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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

House candidates campaign on their agendas, but voters vote on Trump

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

November 21, 2009


Politico: Landrieu leans yes in Sat. cliffhanger
Wash Times: GOP decries 'rationing' on eve of health vote
WSJ: Strains in Party Threaten Democrats' Plans
WaPo: Health bill opponents turn up the volume
Wash Times: Dems up pressure on health bill's holdouts
Reuters: Moderate Democrat boosts Senate health bill
Rush Limbaugh: Saturday Vote to Ration Health Care, Fine Any Without Insurance
NYT: Editorial: The Senate Health Reform Bill
WSJ: The End of HSAs: Harry Reid wants to kill consumer-driven health care
WSJ: Why We're Not 'Post-Racial': Jesse Jackson versus Artur Davis
WSJ: The Health-Care Buffet: The obesity bubble is in no danger of bursting
David Broder: A budget-buster in the making

NYT: Jobless Rate Up in 29 States, Hitting Records in 4 of Them
WSJ: Jobs to Get Temporary Boost From Census Hiring Spree
NYT: New Consensus Sees Stimulus Package as Worthy Step
WSJ: The Coming Deficit Disaster
WaPo: Storm of criticism said to buoy Geithner
Rasmussen: 42% Rate Geithners Performance As Poor
CQ Politics: Americans Starting To Shift Blame For Bad Economy

WSJ: White House Adviser Rejects Idea of Limited Climate Package
NYT: Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute
Hill: Senate duo forms pact on climate
Rush Limbaugh: ClimateDepot.Com: Substantial Fraud in Climate Change Hoax?

WaPo: Hasan had intensified contact with cleric
WSJ: Army Taps General to Probe Shootings
Hill: Sen. Levin: Fort Hood shooting rampage was likely a terrorist attack
WaPo: Editorial: Understanding Fort Hood: Congress has a role

WSJ: Eric Holder's Baffling KSM Decision

CQ Politics: Democrats Propose Surtax to Cover War Costs

WSJ: Senators Push to Restore Federal Highway Funds

Wash Times: Report: ACORN mismanaged grant money

WSJ: Obama Union Rules: A federal agency rips up 75 years of labor policy

WaPo: Christian leaders take issue with laws
Wash Times: Religious leaders vow civil disobedience
US News: Faith-Based Challenges Show a New Rift in the GOP
LifeSite: Abortion Activist Judge Hamilton Confirmed with Help of Ten Republican Senators

WaPo: Ranking Republican leaders

Gallup: Obama Job Approval Down to 49%
Wash Times: Obama's approval rating falls below 50%
Politico: Swing voters back up for grabs

Kypost: Sarah Palin Draws Big Crowd To Norwood Book Signing
Politico: Sarah Palin embraced in Indiana Republican hub
IndyStar: Hundreds of Palin fans left in cold
LA Times: Sarah Palin apologizes for leaving 100 books unsigned in Indiana
Politico: Sarah Palin: 'I made mistakes'
Toronto Sun: Palin shows she's a phenomenon
LA Times: Obama now pleading for money to fight Sarah Palin
Fox: Dems Seek Fundraising Boost in War With Palin
CBS: DNC: Sarah Palin is "Dangerous"
AP: "Going Rogue" is going big
Politico: Stores try to max out on Palin visits
Kathleen Parker: Palin's cover wasn't blown
Slate: Why Sarah Palin is unlikely to be the future of the Republican Party

CQ Politics: Romney Leads In PAC Fundraising

Larry Sabato: Senate Shake-Up, 2010

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows


CSM: Rudy Giuliani for Senate? Hed make a big race bigger
AP/Kugler: Giuliani back in spotlight _ but what's the show?
Atlantic: What Giuliani 2012 Would Look Like
NYT: Bruno Wont Take Stand at His Corruption Trial
NYT: States Credit Rating Could Be Lowered, Investors Service Says
NYT: Editorial: Albany Challenges Authorities
Rasmussen: 2010 New York Senate: Gillibrand 45%, Pataki 42%
CQ Politics: Hoffman to Decide About N.Y. 23 Challenge This Weekend


S-L: Editorial: Gov.-elect Chris Christie's option: Don't say no to public insurance plan
Hill: Philadelphia Eagle turned potential candidate has spotty voting record


Loudoun Times: Governor's Cabinet choices could change balance in Va. Senate
WaPo: Cox to head new McDonnell PAC
WaPo: McDonnell forms 'Opportunity Virginia' committee


SacBee: Girl accuses Sacramento mayor of offering her hush money
SacBee: GOP report: Accuser says Mayor Johnson offered to pay her $1,000 a month
NYT: G.O.P. Report Connects Official to Fiancé’s Case
AP/Williams: GOP report: Deal with Sacramento mayor was rushed
Hill: Obama accused of doing favors for ally
Hot Air: Was Walpin on the trail of hush money when Obama fired him?

Rasmussen: 2010 California Senate: Boxer Still Leads Fiorina, DeVore
WSJ: Selling Meg Whitman in California
WSJ: California's Newsom Faces Headwinds


Rasmussen: 2010 Arizona GOP Primary: McCain 45%, Hayworth 43%
CQ Politics: McCain and Hayworth in Statistical Tie in Ariz. GOP Primary


Dallas MN: Shapiro to file for re-election while sights set on U.S. Senate seat
AP/Castro: Texas senator stands firm, stalling others' plans
AP: Resignation hitch freezes some political ambitions
AP: Perry, Hutchison to debate on public television
Examiner: Perry, Hutchison both accept KERA debate invitation


Miami NT: Sarah Palin Looking Into Making Florida Senate Race Endorsement
TPM: Rubio Has No Plans To Meet With Palin Next Week, Camp Says
Fox: Florida's Crist Vows to Hit Back in Battle for GOP Senate Nomination
AP/Kaczor: Fla. jobless rate climbs to 11.2 percent in Oct.
Tampa Trib: Crist, in D.C. raising money, insists he's focused on 'jobs, jobs, jobs'


WALB: Georgia Christian Coalition Names New President
AJC: Feds seeking to take over safety oversight of MARTA, other rail systems


WaPo: Burris reproved by Senate ethics panel
WSJ: Ethics Panel Issues Qualified Admonition to Sen. Burris
Wash Times: Ethics panel scolds Burris over Blagojevich testimony
NYT: A Rebuke, but No Penalty, for an Illinois Senator
NYT: Ethics Panel Admonishes Senator Burris

WaPo: Prison holds promise for job-strapped town


Harvard Crimson: Ex-Senator Addresses Future of GOP
MPR: Minn. GOP biggest user of tax break Pawlenty axed


Hill: Specter promotes opposition to additional troops in Afghanistan
ABC27: Specter, Casey Talk about Saturday Health Care Vote


Newark Advocate: Strickland slams Schaffer's budget comments
Toledo Blade: Dems shoot down GOPs Ohio budget fix


AA: Rick Snyder calls for Michigan government changes at Ann Arbor business event
AP/Thomas: FEC fines Fieger firm over campaign donations


Wash Times: Key Dem, Rep. Ike Skelton, breaks with Obama on trials


TimesNews: Tenn. comptroller: Health care reform bills potential 'disaster' for states
Memphis DN: GOP Hopefuls Share Views On Govs Race
AP/Johnson: Judge strikes down Tennessee guns-in-bars law


