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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

September 30, 2009


WSJ: Public Plan Goes Down in Senate Health Vote
NYT: Senators Reject Pair of Public Option Proposals
WaPo: Prospects for Public Option Dim in Senate
Wash Times: Senate panel rejects public option twice
Wash Times: Dems feud over public option
Hill: Finance panel rejects public option
Hill: Rockefeller's public option defeated 8-15 in Senate Finance Committee vote
Hill: Harkin says he has the votes to pass public option bill in the Senate
Politico: Public option fate in Obama's hands
WSJ: Escape to Montana: Canadians seek a private option
WSJ: Why Obama Bombed on Health Care
WSJ: The WSJ Guide to ObamaCare
MSNBC: A Primer on Reconciliation
CQ Politics: Americans Edgy About Health Legislation
Newt Gingrich: Dishonesty, Intimidation, Hypocrisy and Medicare Advantage

WSJ: Senators to Unveil Draft Climate Bill
WaPo: Senators Ready a Bill on Greenhouse Gases
NYT: Curtain Rises on Senate Struggle Over Climate Legislation
Politico: Boxer-Kerry bill on climate still fluid
Politico: Will Chamber stance spur exodus?
Sen John Kerry: A new path for energy use

NYT: Banks to Prepay Assessments to Rescue F.D.I.C.
Reuters: Fed Proposes Rules on Credit Cards

WSJ: White House Tax Revamp Panel to Hold First Public Meeting Wednesday
WSJ: Group Tied to Obama Urges Tax Increase

WSJ: Clinton Site Gets a Taste of the Stimulus Pie

Hill: In tight times, Hill loosens its belt

Wash Times: Effort to defund ACORN faces hurdles

WSJ: Obama and the K Street Set: Whatever happened to 'change'?

NYT: G.O.P. Leader Raps Obamas Olympics Trip
NYT: In Pitch for Games, a Gamble for Obama

WSJ: Democratic Donor Gets 24-Year Term
NYT: Democratic Fund-Raiser Hsu Gets 24-Year Term for Fraud

NYT: Feingold Plans Hearing on Czars
Politico: Strange bedfellows: Beck, Feingold?

WaPo: U.S., Cuba Held Extended Talks
NYT: U.S. Official Meets With Cuban Authorities

WSJ: Retired Officers Rally to Close Gitmo
Politico: Generals: Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney are scaremongering

NYT: Immigration Crackdown With Firings, Not Raids

Dick Morris: Surrendering sovereignty
Rush Limbaugh: What President Limbaugh Would Do About Afghanistan

Wash Times: Sharpton, Gingrich find common ground
WSJ: Schools Push Hits the Road

Des Moines Register: Santorum Iowa visit stirs talk of 2012
WaPo: Is Santorum Serious?
NYT: What Year Is It? Biden and Santorum Head to Iowa
Hill: Santorum heads to Iowa, stokes buzz
Pittsburgh PG: Santorum hopes to fill GOP policy vacuum
CBS: Could Rick Santorum Be the Next Voice of the GOP?

Politico: Palin can pave her own future
Rush Limbaugh: Let's Hope Palin Sells Five Million
Slate: Sarah Palin took the name of her memoir from this (unflattering) Slate article

Politico: GOP going after red-state Dems
CQ Politics: Democrats Tout Top Senate Picks But Cede Some Challenging States
CQ Politics: What Counts in the House
Hill: Dems press reset button on Senate

Wash Times: Killing-Obama poll raises online questions

Politico: Court tosses Rather's $70M lawsuit

Maureen Dowd: On Safire


NYDN: Former President Nixon's son-in-law Ed Cox selected as state GOP chief
Albany TU: Start of new life for Grand Old Party?
Newsday: NY GOP chooses Nixon's son-in-law Cox as chairman
NYT: At Republican Conference, Cox Focuses on Rebuilding
Rochester D&C: Ed Cox chosen to lead state GOP
NYDN: Cox: Rudy Would Make A Great Governor OR Senator

NYT: De Blasio and Liu Win in N.Y. Democratic Runoffs

CQ Politics: Nov. 3 Date Set for New York House Special
Albany TU: 23rd Congressional Special Election set for Nov. 3
WSJ: Three-Way Race in New York Could Split GOP Vote
Hill: New York embarrassment

AP/Gormley: Paterson rally gets dismal reviews
Human Events: New York Democrats Tell Obama to Butt Out

NYT: Prosecutors in Monserrate Trial Subpoena His Companion
NYDN: Prosecutors pile on bloody evidence at Hiram Monserrate's trial

NYT: Federal Judge Forbids Keriks Lawyers to Mention 9/11 at Trial


NYT: In New Jersey, Would-Be Boss Is Big Boss Fan
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine, Christie ads likely to surface at N.J. Gov debate
AP: Poll shows Corzine closing gap on Christie in N.J. Gov race
Bloomberg: Ex-Lawyer to New Jersey Democrats Pleads Guilty


WaPo: A Tug of War For Women's Votes in Race For Governor
Wash Times: Deeds cuts deficit in new Va. poll
CQ Politics: McDonnell Holds Big Lead in Virginia
Politics Daily: New Poll, Differing From Others, Puts McDonnell Way Up in Virginia
CQ Politics: Virginias Deeds Touts Support from Ex-Governors
WaPo: Former Gov. Holton Endorses Deeds


Politico: Whitman supporters: vote, schmote
SacBee: 'No excuse' on voting record, Whitman says
AP/Williams: Meg Whitman: I focused on family instead of voting
SF Chronicle: Meg Whitman: Absentee Citizen

SacBee: Jerry Brown forms committee to run for California governor
LA Times: Jerry Brown files papers to explore a run for governor

LA Times: Schwarzenegger seeks overhaul of state tax system
SacBee: Schwarzenegger lauds new tax plan as business, labor groups denounce it
SacBee: Q&A: How Schwarzenegger-backed tax plan would affect Californians
WSJ: A California Quake: A tax commission releases a ground-breaking plan
WSJ: How California Can Get Its Groove Back
Dan Walters: Much-needed California tax overhaul likely doomed


Houston Chronicle: Perry's camp claims online event hacked
Dallas MN: Barbs fly after Gov. Rick Perry's webcast speech is short-circuited
Dallas MN: Perry camp charges political sabotage in computer meltdown
Star-Telegram: Perry's online campaign event hit by technical glitches

Dallas MN: What do Joe Straus and Jimi Hendrix have in common?


Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Crist's record of accomplishment requires a little explaining
PBP: Mrs. Crist jumps into Senate campaign, while husband hits cable news shows
Human Events: Rubio vs. the RINOs
American Spectator: GOP Soul Check

PNJ: Candidates for governor spar over pension fund


Daily Cit: Isakson: Senate needs to go back to the drawing board on health care reform
Florida TU: Georgia to pay high price if health care reform fails, study says
AJC: Sonny Perdue: Dont fret about where flood aid dollars are coming from


Daily Herald: Kirk pushes alternative health care plan
Chicago Tribune: Jesse White, Illinois secretary of state, kicks off re-election campaign


Star Tribune: Worst trouble with ACORN is at the polls
CQ Politics: Minnesotans Need More Time To Figure Out Franken
Hill: Franken making his mark, steadily
PP: Study shows Minnesota has a lot to lose if efforts at federal health care reform fail


CQ Politics: GOP Lawyer Takes On Pennsylvania Rep. Altmire
AP: Poll: Most Pa. governor hopefuls not well-known


Hudson Hub Times: Senate Republicans push proposal for redistricting reform
Hudson Hub Times: GOP, Dems clash on Ohio's economic development


Politics Daily: Republican Cox Leads Democrat Cherry in Michigan Governor's Race
Detroit News: Lansing inches toward budget deal
Detroit FP: Senate, House resume talks today


KC Star: Democrats cautious, but hopeful about Senate in 2010
St. Louis PD: Senate dismisses ethics complaint against Robin Carnahan


News & Observer: Hagan, Burr target defense dollars to N.C.


