'Public Option': Compromise means government health care
Hill: Obama, interest groups to launch health reform plan
WaPo: Health Groups Vow Cost Control
NYT: Industry Pledges to Control Health Care Costs Voluntarily
WSJ: Obama Aide Seeks to Guide Overhaul With a Light Touch
WaPo: Ex-Hospital CEO Battles Reform Effort: Ads Cite Long Waits In Canada and Britain
Paul Krugman: Harry, Louise and Barack: The medical-industrial complex

NYT: Administration Plans to Strengthen Antitrust Rules
NYT: Rising Credit Card Losses Are Next Challenge for Banks
WaPo: Sallie Mae's About-Face on Loan Subsidies
WSJ: How Ford Restructured Without Federal Help
Detroit FP: Resale values fall 6% for Chrysler vehicles
WSJ: The Friedman Flap: Bad judgment threatens the Fed's independence
Bob Packwood: The G.D.P. Question

Washington Times: Cheney: Obama endangers the nation
Politico: McCain criticizes Obama plan on detainees
Messenger: Hoekstra blasts Obamas Gitmo plan
Human Events: Senate GOPs Explosive New Gitmo Video
American Spectator: Obama's Tortured Logic
Politico: GOP's torture strategy: Pelosi
Politico: Richard Clarke rebukes House Republicans

Washington Times: Gates' budget cuts sour conservatives
NYT: Plan to Shift Military Spending Faces Skepticism
NYT: Editorial: Pentagon budget: A Lot More to Cut

NYT: China Outpaces U.S. in Cleaner Coal-Fired Plants
WSJ: Carbon Reality, Again: Australia's prime minister discovers

WaPo: Obama Enlists Biden's Expertise About High Court
EJ Dionne: An Honest Brawl Over the Court
Human Events: The Obama Standard
American Spectator: Bigots vs. Friends
Politico: New push to bring cameras in Supreme Court

WaPo: Chances Bright for Legislation Seeking FDA Regulation of Tobacco

WSJ: Copyright Critics Rationalize Theft
NYT: Editorial: Shrinking the Prison Population

Hill: Cheney picks Limbaugh's version of the GOP
Washington Times: Cheney: Limbaugh more loyal than Powell
Washington Times: Sykes' WH dinner wit questioned
Lupica: David Feherty shouldn't get pass for tasteless joke, but neither should Wanda Sykes
Politico: Sen. John McCain pushes for GOP inclusiveness
Jed Babbin: Is the GOP Lost?
Hill: GOP promises to reach out to new voters
Politico: Laura Bush was no 'quiet' first lady

Politico: Moderate Democrats become decisive factor

Politico: VIDEO: Sunday show highlights


NYDN: Chuck Schumer, David Paterson won't fight Kirsten Gillibrand challengers
NY Post: Dems set to nix Gov's MTA pick


Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. pay-to-play limits chafe on some
Star-Ledger: N.J.'s outgoing election law chief leaves legacy as nonpartisan


Politics Daily: Full-Court Terry Goes All Out in Virginia Governor's Race
Richmond TD: Delegates urged to attend meeting


Human Events: Minnesota Senate Race: The Saga Continues


SacBee: GOP six feel heat for vote on taxes
LA Times: Naturalized citizens are poised to reshape California's political landscape
Dan Walters: Fiscal crunch provides opening to overhaul California school finance


Dallas MN: Tobacco firms' 40 lobbyists put popular Legislature proposals at risk
Dallas MN: Texas takes a hit at the White House correspondents' dinner


PNJ: Fla. GOP: Crist will be next U.S. senator
American Spectator: Rubio It's You
Hill: Crist Senate bid could threaten GOP control in Fla.
Politico: Crist running for Senate
AP: Gov. Charlie Crist to announce 2010 political plans - hinted at U.S. Senate


Atlanta JC: Fund-raising allegations serious, Oxendine foe says


Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn budget ripped for spending excesses


Human Events: Pennsylvania Demos Not Embracing Specter


Politico: Ohio sheriff's risky announcement


Messenger: Former Knollenberg staffer takes aim at Peters in MI-9
CQ Politics: Michigan Democrat Fights His Districts Freshman Curse
Detroit News: Car executives give Granholm kudos as automaker advocate


St. Louis PD: Issues, acrimony abound in final week of Mo. Legislature


Knox News: Another Tennessee governor candidate?
Knox News: Knoxville native rises in influence, stature in state House


AP: Sanford to criticize legislative spending


Louisville CJ: Williams vows to challenge Beshear over budget
Politico: Jim Bunning says he's running
Hill: Bunning drama continues to haunt GOP


CQ Politics: Is 2010 The Year a Democrat Can Win an Alabama Governors Race?


