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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

House candidates campaign on their agendas, but voters vote on Trump

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

April 30, 2010


WSJ: Criminal Probe Looks Into Goldman Trading (via Google)
NYT: U.S. Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Goldman
WaPo: Goldman may face Justice Department review
WSJ: Buffett Is Expected to Fire at Will at Goldman

NYT: Democrats Tweak Bank Bill to Preclude Bailouts
WaPo: Senate begins debate on overhaul of financial regulation
WSJ: Bank Bill Attracts Populist Amendments (via Google)
WSJ: Ironing Out the Kinks in the Dodd Bill (via Google)
Sen. Sherrod Brown: Let's keep banks from growing too big to regulate
Paul Krugman: The Euro Trap
Wes Pruden: Calling in the clowns to reform Wall Street
Politico: Democrats head to New York for Wall Street dough
WSJ: Obama Prods Economic Team to Stay (via Google)
WaPo: Geithner tells panel that more has to be done to help homeowners avoid foreclosure
Wash Times: Jobless likely to feel pain long-term
Rush Limbaugh: Obamanomics 101: At a Certain Point, You've Made Enough Money
Rush Limbaugh: The Census Worker Scam of 2010

Wash Times: Gulf oil slick reaches Louisiana shore
WaPo: Gulf Coast oil spill could eclipse Exxon Valdez
NYT: Oil Spills Blow to BPs Image May Eclipse Costs
NYT: White House Takes a Bigger Role in the Oil Spill Cleanup
WSJ: Navy Joins Oil-Spill Fight
WaPo: As oil spill hits Louisiana coast, critics assail Obama's offshore drilling plan
Hill: Markey calls Big Oil CEOs to testify as probes into Gulf of Mexico spill intensify
American Spectator: Drill, Barry, Drill
American Spectator: Is the Climate Bill Frozen?
David Brooks: American Power Act

Hill: Democrats pledge to move toward 2010 vote on immigration reform
Hill: Boehner: 'Not a chance' immigration reform passes this year
NYT: Democrats Outline Plans for Immigration
WaPo: Democrats unveil immigration-reform proposal
WSJ: Democrats Tread Gingerly on Immigration (via Google)
Politico: GOP holds ground as Dems offer immigration plan
WSJ: Arizona Immigration Law Attracts Its First Legal Challenges (via Google)
AP/Cooper: Lawsuits target AZ law amid calls for boycotts
LA Times: Obama administration considers challenges to Arizona immigration law
Rush Limbaugh: Left Misrepresents Arizona Law
Peggy Noonan: Big Alienation: Uncontrolled borders & Washington's lack of self-control
Pat Buchanan: Stand Up For Arizona
American Thinker: Retaking the Offensive in the Illegals Fight
NYT: Editorial: Stopping Arizona
Politico: Gallup Poll: 51% favor Ariz. law
WaPo: Immigration enforcement is working. Now we need to look at what isn't
Rush Limbaugh: It's a Big Lie! The Amnesty Debate Won't Help Obama and Democrats

NYT: States Decide on Running New Pools for Health Insurance
WaPo: Health insurers adopt some new rules early
Human Events: Obamacare Costs Hidden From Congress
Human Events: Mitt Needs to Shed Romneycare Millstone

Politico: Lawmakers press for PMA docs

Michael Gerson: Hillary Clinton's abortion grenade

Politico: Dems launch Citizens United bill
Hill: Senate Dems will move campaign finance bill before July 4
Floyd Abrams: The ACLU Approves Limits on Speech on campaign contributions

NYT: U.S. Outlines Plan to Curb Violations of Labor Law

NYT: Obama Says Liberal Courts May Have Overreached
AP: Obama Talks to Judge About High Court
WaPo: Poll affirms a vote for judicial know-how
NYT: Editorial: Cross in the Desert
Hill: Judiciary panel advances bill to compel Supreme Court to televise proceedings

NYT: House Approves Puerto Rico Plebiscite

James Taranto: 'Racially Resentful': Dissecting the latest bogus tea-party poll
Gary Bauer: Racialism: The First Refuge of Desperate Democrats
Wash Times: Obama's census form offers window to race views
Wash Times: Is Obama fomenting a race war?
Boston Globe: E-mail on race sparks a furor at Harvard Law

WSJ: Republicans Might Want to Rent, not Own, the House
Wash Times: Candidates' cash can't buy a bump in the polls

WSJ: Karl Rove Sets Contract to Sell Washington House

Politico: Sarah Palin pens ode to Glenn Beck
NYDN: Palin praises Fox News' Beck in Time's 100 of world's most influential people
AP/Poovey: Palin e-mail jury stuck on 1 charge, agreed on 3
AP: Palin e-mail jury trying to agree for fourth day
KC Star: Palin juggles politics with moneymaking

Mort Kondracke: Will GOP Follow Lindsey Graham Model Or Die?

CQ Politics: FEC Needs More Time To Consider Redistricting Questions


Politico: Jan Brewer: Janet Napolitano 'turning a blind eye'
WaPo: Arizona law on immigration puts police in tight spot
CQ Politics: McCain Up By 11 In This Poll


American Spectator: Sarah Palin Lights Up Pennsylvania House Race
American Spectator: Special Time in Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Inquirer: Specter dominates as Sestak tries to lure undecideds
Pittsburgh TR: Corbett vows to trim Pennsylvania's deficit without raising taxes
CQ Politics: Santorum In New Hampshire


Politico: House GOP boosts Djou in Hawaii special election


Rasmussen: New York Governor: Cuomo Still Far Ahead
Albany TU: Cuomo has fundraiser, doesnt announce for governor
NYT: Adviser to Cuomo Is Also Top Lobbyist
NY Post: Halloran tells county he's still with Lazio
NY Post: Malpass hires Romneyite Shawmut Group
NYT: Editorial: Kevin Parker: A Toxic Anger
Albany TU: Donovan will run for Attorney General
NY Post: Wilson calls DiNapoli fundraiser with Silver 'unethical'
NY Post: Huck for GOP lt. gov hopeful
Buffalo News: Volker to retire, ending lengthy Albany tenure

Albany TU: The cost of one day a week
Albany TU: Read Patersons furlough bill and memo
Albany TU: Study: Public pay falls below private


LA Times: Schwarzenegger embraces federal healthcare legislation
Hill: Schwarzenegger endorses healthcare law, says California will move ahead
Politico: Arnold Schwarzenegger support for ObamaCare expected
Human Events: Conservatives Rallying To Chuck DeVore in California Senate Race
SacBee: Tax returns heat up Senate race
Mercury News: Whitman camp's plan: Link Brown, Goldman
SF Chronicle: Whitman lacks public service background
SacBee: Gubernatorial candidates still haven't publicly released returns
LA Times: California lawmakers act to repeal early-release law


Dallas MN: Winning over GOP is Bill White's grand old plan in Texas governors race
Dallas MN: Sen. John Cornyn learns the hard way by supporting Charlie Crist


Miami Herald: Charlie Crist becomes an independent man
SPT: Charlie Crist declares independent run for U.S. Senate
NYT: Crist Announces Independent Bid for Senate
WSJ: Crist Makes Break With GOP
Wash Times: Crist meets expectations, goes independent
NYT: Teachers and Crist: Will It Last?
NYT: Reaction to Crists Decision
Miami Herald: Rubio says three-man race changes nothing
Politico: Charlie Crist's rough road to November
SPT: Key lawmakers divided on being seen with Crist
Politico: Crist's cash: What will donors do?
CQ Politics: Democrats See Ray of Light in Florida
Marc Ambinder: The New Math in Florida
AP/Fournier: Analysis: Crist's move ominous political trend

Miami Herald: Real estate billionare Jeff Greene joins Florida's U.S. Senate race
Buzz: Billionaire Democrat shakes up Democratic senate primary

Politico: Bill Nelson wants drilling plans postponed

Miami Herald: State Senate debates abortion as budget, other bills wait


CQ Politics: Georgia Governor? Not Happening; Scott Will Run For Congress Instead
AJC: Parents, church and judge told future GOP candidate for governor: Leave the girl alone


Chicago Tribune: Democrats redistricting bid falls short


CQ Politics: Poll: Souder's Small Lead in Indiana


Politico: Palin endorses Minn. 'hockey dad'
Pioneer Press: Minnesota GOP endorses Severson for Secretary of State
Star Tribune: Barden receives GOP nod for attorney general
MPR: GOP convention delegates weigh tea party's impact
MPR: No nostalgia from Pawlenty
Star Tribune: Battles loom over corporate expenditures in campaigns
Hill: Franken to raise money with SNL alums


Vindy: Poll shows Dems leading GOP in Ohio
Cleve PD: Strickland holds lead over Kasich in Ohio governor's race, poll shows


Detroit News: Michigan governor candidates debate 'urban agenda'


KC Star: Missouri passes state budget packed with spending cuts


AP: Wamp, Ramsey question Haslam's conservatism


WaPo: Oprah Winfrey grills Rielle Hunter about her affair with John Edwards
Wash Scene: Jenny Sanford: Rielle Hunter 'knew what she was doing'


AP/Davenport: S.C. senators pull all-nighter to approve $5B budget


Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell signs 17 troop-friendly bills


CQ Politics: West Virginia: Minear Reaches Further Into Deep Pockets


Star-Ledger: Christie tells N.J. mayors to prepare for 2.5 percent cap on property tax hikes


Rasmussen: Nevada Governor: Sandoval 53%, Reid 35%

Hill: Harry Reid makes healthcare a campaign issue


Rasmussen: Oregon Governor: Dudley (R) Moves Into Ties with Kitzhaber, Bradbury


April 29, 2010


Hill: Wall Street reform bill advances, debate to begin on Thursday
WSJ: Senate Ends Financial-Bill Standoff
NYT: Republicans Allow Debate on Financial Overhaul
Wash Times: GOP allows Wall Street debate to start
WaPo: Republicans end filibuster of financial overhaul bill in Senate
WSJ: Finance-Overhaul Drama Grows, on Stage and Off (via Google)
WSJ: Obama Calls for Action on Financial Regulation Bill
NYT: Goldman and Its Lobbyists Spurned in Finance Fight
WaPo: Goldman Sachs adds to its ranks of lobbyists
WaPo: Citing Goldman Sachs suit, Schapiro seeks 12% budget hike for SEC
Wash Times: Porn peepers still working at SEC
Ann Coulter: Washington takes a break from porn surfing to bail out Wall Street
Human Events: SEC Scandal Shows Danger of Big Government
EJ Dionne: Want to save capitalism? Regulate it
Rush Limbaugh: Kerry, Reid Call Wall Street and GOP Anti-American and Unpatriotic

WSJ: The Dividend Tax Bill Arrives (via Google)
NYT: Former Fed Chief Dampens Talk of a Tax
Hill: Simpson says VAT critics distorting fiscal panel's efforts
Human Events: Voters Do Not Want the VAT
Human Events: Obama's Tax-Loving Debt Commission
WSJ: Fed Sees Gains But Signals Rates Will Remain Low (via Google)

NYT: Obama to Nominate Three to the Central Bank
WSJ: Obama to Nominate Three to Fed Board (via Google)
WaPo: Obama plans to nominate 3 Fed governors