Palmetto Scoop: Milliken to help SCGOP go green, retire debt


Boston Globe: Powerful women line up for Coakley


Politico: Harry situation: What if Reid loses?

LA Times: Former ACORN worker details blackjack voter registration bonuses


NYT: Colorado Democrats Brace for Senate Primary


Rasmussen: 2010 Arkansas Senate: Lincoln Runs Behind Four GOP Challengers


Rasmussen: 61% of Arizona Republicans Say McCain Out of Touch With Party Base
CQ Politics: Eye on the Senate: McCain Rates High on Job Performance

Arizona Republic: Kyl bill targets real-estate fraud


September 29, 2009


AP/Italie: Palin's memoir, 'Going Rogue,' out Nov. 17
Politico: The Republican base is still wild about Sarah Palin
NYDN: 'Rogue' Sarah Palin pounds out book
LA Times: Sarah Palin's book is on the fast track
SF Chronicle: Why California Republicans LOOOVE Palin

Wash Times: GOP takes 'targeted' health-care approach
NYT: Abortion Fight Complicates Debate on Health Care
NYT: In Some States, a Push to Ban Mandate on Insurance
Wash Times: Eyes are on Lincoln in health care debate
Politico: Public option may have new life
Politico: GOP's competitiveness conundrum
Hill: Republican Govs. blast Baucus bill
Hill: Poll: Lowest support yet for healthcare
WaPo: In Delivering Care, More Isn't Always Better, Experts Say
WSJ: Why Medical Malpractice Is Off Limits
WSJ: Rhetorical Tax Evasion
WSJ: Health Co-Ops Aren't the Answer

NYT: Guantnamo Deadline May Be Missed
Detroit News: Standish remains in Gitmo talks
Rep. Mike Pence: Voting 'Present' Isn't Enough for Obama
Pat Buchanan: Is Iran Nearing a Bomb?
Rush Limbaugh: The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is Back and This Time It's Racist, Too

Politico: The lost Countrywide phone tapes
CQ Politics: Issa Ramps Up Probe of Countrywide After Report on Phone Tapings

Hill: Dodd pens telecom immunity repeal

WSJ: Pocket Docket: Supreme Court's New Season
WaPo: High Court to Consider Issue of Church-State Separation

WSJ: Subprime Uncle Sam: The FHA makes Countrywide Financial look prudent
WaPo: More Help Coming To Clean Up Crisis
David Brooks: The Next Culture War

Wash Times: Workers' porn surfing rampant at federal agency

WSJ: The Neocons Make a Comeback

James Taranto: The Obama scandals bring a new era of opacity at the New York Times

Hill: GOP extends its target list for Nov. 2010
Hill: Lack of competitive open seats could hinder GOP election gains
Hill: RNC, Steele hammer Dems on taxes


NYT: For Nixon In-Law, G.O.P. Post and a Giuliani Clash

CQ Politics: Hoffman Hauls in Endorsements in N.Y. Special Race
Albany TU: Club for Growth endorses Hoffman in 23rd CD
Hill: Fred Thompson spurns GOP special election nominee

Albany TU: Governor: 'I have a state to run'

NYDN: State Sen. Pedro Espada 'should be in jail,' says Dem Neil Breslin


Star-Ledger: Christie fires back as he attacks the governor's policies on women
Star-Ledger: Christie works on women's issues in campaign stops
WSJ: Obama v. Bush, the Sequel


WaPo: Jindal Raises Money for McDonnell
Wash Times: Deeds gambles on riding Obama's coattails


Rasmussen: 2010 California Governor: Brown, Not Newsom, Leads All Republicans
SacBee: Brown holds edge over GOP guv hopefuls in new poll
CQ Politics: Poizner Hammers Whitman in New Ad
Dan Walters: Whitman's voting record no advantage
WSJ: Road Project Tests Power of Stimulus
SacBee: Doolittle, wife named as unindicted co-conspirators in corruption case
SacBee: Schwarzenegger hosts climate summit this week
SF Chronicle: Water interests argue new state dam proposals


Rasmussen: 2010 Arizona Governor: Goddard 42%, Brewer 35%


Dallas MN: Perry campaign recruiters getting paid per head
Dallas MN: How it works: Perry Home Headquarters


St. Pete Times: Charlie Crist looks to be dissing Jeb Bush's legacy in speech
St. Pete Times: Crist claiming credit for improved education?
Miami Herald: Sen. Bill Nelson enters healthcare reform debate


AJC: Oxendine opposes cuts to top teachers


Chicago Tribune: Mark Kirk: Census shouldn't involve SEIU because of its links to ACORN
Politico: Rep. Kirk battling over ACORN funding, votes

Chicago Tribune: Republican Aurora businessman to run for secretary of state

WSJ: Obama Enters Olympics Race
WaPo: Obama Will Travel to Copenhagen to Support Chicago's Bid for 2016 Games
Chicago Tribune: Chicago Olympic bid delegation heads to Copenhagen


Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: Most don't back a Pawlenty run
MPR: Straw poll could pave way for top GOP choices


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell wants budget on his desk in a week
Pittsburgh PG: Rendell wants to sign state budget by Sunday
Pocono News: Still no budget, ten days after deal announced


Cleveland PD: Voinovich to GOP: Work with Strickland
Akron BJ: Residency dispute could be settled by Ohio high court


CQ Politics: Michigan GOP Faces Tough Choice in Race for Governor
CQ Politics: Democrats' Michigan Governor Race Now a Crowd

Detroit FP: Shutdown unlikely but state's preparing
NYT: Michigan Lawmakers Face Deadline on Budget Deal

Detroit FP: Gitmo transfer decision still open


Fox2: Missouri Democrats And Republicans Are Expecting More Federal Investigations


Greenville News: Milliken pledges cash to help turn GOP headquarters green
AP/Davenport: Beleaguered SC gov seeks info on school plane use


NYT: Majority Leader Protects Home State


CQ Politics: A GOP Challenge for West Virginia Rep. Mollohan


September 28, 2009


WSJ: Max's Mad Mandate: Baucus health bill will break 50 state budgets via Medicaid
WSJ: Health 'Reform' Is Income Redistribution
Wash Times: Liberals seek health-care access for illegals
NYT: Reid the Quarterback May Call on Obama to Referee
NYT: E-Records Get a Big Endorsement
Hill: Officials, lawmakers get preview of health plan clearinghouse
NYDN: Sen. Schumer to put government option in health bill
Lanny Davis: A health plan to please liberals and conservatives
Dana Perino: The GOP can keep Obama from scoring
Paul Begala: Bet on health care reform passing

WSJ: Phone Calls Add to Din Over Loans: Countrywide VIP Mortgage Program

Hill: Controversial financial protection proposal in spotlight with hearing

WSJ: $35 Billion Slated for Local Housing
WSJ: The Blob That Ate Monetary Policy
NYT: Testing the Dexterity of a Crisis Manager: Geithner

Wash Times: Trial lawyers lobby sinks $6.2M in debt

NYDN: GOP says President Obama is 'dithering' on Afghanistan
Jed Babbin: Waltzing McChrystal

Byron York: Mitt Romney's Marathon Run

Matt Towery: GOP return to power could be swift

WaPo: If the Ground Is Shifting, the House Will Feel It
Politico: Nancy Pelosi still a GOP campaign wedge
NYT: New Cheney Taking Stage for the G.O.P.
Politico: The lost members: Freemasons in Congress
NYT: Bill Clinton Echoes Right-Wing Conspiracy Theme
Hill: Bill Clinton: 'Vast right-wing conspiracy' still going strong in the Obama era
Andrew Breitbart: Podesta spends Soros' money stupidly

