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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

September 21, 2009


WaPo: Obama Calls for 'Civil' Tone on Health Care
NYT: Hitting Talk Shows, Obama Defends Health Care Agenda
Hill: Boehner, McConnell counter Obama's healthcare blitz, say votes aren't there
Time: The Risks for Democrats Going it Alone on Health Care
Politico: GOP reax to Obama interviews
NYT: For President, Five Programs, One Message
NYT: A Proposed Tax on the Cadillac Health Insurance Plans May Also Hit the Chevys
NYT: Shepherding a Bill With 564 Amendments
NYT: The Presidents Best Hope in the G.O.P.
Wash Times: Health care debate energizes seniors
Politico: Obama: Health plan 'not radical'
WSJ: Obama's Nontax Tax
Wash Times: Obama: Health mandate not a tax
Politico: Democrats squabble over who will pay health care bill
Hill: Obama: Public option not dead; 'patriot' opponents fear change
Newt Gingrich: A Growth Vision for Health Reform
EJ Dionne: A Political Idea Warp

Hill: Amid health reform, massive Medicare agency is still headless

WSJ: Climate Change to Take Center Stage at U.N. Talks
NYT: Europeans Say U.S. Lacks Will on Climate
Politico: Democrats rethink global warming fight

Politico: McConnell: GOP wants W.H. troop assessment 'now'

Politico: Obama rebuffs call to nix interrogation probe

Politico: Obama edges away from immigration bill timeline

Hill: Obama open to newspaper bailout bill

WaPo: Democrats Target Bank Overdraft Charges
WSJ: Firms Back Plan to Change Pay Policies
WSJ: The Case for an Employer Tax Break
Politico: Blue Dog Democrats eye new financial reform
WSJ: Fed's Plan on Banker Pay Divides Industry
Paul Krugman: Reform or Bust

Politico: Obama: Job numbers won't improve this year
Wash Times: Obama's stimulus spending zig zags

Hill: ACORN defends itself; Issa remains critical
WaPo: President: ACORN Videos 'Inappropriate'
Andrew Breitbart: The politicized art behind the ACORN plan
Politico: Obama punts on ACORN funding
Fox: The Political Mechanics of ACORN

Rep. Michele Bachmann: Mr. President, Stop ACORN Funding Now
St. Cloud Times: ACORN scandal puts Bachmann in the spotlight

Wash Times: Romney rips Obama's domestic policies
Human Events: Values Voters Choose Huckabee for 2012

Ross Douthat: The Self-Correcting Presidency
Jed Babbin: Latimer the Liberator?

James Q. Wilson: Irving Kristol: A Life in the Public Interest

Politico: NRSC outraises DSCC
CQ Politics: August a $3 Million Month for DCCC, NRCC

Reuters: Republicans see opportunities in 2010
Time: Senate Democrats Grapple with a Suddenly Less Promising 2010


NY Post: Paterson vows 2010 run, but hedges
NYDN: Dead man walking: President Obama's request turns Gov. Paterson into lame duck
NYT: Resisting Obama, Paterson Vows to Seek Office
Politico: Pushing out Paterson
Buffalo News: Obama pushes for Gov. Paterson to step aside

WSJ: Lazio to Enter N.Y. Governor's Race

Albany TU: Eyes on Obama, Bruno

Human Events: Scozzafava Too Liberal for New York Conservatives

AP/Margasak: Rep. Rangel: Popular lawmaker with ethics issues

Albany TU: Paterson supports new cost


Philadelphia Inquirer: Both parties in N.J. courting the cities
AP: N.J. gubernatorial candidates Corzine, Christie tout endorsements
PolitickerNJ: New poll has Christie ahead 44%-35%


Politico: Deeds, McDonnell face online voters
CQ Politics: Deeds Pulls Closer to McDonnell
Kingsport TN: Voter registration deadline is Oct. 5 for Virginia election


SF Chronicle: California medical malpractice law in spotlight
LA Times: A flat-wrong flatter-tax plan


Houston Chronicle: Is Dan Patrick ready for higher things?
Dallas MN: Hutchison gains support in Congress for governor's bid
SA News: Hutchison making Washington key step on her path to Austin
WaPo: Big-Name Showdown in Texas Has Already Started


Ledger: Rancor Rules Republican Race
Buzz: How Charlie Crist raises so much money
Ledger: State's Health Insurance Plan Has No Clients Signed Up


St. Louis PD: Illinois lt. gov. race attracts a crowd of candidates


CNS: Debt Could Lead U.S. Into Another Economic Crisis, Gov. Pawlenty Says
Rep. Laura Brod: On health care -- president should speak less, listen more


CQ Politics: Pennsylvania: Ex-Rep. Hoeffel To Run For Governor
KYW: Pennsylvania Budget Deal Still Needs Majority Vote


Middletown Journal: Pawlenty tops Ohio GOP showcase
Columbus Dispatch: Friends of Ted hurt by his cuts


AP: Schuette announces run for Mich. attorney general
AP: Mich. leaders to discuss state budget balancing
LSJ: Budget mess adds to state's black eye


AP/Lieb: Mo. gov. appointees draw skepticism


BlueRidgeNow: Shuler under scrutiny
Mike Lupica: Resolution of Rielle Hunter's paternity claim would cap John Edwards' career


Hill: Obama and DeMint locked in proxy fight over Hugo Chavez

AP/Evans: Wilson shouts his way into tough race
Bloomberg: Wilsons You Lie Outburst Belies a Bland South Carolina Man


RGJ: Rory Reid takes campaign to Reno


Hill: Johanns amendments frustrate Dems


Hill: Renzi unsuccessful in trying to toss evidence


September 20, 2009


Wash Times: Values voters pick Huckabee for 2012 in straw poll
WSJ: Huckabee Wins 2012 Straw Poll at Values Voters Summit
WaPo: Huckabee Wins Values Voter Straw Poll
CQ Politics: Huckabee Favorite Among Values Voters for 2012
Reuters: Huckabee wins round one in 2012 Republican race

Hill: Visions of 2012 as Romney unloads on Obama at conservative event
Politico: Romney rouses Values Voters
AP: Romney taunts Democrats with memories of Carter
WSJ: Boehner Rallies Values Voters: We Can Take Our Country Back
Politico: Palin emerges as Facebook phenom

