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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

November 7, 2009


WSJ: Job Losses Cloud Agenda for Obama
WSJ: Washington and the Jobs Market
WaPo: Millions represent the face of 10.2 percent joblessness
NYT: U.S. Unemployment Rate Hits 10.2%, Highest in 26 Years
NYT: Broader Measure of Unemployment Stands at 17.5%
WSJ: The Man Who Predicted the Depression
James Taranto: Unemployment tops 10%. Let's wreck health care!

WSJ: Health Care Nears Major Vote
WaPo: House Republicans plan to vote unanimously against health-care measure
NYT: Democrats Gird for Health Debate, With No Deal on Abortion
WaPo: Democrats to resolve abortion impasse on the House floor
Hill: Up-or-down vote on an amendment to block abortion funding approved
Politico: Abortion deal as Dems try to reach 218
Politico: Hoyer: Dems still shy of 218 votes
Wash Times: Furious scramble for health reform support
WaPo: Democrats round up health bill votes
NYT: Pelosi Faces Competing Pressures on Health Care
NYT: On Health Care, Democrats Play Down Election Results
WaPo: The House health care debate: What to watch for
NYT: For Those Scoring at Home
WaPo: Editorial: Flawed health reform
Betsy McCaughey: What the Pelosi Health-Care Bill Really Says

Hill: Bipartisan support for Republican lawmaker Platts to lead GAO

WSJ: Democrats' Ethics Targeted by GOP

Politico: Cantor criticizes Rush for Hitler-Obama comparison
LA Times: Eric Cantor takes on Rush Limbaugh, harsh GOP rhetoric

Politico: Palin to speak at Gridiron dinner

Hill: Barbour touts election success for GOP

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Politico: GOP mulls stripping Dede of top post
American Thinker: Loyalty and the Lunatic Fringe
Hill: New York's Bill Owens quickly sworn in ahead of House healthcare reform vote
CQ Politics: Owens Already a Target Over Health Care

CQ Politics: Paterson Spending $626,000 on New Ads
NYDN: Gov. Paterson defends pricey trips abroad if they can help bring jobs to NY
NYDN: Obama wants Paterson out, but guv says he takes no joy in heat on prez

NYT: Bonuses Uncertain for Bloomberg Election Aides
NYDN: Bloomberg holds out $850G olive branch to de Blasio for office budget

WSJ: 27 Million Reasons to Leave New York

Albany TU: Bruno collects for his advice
Albany TU: Bruno sought meeting with Pataki but didnt mention Bruno job


WSJ: Gay-Marriage Fight Heads to New Jersey
Politico: Turning New Jersey red


WaPo: McDonnell's Winning Model
Politico: Deeds memo damning in hindsight


Wash Times: Fiorina's HP record focus of campaign
SF Chronicle: Fiorina comes out swinging - at her cancer
SacBee: Whitman won't accept salary if elected governor
WSJ: California May Limit Placement Agents
LA Times: Schwarzenegger signs part of water package


Politico: Hutchison in Fort Hood spotlight
Dallas MN: Democrat Chuck Hopson joins GOP


SPT: McCollum and Crist are both Republicans, and that's about where similarities stop
St. Pete Times: Rubio record diverges from campaign rhetoric
St. Pete Times: Rubio's immigration stance faces scrutiny
Jack Observ: GOP Locals Tell Greer to Stay Neutral in Primaries


Moultrie Observer: Savannah senator brings gubernatorial campaign to Moultrie


AP/Bellandi: Ill. governor candidates split on health care


CQ Politics: Minneapolis Mayor Formalizes Governor's Run


CQ Politics: Been There, Endorsing Joe: Yeakel Sides With Sestak Over Specter


WSJ: Dave Bing's Last-Second Shot


Knox News: Virginia and Jersey should shake Tennessee Blue Dogs
Commercial Appeal: Ramsey wins straw poll among conservatives; Gibbons is last


McClatchy: North Carolina's Blue Dogs and health bill: It's complicated


Power Line: Does Lindsey Graham hear footsteps?


Boston Globe: Capuano criticizes Coakley on brief


AP: Nonpartisan voters in Nevada continue to climb


November 6, 2009


WSJ: Democrats Pose Health Bill Hurdle
WaPo: Democrats wary of health-bill defections: Immigration and abortion issues
Hill: Illegal immigration issue threatens healthcare vote
Wash Times: House leaders race to finish health care bill
Sen. Charles Grassley: Dems' Healthcare Means Tax Increases
Rep. John Shadegg: The No-Cost Path to Cheaper Health Care
Newt Gingrich & Gov Rick Perry: Let states lead way: One-size-fits-all reform won't work
Pittsburgh TR: Murtha: Health care overhaul not until 2010
NYT: House Democrats Seek Allies for Health Care Vote
Politico: Nancy Pelosi is still dealing as vote nears
WSJ: Health Bill Garners Endorsements: AARP and AMA
WSJ: The AMA Wants a Unicorn, Too
Hill: Temps rising on healthcare: Pelosi sees win; GOP demands pricetag
WaPo: Activists bring 'tea party' to Capitol Hill
Hill: Thousands of protesters pay House call
Politico: House call: Michele Bachmann's healthy prognosis
WSJ: The Return of the Inflation Tax
NYT: Editorial: The Republican Health Plan
James Taranto: Pelosi's Suicide Pact: A death panel for the Democratic majority
Dana Milbank: No one said freedom was pretty

