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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

October 31, 2009


Hill: Boehner slams '1,990 pages of bureaucracy' in GOP address
LA Times: Republicans Attack Size of House Health Care Bill
Hill: Boehner: House health bill would 'virtually eliminate' Medicare Advantage
AP/Lester: GOP urges simpler, less expensive health care plan
RedState: Palin boosts Boehners health care address
Hill: Rep. Miller: No amendments likely as healthcare reform bill moves forward
WSJ: CBO Rebuts Pros, Cons of Public Option
WaPo: Democrats challenged on cost of health bill
NYT: Report Criticizes Medicare Role in Fraud Investigations
McClat: House, Senate health care bills put limit on out-of-pocket expenses for consumers
Hill: Harkin warns Lieberman: Healthcare filibuster could put chairmanship at risk
Rush Limbaugh: Inside Pelosi's Health Care Bill

WaPo: Cap-and-trade mirage

NYT: Deal in Senate on Protecting News Sources
AP/Abrams: Compromise reached on media shield law

WaPo: White House trumpets reports on job creation
NYT: Schools Are Where Stimulus Saved Jobs, New Data Show
Wash Times: W.H. ties big job gains to stimulus: Republicans dispute numbers
Rush Limbaugh: Even State-Run Media Doesn't Buy Obama Lies on Stimulus Jobs

Wash Times: Bailout-deterrent bill scrutinized by both sides
Boston Globe: Financial bill under attack over loopholes

NYT: Obama Meets Joint Chiefs to Review Afghanistan Strategy
WaPo: Obama seeking options on forces: President looks to send fewer additional troops

Hill: GOP seizing on the leak of ethics probe details
NYT: Disclosure of List Threatens House Inquiries
WaPo: In Congress, a call to review internal cybersecurity policies
NYT: Editorial: The House Ethics Committee at Work
AP/Margasak: Ethics inquiry of House panel wider than thought
Politico: Ethics list heavy on defense spenders
Hill: Ethics probe may have a political price for lawmakers in 2010
Hill: Pelosi, Boehner vow to investigate House computer security

NYT: Obama Lifts a Ban on Entry Into U.S. by H.I.V.-Positive People

WSJ: Presidential Visitor List Is Released
White House: Visitor records
NYT: White House Visitors Log Lists Stars and C.E.O.s
Wash Times: Oprah, George Clooney among first White House visitors
Politico: Soros, Gore among W.H. visitors
Hill: White House visitor records show CEOs, celebs, familiar names

Politico: Dick Cheney: Joe Wilson's mission was 'Amateur Hour out at the CIA'
NYT: In 04 Interview, Cheney Denied C.I.A. Leak Role
WaPo: Cheney was hazy on role in CIA leak, FBI notes from '04 show
AP/Yost: Cheney to FBI: No idea on Plame leak

WSJ: State Death Taxes Are the Latest Worry

WaPo: Probe sought into how D.C. funds AIDS groups

WaPo: ACORN video creates new conservative star

Michael Barone: Four Races Will Test the Strength of Obama's Majority

Politico: Lieberman to stump for GOP in 2010

Politico: As expected, Palin won't go to Iowa

US News: Obama Proving a Drag in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York

Des Moines Register: Sundays talk show lineup


NYDN: Scozzafava Collapses, Republicans Refocus
CQ Politics: More GOP Backing for Hoffmans Third-Party House Bid in New York
WSJ: GOP Rift Bared in New York
NY Post: Giuliani's silent upstate nod
CNN: Pataki picks Hoffman
WSJ: Pataki Makes Surprise Endorsement in N.Y. House Race
Politico: Michael Steele: Doug Hoffman win is a GOP win
Hill: Rep. Issa switches from Scozzafava
Race4: Huckabee Explains Position on NY-23 Race
Colo Indep: Musgrave campaigning for Hoffman in New York
NYDN: Let The Finger-Pointing Begin
NYDN: NARAL Pro-Choice NY Mails For Dede
McClatchy: GOP identity crisis finds new home: Upstate New York
Marc Ambinder: What the NY-23 Special Election Is Really About
Hill: The Doug Hoffman Effect strikes in two key races for GOP
Albany TU: How NY-23 became a dead heat

WSJ: America's Ultimate Dead-End Job
NYT: Bloomberg and Corzine: 2 Leaders, Few Parallels
AP: Poll: Bloomberg has 15 point lead over Thompson

WSJ: Pay-to-Play Torts: Pension middlemen get investigated; lawyers get a pass

AP: Paterson says deficit up to $10B over next 2 years
Albany TU: Deficit alert increases to $3.2B


WSJ: A Dead Heat in New Jersey
Rasmussen: New Jersey Governors Race Still Shows Christie with Slight Edge
Fox: New Poll Finds New Jersey Governor Race in Dead Heat
CQ Politics: New Jersey Governor: Going Down to the Wire
NY Post: Rudy boosts Corzine foe
Star-Ledger: Christie says 'don't believe' Corzine on toll road pledge
Star-Ledger: Tolls, numbers, and a warning to a former N.Y. mayor
Paul Mulshine: Property Taxes Could Sink Chris Christie in New Jersey
NYT: Pivotal Role Still Possible for 3rd Man in New Jersey
WSJ: Parties Look for Favorable Omens in Off-Year Elections
Politico: Micro-targeting in Jersey
NYDN: Chris Christie to New Jersey Gov. Corzine: 'Man up and say I'm fat'
Rush Limbaugh: Christie to Corzine: Man Up!


WSJ: Virginia Race Tests Obama's Staying Power
WaPo: GOP has one eye on Va. campaign, one on the future
Fox: Va. Dem Keeps Up Gubernatorial Campaign Despite Poll Woes and No Obama


SF Chronicle: Newsom pulls out of governor's race
Contra Costa Times: Newsom bows out
SacBee: Newsom drops out, shaking up California gubernatorial race
WSJ: S.F. Mayor Newsom Ends Run for California Governor
NYT: Gavin Newsom Drops California Gubernatorial Bid

Napa VR: Whitman in Napa: "Put jobs first"

LA Times: California to withhold a bigger chunk of paychecks

SacBee: Steinberg defends proposed water legislation


Dallas MN: Perry gigs Schwarzenegger in battle with Hutchison
Austin Chronicle: Perry Goes Big-C Conservative


NP: Political operative linked to Crist, FL GOP admits helping create anti-Rubio site

Miami Herald: Poll: Economy colors Florida voters' top concerns
St. Pete Times: Poll shows voters favor gulf oil drilling

Wash Times: Grayson's remarks drive voters 'Nuts'
Politico: Alan Grayson: Fox News is stalking me
Politico: Advertising firm suing Alan Grayson


Chicago Tribune: Political donors facing first cap
Chicago Sun-Times: State Senate passes major campaign-finance package
St. Louis PD: New Illinois campaign finance reform bill goes to governor
Daily Herald: Quinn says he's OK with campaign finance deal
AP/Wills: Illinois Senate OKs caps on political donations


MPR: Pawlenty defends budget-cutting authority
AP: Minn. lawsuit challenges governor's budget cuts

KTSP: Bachmann Fighting Against Democratic Health Care Bill

KTSP: Minn. Republican Party Calls for Investigation of Absentee Voting


AP: Pa. top court race draws more than $2.5 million
Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell hits lawmakers on table-games delay


Cleveland PD: Ohio is unlikely to opt out of govt-run health plan, Strickland & Brown say
Columbus Dispatch: Stimulus jobs in Ohio exceed 17,000 so far, White House says
Cleveland PD: Rep. Steve LaTourette mocks cry-baby Democrats: 'Waaah!'


Detroit News: Gov vetoes State Fair, seals $44B budget
Detroit FP: Granholm: Michigan budget 'fight is not over'


KC Star: Parkinson picks new commerce chief; fires back at GOP critics


Charlotte Observer: Next step in Easley case: Prosecutor


CQ Politics: Romney Helps Massachusetts Candidate, Lays Low In New York


CQ Politics: Colorado Ex-Legislator Readies GOP Bid Against Sen. Bennet


October 30, 2009


WSJ: The Earth Cools, and Fight Over Warming Heats Up
Wash Times: Republicans may stall climate change bill
Politico: Boxer pushes ahead with climate bill

WSJ: House Leaders Unveil Health Bill
Wash Times: Battles over cost, Medicare loom for House health plan
Wash Times: At a glance: Inside the 1,990-page health care bill
Wash Times: Democrats handpick reform bill audience
NYT: Buoyant Democrats Unveil Health Care Legislation
WSJ: Drug Makers Face Tougher Measures
NYT: A Senate Naysayer, Spoiling for Health Care Fight
NYT: Editorial: The House Health Reform Bill
WSJ: No Deal: Chamber Chief Battles Obama
Paul Krugman: The Defining Moment
Dana Milbank: Rally has a lot of salt, but little pep
Rush Limbaugh: The Public Option Won't Be Free!
Rush Limbaugh: A Message to Blue Dog Democrats

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Pay Czar Is Unconstitutional: No Senate Confirmation

NYT: F.D.I.C. Chief Criticizes Reform Plan

WSJ: U.S. Seeks Power to Force Even Strong Banks to Shrink

WSJ: Stimulus Fueled Much of Expansion
WSJ: A Recovery at Last: But will it solidify into a durable expansion?

