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August 7, 2010


NYT: Battle Looms Over Huge Costs of Public Pensions
NYT: Governments Go to Extremes as the Downturn Wears On
WaPo: July jobs report renews concerns over a stalled recovery
Hill: GOP’s Roskam: House to ‘double down’ on job losses in next week's session
Hill: Senate Finance Republicans make another push for tax provisions mark-up
Hill: Gibbs: White House economic team exhausted after past 18 months
Rush Limbaugh: Summer of Life Support

NYT: Citizenship as Birthright Challenged on the Right
Hill: House Democrats consider adding border security to recess agenda

Rush Limbaugh: Ground Zero Mosque Imam Blamed the United States for 9/11 Attacks

Rush Limbaugh: Don't Rule Out Hiroshima Apology

NYT: White House Revamps Ethics Team, Without a Familiar Name

WSJ: Fed Board Nominee Is Blocked by Senate
NYT: Fed Nominee Said to Lack Experience
Hill: House Dems want meeting with Obama to urge Warren nod
Kim Strassel: Ken Feinberg, Mr. Fairness

Hill: Obama: Healthcare law gave Medicare 'sounder financial footing'
WSJ: Senate Democrats Propose Scaling Back IRS Reporting Law
Hill: Senate Dem leaders want to soften tax provision in health law

Hill: Waxman supports keeping 'very useful' House climate committee intact

WaPo: Appeals court limits use of GPS to track suspects
Wash Times: Court rejects govt. use of GPS tracking

Human Events: Prop. 8 Headed for the Supreme Court
Daily Caller: Ann Coulter to headline Homocon party for gay conservatives next month

NYT: Watergate Becomes Sore Point at Nixon Library

WaPo: Fannie, Freddie losing political support as US reshapes housing finance system
WSJ: Fannie Mae Critic Sues Over Firing
Reuters: House lawmaker calls for probe of Fannie Mae allegations

WSJ: Vets Returning Home to Unfriendly Job Market

NYDN: 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' gets Nov. 14 start date from TLC, you betcha!
Politico: Palin goes zero for two on GOP picks
NYT: Palin Spars with PolitiFact

David Broder: Mitch McConnell comes to the Senate's defense

NYT: Republicans Push Back Primaries One Month
NYT: Republicans Set Limits on Early Primaries
WaPo: Infighting could hurt Republican chances in midterms, RNC members say
AP/Sidoti: Steele announces RNC's 'Fire Pelosi' bus tour
Politico: GOP cash woes threaten fall gains
Politico: The RNC's least favorite reporter
Hill: Steele defends time as RNC chair

WaPo: Democrats get little boost from stimulus

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: The Cuomo Daughters' Key Dual Role
Albany TU: Cuomo: ‘In truth, I’m not that sympathetic’ about budget
NYDN: Schumer, Cuomo run from Rangel as big donors say (birthday) party's over

NY Post: Mayor to mosque foes: Shut up already!

NYDN: Worker in Gov. Paterson scandal received raises during probe

NYT: Inmate Residency Law May Remap State Politics


Rasmussen: California Governor: Brown (D) 43%, Whitman (R) 41%

Fresno Bee: Boxer, Fiorina to debate in prime time Sept. 1

WSJ: California's Union Showdown

LA Times: Schwarzenegger, Brown urge resumption of gay marriages
NYT: State Officials Seek Resumption of Same-Sex Marriages
AP/Elias: Schwarzenegger calls for gay weddings

John Fund: Bell city pay scandal: It All Starts with Vote Fraud


Dallas MN: Obama, Perry plan meeting on border security during president's Texas visit


SPT: Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp's e-mails show public and personal travel ties


AJC: Mike Huckabee to come Sunday – and has Nathan Deal just out-raised Karen Handel?
Politico: Huckabee heading to Georgia for Deal
CBS: Palin, Huckabee to Campaign in Georgia for Opposing Candidates
AJC: InsiderAdvantage/WSB-TV poll declares a toss-up in GOP runoff for governor
AJC: Nathan Deal points to Karen Handel’s lack of a college degree
AJC: Deal pulls in more than $1 million; Handel raises almost as much