WaPo: Justice Department considers suing Arizona to block immigration law
LA Times: Arizona immigration fight to move to the courtroom
CBS: Will Other States Follow Arizona's Lead on Immigration?
NBC: Deport Children of Illegals: Hunter
NYT: Obama Says Passing Immigration Bill May Be Difficult
WSJ: Obama Sees Delays for Immigration Plan (via Google)
Politico: Reid tries to get around the Graham roadblock
Politico: Lindsey Graham under attack on immigration
AZ Central: Obama looking for another McCain to help on immigration reform
David Broder: How Congress botched immigration reform
LA Times: OpEd: Legalization must be part of immigration reform
Rasmussen: 49% Say White-Hispanic Relations Getting Worse
Rush Limbaugh: Stand Up and Lead, Republicans: Lawlessness Is Not Compassion
Rush Limbaugh: "Producing Papers" is Lethal to Democrat Ability to Win Elections

Politico: Republican party demands health cost probe
WSJ: The Insurance Mandate in Peril
WSJ: States Face Their First ObamaCare Test (via Google)
Hill: GOP seeks changes to new healthcare law through Obama's debt commission
Hill: Health insurers agree to end controversial drop-off practice

Karl Rove: It's Only Called the Bully Pulpit: Attacking critics is not presidential (via Google)
WSJ: Smart Aleck-in-Chief?
Michael Barone: After Policy Stumbles, Obama Turns to Politics

NYT: Bid for Right to Sign Ballot Petitions in Secret Stirs Skeptics on the Supreme Court
WSJ: Court Skeptical on Bid to Keep Petitioners' Names Secret (via Google)
WaPo: Supreme Court ponders privacy rights for petition signers
LA Times: Supreme Court critical in domestic partnership case

WSJ: Court Says Cross Can Remain
WaPo: Supreme Court overturns objection to cross on public land
Wash Times: Mojave Cross can stay on display in California

Human Events: Sen. Sessions Warns Obama on Supreme Court Pick
Hill: D.C. delegate: Obama unlikely to pick African-American for Supreme Court
WSJ: Judge Diane Wood Has Record on Abortion Issue
James Taranto: Abortion advocates ask: What's the matter with kids today?

WSJ: Leaking Oil Well Lacked Safeguard Device
NYT: Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico May Be 5 Times Initial Estimate
WSJ: Oil Spill Estimates Raised Fivefold
WaPo: Oil spill burned in Gulf of Mexico, in hope of saving coast
Hill: Democrats step up probe of Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion

Hill: Reid: Despite activist uproar, climate comes before immigration
Politico: Dems press Obama on climate
IBD: The $10 Trillion Climate Fraud
American Thinker: The Climategate Investigation

Politico: Two Republicans co-sponsor Van Hollen bill

WSJ: How to Tackle Government Labor Costs (via Google)

Wash Times: Cuts to State Department budget ignite interparty row

NYT: U.S. Subpoenas Times Reporter Over Book on C.I.A.

WSJ: Path Clears for Health Chief to Lead SEIU

NYT: Book Review: Laura Bush, a Lonely Texas Girl Far From Home
WaPo: In memoir, Laura Bush reveals painful events during husband's presidency

WaPo: Republicans hope to win three symbolic Senate seats
Wash Times: Kaine dismisses grim Dem fall forecast
Hill: DNC chairman fights race-baiting charges
Reuters: Democrats to spend $50 million on November polls
John Fund: The GOP edges Dems 57-37% in enthusiasm, according to a recent Gallup poll
WaPo: To woo voters, Democrats plan to cast selves as party of results
Wash Times: Hill GOP eyes rebound in New England
Politico: Jeb Bush carries the Bush political torch

WaPo: House passes new 'census mailer' bill

Politico: NRSC trips over grass roots bids

Politico: Sarah Palin: President Obama pushing racial 'myth'
AP: Jurors set for day 3 of Palin e-mail deliberations
Tennessean: Jury is still out in Sarah Palin case after two days


AP: Poll shows McCain leading Hayworth in GOP primary
NPR: Arizona Senate Candidate Defends Immigration Law
NYT: Welcome to Arizona, Outpost of Contradictions
NYT/Kris Kolbach: OpEd: Why Arizona Drew a Line
LJWorld: Kobach getting paid to train AZ sheriffs dept on how to arrest suspected illegals
NYT: OpEd: Desert Derangement Syndrome
WaPo: Editorial: Arizona's immigration law twists the Constitution in the pursuit of illegals
Rasmsn: AZ Voters Favor Welcoming Immigration Policy, 64% Support New Immigration Law
Rasmussen: Poll Bounce for Arizona Governor After Signing Immigration Law
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Sides Against America
Rush Limbaugh: Is it Time for a Tequila Summit? Obama Takes Shot at Arizona Cops


NYDN: Paterson: Give me power to furlough state workers - or risk shutting down the govt
NYT: Editorial: Albanys Workweek

NYT: State Senator Is Accused of a Scheme to Underpay
Albany TU: Espadas sued on labor charges
NYDN: Espada hit with suit for allegedly pocketing $1.35M from sham job-training program

NYT: State Senator Charges Racism Among G.O.P. Lawmakers
NYDN: In Facebook rant, Hothead Parker accuses Albany pols of being white supremecists
WNYT: Republican leader says Senator Parker 'not fit' to serve
NY Post: Skelos says Sen. Parker is 'not fit' to serve
NYDN: Raging bull: State Sen. Kevin Parker embarrasses himself and Albany -- again
AP/Virtanen: More strong words stoke Senate tiff
Albany TU: Diaz: How dare Parker call me a homophobe?

Albany TU: Levio: Plans for NY, challenges for mustache growth


LA Times: Fiorina releases 2008 tax return
SacBee: Poizner no longer a 'Schwarzenegger Republican'
SF Chronicle: Poizner's tilt right is in keeping with record
CQ Politics: California's Whitman Tries to Reverse 'Spinning' Flap
Santa Barbara Indep: Maldonados Perilous Path
SacBee: Steinberg: Schwarzenegger pressuring lawmakers with possible pay cut
George Skelton: The politics and perils of public pensions


AP/Root: Appeals court ruling paves the way for corruption trial of Tom DeLay
Houston Chronicle: DeLay's trial date might be set soon
ABC: Texas Rep. Debbie Riddle Introduces Similar Anti-Immigration Bill as Arizona's
ABC: Perry against AZ law, blames Washington for it
Dallas MN: Texas has lots of reasons not to follow in Arizona's footsteps
Dallas MN: Texas public sector pay 17% lower than private, report says


AP/Murphy: Oklahoma pushes legal limits on taxpayers' dime
Politico: States test abortion limits


SPT: Charlie Crist will run for Senate with no party affiliation
Miami Herald: Crist goes it alone in his bid for Senate
WSJ: Crist Looks to Go It Alone
NYT: Gov. Crist Appears Set to Bolt Party in Senate Bid
Wash Times: If Crist leaves party, GOP donors vow to take cash back
Politico: Charlie Crist exit could signal insider purge
Weekly Standard: Crist Tries to Call Rahm Emanuel
CSM: How can Charlie Crist win Florida Senate race as an independent?
American Spectator: End of the Line
Hill: Crist (R) set to drop the I-bomb
Politico: Associates: Charlie Crist will run as independent
AP/Farrington: Fla. gov. on cusp of independent bid for US Senate
CQ Politics: Anticipated Move Will Shake Up Senate Race
CQ Politics: Crist Switcheroo: Likely Less Than Meets Eye
Miami Herald: Senate advances conservative agenda
Politico: Grayson takes a swipe at Dem leaders


Rasmussen: Georgia Governor: Deal (R) 46%, Barnes (D) 39%
AJC: The woman who beat Sarah Palin in Alaska takes aim at the Georgia House
Athens BH: GOP loyalty oath mean anything?


Chicago Sun-Times: Obama calls Giannoulias 'soon-to-be-senator'
Chicago Tribune: Giannoulias gets hug, shout out from Obama in Quincy
Chicago Tribune: Dems advance their version of redistricting changes, block GOP version


AP/Davies: Coats gives self $200K loan for Senate campaign


Star Tribune: GOP hopefuls say Arizona is right on
MPR: GOP gathers in Mpls. to endorse a candidate for governor
Legal Newsline: Republican makes late-entry into Minnesota AG race
Star Tribune: Will government pensions be next to go bust?


WQOW: Race for US Senate seat heating up in Wisconsin
WBAY: Wisconsin State Senator Supports Arizona Immigration Law


USA Today: Special election in Pa: GOP House candidate Tim Burns gets boost
LA Times: Murtha House race: Can GOP turn Tim Burns into the next Scott Brown?
Philadelphia Inquirer: Sestak attacks ads; Specter marks his party switch
NYT: The Specter of a Democrat, One Year Later
WaPo: Arlen Specter: 'I might have helped the country more if I'd stayed a Republican'
CQ Politics: Alex Keaton for Arlen
CQ Politics: Poll Gives Dent 12-Point Edge


Columbus Dispatch: Fisher leaves Brunner behind
Cleveland PD: Lee Fisher has 'commanding' lead on Jennifer Brunner in Senate race
CQ Politics: Ohio: Fisher Increases Lead Over Brunner


AP/Hoffman: Michigan GOP could temporarily lose Doster as lawyer


KC Star: Ethics reform in trouble in Missouri capitol


WaPo: Suspicion greets Dem Ben Nelson's stated reason for opposing financial overhaul bill


CTFP: Huckabee hullabaloo


Rasmussen: Arkansas Senate: Lincolns Support Continues to Slide
CQ Politics: Will Chamber of Commerce Ad Help Lincoln?


CQ Politics: Marshall, Cunningham Are Likely Headed to Runoff
NYDN: Rielle Hunter, mother of John Edwards' baby, opens up to Oprah Winfrey


NYT: Sen. Graham Has Backing at Home, but Not on Climate
MySouTex: Lindsey Graham, RINO poster child, gets rolled
Hill: Sen. DeMint: Obama manipulating, 'thinks Americans are stupid'


Roanoke Times: McDonnell nixes police prayer policy
Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell rescinds state police prayer policy
USA Today: Va. troopers to be allowed to refer to Christ in prayers
Richmond TD: McDonnell reappoints several Kaine administration officials


AP: N.J. Supreme Court agrees to hear tea party group case to oust Sen. Menendez


Boston Globe: Cape Wind OKd in a first for the nation
WSJ: First Offshore Wind Farm Wins Approval
NYT: Big Wind Farm Off Cape Cod Gets Approval
NYT: Cape Cod Residents Dont Expect One Ruling to End Long Fight
Hill: Salazar announces Cape Wind approval


CQ Politics: Most Powerful 2,100 People In Utah


April 28, 2010


WaPo: Poll finds Americans in an anti-incumbent mood as midterm elections near
Hill: GOP hopes of winning the House could soar, crash in coming weeks
Hill: Campaigning House Dems may have to confront ethics scandals
Hill: Top Democrat predicts August healthcare bump in the polls
WSJ: GOP Pins Comeback Hopes on Recapturing Suburbs (via Google)
WSJ: Democrats Take New Tack to Rally Base (via Google)

WaPo: Obama visits rural Midwest to launch midterm election efforts
NYT: In Greeting Iowa Voters, Obama Focuses on Finances
Politico: Obama looks for heartland comfort
Politico: RNC: Obama playing on 'class warfare and race'
Wash Times: GOP sees Obama rift as way to woo Jews