Human Events: Is Colorados Legislature Really this Bad?


May 10, 2009



WaPo: Obama Delivers the Zingers at Journalists' Dinner
Washington Times: Stars shine at correspondents' dinner
Hill: Star-studded dinner includes some risky jokes

Politico: Celebrities flock to the WHCD
Hill: Stars begin to emerge for D.C.'s big party
Politico: Sykes slams Rush: '20th hijacker'
Politico: "All of you voted for me"
Politico: Obama's star shines brightest at WHCD
NYDN: President Barack Obama gets laughs at White House Correspondents' Dinner

Wash Times: Anti-tax crusade to storm Capitol: Grassroots 'tea parties' build strength
American Thinker: Reflections on Conservatism and Christianity
Kathleen Parker: An Evolution for Evangelicals
Richard Viguerie: What Republicans need is a mutiny

WaPo: Hill Panel Reviewing CIA Tactics: Investigators Examining Interrogations, Legal Advice
Wm Jacobson: Pelosi Surrounds Herself With Herself
Hill: Bond steps up criticism of Gitmo plan
WSJ: House Won't Fund Guantanamo Closing Until Plan Is Ready

NYT: Shift to Saving May Be Downturns Lasting Impact
NYT: Editorial: After the Stress Tests
NYT: For Victims of Recession, Patchwork State Aid
George Will: Capitalism Goes Out Of Tune

WaPo: In Court Pick, Obama Seeks to Be Bold but Not Provocative
NYT: Scouring Obamas Past for Clues on Judiciary
WaPo: Supreme Court Prospect Has Unlikely Ally
NYT: OpEd: Let the Nominee Stay Home

NYT: Obama Favors Limits on Credit Card Fees
Politico: Obama calls for fast passage of credit card reform
AP/Elliott: Obama pushes cardholders' 'rights'
NYT: The Credit Card Squeeze

Hill: Republicans have two-prong strategy on healthcare
CQ Politics: Global Health Plan: Breaking New Ground or a Campaign Promise?
NYT: Congress Plans Incentives for Healthy Habits

CQ Politics: Push on Energy Bills Gets a Little Lethargic

WaPo: Controversy: A Conversation With E. Brennan Bollman Notre Dame valedictorian

Politico: John Edwards: The lamest excuses ever

Ron Nehring: An RNC renaissance in the making
Mark Steyn: Conservatives always face uphill climb
Philadelphia Inquirer: Predictors of GOP's end ignore false past forecasts
Salt Lake Tribune: Jeb Bush and the vegetative GOP
NYT: Gaps Appear in G.O.P. Solidarity
LA Times: The Republican Party ignores young 'millennials' at its peril
LA Times: The nation needs a better GOP
Clarence Page: To win votes, why not listen to voters?

WaPo: GOP needs someone like Kemp to challenge it
Cokie Roberts: Jack Kemp's warning to the Republicans
Birmingham News: Jack Kemp had big hands, 'Big Tent' philosophy

Baltimore Sun: For GOP's Steele, a time to fly or fall
Hill: Steele's first 100 days marked by strife, flubs
UPI: Steele: A rocky start at RNC
Hill: Decision day looms for Senate candidates
Politico: From ACORN, a mighty GOP fight

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: New York Senators Hedge on Gay Marriage
NYT: Stimulus to Pay for More Summer Jobs
WKBW: Group Protests New Taxes, Calls for Stachowski's Resignation
Buffalo News: Court appointee defends juicy fees
Albany TU: Gillibrand: End $25 child-support fee


AP/DeFalco: Attack ads begin early in NJ's gubernatorial race
PolitickerNJ: With Christie engaged in GOP guv primary, legal brains consider DPAs
Kurtz for Mayor: Kurtz Team Endorses Steve Lonegan for Governor
PolitickerNJ: Who wins the Republican nomination for Governor?


