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White House press secretary can’t guarantee public won’t hear Trump use n-word on audio recording

A fifth of those who approve of Trump’s job as president don’t like him personally

Woman throws pair of stuffed lips at Sen. Doug Jones, heckles him for keeping open mind on Brett Kavanaugh

West Virginia’s efforts to impeach the state’s Supreme Court is just the latest in a worrisome trend

West Virginia’s efforts to impeach the state’s Supreme Court is just the latest in a worrisome trend

The alleged Trump n-word tape is suddenly less hypothetical

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s stunning non-denial that Trump used the n-word

White House to Senate Democrats: Time running out on meeting with Kavanaugh

Sarah Sanders’s bizarrely incorrect argument about how Trump is helping black Americans

Trump campaign files arbitration action against Omarosa Manigault Newman

November 14, 2009


WaPo: Alleged Sept. 11 planner will be tried in New York
Wash Times: Five 9/11 suspects to be tried in NYC
NYT: Accused 9/11 Mastermind to Face Civilian Trial in N.Y.
NY Post: Terror thugs to get justice near WTC
AP: Holder: U.S. likely to ask death for 9/11 defendants
NYT: 9/11 Trial Poses Unparalleled Legal Obstacles for Both Sides
NYT: Trial Venue Leaves 9/11 Families Angry or Satisfied
WaPo: For Holder, much wrestling over decision
Hill: Holder vows that Gitmo defendants will not be released in the U.S.
WaPo: A staggering ego, at the center of difficult issues
Politico: GOP irate over trial move
Hill: Lieberman: Bringing terror suspects to U.S. for trial 'inconceivable'
CQ Politics: Congressional Republicans Furious Over Decision to Try Gitmo Detainees
IBD: Editorial: Justice Denied
NYT: Editorial: A Return to American Justice
WaPo: Editorial: There are good reasons to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in New York
WSJ: KSM Hits ManhattanAgain: Holder's decision is morally confused, dangerous & political
Sarah Palin: Obama Administration's Atrocious Decision
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Puts United States on Trial in Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Case
Rush Limbaugh: A Jury of 9/11 Terrorist Peers?
Andrew McCarthy: September 10? Its Worse Than That

Hill: Texas congressman: Fort Hood shooter had Pakistan 'connection'
ChiTrib: Lawmaker: Ft Hood suspect had communications with Pakistan; Hasan is paralyzed
American Thinker: 'Islamism, or Islam?' 'Islamist or Islamic?'
Jonah Goldberg: The Politics of Fort Hood

David Broder: Enough Afghan debate
WaPo: Obama's reluctant choice
Rush Limbaugh: Bam Still Dithering on Afghanistan

Hill: Tensions brewing between Republicans and CEOs over healthcare reform bill
Hill: Parties spar over healthcare study
Politico: Reconciliation could kill Stupak rider
Rush Limbaugh: What "Public Option" Really Means

Politico: Climate change bill to backburner with jobs and deficit push
Hill: Bloc of Senate Democrats demands changes to climate change legislation

WSJ: Immigrant Bill Is Back on Table
Wash Times: Immigration bill is promoted for 2010
NYT: White House Plan on Immigration Includes Legal Status
LA Times: Napolitano sees hope for immigration reform
Rush Limbaugh: Coming in 2010: Amnesty Push

WSJ: White House Backs Fed Oversight Role
WSJ: State Finance Directors Warn of More Trouble Ahead
LA Times: Fearing pay cuts as the new normal
WSJ: Fed Slaps Curbs on Overdraft Fees
CQ Politics: Administration Officials Criticize Sen. Dodds Banking Plan
Hill: Sen. Dodd deflects administration criticism of financial overhaul

WaPo: Obama taps new counsel
NYT: Presidents Top Lawyer Is Leaving White House
NYT: Obama Chooses an Inner-Circle Man

NYT: Worried About Losing Tax Revenue, Congress to Investigate Airlines Fees

WSJ: Palin's Book Tour Builds on Effective Web Strategy
LA Times: 'Going Rogue' is Sarah Palin's shot at redemption and revenge
KC Star: Finally, Palin tells her side of the story
Star-Ledger: Sarah Palin's book tidbits: Money poorly spent
AP/Woodward: Review: Palin book repeats familiar claims
Politico: McCain camp: Book 'petty and pathetic'
Politico: Sarah Palin: AP erroneously reporting on book
AP: Sarah Palin's book 'Going Rogue' indeed goes rogue on some facts
Hill: Sarah Palin's revenge: New book goes after McCain campaign aides in detail
Rush Limbaugh: Rush to Interview Sarah Palin on Tuesday's Program at 1PM ET

Politico: Newt Gingrich warns of 'destructive' GOP primaries

CQ Politics: Five tips from Grover Norquist

WSJ: Obama Is Losing Independent Voters

James Taranto: Our 'Constitutional Moment'

Kos: Teabagger DeMint to challenge McConnell for Senate GOP leadership?

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows


NYT: Forces Aligning in Bid to Block Cuts in Albany
NYT: Counting Ballots in N.Y.s 23rd District
WSJ: The Empire State and Eminent Domain
Albany TU: Legislature back on Monday

Albany TU: Bruno hired, doors opened
NYDN: Judge denies mistrial plea of Bruno in corruption case
NYDN: Bruno's legal team requests mistrial in ex-majority leader's federal corruption trial

Buffalo News: Davis pleads guilty to criminal charges

Newsday: Mangano takes slim lead over Suozzi in Nassau exec race


Star-Ledger: Poll says N.J. voters want Christie to cut taxes in first year
North Jersey: Hackensack votes blue, but GOP wins NJ's top seat
Daily Journal: Wondering what Christie's election means for state
AP: N.J. lawmaker says legislature may not vote on gay marriage bill before session ends


Human Events: Virginia Gov-Elect McDonnell Responds to Terrorist Trials


SacBee: California consulting firm aids all 4 gubernatorial candidates
SacBee: Campbell talks health care, budget


Rasmussen: In Texas GOP Showdown, Perry Leads Hutchison 46% to 35%
Politico: Poll: Perry leads Hutchison by 11
Dallas MN: Hutchison won't leave seat for Texas governor's race until after March primaries
Star-Telegram: Hutchison not quitting Senate until after Republican primary
Politico: Kay Bailey Hutchison won't resign Senate seat
Hill: Hutchison wont resign Senate seat before gubernatorial primary
Rasmussen: 57% of Texas Voters Say Hutchison Should Stay Senator While Running for Gov


St. Pete Times: Erin Isaac looks like a sacrificial lamb for Crist's image woes
St. Pete Times: Old friends Sen. Mike Fasano and Marco Rubio's spat grows
St. Pete Times: Florida's GOP chief faces heat from his own party's faithful


AJC: GA House speaker admits depression led to suicide attempt
AP/McCaffrey: Ga. House Speaker Richardson reveals suicide attempt
AJC: Norwood campaigns on Cleveland Avenue; black clergy bless Reed


Chicago Tribune: Illinois the next Gitmo?
LA Times: Illinois prison eyed for Guantanamo detainees
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich wants corruption trial delayed until September
Chicago Sun-Times: Blago trial down to just ex-gov, brother