NYT: Republicans Reject Finance Bill Again, and Offer a Plan of Their Own
WaPo: Republican senators again block vote on financial regulation
WSJ: Finance Bill Is Blocked Again
Hill: Republicans block Wall Street reform bill
Politico: Republican unity blunts Reid strategy
CNN: Senate Republican Voinovich may switch vote and back debate on bill
WSJ: Fed Tried to Kill Senate Provision on Derivatives Spinoff (via Google)
Hill: Rifts over derivatives regs develop among Democrats
NYT: Democrats Use Goldman to Push Bank Overhaul
WaPo: Goldman Sachs executives face senators investigating role in financial crisis
WSJ: Goldman Is Bruised, Defiant in Senate
Politico: Goldman brass: Don't blame us
Hill: Senators grill Goldman Sachs as execs deflect blame
Rasmussen: 73% Say Its Likely Goldman Sachs Committed Fraud
Wash Times: Goldman on Senate hot seat for reform
WSJ: Trader's Testimony Raises Legal Issues
NYT: Panels Blunt Questions Put Goldman on Defensive
Politico: Levin's language hits the fan
NYT: A Bank Tax as Insurance for Us All
NYT: Editorial: Wall Street Casino
WaPo: Editorial: Goldman and the blame game
Wash Times: Editorial: Putting the smackdown on banks will further harm the economy
WSJ: Senators vs. Goldman (via Google)
WSJ: Great Moments in Financial Regulation
Weekly Standard: The Financial Reform Mind-meld
American Spectator: The President's Permanent TARP Bailout Socialism Bill
Dick Morris: GOP: Fight financial regs
Rush Limbaugh: The Goldman Sachs Inquisition
American Spectator: Goldman: The Left's Favorite Bank
Rush Limbaugh: The Regime, Class Warfare and the Destruction of American Capitalism
Rush Limbaugh: Soros, Schumer, and Shorting
Maureen Dowd: Olive Oil and Snake Oil
Dana Milbank: Wall Street's Mr. Fabu-less
Marc Ambinder: Why Republicans Are Stalling the Financial Bill
Holman Jenkins: Is Financial Innovation the Enemy? (via Google)
WSJ: Porn Didn't Give Bernie Madoff His Start (via Google)
WaPo: SEC porn scandal results in zero firings, agency says

WaPo: As deficit commission meets, Obama doesn't rule out new taxes
NYT: Obama Tells Debt Commission Everything Has to Be on the Table
Wash Times: Everything 'on table' as debt panel meets
Hill: Panel urges fiscal overhaul
WSJ: Bernanke Urges Cut In Deficit
WSJ/Rep. Steny Hoyer: Shared Sacrifices Will Solve the Debt Crisis
WSJ: A Plague Stalking America: The Deficit Addiction
Politico: House votes down pay hike
HIll: House votes down automatic pay raise
WaPo: Consumer confidence is up, but test looms

Politico: Sen. Lindsey Graham: Arizona immigration bill may be unconstitutional
WSJ: Holder Weighs Court Fight Over Arizona Immigration Law
Hill: Obama warns of racial profiling as a result of Arizona law on immigration
Drudge: Send in the drones: Predators to fly above the Tex-Mex border
Human Events: Arizona Officials Dispute Racial Profiling Charges
Politico: Joe Arpaio: 'Few' non-Hispanics arrested
Politico: Hill Republicans dodge on Arizona law
LA Times: Calls to boycott Arizona grow over new immigration law
Hill: Hoyer: Difficulty of immigration in House depends on what Senate includes in bill
NYT: For 2 Parties, Immigration Poses Complex Test
NYT: Arizona Immigration Law Facing a Tough Road Through the Courts
WSJ: Immigration Issue Threatens 9/11 Bill
WaPo: Sen. Graham says border security is a priority
Wash Times: Graham quits immigration reform: Graham says issue must wait till 2012
WaPo: Jeb Bush to call for immigration reform -- this Congress, this year
Politico: Jeb Bush speaks out against Ariz. law
Politico: Romney hopes Arizona is careful
Human Events: Amnesty as Contentious as Healthcare Bill, Says Rep. Poe
George Will: A law Arizona can live with
Michael Gerson: A test of Arizona's political character
Rush Limbaugh: Arizona Can't Wait Any Longer

WSJ: Reid Says Energy Bill Could Move Before Immigration
Politico: Reid rejects energy bill compromise
LA Times: Sen. Lindsey Graham's bipartisan efforts bog down
Ruth Marcus: It's lonely being line-crossing Lindsey Graham

NYT: Concern Grows About Impact of Gulf Oil Spill
WSJ: Efforts to Contain Slick Falter: Officials Consider Setting Fire to Spilled Oil
WSJ: House Democrats Seek Answers From BP, Transocean (via Google)

American Spectator/Prowler: HHS's ObamaCare Data Game

Thomas Friedman: Energy Technology: Failure Is Not an Option

NYT: How Bombing Case Helped Shape Career of a Potential Justice

WSJ: What right does the state have to reveal your signature on a political petition?

Wash Times: Justice's anti-gang units not meshing: Streets grow more violent

WaPo: Obama administration defies congressional subpoena on Fort Hood documents
NYT: Senate Panel Will Get Some Ft. Hood Files
Hill: Administration only partially complies with Ft. Hood subpoenas

Politico: Chaplains fight 'Don't Ask' repeal

Kathleen Parker: Freedom of sketch

Hill: Reps. Flake, Hodes demand more papers from ethics panel on PMA investigation

Wash Times: Ex-Bush aide pleads to 1 count: Bloch withheld information

NYT: Ethics Complaint Dismissed, Palin Lawyer Says
Sarah Palin: Swing and a miss (Facebook)
AP/Poovey: Jurors deliberate in Palin case; no decision yet

CBS: Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz Calls RNC "Census" Mailers an Outrage
Politico: Republican congressman hits 'census' mailers

Wash Times: RNC costs for wooing donors disputed

WSJ: Recruiting military vets to run for marginal House seats comes from the Book of Rahm

NYT: Laura Bush Opens Up About Fatal Crash


Newt Gingrich: Help Elect the Next Scott Brown
CQ Politics: Cook Gives Republicans Edge in PA-12 Race
Wash Times: Pennsylvania is next opportunity to deliver a message to Washington
Hill: Michael J. Fox cuts ad for Specter
WSJ: Harrisburg Seeks 'Least Worst' Path, possible bankruptcy


CQ Politics: GOP Leaving No Footprint in Hawaii


Albany TU: New York governor proposes furlough for 100,000 state employees
WSJ: New York Governor Proposes Mandatory Employee Furloughs (via Google)
NYT: Paterson Raises the Prospect of Furloughs
NY Post: Gov: Furlough state workers
NYDN: Furlough state workers, Gov. Paterson says
Buffalo News: Paterson wants OK to put state workers on furlough
Rochester D&C: Gov. David Paterson calls for furloughs for most state workers
Albany TU: CSEAs Donahue to Patersons furlough plan: Nuts
NYDN: State Sen. Kevin Parker erupts again with raced-based rant
NY Post: Sen. Kevin Parker's new tantrum
Albany TU: Former top New York state tax aide: 'Rules are stupid'
NY Post: Levy to screen with Queens tomorrow, endorsement 'likely': source
Roger Stone: Spitzer Movie Propaganda Piece
Amer Spectator: Judicial Activist: Robert Chatigny, Obama's nominee to the 2nd Cir


Mercury News: Will Brown's patient strategy against Whitman pay off?
SacBee: Whitman's ties to Goldman Sachs won't go away
WSJ: Analyst: Plan to Sell California State Offices Would Be Costly (via Google)
LA Times: Governor's plan to sell state buildings would cost a bundle, report says
Dan Walters: Is Schwarzenegger using potential lawmaker pay cut as leverage?
SacBee: Senate leader urges California to end state contracts with Arizona
WSJ: Ninth Circuit Nuttiness (via Google)


Dallas MN: Texas attorney general investigating fraud allegations in Dallas County race
AP/Vertuno: Texas gov. shoots, kills 'wily' coyote during jog
Dallas MN: Palin event organizers decided to block reporters, Leppert clarifies


WSJ: Oklahoma Passes Two Laws Intended to Curb Abortions (via Google)


SPT: Crist says oil spill proves drilling isn't safe, withdraws his support
NYT: Rubio Criticizes Arizonas Immigration Law
Miami Herald: 3-way Senate race would change old script
WSJ: Crist to Announce Election Plans Thursday
Politico: Crist sets Thursday announcement
CQ Politics: Crist-Rubio Isn't Only Race Worth Watching In Florida
AP/Kaczor: Florida Supreme Court may review contracts with faith groups


AJC: Nathan Deal says hed implement Arizona-style immigration laws
AJC: Isakson strategist: Austin Scott should run for Congress against Jim Marshall


Chicago Tribune: Kirk to skip Palin fundraiser
Politico: Kirk a no-show for Palin event
CQ Politics: Senate Candidate Won't Share Stage With Palin
WSJ: The Daley Show Still Tops in Chicago
Chicago Tribune: Drawing Muhammad


CQ Politics: Indiana: Coats Loans Campaign $200,000
Indianapolis Star: Daniels hopes fundraising gives GOP the House


Pioneer Press: Emmer picks Meeks as his running mate


Janesville Gazette: Challenger critical of Feingold


Ashland TG: Husted, O'Brien bidding to be GOP choice in primary
Daily Caller: Tea Party movement faces next big test


Rasmussen: Michigan GOP Primary for Governor: Hoekstra Still Ahead
Rasmussen: Michigan Governor: Republican 41%, Democrat 36%
Rasmussen: Michigan Democratic Primary for Governor: 51% Still Undecided


TPM: Could Missouri Senate Define 2010?
KC Star: Fate of Missouri ethics reform is in doubt


CQ Politics: Kansas: Jenkins' Primary Challenger Makes It Official


Tennessean: Lamar Alexander requests $252 million for Tennessee projects
AP: New Ramsey ad promised to slash 7 Tenn. agencies
CTFP: Tennessee: Smith campaign lambastes Huckabee, Fleischmann
Jim Tracy: Getting Back to Basics


CQ Politics: Poll: Cunningham Closes the Gap in North Carolina


AP: SC GOP gov hopeful Haley quits foundation job


Examiner: Mark Warner agrees with Republicans on flaws in financial regulation bill


CQ Politics: West Virginia: Mollohan, Oliverio Camps Clash Over Polls


Star-Ledger: N.J. lawmakers work to fix $1.7B unemployment fund deficit
NYT: In New Jersey, a Civics Lesson in the Internet Age


Rasmussen: Rhode Island Governor: Caprio (D), Chafee (I) Neck-and-Neck


Boston Globe: Baker relied on revenue increases
Boston Globe: Cahill fires back at GOPs attack ads
Boston Globe: Active campaign shapes up for Republicans
Boston Globe: State Democratic Party chair says e-mails sent mistakenly
Boston Globe: Bakers aim misses on police reforms


CNN: Poll: Bennett faces tough odds for party nomination
Salt Lake Tribune: Is Utah's candidate selection system broken?
Ezra Klein: The trial of Bob Bennett
CQ Politics: And Hatch Too? Really?


