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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

September 7, 2009


NYT: Obama Faces a Critical Moment for His Presidency
WaPo: Obama Readies Reform Specifics
CQ Politics: Obama Ready to Stress Areas of Health Agreement
Hill: Gibbs: 'Lines in the sand' to be drawn by president in address
Politico: What Obama will say in his address
NYT: The Presidents Team Fights New Setbacks
Wash Times: Obama's stand on public option draws fire
Politico: Alexander: Health care bill is like "war" vote
Human Events: AFL CIO At War With Blue Dogs
Human Events: Labor Unions on Health Care: Their True Motives
Hill: GOP warns of 'explosion' if Dems use reconciliation to force health reform
Hill: Health proponents keep enemies close
NYT: New Fee on Health Insurance Companies Is Proposed to Help Expand Coverage
Wash Times: Pro-reform doctor wants critics to forgo Medicare
Ross Douthat: A More Perfect Death

Hill: Campaign finance gets spotlight at Supreme Court this week

Pittsburgh PG: War, unions, climate fill the agenda for Congress
NYT: Pace of Change Under Obama Frustrates Unions
PE: Sen. Barbara Boxer the force behind upcoming energy bill

NYT: Natural Gas Hits a Roadblock in New Energy Bill

Wash Times: W.H.: 'Silly' backlash to Obama schools-talk
NYT: Secretary Endorses Obamas Talk for Students

WSJ: Obama Adviser Resigns Amid Controversy
WaPo: In Adviser's Resignation, Vetting Bites Obama Again
Wash Times: W.H. looks past Jones controversy
Politico: More czars on conservative hit list
Politico: Van who? Beck, bloggers pushed story
Politico: Van Jones 'brought down,' says Dean
SF Chronicle: Glenn Beck: conspiracies, President Obama and Van Jones
SF Chronicle: Progressives decry resignation of Van Jones

WSJ: Obama to Tap Bloom as Manufacturing Adviser
WaPo: Obama Names Manufacturing Adviser

Sen. Jim DeMint: Congress's Next Giveaway: A Terrible Idea to Tax Tourists

CQ Politics: Transcript: White House Adviser Axelrod on NBCS Meet the Press
CQ Politics: Transcript: Sens. Klobuchar, Nelson, Gov. Pawlenty on CNNs State of the Union
CQ Politics: Transcript: Former Sens. Dole, Daschle on ABCs This Week


Politico: Giuliani's "still thinking" about race for governor
NY Post: Rudy 'still thinking' - out loud
NYT: Cuomo Is Said to Find No Rogue Unit
NYDN: No state cops' rogue unit: report
Albany TU: Candidates lining up in 23rd CD
AP/Bauman: Candidates in NY's 23rd CD, check. A race? Not yet
NY Post: Pedro can re-gift his 'dirty' $$
NYDN: Too many loopholes: Campaign money goes for cars, spas & travel


Politico: New Jersey governor's race gets down and dirty
Daily Record: Christie has no property tax plan
Star-Ledger: Corzine may face political consequences with Assembly speaker's retirement
AP/Mulvihill: Kean critical of Corzine, on this or that


Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell up in poll taken after thesis flap
Daily Press: McDonnell's agenda
WaPo: Rural Areas A Magnet For Deeds


Bus Times: Bringing business to the race Jobs are key, says gov candidate Whitman
eWeek: Fiorina, Whitman Face Hurdles in Calif. Campaign Bids
SacBee: Cyber titans of Silicon Valley turning to politics
Politico: California redistricting mischief


Dallas MN: Timeline is murky for Perry to call election to replace Hutchison in Senate
Dallas MN: Perry critic turned supporter: That stuff I said, never mind


Miami Herald: Work by incoming Sen. LeMieux, his law firm draws scrutiny
St. Pete Times: Former Florida Gov. Bob Graham tries to chill state GOP's ardor for oil
Examiner: Sen. Martinez lobbied Pentagon for RNC benefactor
Herald Tribune: Buchanan ranks highly in Congress' wealth list


AJC: Some bills by Georgia legislators on road to nowhere
AJC: A Republican voice of moral recklessness


NYT: Ex-Illinois Governor Adds Author to His Rsum
Chicago Daily Observer: Who is Winning the Illinois GOP Web War?
BND: Get ready for some intense action in Illinois governor race


CNN: I don't view Palin as a competitor for anything, says Pawlenty
Star Tribune: Health care: From sound and fury to the real fight


Philadelphia Inquirer: Democrats gird for midterm losses next year


Columbus Dispatch: Obama losing independents over health care
Cleveland PD: Traficant rips 'enemies' at welcome-home party
Hill: Traficant talks 'turkey' hunting in first post-prison interview