Daily Progress: GOP chair tied to group that attacked Cantor


Pioneer Press: With Pawlenty veto of tax bill, lawmakers start over on budget deficit
Bemidji Pioneer: Legislature: Pawlenty vetoes legislative tax bill

Reuters: Minnesota Senate race inches toward resolution


SacBee: Legislators prepare for harsh, new wave of cuts
SF Chronicle: Budget measures' logically bankrupt opposition
SacBee: Budget crisis points to wider problem
SF Chronicle: State's future at stake in May 19 vote
LA Times: Voter guide information
SacBee: Schwarzenegger stirs debate on legalizing marijuana
LA Times: Schwarzenegger needs a boost, but his chances recede with the economy


Dallas MN: Kay Bailey Hutchison trying to time her Washington departure just right


Weekly Standard: The Florida Underdog: Marco Rubio's uphill race against Charlie Crist
Sun-Sentinel: If Crist seeks Senate seat, Florida politics gets turned upside down


Atlanta JC: GOP to get a peek at battles faithful


Chicago Tribune: As campaign reform looms, Illinois candidates look to load up


NYT: Arlen Specter: The Convert


Cleveland PD: Strickland knowingly let the Ohio House OK a bogus budget


WaPo: With Little to Cheer About, Detroit Turns to Ex-NBA Star
Detroit News: Conyers to leave council president role for Cockrel

Detroit News: Michigan Supreme Court considers rules for courtroom appearances


Columbia Daily Tribune: Bond helps Blunt get early start
St. Louis PD: Missouri budget a triumph of adequacy
News-Leader: Health care for poor still divides Missouri lawmakers


State: Sanford and the 2012 hopefuls
State: Economy will be voters' top issue in 2010


NYT: Editorial: Doin a Heck of a Job, Senator


CQ Politics: Term-Limited Or Not, Wyoming Governor Mum on 2010 Plans


WHAS11: Senator Bunning announces at Lincoln Day Dinner that he will run for third term
Louisville CJ: Bunning preaches GOP gospel
News&Tribune: No fireworks at state Lincoln Day Dinner
AP/Biesk: Ky. GOP faithful show unity in Louisville
Lexington HL: GOP leaders 'starting to eat their own'
CQ Politics: The More Interesting Political Dinner?


NM Indep: Actor Val Kilmer probably not going to run for N.M. governor


Arizona Republic: Setting record straight on taxation in Arizona


May 9, 2009



WaPo: Top Pelosi Aide Learned Of Waterboarding in 2003
WSJ: What Congress Knew: Congress got 40 briefings from the CIA on interrogations
NYT: List Says Top Democrats Were Briefed on Interrogations
CQ Politics: Records Indicate Pelosi Was Briefed on Interrogations
NYT: Chart: Congressional Briefings on Harsh Interrogation Methods
Washington Times: Pelosi refutes intelligence memo
Politico: Alexander: Why not probe Congress on briefings?
Hill: Hoekstra considers hearings on Pelosi, interrogations
SF Chronicle: Hoekstra wants briefing notes declassified
Atlanta JC: On Nancy Pelosi, torture and the truth

WaPo: Obama Set to Revive Military Commissions
WSJ: House Won't Fund Guantanamo Closing Until Plan Is Ready

WaPo: In Poor Jobs Numbers, Hints of Improvement
WaPo: Recovery Still Depends On Bold Actions, Officials Say
WaPo: Fannie Loses $23 Billion, Prompting Even Bigger Bailout
NYT: Fine Line for Obama on How to Convey Hope on Economy
NYT: U.S. Jobless Rate Hits 8.9%, but Pace Eases
NYT: 2 Banks Cited in Stress Tests Find Ready Investors
NYT: Editorial: Toward Fair Lending
Arthur Levitt Jr: Muni Bonds Need Better Oversight

WSJ: Tax Boost Proposed for Estates, Firms
WSJ: The Half-Penny Solution: Cutting the budget paper clip by paper clip
David Broder: Molehill Out of a Budget Mountain

WSJ: When It Comes to Judges, 'Pragmatic' Means Unprincipled
American Thinker: When Ideology Rules Us
Politico: Steele: 'Crazy nonsense empathetic!'