Wash Times: Panel OKs climate-change bill without GOP
NYT: Democrats Push Climate Bill Through Panel Without G.O.P. Debate
WSJ: Climate Bill Shows Democrats' Unease
Politico: Senators look past Barbara Boxer's climate bill
WaPo: Environmental groups at odds over new tack in climate fight
WaPo: Lower-carbon future? Try natural gas.
Human Events: Al Gore: Climate Pirate

WSJ: Clash Looms on Banks
WSJ: Senate Alters Taxes for Big Companies
WSJ: House Panel Debates Systemic-Risk Measure
WSJ: Fannie to Rent to Owners in Foreclosure
WSJ: New Business, Not Small Business, Is What Creates Jobs
WaPo: House votes to extend jobless benefits, expand home buyers' tax credit
NYT: U.S. Readies Jobless Aid and Help on Homes
NYT: Editorial: A Bad Way to Spend Money: Home Buyer's Tax Credit
WSJ: Three Decades of Subsidized Risk
Paul Krugman: Obama Faces His Anzio

AP: Senate Blocks Census Citizenship Question

Charles Krauthammer: The myth of '08, demolished
David Brooks: What Independents Want
Michael Gerson: Obama cedes the center
Kim Strassel: Hello, Tipping Point: The Obama presidency was always a race against time
Peggy Noonan: The Rose Garden Path
Pat Buchanan: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Joe Curl: Contrite Obama allocates $3 billion to Indian tribes
NYT: Editorial: Tribal Chiefs and the President

WSJ: Senate Defeats Measure to Bar Funding for 9/11 Civilian Trials
Michael Mukasey: The right place to try terrorists
WSJ: The War Against the War on Terrorism

Politico: GOP's special elections losing streak
Politico: Steele to moderates: 'We'll come after you'
CQ Politics: Will Cornyns Big Tent Strategy Collapse?
Hill: The Big Question: Will we see the rise of a viable third party?
Rasmussen: 49% See GOP Takeover of Congress Next Year As Possible
Fox: Gingrich Breaks Down Big GOP Wins


Albany TU: Paterson seeks budget help from GOP
Buffalo News: Senate Democrats rebuff governor on special session
NYT: Paterson Is Beginning Ad Campaign for Election
Albany TU: Paterson unveils first 2010 ads
CQ Politics: Ickes to Advise Paterson
NYT: Marriage for Gays on Agenda in New York
NYDN: Hit the gas on Leandra's Law, Gov. Paterson tells pols

AP: Ex-New York Police Commissioner Kerik Pleads Guilty
NYT: Kerik Confesses to Cheating I.R.S. and Telling Lies

Albany TU: Bruno role as consultant probed; Teamster says "hate to have said no"
NYDN: Did union get benefits for ties to ex-Senate Majority Leader Bruno's firm?

CQ Politics: One More Reason New York Contest Was Unusual


NY Post: Christie NJ victory tour
Star-Ledger: Governor-elect Chris Christie prepares to take on role as head of New Jersey
NYDN: Christie's win in NJ is redemption for operatives who also worked on Giuliani's '08 bid
NY Post: Christie hones Jersey's tax ax
Star-Ledger: Corzine to chop budget $400M
NYT: Unlucky and Aloof, Corzine Fell Short of Trenton Goals
Harlan Coben: Chris Christie Confidential


Politico: Democrats see lessons in defeat of Creigh Deeds


CQ Politics: Key GOP Senators Endorse Fiorina
SacBee: Fiorina announces slew of Senate endorsements

SacBee: Many California jobs 'saved' by stimulus funds weren't in jeopardy
LA Times: California Legislature tries to block steep cut in pay and perks
SacBee: Attorney General Brown asked to decide legality of legislative pay cuts in California
George Skelton: The big state government that could
Dan Walters: Earmark story underscores big difference


CQ Politics: Texas Rep. Sessions Draws Primary Challenger


Gainesville Sun: Crist, Rubio spar at local Republican fundraiser
NYT: Crist, the Stimulus and White House Hugs
CQ Politics: Club for Growth Cuts Anti-Crist Ads
CSM: Repeat of NY-23? Club for Growth targets Crist in Senate race
St. Pete Times: Elections complaint filed against Crist campaign


NewsMax: Price: 'Nervous Democrats' Rethinking Obamacare


Chicago Tribune: Kirk's request for Palin help is Democratic fodder in Senate race
HuffPo: Kirk Slammed From Right And Left For Courting Sarah Palin


Minn Post: Bachmann leads Capitol rally against health care bill


Pittsburgh PG: GOP had a good day in Pennsylvania
AP/Scolforo: Top aides Feese, Bowman leave Pa. House GOP jobs


Columbus Dispatch: Brunner still has $15,000 mess
Akron BJ: Brunner wants to be first Ohio woman in Senate


Detroit News: Granholm, GOP still disagree on how to pay for education
Detroit FP: Granholm says she'll back measure to tap stimulus money for schools


KC Star: Ashcroft backs Tiahrt in Kansas Senate race


State: Sanford report can be aired: Court won't block release; decision up to ethics panel