Detroit FP: Republicans count down to 1st gubernatorial debate
WSJ: Lights Out at the Penitentiary


AP/Lieb: Mo. to curb hospital Medicaid payments


News & Observer: Fetzer finds love right in his own political party


NYDN: Schilling's Senate pitch for Ted Kennedy's seat laid out in blog post "What I believe"
Arizona Republic: Why not Schilling in the Senate?
NYT: Kennedy Connection to Chvez and Citgo
Boston Globe: Healey opts against run for Kennedys Senate seat
AP: Former Lt. Gov. Healey decides against Senate race


WaPo: For Obama and Democrats, Colorado Becomes Less Welcoming


September 6, 2009


NYT: White House Adviser on ‘Green Jobs’ Resigns
WaPo: Embattled Environmental Aide Resigns
WaPo: White House Adviser Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy Over Past Activism
Wash Times: Green jobs czar Van Jones resigns
Examiner: Van Jones resignation shows 'How Republicans got their groove back'
Examiner: Has Glenn Beck replaced Rush Limbaugh as titular head of the Republican party?

NYT: Clintons Health Defeat Sways Obamas Tactics
NYT: Shake the Governments Helping Hand. Or Bite It.
Star-Ledger: Bickering, bipartisan Gang of Six could still ride to the rescue
AP/Adams: Health care effort could depend on Maine's Snowe
Houston Chronicle: Passing a health bill: What are the odds?
NYT: Editorial: President Obamas Health Choices
David Brooks: Perverse incentives are why health care is a mess
Reuters: Betsy McCaughey Addresses NY Times: Charges of Falsehoods But No Evidence

NYT: Health Care Debate Revives Immigration Battle

Wash Times: Justices take on challenge to campaign laws

NYT: Obama Outlines Retirement Initiatives
Wash Times: Obama moves to boost retirement savings

Politico: School speech backlash builds

Wash Times: Musical chairmanship in Senate

Politico: Pelosi loath to drop hammer on Rangel

Kathleen Parker: Obama's Abortion Minefield

NYT: Wall Street Pursues Profit in Bundles of Life Insurance
Lawrence Kudlow: The Jobless Recovery

NYT: OpEd: What Torture Never Told Us

WaPo: Lobbyists Feel the Pinch As Downturn Hits K Street

CQ Politics: In Some Ways, 2012 Presidential Race Already Underway
CQ Politics: Wondering Who's In For 2012
Rasmussen: Does Obama Face a 2012 Challenge In His Own Party?
Chicago Tribune: Obama's declining support among whites

Examiner: Win a dinner date with Sarah Palin
CQ Politics: Palin's Costly Resignation
SF Chronicle: Palin and America's paranoid-style politics
American Thinker: Is Sarah Palin crazy?

Hill: Kaine, Steele make cases to NAACP
Hill: Kaine picks Obama's allies for DNC posts

Hill: D.C. voting advocates hope for October vote

Hill: Talk shows to preview Obama addresses
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Syracuse PS: New York Senate on spending spree while economy bleeds
Buffalo News: Wojtaszek is campaigning hard


WaPo: In N.J., Economy Weighs on Corzine Bid
Star-Ledger: Editorial: Corzine vs. Chris Christie: Time for straight talk in NJ campaign
AP/Delli Santi: No ticket for Christie in '02 wreck
CQ Politics: New Jersey: Garrett Dodges Democratic Trend


WaPo: Deeds Needs to Look Beyond Thesis, Seize A Key Issue
Richmond TD: Thesis fracas may not give Deeds the boost he needs


Politico: GOP's new diversity push
Mercury News: Internal Affairs: Whitman's love letter backfires


Dallas MN: Hutchison urges Texas GOP to open doors wider
Lubbock: Battle brewing over control of state GOP
Star-Telegram: Texas pols eager to run for Senate


Miami Herald: Ill-fated real estate deal costs Florida $266 million
St. Pete Times: State pension fund's $266 million investment disappeared in 2 years


Star Tribune: GOP roundtable draws Pawlenty


Pittsburgh TR: Pa. has largest legislative staff


Tennessean: Sen. Corker says bipartisan health-care bill can pass


McClatchy: S.C. congressmen might play key roles in health care reform


CQ Politics: Parties See High Stakes in Omaha House Race


Boston Globe: In blog, Schilling weighs in on hot-button topics
Politico: Schilling ineligible to run as Republican
Boston Globe: As Joe Kennedy considers run, Chvez ties loom
Boston Globe: Democrats drag feet on Senate vacancy
AP/Johnson: Mass. lawmakers in contortions over succession law


September 5, 2009


Wash Times: Jobless rate surges to highest level in 26 years
Politico: Unemployment spike wounds Dems
WSJ: GOP Uses Job Data to Attack Stimulus
Hill: White House defends stimulus despite rising unemployment
WSJ: The Jobless Stimulus: It's still not too late to redirect $400 billion to business tax cuts
NYT: States Cut Back and Layoffs Hit Even Recipients of Stimulus Aid
WSJ: Behind FHA Strains, a Push to Lift Housing
WSJ: Warning: The Deficits Are Coming!

