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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Immunotherapy scores a first win against some breast cancers

President campaigns for former foe at Nevada rally

House candidates campaign on their agendas, but voters vote on Trump

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

September 14, 2009


NYT: Take Public Option Off the Table, Snowe Says
Hill: Snowe says Obama should scrap the public option to pass bill
Boston Globe: Public insurer support fading: Moderates move away from option
Politico: Collins : No Trigger
Wash Times: White House playing down 'public option'
WaPo: Reform Opposition Is High but Easing
NYT: Obama Pledges to 'Own' Health-Care Bill
NYT: Nonprofit Groups Upset at Exclusion From Health Bills
WSJ: Fact-Checking the President on Health Insurance
Politico: Gingrich critiques Obama speech
WSJ: Protesters March on Washington
Ross Douthat: The Ghosts of 1994
Jed Babbin: Obama's Anger Weakens Him, and Us

WSJ: Democrats Seek to Reprimand Wilson
NYT: Lawmaker Says No New Apology for Outburst
NYT: Wilson Says He Won’t Apologize Again
Politico: Steve King circulates pro-Wilson letter
CNN: Let's move past Wilson's outburst, Cantor says
CQ Politics: Wilson Decries Plans to Scold Him
EJ Dionne: D.C. Mean Time: Joe Wilson's Character -- and Ours

WaPo: Obama Turns Efforts To Financial Changes
NYT: U.S. Is Finding Its Role in Business Hard to Unwind
WSJ: Tire tariff Move Pleases Labor, Complicates Policy
Hill: Romer: Jobless rate to remain high despite economic growth
Hill: GOP questions White House's 'fuzzy' math with stimulus jobs
NYT: Editorial: Reforming the Financial System

Hill: Democrats push for Social Security increase after adjustment falls through

Sens. Graham, Lieberman, McCain: Only Decisive Force Can Prevail in Afghanistan

Hill: K Street welcomes Lincoln as the new head of Ag committee
Hill: Govs back bill to block prison cell calls

WSJ: Free Speech, Now that Speech Is Free

Howard Kurtz: Unamplified, Beck's Voice Still Carries: Establishment Missed Van Jones Story

NYT: Trust in News Media Falls to New Low in Pew Survey

LA Times: Some fear GOP is being carried to the extreme

AP/Fouhy: Election trouble brewing for House Dems in 2010

NYT: Politics and the Age Gap


Buffalo News: SUNY's research funding probed
Albany TU: Feds investigate foundation at SUNY
NY Post: Hope for NY's GOP
NY Post: Rangel Pol pals' 'defense': Ask no questions!
NYT: Monserrate Due in Court in Slashing of Companion
NY Post: How to save the state $3 billion
NYDN: Working Families Party a fave - as a target
NCPR: McHugh confirmation as Army Secretary this week?


Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. governor's race draws national donors
Star-Ledger: Out-of-state pols spend more than $5M on N.J. Gov race
AP: New poll finds Corzine closing lead on Christie in N.J. race for governor


WaPo: McDonnell Strategy: Stay on Message


Mercury News: Schwarzenegger's green legacy at risk
San Diego UT: Commission struggles to overhaul tax system
George Skelton: Don't let the Sacramento sex scandal fool you


Houston Chronicle: Bush confidante backs Hutchison over Perry
DMN: Wharton County Republican chair Debra Medina joins race for Texas governor


Politico: Democrats go after Florida Governor Charlie Crist on transportation projects
Miami Herald: Florida taxpayers pick up tab for politicians who visit the Sunshine State
Miami Herald: Crist: My campaign shouldn't repay state for security at nonofficial events
St. Pete Times: Paula Dockery may take on Bill McCollum
News-Press: LeMieux, Crist's bonds go way back
LA Times: Mark Foley, radio host


Times-Herald: Gubernatorial hopeful Deal outlines goals
AJC: Nahmias adds conservative voice to Ga. high court
AccessNorthGa: Barnes: No fresh ideas among Republicans


AP: Chicago Urban League president to run for Senate
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich in a film that we've seen before


Hill: Pawlenty encourages leaving health reform up to states
AP: State Republicans want health care in constitution


CQ Politics: Pennsylvania Republican Switches Districts
CQ Politics: Senate Will Wait While Obama Raises Money for Specter
Hill: Murtha still waiting for good health bill


Chillicothe Gazette: Portman gets GOP endorsement for Voinovich seat
Columbus Dispatch: Candidates react to GOP endorsements


AP: Ex-NFL player to run for Mich. seat in Congress


News-Leader: Health care reform not priority for Republicans


NYT: Ex-Mayor of Memphis Starts Bid for Congress, Invoking Race in Campaign


CQ Politics: Is Sanford Slow-Walking an Ethics Probe?
AP/Smith: Graham, McCain at SC school to host town hall


Boston Globe: Coakley faces tight funding window


Las Vegas RJ: Senate hopeful rocks GOP boat


Charleston Gazette: New GOP director aiming high


September 13, 2009


NYT: Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government
LA Times: Massive crowd marches against Obama's agenda
WSJ: Protesters March on Washington
Politico: Protests present GOP with tricky task
Hill: Tens of thousands of conservative activists converge on Capitol grounds
Reason: Quick Impressions of the D.C. 9/12 Protest
CNN: Tea party movement has anger, no dominant leaders

Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison: Czarist Washington

NYT: The Fading Public Option
WaPo: Obama, in Campaign Mode, Pushes Reform
NYT: Thousands Rally in Minnesota Behind Obamas Call for Health Care Overhaul
NYT: Seeking to Woo the Insured, Obama Cites Risk of Losing Coverage
NYT: Congress Cant Rely on Public Opinion
WaPo: For Obama, Party Unity On Health Care Is Just a Start
Hill: President risks fight with left over taxing expensive health insurance plans
George McGovern: It's Simple: Medicare for All
Rasmussen: Following Speech, Support for Health Care Reform Up to 46%

AmSp: ACORN Founder Wade Rathke Wanted Terrorist Attack on GOP Convention to Succeed
NewsMax: HUD Money Goes to ACORN

Hill: Green Party courts Van Jones for future run

George Will: Taking On The Book Banners

WaPo: On Climate, Partners on Hill Drift Apart

NYT: A Legal Battle: Online Attitude vs. Rules of the Bar

NYT: Labor Leader Is Stepping Down Both Proud and Frustrated

WaPo: Census Count of Same-Sex Couples to Stir Policy Fights

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Health debate to take over Sunday shows


NYT: The Mutineer Becomes the Captain
Albany TU: Vigorous questions posed in Lt. Gov. case
AP/Gormley: Paterson won't support ethics bill
AP/Gormley: Analysis: NY politics trumps ethics reform
NYDN: Albany ethics bill is too wimpy for me, says Gov. David Paterson
NY Post: Charlie in rental di$order: Fails to report Harlem-pad income
NYDN: Campaign donation from subpoenaed Intrepid boss returned by AG Cuomo


Star-Ledger: Codey locked in battle for control of the state senate


WaPo: Deeds Touts Himself as Heir to Kaine And Warner


LA Times: Legislative year ends with a whimper
SacBee: Unfinished business likely to bring California Legislature back to Capitol
LA Times: Partisan apprehensions sink water reform package
SF Chronicle: Legislature runs past deadline - more to come
SacBee: Amid budget crisis, California legislators still wined and dined on lobbyists' dime
Dan Walters: Legislature lives up -- or down -- to its reputation
LA Times: Danny Pang dies at 42; accused O.C. financier
SacBee: Recent dust-ups may shed light on Kevin Johnson's strong-mayor vision


Dallas MN: Friction between Perry, Hutchison is nothing new
Dallas MN: Texas governor's race gets an entry from Ron Paul's camp
MSNBC: Texas governor sends Rangers to Mexico border

News8Austin: Republicans protest DNC at Capitol
Austin AS: Conservatives to DNC: Hands off Texas
Dallas MN: In Austin, DNC chief says party is set for comeback in Texas


Miami Herald: Charlie Crist could be vulnerable in race for U.S. Senate
St. Pete Times: Charlie Crist's strong support may have shaky base among GOP


Chicago Sun-Times: Key Blagojevich adviser Christopher Kelly dead
NYT: Fund-Raiser to Blagojevich Dies in Chicago
Chicago Tribune: Kelly dies of possible overdose

Chicago Tribune: As Olympics vote looms, Daley struggles


Bloomberg: Minnesota Republican Says Health-Care Legislation Wont Pass
LA Times: Obama rallies Minneapolis crowd for healthcare reform
Star Tribune: "The time for games is passed"


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. budget deal riles Rendell, House GOP


Columbus Dispatch: Ohioans ride 'tea party' tide into D.C.
Columbus Dispatch: State Sen. Gibbs chosen to run against Space


Detroit FP: Bing seeks to privatize services, slash departments


Hill: DeMint: No more apologizing for Wilson
Politico: Source: Wilson breaks $1 million
Fox: Hackers Imperil Wilson Campaign Web Site

Augusta Chronicle: Aiken County GOP defers Sanford resignation call


Boston Globe: Brown to make US Senate bid | Bio | Personal site
Boston Globe: GOP's rising star: Party sees signs of hope in Wrentham's Scott Brown
Boston Globe: Possible Kennedy successors
CQ Politics: GOPs Brown Gets Massachusetts Senate Boost as Card Bows Out
Hill: Coakleys tough battle in Massachusetts special election


CQ Politics: Colorado's Appointed Senator Gets Extra Help


September 12, 2009


WSJ: Conservatives Gather in Capital
WaPo: GOP Sees Protest As an Opportunity

Dallas MN: Sen. John Cornyn, in GOP radio address, hits Obamacare

Wash Times: Senate's 'Gang of Six' near closure on health bill
NYT: Dole, Politics Aside, Pushes for Health Care Plan
NYT: Groups Back Health Reform, but Seek Cover
WSJ: Senator Says Bill Sets Limits on Immigrants
NYT: Illegal Immigrants Could Not Buy Insurance on New Exchange, White House Says
Hill: Reid endorses healthcare co-ops as Speaker Pelosi signals flexibility
Hill: Hoyer: 'Some form' of public insurance option will pass House

Hill: Pelosi agrees to plan to scold Rep. Wilson for 'You lie' outburst
NYT: Hecklers Behavior May Bring Action in House
WaPo: Democrats Want Wilson To Apologize in House
Politico: Wilson outburst is talk of DNC meeting
CQ Politics: Democrats To Wilson: Public Apology Or Else
Hill: Wilson hires professional Tweeter
Rush Limbaugh: The Left Targets Rep. Joe Wilson

Wash Times: GOP provides backing for Obama's war effort
Hill: Cornyn: Obama model of bipartisanship on war, not healthcare
WSJ: We Need a New Legal Regime to Fight the War on Terror
Jim Taranto: Let's Roll Over: More Dems weaken on Afghanistan, as Obama sells insurance
WaPo: Editorial: Suing Mr. Ashcroft: Why a court's decision should not stand
CQ Politics: To Fight Terror, Americans Prefer GOP
CQ Politics: The CIAs Thinning Blue Line