Boston Globe: Death penalty foes rip Coakley for signing brief


WSJ: Washington State Voters Approve Gay-Partnership Measure


Politico: Rehberg weighing 2012 Senate run


CQ Politics: Wisconsin Physician Taking On Democratic Rep. Kagen


November 5, 2009


Karl Rove: Tuesday's Suburban Vote Swing would mean big Democratic losses in 2010
Ann Coulter: Election 2009: Change I can believe in!
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Lose Huge in NJ and VA, But Their Worst is Yet to Come
Boston Globe: Voters send a message on the economy
Fox: RNC Chairman Steele: GOP 'Turned an Important Corner' Election Night
Dick Morris: 1993 redux confronts Dems
WSJ: Voters fear that liberal policies are endangering economic recovery
WaPo: As GOP celebrates wins, internal ideological battles remain
KC Star: Republican Party is just fine, Gingrich insists
WSJ: Democrats Confront Coalition Strains
WaPo: For parties, the soul-searching begins
Politico: Election result: Red-state Dems worried, rethink agenda
LA Times: Election results rattle some Democrats
NYT: Energized G.O.P. Looking to Avoid an Intraparty Feud
Time: The Rebirth of the Republican Middle
NYT: G.O.P. Victories Inflate Fox Ratings
Hill: Independent voters big for GOP; Democrats keep black vote
Hill: Winners and losers emerge in both parties after hard-fought elections
Hill: GOPs battle for governor election credit
NYT: Democrats to Use Election to Push Agenda in Congress
American Thinker: Will the Left Try a Kamikaze Rush?
Alex Castellanos: Finally, an Authentic G.O.P.
Michael Barone: Tuesday's Biggest Loser: the Union Agenda
Dana Milbank: Michael Steele's gotta crow
EJ Dionne: Warnings from the angry middle
Howard Kurtz: The non-referendum
WaPo: Editorial: Tuesday's lessons: The center holds
CQ Politics: Reviewing the Pollsters

Gallup: Huckabee, Romney, Palin See Most Republican Support for '12
USA Today: Huckabee leads Republican prospects in poll

Wash Times: HHS admits overstating flu-vaccine availability

WSJ: House Democrats Push for Saturday Health Vote
WaPo: House expected to vote on health bill Saturday
Hill: Dems tackle hot-button issues before Saturday healthcare vote
Hill: This weekend's vote poses a defining moment for Blue Dogs
Hill: 'Very, very close to zero' GOPers will vote for House health bill
Hill: Updated: House healthcare whip count
AP: As bill heads for floor vote, AARP ready to endorse health care overhaul
Hill: Surgeons oppose Senate healthcare bill
NYT: Haggling Over Abortion Deal in Health Bill
Politico: Rep. Michele Bachmann to protesters: 'Scare' Congress
Hill: GOP members offer amendment to force Congress to participate in public option
WSJ: The Coming Shortage of Doctors
Dick Morris: A death blow to ObamaCare
Nicholas Kristof: Unhealthy America

WaPo: Senate Dems ready to pass climate bill Thursday despite GOP boycott, sources say
Wash Times: D.C. climate conference attendees clash
AP/Cappiello: 3 senators join forces to rescue climate bill

NYT: Senate Approves More Jobless Benefits

WaPo: Senate votes to renew tax credit for first-time home buyers

NYT: Reports Show Conflicting Number of Jobs Attributed to Stimulus Money

WSJ: Clash Looms on Banks
WSJ: Senate Alters Taxes for Big Companies

NYT: Pentagon Expected to Request More War Funding

NYT: Gay Rights Rebuke May Change Approach

Hill: Holmes Norton: Republicans to blame for high D.C. AIDS rate

Politico: Cornyn: NRSC won't play in primaries

Glenn Reynolds: Media Criticism, Chicago-Style: The campaign to stifle journalists

NYT: For Thrillers, Glenn Beck Is Becoming New Oprah

NYT: Dick Armey Is Back on the Attack


NYT: A Slim Victory Has Bloomberg Mending Fences
NYT: Voters Roll Back Democratic Gains in New York Suburbs
NYT: The Morning After, Democrats Regret Lost Chances to Win
NYT: The Vote for Mayor, Block by Block
NYT: Thousands Failed to Vote, for Just as Many Reasons

Politico: Conservatives on NY-23: We didn't lose
Politico: Huck: Dede nomination 'a train wreck'
Human Events: Why Hoffman Lost
Rush Limbaugh: Conservatism Didn't Lose in NY-23

NYDN: Tom Suozzi's Nassau race still too close to call in county executive race
NYDN: Suozzi The Victim

NYT: Kerik Expected to Accept Prison Term in Corruption Case

NYDN: Former Senate Majority Leader Bruno got higher pay and faster fees, jury told


NYT: Christie Pledges Fight on Taxes and Business Rules
Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie, Democrats call for bipartisanship
Star-Ledger: After victory, Christie asks for Dems' help


Ed Gillespie: Lessons from Virginia for the GOP
George Allen: Virginia Voters Send a Clear Message
CQ Politics: Virginia GOP Plans to Clean House in 2010
WaPo: What the governor-elect owes Northern Virginia


SacBee: Fiorina announces GOP candidacy for U.S. Senate
SF Chronicle: Amid GOP optimism, Fiorina announces Senate run
LA Times: Carly Fiorina announces her GOP candidacy for U.S. Senate
NYT: Fiorina Formally Announces a Hinted-At Candidacy
CQ Politics: California Senate: Fiorina Says She's Running
SF Chronicle: Carly's bad voting mea culpa sounds a lot like Meg Whitman's
Hill: Senator DeMint bucks Republican party, backs conservative in California race

LA Times: Schwarzenegger has plum position to fill
San Diego UT: Governor now has chance to pick his No. 2

SacBee: California lawmakers pass historic water package


Dallas MN: Perry on Hutchison: I'm the better conservative
AP: Perry: Election showed discontent with Washington
DMN: Houston businessman says he'll spend $10M in Democratic primary bid for governor
DMN: GOP schism exposed in NY election adds pressure to Sessions' campaign chief role


St. Pete Times: Fight for heart of GOP may move to Florida
Gainesville Sun: For Republicans, Florida may be next big battleground