Robert Gates: A Better Missile Defense for a Safer Europe
Hill: Missile defense shift redirects billions in government contracts

NYT: Proposing a Public Health Option as a Safety Net
WaPo: You Have No Idea What Health Costs
Politico: Senate jockeying begins on Baucus bill
Hill: Dems find what Obama wants on healthcare still anything but clear
Rasmussen: Opposition to Health Care Plan Hits New High of 56%
LA Times: Republicans rally against charges of racism
Kathleen Parker: Playing the Racial Deck

NYT: Leading Senator Pushes New Plan to Oversee Banks
Hill: President presses for financial regulations

WaPo: For ACORN, Video Is Only Latest Crisis
Hill: Frank bashes critics questioning skipped vote on slashing funding for ACORN

Wash Times: White House quietly lobbies Senate as climate bill stalls
WaPo: On Energy, We're Finally Walking the Walk
Hill: U.K. official confident U.S. will act on climate change legislation

CQ Politics: D.C. Circuit Voids Campaign Spending Restrictions

Hill: Congressman suggests czar appointments are political favors

NYT: Battle Looms Over the Patriot Act

Wash Times: Obama's lawyer dominates Democratic money machine

Wash Times: Breitbart: A conservative rebel with a cause
St. Pete T: Recent pattern of news coverage supports conservative claims of media bias

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Obama Said to Request That Paterson Drop Campaign
NYDN: Obama administration asks Gov. Paterson not to seek reelection in 2010
NY Post: Prez thinks Paterson must go
Time: Obama Gives Up On Paterson
WSJ: Aides: Paterson Urged to Pull Out of Governor's Race
AP/Gormley: Aides: Paterson urged to reconsider NY gov race

NY Post: Ex-adviser: Spitzer had his eye on presidency


CNN: Christie mocks Gov. Corzine in new ad
CQ Politics: Christie Maintains Lead Over Corzine
Philadelphia Inquirer: Next New Jersey governor faces massive financial woes
APP: Are Democrats considering another ballot switcheroo?


CQ Politics: Virginia: McDonnell Leads Deeds By Seven
Virginian-Pilot: Deeds, McDonnell split over environmental policy
WaPo: Issues of Perception Try McDonnell's Alma Mater
WaPo: Deeds Shows Big Gains In Va. Poll
WaPo: Washington Post Virginia Governor's Race Poll
WaPo: McDonnell's Thesis: Backlash
Wash Times: Wilder sees pivotal Va. vote
Richmond TD: Kaine may get 1 more court pick


Mercury News: Gov hopefuls Whitman, Poizner and Campbell attend forum in Santa Clara
LA Times: Politics isn't just about the money
SacBee: Since Prop. 13, California officials have had an aversion to tax hikes
SacBee: Governor waives another tax-panel deadline


DMN: Perry faults fiscal policies, values in Washington, says TX should serve as role model
Dallas MN: Perry: Some Washington types run as conservatives, legislative like liberals
Dallas MN: Matt Latimer recalls Kay Bailey Hutchison 'purse boys' in new book 'Speechless'
Lubbock: Texas House Speaker Straus to meet with civic, business leaders


Miami Herald: Charlie Crist's charm offensive brings big bucks
Miami Herald: Governor exhorts everyone to give
St. Pete Times: The not-so-public Mrs. Charlie Crist
Miami Herald: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's new wife slow to step into spotlight as first lady
Tampa Tribune: Straw polls show GOP base not with Crist
Tampa Tribune: Rubio beats Crist in local Republican straw vote
St. Pete Times: Florida Energy Associates pushing for offshore drilling
Jacksonville Observer: GOP Aiming to Pick Up Justices Senate Seat


Gainesville Times: Speakers rally the faithful
Albany Herald: Scott walks toward governor's mansion


American Thinker: The Blago Code


Star Tribune: Pawlenty third in straw poll of GOP presidential contenders


Am Spec: "I Am a Member of ACORN" -- Is Legislator Blocking Probe?
Philadelphia Inquirer: 80 days late, but the state has a budget


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio GOP senses party is on the way up again
Cincinnati Enquirer: Minn. governor makes pitch for Ohio GOP support
Cincinnati Enquirer: Ohio voters side with Obama on health care


Monroe Evening News: Cox: I want to see Michigan stand tall again
AP/Hoffman: Michigan repeats 2007 deadline dance on budget


Lincoln Journal Star: ACORN puts feather in Johanns cap


Knox News: Humphrey: Women in politics: GOP holds edge


NYT: For Edwards, Drama Builds Toward a Denouement
NYT: Dave Matthews, Edwards Wedding Singer?
AP: Ex-aide says Edwards fathered mistress' child


State: Who will benefit if Sanford is impeached?


WaPo: Mass. Senate to Take Up Kennedy Succession Monday
Joan Vennochi: What is Pagliucas political identity?


CQ Politics: Democrats Peg Nevada as Gov Takeover Target


Argus Leader: Pawlenty to address S.D. Republicans


September 19, 2009


NYT: Pawlentys Attacks on Obama Delight Audience at Values Voters Summit
Politico: Pawlenty decries 'appeasement'
WaPo: Pawlenty Hammers Obama on Missile Defense Decision
CQ Politics: More Abortions Likely Under Obama Health Plan, Conservatives Say
WaPo: Right-Wing Activists Find Cause For Cheer
Wash Times: Values voters poke fun at health reform
Politico: Miss California: 'God chose me' (with video)
NYDN: Ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean says she's not a 'hater' at Values Summit
NYT: G.O.P. Checks for a Pulse, and Finds One

Politico: McConnell embraces town hall protests
Hill: Boehner: 'No way' Dems' healthcare plans will pass; hit 'reset'
WSJ: Tax on 'Cadillac' Plans Draws Flak
Wash Times: Health reformers targeting 'enemies': Protest events tightly scripted
WaPo: Acne, Pregnancy Among Disqualifying Conditions
NYT: Obama Rejects Race as Lead Cause of Criticism
Politico: Pelosi warns right of inciting "violence"
James Taranto: Shrieker of the House: Nancy Pelosi
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Fall for Pelosi's Phony Tears
Dick Morris: Obama's headwind on health care

