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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

April 21, 2010


WSJ: Senators Seek Cash as They Mull Rules
WaPo: Once critical of financial regulation bill, Republicans change their tone
WSJ: New Senate Push on Bank-Rules Bill (via Google)
NYT: Financial Debate Renews Scrutiny on Banks Size
Politico: Talks continue as time tightens
Boston Globe: Senators say a bipartisan Wall Street measure is close
Hill: Democrats resume serious talks with GOP on Wall Street reform
Politico: Steny Hoyer: $50B fund not central to reform
Hill: Reid to play chicken on Wall Street reform, daring GOP to filibuster
Wash Times: Lehman fiasco fuels Obama bill debate
NYT: War of Words Regarding the Financial Overhaul
WSJ: Debt 'Masking' Under Fire (via Google)
WSJ: Son of Sarbox: Republicans can oppose the Dodd billand the big banks
Politico: Democrats haunted by corporate ties

WaPo: Suspecting politics in Goldman Sachs charges, Rep. Issa asks SEC for information
Politico: GOP seeks SEC records on Goldman
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime Denies Collusion with SEC, Goldman Sachs, Google
WaPo: Goldman mounts defense on SEC charges, saying clients knew its products well
WSJ: Paulson Aims to Reassure Goldman Investors
WSJ: A D.C. Insider Joins the Team
NYT: White House Responds to Ex-Counsels Aid to Goldman Sachs
NYT: Ex-Adviser to Obama Now Lawyer for Goldman
WSJ: Where's the Goldman That I Used to Know?
WSJ: Goldman Splits From Pack on Buybacks (via Google)
WSJ: The War on Shorts, Cont. (via Google)
WaPo: OpEd: In SEC vs. Goldman, who's really at fault?
Michelle Malkin: All the President's Goldman Sachs Men
Dick Morris: A blueprint for coercion

WSJ: Senate Approves Brainard as Senior Treasury Official (via Google)

NYT: Senate Bill Sets a Plan to Regulate Health Insurance Premiums
NYT: Editorial: Reform and Massachusetts
Tom Friedman: Everybody Loves a Winner

Politico: Graham: Climate bill needs business
Human Events: Climate Experts Square Off Over Video
Rasmussen: 59% Say Scientists Disagree 'Significantly' Over Global Warming

WSJ: Immigration Legislation Gains Traction (via Google)
WSJ: Next Up? Obama Calls Sen. Scott Brown About Immigration
Politico: Barack Obama woos Scott Brown on immigration
Hill: Dem to Obama: Push immigration or lose Latino voters at polls
Human Events: Criminal Aliens Pose Threat to Homeland Security

Hill: Senate Democrats' budget to allow use of simple-majority rules
WaPo: Senate Budget Chairman Conrad goes further than Obama in plan to reduce deficits
WaPo: Experts say Washington is too quick to dismiss a value-added tax

NYT: OpEd: Our $48 Billion Credit Card Bill

Rush Limbaugh: Does the Growing Welfare State Make Americans Too Lazy to Work?

Ed Whiteacre: The GM Bailout: Paid Back in Full (via Google)

NYT: In Sour Home Market, Buying Often Now Beats Renting

Wash Times: Gates proposes 1 agency to control military exports
WSJ: Plan Would Revamp Export Controls
NYT: Gates Calls for Easing Limits on Exports
Hill: Gates makes pitch for major reforms of U.S. controls on sensitive exports

NYT: OpEd: How to Regulate the Internet Tap

WSJ: Obama Begins Court Interviews (via Google)
Hill: Obama to make Supreme Court pick by May 26
Boston Globe: GOP senators to address Obama on courts
Reuters: Could Obama pick a politician for Supreme Court?

WaPo: Supreme Court overturns anti-animal cruelty law in First Amendment case
NYT: Justices Reject Ban on Videos of Animal Cruelty
WSJ: Court Voids Law on Animal Cruelty

WSJ: The Violence Card: Bill Clinton plays politics with Timothy McVeigh
Politico: Jim Inhofe: Bill Clinton comments 'unconscionable'
Rush Limbaugh: President Clinton, Show Us the Words That Inspired Tim McVeigh

WSJ: Tea Party: Please Tread on Us (via Google)
James Taranto: 'Populism of the Privileged'
Human Events: Democrats and Liberal Media Smear Tea Parties

Ruth Marcus: Yes, we can fix the filibuster

WaPo: Congressional leaders shelve D.C. voting rights bill
Wash Times: 'Price too high' for D.C. voting rights
NYT: Bill to Give Washington a Vote Stalls

Hill: Congressional Ethics office reviewed 23 complaints in first quarter of 2010

American Spectator: President Obama lost the election of 2010 in June 2009
CQ Politics: Top 10: Best-Funded House Challengers
NYT: Democrats Outpace G.O.P. in Recent Fund-Raising, but Republicans Claim Momentum
Politico: DSCC leads March fundraising
CQ Politics: NRCC Sends Crew to Collect Dues
CQ Politics: Democrats Extend Cash Advantage
WaPo: Both national party committees spend big chunks on fancy meals, hotels, travel
WSJ: House GOP Plans New Contract With America After Labor Day
Politico: Candidates crowd 2010 ballots
CQ Politics: Sessions' Measure Of Success: Total GOP Takeover Or Warm Spit
Politico: Sessions: Not interested in second
Hill: Midterm elections dont put damper on K Street revenue

Hill: GOP senators avoid co-sponsoring campaign finance reform legislation


WSJ: Cuomo Sues N.Y. Sen. Espada, Alleges Looting of Not-for-Profit
NYT: Cuomo Accuses Espada of Diverting Millions From Clinics
NYDN: Pedro Espada Jr. and family stole $14 million from non-profit clinic: suit
NYDN: Pedro Espada Jr. looted $14M from non-profit, including $20K spent on sushi: suit
NY Post: Espada hit with 'loot' suit
Buffalo News: Cuomo suit claims Espada misused funds
AP/Gormley: Millions looted, civil suit charges
Albany TU: Espada denies stealing millions, attacks Cuomo 'steamroller'
Albany TU: Video: Espadas news conference, with conspiracy chart
Albany TU: AG charges Espada with looting Soundview
Albany TU: Senate leadership on Espada, or: The mother of all howevers
NYT: Editorial: You Call That Charity?
Albany TU: Espada nepotism at work in hiring an uncle?

Politico: New York pols split over Wall Street

Syracuse PS: Battle for NY 23rd seems likely to become a three-way race again

Rochester D&C: Former Rep. Eric Massa faces car trouble


Dan Walters: Gubernatorial candidates spar early over debates

Hill: Obama to make second California trip for Boxer
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Heckled at Boxer Speech

Wash Times: Editorial: Liu beholden to foreign law


NYT: Texas Town Adjusts to Life Without Bush

Rasmussen: 56% in Texas Favor State Lawsuit To Stop Health Care Plan

Wash Times: Texas students see religious bias with 'year of Our Lord'


Miami Herald: Crist's only chance is as an independent, analysts say
WSJ: Crist Weighs Cost of GOP Break (via Google)
Politico: Charlie Crist's dilemma: Fight, bail or bolt
NYT: Fla. Senator Named by Crist Is in a Bind
Hill: McCain: I won't support Crist if he runs as an Independent candidate
American Spectator: Charlie Dithers

SPT: U.S. attorney, IRS and FBI investigating Florida GOP credit card use
Miami Herald: Feds launch inquiry into GOP credit-card expenses

Rasmussen: Florida Governor: McCollum (R) 45%, Sink 38%


AJC: Saxby Chambliss and the fight over derivatives
AJC: Austin Scott urged to run against Casey Cagle


Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel not a cinch to succeed Mayor Richard Daley
NYT: Top Obama Aide Utters Words All but Unthinkable in Chicago
WSJ: Burton Belittles Emanuels Mayoral Hopes

Chicago Sun-Times: Blago: Prosecutors are 'cowards and liars'

Chicago Sun-Times: New money-making idea for state: iTax


Indianapolis Star: GOP debate finds agreement on values
Hill: DeMint snubs former Sen. Coats, endorses underdog in Indiana primary