AP: Runoff for mayor in Atlanta to be scrappy, expensive


Chicago Tribune: Mark Kirk 's memo about Sarah Palin shows he's veering to right
Examiner: Illinois Governor's race candidate profiles: Republican Jim Ryan


Star Tribune: Pawlenty draws wallets fat ... and famous
KGAN: MN Gov. Pawlenty says GOP must improve
MPR: Pawlenty talks with Iowa reporters before trip


Philadelphia Inquirer: In Phila. suburbs, Democrats push, but GOP holds on


Detroit FP: Quicken boss to start 2 casinos in Ohio


CQ Politics: Could State Senate Race Spell Trouble for Rep. Schauer?
Detroit FP: Conyers' sentencing postponed


KC Star: Skelton says he wont support his partys health care reform bill


Chatt: Corker Says Election Results Reflect Americans' Concerns With Policy Debates
Tennessean: While state scrimps, legislators get per diem raise


News & Observer: Senate majority leader to quit
McClatchy: Two N.C. judges nominated to 4th Circuit seats
Charlotte Observer: Foxx wins race for Charlotte mayor


Palmetto Scoop: Gubernatorial candidates face off in Orangeburg
McClatchy: Clyburn, Graham jointly honored for aiding S.C. race relations


Dover-Sherborn Press: Brown makes his case for the U.S. Senate


USA Today: Embattled Reid trying to avoid Daschle's '04 fate
Las Vegas Sun: What East Coast results might hold for Titus, Reid


Politico: Ned Lamont pursuing gubernatorial campaign


CQ Politics: GOP Primary Possible in Mississippi 1


CQ Politics: Kentucky Candidates Divvy Up Poll Data


November 4, 2009


WSJ: Republicans Win in Key States
Wash Times: Independents fuel GOP victories in Va., N.J.
NYT: G.O.P. Wins Two Key Governors Races; Bloomberg Prevails in a Close Contest
NYT: A Year After Dousing, Republicans Hope Rekindled
WSJ: GOP Gets Some Love
WSJ: Obama and the Liberal Paradigm
WaPo: Contests serve as warning to Democrats: It's not 2008 anymore
Wash Times: Democrats: GOP backlash likely in '10
Politico: Exit polls: Mixed bag for GOP, Dems
CQ Politics: One Year Out, Parties Prep for the Big Dance
James Taranto: Greatest Hits of the '90s
Jed Babbin: And the Winner Is

NYT: G.O.P. Counters With a Health Plan of Its Own
Hill: House GOPers angry about leak
WSJ: Democrats See Health-Care Timetable Slipping
NYT: Health Care Debate Focuses on Legal Immigrants
NYT: Health Bills Aim a Light on Doctors Conflicts
WSJ: What Women Want on Health Care
WaPo: Health bills too timid on cutting costs, experts say
Hill: Democrats whipping on abortion compromise to save health bill
Dick Morris: Canadas healthcare disaster

Dana Milbank: Republicans give global-warming hearing the cold shoulder

WSJ: White House Tally Appears to Overstate Stimulus Jobs

NYT: Congress Poised to Keep Homebuyers Tax Credit

WSJ: FHA Digging Out After Loans Sour

WSJ: Small Business Gets Breaks in House Financial-Overhaul Bill
WaPo: Dodd to go alone with draft for financial reform

NYT: House Bill Would Assure Workers Paid Sick Days

Pat Buchanan: The American Way of Abandonment

WSJ: Lawmakers Score Ticket Deal: Baseball Sells Officials Scarce World Series Seats

WSJ: Australia's Broadband Blunder: Government tries to seize the Internet's backbone

WSJ: New evidence that charter schools help even kids in other schools

WSJ: Glenn Beck's Hotline to Nowhere


WSJ: Democrat Wins New York House Race
Wash Times: Owens tops Hoffman in N.Y. House race
NYT: Conservative Loses Upstate House Race in Blow to Right
CQ Politics: Sessions Assesses New York Selection Process

NYT: Bloomberg Wins 3rd Term as Mayor in Unexpectedly Close Race
WSJ: Bloomberg Wins Re-Election in New York City
NYT: Chief Factor in Mayors Race: Bloomberg Influence

NY Post: De Blasio wins in landslide to become Public Advocate

NY Post: Bruno-trial witness suffers from total unrecall
NYDN: Bruno wanted to keep work with McGinn-Smith and Company quiet, boss testifies


WSJ: Christie Wins New Jersey Race
WaPo: Christie bests Corzine in election for N.J. governor
Star-Ledger: RNC chairman Steele says Christie victory to have national implications
NYT: Comparing '05 and '09 in New Jersey
Human Events: Christie Carries New Jersey
Human Events: Voters in New Jersey Agree With Christie on State's Supreme Court


WaPo: GOP reclaims Virginia
NYT: In Virginia, McDonnell Ends Democrats Streak
Wash Times: Virginia Democrats' reign ends in sweep
Joseph Curl: Deeds' supporters feel weight of failed campaign
Human Events: Why McDonnell Won in Virginia


Politico: Democrat wins California special election
AP: California: Mayor Owes Back Taxes
WSJ: California Stealin': Sacramento demands a loan from taxpayers


AP/Shannon: Texans vote to limit state's eminent domain powers
Marshall News: UT poll gives Perry cushion over Hutchison
Dallas MN: Perry leads Hutchison in new poll, but is it accurate?