WSJ: Aide Quits Over New York Flyover
NYT: Aide Quits Over Flight That Alarmed New York
Washington Times: Series of gaffes led to Air Force One flyover

NYT: Work Under Way on Virtual Fence
WaPo: In 'Virtual Fence,' Continuity With Border Effort by Bush

Deseret News: Huntsman to attend big-name D.C. event
Hill: Stars begin to emerge for D.C.'s big party

WSJ: Obama Picks Egypt for Muslim Speech
Washington Times: Obama's speech in Egypt to reach out to Muslims

UPI: Alan Keyes arrested in Notre Dame protest
WSJ: Notre Dame's Invitation to Obama Sparks Protests and Soul-Searching

WSJ: Wisconsin Lawmaker Emerges as GOP Seeks New Voices
CNN: Huckabee warns GOP could become 'irrelevant'

Time: Jack Kemp: Running a Very Different Republican Race
Politics Daily: The Day Jack Kemp Helped Get MLK His Holiday
Weekly Standard: Jack F. Kemp, 1935 - 2009
Wichita Eagle: GOP should learn from Jack Kemp

LA Times: Weekend talk shows


NYDN: State Senator Kevin Parker busted over tussle with photographer
NY Post: Sen. Parker arrested in fotog attack
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Patersons Performance
NYT: After Introduction From Ferrer, Firm Earned $100,000 From State Pension Fund
NYT: Ex-State Senator Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges
Albany TU: State sends flu call jobs to Canada
NYT: New York Charges Rent for Working Homeless


WSJ: New Jersey's GOP Sees Opportunity in Corzine
Star-Ledger: GOP hopeful alleges attempt to steer him away from race
Star-Ledger: Dem lawmakers seek probe of alleged offer to keep GOP candidate from race
PolitickerNJ: Legislators Call For Investigation Into Top Christie Adviser
PolitickerNJ: Christie and Levine team up to go after Lonegan
NYT: Both Parties Sharpen Pencils for Redistricting


Daily Press: Ousted GOP chairman takes aim at 'insiders'
NYT: Governor Clintonism?


Post-Bulletin: No Minnesota budget solution yet
Star Tribune: Both houses pass revised version of vetoed bill
Star Tribune: Bill to make early voting easier gets Senate OK
Pioneer Press: MN Senate relaxes early voting rules in wake of Coleman-Franken fight


LA Times: GOP lawmakers pick fiscal conservative as new leader
NYT: Money Shortage Forces Cut in Cases to Be Prosecuted
WSJ: Demoting California: Unions hold the state's stimulus hostage
CQ Politics: California Democrat Chu Nears $1 Million for Special Election
AP/Williams: Prop. 1A would limit spending but keep tax hikes


Dallas MN: Half of Dallas' bills could die as legislative session winds down
AP/Castro: House gives initial OK to TXDot changes


Miami Herald: Campaign will test Crist's star power
Miami Herald: Gingrich rallies Miami's GOP but focus is on Crist
Miami Herald: Republican stalwart Ken Pruitt to leave Florida Senate
Palm Beach Post: Pruitt resigning from Senate in August; special election to be set

Orlando Sentinel: Florida's budget passes with $2B in higher taxes, fees
Miami Herald: Florida Legislature finds a way to balance budget
Ledger: Lawmakers Wrap Up Session
Miami Herald: State lawmakers OK new deal on gambling


Atlanta JC: Oxendine: Get ready for lies, rumors and more lies
Atlanta JC: PSC vice chairman fined for ethics violations


Politico: MoveOn moves against Specter
Gail Collins: The Care and Feeding of Arlen


Roll Call: Space Backs Fisher in Ohio Senate Race
AP/Majors: Ohio gov., education secretary push for changes
AP: Ohio gov. dismisses GOP criticism


NYT: Hearing Michigans Pleas, and Pledging U.S. Help


KC Star: Will feds investigate Gov. Nixon's aide?
CBS: Blunt: Republicans Need Ideas, Not Leaders


Greeneville Sun: Haslam Sees Potential For GOP In Next Race
Greeneville Sun: Haslam Placing Priority On Education Reform In Governorship Quest


AP: SC legislative action for the week


USA Today: Palin's star power slips in AK
Seattle PI: Palin poll numbers sink
AP: Ethics Complaint Against Palin Dismissed


