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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

House candidates campaign on their agendas, but voters vote on Trump

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

October 21, 2009


NYT: On Road to 60 Votes for Climate Bill, Senate Swells With Fence Sitters
NYT: Hopes Fade for Comprehensive Climate Treaty
Wash Times: Group uses new media in climate-change debate
Politico: Rush to Timesman: "Kill yourself"

WSJ: Public Option Gets New Life in Senate
WaPo: Liberals increase pressure for public insurance plan in health bill
Politico: Pelosi pushes strong public option
Hill: Pelosi to stick with liberals on public health insurance option
IBD: Baucus' Backdoor Path To Public Option
Hill: Medicare for everyone
Hill: How the two Senate bills measure up
NYT: Obama Takes a Health Care Hiatus
NYT: Senate Democrats Hit Snag With Doctor Payment Bill
Hill: Dem thumbs down to Reid doctors deal
WSJ: Fight Over Medicare Cuts Plays Into Larger Debate
WSJ: The Doctor Fix Is In: Adding lots of 'dimes' to the deficit
WSJ: Competition and Health Insurance
Wash Times: Health debate stimulates lobbyists
LA Times: White House relies on core healthcare team
Michael Gerson: Snowe's party of one
Dana Milbank: The Democrats' fickle-and-dime health strategy
Newt Gingrich: Civil justice reform still has a place

NYT: Justices to Decide if Detainees Can Be Released Into U.S.
WSJ: Court to Decide on U.S. Release of Uighurs at Gitmo
WaPo: Supreme Court to hear Uighurs' case

AP/Taylor: Senate OKs transfer of Gitmo prisoners for trials

Sen. Jon Kyl: Why We Need to Test Nuclear Weapons
Dick Morris: Iran cons Hillary on nukes

Human Events: Obama-McChrystal Gap Widens
J Taranto: Obama Goes AWOL: On Afghanistan, "voting present" would be an improvement
IBD: Troops Can't Wait

WSJ: US Rep Barton Asks FCC To Stop Vote On Open Internet Rule

Hill: Democrats lock Republicans out of committee room

WSJ: Corporate Tax Breaks Get Scrutiny
NYT: Volckers Voice Fails to Sell a Bank Strategy
WSJ: House Panel Puts Off Vote on Finance Measures Until Next Week
Wash Times: Feds threatened to oust BofA execs over Merrill deal

Bloomberg: Dodd wants to bolster homebuyer tax credit

Rush Limbaugh: The Obama-Biden Depression: Welcome to the "New Normal"

WaPo: RNC Outraises DNC, But GOP Trails Overall
CQ Politics: Money Chase: National GOP Banks More Than Democrats
NYT: Wall St. Giants Reluctant to Donate to Democrats

US News: At AIPAC, Romney Slams Obama Without Ever Mentioning His Name

CBS: Sarah Palin to Appear on "Oprah" to Push Book
WaPo: Oprah to plug Palin book and maybe placate conservatives

Rasmussen: 39% of GOP Voters Have Favorable View of Party Chairman Steele

Politico: Obama strategy: Marginalize most powerful critics

Rush Limbaugh: Keep Your Eyes Trained on 2010


WSJ: The GOP's New York Fiasco: Republicans try to lose a House seat
Human Events: Hoffman Bid in NY-23 Becomes National Conservative Crusade
Hot Air: Gingrich on endorsing Scozzafava: I know Im right
NRO: Gingrich: If you seek to be a perfect minority, youll remain a minority
American Spectator: It's Up to You, Upstate New York
Fox: GOP Congressional Candidate Calls the Cops on a Reporter
Watertown DT: Reporter, candidate clash
WCAX: President Raises Cash for 23rd District Democrat
Wash Times: Editorial: Dede's police state
Newsweek: Why NY-23 Is More Important Than N.J. and Va. Governor Races

Newsday: Poll: Giuliani would beat Paterson, Gillibrand
Politics Daily: An Uptick in N.Y. for Giuliani, but Which Race Will He Enter?
CQ Politics: Giuliani's Standing Rises in Latest Poll
NYDN: Andrew Cuomo popularity fast out-pacing support for David Paterson: poll

NYT: State Senate to Consider Expelling Monserrate in Wake of His Assault Conviction
NY Post: NY Senate committee to review Monserrate case
NYDN: State committee to decide state Sen. Hiram Monserrate's political future
Albany TU: Panel to weigh fate of senator
NYT: Editorial: Senator Monserrate Must Go

NYDN: Gov. Paterson pushes fat tax again to slim budget
Buffalo News: Paterson asks feds to weigh risks of collecting taxes on Indian cigarettes
AP: NY gov calls leaders meeting to tackle $3B deficit

CQ Politics: Congressman Breaks With Party To Endorse Bloomberg

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Republican Seeks To Replace De Blasio
NYT: Ex-Commissioner Kerik Is Jailed as Judge Assails Pretrial Conduct
NYT: State Justice in Westchester Is Removed


Philadelphia Inquirer: With a regular-guy mien, former prosecutor is GOP's hope
Rasmussen: New Jersey Governor: Daggett, Undecideds Up; Christie, Corzine Down
Star-Ledger: Corzine holds rallies with pols as Christie hosts kitchen table discussions
CNN: Clinton stumps for Corzine
Politico: Lautenberg calls for Christie-Rove probe
AP: Obama to campaign for Corzine
Star-Ledger: Obama a big draw, but not a N.J. record-setter
Tom Moran: Gov. Corzine's use of vast wealth is 'corrosive' to N.J. public


CQ Politics: Poll Gives McDonnell Huge Lead in Virginia
CBS: McDonnell Pulls Away in Va. Gov. Race
Wash Times: Deeds, McDonnell battle in final debate
Politico: One last face-off in Va. contest
Reuters: McDonnell Expands Lead in Virginia Governor's Race
Politico: Clinton helps Deeds -- sort of


SacBee: Liberal radio diatribes in 1990s could haunt Jerry Brown in 2010 governor's race
SF Chronicle: GOP gov candidate Meg Whitman did register to vote in SF
Intel Cons: California's GOP Gubernatorial Candidates: Is Poizner the most conservative?


Dallas MN: Perry, Hutchison camps have it out over earmarks
Politico: Hutchison to stay mum on retirement
Dallas MN: Gov. Rick Perry reiterates support for Texas' death penalty process
Austin AS: Perry defends Texas death penalty
Dallas MN: Rick Perry thinks the death penalty is working just fine
Dallas MN: Top Perry advisor among those jeering Obama at Texas A&M
AP: Perry casts ballot in Nov. 3 election
Carl Leubsdorf: Unity proving elusive for both major parties


AP: Poll shows Rubio cutting into Crist's lead
Orlando Sentinel: Rubio: Crist's conservative image is a Halloween mask
St. Pete Times: Crist's chief of staff to resign to take over campaign duties
Buzz: Eikenberg out, Strum in, as Crist staff chief
Fox Orlando: Republicans line up to un-seat Rep. Grayson
Miami Herald: Survey favoring land deal takes aim at Crist critics
Miami Herald: Obama's next Florida visit won't be featuring Gov. Charlie Crist


AJC: Isakson, others weigh in on extension of housing tax credit


WSJ: Top Aide to Testify Against Blagojevich
Chicago Tribune: Ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich aide Lon Monk pleads guilty