Hill: Sens announce deal to extend and expand homebuyer tax credit

WSJ: Net Neutrality: Spur to Entrepreneurship . . .
WSJ: . . . Or Barrier to Broadband Investment?

Peggy Noonan: We're Governed by Callous Children
Charles Krauthammer: The three envelopes
Michael Gerson: Too small to lead
David Brooks: The Tenacity Question

James Taranto: Ex-Friends: The Associated Press joins the White House enemies list

WSJ: House Ethics Panel Probes Earmarks by 7 Lawmakers
WaPo: Dozens in Congress under ethics inquiry
WaPo: 7 on defense panel scrutinized
NYT: Ethics Inquiries Into Lawmakers Surface via Security Breach

Wash Times: VIP donors have big federal interests

NYT: Senate Confirms Surgeon General

NYT: Palins Travels
Politico: Iowa Republicans wince at Sarah Palin's $100K speaking fee


Wash Times: Pataki endorses Hoffman for N.Y. seat
Politico: In shift, GOP leaders embrace Hoffman
Dallas MN: Rick Perry endorses Conservative over Republican in NY race
Politico: Mike Huckabee hearts no one in New York's 23rd district
Hill: N.Y. special-election endorsements places GOP in tough position
Human Events: NY-23 Smackdown
Time: A GOP Civil War in Upstate New York

NYT: Thompson vs. Bloomberg: A Contrast of Style and Plans
NYT: Thompson Endorsed by Cuomo


Human Events: Polls Show Volatile Race in New Jersey
Philadelphia Inquirer: Bergen County a key factor in governor's race
NYT: A Rivalry as Strained as New Jerseys Finances


Reuters: McDonnell Opens Gap Over Deeds in VA; Republicans Look for Statewide Sweep
Wash Times: Money, missteps cost Deeds in polls for gubernatorial race
LA Times: A governor's race that has nothing -- and everything -- to do with Obama


Desert Sun: Gubernatorial candidate Whitman visits valley


AP: Perry gets Barbour's endorsement
Star-Telegram: Texas gubernatorial candidates spar over endorsements
NYT: Tight Race for Houston Mayor, With History on Line


Tampa Tribune: Benson enters GOP attorney general race
Palm Beach Post: Republican primary for state attorney general takes shape
Hill: Rubio backers say Florida governor's adviser behind anti-Rubio website


Times-Herald: Handel: Tax relief a priority if elected governor


CQ Politics: Special Interest: llinois Senate Hopeful Gets White House Meeting


Star Tribune: Republican Kohls dropping out of governor's race
Mankato FP: Pawlenty speaks in New Ulm


CQ Politics: Is He Electable? Hatch Helps Toomey Bankroll Senate Race


Detroit FP: Granholm to sign new state budget
WSJ: Michigan to Close Prison Considered for Gitmo Detainees


WRAL: Ex-Homeland Security chief Ridge speaking in Charlotte


State: Bauer running for governor
State: Bauer opens campaign account


Boston Globe: Kirk echoes Brooke's call for bipartisanship


Reno GJ: Missing Nevada GOP state convention ballots discovered


American Spectator: Dave Treen, Political Builder


October 29, 2009


Karl Rove: Tuesday's Elections and the Democratic Agenda

WSJ: House Democrats Set Deal on Government Option
WaPo: House health-care reform bill to include public option
Wash Times: House to unveil health bill Thursday
NYT: Pelosi Backs Off Having Set Rates for Public Option
Politico: Pelosi set to unveil health reform bill
Hill: Pelosi chooses healthcare bill with public option favored by centrists
Human Events: Does Pelosi Have the Votes?
WSJ: Business Groups Push Hard Against the Senate Bill
Hill: GOP tells businesses to speak up
NYT: Polls and the Public Option
WSJ: Lawmakers Target Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
WSJ: Reid's Math: Liberal Fans Exceed Public-Plan Foes
Hill: Former McCain adviser: Dems wont get 60 votes on healthcare reform
Rep. John Boehner: Let America read the bill
Ann Coulter: I'll pass on 'opting out'
Betsy McCaughey: Doctors on Health-Care Reform
Rush Limbaugh: Dingy Harry's Texas Hold 'Em

WaPo: Top officials defend flu vaccination campaign
WaPo: Tamiflu shortages have parents on wild dose chase
NYT: Shortage of Vaccine Poses Political Test for Obama
Dick Morris: Flu shot shortage shows government incompetence
Rush Limbaugh: Napolitano and Sebelius Call for Do-Over on Flu Vaccine Debacle
Rush Limbaugh: Jackson Lee Exploits H1N1 Panic to Promote "Robust Public Option"

Hill: Senate climate bill will raise gasoline prices, domestic oil refiners say
WSJ: Sins of Emission: The ethanol boondoggle is also an environmental catastrophe
Human Events: A Climate Tale of Two Senators

NYT: 3rd Rescue Considered for GMAC
WSJ: Politicians Butt In at Bailed-Out GM
WSJ: FTC's Powers Would Grow Under Financial Overhaul
WaPo: Extension of home buyers' credit has wide Senate support
WSJ: First-Time Fraudsters: A tax credit so silly even a four-year-old can exploit it
WaPo: Credit-rating bill clears committee
WSJ: Dodd's Card Trick: A new price control to clean up after the previous one
CQ Politics: Senate Stalls Over Amendments to Jobless Benefits Bill
Hill: Dems add stimulus provisions to stopgap spending measure

NYT: Victory for Obama Over Military Lobby

Politico: FEC puts Obama in a bind

NYT: Obama Signs Hate Crimes Bill
WaPo: After 10-year dispute, expansion of hate crimes law to gays signed

George Will: A reality check on drug use

NYT: Loosening of F.B.I. Rules Stirs Privacy Concerns

Wash Times: Republicans seek probe of White House perks
NYT: White House Denies Giving Donors Special Access
Wash Times: Obama nomination of donor as envoy put on hold
Hill: Lobbyists receive DNC fundraiser invites

Politico: Biden popularity fades as role expands

Politico: Richardson case sent to ethics panel

Rush Limbaugh: Prediction: The Uprising of 2010

Hill: Congressman presses NFL commissioner on Limbaugh ownership

Time: House Republicans Hope the Economy Will Help Overcome the 'Party of No' Label

Politico: Palin hits Levi, CBS
CNN: Analysis: Palin's high-risk, high-reward strategy
LA Times: Americans to Sarah Palin: We think you're OK, but ...


Albany TU: Scozzafava, Owens debate; Hoffman is a no-show
Newzjunky: Scozzafava vs. Owens Face-Off in Debate at SUNY Plattsburgh
NRO: NRCC Airs Anti-Hoffman Web Ad
James Taranto: Republican vs. Conservative: Which side are the Democrats against?
American Spectator: Third Way
American Spectator: In Defense of Principled Moderates
American Thinker: The Battlefield Paradox: Scozzafava or Hoffman?
Telegraph UK: New York vote becomes battle for Republican Party's future
Wash Times: N.Y. GOP rift spreads to races in other states
Fox: Romney Doesn't Step Into New York Special Election

NYDN: Tanking Gov. Paterson may 'reassess' his election bid

Albany TU: Senator: Milk prices too low

NYT: Not Running Against Wall St.

