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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

April 7, 2010


Politico: On the edge: Clues to Steele's future
Hill: Former RNC rival takes shot at Steele: Race claims 'ridiculous,' 'disturbing'
CNN: Top GOP strategist calls for Steele to step down
Kathleen Parker: Michael Steele's problem isn't race -- it's pride
WSJ: Cash Scarcity Concerns GOP
AP: Gingrich tells GOP: Back off Steele
CNN: Giuliani defends Steele
Politico: Newt Gingrich: 'Foolish' to focus on Michael Steele
WaPo: After spending scandal, Republican Chairman Steele tries to reassure his party
NYT: G.O.P. Squirms as Spotlight Focuses on Its Leader
Politico: Shakeup: RNC chief of staff resigns
Politico: DNC trashes RNC's new hires
AJC: The bright side of spending $1,900 at a bondage club

Dick Morris: GOP will win House, Senate
Hill: Five stumbling blocks that could wipe out many Democrats
Politico: Early reports show huge hauls for Republican challengers

Fox: Tea Party Going Mainstream? Polls Suggest Movement Gaining in Popularity
IBD: Palin? Armey? Republican Or Dem? Leader Of Tea Party Is . . . No One!
James Taranto: 'Riot Is the Voice of the Unheard'
Rasmussen: 38% More Likely To Contribute Time or Money To Political Campaign This Year
AP/Bauman: Black conservative tea party backers take heat

NY Post: Bam man pitching national sales tax
Reuters: Volcker: Taxes likely to rise eventually to tame deficit

WSJ: U.S. Narrows Role of Nuclear Arms
WaPo: New nuclear arms policy shows limits U.S. faces
NYT: Obamas Nuclear Strategy Intended as a Message
Wash Times: Obama strategy frustrates nuke foes
WSJ: Crackdown Sought on Nuclear Material
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Obamas Nuclear Policy
WSJ: A Fresh START on Arms Control (via Google)
Politico: The nuclear program that refuses to die
American Thinker: Obama's Nuclear Poser Review

NYT: U.S. Court Curbs F.C.C. Authority on Web Traffic
WSJ: Court Backs Comcast Over FCC on 'Net Neutrality'
Wash Times: Court blocks push to regulate Internet traffic
WaPo: Court rules for Comcast over FCC in 'net neutrality' case
WSJ: End of the Net Neut Fetish? (via Google)
WSJ: The FCC LosesAgain (via Google)
Hill: Court ruling strips FCC of power and hands Congress a tough task
Human Events: Court Overturns FCC Rule
Rush Limbaugh: Court: No Internet Control for FCC

NYT: Upbeat Signs Revive Consumers Mood for Spending
NYT: Fed Minutes Show No Sign of Rate Tightening, but the Time to Act Was Discussed
WaPo: Clarification from Fed: Interest rate increases not tied to timeline
WSJ: How to Cut Government Pay (via Google)
Hill: Biden calls on agencies to get tougher in tracking spending on $787B stimulus

Politico: Sebelius promises 'help desk' for ObamaCare
Rush Limbaugh: Reid: Obamacare Changed Us All
Yahoo: Health Care Reform: Tax Hikes on the Way
NRO: Are CO2 Regulations via Executive Order Next?

WaPo: Banking panel's top Republican proposes consumer financial protection agency
WSJ: The Dodd Bill: Bailouts Forever
Hill: Brownback to offer bill exempting auto dealers from consumer financial office

NYT: Automaker Pensions Underfunded by $17 Billion

WSJ: Drill Now? Try Regulate Now. (via Google)
Politico: Offshore drilling is an easy call
Wash Times: Editorial: Global warming's unscientific method

Wash Times: Fake 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' review?
Politico: WH backs away from DoJ 'don't ask' brief

Politico: Obama revives terror-prison rules

Rasmussen: 55% Say Media Bias Bigger Problem in Politics Than Big Contributions

WSJ: GOP Senators Step Up Attacks on Appellate Court Nominee (via Google)
Politico: Obama judicial nominee in 'jeopardy'
Hill: GOP pushes for delay in confirmation hearing of key appeals court nominee

Hill: Dem senator 'hopeful' that Republicans won't filibuster next Court nominee

NYT: More State of the Union No-Shows Predicted

WSJ: War on Interns: Making it illegal to work for free (via Google)
Wash Times: Obama eyes interns: Dems move to deny useful job training to young workers
Wash Times: Is use of interns abuse of labor?

Hill: Coburn threatens to block all spending bills in Senate that aren't 'paid for'
Politico: Tom Coburn critical of Fox, nice to Nancy Pelosi
Rush Limbaugh: Who Cares How "Nice" You Think Pelosi May Be, Senator Coburn?


NYDN: GOP gov candidate Carl Paladino blames AG Andrew Cuomo for economy
AP/Gormley: NY gov candidate blames Cuomo for mortgage crisis
Buffalo News: Candidate Paladino goes on attack in Albany
NY Post: Paladino calls Steve Levy 'pretty boy,' slaps Bloomberg on term limits
Albany TU: Tea Party headliner seeks N.Y. governorship, gains from state leases
Albany TU: Video: Carl Paladino unbound
Albany TU: Levy takes Nassau Conservatives, meets with another Tea Party
Syracuse PS: Onondaga County GOP Chair DeSpirito backs Steve Levy over Rick Lazio

NYDN: Ognibene Hopes For A GOP 'Takeover'

Albany TU: Skelos hits Paterson on construction dollars

NY Post: Gov OKs probe of land buy

NYT: Editorial: We Wont Bet on OTB

NY Post: Firm vying to unseat Maloney hires de Blasio wife

CQ Politics: New York: Democrats Pick Nominee in 29th District

Rochester D&C: U.S. reps. Dan Maffei, Chris Lee present different views on health care law


SacBee: GOP candidates take tough positions on illegal immigration
SacBee: Meg Whitman drops another $20 million into her campaign
SF Chronicle: Whitman pumps $20 million more into campaign
Mercury News: Republicans' sprint to the right could backfire in general election
SacBee: California chamber bankrolls ad attack against Jerry Brown
LA Times: Jerry Brown gets a Democratic challenger

LA Times: McCain stumps for Fiorina

Dan Walters: California's school-funding woes hit home

NYT: California: LA City Offices Will Go Dark


Dallas MN: Rick Perry teams up with NASCAR's Bobby Labonte
Star-Telegram: Perry sponsors racecar in quest for votes of the NASCAR nation


St. Pete Times: Crist bucks GOP leadership, vetoes bill to lift lid on fundraising

St. Pete Times: Crist announces $1 billion gambling deal with Seminoles
Miami Herald: Seminole Tribe, Crist expected to sign gambling compact

Miami Herald: Three Florida Democrats oppose offshore drilling


AJC: Who is Ray Boyd, and why would he spend $2 million to be governor?
AJC: Eric Johnsons new TV ad: He may want to talk about jobs