Star Tribune: Political parlay among state leaders goes over easy, mostly
Woodbury Bulletin: Pawlenty, leaders begin 2010 talks
Pioneer Press: Governor, DFL leaders meet to talk about state's looming deficit


Penn Ave: Toomey's wife is pregnant


Columbus Dispatch: Brunner far behind Fisher in Senate race cash
Cleveland PD: Brunner running low on campaign money; is excluded in governor's letter


Detroit News: Gov, GOP face off as state budget wrangling escalates
Detroit FP: Granholm says she had to veto; Bishop calls it 'extortion'
Detroit FP: Granholm defends school budget veto: The 'numbers don't lie'
AP/Hoffman: Michigan Senate sends 6 budget bills to governor


St. Louis PD: GOP Ehlmanns re-election bid aided by unions, Democrat McCullochs firm


Knox News: Corker decries Democratic promise to docs
NYT: Senator Says Doctors Group Is Selling Its Support


News & Observer: Marshall decries Burr's vote on rape legislation


Politico: Mark Sanford ouster not on tap
AP/Davenport: SC gov impeachment resolution to be introduced
NYT: 2 South Carolina Republicans Apologize for Reference to Jews
AP/Adcox: SC Republican chairmen apologize for Jewish remark


Boston Herald: Former Gov Romney to attend Republican House PAC event in Boston
Boston Globe: Pagliuca seeks clearer oversight of companies
Boston Globe: A call for job creation, a shadow of outsourcing


WaPo: Reid's summer fundraising taps Democrats and Republicans
Politico: Lowden fires back at Reid


AP/Glover: Branstad run wouldn't scare rivals for GOP gov nod


Vail Daily News: Norton's Senate campaign rolls into Eagle


Anchorage DN: Ramras running for lieutenant governor


Phoenix BJ: Arizona governors chief of staff steps down to accept new role


Cincinnati Enquirer: McConnell concerned about Medicare Advantage
CQ Politics: Kentucky Milestone Reached With Candidate's Own Cash


CQ Politics: Vitter Holds Double-Digit Lead
AP: NY Times hammers Vitters census request


October 20, 2009


WSJ: Time for Inaction on Global Warming
Wash Times: Climate bill aids authors' states
IBD: Graham Joins Kerry On Cap-And-Trade

WaPo: Poll: majorities support public option, health insurance mandate
Wash Times: Dems' math in health plans questioned
NYT: Health Care Bill Language Is Now Online
Politico: Finance Committee bill has been filed
Politico: Tensions rise among Senate Dem leaders
CQ Politics: Pelosi's Secret Plan for the Public Option
NYT: Editorial: Debate Is Good for Your Health
WSJ: Health Costs and History: Govt programs always exceed their spending estimates
AP/Espo: Analysis: Courting doctors in health care battle
Dick Morris: How much ObamaCare costs the average family

NYT: Basic Medicare Premium to Rise 15% Next Year

US News: Democrats and Republicans Support $250 Senior Stimulus
Human Events: Obama Tries to Bribe Seniors With COLA

WSJ: White House: 250,000 Teaching Jobs Aided by Stimulus
Hill: White House claims stimulus saved 250,000 teaching, education jobs
WaPo: Uncle Sam's gift to the prudent saver: Less money

WSJ: Employers Hold Off on Hiring
WSJ: Immigrant Scientists Create Jobs and Win Nobels
Politico: Steele: Eat some pie, get to work

NYT: Senate Bill Would Curtail Bank Overdraft Charges
Hill: Blue Dogs quiet on financial regulatory system overhaul

WaPo: At rescued banks, perks keep rolling
NYT: Financial Giants Donating Little to Obama Party
Hill: Obama steps up 2010 fundraising push despite facing policy challenges
Politico: Downturn has hit banking lobbyists

Human Events: Some Military Personnel Denied Fair Chance to Vote

WSJ: U.S. Mellows on Medical Marijuana
NYT: U.S. Won’t Prosecute in States That Allow Medical Marijuana
Rush Limbaugh: America 2009: A Banana Republic

WSJ: Housing Trade Groups Urge Obama Administration to Back Tax Credit

Hill: Lieberman to hold czars hearing
Caspar Weinberger Jr: The Pay Czar

NYT: Editorial: How to Waste Money and Ruin the Census

Wash Times: Legal fund aids defense of woman in ACORN sting

Fox: Rove on What's Next From Obama

James Taranto: 'Someone Else's Mess': President Obama didn't ask to be born!

Pat Buchanan: Alienated & Radicalized

Rep. Ron Paul: The Fed should be more transparent

WaPo: Obama's dumb war with Fox News
Dick Morris: Fox News reaches across party lines

CQ Politics: Open House Seats: Democrats Starting Strong
CQ Politics: Some Incumbents Slow To Start 2010 Money Chase
CQ Politics: Immigrant ‘Uncles and Aunties’ Help Indian American Candidates

Hill: Big surge among small donors for GOP helps campaign committees

Roll Call: GOP Leaders Cast Broadly for Strategic Advice

Hill: Gov. Romney slams Obama's Iran stance
WaPo: Romney on Iran: "Unalloyed Evil"
Politics Daily: Palin or Romney: Republicans Weigh Passion vs. Principle
Examiner: Poll: Palin plummets, Huckabee leads field of GOP hopefuls for 2012
Boston Herald: Poll finds Romney ahead of Palin, trailing Huckabee
Rasmussen: Palin Is Distant Second in GOP Match-Ups with Huckabee, Romney
AP: Palin to speak in Milwaukee area next month
Newsweek: Time Out of the Spotlight Hasn't Helped Sarah Palin


Dallas MN: Dick Armey to endorse 3rd party candidate over Republican in NY House race
NRO: Who Should Republican Committees Back in New York's Special Election?
Wash Indep: Conservative Base Stands Up to GOP in NY Race
Politico: Scenes from the GOP civil war?

NYDN: Gillibrand, Schumer and Gotbaum onboard the anti-Hiram train
NY Post: Chuck, Gilly: Bye, Hiram

NY Post: Racial claims sour grapes: Rudy

NYDN: State Dems stall on Gov. Paterson's deficit plan
Albany TU: Is that cut really a cut?

Politico: N.Y. Dems agitate for Rangel action

Roch D&C: DA dismisses felony charge against Penfield Republican


Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. gubernatorial campaign in home stretch
CHCP: Christie: End state's takeover of Camden
NOLA: Gov. Bobby Jindal to raise money for GOP candidate in New Jersey
NY Post: Jon & top minister in pay & play
S-L: Corzine donated $87K to Black Minsters Council leader who endorsed his re-election bid
NYT: Christie May Have Gotten Improper Aid
S-L: Report says former Christie aide used position to help N.J. Gov campaign
S-L: Right to Life PAC endorses Christie
AP/Mulvihill: Obama, Clinton stump for Corzine
NY Post: Bloomy guru takes a swipe at Corzine


Virginian-Pilot: CNU poll: McDonnell holds double-digit lead in Va. gov race
CQ Politics: McDonnell Way Ahead in Virginia
Virginian-Pilot: Cash warfare
Wash Times: Deeds, McDonnell see absentee vote as crucial
Politico: GOP hopes Deeds drags down ballot
WaPo: Deeds races to hook true-blue Democrats
WaPo: Va. lieutenant governor candidates duke it out
Richmond TD: Lieutenant governor hopefuls debate becomes heated
AP/Sidoti: Virginia governor race a snapshot of US attitudes
AP/Lewis: Deeds, McDonnell set for final debate