NYT: Mayor Deprives Rival of Black Clergys Support

NYT: Queens Party Is Expected to Dump Monserrate

NYT: Judges Refuse to Free Kerik Before Trial


Star-Ledger: Next governor will reshape N.J. Supreme Court
S-L: N.J. gubernatorial challengers Christie, Daggett begin final leg of campaign race
Paul Mulshine: N.J.'s Republican legacy leaves Chris Christie on the defensive


Rasmussen: Virginia Governor: McDonnell Stretches Lead To 13
CQ Politics: Virginia Commonwealth University Poll Puts McDonnell Up By 18
WSLS: Mitt Romney stumps for Virginias Republican ticket in Roanoke
Richmond TD: GOP headliners hopscotch Virginia for McDonnell
WaPo: McDonnell critics question ideology
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Throws Deeds Under Bus


San Diego UT: Path to citizenship needed, GOP candidate Whitman says
SF Chronicle: Another GOP debate tonight -- another Meg Whitman absence
SF Chronicle: Jerry Brown accused of caving in to donor
SacBee: Unions don't wait for Brown to declare candidacy before donating
SacBee: Bill to legalize, tax marijuana in California gets a hearing
George Skelton: Meg Whitman's radio whoppers


Dallas MN: Dick Cheney to endorse Kay Bailey Hutchison for Texas governor
Star-Telegram: Hutchison 'so pleased' to have Cheney endorsement
Austin AS: Cheney will stump with Hutchison
Dallas MN: Governor's race: Is Cheney key to conservatives' vote in Texas primary?
Hot Air: The next GOP civil war: Cheney backing Hutchison over Rick Perry
NYT: Cheney to Head to Texas to Back Hutchison
Politico: Cheney backs Hutchison
Dallas MN: Armey says he mastered roles of lobbyist, leader
Dallas Observer: Texas GOP Shifts Even Further Right With New Chair Cathie Adams


Broward NT: Crist's Three Disciples: Men Closest to Governor All From Broward
WJHG: Marco Rubio Campaigning for U.S. Senate Seat in Northwest Florida
News-Press: Editorial: Crist takes his lumps, and rightly so


AJC: Congressmen urge governors to work on settling tri-state water feud
AJC: On whether all Republicans should look like Georgia Republicans
AJC: Barack Obama and the Atlanta mayors race


Chicago Sun-Times: Andy McKenna enters Illinois governor's race
sj-r: Former GOP chairman joins Illinois governor race


CQ Politics: Democrat Takes Steps to Run in Minnesota's 3rd District


CQ Politics: Eye on the Senate: Toomey Gains on Specter In Pennsylvania


CQ Politics: GOP Tries Different Direction In Ohio16


Detroit News: Bing runs on record as Barrow fights it
Lansing SJ: Region's lawmakers split over revenue


KC Star: Missouri to cut 700 state jobs, $204 million from budget
MSNBC: Blunt politicizes swine flu


AP/Lovering: Boeing brings thousands of jobs to S.C.


WaPo: Brooke, first black elected by popular vote, gets Congressional Gold Medal
Boston Globe: Democratic Senate hopefuls split on PAC funds
Boston Globe: Patrick cites states gains as cuts loom


NYT: Reids Campaign Bats Back at Deflated Bomb Tales


NYT: In New Orleans, Mayoral Race Still Lacks Heft


NYT: Birmingham Mayor Convicted on All Counts


CQ Politics: GOPs Bass Catch Prompts New Hampshire Rating Change


Hill: Oil execs sentenced for Alaska bribes


Arkansas News: Blanches corner shrinks


October 28, 2009


WSJ: Lieberman Steps Up: Opposing Reid's public option gambit
NYDN: I don't want public insurance plan in health care reform, Sen. Lieberman says
Hill: Lieberman to vote against public option
Politico: Democrats downplay Lieberman threat
Wash Times: Reid's public option plan splits Democrats
LA Times: Reid hopes to sway enough senators on 'public option'
WaPo: Centrists unsure about Reid's public option
WSJ: Reid's Push for Public Option Creates New Barriers for Bill
Politico: Defections have some Democrats casting about for Plan B
NYT: Democrats Divided Over Reid Proposal for Public Option
Hill: Reid doesnt have health votes yet
Las Vegas Sun: Harry Reids next health care test: Securing 60 votes
Boston Globe: Public option, private strong-arming by Reid
NYT: Delicate Dance for 2 Lobbyists on Health Bill
Hill: Kyl prefers opt-in over opt-out
NYT: Newsman to Speak at Events of Group Opposed to Health Care Plan
WSJ: Private insurance premiums could triple under ObamaCare
Wash Times: Constitutionality of health overhaul questioned
Wash Times: Work flow slows as House awaits health bill
Hill: Hoyer: House Dems on the verge of bringing healthcare bill to the floor
Hill: Pelosi has go-to gang on big votes
Hill: Stupak threatens to work with GOP to kill health bill
Hill: House Dems seek to grab momentum created by Senate public option
Hill: Republicans bracing against Democratic unity on healthcare procedure votes
Dick Morris: Reids bait-and-switch tactics
Newt Gingrich: Saying 'No' to Your Right to Know
Rush Limbaugh: Dingy Harry's Sleight of Hand: An "Opt-Out" of the Public Option

WSJ: Senators Question U.S. Response to Flu
WSJ: Why You Can't Get the Swine Flu Vaccine
News Busters: Obama Escapes Blame for H1N1 Flu Vaccine Shortage and Delay
Jake Tapper: Obamas Daughters Get the H1N1 Vaccine

WSJ: Obama Trumpets Energy Grants
NYT: White House Steps Up Climate Efforts
Wash Times: Baucus balks at climate change legislation
Politico: Climate bill forecast: Cloudy
Politico: Is EPA jumping gun on climate bill?
Dana Milbank: A senator in a hostile climate

Politico: House GOP turns to Oliver North on Afghanistan
Hill: Senator: Diplomat's resignation over Afghanistan war reflects 'frustration'
James Taranto: While President Golfs, Afghanistan, once a necessary war, is downgraded
Rush Limbaugh: Military Families Demoralized by Our Dithering Commander-in-Chief

WSJ: Gloom Spreads on Economy, but GOP Doesn't Gain
WaPo: Economy is kick-started, but can it motor ahead?
WaPo: Foreclosures double in Washington area: Subprime borrowers
WSJ: Deal Reached on Bank Crackdown
NYT: Bill Seeks to Shift Rescue Costs to Big Banks
WSJ: GMAC Asks for Fresh Lifeline
NYT: Big Lender GMAC Asks for More U.S. Aid
WSJ: Pay Czar Increased Base Pay at Firms
WSJ: First Broadband Stimulus Grants Are Delayed
Hill: Bipartisan stimulus extension fizzles
WSJ: Washington's Suicide Mission
WaPo: N.Y. Fed pushed AIG on contracts
WaPo: Home prices up slightly for third straight month

Politico: D.C. vote hopes fade on the Hill

WSJ: Palin Receives $1.25 Million for Book Retainer
NYT: For Memoir, Palin Received $1.25 Million Retainer

Human Events: Pawlenty Defends Conservative Credentials

Hill: OCE, House ethics committee fight over release of document

Wash Times: Democratic donors rewarded with W.H. perks
Wash Times: White House touts ethics in rewards for fundraisers

Kathleen Parker: Obama vs. the full PC press
EJ Dionne: Is America really becoming more conservative?
Michael Gerson: Giving democracy a dose of clarity

CQ Politics: GOP Picks Promising Young Guns Candidates

Human Events: Top 10 Best-Selling Conservative Books in 2009


CQ Politics: Hoffman Nabs Nods From Congressional Republicans
PoliGazette: Palin Power in Action
Albany TU: NRCC ad: Owens as magician
Rush Limbaugh: Why NY-23 Isn't a Third-Party Race

NYDN: More praise from White House for possible NY governor candidate Andrew Cuomo

WSJ: Escape From New York: A new study says taxes are driving people away
NYT: Editorial: The Fog of Ethics in Albany

Albany TU: Is $5,000 stipend boost a back-door pay hike?

Albany TU: Legislative Ethics Commission didnt advise Monserrate
NY Post: Hiram gal: Let me be his love again
Albany TU: Editorial: Mr. Monserrate's latest outrage

NYT: Mayor Pounds His Opponent in the Last Debate
NY Post: Bloomy and Bill in Yankee basebrawl
NYDN: Thompson, Bloomberg pull out all stops in final debate
NY Post: Hizzoner wins big with NY's undecided
NYT: Bloomberg Is Quick to Attack, Yet Vague on Mission
NYT: Newark Mayor Backed Bloomberg, Then Got Funds
Elizabeth Benjamin: Geller's Largesse

NYT: No Ethics Inquiry Into Kennedy Leaks


Rasmussen: New Jersey Governor: Christie 46%, Corzine 43%
NY Post: Christie surges in polls
AP: Corzine takes lead from Chris Christie in N.J. Gov race, poll says


Wash Times: Obama rallies for Deeds in Va.
NYT: Obama Stumps for Deeds in Va.
WaPo: Deeds reaches for 'Obama energy'
NYDN: Obama's Good Deed For Deeds
CQ Politics: Obama Does Another Turn for Deeds in Virginia


WSJ: Schwarzenegger Airs Medicaid Cost Concerns, but Still Backs Action
SacBee: Schwarzenegger backs 'individual mandate' in health care overhaul
NYT: California Would Lose Seats Under Census Change
Dan Walters: Land use is real issue in water wrangling


Dallas MN: State Board of Education members accused of not disclosing gifts


St. Pete Times: Crist was unaware of Obama's Florida itinerary
Wash Times: Crist steers clear of Obama during visit
NYT: Crist Has No Hug for Obama
Orlando Sentinel: Both Alex Sink's and Bill McCollum's offices should police debt collectors


WSJ: Atlanta Polls Signal Racial Shift


Medill: Democrats' crisis creates opening for Topinka
Daily Herald: Parties can't agree on how much is too much to give to candidates


Star Tribune: State Republicans now asking 'Where's R.T.?'