Daily Globe: Pawlenty noticed nationwide


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. House GOP defendants appear before judge
Pittsburgh PG: A day in court for the Harrisburg 10
AP/Jackson: Latest probe charges may help Corbett's campaign
Daily News: Perzel's seat becomes key topic among GOP, Dems


USA Today: Poll: Ohio Gov. Strickland slips in polls, now tied in 2010 race
NYT: Ohio Is First to Change to One Drug in Executions


Detroit FP: GOP chief: Tide of Dems is about to turn


AP/Lieb: Rep. Blunt opposes ban on health status ratings


Commercial Appeal: Governor candidates visit GOP gathering
Examiner: Corker right to stay out of Williams affair


News & Observer: Etheridge won't run for Senate
WaPo: N.C.'s Etheridge bows out of running for Senate seat
CQ Politics: Etheridge Won't Run Against Burr
Hill: Rep. Etheridge to skip Senate bid


AP/Smith: SC gov candidates promise agriculture leadership


Boston Globe: Coakley issues a challenge to Capuano
CQ Politics: Mass. Governor: Patrick Leads Despite Voter Disapproval


CQ Politics: More Television Advertising for Harry Reid
Politico: Reid touts his clout


WaPo: Ex-Rep. Jefferson (D-La.) gets 13 years in freezer cash case
WSJ: Jefferson Sentenced to 13 Years
NYT: Ex-Louisiana Congressman Jefferson Sentenced to 13 Years


Politico: Barrett running for governor of Wisconsin


Politico: Tom Tancredo's comeback


USA Today: Poll: Sen. Chris Dodd trails opponents in Connecticut race


McCreary County Record: Paul challenging Grayson's perceived frontrunner status
WBKO: Rand Paul Meets With Sen. Mitch McConnell


November 13, 2009


WaPo: Leaks launch Palin's 'Going Rogue' with that ol' campaign fervor
WSJ: Can Sarah Palin Make a Comeback?
NYT: Rolling Out Sarah Palin’s Side of the Story
AP/Pienciak: Palin confirms friction with McCain staff
NYDN: John McCain camp set me up for disaster in Katie Couric interviews
Politico: Sarah Palin 'not really into the drama' (with video)

WaPo: Hasan charged with 13 counts of murder
NYT: Suspect in Fort Hood Attack Is Charged on 13 Murder Counts
Fox: Hasan Called Himself 'Soldier of Allah' on Business Cards
Fox: Investigators Follow Hasan's Money for Possible Terrorist Links
Dallas MN: Fort Hood shooting suspect sent money to Pakistan, Texas congressman says
Time: How the Military Will Try Nidal Hasan
Human Events: Hasan: A Simple Puzzle
Charles Krauthammer: Medicalizing mass murder
Roger Hedgecock: None Dare Call It Jihad
Rush Limbaugh: Was It PC or Something Worse That Hamstrung Hasan Investigators?
Rasmussen: 73% in Texas Favor Death Penalty for Fort Hood Shooter
Rasmussen: 61% Support Death Penalty

Wash Times: U.S. moves to seize mosques with Iran ties
LA Times: Authorities move to seize U.S. properties allegedly tied to Iran
WaPo: Prosecutors tie Iran, U.S. assets
NYT: U.S. Moves to Seize Properties Tied to Iran
Wash Times: Iran advocacy group said to skirt lobby rules

AP: Official Says 9/11 Suspect to Face Trial in New York

NYT: Among Obama Aides, Debate Intensifies on Troop Levels
NYT: Obama Purposely Taking Time on Troop Decision
Politico: Obamas Afghan plan will include exit strategy
CQ Politics: No Clear Consensus On Afghanistan
Hill: Obama 'closer' to Afghanistan decision
NYT: Gates Condemns Leaks on U.S. Afghan Policy and Ft. Hood
Politico: Administration plans to punish leakers
Peggy Noonan: Approach Afghanistan with sheer, blunt logic and a clear plan
Wes Pruden: On vacation with Mr. Dithers

WSJ: Abortion Upends Health-Bill Alliance
NYT: Reid Mulls Medicare Tax Increase for High Earners
WSJ: What Health Reform Will Do to My Insurance
Hill: Polls suggest healthcare debate a boon to GOP Senate candidates
Hill: Momentum is a challenge for Senate
Hill: Business group unveils $10 million campaign against health reform
Sarah Palin: Pelosi "Health Plan" Should Be DOA
Politico: Palin: Health bill should be DOA
David Broder: Half done on health reform
Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi: Jail for Those Who Refuse to Buy Health Insurance is "Fair"

WaPo: U.S. weighs backing interim international climate agreement
WSJ: EPA's Paranoid Style: Employee arguments against cap-and-trade aren't welcome
Hill: Climate bill advocates want to see President Obama in Copenhagen

Wash Times: ACORN sues government over funding
NYT: Acorn Sues Over Funding Vote in House
Politico: GOP claims ACORN in financial trouble
WSJ: Acorn and the Housing Bubble

WSJ: U.S. Posts $176.36 Billion Deficit for October
Hill: Another omnibus appropriations bill likely as the end of the year approaches
Politico: President Obama plans to announce war on deficits in State of the Union speech
WSJ: The FHA's Bailout Warning
WSJ: Pay Czar Doesn't Expect Firms to Appeal
Hill: Big business tells Congress: 'Frightening' new proposal could 'destroy' Wall Street
WSJ: Dodd's Lawsuit Makeover

Hill: Obama, Dems show growing anxiety as unemployment numbers continue surge
CQ Politics: Obama Plans White House Forum on Job Creation
Paul Krugman: Free to Lose
Dana Milbank: Obama's world record
Rush Limbaugh: Community Organizer-in-Chief Calls Summit to Talk About Jobs

WSJ: The reach of search engines should be regulated by Congress, not the courts

WSJ: Craig to Leave Counsel Job
WaPo: White House counsel poised to give up post
NYT: Craig Steps Down as White House Lawyer
Politico: Craig to step down on Friday

NYT: 3 Right-Hand Men Take a Turn at Center Stage
NYT: Conservatives Oppose Judicial Nominee
Politico: Dems jam GOP with Al Franken vote
NY Post: Doom and gloom for Dems in 2010 polls
CQ Politics: Analysis: 2010 To Be Referendum On Obama
David Brooks: Meet John Thune

Rush Limbaugh: Becoming Venezuela: Obama Plans Purge of GOP Civil Servants

Politico: RNC to opt out of abortion coverage

Politico: Poll: Anti-incumbent sentiment surges

Wash Times: Bush warns of too much government
NYT: Bush Returns to Public Spotlight


NY Observ: Suozzi Lawyer: We're In 4th Quarter 'Down by Two Touchdowns'
Politico: Suozzi's analysis: Voters turning back toward self-interest

Syr PS: Recanvassing shows NY-23 race tightens even as Owens is sworn into House seat
Politico: Hoffman ally: Owens victory still looks inevitable
Politico: Dede Scozzafava: GOP not based on 'substance'
Hill: Scozzafava: Republicans will remain a minority party if they purge moderates