Public Policy Polling: Kirk moves ahead
CQ Politics: Poll: Kirk Leads Giannoulias in Illinois Senate Race
Chicago Tribune: Durbin: Unfair to blame Giannoulias for all of family bank's woes
Chicago ST: Blago's brother wants judge to throw out recordings
AP/Babwin: Thousands of cameras keep tabs on Chicago


Badger Herald: Republican candidates leading in most governor, Senate race polls


Star Tribune: Pawlenty will file brief over health care
CQ Politics: Gunning for Bachmann, Clark Raises $1.1 Million


Hill: Sen. Specter trails in latest Pennsylvania poll

Philadelphia Inquirer: Williams' jaw-dropping coffers for Pa. top post


Cleveland PD: Brunner creates easier-to-navigate campaign-finance Web site


Detroit FP: Dem hopefuls trail GOP choices in governor's race, poll shows
AP: Tea Party plans Michigan rallies opposing Rep. Stupak


KC Star: Mo Auditor candidate Schweich cranks it up to 11


CQ Politics: Moore Move Benefits Democrats in Kansas


CQ Politics: Team Huck Tennessee Takes On Huck PAC


Rasmussen: Kentucky Senate: Grayson, Paul Both Run Strong Against Democratic Foes


News & Observer: State Senators who get things done are leaving soon

NYT: Winfrey to Interview Rielle Hunter


State: Sanford: Incentives for retailers harm economy


WaPo: McDonnell's Confederate History Month proclamation irks civil rights leaders


Baltimore Sun: Ehrlich set to launch new campaign for governor
Baltimore Sun: As Ehrlich begins, foes push Steele tie


CQ Politics: West Virginia: McKinley Is Best-Funded Mollohan Foe


Hill: Menendez asks court to block recall
Star-Ledger: Contractors donating less to N.J. political campaigns due to pay-to-play ban
Star-Ledger: Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James is released from Virginia prison


John Fund: The Patrick Portent: A harbinger of Mr. Obama's fate in 2012
Boston Globe: Politically, Patricks back in the game
Boston Globe: Cahill adviser quits, citing lack of contact
AP: Mass. GOP's Baker breaks $2M fundraising mark

Boston Globe: Insurers call halt, get state warning


NYT: Arrest Follows Threat to Kill Senator Murray
Politico: Man arrested for Patty Murray death threats


Rasmussen: Nevada Governor: Sandoval 55%, Reid 34%
Las Vegas RJ: Reid's stops focus on economy

Las Vegas RJ: Gibbons signs order to join health care lawsuit
Human Events: Nevada to Join Suits Against Obamacare

CQ Politics: Nevadas Economic Woes Continue to Dog Titus


CQ Politics: Arizona: Glassman Makes Senate Bid Official


WaPo: House Democrats move to hold Hawaii seat
CQ Politics: DCCC On the Air in Hawaii Special


April 6, 2010


Wash Times: Chief of staff resigns from Steele's RNC
WaPo: RNC Chief of Staff Ken McKay resigns
NYT: More Upheaval at R.N.C.
Politico: Shakeup: RNC Chief of Staff resigns
Politico: RNC loses top fundraiser
Politico: Michael Steele: I'm not going anywhere
Politico: Young Eagles: Life in the fast lane
Politico: Gibbs Mocking RNC 'credit card' problem
CQ Politics: Longtime Steele Consultants Cut Ties With RNC
CQ Politics: McKay Resigns As RNC Chief of Staff
CQ Politics: Race is the Only Thing Helping Steele
Hill: Top RNC official resigns in wake of spending scandal
Hill: White House helps keep GOP chairman Michael Steele in the spotlight
Human Events: Steele Will Stay, Despite Top Aides Exit
NYDN: Steele says he and Obama have one thing in common: It's tough being black
Marc Thiessen: For old-school GOP, a hard lesson on fiscal issues

James Taranto: Strange New Respect for the Tea Party Movement
Rasmussen: Tea Party 48% Obama 44%
Politico: Poll: 28% support tea party
Rush Limbaugh: Tea Party: Who They Really Are

Politico: Dems scramble for May special elections

Politico: Issa aims to unmask health care deals
Politico: For some, a low profile on health vote
WSJ: The White House and the Writedowns: Enron accounting
WSJ: The Separation of Health and State (via Google)
Hill: Tax chief: Threats toward IRS have not increased in wake of health reform
NYT: Editorial: We Call That Double-Dipping
Rasmussen: 54% Still Favor Repeal of Health Care Law
Norm Coleman: Obama's bait-and-switch campaign
Rush Limbaugh: Yes We Can Repeal Obamacare
American Spectator: Pity-Party Logic
American Thinker: Does Anybody Really Understand ObamaCare?
American Thinker: Who Will Be Your Health Care Provider?

Politico: Democrats bristle at financial reform deadline
Politico: If 'too big' banks fail, directors must share pain
NYT: Financial Crisis Inquiry Wrestles With Setbacks
Hill: Survey: TARP driving 8.5 percent profit
WaPo: SEC faces setbacks, skepticism in trying to reform its enforcement image
WaPo: Faith in homeownership drops, Fannie Mae poll shows
WaPo: Rise in key borrowing rate has two interpretations
Hill: Obey says deficit fears shouldn't trump job creation efforts
Hill: Bunning, Democrats trade shots over expired jobless benefits
Politico: Bunning: Dems refuse to help unemployed
Human Events: Federal Workers Arent Feeling the Pain
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime Spokesmen Tell Us to Expect High Unemployment
Rush Limbaugh: Thomas Friedman Piece Dissected
Dick Armey: Out of Control
American Thinker: Banking 'Reform'

WSJ: U.S. Keeps First-Strike Strategy
NYT: Obama Limits When U.S. Would Use Nuclear Arms
WaPo: Obama to take middle course in new nuclear policy
AP/Butler: U.S. no closer to nuke test ban treaty nod

NYT: U.S. Is Seeking a Fine of $16.4 Million Against Toyota
WaPo: Toyota faces $16.4 million U.S. fine for waiting to warn of defect
Politico: Toyota fined $16M by feds

WSJ: Republicans Fear Undercounting in Census (via Google)
Politico: Rove plugs the census
Hill: Rove asks people to fill out census in new ad

Hill: Utilities sue Energy Department to stop nuclear waste management fees
Wash Times: EPA and Energy Department are caught fudging efficiency ratings
Bret Stephens: What's the Next 'Global Warming'? (via Google)
American Thinker: Was the Arctic Ice Cap 'Adjusted'?

NYT: Strict Deadlines, Disabled Veterans and Dismissed Cases
AP: High Court Turns Away Several Cases

WSJ: The Case for Common Educational Standards (via Google)

WSJ: Waxman's Lead Poison (via Google)
Human Events: From Watchdog to Lapdog

David Brooks: Relax, Well Be Fine

Stanley Fish: Does Money Talk in the Marketplace of Ideas?