LA Times: ACORN scaling back or shutting down in many cities
NYT: A Political Gadfly Lampoons the Left via YouTube
Byron York: Under fire, Democrats abandon ACORN in droves
Michael Barone: Analysis of the House ACORN vote
Politico: ACORN threatens to open Pandora's box
McClatchy: As ACORN sprouted, so did its influence and troubles
Human Events: Why They Won't Cover the ACORN Story
Bill O'Reilly: Obama and ACORN

NYT: Court Backs Outside Groups’ Political Spending
WaPo: Federal Appeals Court Voids Campaign Finance Reform Rules
Wash Times: A campaign-giving restriction is nullified
Hill: Appeals Court deals blow to FEC

WaPo: Inquiry Into CIA Practices Narrows
NYT: C.I.A. Chiefs Ask Obama to Abandon Abuse Inquiry
Wash Times: Ex-chiefs of CIA oppose case reviews
WSJ: The War on Terror Goes On
Hill: CIA chiefs to Obama: Cancel probe into interrogation methods

WaPo: Court Urged to Reject Google Deal: Justice Dept. Cites Copyright, Antitrust Violations

WaPo: Fed Preparing to Step Up Regulation of Banks' Pay
WSJ: Fed's Plan on Banker Pay Divides Industry
WSJ: Pay Plan Gets Mixed Reaction from Lawmakers
NYT: Fed Considers Sweeping Rules on Bank Pay
Hill: 40 senators: Terminate TARP by year's end
Wash Times: Employment falls in 42 states, District: Jobless rate 9.7% in August

Politico: Jon Kyl: Missile move shows 'we'll cave'
Politico: Polish PM wouldn't take U.S. calls
RCP: Flashback: Obama Pledges Missile Defense Against Iran In April (video)

WaPo: Familiar Issues Vex Climate Pact
CQ Politics: Partisan Debate Over Climate Change Intensifies in Senate
AP: Birth control could help combat climate change

WaPo: Leaks Questions Slow Reporter Shield Law

WSJ: Estate Tax Faces Its Own Life-and-Death Struggle

WSJ: What Labor Wants: Interview with the AFL-CIO's new president Richard Trumka | Bio

Wash Times: Political writer Irving Kristol dies at 89
WSJ: Irving Kristol: The man who put 'neo' into conservatism | Kristol bio
WaPo: Editor Was Godfather Of Neoconservativism
WSJ: Irving Kristol's Reality Principles
NYT: Irving Kristol, Godfather of Conservatism, Dies
EJ Dionne: Learning From Irving Kristol
American Spectator: A Conversation With Irving Kristol

WaPo: Obama to Hit Sunday Talk Show Circuit
WSJ: TV Hosts Wait in Line for Obama
WSJ: Show Blitz: Obama Tapes for Sunday Talk Shows
Politico: Obama's risky 'Full Ginsburg'
Hill: Obama's media blitz to sell healthcare carries big risks
Rush Limbaugh: Please Keep Talking, Mr. President

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows

Politico: NFL kicks in big for GOP

Rush Limbaugh: Dem Pollster Asked Not to Poll

NYDN: Dinner with ex-Alaskan gov Sarah Palin goes for $63,500 on eBay


NYDN: Paterson floats yanking state cars from agency heads to close $2.1B budget gap
AP/Virtanen: Paterson: Delay ACORN contracts
Albany TU: Tonko, Murphy vote to yank ACORN funds
NY Post: ACORNs stay on branch: B'klyn staffers in sex sting avoid ax
NYDN: Spitzer: Poll finds 69% don't want him to run for state office
WSJ: Don't Bet Against New York


PoAC: Poll finds Christie leads, Corzine within reach in southern New Jersey
NJ: N.J. Libertarian governor candidate, five voters join Chris Daggett's balloting lawsuit
AP: Former VP Al Gore plans N.J. stop


Fred Barnes: Virginia Moves Back to the Right
WaPo: Businesses Taking a Hard Look At Deeds
WSJ: Word and Deed: Creigh Deeds commits nuance on taxes
Larry Sabato: The Presidential Jinx
Politico: Deeds, McDonnell face online voters
Politico: McDonnell holds solid lead over Deeds
CQ Politics: Virginia Candidates Go Back to the Future


SF Chronicle: State fails federal demand to cut prisoners
WSJ: California Draws Plan for Prisons
LA Times: Governor's prison plan seeks more time to reduce inmate population
SacBee: Governor files 'good faith' prisons plan
SacBee: So many bills, so little time for Schwarzenegger

NYT: California Joblessness Reaches 70-Year High


Dallas MN: Perry's scathing critique of the Hutchison campaign
Dallas MN: Book paints unflattering portrait of Hutchison as taskmaster


WSJ: Lawsuit Firesale: Get yours while the getting is still good


SPT: Gov. Crist catching heat amid ACORN controversy
St. Pete Times: Fla. lawmaker tried to get funding for ACORN while wife was lobbyist
SPT: Funding request for ACORN scrutinized
SPT: US Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite endorses Republican underdog Marco Rubio for US Senate


AJC: Price, Gingrey: Obama shunned them on health care
WSJ: Lawmaker Tried to Block U.S. Attorney Pick


Chicago Tribune: Kirk beset from left and right over climate vote
Daily Herald: Palatine's Murphy may step back from bid for governor


Star Tribune: Under attack, ACORN holds tight


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. budget deal ends stalemate with new taxes
AP/Scolforo: Pa. budget deal ends impasse with cuts, taxes


wnewsj: Local GOP to hear Husted


Detroit News: Lawmakers' work to resolve budget continues


NYT: Blunt on Washington: You Have to Play the Ball Where the Monkey Throws It


Leaf Chronicle: Corker: Focus on health care debate


AP: GOP lawmaker warns against health care changes


WLTX: Graham, DeMint Don't Favor Senate Health Plan
Spartanburg HJ: Sanford calls attack on Allison vicious during restaurant visit
State: Wilson debate reopens deep S.C. wounds
NYT: OpEd: Joe Wilsons War
Palmetto Scoop: Barrett bails on GOP effort to de-fund ACORN


Boston Globe: Senate Republicans halt debate on bill for a Kennedy fill-in
NYT: Massachusetts Bill on Senate Succession Delayed