Chicago Sun-Times: Blago jury quits early, returns Monday
Chicago Tribune: Jury in Blagojevich trial breaks early for weekend


Star Tribune: Pawlenty, Ellison wade into growing mosque debate

Star Tribune: Emmer's campaign regroups with changes

James Taranto: Target Becomes One


Milwaukee JS: Walker and Neumann generally agree on economic issues


Detroit FP: Independents fuel Snyder's lead
Detroit News: Running mates for Bernero, Snyder a guessing game
Detroit FP: Ex-rival Andy Dillon slights Virg Bernero


Rasmussen: North Carolina Senate: Burr (R) 49%, Marshall (D) 40%

Rasmussen: 84% of North Carolina Voters View John Edwards Unfavorably


Rasmussen: 44% of SC Republicans Have Unfavorable Opinion of Lindsey Graham

State: SC Republicans retain first-in-the-South primary


Fox: Virginia Official Calls for Congress to Subpoena ICE Records on Releasing Illegals


Politico: Manchin's office confirms probe
CQ: Manchin's Office Says Governor Not Subpoenaed


S-L: Democrats' gaming summit in Atlantic City exposes North, South Jersey divide


NYT: Maybe the Race Goes to Those Not Running


Rasmussen: Delaware Senate: Castle (R) 49%, Coons (D) 37%


Rasmussen: South Dakota House: Noem (R) 51%, Herseth-Sandlin (D) 42%


Politico: Sharron Angle opposes gay adoption


August 6, 2010


WSJ: Big Democratic Fund-Raiser Indicted
NYT: Lobbyist Charged With Hiding Political Donations
WaPo: Ex-lobbyist Paul Magliocchetti charged with campaign-finance fraud
Wash Times: Superlobbyist indicted in finance scheme
Politico: PMA Group indicted in ethics probes

NYT: Corporate Money Aids Centers Linked to Lawmakers
Politico: Charlie Rangel won’t ‘plea bargain’
NYT: Guest List for Rangel’s Birthday Celebration Shrinks
Cynthia Tucker: Rangel’s poor ethics had plenty of company

Wash Times: Judge approves retrial in 'honest-services fraud' case

NYT: Senate Votes $26 Billion for States and Schools
Wash Times: States awaiting federal cash to plug budget gap
Politico: State aid bill a gamble for Dems

NYT: Top Obama Adviser on Economics to Step Down
WaPo: Christina Romer, chair of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, to resign
WSJ: Romer to Resign as Obama Adviser
NYT: Romer Leaves as Head of Council of Economic Advisers
AP/Rugaber: More jobs needed to lift consumers, drive recovery

Hill: Fannie requests another $1.5 billion in federal help despite shrinking losses
Hill: Wall Street bill sweeps away stray remnant of 1933 Glass-Steagall Act

Peggy Noonan: America Is at Risk of Boiling Over
John Fund: Voters to Obama: Your Priorities Stink!
Charles Krauthammer: Annals of executive overreach
Michael Gerson: Democrats' tactics worsen their problems

Reuters: Jobs Picture Worsens With 131,000 Losses; 9.5% Rate
WSJ: An Argentinaville Stimulus?
NYT: OpEd: Inventing Our Way Out of Joblessness
Norm Coleman: The people can fix the budget
Paul Krugman: Paul Ryan, the Flimflam Man

WSJ: McCollum v. ObamaCare
Hill: States enact healthcare law as lawsuits proceed
NYT: Medicare Stronger, Social Security Worse in Short Run, Report Finds
NYT: Law Will Extend Medicare Fund, Report Says
Wash Times: Health law could aid Medicare solvency
WaPo: Missouri vote cited as proof that public dislikes health-care overhaul
American Spectator: Starving ObamaCare