Politico: Would-be replacements raise for Harry Reid


CQ Politics: Goddard Edges Brewer in Arizona


Rasmussen: North Dakota Senate: Hoeven 69%, Potter 24%


April 27, 2010


WSJ: Finance Bill Hits Impasse (via Google)
WaPo: Talks continue as GOP senators block advance of financial overhaul bill
Hill: Senate Republicans may offer their own measure to overhaul Wall Street
Wash Times: Filibuster stalls financial-reform bill
NYT: G.O.P. Blocks Debate on Financial Oversight Bill
Politico: Wall Street reform stalls in Senate
Hill: GOP blocks Wall St. bill
Hill: Democrat Ben Nelson breaks with party, votes against forwarding financial reform
NY Post: Chris Dodd's carve-outs for cronies
Hill: Reid to force repeated votes to end filibuster of Wall Street reform
Hill: GOP Rep. Issa: 1999 banking deregulation bill went 'too far'
NYT: Off Wall St., Worries About Financial Bill
WSJ: States Bristle as Investors Make Wagers on Defaults (via Google)
WSJ: Senate Readies Goldman Assault (via Google)
NYT: Goldman Faces New Mortgage Allegations
Politico: Levin: Goldman has been 'misleading'
WaPo: Probe, suit force Goldman to defend actions in crisis
WaPo: Sen. Kaufman of Delaware tests the big-bank theory
Hill: SEC inspector general opens probe into timing of Goldman Sachs fraud charges
Wash Times: Treasury has profited from big bank bailouts
NYT: OpEd: Meet the Real Villain of the Financial Crisis: Our Government
David Brooks: The Goldman Drama
WaPo: Most back stricter financial reform, advantage Obama

WSJ: Business Groups Say Climate Impasse Undermines Clean Energy
Hill: Climate advocates fight to give legislation another day
NYT: Is Lindsey Graham the White Houses Republican Mainstay? Maybe Not
Politico: Graham not happy with putting immigration before energy
NYT: Editorial: Graham & Reid: A Dangerous Squabble
WaPo: Editorial: Climate change bill shouldn't fall victim to immigration reform

NYT: Inquiry Says Health Care Charges Were Proper
Rasmussen: 60% Believe Health Care Law Will Increase Deficit, 58% Favor Repeal
Politico: States fret high-risk health pools
Rush Limbaugh: Guess What? Obamacare Bill Raises Health Care Premiums
American Spectator: Health Care Role Reversal

WSJ: Deficit Commission Faces Criticism Before First Meeting
WaPo: Presidential commission to address rising national debt
NYT: Obama Panel Weighs Politically Toxic Deficit Fixes
WSJ: 'Hi. My Name Is America, and I'm a Deficit Addict.'

WSJ: States Craft Programs for Stressed Borrowers (via Google)
NYT: Home Tax Credit Called Successful, but Costly

WSJ: Oil Spill Likely to Reach Land in Days
NYT: Robots Work to Stop Leak of Oil in Gulf

Hill: Business groups issue warning to FCC on moving forward with net neutrality

WSJ: Kagan's Harvard Stint Could Be Selling Point
Stanley Fish: The First Amendment and Kittens

Human Events: Islamic War On Free Speech Heating Up
WSJ: 'South Park' and the Informal Fatwa
James Taranto: Everybody Burn the Flag
American Spectator: The Humorless Veto
American Thinker: South Park Matters
NYT: Obama Talks to Muslim Entrepreneurs

Wash Times: More vets enlisting in the electoral wars
Wash Times: Celeb support doesn't help candidates

John Fund: SEIU's new leader is said to want to reorient the union away from political action
NYT: Grass-Roots Choice Leads Race for Top Union Post

NYT: Obama's Midwest Trip With Political Fortunes on the Line
WSJ: Obama Hits Road to Prop Up Support (via Google)
Hill: White House sharpens its focus on Nov.
Politico: President Obama's strategy gets personal
AP/Sidoti: Obama tries to rally troops to turn out again in election
Wes Pruden: Obama decides it's time to play the race card
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: Barack Obama Plays the Race Card on Amnesty
Rush Limbaugh: A Message to the President: Freedom Knows No Race, Sir

Rush Limbaugh: Gen. Jones Tells Anti-Semitic Joke
Politico: Adviser backtracks on joke
NYDN: Obama Security Adviser James Jones apologizes for Jewish joke

CQ Politics: GOP Treads Lightly in Efforts to Clear Fields

CQ Politics: FEC Leaves Redistricting Question Open


WSJ: Arizona's Immigration Frustration: Result of a failed national policy
WaPo: Both sides in immigration debate blame congressional inaction for Arizona law
LA Times: Arizona immigration law reshaping the push for reform
SacBee: Arizona's new law draws chorus of protest in California
WaPo: Mexican officials condemn Arizona's tough new immigration law
Politico: Arizona jumpstarts immigration bill
Politico: Arizona tears open immigration debate
CQ Politics: Tancredo Says Arizona Law Goes Too Far
NYT: In Wake of Immigration Law, Calls for an Economic Boycott of Arizona
Linda Greenhouse: Breathing While Undocumented
Richard Cohen: In Arizona, immigration creates another Tea Party moment
Wash Times: Hayworth sees momentum in Ariz. law
Wash Times: Hayworth: McCain flip-flops on immigrants
Rasmussen: 58% Favor Welcoming Immigration Policy
Rasmussen: Nationally, 60% Favor Letting Local Police Stop and Verify Immigration Status
Hill: Immigration push may help Dems in the West
Rush Limbaugh: The Left Exploits Illegal Aliens
Human Events: Arizona Gets it Right on Illegal Immigration
Bay Buchanan: Americas Choice: Arizona or Amnesty
Ted Nugent: Arizona Has It Right
Pat Buchanan: Whose Country Is This?
Jonah Goldberg: Arizona's ugly but necessary immigration law
IBD: Praising Arizona (In Border Battle)
American Spectator: Fixing America's Immigration Black Market
American Thinker: The Arizona Uproar


Las Vegas RJ: Gibbons blames federal officials for immigration problems
Las Vegas RJ: National immigration reforms sought


WSJ: Paterson to Successor: You Will Fail
Albany TU: BPRHA Caucus goes after Levy (updated with response)
Politico: GOP to file suit for N.Y. special
Albany TU: Golden explains measure that would strip Espadas leadership
NY Post: Espada flap sets Cuomo plan back
NYDN: Gov. Paterson has Andrew Cuomo's back vs. disgraced luv guv Eliot Spitzer
WSJ: Gillibrand: No Plans for Amendment to Help Wall Street
Albany TU: Deficit invoked in pork lawsuit
WSJ: NYC Hospitals Probed Over Bid-Rigging
Albany TU: Video: Skelos on proposed Bruno sentencing
NYDN: Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos' law firm runs successful lobbying business
NY Post: Eliot's latest hooker
NY Post: Eliot's trying to be like Bubba
Dick Morris: Ousting NY's lawmakers-for-life
NY Post: All GOP candidates claiming the advantage in Suffolk Bishop race


WSJ: California's Pension Bomb Ticks Louder (via Google)
SacBee: California's April income tax collection lags far behind projection
SacBee: Schwarzenegger wishes he could run for third term
Dan Walters: Voters may get second try at election reform


Dallas MN: Perry refuses to debate until White releases income tax returns
WSJ: Is Texas Messing With History? (via Google)


Miami Herald: Vast oil spill may alter debate on Gulf drilling
SPT: House and Senate budget compromise comes together in a rush
Miami Herald: Senate rejects tacked-on gun rights amendment
Miami Herald: Senate lowering price of renewable energy
AP/Lohn: Huckabee explains move to Fla.: `Not political'


AJC: Breaking: Boyd out as Republican candidate
AJC: An uprising of young Turks within the Georgia GOP?
CQ Politics: Will Angry Democrats Forgive Barrow?


WSJ: In Ill., Giannoulias Tries to Make Lemonade from a Lemon Bank
Chicago Tribune: Giannoulias 1st TV spot banks on attack strategy
CQ Politics: Giannoulias Takes Bank Scandal Head On In First TV Ad
CQ Politics: Illinois Senate Race Now Leans Republican
Chicago Tribune: Illinois Democrats, Republicans offer dueling redistricting plans
WSJ: In Post-Obama Illinois, Hope and Change (via Google)
Chicago Tribune: Palin to headline state GOP fundraiser


AP/Jackson: Coats favored to win crowded IN GOP primary, but uncertainty hangs over race
CQ Politics: If Its Coats Vs. Ellsworth, Weigh the Baggage
CQ Politics: Indiana: Republican Young Airs New Ad In 9th District


WSJ: Leinenkugel on Tap to Challenge Sen. Feingold
CQ Politics: Wisconsin: Feingold Draws Third GOP Challenger


MPR: DFLers challenge Pawlenty's proposed welfare cuts
KTSP: GOP gov. candidate Emmer to announce running mate
RM: Republican Party of Minnesota Statement on Kelliher endorsement


WSJ: Palin Endorses Tim Burns in Pa. Special Election
Sarah Palin: The Businessman vs. the Bureaucrat


Hill: Primary costs add up in Ohio Senate race as two Democrats battle
Columbus Dispatch: Tea Party hoping to steer Republicans further to the right
AP/Viviano: Wife of ex-Ohio AG pleads guilty to ethics charge
Columbus Dispatch: House GOP leader bluntly rejects 'kitchen' comment


Detroit News: Fieger ponders run for governor
Detroit FP: Fieger mulls run for governor, jabs Snyder
CQ Politics: 'Undecided' And Feiger Lead Poll of Michigan Democrats
Detroit News: Battle rages over vacancy on GOP board


WSJ: Carnahan to Join Obama at Mo. Event
Politico: Carnahan joins Obama second time around
Politico: State parties counter Obama visits


AP: Jurors to get Palin hack case after instruction
AP/Johnson: GOP works on alternate Tenn. budget shortfall plan
AP/Schelzig: Frist, Corker urge civility in Tennessee gov's race


CQ Politics: Double Duty: Kentucky Candidate Airs Pair Of 15-Second Spots


WRAL: Poll: Runoff likely for Democrats to choose Burr opponent
News & Observer: Dems angle for strongest candidate
Fay Observer: Republicans say its time to replace McInytre in 7th Congressional District
Pilot: Four Challenging Coble in Republican Primary


Politico: Inglis draws RINO hunters
State: Democratic party seeks to redefine itself


Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell's first 100 days: Hard work begins


Power Line: Robert Ehrlich -- not the no-hoper the Washington Post hopes he is
WaPo: First Click, Maryland -- Gov's race to hit new gear


AP: Feds plan N.J. hearing on offshore oil, gas drilling


Boston Globe: GOP launches ad attack on Cahill
NYT: Cape Cod Project Is Crucial Step for U.S. Wind Industry


AP/Adams: Richardson quits Maine governors race


Rasmussen: South Dakota Governor: Daugaard (R) 53%, Heidepriem (D) 33%
Rasmussen: South Dakota House: Herseth Sandlin (D) 45%, Nelson (R) 41%


Rasmussen: North Dakota House: Berg (R) 49%, Pomeroy (D) 45%


American Thinker: Bob Bennett Re-nomination for Utah Senate Seat in Trouble


April 26, 2010


Wash Times: Republicans defy test vote on banks
CNN: Dems say go, GOP says not yet to finance reform debate
ABC: 41 Republicans 'Very Likely' to Block Financial Regulation if No Compromise by Monday
WaPo: Financial bill in limbo going into key vote
WSJ: Deal Near on Derivatives
WSJ: Deal May Force Trading-Desk Spinoff (via Google)
Hill: Sens. Dodd, Shelby say no deal on financial bill ahead of Monday vote
NYT: Democrats Close Ranks on Finance Bill, Pressing G.O.P.
Politico: Wall St. showdown on Senate floor
Hill: Reid still planning to hold vote on financial reform bill Monday
AP/DeMillo: Republicans suffering for 2008 bank bailout vote
WSJ: Taxpayers and the Dodd Bill (via Google)
WSJ: The Misguided Attack on Derivatives (via Google)
Michael Steele: Dems' bailout bonanza: Another reason to check financial reform fine print
Rasmussen: 34% View Michael Steele Favorably In His Home State of Maryland