Pittsburgh TR: Undecideds abound in top court, Senate, gubernatorial races


CQ Politics: Strickland, Kasich Start Ohio Governor's Race All But Tied


Detroit News: Conyers to be sentenced Dec. 1


St. Louis PD: Bond: Climate change legislation slams farmers


CQ Politics: Ratings Changes: Tennessee Democrats Face GOP Tide
AP: Tennessee: Investigation Into Ex-Mayor


News & Observer: Burr sees progress during Afghanistan trip


State: Sanford impeachment bill 'out of order'
Wash Times: Sanford impeachment hearing nixed

Sun News: Prosecutor enters attorney general race


Politico: Coakley leads pack despite blip


KLAS: Nevada Governor Reacts to Possible Public Option
AP: Chief of staff to hold fundraiser for NV governor


CQ Politics: Another Connecticut Senate Hopeful On The Air
AP: F. K. Biebel, a G.O.P. Leader, Dies at 83


October 27, 2009


Wash Times: Conservative splits GOP in N.Y. congressional race
Hill: Pawlenty bucks GOP, endorses Hoffman
NYT: Right Battles G.O.P. Choice in a Pivotal Race in New York
EJ Dionne: Palin vs. Collins in NY's 23rd
Politico: Newt Gingrich: Doug Hoffman support a 'mistake'
CQ Politics: DCCC Targets Conservative Candidate in N.Y. Special
Albany TU: GOP Assembly back their own against Hoffman

LA Times: New York race at epicenter of a GOP mutiny
Politico: N.Y. 23 race an early 2012 test
CQ Politics: Primary Influence: Some Lawmakers Willing To Pony Up Early

Gallup: Conservatives Maintain Edge as Top Ideological Group
Bill Kristol: A good time to be a conservative
NYT: BlogTalk: The Conservative Label

WSJ: Reid Says Senate Bill Will Have Public Plan
Wash Times: Public option in health bill, Reid says
WaPo: Reid says bill will include a public option
Hill: Reid bets on public option
NYT: Public Option Push in Senate Comes With Escape Hatch
Politico: Dems seek home-state exemptions
Politico: Despite W.H. worries, Reid rolls dice
WaPo: AARP: Reform advocate and insurance salesman
Hill: Unions win concessions but fight on
Hill: Lieberman: Health bill concern not based on Connecticut insurance companies
Hill: Top economic adviser touts health insurance tax and public option
Rich Lowry: Back from dead: Return of the 'public option'
Ezra Klein: The conservative public option
Dana Milbank: Harry Reid, shopping for reelection insurance
Dick Morris: Obama taxes pacemakers, heart valves

Hill: Alexander: Obama failing in climate change leadership
WSJ: Renewable Energy Returns to Spotlight
AP/Hebert: Senate hearing kicks off climate bill
Bloomberg: Senate Climate Bill Revives Complaints of Coal-Dependent States

Politico: Countrywide inquiry broadens

WSJ: Finance Talks Hit Thorny Issues
Hill: Dodd introduces bill meant to freeze credit card interest rates immediately
WSJ: Dodd Seeks to Freeze Credit-Card Rates
NYT: Dodd Calls for Interim Freeze on Credit Card Fees and Rates
NYT: Ex-A.I.G. Chief Is Back, Luring Talent From Rescued Firm
Hill: Dem senators decry GOP 'slow-walking' on unemployment bill
WSJ: Rolling up the TARP
WSJ: Is the U.S. Economy Turning Japanese?
NYT: Editorial: The Case for More Stimulus
David Brooks: The Fatal Conceit

NYT: No Rushing on Decisions, Obama Says
NYT: Kerry Calls for Patient Strategy in Afghanistan
WSJ: Kerry Urges Caution in Adding Troops
WSJ: Unless the U.S. shows resolve, the Taliban will simply wait us out
WSJ: The Post-Gracious President
Mike Lupica: Obama should focus on the war in Afghanistan, not the war against Fox News

Wash Times: Legal aid program to recover stone-wall funds

WaPo: Probe of Homeland Security privacy office sought

James Taranto: In Defense of Carol Swain

Wash Times: Castro's sister claims ties to CIA

NYT: Obamas Fund-Raising, in His Best Interest
Politico: Tim Pawlenty: Barack Obama projecting 'weakness'

Hill: Gingrich will consider presidential bid

Wash Times: Democrats play defense this election
Wash Times: Elections test Obama's prestige

Hill: House liberals use outside muscle to bolster 2010 position against Blue Dogs

WaPo: Bush's first stand on a new podium

CBS: Meet The Republican Ralph Nader


Hill: Gillibrand says she would add gay rights amendment to the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Albany TU: State's ink a deeper shade of red

NY Post: Bloomberg lead at 18 points: poll
NYT: Bloomberg Goes All Out as Turnout Is Called Key
NYT: Council Leader Gives Thompson Endorsement, Whether He Wanted It or Not

Buffalo News: Collins apologizes for calling Silver an Antichrist


Philadelphia Inquirer: Candidates for N.J. governor mount final push
Politico: Poll: Corzine by 9
CQ Politics: Presses Churn Endorsements for Corzine, Christie
S-L: Codey's star dims as Senate president, but still shines brightly as campaigner
S-L: N.J. Trail Mix: For Christie, it's elementary (school)


Politico: McDonnell up 11 in latest poll
WaPo: McDonnell's edge over Deeds grows stronger
CQ Politics: McDonnell Outpaces Deeds in Latest Fundraising Push
WaPo: New WaPo Virginia Poll: The Crosstabs
WaPo: Kaine rallies the troops
Politico: Deeds: I didn't push the president away
Wes Pruden: The collapse of the Democratic campaign for governor of Virginia
Human Events: Even Georgians Campaigning for Bob McDonnell


WSJ: 'Civil Gideon' Trumpets Legal Discord

SF Chronicle: Delta water plan emerges for public to view
SacBee: Republicans balk at Delta water legislation
Dan Walters: A new California water plan remains an elusive goal


CQ Politics: New Texas GOP Chief Wants Straight Scoop From Senator
KWTX: Hutchison Would Take A Pay Cut As Governor
Dallas MN: Critics hit Dallas Rep. Pete Sessions over district's high rate of uninsured


Broward Politics: Rubio draws big crowd to Broward Republican Party
St. Pete Times: Florida's budget has shrunk, but does Crist deserve credit?

St. Pete Times: Chillier political climate for this Obama visit to Florida
Miami Herald: Obama in Miami: A campaign feel as he stumps for health reform
Miami Herald: Obama gives Florida Democrats a pep talk at Miami Beach fundraiser

St. Pete Times: LeMieux finds answers in Afghanistan


AJC: Mary Norwood closes in on the magic 50 percent mark


Chicago Tribune: Double-digit property tax increases in city, Cook County suburbs
CQ Politics: Rep. Davis Files for Cook County Post


PP: Republican National Convention protester reaches plea deal for tossing road sign


Philadelphia Daily News: Republican candidate for D.A. touts law, business experience


Human Events: John Kasich's Plan for Ohio: Conservative and Daring
Cleveland PD: Sen. Voinovich, black pastors underscore opposition to casino gambling
Columbus Dispatch: Kilroy gets help from Biden in re-election bid
Cleveland PD: Biden touts success of federal stimulus in Cleveland


Rasmussen: Michigan Voters Rate Two Parties Even Looking Ahead to 2010 Governors Race
Detroit FP: Budget anger is boiling over


St. Louis PD: Fresh from Luxembourg, Wagner will chair Roy Blunts campaign
AP: Ex-GOP official Ann Wagner to lead Roy Blunts Senate campaign
St. Louis BJ: Wagner to head Roy Blunts Senate campaign