September 18, 2009


NYT: House Votes to Ban Federal Funds for Acorn
Fox: Congress Votes to Strip ACORN of Federal Funding
WaPo: House Votes to End Federal Funding for ACORN
Wash Times: ACORN loses its funding, allies in House
NYT: House and Senate Take Aim at Acorn
WSJ: Acorn May Cut Voter-Registration Work
WNYC: ACORN: Organization Will Continue With or Without Federal Funds
WaPo/Cillizza: ACORN -- How Much Danger For Democrats?
CQ Politics: Democrats Run Away From ACORN
WSJ: The Acorn 75
Wash Times: How rogue conservative filmmakers took down ACORN
WaPo: The $1,300 Mission to Fell ACORN

WSJ: Baucus Will Tinker With Health Bill to Mollify Critics
NYT: Video: Snowe on Health Care
NYT: New Tax in Senate Health Plan Draws Bipartisan Fire
NYT: Senators Huddle in Partisan Camps to Talk Health Strategy
Hill: Grassley resents Obama over healthcare
WaPo: Affordability Is Major Challenge for Reform
Wash Times: Obama ties immigration to health care battle
Hill: Menendez forces immigration debate into healthcare fight
WSJ: Many U.S. Health Officials Outearn Cabinet Secretaries
WSJ: HHS Plans Grants to Lower Malpractice Premiums
James Taranto: Kill Grandma or Terrorists Win: The latest argument for ObamaCare
Paul Krugman: Baucus and the Threshold
Kim Strassel: Congress Veers Left on Health Care
Rivkin & Casey: Mandatory Insurance Is Unconstitutional
Sen. Evan Bayh: Why Democrats Must Restrain Spending

Wash Times: Barbour: Policy, not race, drives Obama foes
David Brooks: No, Its Not About Race
Charles Krauthammer: Does He Lie?
Pat Buchanan: Race and Stupidity

WSJ: U.S. Changes Course on Eastern European Nuclear-Missile Shield
WSJ: U.S. Missile U-Turn Roils Allies
NYT: White House to Scrap Bushs Approach to Missile Shield
NYT: New Plan Cuts Back Reagans Vision but Not Basis in Politics
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Sells Out Poland, Czechs, Honduras to Appease Our Enemies

WSJ: Bill Upends System for College Loans
NYT: House Passes Bill to Expand College Aid
NYT: Revising Student Aid Formula, House Votes to Expand Federal Loans

NYT: Obama Seeks National Oversight of Waters

WSJ: Bankers Face Sweeping Curbs on Pay
NYT: U.S. Proposes Ban on Flash Trading on Wall Street
WSJ: Panel Probing Crisis Adds to Role
WaPo: Housing Agency's Cash Reserves Will Drop Below Requirement
Hill: Gregg joins Senate Banking panel

Dallas MN: Obama's 'czars' raise concerns among House Republicans

CQ Politics: Senate Confirms First Circuit Court Judge

NYT: Today on the Hill: Senate Republicans Regroup
Politico: NRSC outraises DSCC two months in a row

Wash Times: Palin, Gingrich skip values event

NYT: Justice Dept. Investigates Ex-Officials Ties to Shell
WSJ: House Ethics Panel Probes Rep. Waters

Politico: Glenn Beck vs. Rush Limbaugh


NY Post: Pataki ahead of Gilly in Senate poll
Albany TU: Gillibrand hands GOP an issue in vote to back funds for community organizers
Albany TU: Gillibrand defends vote to preserve ACORN funding
Albany TU: Libous adds voice to scandal facing ACORN
CQ Politics: Paterson Staffs Up for Campaign
Hill: McHugh confirmation launches three campaigns for his N.Y. House seat
AP: Gerard Lynch confirmed for New York appeals court
NBC NY: Joe Bruno's Firm Lands Sweet State Deal
Albany TU: 179,000 public salaries revealed
Albany TU: 4 firms pay to end pension probe
NYDN: AG Cuomo tells legislature to end pay-to-play in pension funds before SEC
AP/Bauman: Paterson cites cost in 18 vetoes
NYT: Unemployment Hits 10.3% in New York City


PolitickerNJ: In Dem stronghold, 8 of 9 Elizabeth school board members back Christie
NJN: New Jerseys first gubernatorial debate coming into sight
NJ: Committee hearing on U.S. Attorney for N.J. nominee delayed


Wash Times: Gloves come off in Va. governor's debate
Roanoke Times: Gubernatorial candidates mix it up in McLean
Rasmussen: Virginia Governors Race Now a Toss-up
Richmond TD: Cuccinelli wants to do more to protect consumers


Mercury News: Four California gubernatorial hopefuls make their pitches in Silicon Valley
SF Chronicle: Campbell says he's ready if Congress fails on health care
Insurance Journal: California's Poizner Campaigns in Silicon Valley
SacBee: Schwarzenegger's prisons plan will fall short of judges' order


Dallas MN: Barton may seek appointment to Senate
Rasmussen: Hutchison Catches Perry to Make Texas GOP Gov Race a Toss-Up
Dallas MN: Hutchison edges Perry in latest Rasmussen poll


Palm Beach Post: Rubio asks Crist to probe ACORN in Florida
St. Pete Times: Florida may battle ACORN
Herald Tribune: Florida congresswoman snubs Crist
Hill: Brown-Waite endorses Rubio in Senate race


IA GA: Perdue Orders End To ACORN Contract In Georgia
AJC: The little ACORN in state government
AJC: ACORN's presence in Atlanta has faded
AJC: Georgia congressman leads attack on Obama's 'czars'


Chicago Tribune: Andy McKenna, former Illinois GOP chairman, to enter race for governor


Chicago Tribune: Republican Wis state lawmaker Davis eyes lt. gov.


