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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

October 7, 2009


LA Times: Schwarzenegger becomes latest Republican to back Obama's healthcare plan
WaPo: Reform Gets Conditional GOP Support
NYT: An Effort to Put Republican Comments in a Republican Context
WaPo: As Health Vote Nears, Fellow Lawmakers Wonder Where Snowe Will Fall
WaPo: Republicans to Baucus: We Need CBO, JCT Experts for Vote on Health Bill
NYT: 4 Senators Concerns Reflect Health Care Challenge
WSJ: State-Run Health Plans Garner Support
WSJ: Health Care and the 'Predator State'
WSJ: The Lesson of State Health-Care Reforms
American Spectator: Healthcare Reform for the "Party of No"
Dick Morris: Snowe and Lincoln will determine everything
Newt Gingrich: Will President Obama Veto Health Reform?

Hill: GOP is ready to support Obama on Afghan troops
NYT: Obama Rules Out Large Reduction in Afghan Force
WaPo: Afghan Strategy Divides Lawmakers
WSJ: Obama and the General
NYDN: Sarah Palin Urges President Obama to boost troop buildup in Afghanistan
WaPo: For Antiwar Protesters, the Cause Isn't Lost
Politico: NRCC hits Pelosi for Afghan remarks
Hill: NRCC: Gen. McChrystal should put Speaker Pelosi 'in her place'

Politico: Senate OKs $626B defense budget

WSJ: Jobless Rate Is Key to Fate of Democrats in 2010
NYT: Support Builds for Tax Credit to Encourage Hiring

ZDNet: GOP protest net neutrality rules, fearing a chilling effect on broadband investment
AP/Tessler: Net neutrality rules face mounting GOP opposition

WSJ: House Pushes Ahead on Financial-Rules Overhaul

Wash Times: Feingold hits Obama's use of 'czars'
Hill: White House snubs Sen. Feingold

NYT: Senate Confirms Key Civil Rights Post
Ruth Marcus: Advise and Stall: Senate Republicans Are Holding Up Key Nominees

NYT: Court Hears Free-Speech Case on Dogfight Videos
WaPo: Court Wary of Ban On Cruelty Videos
NYT: Democrats Working to Overturn Justices on Age Bias
WSJ: War Memorials and the Constitution
NYT: Editorial: The Constitution and the Cross

NYT: Report Critical of Scope of Immigration Detention
NYT: Immigration Hard-Liner Has His Wings Clipped
Michael Gerson: Losing the Latino Vote: In the Long Run, the GOP Must Be Inclusive

NYT: Acorn Chief Denounces Air of McCarthyism
Dana Milbank: The Forest, the Trees and ACORN
Wash Times: Firefighters lose large grant to ACORN
Wash Times: ACORN leader stops apologizing

NYT: Gay Marriage Bill Introduced in D.C.
Time: Gay Weddings in Washington By Winter?

James Taranto: Don't Laugh, CNN Reports

CQ Politics: Republicans Seek Diversity Through Recruitment


NYT: Federal Prosecutors to Call 2 Reporters in Bruno Trial
Albany TU: Bruno witness list sets up blueprint for trial
NYDN: Powerful players on Bruno witness list
Buffalo News: Witness lists released for Bruno case

NYT: Paterson Orders Additional Cuts
Albany TU: Paterson: $500M in cuts just a start
AP: Paterson orders $500M cut in state agency spending
NY Post: Gov's $lim-fast plan: Orders cuts to trim monster deficit by 25%
Buffalo News: Paterson orders state agencies to cut spending by 11%
NY Post: Cost-wary Ravitch in $lash clash with gov

NYT: City of 8 Million Was a Ghost Town at the Polls

NYT: Ex-Political Boss Pleads Guilty in Pension Case
NY Post: Cuomo is tightening the noose on Hank Morris

NYDN: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's pension board reform push


Rasmussen: New Jersey Governors Race A Toss-Up: Christie 47%, Corzine 44%
NY Post: NJ gov race a dead heat
CQ Politics: Tactical Brilliance, Strategic Lunacy
American Spectator: Acting Like a Bunch of Christies
Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie defends lack of details in platform
AP/Delli Santi: Christie gets environmental endorsement
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine, Christie receive out-of-state donations that sidestep state law
Star-Ledger: Donors sidestep campaign-finance laws


WSJ: White House Steps Back in Virginia Race
AP/Lewis: Whitman cancels; McDonnell lines up McCain, Holtz
WaPo: Road Plans Differ in Details, Not Chances
Politico: Deeds points finger at Washington
Richmond TD: Kaine says its time for Deeds to make the sale


LA Times: Governor in showdown with lawmakers
SF Chronicle: Lawmakers slam Schwarzenegger over veto threat
NYT: Californias Zigzag on Welfare Rules Worries Experts

SacBee: Obama's approval rating slips to 60 percent in California

SacBee: Whitman camp seeks to verify voting history
SacBee: Meg Whitman's voting history


AP: Hutchison says political contributions too large
AP/Gamboa: Cell phone jamming bill advances

NYT: DeLay Is Tapped Out From Dancing


CQ Politics: GOPs Webster May Challenge Floridas Grayson
Orlando Sentinel: Crotty's out -- but other Republicans may want to take on Grayson
St. Pete Times: Bold politician's tough talk won't `die quickly'