WRAL: NC Republicans meeting to discuss closed primary


NYT: Panel to Consider Sanford Impeachment
CQ Politics: Carolina Candidate Gets Help From Huckabee


Boston Globe: Diane Patrick to endorse Capuano for Senate seat


Politico: Hampton accuses Ensign of ethics violation


NYT: Nebraska Senator Will Vote to Start Health Debate


CQ Politics: Colorado Music Promoter May Challenge Rep. Perlmutter


CQ Politics: Castle Collects Campaign Cash From GOP Senators


WSJ: Sen Grassley Declines To Make Personal Tax Returns Public


Hill: Poll: Dem freshman Kratovil down by double digits in rematch with Harris


November 20, 2009


WaPo: Angry Congress lashes out at Obama
WSJ: House Attacks Fed, Treasury
Politico: Dems fight over funds left from bailout
Wash Times: Pressure mounts for Geithner to resign
NYT: Geithner Hopes to End Bailout Fund
NYT: Panel Votes to Broaden Oversight of the Fed
Politico: House panel approves Ron Paul's proposal to audit the Federal Reserve
WSJ: AIG and Systemic Risk
Peggy Noonan: Still Here After a Rough Year
Reps. Hensarling & Ryan: Why No One Expects a Strong Recovery
James Taranto: In Praise of Inexperience
Roger Hedgecock: Fraud Nation
David Brooks: What Geithner Got Right
Paul Krugman: The Big Squander

WSJ: Stimulus-Jobs Tally in Doubt
NYT: Watchdog Urges Caution on Claims of 640,000 Stimulus Jobs
Wash Times: GOP challenges job stimulus data
Hill: Republicans seize on flaws found by GAO in stimulus jobs data
Hill: Stock tax less likely for jobs bill
WSJ: Dems seek a wildly optimistic individual to oversee a national jobs-creation program
Rasmussen: Democrats & Unaffiliateds More Likely To Be Unemployed Than Republicans
Rush Limbaugh: More Obama Fail: Another Week, Another Half a Million Out of Work

NYT: Lawmakers Call Ft. Hood Shootings Terrorism
WaPo: Lieberman launches examination of attack
WaPo: In Fort Hood aftermath, Pentagon opens two reviews
NYT: Radical Lawyer Convicted of Aiding Terrorist Is Jailed
Wash Times: Army lacks guide on jihadists in ranks
WSJ: Pentagon Study Aims to Prevent Future Fort Hoods
Hill: Gates: Defense Dept. will review Ft. Hood
Dallas MN: Defense Secretary Robert Gates: We must find military threats
Dana Milbank: Obama follows the Bush script : An opaque transparency
DN: Palin rolls 'Going Rogue' book tour to Fort Hood, will donate royalties to victims' families

Wash Times: NYC jury could spare prime 9/11 suspect
Hill: Graham to make second run at blocking civilian terror trials
Charles Krauthammer: Travesty in New York
Jim Comey & Jack Goldsmith: Holder's reasonable decision
Detroit News: Holder targets racial profiling in Detroit speech
Rush Limbaugh: More Evidence from Obama and Holder That KSM's Trial is Political

Michael Gerson: Obama the undecider

NYT: Senate Health Care Bill Faces Crucial First Vote
WaPo: Reid pushes for votes on health-care bill
Wash Times: Dems up pressure on health bill's holdouts
Detroit News: Abortion adds tension to Senate health care debate
Politico: Hispanics blame Rahm for immigrant ban
Wash Times: Married couples face extra tax in Senate health care bill
LA Times: Democrats risk taxing the wealthy for healthcare
NYT: Reid, as Legislative Tactician, Takes Ownership of Health Care Overhaul
Politico: Reid, Dems stay cautiously optimistic
Politico: Hard math for Dems - and middle class
Hill: Rev. Jesse Jackson injects race into healthcare debate with Davis comments
Wash Times: Coburn threatens health bill reading
Peter Orszag: We can deliver health reform: A leap forward to better care
WaPo: Editorial: Who's afraid to debate health reform?
Dick Morris: Sen. Blanche Lincoln's choice: ObamaCare or reelection
Gary Bauer: Why the Healthcare Bill Will Include Taxpayer-Funded Abortions
Rush Limbaugh: Health Care Later, Tax Hikes Now; "Monthly Abortion Fee" Charged

AP/Werner: House OKs $210 billion to help out doctors
Hill: House passes Medicare 'doc fix,' 243-183

NYT: Culture Clash in Medicine

NYT: Industrialized Nations Unveil Plans to Rein in Emissions
Politico: McCain doesn't love climate bill

Politico: Senate confirms controversial judge
CSM: Senate OKs David Hamilton to be US appeals court judge

WSJ: Black Caucus Stalls Finance Overhaul

NYT: Ruling on Katrina Flooding Favors Homeowners | Duval bio

NYT: Christian Leaders Unite on Political Issues
Politico: Will Tea Partiers turn on each other?

Politico: GOP governors eye big 2010 gains
NYT: Republican Governors Warn on Costs to States
NYT: RGA: A Tilt Away From Social Issues
WSJ: GOP Officials Urge Candidates to Avoid Shrill Tone
AP/Sidoti: GOP governors push for 2010 party rebirth

Politico: Palin embraced in Indiana GOP hub
AP/Baker: Army limits media access at Palin event at NC base
David Broder: Palin's right: the GOP needs to brawl

CQ Politics: FEC Adopts New Campaign Travel Rules


WSJ: Giuliani Eyes Senate Run: Former New York Mayor Would Seek Seat Held by Gillibrand
NYDN: Rudy Giuliani will very likely seek U.S. Senate seat
NYDN: Rudy Giuliani doesn't need to run for senator
Rasmussen: 2010 New York Senate: Gillibrand 45%, Pataki 42%
NYT: Giuliani Said to Decide Against Run for Governor
AP: Rudy Giuliani considers N.Y. Senate bid, despite pressure for Gov run

NYT: For Bruno, How Albany Works Is Also on Trial
NYDN: I warned Bruno not to mix state business with personal, former Senate lawyer testifies
Albany TU: Bruno pal up for questions on pay
Albany TU: Pork politics key to Bruno reign

NYT: Hoffman Claims Voter Fraud
Politico: Hoffman eliminated from contention
Hill: Owens defeats Hoffman (again) in N.Y.-23

NYDN: Budget madness continues
Albany TU: Few walk out door takers


NYT: A Forceful Entry by Christie, and a Sober Exit by Corzine
S-L: N.J. Governor-elect Christie tells local officials to expect 'a continued period of pain'
NYT: Governors Dont Call This Home


WaPo: McDonnell on how he won, Robertson comments
NBC29: Bob McDonnell Interview


Rasmussen: 2010 California Governor: Brown 41%, Whitman 41%
CQ Politics: Whitman And Brown Tied for CA Governor
ABC: eBay's Meg Whitman Says It's Time to Reboot California
ABC: Transcript of ABC News' Teddy Davis' Interview With Meg Whitman
LA Times: California lawmakers, officials face 18% pay cut
SacBee: Top California officials' pay to be cut 18% in December
NYT: Regents Raise College Tuition in California by 32 Percent
George Skelton: California voters want a no-pork diet