John Fund: More Acorn Voter Fraud Comes to Light


James Taranto: Massachusetts gives cars to welfare recipients


NYT: Dwindling, G.O.P. Won’t Look Inward


May 8, 2009



WaPo: McConnell's Stealth Gitmo Campaign
Fox: The GOP Guantanamo Offensive
WaPo: Lawmakers Balk at Holding Guantanamo Detainees in U.S.
CQ Politics: Lawmakers May Impede Guantnamo Plans
Politics Daily: GOP's 'Keep Terrorists Out of America' Act Says Thanks, But No Thanks
LA Times: Democrats face hard time over Guantanamo
AP/Lardner: Future of Guantanamo dominates war spending debate
WSJ: Photos That Could Cost Lives

WSJ: CIA Says It Briefed Congressional Leaders
WaPo: CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of 'Enhanced Interrogations'
Jed Babbin: Pelosi Knew about Waterboarding from the Start
Washington Times: Report: Pelosi briefed on waterboarding
American Thinker: Pelosi lied about interrogation briefing
Politico: 40 Hill briefings on interrogations disclosed
Human Events: Betraying the Interrogators

Debra Burlingame: Obama and the 9/11 Families

Politico: Cheney to GOP: 'It would be a mistake for us to moderate'
Hill: Cheney one Republican not ready to go 'moderate'
Politico: Cornyn recruiting RINOs
Politico: GOP base rips Cantor's National Council for a New America
Politico: Team of rivals: GOP base rips new group
WSJ: Colin Powell's Bad Advice: Nobody wants the government in their living room
Human Events: Colin Powell vs. Rush Limbaugh
Michael Reagan: Forget Bush, Not Reagan
Politico: Staffing up the RNC

Peggy Noonan: Jack Kemp, champion of economic freedom and the little guy
Lawrence Kudlow: Jack Kemp's Big Ideas
Pat Buchanan: The Party of Frank Ricci

NYT: Obama Unveils New Budget Cuts
WaPo: Democrats Assail Obama's Hit List
CNN: Republicans rip Obama for insufficient budget cuts
Washington Times: Obama budget cuts target military funding
Hill: White House on defense over legitimacy of budget cuts
WSJ: Fleshing Out a Plan to Expand Government's Role

Washington Times: Obama move on abortion funds riles both sides

CNN: Gingrich, Sharpton meet with Obama on education
Dana Milbank: Brother Al, Brother Newt

WaPo: Lopsided Fight Over High Court Shapes Up: Conservatives Prepare For Underdog Role
Human Events: How to Handle a Supreme Court Nominee
Newsweek: Ranking Republican Could Support a Gay, Pro-Choice SCOTUS Nominee
Politico: Sessions open-minded on gay justice
Politico: Hatch: Sotomayor has 'a problem'
Hill: Lawmakers press for second black Justice
NYT: Souters Exit Opens Door for a More Influential Justice
American Spectator: Judging Obama's Court Nominees
NYT: Editorial: Choosing a New Justice

NYT: Elite Units Problems Pose Test for Attorney General

WSJ: Fed Sees Up to $599 Billion in Bank Losses
WaPo: U.S. to Wind Down Help for Some Banks
NYT: Stress Tests Results Split Financial Landscape
NYT: Ailing Banks Need $75 Billion, U.S. Says
WSJ: Stressed for Success?
Paul Krugman: Stressing the Positive
NYT: White House Supports Financial Inquiry

NYT: Bids to Push States Rights Falter in Face of Stimulus

Washington Times: GOP plans attack on health care bill
WSJ: Republicans and ObamaCare: The sound of silence is deafening
Hill: Centrist Dems stake out ground on healthcare
Hill: Baucus: Obama key to bipartisan health reform

Hill: Republicans unveil competing energy proposal
American Thinker: Obama sounds death knell for nuclear power
NYT: Editorial: The Climate Debate Heats Up

Washington Times: Obama reverses stance on immigration

NYT: House Passes Bill Against Predatory Mortgage Lending

WaPo: Senate Passes Overhaul of Defense Procurement

AP/Yen: Census nominee pledges a politics-free count
NYT: Senators Offer Their Support to F.D.A. Nominee
AP: Senate Confirms Kerlikowske as Drug Czar

NYT: Elizabeth Edwards Addresses Baby Issue, and More
Politico: Elizabeth: Victim or co-conspirator?

