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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

House Democrats’ Mueller report dilemma: To impeach or not?

Federal appeals board: Better defunct or with Trump appointees?

Actually, the Mueller report showed that Russia *did* affect the vote

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

April 14, 2010


CQ Politics: Huckabee Leads 2012 Republican Horse Race
AP/Metzler: Huckabee compares incest, drug abuse to gay marriage
Wash Times: Growing chorus disputes need to tell HIV status
NYT: Man Who Spread H.I.V. May Be Held

Politico: Palin outraised by rivals
NYT: Report: For Palin Speeches, Luxury Rooms and Bendable Straws
CQ Politics: Palin Contract Found in Trash

CQ Politics: Pawlenty Quietly Begins Hill Outreach

Politico: Boehner for Speaker effort launches
Hill: Boehner renews call for ethics probe on Massa
WaPo: Staffers' accounts paint more detailed, troubling picture of Massa's office
NYDN: Massa hit on male bartender during funeral for Marine war casualty: report

WSJ: Conservatives and the Market for Alienation (via Google)

Ruth Marcus: Vilifying Tom Coburn for a moment of civility

Wash Times: Study: Networks snub, malign tea party movement
Michelle Malkin: Alinsky's Avenging Angels: Tea Party Saboteurs

NYT: Yes, 47% of Households Owe No Taxes. Look Closer
WSJ: 'Spreading The Wealth' Isn't Fair (via Google)
James Taranto: The Monster That Ate Congress
WSJ: Will Democrats Duck a Budget Bout?
Politico: Hoyer: Dems might not pass a budget
Wash Times: Debt commission's dilemma: slash funds or raise taxes
Newt Gingrich: From New Deal to Bad Deal: Government as the Fourth Bubble

Fox: Top Senate Republicans Blast Regulatory-Overhaul Bill
NYT: G.O.P. Takes Aim at Plans to Curb Finance Industry
Hill: GOP leaders: Finance reform bill is a bailout
Politico: Banking reform bipartisanship stalls
WSJ: Senators Weigh In on Financial Regulation
Politico: Blanche Lincoln Wall Street bill tacks left
Hill: Lincoln gets tough on derivatives
WSJ: Banks Falter in Rules Fight (via Google)
WSJ: Bill on Derivatives Overhaul Is Long Overdue (via Google)
WSJ: Incurious Inquiry: Last week's hearings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry
NYT: Lawmakers Regulate Banks, Then Flock to Them
WaPo: Bank executives fight calls to offer wide-ranging mortgage relief
Dick Morris: Obamas terrible powers

NYT: Reid Hits Pause Button on Immigration
Politico: Harry Reid punts on immigration

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime Death Panel Victim Saved After Publicity on This Show
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Finally Figure Out What's Hidden Inside the Obamacare Bill

American Thinker: ClimateGate Whitewash

WSJ: Hoyer Asks for Civility as House Returns From Recess
Hill: Hoyer criticizes Bachmann for denying racial epithet was hurled at Lewis
Hill: House leaders launch program aimed at increasing racial diversity of staffers
WSJ: GOP Rep. Issa Asks White House About Unpaid Interns

Wash Times: Holder will be put on hot seat

WSJ: GOP Sen. Graham Likes Kagan for High Court
Human Events: Garland Favored to Succeed Justice Stevens
WaPo: Senate Democrats' wish list for high court: Someone with non-Ivy background
Hill: Sens. Whitehouse, Klobuchar rule out high-court rumors
Wash Times: Obama to get bipartisan input on nominee
Politico: Democrats take aim at court conservatives
American Spectator: John Paul Stevens Republicans
CQ Politics: Judicial Interests May Cash In on Supreme Battle
Geoffrey Stone: Our Fill-in-the-Blank Constitution
Hill: GOP warns Obama over SCOTUS litmus test on Citizens United

Hill: Democrats prepare for election-year battle to craft Citizens United legislation
Politico: Response to Citizens United almost ready

Politico: Democrats launch push for judicial nominations
Hill: Reid plans to hold extra sessions to move stalled judicial nominees

Wash Times: Obama says terrorist nuclear risk is growing
WaPo: Obama secures 47-nation pact at nuclear summit
Hill: Leaders look to secure all nuclear material by 2014
Wash Times: Obama hastens to check off to-do list before mid-terms
NYT: Obama Vows Fresh Proliferation Push as Summit Ends
NYT: Obama Puts His Own Mark on Foreign Policy Issues
WaPo: Obama comfortable as head of nuclear summit before world leaders
American Spectator: Saved by the Bomb
American Spectator: Inviting War Against America

NYT: OpEd: The Price of Assassination

NYT: President to Outline His Vision for NASA
Politico: Neil Armstrong: Obama hurting space effort

WSJ: Stern Leaving Amid Turmoil
WaPo: At the peak of his influence, SEIU chief set to leave a mixed legacy
NYT: Andy Stern to Step Down as Chief of Politically Active Union
Politico: Andy Stern's departure roils labor movement
WSJ: Crony Contracts: Want federal business? Better be a union shop


Alb TU: Tea Party organizer says Paladino "incompatible" with group after racist comments
Albany TU: Paladino camp: We werent coming to your shindig anyway
WKBW: GOP Leaders Withdraw Paladino Invitation
NY Post: Paladino disinvited from GOP forum
Reuters: Republican in NY governor's race gets bomb threat
NYDN: Paladino's Office Receives Bomb Threat
NYDN: Paterson's 'deeply disturbed' by gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino's e-mail conduct
Buffalo News: The 'liberal elites' behind the Paladino e-mail story
Roger Stone: Hammond's Organ

NYDN: New poll finds AG Cuomo would crush would-be Republican opponents in gov run

WSJ: Pataki Isn't Joining New York Senate Race (via Google)
Rasmussen: New York Senate: Gillibrand 40%, Generic Republican 39%

NY Post: Steele, Cox to meet tomorrow: sources

Albany TU: 25/55 retire option in mix
Albany TU: New York state probe: $500,000 rip-off includes no-work Fridays for 17 years

Albany TU: Judge rejects new bid to delay Bruno sentencing


LA Times: Activist who challenges Obama's citizenship is booted from Tax Day Tea Party

SacBee: Schwarzenegger criticizes Prez for delaying Maldonado confirmation


AP: Lehrmann wins GOP Texas Supreme Court race
CQ Politics: Texas: Canseco Defeats Hurd In GOP Runoff
CQ Politics: Texas: Flores Easily Beats Curnock


Politico: Okla. GOP rebukes tea party 'militia'


WSJ: Crist Advisers See Path to Senate Outside GOP (via Google)
Human Events: Rubio Responds to Palins 'Call Me' (Video)

CQ Politics: Scott's Entry Adds Healthy Twist to Florida Governor Race

Miami Herald: Crist cites problems with teacher pay bill
SPT: Crist lists more problems with SB 6 put still won't say whether he'll veto it
SPT: Bush calls Crist, asks him to sign SB 6

Miami Herald: Senate panel rejects Gov. Crist's healthcare chief

Politico: Deutch easily wins Florida special
AP/Skoloff: Democrat wins District 19 seat
AP: Democrat Wins U.S. House Race in Florida


NYT: Georgia Insurance Commissioner Balks at Request on New Health Law
AJC: Per diems a costly expense for General Assembly
AJC: John Linder endorses former chief of staff to replace him


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich prosecutors seek key document released
Chicago Sun-Times: Prosecutors rap Blago bid to keep evidence sealed