Hill: GOP address: Start over on health bill
WaPo: 'Gang of 6' Urged to Act Now On Health
WaPo: Key Members of the Senate Finance Committee
NYT: Senate Chairman Says Health Care Bill Is Coming
WSJ: Baucus Aims to Deliver Health Deal Soon
Hill: Baucus ready to press ahead
WSJ: Maine Senators Play Key Role in Battle
NYT: Resurfacing, a Critic Stirs Up Debate Over Health Care
Reps. Shadegg & Hoekstra: How to Insure Every American

Politico: John Boehner asks for GOP response
Politico: Fox will not show Obama's address; airs on sister networks
WSJ: 9/11 and 9/9: Will Obama even mention Afghanistan when he addresses Congress?

Politico: Pawlenty blasts school speech
WSJ: School Choice: To Air Obama Talk or Not?

WSJ: A Long To-Do List Awaits Lawmakers
Politico: House libs to introduce Marriage Act repeal
WaPo: Left-Right Divide Is Now A 'Hyperpartisan' Chasm

NYT: Panel Rules Against Ashcroft in Detention Case

NYT: Union Head Would Back Bill Without Card Check
WSJ: Judge Rejects Bid to Delay E-Verify Mandate

Hill: Obama looking for retirement plan reforms

NYT: Boehner to Rangel: Give Up the Gavel
Hill: Boehner calls on Rangel to step down from Ways and Means chairmanship
Wash Times: GOP urges Rangel to give up post But Pelosi says chairman can stay put
Politico: Boehner calls on Rangel to give up gavel

WSJ: Inflammatory Statements Trip Up 'Green Jobs' Adviser
ABC: Obama Official Denies Being Part of 9/11 "Truther" Movement, Apologizes (h/t P.Jones)
Wash Times: White House lukewarm about adviser Jones
Politico: GOP uses Jones to launch czar revolt
Politico: Pence calls on Van Jones to resign
Politico: Jones apologizes for statements, denies 9/11 doubts
Hill: White House stands by 'truther' Van Jones

NYT: White House to Open Visitor Logs to Public

Politico: Palin-related ethics charge dismissed

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYDN: Governor Paterson aims to push bill on gay marriage during special session

Albany TU: Property tax prime target to fill public pension coffers

NYDN: Senate leaders will address ethics bill on return to Albany

NY Post: Fellow Dem: Espada 'a thug'
NYDN: Fellow Dem pol calls Sen. Pedro Espada a "thug" and "embarrassment"

NY Post: GOP boss Boehner: Step down, Charlie


NY Post: Christie's road follies


CQ Politics: McDonnell Keeps Healthy Lead


LA Times: Cash-strapped states revise laws to get inmates out

SacBee: Whitman gets caught up in Van Jones controversy
Politico: Poizner camp: Whitman, Jones in 'love'


Dallas MN: Ex-Texas Tech regent say he felt pressured to quit after backing Hutchison


St. Pete Times: Sen. LeMieux faces scrutiny on his way to Washington
Miami Herald: Martinez aide intervened in dispute between Pentagon, GOP fundraiser


WSJ: Too Busy to Hate: Atlanta's politicians shun race-baiting
AJC: Poll shows Norwood at 42 percent of vote; Borders at 34 percent


Chicago Sun-Times: Did state's attorney use office for political work?


WSJ: Indianapolis Tests Out Education Reform


Star Tribune: Pawlenty supports parents wary of Obama school speech


Pittsburgh PG: Veon and aide ordered to face trial


Cleve PD: Political concerns pre-empting Obama back-to-school speech in some districts


WSJ: Lights Out at the Penitentiary


CQ Politics: Missouri Rep. Skelton Gets Another GOP Challenger


WBIR: Tennessee delegation looks for more modest health reform


WTVD: Conservatives call for Obama boycott


CSM: After Sanford, more seamy accusations in South Carolina


WSJ: Legal Prostitution Under Pressure in Rhode Island


Politico: Labor pushes on Mass. succession
Hill: Another contender for Kennedy's seat
Boston Globe: Lynch takes out nomination papers for US Senate seat
Boston Globe: Post-Kennedy, Bay State still wields clout