WSJ: Senate Confirms Kagan for Court
Wash Times: Senate confirms Kagan to Supreme Court
NYT: Kagan Joins Supreme Court After 63-37 Vote in Senate
WaPo: Senate confirms Elena Kagan's nomination to Supreme Court
WaPo: McConnell gives Franken a piece of his mind
Hill: McConnell scolds Franken for making faces from dais during his speech
Star Tribune: Supreme dust up: Franken apologizes to McConnell

WSJ: New Spymaster Wins Senate Nod
Politico: Senate confirms Clapper to intel post

WSJ: U.S. Asks WikiLeaks To Return War Logs
NYT: U.S. Tells WikiLeaks to Return Afghan War Logs
WaPo: Pentagon demands that WikiLeaks give back leaked reports and not post others

WaPo: U.S. charges 14 with giving support to Somali insurgent group
Politico: Holder unveils terrorist indictments

Fox: U.S. Participates in Hiroshima Memorial for First Time
WSJ: A Hiroshima Apology? (via Google)
NYT: OpEd: Hiroshima and the Art of Outrage
American Thinker: Ten Reasons to Love the Bomb

Wash Times: Unanimous Senate OKs $600M for border
CNN: Senate approves $600 million in emergency border security funds
Politico: Senators back more drones at border
Hill: Birthright citizenship debate reverberates in campaign races
NYT: Editorial: Xenophobia: Fear-Mongering for American Votes

Pat Buchanan: The Mosque at Ground Zero
Susan Jacoby: Ground Zero mosque protected by 1st Amendment but it's still salt in wound
Rush Limbaugh: 9/11 Hard Hat Won't Build Mosque

Wash Times: Gay marriage ban backers appeal court ruling
Rush Limbaugh: One Leftist Judge Slaps Down Seven Million Voters in California
Rush Limbaugh: Minority Rule vs. Minority Rights
James Taranto: Scalia Was Right: Why the same-sex marriage ruling will stand
NYT: Gay Marriage Ruling a Challenge for Both Parties
Human Events: Federal Court Declares Most Americans A Bunch of Bigots
SacBee: Irate Prop. 8 backers say gay judge not impartial
WSJ: OpEd: Now What for Marriage?
WaPo: Editorial: Ruling on same-sex marriage decisively restores a right
Politico: California ruling puts President Obama on the spot

WSJ: OpEd: The 'C' Should Stay in the YMCA

American Spectator: A Coup for the FCC

NYT: BP Done Pumping Cement Into Well
NYT: Turning a Crisis Into an Opportunity

WaPo: Five myths about the 'tea party'
Politico: Dems accused of tea party tampering

AP/Sidoti: GOP cautiously confident of big gains this fall
Hill: DSCC must decide where to cut losses as tough races add up

Politico: Sarah Palin: President Obama 'in over his head'


Albany TU: Paladino airing mosque TV ad
Gothamist: New Paladino Anti-Mosque Ad, New Poll Shows Increased Opposition
NYPost: Fred Dicker: Ground Zero Mosque

LoHud: Harry Wilson Supports Civil Unions
Albany TU: DiNapoli sees future in numbers

NYDN: Poor Little Rich Girl Caroline Giuliani's shoplifting bust is perfect way to poke Rudy

Rochester D&C: Koch brings reform campaign to Rochester


Wash Times: Records show Brown travels in state airplane

LA Times: Gay marriage a minor issue in major races


Dallas MN: Perry, White don't object to New York's clearing way for mosque near Ground Zero


SPT: Attacks characterize GOP rivals' debate
Sunshine News: Who's More Conservative? I Am, Cries Rick Scott; I Am, Cries Bill McCollum


AJC: Mike Huckabee endorses Nathan Deal in runoff race
Politico: Huckabee gives late support to Deal


Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich verdict? Maybe next week
NYT: Blagojevich Deliberations Lead to Speculation

Wash Times: Obama takes risk, stumps for Giannoulias in Ill.
Politico: Barack Obama's home-field disadvantage
Hill: Obama: Donors can 'trust' Giannoulias


AP/Bakst: Target apologizes for Minn. political donation


Rasmussen: Michigan Governor: Snyder (R) 49%, Bernero (D) 37%
Detroit News: Right to Life unlikely to back Snyder