Dallas MN: GOP governors chief: Dems benefit from bloody Texas primary
Dallas MN: Hutchison, Perry fire up TV ads in heated Texas governor's race
CQ Politics: Hutchison, Perry Air TV Ads In Texas
RCP: Perry: Time For Governors To Push Back
Daily Record: Conservative firebrand tones it down as GOP chief


Hot Air: Shock poll: Rubio within 10 points of Crist in Florida
Politics Daily: Crist vs. Rubio Contest in Florida Gets a Little Tighter


AJC: Health reform in D.C. could influence gubernatorial race


Daily Record: State GOP tones down heat on Gitmo
Human Events: The Real Danger of Gitmo in Illinois
Chicago ST: RNC Chairman Steele in Chicago; will meet with Illinois GOP leaders


Winona DN: Quist to challenge Walz for Congress


Lancaster EG: Schaffer criticizes Dems for unwillingness to work out budget compromise


Detroit FP: Holder: Protect rights of Arab Americans, Muslims


RedState: Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan stay even in latest PPP poll
SLPR: Poll shows dead heat in Missouri U.S. Senate race


Examiner: Gibbons makes gubernatorial race competitive for other Republicans


CQ Politics: Democrat Makes Her Case in Race Against Burr


AP/Davenport: SC Gov. Mark Sanford reporting private plane trips


Boston Globe: Being the underdog never deters a driven Brown
Boston Globe: State jobless rate declines, bucking trend
CQ Politics: No Cash Crunch Yet in Massachusetts Senate Special


Las Vegas Sun: Why having 10 candidates doesnt help GOP


CQ Politics: Iowa Legislator To Join GOP Race Against Boswell


November 19, 2009


Detroit News: Michigan fans welcome Palin
Detroit FP: Palin turns a page in Michigan
WSJ: Diehard Fans Camp Out for Chance to Meet Palin
Wash Times: Palin boosts Michigan spirits
WaPo: Thousands line up in Michigan for Palin
Chicago Tribune: Sarah Palin draws a big crowd as her book tour begins
Daily Mail UK: Dry run for 2012? Cheering crowds greet Sarah Palin
Detroit News: Sarah Palin 'inspired' by West Michigan crowds
Wired: Palin Calls E-Mail Hack Most Disruptive Campaign Event
US News: The Sarah Palin
Politico: The Palin campaign
Politico: The Sarah Palin-media co-dependency
NYT: Only Palins Stylist Knows for Sure
NYT: BlogTalk: Parsing Palin
NYT: Sarah Palin Generates High Ratings for Oprah
Seattle PI: Winfrey Interview with Palin Earns Show's Best Ratings in Two Years
Politico: Sarah Palin trashes 'lamestream media'
SF Chron: Dems hope Palin disrupts GOP's game plan

USA Today: Huckabee: I'm on a book tour, too
South Bend Tribune: Fans flock to see Huckabee

Wash Times: GOP governors are upbeat about 2010
Politico: Going mum: GOP governors on Sarah Palin
CNN: Christie, McDonnell explain Palin's absence from campaign trail

NYT: Holder Defends Decision to Use U.S. Court for 9/11 Trial
WaPo: Holder answers to 9/11 relatives about trials in U.S.
Chicago Trib: Holder faces tough questioning from Republicans over terror trials in New York
Wash Times: Holder suggests acquittal won't free terrorist
Human Events: Holder: Court Will Convict KSM
Hill: Attorney General tells senators 'We need not cower in the face of this enemy'
McClatchy: GOP senators grill Holder on decision to try 9/11 suspects in federal court
Hill: GOP turns up the heat over bringing Gitmo prisoners to U.S. soil
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Guarantees Death for KSM; Holder to Fight Terrorism in Courts
NYT: Bomb Suspect Cant Keep His Military Lawyers
NYDN: TX GOP Rep. Gohmert: NY wants 9/11 trials to create jobs by becoming bigger target
Politico: Prepare for Osama bin Laden trial
Karl Rove: The Permanent Campaign Continues
Mitt Romney: The cost of on-the-job training

WaPo: Senators press Obama on Fort Hood probes
Politico: Lieberman pushes Ft. Hood inquiry
Hill: Lieberman may subpoena officials over shooting spree at Fort Hood
NYT: Born in U.S., a Radical Cleric Inspires Terror
WSJ: Hasan, Not KSM, Is Our Real Problem
Human Events: Nidal Hasans Ominous Islam
Ann Coulter: At the end of the day, diversity has jumped the shark, horrifically

WaPo: Obama admits Guantanamo won't close by Jan. deadline
Rush Limbaugh: Broken: Promise to Close Gitmo

Wash Times: Military superiority fading, analyst says

Wash Times: House questions H1N1 vaccine slowdown

WSJ: Showdown Set for Health Bill
Politico: Lieberman slams public option; taunts critics
WaPo: Senate unveils health-care bill: Package costs $848 billion
Wash Times: Senate Dems release $849B health plan
NYT: Senate Health Plan Seeks to Add Coverage to 31 Million
Boston Globe: Senate health bill woos moderates
NYT: Reid Proposes a Tax on Cosmetic Surgery
Politico: Reid plan ups pressure on moderates
Hill: Reid rolling out big guns to push healthcare bill to 60 needed votes
Lincoln JS: Ben Nelson seems unlikely to block health debate
CQ Politics: Ads Hit Three House Democrats on Health Care Vote
CQ Politics: Health Vote Defenders Counter With TV Ads
Hill: Daschle is still go-to guy on healthcare
Hill: Jesse Jackson: 'You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man'
George Will: Unlawful health reform?
Ezra Klein: Health-care reform will not be remembered for its price tag
EJ Dionne: The GOP's no-exit strategy

Hill: Browner: U.S. in 'good standing' heading into Copenhagen talks

NYT: Jobless Benefits Will Expire Unless Congress Acts
WSJ: The Phantom Jobs Stimulus
Wash Times: Work site arrests of illegals fall dramatically
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: Goal of Jobs Summit Isn't Jobs; Stimulus 2 Needed for Jobs
Rush Limbaugh: Big Stories on the Economic Crisis, Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement

Hill: House Dem: 'Growing' liberal consensus to dump Geithner
NYT: A Taxing Time for Treasury Nominee

Boston Globe: For stimulus funds, unlikely destinations

CQ Politics: Ways and Means Democrats Buck Their Chairman on Estate Tax

Hill: House Financial Services Committee OKs powers to break up large firms

Jed Babbin: Tanker Wars: Round 3 Starts

WaPo: Lindsey Graham's disappointing filibuster vote

NYT: High Tech Tries to Lift Veil on 18 Tantalizing Minutes in Watergate

WSJ: Some Courts Raise Bar on Reading Employee Email

WSJ: Byrd Becomes Longest-Serving Member Of Congress
WaPo: Sen. Byrd breaks congressional longevity record

CQ Politics: GOP Aims To "Reverse The Vote" Of 24 House Democrats
CQ Politics: Another Good Month for Senate GOP Fundraising
CQ Politics: GOP Gala Dinner Off the Menu This Year
Politico: Obama rewards big donors with plum jobs overseas
Politico: Suburban districts see red
Michael Steele: Learn from '09 or risk more in '10
American Thinker: Will 2010 be the Perfect Storm?
Rush Limbaugh: Independents Dump Dems as Gas, Unemployment and Inflation Rise


Rasmussen: Cuomo, Giuliani Virtually Tied in 2010 NY Governor Race

NYT: Assembly Backs Stricter Oversight for State Authorities
Albany TU: Deals show they're talking
NY Post: Gov strike$ out again