Joplin Globe: GOP lawmakers: Donation caps not necessary for ethics reform


TimesNews: Alexander warns climate change legislation would be job killer


FayObserver: Sen. Burr hopeful after Afghan trip


CSM: Bid to impeach Gov. Mark Sanford begins Tuesday
Charleston P&C: Session to tackle historic matters
State: Lawmaker wants special impeachment committee
Wash Times: Impeachment of Sanford may stall


CQ Politics: Special Election Debate: Capuano Shows Passion, Coakley Shows Polish
Boston Globe: Rivals sound a Kennedy theme

Rasmussen: 49% in Massachusetts Say Patrick Should Not Seek Reelection


Wash Times: Historic vote on same-sex unions in Maine


Las Vegas RJ: PAC formed to defeat Lowden
LA Times: Cheers and jeers for Nevada's Harry Reid


WSJ: Palin Successor Focuses on Energy Agenda


Hill: Dems lose top recruit against Grassley
CQ Politics: Christie Vilsack Not Challenging Iowa Sen. Grassley
Politico: Vilsack not running for Senate


CQ Politics: Ex-Rep.'s Wife Picks a Side for Connecticut Race


Lexington H-L: Kelly appointed to judgeship


October 26, 2009


WaPo: Ideology trumps party for Palin

CQ Politics: House GOP Preps Midterm Message
Hill: McConnell rejects poll showing distrust of Republican Party
Politico: Tom Coburn tells GOP to hold the pork
Wash Times: Glimmering new dawn for the GOP
NYT: Editorial: Torching the Big Tent
Jed Babbin: Who are the Tea Partyers?

WSJ: Senate on Verge of Health Bill
WSJ: House Leaders Woo Centrists to Back Public Plan
NYT: Democrats Are Optimistic That Public Option Will Be Approved
Hill: Dem leaders 'leaning strongly' toward opt-out for public healthcare plan
Wash Times: Public option seen buoyed by 'opt out'
WSJ: Why Government Health Care Keeps Falling in the Polls
CQ Politics: Gauging the Prospects for a Public Option
WaPo: If you build a coverage mandate, will they come?
WaPo: Next phase in health-care debate: The art of the deal
Politico: Dems push for benefits to start by 2010
Hill: Healthcare lobbyist bundles contributions for Senate Dems
WaPo: Chamber of Commerce criticizes Obama team
Politico: Chamber: White House attacks are backfiring
Hill: Top Chamber lobbyist: White House has 'raised up the Cain'
Wash Times: Health reform written behind closed doors
Paul Krugman: After Reform Passes
Fred Hiatt: Shirking cost control
Robert Samuelson: Public plan mirage

WSJ: Senate Panel Set to Take on Climate Bill
WSJ: Our Indivisible Environment

NYT: U.S. Considers Reining In Too Big to Fail Institutions
Hill: Schumer: Reining in corporate pay in 'non-vindictive' way is essential
NYT: The Economic Bomb That Didnt Drop
WSJ: Fed's Tarullo Shakes Up Bank Rules
WSJ: Strapped Borrowers Head to Court
WSJ: Home-Buyer Tax Credit Proposals Compete in Senate
WSJ: The Spending Rolls On: The fiscal 2010 bills grow domestic programs by 12.1%
Sanford Weill: Six Steps to Revitalize the Financial System

Politico: Hatch: 'I hope' Obama not delaying troop decision to help Corzine and Deeds
Politico: McCain, Hatch distance selves from jab
Hill: GOP senators back away from Cheney's Afghan war words
Politico: Feingold working to block Afghanistan troop increase
Hill: Afghan candidate says 'dramatic' surge needed, backs McChrystal assessment
Hill: Defense appropriations delay irks lawmakers
Human Events: The Case Against 'Guantanamo-North'

WSJ: Countrywide Files: Revolt forces Ed Towns to subpoena 'Friends of Angelo' documents

WaPo: A congressman, a lobbying firm and a swift path to earmarks

NYT: A Nation Battling Swine Flu, and Short Vaccine Supplies

WaPo: Attorney general prepares to fill advisory panel

WSJ: Safety Costs Chafe Railroads
Hill: Gun fight over Amtrak could throw Transportation bill off the tracks

WSJ: Federal Jobs: Easy to Spot, Hard to Get
WaPo: Changes in sight for federal employees

Lanny Davis: White House vs. Fox make sense?

WSJ: President Sets Fast Fund-Raising Pace as 2010 Midterms Loom

CQ Politics: Ratings Update: The Northeast


NBC: GOP Civil War: Battlefield New York
Politico: GOP officials: We won't abandon Dede
American Spectator: Doug Hoffman, Ordinary American
American Thinker: Hoffman is the Obvious Choice
Seattle University Spectator: TEA Party runs candidate against GOP in NY-23
CQ Politics: Not Much Movement in New York Special Election

NYDN: Gov. Paterson wants lawmakers back Nov. 10 to fix budget
Albany TU: Big defense fund for senator

NYDN: Don't count William Thompson out of mayoral race, analysts say

NYT: Another Look at the Dinkins Administration, and Not by Giuliani

NYDN: Erie County Executive Collins regrets comparing Sheldon Silver to Hitler, anti-Christ

Albany TU: Feds probing Medicaid fraud at SUNY firm


Philadelphia Inquirer: GOP worried about Daggett's impact on N.J. race
WaPo: Recession adds to New Jersey governor's woes in a race drawing national interest
SL: Questionable hiring by Christie raised concern among prosecutors in U.S. Attorney's office
AP: Five newspapers make endorsements in New Jersey governors race

Star-Ledger: Hundreds gather at Statehouse to protest gay marriage

Star-L: N.J. Assembly Democrats expect to retain majority control after November election


Human Events: Virginia Gov. Candidate Excites Young GOPers
Wash Times: Va. gov. candidates woo black voters
Politico: Treatment of Deeds is same old politics
News Virginian: Candidates debate qualifications
Examiner: Deeds walks tightrope on Obama popularity, policy
Hill: Two more Virginia papers endorse Deeds


SacBee: 3 California GOP gubernatorial candidates have history of contributing to Democrats
Politico: Calif. race in New York's shadow
Heritage: The Price of Prop 8


Star-Telegram: Perry-Hutchison fight may cause major fallout in GOP
Dallas MN: New Texas GOP chair: Cathie Adams, a Perry supporter
AP: Hutchison's wealth from investments, spouse's pay
San Antonio News: Is resignation question a lose-lose for Hutchison?


American Spectator: Marco Gets It
Politico: President Obama in campaign mode for Florida trip


Augusta Chronicle: Analysis: New Atlanta mayor could court GOP
AJC: Atlanta mayoral race goes down to the wire


Chicago Tribune: Judy Baar Topinka announces run for state comptroller


Star Tribune: GOP contenders share vision for 2010: less government


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio GOP takes on Tiberi's Democratic challenger
Toledo Blade: Old political opponents display skills in casino debate


Detroit News: Lone Senate seat up for vote


KC Star: Petition process a double-edged sword in Missouri


Memphis Flyer: Wamp Visits Memphis, Disses Rival Haslam


News & Observer: Shuler takes his skills to the big game


State: Senators dispute which voters to woo for GOP


Boston Globe: More debates for Senate rivals


Salt Lake Tribune: Harry Reid: A Mormon in the middle


Milwaukee JS: Obama team likes Barrett for governor


October 25, 2009


WSJ: Rep. Price Predicts Remarkable Election for GOP in 2010
Hill: Price: Republicans can take enough seats to win back the House in 2010

WSJ: Obama Declares Swine-Flu Emergency
Hill: Obama declares swine flu national emergency
WaPo: Obama declares flu emergency to ease restrictions for hospitals
Wash Times: H1N1 a national emergency
WaPo: Families say flu scare comes with a dose of craziness
NYT: Swine Flu Is Widespread in 46 States as Vaccines Lag
NYT: Worst Case: Choosing Who Survives in a Flu Epidemic
Chicago Sun-Times: Clinics turn away hundreds seeking H1N1 vaccine
LA Times: Public health departments are on the front lines against the flu

Politico: Harry Reid closes in on 60 votes for a public health insurance option
Hill: Snowe indicates health vote may not occur before Christmas
AP/Lester: GOP: higher taxes in health plan
NYT: Small Business Faces Sharp Rise in Costs of Health Care
WaPo: Electronic medical records not seen as a cure-all
Hill: Urban, rural House Democrats spar over Medicare deal announcement
Hill: Around 40 Dems line up against federal abortion funding in healthcare bill
AP/Espo: House health care bill over $1 trillion for decade

