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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

October 14, 2009


WSJ: Health Plan Passes Test: Key Bill Clears Panel with One GOP Vote as Final Push Looms
NYT: Republicans Vote Lifts a Health Bill, but Hurdles Remain
Wash Times: Senate panel, lone GOPer Snowe, OK health plan
Sen. McConnell: The fact is, this proposal will never come before the Senate
Human Events: Senate Committee Passes Obamacare
WSJ: People to Watch in the Debate's Next Phase
American Spectator: Now Comes the Hard Part
American Spectator: Health Care Snowe Job
Politico: Snowe vote arms Baucus for party war
Hill: Lieberman opposes Baucus health bill
WaPo: Health Insurers Emerge as Obama's Top Foe in Reform Effort
WaPo: Medical-Device Firms Criticize Tax Proposal
Wash Times: Insurers, others attack health reform
Wash Times: Health bill doubters remain in spotlight
Boston Globe: Panel approves health bill months in the making
WaPo: Finance Committee Passes Bill With One GOP Vote
NYT: Next Up: Harry Reid and the Blenders
WSJ: Your Mass. Future: Senate Finance Committee approves its version of ObamaCare
WSJ: The Baucus Bill Is a Tax Bill
Politico: Vote makes Snowe a key player
Hill: Finance passes healthcare bill; Snowe the lone GOP supporter
Hill: Pelosi appeals to youth in health bill
Rep. Lamar Smith: Keep stealth amnesty out of health reform
Boston Globe: Snowe went back and forth till end
Dana Milbank: She May Be on the Other Team, But She Called All the Plays
Rush Limbaugh: Snowe Votes Yes on Baucus Bill Tax Increases and Medicare Cuts
Dick Morris: High price of Obamacare
Newt Gingrich: Know the Facts, Read the Bill, Vote

Politico: Boxer: Climate bill ready
Hill: Boxer hints at mark-up for climate change bill in early November
NYT: Editorial: A Clearer Look at Drilling

WSJ: Financial-Services Regulation Fuels Tiff
NYT: Editorial: That Promised Financial Reform
Politico: New rules on horizon for banks
Hill: Lobbyists dig in for financial markup
WSJ: The Message of Dollar Disdain
WSJ: House GOP to Call for Subpoena Vote on Countrywide Documents
WSJ: MBS, R.I.P.? A Treasury rule on loan modifications riles the securities market
WaPo: AIG Advised to Limit Its Next Round of Bonuses
NYT: Federal Pay Czar Tries Again to Trim A.I.G. Bonuses
Hill: Treasury pressures AIG on bonuses
NYT: Some States Forgo Signs on Stimulus
Politico: Price tag for another 'stimulus': $20B
Hill: Tech companies strategize for next round in tax fight
WSJ: Rage at Government for Doing Too Much and Not Enough
Human Events: Rove Unrepentant on Bushonomics
Dick Morris: Pessimism: Obama's political ally

WSJ: The GOP vs. Labor Law: Why Republicans are blocking the nomination of Patricia Smith

WSJ: FCC Chief Seeks Broad Open-Internet Rules
WaPo: Senate Republicans Send Another Letter to FCC on Net Neutrality
WSJ: Coming Mobile Meltdown: Problem isn't insuring net neutrality, but dealing with growth

WaPo: Supreme Court to Review Ex-Enron CEO's Conviction
AP/Sherman: High court agrees to hear Enron appeal case
NYT: Justices Seem Sympathetic to Defendant Given Bad Advice

Politico: Inouye embraces McChrystal strategy
Hill: Pakistan fury prompts Dem action
Human Events: Don't 'Diss' Pakistan Again
WaPo: U.S. Sees Saudi Program As an Option for Detainees
Hill: Feingold sees similarities in Bush and Obama on intel
WaPo: A Historic Success In Military Recruiting

WaPo: Census Workers' Fingerprints Get Closer Look

Wash Times: Immigration activists call for reform

Hill: Watchdog comes back to bite Democrats

Kathleen Parker: Time for the GOP Women
Maureen Dowd: Daisy Chain of Cheneys

James Taranto: Norway or the Highway: What the Nobel Peace Prize tells us
Michael Gerson: A Prize for Star Power
Politico: Nobel committee defends award

WaPo: NFL Casts Doubt on Limbaugh Bid
Human Events: Rush's Rams
AP: NFL Owners Look at Rush and See Next Marge Schott
Chicago Tribune: NFL will see way to make Rush Limbaugh go away
Rush Limbaugh: State-Run Media Scum Smear Rush Using Fabricated Quotes

Politico: Bush-whacked: 5 pre-election books

Politico: Senate money story lines for 2010

Hill: RNCs new website aims to extend reach
Politico: New RNC website stumbles out of gate
Marc Ambinder: Top Ten Reasons Why The GOP Website Relaunch Is Fizzlin'
CQ Politics: Hitler, Pelosi, and Vile Tweets

Human Events: Top 10 Political Sex Scandals


Albany TU: Lazio: Unicameral legislature and hard property tax cap

NYT: Top State Court Hears Cases on Gay Marriage

Politico: GOP's Dede Scozzafava faces cash crunch

Albany TU: Gillibrand pushes meat-safety inspections

NYT: Bloomberg Defends His Record in First Mayoral Debate
NY Post: Mike & Bill turn debate into all-out war
NYT: Bloombergs Foe Finds Campaign Spotlight Elusive
NYDN: Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson has the look of a winner now: Is that enough?