Raw Story: Bachmann says Bill Clinton trying to take me out

Star Tribune: Gubernatorial candidates talk ways to boost bioscience


CQ Politics: Two New Polls Show Murtha Special A Tossup

CQ Politics: Specter Goes Negative on TV Against Sestak

Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Governor: Corbett (R) Still Leads, Onorato (D) Up


Toledo Blade: Republicans Kasich, Taylor take gubernatorial campaign to northwest Ohio
Market Watch: Ohio a toss-up as Democrats prepare to square off


Detroit News: Snyder aides deny attack ads on Cox
Detroit FP: Ad targets Cox in Manoogian probe

Detroit FP: Jail looms for Kilpatrick, but court awaits key report
Detroit News: Judge finds Kilpatrick violated probation
AP/Williams: Judge: Kilpatrick violated probation


Hill: McCaskill presses GOP to reveal holds


AP/Poovey: Palin set to take stand in Tenn. hacking trial
Politics Daily: Sarah Palin in Hacking Trial: Defense Fears Jurors Will Be Starstruck


CQ Politics: Rand Paul Raises $100,000 in Last 'Money Bomb'


AP/Kinnard: City sees new jobs created with stimulus aid


CQ Politics: Griffith Still Has Democrats Cash


Human Events: Police Stymied in Violent Attack Against Jindal Staffer


CQ Politics: West Virginia: Mollohan Fires Back At Oliverio


Star-Ledger: N.J. voters reject school budgets in heated elections
AP: Former Hoboken Mayor Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case


WSJ: Brown Forges a Centrist Identity (via Google)


CQ Politics: Ayotte Holds Lead in New Hampshire


NYT: A State With Plenty of Jobs but Few Places to Live


Politico: Arizona immigration bill under fire
Wash Times: Arizonan Democrat: Boycott us over immigration bill
Hill: Dems urge White House to shun Ariz. immigration bill, push for reform
NYT: McCains Tough Stance on Arizona Immigration Bill


Politico: Will Hamptons hamper Ensign probe?


CQ Politics: Bennett on track to get bounced at convention


April 20, 2010


WSJ: GOP Bid to Reclaim Senate Fuels Fight for Party's Soul
Rasmussen: Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 46%, Democrats 36%
Politico: Pew poll: Rage against government

WSJ: Finance Overhaul Remains in Flux (via Google)
WaPo: Democrats seek to close partisan divide on Wall Street reform
Politico: Dems stand by $50B fund
Bloomberg: Democrats Likely to Drop $50 Billion Fund to Draw Republicans
Hill: Dems dealt setback on Wall St. bill
NYT: Corker Slams Both Sides in Financial Feud
Hill: Wall Street reform bill would have stopped Goldman, Sen. Dodd says
WaPo: Emanuel pitches regulatory reform at private meeting with top N.Y. investors
NYT: A Finance Overhaul Fight Draws a Swarm of Lobbyists
WSJ: An Economy of Liars
WSJ: Fannie and Freddie Amnesia
Human Events: Obama Now Pushing Sneaky Wall Street Bailout

WSJ: SEC Split on Party Lines Over Goldman Case (via Google)
WaPo: SEC sued Goldman Sachs to break an impasse
Politico: Goldman Sachs taps ex-Obama W.H. counsel Greg Craig
WSJ: What the Goldman Committee Knew (via Google)
WSJ: Abacus Deal: As Bad as They Come (via Google)
WaPo: Rivals say Goldman customers are taking a back seat
Politico: Dems push criminal inquiry for Goldman
NY Post: Dem Web war on Sachs
Politico: Spitzer: Goldman suit no coincidence
Rush Limbaugh: Timing of SEC's Goldman Sachs Fraud Case Was No Coincidence
WSJ: Paulson Gave to Both Parties (via Google)
WSJ: The SEC's Impeccable Timing
NYT: A Difficult Path in Goldman Case
NYT: Where a Greedy Wall Street Villain Would Feel Right at Home
Open Secrets: Will Obama Return $994,795 in Goldman Sachs campaign contributions?

NYT: Recession Adds to Appeal of Short-Term Jobs

Politico: Inhofe: Climate's no better for bill
Hill: Inhofe sees only 26 votes for climate bill
Politico: Climate talks end in 'trust' jab
Hill: Senior Dems warn against sharing offshore drilling revenue with states
WSJ: Clunkers for Caulkers: Another opportunity to game US's energy subsidies (via Google)

NYT: Lawmakers Subpoena Administration Over Fort Hood
WSJ: Senators Seek Documents on Fort Hood Suspect (via Google)
WaPo: Two senators subpoena Obama administration for information on Fort Hood shootings
Wash Times: Senators issue Fort Hood subpoenas
Politico: Robert Gates, Eric Holder subpoenaed
Hill: Lieberman subpoenas records on Fort Hood

Wash Times: Editorial: Gitmo is primo: Cuban detainee prison should be kept open

American Thinker: Sink the Murtha: Outrage on the High Seas

Rush Limbaugh: Clinton Rewrites History, Shifts Blame for Oklahoma City Bombing

WSJ: Justices Joust Over Christian Group's Rights
Wash Times: Christians vs. gays, atheists on freedom of association
WaPo: Supreme Court considers California law school's discrimination policy
NYT: Before Gay Marriage Fight, Clashes on Free Speech
WSJ: Sameness and 'Diversity' on Campus (via Google)

NYT: Justices Get Personal Over Privacy of Messages

Rasmus: 56% Say Its Okay To Oppose SCt Nominees Over Ideology Or Judicial Philosophy

Politico: W.H. gets GOP support on campaign finance fix
CQ Politics: Democrats Claim At Least One GOP Vote for Campaign Finance Bill
NYT: Editorial: The Court, Money and Politics

WSJ: GOP's Kyl Is Courted on Nuclear Treaty (via Google)

WSJ: Gun Advocates Open a New Front

Hill: Gun-control advocates rally against voting bill rights bill
Wash Times: Gun-law repeals threaten voting bill
Wash Times: Gun owners come armed with message
Wes Pruden: Constitution, anyone? DC Voting Rights Bill

WSJ: Levin Dismisses Talk of a Value-Added Tax (via Google)
WSJ: The Toxic VAT (via Google)
Wash Times: A decade of historic spending increases
Politico: Senate Dems craft capped budget
Hill: House Dems wait for Senate to act on budget resolution

WaPo: FDA plans to limit amount of salt allowed in processed foods for health reasons
Rep. John Dingel: Protecting America's food supply

WaPo: Ruling on racial isolation in Miss. schools reflects troubling broader trend
NYT: Rule Change Takes Aim at Loophole in Title IX

NYT: President Nominates Professor to Health Job
WSJ: Harvard's Berwick Tapped to Run Medicare, Medicaid

Hill: GOP agrees to votes on three Obama nominees

David Brooks: Riders on the Storm: Media on the Internet

James Taranto: Why the Left Needs Racism: It serves a political purpose
Pat Buchanan: New Tribe Rising?

Hill: Romney beats Palin, Huckabee in 2012 poll
Detroit FP: Whats next for Sarah Palin?
Politico: Tea partiers in two camps: Sarah Palin vs. Ron Paul

American Spectator: Conservatives: Up From Ideology

Politico: New Ways and Means Chair Sander Levin doles out campaign cash
CQ Politics: Both Sides See Positive Signs in New Campaign Finance Reports
CQ Politics: 55 Top Races to Watch: First-Quarter Fundraising Reports for House Races

Politico: Eric Massa saga just heating up

Politico: SEIU challenger rallies key supporters
Hill: Biden calls on union members to offer support for Democrats during midterms

D: Fox too liberal for you? Kelsey Grammer backs upstart right-wing TV network, RightNetwork


Albany TU: Wilson wants DiNapoli to release log of meetings
NYT: A Candidate Makes an Asset of His Wall Street Past

Albany TU: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) for Malpass
NY Post: Gillibrand can't crack 50% barrier

NY Post: Andy could toss hat in the ring next week
NY Post: Cuomo raising money in RI at home of honcho with mega NY contract
NY Post: Gov hopefuls sign redistricting commission pledge
NYT: Albany Candidates Back Nonpartisan Redistricting
WBFO: Paladino trails Republican field in latest Siena poll