Buzz: Charlie Crist courting Pinellas, Hillsborough Republicans
Miami Herald: Rubio boasts of success in fundraising

Miami Herald: Economists warn of another big budget deficit for Florida


WSJ: Violent Deaths Shock Chicago Into Action


AP/Glover: Top Iowa candidates? It's anyone's guess


NYT: For Sen. Specter, the Perils of a Changing Climate

Philadelphia Inquirer: New Pa. budget dispute: $12 million in "walking around money"
AP/Levy: Pa. Senate says yes; budget bills headed to House


AP/Martin: Mich. House starts tax votes; more likely to come
Rush Limbaugh: Michigan Governor Granholm and the Chickification of Job Loss


NYT: Ensign Denies Impropriety and Says He Wont Quit
AP: Ensign says he complied with ethics rules and laws
Politico: Coburn: I'll tell Ethics about Ensign
Politico: Coburn shifts on Ensign scandal

CQ Politics: Heck Swaps Nevada Governor Race for Titus Challenge
AP/Garcia: Heck announces bid for NV's 3rd congressional seat


CBS: Popular Republican Castle to Seek Biden Senate Seat
LA Times: Biden's old Senate seat eyed by son Beau, top Republican challenger
Wash Times: Castle boosts GOP prospects in Del.
CQ Politics: Is Castle Running Ahead Only on Name Recognition?
Hill: GOP scores top Senate recruit in Castle


WSJ: Arizona Sheriff's Powers Cut


AP: Contract Approval Averts Shutdown in R.I.


October 6, 2009


NYT: Former Bush Health Secretary Thompson Praises the Senate Finance Bill
WSJ: Insurers Fight Bid to Ease Penalties in Health Bill
NYT: Obama Reaches Past Congress for Health Care Support
NYT: In Debate on Health, Its Coverage vs. Cost
WaPo: Vote on Key Health Bill Delayed for Cost Report
WaPo: U.S. Losing Ground on Preventable Deaths
WaPo: That'll Be $418 For Use of the Examining Room
NYT: For N.I.H. Chief, Issues of Identity and Culture
Politico: House feels left out on health care
Hill: Doctors make White House call to back Obama ahead of key Senate vote
Hill: Steele takes shot at AMA's credibility
Wash Times: Public-option backers press moderate Dems
Stephen Moore: Health Care in Zombieland: The public option is back from the dead

WSJ: Political Alliances Shift in Fight Over Climate Bill
Wash Times: Climate bill backers quit Chamber of Commerce

Hill: President summons congressional leaders on Afghanistan strategy
Politico: Obama to meet with GOP, Dem leaders on Afghanistan
Hill: McCain believes Obama will agree with generals, increase troops in Afghanistan
Pat Buchanan: The Generals' War

Reuters: Republicans seek study before FCC Web rules

Politico: CIA probe may move faster without Kit Bond

NYT: As Job Loss Rises, Obama Aides Act to Fix Safety Net

CQ Politics: Lobbyists Stew After Being Bounced From Boards

NYT: Ideas for Immigrant Detention Include Converting Hotels and Building Models

Wash Times: Civil Rights pick to get Senate vote

NYT: Justices Decline to Hear Some 2,000 Cases
WaPo: Sotomayor Takes Active Role on Court's First Day

WSJ: Acorn Woes Hit Union, Democrats
Hill: House Republican calls for special prosecutor to investigate ACORN

George Will: An Olympic Ego Trip
Rush Limbaugh: Overprotective Media Defends Obama From Olympic Criticism

NYT: McCains 08 Strategist Heads Merged Lobby Firm

Politico: Poll: Stimulus views vary by race

Wash Times: Analysts: GOP to gain many seats in '10

Politico: Newt Gingrich: Tim Pawlenty 'should run'

WaPo: The Palin Wars: Part LXII

Huck: We Can Have Different Points of View, But We Shouldn't Have Different Standards

Bay Buchanan: Beware of the Republican Establishment


NY Post: GOP mailers tie Paterson to state Dems
NY Post: Paterson issues challenge to 2010 candidates

Albany TU: New NRCC ad in the 23rd: Pelosi springs eternal

AP/Bauman: NY's junior senator treads a political minefield

Wash Times: Rangel rakes in cash from island rum scrum
Politico: Charlie Rangel rides out storm -- so far

NYT: The Thompson and Bloomberg Inner Circles


CNN: Poll: New Jersey gubernatorial race a virtual tie
AP: Gov. Jon Corzine pulls even with Chris Christie in N.J. Gov race, poll shows
CQ Politics: Corzine Has Momentum


CQ Politics: McDonnell Holds Double-Digit Lead in Virginia
USA Today: Virginia race seen as referendum on Obama
Politico: Johnson sorry for mocking Deeds


CQ Politics: California: Whitman Questions Voting Story
SF Chronicle: Whitman won't fund raise for Virginia gubernatorial candidate
CNN: Whitman targeted as McDonnell fundraiser canceled


Star-Telegram: Hutchison snags backing by Texas Farm Bureau
Dallas MN: Perry team stretches facts to talk down Farm Bureaus backing of Hutchison