September 4, 2009


WSJ: Obama Pressed on Details of Plan
WaPo: Obama Will Lay Out Specifics in Health-Care Speech, Aides Say
NYT: Health Care Idea Has Public Plan Only as Backup
Hill: Sen. Enzi returns fire against White House
Politico: White House's new health care pitch
Politico: Gang of Six gives it one more try
Politico: Liberals escalate public option push
CQ Politics: Democrats Told To Accentuate the Positive on Health Bill
WaPo: The Unwitting Birthplace of the 'Death Panel' Myth

Byron York: Health care reform means more power for the IRS
James Taranto: Washington's Willy Loman
Peggy Noonan: Coruscating on Thin Ice: The Obama administration is young & out of touch
Charles Krauthammer: Obama, the Mortal
Wes Pruden: Slip-siding toward nasty Sept.
Pat Buchanan: Distortions -- or Truths?

Wash Times: CIA asks Justice to probe leaks of secrets

WSJ: Loan Losses Spark Concern Over FHA

Gov. Mitch Daniels: Coming Reset in State Gov't: Permanent reduction in tax revenues

WaPo: Emissions Linked to End of 2,000-Year Arctic Trend

WaPo: Some Schools Will Block or Delay Obama's Pep Talk for Students
CQ Politics: Backlash Builds over Obama's School Speech
WSJ: A Teachable Moment: Obama isn't 'indoctrinating' kids

Politico: Chuck Schumer predicts Tim Johnson will get Banking

WaPo: Justices Discuss A Changing Court
WSJ: A Doctor's Plan for Legal Industry Reform
WSJ: In Defense of Lobbying: The Constitution protects the right to petition
Politico: Ashcroft aide threatens to take the Fifth

NYT: Biden Defends Federal Stimulus Program
WaPo: Stimulus Credited for Lifting Economy, But Worries About Unemployment Persist

NYT: Editorial: Once and Future Taxes

CQ Politics: Jeb Bush Not Running "Right Now"
NYT: Bush Hires Ex-Journalist to Run Think Tank

Politico: David Petraeus, Joe Scarborough eyed for '12
Politico: Cook Political Report: A dangerous slide for Democrats
CQ Politics: Older Vote Could Hurt Democrats Next Year
CQ Politics: Insiders See Democrats Retaining Both House, Senate
Hill: Kerry, Issa, Harman most wealthy; new kids of 09 are rich kids, too

AP: Complaint against former top Palin aide dismissed


NY Post: NYers billed by Gov's Penn. pal
NY Post: Shelly: He doesn't have a chance in el
Wash Times: D.C.'s power, prestige take bite out of Big Apple


Star-Ledger: MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty campaigns in Bergen for GOP candidate Chris Christie


American Spectator: The Last of the Macacas
NYT: Editorial: The M-Word Surfaces in Virginia
Daily Press: McDonnell, then and now
Richmond TD: Deeds uses radio, Internet to attack McDonnell on thesis


SacBee: Republican ads target Pelosi
NYT: California Leaders Back Health Program for the Poor
WSJ: California at Risk of New Stalemate Over Prisons
CQ Politics: New Foe Puts Focus on California Rep. Bilbray
Dan Walters: Who would pay for massive California water project?


Tyler: Hutchison Continues Gubernatorial Campaign In East Texas
News-Journal: Hutchison: TxDOT shouldn't 'dictate from the top down'
Dallas MN: Houston businessman considers running for governor as Democrat
Austin AS: Hair care exec might run for governor as Democrat


Ledger: Marco Rubio Criticizes Governor Crist
Buzz: Marco Rubio wins another straw poll


AJC: Chapman joins GOP race for governor


Chicago Tribune: Tribune poll: Obama support a bit shakier than expected in Illinois


WSJ: John Murtha's Airport for No One
CQ Politics: Rivals Talk Health, Drink Beer, Ignore Specter


WSJ: The Michigan Example: How government investment in business failed to create jobs


WaPo: A GOP Senator Looking to Meet Halfway


Politico: Mark Sanford accused of Andre Bauer rumors


AP/Johnson: Schilling: Senate campaign chances 'slim to none'
WEEI: Curt Schilling Discusses a Potential Senate Run
Politico: Schilling: 'I have no baggage'

CQ Politics: Could Kennedys Successor Be A Republican?
NYT: Massachusetts Waits for a Kennedy to Decide on Race
NYT: Coakley Makes It Official


WSJ: Harry Jekyll and Harry Hyde
Hill: GOP chairwoman eyes Reid challenge
CQ Politics: In Nevada, They're Not Too Wild About Harry