CQ Politics: Indiana: Coats Goes On The Air


Star Tribune: Pawlenty, lawmakers renew push for Race to the Top money


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Democratic Senate Primary: Specter 44%, Sestak 42%

CQ Politics: GOP Poll Shows Burns Up By Four in Murtha Special
Politico: Pennsylvania Dems feud over Murtha seat


Columbus Dispatch: Brunner, Fisher get testy in final debate


CQ Politics: Michigan: One Less Republican Looking at Stupak's Seat


KMSU: Tea Party Activists Strong in Southwest Missouri


CQ Politics: Huelskamp Goes On TV in Kansas' 1st District


NYT: Nebraska Law Sets Limits on Abortion


CQ Politics: Tennessee: Internal Fincher Poll Shows Wide Primary Lead


AP: SC GOP to reveal plans for ballot initiative


Human Events: Jindal Staffer Assaulted


Richmond TD: Cuccinelli addresses gun-rights rally at Capitol Square


Politico: Tea party touts 'Maryland miracle'


AP: Complete list of candidates running for N.J. Congress


WSJ: Arizona Clears Strict Immigration Bill


CQ Politics: Tarkanian's New Ad Reminds Viewers of Basketball Glory Days


Politico: Norton to skip Colo. GOP convention
CQ Politics: Colorado: Norton Takes Petition Route Onto GOP Ballot


American Spectator: A New Sagebrush Rebellion?


Politico: Hawaii special has Dems in knots


April 13, 2010


WSJ: Jobless-Benefits Measure Advances in Senate
Hill: Four GOP sens help Democrats move unemployment benefits
NYT: Senators End Impasse on Extending Jobless Aid
WaPo: Jobless benefits advance in Senate with Republican votes
Politico: Unemployment package clears key vote
Hill: Senate Dems to push unemployment extension, eye yearlong fix soon
NYT: Editorial: A Wrong Way and a Right Way to Address the Deficit
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Recession Continues
Dana Milbank: No celebration of the 50th filibuster
Bob Herbert: Unemployment is A Different Creature
WSJ: Incentives Not to Work: Larry Summers v. Senate Democrats on jobless benefits
WSJ: U.S. Posts 18th Straight Monthly Budget Deficit in March (via Google)
Wash Times: Hill Republicans vow to fight for cuts
Wash Times: Editorial: Congress' financial mess
WaPo: Obama team points to smaller deficit numbers
WaPo: Economic data don't point to boom times just yet
Wash Times: Income falls 3.2% during Obama's term

Timothy Geithner: How to prevent America's next financial crisis
WSJ: Hurdle Emerges to Financial Revamp (via Google)
Hill: Manufacturing giants aim to protect industrial banks

Wash Times: Democrats want anti-Bush loyalist for GAO director

NYT: Democrats Push to Require Corporate Campaign Disclosure
NYT: Lehman Channeled Risks Through Alter Ego Firm

LA Times: GOP looks beyond court pick
WaPo: Obama considering as many as 10 candidates for high court opening
WSJ: White House Floats Diverse List for Court (via Google)
NYT: Possible Candidates
WaPo: Candidates to replace Justice John Paul Stevens
Wes Pruden: Chance for 41 votes and a spine
Thomas Sowell: Republicans' Lamentable Legacy: Easy-To-Confirm Court Nominees
American Spectator: The Fortas Filibuster and the Stevens Seat
NYT: White House Dashes Chatter of Clinton as Supreme Court Nominee
WaPo: Hillary Clinton not a candidate for Supreme Court
AP/Feller: White House: Clinton won't be court pick
Politico: A Clinton trial balloon's short flight
Politico: Ax renews attack on SCOTUS case
Hill: MoveOn seeks liberal justice
CQ Politics: Identity Politics and Picking a New Justice

Hill: Boehner: Repealing healthcare law Republicans' 'No. 1 priority' in 2010
Rasmussen: Support for Repeal of Health Care Plan Up To 58%
Hill: JCT: Healthcare law to sock middle class with a $3.9 billion tax increase in 2019
WSJ: As Ranks of Insured Expand, Nation Faces Shortage of 150,000 Doctors in 15 Years
Human Events: The Nullification Crisis, Coming to a State Near You
David Limbaugh: Democrats Manipulate the CBO
NYT: Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers
NYT: Could Health Overhaul Incentives Hurt Some?
NYT: Data on Fees to Doctors Is Called Hard to Parse
AP: Wrong Video of Health Protest Spurs N-Word Feud

Hill: Crunch time for climate change bill
WaPo: Climate treaty realities push leaders to trim priority lists
American Spectator: Lyin' for Climate Indoctrination

Human Events: Taking a Tough Stand on Illegal Immigration
Human Events: Open Letter to Immigrants: Embrace Conservatism

NYT: Andrew Stern, Head of S.E.I.U., Plans to Step Down
WaPo: Officials say SEIU president is stepping down from post
WSJ: Labor's Stern Said to Be Resigning (via Google)
Hill: SEIU's Stern to address reports he's leaving post; his term ends in 2012
WSJ: Unions Win Public-Contract Row (via Google)
Richard Trumka: It's Time to Restrict Private Equity (via Google)

Hill: Broadcasters lash out over FCC plan to reallocate TV spectrum

WSJ: Minority Areas, Cities Slow in Census Response
WaPo: Big cities, rural areas both trail on census returns
AP/Yen: Census director denies boycott on right
Chicago Sun-Times: Census Bureau using products not made in U.S.

Politico: Rockefeller calls for mining hearings

NYT: Editorial: Dawn Johnsen: Politics 1, Rule of Law 0

WaPo: In nuclear summit, Obama seeks global help in sanctioning Iran
WSJ: Debating Obama's New Nuclear Doctrine (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: Nuclear Summit Kicks Off Obama Effort to Disarm America
IBD: A Nuclear-Free (Dream) World

James Taranto: 'Bold' Baloney: Obama is no Anwar Sadat

WaPo: Obama spokesman Gibbs sounds eager for future strategist role

AP: 2010 Pulitzer Prize Winners and Finalists
WaPo: The Post wins four Pulitzers; Bristol, Va., paper wins for public service
Wash Times: National Enquirer snubbed by snobs

Boston Globe: A GOP divide on Palins Hub rally
Politico: Scott Brown camp: No snub intended
WaPo: The Sarcasm of Sarah Palin
LAT: Palin speech at Cal State campus draws attention to foundations linked to universities

American Spectator: Is Romney Grasping at Straws?