Newsday: Nassau ballot count enters third day

Politico: Hoffman alleges vote fraud in NY 23
Hill: Hoffman doubles down, says election stolen
Examiner: Hoffman withdraws concession, alleges voter fraud
Watertown DT: Hoffman letter says groups 'tampered' with vote results
Watertown DT: Hoffman's 'miracle' not likely as votes counted

NYT: Clients Fuzzy Over What Bruno Did for Them
NYDN: They don't know nuthin' about big fees to ex-Senate Majority leader Bruno
Albany TU: Ex-Senate ethics lawyer: Bruno side work problematic
NY Post: Bruno buddy paid him 360G


GMNews: Christie taps Kyrillos for transition team
NJN: Christie center of attention at Republican Governor's Association conference in Texas
PoAC: Corzine gave voters no reason to vote for him, former New Jersey governors say
AP: Christie, Corzine set to talk to N.J. pols


WHSV: RGA Takes Note of McDonnell
CNN: McDonnell wont disavow Robertsons Islam remarks


Mercury News: Fiorina faces the D.C. press corps, but offers few specifics
CQ Politics: Can Fiorina Go the Distance in California?
Hill: Fiorina puts conservatism on display
AP/Freking: Fiorina says health-reform bill too complex
SF Chron: Fiorina's fundraising in NYC with -- "Mack the Knife?"
SF Chron: Sen. Climate Change Denier endorses Fiorina

UPI: GOP rival blasts Whitman donation


Dallas MN: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison launches radio ads today in Texas governor's race
Houston Chronicle: Hutchison camp uses calls, ads to clarify campaign
WSJ: Hutchison Chases Texas Right
Matt Mackowiak: Hutchison always puts Texas first
Dallas MN: Perry: Hutchison missed another vote
Dallas MN: Would Gov. Perry support a gas tax increase?
Star-Telegram: Democrats criticize Perry's policies
Austin AS: Twists could still lie ahead in gov race


SPT: Gov. Crist, here are 5 things you need to do to beat back Marco Rubio
News-Journal: Crist feels conservative heat
Miami Herald: Sen. LeMieux blasted for blocking diplomat
PBP: Former Fla GOP chairman Slade endorses Dockery
Orlando Sentinel: Slade gives his backing to Dockery
Tampa Trib: Tom Slade endorses Paula Dockery for governor


AccessNGa: Deal continues to push health care bill amendment
Moultrie Observer: Deal voices concern on state cuts


Examiner: Illinois Congressmen fighting to keep Gitmo detainees out of the Prairie State
Hill: Foreign policy makes its grand return
Chicago Sun-Times: Ryan makes case for partial pension


Star Tribune: Watch Pawlenty in Texas


Pittsburgh TR: Federal stimulus funds reported in nonexistent Pennsylvania districts


Columbus Dispatch: GOP lacks votes for own state budget fix
Cleveland PD: Senate Republicans want to fill most of budget gap with delay of tax cut


Detroit FP: Granholm recruits for student aid battle


CQ Politics: Carnahan, Blunt Even In Race For Missouri Senate Seat


Memphis Flyer: Polls and More Polls


News & Observer: Perdue urged to sack former aide to Easley


State: Panel finds probable cause for charges against Sanford


Boston Globe: Going negative has risky allure for Coakley rivals
Boston Globe: Pagliuca propelled by corporate mind, personal touch
Boston Globe: Lawmakers leave Patrick, bills waiting


Politico: Ensign dodges Holder in Vegas


WSJ: A judge twice rejected by voters is nominated by President Obama


November 18, 2009


Wash Times: Obama gets delay of Fort Hood probe
WaPo: Republicans criticize Obama's call to delay Hill inquiries on Fort Hood
Politico: Susan Collins criticizes White House on Fort Hood briefings
Hill: Sen. Sessions blasts Justice Department for mixing politics into Ft. Hood inquest
Hill: Lawmakers briefed on Fort Hood shootings
WaPo: Hasan's ties to radical cleric raise issues for law enforcement
NYT: Republicans Seek Inquiry on Fort Hood
Bloomberg: Republicans in Congress Call for Quick Hasan Probe
Dick Morris: Changing the subject: Why O nixed Ft. Hood probe

Wash Times: Republicans threaten to block terror trials
NYT: Conviction of Sheiks Lawyer for Assisting Terrorism Is Upheld
NYT: OpEd: Why We Should Put Jihad on Trial
Byron York: Republicans who endorsed Holder have second thoughts
Michael Gerson: Holder's trials and errors
Rep. Mac Thornberry: The Big Intelligence Chill
Politico: Terror trials may impact midterms
Politico: Leading conservative backs N.Y. trials
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. McDonnell's albatross

WaPo: In Senate vote, signs of shift on detainees
Fox: Republicans See More Chances to Block Gitmo Prisoners From U.S. Soil

WSJ: House Leaders Push for Jobs Bill
Hill: Hoyer: Democrats are set to move jobs legislation by Christmas
Hill: Dems eye stock trade tax to fund jobs bill
CQ Politics: House Democratic Leaders Want to Pass Jobs Bill by Years End
Boston Globe: Republicans bash Obama on jobs
WSJ: An Alternative Stimulus Plan: A payroll tax cut would add three to four million jobs
Rush Limbaugh: Obama "Saved or Created" Jobs in Imaginary Congressional Districts

NYT: 3 Democrats Could Block Health Bill in Senate
WaPo: Reid 'optimistic' about getting 60 votes on health bill
Politico: Reid calls Dem caucus meeting
Politico: How to pass a health bill fast
Hill: Health timetable slipping
Hill: Timing of Senate health debate remains unclear as Reid awaits score from CBO
Hill: Coburn to force reading of health bill
Wash Times: Health programs have history of cost overruns
AP/Werner: Poll: Tax rich to pay for health care fix
Politico: Abortion causes family feud for Dems
Rep. Bart Stupak: What our amendment does
Hill: Stupak: I have votes to defeat health bill
Herb London: Organized Protests Over Health Care
WSJ: Health 'Reform' Gets a Failing Grade
WSJ: The $1.9 Trillion Gimmick: The Democrats' 'doc fix' for Medicare payments
Am Spec: The Republican Alternative
Dick Morris: Doctor shortage
Newt Gingrich: The American People Return to Personal Responsibility and Honesty

WSJ: Senate to Put Off Climate Bill Until Spring
Hill: Chairmen split over climate bill
Wash Times: Delays weigh down Obama's hefty agenda
Tom Friedman: What They Really Believe about global warming
NYT: OpEd: Ben Franklin on Global Warming
Politico: How Copenhagen died during Barack Obama's Asia trip
Sen. John Thune: Conversatives should reapply core principles

CQ Politics: Financial Overhaul Now Expected to Get Mid-December Vote
AP/Flaherty: GOP: Zero support for Senate financial reform bill

Hill: Sens. Boxer, Inhofe make push for short-term transportation bill extension

CQ Politics: House Likely to Delay Estate Tax Consideration

WSJ: TARP's Moment of Truth

Wash Times: GOP's bid to filibuster judicial nominee fails
AP/Margasak: Controversial court nominee survives Senate test
Dana Milbank: Filibusted