Politico: Michigan's clout on Hill wanes

Politico: GOP candidate raises birther issue


Politico: Proposition C spells trouble for Robin Carnahan


Rasmussen: Kansas Senate: Moran (R) 61%, Johnston (D) 28%


NYT: Knoxville Mayor Wins Tennessee G.O.P. Primary
Politico: Bill Haslam wins Republican nod in Tennessee

CQ: Fincher, Cohen Win Big in Tennessee


AP/Blood: Angle calls campaign 'war of ideology, thoughts, faith'
AP/Blood: No gay adoptions, says GOP's Angle
Las Vegas RJ: Angle's position on working families draws criticism


Politico: Rep. Don Young still in trouble with leadership

Hill: Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski emerges from father’s shadow . . .
Hill: . . . No ‘blood war’ with Sarah Palin, insists incumbent senator from Alaska


August 5, 2010


WSJ: Judge Overturns California's Same-Sex Marriage Ban
NYT: Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Ban in California
LA Times: Ruling against Prop. 8 could lead to federal precedent on gay marriage
AP/Leff: ppeal of ruling could delay gay weddings in CA
NYT: In Same-Sex Ruling, an Eye on the Supreme Court
NYT: Editorial: Marriage Is a Constitutional Right
Human Events: What is Judicial Activism?
Politico: California ruling puts President Obama on spot

WSJ: Funding Bill for States Clears Senate Hurdle
NYT: Senate Vote Clears Way for $26 Billion in Aid to States
WSJ: Pelosi Calls House Back From Recess

Hill: Reid plans September showdown on extension of tax cuts
WSJ: Geithner Defends Plan to Let Tax Cuts for Wealthy Expire
NYT: Senate Debate Looms on Tax Cuts for Rich
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Slogan: I have What It Takes to Take What You've Got

Hill: Lawmaker on Rangel jury plans to keep $3,000 in donations
NYT: Editorial: Not Too Much Ethics, Please
WSJ: The Great Guy Theory of History

Rush Limbaugh: Classic Rush See, I Told You So: There was No BP Oil Spill Crisis

Rush Limbaugh: Kagan: Rubber Stamp for Obama

Wash Times: Reality sets in for states on Real ID
Ann Coulter: Justice Brennan's Footnote Gave Us Anchor Babies

NYT: I.R.S. Shifts to Combat Tax Evasion

WSJ: Show Me ObamaCare
Hill: Gibbs dismisses Missouri vote against federal health insurance mandate

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Keeps Crying Wolf as His Approval Ratings Continue to Fall
Politico: 41% of GOP: Obama foreign-born

Karl Rove: Will the GOP Storm the Statehouses?
Human Events: GOP Primary Victors Mostly Strong Conservatives

Hill: Waxman sees bright side to Nov: 'Difficult' Dems won't be back
CQ: Pa. Will Be Key Steppingstone for GOP Majority

CQ: FEC Announces Penalties for NRCC, Former Rep. Wynn


NYT: For Cuomo, Foretaste of a Bitter Ideological Divide

NYT: Giuliani’s Daughter, 20, Is Arrested


LA Times: Whitman encounters criticism from protesters and radio show hosts
SF Chronicle: Poizner says Whitman's "still misrepresenting my track record"


Dallas MN: Ads show two messages White needs to send to beat Perry
Austin AS: In rural Texas, White fishing for upset Republicans


Politico: Crist's '06 running mate backs Rubio

Rasmussen: Florida Governor: Scott (R) 35%, Sink (D) 31%, Chiles (I) 16%
Miami Herald: McCollum, Scott meet for debate in Tampa


AJC: Two Sonny Perdue appointees support Roy Barnes


Chicago Tribune: Jury may have to decide forfeiture issue

Chicago Sun-Times: Obama home to celebrate, raise money for Giannoulias
NYT: Illinois Keeps Obama at Arm’s Length


Grand Forks Herald: Republican Emmer urges merger of state agriculture regulators


Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Portman (R) 44%, Fisher (D) 40%