NYT: Rangels Ex-Aide Will Run Against Him
NY Post: Ex-ally to challenge Charlie
Politico: Rangel probe taking its toll

NYT: As Monserrate Trial Closes, Starkly Different Accounts of Injuries
NYDN: Verdict in Hiram case hinges on judge's definition of 'beyond a reasonable doubt'
NY Post: Monserrate risked reputation by helping gal, lawyer claims
NY Post: Crunch time for 'slasher' Monserrate


CQ Politics: Jersey Deadlock: Independent Candidate in the Driver's Seat
AP: Gov. Jon Corzine, Chris Christie are tied in race for N.J. Gov, poll shows
Bloomberg: N.J. Republican Christie to Close Gap With Cuts, Pension Moves
Star-Ledger: Restaurant association endorses Christie
AP/Delli Santi: GOP NJ governor candidate's spending questioned
WSJ: Mammograms and the New Jersey Governor's Race
Star-Ledger: Lonegan stakes out new territory in anti-tax campaign


Rasmussen: Virginia Governor: McDonnell 50%, Deeds 43%
Richmond TD: McDonnell up by 7 points in poll
WaPo: Deeds and McDonnell Target McDonnell Image


SacBee: California Legislature plans hearings on water bills
SacBee: Field Poll finds Californians want state government overhauled
LA Times: Tougher rules on policing illegal immigrants
LA Times: Some furlough days actually cost California money
Dan Walters: Right on schedule, state budget springs a leak
WCBS: Maria Shriver Busted Breaking Husband's Own Law


Politico: Hutchison unsure on timing of Senate resignation
Dallas MN: Hutchison unclear about Senate resignation date
Dallas MN: Health care battle could extend Hutchison's Senate stay
Dallas MN: Texans' secession talk brings national reaction


St. Pete Times: Florida legislators seek special elections for future Senate vacancies
St. Pete Times: U.S. Rep. Wexler expected to step down from South Florida seat
Politico: Wexler will resign seat to head Mideast center
CQ Politics: Wexler to Resign From Congress
Orlando Sentinel: Two more top-tier Republicans bow out of Grayson race


Hill: Isakson to offer bill expanding tax credit to all homeowners
Hill: Most homebuyers would get $8K from Isakson plan


Chicago Sun-Times: Daley rules out property tax increase to close budget gap


Cleveland PD: Car dealer Tom Ganley reveals his financial health in U.S. Senate bid


Detroit FP: Granholm, Bishop to hash out differences


CQ Politics: Iraq War Vet Tops $200,000 For Bid Against Rep. Emerson


Boston Globe: Governors race starts to simmer
Boston Globe: Case against DiMasi grows


Politico: Department of Justice could take Sen. John Ensign case
Politico: Report: Reid chides Mormon Prop 8 backers
CQ Politics: Reid Raises Another $2 Million


Wash Times: 'Toughest sheriff' vows face-off with feds over illegals


CQ Politics: Mongiardo Touts Hefty Fundraising in Ky. Senate Race


CQ Politics: New Mexico Governor: $1 Million Fundraising Quarter for Denish


Hill: Wisconsin lawmakers fight back critics of Oshkosh truck contract


October 13, 2009


WaPo: As Panel Votes Today, Democrats Look Ahead
Bloomberg: Snowe Vote Shows Obama Whether Republicans Help on Health Care
Hill: Sens: Snowe risks perch
WSJ: Insurers Push Back as Senate Health Vote Nears
WaPo: Insurance Dispute Heats Up Before Vote
WSJ: The health-care industry learns the price of appeasing Congress
NYT: Democrats Call Insurance Industry Report Flawed
NYT: Congress Is Split on Effort to Tax Costly Health Plans
Wash Times: Dems still clash on health reform in Senate
Politico: Dems infight over health bill funding
AP/Zaldivar: Dems scramble after warning from health insurers
WaPo: Mayo Clinic Faulted for Limiting Medicare Patients
Hill: Crunch time for K Street on healthcare
Human Events: Better Without Baucus
Michael Barone: 'Conceptual Language' Hides Health Care's Costs
Rush Limbaugh: White House Push for Obamacare Isn't Going Down as It Was Planned

Wash Times: GOP Graham's endorsement boosts climate change bill
NYT: Cleansing the Air at the Expense of Waterways
Human Events: The Business of Global Warming

WaPo: Summers Comes Out Swinging on Economic Policy
AP: Summers: Bush era set stage for economic woes
Hill: Summers to GOP: Stimulus is working
American Spectator: Stimulating the Stimulus
WaPo: Regulators, Firms Take Aim At Payday-Lending Market
Politico: Risk and reward in Dodd's reform push
Politico: Deal-maker Shelby ready to bargain
WSJ: Deficits and the Chinese Challenge
Politico: U.S. Chamber of Commerce to launch new jobs campaign

Pat Buchanan: The Affirmative Action Nobel
Rush Limbaugh: Outrage! Obama Denied Sainthood and the Nobel Prize for Economics

AP/Theimer: ACORN's woes fuel GOP's bid to nix banking law
American Spectator: The Real Problem With ACORN

NYT: Views on Afghanistan Buildup Bring Clinton and Gates Together in an Alliance
WaPo: Support Troops Swelling U.S. Force in Afghanistan