Miami Herald: Toms Regalado elected Miami's new mayor
WSJ: Crist Faces Test From Right in Bid for Senate
St. Pete Times: Rubio fundraising follows Obama's small-donor model


AJC: Three legislative races decided; others to do the runoff two-step
AJC: Norwood and Reed in runoff Dec. 1
AJC: GOP would be smart to follow this guys playbook
AJC: Chambliss, Graham propose lawsuit reform as part of health care overhaul


NYT: Illinois Curb on Minors Abortions Nears


Star Tribune: GOP U.S. Sen. Snowe: Pawlenty's thoughtful but...


Philadelphia Inquirer: Melvin wins Supreme Court race
Pittsburgh PG: Orie Melvin bucks odds to win Pa. Supreme Court seat

AP: Ravenstahl wins first full term as Pittsburgh mayor


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio OKs casinos
AP: Ohio casino vote shows early success


Detroit News: Bing re-elected mayor; Pugh leads new city council
Detroit FP: 'We can now put Detroit back on the right path,' Bing says


AP: Voters in NC's largest city elect Democratic mayor


State: Graham supporters fight back
WTLX: Candidates Debate to be Next Governor


Las Vegas Sun: GOP in disarray wont assure Dems an easy ride here in 2010


NYT: Maine Voters Repeal Law Allowing Gay Marriage


AP/Wyatt: Colorado ski town legalizes pot


November 3, 2009


WSJ: Republicans Are Poised for Gains in Key Elections
NYT: 3 Contests on Election Day Could Signal Political Winds
Wash Times: GOP eyes 3-state sweep of key contests
CQ Politics: Reading Election Day Tea Leaves
Human Events: Election Dawn
Wes Pruden: Day of reckoning for the GOP
Jake Tapper: White House Prepares for Disappointing Election Day
St. Louis PD: Would GOP sweep be the start of something big?
Human Events: Taking Their Party Back: Conservatives Turn to N.Y., N.J., Va., Then Florida
LA Times: Conservatives emboldened by moves in New York election
Boston Globe: A Republican victory wont erase partys problems
Rush Limbaugh: Warning: Tuesday Will Be Super Bowl of Democrat Election Fraud
Cal Thomas: Win, Lose or Draw on Tuesday, Republicans Must Cast a Wider Net

Michael Barone: Looking ahead to the 2010 Senate races

WSJ: Flash Points Linger in Health Bill: Abortions, Illegal Immigrants
WaPo: Democrats' concerns over abortion may imperil health bill
Hill: House GOP set to release healthcare bill
WaPo: Republicans' plan is likely this week
Politico: GOP health bill focuses on lower costs
Hill: Reid pledges transparency on health bill; blasts lack of Republican alternative
Hill: Reid reassures the left Lieberman is on board
Hill: Pelosi picks up centrist yes votes in House
AP/Espo: House health bill totals $1.2 trillion
AP/Ohlemacher: Health care plan hits rich with big tax increases
Hill: Senator Hatch: Healthcare reform bills threaten survival of two-party system
Human Events: New House Health Bill Beyond Redemption
LA Times: Healthcare provision seeks to embrace prayer treatments
NYT: Urban Hospitals May Feel Squeeze in a Health Overhaul
NYT: Democrats Say House Bill Cuts Premiums for Many
NYT: Senate Pressing Insurers on the Amount of Premiums They Spend on Care
Fred Barnes: Major Congressional Reforms Demand Bipartisan Support

WSJ: GOP Senators Warn Boxer on Climate-Bill Strategy
AP/Hebert: GOP senators talk of boycotting climate bill
WSJ: Republicans To Boycott Climate Bill Work Session
St. Louis PD: Bond, GOP wont show for climate-change bill mark-up
Politico: Barbara Boxer offers olive branch to GOP
NYT: E.P.A. Lawyers Challenge Cap and Trade for Climate
NYT: Gores Dual Role in Spotlight: Advocate and Investor
Telegraph UK: Al Gore could become world's first carbon billionaire
Human Events: The Slick Silk Road to Copenhagen
WSJ: America's Natural Gas Revolution
Heritage: Ten Things about China and Climate Change

WSJ: Fed Pushes Bankers on Pay Overhauls
WaPo: Fed gives Wall Street deadline on pay plan
WaPo: British plan breakup of bailed-out banks
WaPo: Goldman makes offer for Fannie Mae assets

Wash Times: W.H. sounds alarm on $1.4T budget deficit

Hill: Obama not rushing Afghan strategy despite election news, GOP critics

Detroit News: Senate to vote on jobless relief
Politico: Senate eyes jobless aid, home credit
Hill: GOP says denied amendments halted vote on unemployment benefits bill

NYT: Justices Scrutinize Adviser Pay

WSJ: Job-Creation Panel Leery of Spending

NYT: Appeals Court Rejects Suit by Canadian Man Over Detention and Torture Claim

Boston Herald: Mitt Romney slams stimulus plan

NYDN: Sarah Palin and Todd Palin unlikely to divorce, biographer Joe McGinniss says
CBS: Sarah Palin's Brutal Education

WSJ: Obama and 'Special Interests'
Wash Times: Big money buys seats at lawmakers' dinner tables
Politico: Wrangling begins for DCCC leadership
Hill: Study: Lobbyists are quitting at record pace

Wash Times: Aborted fetus cells used in beauty products


Hill: Poll: Hoffman takes control in N.Y.
Albany TU: Tea Party preparing for a Hoffman win
Albany TU: Heavy hitters stump in 23rd District
Plattsburgh PR: Local Republicans back Hoffman
James Taranto: DeDe (D.): The "inclusive" candidate had only a very selective appeal
Hill: Palin responds to criticism from Biden
NYT: Biden Stumps in a Race Steeped in Ideology
Politico: Boehner regrets Scozzafava support
Watertown DT: Scozzafava, at Owens event, urges focus on local issues
Watertown DT: Biden backs Owens; says Limbaugh picked Hoffman
NYDN: Dede: 'Rise Above Partisanship And Politics,' Vote Owens
Rasmussen: What NY-23 Says About The GOP And Its Voters
NYDN: Limbaugh, Palin urge right wing to step up efforts to purge moderates
Rush Limbaugh: Dede Scozzafava Screws RINOs