WSJ: Obama Supporters Have Patience, Need Enthusiasm (via Google)
John Fund: Transparency, Obama-Style
Wash Times: Radicals to rule us all
Wes Pruden: Some presidents talk too much
Human Events: Obama Greeted by Boos at Nats Stadium
Rush Limbaugh: "Regime": Matthews Freaks Out Over Same Word He Used on Bush
Michael Barone: Obama's no-opportunity society
American Thinker: Obama's List

Politico: DNC 2012: Mark your calendars
CQ Politics: Democrats Nail Down 2012 Convention Date

Hill: Tina Fey to revive Palin impression

Pat Buchanan: Anti-Catholicism and the Times


NYT: Conservative Developer Joins Race for Governor
NY Post: 'Tea' time in governor race
NYDN: Buffalo millionaire Paladino mocks Cuomo, formally announces GOP run for governor
Buffalo News: Paladino officially enters race for governor
Albany TU: Race begins with famous rant
Albany TU: Paladino: Replace despicable government in Albany
Albany TU: Levy welcomes Paladino to the race well, kind of
NY Post: Tom Ognibene a possible Paladino runningmate
NY Post: Levy calls Paladino a 'walking contradiction'
NY Post: Gov hopeful Paladino: They can't shut me down
NYDN: Paladino To Meet With Ognibene, Maltese
AP/Thompson: Buffalo developer running for governor

NY Post: Sources say Cuomo eyes Republican as runningmate, others deny it

WSJ: Pataki Could Pose Threat to GillibrandIf He Runs
NY Post: Gilly overrides Vito, wins B'klyn boss' backing

NYDN: State Controller DiNapoli slams pols for fiscal gimmicks and budget 'sleight of hand'
Albany TU: DiNapoli: States budget-season accounting too creative
NY Post: Albany hides cri$is by raiding heroes
NYDN: State Assembly may offer struggling OTB a lifeline

NY Post: Dems rip Dave pal's Haig-ling


SacBee: California pension funds are a half-trillion short, according to Stanford report

LA Times: A grim assessment of L.A.'s finances
NYT: California: Controller Warns Los Angeles May Not Meet Payroll

SacBee: Whitman in another $20 million

CQ Politics: McCain to Campaign With Fiorina Tuesday
CQ Politics: California: Campbell Raised $1.6 Million in 1st Quarter

WSJ: Another California Dream (via Google)


PoliFact: Perry says uninsured number in MA "about the same" since health care reform


Miami Herald: Rudy Giuliani endorses Marco Rubio in Senate race
NYT: Side Taken by Giuliani in Florida
Hill: Giuliani attacks Crist, endorses rival in Florida Senate race
Human Events: Giuliani: GOP Needs Marco Rubio
Politico: Rudy: Crist 'broke his word'

SPT: Florida GOP chairman's promised 'forensic audit' of spending stuck at start

SPT: Protests are backdrop in legislative vote to reshape Florida's education system
Miami Herald: Sorting out the truth in politics: GOP schools plan an `unfunded mandate'?


AJC: Nathan Deal doubles down with Atlanta office, new campaign spokesman


AP/Robinson: Bank woes hurting Democrat vying for Senate seat in Illinois

Chicago Tribune: Prosecutors file new details of case against Blagojevich under wraps
Chicago ST: Rejected apprentice Rod says he'll win when it counts at June trial
CQ Politics: Trump Fires Blagojevich


CQ Politics: Indiana: Hostettler Hits Coats On Abortion, Guns


Star Tribune: Minnesota lawmakers eye closed-door advisory sessions

Human Events: Getting It Right in Minnesota-1


CQ Politics: Toomey Raises $2.3 Million in 1st Quarter of 2010
Hill: Sen. Specter viewed as a model Democrat one year after switch
Politico: Specter swings for the fences in Phils opener
American Spectator: Jobsgate: The Corruption of Congressman Joe Sestak


Columbus Dispatch: Pricey fundraisers on tap for Strickland, Kasich

CQ Politics: Ohio: Taxes an Issue in GOP 18th District Primary


Detroit News: Report: Detroit bankruptcy looms without drastic change

CQ Politics: Michigan 7 a GOP Test of Loyalties


CQ Politics: Moran-Tiahrt Race Could Unleash the Franked Mail


CQ Politics: The John Edwards Movie


Star-Ledger: U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez appeals to N.J. Supreme Court to stop recall effort
Politico: Menendez seeks to halt recall effort


Boston Globe: Baker tiptoes in tea party praise, sidesteps Palin

Boston Globe: Health insurers sue to raise rates
NYT: Massachusetts: Insurers Sue


CQ Politics: Rhode Island: Cicilline's Fundraising On Fire


Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Reid Still Struggling
Las Vegas RJ: Reid kicks off re-election campaign in Searchlight
Hill: Reid mocks Palin during speech
Politico: Reid mocks Palin? 'You betcha!'

WaPo: Does John Ensign cloud Republicans' ethics argument?


Hill: U.S. Chamber gives its first endorsement of 2010 cycle to Sen. John McCain
Politico: Hayworth ribs 'nonmaverick' McCain
WaPo: John McCain: A maverick no more?
NYT: BlogTalk: Of Mavericks, Justices and Counts

CQ Politics: Arizona: Paton Raises $500,000 in 8th District Race


CQ Politics: North Dakota: Berg Pulls in Over $300,000 in 10 Days


April 5, 2010


WaPo: Jobless rate may rise as many are drawn back to labor force
Wash Times: Obama advisor: Long way to go on jobs
Wash Times: Trickle of new jobs creates hope
American Spectator: Obamacare vs. Jobs
American Thinker: America's Sinking Middle Class
Hill: Reid rips GOP over benefits expiration
Hill: Kyl: Jobless benefits extension needed
NYT: Greenspan Cites Economic Momentum
Hill: Greenspan: 'Double dip' recession odds have 'fallen very significantly' recently
NYT: Editorial: Foreclosure Prevention 2.0
Paul Krugman: Making Financial Reform Fool-Resistant
WSJ: Beyond Bankruptcy And Bailouts (via Google)
WSJ: Small Bras and the Value-Added Tax (via Google)

NYT: Drilling Plan May Buoy Efforts on Energy Policy
NYT: OpEd: Obama Misses the Big Oil
WaPo: Editorial: How Congress can get a smart climate-change bill passed
Wash Times: Oil drilling head fake
Human Events: Environmental Extremists Making Regulatory Policies?
NRO: Green Washington Wants Less-efficient Fuel
Front Page Mag: Drill, Maybe, Drill

LA Times: New healthcare law is full of unknowns
NYT: New Health Initiatives Put Spotlight on Prevention
Politico: OpEd: Why we won't file states' rights suits
Human Rights: Top 10 Reasons Obamacare is a Disaster
Townhall: ObamaCare: Just Another Way to Spread the Wealth Around
Star Parker: Racism and Obamacare

Wash Times: Immigration effort lacks 2nd backer from GOP
Hill: Rancher's slaying intensifies political fury over border security measures

WSJ: Republicans Fear Undercounting in Census (via Google)