SacBee: Poizner's economic plan calls for slashing budget, taxes
Hill: Rep. Calvert denies he's subject of FBI investigation
LA Times: Congressman disputes being investigated by FBI
San Diego UT: Ambitious overhaul of water system in works
LA Times: California gives the poor a new legal right
SacBee: Judge halts cuts to California in-home aid
SacBee: FPPC mulls updating Political Reform Act
Hill: Poll: Only 34 percent of Californians approve of Pelosi's performance
Dan Walters: Capitol wheel spinning blocks smaller issues, too


Tribune: Stimulus Money, Earmarks, and the Republican Governors Race
NYT: Controversy Builds in Texas Over an Execution
AP/McFarland: Hutchison urges passage of property rights measure


CNN: Inhofe endorses Rubio in Florida Senate race
Roll Call: Another Conservative Casts His Lot With Rubio
Politico: Crist twist: Florida primary tightens
St. Pete Times: Florida's new senator battles `placeholder' stigma
Miami Herald: Florida's Alex Sink won't list her donations from Emily's List
Miami Herald: State CFO Alex Sink painted as silent on tough issues
Miami Herald: Deutch grabbing endorsements for Wexler's seat


AJC: Metro Atlanta gears up for census


Rasmussen: Illinois 2010 Senate Race Still Neck-and-Neck
AP: Ill. Republican, Democrat raise $2M in Senate race
JG-TC: Jim Ryan moves closer to entering Republican primary for governor
Chicago Tribune: Schillerstrom offers budgeting ideas, with a twist
AP: Schillerstrom has budget protection ideas
Chicago Tribune: Judge won't block Blago from 'Celebrity Apprentice'


ABC5: MN GOP, DFL Oppose Medical Device Tax
Star Tribune: Former senator Kelley kicks off campaign for governor


Allentown MC: Republican Bob Mensch sworn in as Pennsylvania's newest senator


CQ Politics: Ohio's Schmidt Draws Primary Challenge


WSJ: The State of Joblessness: The tragedy of Jennifer Granholm's Michigan
Detroit News: Granholm signs bill cutting school funding by $165 per student
Detroit FP: Veto slashes school aid
Politico: Mich. town: Bring on Gitmo detainees


KC Star: Missouri leaders demand stricter ethics laws


Chattanoogan: GOP Will Sweep Tennessee In 2010, Party Chairman Predicts
CTFP: Rep. Williams has steep climb to win GOPs favor, official says
RedState: A Rocky Top for Conservatives in Tennessee


News & Observer: Burr, Bowles far from rivalry
Wash Times: Justice Dept. blocks N.C.'s nonpartisan vote
AP: NC GOP Chairman Tom Fetzer gets married on coast; met wife on campaign trail


CNN: Sanford impeachment resolution likely next week
CQ Politics: Democrats Field a DeMint Challenger
Charleston PC: Lawyer seeking DeMint's seat


Boston Globe: GOP's Burr ends bid for Mass. Senate seat
Canton Journal: Short on signatures, Burr withdraws from Senate race


Politico: Lobbyists' $100K haul for Reid
CQ Politics: Ensign's Parents Among Reid's Campaign Donors
Las Vegas Sun: With a year-plus to go, rethinking Harry Reids race


CQ Politics: Snowe More Popular with Maine Democrats
Boston Globe: Same-sex marriage fight roils Maine
LA Times: Maine's gay marriage battle has echoes of Prop. 8
AP: Les Otten plans run for Maine governor


Politico: Has Rep. Shea-Porter 'gone native'?


Politico: Conn. Republican tacks right


Chicago Tribune: Lawyer announces GOP challenge to Rep. Carson


Des Moines Register: Grassley campaign fund tops $4 million


Advocate: Jindal attends fundraiser for N.J. candidate
Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Landrieu's Snowe Job


October 19, 2009


Sarah Palin: Good Intentions Aren't Enough with Health Care Reform
Ross Douthat: The Catastrophic Option
Jed Babbin: Bread and Circuses and Obamacare

WSJ: White House Presses on Health Care
WSJ: CEOs Tally Health-Bill Score
WaPo: White House aides reaffirm public option is not mandatory
WSJ: Gag Order Admission: Humana gets slap on wrist for disseminating true information
WSJ: ObamaCare's Tax on Work: Middle-income families will face big marginal rate increase
WSJ: 'Expert Panels' Won't Improve Health Care
NYT: Health Care Poses Stiff Tests for Top Democrats
Hill: 'Doc fix' no longer up for cloture on Monday
Wash Times: GOP to steer key groups against health plan
WaPo: In health debate, those numbers are just numbers
Wash Times: Seniors reap aid, still wary of reform
American Thinker: Health insurance industry's 'new tone' was off key
Hill: SEIU skips healthcare ad despite shared opposition to tax on 'Cadillac' plans
AP: Adviser: Obama Waits on Finished Health Care Bill
Politico: Palin offers calm critique of Baucus bill
Politico: The politics of health care

NYT: Energy Firms Deeply Split on Bill to Battle Climate Change
Reuters: U.S. hunters, anglers lobby for climate bill
Hill: Senate panel to review carbon permit impact on energy prices
Human Events: Lindsey Graham Climate Dance with the Democrats
Human Events: Graham Duped by Kerry Bait-and-Switch
Gary Kasparov: Russia Worries About the Price of Oil, Not a Nuclear Iran

NYT: Obama Aides Go on TV to Criticize Wall Street
WaPo: Top aides to Obama upbraid Wall St.
WSJ: Criticism of Wall Street Pay More Muted This Time
WaPo: All ears are on Bernanke, Fed report
WaPo: Big financial firms losing power on Capitol Hill
Paul Krugman: The Banks Are Not Alright

Wash Times: Feds help feed new market for easy mortgages

WSJ: Lawmakers Battle on Census Question

Hill: Report: New DOJ guidelines to back medical marijuana laws

NYT: Decision on Afghan Troops May Wait
Politico: Cornyn: Obama policies emboldening U.S. enemies
WaPo: Emanuel says U.S. must gauge viability of government in Kabul
Hill: Emanuel: Afghanistan decision 'more complex' than 40,000-troop request
Human Events: Building a Non-Partisan Afghan Strategy

Hill: Group pushing for Guantanamo closure, prisoner transfers
Michael Mukasey: Civilian Courts Are No Place to Try Terrorists

CQ Politics: Senate Candidates Rack Up Seven Figures In Three Months
CQ Politics: Wall Street Bounce Boosts Member Campaign Accounts
Hill: Primaries form in races against top-targeted House Democrats

Human Events: Pawlenty, Poizner Score at Western CPAC

Wash Examiner: Republican optimism may get scotched by reality
EJ Dionne: Time to reawaken young voters

Chicago Sun-Times: Boehner lives it up as he pitches party line

Roll Call: Senators loaded for 2010
American Thinker: Reading the Electoral Tea Leaves

American Conservative: The Anti-Huckabee Party?
Am Spec: Huckabee's conflict with the NYS Conservative Party
Townhall: Time for the GOP and the Tea-Partiers to Grow Up

New Zealand Herald: McCain's daughter on busty Twitter pic: I'm no slut
Pakistan News: Meghan Mccains Chest
CBS: Meghan McCain Hits Back at Twitter Photo Critics