Cleve PD: Strickland and opponent John Kasich have lots of campaign cash


Detroit FP: Snyder's defeated rivals vow support for election
Detroit FP: Rick Snyder, a self-styled outsider, will need some inside help

Detroit FP: Michigan races to be tight, closely watched

Sault Ste. Marie EN: Allen, Benishek remain locked in battle for Republican nomination


Human Events: Missouri Voters Soundly Reject Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: Missouri Votes for New American Dream: The Repeal of Obamacare


Wichita Eagle: Moran, Tiahrt race ends up rural v. urban — rural wins


CQ: Tenn. Primary Action Largely on the GOP Side
Knox News: Wamp says Haslam, McWherter are 'running on their daddies' fumes'
Politico: GOP puts up hard fight in Tennessee


USA Today: Nikki Haley has paid fines for late tax filings


WaPo: Palin endorses little-known Brian Murphy in Md. Republican primary
Baltimore Sun: Sarah Palin steps into Md. politics with endorsement


CNN: A New Twist in the Clinton-Sestak Story


NYT: Voters in Colorado Swing With the Economy


Politico: Pearce goes after Ariz. 'anchor babies'


Politico: Young cleared in Alaska case
NYT: No Charges After Inquiry of Lawmaker


Wash Times: Angle offers Nevada an alternative to Reid


Seattle Times: Didier and Akers get their shot at Rossi


August 4, 2010


WSJ: BP Says 'Static Kill' Achieved in Gulf
NYT: ‘Static Kill’ Appears to Be Working in Well, BP Says
NYT: U.S. Finds Most Oil From Spill Poses Little Additional Risk
AP/Weber: BP: Mud pumped into well is holding back the oil

NYT: Energy Bill a No-Go in the Senate
Hill: Reid abandons oil-spill, energy legislation until September
WaPo: EPA left to pick up climate change where Congress dropped the debate

NYT: More Workers Face Pay Cuts, Not Furloughs
WaPo: New Democratic strategy for creating jobs focuses on a boost in manufacturing
NYT: A Market Punishing to Mothers
NYT: Obama Freezes Bonuses for Political Appointees
WaPo: Obama freezes bonuses to federal appointees
Hill: GOP flexes muscle on 2011 spending bills
WSJ: Report Slams Stimulus-Plan Uses
John Fund: Running Out of Bullets?

Betsy McCaughey: ObamaCare and the Constitution—An Update

Newt Gingrich: No Lame Duck

NYT: At Ethics Committee’s Helm, an Experienced Eye
Ruth Marcus: Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters and the House culture of entitlement
Hill: Rep. Issa: Rangel should lose pension if he is found guilty of ethics violations
Hill: Black Caucus head said media to blame for Rep. Waters fallout
Politico: Maxine Waters wants charges made public
Rush Limbaugh: Brother Barack Holds Grudges: Rangel and Waters Hung Out to Dry

WSJ: Republicans Take Aim at Kagan as Debate Begins
NYT: In Senate, Vote Nears on Kagan Nomination
Human Events: Senate Republicans: Kagan Not Fit for Court

WSJ: Obama Courts Labor Support for Trade Deal

Hill: President’s numbers drop again
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Hits New Low in Gallup; CNN Reports Drinking Habit Poll

Wash Times: Napolitano seeks review of illegal immigrant's release
Wash Times: Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds
Hill: Amid immigration debate, Democrats battle GOP over Fourteenth Amendment
Rush Limbaugh: How the Regime Selectively Enforces the Immigration Laws

WaPo: Civil rights groups sue Treasury over targeting of terror suspects for killing
NYT: Lawyers Seeking Terror Suspect’s Case Sue U.S.
Wash Times: Yemeni gains civil liberties backing

NYT: After Afghan War Leaks, Revisions in a Shield Bill

WSJ: Senate Panel Delays Vote on Nuclear Treaty
NYT: Arms-Treaty Vote Delayed in Senate
WaPo: Vote on New START nuclear arms treaty delayed in Senate
WaPo: OpEd: New START Treaty could erode Senate's foreign policy role