NYT: Eastern Europe Fears New Era of Russian Dominance

Politico: Campaign finance laws face a reset

Politico: Liz Cheney's group 'Keep America Safe' takes on 'radical' White House

Politico: Sharpton to NFL: Block Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh: Sad: Al Sharpton Goes After Rush
American Spectator: Personal Fouls

Politico: GOP lawmakers lose in RNC turf war

American Thinker: Talkers fill GOP leadership vacuum
CQ Politics: GOP Hopes For Help From Candidates for Senate, Governor
Hill: Top of the ticket expected to have big impact on 2010 fight for Congress

Fox: Black Republicans Say 2010 Will Be Their Year


Quad City Times: Former N.Y. governor to speak at Q-C GOP event
Albany TU: Feds call indictees to testify
NY Post: Tax-revenue free fall
Hill: Rangel to face primary challenge from former campaign director
CQ Politics: Wrangle Over Rangel Shows Signs of Strain
NYT: Mayoral Foes Look to Hone Debate Skills
NYT: Union Ties Raise Ethics Questions for a Bloomberg Aide
NY Post: Mike advocates dumping public advocate


Wash Times: Christie clings to lead in N.J. race
USA Today: N.J.'s Corzine in dead heat with GOP challenger
Cherry Hill CP: Christie blasts city schools
Politico: Chris Daggett gaining in New Jersey race
Star-Ledger: If there were anything to spoil, Chris Daggett would be a spoiler
Star-Ledger: For Christie, three's a crowd


WaPo: Barbs Traded on Taxes, Traffic in Prime Time
Wash Times: Deeds accuses McDonnell of 'lying' in debate
Politico: Deeds sticks to his campaign script
Human Events: Deeds and Obama: He Loves Him, He Loves Him Not
NYT: Second Thoughts in Battle for Virginia
Fox: Deeds Hammers McDonnell on Thesis in Va. Governor's Debate
Politico: Bob McDonnell's recast image
WaPo: Can Deeds Come Back?


LA Times: Schwarzenegger pens a new course for California
SacBee: California gives Milk his day as governor signs 478 bills
NYT: California Tries to Solve Water Woes
SacBee: Leaders say water talks are moving
AP/Young: Myriad details on water fix divide Calif lawmakers
Wash Times: Schwarzenegger inks pro-gay bills
SF Chronicle: Mixed reviews for governor on health care bills
SF Chronicle: Schwarzenegger signs ammo-regulation bill
SacBee: Field Poll: Approval rating for Legislature drops to 13%
Dan Walters: Comic opera performance by governor and Legislature merits disdain

SacBee: Campbell stresses policy experience in California race for governor
Redding: Whitman can't buy a smooth governor's race


Dallas MN: Perry stays secret on many things, including forensics files
Tribune: Perry, Hutchison compete for Anti-Taxer Grover Norquists Blessing


Ledger: Crist Lays Out His Conservative Credits
St. Pete Times: Crist's agenda looks incomplete as he skips bid for second term


AJC: Should undocumented aliens be counted in the 2010 census?


Hill: Kirk poll shows him up on Giannoulias
WSJ: Hot-Dog Stand in Chicago Triggers a Frank Debate


Star Tribune: Ellison's trip may be legal, but it's not quite right
Star Tribune: Downtown St. Paul got only temporary boost from RNC


Detroit News: Gov vows vetoes to pay for Medicaid, public safety, scholarships
Rush Limbaugh: Steve Wynn Schools Jennifer Granholm on How to Create Jobs
Detroit FP: Democrats push new bill to make physicians pay 3%


KC Star: Hoping to tap electorates unease, Republicans take aim at Skeltons House seat


State: DeMint will seek another term
State: Bauer fattens war chest


Boston Globe: Senate hopefuls try for edge in face-off


Politico: House race to heat up in South Dakota


Des Moines Register: Political seas calm ahead of visit by Pawlenty


News Journal: Castle has big week of fundraising for Senate
BBW: Del. Republicans hail signs of revitalized party


October 12, 2009


WaPo: New Health Care Bill Would Raise Rates, Says Insurance Group
NYT: Insurance Industry Assails Health Care Legislation
Human Events: CBO Wrong on Health Bill's Cost to Taxpayers
Boston Globe: Health plans effect on costs may be slight
Wash Times: Home-state interests shape health plans
Hill: Finance health vote will require a leap of faith for several senators
NYT: Democrats Heed Doles Objection and Kill TV Ad
WaPo: Hospitals Are Forced to Pay for Society's Failures
Hill: Senate prospects for healthcare co-ops dim
CQ Politics: Women Lawmakers Put a Personal Stamp on Health Overhaul

WaPo: Obama Urged to Intensify Push for Climate Measure
Fox: Graham Backs Push for Climate Change Legislation

WSJ: Job Creation 101: A hiring tax credit returns from the dead
Hill: Democrats again look to economist forum as unemployment figures rise
WSJ: The Economic Recovery Is Well Underway
WSJ: Taking the National Debt Seriously
WaPo: Racing the Clock to Avoid Foreclosures
Reuters: Obama aide defends stimulus package
Paul Krugman: Misguided Monetary Mentalities

WSJ: Leahy's Bench Press: Senate Democrats try to pack the federal courts

NYT: U.S. Cant Trace Foreign Visitors on Expired Visas
Hill: Democrats stymie Republican efforts to pass immigration reform measures
NYT: Editorial: Wrong Paths to Immigration Reform