NYT: Private Student Lenders Proposal Falls Short in Cost Estimate

WSJ: Census Bureau Cuts Its Ties With Acorn
AP/Yen: Census Bureau ditches ACORN: Fears tainting of head count
WaPo: ACORN Fires 2 After Hidden Camera Video
Rush Limbaugh: Most Media Ignores ACORN Story

WaPo: U.S. to Impose Tariff on Tires From China
WSJ: A Protectionist Wave

Politico: Summers: High unemployment for years

CQ Politics: Obama To Push for Financial System Overhaul Next Week
WSJ: Treasury Girds for Debt-Ceiling Fight
WSJ: Deficit Spending Tied Record in August

WaPo: Abramoff Associate Was a 'Corrupter,' Not a Lobbyist, Prosecutors Tell Jury
WaPo: No Inquiry For Bush Justice Dept. Official

Rasmussen: Voters Turn Negative On All Political Labels Except Reagan
Rasmussen: Is the GOP On the Cusp of Another 1994?
Hill: Names big and small battle for soul of GOP in key Senate elections

Politico: D.C.'s most eligible singles

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows


Albany TU: Senate ethics effort falters
Albany TU: 'Surprise' hits school taxpayers
NY Post: Senate OKs tough 'Nixzmary' law
NYDN: Appeals Court to decide fate of Ravitch in legal battle over Paterson's Lt. Gov. pick


Philadelphia DN: Economy, tax issues have some N.J. Dems seeing red


Politico: McDonnell defends record in new TV ad


WSJ: Silicon Valley Moguls Square Off in Race to Run California
WSJ: Crime Makes a Comeback in California Politics
LA Times: California Legislature OKs state prison cuts
SacBee: Reduced prison plan OK'd by Senate
SF Chronicle: Legislature passes watered-down prison plan
SacBee: GOP leader changes mind on primary push


LA Times: Dick Armey still has a seat in Washington
Dallas MN: Democratic National Committee chairman says party poised for Texas revival


Sun Sentinel: Seniors like Medicare but wary of health care changes


AJC: Legislature slashes watchdog agency
AJC: Why is Obama trying to force you to buy health insurance?


Chicago Tribune: Frustrated Shimkus downplays leaving Obama speech


Politico: Bachmann: Dems painting Joe and me as "evil" and "crazy"


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell threatens to veto new Pa. budget


CQ Politics: Ohio Republican Gibbs Wants Dibs On Rep. Space's Seat
Politico: Traficant mulls congressional comeback


Detroit News: Granholm: No state shutdown expected
NYT: Abortion Protester Is Killed in Michigan


News-Leader: Talent works to prepare for terrorism attack
Joplin Globe: Two throw hats in ring for House seat


Greeneville Sun: Candidates Wamp, Ramsey Speak At GOP Picnic Here


CQ Politics: Etheridge Edges Close to North Carolina's Burr


Politico: Poll: Joe Wilson trailing Democratic rival


Boston Globe: Health care at center of US Senate race
Boston Globe: Markey, Card will not seek Senate seat
Politico: Andy Card won't run for Kennedy's Senate seat
Boston Globe: Embattled transit chief Aloisi quits: 4th top official in year to leave
Boston Globe: Dismissed marijuana charge against Andrew Sullivan raises judges ire
NYDN: Ted Kennedy's campaign millions up for grabs: Family to decide who'll get $4.5M


Politico: John Ensign begs forgiveness at home


NYT: Gov. Richardsons Future Is Again Talk of Santa Fe


Rasmussen: Connecticut's Dodd Trails Potential GOP Foe by 10


September 11, 2009


Wash Times: Eight years after 9/11, the nation still mourns
Peggy Noonan: The Children of 9/11 Grow Up
Charles Krauthammer: The Van Jones Matter
Human Events: 9/11/09: Who's Winning?
Newsday: As years go by, Ground Zero grieving evolves
Pat Buchanan: Is America coming apart?

Wash Times: Obama seen failing to sway health debate
WSJ: Democrats Promise Action on a Bill This Fall
Hill: Reid hopes for final health vote 'well before' Thanksgiving
WaPo: Details Still Lacking On Obama Proposal
WSJ: A Clear Signal on Total Cost, Less Clarity on How to Pay
WaPo: On Malpractice Reform, Fine Print Is Still Hazy
WSJ: States Could Offer Template For Revising Malpractice Law
WaPo: Senators Continue Work on Health-Care Bill, but Obstacles Remain
WSJ: Government Becoming Insurer for More People
WSJ: President Makes His Pitch
Wash Times: Independents key in Obama's health pitch
Wash Times: Steele calls Kennedy letter 'political tool'
Politico: GOP leaders fire up crowd on Hill
WSJ: Medicare for Dummies: Contradictions worthy of the Marx Brothers
WSJ: Medicare Is No Model for Health Reform
Kim Strassel: The President's Tort Two-Step
James Taranto: Under ObamaCare, it would be illegal to live without a permit
NYT: Presidents Speech Allays Some Fears in the Health Insurance Industry
NYT: Obamas Speech Is Seen as Unifying Democrats
Hill: Obama sets stage for using budget maneuver to pass health reform
Hill: House progressives ask Obama for meeting
NYT: Obama Keeps Up Health Care Push, Citing Uninsured
NYT: Automatic Cuts Could Help Push Past a Health Hurdle
David Brooks: The Dime Standard
NYT: Editorial: A Clear Responsibility
NYT: Editorial: Immigrants, Health Care and Lies
Michael Gerson: Where's the Party of Ideas?
Richard Cooper: Wrong Map For Health Reform