NYDN: Gov. Paterson in town to see criminal defense lawyer Theodore Wells

NYDN: Senate President Malcolm Smith pushing for $500,000 deal with ex-drug pushers

NYDN: Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada denies links to shadowy Bronx consulting firm
Albany TU: Espada denies 'questionable' ties
NY Post: New probe leaked to smear me: Espada
NY Post: Espada calls allegations against him '100 percent' false

Albany TU: Ravitch: Paterson isnt trying to prolong budget battle

Albany TU: Routine document, extraordinary outcome for Spitzer


LA Times: Obama arrives in L.A. to raise funds for Boxer
Wash Times: Obama rides to Barbara Boxer's rescue
Hill: Obama swooping into Los Angeles to boost Sen. Boxer in tough reelection
Hill: Gay rights protesters interrupt Obama speech at fundraiser

LA Times: Hewlett-Packard probe roils California U.S. Senate race

LA Times: Republican Governors Assn. attacks Jerry Brown as big spender
Dan Walters: Wall Street flap colors gubernatorial race

SacBee: Members of Capitol salary panel miss disclosure deadlines


Rasmussen: Texas Governor: Perry 48%, White 44%
Human Events: The Energetic Style of Texas Gov. Rick Perry
Human Events: Gun Issue Key in Texas Governors Race

DMN: Greg Abbott, Barbara Ann Radnofsky positioning for Texas AG campaign stretch run


SPT: Crist urged to quit Senate race; he confirms independent bid under consideration
Miami Herald: Crist getting GOP pressure to halt U.S. Senate run
WaPo: Republican Crist says he may run for Senate as independent
NYT: Pressured in Senate Race, G.O.P.s Crist May Run as Independent
Hotline: Top GOP Officials Writing Off Crist
AP/Farrington: Crist weighing independent Senate bid
CQ Politics: Washing Charlie Out Of Their Hair
Buzz: Crist pulls ads; LeMieux dismisses indy talk
Buzz: Jim Greer: indy campaign? Go for it, Charlie Crist

Miami Herald: Race for Florida governor tightening, poll shows
CQ Politics: Florida: Sink Cuts Into McCollum's Edge

Politico: Florida man arrested for threats to Brown-Waite
Hill: FBI says 66-year-old man arrested after March threat against Rep. Brown-Waite

SPT: Florida House and Senate get beyond impasse in budget negotiations
Miami Herald: Budget talks move ahead
Miami Herald: House OK's gambling deal


AJC: Republicans return to a GOP-only plan for a transportation sales tax
AJC: Behind Michael Thurmonds run for the U.S. Senate
AJC: Newcomer Boyd battles GOP over party oath


Chicago Sun-Times: Rahm Emanuel tells Charlie Rose he wants to replace Daley
Chicago Tribune: Mayor Emanuel?
WSJ: Rahm Emanuel: Chicago Mayor Someday?

Chicago Sun-Times: Feds seek ban in Blago case


Rasmussen: Indiana Senate: Coats 54%, Ellsworth 33%
WSJ: James Dobson, Ron Paul Step Into Indiana Senate Race
CQ Politics: Indiana: Dobson For Coats, Keene For Stutzman


Star Tribune: Pawlenty: Pass K-12 bill or risk losing Race to Top again
Star Tribune: Supreme Court rejects suit over tribes casino wealth


CQ Politics: Playing the Pennsylvania Card
CQ Politics: GOP Leadership Hosts Fundraiser For Burns
CQ Politics: Pennsylvania: Pelosi to Fundraise for Critz

CQ Politics: What's Sestak's Strategy?


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich's campaign ad lands on militia site
CPD: Ohio Dems go ahead with vote to accept 3C passenger rail money over GOP objections


Detroit News: Cox to appeal ruling on Detroit Public Schools
Detroit FP: Where did $220,000 in Kilpatrick fund go?
Detroit FP: Poll: Granholm loses support for retirement incentive plan


CQ Politics: Pence Picks Tiahrt for Kansas Senate
CQ Politics: Moran On The Air With Introductory Ad


AP: Palin set to take stand in Tenn. hacking trial


Hill: Giuliani on attack in Kentucky primary
Politico: Rudy goes with Grayson
CQ Politics: Democrats Mine Eastern Kentucky for Votes


State: Ex-Gov. Hodges endorses Sheheen


CQ Politics: Virginia: Cantor Backs Rigell


NYT: N.J. Voters Asked to Pay More for Less at Schools
Rasmussen: 53% in New Jersey Approve of Governors Job Performance
AP: N.J. governor's office payroll increases by $2M under Christie


Boston Globe: Democrats hit Brown over job-loss estimates

Boston Globe: Transgender bill opens door to party clash


Wash Times: McCain, Kyl want troops on U.S.-Mexico border
Hill: McCain says border security must be top priority in immigration reform efforts
NYT: Immigration Bill Reflects a Firebrands Impact
Politico: John McCain tacks right on immigration
Michael Gerson: Tea Party could hit its boiling point in Arizona primary

Politico: GOP titans boost Quayle's son
American Spectator: Quayle Takes Flight


Salt Lake Tribune: Bennett's ace in the hole: Mitt Romney


Examiner: Sue Lowden leads Harry Reid for U.S. Senate


April 19, 2010


NYT: Democrats Seize on Financial Oversight After Goldman Suit
NYT: Top Goldman Leaders Said to Have Overseen Mortgage Unit
WSJ: Firm Contends It Was Blindsided by Lawsuit (via Google)
WSJ: Bank Wages Battle to Save Reputation
WSJ: Obama Jumps In Early on Bank-Rules Overhaul (via Google)
WSJ: Geithner Confident on Financial Overhaul Vote
NYT: S.E.C. Puts Wall St. on Notice
WSJ: SEC Probes Other Soured Deals (via Google)
NYT: A Glare on Goldman, From U.S. and Beyond
WSJ: The SEC vs. Goldman: More a case of hindsight bias than financial villainy (via Google)
Wash Times: Big banks: Too big for Congress to handle?
Paul Krugman: Looters in Loafers
Politico: Senate insider Chris Dodd tries to retire as a reformer
Examiner: Wall Street cashes out investment in Chris Dodd
Politico: Brown will filibuster financial reform
Hill: Sen. Brown would filibuster Dodd's financial regulatory reform legislation
Hill: Geithner to meet with Collins on reform
Hill: Dems to forge ahead on Wall Street reform despite GOP resistance
Hill: McConnell: Liquidation fund isn't only problem with financial reform
Rasmussen: 57% Have More Trust In Those In Congress Who Voted Against Bailouts

WSJ: Countrywide Probe Shows Signs of Life (via Google)

WSJ: Mortgage Delinquencies Decline Again (via Google)
WSJ: Training for Green Jobs Is the Easy Part

WaPo: Editorial: The coming tax debate
Human Events: The Perils of Double Taxation
Human Events: Its Time for Tax Reform
Human Events: Kill The Death Tax Once and For All

NYT: Obama Health Team Turns to Carrying Out Law
NYT: Doctors Hear Many Questions About Health Law
American Thinker: Plan B: Privatize ObamaCare
USA Today: Doctors pursue House, Senate seats

Wash Times: Wind energy decision carries political impact

WaPo: Abortion rulings could bring scrutiny of possible Supreme Court pick Wood
WSJ: Bill Clinton: Appoint Non-Judge to High Court

NYT: Editorial: The F.C.C. and the Internet
WSJ: Is Internet Civility an Oxymoron? (via Google)

NYT: Reduction Is Theme Of Presidents Next Act

WSJ: Military Commissions: The Right Venue for KSM
Hill: Rep. King: Continuing debate over 9/11 trials 'makes us look foolish'

WaPo: Obama lacks domestic, international support for key nuclear ambitions

NYT: Obama Reaching Out Quietly to Muslims in America

American Spectator: LaHood Gives the Green Light

WaPo: Gates says memo on Iran was not sounding nuclear alarm
NYT: Gates Pushes Back on Report of Memo About Iran Policy

Wash Times: Envoy had business ties to Pelosi's husband

Hill: Senate panel could mark up fiscal 2011 budget Wednesday

Rep. Candice Miller: Why D.C. Representation in Congress Is Unconstitutional
Human Events: Stan Parris, Rest In Peace