NYT: Indiana Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law
AP: Indiana Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law


NewsMax: Pawlenty Severs Minnesota Ties to ACORN


AP/Levy: Rendell rejects Pa. lawmakers' latest budget offer
AP/Nephin: Pa. AG Corbett kicks off gubernatorial campaign
CQ Politics: Pennsylvania: O'Brien Preps For Primary Against Kanjorski


Cleveland PD: Ohio Supreme Court upholds commercial activities tax on grocers


Mich Mess: Dillon accepts Senate Republican budget cuts
WSJ: Michigan Is Singing the White-Collar Blues


KC Star: McCaskill, 3 other senators sign letter applauding Baucus plan


CTFP: Corker Comments on Baucus Health Care Reform Plan


Rasmussen: 2010 North Carolina Senate: GOPs Burr Tops Foes by 10 Or More


WaPo: DeMint Calls for an End to Murtha Airport Waste
AP/Adcox: SC rep files suit over letter alleging gov affair


Boston Globe: Mass. House gives preliminary approval to proposal that would appoint interim senator to Kennedy seat
NYT: Plan for a Kennedy Successor Advances
NYT: Lawmakers to Vote on Appointing Kennedy Successor
AP: Mass. House Debates Law Change for Kennedy Seat
CQ Politics: Celtics Co-Owner Launches Senate Campaign
Hill: Coakley favored in Mass. Senate race


Nevada Appeal: Former judge to run for governor


WaPo: Pelura Says Groundwork Laid for Md. GOP


Denver Post: Obama endorses Bennet in CO Senate race


CQ Politics: An Independent Lean Toward Ayotte in New Hampshire


September 17, 2009


RNC Chair Michael Steele: It's not racism, it's being an American
WSJ: Carter Joins House Feud Over Shout
NYT: As Race Debate Grows, Obama Steers Clear of It
WaPo: Race Issue Deflected, Now as in Campaign
Hill: Obama disagrees with ex-President Carter's race comments
Politico: In the race from race, Democrats rebut Jimmy Carter
Wash Times: Obama can't escape race card: Obama steps away from Carter's remarks
Rasmussen: 12% Say Most Opponents of Obama Health Care Plan Are Racist
American Spectator: The Absurdity Meter Blow Up
Rush Limbaugh: The National Hemorrhoid Pops Up, Claims Criticism of Obama is Racist
Rush Limbaugh: Question: Can We Really Have an African-American President?

NYT: For Democrats, 60 Senators Is Magic Number for Health Bill
NYT: Baucus Offers Health Plan but Lacks G.O.P. Support
WaPo: From Finance Chief, a Bill That May Weather the Blows
WaPo: Baucus Measure Would Expand Care Without Adding to Deficit
WSJ: Senate Bill Sets Lines for Health Showdown
WSJ: Proposal's Cost Savings Seem to Be Elusive
WSJ: Obama Used Faulty Anecdote in Speech to Congress
WSJ: Medicare to Fund 'Medical Home' Model
WSJ: Public Option Lite: Baucus plan would make insurance even more expensive
Wash Times: Senate health accord fades: Baucus introduces $856 billion plan
Boston Globe: All sides go on attack as senator issues health plan
Hill: Ganging up on Baucus: Senator's plan garners bipartisan grumbles
Human Events: Baucus Stands Alone to Deliver Health Care Bill
Hill: House Dem factions entrench further with centrist-friendly Baucus bill
Politico: Michelle Obama turns to health care
Politico: Breaking down the Baucus bill
IBD: 45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul
Sen. Ron Wyden: Health Reforms Missing Ingredient
Gov. Deval Patrick: MA Is a Health-Reform Model: Insures 97% of state residents
Karl Rove: ObamaCare and Red State Democrats
Ann Coulter: Liberal lies about national health care: Bonus Joe Wilson edition!
Dick Morris: Beware the public option trap

Big Govt: ACORN videos
NJ: ACORN sting 'pimp' is N.J. man who attended Rutgers University
Palm Beach Post: FIU student central to probe of ACORN
AP: Acorn Orders Inquiry in the Wake of a Video
WaPo: ACORN to Review Incidents: White House Joins Criticism Over Hidden-Camera Videos
Politico: White House says ACORN must be held accountable
Wash Times: ACORN vows reforms after videos
Human Events: More ACORN Videos To Be Revealed
American Thinker: ACORN and corruption go together
SF Chronicle: Nut falls near the ACORN tree
James Taranto: Obama and Acorn: Is there a case for a special prosecutor?

Politico: Democrats join GOP czar wars
Hill: Gibbs blasts GOP critics of Obama czars
American Spectator: Van's Line

Politico: Vital signs weak for climate bill
Sen. Lamar Alexander: Energy 'Sprawl' and the Green Economy

NYT: Citing Risks, U.S. Seeks New Rules for Niche Banks

Hill: Budget amendments prompt worries of an omnibus option as process drags on

WSJ: The Stimulus Didn't Work
Wash Times: Senate Dems fund road signs that tout stimulus

WSJ: New Report Argues for Tax on Soft Drinks
NYT: Proposed Tax on Sugary Beverages Debated

WSJ: Union 'card check' isn't dead yet, and it may be getting worse
Hill: Senate Democrats pull back on Specters card-check prediction

NYT: U.S. Seeking 3rd Delay on Guantnamo Cases
Politico: Bill could block Gitmo closure

George Will: Obama Politicizes Everything...Even Art

NYT: Editorial: Freedom of the Press and the proposed federal shield law

WSJ: U.S. to Shelve Nuclear-Missile Shield
AP: Obama scrapping missile shield for Czech, Poland
AP/Janicek: Obama phones Czech PM on missile defense decision

WSJ: Queens Terror Probe Leads to Colorado

WaPo: Cuomo Subpoenas Bank of America Directors
NYT: Cuomo Subpoenas 5 Bank of America Directors

John Fund: The GOP, C'est Moi: Now President Bush tells us
Politico: Bush vets: Who is Matt Latimer?

Michael Barone: Job-killing policies could doom Democrat hopes
Atlantic: RNC Reaches Out To Women, Trumpeting Leads In VA And NJ

Politico: John Boehner struggles to keep up with base

Politico: Conservatives resent NRSC nods
Hill: Here come the Republican women

Politico: House ethics watchdogs clash
LA Times: House ethics panel investigates Rep. Maxine Waters
Hill: House ethics panel defers Jackson probe
CQ Politics: Ethics Panel Puts Off Jackson Probe, Citing Justice Department Request
Human Events: Rangel: The Most Corrupt Dem?