Wash Times: Panel: Justice stonewalling on Panthers

WaPo: U.S. government a big commercial real estate player

NYT: States Skeptical About Race to Top School Aid Contest

NYT: How Sarah Palin Became a Brand

Hill: Survey: Four in 10 Tea Party members are Dems or independents
Hotline: Tea Party Largely Older, Whiter, Male

WSJ: Big Money Flows to State Races (via Google)
WaPo: In closely watched races, the money's about to talk
NYT: Editorial: High-Priced Hustings
WSJ: 'The Mystique of Washington' (via Google)
WaPo: Former PAC chairman fined by D.C. is hired as GOP fundraiser
Hill: Top Republicans pressure RNC to get house in order
AP: Senate GOP whip upset by RNC spending practices
Reuters: Republicans withhold confidence in Steele
Fox: Top Republican Warns RNC Could Lose Donors Over Controversies
Politico: NRCC leader: RNC needs to get its house in order
CQ Politics: Pelosi Presses Caucus to Pay Dues

LA Times: Editorial: Saving the 'soft money' ban

Hill: GOP swaps 'Contract' for 'Commitment'

EJ Dionne: Obama's uphill battles continue
Time: Taking on Obama in '12 Tougher Than You Think
American Spectator: The Man Who Elected Barack Obama: Karl Rove
Hugh Hewitt: The president's popularity plunge

Politico: Rush Limbaugh: President Obama's 'character assassination'

Politico: Spring forecast: Incivility with a chance of rage

Ross Douthat: Can CNN Be Saved?

NYT: OpEd: Throw Out Skybox Tax Subsidies


Buffalo News: Is New York ready for Carl Paladino?
NYDN: New York State GOP gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino has 10-year-old love child
Buffalo News: Paladino gave cash to variety of politicians
Buffalo News: Conservatives split on candidates
WNED: Paladino to Announce Candidacy for Governor Monday

Human Events: NY GOP Has Chance of a Lifetime, But Still in Quandary
NY Post: New York's GOP grapples with its identity

Albany TU: Westchester, police unions, for Brodsky as AG race warms up

Albany TU: Budget cuts put a lifestyle at risk
NYT: Health Official Willing to Go to the Mat Over Obesity and Sugared Sodas
NY Post: Albany's phantom health $avings

NY Post: Malcolm's secret 500G land deals

NYDN: Allies of Gov. Paterson, Rep. Charles Rangel plotting to oust 'Judas' Sen. Bill Perkins

NYT: State Lawyers Denied Access to Patients


LA Times: Meg Whitman's deep pockets put her ahead of Jerry Brown
Examiner: CA GOP Gov candidate Steve Poizner faces controversy over his new book

SacBee: For GOP Senate candidate Chuck DeVore, tilt to the right came early

Dan Walters: California's big pension increases bite back
AP/Young: Calif. climate law under assault in poor economy

LA Times: Republicans attack each other in campaign to fill vacant state Senate seat


ABC: How Texas Escaped the Housing Crisis
Dallas MN: Constable allegations fuel both parties in Dallas County campaigns


AP: Giuliani to help Rubio's Senate campaign in Miami
CQ Politics: Should Crist Roll the Dice to Save Long-Shot Senate Bid?

Miami Herald: Obscure political committees nudge legislature's agenda


AP/McCaffrey: Ga. tea party gears up for November elections


Ballot Access News: AL Republican Party Wont Let GOP Senator Run for Re-Election


Chicago Sun-Times: Was Giannoulias' sale of Lincoln Hotel a bad deal?
NRO: Meet Mob Banker/Senate Candidate Alexi Giannoulias
Chicago Tribune: Illinois tea party at a crossroads
Chicago Sun-Times: Taxpayers likely to help fund ex-gov Blagojevich's defense


Star Tribune: GOP sees Walz's First District seat as ripe for picking


Politico: Specter predicts filibuster fight for Supreme Court
Hill: Specter has Stevens replacement in mind, wants more diversity


Examiner: Ohio Democrats vie for outsider status in tough race
Toledo Blade: Tea Party stirring up contests for state GOP
Cleveland PD: Editorial: Ohio Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer remembered


Detroit News: Welfare caseloads rise, cause frustration


News-Leader: Missouri Republican Assembly sponsoring 'Making of America' seminar


Memphis F: A Freshly Filed McWherter Visits Memphis on Monday as Part of State Flyover
Knox News: McWherter's chances could change by November


WaPo: Halter challenges Arkansas' Lincoln from left in Senate race


AP: NC tea party groups move from protests to politics


Richmond TD: Republican hopefuls lining up in bids for Va. seats in Congress
AP/Szkotak: NASA, Navy get say in Va. coastal drilling


WSJ: Garden State Rollback (via Google)
Star-Ledger: N.J. Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver forges her own style


Politico: Obama's mission: Saving Gov. Patrick
Boston Globe: Dont count Patrick out

Boston Globe: Health tax may wallop towns


NYT: Tea Party Groups Make Harry Reid Target No. 1


WaPo: In Colorado, health-care debate reverberates in congressional race


Arizona Republic: Legislation aims to address Arizona housing crisis


April 4, 2010


Politico: Democrats' rage fades on health care heretics
Boston Globe: Short-term customers boosting health costs
Rasmussen: 53% Now Trust Republicans More Than Democrats on Health Care
Wash Times: OpEd: Obamacare's doctorless world
Wash Times: Editorial: Obamacare's secret surveillance
LA Times: Doctor advises Obama voters to 'seek care elsewhere'
Hill: Grayson: Doctor shooing away Obama backers will deny treatment to blacks
Townhall: Note to Doctors: Now I'm "Entitled" To Your Services
American Thinker: Hybrid Health Care
American Thinker: States Need to Protect Us from ObamaCare
Salt Lake Tribune: 'Retail politics' could offer better health plan
Hill: Kansas AG won't join health suit

WaPo: Obama's 17-minute, 2,500-word response to woman's claim of being 'over-taxed'

Politico: Jobs up, good news for President Obama
NYT: Critics Say Firm Weakens Safety Net as It Fights Jobless Claims
Hill: Veterans group pushes Congress to give unemployed vets a hand
WSJ: Consumer Bankruptcies Surged in March

NYT: Bargain Rates for a C.E.O.?
Thomas Friedman: Start-Ups, Not Bailouts
NYT: OpEd: I Saw the Crisis Coming. Why Didnt the Fed?
NYT: OpEd: How Washington Abetted the Bank Job
WSJ: Federal Prosecutors Leaning Against Charges in AIG Probe (via Google)

Reuters: Geithner sees Republican support on financial reform bill

NYT: At 89, Stevens Contemplates Law, and How to Leave It
WaPo: After years as justice, John Paul Stevens wants what's 'best for the court'
Hill: Justice Stevens says he will 'surely' retire during Obama's presidency
Politico: Court battle could upend President Obama's agenda
AP: Justice Stevens to leave while Obama in office
Bloomberg: Kagan, Judges Said to Be Considered for Supreme Court Vacancy

Hill: Environmentalists criticize White House climate tactics after drilling roll-out
McClatchy: EPA may try to use Clean Water Act to regulate carbon dioxide
Houston Chronicle: Energy incentives for states are in the works

NYT: Editorial: Obama should stop warrantless wiretaps

American Thinker: Another Twenty-Five Years of Affirmative Action?