WSJ: 'You Lie!' Jars Washington but Resonates Back Home
Politico: Dem leaders renew push for Wilson censure
Hill: Pelosi halts effort to sanction Wilson
CQ Politics: Boehner Faces the Music After Wilson Outburst
Rush Limbaugh: Joe Wilson Was Right! Obama's Lies Demeaned the Presidency

WaPo: Shout Draws Focus to Illegal-Immigrant Issue
WSJ: Impact on Illegal Immigrants Is Left Uncertain in Proposals

WSJ: Role of White House Czars Sparks Battle

NYT: Editorial: The Court and Campaign Finance

WSJ: Geithner Sees 'Long Way to Go' for Recovery

NYT: Last Years Poverty Rate Was Highest in 12 Years

NYT: Senate Confirms Regulatory Chief Sunstein
WSJ: Tax Inquiry Delays Pick by Obama at Treasury

WaPo: D.C. Says Votes Aligned for Gay Marriage Bill

CNN: ACORN workers caught on tape allegedly advising on prostitution

CQ Politics: Political Momentum Tilting Toward GOP, Ex-Rep. Davis Says
Hill: Ex-Rep. Davis says intra-party battles need to happen for the GOP to win
Hill: GOP sees 'really good' 2010 if health bill passes


NYT: Manhattan Lawyer Is Poised to Become the States Next G.O.P. Chairman
Albany TU: Cox's way clearer: Opponent drops out of competition for GOP seat
NY Post: Rudy man drops bid
Albany TU: GOP chairmen fron Schenectady & Saratoga switch allegiance from Wojtaszek
Human Events: Who's King of New York?

NYT: Senate G.O.P. Blocks Stronger Albany Ethics Rules
NYDN: GOP holds up ethics reform bill

NYT: States Top Court Ready to Hear Challenge to Appointment of Lieutenant Governor

NYT: Senate Confirms New M.T.A. Chairman After Giving Him a Taste of Its Acrimony
NYDN: New MTA chairman Jay Walder planning major changes

Albany TU: Cuomo says official must quit

NYDN: State Sen. Hiram Monserrate rejects plea deal in assault case


Rasmussen: NJ Governor: Christie Leads Corzine by Eight
CQ Politics: Polls Show Corzine Still on Short End in New Jersey


WSJ: GOP Bets Attacks on Obama Will Tip Virginia Race
Human Events: Keeping Virginia Red


LA Times: Poll finds Californians don't trust state government
SacBee: Ex-Assemblyman Duvall: My resignation isn't an admission of having had an affair
Dan Walters: Duvall's fall enlivens dreary days at Capitol


Dallas MN: Texas' elections chief says race to fill Hutchison's Senate seat could reach $30m


St. Pete Times: George LeMieux sworn in as Florida's new U.S. senator
Hill: Florida Sen. LeMieux sworn in


AJC: Georgians will be out in full force at government spending protest in D.C.
AJC: Reed: Oxendine plan for a parallel Connector is a budget-buster


Chicago Sun-Times: Public pensions, fat retirements
American Spectator: Governor Sunbeam


Politico: Tim Pawlenty advocates state sovereignty
Star Tribune: Coleman confirms he has Bell's Palsy


Columbus Dispatch: GOP ready to endorse four statewide candidates
Cleveland PD: Former Rep. Traficant tells Greta Van Susteren he is still "the same jackass"


Cincinnati Enquirer: Beshear wants jobless pay extended


Detroit News: Down for the count, Dingell proves resilient


CQ Politics: North Carolina Official Kicks Off Challenge to Burr


Politico: Joe Wilson: 'I will not be muzzled'
WaPo: Joe Wilson Releases Combative Fundraising Video
NYT: Hecklers District Mostly Supports the Outburst
WaPo: The Gentlemen From South Carolina: State Has a History of Rowdy Politics
WaPo: An Extreme Oral Tradition
Politico: Tensions remain after Joe Wilson apology
CQ Politics: You Lie Fallout: Foe Hauls in Quick Half-Million
Hill: Rep. Wilsons you lie brings him notoriety
Kathleen Parker: Oh, Mr. Wilson . . . A Lawmaker Loses It in More Than One Sense

State: Sanford fears kangaroo court
Politico: S.C. GOP tells Mark Sanford to go


WSJ: The Kerry Constancy: Now he favors appointing Senators
Rasmussen: Massachusetts Voters Not Ready for Senator Schilling
Rasmussen: Massachusetts Voters Now Divided Over Naming of Interim Senator


NYT: Obama Factor Plays to Senators Advantage


CQ Politics: Ex-Lawmaker Challenges Rep. Young in Alaska Primary


Rasmussen: Colorado Senate: Bennet in Close Race with Two Potential Challengers
Hill: Primary challenger for Sen. Bennet files