WaPo: Federal benefits to be paid electronically by 2013

WSJ: Americans Are More Skeptical of Washington Than Ever
AP/Sidoti: Survey indicates a lack of trust

American Spectator: Bill Clinton Crying Hate, Suppressing Debate
American Spectator: Blue Rage and Red Rage
Michael Barone: Tea Partiers Fight Obama's Culture of Dependence
EJ Dionne: The Tea Party: Populism of the privileged

Politico: Newt Gingrich raises $2.7 million

Politico: GOP shows fundraising prowess

American Spectator: The Problem With Palin


Buffalo News: GOP vets the field seeking party nod

NYDN: Sources say Carrion will run for Lt. Gov, but Andrew Cuomo has to pop question

NYDN: Federal investigators, IRS probing state Senate Majority Leader Espada's ties to firm

NYDN: State pols plan to hit New Yorkers in wallet in plan to shrink Albany's budget deficit
Hill: New York teams with IBM to collect taxes

NY Post: Feds' probe of Meeks taking sidetrack to Jamaica biz group

Roger Stone: Spitzer Book is Revisionist Crap


WSJ: California Race Gets a Wrinkle (via Google)
LA Times: Back on the trail, Jerry Brown visits South L.A. pulpits
SacBee: Brown satisfied with campaign launch at Democratic convention
LA Times: California Democrats close convention with eye on tough races ahead
SacBee: Capital gains tax cuts turns into issue in governor's race
AP/Lin: Race for lt. governor splits California Democrats
Wash Times: Jerry Brown, oil baron: Little-known foreign oil holdings might taint decisions

Dan Walters: Dan Walters: Campaign financing initiative quite unfair

SacBee: Challenge to Rep. Harman sparks state Democratic convention fireworks


Dallas MN: Wooing Latinos proves tricky for GOP


Miami Herald: Gov. Crist may testify in Sansom case
Politico: McConnell distances himself from Crist
Examiner: McConnell: Crist 'would lose all Republican support' in independent governor run
Rich Lowry: Five Reasons Charlie Crist Shouldnt Go Independent
Orlando Sentinel: Jim Greer's rise in Florida GOP was as stunning as his fall
Hugh Hewitt: Hugh Hewitt: Choices for Charlie Crist and Lindsey Graham


AJC: Budget takes center stage as session's days dwindle
AJC: Don Balfour says he intends to remain in the Senate


Chicago ST: IL AG Madigan named as top prospect to fill upcoming high court vacancy
Chicago ST: Senate president's son accused of DUI in state car
Chicago Tribune: Senator 'disappointed' at son's DUI citation


Des Moines Register: Pawlenty: GOP must unite to ensure change


Wash Times: Voting party line: Specter, yes; Brown, no


Cincinnati Enquirer: Tea party activists call foul on GOP
Columbus Dispatch: Brunner-Fisher race for U.S. Senate is flying under voters' radar


Detroit News: State Dems back 2 top hopefuls
Detroit FP: Dem hopefuls for governor go head to head to head


KC Star: Money talks in Kansas 3rd District race


Memphis CA: Bredesen, GOP fight over state budget, $150 million deficit
Tennessean: McWherter name carries only so far


CQ Politics: Kentucky Battle Tests Old GOP Home


WaPo: North Carolina Democrats' votes against health care push labor to form party


McClatchy: Gubernatorial campaign ad war raring to go
Post & Courier: Tea party's sway to be determined


Human Events: Beaten Jindal Staffer Says Protesters are the Perpetrators


WaPo: Militia movement will be packing heat at rally on the Potomac


WaPo: Mine blast means new realities for West Virginia Democrats in Congress
CQ Politics: West Virginia: Oliverio Hits Mollohan On Ethics


Star-Ledger: Gov. Christie and Democrats are on a 'collision course over this year's budget'


NYT: Massachusetts Republicans Pick Nominee for Governor

Boston Globe: Brown would join a GOP filibuster of finance bill


Boston Globe: New Englands GOP senators find strength in moderation


Hill: Cornyn wants Rossi to make up his mind soon about challenging Sen. Murray
Seattle Times: Will Rossi run against Murray? Other Senate hopefuls want to know


Hill: McCain says he prefers 'great American' over maverick or partisan labels
WSJ: McCain Reclaims His Maverick Mantle Sort Of

Human Events: Arizona Sets Strict New Immigration Policy


CQ Politics: Is the GOP Headed to a Revival in the Land Of Enchantment?


KOLO: Lowden Calls Reid Afraid of Her
Las Vegas RJ: Reid backers try to get Lowden's goat

AP/Chereb: Some Nevada conservatives want Sen. Ensign to quit


April 18, 2010


Chicago Sun-Times: Palin: Some people think I'm Canadian
Toronto Sun: Palin has Manitoba roots
AP/Wills: Palin taken aback by Obama 'superpower' remark
Margaret Carlson: Barnstorming country works for Palin
GOP 12: Malek doubts Palin's prep

WaPo: Massa alleges fraud in campaign payment, salary increase
NYT: Ex-Official Massa Says Raise Was Forged
Hill: Rep. Massa: $40K check to former chief of staff was 'forged'
AP/Miga: Massa: Aide's raise was forged
Politico: Massa, chief of staff trade shots

NYT: The System Is Broken: More From a Poll of Tea Party Backers
NYT: Tea Party Supporters Doing Fine, but Angry Nonetheless
WaPo: 'Tea partiers' more wacky mavericks than extremist threat

CQ Politics: GOP Senate Candidates Fatten Bank Accounts
Human Events: Dick Morris Predicts GOP Landslide
NewsReal: Thompson and Pataki Wont Run but GOP Can Still Take Senate

American Thinker: Barack Obama's Missing Girlfriends

NYT: Unemployment Is Tied to Big Drop in Demand

NYT: Obama Vows to Move on Regulation
AP/Superville: Obama: Fresh crisis without new financial rules
NYT: Trench Warfare: Send In the Deputies
Politico: Banks will accept new consumer agency
NYT: For Goldman, a Bets Stakes Keep Growing
NYT: Editorial: Whose Side Are They On?
NYT: OpEd: Keep the Fed on Main Street
WSJ: Breaking Down the Case (via Google)
Politico: Goldman is Democrats' new target

George Will: The perils of the value-added tax

NYT: For Cash-Strapped States, Sin Is Sure Lucrative

NYT: After Health Care Passage, Obama Pushes to Get It Rolling

Hill: Democratic leaders weigh how to get budget blueprint through House

Hill: Pelosi: Two 'pillars' down, one more to go in passing Obama 'blueprint'

NYT: Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Irans Nuclear Drive

WaPo: Supreme Court to consider case against California law school
Jonathan Turley: When it comes to religious groups, who's really facing discrimination?

NYT: Obama v. Roberts: The Struggle to Come
WaPo: Foes may target Kagan's stance on military recruitment at Harvard
Hill: Kagan questioned military recruitment policy in 2003
McClatchy: A peek at the playbook for picking a justice
NYT: Why Newer Appointees Offer Fewer Surprises
National Journal: Three Supreme Court Myths

NYT: Fleeing Drug Violence, Mexicans Pour Into U.S.
Houston Chronicle: Editorial: GOP should back immigration reform

Hill: Sunday shows: Reg reform and 2010
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Buffalo News: Candidate Paladino is biting the hand that feeds him
Buffalo News: Statewide Republican candidates meet party's WNY leaders

Bob McCarthy: The senators convene

Buffalo News: Espada probe includes Pigeon
NYDN: Community organizer challenges Pedro Espada in race for 33rd District seat

NYT: New York Offers Costly Lessons on Insurance

Rochester D&C: Upstate shoulders lion's share in taxes


LA Times: Brown challenges Republican rivals to three-way debates
San Diego UT: Brown to GOP rivals: Lets debate
SF Chronicle: Forget about that three-way Guv debate -- Whitman balking

Hill: Boxer: Dems need to match Tea Party energy as midterm elections near

LA Times: Hollywood wonders if Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back


Hill: Rick Perry weighs in on Kansas House race, denies plans for '12 bid
Newsweek: The Perry Doctrine
AP/Dixon: Perry: NASA plan shows Obama has target' on Texas