Politico: 'Citizen Newt' on the way

Politico: Ron Paul: Tea party abuse overblown

CQ Politics: NRCC Chairman: On The Road With A Different Agenda
Fox: Republican Leaders Quietly Work Around Steele, Keep Focus on Election

Politico: Critics see Michael Steele cronies as source of RNC problems
Human Events: Michael Steele Flies Coach

WaPo: Rahm Emanuel provides inspiration to Republicans

Human Events: Gizzi's Races of the Week


Albany TU: Paladino shrugs off racist e-mails
NYDN: Carl Paladino under fire again for sending out racist, trashy e-mails
NYT: Racist E-Mail Tied to Candidate for Governor
Buffalo News: Paladino under fire for e-mails
NY Post: Gov candidate Carl Paladino forwarded racist e-mails
NY Post: Republican Party denounces Paladino's e-mail scandal
NYDN: NY GOP Not Impressed With Paladino's Email Skills

NYT: Behind the Curtain, Cuomo Runs His Own P.R. Machine
Albany TU: Paladino: Investigate Percoco

NY Post: Gov's 'wait until June' $$ threat

Albany TU: Businessman announces he's running for lieutenant governor

Albany TU: DiNapoli releases tax return

NYT: Son of Former Congressman Enters Race to Take Rangels House Seat
NYDN: Rangel wants to win but doesn't want to serve out term, foe Powell claims
NYT: Powell Says He Will Challenge Rangel
AP/Fouhy: Lawmaker's son will challenge Rangel

CQ Politics: New York: Arcuri Challenger Raises $350,000 in First Quarter

NYT: SUNY to Focus on Revitalizing the State


SacBee: Meg Whitman mails half a million copies of policy booklet
Dan Walters: Anti-Brown ad slanted but not unusual

CQ Politics: California: Boxer Reports $2.4 Million Quarter

LA Times: Mercury Insurance Group may face fines for overcharging

NYT: Appeals Court Nominee Ignites a Partisan Battle

WSJ: Bid to Repeal California Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Falls Short
SacBee: Proposal to repeal Proposition 8 falls short; focus shifts to 2012


AP/Shannon: Supreme Court race on Texas runoff ballot
Dallas MN: Lawmakers affirm they're in synch with tea party


SPT: US House race in FL to test GOP's theory on upsets in today's special election
AP/Skoloff: GOP hopes for upset in Fla. US House election
WPBF: Voters To Head To Polls For Special Congressional Election

Rasmussen: Florida Senate GOP Primary: Rubio 57%, Crist 28%
SPT: Crist links Rubio to Sansom in new TV ad

Miami Herald: Sen. Mike Haridopolos wasn't a big spender

CQ Politics: Florida: Miller Shows $340,000 in Receipts in 44 Days

SPT: Teachers union leads the fight against SB 6


AJC: Oxendine says no to high-risk' insurance pool for Georgia
AP: Ga. to skip premium help in health law

AJC: Smith opens wounds in GOP over hospital tax
AJC: The tea party cometh


Chicago Tribune: Giannoulias tries to shake bank issue
NYT: Bank Woes Haunt Illinois Democrat in Senate Race


Politico: Pawlenty proclaims 'Abortion Recovery Month'

Politico: Bachmann with King for a day


CQ Politics: NRCC Spends Big in PA 12


Columbus Dispatch: Portman campaign raised $2.35 million in quarter
Columbus Dispatch: Tea Party, Liberty Council making splash in GOP congressional race


Detroit FP: Englers buy Mich. home, fueling talk of political run
CQ Politics: Abortion Split Shades Michigan Race
Detroit News: Critics see Mich. reps' taxpayer paid mailings as electioneering


St. Louis PD: Steele gets support from state GOP chairs but not Missouris


CQ Politics: Brotherly Love and Spending Limits


CQ Politics: Democratic Senate Primary Tightens In Kentucky
CQ Politics: Mongiardo Losing Steam in Kentucky


CQ Politics: N.C. Senate: Cunningham Airs First Ad of Democratic Primary


State: GOP gubernatorial candidates' war chests grow


Rasmussen: Louisiana Senate: Vitter 52%, Melancon 36%

NOLA: Gov. Bobby Jindal's campaign finance director injured in French Quarter incident


Richmond TD: McDonnells proposed change to voting-rights process is criticized


WSJ: Reaganism, New Jersey Style with Chris Christie
WSJ: A New Jersey teacher's union prays for Chris Christie's death
S-L: Teachers union chief refuses Gov. Chris Christie's request to fire memo writer
AP: Poll finds N.J. residents question fairness of Gov. Chris Christie's budget
S-L: N.J. conservatives pressure Gov. Christie, AG Dow to challenge U.S. health care bill

S-L: N.J. Republicans lure big-spending candidates to run in key district elections


Boston Globe: Judge blocks insurers on rates
Boston Globe: Kennedy kin Skakel loses bid for new trial


Rasmussen: Connecticut Senate: Blumenthal Still Picks Up Over 50% In All Match-ups


CQ Politics: Delaware: Urquhart Self-Financing Bid For Castle's Seat


CQ Politics: Romney Endorses Republican Djou In Hawaii Special Election
CQ Politics: Hawaiis Polling Pitfalls


CQ Politics: Analysis: Nevada's Foot-In-Mouth Campaign
Las Vegas RJ: Study makes case for state income tax


April 12, 2010


NYT: 1994 Republican Rout Is Casting Shadow in 2010
LA Times: Newt Gingrich's strategy for another Republican Revolution (video)
Politico: Barbour: GOP would retake Congress if vote were today
NYT: Conflicting Signs for Midterm Elections
Hill: Obama at new low in Gallup poll
WSJ: New Fangs for the Conservative 'Beast' (via Google)
Hill: Battle-weary House Dems eye short weeks, easy votes ahead of election
LA Times: House Republicans say they're going cold turkey on pork projects
McClatchy: GOP aims to go from `party of no' to party of choice
NYT: G.O.P. Confidence Tested by Fears of Searing Divisions
American Spectator: Storm Watch in New Orleans
American Spectator/Prowler: Ramadan Season
Politico: $20M in spare cash for retiring Democrats

WaPo: Republicans say Obama's Supreme Court pick must be mainstream
Wash Times: Stevens' retirement sets stage for battle
NYT: Democrat Predicts Speedy Court Confirmation. Republicans Sound Note of Caution
WSJ: Kagan Foes Stress Gay-Rights Stand (via Google)
WSJ: Republicans Keep Filibuster on Tap (via Google)
Hill: Alexander: 'Fringe,' 'feelings' court nominees could provoke filibuster
Rasmussen: 39% Say Supreme Court Too Liberal, 25% Too Conservative
Politico: Republicans cautious on court fight
American Thinker: A Justice Stevens Performance Review

WaPo: Bill to extend jobless benefits faces Senate showdown
Robert Reich: The Jobs Picture Still Looks Bleak

Hill: Financial reform takes center stage in Senate
LA Times: Democrats trudge ahead on legislative agenda
Politico: Democrats eager to take on Wall Street
Politico: Hill aides not amused by GOP insults

NYT: Recession Arbiters, Wary of Certifying an Upturn
Wash Times: Economists warn against more aid: Congress considers extension of stimulus
WSJ: Light At the End of the Bailout Tunnel (via Google)
WSJ: OpEd: Did FDR End the Depression? Or the postwar Congressional tax cut?
NYT: U.S. Faults Regulators Over a Bank
Paul Krugman: Georgia on My Mind
Examiner: How Fannie and Freddie foiled regulators

NYT: Tax Audits of Big Business Are Declining, Study Says
Rasmussen: 66% Say America Is Overtaxed
Politico: Congress sees no budget rush

Human Events: The ABCs of Repealing ObamaCare
LA Times: Back home, defending their healthcare votes
Hill: Orszag: CBO lowballs savings from Obama's healthcare reform
Michael Barone: Health Care Will Be at Center of High Court Hearing

Reuters: Senators prepare compromise climate change bill
Fox: Bickering Nearly Grounds U.N. Climate Conference to a Halt

NYT: Editorial: First, They Get Rid of the Law Clinics

Wash Times: World leaders meet to discuss nuclear terrorism
Hill: Nuclear summit to face challenge of reining in loose weapon materials
WSJ: Obama Presses Nuclear Issue (via Google)
WaPo: Top officials stress country's nuclear strength
NYT: Agenda of Nuclear Talks Leaves Out a New Threat
NYT: Editorial: The Nuclear Security Summit
Politico: High stakes for Obama at nuclear terror meet
Hill: Sen. Lieberman: Dropping 'Islamic extremism' term is 'Orwellian and counterproductive'

Hill: Lieberman: Not enough votes in Senate to ratify new START treaty
Dick Morris: Obama: Gas Us Without Fear of Nukes

WSJ: The Lesson of the Joking 'Shoe-Bomber:' Profiling (via Google)
Gabriel Schoenfeld: All the News Thats Fit to Leak

Wash Times: Sex-club furor hurts RNC effort in News Orleans
Armstrong Williams: GOP's Steele too big to fail?