Wash Times: Angry Hispanics mull boycotting 2010 census

Wash Times: McCain, Feinstein demand more Afghan troops
Politico: McCain: No win without 40,000 more troops
Hill: McCain: Obama could make 'error of historic proportions' on Afghanistan
Human Events: Kissinger: Obama Should Send Troops, Then Neutralize Afghanistan
WSJ: War Council Meets on Afghan Strategy
NYT: Troop Levels Are Still Focus of Debate
WSJ: Lawmakers Air Strategy Debate
WSJ: The Real Afghan Lessons From Vietnam
Jed Babbin: The Obama-McChrystal Gap

WSJ: White House Bid to Close Gitmo Hampered by Snags in Congress

Hill: Dorgan, Enzi push to end Cuba travel ban

WSJ: Support Grows to End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Hill: Levin predicts Obama will succeed at overturning military ban on gays
Human Events: Obama's 'Gay' Speech
NYT: Gay Rights Marchers Press Cause in Washington

WSJ: George Shultz on the Drug War

WSJ: Pelosi Key to GOP 2010 Playbook
NYT: Democrats Must Attack to Win in 2010, Strategists Say

WaPo: Palin a 'Formidable Force,' McCain Says
AP: Palin still GOP asset: McCain

WSJ: An Alternative Nobel: Three Iranian dissidents are sentenced to death
Ross Douthat: Heckuva Job, Barack
Human Events: Why Obama Deserves His Nobel Prize

NYDN: White House: Fox News 'a wing of the Republican Party'


WSJ: Outgunned Challenger Fights On in New York Mayor's Race
NYT: For Long-Term Unemployed, Payments Near End
AP/Gormley: When politics and policy collide
Albany TU: Charlie Rangel has zero friends in 23rd CD race
Human Events: How Many Properties Has Rangel Owned?


Philadelphia Inquirer: Corzine, Christie in a rut on property taxes
Star-Ledger: Corzine, Christie get campaign funds from special interests
NYT: Independent Candidate Stirs Up the Governors Race in New Jersey


NYT: 2 State Races May Put Lens on Obama
Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell and Deeds give a personal take on social issues


SacBee: Schwarzenegger releases some bills; plans new water special session
LA Times: Schwarzenegger backs away from veto threat, vows to weigh bills on merits
SF Chronicle: Mass veto off, governor signs hundreds of bills
LA Times: Water policy discussions roil on
SacBee: Assembly, Senate make some financial sacrifices
WSJ: Schwarzenegger Vetoes Energy Bills
WSJ: Youth Prison Model Sets High Bar
Dan Walters: California 'murder-suicide of 1998 could repeat itself


Austin AS: Candidates for GOP chair lean toward Perry
Fort Worth BP: Plethora of candidates eyeing Texas governors seat


Miami Herald: Key issues dog Gov. Charlie Crist's legacy
Miami Herald: Crist Watch: A report card on the governor's priorities
Miami Herald: Democratic rivals for Florida attorney general face off


Morris: Gubernatorial Candidates Reaching For Moral High Ground


Chicago Sun-Times: Brady: Giannoulias botched savings plan


Star Tribune: For the GOP, some healthy self-analysis


Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial: Finally, a budget


WaPo: Execution Methods Examined: Ohio's Review After Botched Injection
CQ Politics: Ohio Businessman Mulls Ryan Challenge


Detroit News: Ohio may take on Detroit casinos


NPR: State Politicians Converge On Rural Special Election


LA Times: The dividing line on John Edwards


Greenville News: Graham joins Democrat John Kerry on climate change


Hill: Sen. Reid trailing both challengers in new poll
Las Vegas Sun: Republicans adding few new voters in Nevada
Howard Kurtz: Two Prominent Men in Sex Scandals, but Only One Feeding Frenzy


Hill: Rep. Flake's survivalist vacation in the tropics: Diary and photos


DO: For Castle, a fitting swan song


October 11, 2009


Sens. Kerry & Graham: Yes We Can (Pass Climate Change Legislation)
WSJ: It All Adds Up: Save Green When You Go Green
Politico: Sen. Lindsay Graham signs on to climate bill

NYT: Obama Cites G.O.P. Officials in Call to Action on Bill
NYT: Lobbyists Fight Last Big Plans to Cut Health Care Costs
NYT: D.N.C. Ad Touts Republican Support for Health Care Bills
Wash Times: Young embrace health care reform
AP/Lester: Obama wants bipartisan health care bill
Morning Sentinel: Snowe stands 'in eye of the storm'
SF Chronicle: Pelosi reaches her defining moment

WSJ: Obama to End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Military Policy
NYT: Obama Pledges Again to End Dont Ask, Dont Tell
WaPo: As Pressure Grows, Obama Addresses Gay Rights Group

WaPo: Now the 'Loyal Opposition,' McCain Keeps Pressure on Obama

NYT: Small Banks Fail at Growing Rate, Straining F.D.I.C.
WaPo: Steep Losses Pose Crisis for Pensions

Politico: Piecemeal second stimulus?
WaPo: Editorial: Re-Stimulating: Unemployment is bad. More fiscal debt might be worse

AP: Border Fence Requirement Is Removed

NYT: As Republicans Predict a 2010 Surge, Democrats Dig In
Hill: GOP gets fundraising ball rolling quickly in new Senate races
Politics Daily: Republicans Believe They'll Score a Comeback in Midterms
LA Times: Iowa Republicans give an early soapbox to Pawlenty
Politico: Tea partiers turn on GOP leadership

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NY Post: Rep. Charles Rangel drowning in tangle web of ethics charges


Star-Ledger: Star-Ledger endorses independent Chris Daggett for N.J. governor
Philadelphia Inquirer: Shaking up the N.J. race
PoAC: Corruption fades as top issue in New Jersey governor's race
Politico: Will Chris Christie be the biggest loser?