Hill: Senate panel begins work on climate bill
WaPo: Senate's climate bill a bit more ambitious
NYT: Senate Global Warming Bill Is Seeking to Cushion the Impact on Industry

Boston Globe: Obama may face fight on treaties

Politico: Panel sends Countrywide subpoena

WSJ: Obama Seeks Support For Small Business

Wash Times: Biden's VP role seen as following Cheney model

Politico: In his own image: Barack Obama's DNC

CQ Politics: CQ Politics Ratings Update: The Midwest

Hill: Big tent or 'blurring the lines'? Reagan words, meaning drive GOP debate
Philadelphia Inquirer: GOP needs new primary process, and fast

NYDN: White House caves, gives Fox News access to Treasury official after other news networks balk

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Healthcare reform, Afghanistan to top Sunday shows


Politico: Poll: Owens 35, Scozzafava 30, Hoffman 23
NY Post: Palin touts NY 'right' candidate
Watertown DT: Collins stumps for GOP hopeful
CSM: Republicans going rogue in upstate New York
Swamp: Palin, Gingrich, Armey: A GOP divided

NYT: G.O.P. Gearing Up for 2010 House Races
AP/Gormley: Paterson fights to survive
Albany TU: Report: family courts in crisis
Newsday: Confident Suozzi seeks third term as county executive


Star-Ledger: Candidates for N.J. governor now focusing their campaigning
NY Post: GOP rival rips Corzine donations to Dem crook
Philadelphia Inquirer: Cherry Hill's top concern: Taxes


WaPo: Va. GOP makes timely changes
WaPo: Republicans see an opportunity to grab more seats in Va. House
WaPo: A case of mistaken assumptions about Deeds and taxes
News-Virginian: Energy: Drill, baby, or go green?


NYT: In 2010, for a Change, a Northern Governor
SacBee: State court deal nears $2 billion
Dan Walters: California clings to its love for boondoggles
Debra Saunders: The long and short of Steve Poizner
AP/Young: Special sessions define Schwarzenegger's tenure


AP: Texas Republicans elect new party chairwoman
Dallas MN: Hutchison absenteeism not much of an advantage to Perry
Dallas MN: 5th Court of Appeals Chief Justice Linda Thomas set to move on after 30 years
Dallas MN: Successor will become first black chief justice


CQ Politics: Race for Fallin Seat a Three-Way Rumble


Herald Tribune: Crist to skip Obama visit to Arcadia
AP/Farrington: Obama hug lingers as Crist seeks Fla. Senate seat
Buzz: Charlie Crist as the new Tom Gallagher
Time: Inside Florida's Red-Meat Republican Primary
Miami Herald: Crist exaggerates benefits of Cover Florida Health Care program
Miami Herald: Candidates for governor have work schedules most can only dream of
Miami Herald: Poll gives Regaldo wide lead in Miami mayoral race


RN-T: Handel has high hopes in 2010 race


Chicago Sun-Times: GOP: Determined to Take Obama's Seat Back


CQ Politics: Wisconsin Developer To Challenge Sen. Feingold


McClatchy: So far, Franken's style has been super-serious


Pittsburgh PG: Specter: Still an 'independent streak'


Cleveland PD: Majority of Ohio voters favor casinos, Issue 3, poll says
Vindy: Casino support softens, poll finds


CQ Politics: Fourth Republican Enters Open-Seat Race in Michigan 2


CQ Politics: Ex-Nebraska Sen. Kerrey Draws Down Campaign Account


Tennessean: Fights brew for Tennessee congressional seats
Bill Haslam: Education is Tennessee's best economic development strategy


Richmond Register: Stivers chosen majority leader by state Senate Republicans
Examiner: Rand Paul speaks in Lexington


Charlotte Observer: Legislators join Perdue in Beijing
News & Record: Easley hearings: Ethics take spotlight ... again


McClatchy: Graham, DeMint differ on strategies for GOP to regain power
State: How Sanford unplugged


Nashua Telegraph: Donors stuffing Ayottes coffers, but thats it


SacBee: California-style gay marriage battle is being fought now in Maine


AP/Chereb: Ensign resignation would set up Nevada scramble
AP: Angle announces US Senate bid
RGJ: Reid toils for deal on health


Denver Post: Jane Norton has GOP friends in high places as she runs for the U.S. Senate


October 24, 2009


Politico: Top Republicans jump ship in NY-23

NYT: House Oversight Leader Agrees to Subpoena Documents on Mortgage Deals
LA Times: Subpoenas issued over Countrywide VIP loan program
Politico: Panel sends Countrywide subpoena
Hill: Dodd: Investigating Countrywide is 'the correct move'

WaPo: Prognosis improves for public insurance
NYT: Pelosi Intensifies Pressure for Public Health Plan
Politico: Harry Reid closes in on 60 votes for a public health insurance option
Wash Times: Pelosi easing 'robust public option' stance
CQ Politics: Pelosi Moving to Close Medicare Doughnut Hole
Politico: Pelosi lacks votes for most sweeping public option
Hill: Pelosi calls an emergency meeting on push for robust public option
CQ Politics: House Democrats Sorting Out Status of Public Option
Hill: Liberals confident that public healthcare option will happen
Hill: Johanns: Healthcare meetings a 'shameful' series of 'backroom deals'
Hill: Obama links healthcare reform with small-business growth in address
Hill: Obama working to get public option
LA Times: States 'opting out' is a healthcare option
AP/Lester: Republicans question health care improvements
WSJ: Obama's Doctor Shortage
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Be Fooled: Any Obamacare Bill Will Include the Public Option

WSJ: Obama Calls for Passage of Climate Bill, Touts Energy Initiatives
Wash Times: Obama dismisses warming skeptics
NYT: Obama Presses Case for Renewable Energy
CNN: Graham attacked over cap-and-trade in new ad

WSJ: Power Plants Face Potentially Costly New Air-Pollution Rules
NYT: E.P.A. Agrees to Deadline in 11 for Setting Rules on Mercury Emissions

NYT: Bernanke Urges Overhaul of Bank Regulatory System
Rush Limbaugh: Offensive Obama Speech on Pay
Politico: Sen. Chris Dodd produced language that allowed Feinberg to cut salaries
Politico: Firms take fire in war on Chamber

WSJ: Home-Buyer Tax Credit Proposals Compete in Senate
WaPo: Refinancing lifeline fails to reach most 'underwater' homeowners

Gannett: Groups lobby against proposed census change
KPCC: Southern California congressional members protest Census citizenship question
NOLA: Hysteria on Sen. David Vitter's citizenship question

CQ Politics: Second Stopgap Spending Measure Likely to Stand on Its Own

CQ Politics: Six-Month Highway Bill Extension Now Likely in Senate

NYDN: Justice of few questions Clarence Thomas to other Supreme Court justices: Hush!

NYT: G.O.P. Gearing Up for 2010 House Races

Fox: Value Voters Offer First Look at 2012 Presidential Contest
CNN: Huckabee to visit Iowa and South Carolina
Star Tribune: Pawlenty hobnobs with GOP elite
Minn Indep: T-Paw is the ‘buzz candidate of the Republican establishment’
Minn Indep: GOP candidates can’t skip Iowa
Marc Ambinder: Rethinking Pawlenty's Iowa Caucus Strategy
Minn Indep: Is Pawlenty conservative enough for Iowa?

John Fund: Blue States Vote on a Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Kathleen Parker: The 'rape supporter' ploy

James Taranto: Rules for Presidents

NYDN: Levi Johnston vows to keep his Playgirl photo spread 'classy'

Des Moines Register: Sunday talk show lineup


CQ Politics: Conservative Hoffmans Haul Doubles in New York House Special
CQ Politics: More Troubles for GOP Nominee in N.Y. Special
Hill: NY poll suggests Hoffman supporters wouldn't back rival

Hill: Senate GOP campaign chief Cornyn turns his attention to NY race

NYT: Democrats, Anticipating Governors Race, Wait for Patersons Other Shoe to Drop
Albany TU: Public pension sign-ups surge

NYT: Bloomberg Sets Record for His Own Spending on Elections
NY Post: Mike ups lead over Bill to 16 points

NYT: Prosecutors Say Kerik Had Bill Faked for Renovation of His Apartment
NYDN: No bail for Bernie: Judge won't reinstate bail and let Kerik out of prison

Albany TU: Bruno looks forward to upcoming trial

Politico: Carter lapse won't slow Rangel hunt


Politico: Corzine and Deeds relentlessly court female voters
Politico: Obama to return to N.J. for Corzine
CQ Politics: Replaying the Ethics Card in New Jersey
NY Post: Corzine told: Get yer ads out of gutter
AP: Judge temporarily suspends ruling banning exit polling near voting sites