Wash Times: Pentagon to cut out big-war funds

NYT: As Space Priorities Shift, Orbiting Station Takes On a Central Role

Thomas Frank: Glenn Beck and Our 'Stolen' History (via Google)

Michael Gerson: Obama's cool is leaving more people cold
Hill: Obama will be ‘born-again moderate,’ says McConnell

James Taranto: David Klinghoffer Saves Civilization

Wash Times: GOP aims for House seats in New England
Hill: GOP could dominate state redistricting after election

Wash Times: Electoral College under assault

CQ: NRSC Seeking Rare Infusion From Senators
Hill: NRSC slapped with racial bias suit

Politico: GOP puzzled as Michael Steele courts ambassadors

Sen. Richard Lugar: The Senate’s Important Lunch Date

NYT: Bristol and Levi’s Engagement Is Off Again


NYT: 125 Days Late, a State Budget With New Taxes

Buffalo News: Paladino is breaking into the race
Albany TU: Paladino: Prosecute, Disbar Paterson
WBFO: Analysts say Paladino's Taxpayers Party line will attract votes

NYT: Paterson’s Security Chief Is Transferred and Put Under Ethics Scrutiny

NYT: Mosque Plan Clears Hurdle in New York
Wash Times: Panel allows mosque close to ground zero
NYT: Editorial: A Monument to Tolerance
Thomas Friedman: Broadway and the Mosque
Dorothy Rabinowitz: Liberal Piety and the Memory of 9/11
Rush Limbaugh: The Terrorists Win: NYC Panel Votes 9-0 for Ground Zero Mosque

Rasmussen: Gillibrand Still Faces Little Threat From GOP Challengers


Politico: Meg Whitman’s play for the Latino vote
SF Chronicle: Governor candidates oppose sanctuary cities
LA Times: Whitman defends campaign spending

WSJ: Ruling on Calif. Gay Marriage Ban Coming Wednesday


SPR: Immigration wedge strikes Texas GOP


Miami Herald: Scott wins bragging rights in NRA rankings


AJC: Deal shows Handel she's not the only one attracting women supporters


AP/Bellandi: Quinn picks up endorsement of gun-control group


Politico: Pawlenty helps '08 pal Fiorina


Hot Air: GOP could turn Wisconsin red in 2010
WISN: Republican Candidates For Governor Ready For Televised Debate


Cleveland PD: Voinovich will vote 'no' on Kagan
CPD: OH legislature fails to approve plan to overhaul process for redrawing legislative districts


Detroit News: Snyder, Bernero turn their focus to November
Detroit FP: Virg Bernero and Rick Snyder will fight to be Michigan's next governor
WSJ: Democrats Pick Fiery Mayor in Michigan Governor's Race

Detroit News: Clarke victory closes curtain on Kilpatrick era in Congress
Hill: Rep. Kilpatrick becomes fourth House incumbent to lose primary

Detroit News: Gingrich defends 4 arrested trying to convert Muslims to Christianity
Detroit FP: Newt Gingrich calls Dearborn arrests of missionaries extremism


Hill: Blunt wins Republican Senate primary
St. Louis PD: Carnahan, Blunt to face off in battle of political titans

WSJ: Missouri Voters Oppose Mandatory Health Insurance
NYT: In Missouri, Health Law Is Rejected by Voters
Rush Limbaugh: Missouri Votes on Obamacare
American Spectator: Missouris says no to ObamaCare


AP/Sidoti: Brownback wins GOP nod in Kansas governor primary

Hill: Moran bests Tiahrt in GOP Senate primary
CQ: Moran Squeaks By Tiahrt in Kansas Senate Race


Wash Times: Mosque riles politicians in Tennessee


WRAL: Report critical of North Carolina stimulus projects

Asheville CT: Poll shows North Carolina Rep. Heath Shuler in tight race


Rasmussen: South Carolina Senate: DeMint (R) 62%, Greene (D) 20%


Rush Limbaugh: VA AG Stands Up for Constitution


NYT: New Jersey Is Sued Over the Forced Medication of Patients at Psychiatric Hospitals