NYT: Ethics Panel Investigates Free Tickets for Paterson
NYDN: State watchdog probes Paterson over free World Series tickets for Game 1
NY Post: Gov's Yankee freebie 'foul'

NYT: New York Mayoral Race Focuses on Economy at End

NYT: Two Views of Bruno Are Presented at His Trial
NYDN: Joe Bruno exploited his position, prosecutors charge as trial begins
Albany TU: Intent key as Bruno trial starts
AP: Jury seated for Bruno corruption trial

NYT: Kerik Moved Out of Jails Mental Health Unit
NYDN: Kerik offered deal of less than 36 months jail for impending cases


NYT: Suburbs Are Seen as Key in New Jersey Race
Fox: Can Christie Beat the Other Boys In Jersey?
Jake Tapper: President Obama Robocalls for Gov. Corzine in New Jersey
CQ Politics: New Jersey: When It Really Is All About Turnout
CQ Politics: Daggett Support Likely to Decide New Jersey


USA Today: Palin weighs in on Virginia race
CNN: Palin robocalls urge Virginians to 'vote your values'
CQ Politics: Primary-Eve Virginia Polls Project Big McDonnell Win
Examiner: Landslide could elevate McDonnell nationally, experts say
WaPo: Rivals launch last-minute push to secure voters
WaPo: 8 things: A poll watcher's guide to the Virginia election
Human Events: Will Virginia Go Red for Governor's Race Today?
BBC: Republican revival in Virginia?
Time: Virginia Race Gives Republicans a Blueprint for Success
Dana Milbank: Referendum on Obama? Depends on who wins


LA Times: Jerry Browns spokesman resigns after secretly taping reporters calls
SacBee: Spokesman for Attorney General Brown resigns
LA Times: Card clubs and other special interests give to Jerry Brown charities

CQ Politics: Voters to Pick Tauscher Replacement

LA Times: Senate passes portions of state water reform
SF Chronicle: Major components of water overhaul pass Senate

LA Times: Schwarzenegger's budget boss to step down

Dan Walters: Fiscal reform requires the nerve to do it


Dallas MN: Gov. Perry plans to wait & see on opting out of federal health plan's public option
AP/Root: Perry ponders whether to opt out of health plan


St. Pete Times: Independent voters in Florida shifting toward GOP, poll finds
Miami Herald: Poll: Voters moving to right

St. Pete Times: Senate candidate Rubio shows conservative stripes in Panhandle swing
NPR: Marco Rubio: Conservatives' New Man in Florida?
Hill: GOP Congressman calls Cornyn's support for Hoffman hypocritical
American Spectator: The Amazing Sinking Charlie

St. Pete Times: Fundraiser of Crist, Sink, accused of operating Ponzi scheme

Miami Herald: Miami mayor candidates could trigger different shake-ups


AJC: Gingrey doubts GOP can stop health care bill, but vows to try


Chicago Tribune: Jim Ryan files for GOP governor race
Chicago Tribune: Jim Ryan files for GOP governor race
Human Events: Could Illinois Elect GOP Governor in 2010?
Chicago Tribune: Mark Kirk: It'll be me vs. Giannoulias for U.S. Senate next year
CQ Politics: Illinois Filing Deadline Closes

Chicago Tribune: Sen. Roland Burris hedges on health care reform vote


Star Tribune: Ex-state auditor to run for governor


AP: Supreme Court race tops Pa.s 2009 election ballot


AP/Smyth: Economy hovers over Ohio casino vote

Examiner: Kasich says he can make Ohio's future bright
KPCC: Ohio shaping up as battleground in 2010


Detroit News: Poll: Bing leading Barrow, with 25% still undecided

Mlive: Michigan Governor for Dummies


KRCG: GOP: Carnahan 'cozy' with ACORN


NYT: Health Bill Worse Than a Terrorist, N.C. Lawmaker Says


AP/Adcox: State senator to challenge Spratt
Spartanburg HJ: Boeing might ease Sanford's pain


Boston Globe: Capuanos pitch as insider has benefit, risk


Las Vegas Sun: Roll Calls take on Nevadas federal races


NYT: In Iowa, Second Thoughts on Obama


Politico: Dems file McMahon-WWE complaint
Examiner: CT Democrats file federal complaint against Republican McMahon

NYT: Supreme Court Refuses to Stop Release of Documents in Priest Sex Cases


November 2, 2009


NYDN: Rush Limbaugh calls President Obama's Dover salute a 'photo-op'
Politico: Limbaugh says party lacks direction
Politico: Rush: Obama a 'radical leader,' 'child'
AP: Obama immature, Limbaugh contends
Chicago Tribune: Rush Limbaugh: $400-million man
AP/Hurst: Limbaugh lays into 'man-child' Obama
Politico: Axelrod fires back at Limbaugh
Ken Hutcherson: The Vilification of Rush