Lynchburg NA: Mason-Dixon poll: McDonnell up by 8 points over Deeds
Bristol HC: Republican Bob McDonnell enjoys hefty lead in Southwest Virginia
WaPo: McDonnell: A Razor-Sharp but Selective Memory
Kathleen Parker: The 'Women's Issues' Deeds Doesn't Get


LA Times: Polling shows little to please Republicans in 2010
LA Times: California lawmakers in stalemate over state water plan
SacBee: Feud over water bill pushes Schwarzenegger mass-veto deadline
Dan Walters: Long-term debt plan is a necessity
NYT: Top Judge Calls Calif. Government Dysfunctional
SF Chronicle: Newsom kept 81% of vows, self-report finds


Dallas MN: Nobel for Obama draws sarcasm from Texas GOP
Austin AS: Judge's ruling nudges Texas back into gay marriage fight


Herald Tribune: Rubio gains buzz, but lags in fundraising
St. Pete Times: Meek campaign struggles to knock down questions about his viability
Miami Herald: Florida Democrats are not yet sold on Meek as the nominee for Senate
Miami Herald: Broward's energized Republicans gather to meet candidates


AJC: Isakson confident tri-state water deal will be made


Chicago Tribune: Kim to announce candidacy for Ill. atty general
Pantagraph: Madigan gets opponent


Star Tribune: Minnesota fears hefty hit from aiding poor


Pittsburgh PG: Analysis: Perfect storm delayed budget


Columbus Dispatch: Tiberi's campaign says it's flush, even before GOP aid


Detroit FP: Dem fumes at GOP's alleged Mackinac boozing


Hill: Skelton red-faced over blue language directed at colleague on House floor


Tennessean: Bill Frist starts new chapter as health crusader


News & Observer: Are GOP winds blowing?


State: McMaster raises $1 million, but Barrett still holds the lead in campaign cash
Greenville News: South Carolina law gives Legislature broad power to impeach


LA Times: Sen. John Ensign complicates Nevada campaigns


Arizona Republic: Political Insider: Symington won't run in '10


Shreveport Times: Vitter pushes for citizenship question on census


Nashua Telegraph: Lynch may have some competition for his job


October 10, 2009


NYT: Surprise Nobel for Obama Stirs Praise and Doubts
WSJ: An Award Often Tinged by Politics
WaPo: Critics Smell Politics in Decision to Honor Obama
Wash Times: Nobel Prize seen as reward for not being Bush
LA Times: Nobel Peace prize may weigh heavily on Obama
Politico: GOP dials down Nobel Prize criticism
WSJ: The Nobel Hope Prize
NYDN: Obama Nobel Peace Prize win mocks award
Dick Morris: Nobel Prize to Obama: Europe's bid to re-colonize America
Rush Limbaugh: Our President is a Laughingstock: Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
Politico: Limbaugh: 'Greater embarrassment' than losing Olympics
Jed Babbin: Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

WaPo: Health-Care Bill May Not Get Single GOP Vote in the House
NYT: Adversity Helped Shape Snowes Health Care View
WSJ: Insurance Mandates Draw Flak From Both Sides
Wash Times: CBO math says tort reform cuts deficit
Hill: House Dems to call insurance execs twice to testify in final healthcare push

NYT: Panel Says Obama Plan Wont Slow Foreclosures
WSJ: Foreclosure Plan Ill-Suited for Changing Crisis, Report Says
WSJ: The 'Democratization of Credit' Is Over -- Now It's Payback Time
WSJ: Democrats Weigh Tax On Financial Transactions
WSJ: Obama Steps Up Push for Consumer Financial Protection Agency
WaPo: Obama Takes Bully Pulpit to Push Agency For Consumers
WSJ: Fannie's Next Big Adventure: Piling a guarantee on a guarantee on . . .

AP/Sherman: Congress set to act to keep abuse photos hidden

NYT: Abortion Foes Tell of Their Journey to the Streets

NYT: Sotomayor Puts Stamp on a Day at Court

Sen. Jim DeMint: What I Heard in Honduras

George Will: Rage of the Rights Talkers

Rush Limbaugh: Rush Accepts Invitation to Judge the 2010 Miss America Pageant

CNN: GOP needs power player to end 'warlord status,' expert says

AP: Guests for the Sunday TV news shows


CQ Politics: Hensarling Backs Scozzafava in Special Election
WSJ: N.Y. House Race Touches Off GOP Funding Fight

NYT: A Cuomo in the White House
Albany TU: Paterson signs Nixmarys law and others, vetoes a few as well
NYDN: Gov. Paterson signs Nixzmary's Law
AP: Gov signs Nixzmary's Law
Albany TU: Paterson makes his case on New York NOW