NYT: McCain Enters Citizenship Debate


Rasmussen: Colorado Governor: Tancredo’s Entry Splits GOP Vote


Politico: K Street bets on Harry Reid, shuns Sharron Angle


Politico: Patty Murray plows through half her cash


August 3, 2010


NYT: Bernanke Says Rising Wages Will Lift Spending
NYT: 99 Weeks Later, Jobless Have Only Desperation
Timothy Geithner: Welcome to the Recovery
Robert Reich: The Obama Agenda and the Enthusiasm Gap
WSJ: Rewriting Fannie Mae History (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: There Should be No Debate Over Extending the Bush Tax Cuts

NYT: Kagan Vote Is Expected This Week
Wash Times: Kagan's confirmation tally becomes Hill guessing game

Wash Times: Panthers probe heats up panel

NYT: Political Ads Off Limits, Goldman Promises

WSJ: Panel Charges Waters in Ethics Case
WaPo: Rep. Maxine Waters of California probably broke ethics rules, House panel finds
Wash Times: Waters faces ethics charge
Politico: Maxine Waters plans to fight Ethics Committee
NYT: For Congress, a New Vigilance in Policing Ethics Cases
NYT: Waters Sought Advice on Conflict
WaPo: Editorial: Maxine Waters' questionable ethics

WSJ: Spill Uncorked 4.9 Million Barrels
NYT: Gulf Spill Is the Largest of Its Kind, Scientists Say
WSJ: New Drilling Rules Imperil Some Rig Operators
NYT: Survey Finds Broad Anxiety Among Gulf Residents
NYT: Editorial: Congress and the Spill
Rush Limbaugh: With Hole Plugged, Democrats Target BP's Use of Dispersants

NYT: Virginia Suit Against Health Care Law Moves Forward
NYT: Covering New Ground in Health System Shift

Hill: GOP leader McConnell: Fourteenth Amendment is in need of review
Rush Limbaugh: Palin Questions Obama's Cojones; Obama Slams Arizona Gov. Brewer

Bob Graham & Jim Talent: Funding cuts threaten vital defense against bioterrorism

Politico: The lame duck looms
Hill: Blue Dogs at risk get help, $200M

Wash Times: Steele ally threatens legal action at RNC


Buffalo News: Paterson vetoes more bills as legislators return
NY Post: Putt-ering pols play as NY budget burns

NYDN: Espada demands federal probe of chief rival Gustavo Rivera


Politico: Meg Whitman shatters spending record
LA Times: Spending mounts in state races

NYT: California: Ban on Affirmative Action Is Upheld


Dallas MN: Perry tries raffle to locate supporters


Ledger: Gov Candidates Trade Barbs in First GOP Debate


Savannah MN: Top Georgia female state legislators stump Georgia for Nathan Deal


Chicago Tribune: No word from Blagojevich jurors on Day Four


NYT: 10 Questions for Gov. Tim Pawlenty

CQ: Bachmann Sets Up New Fundraising Channel


NYT: Paul Ryan, A Young Republican with a Sweeping Agenda


Politico: Mich. candidates sidestep Granholm


CQ: Election Bonus: National Health Law On Missouri Ballot


CQ: Gingrich Endorses Smith For Tennessee House Seat


State: Poll: Haley keeping solid lead


WaPo: Virginia legal opinion supports checks of immigration status


CQ: Jersey Native Looks to Shore up GOP Senate Majority


Wash Times: Senate hopeful Sestak says fellow Democrats broke promises

Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Governor: Corbett (R) 50%, Onorato (D) 39%


NYT: Candidate’s Platform: Jobs. Experience: N.B.A.