LA Times: A new push to define 'person,' and to outlaw abortion in the process

NYDN: William Safire, conservative columnist and former Nixon speechwriter, dead at 79
NYT: William Safire, Political Columnist and Oracle of Language, Dies at 79


NYT: On TV, Paterson Repeats His Pledge to Run
Politico: Paterson: Im blind, but Im not oblivious
Hill: 'Concerns' about Paterson raise questions about endorsements
Albany TU: Paterson on Meet the Press
Buffalo News: Paterson tells nation he won't drop out
NY Post: Paterson: NYers can pick own guv
Mike Lupica: Writing's on the wall: Paterson just playing out the string

Albany TU: Court to name special prosecutor to probe Troy primary absentee ballot fraud
Albany TU: Affidavits: Ballot abuse rampant

Politico: Wall Street money rains on Chuck Schumer

NY Post: Peak tragedy for Maloney
NYDN: Rep. Carolyn Maloney mourns husband: 'He died doing what he loved'


AP: GOP gubernatorial candidate Christie deflects Gov. Corzine attacks with humor
Politico: A declaration of independents in 2010
AP: Lieutenant governor candidates Loretta Weinberg, Kim Guadagno figure out their roles


Richmond TD: McDonnell: Plan would boost transportation, avoid education cuts
Politico: McDonnell grilled in Fox News Sunday appearance
Wash Times: Deeds pledges to walk tight fiscal line


SF Chronicle: California GOP sees hope on the horizon
LA Times: Undercurrent of culture clash emerges at GOP convention
SacBee: Conservative Republicans feel lost at California convention
Human Events: Report From California
SacBee: Health care overhaul bills await Schwarzenegger
Dan Walters: Will census resolve debate over size of congressional delegation?


Dallas MN: Alleged skyscraper plot highlights problems of keeping tabs on immigrants
Houston Chronicle: Controller contest loses spotlight


St. Pete Times: AG McCollum's role as trustee for state investment fund may be a conflict


Chicago Daily Observer: Pollak Speech to Cook County GOP


Pioneer Press: Tony Sutton relishes chance to lead Minnesota Republican Party


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. governor's race a match of equals


Examiner: Ohio GOP's DeWine armed and ready for 2010 races
Cleveland PD: Gov. Strickland is sinking fast, and taking Ohio down with him
Toledo Blade: Area lawmakers divided sharply on health care


Detroit News: Snyder, Cox take top spots in GOP gov poll
Detroit News: GOP leaders see opportunity
Detroit FP: Budget negotiators slash libraries, prisons


Politico: Bond: "We need troops now" in Afghanistan


KnoxNews: Tennessee House Speaker Kent Williams gets help for PAC


SunNews: Critics quietly chide Perdue for not tapping more women


Augusta Chronicle: South Carolina Republican Governor candidates
P&C: 2 congressional districts and many points of view lie along the Combahee River


Boston Globe: States health system popular


Las Vegas Sun: Karl Rove: Eventually, GOP must supply answers
Las Vegas RJ: Reid's book claim disputed


Denver Post: D.C. job alleged as attempt to deter Romanoff


CQ Politics: Vermont GOPs Gov Hopes Hinge on What Dubie Will Do


September 27, 2009


CNN: Sen. Isakson: Dems 'wrong' on health care
WSJ: Obama Addresses Black Caucus on Health Care
WaPo: For Obama, Warm Regards: Pride Supersedes Differences at Black Caucus Banquet
Hill: Obama skips public option push to CBC
Politico: Obama links civil rights and health care
WaPo: On a Street in Gaithersburg, Health-Care Anxiety Abounds
NYT: Taking Health Care Courtship Up Another Notch
Wash Times: Liberals to fight for public option in health plan

NYT: U.S. Job Seekers Exceed Openings by Record Ratio
WaPo: As Subprime Lending Crisis Unfolded, Watchdog Fed Didn't Bother Barking

Kathleen Parker: Not Far From the Tree: ACORN and Its Political Seed

NYT: Election Commission Decisions Deadlocking on Party Lines

AP/Loven: W.H.: Gitmo unlikely to close by January

Hill: Broadband coalitions form to target FCC

Politico: Romney a victim in health care debate
Hill: Romney makes nice with rivals

NYT: For Some Republicans, Their Partys Seal of Approval Doesnt Impress
Hill: National polling firm battling back amid controversy over fraud allegations

WaPo: Armey's Army Marches Against Obama
Hill: No president, no problem for emboldened RNC members
Baltimore Sun: GOP shows rise in cash, polls

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYDN: Andrew Cuomo: From Horror on the Hudson to Democrats' chosen son
Albany TU: Combative Paterson gains forum
NYDN: Charlie Rangel rips President Obama for asking Gov. Paterson to drop out
NYDN: Gov. Paterson still loves 'being governor' despite low poll numbers

NYDN: Rep. Carolyn Maloney's husband dies mountain climbing in Tibet: aide
NYT: Rep. Maloneys Husband Dies on Tibet Trek

Buffalo News: Assistant DA says Clark and Sedita gave political kingpin Pigeon a pass


Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J.'s new No. 2 post could be a big deal
Star-Ledger: Corzine's cash may soon have impact
PolitickerNJ: Gore makes his case for Corzine


Wash Times: Tax fight erupts in Va. governor's race
WaPo: How They Voted on God, Guns And Gays: Deeds, McDonnell on Schools, Taxes, Too
Bob McDonnell: My (Specific) Promises to Northern Virginia
Creigh Deeds: My (Specific) Promises to Northern Virginia
Examiner: McDonnell hopes to appeal to Va.s black voters
Virginian-Pilot: Plans for Va.'s economy long on ideas, not details


LA Times: Top Republican GOP candidates joust at convention
Desert Sun: Gubernatorial candidates campaign at Indian Wells
SacBee: In California, GOP rival calls eBay ex-chief 'unelectable'
SacBee: Whitman pressed on past
SF Chronicle: Whitman grapples with spotty voting record
AP/Williams: Calif. GOP candidate seeks to slash state spending
AP/Williams: Ex-eBay CEO's voting record questioned at GOP meet
WaPo: Will Calif. Vote for a Non-Voter?
Rasmussen: 2010 California Senate: Boxer Beats Fiorina, DeVore
LA Times: Carlos Moreno, California high court justice, is raising his profile
San Diego UT: Former governor Jerry Brown hints at his future


NBC DFW: State GOP Chair Resigns, Joins Perry's Campaign
Austin AS: State GOP chair resigns to work for Perry
SA News: Governors race is dividing local, state GOP
Dallas MN: Hutchison says race even


CNN: Crist predicts Carter-esque loss for Obama
Digital Journal: Florida Governor foresees Obama loss similar to Jimmy Carter's
George Will: A Ripe Time For Florida's Marco Rubio
Herald Tribune: Don't bet against Rubio in Florida's Senate race
Examiner: Marco Rubio vs. Charlie Crist. The Rocky Balboa fight of politics.
Miami Herald: Gov. Crist to fill empty posts on PSC
St. Pete Times: High stakes ride on Crist's PSC picks
LA Times: Mark Foley's second act, on the air


Rome NT:AJC: OxendiDeal, Purcell speak at GOP breakfast about Georgia's future
ne doubles flood damage estimates
AJC: No smooth road ahead for transportation bill


Chicago Tribune: Little-known Republican taking on big government
Politico: Rep. Aaron Schock's office was terror target
CQ Politics: Ex-Rep's Endorsement Becomes Campaign Issue
Chicago Sun-Times: Health reform will include public option: Schakowsky
Beacon News: GOP rallies in St. Charles
St. Charles Sun: Top GOP figures to come to Kane rally


Detroit News: Minn. governor: GOP should recruit in urban areas
Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: Obama's support declines sharply


Philadelphia Inquirer: Dozens praise ACORN in N. Phila


Rasmussen: 2010 Ohio Governor: Kasich 46%, Strickland 45%
Rasmussen: 2010 Ohio Senate: Portman, Lee, Brunner in Virtual Tie