LA Times: Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton is focus of corruption probe
Chicago Tribune: Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton is focus of corruption probe

Wash Times: Debate rages over 'tea party' crowd size

Politico: Some good old boys honor Trent Lott


CQ Politics: Lackluster Numbers for New York's Lazio
Albany TU: Bruno at playground, his attorneys in court
Albany TU: Espada putting Democrats on edge
NYDN: Some state pols to use campaign cash for upcoming trip to China
CQ Politics: No Time to Waste in N.Y. 23 House Special
Albany TU: Road clear for McHugh nomination
AP/Kugler: NYC mayoral race kicks off day after primary
NYT: Thompson, A Quiet Leader Wages a Bold Campaign
NYT: A Primary Turnout So Low It May Be a Modern Record
NYT: Editorial: Politics and the State Police


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie: N.J. heading 'towards bankruptcy'
Star-Ledger: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush attends fundraiser for Christie
PolitickerNJ: Jeb Bush attends Christie fundraiser
Philadelphia Inquirer: Daggett says both parties failing New Jersey


News Channel 8: Deeds, McDonnell to Clash in Fairfax Debate
WaPo: In the N.Va. Debate, Some Questions to Answer
Richmond TD: Candidates look to debate to sharpen distinctions
WaPo: Romney to Raise Money for McDonnell
EJ Dionne: A Race in Obama's Shadow
WaPo: Unions Investing Heavily In Deeds


SacBee: Schwarzenegger asks attorney general to examine ACORN
SF Chronicle: Governor contenders toss around nuclear power
SacBee: Brown, 3 other governor's race maybes jockey in Santa Clara
SF Chronicle: Why Whitman gave $250K to help organize CA Republicans


Dallas MN: At a glance: The $30 million election
KERA: Perry-Hutchison Trade Border Barbs


St. Pete Times: Outcome of Florida Senate race seen as victory for business groups
Florida TU: Candidates look forward after brutal Florida state Senate race


AJC: Georgia unemployment rate dips to 10.2 percent


NYT: Obama Says Chicago Is Ready to Win Bid for 2016
WSJ: Obama Leaps Into Olympic Fray


Star Tribune: Pawlenty: Sever all state ties to ACORN
Pioneer Press: Pawlenty: Halt state funds for ACORN community organizing group


Sun Gazette: Senate candidate back to fight betrayal


Columbus Dispatch: GOP upset by report of car-registration abuses
NYT: Ohio Plans to Try Again as Execution Goes Wrong
Columbus Dispatch: Democrat joins race for high court


Detroit News: Fallout from Kilpatrick lingers


CQ Politics: Missouri's Steelman Eschews 2010 Campaign


Tennessean: Nashville businesses like intent; Tenn. senators not sold


AP: Burr rejects health bill despite concessions


Boston Globe: Pagliuca sets his sights on Senate seat
CQ Politics: Massachusetts Schedules Vote On Senate Succession Change
WSJ: Vacant Senate Seat Triggers Flip-Flop
Boston Herald: GOP vows to delay vote on Ted Kennedy successor bill


NYT: Media Banker May Find Next Challenge in Politics


NYT: McMahon Latest to Join Senate Fray in Connecticut
Hill: Getting ready to rumble in Connecticut


Rasmussen: Ayotte Leads Hodes 46% to 38% in 2010 New Hampshire Senate Match-Up
Rasmussen: Democrats Lynch Has Little To Fear So Far in 2010 NH Governors Race


CQ Politics: Kentucky GOP Lawyer Explores Bid Against Rep. Chandler


CQ Politics: Democratic Primary Sets Up for Oregon Governor


Rasmussen: 2010 Colorado Senate: Norton 45%, Bennet 36%


September 16, 2009


Hill: Snowe falls away, leaving Senate Dems without GOP health support
LA Times: No Republican support for Senate health plan
WSJ: Mandated Health Insurance Squeezes Those in the Middle
WSJ: Democrats Worry Bill Will Cost Families Too Much
WaPo: Young Adults Likely to Pay Big Share of Reform's Cost
NYT: Senate Health Bill Draws Fire on Both Sides
WSJ: Obama Appeals for Union Support on Health Bill
NYT: Obama, Appealing to a Core Ally, Rallies Labor to His Policies
WaPo: Obama Rallies Labor in Fight for Health-Care Reform
WSJ: Union Port of Call: Congress may abet a Teamsters takeover
WSJ: Another Health-Care Invention: Obama and the cost of individual insurance
WaPo: Many Employers to Raise Cost of Health Benefits, Survey Finds
WSJ: TV Blitz Will Test Obama's Star Power
Politico: Health bill puts heat on Snowe
Politico: Baucus's bill gets no love from GOP
Politico: Some Democrats to balk at Max Baucus's bill
Hill: Reid confident on eve of health bill's debut
Human Events: Obamacare Only Healthy for Lawyers
Sen Max Baucus: The Senate Is Ready to Act on Health Care
Christie Whitman: It's time to deliver on your promise, Mr. President
Dick Morris: Obamas unhealthy speech

WSJ: U.S. House Votes To Rebuke Wilson
Wash Times: Wilson reprimanded, but still smiling
NYT: House Rebukes Wilson for Shouting You Lie
WaPo: House Votes To Rebuke Wilson for Interruption
Kathleen Parker: Injury In the Insults
Dana Milbank: The High Ground Feels a Little Lonely
Wash Times: Carter: Wilson's outburst 'based on racism'
Politico: Joe Wilson: Right-wing folk hero
Politico: Resolution of disapproval passed
Politico: GOP paved way for Wilson reprimand
CQ Politics: Wilson Outburst Creates Online Ad Bonanza
Rep. Tom Tancredo: Joe Wilsons Victory on Illegal Immigration

WSJ: Republican Lawmakers Urge Probe Of Acorn's Ethics
WSJ: Acorn Confronts More Pressure Over Videos
NYT: Conservatives Draw Blood From Acorn, Favored Foe
Wash Times: Videos jeopardize ACORN's funding
Politico: GOP seizes on ACORN funding
Politico: Push for FBI probe of ACORN
WSJ: Acorn Live! Democrats still fund this rogue operation
John Fund: Acorn Runs Off the Rails
Rush Limbaugh: ABC's Charlie Gibson Claims He Hasn't Heard of ACORN Scandal