NYT: Judge in Brunos Corruption Trial Chastises Him Over a Remark
NYDN: Judge tells Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno: I'm boss here, pal
Albany TU: Bruno takes bruising: Clout said key to millions; clash with judge

Albany TU: Party line for budget cuts

NYDN: Disgraced ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer says current Gov. Paterson doing great job
NYT: Spitzer Talks About, Well, Ethics

Albany TU: 2 admit 'man cave' crimes: State workers will lose jobs, pay restitution


Phila Inq: Ex-Eagle Runyan asked to tackle political office
AP: Former NFL player Jon Runyan confirms he may run for N.J. Congress seat
CQ Politics: Former Philadelphia Eagle Mulling Challenge to Adler

Phila Inq: Corzine, Christie have cordial transition meeting
Rasmussen: 60% in NJ Say Most Christie Supporters Were Voting Against Corzine
Star-Ledger: Corzine, his time running out, mum on future


WaPo: McDonnell heads to Austin as a GOP star
CNN: McDonnell and Christie heading to RGA meeting in Texas
WaPo: McDonnell, House Dems to meet

CNN: Cantor's colleagues believe he has sights set higher than Congress


LA Times: Governor submits plan to cut prison population
Dan Walters: California public pensions loom as big issue
SacBee: Camp Whitman responds to Camp Poizner
SacBee: Brown criticizes 'pervasive legal prescription'
Palo Alto DN: Don't count Barbara Boxer out again


Dallas MN: Perry accuses Obama of taking country toward socialism
Dallas MN: Hutchison says federal insurance plan may not be right for Texas


Politico: Marco Rubio keynoting CPAC
Tampa Tribune: Crist has lost his invincible touch
American Spectator: Pants on Fire
Miami Herald: Some Republicans see state GOP chief as burden


AJC: A GOP view: Legislature needs gestures of respect from the next Atlanta mayor


Chicago Tribune: House Republican Leader Tom Cross backs Andy McKenna for governor
Chicago Tribune: Jim Ryan apologizes for his handling of Rolando Cruz prosecution


Mankato FP: GOP governor hopefuls agree to agree
WHNT: Minnesota gov to be keynote speaker at fundraising dinner for Alabama Republicans
Star Tribune: Why GOP's Pat Anderson screens with unions


Philadelphia Inquirer: Probe could impact Corbett's political career


CQ Politics: Ohio Senate: Portman Leads Race Of Unknowns
Politico: Warning signs for Democrats in Ohio


Toledo Blade: Race for Michigan governor already shaping up
Detroit FP: Senate backs new fee for state parks


KC Star: The GOPs strategy for defeating health care
KC Star: Missouri lawmaker pays $20,000 in back taxes


Knox News: Huckabee visit draws crowd
Examiner: Mumpower's actions divide GOP, undermine his own efforts for Speakership


Politics Daily: Burr Leads Weak Field of Democrats in North Carolina


Politico: S.C. GOP castigates Lindsey Graham
State: Sanford resolution might go to panel


CQ Politics: Pelosi to Endorse Capuano for Massachusetts Senate
Politico: Pelosi endorses Capuano
Boston Globe: Senate hopefuls turn up volume

CQ Politics: Patrick Leads Three Way Race in Massachusetts


Politico: Will Nader challenge Dodd?
CQ Politics: Connecticut Voters Down on Dodd


CQ Politics: Ex-Mayor Wages Indy Bid For Kagen's Seat


November 12, 2009


Wash Times: Officials say Fort Hood suspect had Islamist ties
Dallas MN: Fort Hood shootings suspect may have wired money to Pakistan
Ann Coulter: Muslim suffers bruised ego in Fort Hood tragedy
James Taranto: 'The Motive Remains Murky'
Rush Limbaugh: Obama, Liberals Blame Everything But Islam for the Ft. Hood Shooting
Rush Limbaugh: CNN Calls Hasan "Conservative," Airs US Muslim's Threat to Obama
WaPo: Army sought ways to channel Hasan's absorption with Islam
WaPo: Apartment offers glimpse at suspect's everyday life
LA Times: Fort Hood suspect's contact with cleric spelled trouble, experts say
AP/Schreiner: McCain calls Fort Hood shooting an `act of terror'
Politico: GOP sees Fort Hood shooting as act of terror
Denver Post: Editorial: Terror prevention failures in the case of Maj. Hasan?
Human Events: Hasan's Personal Jihad
American Spectator: Treachery as Lifestyle Choice
American Thinker: It Isn't Political Correctness, It's Shariah

Karl Rove: 'A Referendum on This White House'

WaPo: U.S. envoy resists increase in troops
NYT: U.S. Envoy Urges Caution on Forces for Afghanistan
Wash Times: Obama nears decision on Afghan strategy
Hill: Obama ponders how long Afghanistan plans will take to implement

Hill: Leaders fix on strategy for Dont ask, dont tell repeal
Hill: Frank: 'Don't ask, don't tell' repeal will go in Defense authorization

WSJ: Health-Bill Battle Won't Get a Recess
Hill: Hoyer, Reid move to finish health reform legislation by December
WSJ: Bill Clinton Presses Senators to Pass Health Bill
WaPo: Initially waved off, Hispanic advocates jump into health debate
WSJ: A 69% Capital Gains Tax Hike . . .
WSJ: . . . And a Buried Tort Bomb
Wash Times: Lone GOP dissenter explains health vote
Politico: 'No easy way out' for Democrats on abortion
Human Events: With Pelosicare DOA, Can Reid Rescue Obamacare in Senate?
EJ Dionne: A hard choice on health care

WSJ: Climate Bill Likely on the Shelf For Rest of the Year

Hill: Senator Reid tees up 2010 jobs bill
WSJ: White House Aims to Cut Deficit With TARP Cash
Detroit News: Report: Commercial property values to plunge
NYT: Editorial: More Foreclosures to Come
WSJ: The Fed's Woody Allen Policy
George Will: Gambling with the dollar

Hill: Obama taps House aide for Air Force

Hill: Companies lobby newest FCC members on net neutrality rule
Hill: Silicon Valley beefs up D.C. presence
WSJ: Earmark Beneficiaries Contributing Less to Lawmakers

Politico: 21 lawmaking days left for House
CQ Politics: Revised House Schedule Could Keep Members Voting Christmas Week

Hill: Vice President Bidens motorcade was involved in a fatal accident Wednesday

NYT: In Surprise, Lou Dobbs Quits CNN
Howard Kurtz: Anchor Lou Dobbs resigns from CNN

NYT: Bush Emerging for Speech to Kick Off Public Policy Institute

WSJ: Underdogs' Senate Bids Put Pressure on GOP
CQ Politics: Where Deep Pockets Might Matter Most in 2010
Hill: Republicans voters more enthusiastic, poll finds
Village Voice: GOP Purge Continues with Graham Censure, Conservative Challengers
Gallup: Republicans Edge Ahead of Democrats in 2010 Vote