WSJ: Investors Lost, Goldman Won on WaMu Deal (via Google)
WaPo: SEC gathered range of experts for Goldman case
Wash Times: SEC porn peekers at work confess: Took eyes off the economy
Paul Krugman: Berating the Raters

NYT: From the Mall to the Docks, Recovery Signs

Wash Times: Editorial: Government Motors repayment fraud

Wash Times: Pressure mounting to legalize immigrants
Politico: Immigration reform a 'no-win' issue
Hill: Jumping into immigration could cut both ways for Dems
Hill: GOP senators differ on bringing up immigration reform this Congress
Hill: Summers: Administration can pursue both climate bill, immigration reform

WSJ: One Top Obama Goal, Climate Bill, at Risk (via Google)
LA Times: Senators scramble to keep climate bill alive
WaPo: On climate bill, Democrats work to overcome Graham's immigration objections
Politico: Climate backers try to regroup
CNN: Graham's exit puts climate change bill in limbo
American Spectator: Lindsey Graham's Climate Change

WSJ: ObamaCare Mulligan: About those lower insurance costs we promised . . . .
AP/Zaldivar: Health Care Law's Unfinished Business: Cost Curbs

Politico: Searching for ways to plug the gap
Hill: Dems juggle competing spin on tax cuts, deficit reduction

NYT: In Court Nominees, Is Obama Looking for Empathy by Another Name?
WaPo: Sensitivity to 'ordinary Americans' a key criterion of court nominees
EJ Dionne: The right court fight
Hill: Black Caucus meeting to plot its strategy for Supreme Court nod

Sens. Lieberman & Collins: How Could the Fort Hood Massacre Happen?
WaPo: Editorial: Congress should be abetted in probing the Fort Hood massacre
Ross Douthat: Muhammad: Not Even in South Park?
WaPo: 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!' grows in reaction to 'South Park'

Boston Globe: Elite colleges thawing on ROTC

Wash Times: Panthers deem flap over voting 'error': Laud dismissal of intimidation case

WaPo: For Hinckley, small steps toward an uncertain freedom

WSJ: Unions, States Clash in Race to Top

Hill: Unions wait to see Citizens United fix

NYT: More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship

NYT: Pulling the Reins (a Bit) on Hefty Salaries for Cultural Executives

AP: Defendant in Palin e-mail hacking case may testify
CQ Politics: Levi Johnston Writing Book on Palin
Examiner: Palin Palooza goes granola in enlightened Eugene, Oregon

Hill: RNC vows to invest heavily in GOP effort to win back Congress come November
WaPo: Republicans and Democrats alike voice optimism about midterm elections
WaPo: Obama and Democrats appeal to new voters in midterms
NYT: After 15 Months in Office, Policy vs. Politics for Obama
CQ Politics: Democrats Path Ahead Puts Hoyer in Dilemma

AP/Italie: George W. Bush book 'Decision Points' out Nov. 9

Politico: Campaign bundlers shake money trees


Buffalo News: Wife Standing by Paladino's side
Howard Kurtz: 'Candidate' Cuomo proves elusive to the press
Rochester D&C: AG Andrew Cuomo expected to announce bid for governor soon

NYT: Editorial: What Are the Legislators Doing About the Budget Deficit?
David Paterson: Borrowing Our Way to Failure

AP/Gormley: State Sen. Espada down but not out in probe of clinic

NYDN: Sheldon Silver to Eliot Spitzer: Shut up about Andrew Cuomo - and everything else!

Albany TU: Redlich nails down Lib line; Kristin a no-show

NYDN: Coalition urges Albany pols to sign reform pledge

NYT: New Yorkers Earn More, Early On, a Study Shows

NYT: Prosecutors Seek an 8-Year Term for Bruno


LA Times: With little money to spend, Chuck DeVore puts his faith in his message

SacBee: Schwarzenegger fights to protect his climate-change and redistricting legacy

Dan Walters: Confirmation battle over Abel Maldonado pure politics

LA Times: Line for free clinic offers a look into the faces of L.A.'s uninsured


KTSM: TX Politician Proposing Immigration Law Similar to AZ

Dallas MN: Bill White jabs at Rick Perry over Texas dropout rate
Dallas MN: What's the real dropout rate? The math is squishy

Houston Chronicle: Texas rakes in $1.6 billion in earmarks


SPT: In Tallahassee today, final week begins will all eyes on Gov. Crist
Fox: McConnell to Crist: Run as a Republican
SPT: Crist's firm 'no' on independent Senate run morphs into 'maybe'
Politico: Chambliss: Cheney's Crist comments 'probably not' good for GOP
CQ Politics: Crist Independent Bid Could Hurt for Money
WaPo: Charlie Crist's big decision

Miami Herald: Broward GOP to elect new leader amid changing political landscape


Athens BH: Qualifying begins today for most major races
Macon Telegraph: Abortion bill takes aim at Roe v. Wade


ABC7: Giannoulias accuses Kirk of favoring Wall Street
CPR: Constitutional Amendment Deadline Nears


AP/Bakst: Pawlenty caught in 2nd-tier shadows
Star Tribune: Kelliher is only done with Round 1
Star Tribune: Now Its Off to the Primary


USA Today: Contenders for Murtha's seat in tie, polls say
WaPo: Cash pours in for Murtha's top aide in Pa. race for seat
Politics Daily: Pennsylvania Special Election Could Signal Midterm Results


Cleveland PD: Republicans who run on conservative dogma don't win in Ohio
Columbus Dispatch: State hopes for more Medicaid aid


AP/Hoffman: Michigan's next governor might not opt for mansion
Detroit News: Granholm: Michigan has 'hit bottom,' ready for rebound
AP/Flesher: Mich. state Sen. Allen to run for US House to succeed Stupak


St. Louis PD: Carnahan gets boost from labor, senators


News & Observer: Burr's challengers say he's part of problem
Sun Journal: No sure bets come primary season


Spartanburg Spark: GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Load Up On Talking Points


Examiner: McDonnell's First 100 Days
Roanoke Times: Secretary chases goals of governor
Examiner: Cuccinelli gives Virginia quite a bit to chew on (Part One)


WaPo: Ehrlich is back, looking for a new mood among Md. voters


Star-Ledger: Christie aims to cap salaries of nonprofit group executives to $141K


NYT: Pressure Is Building on Disputed Wind Farm
NYT: Editorial: Cape Wind and Mr. Salazar

AP/LeBlanc: Third party roils Mass. governor's race

AP/Johnson: Despite Kennedy loss, Coakley has no GOP opponent


WaPo: Voter anger fuels New Hampshire congressional candidates


WSJ: Immigration Law Boosts Arizona Governor (via Google)
NYT: Growing Split in Arizona Over Immigration
Hill: Grijalva calls on Obama to battle Arizona immigration law
Mike Lupica: Brewer needs lesson in patriotism after defending new immigration law
American Spectator: The Great Arizona Shootout


AP/Vergakis: Conservative Westerner Bennett feels anti-incumbent fervor


April 25, 2010


Arizona Republic: Court fight looms on new immigration law
ABC: Obama Considering Options Regarding AZ Immigration Law Including Suing to Block It
NYT: Unexpected Governor Takes an Unwavering Course
Hill: McCain to Obama: Send troops to border if you don't like new immigration law
CSM: Arizona immigration law: Embarrassment or way forward for Republicans?
Raw Story: Judge Napolitano: Immigration law will bankrupt the Republican Party
Boston Globe: Arizona immigration law stirs emotions
AP/Cooper: Hispanics fear profiling under new Arizona law
Rasmussen: 70% of AZ Voters Favor Measure Cracking Down On Illegal Immigration
Des Moines Register: States pushed to get tough on immigration
Ann Althouse: What is irresponsible and unfair about what Arizona did?
Instapundit: Feds are in default on their protection against invasion responsibility

NYT: G.O.P. Threatens Seats Long Held by Democrats
NYT: Republicans Look to 1994 Playbook
NYT: Rove and Romney on the Republican Party After Bush
Free Lance-Star: 2012 prelude: GOP contenders go online
USA Today: Sen. Scott Brown backs Romney for 2012

Reuters: Senate Republican calls for strict swaps rules
CNN: Hutchison says GOP standing firm on financial reform bill
WaPo: Financial, business interests step up lobbying against overhaul bill
Hill: Advertisers fight FTC's power expansion in financial reform bill
WSJ: Goldman's Tourre Foresaw Subprime Chaos, Emails Show (via Google)
WaPo: Goldman executives cheered housing market's decline, newly released e-mails show
AP/Strumpf: Goldman e-mails show how crash turned into cash
Politico: Levin releases Goldman e-mails
Hill: Goldman Sachs e-mails suggest firm profited from mortgage crisis
NYT: Goldman Cited Serious Profit on Mortgages
NYT: Do You Have Any Reforms in Size XL?
LA Times: Obama and Wall St. its not 1936
Frank Rich: Fight On, Goldman Sachs!

NYT: Graham Pulls Support for Major Senate Climate Bill
Politico: Graham out, climate bill delayed
Boston Globe: Climate consensus collapses in Senate
WaPo: Graham withdraws support for climate legislation
WaPo: U.S. senators postpone climate bill unveiling
AP/Daly: Graham blasts Reid's 'cynical ploy' on immigration
AP/Daly: Climate bill placed on hold over Senate dispute
Politico: Graham out, climate bill delayed
Hill: 'Last and best shot' at climate change bill hangs by a thread
Hill: Kerry expresses confidence that Reid will push climate bill

NYT: Oil Leaking Underwater From Well in Rig Blast
WaPo: Five myths about green energy

NYT: States Warn of Obamacare Scams

WaPo: The national debt and Washington's deficit of will

WaPo: When Obama picks a new Supreme Court justice, older is better

Kathleen Parker: Congress should quickly counter court's animal abuse ruling

Politico: Democrats move to undercut Citizens United ruling
Hill: Watchdogs urge swift passage of campaign finance revisions bill
NYT: Editorial: Campaign Finance: Afraid of the Sunshine

WaPo: Republican civil rights commissioner criticizes handling of New Black Panther case

Times UK: Kelsey Grammer launches Tea Party TV
Thomas Friedman: Tea Party With a Difference

Time: Republican Governors Pay Homage To Guy Fawkes

KATU: Palin: 'Only a limited government can provide the best path'
AP/Barnard: Palin raises money for GOP in liberal Oregon town

Politico; Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: Reg reform looms


NYT: Spitzer on Cuomo: Hes Driven, Often by Politics
NYDN: Hooker-happy Eliot Spitzer flings some mud on Andrew Cuomo's bid for governor
WaPo: Review of Peter Elkind's 'Rough Justice: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer'
Roger Stone: Spitzer Author, College Classmate Cheerleader for Comeback
Albany TU: Author: Spitzer guilty of hubris
NYDN: Eliot Spitzer stars in his own tragic film debuted at Tribeca Film Festival