WaPo: Florida governor Crist goes from GOP leading light to party pariah
Palm Beach Post: Gov. Charlie Crist's Senate race decision GOP or independent?
Miami Herald: To fans, Rubio is `future of Republican party'
NYT: Romney Endorses Rubio Over Crist in Florida Race
Florida TU: Crist's veto renews Senate campaign
Politico: Top Charlie Crist supporters torn over indy bid


Examiner: Michael Thurmond is close to throwing name in Georgia's U.S. Senate race
Politico: Georgia's Thurmond plans Senate run

AJC: Judgment Day looms for Georgias tea party movement


Chicago Sun-Times: Tea Partiers are boiling mad in Illinois
MyFox: Nearly 1,000 Attend Chicago Tea Party
Southtown Star: What Quinn should be doing, but isn't


Star Tribune: Cash pours into Bachmann race

Politics in MN: Demmer emerges victorious at 1st CD convention after eight ballots
MPR: Demmer to face Walz in November
AP/Condon: Demmer wins GOP endorsement in 1st District race

AP/Glover: Minn.'s Pawlenty courts Iowa fiscal conservatives


Pittsburgh PG: Voters in Murtha country 'just might' this fall

Human Events: It Looks Like Toomey vs. Specter in Pa. Senate Race


Oxford Press: 2 bid to unseat House Republican leader Boehner


Detroit FP: GOP candidates to spar at MSU
Detroit FP: Close races, resignations could hurt Michigan's clout on Hill
AP: Mich. Dems Tap Leyton, Benson For Statewide Races


Heritage: Missouris Mission Impossible Downsizing Government

AP/Blank: Skelton out-raises challengers in race


Tennessean: Republican Corker in a tough spot on financial reform
Knox News: Tenn. Sen. Bob Corker calls AARP damaging


News & Observer: Cunningham ad goes straight after Burr


McClatchy: DeMint rattles cages, eyes 2nd term


NYT: Graft Probe Heats Up Bingo Issue in Alabama


Jackson CL: Barbour takes GOP center stage


Times-Picayune: Attack on Jindal aide initially dismissed by police as medical call
Human Events: Mother of Beaten Jindal Staffer Breaks Silence to Fox News


Richmond TD: Cantor delivers response to Obama radio address
Frank Rich: Welcome to Confederate History Month


Politics Daily: Christie Tackles New Jersey Budget: Angers Unions, Wins Conservatives
Fred Barnes: Chris Christie seeks to mend the broke and broken state of New Jersey


Boston Globe: Baker romps, Mihos is out: Wins 89% of vote and avoids a primary fight
Boston Herald: GOP throws full support behind Charlie Baker for governor
Sun Chronicle: GOP backs Baker
Boston Globe: After spot on ballot is denied, Mihos says he wont run again
David Broder: The makings of another GOP upset in Massachusetts
Boston Herald: Tim Cahill vows to fight for every vote

Boston Globe: Brown gets a heros welcome
Worcester Telegram: Brown urges end to one-party rule


Rasmussen: Arizona Republican Primary for Governor: Brewer Edges Ahead

NYT: Editorial: Arizona Goes Over the Edge
LA Times: In Arizona, drawing lines over border law


Las Vegas Sun: Will attacks on Lowden make up ground for Reid?


April 17, 2010


Politico: Barbour, advisers privately mull 2012 run

LA Times: Large Republican gains in House seats are 'inevitable' come November

WSJ: GOP Hits Stride in Campaign Funding (via Google)
WaPo: Midterm candidates borrow from Obama fundraising playbook
AP/Babington: DNC to pour $50 million into fall races

Politico: Massa chief of staff files sexual harassment claim
AP: Massa's top aide files harassment complaint
WaPo: Massa gave $40,000 to aide before resigning as congressman
NYT: Ex-Congressman Massa made $40,000 payment
NYDN: Massa paid former chief of staff $40K before sexual harrassment complaint
Politico: Mystery money: Massa gave aide $40K
Politico: Massa campaign dropped $31K on car

NYT: Senate Republicans Band Together in Opposing Financial Bill
WaPo: Obama, Republicans square off on financial-regulation bill
Hill: GOP unites, urges Reid to reopen bipartisan talks on Wall Street bill
McClatchy: Why's Sen. McConnell trashing Wall Street regulation bill?
WSJ: Memo: Democrats Hope to Use Bill as Wedge With Tea Party, GOP (via Google)
Hill: Obama: McConnell made 'cynical and deceptive assertion' on financial reform bill
NYT: Veto Threat Raised Over Derivatives

Hill: Tax hikes still on the table for GOP at Obama's fiscal commission
Hill: Cantor: Obama tax policies trying to 'remake America in the image of Europe'

WSJ: Goldman Sachs Charged With Fraud
Hill: Hedge fund manager in Goldman Sachs case is major Democratic donor
Hill: Republicans seek to tie Obama to Goldman
WaPo: SEC accuses Goldman Sachs, Fabrice Tourre of defrauding investors
WSJ: A Narrative for the Crisis Emerges in Allegations (via Google)
WSJ: Paulson, Looking to Go Short on Mortgages, Found a Willing Partner (via Google)
WSJ: Trader Seized on Mortgage-Security Boom
NYT: S.E.C. Accuses Goldman of Fraud in Housing Deal
NYT: Investor Who Made Billions Not Targeted in Goldman Suit
NYT: A Wall Street Invention That Let the Crisis Mutate
NYT: What Goldmans Conduct Reveals
NYT: Editorial: Watch This Case
NYT: OpEd: In a Rush to Judge Goldman?
AP/Bernard: Wall Street tumbles upon Goldman news
Rush Limbaugh: Teachable Moment: Market Drops on SEC Filing vs. Goldman Sachs

AP: 33 States Reported Job Growth in March

NYT: Faces of Health Care Debate Point to New Laws Complexity
Hill: Coburn: With Obama still in office, GOP can only 'nip at' healthcare law

NYT: Obama Weighs Supreme Court Nominees, and Each Potential Battle
John Yoo: The Supreme Court and National Security: After Justice Stevens (via Google)

NYT: Republicans Grill Appeals Court Nominee
WaPo: Senate Judiciary GOP ask pointed questions of appeals court nominee Goodwin Liu
LA Times: Obama judicial nominee Goodwin Liu comes under GOP fire
San Francisco Chronicle: GOP attacks appeals court nominee Goodwin Liu
WSJ: Berkeley's Judge: A liberal nominee of illiberal temperament
Politico: Kyl: Liu's writings 'vicious'
Hill: Republicans attack judicial nominee's writings, experience

WSJ: Obama Gets Reasonable on the Environment (via Google)
Hill: Obama presses business leaders to lobby for climate-change legislation

NYT: In Hospital Decision, Obama Finds Safe Ground on Gay Rights
WaPo: Gay visitation order shows how Obama brings big change with small actions

Hill: Hoyer: House would 'address' immigration if Senate acts first

WSJ: Gates Rejects Call for Fort Hood Details

Rush Limbaugh: Obama and Holder Want to Give Al-Qaeda Platform to Bash America
NYDN: Mayor Bloomberg to A.G. Eric Holder: Make a decision on 9/11 terror trial already!

NYT: U.S. Indicts 5 Blackwater Ex-Officials

WSJ: Stopping Missile Defense? (via Google)

NYT: 1 in 3 Americans Failed to Return Census Forms

NYT: Obama Pushes for D.C. Voting Rights

NYT: Fox Canceled Hannitys Attendance at Tea Partys Tax Day Rally in Cincinnati

Kathleen Parker: What Americans can do to discourage future McVeighs
Rush Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Links Talk Radio, Tea Parties to Non-Existent Terrorism

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Spitzer Antagonist Advises Ex-Madams Campaign

Albany TU: Malpass for Senate, wonkily, and swinging
Dick Morris: Chameleon on plaid: Who is Kirsten Gillibrand?