Hill: Sarah Palin to settle scores in book

Politico: Sandra Day O'Connor's husband dies


NYT: Cozy Booths and Halls of Power: Peeks in Bruno Case
Albany TU: Bruno pleads case on radio
Albany TU: Audio: Sen. Bruno calls in
NYDN: Bruno says he's not worth the millions his trial will cost
Albany TU: Bruno trial: Little says she did not seek grants

NY Post: Gov eases $lashes, lashes idle Senate

NYT: Editorial: Gerrymandering, Pure and Corrupt

Human Events: Doug Hoffman 'Seriously Considering' 2010 Race
Politico: Dede Scozzafava: GOP attacks were 'vicious'


Philadelphia Inquirer: GOP wants Runyan to tackle Adler for Congress
Daily News: GOP would love Runyan to tackle a congressional bid
PolitickerNJ: Runyan 'seriously considering' running for Congress
Hill: NFL lineman considering run for Congress

S-L: Christie names transition team led by former AG David Samson
S-L: Christie names bipartisan transition team
AP/Delli Santi: Gov.-elect Christie eyes NJ state worker givebacks
S-L: Poll finds Newark Mayor Cory Booker would be strong N.J. Gov candidate in '13


Examiner: Pessimism abounds that McDonnell can fix transportation
Roanoke Times: Boucher, Perriello in cross hairs as GOP eyes 2010


SF Chron: GOP candidate Damon Dunn only voted once
Legal Newsline: Brown: California is over-regulated
San Diego NR: Republican Party shows early support for Whitman, Fiorina
Wash Times: Silicon Valley executives take up politics
WSJ: California Labor Wars


Dallas MN: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison backs term limits for Senate
Star-Telegram: Perry striking out with Texas congressional endorsements
DMN: Kay v Rick: A numbers game
DMN: Texas GOP primary: A top 10 race for 2010
Politico: Perry: Obama 'hell-bent' on socialism
Wash Times: In Houston, team of 8 quietly rounds up illegals


Fox: Jeb Bush's Sons to Hold Fundraiser for Crist Challenger in Florida Senate Race
Herald Tribune: Florida GOP leaders demand emergency meeting
Politico: Truth and consequences for Crist
PNJ: Editorial: Is there a real Crist?


AJC: Four GOP candidates for governor on water, transportation and jobs
AJC: Roy Barnes says hell fix the mess and go back home


Chicago Tribune: Rep. Mark Kirk says no move to the right
PJStar: GOP gubernatorial candidates visit
AP/Wills: Global warming heats up Ill. governor race
Politico: Rep. Davis's policy adviser guilty of fraud


Politico: T-Paw to New Hampshire
Hill: Pawlenty is first to travel to New Hampshire
WaPo: Pawlenty hasn't learned from Romney's mistakes


CQ Politics: Self-Funder Ganley Already On The Air In Ohio
Columbus Dispatch: Candidate hopes to split GOP vote in Senate run


Detroit News: Manoogian probe dogs Cox's gov run
Detroit FP: Jobs lost won't be back for at least 15 years


AP/Lieb: Carnahan excited, concerned about health care bill


AP/Schelzig: Wamp, Ramsey see Haslam as moderate in Gubernatorial primary


Charlotte Observer: Etheridge is courted by national Dems
Politico: Shuler: Pelosi the "most misunderstood person" in D.C.


Politico: Jenny Sanford endorses in gov race
State: Jenny Sanford endorses Nikki Haley
CQ Politics: Jenny Sanford Endorses Husband's Ally for Governor

NYT: Senator Faces G.O.P. Rebuke Back Home
NYT: S.C. Senator Gets Slammed Back Home


NYT: Candidates in Mass. Senate Race Spar Over Stupak Measure
Boston Globe: Senate candidates disclose assets


Townhall: Lowden Shows Up Nevada


NYT: Rep. Kennedy and Bishop in Bitter Rift on Abortion


Wash Times: Obama's union drive stumbles in N.H.


CQ Politics: Maine: Snowe's Vote on Health Care May Cause Problems for Her at Home
CQ Politics: Collins Doesnt March With Fellow Republicans on Afghanistan


Hill: Challengers exit could clear way for Tea Party vs. Bennett


November 11, 2009


WaPo: Possible agency missteps debated: Officials' handling of Hasan threat at issue
ABC: More Hasan Ties to People Under Investigation by FBI
LA Times: Military not told about Ft. Hood suspect's e-mails
NYDN: Obama to feds, Army: What did you know about Hasan and when did you know it?
Time: FBI Fights Claims It Dropped the Ball on Hasan
AP: Imam with ties to Fort Hood suspect had been arrested in Yemen
AP/Al-Haj: US imam wanted in Yemen over al-Qaida suspicions
Seattle PI: Major Hasan and Treason
CBS: Rep. Hoekstra Getting "No Cooperation" for Fort Hood Probe
NewsMax: Hoekstra: White House Blocking Investigation of Fort Hood Massacre
NYDN: Praise turns to anger at Ft. Hood killer Nidal Malik Hasan's apartment complex
AP/Barrett: Blame game erupts over probe of Fort Hood suspect
Fox: Fort Hood Suspect Warned of Muslim Threat Within Military
Telegraph UK: Death penalty would make Nidal Malik Hasan an Islamic martyr
Human Events: Fort Hood Could Be Obamas Katrina
Mark Davis: Failure to identify worse than politically correct
Dick Morris: Ft. Hood attack was terrorism
Rush Limbaugh: President Obama Refuses to Call Ft. Hood Massacre an Act of Terror
Rush Limbaugh: Where are "Moderate" Muslims?
Rush Limbaugh: Timeline: Hasan's Open Radicalism
American Thinker: When Our Military is Attacked, Obama is a Nowhere Man

Sen. Mitch McConnell: 'Built On What They Have Sacrificed'
Newt Gingrich: Where Do We Get These Men and Women?
WaPo: In Congress, injured vets signing on for duty
Human Events: ‘Good Guy’ Restaurants Honoring Our Vets

NYT: Top Obama Advisers Favor Adding Troops in Afghanistan
Hill: W.H. denies Afghanistan decision; senators are split
Michael Gerson: A strategy needs some steel

WSJ: Justice and Guantanamo Bay

Politico: CDC to debate who gets ventilators for swine flu

NYT: Reid Says Health Bill Will Be Done by Christmas
Hill: Sen. Cardin: Healthcare reform by the end of year is 'ambitious' but possible
Politico: Reid hopes to begin debate next week
NYT: Opt-Out Proposal Puts State Leaders to the Test
Wash Times: Kennedy's proposal could stall health bill
NYT: Bill Clinton Urges Fast Action by Senate Democrats
WSJ: Bill Clinton Presses Senators to Pass Health Bill
Wash Times: Clinton pushes Dems to pass health bill
Hill: Bill Clinton tells Senate Democrats to learn lessons from 94
Rush Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Lies to Senate Dems
WSJ: Congress Has History of Reversing Cuts
WSJ: Why We Need a Strong Individual Mandate
Wash Times: Warner: Obama misplayed health care debate
Politico: Health vote pits Democrat vs. Democrat
US News: Republicans Hail the 64 'Pro-Life' Democrats
Politico: GOP tries to recapture town hall anger
Ruth Marcus: Health scare tactics: A GOP blizzard of untrue statements
Kathleen Parker: When abortion isn't a choice
Dick Morris: The myth of the moderate Dem

Bloomberg: Senate Working on Framework for Climate Talks, Lieberman Says
WaPo: Lugar warns Democrats, 'I don't see any climate bill ... that I can support'
WSJ: The Economic Uses of Al Gore

NYT: Under Attack, Fed Chairman Studies Politics
WSJ: The Real Threat to Fed Independence
WaPo: Editorial: Politicizing the Fed?