NYT: Republicans on the Trail, Going It Mostly Alone

Fox: Rangel Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Pelosi Says


WSJ: Corzine Uses Ad Blitz to Close Christie Gap
Star-Ledger: Chris Christie revamps his pitch to become N.J. governor
NY Post: Christie: NJ jolted enough: Taxes run amok
Star-Ledger: N.J. governor's race poll shows Obama link helps Corzine campaign
S-L: Chris Christie accuses Corzine campaign of addressing weight in N.J. governor's race ads
S-L: Chris Christie hammers Corzine, Daggett for tax plans
AP/Mulvihill: Christie wants to block gay marriage
Gail Collins: The Eye of the Beholder


WaPo: GOP Fervor Mounts As McDonnell Leads
WaPo: McDonnell "Delighted" Obama Won Nobel
AP/Lewis: Deeds keeps mum on roads funding plans
CQ Politics: Deeds: Obama Will Campaign Again in Virginia
Richmond TD: Deeds says he wouldnt raid general fund for roads
WaPo: Palin: McDonnell Personally Asked for Help


SacBee: Brown balks at challenging governor's veto threat
LA Times: Jerry Brown says it's not up to him to weigh in on governor's veto threat
WSJ: Politics of Water Brings California Back to Brink
CQ Politics: Eye on the Senate: Indecision Prevails in California
SacBee: GOP launches petition drive to 'fire' Pelosi; Democratic colleagues defend her
SacBee: California chief justice criticizes initiative process
LA Times: Stars shine on Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown
SF Chronicle: Boxer enjoys big lead on probable GOP rivals
AP: Boxer widens fundraising lead for 2010 campaign


DMN: Senators, representatives continue to battle over North TX nominee for U.S. attorney
CBS: Tom Delay Leaves the Dance Floor, Will He Finally Enter the Courtroom?
Fox: Your World' and Texas Race
AP/Shannon: Hutchison campaigns for gun rights
Star-Telegram: Perry continues overhaul of Forensic Science Commission


St. Pete Times: Crist greets Rubio supporters at Tampa event
Tampa Tribune: Rubio supporters show up for Crist speech
Miami Herald: Florida Gov. Crist is filling campaign coffers for Senate run

AP: Fla. Sen. LeMieux to make GOP radio address
Hill: Newest GOP senator not backing health proposals promoted by Senate Dems
AP: New Florida senator discloses earnings

St. Pete Times: If Dockery enters race for governor, expect fireworks

Politico: Rep. Wasserman Schultz foe aims live bullets at "DWS" target
AP/Sedensky: Republican shoots target with Fla. Dem's initials


BND: GOP Dillard bids for governor
Chicago Tribune: Suburban businessman to run as Republican for Illinois attorney general


Hill: Bachmann opponents could be headed for primary


NYT: Pennsylvania Lawmakers End the Budget Stalemate
Bloomberg: Pennsylvania Senate Approves $28 Billion Budget 101 Days Late


AP/Eggert: Senate GOP still holding onto 6 Mich. budget bills
Detroit FP: 2.2% cut in Michigan school aid sets stage for more budget tussles


AP/Abrams: Lawmaker cusses out fellow Missourian in House
Politico: Skelton's "stick it up your a**" moment


WSJ: Paying the Health Tax in Massachusetts
Boston Globe: Capuano trips raise profile, questions


Las Vegas Sun: No front-runner among the five who would challenge Harry Reid
KVBC: Republican women stand behind Ensign, focus on unseating Reid


AP/Crary: Stakes high for Maine's marriage vote


October 9, 2009


WSJ: Senate Health Bill Gains Momentum
AP: Senate committee health care vote planned Tuesday
LA Times: All eyes are on Olympia Snowe in healthcare debate
WSJ: House Eyes Windfall Tax on Insurers for Health Bill
WSJ: A new entitlement that cuts the deficit!
Sen. Mary Landrieu: Health Costs Are Crushing Small Businesses
Strassel: Senators aren't counting on reform savings when it comes to their constituents
James Taranto: Want to cut the deficit? Just spend $829 billion!
WaPo: Health-Care Tug of War Puts Patients In the Middle
WaPo: Health Industry Concerned About Reform Measures
Dick Morris: Tax the sick: Obama's new plan
Hill: Were going to make it
Hill: Pelosi criticizes Baucus health bill
Hill: Harkin: Health bill will have public option
Rush Limbaugh: Dark Days: Democrats in Midst of a Giant Health Care Con Game

AP: Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize
AP/Ritter: In a surprise, Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
WSJ: How Barack Obama Became the Accidental Occidental President
Charles Krauthammer: Young Hamlet's Agony

NYT: U.S. Mortgage Backer May Need Bailout, Experts Say
NYT: Fannie and Freddie Continue to Struggle, Lawmakers Told
NYT: Editorial: Another Kind of Foreclosure Crisis

Pat Buchanan: Hire Americans First!

Wash Times: Key Democrats align with military on buildup
Hill: Obey questions wisdom of sending more troops to Afghanistan, predicts scrutiny
WSJ: No Substitute for Boots on the Ground

NYT: Judiciary Panel Approves Patriot Act Sections
WSJ: Patriot Act Redo Clears Split Panel

NYT: U.S. Blocks Oil Drilling at 60 Sites in Utah

Hill: Chamber president: Were not changing on climate legislation

WSJ: Hate-Crimes Law Closer to Covering Gays
NYT: House Votes to Expand Definition of Hate Crimes
NYT: House Passes Expanded Hate Crimes Bill
Politico: House GOP leaders voting against defense bill
Julian Bond: Rights Still to Be Won

WSJ: House Lawmakers Challenge Credit Card Fee Increases
NYT: In House, a Bid to Hasten a Credit Card Law

Politico: Senators who could lose in 2010
Larry Sabato: Statehouse Rock: 2010 Governor Races

Politico: Sarah Palin notably absent from gubernatorial races

Hill: FEC could make GOTV rules tougher


WSJ: Ethics Panel Widens Rangel Investigation
NYT: Wider Ethics Inquiry for Rangel
NYT: Editorial: Sinking with Mr. Rangel
Politico: How long can Democrats stand by Charlie Rangel?