Politico: Richardson tries to put probe behind, but feds won't let him


Politico: Ok so Hoeven is not introducing Karl Rove


CQ Politics: South Dakota State Rep Eyes Herseth Sandlin Seat


September 3, 2009


NYT: Obama to Address Joint Session of Congress on Health Care
Wash Times: Obama, in health plan push, calls rare joint session
WSJ: Obama Relaunches Health Bid
WaPo: President To Flesh Out His Vision In Speech
Politico: Obama's speech: High risk, high reward

Politico: Mitch McConnell: Ditching public option isn't enough
Politico: W.H. aims to deal with Snowe
Time: Why Chuck Grassley Turned on Health-Care Reform

WSJ: Wrong Turns: How Obama's Health-Care Push Went Astray
WSJ: Democrats Target High Earners to Help Fund Health Plan
WSJ: Health Talks to Go On, GOP Says
Wash Times: Some Dems rethinking health plan stance
WaPo: MoveOn Holds Health-Care 'Vigils'
NYT: Obama Aides Aim to Simplify and Scale Back Health Bills
NYT: Democrats Go on the Road to Revive Health Care Push
NYT: Conservatives See Need for Serious Health Debate
Human Events: No 'Gang of Six' Deal Would Bind Republicans

Karl Rove: Obama & Perfect Storm : It's hard to sell change voters don't think they need
Ann Coulter: Liberal Lies about national health care: Third in a series
Jim Taranto: Death Panels for Terrorists! Just how over top can a pro-ObamaCare pitch get?
Nicholas Kristof: Health Care That Works
Tom Daschle: Democrats will pursue reform with or without Republican support

Wash Times: Boehner, Pelosi skip town halls: Boehner eyes 2010 contests during recess
Hill: Steele road trip to target Democrats

David Broder: Why Holder Is Wrong
NYT: Editorial: Dick Cheneys Version

Politico: Poll shows support for energy bill

WSJ: Justices to Revisit Campaign Finance

Chicago Tribune: Speculation rises that Supreme Court Justice Stevens will retire
NYT: A Justice Slows His Hiring, and Some Wonder About His Future
Hill: Another Supreme Court fight brewing?

Politico: FEC: Kansas City Chiefs' John McCain video not illegal

WaPo: Federal Government Needs Massive Hiring Binge, Study Finds

WSJ: FDA Bill a Bipartisan Victory for Dingell

Michael Barone: New facts undercut old positions on immigration

Politico: Gay military question still up in air

Wash Times: Ex-Bush whistleblower pans Dems
Wash Times: WH withdraws call for students to 'help' Obama

Kathleen Parker: Can the GOP Speak to Blacks?

Politico: Congress gets lowest rating in 24 years
CQ Politics: Public Hasn't Been This Unhappy With Congress In 20 Years
Hill: Short of miracle, Congress to fall short on appropriations goal

CQ Politics: Fewer Americans Call Themselves Democrats

Vanity Fair: Levi Johnston: "Me and Mrs. Palin"
Politico: Vanity Fair publishes Levi's story: 'Me and Mrs. Palin'
AP: Levi Johnston: Palin wanted to adopt grandchild
Gail Collins: The Revenge of Levi


Albany TU: Top Paterson aide draws pay, disability pension, registered to vote elsewhere

NYT: Eliot Spitzer Has a New Job: Adjunct Instructor of Political Science
Albany TU: Video: Paterson on Spitzer
NY Post: Spitzer's babe slaps the snobs

NY Post: Group wants Rudy for governor

Albany TU: The Espada odyssey
NY Post: Bx. group refuses Espada's 'dirty' $$

Hill: GOP turns up the heat on Rangel, calling on chairman to release tax records
NY Post: Charlie ups the race-card ante


Politico: Christie lead holds despite bad news
Star-Ledger: N.J. gubernatorial debate schedule finalized


Rasmussen: Virginia Governor: McDonnell 51% Deeds 42%
Politico: Poll: McDonnell holds nine-point lead
CQ Politics: Virginia Governor's Race: McDonnell Maintains Lead
WaPo: Bob McDonnell, GOD and the GOP

CQ Politics: Virginia Freshmen Join Forces To Raise 2010 Money


SF Chronicle: 10th District race may get competitive
SacBee: Garamendi has an edge in 10th District runoff
NYT: California: Runoff for U.S. House Seat
Hill: Matchup to replace Rep. Tauscher is set

SF Chronicle: Donors generous to Newsom's pet projects

LA Times: California Senate approves tax on health insurers
LA Times: California Legislature on the verge of major achievements
LA Times: Republican state lawmakers will appeal prison ruling