NY Post: Dems blast GOP gov candidates on tax disclosure
NYDN: Paladino's Daughter Speaks Out

Albany TU: Next weeks budget bills
NYT: Editorial: The Whole Ravitch Rescue

NY Post: Subpoena takes Meeks by storm

Rochester D&C: GOP seeing mixed results in fundraising for area congressional campaigns

CQ Politics: Democrats' New York Special Election Nominee Still MIA


LA Times: Whitman trains fire on Poizner as primary battle intensifies
SacBee: Ad Watch: Whitman ad again misstates Poizner spending record
CQ Politics: Megabucks Meg's Mega Mailing
SacBee: Lieutenant governor primary is a gauge of California GOP's priorities
SacBee: Jerry Brown wades into the Democratic convention
Mercury News: Democratic convention kicks off with nervous energy around governor's race
AP/Blood: California rough terrain for Senate incumbent
AP/Lin: Calif. Democrats to focus on middle-class appeal
SF Chronicle: Dems must cross enthusiasm gap to win in state
OC Register: Diane Feinstein to chair Boxer reelection campaign

LA Times: California's jobless rate hits high of 12.6% in March


Houston Chronicle: Texans team up against Obama space vision
News8Austin: Tea party rallies sweep Texas


Miami Herald: All awaiting Crist's decision
SPT: Will he or won't Crist jump the GOP? Governor's got two weeks
Miami Herald: Crist will look at indie bid 'later on'
WaPo: Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist goes from shoo-in to political freefall
CBS: Will Charlie Crist Run as an Independent?
WSJ: Crist Crossing Kids (via Google)
Strassel: Crist's decision to cave to teachers unions suggests he may run as an independent
CQ Politics: Wanna Be Charlie's Chairman?
Buzz: Mass exodus from Charlie Crist? Not yet

Hill: Romney endorses Rubio for Senate

CQ Politics: Florida: Potential Grayson Rival Raises $305,000

Miami Herald: Two black lawmakers support GOP-led reapportionment amendment


AJC: Michael Thurmond to make Senate run against Johnny Isakson
CQ Politics: Report: Thurmond Ready To Run Against Isakson

AJC: Parents took out a restraining order against GOP candidate for governor


Chicago Tribune: GOP outsider Roeser now wants in
AP/Mercer: Champaign mayor doubts Obama is an American


WISN: New Republican Ron Johnson May Enter 2010 Senate Race


Politico: Michele Bachmann: Tea partiers 'happiest people'
Human Events: Bachmann Blasts Gangster Government


Fox: GOP Candidate Running to Succeed Murtha Challenges Rival to Coal Mine Debate

Human Events: Tea Party Movement Surging In Pennsylvania


Cleveland PD: GOP makes early gains with voters switching parties for the May primary
Cleveland PD: Boehner links Obama to Goldman Sachs despite own campaign contributions


Detroit FP: Snyder turns in petitions for gubernatorial bid
CQ Politics: Is Kevorkian's Lawyer Ready To Run?


KC Star: Key provisions at risk of being dropped from Missouri political ethics legislation

AP/Blank: Skelton outraises challengers in Missouri congressional race


Tennessean: Nashville exec Dennis Bottorff to lead TVA


AP/Alford: Paul fundraising at $2.3M, behind Graysons $2.4M


McClatchy: N.C. won't join suit against health reform
MyNC: N.C. Tea Party Groups Gather For Rally At Capitol
Charlotte Observer: D'Annunzio and Johnson lead GOP money race


Greenville News: Greenville gubernatorial debate called key for GOP primary
Greenville News: Separate rallies reflect tension between GOP, Tea Party


Fox: New Orleans Cops Search for Assailants Who Attacked Jindal's Campaign Aide
American Thinker: Republican Officials Attacked and Injured in New Orleans


WaPo: Businessman Brian Murphy enters GOP primary race for Md. governor


WSJ: Interview with Chris Christie: New Jersey's 'Failed Experiment'
Star-Ledger: Christie's nominee for Department of Children and Families withdraws
Rasmussen: 65% in New Jersey Favor Pay Freeze For Teachers, School Employees
Rasmussen: 39% of New Jersey Voters Ready to Recall Menendez


Concord Monitor: Governor Lynch to run for fourth term


Boston Globe: Baker out to snuff Mihos challenge
Boston Globe: Cahill says hes there to greet delegates

Boston Globe: Chairwoman Jennifer Nassour rekindles state party

Boston Globe: Brown will meet with immigrants advocate


Rasmussen: Arizona Republican Primary for Senate: McCain 47%, Hayworth 42%
Rasmussen: Arizona Senate: McCain, Hayworth Lead Glassman (D)

AP/Davenport: Arizona to allow concealed weapons without permit


CQ Politics: Reid Trails By 10
CQ Politics: It's A Party: Nevada's Ashjian Stays On Senate Ballot
CQ Politics: Nevada: Titus Widens Cash Edge Over Heck


Denver Post: Long-shot Senate candidate Buck hits bull's-eye in Colo.


Salt Lake Tribune: White House financial reform plan panned by Utah senators


CQ Politics: Rating Change: Hawaii Special A Tossup
CQ Politics: Hawaii: Poll Shows Special Election A Virtual Dead Heat


April 16, 2010


WSJ: Tea-Party Activists Stage Tax-Day Rallies
WaPo: 'Tea party' protesters gather in Washington to rally against taxes, spending
NYT: With Tax Day as Theme, Tea Party Groups Demonstrate
Wash Times: Immigrant groups try to steal thunder from tea party
Politico: Tea Party crash fizzles out
Politico: GOP brass steers clear of tea parties
Wash Times: Obama skips out on boisterous rally
NYT: Anger and Frustration in Tea Party Voices
Hill: Tea Party Express announces 2010 election targets, endorses Democrat
American Spectator: Tea Time Again
Rush Limbaugh: Petrified State-Run Media Uses Poll to Assault the Tea Party Movement
Rush Limbaugh: Tea Party Protests White Liberals

NYT: Obamas Report Earnings of $5.5 Million in 2009

WSJ: IRS May Withhold Tax Refunds to Enforce Health-Care Law (via Google)

WaPo: Obama extends hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners of gays
WSJ: New Rules Give Gays Hospital Visit Rights
NYT: Obama Widens Medical Rights for Same-Sex Partners

WaPo: WH complains about CBS News blog post saying that possible SCt nominee is gay
Gary Bauer: The GOP Shouldnt Surrender on SCOTUS Fight
AP/Sherman: Breyer expects health challenge
AP/Zaldivar: Poll finds opposition to health law up
Michelle Malkin: The Obamacare Inquisition Is on Hold for Now
American Spectator: How Romney Could Kill the ObamaCare Repeal Movement

NYT: President Signs Bill to Extend Jobless Aid
WSJ: Summers on Demand (via Google)
NYT: Editorial: Fighting Foreclosures
Rush Limbaugh: Regime to Banks: Forgive Principal
Politico: Pay-Go rules come back to bite Dems

NYT: Senate G.O.P. Leader Calls on Party to Stop Fiscal Bill
WSJ: Showdown Looms on Finance Rules (via Google)
WSJ: Frank Predicts Obama Will Sign Financial-Regulation Bill by Memorial Day (via Google)
WSJ: Too Big Not to Get Right (via Google)
Politico: Eight Republicans who may break ranks on bank bill
Hill: Pressure is on holdout Sen. Collins
Politico: Harry Reid to bring financial overhaul to the floor
Paul Krugman: The Fire Next Time
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Seek Control Over American Financial Institutions

WaPo: At Space Center, Obama defends changes in space program
Wash Times: Uncertain launch for Obama's space mission
Politico: Obama makes his case for space plan
Hill: Obama brushes off criticism, says he's '100 percent' committed to NASA

NYT: Senate Climate Bill to Be Unveiled April 26
WaPo: Senators will unveil climate bill April 26
WaPo: Congress worked out health care. Is climate change next?
Kim Strassel: The Greens' Ground Zero (via Google)

NYT: Immigrants in Work Force: Study Belies Image
Michael Barone: Immigration Reform: The New Third Rail (via Google)
Mort Kondracke: Will Democrats Use Immigration as Weapon Or Try to Pass A Bill?

WSJ: Free Association and the First Amendment (via Google)
WSJ: A Shining Target on a Hill That Nobody Tries to Hit
Newt Gingrich & Jim Garlow: Hastings case tests religious freedom on campus

James Taranto: Words as Weapons: Have racial slurs lost some of their power?