Politico: GOP senators seek end to czars
WaPo: Obama's Many Policy 'Czars' Draw Ire From Conservatives
Salt Lake Tribune: Bennett: Obama has too many czars
Fox: House Republicans Urge Obama to Reveal Specifics on His Czars
WSJ: Counting All Czars: Republicans Demand Vetting Files
Ken Blackwell: Obamas OSHA Pick, David Michaels, Makes Van Jones Look Tame
Wash Times: Editorial: OSHA nominee David Michaels merits opposition
Overlawyered: David Michaels and gun control

WaPo: As Right Jabs Continue, White House Debates a Counterpunching Strategy
WaPo: Partisan Heat Shows No Sign of Cooling

WaPo: White House Is Prepared to Set First National Limits on Greenhouse Gases
NYT: Editorial: Some Bad Climate News and Some Good

WaPo: Full Slate of Issues Likely to Extend Lawmakers' Work Calendar
Hill: Harry Reid threatens to cancel October break

WSJ: To Count New Stimulus Jobs, Help Really Wanted
WSJ: Anti-Fed Activists Fuel Push for Audit
NYT: Fight Looming on Tax Break to Buy Houses

Wash Times: Obama seeks Patriot Act extensions
WaPo: White House Seeks Renewal of Surveillance Laws
WaPo: DNI's Strategic Plan Outlines New Missions

Newt Gingrich: Snapshots From China

Wash Times: Obama W.H. collects web users' data: Social-media messages go into archives

WSJ: Michael Moore turns on Democrats in "Capitalism: A Love Story"
WaPo: For 'Capitalism,' Moore Sells Short Politicians of All Denominations

Hill: Specter: Deal pounded out on card-check, should pass this year

Hill: Debate over estate tax likely to wait till 2010

Politico: Divide between right, mainstream media

Taranto: Obama's Postracial America: Why stupid squabbles over race are sign of progress
Rush Limbaugh: From Kids on Bus to Kanye West: Race Rules All in Obama's America
Rush Limbaugh: An Update on Barry's Hut Brother

CQ Politics: Palin's New Gig
NYDN: Bush warned GOP to have caution on choice of Sarah Palin, according to new book


Albany TU: Lazio: I'm ready to run for governor
NYDN: State government needs big overhaul, roars majority in the state: poll
Albany TU: State lauds buyouts; unions want more
NYDN: New York pol wants to stop state funding of scandal-tainted ACORN
Albany TU: Skelos letter: no state bucks for ACORN
NYT: New Yorks Mayoral Race Shaping Up to Be Personal and Expensive
NYT: Vance Is Winner in Primary Vote to Replace Morgenthau
NYDN: Cy Vance Jr. cruises to victory in Manhattan's District Attorney primary
NY Post: Thompson wins Dem mayoral primary
NY Post: Public advocate's race headed for a runoff
NY Post: City comptroller candidates face runoff
Buffalo News: Brown easily wins second term
Albany TU: Jennings claims victory in Democratic primary
AP/Kugler: Low primary turnout statewide


Human Events: GOP Candidate Campaigns on Obama's Slogan
Star-Ledger: N.J. governor's race offer grim choice for residents
AP: Gov. Corzine, GOP candidate Christie look to federal government for immigration reform
NJ: Chris Christie's lead and New Jersey's voter apathy


CQ Politics: McDonnell Leads by Five Points in Virginia
Hill: Seven weeks out, McDonnell has cash edge in Virginia governor's race
WaPo: Record Haul for Deeds, but McDonnell Has More in Bank
WT: Deeds outraises McDonnell: Democrat's campaign sees 'surge of grassroots support'
CQ Politics: Virginia: More Dollars to Deeds, More Donors to McDonnell

CQ Politics: Virginia Developer Takes on GOP Whip Cantor


SacBee: Poizner says he'll increase state revenue by cutting California's tax rates
SF Chronicle: Republicans seek job, voter creation
SacBee: Whitman gives $250,000 to state GOP voter registration effort
SacBee: Bill Clinton backs Newsom for governor

LA Times: Schwarzenegger orders more renewable energy -- his way
SacBee: Schwarzenegger empowers air board on renewable energy
SacBee: Senate Dems react to Schwarzenegger's renewable energy order
NYT: Schwarzenegger Orders Increase in Renewable Energy Use
AP/Young: Schwarzenegger signs order boosting clean power


News8Austin: Perry and Giuliani address border security
Dallas MN: Perry touts Guiliani, but not on social issues
Dallas MN: Fight over missed votes makes it harder for Hutchison to stay in the Senate
Dallas MN: Hutchison insinuates that Perry is a bully


PNJ: McCollum's office to save text messages
AP: McCollum makes text messages public records
Florida TU: Thrasher wins Florida Senate race to succeed King


Augusta Chronicle: Georgia Sen. Eric Johnson resigns


Politico: Illinois searches for Senate hero
Wash Times: Blago blames Kelly's suicide on federal prosecutor


TCP: Bachmann to join Pawlenty at controversial religious right rally
KSTP: Minn.'s Kelliher launches bid for governor


Scranton TT: Santorum eyes 2012 presidential run
Politico: Santorum may challenge 'injurious' Obama

Wash Times: Specter fundraisers stall Senate voting: Democrats cite 'basic courtesy'
NYT: Obama Raises Money for Specter
Politico: Barack Obama bets the house on Arlen Specter
CQ Politics: Obama Raises Money For Sen. Specter


Cleveland PD: Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland's job approval rating increases to 48 percent
Columbus Dispatch: Voters backing casino question
Human Events: Does Bush Still Burden Ohio Repubs?