Buffalo News: Paladino's latest e-mail offers explanation of controversial forwards

Albany TU: School tax deal stalls Democrats

NYT: The OTB Parlors, Limping Along

NYDN: Feds urge 'significant' jail time for ex-Senate majority leader Joe Bruno for corruption


Examiner: Whitman enjoys support from well-known Republicans
Fresno Bee: Time running out for Poizner to capture GOP confidence
Mercury News: Poizner, Whitman may regret their stance on immigration
LA Times: Meg Whitman has her own definition of the right thing
LA Times: Goldman Sachs fraud accusations jolt California political races
Mercury News: Brown shows he can make an impact without spending a dime

NYT: Liberal Reputation Precedes Ninth Circuit Court
WaPo: Editorial: Judging Mr. Liu

AP/Lin: Republicans lose ground in California voter rolls

Dan Walters: Let's keep our problems in perspective amid political din


Hill: Sen. Hutchison gets leadership post
News 8 Austin: Hutchison to serve on Senate GOP leadership team


AP: Abortion Bills Are Vetoed in Oklahoma


Sarasota HT: Crist decision could fracture GOP grip on Florida
SPT: The rise and fall of Charlie Crist
Miami Herald: Popular Crist ignored the signs of political trouble
WaPo: Florida waits to see whether Crist will stay Republican or go independent
Miami Herald: Sen. LeMieux's political future may be tied to Gov. Crist's
SPT: Jim Greer's high-flown toils for the GOP
Miami Herald: Florida Republican Party to reveal its big credit-card spenders
AP/Farrington: New Florida GOP chair: Days of excess are over


AJC: Transportation funding: The rocky road
AJC: Behind the transportation bill was the shoulder of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed
AJC: Six GOP candidates gather in Roy Barnes backyard


NY Post: Secret papers reveal Senate 'talks' between Obama and Blagojevich

Chicago Tribune: Bank failure a nail in Giannoulias campaign
NYT: FDICs Seizure of Senate Candidates Family Bank Further Complicates an Illinois Race
WSJ: Seven Illinois Banks Closed (via Google)
SJ-R: Illinois bank failures top 30 since fall of 2008

Chicago Tribune: 10 things you might not know about Rahm Emanuel


Columbus Dispatch: Bayh urges moderate voters to redo Senate


AP/Foley: Scott Walker voted to allow late Assembly sessions he now bashes


Star Tribune: Kelliher wins party nod as Rybak concedes


McClatchy: Pennsylvania's Specter runs again like he's the underdog


Dayton Daily News: Tea Party pushing Republican politicians to the right
Columbus Dispatch: Cordray gives campaign cash to Ohio Democrats
CPD: Plain Dealer endorses Mickey Corbin for GOP nomination for Lorain County Cmsnr


Examiner: Cox keeps up heat on GOP opponents
AP/Martin: Economy a key focus in Michigan GOP governor race
Hill: Romney endorses Hoekstra in Michigan GOP governor primary


KC Star: Jordans departure from U.S. House race in Kansas helps fellow Republican Yoder


Tennessean: Politics snarl battle over TN budget


Louisville CJ: Grayson forced to play catch-up in U.S. Senate race
Louisville CJ: Editorial: In Republican Senate race, a dismal choice


News & Observer: Senate's Democratic whip sees chance in N.C.


State: Rove: S.C. needs Joe Wilson
State: Democrats focus on changing S.C.'s image


Roanoke Times: McDonnell reflects on early days in office


WaPo: As Obama visits coal country, many are wary of his environmental policies


Mulshine: NJ Supreme Court on its way to a liberal activist majority for the foreseeable future


AP/LeBlanc: Obama pal Patrick banks on 3-way Mass. gov. race
Boston Globe: Bold tax vow comes back to sting Patrick


AP/Niesse: Obama's home congressional district in play


Salt Lake Tribune: Anti-incumbency surge in Utah County Republican Party
Deseret News: Utah County GOP boots commissioner


Telegraph UK: John McCain fighting for his political life in the Arizona desert


Cherry Hill CP: Ex-N.J. beauty queen is GOP rising star
Las Vegas RJ: Millionaire Chachas returns to Nevada to join crowded GOP field
Las Vegas Sun: Rory Reid might be real winner of GOPs gubernatorial debate


CQ Politics: Murray Vulnerable for Re-Election


April 24, 2010


WaPo: Arizona governor signs immigration bill, reopening national debate
Wash Times: Ariz. governor signs tough immigration law
WSJ: Obama Blasts Arizona Law
Hill: Obama slams Arizona bill as fight lifts immigration to top of agenda
McClatchy: Obama calls for overhaul on immigration policy
NYT: U.S.’s Toughest Immigration Law Is Signed in Arizona
EJ Dionne: Arizona's shameful 'immigration' bill
Politico: Arizona gov. signs immigration law
Hill: Echoing health bill fallout, threats surface in immigration debate
Human Events: Arizona Governor Signs Tough Immigration Law
LA Times: Arizona's immigration law may spur a showdown

Tennessean: Hacked e-mail disrupted campaign, Palin testifies
WaPo: Accounts differ as Sarah Palin e-mail hacking case is sent to court in Knoxville
NYDN: Sarah Palin testifies against man accused of hacking into her Yahoo! e-mail account
Reuters: Palin testifies that accused hacked disrupted campaign
CNN: Palin testifies in hacking case

AP/Barnard: Palin raises money for GOP in liberal Oregon town

Politico: Palin defends Franklin Graham's Islam comments

Hill: Senate GOP wants spotlight on White House-focused lobbying
Hill: Hutchison: GOP to 'stand firm' against current financial bill, Democrats' tactics
Hill: GOP plans 'aggressive' effort against Dems' credibility on Wall Street reform
WaPo: Six questions on the financial regulatory overhaul
WSJ: Wooing GOP, Geithner Gets an Earful
NYT: Top Senators on Finance Bill to Meet on Sunday Talk Show
Politico: No one marching for the banks
Hill: SEC's IG Kotz 'intends' to probe timing of Goldman charges
NYDN: Schumer fund-raiser John Paulson is key figure in Goldman Sachs fraud case

NYT: Rating Agency Data Aided Wall Street in Mortgage Deals
WaPo: Goldman Sachs readies forceful response against claims it misled clients
Politico: Dems ask for Justice Goldman probe

WaPo: SEC porn investigation nets dozens
AP/Wagner: GOP attacks SEC over porn surfing

AP/Crutsinger: U.S. reduces bailout cost estimate

WSJ: Debt Panel to Tackle a Mighty Task
Rep. Paul Broun: Reviving the balanced-budget amendment
Hill: Business says vast tax increases 'inevitable' under Obama budget
Hill: Feingold says budget resolution doesn't go far enough to correct fiscal woes
Dick Morris: The Silent Killer: Obama's VAT Proposal
Human Events: Americas Great Divide: Tax Payers vs. Non-Payers
Human Events: Deficits Prompt Revenue Scavenger Hunt

NYT: G-20 Split on the Need for a Global Tax on Banks
WaPo: For nations living the good life, the party's over, IMF says

NYT: Health Care Cost Increase Is Projected for New Law
Pat Caddell: ObamaCare and New Coke (via Google)
IBD: The Unbending Of The Cost Curve

WSJ: Obama Stands Behind Offshore-Drilling Plan
Hill: Oil rig disaster spills into energy debate
NYT: Editorial: Explosion in the Gulf
Politico: Climate bill not likely to come up this year
Politico: Greenpeace says no to energy bill
Hill: Kerry says three major oil companies to back Senate climate plan

NYT: Editorial: The Court and Free Speech
Linda Greenhouse: American (Judicial) Idol
Rasmussen: 64% Say Judges More Anti-Religious Than Founding Fathers Intended

WSJ: Miss Me Yet? The Freedom Agenda After George W. Bush
Politico: Dick Cheney proud of telling off Patrick Leahy

NYT: Court Filing Sheds Light on Bin Laden Bodyguard

WSJ: 'Birther' Soldier Faces Charges (via Google)

Politico: Henry will lead SEIU

James Taranto: "Antiwar" rallies are more violent than tea-party ones

John Fund: House Democrats Are About to Become Unemployment Statistics


Hill: Pataki won't rule out 2012 presidential bid

NY Post: About those arms Ed Cox isn't twisting...
NYDN: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo hot for his cars, not governor's race

Roch D&C: GOP challengers to Kirsten Gillibrand add $1.9M of own money to campaigns

Albany TU: Feds: Give Bruno 8 years
Albany TU: Former Rep. Sweeney sentenced


SacBee: Top GOP stars shine for Meg Whitman
LA Times: Whitman, Brown have ties to Goldman Sachs
SacBee: Ad Watch: GOP governors' TV attack on Brown misleading

CQ Politics: Poll: Fiorina, Campbell Top Senate GOP Primary Roster


DMN: Sen. Hutchison, in weekly GOP address, defends GOP approach to Wall St. reform


SPT: Florida GOP exiles Jim Greer, saying he 'injured the name and status' of the party
Buzz: Masterstrokes: The RPOF oil paintings of Charlie Crist, Greer, Delmar
Dana Milbank: Florida's Charlie Crist could use a hug

CQ Politics: Webster's In; Now He's Gotta Play Catchup


Rasmussen: Georgia Senate: Isakson 51%, Thurmond 35%


Chicago Tribune: Broadway Banks failure a twin blow for Giannoulias
Chicago Sun-Times: FDIC regulators shut down Giannoulias family bank
WSJ: Bank Tied to Candidate Is Shuttered
NYT: Illinois: Bank Owned by Candidates Family Is Shut
AP/Bellandi: Feds shut down bank owned by Giannoulias
Politico: Giannoulias bank seized
Politico: White House leaves Dick Durbin hanging

NYT: Durbin, Too, Gets Blagojevich Subpoena
Hill: Report: Blagojevich subpoenas Durbin to testify at his trial

Chicago Tribune: Scott Lee Cohen planning run for governor
Chicago Sun-Times: Brady offers peek at his tax returns


CQ Politics: Indiana: Well-Known Names Among Coats' Donors


John Fund: Wisconsin and the Voter Fraud Agenda

Rasmussen: Wisconsin Governor: Race Tightens Up


AP/Bakst: Pawlenty caught in shadow of possible '12 GOP foes


Human Events: Will Obama Skip PA-12?

WSJ: Biden Asks Pa. Dems for Personal Favor: Vote for Specter

WSJ: Pennsylvania's Tea Party: Brewing for Years


CQ Politics: Ohio: Fisher Ups Spending, Portman Increases Cash Lead


Detroit FP: Dems would choose Fieger as candidate for governor


CTFP: Tennessee: Wamp accuses Haslam of push polling


Politico: Lincoln and Halter face off


CQ Politics: Candidates Spend Spend Spend In North Carolina

CQ Politics: John Edwards Forced to Testify About Sex Tape


Spartanburg HJ: GOP debate focuses on education, borders
AP/Davenport: SC's Bauer: Lazy people cause illegal immigration
State: Bauer takes aim at the 'lazy' in S.C.


Daily Press: Is Allen thinking comeback?

WaPo: Virginia legislature restricts abortion funding


CQ Politics: West Virginia: Oliverio Says He's Beating Mollohan


NY Post: Score one for Jersey's tax revolt
CQ Politics: Buyer's Remorse in New Jersey?