NYDN: NYC is doomed if you vote for Thompson, not Bloomberg, Rudy Giuliani warns
NYT: Stumping With Mayor, Giuliani Stirs Old Fears
AP: Rudy rooting for Mike
NYDN: Bloomberg set to sweep public safety nods with PBA - source

CQ Politics: Spending Escalates in New York Special

Politico: The GOP's Rangel dilemma

Albany TU: Global warming fund faces cuts: Activists lamenting Paterson decision
NYT: Editorial: Fed Up With Albany

NY Post: Groom & $$ doom for Hiram
NYDN: Monserrate gets ripped by Bloomberg - and may get boot from Senate


CQ Politics: New Jersey a True Tossup
AP: GOP gubernatorial candidate Christie says he would loosen N.J.'s business travel policy
AP: 4 newspapers make endorsements in NJ Gov's race
Daily Princetonian: Students campaign in N.J. governor's race
CHCP: 6-figure pensions for some in N.J.
Hugh Hewitt: New Jersey's choice and the MSM's


Wash Times: Big donors give McDonnell fundraising edge
Richmond TD: Deeds fights to hold Obamas Va. coalition
Examiner: Obama's clout in Va. to be tested by governor's race
WDBJ7: Big endorsements for Virginia gubernatorial candidates
NRO: A Predictable, Yet Audacious, Endorsement
Politico: Dems see path for Deeds in Virginia
WaPo: McAuliffe tells Fairfax Dems: Don't count out Creigh
Hill: Despite facing similar attacks, Webb says McDonnells thesis should be used
Jed Babbin: Dishonesty for Deeds

NewsLeader: Attorney general candidate Cuccinelli: 'Running on adrenaline'
News-Virginian: Shannon seeks top law post


SF Chronicle: State GOP tries to steal Dems' fire over water
LA Times: Two prominent Republicans are among the five vying for Assembly seat
SacBee: Senate's Darrell Steinberg: Deficit battles dampen his ambitious plans
SacBee: Fiscal impact of state climate law disputed
Dan Walters: Turnabout on California workers' holidays just fair play


Houston Chronicle: Perry's fingerprints all over state
Dallas MN: Arson case adds new twist to Texas candidates' death penalty stance


American Spectator: Charlie Sees Red
RedState: Holy Cow! A Nuclear Bomb Goes Off in the Florida Senate Race
Jack Obs: New Crist Radio Ads Blast Obama on Stimulus
Jack Obs: Rubio and Smith to Participate in Senate Candidate Forum
Herald Tribune: Rubio says he knows campaign will be tough
Ledger: Poll Shows Low Approval for Crist

SunSent: Florida's newest U.S. senator brings young dad's view to national decisions

Orlando Sentinel: Sink wins crossover support from GOP early in governor's race

Ledger: Some State Senators Ready to Take on Oil Lobby

CQ Politics: Democrats Money Woes in Florida 12


AJC: GOP wont turn down stimulus spending
AJC: Georgia often sneers as Atlanta struggles


AP/Kellman: Health care bill makes Sen. Roland Burris relevant


Star Tribune: Pawlenty for 2012? Not so much, say Republican voters


Pocono Record: Democrats can't fix things fast enough
UPI: Specter: GOP is 'party of obstructionism'


AP/Majors: Bill to improve Ohio elections hangs in balance


Crain's: House speaker: Doctor tax may stall in Senate


KC Star: Ex-senator Talent promotes free-market principles
AP/Lieb: Money flows to four Missouri congressional races


Knox News: Special election increases Republican power


Blue Ridge Now: GOP eager for 2010
AP: Suburban growth brings new people, politics to NC


State: Sanford investigation's access to be debated before SC Supreme Court


AP/LeBlanc: Senate hopefuls wary of troop buildup


SacBee: Reno: Job losses slam city's ranking


Politico: Does McCain back ban on Arpaio immigration sweeps?


October 18, 2009


Rasmussen: Head-to-Head: Huckabee 44%, Romney 39%

Wash Times: Health reform bills target young-old cost gap
NYT: Obama Threatens Insurers Anti-Trust Exemption
Hill: Obama goes after health insurers in weekly address
AP/Superville: Obama lauds Senate committee's health vote
WaPo: Small Group Now Leads Closed Negotiations on Health-Care Bill
Hill: Hatch: Dems' 'doc fix' is a 'budget gimmick'
Hill: Physician pay bill in Senate launches lobbying battle
NYT: The Saturday Word: Health Care Battles
AP/Werner: House, Senate Dems clash on health bills
Wash Times: Democrats insist public plan practical
Sun-Sentinel: GOP option merits hearing
Las Vegas RJ: Reid, champion of the filibuster, might nuke it
Hill: House liberals see new score as bolstering cause on healthcare
NYT: Editorial: The Public Plan, Continued

Hearst: Supporters say Republican Graham may be the key to passing climate legislation
Hill: Murkowski signals interest in compromise on cap-and-trade
NYT: Editorial: A Bit of Bipartisanship on climate change legislation

WSJ: Eighty Years After the Great Crash -- 'Is It the '30s Again?
Wash Times: Bank failures drain FDIC insurance

NYT: The Science of Spending Stimulus Money Wisely
WaPo: Stimulus Funds Yet to Open Many Windows
Hill: Party leaders rely on economists to make their cases on job creation
Hill: Feingold tweets intention to introduce new deficit reduction legislation
Hill: GOP: Dems pushing 'big myths' about economic recovery

George Will: The Real Jobs Threat: A Stimulus for Hill Democrats' Fortunes?
Bono: Rebranding America
Kathleen Parker: Send Out the Clowns

NYT: Congressional Ethics Inquiries Drag on, Despite Vows to End Corruption

Politico: Cha-ching! Campaign cash tops and flops
Hill: Third quarter House recap: Big funding surprises from little-known challengers
Hill: Burn baby burn: Some GOPers roll through campaign cash

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Afghanistan, healthcare and the impact on Dems to dominate Sunday shows


AP: NY House Race Seen as Test for GOP, Obama
AP/Gormley: Candidates with hopes for the governorship get fodder in Paterson's cuts
NY Post: Another foe eyeing elex run at Rangel
NYDN: Sen. Jeff Klein wants Albany to review possible punishment for Monserrate


Cherry Hill CP: Is Corzine avoiding questions?
NYT: Endorsement: For Governor of New Jersey
Phila Inq: Endorsemen: Corzine is best
NYDN: N.J. GOP candidate Stepfanie Velez-Gentry's sex-toy party host side job


WaPo: McCain Rallies McDonnell Supporters
Wash Examiner: McCain stumps for McDonnell in military-heavy Hampton Roads
WSLS: Senator John McCain campaigns for another Republican in Virginia Beach
Richmond TD: McDonnell, a poised presence, could lift the GOP
AP/Lewis: McDonnell confronts climate change
WaPo: Hopefuls Summon Spirit of '08 Race
WaPo: Endorsement: Mr. Deeds for Governor


San Diego UT: Marriage law unconstitutional, GOP hopeful says
SacBee: Timing of Schwarzenegger-backed Hollywood tax breaks questioned
SF Chronicle: Mood of the voters - all outrage, no action
Dan Walters: When U.S. economy recovers, will California be left behind?