Detroit News: Gov. candidates Snyder, Cox prevail in Republican straw vote
AP/Hoffman: Mich. Republicans say 2010 will be better for them
Detroit FP: Next 2 fiscal years likely to be even more dire for Michigan, officials say
Detroit FP: Camp enters war zone over health care reform with salvos of his own
AP/Hoffman: Mich. stares down 2nd govt. shutdown in 3 years


Tennessean: Governor's mansion work nears end but resentments remain


NYDN: Edwards' ex-mistress, Rielle Hunter, targeted by Elizabeth Edwards in blog comments


NBC Augusta: Rally for Outspoken Rep. Joe Wilson in Aiken


Las Vegas Sun: John Guedry drops out of race against Rep. Dina Titus
CQ Politics: GOP's Guedry Ends Bid Against Nevada Rep. Titus


CQ Politics: Bennet, Norton Lead Colorado Primary Races


September 26, 2009


WaPo: GOP Senators Pull Out of Inquiry Into CIA Program
McClatchy: Republican Sen. Bond blasts probe of Bush-era intelligence
Wash Times: Top Republican pulls out of intelligence investigation

NYT: House Approves Stopgap to Keep Government Afloat
Hill: House vote averts government shutdown
WSJ: Volcker says Treasury's reform will lead to future bailouts. He's right

WSJ: Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels: 'We Are the Initiators'
NYT: A Critic Finds Obama Policies a Perfect Target

WSJ: House Weighs 'Cadillac-Plan' Tax
WSJ: The Senate Bill Gives and Takes for Most Groups
WSJ: Health Problems Health Care Can't Fix
NYT: For Democrats, Cracks in a United Front
NYT: Democrats Preserve Essence of Health Proposal
NYT: Senators Postpone Debate on Public Option
Hill: Rockefeller: Public option not impossible
Hill: Five House Democrats sign discharge petition
John Fund: Congress Needs a 72-Hour Waiting Period

LA Times: 10 more GOP senators demand answers from the NEA about teleconference
James Taranto: Yosi Sergant Gets Hypovehiculated

WSJ: The decline of newspapers is a tragedy for democracy. How can it be stopped?

CNN: McCain to host Romney fundraiser

Politico: Justice Ginsburg released

WaPo: Guests on Sunday news shows


CQ Politics: Six-Figure Party Spending Surge in New York Special
NYDN: Wojtaszek For Cox
LoHud: Paterson Spoofed On Saturday Night Live Again
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Patersons Choice


NJ: N.J. GOP lawmakers call for investigation into Gov. Corzine hedge fund investments
Philadelphia Inquirer: Gore urges N.J. voters to reelect Gov. Corzine
PolitickerNJ: Christie camp wants Corzine to chastise Pallone
WSJ: A property rights victory in New Jersey, of all places


Politico: GOP jumps on Wilder non-endorsement
CQ Politics: Virginia Governor: McDonnell Leads Deeds By 4
Richmond TD: Deeds dropped ball with Wilder
Richmond TD: Obama proving to be mixed blessing for Deeds
CNN: McDonnell fights back in new TV ads


SacBee: California GOP seeks momentum at Indian Wells convention
LA Times: A bruised state Republican Party gathers
Desert Sun: State Republican convention begins today In Indian Wells
SF Chronicle: Arnold at the GOPfest: Not feeling the love
SF Chronicle: Pre-GOP Confab countdown: Let the mudslinging begin!
AP/Williams: Calif. GOP convention to focus on gov. candidates
Mercury News: Republicans see glimmers of hope for 2010
RCP: Are Whitman and Fiorina California Dreamin'?
LA Times: No California state parks will close, Gov. Schwarzenegger announces
LA Times: Editorial: Picking on ACORN

Sac Bee: Former CEO Whitman likely to take stand in eBay-Craigslist civil trial


Lubbock AJ: Hutchison camps waging big bucks battle
Weekly Standard: Perry on Israel, Chavez, and Secession
AP/Root: Perry's wealth fueled by land deals, investments
Midland RT: Questions surround lieutenant governor's race


News-Press: Mistaken restoration of rights to felons already bubbling as issue in Florida
AP/Farrington: Fla. GOP slams Crist-backed felon vote restoration
Buzz: Hasner bites at Sink, backs McCollum over felons' rights
Buzz: Does Florida GOP have a Crist/glass house problem?
SunSentinel: Crist faces risks in replacing Eggelletion
KeysNet: Rubio brings campaign to Florida Keys
Orlando Sentinel: Sink: trial lawyer mailer "has no place in Florida politics"
Jacksonville Observer: Bud Chiles Considering a Run for Florida CFO


Daily Citizen: Chambliss, Isakson urge the GAO to launch investigation into ACORN


Chicago Sun-Times: Census should cut SEIU ties because of ACORN, Kirk says
NBC Chicago: Steele Still Likes Kirk
Chicago Daily Observer: Good News for Hughes: RNC Backs Away from Mark Kirk
Chicago Tribune: Cook County GOP trying again for resurgence


Politico: Toner to aid Pawlenty PAC
Star Tribune: Pawlenty: The Boss rules, GOP rockers not so much
KARE: Bachmann, Paul join forces to address U of M students
AP: Republican Ron Paul holds Minn. town hall
Star Tribune: Reps. Bachmann, Paul at U


AP/Levy: More Pa. House Dems oppose drilling in forests


CQ Politics: Ohio Senate: Portman Tied With Fisher And Brunner
Politics Daily: Ohio Senate Race Shaping Up as a Tight One
Hill: Poll: Portman nearly tied with Democratic opponents
Vindy: Kasich says taxes, bureaucracy, spending drive business out of Ohio
Cincinnati Enquirer: What's next for Ohio budget?


Detroit News: Copy Florida, governor tells Michigan GOP
AP/Hoffman: 5 Mich. GOP gubernatorial hopefuls to debate
LSJ: GOP to show off 2010 hopefuls
Mich Mess: Political calculus: Predicting the budget battle outcomes
NYT: Detroit Mayors Tough Love Poses Risks in Election


St. Louis PD: GOP battle: Chuck Purgason seeks deficit answers from Roy Blunt
St. Louis PD: Bond quits Senate panel reviewing CIA policies
Hill: Bond resigns from interrogation panel


US News: Frist Endorses Individual Mandate in Healthcare Reform


CNN: Wilson accuses Dems of misleading the public
CQ Politics: Wilson Taps "You Lie" Fundraising for Fellow Republicans


Politico: Court denies GOP bid to block Paul Kirk


WSJ: Senate Leader Reid Becomes GOP Target in Nevada
Hill: Nevada GOP chairwoman prepares challenge for Reid's Senate seat


September 25, 2009


WSJ: Pelosi Presses for a Public Option
Hill: Speaker Pelosi in battle to close health deal
NYT: Senate Panel Rejects Bid to Add Drug Discount
WSJ: Senators Reject Bid to Cut Drug Prices for Low-Income Seniors
Wash Times: Seniors courted in health debate
NYT: House Votes to Block Increase in Medicare Part B Premiums
NYT: Democrats Join Push to Post Bills Online
WSJ: Overhaul Divides Business and Its Traditional GOP Allies
WSJ: Doubling Down on a Flawed Insurance Model
WaPo: A Health-Insurance Difference Without a Distinction
WSJ: Unsafe at Any Speed: Another day, another White House health-care deadline
CQ Politics: Obama in Strong Position on Health Care
AP/Davis: GOP to block health nominees until Obama lifts 'gag order' on Medicare insurers
Fox: Republicans: Clinton-Era Guidance Proves Humana Acted Properly
Bloomberg: Orszag Sees Health Law in Six Weeks, Praises Baucus