Phila Inq: Editorial: GOP should join Democrats in immigration-reform push

NYT: School Law Clinics Face a Backlash

Fox: Despite Closing Chapters, ACORN Declares National Organization Lives On

Telegraph UK: David Petraeus for President: Run General, run

WaPo: GOP chairman Michael Steele is out front, attracting detractors

CBS: If Palin Ditches RNC, Will Money Follow Her?

WaPo: Democrats pull in more cash for campaigns than GOP

Hill: Dems brace for third straight big 'change' election in November
Charlie Cook: GOP Needs To Keep It Simple
Fox: Ex-Lawmakers Line Up to Run for Old Jobs in 2010 Election

Dan Quayle: Don't let the tea party go Perot
Hill: Poll: Tea Partiers not beholden to the GOP

Kathleen Parker: In Canteyville, USA, a warning for Washington lawmakers

McClatchy: Roosevelts down, McCarthy up as conservatives spin history to right

WaPo: OpEd: Karl Rove is no conservative, as his memoir shows

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYDN: Paterson says state workers' jobs are on the budget block unless unions cut deals

NYDN: NY officials arrested, convicted and investigated for acting like New Jersey politicians

NYDN: Levy Will 'Work To Create A Republican-Led Senate'
NYDN: The Case Of The Disappearing GOP Regional Chairs
NYDN: Women For Lazio
AP/Gormley: Who Would Want to Be Governor?
Village Voice: Pumped-up Steve Levy Fires Downtown Volleys

Olean TH: Gov. Paterson not expected to call special election to fill vacant seat

Rasmussen: 69% in New York Say State Better Off If Most Legislators Not Reelected

NYT: New York Denies Indian Point a Water Permit
AP/Gormley: DEC rejects permit for Indian Point

NYT: Editorial: Tattered Right to Counsel


LA Times: Californians take generally positive view of healthcare reform

LA Times: Power goes to those who decline to state


Houston Chronicle: Are Texas' Hispanics ready to go Democrat?


St. Pete Times: In praising Rubio, Giuliani exacts revenge on Crist
Miami Herald: Gov. Crist faces fight of political life
St. Pete Times: Gov. Charlie Crist faces big choices in waning days of session

Miami Herald: Clean energy movement stalled in Florida Legislature


American Thinker: Georgia Attorney General refuses to join health reform suit
Bob Barr: Call to impeach Georgia AG is way off base


NYT: For Some Aspiring Political Broadcasters, Breaking the Law Does Pay


Star Tribune: Two DFLers vie to take on Kline in the Second


Pittsburgh PG: Opponents attacking Specter from all sides

Daily American: Dems have more choices than GOP in Pa. gov primary


Akron BJ: Kasich hopes revealing pay quiets critics
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich discloses pay, seeks to quiet critics

Columbus Dispatch: Who will be the next chief justice?

Columbus Dispatch: Voinovich rips high-level security appointment

NewsBusters: Brick Thrown Through Marion, OH GOP HQ Window


Mlive: Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidates' rhetoric aimed at Republican base

Detroit News: 'Envy List': Engler's salary exceeds $1M


Examiner: McWherter might give GOP a problem


CQ Politics: Paul Paints Grayson as the Candidate of DC Insiders in New Ad


Fox: Sen. Lincoln's Past Support of Health Care Puts Her in Tea Party's Cross Hairs
Arkansas News: Arkansas Senate Republican Geography 101
AP/DeMillo: Ark. GOP Senate candidates call for limited gov't


State: Breaking down the state's top political fights
State: As filing closes, the drama opens
State: S.C. legislative action for the week


AP: Activist Va. AG is GOP right's dream ... or nightmare


CQ Politics: Alabama: Segall Drops Bid Against Rogers


WaPo: Ehrlich is expected to run a competitive campaign for Maryland governor
Baltimore Sun: Ehrlich to keep his radio show until he files for governor's race


North Jersey: Assessing risks to N.J. from offshore oil drilling


Politico: Border security debate intensifies in Arizona
AP/Cooper: Ariz. governor signs bill authorizing health suit


Las Vegas RJ: GOP candidates for Senate hone strategy
Las Vegas RJ: Reid campaign bus fueled and packed
AP/Ritter: Bad check charge dropped against Nevada candidate


CQ Politics: DCCC Weighs Picking Sides in Hawaii Special


April 3, 2010


Hill: McCarthy slams 'anti-taxpayer policies' like health bill in Republican address
Hill: McConnell: Full health repeal 'probably' won't happen with Obama
NYT: New Health Care Law Does Not Help Democrats in Poll
NYT: Urologist Posts His Politics on His Florida Office Door
NYT: Insurance Pool to Offer Reduced-Rate Coverage
NYT: Questioning the cost of the health care overhaul
NYT: Health System Bears Cost of Implants With No Warranties
James Taranto: Hurry Up and Wait

WSJ: Job Market Picks Up, but Slowly
WSJ: Democrats Still Face Jobs Pressure (via Google)
WSJ: The 2010 Recovery (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: This Regime Governs Against Will of People and Purposely Kills Jobs
Rush Limbaugh: The "Troublesome" El Rushbo Responds to President Obama
WaPo: U.S. payrolls grow, but jobless rate holds steady
Wash Times: Jobless rate stays at 9.7%; 162,000 jobs added
Hill: More than 200,000 to lose jobless benefits Monday with Congress out
Hill: Some Democrats endangered by high jobless rates in their districts
NYT: In N.C., Obama Hails Jobs Report
NYT: The Early Word: 9.7 Percent. Again.
WSJ: College Grads' Outlook Grim
NYT: Growth of Unpaid Internships May Be Illegal, Officials Say

WaPo: New program will help homeowners facing foreclosure with short sales
NYT: Help Paying Mortgages Elicits Anger
AP/Wagner: Geithner addresses outrage on bailouts

WaPo: 30-plus governors told to quit in letters from Guardians of the Free Republics
NYT: Governors Receive Threats From Extremist Group
AP: FBI Warns on Extremist Letters Sent to Governors

NYT: Airline Screening Plan Wins Tentative Praise
WaPo: Cautious praise for travel screening change

NYT: Report Faults Training of Local Officers in Immigration Enforcement Program

NYT: A Race to Reap Energy From the Ocean Breezes
Rasmussen: 72% Support Offshore Drilling, 59% Favor It Off California and New England

NYT: Acorn Says It Continues Its Work

NYT: Asked to Declare His Race, Obama Checks Black

NYT: Battle of $50 Bill Splitting Republican Ranks

Wash T: Buying popularity with your money: Earmarks as sleazy as 'Cornhusker Kickback'

Juan Williams: Tea Party Anger Reflects Mainstream Concerns
Rush Limbaugh: A Warning to the Tea Partiers: They're Trying to Provoke You

Kathleen Parker: In Canteyville, USA, a warning for Washington lawmakers
Ruth Marcus: President Obama is making nobody happy

Linda Chavez: GOP needs new chief
Gail Collins: Of Jets, Voyeurs and Back Wax

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: Albany Budget Complicated by Rift Rumors (via Google)
Albany TU: 'Everything's on the table'
Albany TU: State employees: Hands off our pay raise despite layoff threat
Albany TU: State won't file liens to collect old taxes

NYT: What Makes Gillibrand Scary to Rivals?