NYDN: Levy onced lived with man convicted in raunchy mortgage fraud scheme
Buffalo News: Paladino: up and running

Albany TU: Democratic hopefuls for attorney general court rural Democrats

NY Post: Selfish state of the unions
Albany TU: Stay-at-home state worker seen as 'victim' --but not by all

NYDN: Former Controller Alan Hevesi consultant's team: 'Pay-to-play' is ugly, but not illegal

NYDN: Gov. Paterson defends former boss, Eliot Spitzer: He deserves a 2nd chance

WSJ: Fewer Students, More Teachers (via Google)

NYT: A New Star on the Rise, but the Fall Is the Same


SacBee: Politeness distinguishes Tom Campbell's run for Senate
CQ Politics: Boxers Fight in California

Wash Times: Governor's race could be about illegals
George Skelton: Jerry Brown's a lot of things, but he's no tax-and-spender

LA Times: Heated races for two legislative seats
Dan Walters: Harsh words between Costa, Miller may be an act

Wash Times: Editorial: Don't rush to judgeship for Liu
Debra Saunders: Would Goodwin Liu Sink the Left-Leaning 9th Circuit?


Dallas MN: Tea Partiers' April 15 events to focus on local politics


Buzz: Fla GOP scandal could dog Bill McCollum

American Spectator: Reversal of Fortune: Rubio shows us the money


AJC: Finances paramount in Georgia governor's race
Newnan TH: Crowded GOP field in governor's race gets more crowded

AP/Brumback: English-only driver's test bill stirs up debate


Politics Daily: GOP's Kirk Takes Lead Over Democratic Giannoulias in Illinois Senate Race


Hill: Bachmann plays favorites in Florida, takes a pass on Arizona GOP primary
American Spectator: Bachmann Turns to Overdrive
CQ Politics: Minnesota Democrats Endorse Challengers to Paulsen, Kline
Star Tribune: Reverse migration: Flight to the exurbs stops cold


Allentown MC: Survey: Toomey over Specter 47-40
Philadelphia Inquirer: Sestak and Toomey argue over economic policies
Politico: Sestak leaps on Santorum accusation

Pittsburgh PG: GOP leader Rick Geist suggests how to fund road, bridge repair


Cincinnati Enquirer: Early voting shows Republican tide
Cleveland PD: Bad economy and angry voters to drive Ohio congressional election battles
EJ Dionne: In Ohio, Democrats cast themselves as outsiders
Vindy: Ohio shapes up to be key battleground
State Column: Ohio Politics: Party Loyalty Oath In Ohio


WaPo: Political pendulum in Michigan swings away from the Democrats
Detroit FP: Tea Party attracts crowds, politicos to Traverse City
Wash Times: Stupak announces end to House career
CQ Politics: Stupaks Legacy Up for Grabs


Tennessean: GOP candidates face battle over health-care law


Louisville CJ: What will McConnell do in race for Senate?


McClatchy: S.C. races targeted in healthcare fight


Hill: Barbour: Virginians already know slavery was a bad thing
Politico: Barbour: Virginia slavery flap "a nit"
WaPo: After loss, Va.'s Deeds tries to regain his footing
Politico: One by one, Tom Perriello woos voters
CQ Politics: Virginia, N.J. Turnout Could Be a Big Problem for Democrats


Human Events: N.J. Tea Party Coalition Seeks Menendez Recall


CQ Politics: Lowden Holds Solid Leads in Nevada
Hill: Poll: Sen. Reid trailing even with Tea Party candidate to shake up the race
Politico: Harry Reid eyes a bank shot to victory
Las Vegas RJ: Gubernatorial hopeful's ad breaks law, Democrats say


April 11, 2010


Hill: Romney captures one-vote win in straw poll at GOP conference
Wash Times: Romney wins 2012 test vote
Politico: Romney wins SRLC straw poll
NYT: Signs for (but Not of) Victorious Romney
McClatchy: SRLC produces no clear contender for 2012
AP: Tina Fey returns to 'Saturday Night Live' and reprises her Sarah Palin impression

WSJ: Steele Says He Made Mistakes
WaPo: Steele urges Republicans to not let errors be turned into distractions
NYT: At G.O.P. Conference, Steele Admits Mistakes
NYT: Steele Tells G.O.P.: Ive Made Mistakes
AP/Sidoti: Steele at SRLC: 'I've made mistakes'
Politico: Steele admits errors, looks ahead

Politico: Barbour: Welcome the tea parties

Hill: Pawlenty hits Franken in address

Hill: NRCC co-chairman predicts Republicans will gain 56 seats
WaPo: Republicans focus efforts on November, say 2012 can wait

NYT: Editorial: Big Moneys Alarming Political Edge

AP: Obama Election-Year Jobs Agenda Stalls in Congress
Hill: Kyl: Renew Bush tax cuts

NYT: From Senate Majority Leader, a Promise to Take Up Immigration Overhaul

NYT: Consumers in U.S. Face the End of an Era of Cheap Credit
NYT: In a Tough Economy, Old Limits on Welfare
George Will: Only a brave few acknowledge an entitlement crisis
WaPo: Editorial: Fiscal combo platter
NYT: Editorial: Whos Not Sorry Now?
David Broder: Without higher taxes, the national debt will be crushing
Frank Rich: No One Is to Blame for Anything
WaPo: OpEd: How to reduce risk on Wall Street? Make the banks pay
Hill: President to host bipartisan meeting on financial reform

NYT: G.O.P. Weighs Political Price of Court Fight
WaPo: Replacing Justice Stevens on high court is not just a matter of ideology
AP/Sherman: Summer battle ahead for Justice Stevens' replacement
Hill: Dems on Stevens replacement process: Move at the speed of Sotomayor nod
Politico: Right gears for fight, not filibuster
Politico: Obama doesn't want SCOTUS fight
Politico: Sizing up the potential picks
NY Post: Obama set with Supreme Top 10 list
LA Times: Three Supreme Court contenders share ties
NYT: Stevens, the Only Protestant on the Supreme Court
NYT: OpEd: My Boss, Justice Stevens
Linda Greenhouse: One Man, Two Courts

WSJ: Obama Touts Tax Breaks
Hill: Obama touts tax cuts in stimulus as April 15 tax deadline around corner
Politico: Obama: Stimulus led to big refunds
AP/Werner: Obama touts cuts ahead of Tax Day
Mark Steyn: Sweet licks for tax lovers

WaPo: Obama leads summit effort to secure nuclear materials
NYT: OpEd: How to Build on the Start Treaty

Hill: What's next for net neutrality?
NYT: OpEd: An Internet for Everybody

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: Clinton, Gates and nukes


NYDN: Former aides watch for Bloomberg's 'Next Big Thing' to be a presidential campaign

Buffalo News: Hochul takes oath of office


NYT: Taking New Tack in Hetch Hetchy Battle
WaPo: Editorial: Pretend pensions
Dan Walters: California pension funds' shortfall may be something to cuss about
LA Times: 'L.A.' is an epithet in a race in O.C.
LA Times: Latino power comes full circle in L.A.