Daily Press: McDonnell touts plan to rescue economy
WaPo: Criticism by Obama aides exasperates Va. Democrats
Politico: Deeds runs against 'that cap and trade bill'


Fresno Bee: Whitman, Poizner have close encounter in Fresno

Hill: Fiorina likely contender for Boxer Senate seat

SacBee: California water talks give way to hearings
Mercury News: Calif. GOP gov hopefuls call for new water storage


WaPo: DeLay finds another "reality" with ABC

Dallas MN: Richardson library is latest to charge nonresidents for checkouts


St. Pete Times: Job of running Crist's campaign requires a 'maestro'
Miami Herald: Gov. Crist's schedule reflects more time away
St. Pete Times: Gov. Crist's official schedule shows he takes off about 10 weeks a year
St. Pete Times: Despite time off, Bill McCollum and Alex Sink say they're always working

Politico: Grayson: Cheney is a vampire


Rasmussen: 2010 GA Democratic Primary: Barnes Still Distant Front-Runner for Governor
AJC: Norwood gets new endorsements, hopes to win without runoff


Chicago Tribune: Republican governor candidate Brady builds 'Extreme Makeover' house
Chicago Sun-Times: Malkin blasts moderate GOP


George Will: The Bachmann burr


CQ Politics: Iowa Democrat Conlin Eyes Sen. Grassley's Seat


Philadelphia Inquirer: Candidates for Pa. Supreme Court debate


Cleveland PD: GOP Rep. Matthew Dolan finds middle ground in partisan politics


Detroit News: MI's gov't shrinks, with employees taking a harder hit than private sector


CQ Politics: Big Cash Disparity In Missouri GOP Senate Primary


Knox News: Democrats, GOP disagree on Alexanders criticism
Commercial Appeal: Frist panel hopes to score


Raleigh Telegram: Senator Richard Burr Criticized For Vote Against Anti-Rape Bill


Palmetto Scoup: Dawson gives hope to SC Republicans


Boston Globe: Coakley backs option for public insurance
Boston Globe: Obama blows in, talks up Patrick and future
Politico: Barack Obama tries to energize Deval Patrick


Reno GJ: Republican rally in Reno targets Reid's re-election


Boston Globe: Kennedy spars with church on abortion


LA Times: Alaska lawmaker is linked to corruption probe
ADN: Justice Dept.: Kott verdict should stand


October 23, 2009


WaPo: White House and Cheney in a war of words over Afghanistan
NYT: Afghan War Is New Topic of Dispute With Cheney
Rush Limbaugh: Dick Cheney Takes It to Obama
Oliver North: No Excuses Left
Hill: Cheney's attack sparks new fight between two administrations

NYT: Behind the War Between White House and Fox
Charles Krauthammer: Fox wars: The 'post-partisan' president makes an enemies list
Kim Strassel: The Chicago Way
Pat Buchanan: Nixon and Obama -- Soul Brothers?
Swamp: Obama's 'Chicago-style politics:' Boehner

Peggy Noonan: It's His Rubble Now: And the American people want him to fix it

WaPo: Lawmakers warm to the public option
WSJ: Offer to Let States Opt Out of Health Plan Gains Support
Wash Times: Health public option to stay on table
NYT: Senate Leader Takes Risk Pushing Public Insurance Plan
NYT: Pelosi: House Firm in Backing Public Option
Bloomberg: Snowe Rejects Public Option as Senate Democrats Weigh Measure
WSJ: Public Opinion and Health Reform
Hill: Whip count shows Democrats lack votes on 'robust' public option for healthcare
Hill: Healthcare for Christmas: Reid under pressure to go slow

WSJ: Fed Hits Banks With Sweeping Pay Limits
WaPo: Government widens control over paychecks
Wash Times: Feds to slash bankers pay, spurs debate
Hill: Bernanke has Obamas back cracking down on Wall Street pay
NYT: Fed Plans to Vet Banker Pay to Discourage Risky Practices
WaPo: Top employees leave financial firms ahead of pay cuts
NYT: Pay Cuts, but Little Headway in What Matters Most
WSJ: Our New Paymasters
Steve Pearlstein: Pay restrictions may not fix underlying risk-taking
Paul Krugman: The Chinese Disconnect

Hill: Clean air rule may sink ships

Wash Times: Czar war escalates between Congress, W.H.

WSJ: Preventing the Next Financial Crisis

NYT: Economic Adviser Predicts 10% Jobless Rate

WSJ: Consumer-Agency Bill Moves in House
NYT: Vote Backs a Financial Oversight Body

WSJ: House Panel Votes for Dec. 1 Start to New Credit-Card Rules

NYT: Senate Approves Broadened Hate-Crime Measure
LA Times: Bill making violence against gays a hate crime headed to White House

NYT: Congress Approves Bill Helping Overseas Voters

Jed Babbin: Saying 'No' to Gitmo North

Hill: On 5-0 vote, agency moves ahead in push to regulate Internet
Wash Times: FCC moves on Net neutrality rules
Reuters: FCC commissioners support open Internet rule
PC Mag: McCain Bill Would Ban FCC Internet Regulations

NYT: Freddie Macs Secrecy Pacts Face Court Test

WaPo: Costly fraud and error reported in home buyers' tax program
WSJ: Home-Buyer Credit Tempts Tax Cheats
NYT: Home Tax Credit Audit Shows Abuses

Hill: Two Democrats buck Rep. Towns, call for Countrywide VIP mortgage probe

Wash Times: Murtha, Moran steer millions to defense firm MobilVox using earmarks

Politico: FEC won't appeal ruling

Politico: Mike Pence: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck speak for many Americans

WaPo: Partisan anger in House brings lockout of committee Republicans

Rasm: 73% of GOP Voters Say Congressional Republicans Have Lost Touch With Their Base

CQ Politics: Ratings Update: The South


WaPo: Palin Endorses Hoffman
NYT: Palin Endorses Conservative in Divisive New York Race
AP: Ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin backs third-party candidate in NY House race
LA Times: Sarah Palin breaks with the GOP to endorse a Conservative in N.Y. House race
Hill: Pawlenty doesn't back GOP candidate
Hill: Gingrich defends endorsement as 'practical choice'
Politico: NY-23 race first test of tea party power
National Post: Fight for soul of Republican Party

NY Post: Fizzy fit over 'tax' on sodas
NYDN: Paterson: I'll Put Marriage Bill On Special Session Calendar
NYDN: Lobbyists admit they gave gifts - and will spill on who got them

NY Post: Poll: Mayor beating Thompson by 16 points
NYT: Thompson Intensifies Attack on Bloomberg Over Term Limits
NYT: Bloomberg Foes Campaign Shows Lax Management

WSJ: Why One Democrat Thinks New York Needs a Strong GOP


NYT: Final New Jersey Debate Turns Into a Free-for-All
Star-Ledger: Corzine, Christie, Daggett clash about issues in final debate
Star-Ledger: Christie raises Kean
Star-Ledger: Christie makes every vote count
Wash Times: Blacks to test 'Obama effect' in Virginia, N. J. governors' races
CQ Politics: Poll: N.J. Independent Daggett at 20 Percent


WaPo: Deeds ignored advice, White House says

WaPo: Va. candidates for attorney general take off the gloves

Wash Times: Gaps found in Va.'s absentee ballot access


SacBee: Whitman radio spot selectively criticizes California spending
CQ Politics: More Questions About NRSC Role in Calif. Senate Primary
SacBee: Governor's run put aside, California schools chief O'Connell eyes next move
SacBee: California jockeys for billions in federal high-speed rail funds


Dallas MN: Cornyn eases stance on U.S. attorney


Rasmussen: 2010 Florida Governor: McCollum 46%, Sink 35%
Hill: Senate hopeful withdraws support of single-payer healthcare, trade bills
CBS: GOP Goes After Alan Grayson's "Names of the Dead" Web Site


Rasmussen: 2010 Georgia GOP Primary: Oxendine Still Way Ahead, 35% Undecided


Rasmussen: Illinois Governor Race 2010 Generic Ballot: Democrat 43% Republican 37%
Hill: Ditka disputes Senate candidates campaign endorsement claim


Politico: 2012 peek at Pawlenty's PAC fundraiser


Detroit News: Granholm slashes school funding by $212 million
Detroit FP: Michigan schools are reeling after funding blow


AP: US Sen. Graham discusses SC port security project


WaPo: In Massachusetts, Obama won't promote state's plan


October 22, 2009


Wash Times: White House offensive raises specter of 'enemies list'
Politico: Lamar Alexander to Barack Obama: No 'enemies list'
Fox: Is Fox Part of a Larger White House Enemies List?
Hill: Alexander, drawing on Nixon era, warns Obama against keeping 'enemies list'
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Enemies List? Of Course!