NYT: Senate Plan Would Expand Regulation of Risky Lending
Hill: Senator Dodd seeks dramatic restructuring of the federal financial regulatory system
Wash Times: Critics question Dodd's reform proposal
WSJ: The Real Danger of 'One Big Regulator'

WSJ: The Fannie Mae Dice Roll Continues
WSJ: Mortgage Program Gathers Steam After Slow Start
WaPo: U.S. foreclosure program helping more people, but how much still unclear
NYT: Senators Back Panel on Deficit Reduction
WSJ: Streamlined Broadband Grant Process Promised
WSJ: America Leaves Itself Behind: A world of trade deals without the U.S.
WSJ: Pfizer and Kelo's Ghost Town
WSJ: Unions Push Issues in State Capitals
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama's America: High Unemployment to Last for "Years"

CNN: Senators seek to limit congressional service
Hill: Senator introduces Constitutional amendment requiring term limits
US News: Time for Term Limits in Congress?
Wash Times: DeMint tries to ban 'permanent politicians'

Hill: Lawmakers not approached by ethics panel, reports inquest has broadened

NYT: Dunn Leaves White House Communications Post
Hill: White House communications director Anita Dunn announces her resignation
Politico: Dunn's deputy to take over
NYT: Administration Names Agriculture Official to Run U.S. Aid Agency, Ending Delays
WSJ: Venture Capitalist to Lead Energy Loan Programs

Wash Times: Airport rules changed after Paul aide detained

Politico: Obama's numbers drop
Politico: 10 Senate seats most likely to flip
Politico: 10 most interesting showdowns in 2010
Politico: GOP tries to play 41-seat pickup
TPM: TPM's 2010 Senate Low-Down: Who's In Trouble And Who's Not

USA Today: Palin taking her book tour through battleground states
LA Times: Sarah Palin's roguish book tour: The details seep out
Orlando Sentinel: Palin mania returns to The Villages
Chicago Tribune: Palin plans Iowa stop on book tour
FtWayne JG: 3-hour tour: ‘Rogue’ visit to Meijer set
LA Times: When it comes to Twitter, Sarah Palin's no follower
American Spectator: Fear of The Mother

Human Events: Carrie Prejean: Still Standing and Fighting Back
Jed Babbin: Carrie Prejean Says Gays Intolerant


NYDN: Despite Gov. Paterson's dire warnings, Albany pols do squat about budget
Albany TU: A state of inaction at Capitol
John Faso: The Cupboard is Bare

NYT: State Senate Delays Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Bill
Albany TU: Gay marriage held until 32 votes found
NYDN: On Senate's Behalf, Paterson Pledges An '09 Gay Marriage Vote

NY Post: Bruno judge raps prosecutors
NYDN: Trial has lost its way, says judge in Joe Bruno corruption case

LA Times: Scozzafava, moderate banished by conservatives, vows to fight for soul of GOP

NYT: View of the Mayors Race From One Who Opted Out: I Could Have Won


Star-Ledger: Christie considers pay-to-play rules for inauguration fundraising
AP/Delli Santi: Fiscal emergency is option for Christie
Star-Ledger: The end of independents


WSLS: Virginia Attorney General Bill Mims joins Richmond law firm
Virginian-Pilot: Political percolations


SF Chron: Carly Fiorina's money went to Barbara Boxer...well, indirectly, that is
AP/Williams: Jerry Brown again? Some Calif. Dems express unease
Examiner: California's Latino voters are going Brown
Modesto Bee: Modesto's Cogdill won't seek re-election to Senate
LA Times: San Francisco board overrides mayor's veto of sanctuary expansion
SF Chron: Sanctuary veto overridden, legal action possible


Dallas MN: How might independents affect party primaries?
Austin AS: How Hutchison spends her time in Texas
AP/Root: Revamped Texas panel to review Willingham case


St. Pete Times: Tough primary races points to a divided Florida GOP
St. Pete Times: Gov. Charlie Crist's claim of biggest tax cut doesn't add up
St. Pete Times: Crist aides knew of Obama trip
Tampa Tribune: Dockery bills herself as antidote for GOP's ills
Tampa Tribune: Dockery kicks off governor bid at Lakeland rally


AJC: Case could decide whether Georgia can afford the death penalty


Daily Herald: State Republican party attacks Islamic group
Chicago Sun-Times: Gov. Quinn defends plan to release up to 1,000 inmates
Chicago Tribune: Fort Wayne lawyer starts challenge to Rep. Souder
MyStateline: Republican Candidate Jim Ryan Stops In Rockford
AP: 3 top Republicans charged with fraud in Marquette


Star Tribune: Former Sen. Coleman says GOP must embrace moderates
Star Tribune: Alleged Somali recruiter arrested, linked to Minnesota


Philadelphia Inquirer: Scranton mayor enters race for Pennsylvania governor
CQ Politics: Barletta-Kanjorski Rematch Likely To Begin This Week
Pittsburgh TR: Republicans on alert for Corbett findings
Pittsburgh TR: House Republican leader urges rejection of I-80 study


Cleveland PD: Former Trump reality TV contestant runs for Congress in Cincinnati


Detroit News: Cox to be deposed Dec. 11 in slain dancer suit
Wash Times: Michigan's cannabis college is quite a joint


St. Louis PD: Missouri GOP hires ex Senate staffer as political director
KC Star: Carnahan not saying how she'd vote on health care bill


CTFP: Wamp looks to 'hold ground' in Chattanooga


Asheville CT: Heath Shuler's health care bill vote angers Dems, leaves GOP unconvinced
CQ Politics: North Carolina: Cunningham Won't Run for Senate


USA Today: Sen. Graham in hot water at home over global warming
State: S.C. agencies face another $120 million in cuts


Boston Globe: Stimulus job boost in state exaggerated, review finds
Boston Globe: Capuano shifts on health overhaul
Boston Globe: Cahill says he rebuffed request to be Bakers No. 2


NYT: Maine Finds a Health Care Fix Elusive


Hartford Courant: Susan Bysiewicz Leads Lamont and Malloy Among Democrats
Rep-Am: Bysiewicz, Lamont top Democrats' field
New Haven Register: Bysiewicz gets boost from Q poll
Reuters: Connecticut governorship in play as Rell drops out
PoliGazette: Connecticut Shaping Up to Be a Closely Watched State In Election 2010
CQ Politics: Elephant Gun To A Mouse Fight In Connecticut