NY Post: Fuzzy math: GOP gov candidates calculate their standing
NY Post: Levy accuses Lazio's camp of "innuendo and deceit"
Albany TU: One more for Levy

NY Post: Poll: NYers want incumbents out

DN: Albany ethics panel says legislators can eat, drink with lobbyists despite 2007 reform law

NYT: Paterson Deputy Is Questioned in Case Involving Another Aide


SacBee: Poizner a changed man who loves a challenge
LA Times: Steve Poizner's book about Mount Pleasant High School offends subjects


Dallas MN: Perry's office confirms that he was among governors to receive threat


St. Pete T: Gov. Crist, Alex Sink call for federal prosecutors to look into GOP controversy
Miami Herald: Crist requests probe of GOP `mess'
Buzz: Crist takes responsibility for putting Greer at helm
Buzz: New book details the intrigue behind Charlie Crist's John McCain endorsement
PBP: More on Greer probe; Obama, Crist and Rubio plan S. Fla. events
NY Post: Report: Rudy to help Crist rival Rubio next week

St. Pete Times: Legislators make $1.5 billion gambling pact with Seminole Tribe
Miami Herald: State nears new deal on gaming


AJC: Johnny Isakson released from second visit to hospital
Politico: Isakson released from hospital


Chicago Tribune: Giannoulias bank makes $20 million in loans to felons
AP/Robinson: Dems defend candidate for Ill. senator
Chicago ST: Quinn hands out nearly 150 pardons


Politico: Mitch Daniels talks '12 on C-SPAN


Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: GOPs Portman Holds Onto Small Lead
Cleveland PD: Kasich releases 2008 tax return that shows he earned more than $1 million
Cleveland PD: Ohio Chief Supreme Court Justice Thomas Moyer dies unexpectedly


Detroit FP: Lawsuit by slain stripper's family pushed back


Rasmussen: Alabama Governor: Republicans Slightly Ahead in Wide Open Contest


Ken Cuccinelli: Virginia rejects federal overreach of Obamacare


S-L: National conservative civil liberties group supports Menendez recall is constitutional
NYT: New Jersey Schools Brace for Cuts


WSJ: Patrick's Price Controls (via Google)


Rasmussen: Wyoming Governor: GOP Hopefuls Are Early Favorites


AP/Brokaw: S.D. Dems Skip Senate Race Against GOPs Thune


April 2, 2010


Hill: Some Dems get earful back home for supporting health reform bill
Politico: Democrats squeezed by health care lawsuit
WSJ: ObamaCare and the Constitution
Rep. Steve King: 100 percent repeal of Obamacare
Gary Bauer: Obamacares Truth Panels
Hill: Sen. Alexander: If not repeal, at least 'big changes' to healthcare law are expected
Rush Limbaugh: Waxman Hearings to Target CEOs for Telling the Truth on Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: Multiple Democrats Now Admit Obamacare Redistributes Wealth
Politico: President Obama: 'Its only been a week'
Hill: Obama shrugs off healthcare law criticism
NYT: Obama, in Maine, Needles Republicans Over Calls to Repeal Health Care Overhaul
Boston Globe: Overhaul a job-saver, Obama tells Maine
Hill: Commerce bashes companies crying foul on healthcare law
NYT: Health Care for All, With Obama Down the Street
NYT: Editorial: On the Front Line
Human Events: Heres the Real Obama Budget Score

WSJ: U.S. Revamps Screening of Travelers
WaPo: U.S. changing the way air travelers are screened
NYT: Security Checks on Flights to U.S. to Be Revamped
LA Times: Personal traits will be used to screen U.S.-bound air passengers

Politico: March jobs jump could lift Obama
Hill: Republicans, Dems scramble to put spin on unemployment report
WSJ: Long-Term Unemployed Cloud the Jobs Picture (via Google)
LA Times: Census project adds to the job picture when it counts
Rush Limbaugh: Warning on Friday Jobless Report: Census Workers to Skew Numbers
Gallup: Underemployment Rises to 20.3% in March

David Brooks: The Ecstasy of Fiscal Policy
Paul Krugman: Financial Reform 101

WaPo: Emissions limits, greater fuel efficiency for cars, light trucks made official
WSJ: Baby Steps to Drive Auto Fuel Savings
NYT: Editorial: New Fuel Economy Standards: Everybody Wins
Human Events: EPA Issues Strict New Auto Standards

Hill: Coastal state Dems mixed on Obama's offshore proposal
Human Events: Obama Plans New Offshore Drilling Ban
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Drilling Plan is Head Fake
Jonah Goldberg: The Same Old Drill

WSJ: EPA Toughens Mining Permits
WaPo: Environmental regulations to curtail mountaintop mining
NYT: E.P.A. to Limit Water Pollution From Mining

Politico: Health care could help climate bill
Hill: Left afraid that energy plan is following healthcare strategy to gain support

NYT: Build America Bonds Will Save $12.3 Billion, Analysis Says

NYT: Moves to Garnish Pay Rise as More Debtors Fall Behind
AP/Wagner: Geithner addresses outrage on bailouts
Politico: Debt disaster dead ahead
Hill: Hoyer: Looming debate over debt more crucial than fight to pass healthcare bill
Hill: Van Hollen: Congress likely to extend Bush-era tax cuts before election

NYT: Court Ruling on Wiretap Is a Challenge for Obama
WSJ: A Defense of Drones (via Google)
Sens. Rockefeller & Snowe: Now Is the Time to Prepare for Cyberwar (via Google)

Politico: McHugh reversal: No DADT change
NYT: Discharges From Service Still Possible, Official Says

NYT: Lawmaker Rebukes Aide Who Left Work on Finance Bill to Be Lobbyist
WSJ: Barney Frank Severs Ties With Ex-Staffer Now Working at ICE (via Google)
WaPo: Barney Frank rebukes House committee staffer who became lobbyist
Hill: Barney Frank directs his staff not to talk to aide-turned-lobbyist

NYT: Ethics Questions Raised for Congressmen Who Stayed at C Street House
Hill: C St. lawmakers hit with ethics complaint

NYT: Editorial: Someone New Is Watching

WSJ: Property, Corporate Taxes Finally Lift State Revenue

Peggy Noonan: The Catholic Church's Catastrophe

Charles Krauthammer: Obama's policy of slapping allies
Pat Buchanan: What War with Iran Means

WaPo: Democrats map out midterm campaign strategy for Obama
WaPo: Those angry about health-care generally concerned about the country's direction

Wash Times: Bondage club, 'nasty girl' are lows of Steele's bad week
Politico: RNC "census" mailer offers phone sex number
Kim Strassel: Michael Steele's Job (via Google)
American Thinker: The Fate of the Republican Party

James Taranto: Do conservatives live in an echo chamber?