NYT: Nuclear Fear of Cold War Now Applies to Terrorists
Charles Krauthammer: Obama's nuclear strutting and fretting

Hill: Lieberman warns he'll issue subpoenas over Fort Hood shootings

WSJ: Destruction of Interrogation Videotapes Raised Concerns at CIA (via Google)
NYT: C.I.A. Document Details Destruction of Tapes

NYT: Former N.S.A. Official Is Charged in Leaks Case
WaPo: Former NSA official allegedly leaked material to media
Wash Times: Ex-NSA official indicted in probe of leaked secrets

NYT: Editorial: Spying, Civil Liberties and the Courts

Peggy Noonan: How to Save the Catholic Church

Politico: GOP 2012 hopefuls wade into 2010 fray
Hill: Republican candidates outraising Democrats
CQ Politics: House GOP: New Twist on a Contract
Schoen & Caddell: How the Democrats can avoid a November bloodbath

Wash Times: Editorial: Memo to Steele: Resign
Hill: Steele should resign
WaPo: Steele falling behind on pledge to woo more minorities to GOP

Politico: Massa case: For abused aides, few good options
Pat Buchanan: Don't Tell! -- on Rep. Eric Massa


Albany TU: Malpass calls on Gillibrand to drop ties to Global Strategies
NY Post: Gillibrand won't cut ties with Global Strategy despite AG report
Syracuse PS: Republican David Malpass to challenge U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Plattsburgh PR: Republican governor candidate Levy outlines platform

NYT: Cuomos State Pension Inquiry Extends to the Current Comptrollers Office
Politico: New York charges spotlight 'new honey pot'
Buffalo News: Cuomo widens probe of Albany pay-to-play schemes

NYT: Lawyer to Put $2 Million Into Attorney Generals Race

NYDN: Scandal-plagued Rep. Charles Rangel struggles in latest fund-raising period

CQ Politics: Poll Shows Spitzer Comeback Unlikely


SacBee: Fiorina's bank account leads among GOP Senate candidates

Desert Sun: Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman visits Palm Springs
SacBee: Democrats anxious about Jerry Brown's latest coming out party

Politico: GOP pushes Liu confirmation delay
Hill: Despite GOP protests, Dems to move forward on Liu nomination

CQ Politics: Bera Nears $1 Million On Hand for Lungren Challenge


Dallas MN: Perry quells rumors that he'll call special session to challenge health law


Gainesville Sun: Gov. Crist vetoes bill on teacher merit pay
NYT: Florida Governor Splits With G.O.P. on Teacher Pay
Buzz: Cannon revokes Crist endorsement; others considering it
John Fund: Will Crist Cross?
American Spectator: Crist, Party of One
Politico: John Cornyn warns Charlie Crist on indy bid
Buzz: Former Sen. Connie Mack resigns as Crist campaign chairman
CQ Politics: Crist Campaign Chairman Quits
Human Events: Rubios Campaign Wasnt Built In a Day
Miami Herald: Both parties raking in special interest money


AJC: A brewing fight over an anti-abortion bill aimed at the U.S. Supreme Court
AJC: House Majority Leader Jerry Keen bows out


Chicago Tribune: Republican governor candidate whacks Quinn on tax hike
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevichs brother seeks separate trial


CQ Politics: Indiana: Bayh Still Has $11 Million


Human Events: Bachmann Blasts Gangster Government


NYT: Thompson Wont Run for Senate
CQ Politics: Thompson Confirms He Won't Challenge Feingold

Wash Times: Judge: Prayer day violates U.S. law


Philadelphia DN: Specter leads in cash-on-hand, but Toomey is closing the gap
Politico: DeMint triggers Toomey 'money bomb'

CQ Politics: DCCC Buys $136K In Ads In Murtha Special


Columbus Disp: Tax day brings Tea Party rally to Statehouse, but without GOP hopefuls
NYT: Ohio Lawmakers Have Tax Day Tussle
Columbus Dispatch: GOP, Tea Party rift headed to hearing
Columbus Dispatch: Brown wants climate bill to regulate imports
Cleveland PD: Tom Ganley lends $2 million to his campaign, swamping Betty Sutton


Detroit News: Michigan U.S. House reps have cash edge on challengers
Detroit FP: Would-be Stupak rival raises $105K
Detroit FP: Schauer well financed for re-election campaign
Detroit News: Democratic races heat up
Detroit FP: Conyers' attorney fights to withdraw guilty plea


CQ Politics: 'Cornhusker Kickback' Still Kicking Nelson


CQ Politics: Porn Star Decides Not To Challenge Vitter But Cain Might


Rasmussen: 51% in New Jersey Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill
CQ Politics: New Jersey: Runyan May Need Deeper Pockets
Star-Ledger: Former Gov. Jon Corzine is engaged to longtime girlfriend


CQ Politics: Connecticut: McMahon Loan to Senate Bid Tops $14 Million


Boston Globe: State GOP looks to gain more ground


Time: Arizona's Tough New Law Against Illegal Immigrants
NYT: Immigration Raids Focus on Shuttle Vans

CQ Politics: Citizens United Foes Seek a McCain Stand-In


Las Vegas RJ: Poll: Reid loses full ballot test


Rasmussen: Colorado Governor: McInnis 48%, Hickenlooper 42%


Rasmussen: Utah GOP Senate Primary: Bennett Earns 37% Support


April 15, 2010


Boston Globe: Palin urges less government, lower taxes at Boston Common Tea Party rally
Boston Globe: Palin, Tea Party Express hit chord in Hub
Boston Globe: Palin, celebrity in chief
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin Remains on Fire
Boston Globe: Enlightened on Common
NYT: Palin Invokes Tea Party Origins
Time: Palin Rallies the Tea Party Ahead of Tax Day Protests
Politico: Sarah Palin throws Boston tea party

LA Times: University president says documents relating to Palin speech were stolen

AP/Johnson: Tea partiers pour anti-tax energy into pre-Mall rally
Human Events: Tea Party Holds Tax Day Rallies
Politico: GOP operatives crash the tea party
Hill: Tea Party organizers snub top GOPs
NYT: Who Will Lead the Republican Party?
NYT: Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated
AP/Lieb: Tea party leaders try to keep tax day rallies from portraying image of extremists
James Taranto: The Great Tea-Bait: Heath Shuler did not hear the "N-word" on March 20
John Fund: Palin has brought in at least 100 times her old annual salary as governor
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Infiltrate Tea Parties, Seek Imposters to Pose as Racists
American Spectator: Advice From the Original Tea Partiers

Karl Rove: Why Republicans Are Winning on the Tax Issue

Ron Rotunda: Repealing the First Amendment

NYT: A Revised Contract for America, Minus With and Newt
Politico: House Republicans split on terms of new 'Contract with America'
CQ Politics: House Republicans: Look Behind the 2010 Eight Ball

WSJ: Obama Revs Up Fund-Raising Machine
AP/Sidoti: Health care battle sinks Obama in polls
Ramussen: Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

Arkansas DG: Both Huckabees now Florida voters
CQ Politics: Huckabee Will Vote In Florida

NYT: White House and Democrats Join to Press Case on Financial Controls
Politico: Obama dares Republicans to fight Wall St. bill
Politico: Chris Dodd threatens to cut GOP out of financial reform talks
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Runs Against Free Market, Seeks Horrific Regulatory Powers

WSJ: GOP Fights to Unify Opposition to Bill (via Google)
Politico: White House, Republicans clash over banking reform
Hill: White House, Dems seized on Wall Street reform as a winner
WaPo: Obama calls together congressional leaders in push for new financial regulation
Wash Times: Financial overhaul is health care's offspring
Michael Barone: GOP Should Push Tough Regulation of Wall Street
American Thinker: Fixing the Financial Crisis: Fire, Aim, Ready

NYT: Expiring Tax Cuts Fate Has Parties Strategizing
Wash Times: Raising taxes on rich unlikely to cut deficit
NYT: Wall Street Must Recover Before City Can Overcome Recession, Economists Say
WSJ: Bernanke Sees Little Inflation Threat
WaPo: Bernanke, new economic data predict a long road to full recovery
WSJ: GOP Concerns Over Bailouts 'Almost Laughable,' Pelosi Says (via Google)
WSJ: Recovery Act Responsible for 2.5 Millions Jobs in 1st Quarter, White House Says
WSJ: Europe's VAT Lessons: Rates start low and increase, while income tax rates stay high
Donald Luskin: George W. Bush's 2010 Tax Miracle (via Google)
Wash Times: Taxpayers foot State Department's stiff liquor bill
Politico: 1,000 fewer earmarks in 2009