Politico: Karl Rove donates to Rubio in Florida


Human Events: Chicago's 2nd Amendment Chokehold

CQ Politics: Eye on the Senate: Kirk Raises $1.6 Million
Chicago Tribune: Kirk says $1.6 million raised for Senate in last 3 months
Chicago Sun-Times: Kirk, Hoffman release U.S. Senate fund-raising totals


WSJ: The Democrats' New Bob Casey Problem: Will ObamaCare fund abortions?
AP/Scolforo: Senate plans votes on new set of Pa. budget bills
Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial: GOP dilemma


NYT: In Aftermath of Failed Execution, Ohio Governor Orders Postponement of 2 Others

CQ Politics: Ohio: Dailey Wants Second Shot At Space


Detroit FP: Michigan job growth seen in late 2011


Florida TU: Graham: Glenn Beck Doesn't Represent the Republican Party


Boston Globe: GOPs Baker raises $540,000 toward governors campaign


Politico: Louisiana Dems file FEC complaint against David Vitter
NYT: Amount Embezzled From Acorn Is Disputed


Wash Times: Challenge to appointed Colorado senator roils Democrats


CQ Politics: Daugaard Kicks Off South Dakota Governor Campaign


CQ Politics: Moran Expands Lead Over Tiahrt


CQ Politics: Ayotte Holds Lead in New Hampshire Senate Race
Hill: GOP leads in race for Gregg seat


Hill: Feds expand case against Renzi


Rasmussen: 2010 Kentucky Senate: Early Match-ups Suggest Tight Race for GOP Vacancy


October 5, 2009


NYT: The G.O.P. Campaign Message in a Word: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Wash Times: Jobless benefits expire as health debate rages

Hill: Reid, Baucus ready to split on public option as vote nears
Hill: Dems face choices on public option plans
LA Times: Obama quietly tries to shore up Senate support for public option
NYDN: Public option is alive and well: Schumer insists it still has healthy chance of passing
WSJ: Medical-Device Makers Push to Cut New Fees in Health Bill
NYT: A Senate Democrat With a Central Role
WaPo: Democrats Wyden, Rockefeller Withhold Support of Panel's Bill
Hill: House leaders prepare to wrestle with question of taxes to pay for healthcare
Human Events: Health Reform Loopholes for Illegals
WSJ: Opting Out of Medicare
WaPo: States Resist Medicaid Growth
Politico: Baucus bill may be far from the final word
Politico: Cornyn: Bill breaks Obama's promise
OnPoint: Bill Frist on Health Care Reform
Gov. Bobby Jindal: The Conservative Case for Reform
Lanny Davis: Universal coverage, private competition and reduced deficits

WSJ: Political Alliances Shift in Fight Over Climate Bill
WaPo: Hurdles Remain on Climate Change Goals
Politico: Big business pushes for climate action
Hill: Ag groups unhappy with Senate climate bill
Hill: Boxer claims climate bill could bring billions to the U.S. economy
WSJ: Turning the carbon screws on businesses so they lobby Congress for cap and trade

NYT: New Court Term Hints at Views on Regulating Business
Wash Times: Justices to grapple with guns, crime
WaPo: Editorial: Dogs, Videos and Violence

WSJ: Google and the Problem With 'Net Neutrality'

Politico: Mitch McConnell: Bailout 'succeeded'
NYT: Report on Bailouts Says Treasury Misled Public
Wash Times: Report: Bernanke, Paulson misled on bailouts
Hill: TARP overseer: No undue pressure on BofA, Merrill Lynch
WSJ: Time for a TARP Exit Strategy
NYT: Program to Buy Bad Assets Nearly in Place, U.S. Says
WSJ: Clunkers in Practice
Politico: Skepticism about second stimulus

Hill: Congress uses spending bills to halt closing of Guantanamo Bay prison
Hill: House liberals float bill to bar 'surge' of troops for Afghanistan war
NYT: Voice of Bushs Pentagon Becomes Harder to Hear
Jed Babbin: Lyndon Baines Obama

Ross Douthat: Inequality as Usual

Politico: Basking in Olympic snub risky for GOP
Paul Krugman: The Politics of Spite

WSJ: FreedomWorks Harnesses Growing Activism on the Right
CQ Politics: Groups Flourish in Opposition

Politico: GOP leaders to Michael Steele: Back off

Hill: FEC reports put pressure on candidates

Human Events: Why Is NRCC Backing Liberals?


NYT: In Quiet Mayoral Race, a Union Emerges as a Voice Against Bloomberg
AP/Kugler: Asians gain power in NYC elections
AP/Virtanen: Ex-judges deny partisan politics
Albany TU: Apple jaunt on state sours ethics


NYT: Corzines Wall Street Rsum Loses Value for Voters
Star-Ledger: N.J. governor's race provides local focus on national health care debate
AP/Mulvihill: Looking at NJ guv debate through a different lens
Politico: Dems see rise in Jersey, fade in Va.