Hill: House prepares for vote on spending measure amid heavy GOP attacks

NYT: Behind the Furor Over a Climate Change Skeptic
Reuters: Senate blocks move against EPA climate rules
WSJ: Gore-Backed Car Firm Gets Large U.S. Loan

WSJ: Battle Brews Over Unused TARP Cash
WSJ: The Fed's Job Is Only Half Over
WSJ: Fifty Eliot Spitzers: That's what the Frank-Obama proposal would unleash on banks

NYT: F.D.A. Reveals It Fell to a Push by Lawmakers

NYT: In Poll, Public Wary of Obama on War and Health
LA Times: Obama woes spark jump in Republican fundraising
WaPo: Democrats Are Jarred by Drop In Fundraising
Kim Strassel: Obama's Swing-State Blues
Michael Barone: Can the Republicans win the House in 2010?
James Taranto: Check, Please: Biden makes the case for the Republicans in 2010

WaPo: ACORN Funded Political, For-Profit Efforts, Data Show
Wash Times: Glenn Beck: Probe of ACORN 'bogus'
Hill: Treasury to probe oversight of ACORN and similar groups
Politico: GOP, Treasury up ACORN scrutiny
Politico: CRS: House ACORN ban may be unconstitutional
Human Events: ACORN and The Working Families Party: Another Connection

Gary Bauer: Planned Parenthood Deserves the ACORN Treatment

WaPo: White House Regroups on Guantanamo
Politico: Greg Craig's exit seen amidst Gitmo flap
WaPo: Editorial: Progress on State Secrets
WSJ: Terror, Still: Iindictment of terrorist suspect Zazi underscores the need for intelligence
Politico: Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus now a target of the left
Pat Buchanan: To Lose a War

Politico: Palin presses White House on Afghanistan
AP: Romney to speak at Wash. Republican convention
Politico: Senators eye 2010 prognosis

Politico: NEA communications director resigns

NYT: Justice Ginsburg Is Taken to Hospital
WSJ: Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized After Iron Infusion
Politico: Justice Ginsburg hospitalized
AP/Sherman: Justice Ginsburg, battling pancreatic cancer, falls ill at work and is hospitalized

Charles Krauthammer: Irving Kristol: A Great Good Man

Richard Viguerie: Sliming Conservatives: A Short History

Wash Times: Tainted donations vex political campaigns

American Spectator: Republicans Struggle to Get Off the Mat


NYT: Slyly, Giuliani Says He Feels for Paterson
Politico: New York Democrats urged W.H. to push David Paterson
NY Post: 'Andy's tricks behind Bam nix'
NY Post: Pols pick sides on Paterson mess
NY Post: Poll: NYers think Obama shouldn't intervene in gov race
NYDN: NYers want Obama to butt out of governor race, though poll still a blow to Paterson
Albany TU: For Paterson and Democrats, a week of close shaves
Rasmussen: 2010 New York Governor: Cuomo Beats GOP Challengers, Paterson Doesn't

Rasmussen: New York Senate: Gillibrand Narrowly Leads Pataki

Albany TU: Add us to buyout, state workers ask

NYT: Doctor Testifies in Monserrate Trial
NY Post: Doc: Monserrate gal pal said pol smashed glass into her face

NY Post: Poll: Bloomberg holds 16-point edge over Thompson


NJ: One poll shows Christie ahead of Corzine by 8 points, another by 1 point
AP/Delli Santi: Race on for independent voters in NJ gov's contest
Star-Ledger: Christie campaigns in Galloway; Corzine attends North Bergen rally
Star-Ledger: Chris Christie's campaign deals with distant family link to mobster, report says
NYT: Meanwhile, Next Door, Its Team Obama for Corzine


Wash Times: Wilder on Deeds: That's not 'leadership'
WaPo: Wilder Declines to Endorse Deeds
Politico: Poll shows Deeds within 4
WaPo: Virginia Teachers Union Blasts McDonnell in TV Ads


NYT: California Gubernatorial Hopeful Vows to Reverse Emissions Rules
SacBee: California GOP seeks momentum at Indian Wells convention
SacBee: Whitman acknowledges frequently failing to vote
SF Chronicle: Schwarzenegger backs strong state climate bill
AP/Dearen: Schwarzenegger defends legacy from Whitman attack
ABC7: Schwarzenegger takes shots at Whitman


Hill: Two GOP heavyweights turning primary into Texas-sized battle
Austin AS: Perrys tone angers his D.C. allies
SA News: Perry's actions define economic sensitivity


Politico: Martinez heads straight to K Street
St. Pete Times: Sen. Nelson pushes plan to protect seniors covered by Medicare Advantage


Examiner: Senator Saxby Chambliss' Town Hall Meeting
AJC: Obama approves federal disaster declaration


Chicago Sun-Times: Andy McKenna enters crowded race for Illinois governor
Chicago Sun-Times: Sources: Emanuel wanted Claypool to be placeholder


Star Tribune: Appraising Pawlenty: 'Swagger was noticed at summit
Star Tribune: Minnesota's mayors want gubernatorial race to highlight local aid


Philadelphia Inquirer: Ridge backs Corbett in GOP race for Pa. governor
Pittsburgh PG: Ridge endorses Corbett for GOP nomination for governor
Gettysburg Times: Corbett campaign visits Adams County


Cleveland PD: Zack Space's rent payments create mystery, GOP says
Dayton DN: Former Gov. Taft gets 'roasted' at Kids Voting Bipartisan Bash


Detroit News: Poll shows edge for Cox as GOP opens leadership conference
Mich Mess: Cox leads early poll of Republican gubernatorial candidates
AP/Hoffman: No spending caps in Mich. GOP gubernatorial race

Detroit News: Tensions increase as state budget talks stall


KC Star: Top Nixon aide knew about Lake of the Ozarks E. coli results in May
News-Leader: Nixon aide knew about E. coli results in May, ex-DNR employee says
Columbia DT: GOP reacts to E. coli statements

AP: Mo. lawmaker defends tax plan in congressional bid


Tennessean: Gordon responds to GOP chair's challenge on Roll Call article
Knox News: Rivals attack Haslam's stance on guns in parks


Statesville: Former Raleigh mayor rallies GOP in Mooresville


AP/Kinnard: SC AG accepted campaign cash from lawyers he hired


Boston Globe: Senator Kirk | Bio
Boston Globe: Lawyer brings political experience, skill as a mediator to his new post
Boston Globe: Party expects loyal soldier in health care fight with GOP
USA Today: Paul Kirk named to Kennedy's seat
WSJ: Kennedy Confidant Named as Successor
NYT: Kirk Heads to Senate With Brief, Crucial Mission
CQ Politics: Next Massachusetts Senator An Ultimate Insider
American Spectator: The Kennedys' Senator
Politico: GOP files suit to block Kirk
Hill: Dems reach 60 with appointment to fill Kennedy seat; GOP cries foul

Boston Globe: Kerry asks $20m for Kennedy institute


Las Vegas RJ: Editorial: Reid blocks ACORN probe
Reno GJ: Nevada lawmakers critical of Gibbons' handling of stimulus money


CQ Politics: Brewer Faces Company in Arizona Governor GOP Primary
CQ Politics: McCain Looks Safe for Re-Election


Rasmussen: 2010 Iowa: Ex-Gov Branstad Has Big Lead Over Incumbent Governor Culver


Cincinnati Enquirer: Beshear heaps praise on Mongiardo


September 24, 2009


NYT: Panels Battles on Health Highlight a Broader Split
Human Events: Senate Cloaks Obamacare
Wash Times: GOP seeks 72-hour window to read bills
Karl Rove: Pres. Risks Getting Stale: Continuous TV appearances can't rescue bad argument
Ann Coulter: Liberal lies about national health care, Part 5
Boston Globe: GOP says health debate has held up other issues
Wash Times: Senators spar over Medicare cuts, drugs
WaPo: Medicare Is Focus on Day 2 of Health-Care Negotiations
WaPo: Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage
WSJ: Medicare and Gag Orders
American Spectator: Obama's Health Care Bait and Switch