Dallas MN: Texas Watch: Big gubmint a big waste, Gramm says


SPT: Florida House leaders lived big on GOP plastic
Miami Herald: Three leaders ran up $458,000 on Florida GOP credit cards
Miami Herald: Kendrick Meek: the 'regular guy' in the race for U.S. Senate


AJC: On the Masters, sports and a hunt for GOP voters


NYT: Giannoulias Campaign Trying to Control Message

NYT: Look at Assessor Race. Isnt Democracy Grand?


Star Tribune: Chasing history, Rybak begins to gain ground


AP/Fournier: Santorum says GOP failed conservative movement


Ravenna RC: Kasich visits Brimfield: GOP governor hopeful rallies forces
AP/Viviano: Ohio gov. candidates address job, medical programs
WYTV: Ohio's U.S.Senate Seat Hotly Contested


WZZM: Republican candidates for Governor stop in West Michigan


News-Leader: Kinder determined to join health care suit
KCStar: Tea party movement draws competing agendas, strategies


Memphis CA: Tennessee governor's candidates speak out: Values and social issues


NYT: In Arkansas, Avoiding Labels, Even Democrat


NYT: Testing Influence of the Tea Party in Kentucky Race


Politics Daily: Senate Race a Test for Dems, Obama and a Confident GOP Incumbent


McClatchy: U.S. Reps. Wilson, Spratt prepare for bruising fall campaign


Roanoke Times: Griffith reaping GOP support
CQ Politics: Rating Change: Nyes Re-Election Race A Tossup
NYT: OpEd: Southern Discomfort


S-L: Gov. Christie could replace N.J. Supreme Court justice seeking renomination, officials say
S-L: Friends and colleagues remember Franks as tireless mentor, decisive leader


Rasmussen: New Hampshire Governor: Lynch 47%, Stephen 37%


Hill: McCain: Inadequate border security a result of 2008 election loss to Obama


CQ Politics: Sandoval Still Leads in Nevada


April 10, 2010


CBS: Sarah Palin Fires Back at Obama, Mocks His "Experience" on Nuclear Issues
Human Events: Palin Fires Back at Obama's Nuclear Experience (Video)
WaPo: Palin fires up GOP on Obama, midterm elections at annual conference
Politico: Base stirred by Palin, but not sure she's ready yet
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin Wins War of Words with Community Organizer-in-Chief
Hill: Palin, Jindal balk at Gingrich's 'Party of Yes' idea for GOP
Rush Limbaugh: Liz Cheney Rips Obama in Speech
AP/Fournier: At SRLC: Jindal rules out 2012 bid, Palin defends 'reload'
Hill: Palin repeats: 'Don't retreat. Reload'
Hill: Newt Gingrich says redistricting can help GOP make big gains
NYT: Republicans Weighing Partys Message
WSJ: Nine Candidates on SRLC 2012 Straw Poll
CNN: GOP gathering a 'jump-start' to 2012 race

WaPo: Majority of state GOP committees support Steele; others cite 'distractions'
Politico: Majority of state chairs back Steele
Hill: 31 state GOP chairmen back Steele
Wash Times: Social conservatives remain wary about Steele

Rasmussen: Government Ethics and Corruption Edges Economy as Most Important Issue

Politico: Gallup: Dems at a new low

WSJ: Stevens Sets Up Court Fight
WaPo: Pending midterm elections add political for friction to court nomination
NYT: Retirement of Justice Stevens Is Political Test for Obama
AP/Sherman: Summer battle ahead for Justice Stevens' replacement
WaPo: Justice John Paul Stevens announces his retirement from Supreme Court
NYT: The End of an Era, for Court and Nation
WSJ: After Justice Stevens
NYT: Editorial: Justice Stevens
WaPo: Editorial: The legacy of Justice John Paul Stevens
NYT: An Honor Justice Stevens Might Rather Forget
Ezra Klein: Pick a politician for the Supreme Court
WaPo: Timeline: Confirmation process
WaPo: Timeline: The life and times of Justice Stevens
WaPo: How will John Paul Stevens retirement affect the midterms?
WaPo: Obama could move the Supreme Court to the right
Politico: Obama doesn't want SCOTUS fight
Politico: SCOTUS name game begins
Boston Globe: Several with Mass. ties thought to be on short list
Politico: Obama pledges to move quickly on replacement
Hill: Picking replacement for Stevens to test Obama's liberal commitment
Hill: Obama wants court pick confirmed by October session

Hill: Top Republican says Obama guilty of trying to appease Iran with nuke policy
NYT: Republicans Pose Test for Treaty With Russia

Hill: T. Boone Pickens to testify on incentives at Ways and Means energy hearing
Wash Times: Global warming's weak links
Rush Limbaugh: Cap & Tax Will Force You to Buy New Regime-Approved Appliances

NYT: Mitt Romney on Health Care: A Particular Spin
Rush Limbaugh: Big Story of the Day: Health Care Reality Check in Massachusetts

WSJ: White House to Meet on Financial Overhaul (via Google)

NYT: Executives Say Fannie Mae Is Torn by Conflicting Goals
Politico: Fannie faced 'horrible alternatives'
LA Times: Fannie Mae portrayed as villain and victim at hearing on subprime crisis
Rush Limbaugh: Truth Comes Out at Financial Crisis Hearings; State-Run Media Ignores

American Spectator: Paul Ryan: The Man With the Plan

NYT: As a Hiring Filter, Credit Checks Draw Questions
WSJ: U.S. Steps Up Probe Of Hiring In Tech

Hill: Job losses resulting from new NASA budget a 'serious' concern

NYT: Many Filers Confused by Stimulus Tax Credit

WSJ: Nominee for Justice Post Withdraws
NYT: Obama Nominee to Legal Office, Dawn Johnsen, Withdraws
Politico: Dawn Johnsen out

NYT: Internet Polls Found to Be Unrepresentative
NYT: Social-Media, Not Social-ism

James Taranto: I Pray the Lord Your Soul to Take

Dana Milbank: A census sign that the Tea Party is less than it seems

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Albany TU: Forecast warns state can't pay June bills
NY Post: Gov raises hell with union pay-hike halt
NY Post: Silver: Gov's pay freeze is illegal

NY Post: Right candidate can chuck Schumer from office

NY Post: Dems gain in key Senate districts
Rochester D&C: Study: Democrats gain in N.Y. voter ratio

NY Post: NY GOP pushes back against voter enrollment analysis

NY Post: Cox didn't sign letter of support for RNC chief
NY Post: Cox's son's engagement announced over Facebook


WSJ: L.A.'s Global Warning (via Google)

SacBee: Ad Watch: Poizner launches largely misleading attack on Whitman
SacBee: Jerry Brown says his campaign's looking into chamber's attack ad


Dallas MN: Perry tunes up stump speech for national audience
Texas Tribune: Perry Speech Fuels 2012 Talk
Human Events: Texas Governor Mocks California
Dallas MN: Sen. John Cornyn reacts to Justice John Paul Stevens' retirement announcement


SPT: Crist raises a third of what Rubio did
Hill: Crist among well-known candidates keeping first-quarter totals private
Margaret Carlson: Giuliani's lesson in vengeance in Florida
Examiner: Club for Growth threatens to Specter Crist if he leaves the GOP

Miami Herald: Teacher tenure bill is in Gov. Charlie Crist's hands
NYT: In Florida, Crist Caught Between Teachers and His Party

SPT: Junior Florida Republican Party staffer had $1.3 million charged to party credit card