WaPo: McDonnell Launches New TV Ad on Transportation
Richmond TD: DNC giving Deeds additional $1 million
Politico: DNC, Tim Kaine boost Creigh Deeds's coffers
CQ Politics: Another Million-Dollar Boost for Deeds
WaPo: Warner to Campaign for Deeds Again
WaPo: Editorial: Virginia's Electoral Farce


SacBee: California governor's race travels the information superhighway
SF Chronicle: Campaign aides steal show in governor's race
George Skelton: The arrogance may be Whitman's
SacBee: Clinton's endorsement of Newsom a slap at Brown?
WSJ: California Blunts Budget Cuts
Dan Walters: California's highways are in a sad state


Dallas MN: FBI investigates Perry claim of Internet hackers
AP/Root: FBI probes disruption of Perry's site
AP: Hutchison getting Farm Bureau endorsement
Amarillo: GOP resigned to making strides


Daytona Beach: Meek works AFL-CIO crowd in race for U.S. Senate
Orlando Sentinel: Oil, gas drilling off Florida coast? Lawmaker's plan spurs debate


McClatchy: Chambliss giving less to other candidates


Daily Herald: GOP's Lincoln Series gives women a crash course in public service


CQ Politics: Siefert Tops Minnesota GOP Straw Poll
Hill: Rep. McCollum counters ACORN vote


CQ Politics: Wisconsin Gubernatorial Hopefuls a Blank Slate


Bloomberg: Pennsylvanias Rendell Seeks to Salvage $28 Billion Budget Deal
AP/Levy: Pa. House takes break from 11-hr debate over games
Pittsburgh TR: Sestak hopes to sweep Specter aside for Senate seat


Akron BJ: Strickland tax freeze a tax hike
AP: Wealthiest Ohioans hit hardest by tax-cut delay


Hill: Granholm: Health, climate bills could boost Michigan's economy
Detroit News: Editorial: Fixing the budget battle


St. Louis PD: Calamity Jane strikes again


AP: NC elections board's power has grown over decade


State: Sanford leaves South Carolina constituents cold


Wash Times: Ethics panel may open probe of Ensign
Hill: Senators mum as Ensign probe in preliminary stage
Politico: Isolation grows for John Ensign
WaPo: Editorial: The Real Sen. Ensign


NYT: A Senate Candidate Accustomed to Being Thrown in the Ring


October 4, 2009


WaPo: For Roberts, Alito, a New Visibility

WSJ: Obama: Health Plan Will Boost Economy
NYT: Health Overhaul Is Drawing Close to Floor Debate
AP/Babington: Obama links job growth to health plan
NYT: A Heated Debate Is Dividing Generations in AARP
WaPo: Discrimination by Insurers Likely Even With Reform, Experts Say
Hill: Olympic blow comes at a bad time for Obama as healthcare on the line
Human Events: Lacking 'Public Option,' Senate Obamacare Bill Still Bad
AJC: GOPs ex-Senate leader Bill Frist says he backs health reform
WaPo: Editorial: A Health Bill Moves

NYT: After More Job Losses, Democrats Move to Extend Benefits

NYT: Detainees Case Illustrates Bind of Prisons Fate

Kathleen Parker: Defining Deviancy Down
George Will: Obama's Looking Glass
Steven Hayward: Is Conservatism Brain-Dead?

Hill: Analysis: 'Fits and starts' could give Dems fits in 2010 campaign

Wash Times: Pawlenty sounds like a candidate for 2012

Pittsburgh TR: Palin vs. the GOP establishment
CSM: Palin, Limbaugh, Beck now its Republicans seeing the downside
NYT: A Vote of No Confidence for Palin


Hill: Club for Growth goes off script in New York special election
ADE: Congressional candidate Scozzafava talks jobs, spending

NYT: Voters Like Mayor, but Not His Path to 3rd Run
AP/Kugler: Billionaire NYC mayor tops $64M on campaign

NYDN: High cost of runoff elections has some in Albany thinking it's time to end them


AP: N.J. gubernatorial candidates Corzine, Christie took unusual political paths


WaPo: Deeds: From Patching Fence to Straddling It


Mercury News: Can Meg Whitman's eBay success translate in Sacramento?
Politico: Nerd surge: Tech execs flock to ballot
Dan Walters: California water deal very close? Perhaps not


AP/Shannon: DeLay does legal limbo in money laundering case


AP: Funeral held for Okla.'s first GOP governor


St. Pete Times: Money not only talks, it'll answer questions


AP/Wills: Ill. GOP recruits minorities for longshot races


Pioneer Press: Seifert wins state GOP straw poll
KSFY: Rep. Marty Seifert Wins MN Republican Straw Poll
AP: Pawlenty isn't taking Minn. governor's race sides


Pittsburgh TR: Sestak says he's gaining ground in race for Arlen Specter's job
Politico: Sestak: Specter puts politics ahead of governing

Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell chides Democrats for undoing budget deal


Cleve PD: Tax will fix Ohio's budget; nothing will fix Democrats' political problems
Dayton Daily News: Tax hike a gift from Strickland to Republicans


Mlive: Reading between the lines of Michigan's budget politics
Detroit FP: Editorial: How Michigan can find billions for the budget


Boston Globe: Field of AG candidates emerges

ProJo: New England GOP leaders meet in Newport


WaPo: NV-Senate: Lowden Announces Against Reid


CQ Politics: South Dakota Secretary of State to Challenge Herseth Sandlin


Louisville CJ: Republican Sen. Buford gives to Beshear
Lexington HL: Republican donates to Beshear


October 3, 2009


Wash Times: September a downer for jobs; unemployment near 10%
WSJ: The Young and the Jobless
James Taranto: Out of Work? Blame Reagan.