Dallas MN: Obama can thank elder Bush for a good excuse to visit Texas


St. Pete Times: State GOP senators skeptical on offshore oil drilling
Jack Observ: No Surprise: Corrine Brown Opts Out of Senate Race
Miami Herald: Toms Regalado leads in Miami mayoral race, poll shows


AJC: The politics of packing heat in public places


WaPo: Surprise Hurdle for Illinois Front-Runner for Senate
Chicago Sun-Times: Politicians begged Blagojevich for jobs


Star Tribune: Franken keeping a low profile in Senate - mostly


Pittsburgh PG: Supreme Court race 'a dead heat,' says pollster


Cleve PD: ACORN had plan that would have helped Dems in key Ohio '08 cong. races
AP/Herbert: To save the planet, must Ohio lose jobs?


Detroit FP: Top places to work in southeast Michigan in 2009


KC Star: Cleaning house in Missouri: Critics offer a few suggestions


Tennessean: Gov. Bredesen enters health-care fray
Tennessean: Good health-care plans cover lawmakers


Hill: Rep. Myrick repeats call to cut CAIR ties
News & Observer: Stimulus dollars put road contractors to work


Beaufort Gazette: Republican gubernatorial hopefuls make their cases to Beaufort group
Greenville News: Graham vows to challenge 'radical' views


Hill: SEIU, AFL-CIO battle Puerto Ricos governor over looming layoffs


AP/Henry: R.I. businessman exploring GOP bid for governors office


Milwaukee JS: Republican challengers turn up heat


October 17, 2009


Rasmussen: GOP 2012: Huckabee 29% Romney 24% Palin 18%
Politico: Mitt Romney spends cash to raise cash
WSJ: GOP Sees Gains in Race for Donations

NYT: White House to Let Insurers Warn Medicare Recipients About Pending Health Bills
AP: Medicare Backs Off on Order About Lobbying Seniors
Hill: Obama goes after health insurers
WSJ: House Democrats Work to Pare Health-Bill Cost
Boston Globe: Party tries to lock up health bill backing
Wash Times: Democrats insist public plan practical
Hill: Sen. Harkin: Three ways to public option
CBS: Bill Frist: We Need Health Care Reform
Politico: AFSCME's Gerry McEntee takes on White House
NYT: In Hawaiis Health System, Lessons for Lawmakers
WSJ: Why Health Care Is So Expensive in New York
WSJ: ABC Dilemma of Health Reform: Third-party payment creates a big incentive problem

Wash Times: '09 budget deficit tripled to $1.4 trillion: Biggest gap since 1945
WaPo: Record-High Deficit May Dash Big Plans
NYT: $1.4 Trillion Deficit Complicates Stimulus Plans
NYT: Bailout Helps Fuel a New Era of Wall Street Wealth
WSJ: Cash for Clubbers: Congress's fabulous golf cart stimulus
AP: 2 Market Regulators Propose Ways to Resolve Differences
Wash Times: Wall Street official to lead SEC fraud branch
Hill: GOP: Dems pushing 'big myths' about economic recovery

CQ Politics: Second Stopgap Funding Measure on House Agenda

WSJ: The Countrywide Vote: The backroom battle over a subpoena on VIP mortgages

WaPo: Earmark Probe Focusing on Former Aide to Visclosky

WaPo: Ex-GSA Official Sentenced in Abramoff-Related Case
AP/Yost: Bush White House official sentenced for Abramoff ties

NYT: U.S. Alters Disputed Immigration Rules for Police
Wash Times: Law agencies make new pact on illegal deportation

Hill: Congressional leaders signaling move to repeal 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy

WSJ: Yale's decision to censor anti-Muslim cartoons

Dallas MN: Obama praises elder Bush at A&M
Wash Times: Two presidents push public service
NYT: Two Presidents Share a Stage on the Subject of Service
Politico: 41 and 44 together in Texas

Rush Limbaugh: The Race Card, Football and Me

James Taranto: Taking On the 'Democrat-Media Complex'

Politico: Phil Anschutz's conservative agenda

Politico: Liz Cheney group slams MSNBC hosts

CQ Politics: DSCC Tops NRSC in September Money Run
Hill: Democratic electoral success now leads to governing headaches

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Gingrich Backs Republican in N.Y. House Election
CQ Politics: Gingrich Steps Up For GOP in Special Election
Hill: RNC wades into New York special election

NYT: After Monserrates Conviction, Some Colleagues Want Him Expelled From Senate
NYDN: Despite pressure from fellow Dems after conviction, Monserrate insists he won't quit
NY Post: Hiram's fellow Dems are looking for a way oust
Albany TU: Democrats: Monserrate must go
Buffalo News: Convicted senator urged to resign

NY Post: Gov to budget foes: Get real!
AP: 'Bicoastal' buds Schwarzenegger, Paterson share fiscal strategies

NYT: As Ethical Questions Linger, Rangels Financial Clout Erodes
Hill: Rangel's legal fees top $1 million
NYDN: Ethics fight hits Rangel's campaign funds; could hurt him in 2010 election
AP/Bauman: Return of a Powell to House seat?
NYDN: Harlem Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV has eye on Rangel's House seat

NYT: For a 3rd Term, Mayor Outlines Nuts-and-Bolts Goals to Suit the Lean Times
AP: Bloomberg, Thompson play nice in new ads

NYT: Albany Judge Blocks Vaccination Rule
Albany TU: Court halts flu order


NYT: In a Tighter New Jersey Race, a Testier 2nd Debate
Star-Ledger: Civility reigns in surprising second debate
Star-Ledger: N.J. governor race candidates avoid personal attacks, hit issues in TV debate
Politico: Christie takes aim at Daggett
CQ Politics: Many New Jersey Voters Not Sold on Governor Candidates
Star-Ledger: Cash flowing to N.J. political parties is down from last gubernatorial election
Fox: New Jersey's Final Faceoff


Virginian-Pilot: To McDonnell, solutions need input from all
WaPo: Deeds's Trip Targets Disaffected in N.Va.: Obama's Support Could Play Role
Fox: Deeds Says He's Not Out of Race Yet
WaPo: The Goracle Lands in Virginia
WaPo: McDonnell Airs New Ad on Cap-and-Trade
Richmond TD: McDonnell, Deeds, trade charges on cap and trade
AP/Potter: Va. Lt. Gov. candidates spar over job records

AP/Sampson: Judge: Va. violated absentee voters' rights


PE: Grow economy, limit government spending, Campbell says
SacBee: Water talks aren't exactly flowing
SacBee: Two-thirds of Californians dislike Congress, Field Poll shows


Star-Telegram: Texas is a model for the nation, governor proclaims
AP: US Sen Hutchison sells home in Washington suburb

AP/Shannon: Prop 11 stirs eminent domain debate

Dallas MN: Sen. Cornyn again pushes for nomination of Sarah Saldana as U.S. attorney

CQ Politics: Texas-Sized Fundraising For Rep. McCaul, Challenger McDonald


Politico: JC Watts: Coburn is just like MLK


Daytona Beach N-J: Rubio drums up conservative support
ABC: Crist unveils conservative radio ad campaign
Sun-Sentinel: Crist ads aim to strengthen conservative credentials
AP/Farrington: Analysis: Crist ads count on forgetful voters
RedState: Top Crist Supporters Openly Speculate Crist May Drop Out

St. Pete Times: Bill McCollum and Alex Sink share common skepticism about oil drilling

Tampa Tribune: 2 in GOP may oppose Kottkamp for attorney general
News-Press: Possible Kottkamp opponent emerges
Orlando Sentinel: Charlie Crist throws Kottkamp off the bus

Miami Herald: Florida jobless rate hits 11 percent


AJC: Price, Gingrey receive thousands in contributions from doctors and health care lobbyists


JG-TC: Poll: Republican race for governor is a 'jumble'
Chicago Tribune: Which political TV ad for governor should we trust?