Rasmussen: Ritter Struggles in 2010 Colorado Governor Match-ups


September 10, 2009


WSJ: President Makes His Pitch
WSJ: An Appeal to the Center -- and to Activists on the Left
WSJ: Americans, While Sympathetic, Worry About Cost
WSJ: Emotions Run High in Capitol
WSJ: Obama Doubles Down
Drudge: Whip count: Dems lack the votes
Dan Henninger: It's Still the Economy, Stupid: America's greatest failed presidency
Karl Rove: Obama's Big Political Gamble: Red-state Dems being asked to risk their seats
WSJ: Read the Union Health-Care Label: Detroit-style labor relations in our hospitals
Ann Coulter: Liberal Lies about Health Care: Fourth in a Series
James Taranto: "Noncommittal" Obama to urge Congress: Do "something"!
Dick Morris: Doctor shortage will worsen health bill impact
Wash Times: Obama implores Congress to pass health bill
Wash Times: GOP lawmaker's heckling draws fire
Wash Times: Analysis: Obama tries many tacks to make health bill stick
Wash Times: 'Gang of Six' senators still have no deal
Wash Times: GOP: Our health plans ignored
Wash Times: Public option not only hurdle
Joe Curl: Obama's cry aimed at Dems
Politico: Boustany rebukes Obama speech
NYT: Obama Vows to Deliver on Health Care
NYT: Aim of Obama Health Speech: Reigniting a Presidency
NYT: In Lawmakers Outburst, a Rare Breach of Protocol
NYT: Obamas Plan Builds on Others Ideas
NYT: Editorial: President Obama Steps Forward
Gail Collins: So Much for Civility
WaPo: Obama Implores Congress to Act
WaPo: With His Top Priority on the Line, President Reframes Critical Debate
EJ Dionne: At Last, Firing Back on Health Reform
Tom Shales: Obama, Pulling A Jimmy Stewart
Dana Milbank: The Republican Response, Arriving a Little Early
George Will: Candidate in a State of Dystopia
AP/Kellman: Lawmakers denounce 'You lie' outburst at Obama
Hill: 'You lie': Rep. Wilson apologizes
CQ Politics: Both Sides Condemn Outburst; Wilson Apologizes
CQ Politics: Obama Works to Regain Democratic Support for Health-Care Plan
CQ Politics: Full Text of President Obama's Address
Hill: Obama confronts 'wild claims' in healthcare push offering few details
Hill: Analysis: Obama speech to Congress unlikely to be game changer
Hill: Blue Dog seeking truce with House liberals
Human Events: Obama's Big Gamble
Human Events: 1.3 Million Petition Signatures Delivered to Congress
Jed Babbin: Slick Barry Sells Health Care
Rush Limbaugh: What's Hidden in the Baucus Bill?
American Spectator: Time to Get Out the Iron

Politico: Health fight arouses immigration battle
Wm Jacobson: The House Bill Does Cover Illegals

WSJ: Court Debates Campaign Law
WSJ: Free Speech, Take Two: Supreme Court hears a landmark case on campaign finance
WaPo: High Court's Conservatives Skeptical of Election Law
NYT: Justices Are Pressed for a Broad Ruling in Campaign Case
Hill: Supreme Court sharply questions ban on corporate spending
Human Events: Supreme Court Revisits "Hillary the Movie"
NYT: Listen to Arguments in a Key Campaign Finance Case

Hill: Climate lobby urges Democrats to reject pressure to accept modest energy gains

WSJ: Dodd Decision Raises Odds for Overhaul of Financial Rules
CQ Politics: Dodd Reaps Legislative, Political Benefits by Staying as Banking Chairman
Politico: Power for Harkin; boost for Lincoln
Politico: Dodd keeps a hand in health care
Hill: Chris Dodd banks on Banking panel post in his reelection bid

Politico: Democrats push Cass Sunstein nomination

WSJ: Watchdog Says Energy Department Not Prepared for Stimulus Funds
NYT: States Face Drop in Gambling Revenues for the First Time
WaPo: Banks Ease Burden Of Credit Card Debt: Firms More Eager to Bargain

Wash Times: Inquiry opened into New Black Panther case

Wash Times: Journalist 'shield' law gains steam in Senate

WSJ: Protesting parents ignored by the media

Dick Morris: Dems Losing Seniors
Michael Barone: The convenient fantasies of President Obama
Norman Podhoretz: Why Are Jews Liberals?

CQ Politics: Is It Time for Rangel to Resign?


NYT: Senates Vote to Determine Extent of Ethics Law Changes
AP: NY Senate to be tested again in special session
Binghamton: Ethics reform in Albany
Syracuse PS: State Senate opportunity

Albany TU: Cox gains local support for chair
LoHud: Cox Picks Up Endorsements, Wojtaszek Hanging In
NYDN: Cox Closing In On State GOP Chairmanship, Whither Rudy?
NYDN: Wojtaszek's Second Flipper
NY Post/Dicker: A drive to control NY GOP
NYDN: Wojtaszek Says Thanks, But No Thanks To Power-Sharing


APP: Christie lays out case for showing Corzine the door
AP/Mulvihill: Christie says he'd put N.J. ahead of political survival
Star-Ledger: Federal authorities will not investigate Chris Christie discussions with Karl Rove
PolitNJ: GOP's best shot at a U.S. Senate seat: Christie wins, Lautenberg doesn't finish term
APP: Seniors turn out to Berkeley diner to meet Christie


Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell brings another GOP gov to Virginia
Examiner: Surrogate city: National figures pour into race to Richmond


George Will: Former Texan hopes to be Californias next governor
CQ Politics: Republican Joins Crowded Field to Unseat McNerney in CA 11
Mercury News: State GOP about to shoot itself in the foot again
WSJ: California Official Resigns After Boasting of Affairs
LA Times: California lawmaker resigns after announcing on open mic not 1, but 2, sex acts
AP/Williams: Recorded sex comments cost Calif. lawmaker his job


Dallas MN: Rick Perry's muscular approach to Texas' universities
AP: Perry orders higher ed cost review
Dallas MN: Democrats hold national meeting in Austin


Orlando Sentinel: Mel Martinez's Senate swan song: Pride, regrets
WaPo: Sen. Martinez Takes a Bow
St. Pete Times: Martinez bids farewell to Senate, warns Legislature on oil drilling
Miami Herald: Martinez exits Senate -- with some regrets
Hill: Martinez departs Senate for final time
AP: LeMieux preparing to be next Florida senator
Orlando Sentinel: So where's Sen. Bill?