WaPo: Reid's at the Reins in Health-Care Battle | Harry Reid Bio
Wash Times: Senate panel close to moving health bill to floor vote
WSJ: Snowe Vote Looms in the Health Battle
WaPo: In House, War of Words Over Health Care Cools
NYT: Panel Finishes Work on Health Bill Amendments
WaPo: Text of the America's Healthy Future Act (pdf)
Hill: Former Senate GOP Leader Frist: 'I would end up voting for' the healthcare bill
NYT: Democrats Thrilled by (Former) Majority Leaders Comment
Rush Limbaugh: If Obamacare Passes, Can We Repeal It with a Win in 2010?

Hill: Republican leaders to Obama: Net neutrality regulations are harmful
WaPo: House GOP Leaders Complain to Obama About Net Neutrality

NYT: Obama Aide Concedes Climate Law Must Wait

AP/Margasak: Obama lags behind predecessor in filling court vacancies

WSJ: Democrats Weigh Extending Key Parts of Stimulus

WSJ: Full-Court Press by White House Fails to Sway Committee
WSJ: The Agony of Olympic Defeat: Interests trump charm or likability in world affairs
WaPo: For Obama, No Payoff From Gamble of a Personal Pitch
Wash Times: Obama's failed appeal for Chicago Games seen as 'teachable moment'
Rush Limbaugh: The Ego Has Landed: A Racist World Wants Barack Obama to Fail

WSJ: Acorn Housing Fails to Win U.S. Funding

WSJ: Right Helps Obama With Left

NYT: Polling Firms Reprimand Rattles News Media

NYT: Chamber Seeks Scrutiny of OSHA Pick

AP: Todd Palin resigns from oil job
Politico: Schmidt: Palin would be catastrophic
Salon: McCain tries to change GOP, while aide disses Palin

KEYC: Pawlenty's PAC to Host $5000 a Plate Fundraiser in Washington Next Month

Politico: Rush Limbaugh on David Brooks: 'JEALOUS'

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows


Albany TU: Scozzafava accentuates the positive in first TV ad
NY Post: Gov: Senate health bill a $1B slap at NY
NYDN: Sen. Dean Skelos turns down chance to box Sen. Malcolm Smith for charity
NYT: Focus on Rangel, a Chairman Under Investigation
NYT: Bloomberg Spares No Expense in Mayoral Race
Albany TU: Pataki takes his place in history


NYT: Can Christie Hold Lead? Devil May Be in Lack of Budget Details
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine, GOP candidate Christie bloodied during debate
Star-Ledger: A fact-check on the N.J. gubernatorial debate
CJ: Christie further defines gubernatorial goals at RVCC affordability forum


Richmond TD: TV ad wars heat up in governors race
Virginian-Pilot: State employees appear in ad for McDonnell
AP/Lewis: New gubernatorial ads address thesis, gender
WTVR: New Ads Defend McDonnell on Women
Richmond TD: Warner most popular Va. governor of past two decades
WaPo: Schweitzer: Dems Have Better Shot in New Jersey


SF Chronicle: Whitman supported GOP nemesis Boxer in '04
SF Chron: "Darned good" Republican Whitman endorsed U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in 2003
Mercury News: Whitman called Democrat Boxer 'courageous leader' in 2004
OC Register: Whitman Q&A Pt. 2: Tax cuts and state layoffs
OC Register: Whitman Q&A Pt. 1: The reluctant voter
OC Register: GOP candidate hopes to outrun the ghost of her voting past

Contra Costa Times: Poizner pitches platform to Fremont businesses

WSJ: Sleeping on Job Is Political Rite in Sacramento
NYT: California Seeks Money for Bullet Train
WSJ: Don't Blame Voters for California's Budget Woes


Dallas MN: Is Rick Perry courting the "crazies"?
AP: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison: Conservative enough?
Lubbock AJ: Benkiser's resignation helps clear path for GOP

NYT: Texas Battle on Gay Marriage Looms
Star-Telegram: D-FW activists applaud gay divorce ruling; GOP leaders back appeal


Tulsa World: Coburn's story on his role changes


Miami Herald: Crist asks PSC to hold off on utility rate case
Buzz: Crist blasts criticism of his nominee as 'despicable personal destruction'
St. Pete Times: Suddenly, things aren't so sunny for Crist


AJC: First it was Mitt Romney, next it was Lindsey Graham


Politico: Why did Chicago lose?