Minn Indep: T-Paw to share stage with reviled GOP operative at conservative gathering


WSJ: Wisconsin tests whether profs will be thinkers or unionists


Indiana Gazette: Senate hopeful Toomey brings message to local GOP
NRO: For Toomey, Free-Enterprise Ideas Are Winners
Examiner: Poll: Pennsylvania Governor and Senate races heat up


Vindy: Why oppose state Issue 3? Voinovich counts the ways
Toledo Blade: Ohio House gets revenue plan


Detroit FP: Bishop says he'll send budget bills to Granholm


KC Star: Here come the campaign numbers: Carnahan, Blunt report million dollar quarters
News-Leader: Millions raised in Senate race


WSJ: Gospel-Singing Farmer Outraises Rep. Tanner


Blue Ridge Now: Shuler gets 2nd GOP opponent


Hill: Senator Graham steps out of Senator McCains shadow right into his shoes
NYT: Republican Senator Takes Heat for Cooperating on Cap-and-Trade
New American: Graham-Paul Dispute Highlights GOP Fissure


AP: Coakleys coffers aided by connections


Politico: Ensign pulls in less than $33K


Politico: Dems link McMahon to WWE's "simulated rape"


CQ Politics: Iowa Sen. Grassley Leads Democrats, But Not Overwhelmingly


AP: Gov. Jindal calls for ouster of judge who refused marriage license to interracial couple


Salt Lake Tribune: Herbert, GOP boss assail Matheson


October 16, 2009


WSJ: Democrats Weigh Wider Coverage
LA Times: In Senate healthcare showdown, swing voters look to play trump cards
Fox: House Panel Paves Way for 'Nuclear Option' in Health Care Reform Bill
WaPo: Influential AMA's Support for Reform Is Far From Certain
WaPo: House Health Bill Trimmed by $300B or More, Budget Analysts Find
WaPo: Wellness Incentives Could Create Health-Care Loophole
WaPo: Pelosi Joins Fellow Democrats in Tough Talk for Health Insurers
Politico: The positive side of Olympia Snowe's vote
Bloomberg: Rockefeller Says Democrats Cant Tailor Health Care to Snowe
NYT: Democrats Address Their Own Rifts on Health Care
NYT: In Saying No, G.O.P. Sees More Pros Than Cons
Hill: Senate move on Medicare payments sets up pay-go showdown with House
Politico: The White House's unlikely union with health lobby
Politico: Public option backers fight on
CQ Politics: Pelosi Links Public Option in Health Plan to Individual Mandate
Hill: Pelosi: Time to know where caucus stands on public healthcare option
WSJ: Democrats Don't Need the Public Option
Akron BJ: GOP chairman urges caution on health care
Paul Krugman: A Hatchet Job So Bad Its Good

WSJ: Cash for Oldsters: A $250 bribe to help the ObamaCare medicine go down
WaPo: Cash for Seniors: Obama's handout may be smart politics. It isn't smart government
CQ: GOP Leader Says Congress Should Tap Stimulus Funds for $250 Social Security Payment
Hill: Republicans: Pay for Social Security stimulus using recovery act funds

Wash Times: Obama touts health care in New Orleans
NYT: Obama Meets Critics in New Orleans
Hill: Obama rallies New Orleans crowd, says he's 'just getting started' on agenda
Wash Times: Obama defends likely rival Jindal in La.
NYT: At A&M, a Dance of Decorum for Obama Visit
Peggy Noonan: There Is No New Frontier
Charles Krauthammer: A Nobel for Apology: Debacle in Moscow
Ronald Rotunda: An Unconstitutional Nobel
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's America, Ten Months In
Pat Buchanan: The Second Battle of Copenhagen
Gary Bauer: The Top 10 Reasons to Kill 'Cap-and-Tax'

WSJ: House Clears Detainee Moves for Trials
NYT: House Backs Detainee Transfers
Hill: House votes to allow Guantanamo Bay prisoners to stand trial in U.S. courts
NYT: House Vote Breakdown on Detainee Transfers
Politico: House Dems give Obama Gitmo space

Hill: $400 per gallon gas to drive debate over cost of war in Afghanistan

WaPo: DHS Reshapes Its Immigration Enforcement Program
Mercury News: Napolitano greeted by protesters demanding immigration overhaul

Hill: Stimulus data showing 30K jobs draw GOP criticism, White House defense
NYT: Job Program Found to Miss Many States That Need It Most
David Brooks: The Reality Moment

WSJ: Regulatory Overhaul Advances as Derivatives Bill Clears Panel
NYT: Bill Shields Most Banks From Review
WSJ: The Banking System Is Still Broken
WSJ: Barney Frank, Predatory Lender

Wash Times: Panel's ranking member accuses Dems of running from probe
NYT: Watchdog in Congress Now a Target Himself

WaPo: Obama Criticized as Too Cautious, Slow on Judicial Posts
CQ Politics: Partisan Tensions Intensify Over Judicial Nominations

NYT: Acorns Woes Strain Its Ties to Democrats
Politico: GOP seeks to strip more ACORN funds
Human Events: Republicans Call for CAIR Investigations

Hill: 53 House Republicans call for safe schools czar resignation

WaPo: Abramoff Associate's Fraud Case Ends in Mistrial as Jury Deadlocks
Politico: Judge declares mistrial in case of Abramoff associate

WSJ: Leveling Limbaugh: The NFL punts to left-wing political intimidation
James Taranto: Fools Rush In: Can't they demonize Limbaugh without making stuff up?
Eugene Robinson: Pass Rush: Why the NFL Sacked Limbaugh
American Thinker: The Search for the Wikipedia Libelist
Rush Limbaugh: Rush Tells All About the Rams Deal
Rush Limbaugh: Coach Dungy Weighs in on Rush
NYDN: Rush Limbaugh blames Obama, 'race hustlers,' for deep-sixing Rams ownership bid

Wash Times: Notre Dame feels political heat again: Funding of gay march attendees

Wash Times: GOP hopefuls stump without power perks

CNN: Palin to campaign in Texas
NYDN: Sarah Palin is bad news in 2012, but she was great for McCain in 2008, says adviser

Hill: Pences trips to Iowa, South Carolina, spur White House chatter

Hill: Candidates show money for 10 races

LA Times: Meghan McCain exposes her cup size on Twitter

Examiner: Inept relaunch could signal deeper problems for Republicans
Mediaite: Brand Hack: Not Exactly Great For The Republican Brand
RCP: Republicans Should Be Concerned About What's Happening to the RNC


Syracuse PS: Newt Gingrich endorses Dede Scozzafava in NY-23 House race
Wash Times: Tea partiers and GOP regulars scuffle in N.Y.
WSJ: Tea-Party Activists Complicate Republican Comeback Strategy
Albany TU: Democrat surging in House race
NYT: Republican House Seat May Be in Danger
WaPo: GOP Squabbling Jeopardizes N.Y. Seat