Gallup: Obama Quarterly Approval Average Slips Nine Points to 53%
Ann Coulter: The Grating Communicator
George Will: Obama lets entitlement culture run wild

Wash Times: Pay czar to slash post-bailout comp
WSJ: Pay Czar to Slash Compensation at Seven Firms
WaPo: U.S. to cut pay for bailed-out bosses
NYT: U.S. to Order Steep Pay Cuts at Firms That Got Most Aid
Politico: W.H.: Pay czar decided on his own

Politico: John Boehner takes a swipe at Dems on Afghanistan
Karl Rove: Obama Goes Wobbly on Afghanistan
AP/Daniel: Cheney: Stop the 'dithering' as troops face danger
Politico: Poll: Majority opposes Afghan surge
Hill: Obama hints Afghan decision may wait

Mitt Romney: Iran: Biggest Threat Since Soviets

WSJ: House Panel Debates Consumer-Financial Agency
NYT: Compromise Bill Could Block States on Bank Rules
WSJ: Obama Announces Steps to Channel Loans to Small Businesses
NYT: Obama Announces Small-Business Lending Push
WSJ: Dairy Farmers to Get $350 Million in Additional Aid
WaPo: Low-wattage bright spots in Fed report on economy
WSJ: Checks for Seniors Face Opposition
NYT: Strains for Democrats in Budget-Balancing Act
WSJ: Lawmakers Weigh Measures to Spur Hiring, Short of a Second Stimulus
WaPo: House moves to create jobs, prevent economy from slipping
Wash Times: September unemployment rate rises in 23 states
WaPo: FOIA and the Fed: Do we have a right to know the central bank's inner workings?

WSJ: Public Option Comeback: The secret to its budget 'savings'? Medicare price controls
Hill: Speakers move left on public option draws centrist complaints
Hill: Looking to unite Democrats on health reform, Obama takes partisan tone
Politico: Reid, Pelosi get dose of tough medicine
Hill: GOP seeks to regain August momentum
WaPo: Collins could be a critical crossover vote on health-care reform
Hill: Audit shows higher spending under House health bill over 10 years
NYT: Drug Makers Are Advocacy Groups Biggest Donors
Hill: Lobbyists expect to rake in cash
Dana Milbank: Mitch McConnell's speech stuck on 'repeat'

WaPo: Senate defeats costly Medicare 'fix'
Hill: Miscalculation delivers loss for Reid on Medicare doc fix
WSJ: Vote on Medicare Payment Cuts Divides Democrats
NYT: Senate Rejects Doc Fix Spending Bill, as Some Democrats Side With Republicans
WSJ: The doctor fix blows up in the Senate, no thanks to the AMA
American Spectator: The AMA's Quisling Strategy
Hill: Blue Dogs getting spending fatigue; wary of new economic fixes

Politico: Panel may launch Countrywide probe

WaPo: Musicians demand to know what music was blasted at Guantanamo detainees

Politico: President Obama tightens lobbying stance

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Cap and Trade Could Be a Boon to New York
WaPo: Tiny bat pits green against green

NYT: Fate of White House Counsel Is in Doubt
AP/Kellman: Kerry finds spot in Obama circle

WaPo: Census vows to fix fingerprinting process

WaPo: Duo release another video of their meeting with ACORN worker

WSJ: Wall Street Steps Up Political Donations, Lobbying

CQ Politics: House GOP Candidates Bank More Money

Politico: Conservatives roar; Republicans tremble
EJ Dionne: Republicans threaten to become a party of the right, and only of the right

NYDN: 'Going Rogue' spoof: 'Nightmare'stories may have Sarah Palin seeing 'Rouge'


Politico: Reagan conservative in North Country
CQ Politics: Special Election Fundraising Splits and Hits
Rush Limbaugh: The Problem with Today's GOP
Watertown DT: Glenn Beck giving Hoffman two shots at his millions of fans
Watertown DT: Armey, former House leader, visiting Watertown Thursday with Hoffman
Watertown DT: Scozzafava raps opponents for lack of debates
Watertown DT: Reporter, candidate clash

NYT: Paterson Administration Fears Cost of U.S. Health Care Overhaul
NYDN: Gov. Paterson eyes chance to talk up his budget fix
NY Post: 72% now want Dave dumped
NY Post: Black Dems back Cuomo: poll

NY Post: Senate sets Hiram 'jury'
AP: Paterson declines to call for Monserrates ouster
Albany TU: Skelos names four to Monserrate committee (plus a spare)

NYT: As Kerik Seeks Appeal, He Remains No. 210717
NYDN: Valhalla not Nirvana for Kerik as he spends first day in Westchester County Jail
NYDN: Bernard Kerik pushed President George W. Bush for executive clemency in 2008

AP: Same-sex marriage effort gets new life: Special session vote expected this year

NYT: It Works for Dating, Why Not for Jobs?


WSJ: Why the GOP's Christie Is Struggling in New Jersey
NY Post: Christie's indies woe
S-L: Daggett loaded-gun incident being investigated by Somerset County
WSJ: Upstart Gains in New Jersey
WaPo: Obama rallies Democrats for Corzine campaign
NYT: Eyeing a Democratic Win, the President Joins Corzine in New Jersey
Politico: Corzine milks Obama appearance
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine releases records of $3M made in donations
Star-Ledger: Gov. Jon Corzine buying a seat in Heaven?


CBS: No Game Changer in Final Va. Gov. Debate
Wash Times: Deeds hits replay on closing debate remarks
Politico: Deeds looking for Obama-mentum

Roanoke Times: Contrasts sharp in attorney general race


SacBee: Governor blames budget woes on judges 'going absolutely crazy'
LA Times: Judges reject California plan to cut prison crowding
George Skelton: Go with the flow on water legislation


Dallas MN: Sen. Hutchison unveils study showing cap and trade will be bad for Texas
Dallas MN: Alcohol chief, a Perry appointee, solicits donations for governor


Rasmussen: 2010 Florida GOP Senate Primary: Crist 49%, Rubio 35%
Rasmussen: Florida Senate 2010: Republicans Lead by Double Digits
St. Pete Times: Crist ramping up Senate campaign, and new poll shows why
Hill: Rubio gains on Crist
CQ Politics: Eye on the Senate: Rubio Cuts Into Crist's Lead in Florida
Time: Florida's Red-Meat Primary

St. Pete Times: U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young retiring? He's not saying

CQ Politics: GOP Alleges Grayson Breached Ethics Rules
Politico: Grayson's poster causes stir with GOP
Hill: 'Die quickly' congressman creates; GOP cries foul


NYT: In Atlanta, String of Black Mayors May Be Broken


Chicago Tribune: 5 GOP candidates for governor focus on ethics, economy
AP/Bellandi: GOP candidates for Illinois governor meet in forum
Hill: Front-runners for Kirks Illinois seat are lagging in money chase
Chicago Sun-Times: Mayor Daley defends decision to raid city's reserves


CNN: Pawlenty reaches out to governors over health care reform


AP: Pa. Dems attack political TV ads that hide donors
Philadelphia Inquirer: Racial politics surface in race for D.A.


Cleveland PD: House OKs suspending income tax cut
Akron BJ: Two House Republicans side with Dems to raise state income tax
Columbus Dispatch: 2 Republicans willing to delay income-tax cut


Detroit FP: Granholm: No shutdown
Detroit News: Audit: Department of Human Services misspent millions
Detroit FP: Be reasonable, Granholm tells GOP
Detroit News: Gov, GOP face off as state budget wrangling escalates


Missourinet: Bond releases report slamming cap & trade legislation
St. Louis PD: Corruption in the Missouri Legislature is moving up fast


Bill Frist: Tennessee schools can be tops in Southeast within five years


CQ Politics: A Question of Timing in North Carolina


Politico: Joe Wilson's opponent lying low
State: Court asks Sanford for more information


ABC40: Republican Senate Candidate Campaigns in WMass
Boston Globe: Cahill asserts Patrick failed budget test


CQ Politics: Progressives Try Some Airwaves Persuasion on Reid


Politico: Sheriff has McCain in immigration jam


Cincinnati Enquirer: Beshear: GOP plans 'smokescreen'
Cincinnati Enquirer: Beshear outlines education initiative


ProJo: Smith seeks GOP nod for governor


Oregonian: Atkinson suspends campaign for Oregon governor



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