Politico: Pence woos conservatives
Wash Times: Pence: No plans for 2012 Oval Office run


Star Tribune: GOP gubernatorial hopefuls out in force
Star Tribune: Same song, very conservative verses
KSTP: GOP Gubernatorial Race Kicks Off


Pittsburgh PG: Poll shows Toomey has narrow lead over Specter
Politico: Sestak: Specter puts politics ahead of governing

Philadelphia Inquirer: House approves bill, Pa. budget deal is off


Cleve Scene: The company Kasich keeps


Detroit FP: Transcript of Rep. Candice Miller's remarks in the Republican response


KC Star: Kit Bond co-authors book on SE Asia, says U.S. needs to pay more attention
KC Star: Nixon team spinning out of control


AP/Robertson: NC GOP chairman's lawsuit settled out of court


Hill: McConnell approves DeMint trip


Boston Globe: State lags badly on stimulus spending
Boston Globe: In politics, money cant always buy you love
Boston Globe: Capuano attacks front-runner Coakley


WSJ: Ensign's Senate Prospects Grow Cloudy
Las Vegas RJ: Ensign back in the spotlight
NYT: Inquiries on Senator Ensign Are Anticipated
NYT: Senate Republican Leader Silent on Ensign
WaPo: GOP Leader Tight-Lipped on Ensign
Politico: New pressure for John Ensign ethics inquiry
Hill: GOP aides say probes to decide Ensign fate


Politico: Barkley: Alabama not ready for Artur Davis
NYT: Alabama: No Evidence of Misconduct


WaPo: Ehrlich Keeps Marylanders Guessing in 2010 Race


October 2, 2009


Politico: John McCain's mission: A GOP makeover

NYT: Republicans Call Health Legislation a Tax Increase
Wash Times: Senate panel keeps health bill intact
Politico: Senate Dems will push public option on floor
Las Vegas RJ: Reid: Final health bill will have a 'public option'
Hill: Senate Finance Committee approves state-based public options
Hill: Snowe, Democrats unite on crucial healthcare deal
Hill: Pelosi moves to center on public health option
Hill: Senators reject five-year wait for immigrant healthcare
WSJ: Insurance Executive Pay Curbed in Health Bill
WSJ: Insurers Drop Some Medicare Plans As Rules Tighten
WSJ: Doctors Fight Penalty for Heavy Test Use
NYT: Senate Panel Softening Insurance Penalties
Politico: Boehner hasn't met "anyone" who backs public option
WSJ: A Real Employee Free Choice Act
WaPo: Senate Committee Stays Late to Work on Health-Care Bill
NY Post: Corzine the canary: NJ, Va. could kill ObamaCare
American Spectator: GOP's Health Care Strategy Is Short-Sighted

WSJ: Climate-change legislation helps a few big utility companies, but costs most Americans
WSJ: Alaska Can Meet U.S. Energy Needs
American Spectator: Kerry'd Away on Cap and Trade

NYT: Bernanke, in Nod to Critics, Suggests Board of Regulators
WSJ: The Credit Crunch Continues
WaPo: New Data Raise Fears of a Post-Stimulus Hangover
Paul Krugman: Mission Not Accomplished

WSJ: Judge Orders Release of Cheney Interview in CIA Leak Case
WaPo: Government Ordered to Release Much of What Cheney Told Leak Investigators
Michael Mukasey: Intelligence Averts Another Attack

Politico: McDonough to be NSC chief of staff
WaPo: Deputy National Security Adviser Is Returning to Duty With the Navy

Wash Times: Senate nixes GOP bid to have generals testify
CQ Politics: McCain Rebuffed in Bid To Compel Afghanistan Testimony From Military
LA Times: GOP targets Obama's foreign policy

Politico: Dems postpone Homeland Security bill
CQ Politics: Lawmakers Preparing to Debate Movement of Gitmo Detainees
AP/Taylor: House spurns transfer of Guantanamo detainees

Hill: Appropriators miss deadline, hope to OK budget by Halloween

WSJ: Panel Split on Need to Probe VIP Loans

NYT: Agency Plans for Visa Push by Residents Made Legal

NYT: Support Appears to Drop for Abortion Rights
NYT: The Courts and Privacy

David Brooks: The Wizard of Beck

James Taranto: Triskaidekaphile: Roman Polanski's victim was only 13
Charles Krauthammer: Obama's French Lesson
Peggy Noonan: Keeping America Safe From the Ranters

CQ Politics: Gap Narrows for GOP in Party Identification

Rasmussen: Government Ethics Edges Out Economy As Top Issue Among Voters

Star Tribune: Pawlenty signs up national top team
Politico: Pawlenty preps 2012 campaign team
Hill: Pawlenty staffs PAC with Bush veterans

NYDN: Sarah Palin 'Going Rogue' goes No. 1 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin and Fox News Sell Because Conservatism is Popular

WSJ: Mitt Romney's Massachusetts Baggage

Philadelphia Inquirer: Santorum tests the 2012 waters in Iowa
AP/Glover: Santorum says he wants role in GOP's future


CQ Politics: Special Election: Republican Ahead in Race to Fill McHughs Seat
Oneida Dispatch: Scozzafava early leader in 23rd Congressional District
AP/Bauman: New poll shows GOP edge in NY House race
Albany TU: It's anyone's race in the 23rd
Albany TU: Scozzafava: Club for Growth ad is dishonest
NY Post: O strong in north poll

Albany TU: Memo puts layoffs in play
Albany TU: State workers expected buyout fails to materialize
NYDN: Deal could give New York State power over hundreds of public authorities

NYT: His Portrait Is Unveiled, but Patakis Not Looking
AP/Virtanen: Official portrait unveiled, Pataki avoids politics