NYT: No Regrets for Cao


Denver Post: Penry's exit won't be duct tape for GOP's ideological fissures


Lexington HL: Former Fletcher aide running for Congress
Examiner: It's official; Barr will challenge Rep. Ben Chandler


Tulsa World: Bartlett elected as mayor
NewsOK: Oilman elected Tulsa mayor


Des Moines Register: Republican governor's race: Ambition, strategic thinking drive Fong


CQ Politics: Idaho State Rep. Ends Campaign Against Rep. Minnick


November 10, 2009


WSJ: Hasan, Radical Cleric Had Contact
Telegraph UK: Nidal Malik Hasan 'had contact with 9/11 imam'
Dallas MN: U.S. knew of Fort Hood shooting suspect's ties to extremist
WaPo: Hasan e-mails to cleric didn't result in inquiry
NY Post: FBI blew off killer e-mail to al Qaeda
NYDN: Fort Hood gunman Nidal Malik Hasan tried to contact Al Qaeda & US intelligence knew
NYT: U.S. Knew of Fort Hood Suspects Tie to Radical Cleric
WaPo: Fort Hood suspect warned of threats within the ranks
Human Events: Did Political Correctness Cause Oversight of Fort Hood Terrorist?
Politico: Intel panel to hear Hasan briefing
WSJ: Sorting the Hasans from patriotic Muslims in the U.S. military
David Brooks: The Rush to Therapy
Dorothy Rabinowitz: Dr. Phil and the Fort Hood Killer
James Taranto: Prejudice, Denial and Fort Hood
Eugene Robinson: Failing the troops at Fort Hood
Wes Pruden: reluctance to see evil
Rush Limbaugh: Why Did a Muslim in Touch with Al-Qaeda Do It? We Know Why!
Rush Limbaugh: Imam: Hasan "Did the Right Thing"
Pat Buchanan: The Two Faces of Maj. Hasan

Politico: Despite ban, Holder to speak to CAIR-linked group

NYT: Democrats Raise Alarms Over Costs of Health Bills
Wash Times: 'Fuzzy math' could drive health care bill's cost higher
NYT: Obama Seeks Revision of Plans Abortion Limits
NYT: Trick for Democrats Is Juggling Ideology and Pragmatism
Politico: Senate faces abortion rights rift
NYT: Editorial: The Ban on Abortion Coverage
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Will Get Abortion Covered
WSJ: The Man Who Made Pelosi Cry 'Uncle'
WSJ: Confessions of an ObamaCare Backer
NY Post: Study warns of Canada syndrome
WaPo: Groups redirect health-care ads to cheer and jeer Democrats
Politico: Republicans take aim at vulnerable Democrats in health war
Wash Times: Health care debate risky for moderates
Politico: DNC targets 32 Republicans on health care vote
Politico: Tears, tempers fly in Nancy Pelosi's campaign
Politico: Welcome to the health care doghouse...
Politico: Ex-president Clinton to address Senate Dems
Jed Babbin: How Many Blue Dogs Voted for Pelosicare?
NYDN: Obama will pass health care reform bill by Christmas, Sen. Schumer tells News
Rush Limbaugh: House Massacre on Health Care; Don't Buy That It's DOA in Senate

WSJ: Some Utilities Push Congress to Act on Carbon Emissions
NYT: Environmental Agency Warns 2 Staff Lawyers Over Video Criticizing Climate Policy
WaPo: EPA sends greenhouse gases finding to White House

Politico: Dodd to unveil financial regulation bill
WSJ: Curbing Size of Big Firms
WaPo: FHA's reserve fund hits 7-year low
NYT: A Squeeze on Customers Ahead of New Rules
Wash Times: Sinking dollar fuels new gold rush
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Unemployment Hits 10.2%!

AP: Obama to send more troops to Afghanistan

Wash Times: Justices weigh juveniles' life without parole
WaPo: High court considers whether business methods can be patented
AP: Judge hears arguments on campaign restrictions

Wash Times: Defense nominee won't reveal potential conflicts

Dana Milbank: Newt Gingrich no longer conservative about his religion
Examiner: Gingrich changes his tune after Scozzafava debate

Wash Times: Republicans face fights over primary races

Politico: Steele: Some white GOP 'scared of me'

Politico: The GOP's women problem

US News: Palin, Huckabee, Romney Dominate GOP 2012 Field
Hot Air: The Palin qualifications
AP: Palin says she back on Twitter
Florida TU: Mitt Romney highlights Republican dinner
CNN: Romney builds political capital while biding time on 2012 run
Politico: Mike Huckabee ambivalent about White House run


NYDN: Scozzafava Loses Leadership Post
Watertown DT: Scozzafava forced out, told in party's interest
Albany TU: Scozzafava out of leadership post
Politico: Scozzafava loses post
WaPo: 'Scozzafava' turns into epithet
American Thinker: GOP Branding Blunders

WSJ: New York Confronts Budget, Gay Unions
NYT: On the Brink, New York Must Cut, Paterson Says
Buffalo News: Paterson calls on Legislature to erase $3.2 billion deficit
NYDN: Paterson says state won't be able to pay bills in Dec. without cuts
NY Post: Slash or we run out of cash: Gov
Albany TU: How deep is the hole?
NYT: New York Gay Rights Foe Sees Nuance in His Stand
NYDN: Finally, Bloomberg Pushes The Senate On Same-Sex Marriage

Albany TU: Promise of favors claimed at Bruno trial
NYDN: It was Quid-Pro-Joe: Hired firm so Bruno would do them favors, thug says
NYDN: Joe Bruno asks pals to help pay $2.5 million in legal bills

Albany TU: Senator Monserrate's case gets a review


Star-Ledger: Christie may declare a financial emergency
Star-Ledger: Christie's victory will energize New Jersey conservatives, observers say
AP/Delli Santi: NJ gov.-elect says education a priority


Cavalier Daily: McDonnell names transition team to manage appointments
Richmond TD: McDonnell disagrees with study on trimming tax breaks
CNS: Virginias Governor-Elect Says No to Govt-Run Health Care Option
Wash Times: High court refuses to halt sniper execution
NYT: Senate Confirms Judge to 4th Circuit
AP: Population, inflation fuel 10-year budget growth in Va.