Politico: Sen. Scott Brown won't run for president in 2012

Boston Globe: Six governors urge approval of wind farm


NYT: U.S.s Toughest Immigration Law Is Signed in Arizona
Politico: Threats close Raul Grijalva's district offices


CQ Politics: Nevada: Tea Party Serves Up Candidates' Debate


NYT: In Alaska, Governors Blandness Becomes an Asset


Tacoma NT: GOP money sits on sidelines while Rossi considers run at Murray


April 23, 2010


WSJ/Rush Limbaugh: Liberals and the Violence Card
Wash Times: Smearing the Tea Party
James Taranto: The 'Racist' Smear: A Case Study
Newt Gingrich: How America became a 'secular-socialist machine'

NYT: Republicans Block Start of Debate on Financial Bill
WaPo: Reid aims to move forward with financial regulation bill
Hill: Votes in doubt as Sen. Harry Reid sets Monday Wall Street showdown
Politico: Harry Reid moves forward with reform vote
WSJ: Finance Bill Climax Looms
NYT: Obama to Wall St.: Join Us, Instead of Fighting Us
Wash Times: Obama implores Wall Street
Hill: Obama on Wall Street: A vote for reform is a vote to stop bailouts
WaPo: Obama makes a strong case for financial reform
LA Times: Senate scrambles to unite on finance reform bill
NYT: Friend to Wall Street, Schumer Is Suddenly Quiet
WSJ: Schumer, A Wall Street Ally, Balances Loyalties
NYT: Documents Show Internal Qualms at Rating Agencies
NYT: A Routine Deal Became an $840 Million Mistake
WSJ: Probe Turns to Buffett Deal
WaPo: SEC divided on vote to file Goldman lawsuit
WSJ: Back to Basics on Financial Reform (via Google)
WSJ: The New Master of Wall Street: Obama (via Google)
Paul Krugman: Dont Cry for Wall Street
Rush Limbaugh: Honest Obe Goes to Wall Street to Seize Control of Financial Industry
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Denies Conspiracy; Wont Return Goldman Sachs Donations
Rush Limbaugh: Geithner Promises "Elegant Funeral" for Wall Street Firms
LA Times: Senior SEC staffers spent hours at work looking at porn websites

WSJ: Democrats Aim to Tap Populist Anger in High-Court Fight (via Google)
NYT: A Brisk First Round on Supreme Court Search
LA Times: Why religion could affect Obama's court nomination
Detroit News: Detroit native is on High Court list

WSJ: Graham: Immigration Bill Isnt Ready
Politico: Lindsey Graham: Immigration push could 'destroy' climate talks
Hill: Climate leaders push back on immigration moving first
WaPo: Immigration reform's big moment
Politico: Democrats split on immigration
Rush Limbaugh: Dems to Rebrand Cap and Tax

Wash Times: 3 million in middle class to pay health law penalty
Hill: Govt report: Healthcare law could lead to higher prices, employers dropping coverage
Michael Gerson: With health-care reform, it's nag, nag, nag
Wash Times: Hoyer retracts 'un-American' epithet

WSJ: Grassley Calls GM Payment Misleading

Hill: Sens. Schumer and McConnell go head-to-head in filibuster reform

NYT: Pelosi Faces New Set of Interrogators

NYT: House Republicans Call For Earmark Action
Politico: Steny Hoyer blasts Republican 'hypocrisy' on earmarks
Hill: NRCC will not punish Cao on earmarks

WaPo: Democrats plan to introduce bill to blunt ruling on political spending
Hill: Democrats' campaign bill forces execs to stand by their ads

Hill: FCC commissioner says a major fight over net neutrality is not far off

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Puts VAT Tax on the Table
Grover Norquist: Dont Give Obama a VAT
Wash Times: Editorial: Public-sector unions bankrupting America
Hill: Senate panel approves budget-cutting bill

NYT: Obamas NASA Blueprint Is Challenged in Congress
Hill: GOP senator warns NASA budget cuts will help China overtake U.S. in space
Pat Buchanan: The Chinese are like 19th Century Americans

Bill Gates: Energy sector poised for innovation -- with the right spark

NYT: U.S. Faces Choice on New Weapons for Fast Strikes
NYT: Colleague Disputes Case Against Anthrax Suspect

AP: US Navy SEAL cleared in Iraq abuse case
IBD: Free All The SEALs From Travesty

David Brooks: The Government War

Henry Louis Gates: Ending the Slavery Blame-Game: Africans role in selling humans

AP/Barnard: Sarah Palin visits liberal Oregon stronghold
Politico: Larry King gets flak for Palin comments
CBS: Bristol Palin Testifies Against Her Mother's E-Mail Hacker

WaPo: RNC board seeking independent review of party spending

Gary Bauer: The Phantom Tea Party Threat
American Thinker: The Tea Party, Timothy McVeigh, and Tainted History

American Thinker: No Free Speech about Leaving Islam?
Ken Blackwell: General Boykin and Major Hasan


Albany TU: Levy lags Lazio in race for GOP chairmen support
NYDN: Paterson slams GOP governor hopefuls: They 'know nothing'

NYT: Espadas Legacy May Be Soundview and Sushi
Albany TU: Cuomo seeks staff pay records from Espada as part of probe
NY Post: Cuomo subpoenas Espada-related Senate records
NYDN: Staffers with ties to state Sen. Pedro Espada's Bronx health clinic are subpoenaed
NY Post: Rice goes after Dinallo over Espada

NYT: Appeals Court Judge and U.S. Attorney Are Confirmed
WSJ: Top Lawyer Post Filled in New York Office

Albany TU: Capitol lobbyists hit slump
NYDN: Big-bucks special interest groups spending less on lobbying
Albany TU: Lobbying, firms, clients and their bills
Albany TU: An historic dip? Lobbying expenses actually fell last year

NY Post: Cox: Gillibrand should be 'ashamed' for not introducing derivatives amendment

Rochester D&C: Ravitch: No federal bailout for N.Y. state

NYT: Politicians Are Watching Waste and Waistlines

Politico: Eliot Spitzer slated for red-carpet rehab


LA Times: Whitman calls for major changes in California worker pensions
SF Chron: Tea Party hero Rep. McClintock rips Whitman as a RINO, unfit to lead
Capitol Weekly: Campbell, Whitman hold wide leads in Republican primary races
LA Times: Question for Whitman: When is a campaign a campaign?

LA Times: California Assembly confirms Abel Maldonados nomination as lieutenant governor
SacBee: On second try, Maldonado heads for California lieutenant governor's post


Dallas MN: Obama calls Cornyn about Supreme Court choice
Dallas MN: Obama nominee for Texas U.S. attorney post withdraws
Politico: Edwards spoiling for a fight


Rasmussen: Florida Senate: Rubio 37%, Crist 30%, Meek 22%
SPT: Florida GOP invokes loyalty oath forbidding support of independent Charlie Crist
Miami Herald: GOP calls on members to oppose Charlie Crist if he runs as independent
Human Events: Crist Close to Switching Independent
Ledger: Crist Gets More Grief From GOP Leaders
Reuters: Dick Cheney endorses Rubio in Florida Senate race
Politico: Cheney backs Rubio
Kim Strassel: The Real Republican Civil War
Stephen Moore: Hypocrist
Politico: George LeMieux stuck between Charlie Crist, Republicans
Buzz: George LeMieux: The Frankenstein Charlie Crist made
SPT: George LeMieux in awkward spot over Charlie Crist's Senate decision

Politico: Webster to shake up Grayson race

NYT: Florida: Health Overhaul on November Ballot


AJC: Baker won't sue feds over citizenship checks
AJC: Barack Obama dips into 4th District race, hands Hank Johnson an endorsement


Politico: Dick Durbin to W.H.: Help hold Barack Obamas seat

Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich attorneys want to subpoena Obama
Chicago Sun-Times: Blago calls out Obama
WSJ: Blagojevich Seeks Witness: Obama
Hill: Blagojevich wants to subpoena Obama

Chicago Tribune: State GOP picks ex-party chief to serve on national committee
Chicago Tribune: IL GOP closes fundraiser featuring GOP chairman Michael Steele

Chicago Tribune: Quinn sings different tune on music tax


Star Tribune: Minn. governor's race: Showdown for DFL choice

Hill: Bachmann standing by gangster government

Star Tribune: Minnesotans' personal incomes fell 3.3% in 2009


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Feingold Just Short of 50% Support


Hill: Democrats worries grow as sharp words exchanged in Pennsylvania primary
AP/Levy: Specter accused of 'Swift Boat' hit
Politico: Ed Rendell: Democrats not doing it for base


Cleveland PD: Kasich out raises Gov. Ted Strickland by half million in money race
Cleveland PD: John Kasich and Ted Strickland raise millions in race for governor's mansion
Columbus Dispatch: Strickland says no deals made on judicial appointments


AP: Next Michigan governor might forgo official residence
Detroit News: Monica Conyers enrolled at divinity school


Politico: GOP poll: Emerson dominant
AP/Lieb: Missouri revenues down, more spending cuts planned


CTFP: Wamp airs first TV ad


Politico: North Carolina cools on President Obama


Greenville News: Republican gubernatorial debate today kicks of busy political weekend
CNN: Pawlenty makes moves in South Carolina
WaPo: Why did Mitt Romney endorse S.C.'s Nikki Haley?


WaPo: Legislators reject McDonnell ethics amendment; governor mulls bill
News & Observer: Virginia governor to speak at GOP fundraiser


Rasmussen: Maryland Governor: OMalley 47%, Ehrlich 44%


Star-Led: N.J. prisons face staff layoffs, double bunking of inmates with $75M budget cuts


Boston Globe: Cahills taste of business


NYT: Editorial: Come Back, John McCain
Michelle Malkin: John S. McCain, Will You Please Go Now?

AP/Cooper: Ariz. lawmakers: Candidates must prove citizenship


April 22, 2010


Karl Rove: The GOP and the Politics of Financial Reform (via Google)
WSJ: The Two Issues to Watch on Financial Reform (via Google)
WSJ: Grassley Bucks GOP, Backs Derivatives Curbs (via Google)
Hill: Collins, Snowe stymie Dems tactics
Politico: GOP tries 'maybe' on banking bill
NYT: Bill on Finance Wins Approval of Senate Panel
WaPo: Senators close to a deal on financial regulation bill
NYT: Obama Looks to Close Sale on Financial Reform
Hill: Obama readies for Wall Street tough talk
NYT: Financial Debate Renews Scrutiny on Banks Size
WSJ: Senate Democrats to Unveil Bill to Limit Bank Size (via Google)
WSJ: Financial Re-Regulation Gets Silent Treatment
WSJ: Angels Out of America: How the Dodd bill harms start-ups (via Google)
Politico: GOP swears no love for Luntz memo
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Wages War on Wall Street, Travels to New York to Finish It Off
Rush Limbaugh: When Wall Street Demons Move to Government They Become Angels
WSJ: Rifts Imperil Overhaul of Global Banking Rules (via Google)
NYT: Federal Reserve Made $47.4 Billion in 2009
Politico: Senate Agriculture Committee passes derivatives bill
Hill: Senate agriculture panel clears Lincoln's derivatives bill
Gail Collins: Dance of the Derivatives

WSJ: The Busted Homes Behind Goldman's Big Bet
WaPo: Along with SEC, other investigators and suits may target Goldman Sachs
Rush Limbaugh: SEC Case Against Goldman Sachs: Nothing But a Hollow Political Prop
NYT: Obama Denies Link to Timing of S.E.C. Case
Hill: Obama: WH didn't influence SEC timing on Goldman charges
WSJ: SEC Chairman: No Heads Up on Goldman Lawsuit
WaPo: SEC's Schapiro rejects claims that Democrats' agenda spurred Goldman case
WaPo: Wall Street heavyweight John Paulson under SEC glare in Goldman case
Politico: White House blacklists Craig
WSJ: Obama to Keep Goldman Funds (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Spokesman and Reid on Keeping Their Wall Street Cash
Politico: Goldman Sachs fills political warchests
Hill: House Democrats calling for criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs
WSJ: Questions Raised About Evidence on Goldman
NYT: Goldman Executives Are Expected to Testify Before Senate Panel
WSJ: Tourre Expected Before Senate Panel
NYT: Editorial: After Goldman

NYT: Fiscal Panel Subpoenas Documents of Moodys

Pete DuPont: Will the VAT Lady Sing? If so, it's over for America
AP/Babington: Obama hints of openness to VAT
Politico: Dem budget plan postpones pain
Politico: Obama hedges on tax cuts
Hill: Fast-track resolution instructions likely to be used to push tax bill
Newt Gingrich: Jobs, Deficits, and Taxes: A Warning from Britain and Naples, Fla.