Detroit FP: Lawmakers close to inking budget, senator says
Detroit News: Bishop says he, Dillon working on state budget deal


Boston Globe: Votes are lined up to appoint a senator: Top Democrats press for Mass. bill
Sun Chronicle: US Senate race not a tuneup for Brown
NYT: Lynch Drops Bid for Kennedys Seat


Rasmussen: Harry Reid Trails Republican Challengers in 2010 Election
CQ Politics: Despite Sagging Polls, Reid Sees Happy Ending
CQ Politics: Reid's Unfavorables Top 50 Percent


Baltimore Sun: Md. GOP in flux with resignation
Baltimore Sun: Maryland's GOP woes


AP: Iowa House Republicans pick leaders


September 15, 2009


WSJ: Baucus Crafts Health Care Plan, But Senate Democrats Have Concerns
NYT: New Objections to Baucus Health Care Proposal
Politico: Former Cigna exec: Baucus plan "absolute gift" to industry
WaPo: Reform Bill Will Address GOP Fears
Wash Times: Medicaid expansion stalls health talks
WaPo: Immigration, Health Debates Cross Paths
Wash Times: Obama aide clashes with immigrant groups
Politico: Verdict looms for trial lawyers
Hill: Reform debate draws eyes to lawmakers own blue-chip health insurance options
Politico: Mixed messages bolster GOP's case
WSJ: In Britain in 2007-08, 16.5% of deaths came after 'terminal sedation.'
Rasmussen: Support for Health Care Reform Jumps to 51%, Highest Total Yet
Andrew Napolitano: Health-Care Reform and the Constitution
Dick Morris: Rebutting Obama's health care speech

WSJ: Obama Urges Bankers to Back Financial Overhaul
Hill: Obama marks crisis by urging Wall Street to act before Congress
WaPo: Obama Gets Stern With Wall Street
NYT: For Obama, a Chance to Reform the Street Is Fading
Wash Times: Obama's finance reform plans face tough road
WaPo: Lots of Fear Remains Over Economy, Job Losses
WaPo: World's Wealthy Pay a Price In Crisis
WSJ: Lehman and the Financial Crisis
WaPo: Threat of Trade War With China Sparks Worries in a Debtor U.S.
WSJ: A Protectionist President: Like Hoover, Obama is abdicating U.S. trade leadership
Rasmussen: 56% Still Blame Bush For Economic Problems
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Claims Economy Saved
Ted Nugent: Moore's Capitalism Fantasia

WaPo: Interior Launches Climate Strategy
Wash Times: U.S. takes lone lead on climate change: Europe allies skip conference

WSJ: Senate Acts to Deny Acorn Aid
NYT: Senate Votes to Bar Funding for Acorn
Politico: ACORN mulls suit against Fox News

WaPo: Obama Cautious on Faith-Based Initiatives

Hill: Ties between Obama, labor tested from healthcare to card-check
Hill: Solis pledges to make 'strongest case possible' for card check

Wash Times: Obama critics target W.H. appointees
Jim Taranto: How come Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart keep scooping the NY Times?

NYT: G.O.P. Leader Opposes House Action on Wilson
Wash Times: Plan to rebuke Wilson stirs discord
WaPo: 'You Lie!' Shout Brings Vote on Sanction

NYT: Obama About-Face Goes to High Court

Hill: Debate over estate tax likely to wait

WSJ: Terror Probe Spurs Raid by Police in New York
AP/Barrett: U.S. police raids tied to Al Qaeda

WSJ: Angry, Polite 'Mob' Descends on D.C.
Byron York: Inside the 9/12 protest
Rush Limbaugh: Saturday Afternoon in Washington: Conservatism on the Ascendancy

Rush Limbaugh: Beware, Folks: A Third Party Will Reelect Obama and the Democrats
NY Post: Obama's poll numbers drop -- in New York!


NYT: Lazio Will Run for Governor
Politics Daily: Rick Lazio to Launch New York Gubernatorial Bid
CQ Politics: Lazio To Launch New York Governor Campaign
NYT: In Primaries, a Low Turnout Is Expected Despite Tight Races
NYT: Senator Waives Jury Trial in Slashing of Companion
NYT: Editorial: Medical Inattention in New York Prisons
NewsMax: GOP Touts Giuliani for Senate in 2010
NY Post: 'Rudy' quiz for Kerik jurors
CNN: Gillibrand raises cash off Rudy

Richard Cohen: Congressional Sclerosis: Rangel Suffers From a Case of Entitlement
Politico: Rangel targets NY Post


CQ Politics: New Jersey Candidates Try More Mellow Approach
SL: N.J. Assembly Republican Policy Committee to hold second hearing on public corruption
WaPo: NJ Gov: Is Corzine Coming Back?
PoAC: Corzine criticizes Christie in address to Teamsters local in Atlantic City


News Virginian: McDonnell earns NRA backing
Wash Times: NRA backs McDonnell: Endorsed rival Deeds in '05
CQ Politics: NRA Backs McDonnell for Va. Governor

CQ Politics: Obama Taps Virginia Justice for 4th Circuit


Mercury News: Gubernatorial candidates flock to Silicon Valley
SDNN: Steve Poizner may be riding Seabiscuit
RedState: Carly Fiorina Will Not Self-Fund
SF Chronicle: Carly Fiorina will not spend Whitman/Poizner money for Senate seat
LA Times: California GOP legislators blocked 20 bills after demands were unmet
SF Chronicle: Governor to veto energy plan, implement his own
SF Chronicle: Open Mike Duvall - at least he left quietly


Houston Chronicle: Hutchison spreads her own silly rhetoric'
AP: Giuliani returns to Texas for Perry fundraisers


Miami Herald: Crist puts still more pressure on PSC


NYT: House for Sale Comes With a View: The Obamas


Star Tribune: GOP urges amendment while Pawlenty retreats
KARE: GOP lawmakers sound single payer alarm


Patriot-News: Senate to suspend voting so Specter can attend fundraiser
Erie NT: Rendell tired of budget battle


Cleveland PD: Ohio GOP, Democrats not seeing eye to eye


CNN: Former NFL player to run for Congress
AP: A look at cuts in the MI Senate GOP budget bills


AP/Blank: Missouri economic development director steps down


AP: Ketchel hired as spokeswoman for Tenn. GOP


AP: Current, ex-NC governor raising money for Deeds


WCBD: Jim Rex announces campaign for governor


WSJ: Stephen Pagliuca May Run for Kennedy's Senate Seat
Politico: Tierney not running for Senate
CQ Politics: Eye on the Senate: Massachusetts Field Narrows Fast


CQ Politics: Another Republican Eyes N.H. Senate Seat


Hill: WWE's Linda McMahon prepares Senate run


Lexington HL: Prominent Kentucky GOP pol charged with murder in ex-fiancee's death


Hill: Poll shows Lincoln in better shape




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