NYT: Oil Industry Sets a Brisk Pace of New Discoveries
Politico: Murkowski to move against EPA

Hill: House Democrats push continuing resolution over GOP objections

WSJ: Democrats Soften Financial Bill
NYT: White House Pares Its Financial Reform Plan
Wash Times: White House OK with limit on new consumer agency
WSJ: Bank Pay and the Financial Crisis
NYT: Federal Government Spends Stimulus Money Faster Than Expected
WSJ: U.S. to Post Reports on Stimulus Jobs Online
WSJ: Congress Seeks Faster Implementation of New Credit-Card Rules

WaPo: ACORN Sues Over Damaging Video: Violated Wiretapping Law, Liberal Group Says
Wash Times: ACORN sues Bretibart, 'pimp, hooker' duo
NYT: Acorn Sues Over Video as I.R.S. Severs Ties
Politico: ACORN fights back
Politico: Frank turns against ACORN
Hill: ACORNs troubles grow as it mounts counteroffensive
AP/Nuckols: ACORN sues filmmakers
AP/Pritchard: How the ACORN 'pimp and hooker' videos came to be

WSJ: Plan to Seek Detainee Law Is Dropped
NYT: Obama to Use Current Law to Support Detentions
WaPo: Administration Won't Seek New Detention System

WaPo: Democrats Seek to Tighten Oversight of Surveillance Methods
NYT: Leading Democrats Weigh In on New State Secrets Policy

James Taranto: What Is Yosi Sergant?

AP/Barrett: Census worker slain in Kentucky: Hanged with 'fed' scrawled on his chest

WSJ: Fund-Raiser Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud Charges

Politico: Ron Paul-inspired candidates make impact

DMN: Karl Rove's relentless style underscored in former Bush speechwriter's new book

American Spectator: Listening to Newt

USA Today: GOP gets big bump of donors in August

WSJ: Palin, in Hong Kong, Criticizes Obama's Policies
Wash Times: In Hong Kong speech, Palin touts 'Main Street'


NYDN: Gov. Paterson hints he might not run in 2010 after all, for the sake of the party
Buffalo News: Paterson says he'll complete term
NYT: Reluctant Governor Explains: I Did Not Sign Up for This
Albany TU: Paterson warns of more red ink
Albany TU: Republican leaders sees savings opportunities
AP/Gormley: Paterson faults Cuomo allies for Obama leak
NY Post: 'Andy's tricks behind Bam nix'
AP: NY Dems give Paterson qualified support
NYDN: Controller limits campaign donations in attempt to curb 'pay-to-play' problems
AP/Gormley: Wisdom of taxing rich questioned: Likely to drive people out of state
NYT: Green and De Blasio Focus on Attacks and Endorsements in Public Advocate Debate
NYDN: 40, not 20, stitches for state Sen. Hiram Monserrate's gal pal Karla Giraldo


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie accuses Corzine of 'error in judgment'
NYT: For Christie, Family Tie No Candidate Can Relish
Politico: Corzine accuses Christie of 'throwing weight around'
Star-Ledger: New Jersey's Great Political Races Through the Ages


Wash Times: McDonnell aims to tap support of veterans
Richmond TD: Fairfax chamber endorses McDonnell
WaPo: Ed: Honesty on Transportation: Deeds has leveled with VA voters. Will they listen?

Virginian-Pilot: 'You lie' congressman helps VA Republicans
CQ Politics: Virginia Rep. Nye Gets Sixth GOP Challenger


SF Chronicle: GOP to assess governor hopefuls at convention
San Diego UT: Whitman says she'd suspend 'green' initiative
LA Times: GOP gubernatorial candidate Whitman launches radio ads
SacBee: Whitman formally announces candidacy, rails against bureaucracy
Info Week: Meg Whitman Announces Gubernatorial Run
SacBee: Meg Whitman's voting record short, sparse
SacBee: Can poor voting record hurt a candidate? Sometimes
LA Times: Oxy oil discovery could spark new interest in California's energy potential


Dallas MN: T. Boone Pickens endorses Rick Perry
Dallas MN: Perry says he's got Pickens' vote
Houston Chronicle: Hutchison campaigns on two fronts
Hill: Perry skeptical, Hutchison certain
Dallas MN: Hutchison taps local GOP leader
Politico: DeLay dances all over "leaderless" GOP
CQ Politics: Did DeLay Dance on Ron Paul's Head?
Gail Collins: A Tom DeLay Makeover


Miami Herald: Replacing Broward County commissioner offers predicament for Crist
NYT: Senator Nelson Tries to Allay Fears on Health Overhaul
NYT: Former Senator Martinez at DLA Piper


CQ Politics: Oxendine, Barnes Hold Leads in Georgia Gov Race


Star Tribune: Two GOP gubernatorial hopefuls roll out proposals
NYT: The Franken Funnies


Rep. Joe Sestak: Still looking for leadership on healthcare


Columbus Dispatch: Redistricting amendment passes, goes to House
AP: Jennifer Brunner rules Dayton-area senator isn't a resident of town where he votes
Politico: Jim Traficant: 'Stimulate this'


Detroit News: Republicans find common ground on state budget
AP: Top Mich. Dem. chides GOP lawmakers for 'partying'
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick probation fight going to court


Rasmussen: 2010 Missouri Senate: Blunt 46%, Carnahan 46%
CQ Politics: Missouri Senate Race a True Tossup


Eugene Robinson: From Cad to Worse


CQ Politics: Republican Battle is on in South Carolina's 1st District
NYDN: Jenny Sanford scores book deal for memoir with Ballantine Books


Boston Globe: Signs point to Kirk for interim senator
NYT: Kennedy Confidant Expected to Take Senate Seat
WaPo: Ex-Kennedy Aide Is Seen as Likely Interim Senator
WSJ: Mass. Lawmakers Approve Kennedy-Succession Change
CQ Politics: Massachusetts Ready To Allow Fill-In Senator
Hill: Effort to replace Kennedy hits snag


Politico: McMahon avoids WWE in first ad


Rasmussen: 2010 Iowa Senate: Grassley 56%, Krause 30%


September 23, 2009


Politico: Mitch McConnell: 'Severe' reaction if reconciliation used
Newt Gingrich: Turning the Senate into the Chicago City Council
Human Events: Your Guide to Budget Reconciliation and Obamacare
Newt Gingrich: The right's hour in America is here
Dick Morris: ObamaCare: Taxes for everyone

WSJ: GOP Assails Health-Plan Mandate
Wash T: GOP withholds health bill support: Baucus, seeking 60 votes, makes modifications
WSJ: Health Bill's Proposed Excise Tax Rallies Republicans
Wash Times: Amendments bog down health plan
WSJ: Biden Says Rising Health Premiums Show Need for Overhaul
WSJ: Liberals and Civility: Why Democrats should welcome a rough debate
WaPo: Lines Drawn as Senate Panel Begins Debating Health Bill
Politico: Health-care markup is just beginning
Hill: Lawmakers regrouping to seek healthcare deal
Hill: Majority Leader Hoyer to reach out to GOP's Cantor on healthcare
Hill: Finance work on healthcare begins with rhetoric, attacks
Hill: Wall Street bullish on healthcare reform
NYT: Parties Clash on Long-Awaited Day for Health Bill
NYT: Democrats Spar Among Themselves Over PhRMA Deal
NYT: G.O.P. Senator Draws Critics in Both Parties
Dana Milbank: The Republicans' Deaf Ear Is a Preexisting Condition
Hill: Pelosi backs away from deal with Blue Dogs
Hill: Blue Dogs, beware
WaPo/Cillizza: Demonizing Nancy Pelosi
Politico: Cantor whacks Obama, Pelosi