Rush Limbaugh: Rush Interviews Governor Sarah Palin
Hill: Palin says bloody primary battles have helped the GOP
LA Times: Sarah Palin lets slip a little secret about hubby Todd
Politico: Sarah Palin not speaking to 'liberal elites'
EJ Dionne: The vast Palin conspiracy
Marybeth Hicks: Palin, Oprah and media literacy
CQ Politics: Perceptions of Palin and Presidential Ambitions
Human Events: The Rise of the Conservative Woman

NYT: Daschle Plans Move to Global Firm
Politico: Sen. Robert Byrd to capture longevity record
NYT: House Considers Impeachment of Federal Judge
WaPo: Washington Times editor files EEOC complaint

Politico: Dems alarmed as Independents bolt party

CQ Politics: GOP Members Pressed to Pony Up to NRCC

CQ Politics: Hispanic Growth and the 2010 Reapportionment


LI Press: Mangano Leads Suozzi As Count Continues
Human Events: Paterson, Lazio in NY-GOV Race. Cuomo, Giuliani Wait
Albany TU: More talk, more dealing on deficit reduction
NYT: Paterson Prepares Wage Bill for Construction Sites
NYT: New York Is Set for Strict Stand on D.W.I. Cases
NYT: Prosecutors in Bruno Case Turn Heat on 2 Ex-Aides
Albany TU: No mail use for Bruno
NY Post: Joe's sour note
NYDN: Joe Bruno corruption trial: Pols told mailing ethics forms risks a federal case
CQ Politics: Dont Bother Calling Al Michaels for New York 23 Special


Trentonian: Will gay marriage and medical pot squeeze in before Christie takes over?
Phila Inq: Push for same-sex marriage in N.J. faces uncertain future
Star-Ledger: Amid ghosts of conventions past, officials gather


Richmond TD: Co-chairs named for McDonnell inauguration


Mercury News: Tough road ahead for GOP candidates seeking statewide offices
Merc News: Latest tax returns from Meg Whitman's foundation may raise further questions
LA Times: California faces a projected deficit of $21 billion
SacBee: Analyst expected to project $21 billion state budget deficit
LA Times: Proposed water bond is laden with sweeteners for lawmakers
AP/Freking: Fiorina has balancing act in Calif. Senate race
NYT: Money for a Once and Future Candidate Jerry Brown
Politico: Becerra gets brushback from the boss
Hill: Rep. Kevin McCarthy energized by Republicans minority party status
Dan Walters: California's 1988 insurance battle could see 2010 reprise
SF Chron: Does California need a lieutenant governor?


Gov. Rick Perry: GOP governors chart a course for a better future
Star-Telegram: Texas senator should decide which fight is more important
AP/Root: Former Vice President Cheney to endorse Hutchison


Tampa Tribune: After stimulus denial, can the governor regain his game?
Sun Sentinel: Crist calls for ban on texting while driving
PBP: Crist, Republican leaders weigh new rental car fee to fund Tri-Rail


RN-T: Mike Huckabee to speak to Ga. Chamber members
AJC: Georgia Chamber lands the Republican without the designer glasses
WABE: Georgia's new top water wars lawyer


WaPo: IL-Sen: Alexi the unelectable?
Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois GOP hits Giannoulias for ducking on Illinois Guantanamo
Effingham DN: Hughes throws hat into ring as GOP candidate for U.S. Senate seat


Star Tribune: Poll: Coleman is GOP favorite for governor
Fox: Polls Shows Political Future Possible for Norm Coleman -- as Minnesota Governor
Star Tribune: Survey: Obama would beat Pawlenty in 2012
MPR: Watchdog group calling for Bachmann investigation


AP: Sam Rohrer seeks GOP nomination for Pa. governor
McCall: Santorum Endorses Corbett's Guv Run
AP/Levy: House GOP leader: I wasn't aware of any wrongdoing
Phila Inq: Pa. House panel approves hate-crimes bill


Toledo Blade: GOP payments held illegal


Detroit FP: Palin: I didn't want to abandon Michigan in 2008 campaign
Detroit News: West Michigan ready for Palin media

Detroit FP: Ban on racial preferences may get appeal


St. Louis PD: New Poll: Blunt-Carnahan contest tight, indys looming large


Examiner: Bredesen will leave mess for likely GOP successor
Chattanoogan: Wamp Announces 51 County Campaign Leaders


Asheville CT: Buncombe County's Martin Nesbitt gains No. 2 spot in NC Senate
Politico: A deal with Edwards


State: DeMint, Wilson rip bogus job creation claims
Greenville News: Republican files resolution to impeach Mark Sanford
Fox: South Carolina Lawmakers Debate Impeachment of Gov. Sanford


Politico: Abortion key issue in Massachusetts race
Boston Globe: Pagliuca one-ups rivals with health ad
Boston Globe: Kennedy steers clear of race for fathers seat


Politics Daily: Can Sue Lowden Knock Out Fightin' Harry Reid in Nevada?


KC Star: Democrat Wiggans enter Kansas governor's race
WIBW: Businessman Launches Challenge To Brownback


CQ Politics: Big Names Helping House Challenger Andy Harris


November 17, 2009


WSJ: Holder's al Qaeda Incentive Plan: The worse the terrorist, the more rights he has?
John Fund: What's Eric Holder Up To?
Rush Limbaugh: Eric Holder Consulted His Wife and Brother, But Not President Obama?
Pat Buchanan: Is America a Serious Nation?
American Thinker: A Double Blow to the Laws of War
Human Events: The Religious War Our Secular President Ignores

Dallas MN: Fort Hood captain: Hasan wanted patients to face war crimes charges
WaPo: Army panel to examine Hasan's career
Am Spec: Major Hasan -- A True Believer
James Taranto: How Code Pink Supports the Troops

WSJ: Time Crunch Looms for Health Bill
WaPo: Deep divisions linger on health care
Wash Times: GOP to tap public anxiety over health bill
NYT: Senate Liberals Demand Reid Hold Firm on Public Option
Politico: Senate liberals press Reid on public option
Hill: Reid cant afford any defections
Politico: Test vote may come before holiday
NYT: When the Budget Director Talks, People Will Listen
Wash Times: Cardinal sees health care stance as a duty
WSJ: Limited Effect Seen in Abortion Clause
WSJ: Where Are the Doctors to Implement ObamaCare?
Rasmussen: Support for Congressional Health Care Proposal Up to 47%, 49% Opposed

WSJ: Copenhagen's Collapse: The climate change sequel is a bust
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Retreats on Copenhagen
American Thinker: Obama's Copenhagen suicide pact

NYT: Continuing Unemployment Is Predicted by Fed Chief
NYT: N.A.A.C.P. Prods Obama on Job Losses
Hill: Pelosi switches to jobs
Hill: Dems push plan to subsidize lost hours
AP: Number of hungry Americans jumps: 14.6% of homes are short of food
Michael Barone: Pushing Health Reform When Job Losses Are Rising
Robert Reich: China and the American Jobs Machine

WaPo: Fed criticized for not negotiating harder with AIG creditors
WSJ: America's Newest Land Baron: FDIC
WSJ: A Dollar Warning From Asia
WSJ: The Permanent TARP: Current financial reform proposals would establish 'too big to fail'

Wash Times: GOP weighs blocking Obama judicial nominee
NYT: G.O.P. Senator Supports a Filibuster for Judicial Nominee
Human Events: Another Radical Obama Nominee Heads to Senate
NYT: Editorial: Obamas Judicial Nominations