Dallas MN: Obama's plan to speak to schoolchildren ignites furor in Dallas area
GOP12: Hutchison using Rudy against Perry


St. Pete Times: Lawyers lay out strategies in Sansom case


Gwinnett Gazette: Gwinnett GOP to Host 2010 Candidates


Chicago Tribune: Comptroller Dan Hynes launches bid to be governor


Star Tribune: Michigan's Republicans invite Pawlenty to speak
Star Tribune: Kline to rebut Obama on health reform


AP/Rubinkam: Specter foes Sestak, Toomey hold town hall
Hill: Sestak, Toomey to drink beer together

AP: Conn. action makes Pa. only state without a budget


Hill: Former Rep. Traficant released from jail


Detroit FP: Cox releases info on his personal finances online
KEYC: Pawlenty To Attend GOP Conference


WVLT: Corker wraps up whirlwind August recess with Loudon County town hall


CQ Politics: North Carolina Hopeful Field-Tests a Few Jabs Against Burr


CQ Politics: CQ Race Rating Change: DeMint Edges Up

CBS: "Zen-like" Mark Sanford Resists Calls to Resign


NYT: Former Red Sox Pitcher Mulls Senate Race
Boston Globe: Pundits make a pitch to get Schilling into race
NYT: From Pitchers Mound to Senate?
AP/Johnson: Ex-pitcher Schilling considers Senate bid
Politico: Price of Kennedy seat: $3 million-plus


Politico: Nevada GOP chair opens door to Senate run


CQ Politics: Former Gov. Kitzhaber Seeks to Reclaim Post in Oregon


September 2, 2009


WSJ: Why Democrats Are Losing on Health Care
WSJ: Democrats Try Tougher Tone on Health Plan
Boston Globe: Health overhaul may ride on tactic: Democrats would need only 51 votes
Hill: Senator Alexander warns move would 'wreck' Dems
NYT: Republican Senator Alexander Calls for Only Incremental Health Care Changes
NYT: Obama Plans More Hands-On Health Advocacy
CQ Politics: Obama Ready To Get Specific On Health Bill
Hill: GOP readies wave of objections to stall healthcare bill in Senate
NYT: Conservative Democrats Expect a Health Deal
NYT: Changing Health Care by Steps
Human Events: Health 'Reform' Covers Illegal Aliens
NYT: Small Business Group Forges an Alliance for Health Care Reform
Politico: Hastert: Pelosi blew it on health bill
Michael Gerson: Health Reform's Plan B: Obama Could Still Salvage a Partial Victory
Dick Morris: Health bill breaches IRS privacy

WSJ: Cap and Tax Delay: Senate Democrats realize they don't have the votesfor now
Armstrong Williams: Climate change -- what's in it for me?

Wash Times: Gonzales supports Holder on CIA probe
NYT: C.I.A. Resists Disclosure of Records on Detention
James Taranto: There's a What On? The White House brings back the "war on terror."
Jed Babbin: Obama Administration Misleads Congress on Gitmo

WSJ: Another Video Smackdown: The FCC's anti-cable campaign gets whacked

Sen. Tom Coburn: Voters don't believe WH claim that we'll save money by spending more
Wash Times: Ad campaign targets rising deficit
Human Events: Obama's 2010 Budget Fantasy

Newt Gingrich: Witnessing History in Asia

NYT: Editorial: Reviving Civil Rights
Kathleen Parker: Tackling the Great Divide: How the GOP Lost Its Black Soul

Politico: Mitt Romney lays groundwork in autumn

Rasmussen: Republicans Widen Lead Over Democrats on Generic Ballot
CQ Politics: Most Voters Not Inclined To Re-Elect Incumbents to Congress
CNN: CNN Poll: Independents disapprove of Obama

Hill: Ron Paul campaign lives on in Senate races


Newsday: Pataki plays possible Senate plans close to the vest

Hill: Spitzer considers challenge to Gillibrand
CQ Politics: Evaluating Spitzer's Prospects
NY Post: Mom does a Spitz-take: Kristen's distress at client's schemes
NY Post: Former gov now a prof

Hill: Pelosi will let Rangel hold post despite latest allegations
Hill: Groups want counsel for Rangel probe

Albany TU: Millions more for Senate: Spending rises after summer of turmoil
NYT: OTB Is in Financial Trouble, but Its Ready to Roll


WSJ: Christie Maintains Polling Lead in N.J. Governor's Race
Wash Times: Polls: Corzine trails GOP rival
Politico: Christie lead holds despite bad news
Star-L: N.J. Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts will not seek re-election, two top Dems say