SacBee: Schwarzenegger signs legislation for giant water bond
Dan Walters: Water plan's size, pork may sink it
SacBee: Schwarzenegger: This year's budget gap may hit $7 billion
LA Times: Brown closes inquiry into unauthorized taping of conversations with reporters
SF Chronicle: Brown spokesman recorded 6 interviews


Dallas MN: Perry says criticism of pro-bailout votes includes Cornyn
Dallas MN: Rep. Sessions' primary challenge may portend more resistance from right


NYT: Club for Growth Endorses Rubio
Miami Herald: Rubio picks up influential endorsement in Senate race
Miami Herald: Fla. Senate candidate Rubio takes tough stance on immigration
St. Pete Times: In Crist's back yard, Rubio courts votes
Politico: A Tea Party party registers in Florida
CBS: The "Tea Party" Is Now Official in Florida
CBS: A Battle for Senate - And the GOP's Soul


Examiner: Two Georgia Blue Dogs rebel against Obama/Pelosi Health-care Reform


CQ Politics: Davis Prefers Congress After All


KARE: Pawlenty trip raises profile with Iowa Republicans
Mankato FP: Gubernatorial hopefuls speak at Gustavus
Star Tribune: Forceful Franni Franken embraces new life on the Hill


Allentown MC: Holden lone holdout among Dems in health care vote


CQ Politics: Fired By Trump, Now a Contestant for Congress
Lancaster EG: Republicans attack 3 Ohio Dems about health care vote


CQ Politics: Congressman's Brother Vs. Rancher Vs. Ex-Congressman
CQ Politics: Biden Helps Michigan Freshmen Raise $300,000
AP: Republican Nofs to join Michigan Senate
Detroit News: Rep. Stupak pushes abortion to center of health care debate


News-Leader: Elections signal possible resurgence for Republican Party


Examiner: Haslam skips conservative event to fundraise with Democrats
Chattanoogan: Corker Disappointed In House Health Care Bill


News & Observer: Pressure builds on Hagan


Palmetto Scoop: Whos behind attacks on Lindsey Graham?


Boston Globe: Coakley decries health care bill
Boston Globe: Celtics step up for Pagliuca campaign
Boston Globe: Cahill campaigns hiring of lawyer raises questions


NYT: Trial Begins for Baltimore Mayor
Baltimore Sun: Dixon pleads not guilty to theft charges
Baltimore Sun: Davis confirmed to 4th Circuit Court of Appeals


Hartford Courant: Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell Won't Seek Re-Election
NYT: Connecticut Governor Wont Seek Re-election
Politico: Jodi Rell won't run for reelection
CQ Politics: Fedele Says Rell Backs Him For GOP Nod


NYT: Surprising Victory in Seattle Mayors Race


Politico: Feds seek 30 year sentence for William Jefferson
WSJ: U.S. Wants 27-Year Sentence for Ex-Lawmaker Jefferson


Denver Post: Penry to withdraw from governor race
CQ Politics: Tipton Joins Race Against Salazar


Concord Monitor: State Republicans pan health care bill


Des Moines Register: Conlin targets special interests in bid for U.S. Senate


November 9, 2009


Hill: Lieberman promises to filibuster public option
Boston Globe: Liebermans threat of filibuster looms large
WSJ: Health Bill Faces Senate Heat
Boston Globe: Big hurdles for Senate on health bill
Detroit FP: House health bill has nowhere to go in Senate
Wash Times: Health bill faces roadblocks in Senate
NYT: Obama Presses Senate to Act Quickly on Its Health Bill
NYT: If Anything, the Senates Task Is Trickier
Wash Times: Abortion a main issue in health debate
WaPo: Abortion an obstacle to health-care bill
NYT: For Opponents of Abortion, a Victory in Health Care Vote
Hill: Pro-lifers praise, pro-choicers condemn Stupak amendment
NYT: The Medical Industry Grumbles, but It Stands to Gain
NYT: House Democrats Who Voted Against the Health Care Bill
NYT: Louisiana Republican Breaks Ranks on Health Bill
WaPo: For Cao, a vote to make or break a career
Hill: The GOP vote: Why Cao said 'yes'
USA Today: Republican Cao: Yes on health bill a 'decision of conscience'
CQ Politics: Analyzing the Party-Buckers on the Health Care Vote
WSJ: Every medical insurance decision will be subject to rationing by politics
WaPo: Obama marks win, but challenges mount
WaPo: Compromise won over Democratic holdouts
WaPo: Editorial: Health-care reform, GOP-style
Politico: Republicans takes aim at vulnerable Democrats in health war
Hill: Business, labor, health groups react to House vote
Hill: Obama: 'Now it falls on the Senate to take the baton' and pass reform
Hill: Pence: 'Democrats didn't get the message'
AP/Zaldivar: Health care overhaul faces stone wall in Senate
LA Times: Editorial: Healthcare's hurdles

Sarah Palin: The Pelosi Bill Was Rammed Through on Saturday, But Sundays Coming
Politico: Sarah Palin returns to 'death panels'
Hill: Palin repeats 'death panel' charge

WSJ: Some Utilities Push Congress to Act on Carbon Emissions
WSJ: Why the U.S. Needs Nuclear Power
WSJ: Global Warming as Seen From Bangladesh

WaPo: Authorities scrutinize links between Fort Hood suspect, imam said to back al-Qaeda
NY Post: 9/11 link in Ft. Hood slay spree
American Spectator/Prowler: Distancing Obama
Wash Times: Lieberman vows probe of Hood rampage
WSJ: Lieberman Suggests Army Shooter Was 'Home-Grown Terrorist'
WSJ: Shooter Likely Acted Alone
NYT: Complications Grow for Muslims Serving Nation

WSJ: Germany Celebrates Fall of Berlin Wall
Human Events: Why We Should Celebrate
NYT: The Legacy of 1989 Is Still Up for Debate
NYT: 20 Years of Collapse
Ross Douthat: Life After the End of History

WSJ: Benefits Requests Jump
Paul Krugman: Paranoia Strikes Deep

EJ Dionne: On Election Day, a win for government

AP/Margasak: Democrats have short memory on judge nominees

Jed Babbin: Tumultuous Obama

Rasmussen: 58% Say Next President Likely To Be Republican

Politico: Mike Huckabee says he's 'very serious'

Politico: Barbour: U.S. pulling for first black president
Politico: Barbour, Rendell offer split takes
CQ Politics: GOP Comeback: Not So Fast
Hill: Steele, Kaine both say that independents are in their corner after Tuesday vote
Gary Bauer: Third-party candidacies should be a last resort
American Spectator: The GOP's Civil "Civil War"
Politico: Women could spell trouble for the GOP

Hill: NRCC wants House GOP candidates to prove their worth before pitching in


Albany TU: Incumbents bear brunt of voter anger
AP/Gormley: Voter anger opens a door for GOP's Lazio
NYDN: State Dems plan to snub Gov. Paterson's call for health, education cuts
NYT: Editorial: Albany and the Budget
Albany TU: Names could pay for state
NYT: Fate of Same-Sex Marriage Bill in Albany Unclear
NYDN: State Sen. Monserrate may be asked to vote to form a committee - to get rid of him
Albany TU: Artist scratches it out in Bruno trial


Pete McDonough: History's lessons for New Jersey's next governor
Daily Record: Christie: 'The job we're facing is very difficult'
Star-Ledger: N.J. unions worry Christie will keep promises when he takes office
NorthJersey: Hard-liners are pinning their hopes on Christie


Richmond TD: McDonnell opposes Va. participation in health-care bills public option
Hill: McDonnell: I'll focus on economic issues
Politico: McDonnell pegs win to Va. issues
CQ Politics: McDonnell: Stay With Issues People Care About
Fox: Transcript: Bob McDonnell on 'FNS'


Politics Daily: California: Race for GOP Senate Nod Tight, Whitman Ahead for Governor
Merc N: Whitman leads pack of GOP gov hopefuls, but garners more support among men
Press Dem: Californias Uninspiring candidates for governor
LA Times: Poll: Voters skeptical of state reform proposals
Politico: Poll shows gloomy view in California
San Diego UT: Politically, water deal ends drought for governor
Dan Walters: It's time for a hard look at California tax dodges
Willie Brown: Don't deal out old political hand Dianne
Harold Meyerson: Is Jerry Brown all there is?