CQ Politics: Democrats Who Dont Retire Make Takeover Tougher
Am Spec: Political Phalanxes

NYT: Palin on Oprah, Reloading Before 2012
WSJ: In Palin Tour, No Sign of 2012 Run
WaPo: The Book of Sarah embraces God & Todd
WaPo: On the right: Unapologetic look at '08 race proves Palin's still a national contender
WaPo: On the left: Amid cloudy rhetoric, the challenge to find political smoke & fire
Hill: My focus is on 10, Palin tells Oprah
Politico: Sarah Palin tells Oprah 2012 run not on radar
WaPo: When Sarah met Oprah: Love is in the airwaves
Joseph Curl: On Oprah, Palin paints self as victim
ABC: Sarah Palin: Election Took Toll on Family
Politico: McCain mum on Palin's campaign account
Hill: McCain: Palin legal bill was for troopergate
AP/Bauder: Palin talks politics, family ahead of book release
NYT: OpEd: In the Wilderness, a New Frontier
Rasmussen: 59% of GOP Voters Say Palin Shares Their Values
USA Today: Who's more qualified to be president? More people say Clinton, not Palin
Politico: Palin sells books for the RGA
Boston Globe: Palin a hit in bookstores, less with voters
Human Events: Theres Something about Sarah
Rush Limbaugh: Scared State-Run Media Elites Go Bonkers Over Sarah Palin's Book
Am Spec: Palin's Popularity vs. Media Mania


CBS: Paterson Rips White House For NYC 9/11 Trial
NYT: Paterson Calls Obama Wrong on 9/11 Trial
Politico: N.Y. gov slams KSM trial move

NY Post: Andy buries Paterson in poll
AP: Lazio calls out Cuomo in NY governor's race
SI: Sounding like a candidate, Rudy blasts Obama over 9/11 trial, troops & Ft Hood shootings

NYT: In Albany, Inaction Trumps Spending Cuts
AlbTU: Words, not action, at Capitol: Splits over license plates, school aid stymie Senate
NYDN: Deficit of budget ideas: State pols meet, and yep, you got it, nothing's accomplished
NYDN: Senate Debates Whether To Debate

CQ Politics: How a Committee Post Morphs Into Cash Clout for Rep. Brian Higgins

Hill: Hoffman 'unconcedes' in N.Y.-23 House race
Politico: Conservative club targets GOP

NYT: Ex-Secretary Describes How Brunos Jobs Intertwined
Albany TU: Former aide describes dual duties, shocks by admitting theft
NYDN: Joseph Bruno's aide testifies she managed his private business - and stole from him
Albany TU: Mixing public servants, private business echoes recent felony convictions
Albany TU: Bruno calls feds move despicable after ex-secretarys theft revealed
Albany TU: Ex-Senate secretary: I wrote Brunos personal checks, bought Xmas gifts

Buffalo News: Brian Davis ousted from Council committees


Phila Inq: Christie picks trusted friends for kitchen cabinet
Star-Ledger: Christie transition team says budget problems are worse than expected
Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie: N.J. budget picture worsening
Examiner: Chris Christie, a game changer on social issues in New Jersey
Star-Ledger: Editorial: Gov. James E. McGreevey reconsidered


Richmond TD: Va. House caucuses choose leaders
Virginian-Pilot: Del. Phil Hamilton quits House amid ethics inquiries
Roanoke Times: Del. Phil Hamilton resigns from Virginia legislature
AP/Lewis: Va. lawmaker resigns amid federal, state probes


SacBee: Whitman plugs into Tokoni network for online campaign
SacBee: Campbell gets real about soup fortune
LA Times: Will Tea Party conservatives crash Boxer-Fiorina?
SacBee: Schwarzenegger pumps up soldiers on Iraq trip
SF Chron: Jerry Brown asks for independent investigation of secret recordings
SacBee: Alameda County DA will head Brown probe
Dan Walters: Older Brown twirls new set of pirouettes
SacBee: Proponents of repealing Prop. 8 turn to Web to qualify measure
SF Chron: Newsom's spokesman resigns


Hill: Would-be successors increasingly dubious Hutchison will resign
Dallas MN: Perry says Hutchison took his advice on staying in Senate
Dallas MN: Hutchison in D.C. as Cheney headlines Houston rally


Tulsa World: Inhofe, Coburn split on funding


David Frum: Republicans heading for a bloodbath in Florida
SPT: Sink, McCollum scale back use of state airplanes
SPT: Ousted House speaker's defense: Legislature approved the money, not just me


NYT: A Racial Divide Is Bridged by Hard Times
AJC: Police union endorses Reed


Politico: Illinois GOP seeks to block Gitmo detainees
Hill: Kirk wants 'Homeland insecurity impact' study as Illinois mulls holding detainees
ChiTrib: Republican Senate candidate Mark Kirk no Gitmo transfer to western Illinois prison
Chicago Tribune: Thomson, Ill., prison: Political rift over detainee transfer continues
ChiTrib: Prison debate plays straight into 2010 Illinois election
Chicago Sun-Times: State has good shot at Gitmo inmates: officials
Hill: Three conservative leaders support transfer of Gitmo detainees to Illinois
LA Times: Illinois prison could host military trials of detainees
CQ Politics: Schakowsky Endorses Giannoulias' Senate Bid


CQ Politics: Coleman the GOP's Favorite for Minn. Governor
Rasmussen: 2010 MN Governor: Coleman Leads GOP; Dayton, Rybak Tops Among Dems
Rasmussen: 42% in MN For Pawlenty, 46% Against If Hes GOP Presidential Candidate
Naples News: Republicans have Pawlenty to think about
Star Tribune: House revives budget fight with Pawlenty
Politico: Minn. Dems sue T-Paw


Phila Inq: Perzel returns to his seat in Pa. House
AP/Levy: Corbett: House GOP officials didn't raise red flag


Wash Times: Ohio getting a 'reddish tinge'
Columbus Dispatch: State's budget worries CPAs
Cleveland PD: Ohio stands to lose a congressional seat; Texas could gain three


Detroit News: Stabenow: Michigan will benefit from health care reform


KC Star: Blunt and Purgason still far apart
KC Star: Conservation group pounding Blunt for accepting $1 million in big oil donations
AP: Palin speech in southwest Missouri closed to media coverage


Gannett: Sen. Alexander finds partner in push for more nuclear power


Charlotte Observer: U.S. attorney worried about 4th Circuit
News-Record: Democrats still seeking Senate candidates


State: Berkeley GOP holds off on Graham censure
State: Sanford impeachment resolution to be introduced
Politico: Jenny Sanford tried to trademark name


Politico: Can Mr. Insider Win in Massachusetts?
Boston Globe: Caution, ambition mix in Coakleys methodical journey
Boston Globe: Budget cuts will imperil states poor


Politico: One-man crusade taking toll on Ensign
AP: NV GOP elects officers


CQ Politics: Iowa Sen. Grassley Has Big Lead
NYT: U.S. Attorney Nominee Criticized Over Raids


WaPo: A centrist in health-care debate, Lincoln hears it from all sides
Arkansas News: Republicans plan straw poll for U.S. Senate candidates
Arkansas News: GOP : Money talks in Senate race