AJC: Oxendine drives transit debate


Politico: Meghan McCain: Blago book 'ballsy'
Hill: Sen. Burris closes door on running for his seat


Star Tribune: Pawlenty helps out GOP friend on hot seat
WaPo: The Most Important Number in Politics Today


Examiner: US Senate Candidate Joe Sestak's petition shows some success
CQ Politics: Businessman Challenges Pennsylvania Rep. Dahlkemper
Daily Pennsylvanian: Pennsylvania budget stuck in deadlock
Allentown MC: Union eyes moderate Republicans in bid to end budget stalemate


BJD: GOP Chair to Join Traficant for TEA Party
Canton Rep: Tea Party Express makes only Ohio stop in Canton


Detroit News: Business group launches plan to revamp state


CQ Politics: Army Veteran Challenging Missouri GOP Rep. Emerson


Politico: Wamp's polling
CTFP: Wamp says Obama should start over on health care reform


Politico: Elaine Marshall challenging Burr
Charlotte Observer: Elaine Marshall running for U.S. Senate
Fay Observer: Marshall to seek Sen. Burr's seat
McClatchy: N. Carolina's Marshall will challenge GOP's Burr for Senate


State: Sanford faces new calls to quit
Politico: S.C. GOP representatives call on Mark Sanford to quit


Boston Globe: Card leans toward run for Senate
AP/Leblanc: Card says he is considering run for Kennedy's seat
Boston Herald: Party hopes to play its Card right
AP/Miga: Former White House chief of staff Andrew Card considering bid for Senate seat
Examiner: Almost everybody loves Andrew Card
Rasmussen: Coakley Takes Early Lead In Race To Fill Kennedys Senate Seat
Politico: Bay State women propel Coakley
Boston Globe: Kerry joins the call for interim senator
NYT: Hearing on a Kennedy Successor Draws a Crowd but No Agreement
Politico: Andy Card run for Kennedy seat?

CQ Politics: Ex-Dem Cahill Goes Indy for Massachusetts Gov


Hill: Shark, Jr. hopes to take 10 bite out of Sen. Reid
CQ Politics: GOP Senate Hopeful Emerges in Nevada's North


CQ Politics: Dem Recruit Launches Bid to Oust Nebraska's Terry


September 9, 2009


Sarah Palin: Obama and the Bureaucratization of Health Care
AP: Sarah Palin blasts health care reform in editorial

WSJ: Obama to Endorse Public Plan in Speech
Wash Times: Public option splits House Democrats
Hill: Tide turns against public option on eve of President Obama's address
Hill: Rep. Pence: Drop public option
Hill: Hoyer: Public health plan might have to go
WaPo: Obama Speech Aims To Reenergize Effort
NYT: Despite Fears, Health Care Overhaul Is Moving Ahead
NYT: Obama Meets With Leading Democrats to Plan Strategy
WaPo: In Illinois, a Similar Fight Tested a Future President
WaPo: Louisiana's Boustany to Give GOP Rebuttal
Boston Globe: Republicans set to offer rebuttals tonight
Detroit News: Shaping nation's health care reform
WSJ: A Bipartisan Plan to Wreck the System
WSJ: The Perils of BaucusCare
WaPo: Elements of the Baucus Proposal
Wash Times: Baucus health plan would fine uninsured
Politico: Max Baucus to Gang of Six: 'Time is running out'
Politico: GOP rejects 'trigger' compromise
Hill: Collins, Lieberman doubtful on public option; more supportive of 'trigger'
CQ Politics: Can Obama Win Over Moderate Senate Democrats?
Wash Times: Ex-Clinton aides: Obama's health plan needs direction
WaPo: Opposition to Health-Care Reform Revives Christian Right
Times UK: Tea Party Express hits the road in protest at Obama healthcare plans
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Calls Joint Session of Congress to Save Political Face
Michael Gerson: Obama's Crisis: Credibility
Michelle Oddis: Blue Dog Predictions
Newt Gingrich: Grading the Big Speech: A 10-Point Citizens Checklist on Health Reform

WSJ: Speech to Students Puts Politics Aside
LA Times: Bipartisan praise for Obama's school speech
WSJ: What the Public Thinks of Public Schools
Politico: Newt Gingrich: 'Every child' should read speech
Byron York: When Bush spoke to students, Democrats investigated, held hearings
Kathleen Parker: An A in Overreaction
Dana Milbank: Obama's Physics Lesson: What Goes Up . . .
Chuck Norris: What I'd Say to Congress and American Students

WSJ: Climate Bill to Be Slowed by Health-Care Debate
WaPo: Developing World's Energy Needs Set Stage for Fight
WaPo: Environmental Groups Wait to See Definitive Action From Obama
Hill: Climate bill seeds angst on the farm