WSJ: Donovan and GOP Spar Over Causes of Fannie, Freddie Collapse (via Google)
WaPo: Treasury seeks public comments on reform plans for housing-finance system
WaPo: Federal aid is forestalling only a fraction of foreclosures, report says

WSJ: Revenue Picture Brightens a Bit for States (via Google)

NYT: Jobless Aid Clears Hurdle in Senate
Hill: Unemployment battle sheds light on McConnell as leader

Wash Times: Labor unions put heat on Democrats: Seek passing of ' card check'

Ann Coulter: Stevens: 'I never left sanity. Sanity left me'
George Will: For high court nominee, no (political) experience necessary
Rep. Lamar Smith: America doesn't need another liberal justice
American Spectator: Obama's Supreme Problem
American Thinker: Obama's 'Mainstream' Nominee
NYT: Elena Kagan's Stints in Court May Yield Clues to a Style
Boston Globe: As potential pick for court, Kagan gets fire from left
Ken Blackwell: What, No Hillary?
NYT: Supreme Club
Politico: SCOTUS spotlight shines on White House counsel Robert F. Bauer

NYT: Holder Wont Rule Out N.Y. 9/11 Trial
NY Post: Chuck Schumer slams Eric Holder
WaPo: Attorney General Eric Holder stands his ground at Senate hearing
Wash Times: Holder blames Gitmo lag on Congress
Politico: Eric Holder: 'No final decision' on KSM trials
Human Events: Administration Keeps New York Trial for KSM on the Table
Hill: Holder gets hand from Lindsey Graham at tough hearing
NYT: Editorial: The K.S.M. Files
AP: Holder Says U.S. Hopes to Capture Bin Laden
WSJ: Holdering On: Holder isn't fooling anyone except the anti-antiterror left (via Google)
Dana Milbank: Eric Holder's Guantanamo Bay morass

Politico: Securing Senate votes to ratify START treaty is no sure thing
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Agenda: Cut America Down to Size, Regulate Freedom
American Thinker: The Systematic Dismantling of a Secure America

WSJ: Feud Over NASA Threatens America's Edge in Space
AP/Borenstein: Obama NASA plan gets mixed reviews

Hill: Dems pressure coal execs to drop opposition to climate legislation
WaPo: Academic experts clear scientists in 'climate-gate'
Politico: David Vitter stalls EPA assessment
James Woolsey: How to End America's Addiction to Oil (via Google)

WaPo: Sen. Harkin proposes $23 billion bailout for schools

NYT: Despite Ruling, F.C.C. Says It Will Move Forward on Expanding Broadband
WSJ: FCC Chairman Criticized Over Broadband Plans (via Google)
Hill: Senate Republicans 'disappointed' with administration's Internet strategy

NYT: Cyberwar Nominee Sees Gaps in Law
WaPo: NSA director to testify at Senate hearing on cyber command unit

NYT: Deputy Director of C.I.A. Is Stepping Down
WaPo: Deputy Director Kappes to leave CIA
Wash Times: Obama asked deputy CIA chief to stay

Hill: Democrats send Massa probe to ethics panel
Politico: Eric Massa aide opens door to lawsuit

WSJ: Politics Show in Spanish Set to Debut


NYDN: GOP ex-finance honcho David Malpass shooting for Kirsten Gillibrand's Senate seat
Hill: With Pataki passing on a Senate run, another N.Y. Republican enters the fray
WNYC: A Third Republican Challenges Sen. Gillibrand
NYDN: Gillibrand's Senate Election Bid A Cash Magnet
Atlantic: Is the Senate Suddenly Saved for Democrats?
CQ Politics: Gillibrand Fundraising Chugs On, DioGuardi Reaches Into Own Pocket

DN: Despite 'racist' e-mail flap, Paladino, GOP candidate for NY guv's seat, says he's in to win

NYDN: Did RNC Chairman Michael Steele liken some GOPers to an elephant's rear end?
NY Post: Cox, Steele meeting maybe not so good?

Politico: Subpoena issued to Meeks in probe

Albany TU: Gibson raises $108,000 in race for House

NYDN: OTB faces Sunday shutdown as pols skip town without deal
NY Post: Gov: NY legislature left before voting on OTB bill
Albany TU: The OTB bailout that wasnt

Fox: Former N.Y. Gov. Pataki Announces Plan to Repeal Health Care Law

NYT: Book Details Spitzers Fall and His Wifes Anguish
NY Post: 'Superman' Spitzer bedded three hookers in one day: book claim

Albany TU: John Sweeney reports to Saratoga County jail


Rasmussen: California Senate: Boxer's Support Remains in Low 40s
AP/Bussewitz: Fiorina takes stand against financial reform bills

George Skelton: Jerry Brown, how about some specifics on how you'd fix the state?

SacBee: California tea partiers move from rallies to races

LA Times: Chairman of state campaign watchdog panel announces resignation


Dallas MN: Debra Lehrmann gets GOP nod in Texas Supreme Court race


AP: Poll: Crist Leads 3-Way Contest if Race Held Now
St. Pete Times: Crist mum on running for Senate as independent
WSJ: Crist Avoids Discussing Senate Run (via Google)
CQ Politics: Is This A Waffle?
Ledger: Crist's Political Future May Ride on Education Bill Veto Choice
American Spectator: Charlie's Teachable Moment
Florida TU: Rubio sees stimulus as failure
Human Events: Marco Rubio Takes Aim at Stimulus Package
Human Events: Woman Defies Stereotype to Support Rubio (Video)

WaPo: Why FL-19 isn't a health care referendum

Rasmussen: 40% of Florida Republicans Favor Federal Probe of State Partys Finances

CQ Politics: Report: Kosmas Has $1 Million


CQ Politics: Linder Backs Former Chief of Staff for His Seat


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich wanted good gig for Senate appointment, court filing shows
Chicago Sun-Times: Patti Blagojevich key to feds' case against former gov
NYT: Prosecutors Offer Blagojevich Evidence
WSJ: Key Document Released in Blagojevich Case


Wash Times: Coleman says no to GOP chairmanship

AP: Haunted by '08, Minn. GOP recruits election judges


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey 50%, Specter 40%
NYT: Specter Releases First TV Ads
CQ Politics: Specter's Spots Target Blue-Collar Workers

Wash Times: Editorial: Sink the Murtha: Navy can do better than honoring this hack


Cleveland PD: Gov. Ted Strickland names Eric Brown as chief justice
Columbus Dispatch: New chief justice will stick out on court


Detroit FP: Fieger for gov? Wait for movie reviews
Detroit News: Walberg double-dips on old honorific, Cox gets candid


KC Star: Missouri Senate passes a budget for state


CQ Politics: Tennessee: FEC Complaint Filed Against Kirkland


WSJ: Bunning, Again the Maverick, Endorses Rand Paul for Senate
Politico: Bunning backs Paul in Ky. primary
CQ Politics: Bunning Backs Paul over Grayson for His Senate Seat


CQ Politics: New low for Burr, but he still leads


AP: Jenny Sanford dating Georgia businessman

CQ Politics: South Carolina: Gowdy Swats at Inglis in First Ad


Richmond TD: McDonnell makes no vetoes to legislation


Star-Ledger: Christie supports rush to retirement by state workers facing benefit changes
Paul Mulshine: Gov. Chris Christie is no Reagan: This boss is not born to Ron


CQ Politics: Storming the Castle: Democrats Believe Coons Can Win
CQ Politics: Delaware: Big-Money Race For Castle's Seat


NYT: Rough Start for Big Name in Conn. Senate Race


Politico: Rift with right as Scott Brown moves to middle


Politico: Agitated McCain: Don't call me a maverick
Hill: McCain gets help from defense firms

CQ Politics: Arizona: Quayle Tops Half-Million for House Race

CQ Politics: Top Recruit Gives GOP Hope of Beating Giffords


Las Vegas RJ: Angle wins Tea Party endorsement




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