NYT: Democratic Fund-Raiser Hsu Is Guilty in Ponzi Scheme
Politico: Hsu admits ponzi scheme


Buffalo News: Maziarz is GOP attack dog: Newfane Republican growls at Dems everywhere
Buffalo News: Editorial: Maziarz has elbows out as he finds his voice on state issues
Wikipedia: Sen. Maziarz bio
Batavian: Ranzenhofer co-sponsors bill to reinstate STAR rebates

NYT: N.Y.s Junior Senator Gains a Defender: The Senior Senator

AP/Gormley: GOP: transit bailout to cost upstate, LI
Buffalo News: State transit funding targets NYC but excludes upstate
NYT: M.T.A. Chief Resigns After Fare Deal
AP/Gormley: Paterson, lawmakers vow to address property taxes

Edge: New York State Assembly prepares for marriage vote

Newsday: Obama, Bloomberg meeting not an endorsement


Star-Ledger: U.S. AG indicates support for N.J.'s U.S. Attorney candidate Paul J. Fishman

Star-Ledger: 'Joe the Plumber' backs Lonegan
Star-Ledger: From "Joe the Plumber" to Steve Lonegan to Shorty Long

Hill: New Jersey lawmaker looks to lead GOP down center path


NRO: McDonnell's Going to Run Ads! It Shocks and Surprises . . . Uh, Who, Exactly?
WaPo: The Return of Jim Gilmore


CQ Politics: Minnesota Republicans: Pawlenty Will Help Coleman
CQ Politics: Schumer: Governor Should Act When Minnesota Court Rules

Star Tribune: Bachmann amendment gets its day in House
Pioneer Press: Minnesota legislator: Let voters decide state's nuclear power future


SacBee: Blakeslee elected new Assembly GOP leader
MyMotherLode: Blakeslee Will Lead Assembly Republicans
Capitol Weekly: Blakeslee becomes new Republican leader of the Assembly


Rasmussen: Texas Governors Primary A Toss-Up
Austin AS: How much ground has Perry gained?
AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature


St. Pete Times: Crist says he remains confident in Kottkamp
Miami Herald: Florida lawmakers to vote on $66.5 billion budget
NYT: Florida Republicans Withdraw Plan to Revise Voting Rules


Atlanta JC: Georgias ruling party still the GOB
Atlanta JC: Georgia lawmakers push for their pet projects
CQ Politics: Republicans Enter Race for Deal's Open Georgia Seat


St. Louis PD: Ill. House leader proposes wholesale purge of Blagos people
Hill: Burris: Money will factor into reelection decision


CBS: Ridge Won't Run For Specter's Senate Seat
AP/Hefling: Ridge won't challenge Specter for Pa. Senate seat
CQ Politics: Poll Shows Toomey Would Beat Ridge
MSNBC: Toomey agrees with Ridge decision
Politico: Ridge wont say if hell vote for Toomey

WaPo: New Deal: Specter Gets a Subcommittee Chairmanship
Fox: Democrats Reach Deal to Give Specter Judiciary Subcommittee Chair


Hill: Space wont enter Ohio Senate race


News-Leader: 71 GOP legislators endorse Roy Blunt for Senate
AP: Blunt says 71 Republican Mo. lawmakers have endorsed his bid for US Senate in 2010
KC Star: Roy Blunt to Steelman: The endorsement game is OVER
KC Star: Here's why Steelman may challenge Blunt
KC Star: Roy Blunt picks 2 new fundraisers
KC Star: Missouri General Assembly adopts $23.1 billion spending plan


WSMV: Senate To Vote On Al Gore Statue


Politico: Mark Sanford in Sarah Palin's out


Anchorage DN: Palin surveys Interior flooding, says she's not going to the East Coast


KC Star: Kansas legislation that cuts budget deficit sent to governor


AP/McGill: Porn star may challenge family-values La. senator
Bayou Buzz: Louisiana David Vitter, Stormy Daniels, Obama and FEMA
Politico: Vitter campaign fires back at W.H. on FEMA


CQ Politics: New Mexico Republicans Lining Up for Possible Governor Run


CQ Politics: Republicans Want Gregg to Change His Mind



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