WSJ: Dodd to Remain Senate Banking Chairman
Politico: Dodd to stay as Banking Chair
Hill: Sen. Chris Dodd to pass on health panel, and instead will retain banking gavel

WaPo: U.S. 'Unlikely' to Recoup Auto Outlay, Panel Finds

Politico: SCOTUS campaign case could boost GOP
WaPo: The Newest Justice Formally Takes Her Seat

Glenn Beck: Don't Congratulate Me for Van Jones' Resignation
Rush Limbaugh: Remember: Van Jones is Obama

Christie Whitman: The Right Way For The GOP To Go After Obama

Hill: GOPers return from recess optimistic about elections
Hill: Cornyn: August 'disaster' helped GOP
Rasmussen: Support for GOP Reaches New Recent High on Generic Ballot

CBS: Obama: Sneeze into Your Sleeve, Not Your Hands
James Taranto: Conservatives for Filthy Hands

Rush Limbaugh: Rush's Post-Vacation Monologue: Don't Get Giddy Over August, Folks


NYT: Cuomo Report Finds Political Interference Among State Police
Albany TU: Cuomo says politics drove police affairs
NY Post: State cops blistered in AG scandal report

NYT: State Discriminated Against Mentally Ill, Judge Rules
AP/Esch: Judge: State violated the ADA

LoHud: Republicans Raise Concerns Over Thursdays Senate Agenda
Albany TU: Ethics watchdog plans criticized
NYDN: State Sen. Foley's father dies, throwing Senate plans for session in turmoil
Albany TU: This session a test for post-coup Senate
WGRZ: Passage of State Ethics Bill Threatened

Crain's: Rudy and the GOP leadership fight


Examiner: Christie moves in to Obama's old office
NJNR: Christie campaign announces coalition of Democrats
Main Justice: Michele Brown to Join Prominent Jersey Firm
Star-Ledger: GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie downplays driving record
Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. candidate Daggett goes for humor in TV ad


WaPo: Pawlenty to Campaign with McDonnell
Michael Barone: Is the Post's campaign to 'Macaca' McDonnell sputtering?
WaPo: Scrutiny Spreads to '03 McDonnell Remarks
WaPo: Kaine Takes a Swipe at McDonnell
US News: Virginia Candidate Visits George Washington University
Wash Times: Gov. Kaine slashes 593 state jobs, college funding


SF Chronicle: Carly gets DC GOP love for Senate bid -- rival DeVore roils
Lassen County News: Republican candidate for governor Meg Whitman campaigns nearby
SacBee: Schwarzenegger accepts veto dare
Mercury News: Democratic lawmakers push California water plan
Dan Walters: Legislature now frantic, as if on meth


Dallas MN: Dewhurst tells supporters he will run for re-election
Houston Chronicle: Dewhurst letter says he'll run for re-election
AP/Shannon: Texas gov's opponent uses toll road plan as ammo


Miami Herald: McCollum opposes insurance `public option'
St. Pete Times: McCollum brings health care issue into race for governor

Orlando Sentinel: Florida's new U.S. senator eager to begin serving
Biscayne Times: The Politics of Musical Chairs
Miami Herald: Meek criticizes LeMieux over firm's aid to foreign workers
St. Pete Times: Sen. George LeMieux faces criticism from unemployed sheet metal workers

WJHG: Bay County Republicans want Ray Sansom to Resign
Sun-Sentinel: Legislator calls for ethics hearing on PSC


AJC: Local hospital chiefs wait, worry over health care


Reuters: Jason Plummer to Enter Republican Primary for Illinois Lt. Governor


Star Tribune: Nonprofits benefit from closing of Pawlenty war chest
Fox: Pawlenty Distributes Unused Campaign Funds Among Non-Profits, State Republicans


Milwaukee JS: Dems slam Ryan, other Republicans in ads


PA Ave: Toomey praises Obama school speech
AP: House vote on pensions bill deferred pending talks


Dayton Daily News: Ohio voters keeping an eye on upcoming battles in Congress


Detroit FP: Cox shares plan to offer leadership, cut taxes
Detroit News: Cox proposes 92 ideas for turning Michigan around
AP/Hoffman: Granholm outlines plans for balancing Mich. budget


St. Louis PD: Ballot title approved for Missouri court plan repeal
St. Louis PD: Robin Carnahan running an incumbents strategy


WBIR: Tennessee delegation opposes pace, path of health reform


Asheville CT: Jackson seeks Supreme Court seat


State: Harrell pushes governor to resign: Speaker joins growing chorus of key Republicans
State: Sanford on the radio: Key points made
Politico: Sanford resignation calls grow
Bloomberg: South Carolina Governor Sanford Rejects Latest Call to Resign

McClatchy: South Carolina senator takes on Obama over healthcare


Phoenix NT: McCain Tells Former D-Backs Pitcher Schilling to Run For MA U.S. Senate Seat
Hill: Capuano will run for Sen. Kennedy's seat
CQ Politics: Cahill Candidacy Likely to Roil Mass. Governor Race
WBZ: Meehan Not Running, Others Get Nomination Papers
CQ Politics: With Kennedy Out, Democrats Start Making Moves In Massachusetts
AP/Johnson: 2nd congressman draws papers to succeed Kennedy


Union Leader: Another national GOP boost for Ayotte


Boston Globe: Vermont auditor switches to GOP


LA Times: Downturn on Las Vegas Strip affects political decisions throughout Nevada
Las Vegas Sun: John Ensign leads debate on tourism bill
Politico: The Nevada plan: Reintroduce Reid