WSJ: Car Makers Stabilize Year After Bailouts (via Google)
Hill: White House eagerly touts early GM repayment of $5.8 billion in loans
Rush Limbaugh: Is Buying a GM Car Like Making an Obama Campaign Contribution?

NYT: U.S. Offers a Hand to Those on Evictions Edge

NYT: Obama Meets With Senators in Effort to Speed Court Choice
Wash Times: Battle lines forming over court shortlist
Wash Times: Abortion looms over Supreme Court fight
WaPo: Obama wants Supreme Court nominee who supports abortion rights
WSJ: 'No Litmus Test' on Abortion, Obama Says
Hill: Obama insists theres no abortion litmus test for Supreme Court pick
NYT: Judicial Bouts Reveal Power of Persuasion of Diane Wood
NYT: Selected Cases of Judge Diane P. Wood
Hill: Specter says he'd take 'fresh look' at Kagan if she's Obama's nominee
Chicago Tribune: 2nd Chicago judge in the mix for Supreme Court nominee

Ashley Taylor: Obama, his Justice Department, and the politics of intimidation

Michael Barone: Gangster Government Becomes a Long-Running Series
WSJ: On Presidential Rhetoric: Obama's ad hominem method and the politics of polarization
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Wins Through Thuggery
American Spectator: Who You Gonna Trust?

Ann Coulter: Wouldn't a miniseries on Attila the Hun explain Nancy Pelosi?

WaPo: DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano winning over heavyweights with her persona

WaPo: FBI names veteran officer to oversee intelligence divisions

Politico: Democrats dare Republicans to repeal health fixes

WSJ: Senate Trio to Unveil Climate Bill (via Google)
Wash Times: Bill would widen Clean Water Act
Rep. John Shadegg: Why Waxman-Markey is unwise
William Reilly: Forging 21st century ocean policy
Sen. John Kerry: The moment to tackle climate change
Rep. Henry Waxman: No time like now to pass climate bill
WSJ: Climate Science In Denial (via Google)
WSJ: Environmentalism as Religion (via Google)
Wash T: A gasoline-fueled Earth Day: Government subsidies spawn environmental fraud
NYT: At 40, Earth Day Is Now Big Business
Politico: Middle age: Earth Day hits 40
NYT: Timeline: 70 Years of Environmental Change
NYT: Edging Back to Nuclear Power
NYT: The New Jobs in Atomic Energy
NYT: Solar Power to the People, With a Lot of Public Help
Politico: Coal, nuclear, big oil defy the odds
Politico: New energy powers up lobbying
WSJ: White House Reviews EPA Greenhouse-Gas Rule (via Google)
Hill: EPA prods Congress by issuing rules

Hill: Rep. Waxman backs 'ditch-digging' broadband bill to expand fiber networks

WaPo: Plans to allow women and gays, ban smoking shake world of Navy submarines

WSJ: Democrats Revive Immigration Push
Hill: Pelosi to Reid: Immigration before climate is fine
Wash Times: Durbin, Lugar urge halt to student deportations
LA Times: Tough enforcement against illegal immigrants is decried

WaPo: Prominent Republicans making more endorsements in primary races
WSJ: GOP Candidates Court Seniors (via Google)
WSJ: Democrats at the Edge of the Cliff

CQ Politics: Could Lieberman Hold The Senates Balance of Power Post-November?

Politico: The tea party's exaggerated importance
Boston Globe: Spouting off for the Tea Party

Politico: Abortion foes target old allies

WSJ: Court Gives Government Victory Against Acorn
Rush Limbaugh: ACORN Honcho Praises Socialism

WaPo: Payments by former congressman Massa investigated by the Justice Department
Fox: Ethics Panel Opens Formal Probe Into Massa Case
Politico: Steny Hoyer interviewed as Eric Massa probe gains steam
Hill: Hoyer calls for training review as Massa investigations heat up
NYT: Further Inquiries Into Former Rep. Massa
AP/Margasak: FBI probes Massa sexual-harassment charges
Buffalo News: FBI probe of Massa is added to House case

NYDN: Bristol Palin: Prank calls, text messages started after mom's e-mail was hacked
AP/Poovey: Bristol Palin: Hacked e-mail meant harassing calls
WaPo: Trial underway for man suspected in hacking Palin's e-mail in '08

Wash Times: Internal RNC probe finds financial controls in disarray
Politico: Steele: No reason for black GOP base

NYT: The Man the White House Wakes Up To: Politico's Mike Allen

ClickZ: GOP Outguns Dems Online in Congressional Races

WSJ: Money Makeover: $100 Bill Gets Facelift to Fight Fakes
NYT: The New C-Note


NYT: F.B.I. Raids Clinic Office Linked to Bronx Senator Espada
NYDN: FBI, IRS agents raid Pedro Espada Jr.'s Soundview HealthCare Network
NYT: Espada Facing Political Challenges Along With the Legal Ones
Albany TU: Feds, state unite in Espada raid
Albany TU: Espada statement on raids hits Cuomo again
Albany TU: Rice, Schneiderman, Johnson: Espada should step down
Albany TU: Sampson: Cuomos actions could have been heavier

NY Post: Levy may not make it to 50 percent at the GOP convention, Cox says
Albany TU: Paladino camp: Stone was freelancing, we want Donovan
Albany TU: E-mails show Stone strategizing for Paladino
NY Post: Schuyler GOP flips from Lazio to Levy
NY Post: Cox: I have full faith in Levy

WaPo: In Upstate New York, Democrats feel betrayed by Rep. Arcuri

CQ Politics: Rangel Pays Big For Illegal Campaign Posters

Albany TU: New York state budget cuts silence voice mail at Insurance Department


Rasmussen: California Governor: Brown 44%, Whitman 38%
LA Times: Top Schwarzenegger advisor donates to Jerry Brown
SacBee: Democrats counting on unions to counter Whitman's millions

LA Times: Schwarzenegger, Villaraigosa back plans to rein in pension costs
SacBee: Bill would roll back pension benefits for new hires
SacBee: Panel to consider new pay cut for California legislators

EJ Dionne: Obama pulls out his boxing gloves in Calif.

George Skelton: A little proposition with big potential: Public Financing of elections

AP: Mitt Romney takes to life in new California home
LA Times: Mitt Romney now a Californian?


Dallas MN: Cornyn warns against picking Supreme Court justice "out of the mainstream"
Dallas MN: No decision made in Texas AG's appeal in gay divorce case


WSJ: Gov. Crists Mistake: Forgetting the Rules of the Game
NYT: A Republican May Test Odds as an Outsider
Miami Herald: Crist wields new power in final days
Daily Caller: Mel Martinez thinks Crist is going independent
AP: Fla. gov has many political options; none are good
American Spectator: Charlie's Revenge

Wash Times: Reports: IRS eyes Rubio's spending
Politico: Probe casts shadow on Marco Rubio

SPT: Jim Greer charged big on Florida GOP credit card
Buzz: Thrasher: Greer's credit card statements were "the most troubling"

Buzz: Atwater was miser with his credit card because: 'It wasn't my money'
Buzz: Atwater's idea of a meal on the party dime: McDonalds and Subway

CQ Politics: Is Webster About To Announce Against Grayson?


AJC: A measure to force Obama to address citizenship in 2012
AJC: Political Insider More on Austin Scott and the GOP race for lieutenant governor
AJC: Chambliss, GOP lose a round in financial reform fight
AJC: Transportation, business and the 2010 elections
AJC: Still time for GOP to return to roots


Chicago Tribune: No head-butting in court, judge tells Blagojevich
Chicago Sun-Times: 'Legal equivalent of a head butt' denounced by judge in Blago case


CQ Politics: Indiana: Pence (Again) Endorses Coats
CQ Politics: Indiana: Hostettler Raised Just $37,000


Star Tribune: Rep. Bachmann defends National Day of Prayer
CQ Politics: Reeding the Tea Leaves in Minnesotas 6th District
CQ Politics: Mondale, Other Coleman Take Sides for Minnesota Governor
AP: Old DWIs stir Republican battle for Minn. governor


CBS: Darrell Issa Calls for Special Prosecutor in Sestak Case
Politico: Darrell Issa wants special prosecutor in Joe Sestak case
Fox: Specter Attacks Primary Opponent's Military, Congressional Records


CPD: GOP Sen. Coughlin rips GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich's campaign strategy
NYT: Sen. Voinovich Floats Proposal for Curbing Greenhouse Gas Regulations


Detroit FP: GOP gubernatorial debate gets heated
Detroit News: Five GOP governor candidates meet in first TV debate

Detroit News: FBI racking up cases in 'target-rich' region


KC Star: Kinder hires lawyer to hammer on constitutionality of health-care law
St. Louis PD: Republican rival makes waves over Russ Carnahans 42-foot boat


WaPo: Trial underway for man suspected in hacking Palin's e-mail in '08


Politico: Lincoln cancels Goldman fundraiser as firm turns toxic


Rasmussen: North Carolina Senate: GOPs Burr Still Earning Solid Support
CQ Politics: North Carolina: Cunningham Posts Disappointing $345,000 Quarter


State: Benjamin in wreck hours after election; woman badly hurt


Richmond TD: Allen and about 1,200 turn out for Shad Planking


Star-Ledger: Christie says N.J. school budget defeats should serve as 'wake up call'
NYT: Schools in New Jersey Plan Heavy Cuts After Voters Reject Most Budgets
WSJ: New Jersey Rebellion (via Google)
John Fund: Gov. Christie - the Non-Crist
George Will: Bringing Thunder-ous change to New Jersey


Rasmussen: 70% of AZ Voters Favor New State Law Cracking Down On Illegal Immigration
AP: Ariz. Immigration Debate Pressures McCain

Rasmussen: Arizona Governor: Goddard Loses Ground To All GOP Hopefuls

Politico: Posey defends 'birther' bill
AP: Arizona: Obamas Birthplace Remains a Point of Debate


TPM: Ensign Campaign's Haul Last Quarter: 50 Bucks

Las Vegas RJ: Goodman advises more budget cuts as union rejects wage concessions


Hill: DeMint encourages Rossi to run for Senate in Washington state




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