CQ Politics: Garcia Will Take Another Shot at Florida Seat


AJC: Deal used $19k in campaign cash for ethics defense


Rasmussen: Illinois Senate: Kirk 41%, Giannoulias 37%


Star Tribune: Romney-Pawlenty: Smiles might hide a coming rivalry
Politico: Bachmann headed to Iowa
Star Tribune: GOP candidate for attorney general is revealed


AHN: A Year After Switching Parties, Specter Trails Conservative Rival In Poll
USA Today: Toomey pulls ahead in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh TR: Grand jury may target Pa. Supreme Court justice
Examiner: State Senator Orie charged


Columbus Dispatch: Could Voinovich back a 2nd Obama pick?
Columbus Dispatch: Ohio senators weigh in on Supreme Court justice nominees
Columbus Dispatch: Brunner calls for open primary system


Wash Times: Tea Party target Stupak won't seek re-election
NYT: Under Fire for Abortion Deal, Stupak to Retire
John Fund: Bart Stupak, Casualty of ObamaCare
AP/Martin: Candidate pool could grow without Stupak
Wash Times: Editorial: Stupak's final retreat
Politico: GOP eyes Stupak seat
Politico: Rep. Bart Stupak won't seek reelection
Hill: Stupak: Threats didn't make me retire
CQ Politics: Rating Change: Race A Tossup Without Stupak
Human Events: Stupak Out, GOP Likely to Pick Up Seat
Rush Limbaugh: Bart Stupak Hounded from Office
Detroit News: Stupak's retirement cuts Michigan delegation clout
Detroit FP: Bart Stupak: Tea Party didn't force me to leave

Detroit FP: Granholm's name among those mentioned for Supreme Court seat


KC Star: Blunt, Tiahrt sound off on Obama court pick


CQ Politics: S.C.: Massey Endorses Duncan


CQ Politics: Virginia: Nye Opponent Bolts GOP, Will Run As Independent


AP: Bergen County teachers union memo jokes about death of Gov. Chris Christie
S-L: N.J. teachers union apologizes for Bergen office's 'humor' about Gov. Christie's death


CQ Politics: Delaware: Castle, Coons Collect Copious Cash


Rasmussen: New Hampshire Senate: Ayotte First To Reach 50%


WSJ: Our Lawless Mexican Border (via Google)
CQ Politics: Giffords Raises Half Million Dollars, Banks Nearly $2 Million


Las Vegas RJ: Poll reveals Sandoval pulling away from Gibbons in GOP primary race for gov
Las Vegas RJ: 'Trying to become a better person,' Ensign resists calls to resign
Las Vegas RJ: Palin goes after Obama, Reid over Yucca Mountain
Las Vegas RJ: Pollster says voters 'just don't like this health care thing'


Rasmussen: Washington Senate: Murray Still Short of 50% Against Any Republican


CQ Politics: A Squeaker in Hawaii


April 9, 2010


CBS: Liz Cheney: Obama Putting America on Path to Decline
NYT: Liz Cheney and Gingrich Rally Republicans
AP/Fournier: Liz Cheney calls Obama's health care push arrogant
Politico: Cheney defends Karzai

Yahoo: Gingrich: Obama is 'most radical president ever'
Hill: Gingrich on this Congress: We will repeal virtually everything they did
Human Events: Gingrich Calls Waxman 'Egocentric,' 'Beyond the Reach of Normal Humility'
Hill: First presidential cattle call gives second-tier hopefuls a chance
Kim Strassel: The Right Ramps Up for November (via Google)
Politico: GOP House members amp up giving
Human Events: Republicans Gather in New Orleans
Hill: Congressman: GOP will roll out new 'Contract' as early as late summer
AP/Sidoti: Republicans face tough race for presidency in '12
LA Times: Tea parties form a federation, but don't call them organized
American Spectator: Tea Partiers vs. Obama's Zombies
Rush Limbaugh: Politically Insane Democrats Plan to Run Campaign Against Bush Again!

WSJ: Romney Dogged by a Tale of Two Health Plans
NYT: The Chief Justice, the President and Mitt Romney

CNN: Palin Says Obama's Nuke Stance Is Like a Kid Who Says 'Punch Me in the Face'
CQ Politics: What You Tell Pollsters About Palin
CBS: Poll: Low Favorability Ratings for Sarah Palin

Politico: Sarah Palin: Michael Steele 'doing a great job'
CQ Politics: Another Call for Steele to Resign
American Spectator: Michael Steele's House of Race Cards

WSJ: Jobless Claims Rose in Latest Week (via Google)
WSJ: Big Banks Mask Risk Levels (via Google)
WSJ: Foreclosures Hit Rich and Famous
WSJ: States Skip Pension Payments, Delay Day of Reckoning (via Google)
NYT: Why So Glum? Numbers Point to a Recovery
AP/Anderson: Retailers report 4th straight month of gains
WaPo: Citigroup executives apologize for not averting financial crisis
Hill: Polls: Voters support financial reform, but details mixed
Human Events: Beware of a Value Added Tax
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Performs Statist-Assisted Suicide on the American Economy
Rush Limbaugh: Permanent Underclass: 47% of the Country Pays No Income Tax
Rush Limbaugh: Jobless are Victims of the Regime
Rush Limbaugh: Watch Out for New Housing Bubble
Peggy Noonan: After the Crash, a Crashing Bore
Paul Krugman: Learning From Greece

Wash Times: Senators voice doubts on nuke treaty with Russia
NYDN: President Obama, Democrats optimistic GOP will back nuclear arms treaty
NYT: Disposal of Plutonium From U.S.-Russian Disarmament Is Likely to Take Decades
NYT: OpEd: Obamas Nuclear Modesty
NYT: OpEd: Just Like Ike (on Deterrence)
WSJ: Afghanistan and the Decline of American Power
Charles Krauthammer: Nuclear posturing, Obama-style
Wes Pruden: No nukes not good news
Wash Times: Does nonproliferation equal capitulation?
Politico: Tim Pawlenty: Nuke move a 'bad decision'

Betsy McCaughey: Medical Privacy and ObamaCare (via Google)
James Taranto: Dr. No: A linguistic challenge for ObamaCare opponents
WaPo: Anger over health-care reform spurs rise in threats against Congress members
Michael Gerson: Tone down the hatefulness in politics
AP/Wyatt: Vulnerable Dems keeping health care forums casual
American Spectator: Over the Counter Goes Under

Hill: Oil drilling prompts Al Gore's first public split on climate with President Obama
Boston Globe: US climate bill weak for N.E., critics say

WSJ: Obama's Census Identity: He chooses an old-time racial classification

Wash Times: Editorial: Congress is derelict on Black Panther case

WSJ: Small Farms Balk at Food-Safety Bill

WaPo: OpEd: Hands off the Internet
NYT: Editorial: Dial-Up Law in a Broadband World

Hill: Issa presses Web chief on personal e-mail use to contact former coworkers

Linda Greenhouse: Across the Border, Over the Line
NYT: Editorial: Too Broken to Fix

WaPo: NASA leader says space budget is more boon than bust
AP/Borenstein: New space jobs likely with NASA shake-up

WaPo: Lawmakers, advocates push administration for appointments to privacy board

David Brooks: The Humble Hound


NYT: Paterson Says Hell Suspend Pay Raises for Workers
NY Post: Union: Gov's pay freeze violates contract
NYDN: N.Y. budget woes stall state worker raises
Albany TU: 4% state raise on hold
Buffalo News: Paterson delays 4% raises to workers
Albany TU: Skelos will support Patersons extender (pay raise delay and all)
Albany TU: Sampson on the quest for cuts, Patersons no-raise policy

Albany TU: Did Cuomo aide cross the line?
NY Post: Paladino accuses Levy of taking part in pay-to-play
NY Post: Paladino hires former Crist fundraiser
NYDN: Paladino Joins Donovan-For-AG Push

NYT: Judge Wont Let Former Senator Withdraw Plea

NY Post: Spitzer: I've got the urge to run again


SacBee: California chamber says it will pull Jerry Brown attack ad
LA Times: Complaints from Jerry Brown prompt Chamber of Commerce to pull ad
CQ Politics: Brown Says Ex-Gov Carries Grudge
American Thinker: California's Half-Trillion-Dollar Pension Fund Mess: Blame Jerry Brown

CQ Politics: Fiorina On the Air in California Senate

Dan Walters: Will the 2010 elections deliver political upsets?