NYT: Paterson Proposes Cuts to Close Deficit
Buffalo News: Paterson unveils specifics of plan to reduce deficit
Albany TU: $3B in cuts 'very painful plan'
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Patersons Warning

NYT: Monserrate Is Cleared of Felonies
Buffalo News: Monserrate found guilty of lesser charge
AP/Long: Senator cleared of felony charge

NYDN: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand building impre$$ive war chest

NYDN: Sen. Sen. Bob Bennett joins pay-to-play pension fight

NYDN: Hey, it's a Dem town: Mayor Bloomberg explains big spending for reelection bid
NYT: El Diario Endorses Thompson, Likening Bloomberg to Hugo Chvez

WSJ: Former WorldCom Litigator Weighs Political Bid for Attorney General

Politico: Rangel still spending big on legal help
CQ Politics: N.Y. Rep. Bishop Could Get Run for His Money From GOP Foe


Rasmussen: New Jersey Governor: Christie 45%, Corzine 41%, Daggett 9%
Star-Ledger: Poll puts Christie 4 points ahead of Corzine
Fox: GOP Contender Seeks Upset in New Jersey Gubernatorial Race
NYT: Poll Finds Little Faith in New Jerseys Candidates
Politico: Jon Corzine: Chris Christie plays by own rules
Human Events: New Jersey Governor's Staff Caught Cooking the Books?
Star-Ledger: Christie, Daggett outearn Corzine in 2008
Star-Ledger: N.J. gubernatorial candidates release tax returns
Star-Ledger: Christie's travel record as U.S. Attorney comes under fire by N.J. Democrats
Star-Ledger: Former president Bill Clinton to appear in N.J. with Gov. Corzine
AP: NJ gubernatorial candidates in 2nd debate


Wash Times: Va. Republican candidates outraise opponents
WaPo: Deeds Trailing McDonnell in Money on Hand By $1.8 Million
Daily Press: McCain, McDonnell hit Virginia Beach on Saturday
Roanoke Times: McDonnell carries cash advantage into homestretch
Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell ahead of Deeds in race for donations
Richmond TD: Statewide candidates report healthy treasuries
WSJ: Creigh Deeds's Union Label: Big Labor becomes a political liability in Virginia
NYT: Democrats Recruit Door-to-Door for Deeds in Va.
CQ Politics: Va. Governor Candidates Have Hefty Cash Reports


SacBee: GOP leader in Assembly says governor is two-faced on water issue
SacBee: Trim public pensions for new hires, voters say
SacBee: Physician leads money chase among Democrats targeting Lungren's seat
Dan Walters: How to reform California remains a big mystery
LA Wave: Conservative conference to begin Friday in Newport Beach


Dallas MN: Governor's race mired in state of confusion
Dallas MN: Fire expert says flawed science, not politics, is controversy's core issue
Star-Telegram: U.S. Senate hopefuls report raising millions of dollars


Examiner: Oklahoma special election victory for GOP


Miami Herald: Gov. Crist seems unfazed by slip in approval rating, Senate polls
Miami Herald: Healthcare advisor abruptly resigns
St. Pete Times: With time in office short, Sen. LeMieux hopes to make lasting impression
St. Pete Times: Supporters of oil drilling off Florida building war chest in upcoming debate
Miami Herald: State senator Deutch announces bid for Congress


Augusta Chronicle: Broun raises $1 million, but still owes on past races


Politico: YouTube star vies for House
AP: Ill. Voters Could Get to Recall Governors


AP: Seifert says it's governor or out of Minn. politics


Rasmussen: 2010 Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey Leads Specter, Runs Even With Sestak
Rasmussen: 2010 PA GOP Gubernatorial Primary: Corbett 54%, Gerlach 10%
Rasmussen: 2010 Pennsylvania Democratic Senate Primary: Specter 46%, Sestak 42%


CQ Politics: Ohio Reps. to Share Biden-Driven Bucks


Detroit News: State budget faceoff is absurd
Detroit FP: So far, stimulus not a big boost for Michigan jobs


Politico: Skelton apologizes for R-rated barb


AJC: Tennessee gov: Health reform will cost states billions


News & Observer: GOP wants Perdue campaign flights probed


Politico: 'You Lie!' worth $2.7M for Joe Wilson
American Thinker: The Seduction Of Lindsey Graham


Boston Globe: Pagliuca doubles spending of foes
Boston Globe: Patrick warns of 2,000 job cuts


NYT: Senator Reid Starts TV Ads
CQ Politics: Reid Reintroduces Himself to Nevada Voters
Hill: Reid launches first of his 2010 reelection ads


Politico: Visclosky's $100k legal bill


CQ Politics: Biden-Castle Matchup Could Be One Close Race
Hill: Castle, Biden in Delaware dead heat


CQ Politics: Frazier Ends Colorado Senate Bid, Will Run for House


CQ Politics: Kentucky Senate Rivals Nearly Even In Banked Cash


October 15, 2009


Wash Times: Dow rages back over 10,000
WaPo: The Dow Passes Mile 10,000 on Road to Recovery
WaPo: Many Small Investors Have Sat Out Rally
Hill: Financial regulations coming as Wall Street shows recovery signs

Politico: John Boehner downplays Dow 10,000
Hill: Cantor: GOP unlikely to back tax credit
WSJ: House Committee Moves to Alter Derivatives Bill
WSJ: The Dangers of a Value-Added Tax
WSJ: In Praise of Lobbyists: Big business kills a damaging tax increase on overseas profits
Wash Times: Geithner's top posts stay empty in crisis
Wash Times: Less than half of AIG bonuses returned

Hill: Senate Republicans insisting on time for healthcare debate
NYT: Public Option Is Next Big Hurdle in Health Debate
WSJ: Unions Say Public Plan Is Needed
Hill: Pelosi seeks centrist support for liberal public-option healthcare proposal
WSJ: Senate Health-Care Push Gains Momentum
Politico: No Snowementum: Centrist Democrats still not sold on health care
Politico: Maverick fallout: GOP won't retaliate
Hill: Senate, administration begin healthcare endgame as Dem leaders express unity
WaPo: Democrats Fire Back at Health Industry
Politico: Democrats launch attack on insurer exemption
Hill: Blue Cross group blasts reform bill
WSJ: Medicare Advantage Premiums Expected to Rise 25% Next Year
WaPo: Hidden Costs of Medicare Advantage: Plans' Free Perks Are Subsidized
Hill: Senate may raise physicians Medicare payment fees
WaPo: How Passing Health-Care Reform Could Change the Political Landscape
Hill: AARP: Healthcare reform has become most divisive issue
WSJ: People to Watch in the Debate's Next Phase
WSJ: Tax Dollars Shouldn't Fund Abortion
WSJ: Lieberman Defects: The Connecticut Independent won't support the Baucus bill
Karl Rove: Obama Hasn't Closed the Health-Care Sale
EJ Dionne: What Does Snowe Want?
Rush Limbaugh: Women! Collins Likely to Join Snowe in Support of Obamacare
James Taranto: 'We're Going to Let You Die': Who said it? Hint: It wasn't Sarah Palin
Rush Limbaugh: Reich Reveals Democrat Plan: "We're Going to Let You Die"
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Meet to Determine Your Future Health Care Choices