WSJ: Democrats' Quiet Changes Pile Up

WSJ: GOP Set to Propose Its Own Health Bill
NYT: Obama Strategy on Health Care Legislation Appears to Be Paying Off
Reuters: Republicans aim for rival health plan in House
WSJ: The Worst Bill Ever: The Pelosi health bill
Hill: Rep. Barton wants hearing with Sebelius, CBO before vote
Hill: Lieberman: Doing nothing on healthcare better than government-run option
American Spectator: Talking Health Care With Gov. Pawlenty
EJ Dionne: Hearts, minds and health care
Jed Babbin: Pelosis Kamikazes?
Human Events: Pelosicares Costly Formula
Human Events: The Most Important Vote on Health Care

Boston Globe: Climate bill faces deep resistance in Senate
WSJ: Climate Change and Malaria in Africa

NYT: Geithner Laments the Deficit, but Demurs on Tax Increases
Hill: Geithner: GDP growth proves economy is recovering, but is 'just the beginning'
Paul Krugman: Too Little of a Good Thing
Edward Lazear: Stimulus and the Jobless Recovery
Robert Samuelson: Could America go broke?

WaPo: Bad news for Democrats in revelation of ethics probes

Guardian UK: Obama's vanishing majority
WaPo: Patrick Gaspard, the White House's political director, keeps it cool and calm

NYT: If Fox Is Partisan, It Is Not Alone

CQ Politics: CQ Politics Senate Ratings: A Shift Toward Safety

CQ Politics: A Viewers Guide to Watching Tuesdays Elections


Albany TU: Scozzafava endorses Owens
NYT: Upstate Republican, Pushed Out, Backs Democratic Rival
WSJ: Late Moves Jumble House Race
Fox: Republican Scozzafava Endorses Democrat After Exiting N.Y. Congressional Race
NYDN: Scozzafava Comes Out For Owens
Politico: Winning Dede Scozzafava: How Dems got her nod
Politico: Israel met secretly with Scozzafava
NYDN: Dems get GOP assemblywoman to cross party lines - without Gov. Paterson's help
NY Post: Upstater quits House race amid GOP revolt
CQ Politics: New York GOP House Nominee Endorses Democrat
WSJ: Revolt in New York
LA Times: GOP ex-candidate endorses Democrat in New York
USA Today: N.Y. race dropout backs Democrat
Politico: Fiasco: N.Y. Republicans deliver again
NYT: Top Obama Campaign Aide Is Thankful for Palin
Politico: Plouffe slams Palin on NY-23
Hill: GOP nominee endorses Democrat after stepping aside under pressure from right
Hill: Boehner stresses GOP big tent in wake of Scozzafava election shakeup
AP: GOP House leader says moderates wanted in party
Telegraph UK: NY23 race shows that Republicans must avoid going Obama-lite
Ross Douthat: Threes Company
Human Events: Doug Hoffman and 'The Canada Option'
American Spectator: Dede Goes Down Upstate
Prowler: Showdown Alarms

Albany TU: Bruno: A life on trial
NYT: Brunos Trial Is Seen as a Hearing on Albany

WSJ: New York's Bloomberg Poised to Win Again
NYT: For Mayoral Candidates, One Final Push to Rally Voters

NYDN: Al Sharpton's ex-wife & daughter get disorderly conduct tickets, dispute over red light


Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin: NJs Governors Race: Candidate Plays Loose With Facts?
Star-Ledger: N.J. GOP candidate Chris Christie campaigns at historic Middletown tavern
Star-Ledger: Republican Rep. Joe Wilson stumps for Chris Christie in Morristown
S-L: GOP, Dems dispute source of automated calls for independent candidate Daggett
NYT: Obama Spends Sunday in New Jersey for Corzine
Star-Ledger: Obama tells Newark rally high voter turnout will guarantee Democratic win
Politico: Obama puts prestige on line for Corzine
NYT: Democrats Strive to Hold Governor Posts in Two States
NYDN: Obama Looks To Jersey As Dems Best Hope Tuesday


Fox: McDonnell Leads Deeds by Double Digits, Virginia Poll Shows
Richmond TD: Virginia governor: McDonnell is cool, calm and tenacious
WSJ: Virginia Race Tests Obama's Staying Power
WaPo: McDonnell and Deeds mostly mum on how to fund their ideas


Politico: Fiorina's fundraising kickoff
SF Chronicle: Newsom exit gives huge boost to Brown campaign
SacBee: Governor may get to pick No. 2
SacBee: Garamendi could soon add congressman to his resume
Dan Walters: Voters, expect more exercises in reality denial


Dallas MN: State, local lawmakers lining up to seek higher offices, hopes hinge on Hutchison
Houston Chronicle: Senate favorite would make history: Texas first black U.S. senator
Dallas MN: Editorial: Seeking clarity from Hutchison


St. Pete Times: Biggest threat to Charlie Crist's run for Senate: Jeb Bush
Miami Herald: Jeb Bush overshadows Gov. Crist in poll
Miami Herald: Rubio warming up Panhandle voters
St. Pete Times: GOP candidate in NY folds campaign, & FL's Marco Rubio applauds
CQ Politics: Eye on the Senate: Crist's Popularity Lags, But He Still Leads
Tampa Tribune: N.Y. race could foreshadow Fla. primary
Sun Sentinel: Rubio's dilemma: Moving too far right can be dangerous
Florida TU: Conservative discontent fuels Rubio


AJC: Atlanta mayoral candidates throw final jabs, make pitches to voters
Online Athens: Public option may not be one for Georgians


Chicago Tribune: Jim Ryan to seek GOP governor nomination
Chi Trib: Jim Ryan tries to avenge governor's loss to Rod Blagojevich in comeback attempt
Chicago Sun-Times: State Senate passes major campaign-finance package


St. Cloud Times: Candidates get jump on the state race for governor
Minn Indep: Powers will challenge Kline for House seat