WaPo: On the Front Lines of the Health-Care Debate in Colorado


CQ Politics: Richmond First Official Challenger to Cao in Louisiana 2


September 8, 2009


Wash Times: Tea Party Express roars to D.C.
CNN: Tea Party Express takes aim at lawmakers

Rep. Tom Price: Health Care: The Conservative Alternative in the House
Sens. Coburn & Burr: Health Care: The Conservative Alternative in the Senate
Rep. Louie Gohmert: Health Care: The HSA Solution
Sen. John Thune: Economy: The Conservative Alternative
Reps. Bishop & Lummis: Energy: The Conservative Alternative
Reps. Klein & Rodgers: Card Check: The Conservative Alternative
Jed Babbin: The Right Alternatives

WSJ: Key Week for Obama Starts on Feisty Note
WSJ: Obama to Press Case on Public Option
Politico: Max Baucus sends health bill proposal
Hill: Baucus shares health proposal that's cheaper, taxes insurance companies
Wash Times: Baucus floats health co-op plan: 'Gang of six' alternative to public insurance
NYT: As Obama Speech Nears, Details on a Compromise
Politico: The pros and cons of reconciliation
McClatchy: Health care's public option tests Democrats' political muscle
LA Times: House vs. Senate: How healthcare proposals compare
WSJ: The latest gimmick to disguise a health-care 'public option'
WSJ: Obama, in Campaign Mode, Vows Action on Health
Wash Times: Health plan's forecast is foggy
WaPo: Deeply Divided House Democrats Return to Work
NYT: Obama Rallies Supporters on Health Care
WaPo: President Says His Critics Lack Health-Care Answer
WaPo: 8 Questions About Health-Care Reform
NYT: Data Fuel Regional Fight on Medicare Spending
Politico: Has Barack Obama misused the House?
Politico: SCHIP's fate may hang in balance
Hill: Obamas healthcare reform speech gets union crowd fired up
WaPo: When Your Insurer Says You're No Longer Covered
Martin Feldstein: ObamaCare's Crippling Deficits

WSJ: School Speech Released in Bid to Quell Controversy
Wash Times: President Obama to students: Keep trying
WaPo: President Seeks to Avoid Politics in Speech to Schools
NYT: In School Speech Obama Avoids Political Issues
Wes Pruden: A crucial week for Obama's teleprompter

Hill: Supreme Court to hear campaign finance case
Roll Call: High-Stakes Case at High Court
Ted Olson: Will Supreme Ct finally overturn McCain-Feingold & enforce 1st Amendment?
WaPo: Reversal of Precedents at Issue
NYT: Editorial: A Threat to Fair Elections

Hill: Biden: Labor legislation to pass this year

WSJ: Race Is On to Grab Stake in Rail Effort
NYT: Schools Aided by Stimulus Money Still Facing Cuts

WSJ: Windmills Are Killing Our Birds
AP/Huber: Coal CEO blasts climate bill

WSJ: Obama and the Left: The lesson of the rise and fall of Van Jones
Fox: Van Jones Did Not Fill Out WH Questionnaire

WSJ: Bloom Set to Oversee Factory Aid
WaPo: Obama Expands Car Czar's Duties

Wash Times: Obama nominee omitted ties to biotech

WaPo: Federal Hiring Boom Would Benefit D.C. Area

Politico: DOJ to judge: dump birthers' suit

Hill: Barney Frank wants Cabinet post

CQ Politics: Political Work Can Be Lucrative Labor


AP/Bauman: Candidates lining up in 23rd CD
NY Post: Gov says AG probe of State Police worth it


Bloomberg: N.J. Gubernatorial Debate Jobs, Economy in Campaigns Last Dash
Politico: New Jersey governor's race gets down and dirty


Politico: The Virginia governor's race heats up


SacBee: Dams, water conservation at issue in water reform
LA Times: Union membership in California increases despite recession, study finds
Dan Walters: Who would replace Garamendi?


Dallas MN: Timing crucial for Hutchison on quitting Senate to run for Texas governor


St. Pete Times: Florida oil drilling: It's only the biggest decision in the state's history
St. Pete Times: Nelson avoids the stage during health care battle
Human Events: The Other LeMieux
PNJ: Rubio hopes to mine voter discontent


WSJ: Cases Pile Up in Georgia Courts
NYT: Seldom-Heard Compliment for Atlantas Mayor: You Were Right


Hill: Blagojevich fires back at critics in book misspellings and all


Hometown: Eight Republican candidates for governor spar at fair
MPR: GOP candidates debate health care at the fair


Daily Times: Biden fires up firefighters for Specter


Roll Call: Obama May Again Be Key to Ohio
AP/Majors: Ohio Dem tangles with district over health care
Dayton Daily News: Ex-US rep from Ohio says he'll tell much this week


Detroit News: Michigan rep refused Gitmo detainee info
CQ Politics: Open Seat and GOP Edge Yield Crowded Michigan Primary


Politico: Missouri candidate stays above fray


CTFP: Wamp says he would defend state rights as governor


WGHP: NC GOP chairman, vice-chairman feuding


State: Sanford faces the public on radio show
McClatchy: S.C. lawmakers in thick of health battle


Boston Globe: Kennedy says no, and race is on
Politico: Markey weighs Senate bid
Curt Shilling: What I Believe
NYT: A Nephew of Kennedy Will Not Run for His Seat
WaPo: Joe Kennedy Won't Seek His Uncle's Senate Seat


Politico: Senate committee gavel would test Tim Johnson's recovery




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