WaPo: Nations Appear Headed Toward Independent Climate Goals
NYT: U.S. and China Vow Action on Climate but Cite Needs
Politico: EU hits U.S.'s slow pace on climate
NYT: Momentum on Climate Pact Is Elusive
NYT: U.N. Sets an Example by Offsetting Its Carbon Emissions
Politico: Climate speech's tepid reception
Politico: Gore's carbon tax makes good sense
Politico: Cap-and-trade will depress home prices
Politico: Climate lawsuits are coming, Gore & Browner warn
Hill: Sen. Brown: Climate bill can't pass without aid to manufacturers
Rush Limbaugh: You Lie! Obama Makes Ludicrous Claim on Carbon Emissions at UN

Wash Times: Tea Party movement aims for October

NYT: House Bill Extends Jobless Benefits for Some

WSJ: Bank Pay Controls Aren't the Answer
WSJ: Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the madness of politicians pitching banker pay curbs
Stephen Moore: Americans believe Washington squanders half of every tax dollar
George Will: The Cost of a Presidential Cave-In
Byron York: Democrats on path to repeat housing disaster

WSJ: Neutering the 'Net

Wash Times: Diversity czar takes heat over remarks

CQ Politics: Reid Rejects GOP Call for ACORN Hearings
Hill: Sen. Reid rebukes Sen. Vitter on ACORN
WSJ: Barney Frank on Acorn: He calls for an investigationof the investigators
Kathleen Parker: ACORN's Overdue Unraveling
American Thinker: ACORN and the AGs
American Thinker: The Catholic Bishops and ACORN

NYT: With a Receptive White House, Labor Begins to Line Up Battles

WSJ: Obama and the Politics of Concession
CQ Politics: Conservatives Cast Obama as Reluctant, Timid

Politico: Administration backs off NEA call

James Taranto: Liberium ad Absurdum: Zbigniew Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter
Michael Gerson: A Cold Shoulder To Liberty

NYT: Justice Dept. Plans to Limit Use of State Secrets Privilege
WaPo: Obama to Set Higher Bar For Keeping State Secrets

AP/DeMillo: Steele says Dems, GOP failing to address poverty

Wash Times: Times starts Web site for conservatives

Human Events: Why the Left Hates Glenn Beck

Hill: Republican base keys fundraising rebound

WSJ: Palin Addresses Asian Investors
NYT: Palin Speaks to Investors in Hong Kong
AP/Marquez: Palin emerges in Asia with speech to investors
Politico: Scheunemann advising Palin for 'wide-ranging' Hong Kong talk


Newsday: Rick Lazio announces candidacy for governor
WSJ: GOP Sees Hope in New York Race

NY Post: I'm in it to win it, defiant Dave says
NYDN: Paterson: Obama administration can't get anything done due to fear of GOP
NYT: Obama Genial but Chagrined in Encounter, Paterson Says
Albany TU: Rift plays out on Troy stage
Politico: Paterson blames weak Obama record for friction
NYDN: Another Republican For Cuomo
CQ Politics: Meeks Denies Asking New York Gov. Paterson Not to Run
NYDN: Bill Clinton joins Obama push against Paterson in 'Today' interview
NYDN: WH told Paterson not to run for governor because they were worried about Giuliani
AP: Kerik lawyers to bring up Giuliani in corruption trial

NYT: In 4-3 Vote, Court Says Paterson Can Appoint Lt. Governor
NYT: New York Court Backs Governor on Deputy Pick
Buffalo News: Court: Paterson can name lieutenant
NYT: Editorial: A Bona Fide Lieutenant Governor

NYT: Video Shows Monserrate Pulling His Bleeding Companion
NY Post: Monserrate seen roughing up gal pal
NYDN: Security videos show Monserrate dragging his bleeding girlfriend Karla Giraldo
AP/Long: Monserrate: Attacker or victim?

NYT: Westchester Board Approves a Housing-Integration Pact
NYT: Vote on Westchester Desegregation Settlement Is Delayed


Rasmussen: New Jersey Governor: Christie 48%, Corzine 41%
Human Events: Corzine Campaign in Disarray
AP: Christie campaign goes after Corzine over investment in hedge fund, alleging casino ties
Star-Ledger: Corzine stands behind continuing hedge fund investment


CNN: Romney event nets $100,000 for McDonnell
Human Events: Warner Supporters Back McDonnell over Deeds
Creigh Deeds: My Transportation Plan
Wash Times: Wilder nod imminent in Va. race


NYT: Former eBay Chief Running for Governor of California | Bio
CBS: Ex-EBay CEO Whitman Announces Bid for Calif. Gov.
Politico: Whitman makes GOP gov bid official
WSJ: Former EBay Exec Meg Whitman to Make Calif. Gubernatorial Bid Official
SF Chronicle: Whitman speech preview: Cut taxes, cut gubmint


WSJ: Gloves Are Off in Texas Race
Reuters: Texas Governor: U.S. climate bill will gouge state economy
AP/Shannon: Texas Gov. Perry defends recession remark

Hill: DeLay: Dancing was 'so much fun!'


Buzz: Are GOP straw polls meaningless or real trouble for Crist?
LA Times: Former Rep. Mark Foley to debut as talk radio host tonight
Herald Tribune: The 10 most important Republicans in Florida
BLT: Former Sen. Martinez Joins DLA Piper


AJC: Perdue asks Obama to declare state of emergency
AJC: Aerial view hints at scope, cost of Atlanta flood


Hill: Kirk primary opponent's poll shows opening
CQ Politics: Barney Frank Foe Challenging Illinois Rep. Schakowsky


WaPo: Pawlenty to Start PAC
CNN: Pawlenty joins PAC club
WSJ: Pawlenty Starts PAC, Stirs More Speculation About 2012 Bid


AP/Jackson: Panella leads in fundraising for Pa. high court


Toledo Blade: GOP senators accuse rivals of inactivity


Detroit News: State may make military voting easier
Legal Newsline: Michigan judge runs for AG


AP/Blank: Mo. state workers union seeks 6 percent pay raise


CTFP: Corker Named Lead Republican on Senate Aging Committee


ABC11: ACORN's effects on NC


AP: SC GOP governor candidates to meet in debate


Wash Times: Dukakis might replace Sen. Kennedy
Boston Globe: Editorial: Dukakis is the best choice to fill Senate vacancy
WSJ: Mass. Senate Approves Kennedy-Successor Bill
USA Today: Mass. Senate passes bill to fill Kennedy's seat temporarily
Politico: Memo to Mass.: About that Senate seat
AP/Johnson: Stakes are high for Mass. gov on Kennedy successor

CQ Politics: Khazei To Make Massachusetts Senate Run Official
AP: Curt Schilling says he won't run for Ted Kennedy's seat in Senate


Las Vegas Sun: Harry Reid cuts Medicaid deal for Nevada


WSJ: Veteran Democrat, Byrd, Hospitalized
Politico: Byrd illness shows fragile majority


September 22, 2009


WSJ: Baucus Aims to Ease Middle-Class Burden in Plan
NYT: Key Senator Says He Will Alter Health Proposal
WaPo: Revised Bill Would Ease Burden on Middle Class
NYT: Agreement to Alter Insurance Assistance
Wash Times: Insurers are now Dems' foes
WSJ: Health Bill's Proposed Excise Tax Rallies Republicans
WSJ: Baucus Bludgeons Humana
NYT: Health Bill Could Assist Four Cancer Centers
Wash Times: Obama touts health plan on Letterman
WSJ: Obama Reinforces Policy Messages on Letterman's 'Late Show'
Hill: Pelosi wants House to pass healthcare bill within weeks
Hill: Cantor pressed on lack of GOP healthcare plan
Dana Milbank: The Health-Care War Gets a Little More Civil
Dick Morris: ObamaCare: Losing Everyone