LA Times: California Legislature approves tax break for people in foreclosures, short sales

WSJ: Los Angeles Faces Threat of Insolvency (via Google)
LA Times: Villaraigosa backs off on proposed furloughs


Houston Chronicle: No extension means 33,000 Texans lose benefits


Wash Times: Rubio keeps gaining in Fla. Senate race
John Fund: Will Charlie Crist run as an independent?

Miami Herald: Clash in class: Legislators approve teacher pay bill
WSJ: Will Charlie Crist Crack on school reform? (via Google)

SPT: Manager, senior adviser, finance director out as Sink campaign has shakeup

CQ Politics: Floridas Ratings Realign
CQ Politics: Why Not A Whig? Ask Florida's Gerritzen

Orlando Sentinel: RPOF hires Enron investigator, goes after credit card spending


AJC: Finances and the race for governor


Rasmussen: Illinois Governor: Brady 45%, Quinn 38%


Star Tribune: Pawlenty lays out what's needed for Race to Top
Star Tribune: Bachmann tells Tea Party rally: You are leading edge


CQ Politics: ID Edge Puts Corbett Ahead Of Pennsylvania Democrats


CQ Politics: Absentee Ballot Requests Favor GOP
Columbus Dispatch: Democrats parry GOP critics of AIG case
Cleveland PD: Rep. John Boccieri and wife expect baby due on Election Day


Politico: Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer lobby Bart Stupak: Fear retirement
Detroit FP: Stupak at peace with health vote
Detroit FP: Constituents split on Stupak

Detroit News: Dillon's election strategy focuses on Internet


Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: Blunt 48% Carnahan 42%


CQ Politics: Grayson Tops Paul in Fundraising


Politico: N.C. GOP chairman asks Steele to resign


Pat Buchanan: The New Intolerance


WSJ: Coal: The Lifeblood of a Country (via Google)
NYT: Experienced in Calamity, as Governor and Mourner


S-L: N.J. towns push back against property tax cap in Gov. Chris Christie's budget


CQ Politics: Adjusting Delawares House Race


WSJ: The Massachusetts Insurance Blackout (via Google)


NYT: Two Nevada Republicans Call for Ensign to Bow Out
Politico: John Ensign faces increased pressure to resign


April 8, 2010


NYDN: Sarah Palin says women are the driving force behind the Tea Party movement
CNN: Palin says getting U.S. on right track 'a challenge' (with video)
LA Times: Eyes will be on Palin at Republican conference
Hill: Murdoch: Palin not on Fox as journalist

Karl Rove: Obama Has Overpromised and Underdelivered (via Google)
Gary Bauer: Obama and the politics of empathy
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Not Beloved Post-Vote; Morris Sees GOP Tide Rising

WSJ: Joblessness: The Kids Are Not Alright
NYT: Editorial: Job Creation Basics
Politico: Poll: George W. Bush still blamed for economy
Hill: White House joins CBC to urge Senate passage of summer jobs legislation

WaPo: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sounds a warning on growing deficit
NYT: Bernanke Says Nation Must Take Action Soon to Shape Fiscal Future
Rush Limbaugh: A VAT Tax Will Help Create a Permanent Dependent Class
NYT: S.E.C. Moves to Tighten Rules on Bonds Backed by Consumer Loans
WaPo: Greenspan defends decisions before panel investigating crisis
Rush Limbaugh: Greenspan: Subprime Mortgages Were the Trigger to This Crisis
NYT: Fed Reviews Find Errors in Oversight of Citigroup
WaPo: General Motors loses $4.3 billion, says profit is possible this year
George Will: GM's big turnaround at the federal trough
NYT: State Panels Prove Resilient to Budget Pruning
NYT: Free Report on Credit? No Longer
Yahoo: Nearly half of US households escape fed income tax

WaPo: Obama administration vows to defend financial reform provisions in bill
Hill: Administration will fight efforts to water down Dodd bill

Dorothy Rabinowitz: What's Not Happening to American Muslims
Rush Limbaugh: Regime: Don't Use "Islamic" Terror

Ann Coulter: God Hates Judges

WSJ: Dreams of Disarmament (via Google)
NYT: With Arms Pact, Disarmament Challenge Remains
WaPo: U.S. looks to nonnuclear weapons to use as deterrent
WaPo: Critics uneasy about Russian concessions in arms-control deal
Politico: President Obama limits use of U.S. nukes
Human Events: Obama Walks The Atomic Plank
Rush Limbaugh: Iran's Ahmadinejad Ridicules "Cowboy" Obama for Nuke Change

Politico: GOP govs bypass Dem AGs on ObamaCare lawsuits
Reuters: Florida says challenge to healthcare reform widens to 18 states
Hill: AARP, Dems lobby older voters on healthcare law before midterms
Hill: Internal grumbling on GOPs healthcare message intensifies
Politico: Health care fight fuels big DNC, RNC takes
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Try to Reassure Those Who Expect Free Obamacare Now
IBD: 'I Want My Free M.D.'
Roll Call: CRS: Health Law May Allow Viagra Coverage for Sex Offenders
American Spectator: Republicans Against Repeal
LA Times: Tax burden mounting for high earners

Hill: Democratic attorneys general warn Senate not to block state climate rules
NYT: On the Energy Gap and Climate Crisis

WSJ: More Enforcement Planned Against Distracted Driving

Hill: FCC admits Comcast ruling could affect 'significant' portion of broadband plan
NYT: The Early Word: The Bandwidth Plays On
NYT: Editorial: How Fast Is Your Broadband?