NYT: Editorial: The State University Scandal


NYT: In New Jersey, a Sharp, Scrappy Debate
Bloomberg: Corzine Wont Make No-Tax Pledge as Christie Says Cut Spending
Star-Ledger: Debating N.J. Gov candidates attack on taxes, spending, personal issues
Politico: Christie and Corzine trade shots
CQ Politics: New Jersey Debate Almost Civil
WSJ: Chris Christie's Empty Campaign: The GOP candidate tries hard to lose in New Jersey
Hill: For Dems in Virginia and New Jersey, victory may come from going negative


Jim Gilmore: Is Virginia Purple?
WaPo: McDonnell Tops Deeds On TV Ad Spending
Hill: Air War: McDonnells thesis ad comforts GOP; others lukewarm
Richmond TD: Deeds, McDonnell each claim endorsements
Human Events: VA Businessmen Switch Donations From Dem to GOP in 2009
CQ Politics: Virginia Rep. Wolf Draws Democratic Challenger


PE: Whitman: 'We have to let the water flow'
Valley News: Whitman urges special session on water issues at Chamber luncheon
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown leads California governor's race -- at the moment

CQ Politics: DeVore Raises $700,000 Plus for California Senate Bid

LA Times: California to investigate ACORN videos
SacBee: California AG will look into ACORN flap

Hill: GOP tried to recruit hero pilot 'Sully' for 2010 Congress bid

LA Times: Climate summit delegates like state's planned carbon trading market


NYT: Texas Governor Defends Shakeup of Commission
Dallas MN: Judge calls Texas' gay-marriage ban into question
Dallas MN: Dallas judge paves way for gay couple to get divorce


Miami Herald: Crist gives PSC injection of `new blood' with two appointments
Miami Herald: PSC outsiders stressed their independence, watchdog skills

Miami Herald: Florida lobbyist tied to federal corruption probe

Miami Herald: Ex-Miami mayor Maurice Ferre expected to enter Senate race

Orlando Sentinel: GOP quiet on who might face Alan Grayson in 2010
Fox: Republican Leaders Call on Pelosi to Rein In Grayson


NYT: Southeast Drought Study Ties Water Shortage to Population, Not Global Warming
AJC: Gingrich recalls award offered to topless bar
Bob Barr: Here a Czar, there a Czar but so what?


AP: Mike Ditka backs Hughes in Ill. Senate race
Hill: Kirk challenger nabs 'Da Endorsement' in Illinois Senate race
CapitolFax: Ditka endorses Hughes for Senate

Chicago Tribune: Murphy officially drops bid for Ill. governor
Daily Herald: Rep. Murphy to run for lieutenant governor


CBS: Toomey Now Leads Specter in New Pa. Poll
USA Today: Poll: Toomey may beat Specter, anyway
Salon: Specter now trailing Republican rival

Pittsburgh PG: Another state budget proposal collapses
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. budget deal appears jeopardized
Philadelphia Inquirer: Behind the state's budgetary chaos


Cleveland PD: Kasich turning to Sean Hannity to help raise campaign money in NE Ohio
Hill: Space's 2008 opponent takes on GOP spoiler role in 2010

Toledo Blade: Delay in Ohio tax cut could result in flip-flop charge
Columbus Dispatch: Halting tax cut is tricky politics
Columbus Dispatch: Taxes just became big political issue again

Dayton Daily News: Brown exits race for Ohio elections chief
AP/Majors: Ohio panel rules against congressional challenger


Detroit FP: Rep. Miller to give GOP radio address

Detroit News: Granholm to veto steep Medicaid, education cuts to budget
Detroit FP: Granholm says she'll veto parts; GOP withholds bills


KC Star: Missouri injured worker fund is in trouble


Chattanoogan: Alexander Says Health Care Mandates Ought To Protect Every State


News & Observer: Perdue tightens rules on gifts


Hill: Sen. Graham sees opportunity for GOP to stand with Obama
Hill: Kerry blocks DeMint trip to Honduras


Boston Globe: Agencies halt their immigrant scrutiny
Boston Globe: Pagliuca says hes outsider with insight


NYT: Senators Aid After Affair Raises Flags Over Ethics
CQ Politics: Nevada GOP Chairwoman Launches Reid Senate Challenge


Rasmussen: 2010 Delaware Senate: Castle 47%, Biden 42%


October 1, 2009


Karl Rove: Obama Can't Outsource Afghanistan
WaPo: On War, Obama Could Turn to GOP
Wash Times: GOP: Let generals testify on Afghan war

NYT: Senate Panel Rejects Tightening of Abortion Restrictions
WSJ: GOP Antiabortion Provision in Health Bill Defeated
Wash Times: Senate panel blocks GOP's abortion, illegals measures
AP/Espo: Health bill survives attacks - vote by week's end?
Hill: New focus as the Democrats sense that healthcare clock ticking fast
Hill: Caucuses counting their votes on chances for public option for healthcare
NYT: House Leaders Trying to Give All Democrats a Say
NYT: Swiss Health Care Thrives Without Public Option
WSJ: How the U.S. Government Rations Health Care
Politico: Senators bristle over Reid's deal
Politico: Carper quietly devises third option
US News: Democrats Hope Snowe Will Vote Yes on Health Reform
Human Events: Canada's Health Care 'Refugees'
American Thinker: Subsidized Health Care: a view from the exam room
Wash Times: Cantor: Obama's not met with GOP leaders since May
Dana Milbank: GOP's Valiant Stand for Health Industry
Ann Coulter: More liberal lies about national health care
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrats' Secret Plan to Pass the Public Option by Next Thursday