CQ Politics: Arkansas Democrat Vic Snyder's Popularity Dives


Shreveport Times: Jindal to attend fundraiser Michigan
Advocate: Jindal visits Michigan for fundraiser


Bennington Banner: Shumlin announces gubernatorial run


November 16, 2009


Wash Times: Giuliani calls Obama soft on terrorism
NYT: Giuliani Criticizes Terror Trials in New York
Politico: Rudy Giuliani slams 9/11 trial decision
Hill: Giuliani: White House sending message 'the war on terror is over'
Politico: Axelrod: Giuliani flip-flopped on 9/11 trials
WSJ: The KSM Trial Will Be an Intelligence Bonanza for al Qaeda
Human Events: Al-Quida War Crimes Should Not Be Tried in Civilian Courts
Human Events: Holders Improvisation Risks Too Much
Human Events: Terrorists on Trial in NYC Is an Unacceptable Risk
Human Events: Ex-Attorney General Says KSM in New York Makes City a Target
American Thinker: Obama's NYC Show: Starring Khalid Mohammed
Politico: Judges could free detainees moved to U.S.
Hill: Hoekstra warns terror trials could take years
AmSpec: State Verses Khalid Sheik Muhammad
Jed Babbin: Mr. Obama's War
Mike Lupica: Evil 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed should not be given stage

NYT: Experts Outline Hurdles in Trying to Defend Hasan
WaPo: Cleric says he was confidant to Hasan
WaPo: Cleric al-Awlaki justifies shootings at Ft. Hood
Hill: Leahy confirms Congress will 'carefully' press forward with Fort Hood probe
NYDN: Sen. Schumer: Stop loopholes that allowed Ft Hood killer Nidal Hasan to arm himself
American Thinker: Obama and Plummeting Military Morale

Hill: Holder dials back his commitment to pushing assault weapons ban

WaPo: Health bill foes solicit funds for economic study
WaPo: House health bill includes Medicaid relief for states
WaPo: Immigration and health House measure omits Senate panel's legal test
WaPo: Report details billions lost in Medicare fraud
Politico: Abortion deal spins a very tangled web
Politico: Dems may lose Catholics over abortion
LA Times: Catholic bishops' influence on healthcare bill
Politico: Health reform's hidden land mines
Detroit News: Health insurance customers face big premium increases
NYT: Drug Makers Raise Prices in Face of Health Care Reform
WSJ: Rationing Commission: Meet unelected body that will dictate future medical decisions
WSJ: A Tax a Day: Turning Medicare into an income redistribution program

NYT: Obama Hobbled in Fight Against Global Warming
WSJ: Focusing on global warming at the expense of food aid is immoral
Politico: Weeks before Copenhagen, no Senate bill
PBP: Gore's presentation on climate change draws 800 as 200 protestors gather outside
Human Events: Top 10 Richest Green Groups

WSJ: How Washington Can Create Jobs
Ross Douthat: Unemployment Off the Chart
Paul Krugman: World Out of Balance
Hill: Gregg: Budget deficit is sending the U.S. to 'third-class status as a nation'
WaPo: Taxpayers on hook as some bailed-out firms prove frail
WSJ: A Merry TARP Christmas

Politico: Fights erupt over Chris Dodd's reform bill

WSJ: White House Counsel Set to Narrow Job's Scope
AmSpec/Prowler: Obama Goes to the Mattresses

Wash Times: National Park Service putting holes in border security
Dallas MN: Time hasn't made immigration reform easier

Hill: Report: Anti-Castro funds see dramatic shift to Democrats
Miami Herald: Money affects Cuba policy

AmSpec: ACORN Goes for Broke

LA Times: Judicial nominees confirmed at a snail's pace

WSJ: Sarah Palin's Side of the Story
American Thinker: Sarah Palin's Walmart Strategy
CNN: Palin is great for the GOP, Giuliani says
Politics Daily: How Palin Could Win the 2012 GOP Nomination
NYT: Palin Finds One Bond With Clinton
NYT: Common Grounds for Clinton and Palin?
Politico: The Palin grassroots
Politico: Can Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Palin save each other?
Hill: Palin accuses the AP of doing 'opposition research' in fact check
AP: Linguists analyze Palin's speech

USA Today: Huckabee, on the sidelines and in the game
Knox News: Huckabee book pulls in voters

Hill: McConnell: Conservative split in Republican races 'no threat at all'
American Thinker: 'The Principle of the Excluded Moderate'
AP/Sidoti: 2012 GOP field wide open GOP wannabes jockey for 2012
CQ Politics: GOP Presidential Hopefuls: Youre on Notice
Swamp: Gingrich: Contract with America round 2
NYDN: Obama has lost the center

Hill: Conservatives split over filibuster of Obama court pick

CQ Politics: Missed Deadlines Make for PAC-Sized Headaches


NYT: Cuomo Wants to Shape Ticket in Run for Governor, Advisers Say
AP: Hillary Clinton says she's not running for NY governor

NY Post: 'Mob' hurdle in SI House race

NYT: $25 Fee for New License Plates May Be Repealed
AP: Gov, Legislature agree to ax plate fee
Albany TU: Senate Democratic letter against the new license plates
Albany TU: Now, the Senate GOP on the star-crossed license plate plan
Albany TU: Kolb has more on license plates

NYDN: Budget battle between Gov. Paterson, Senate Democrats getting heated
NYT: Editorial: Whistling Past the Deficit


Vineland DJ: Political courage needed to solve state's fiscal mess
AP: NJ Gov.-elect to talk taxes, budget
S-L: Gay marriage: Gov.-elect Chris Christie's first big decision will tell us a lot


CQ Politics: Virginia Freshmen Diverge on Path to Re-Election


AP/Freking: Fiorina's work as HP chief likely topic in Senate race
Dan Walters: Judges quarrel as California fiscal crisis worsens
George Skelton: Water still divides the state
American Thinker: The California T Party (T is for Tax)


Dallas MN: Obama campaign chief dreaming of a blue Texas
Dallas MN: For Hutchison, political cover from GOP Senate leaders Cornyn and McConnell


NYT: A Florida Republican Becomes a Right-Wing Target
Politico: Charlie Crist loses his mojo
Herald Tribune: Rubio wants supporters not to feel too confident
SPT: Florida candidates take campaigns to Facebook and Twitter
Miami Herald: Sink backs adoption by gays, lesbians
SPT: Let gays adopt when it's in child's 'best interest,' says Florida CFO Alex Sink


AJC: Richardson a wonderful man,' say neighbors


Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn, Durbin discuss benefits of Ill. prison housing Gitmo detainees
WSJ: Illinois Prison Weighed for Transfers
NYT: Illinois Site May Be Path to Closing Guantnamo
Chicago Tribune: U.S. prison officials to tour Thomson Monday

Chicago Sun-Times: Dems at risk of losing Obama's old Senate seat
Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois Democrats worry about losing Senate seat

Chicago Tribune: Quinn, Hynes meet up for Democratic governor debate


Rasmussen: Klobuchar Bests Franken, Bachmann Among Minnesota Voters


Reporter: Specter talks transit, health care


Columbus Dispatch: GOP's quest: budget options
Columbus Dispatch: Vote to delay tax cut wins GOP duo mixed reviews


Detroit News: Standish likely out for Gitmo prison
Detroit FP: State's still in running for Gitmo detainees