NYT: For an Obama Mentor Laurence Tribe, a Nebulous Legal Niche

Wash Times: Abramoff case nets another guilty plea

WSJ: States Reignite Abortion Debate
NYT: Pause: Bristol Palin and Teen Pregnancy
AP/Rancilio: Bristol Palin to teens: 'Pregnancy can wait'

Reuters: Republicans ponder 2010, and 2012, in New Orleans

Wash Times: DNC tops Steele's record March for donations
NYDN: GOP boss Michael Steele boasts of $11.4M fund-raising haul - but Dems did better
Ron Nehring: RNC keeps eyes on the prize
CQ Politics: Steele's World

Politico: 'Fat redneck' Haley Barbour also has slim margin

Salt Lake Tribune: RNC team wraps up Salt Lake visit

Richard Viguerie: Tea Partiers and the New Party Leaders
American Spectator: The Color of Tea


WGRZ: Carl Paladino Takes Campaign For Governor To Syracuse
Albany TU: Lazio, Levy skirmish over ethics
NY Post: Levy attacks Lazio on Gramm-Leach Act
NYDN: Paladino vs. Levy
NYDN: 'There's Something Wrong With That Guy'
Buffalo News: A monster unleashed on Albany elites
Village Voice: Carl Paladino Fires Up Charter Review Meet, Dubs Levy 'Pretty Boy'
NYT: In Cuomos Corner, a Pugnacious Aide Emerges
City Hall: Republicans Weigh Primary Challenges to Steve Levy Next Year
SI Advance: Republican resurgence this year? GOP chairman thinks so

NYDN: Group of Democrats backs 'tax hikes for Wall Street' plan
Syracuse PS: Skelos says GOP opposes increasing spending and taxes
Albany TU: Skelos lambastes Dems over budget process
Albany TU: Looking beyond the budget crisis

WSJ: Rangel Challenged by a Historic Foe

NYT: Spitzers Long Road to Redemption
NY Post: Spitzer: I've got the urge to run again
NY Post: Eliot's Ask of his wife for 2010
NY Post: Spitzer, what he said then, and what he says now
NY Post: Spitzer acknowledges he has toyed with political comeback

Rochester D&C: Democrat Matthew Zeller to run for Eric Massa's old seat


Rush Limbaugh: Is California Just a House of Cards? A Glimpse of Our National Future

George Skelton: Whitman's tax plan would benefit the rich but put California at risk

LA Times: Boxer emphasizes progress on the economic front

SacBee: California AG candidate Kelly says voters not against wealthy candidates

LA Times: Battle brews over Obama nominee for 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
Politico: Republicans: President Obama's judicial pick in 'jeopardy'
Hill: Leahy to forge ahead with Liu hearing despite GOP objections

NYT: Man Arrested in Threat Against Pelosi
Politico: Man arrested for Nancy Pelosi threats


Dallas MN: Gramm says unseating Rep. Chet Edwards is vital to win back House
Dallas MN: Gramm says GOP must beat Edwards

Star-Telegram: Texas Supreme Court race hinges on experience

AP/Shannon: Governor: Texas should move to online textbooks


Sun Sentinel: Rubio owes surge in Senate race to his conservative stances, not his ethnicity
SPT: As Rubio gains, Crist shifts: Will he run as an independent?
Fox: Rubio Raises Funds like a Front-Runner
Miami Herald: Rubio war chest, speculation over Crist grow
Herald Tribune: Rubio's soaring campaign attracts millions of dollars
Politico: Rubio's path to 2012?

SPT: Greer's attorneys want McCollum to bow out of criminal investigation
Buzz: Greer suggests McCollum key in severance talks

Politico: Crist veto angers GOP

Miami Herald: Crist urges legislators to soften teacher bill


AJC: If the race is for 2nd place, Karen Handel is leading
AJC: How Ray Boyd and his $2 million could play in the GOP race for governor
Macon Telegraph: Another candidate surfaces for governor
WSB: New Polls Show Shift Among Gubernatorial Candidates
Dalton DC: Handel: State government should focus on core services


Hill: Republican Brady leads in Illinois governor's race by 10 points

Chicago Tribune: Kirk raises $2.2 million this year in Senate bid
AP: Kirk To Talk About Stem Cell Research


Indianapolis Star: Ellsworth has no campaign distractions
CQ Politics: Bayh for Governor?


MN Daily: Palin, conservatives rally with Bachmann in Mpls
Star Tribune: Bachmann, Palin dazzle the faithful (with video)
WSJ: Bachmann Palin Overdrive: Take That, Liberals!
City Pages: Palin, Bachman Hannity pack Convention Center
WaPo: Two Republican stars -- Palin and Bachmann -- align for first time
Duluth NT: Palin, Bachmann stir up Minnesota's right
Politico: Palin, Bachmann enthrall Minn. rally
Atlantic: Bachmann: Palin Is 'Absolutely Drop-Dead Gorgeous'


Milwaukee JS: Leinenkugel to run against Feingold, source says
WI SJ: Leinenkugel may run against Feingold, but some Republicans are unenthusiastic
CQ Politics: Feingold Draws Another GOP Challenger (Hint: It's Not Tommy)
Politico: Wis. official may challenge Feingold
AP/Bauer: Leinenkugel resigns as Wis. Commerce secretary
Milwaukee JS: Thompson would beat Feingold in Senate matchup, new poll shows


Philadelphia DN: Poll has Specter looking past Sestak
CQ Politics: Another Poll Shows Specter Up By 20 For Democratic Nomination
CQ Politics: Pennsylvania Senate Polling: Burn After Reading?
Pittsburgh PG: Specter touts experience of five terms in U.S. Senate
Politico: Specter's slip of the tongue
Hill: Specter forgets his party affiliation

Politico: Murtha PAC donates to Critz

CQ Politics: Pennsylvania Gov. Field Still Under the Radar


Columbus Dispatch: GOP swelling as Ohio voters switch parties
Cleveland PD: Rep. John Boccieri's health care vote is target of NRCC television ad


Politics Daily: Republicans Have Big Edge Going into Michigan Governor Race
CQ Politics: Michigan Prefers Republicans For Governor
Detroit News: Hoekstra files petition signatures for governor bid
Detroit FP: Hoekstra petitions signed by 24,037

Detroit FP: Tea Party group attacks Stupak in ad campaign
Detroit News: GOP doctors challenge Stupak, Dingell in U.S. House races
Detroit News: Stupak's office says he plans to run for re-election
Detroit FP: Stupak: I'm not ready to quit yet
CQ Politics: Stupak's Office Doesn't Rule Out Retirement

Detroit News: Dillon criticizes lawmakers on budget talks


Tennessean: Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey pushes suit against health reform
CTFP: Ramsey says outside counsel may oppose federal health reform
AP/Schelzig: Lawmaker: Tenn. could hire lawyer if AG won't sue


NYT: Arkansas: Probation for Ex-Aide to Bill Clinton


Wash Times: White House forces partisan races on N.C. city


Politico: Jim DeMint: The right's rainmaker


CQ Politics: Louisiana: Vitter Posts $1 Million First Quarter

NYT: Suspense Builds Over Census for New Orleans


WaPo: Virginia governor amends Confederate history proclamation to include slavery
WaPo: McDonnell backpedals on Confederate History Month
Politico: Facing backlash, Bob McDonnell apologizes
CNN: Confederate History Month Controversy
NYT: April in Virginia
American Spectator: Leftist Race Baiting in Virginia
Gail Collins: A Confederacy of Dunces


Wash Times: Ehrlich foresees battle for Md. burbs
Baltimore Sun: Ehrlich announces run for Md. governor
Politico: Ehrlich kicks off Maryland campaign


S-L: Christie orders a review of policy that allows NJ officials to get reserved concert tickets
Star-Ledger: Corzine, others reserved tickets during Ticketmaster legal dispute


Rasmussen: Massachusetts Governor: Patrick 35% Baker 27% Cahill 23%
Boston Globe: Patrick continues to lead in polls
Boston Herald: Tim Cahill, Charlie Baker needle Deval Patrick
Boston Globe: Baker increases fire on health


Rasmussen: Connecticut Governor: GOPs Foley Gains on Lamont, Malloy


CQ Politics: Delaware: Rollins Enters GOP Race For Castle's Seat


Las Vegas RJ: Heller says Ensign's troubles may be hurting Republican candidates


CQ Politics: Flake Praises McCain on Earmarks in New Radio Ad


Politics Daily: Hawaii House Race: Turf Fight in Paradise


CQ Politics: No Shocker: Murkowski Files For Re-election




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