Wash Times: McDonnell lead halved after '89 thesis surfaced
Human Events: WaPo Opens Jihad Against McDonnell
WaPo: McDonnell Tries to Salvage Women's Votes
Ruth Marcus: The Macaca Thesis: What Bob McDonnell Can't Explain Away
Bloomberg: Corzine, Deeds Electoral Weakness Reflects Obamas Lower Rating


Wash Times: Hoyer shouted down at town hall
Politico: Hoyer gets his town hall taste
Hill: Hoyer gets earful at volatile town hall


WSJ: California's Man-Made Drought: The green war against San Joaquin Valley farmers
SacBee: State wants to appeal prison-crowding order to U.S. high court
Dan Walters: Renewable energy: 'Buy California' fight heats up

SacBee: Garamendi takes lead in 10th District vote but likely faces runoff
SF Chronicle: Garamendi holds early lead in special election
CQ Politics: Garamendi Wins Key Democratic Nod in California House Special


Dallas MN: Kinky Friedman running as Democrat for Texas governor


St. Pete Times: McCain, McConnell visit Florida to denounce health care changes
Miami Herald: Healthcare battle brews in Florida
NYT: Senator Martinez Says Goodbye
Miami Herald: FL lawmakers aim to close election law loophole that masks groups
Miami Herald: Oil, gas companies bring cash, confidence to campaign to drill off FL's coast


AccessNorthGA: Deal talks energy, health care and water
Macon Telegraph: Transportation sales tax deal may be near


NYT: Illinois: Group Sues to Enforce Abortion Notice


Star Tribune: Bachmann calls for 'covenant' to defeat health care overhaul
Politico: Bachmann: Tax rates like 'slavery'


Philadelphia Inquirer: Committee meets to discuss budget, but takes no action


Politico: Jim Traficant: out of pokey, into spotlight


Detroit FP: Top lawmakers to try to resolve the budget
Detroit News: Dillon: Budget accord close


KY3: Blunt confronts downtown billboard
KSMU: Congressman Blunt Addresses Critical Claims on Billboard


CNN: GOP senator Alexander warns of 'minor revolution' over health care
Times-News: Corker says Obama wants health care 'political victory'
Times-News: Corker predicts cap-and-trade won't pass this year


Winston-Salem J: Armey tells Clemmons crowd government reaching too far
News & Observer: N.C. enters 'Race to the Top' for school bucks


WSJ: Shamed Governor Battles to Save Job
Wash Times: Sanford vows fight to remain governor
CQ Politics: South Carolina: Sanford Casts a Shadow Over 2010
Hill: Sanford's media blitz raises eyebrows


NYT: Arkansas Senator Draws Another Challenger
CQ Politics: Baker Adds Name to GOP Roster for Arkansas Senate


NYT: Mass. Attorney General Begins Bid for Kennedys Seat


September 1, 2009


WSJ: Health-Care Anger Has Deeper Roots
WaPo: Obama's Health-Care Realism
Politico: Republican National Committee targets seniors
Hill: Dem health bill would raise drug premiums
Wash Times: White House hits GOP's Enzi over health care stand
CQ Politics: Enzi, Grassley Health Care Remarks Rile White House
Hill: White House fires back at Sen. Enzi
WaPo: Chuck Grassley Fundraises Against Health-Care Reform
Politico: Life after Kennedy: all eyes on Dodd
Politico: The August recess casualty list
Hill: House investigators target six health insurance companies for additional data

Wash Times: Climate change bill to boost nuclear plants
Hill: Sens. Boxer, Kerry delay climate bill
American Spectator: The Democrats' Cap and Traitors

WSJ: Obama Curbs Federal Pay Increases
CQ Politics: Obama Asks Federal Workers to Sacrifice

NYT: Justice Dept. to Recharge Enforcement of Civil Rights

Politico: White House fears liberal war pressure
Human Events: Cheney: Obama Unprepared to Defend Nation
James Taranto: Cheney for President
George Will: Time to Get Out of Afghanistan

WSJ: What Happened to the 'Depression'?
WSJ: The Coming Deposit Insurance Bailout
WSJ: Labor Day and the American Dream

Wash Times: Obama's lobbyist curbs are political, watchdog told

NYT: Shrinking Newsrooms Wage Fewer Battles for Public Access to Courtrooms

Politico: Mike Huckabee: No more Mr. Nice Guy

Politico: Under FEC pressure, Palin's PAC doles out cash
American Spectator: Is Sarah Palin the Next Ted Kennedy?