Albany TU: Deficit remains political football
Albany TU: Deficit? Lawmakers enjoy $11 a day boost
Buffalo News: Deficit grows to $3 billion as Paterson asks for ideas
NYDN: Gov. Paterson shirking budget duty, pols charge

NYDN: Gov. Paterson supports stem cells research; call it the 'wave of future'

AP/Gormley: Cuomo seeks to curb politics in pension decisions

NYT: Defense Rests in Monserrate Trial

CQ Politics: Labor-Related Party Backs Owens in N.Y. 23 Special
Albany TU: Working Families Party endorses Owens in 23rd CD


CQ Politics: Little Daylight in N.J. Governor Poll Numbers
NY Post: It's the taxes, stupid: NJ gov race turns on how to lighten load
Star-Ledger: Gov. Jon Corzine details how he would close N.J.'s $8B budget deficit
US News: Corzine Should Apologize to Christie for Weight Ad in N.J. Governor's Race
Star-Ledger: N.J. lt. governor candidates Weinberg, Guadagno aggressively spar in debate

Star-Ledger: GOP senators announce support for Sen. Tom Kean for Senate president
PoAC: New Jersey Republicans maneuvering for leverage in choice of next Senate president


WaPo: McDonnell Widens Lead Over Deeds
Politico: Poll: McDonnell up nine points
CQ Politics: Latest Va. Governor's Poll Gives McDonnell 9-Point Lead
Human Events: McDonnell Running Strong
Michael Gerson: Creigh Deeds vs. 'What's Going On in Washington'
Wash Times: Biden's home visit for Deeds a hushed affair


Mercury News: Meg Whitman, Tom Campbell running neck and neck in latest Field Poll
SF Chronicle: Whitman, Campbell in dead heat, poll shows
Wikipedia: Tom Campbell bio
SF Chronicle: Rudy Giuliani endorses Whitman
SF Chronicle: Whitman, Poizner and their common Democratic contributions
WaPo: CA-Gov: Whitman Defends Handling of Vote Story
SacBee: Poll: GOP voters cooling on Fiorina Senate candidacy
SacBee: Schwarzenegger goes public with blanket veto threat
Dan Walters: State must change its tax system


Dallas MN: Hutchison defends earmarks despite Perry jabs
Dallas MN: Senators, representatives battle over North Texas nominee for U.S. attorney
Dallas MN: Perry names first Latina to Texas Supreme Court
Dallas MN: Cornyn preparing for Hutchison departure
AP: Texas Republicans looking for new party chairman


Miami Herald: Crist continues to rake in millions for Senate campaign
CQ Politics: Crist Reports Raising $2.4 Million in Third Quarter
American Spectator: Marco's Million-Dollar Mo
Townhall: Marco Rubio - Charlie Crist Matchup a Fundraising Game

St. Pete Times: Federal Election Commission audits Florida Democratic Party


McClatchy: Georgia's Isakson pushes homebuyer tax credit extension
AJC: Gingrey uses doc smock mock to knock Obama


WSJ: Campaign-Finance Overhaul Falters in Illinois
Chicago Sun-Times: Hynes, first with TV spots, talks taxes
Chicago Tribune: Jim Ryan considers GOP bid for governor
Chicago Tribune: Republican Senate candidate Hughes puts $250k of own cash into race


WaPo: Short Takes: The Bachmann Primary
Argus Leader: Mixed reviews about Pawlenty
Star Tribune: Ellison reveals cost of trip to Mecca: $13.5K
AP: Democrats in Minn. governor's race hold TV debate
Pioneer Press: For Coleman, St. Paul comes first


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. budget pieces start to fall into place


Cleveland PD: Husted wins residency dispute ruling
Dayton DN: Law takes a back seat to politics with Husted ruling
Toledo Blade: Low point for high court

Cleveland PD: Casino revenue overstated, GOP House leaders say


Detroit News: Students' behavior at GOP event questioned
Detroit FP: Granholm to merge DNR, DEQ


McClatchy: Why is GOP targeting Ike Skelton's once-safe Missouri seat?
Hill: Blunt accuses White House of hiding generals' opinions


NY Post: Tennessee lawmaker Wamp: Bloomberg, gun sting unwelcome
NY Post: Hillbilly pol takes shot at mayor
Examiner: The Tennessee Republican legislative landscape


News & Observer: Poll: Burr not popular, but leads Democrats
Politics Daily: Burr Looking Stronger for Re-Election in North Carolina
CQ Politics: Eye on the Senate: Burr's Still Ahead in North Carolina


CQ Politics: Wilsons Fundraising Numbers Are No Lie


Harvard Law Record: Massachusetts Senate: the race is on!