WSJ: EPA Proposes Tough Greenhouse-Gas Rules for Big Industries
WaPo: EPA, Senate Take Aim at Greenhouse Gases
NYT: E.P.A. Moves to Curtail Greenhouse Gas Emissions
WSJ: Interior Department to Approve Seven Renewable-Energy Projects
WSJ: EPA Wants Greenhouse-Gas Limits for Big Emitters
Politico: Kerry takes marquee on climate bill
Hill: Kerry and Boxer launch climate debate
American Spectator: Freedom From Foreign Oil
George Will: Ugly Truths on Global Warming

WaPo: Justices to Decide if State Gun Laws Violate Rights
WSJ: High Court Agrees to Hear Gun-Rights Case
NYT: Justices Will Weigh Challenges to Gun Laws

Politico: John Boehner blasts Barack Obama's Olympic move

NYT: White House Proposes Changes in Bill Protecting Reporters Confidentiality

WSJ: White House Hears Public Pleas on Tax Code
WSJ: Stimulus Spending Doesn't Work
WSJ: Protecting the Credit Raters: Washington moves to maintain the AAA cartel
WaPo: Treasury Kicks Off Toxic-Asset Program
Hill: Dodd aims for January vote on financial regs

NYT: G.O.P. Seeks Grayson Apology, or Rebuke

NYT: Congress Passes Bill to Keep Government Running

Politico: GOP drafts anti-Rangel resolution

WSJ: U.S. Eases Grip Over Web Body

NYT: Henry Bellmon, Governor and Senator, Dies at 88

WSJ: Gov. Pawlenty Paves Way for a 2012 Run
Politico: Pawlenty preps 2012 campaign team

Politico: Palin co-author: Evangelical, partisan
Rush Limbaugh: Leftists Attack Sarah Palin's Book Before It's Even Printed!
CBS: Palin's "Going Rogue" Already a Bestseller
LA Times: Palin not a big draw on the lecture circuit
MarketWatch: Sarah Palin-mania could start up again

Boston Globe: McCain a booster as Romney works to win over skeptics
CNN: McCain helps former rival Romney raise big money

CQ Politics: Jindal Urges Republicans to Change Course


NYT: Paterson Says Hes Sure He Can Beat Giuliani, if It Comes to That
NYDN: Andrew Cuomo revs up talk of gubernatorial run with speech for Dems
Buffalo News: Cuomo sounds gubernatorial in Buffalo speech
NY Post: Foes: we're pals: Andy, gov dueling speeches
CQ Politics: Kennedy Refuses to Answer Paterson Question

Albany TU: Gillibrand backs new climate change bill

NY Post: WFP, Dems in fraud probe

NYT: Monserrate Companion Asserts Cuts Were Accidental
NYDN: Alleged victim Karla Giraldo cries and maybe lies on witness stand in Hiram trial


Star-Ledger: As debate beckons, Corzine closes gap
Star-Ledger: It's not debatable: Pressure's on Chris Christie tonight
AP: Poll: Christie's lead has shrunk in NJ gov race


Rasmussen: Virginia Governor: McDonnell 51% Deeds 42%
Politico: Poll: Bob McDonnell pads lead over Creigh Deeds in Virginia
WaPo: On the Wilder Side of Politics, Picking None of the Above


LA Times: Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen step up to support Jerry Brown for CA governor
SacBee: Boxer revels in drive to cut carbon pollution


Dallas MN: Nonprofit group Perry founded to receive stimulus grant


Jax: Charlie Crist vs. Jeb Bush: Clash of the Titans?
Orlando Sentinel: LeMieux staffs up with Florida folks
Ocala: Rubio gathers support at Ocala luncheon


Athens BH: Editorial: Perdue continues to surprise on water issue


Hill: Primary to face Foster triggers bad memories for Illinois Republicans


Star Tribune: McCollum's 'ACORN' bill targets corporations that run afoul of law


AP: GOP candidate wins special Pa. Senate election
Pittsburgh PG: Climate bill gets cool Pa. reaction


Cleveland PD: Strickland wants to eliminate tax cut to address looming budget trouble


Detroit News: Brief state shutdown ends
Detroit FP: Deal reached after two hour state shutdown
NYT: Partial Shutdown Ended in Michigan


Slate: Can the GOP Unseat a 17-Term Democrat?
St. Louis PD: How Twitter has changed politics in Missouri, circa 2009


CNN: Corker: Canada, France have 'parasitic relationship' with US


Politico: Sex, scorn and videotape with John Edwards
BlueRidgeNow: Shuler should release information


WSJ: Suing in South Carolina: A Republican AG does pay to play
Hill: Wilson to stump for GOP candidates


NYT: Acorn to Stand Trial in Nevada Case


CQ Politics: Ex-Rep. Bass Measures 2010 Bid
CQ Politics: Ayotte Leading in New Hampshire


CQ Politics: Baker Adds Name to GOP Roster for Arkansas Senate




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