NYT: Albany Leader Fires Aide Over Real Estate Woes
NYDN: 'Shocked' state Sen. Pedro Espada fires new deputy accused of being a slumlord

CQ Politics: New York's Ball Added to NRCC's 'Young Guns' Program
Albany TU: A power tiff over state jobs
NY Post: Spitzer eyeing a comeback
NY Post: Gov going for 'broke' to save OTB
NY Post: Shaving grace for Gov Dave

Buffalo News: Rangel should resign
Hill: NY paper implores Rangel to resign
NY Post: Hypocrite Charlie: Punish tax slip-ups
Byron York: The clock is ticking on tax cheat Charlie Rangel

Hill: Rep. King won't run against Gillibrand
NYDN: King won't run against Kirsten Gillibrand, but would have run against Caroline Kennedy
CQ Politics: GOP's King Out of New York Special Senate Race


AP: Two polls show Chris Christie maintains lead vs. Gov. Jon Corzine
Star-Ledger: Corzine to debate election opponents
SL: Gov. Corzine agrees to debate governor's race opponents Chris Christie, Chris Daggett
AP/Delli Santi: Corzine to take part in NJ governor's race debates
SL: Labor unions launch campaigns supporting re-election of Gov. Corzine
AP: Gov. Corzine switches communication directors
Human Events: New Jersey Dems Planning to 'Torch' Corzine?


WaPo: Governor's Race Erupts Over McDonnell's Past Views
Fox: Candidate McDonnell Says Views Changed
Politico: Bob McDonnell defends thesis, blames Creigh Deeds


CQ Politics: Voters To Fill California House Seat
NYT: Democrats Focus on Health Care in California Election
Sacramento Bee: In California politics, wealth doesn't equate to easy election

SacBee: California Assembly passes prison-cut plan less sweeping than Senate's
NYT: California State Assembly Approves Prison Legislation
Dan Walters: Let rural Californians share the cost of firefighting

Wash Times: Brown's gubernatorial bid a blast from past


News8Austin: Perry-Hutchison battle begins in earnest
Dallas MN: Political notes: Hank Gilbert, Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison
Star-Teleg: Friedman tossing cowboy hat back into the ring today in Texas governor's race
AP/Shannon: Kinky's back, and this time he's a Democrat


Miami Herald: Seminoles, Crist agree to gambling pact
Bloomberg: Seminole Tribe to Pay Florida $6.8 Billion for Blackjack Rights
Miami Herald: Loyal LeMieux
PNJ: Gov. Crist guilty of cronyism
SunSentinel: Crist makes wrong pick in U.S. Senate at critical juncture
News-Press: Editorial: Will Crist's man also be ours?
USA Today: For Florida, 'end of an era' of population growth


WIBW: Top Republican Warns Against Forcing Through Health Change
AJC: The four-month fund-raising desert


AP/Bellandi: Blagojevich: Emanuel eyed return to House
Politico: Blago's book of blame
AP/Rousseau: Illinois health care town hall 'loud and lively'


NYT: An Enemy of Senator Specters Is Their Friend
Pittsburgh PG: Still no state budget, Rendell talks taxes


Cincinnati Enquirer: Tea Party likely to attract thousands: Boehner, Schmidt coming
Cleveland PD: Strickland heads to high court with $1.6 billion on the line
Dayton DN: Grocers' state tax fight moves to Ohio Supreme Court


WWMT: Rep. Pete Hoekstra talks health care with the public
Mlive: Hoekstra listens to both sides of mostly civil health care debate at Holland town hall
Detroit FP: GOP urges supporters to speak up at health care forum

Examiner: Snyder should run as Independent for Michigan governor


CQ Politics: Preview of What To Expect in Missouri House Race


Times-News: Sen. Corker gives prescription for health care reform
Tennessean: Next gun battle is about local control


News & Observer: McCain, McConnell to join Burr at forum
News13: Burr, McCain, McConnell to hold NC health forum
Charlotte Observer: McCain, Burr to host health care talk at CMC


CQ Politics: South Carolina Lawmaker Won't Challenge DeMint
State: US Sen. Graham holding health care round-table


NYT: Montana Court to Rule on Assisted Suicide Case


AP/Miga: Ex-Rep. Kennedy eyed for Senate seat
ABC: No Senate Seat for Vicki Kennedy
WaPo: Mass. Governor Sets Date for Senate Special Election
Hill: Mass. special election set for Jan. 19
NYT: Election Set to Fill Seat Left Vacant by Kennedy
AP: Mass. Plans Hearing on Kennedy's Senate Seat
Boston Globe: Senate field hinges on Kennedy decision
Human Events: What Next in Massachusetts?

NYT: Massachusetts Cuts Back Immigrant Health Care


Wash Times: Reid trails in polls, but has instinct on side


LA Weekly: Is General Honore' Running for U.S. Senate? The General says, "no"




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