McClatchy: Graves' position on Cuba is scrutinized


AP: Tennessee budget hearings get under way amid bleak forecasts


Fits: Two New Polls Show Graham Tanking


Boston Globe: Passionate sense of right and wrong drives Capuano
Boston Globe: Pagliuca sees a role for lobbyists


Diamondback: Ehrlich weighs 2010 gubernatorial bid
CQ Politics: Freshman Navigates Different Shores


Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: Low rating for Culver reveals vulnerability


Fox6: Republican candidate Scott Walker reacts to Barrett's candidacy


November 15, 2009


Wash Times: Palin retakes center stage on book tour
NYT: Memoir Is Palin’s Payback to McCain Campaign
WaPo: Is Palin's book tour merely an opening chapter?
Examiner: Sarah Palin shocked that Bristol was sexually active
AP: Palin: I didn't know Bristol was having sex
AP: Palin 'devastated' by kid's pregnancy
Politico: McCain camp: Palin account 'all fiction'
Politico: Sarah Palin's five book tour goals
Hill: McCain gets signed copy of Palin book
AP: Clinton: Would look forward to coffee with Palin
Examiner: Sarah Palin to visit Army bases
Max Blumenthal: Sarah Palin, the GOP's blessing and curse
Telegraph UK: Sarah Palin – Is she more of a threat to Oprah than Obama?
Fox: The Power of Sarah Palin
Power Line: The Times Snarks Sarah Palin

AJC: Mike Huckabee and the high cost of presidential campaigns
News & Observer: Huckabee sees GOP gains in U.S. House

CQ Politics: Top GOP Challengers Pass Conservative Litmus Test

WaPo: Report: Bill would reduce senior care
WaPo: Health insurers could be allowed to bypass some key reforms
AP: Republican bashes Dems over health care proposals
Hill: Kirk pushes GOP health proposals
Wash Times: GOP sees little outreach in health care debate
Hill: Gregg: GOP unsure of exact cost of Senate health alternatives
NYT: In House, Many Spoke With One Voice: Lobbyists
Politico: CMS: House bill increases health care costs
Hill: CMS: House health bill will hike costs $289B
Hill: Few Dems in big races jump headlong into backing health bill

NYT: World Leaders Agree to Delay a Deal on Climate Change
LA Times: Idea takes hold for 2-step climate pact
WSJ: APEC Leaders Scale Back Climate Deal
WaPo: Copenhagen talks unlikely to yield climate accord, leaders told
Politico: Barack Obama presses world leaders on climate

NYT: Investigators Study Tangle of Clues on Fort Hood Suspect
Politico: Obama: Full Ft. Hood story must be told
Hill: House, Senate panels ready to investigate Fort Hood shootings
Hill: Obama: Don't turn the Fort Hood shootings into 'political theater'
American Thinker: How America created the Fort Hood shooter
American Thinker: Fort Hood and the Academic Apologists

NYT: High Costs Weigh on Troop Debate for Afghan War

NYT: Portrait of 9/11 Jackal Emerges as He Awaits Trial
WaPo: Assembling defense team will be among the initial challenges
WaPo: 9/11 trial could become a parable of right and wrong
Hill: Daniel Pearl's family opposes Justice decision to try KSM in federal court

Politico: Bob Bauer's credentials challenged
Politico: Greg Craig: 'I still think we were right'

Hill: Senate Democrats want U.S. residency for kin of immigrant service members

NYT: Obama Backers Fear Opportunities to Reshape Judiciary Are Slipping Away

WaPo: Federal oversight of subways proposed

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYDN: Paterson rips lawmakers, threatens to keep reps in session until budget reached
Albany TU: Longer wait for state's cash
NY Post: Joe Bru-motivator: 270G for speeches not payola: pal
NYDN: Bruno golf outing with Cablevision's Dolan may have derailed West Side Stadium plan
NYDN: Ex-undercover Mafia buster, Michael 'Mikey Suits' Grimm, seeks SI congressional seat
Watertown DT: Dede Scozzafava sadder, wiser after bruising political race
Watertown DT: Owens starts to hire congressional staff


Daily Record: Speculation rampant on jobs in Christie administration
Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie flashes his personal N.J. style
Russ Schriefer: An insider's view of Christie's N.J. victory
APP: Shore delivers for Gov.-elect Christie: Vote totals boost Shore's influence
Paul Mulshine: N.J. suburbs still get no respect
Star-Ledger: N.J. latest stop in health care tour

NY Post: Stay tuned for 'Sen. Dobbs'


Richmond TD: Gov.-elect McDonnell announces senior advisers to transition team
Richmond TD: Budget boss a top concern
WaPo: Robertson's remarks put McDonnell in a bind


NYT: Demographic Shifts Change Political Lines
LA Times: The real political rift, a Times/USC poll reveals, is between east and west
LA Times: Two GOP rivals vie for dominance in race to replace Mike Duvall
LA Times: Young conservative activist Hannah Giles speaks in Santa Barbara
McClatchy: Political battle simmers on counting noncitizens in census
Mercury News: Poizner's claims as insurance commissioner questioned
Daily Breeze: As challengers line up, it looks like Boxer could `luck out' again


Austin AS: Hutchison prepares to fight on two fronts
Houston Chronicle: Hutchison staying in Senate while running for gov
Dallas MN: Influential legislator McCall plans not to seek re-election


Jack Observ: Greer Likely to Remain GOP Chairman
St. Pete Times: Conservatives invite Rubio to be keynote speaker at Washington event
Herald Tribune: Go right or do right? Crist should pick the latter
Miami Herald: Miami power vacuum is big break for new mayor Toms Regalado


AJC: On Glenn Richardson and the agony of victory


Hill: Kirk looks to halt transfer of Gitmo detainees to Illinois
WSJ: Illinois Prison May House Guantanamo Detainees
Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois prison in running to house Gitmo detainees


Pioneer Press: Tim Pawlenty hard to pin down on health care reform
Star Tribune: The Economist: American voters, meet 'T-Paw'

Guardian UK: The new wave of female firebrands striking fear into liberal America


Philadelphia Inquirer: Perzel accused of 'dirty tricks' on GOP, too
Pittsburgh PG: Corbett gains political edge
York DR: Perzel amassed power because he delivered, legislators say


Cleveland PD: What posturing on the budget may cost Ohio Senate Republicans
Cleveland PD: Obama approval rating at 45 percent in Ohio


DetFP: Billions for state, but where are jobs? Stimulus awards have brought little help


Wash Times: Ike Skelton a Truman Democrat in Pelosi's House


Knox News: Gibbons campaigns in E. Tenn.
Knox News: News on state budget grim


Sanford Herald: Wicker 'reassessing' whether he'll run for Senate in 2010


State: DeMint wields influence: He gets Obama to back down on Honduras


Boston Globe: Pagliuca presses Capuano, Coakley on health care bill
Boston Globe: Senate race slow to grab small town's attention


Las Vegas Sun: GOP Senate candidates playing it safe on health care


Cincinnati Enquirer: Beshear calls for 6% budget cuts


Baltimore Sun: Md. GOP picks Audrey Scott to be chairwoman


Denver Post: With friends like Tancredo, happy Dems are here again
Westword: Dick Wadhams on Tom Tancredo's impending run for governor


Union Leader: GOP Senate hopefuls look to cut through the noise


KC Star: In Senate race, can Tiahrt catch Moran?



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