John Fund: GE Fondly Recalls Its Own 'Reagan Era'

Human Events: ACORN Playing Rebranding Game

NYT: The TV Watch: Palins Canned American Stories
WaPo: 'Real American Stories': Whatever it is, it's Palin

WSJ: As Peaceful as a Tea Party (via Google)
WaPo: For tea party, midterms present a choice between ideals, pragmatism
Wash Times: Independent voters turn from hopeful to angry
Dan Quayle: Don't let the tea party go Perot

Politico: RGA tops DGA in fundraising


Buffalo News: Governor calls on state workers to forgo 4 percent raises
Albany TU: Officially, Paterson calls on state workers to tighten belts
Rochester D&C: Gov. David Paterson calls on unions to forgo raises
NYDN: Pay raises for state workers is no April Fool's Day joke for Gov. Paterson
NYDN: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver goes on vacation as state goes kerflooey
Albany TU: Murphy to Paterson: Hey, hurry up on that VLT thing, willya?
NYT: Paterson Pick for Board Lacks Requirement

NYDN: Federal grand jury probes real estate and nonprofit deals for Malcolm Smith, others

Politico: N.Y. GOP denies Weld outreach
NYDN: Bill Weld For Senate?

NY Post: GOP comptroller candidate takes shots at DiNapoli

CQ Politics: Democratic Contender Withdraws From N.Y. Special for Massa's seat

NYT: State Court Limits Scope of Warrants for Searches

NYT: Manhattan Surrogates Court Judge Is Acquitted


Fox: Boxer Facing Toughest Re-Election Battle of Her Career
SacBee: Boxer 'excited' about election challenge

AP/Freking: Gay marriage a Calif. campaign issue

LA Times: Court orders title change for California attorney general candidate


Dallas MN: Leppert noncommital on 2012 Senate run


Miami Herald: Former Florida GOP leader Jim Greer sues party

St. Pete Times: Florida's political opposition to offshore drilling erodes

Wash Times: Health reform a bitter pill for Fla. voters
Ross Douthat: Charlie Crist and the Liberals Who Love Him

CQ Politics: Florida: Ross Raises $160,000 in First Quarter

St. Pete Times: Florida House approves budget plan on party-line vote


American Thinker: Thurbert Baker, Attorney General for ACORN
AJC: House Republicans pose legal challenge to Senate fix for trauma care
AJC: Jack Kingston: No death panels in an unfinished health care law
Atlanta11: Anti-Obama Billboards Appear on Metro Highways


Chicago ST: Kirk retreats on repeal of health-care bill; Giannoulias says he's waffling


American Spectator: The Brad Ellsworth Test


American Thinker: Election Theft Underway in Wisconsin


CQ Politics: Pawlenty 'Friends' Seven Congressional Candidates
Star Tribune: Salons seeing red over Minnesota tanning tax


Hill: Specter lays out 'Workers' Bill of Rights' on heels of big labor endorsement

CQ Politics: Pennsylvania: Critz on the Air in Murtha Special


Rasmussen: Ohio Governor: Kasich 46% Strickland 45%
Cleveland PD: Strickland and John Kasich figure out strategies, must sell them to voters

Columbus Dispatch: Official OKs ballot measure to fight health-care reform
Columbus Dispatch: Kilroy, Brown cheered for health-care changes

CQ Politics: Ohio: Renacci Airs His First TV Ad


Detroit News: Ethics probe cites Stupak
Detroit FP: Group probing ethics of Stupak's former residence

Detroit FP: Michigan's gubernatorial candidates clash on health reform as race heats up
Detroit News: Bernero attacks Dillon on health care stance


AP: House Republicans Want Mo. Suit Over Health Care


CQ Politics: GOP Takes Aim at Finchers Primary Opponent in Tennessee


NYT: The son of Ron Paul talks about why hes running for the Senate


Rasmussen: Arkansas Senate: Republicans Build Leads Over Lincoln

Politico: Huckabee backs underdog Wallace


AP/Elliott: Obama heads to North Carolina to talk jobs

American Spectator: Get Rielle


AP/Davenport: Sanford pays record ethics fine

State: S.C. lawmaker faces tax charges


Rasmussen: Alabama Senate: Shelby 59%, Barnes 32%


Virginian-Pilot: VA GOP targets Webb on health care vote


Star-Ledger: N.J. schools protest aid, job cuts in Gov. Chris Christie's budget plan


NYT: Massachusetts Insurance Regulators Reject Most Requests for Higher Rates
Boston Globe: Health care hikes rejected


Las Vegas RJ: Ensign named in new ethics complaint about Washington group house
NYT: Investigation Shows Ensign Appealed to Company


CQ Politics: Parker Raises $230,000 in Bid to Succeed Shadegg

CQ Politics: Arizona Senate: Hayworth Tops $1 Million for Quarter


April 1, 2010


WaPo: Private-sector report shows thousands of jobs lost in March
USA Today: Poll: More blame Obama for poor economy, unemployment

Politico: John Boehner: Drilling decision falls short
Wash Times: Drilling plan opens new areas but halts Alaska sales
WSJ: Energy Firms Hopeful on Obama Plan
NYT: Obama Oil Drilling Plan Draws Critics
NYT: Risk Is Clear in Drilling; Payoff Isnt
NYT: Editorial: Drill, but Not Everywhere
WSJ: Drilling Bits: Less new oil exploration than meets the eye (via Google)
WaPo: Regulator seeks to rein in energy market trading by big Wall Street firms
WaPo: President Obama opens new areas to offshore drilling
Wash Times: Officials fear drilling plan will hurt tourism
Politico: Obama tries triangulation lite
Hill: Pelosi lukewarm on drilling policy
Hill: Obamas drilling proposal sparks battle among Senate Dems
Hill: Obama calls for expanded drilling as new energy policy

Wash Times: Health plan may hobble economy recovery
AP/Zaldivar: Seniors fear hit to Medicare
Ann Coulter: Prescriptions for disaster now covered under ObamaCare
Michelle Malkin: Henry Waxman: The Witch Hunter of Capitol Hill
WSJ: Would the Founders Love ObamaCare?
WSJ: Don Fanucci's Health-Care Lesson (via Google)
Wash Times: Editorial: Robbing Peter to pay Paul's health care
Human Events: GOP Blasts Waxman on Abuse of Power
Human Events: Heritage Foundation Hits Obama Claim
Human Events: Timeline of the Democrats Healthcare Package
Human Events: Obama's Defining Lie
Gary Locke: Taken as a whole, health reform is undeniably pro business and pro jobs
LA Times: Post-healthcare Gallup Poll finds Republicans now leading on congressional ballot