WaPo: On Global Warming, an Ambitious Agenda
NYT: Refitted to Bury Emissions, Plant Draws Attention
CQ Politics: White House Feeling Boxed In on Climate Pact

Hill: House Rules panel to consider continuing resolution Tuesday

Hill: House likely to pass measure to extend unemployment benefits

Hill: Obama pressures Congress to pass financial reform, despite its packed fall agenda

WSJ: Obama Presses Higher-Education Initiatives

NYT: F.D.I.C. May Borrow Funds From Banks
Arthur Laffer: Taxes, Depression, and Our Current Troubles

WSJ: Internet Providers Push Back Against 'Net Neutrality' Proposal
WSJ: Senate Republicans Aim to Stop FCC's Open Internet Proposal
PC Mag: Repub Bill Would Choke New Network Neutrality Rules
WSJ: Bad News for Broadband: The FCC wins one for Google

NYT: White House Is Taking a More Aggressive Role in State Races
WaPo: State Races Capture The White House's Eye

WaPo: Justice Dept. Inspector General Plans Internal ACORN Probe
Human Events: Keep the Heat on ACORN

James Taranto: 'Artists' as Servants of Power

LA Times: Gingrich and the roots of political polarization

CQ Politics: Strong August Receipts Cut Democrats Senate Edge
WSJ: Grand Jury Indicts Fund-Raiser for Democrats
NY Post: Dem donor in 'Ponzi' bust

Pat Buchanan: Black Sea Wars

David Brooks: Three Cheers for Irving

WSJ: When Speechwriters Kiss and Tell
Wash T: Blaming Bush again seen as risky: Voters transition to judge Obama on own record

AP/DeMillo: Steele: GOP must court blacks
Michael Barone: Strangers to Dissent, Liberals Try to Stifle It

Mitt Romney: 2010 Good For GOP
Boston Globe: Democrats bash Romney as flip-flopper

Baltimore Sun: They heart Huckabee

Hill: Palin to address U.S.-China relations in Hong Kong speech to investors


NYT: Pataki Chides Obama and Hedges on 2010
CQ Politics: Pataki Says Obama 'Wrong' on Paterson
NYDN: Ex-Gov. Pataki hints of political future

WSJ: Cuomo's Political Prospects Get Unexpected Boost
NYDN: Turn of events involving Gov. Paterson, President Obama just fine for Andrew Cuomo

NYT: In New York, All Eyes on Obama and Patersons Meeting
Bloomberg: Obama, N.Y. Governor Shake Hands Amid Democrat Unease
NYDN: Gov. Paterson's plight is of his own making
Albany TU: Feud darkens visit by Obama
Hill: The Paterson affair: Why now?
Boston Globe: Obama avoids awkward moment with Paterson
Buffalo News: Obama adds fuel to controversy over Paterson
Buffalo News: Fears fuel push for Paterson to step aside
CSM: GOP chief hints racism involved in Obama, Paterson controversy

CNN: Lazio not waiting for Giuliani this time

CQ Politics: Special Election Ramps Up In New York
AP: McHugh sworn in as Army secretary


NJ: Christie gubernatorial ticket endorsed by N.J. independent business group
NJ: NJ judge refuses to hear ballot challenge from independent gov candidate Daggett


CQ Politics: National Parties Ante Up for Virginia Races
WaPo: Deeds Unveils News Ads on Thesis
CNN: President Obama called Wilder about Virginia governor's race
CNN: Deeds launches new offensive in Virginia race
Examiner: Deeds premieres television blitz on McDonnell thesis
Virginian-Pilot: Deeds debuts 3 TV ads as he gains in polls
Roanoke Times: Candidates for governor stop in Roanoke
Fairfax Times: Gubernatorial hopefuls talk business


SacBee: Whitman to formally enter California governor's race
CNet: Whitman to make Calif. gubernatorial bid official
AP/Williams: Whitman to make Calif. gubernatorial bid official
LA Times: CA 2010 governor prospects Newsom, Brown, Whitman, others take to Twitter
SacBee: Tweet-tweet goes Schwarzenegger, a big Twitter user

SacBee: Going Broke: Two-thirds rule on budget has fans, foes


Human Events: Is Texas Ready for a Moderate Governor?
Dallas MN: Governor's race likely to pick up the pace come autumn
Dallas MN: Texas summit gives Rick Perry a platform to talk energy
Dallas MN: Democrat Gilbert kicks off run for governor by calling for education improvements
Star Telegram: East Texas rancher joins Democratic race for governor
AP: Gilbert officially enters Texas governor's race

Hill: DeLay dances up a storm on ABC
Hill: Rove, Rudy and Britney spotted in Dallas


Miami Herald: Florida Gov. Crist back at Burger King in Miami for seconds
Buzz: Crist breaks fitness regime, eats lunch -- fast food, no less!
Weekly Standard: Jeb Bush Hits National Republicans for Endorsing Crist
Herald Tribune: Jeb Bush on Rubio, Obama and running for president
RCP: Jeb Bush: Give Rubio a Chance
Palm Beach Post: Jeb questions crowning Crist from Washington
Ledger: Brown-Waite Backs Rubio for Senate

CQ Politics: LeMieux Gets Committee Assignments

CQ Politics: Mark Foley Leaves Door Open for a Run
Politics Daily: Limbaugh to Radio-Newbie Mark Foley: 'The Greats' Make It Look It Easy
Palm Beach Post: On eve of first radio show, Foley embraced by conservative activist


AJC: Rail will come when Georgia gets its act together
AP: Ga. measure would require checks on more workers
Daily Citizen: Deal questions Reid's motives


Chicago Daily Observer: Survey shows Kirk numbers weak
Chicago Daily Observer: Schillerstrom asks, Wheres McKenna been?


Star Tribune: Conservative mag likes governor's 'swagger'
Star Tribune: Poll in Minn.: 64% say Franken doing fair or better; Pawlenty can win GOP nod
PEB: Politicos abuzz over Minnesota governor's race
Rasmussen: 41% of Minnesota Voters Give Franken Positive Ratings


AP: Budget mess likely to resurface in Pa.'s '10 races
WHAG: Mixed Feelings Over PA Budget Agreement
AP: Pa. high court hopeful favors appointing judges
WaPo: Despite Institute's Woes, Rep. Murtha Still Seeks Earmarks
WSJ: The Airport for No One


Wash Times: GOP eyes Ohio in 2010


Detroit FP: Budget brawl looms over cuts to Medicaid, funding for cities
Detroit FP: Battles brewing in Lansing over $1.2B in budget cuts
AP/Williams: Michigan lawmakers race to balance state budget
Detroit News: Personal income erodes in Michigan
Detroit News: Michigan tax hikes possible, House speaker says


Matt Blunt: How Missouri Cut Junk Lawsuits
News-Leader: Missouri gave no-bid contract for stimulus consultant


Tennessean: Alexander warns U.S. falling behind in use of nuclear power
Seymour Herald: Corker comments on Baucus health care reform plan


WHKP: Senator Richard Burr Talks About Healthcare Plan From Max Baucus


Greenville News: South Carolina Senator Graham willing to compromise on health care


Boston Globe: Debate due on naming Senate fill-in
Fox: Massachusetts Senate to Debate Kennedy Successor Bill
AP: Kennedy-Successor Bill Nears Debate in Mass.


CQ Politics: Porter Back in Nevada Senate Mix?
Las Vegas RJ: Another Republican to enter U.S. Senate race today


Fox: Rhode Island GOP Official Resigns Over Wilson Outburst


LJWorld: McCain endorses Moran for Senate bid


Hill: Baucus healthcare bill 'worth serious consideration,' says Rep. Mike Ross
Politico: Mike Ross raises eyebrows with healthy haul


CQ Politics: Squeeze From The Right For House Republicans


Hill: Judge denies ex-Rep. Jefferson new trial




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