October 8, 2009


WSJ: New Math Boosts Health Plan
Wash Times: New data boosts health bill for Democrats
Hill: CBO score gives Baucus health bill a boost with deficit-cutting projections
WaPo: Health-Care Bill Wouldn't Raise Deficit, Report Says
WaPo: GOP Points To Democrats' Concerns on Medicaid
NYT: Health Care Bill Gets Green Light in Cost Analysis
WaPo: Health-Care Reform: How the Bills Stack Up
Ann Coulter: Would you like to sponsor 'Liberal Lies about National Health Care'? Part 7
Karl Rove: The GOP Is Winning the Health-Care Debate
Jed Babbin: Baucus Health Care Circus

WSJ: Deficit Complicates Push on Jobs
EJ Dionne: Just Don't Call It a Jobs Stimulus

NYT: Democrats May Extend Tax Credit for Homes
LA Times: FHA may be setting up repeat of housing bubble, lawmakers worry

WSJ: Plan to Let States Set Bank Rules Splits Democrats
WSJ: Frank's Plan Criticized As Too Lax
WSJ: The Weak-Dollar Threat to Prosperity
Hill: Lawmakers show worry over U.S. dollars dwindling worldwide status
WSJ: Another Scary Czar
WSJ: Mrs. Pelosi's VAT: The Speaker floats a middle-class tax hike
James Taranto: The Green Depression: Wouldn't it be cool if economy shrank even more?

Rush Limbaugh: "Safe Schools Czar" Rips Schools for Promoting Heterosexuality

NYT: Obama Choice for Labor Post Advances but Then Meets a G.O.P. Roadblock

Hill: Climate legislation deal feared

WaPo: Court Wades Shallowly Into Church and State
NYT: Religion Largely Absent in Argument About Cross
Wash Times: High court questions cross as memorial
Dana Milbank: Cross Case Raises Questions, and Maybe Money

NYT: Compromise Is Reached on Detainees
WaPo: Key Democrats Would Let Guantanamo Detainees Be Tried in U.S.

WSJ: Gates Gives Obama Afghan Troop Request
Politico: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid at odds over war

WSJ: Intelligence Fiasco: The authors of the 2007 Iran NIE have some explaining to do

Rep. Dan Burton: Holder's Witch Hunt

Wash Times: Hard-hit cities, states hire near-record lobbyists

WSJ: GOP Faces Multiple Hurdles as It Aims for a 1994 Replay

WaPo: Cheney's Daughter Starts Firm Of Her Own

Chicago Tribune: Playgirl shoot next up for teenage father of Sarah Palin's grandson


NYT: Ex-Spitzer Aide Fined $10,000 in Bruno Case
NY Post: Ethics bigs fine Spitz aide 10G

Albany TU: NRA endorses Scozzafava
Politico: In NY 23rd, GOP pick sparks revolt on right
CQ Politics: Special Election Candidate Squeezed From Both Sides
American Spectator: Losing It Over Scozzafava

Albany TU: Lazio: Legislators should cancel China junket

NYDN: Pension pay-to-play: Law firms gave controllers big bucks, then got $518M in fees
NYDN: Cuomo Plan Gets Senate Love But Shelly Shrug

NYT: Witness in Monserrate Assault Trial Says Partner Was Drunk

NYT: Democrats Block G.O.P. Move on Rangel
WaPo: Democrats Hold Off GOP Attack On Rangel
Wash Times: House GOP fails to strip Rangel of chairmanship
Gail Collins: The Lion King in Winter

Chris Cillizza: The Rising: Hillary Alumnus, Bloomberg Foil


CQ Politics: New Jersey: Corzine Outspending Christie 3-to-1
NYT: Corzine Points a Spotlight at His Rivals Waistline


WSJ: Virginia's Race Now a Page-Turner
Wash Times: Deeds links self with Warner, not Obama
Politico: Dems beg Deeds for positive message

CQ Politics: State Senator Readies Bid Against Virginia's Perriello


SacBee: Brown widens lead over Newsom in California Field Poll
SacBee: Whitman registered to vote in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, records show
Chris Cillizza: Calling California Conservatives
George Skelton: Schwarzenegger's heavy-handed threat is justified


Dallas MN: Hutchison plans to file brief in gun control case before Supreme Court
Hill: Hutchison, Tester, Souder wading into Supreme Court gun rights case
Politico: DeLay has 'no idea' on Obama citizenship


SPT: In Florida governor's race, Democrat Sink retains fundraising lead over GOP's McCollum
CQ Politics: Florida Senate: Ex-Miami Mayor in the Mix
Miami Herald: Ferre jumps into Senate race
SPT: Former prosecutor to guide House inquiry into Sansom
SPT: With Marco Rubio raising nearly $1 million, it's game on in Senate race vs. Gov. Crist


AJC: Court relieves Oxendine's father of judicial duties


NYT: Attorney General, in Chicago, Pledges Youth Violence Effort
Politico: Holder, Duncan meet with Daley


Star Tribune: Pawlenty's trip to Iowa seen as testing the waters for 2012
Politico: Gov. Tim Pawlenty to headline Iowa GOP dinner


CQ Politics: Wisconsin's Feingold At Risk ... But Only If Thompson Runs


CQ Politics: Past and Present in Iowa Governors Duel


Boston Globe: Coakley enters e-mail inquiry
Boston Globe: Senate contenders race for unions backing


WSJ: New Mexico Revisits Scandal


Rasmussen: Louisiana Senate: GOP Candidates Lead by Double Digits


Politico: Wyoming governor Dave Freudenthal to seek third term?




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