Politico: President Obama's new push meets Capitol Hill resistance

Hill: Obama wants teleworker expansion

WSJ: Geithner Promises More Infrastructure Spending

NYT: Fed Ends Its Purchasing of Mortgage Securities
WSJ: Fed Opens the Books on Bear, AIG Toxic Assets (via Google)
WSJ: The Permanent Mortgage Crisis (via Google)
Hill: Realtors will not seek extension of expiring homebuyer tax credit
Hill: Dodd jabs GOP leaders over financial bill

WSJ: CEOs See Pay Fall Again
WaPo: Administration seeks to change pay incentives at major firms
NYT: Hedge Fund Managers Pay Roared Back Last Year

WaPo: SEC may require more details of wrongdoing to be disclosed in settlements

NYT: Federal Judge Finds N.S.A. Wiretaps Were Illegal
AP: NSA eavesdropping was illegal, judge says
Politico: Islamic charity wins suit over wiretapping

WaPo: Travelers with Muslim names find themselves fighting for U.S. visas

NYT: Deadlock Is Ending on Labor Board
WSJ: Cash-Poor Cities Take On Unions (via Google)

NYT: Secretary of the Army Says He Will Not Pursue Dont Ask, Dont Tell Discharges
Hill: Army secretary wont discharge soldiers who privately tell him they're gay
Wash Times: NY Times still pays Obama's nominee to Army post

NYT: Immigrant Groups and R.N.C. Split on Outcome of Meeting

NYT: Furor Grows Over Celebrity Appearances on Palin Show
WaPo: LL Cool J: Fox News 'misrepresenting' Sarah Palin's new show

WSJ: A Constitutional Convention Can Rein in Washington (via Google)

Karl Rove: Where the Tea Partiers Should Go From Here (via Google)
Michael Barone: Tea Partiers Embrace Liberty, Not Big Government

WSJ: Romney, Outsmarted by History
AJC: Romney notes a number of similarities between his health care plan and Obamas
AJC: Mitt Romney and the changing tone of the GOP debate over health care
Gail Collins: Mitt Romney, Liberal Icon

American Spectator: Paul Ryan Wins Dallas

Politico: Palin to RNC: Take me off fundraiser
Politico: RNC cancels Young Eagles events
Politico: RNC: Democrats do it too, sort of
Politico: Tony Perkins urges conservatives to stop giving money to RNC
CNN: Conservative leader tells donors to stop giving to RNC
NYDN: Report: Big donors jumping ship from RNC, Michael Steele over spending
LA Times: Spending questions dog Republican National Committee

Politico: Whom to watch at fundraising filing deadline
Hill: Experts don't expect huge Citizens United fallout in first quarter

Politico: DGA raises $8 million


AP/Gormley: Paterson warns of 'massive' state layoffs if pay raises aren't delayed
NYT: Albany Misses Its Deadline on the Budget
Albany TU: Teacher cuts coming in hundreds

Rasmussen: New York Governor: Cuomo Still Posts Big Leads
NY Post: GOP may push Lazio to run for different office

NY Post: Long to give Wilson boost in comptroller bid

NYDN: Paterson aide grilled by Integrity commission about boss' free Yankees tickets

NYDN: Joan Flowers, counsel of state Senate President Malcolm Smith, gets pink slip
Albany TU: IGs office prevails in Senate subpoena challenge

Albany TU: Republicans unite around Gibson
CQ Politics: New York GOP Taps Murphy Challenger

CQ Politics: Talk Grows of Skipping Special Election in New York

WIVB: 46,000 NYers are losing unemployment

NYT: N.Y. Repeat Felon Law Is Found Unconstitutional


WSJ: As Nominations for Governor Appear All but Settled, Race Kicks Off Early (via Google)
George Skelton: Meg Whitman is doing her homework

James Taranto: Please Passover the Bread

SacBee: Critics want to know Palin's fee for CSU Stanislaus event


Dallas MN: Hutchison's decision to stay put scrambles other Texas politicians' plans
Dallas MN: Hutchison reversal: Gov. Rick Perry and Senate wannabees react
NYT: Hutchison Reverses Course, Will Stay in Senate
WSJ: Kay Bailey Hutchison to Stay in Senate (via Google)
AP/Roberts: Hutchison staying put in Senate
Politico: Kay Bailey Hutchison to stay in Senate

Dallas MN: More squawking as Texas 'tab' for health bill grows


Miami Herald: Former Florida GOP leader Jim Greer under criminal probe
St. Pete Times: Ex-RPOF chair Greer under FDLE investigation
Buzz: Here it is: the secret severance offered to Greer
NYT: Inquiry Into Ex-G.O.P. Leader
AP/Farrington: Former Florida GOP chief probed

EJ Dionne: For Charlie Crist, dark days in the Sunshine State primary
CQ Politics: Coburn Endorses Rubio

Wash T: Beach-house bailout: Rich who choose high-risk property should pay to protect it


AJC: Video opportunities for Thurbert Baker and Nathan Deal


Chicago Tribune: Health care bills impact on state will be delayed


WaPo: Tim Pawlenty rolls out 2010 endorsements


CQ Politics: Wisconsin: Wall Says He'll Stay In Even If Thompson Runs
CQ Politics: Obey Faces First Competitive Race in Years


CQ Politics: Sestaks $5 Million Question: How to Effectively Hit Specter?


Cleveland PD: Poll: OH Dems surge ahead in Senate race, maintain lead in gov contest
Columbus Dispatch: Ohio voters' view of Dems less grim

Hill: Rep. Tim Ryan cancels town hall due to security concerns


Politico: Stupak challenger expands campaign
Detroit FP: Granholm: Health reform will make Michigan stronger


KC Star: New poll: Blunt under 50 percent in GOP primary fight

AP/Zagier: Democrats absent in Missouri's 9th Congressional District race


Tennessean: Corker: GOP erred on financial reform


WSJ: Tea-Party Drive Stirs Kentucky Race (via Google)


CQ Politics: Burr to End Quarter With $5.3 Million on Hand
CQ Politics: Gantt to Endorse Lewis


AP/Adcox: SC GOP leaders hammer federal health care law


Politico: Stormy Daniels to announce plans


CQ Politics: Alabama: Wayne Parker Endorses Brooks in 5th District


WaPo: In Virginia, mixed reaction to decision to allow offshore drilling


Paul Mulshine: Conservatives wonder how NJ AG Paula Dow sided against the Christians

American Thinker: Is a State-Based Recall of a U.S. Senator Constitutional?


American Spectator: No More 'New England Republicans'


George Will: GOP Senate contest heats up in Arizona
CQ Politics: McCain Raised $2.2 Million in First Quarter


Rasmussen: Idaho Governor: GOPs Otter 60%, Allred 28%
Rasmussen: Idaho Senate: Crapo Starting Strong in Reelection Bid


Politico: Lee condemns conservative PAC's 'support'


CQ Politics: Hoeven Considered A Lock in November


CQ Politics: Herseth Sandlin Avoids Primary Challenge




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