Pittsburgh PG: Huckabee main draw at church here
NYT: Pittsburgh Mayor Faces Tests if Re-elected


Columbus Dispatch: Global-warming bill to cost Ohio jobs, Voinovich says
Columbus Dispatch: Boehner urges support of loan guarantee for Piketon


Detroit News: George Perles serious about run for Michigan governor
Detroit FP: Last Sunday on the campaign trail


Bellingham Herald: Farmers fight climate bill, but warming spells trouble for them


Knox News: Whirlwind of political events in Knox this week


Beaufort Observer: Conservatives score big as liberal Republican forced to withdraw in NY


CNS: Joe Wilson: Obama Should Be Held Responsible for Swine Flu Vaccine Shortage


Boston Globe: Martha Coakley and the AG jinx


Hill: With election looming, Reid boosts his standing among Nevada liberals


Boston Globe: GOP moderates aim for 2010 rebound


Den P: Chicago fundraiser shows White House's commitment to Michael Bennet's campaign


November 1, 2009


WSJ: Republicans Hit Democrats' Health-Care Plan
NYT: Employer Mandate Becomes Sticky Issue in Reconciling Bills
WaPo: States likely to shape health reform
Wash Times: GOP takes wait-and-see tack on health
LA Times: Health insurance mandate alarms some
AP/Lester: Boehner: GOP has right answers on health care

Hill: Democrats move to mark up climate bill, but Republicans say not so fast
Reuters: Republicans move to delay climate bill progress

NYT: Democrats Push for Plan to Cut Deficit
Greg Mankiw: Supply-Side Ideas, Turned Upside Down
WaPo: Defining excessive pay: Investor case hints at high court approach to compensation

NYT: Documents Detail Conditions Found at Secret C.I.A. Jails

WaPo: In Tuesday's contests, Steele sees a vote on his leadership
David Broder: 2010's opening acts

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: G.O.P. Candidate, Pressed by Right, Abandons Race
Albany TU: Game-changer in 23rd CD: Scozzafava drops out
WaPo: In a war within GOP, the right wins a battle
Wash Times: GOP nominee for New York seat quits race
Bloomberg: Republican Scozzafava Suspends Campaign as Palin Backs Opponent
Human Events: Dede's Out, Hoffman Up In NY-23
Politico: Base sends GOP warning shot in NY-23
Politico: A profile in courage, it isn't - GOP latecomers hop on Hoffman bandwagon
Hill: GOP chances hiked by nominee's exit
Hill: Hoffman worries some incumbents
AP: GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava forced out of New York's 23rd Congressional district race
WaPo: The grass roots prevail in N.Y.
Frank Rich: The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York
American Thinker: NY 23: Perhaps Not All Politics Are Local

NYT: In Mayoral Race, a Blitz of Truth-Stretching Ads

AP/Virtanen: NY Senate leader Bruno, 80, faces corruption trial


NYT: Corzine Courts Obama Backers in All-Out Push
NYT: In Mayoral Race, a Blitz of Truth-Stretching Ads
NY Post: Rudy, indie in T'pike tussle
LA Times: New Jersey story: Governor race heats up
AP/Delli Santi: NJ gov candidates rally voters, look for more
AP/Mulvihill: Property tax scorn drives N.J. race
Rick Santorum: Daggett Should Follow the Scozzafava Lead


WaPo: Independents flocking to McDonnell
Wash Times: Early Va. ballots top those of '05


NYT: In Race for Governor, Brown Is Hard to Ignore
LA Times: It's a small field of candidates for such a huge race
NYT: Californias Fiscal Health Continues to Deteriorate, Despite Many Deep Cuts
SacBee: California lawmakers rarely defy party lines, analysis finds
SacBee: Poll gives Garamendi 10-point edge in CD10 race
Dan Walters: Stage set for battle on districts


Dallas MN: Hutchison irks right by including gay judge as U.S. attorney pick


St. Pete Times: Gov. Charlie Crist's popularity slides
Miami Herald: Gov. Crist sees approval rating dip


Wash Times: White candidate scrambles vote, attitudes in Atlanta race
AJC: Final mayoral debate Sunday
AJC: Former governor does about-face on lobbyists


Chicago Tribune: Illinois legislative leaders set to sidestep limits


Hill: Bachmann urges confronting lawmakers on healthcare bill


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. elections: Little buzz, big importance
Pittsburgh PG: Pittsburgh's mayoral race tops quiet vote
Patriot-News: Attacks drown out issues in state Supreme Court race


Columbus Dispatch: Gambling opponents speak out


CQ Politics: Michigan's Rooney Seeks to Join Florida Brother in House
Detroit FP: Despite strange end to budget battle, Dillon, Bishop friendly


Examiner: McCaskill Misses the Major Point


Rep. Marsha Blackburn: GOP can back health-care reform, just not this plan
Knox News: Take a Tennessee senator's friendly advice


Asheville CT: N.C. board fines former Gov. Mike Easley campaign, refers case to prosecutors
Lincoln Tribune: Double-Digit Advantage for Incumbent Burr


State: Haley stresses dollars, sense


Boston Globe: US health overhaul could penalize Mass.


CQ Politics: Reid Airs Third Nevada Ad -- With a Year Still to Go
AP: Missing GOP ballots counted in Nev. after months


CSM: Maines vote on gay marriage draws national attention


NYT: Privacy Looms Over Gay Rights Vote
NYT: Referendum Would Extend Protections to Gay Couples
George Will: Bullying by disclosure


Baltimore Sun: Ehrlich stirs GOP with talk of running for governor



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