Texas Tribune: Perry leads KBH by 12
DMN: Perry, Hutchison cast results of East Coast races as bolstering their positions
American Spectator: Tex Mess


Buzz: Rep. Jeff Miller: Jim Greer needs to resign; Greer: No!
Palm Beach Post: Dockery forces McCollum into GOP primary race for Florida governor
Miami Herald: GOP senator enters Florida governor's race
Orlando Sentinel: Paula Dockery has uphill run against Bill McCollum
St. Pete Times: GOP official fired due to fake Twitter account
Politico: Kendrick Meek is moving to the center


AJC: Georgia Dems who voted against health bill fear costs -- and potentially, constituents
Ledger-Inquirer: Sanford Bishop casts vote for health care reform
RN-T: U.S. House passes health care legislation; Gingrey votes against measure


Daily Herald: Dem. chief says Kirk "moderate"
Chicago Tribune: Durbin says health-care bill faces challenge in Senate
Southtown Star: GOP Candidates need to keep eyes on prize


Politico: Pawlenty slams Obama from Iowa
Fox: Pawlenty Fired Up And Ready To Fight Back


Pittsburgh TR: The GOP ahead: Opportunity beckons
Pittsburgh PG: Pa. legislature returns with funding issues on the table


Toledo Blade: Ohio Democrats, GOP prepare '10 ammunition
Newark Advocate: Ohio lawmakers divided after House passes health care reform bill


Boston Globe: Michigan luring Bay State business
Detroit News: Michigan representatives split on health care reform
Detroit News: Editorial: Narrowly passed House health care bill lacks broad support, radically disrupts health care system


News-Leader: Carnahan's relationship with ACORN too close for comfort


WRAL: Split N.C. delegation votes 8-5 against health care bill
BRN: Shuler votes No on reform


Greenville News: Graham: Health bill 'written by liberals, for liberals.'


Boston Globe: Rivals push Coakley for debates


AP/Griffith: NV GOP front-runner faces attacks from own party


Politico: Ovide Lamontagne announces New Hampshire Senate bid


November 8, 2009


WSJ: House Passes Health-Care Reform Bill in Historic Vote
Wash T: House OKs health reform bill: Abortion foes successful in ban on federal funding
WaPo: House Democrats pass health-care bill
Boston Globe: House passes sweeping health bill
Hill: House health bill passes 220-215; 39 Dems and one GOP defect
Hill: House defeats GOP alternative health bill
WaPo: A look at how members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted
WaPo: Grandiose rhetoric pushes details aside
WaPo: The most important number in politics this weekend: 8
WaPo: An elixir for health reform? Lawmakers offer 'black liquor.'
NYT: Sweeping Health Care Plan Passes House
NYT: Comparing the Health Care Proposals
NYT: House Vote 887 - H.R.3962: On Passage Affordable Health Care for America Act
NYT: A History of Health Care Reform
NYT: Health Bill Earns One Republican Vote
WaPo: Louisiana's Historic New Congressman Cao Seems to Surprise Everyone but Himself
Politico: Democratic no votes
NYT: Abortion Was at Heart of Wrangling
NYT: Heavier Americans Push Back on Health Debate
NYT: Labels and Gay Benefits in Health Bill
AP/Earle: Health plan adds billions in fees, taxes
CNN: GOP leaders rally hundreds in protest of health care bill at Capitol

George Will: Bad climate for global worriers
WaPo: Editorial: Small steps on climate change
Knox News: Climate clock still ticking
LA Times: Editorial: Climate change bill is in trouble

NYT: All Afghan War Options by Obama Aides Said to Call for More Troops

Wash Times: Looking to 2010, GOP focuses on fiscal restraint
WaPo: Republicans seek a path to revival
WaPo: A Shifting Electorate
Hill: Top 10 conservative conundrums of 2010
AP/Sidoti: 2010 elections: Tables have turned on Democrats

Politico: Palin rallies thousands of abortion opponents

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


American Thinker: Who lost the NY 23 for the GOP?
Albany TU: Owens talks of bipartisan vision
Albany TU: Pick a number for the deficit
NYDN: Taking Attendance, Somos Edition


James Ahearn: Republicans recoup, Corzine loses
Paul Mulshine: Gov.-elect Chris Christie and two dates which may live in infamy
Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. has been hit hard by the recession


WaPo: Republicans still hard-pressed for minority support
Politico: Deeds memo damning in hindsight


SacBee: Lobbyists sue to block campaign-finance ballot measure
LA Times: By a small margin, California voters support same-sex marriage
SacBee: California budget boss jumps off before train wrecks
LA Times: California's best years have passed, voters say


AP: East Texas legislator switching to GOP
Dallas MN: Republican judge stands alone in Dallas County


Herald Tribune: Factions grapple for reins of GOP in Florida
St. Pete Times: How conservative is Senate candidate Marco Rubio?
St. Pete Times: Many in Pasco GOP want to jilt Crist for Rubio
St. Pete Times: Weird statements show Gov. Charlie Crist is suffering a case of Marco-itis
Daytona Beach NJ: Has Crist lost his mojo?


AJC: Rep. Deal wants Obama to prove citizenship
AJC: On Nathan Deal, birthers, and Georgias hunt for water


CQ Politics: Democrat First On The Air In Open Illinois Seat
Chicago Sun-Times: Giannoulias to receive endorsement from Guiterrez


Fox: Pawlenty Delivers Keynote Speech at GOP Dinner in Iowa
Star Tribune: Pawlenty trying to plant his name with Iowans
Star Tribune: Republicans working to re-establish grass roots in Bloomington


Des Moines Register: Pawlenty says Obama hasn't been bipartisan
Bloomberg: Tim Pawlenty Attacks Health-Care Bill in Iowa Speech
Des Moines Register: Marriage is hot topic at GOP fundraiser
AP/Glover: Iowa's GOP gubernatorial hopefuls discuss views
Des Moines Register: Branstad less than solid in campaign debut
Radio Iowa: Branstad has rocky start in first appearance with GOP rivals


Philadelphia Inquirer: Lobbyists open wallets to influence Pa. budget


Cleveland PD: Editorial: Ohio lawmakers should avoid CA's path to paralysis by referendum


Detroit FP: Granholm is OK with leaving office


News-Leader: Democrats will approve health care bill, Blunt concedes


Chattanoogan: Wamp Assails Health Care Bill That Passes House


McClatchy: GOP's Graham steps out on a limb on climate change
State: Sanford watches GOP win from afar


Las Vegas Sun: Ensign moves out of home on C Street


CQ Politics: Ex-Rival: Bigger Name Bennett Challenge Brews


CQ Politics: Delaware Democrats Press Rep. Castle On Health Care



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