NYT: Biggest Obstacle to Global Climate Deal May Be How to Pay for It
WaPo: Cap-and-Trade Would Slow Economy, CBO Chief Says
NYT: Meet Lindsey Graham, the Next GOP Maverick on Climate Change
WSJ: Earmarks Sap Energy Chief's Priorities
NYT: Curbing Climate Change by Sealing Gas Leaks
WaPo: Use of Forests as Carbon Offsets Fails to Impress In First Big Trial
Politico: New twist in 'astroturf' coal campaign
CQ Politics: Senate Shifts Focus to Energy-Water Bill

Ann Coulter: Natural-Born Losers
Politico: Hoyer still undecided on troop surge
WSJ: Congress sticks a gratuitous thumb in Pakistan's eye
Hill: Kerry releases new Pakistan language to ease concerns
AP/Ohlemacher: U.S. troop funds diverted to pet projects

Hill: Obama proposes $250 for retirees to augment Social Security checks
WaPo: Stagnant Prices Prevent Social Security Increase: Obama Endorses $250 Payments
WSJ: Obama Pushes Payments for Seniors
Wash Times: Social Security to make it official: No COLA

WaPo: Justice Department Looks to Avoid Another Stevens Fiasco

WSJ: Acorn's Ally at the NLRB: Obama appoints an SEIU man with ties to Blago
American Thinker: ACORN, Payola and Color of Law

Human Events: Fox News Locked Out
WaPo: Out In Front for White House: Interim Media Strategist Leads Salvo Against Fox
Hill: Congressional Democrats defend the White Houses snub of Fox News

WSJ: Justices Focus on Procedural Rules in Police-Confiscation Case

Daniel Henninger: A Decadent Nobel

George Will: Republican Victory in 2010? A Wave Takes Shape in Delaware

AP/Fallstrom: Rush Limbaugh dropped from Rams bid
American Spectator: Who Is DeMaurice Smith?
Ted Nugent: Rush-ing the NFL
WEEI: Brady on Rush: Would I get a raise?
Rush Limbaugh: Smear Campaign Against Rush is Attempt to Discredit Conservatism
Rush Limbaugh: The NFL's Newest Owner: Fergie
Rush Limbaugh: The Truth About Jackson, Sharpton and CNN's Sanchez (with Sources)
Rush Limbaugh: NFL Bloods and Crips, Explained: It Was All About Love of the Game

AP/DeMillo: McCain aide defends Palin as VP choice

American Spectator: Huckabee and Hoffman


Hill: House GOP may face a civil war over New York's Scozzafava
Syracuse PS: Scozzafava, Owens travel to Washington in search of more campaign cash
NY Post: Paterson tackles huge deficit
NYDN: Gov. David Paterson's word for proposed $2.5B cuts in education, health: 'pain'
Buffalo News: Paterson, citing deficit, wants midyear cuts
Albany TU: $4.1B deficit looms, comptroller warns
NYT: State Comptroller Warns Albany to Cut Deficit
Albany TU: GOP on the Budget: We told you so
NYDN: Legislators tune out Gov. Paterson's budget ax call
Albany TU: Per diem reform effort begins
Albany TU: Monserrate slash case verdict due
WSJ: Can Bloomberg's 'Luxury' City Survive?
NYDN: Term limits, supporter apathy could damage Mayor Bloomberg's chances of reelection
NYDN: Rep. King warns of safety risks if Gitmo thugs are brought to city for 9/11 trials


NY Post: Corzine spin cycle: Urges staff to 'stretch' job facts
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine defends memo asking staff to orchestrate job creation events
Star-Ledger: GOP candidate Christie endorsed by N.J. Taxpayers Alliance
Star-Ledger: GOP group likens Daggett to Corzine
S-L: N.J. GOP senator calls for investigation into contributions to Corzine's campaign
Star-Ledger: Campaigns unleash barrage of attacks
Politico: Obama campaigning for Corzine again
CQ Politics: Obama To Campaign Again With Corzine
Star-Ledger: Paul Fishman sworn in as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey


WaPo: All Set for a Republican Resurrection
WaPo: Race to Richmond
Politico: Gore coming to Va. for Deeds
WaPo: Obama Commits to Corzine, but No Word on Deeds
Politico: White House tries to jolt job growth
Politico: Dems look to students to turn tide
Examiner: Analysis: Implications of Virginia's Governor Race


LA Times: California's GOP vote-boycott ends, key bills pass
WSJ: More Pain for State's Taxpayers, Cities
Mercury News: Will spotty voting records be a liability for Whitman and Fiorina?
SD: Whitman gets off to a rough start with Republicans, media
Merc: Whitman's cash allows her to continue campagin after stumbling out of the blocks
NYT: Newsom Begins Online Ad Campaign
CQ Politics: Doctor Tops $600,000 in Campaign to Oust Lungren
SacBee: Garamendi campaign cites wrong guy in slamming CD10 rival
SacBee: Labor stalwart Feinstein finds herself on wrong side of union battle
SF Chronicle: Judge refuses to toss suit challenging Prop. 8


Wash Times: Perry, Hutchison lock horns in Texas race
Dallas MN: Business as usual in Washington while Hutchison campaigns in Houston
Dallas MN: Perry vigorously defends '04 execution in Corsicana blaze
Austin AS: Perry backs arson ruling
Dallas MN: Fire investigator accuses Rick Perry of unethical behavior


Tampa Tribune: Rubio crushes Crist in Palm Beach straw poll
Palm Beach Post: Palm Beach County GOP Senate straw poll: Rubio 90, Crist 17
Florida Insider: New Florida Poll: Charlie Crist's approval ratings are down
Sun-Sentinel: Crist calls for statewide corruption grand jury
Miami Herald: Crist calls for grand jury on public corruption
CQ Politics: Florida Flurry: Pondering a Special Election Run
NYT: Fla.s Wexler to Resign From House Seat
Politico: Robert Wexler, peacemaker?

Miami Herald: S. Fla. Republican to seek Orlando House seat
Dana Milbank: Rep. Die Quickly Is a Real Die-Hard


UPI: 'Birther' lawyer to be sanctioned
WaPo: Justices Weigh $4.5 Million Bonus Awarded Lawyers in Ga. Litigation


Chicago Sun-Times: Burris says he'll vote for health care bill only if it has government plan
Chicago Tribune: Illinois campaign financing: Madigan makes stab at reform


Star Tribune: Coleman warmly endorses Pawlenty
Star Tribune: Social issues kick off gubernatorial debate
NYT: G.O.P. Has a Lightning Rod, and Its Not Palin: Rep. Michele Bachmann


Pittsburgh TR: Romney endorses Toomey for Senate
CQ Politics: Pennsylvania Voters Not Eager For Six More Years With Specter
Politico: Dem gives back Murtha money


Cincinnati Enquirer: Strickland leads rally for livestock board


Detroit FP: Granholm, Bishop hold fast to budget priorities
Wash Times: Michigan city asks for Gitmo transfers


Politico: Dem Stupak gives $2,500 to his GOP friend Zach Wamp's gubernatorial campaign


Hill: Graham amendment aims to keep 9/11 trials at Guantanamo


Politico: Dodd outraised by Simmons
CQ Politics: Big Money Flows in Connecticut Senate Race


Politico: Christie Vilsack considering Senate run


CQ Politics: GOP Faces Battle To Hold Castles Seat




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