Rasmussen: Arizona Senate: McCain (R) 53%, Glassman (D) 34%


Politico: Sarah Palin's endorsement a shock to some


Las Vegas RJ: Angle: Reid's clout misguided


August 2, 2010


NYT: Why Both Parties Want an Economic Fight
Wash Times: GOP sees winning call in tax break for all
Wash Times: Consumers find thrift, but lose fast recovery
Arthur Laffer: The Soak-the-Rich Catch-22
Paul Krugman: Defining Prosperity Down
Human Events: Tax Hike Planned For Lame-Duck Session

WSJ: Ethical Woes Fog Democrat Hopes for November
NYT: In Personal Ethics Battles, a Partywide Threat
Politico: Ethics cases raise racial questions

WaPo: BP aims to plug gulf oil well for good with two-pronged 'kill' shot
WSJ: A Gulf Spill Tort Primer (via Google)
WSJ: Locals to BP: Don't Leave Town Yet

WSJ: The Death of Cap and Tax
WaPo: Editorial: The truth about global warming
Politico: President Obama's climate 'Plan B' in hot water
Hill: Senate energy bill missing off top of this week's agenda as recess looms

Hill: Political momentum grows for revoking birthright citizenship
Gary Bauer: America Should Be Proud of Its Immigration Laws
LA Times: Arizona was once tolerant of illegal immigrants. What happened?
USA Today: States rethink illegal immigrant bills after Arizona ruling

Politico: Republican Party eyes choking health law funding

WSJ: WikiLeaks and 'War Crimes' (via Google)
Rep. Mike Rogers: Culture of Disclosure Puts U.S. at Risk

Hill: Lieberman, Collins may soon wrap up Fort Hood investigation

Hill: Kagan presents a test for the NRA as court confirmation assured

Hill: Self-imposed Republican moratorium leads to drop in 2011 earmark spending

Hill: GOP leaders say focus on economic policies will be key to victory
Politico: Boehner says GOP will talk solutions in August
Politico: Nervous Dems play it by the numbers
Time: Recess '10: Democrats Work to Ensure a Friendlier Reception This Year
WaPo: Does an advantage in money give Democrats the edge in November?
Politico: Dems still taking aim at Bush

WaPo: Palin: Obama lacks 'the cojones' to tackle immigration
Ruth Marcus: Sarah Palin's sleight of palm
Politico: Palin blames media for unfavorable rating
NYDN: Palin says Obama lacks 'cojones,' but she lacks real courage

Politico: Tea Party Caucus stirs the pot

NYT: In Iowa Tour (Already), Republican Tests His Voice (Pawlenty)
Ross Douthat: On the G.O.P. Precampaign Trail

WaPo: 2012 Project hopes to recruit new generation of female candidates

NYT: Cheney Still in Hospital After Surgery

NYT: Fox News Lands Front-Row Seat at White House

Wash Times: Breitbart to get RNC invite


Albany TU: Reason, rhetoric collide in Republican campaign
NY Post: Mario: I moved in with son to cool off randy Andy
NYDN: Key unions may pass on Cuomo; AFL-CIO holding convention in mid-August

Albany TU: Paterson Indicted, between the lines
NYDN: Give Rangel a chance to defend ethics charges, Gov. Paterson says


SacBee: Whitman, Brown target Latino voters in Calif. gubernatorial race
WSJ: Jerry Brown's Pension Punt (via Google)


Houston Chronicle: The 10 richest, poorest Texans in Congress


Miami Herald: GOP leader: `I've got Marco mania'
Palm Beach Post: GOP gubernatorial candidates McCollum, Scott to face off in debate
Politico: Greene fires Trippi


AJC: Too much hardball from Handel?
Macon Telegraph: Deal’s steady career leads to GOP bid


Southtown Star: Despite property tax attack, Quinn weakening in poll


Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: Democrats hold lead over Emmer


WaPo: Rep. Ryan pushes budget reform, and his party winces


Dayton DN: Climate strategy could cost GOP


Detroit FP: Potential governors canvass Michigan as frenzied push for votes begins

WSJ: Touring Detroit, Obama Hails Bailout
WSJ: Two Cheers for the Detroit Bailout (via Google)


State Column: Proposition C Tests Health Care in Missouri
St. Louis PD: Light turnout expected for Tuesday's primary


State Column: Zach Wamp: ‘Ugly, Demonic, Gutter Politics'


Louisville CJ: Rand Paul holds lead over Jack Conway in Kentucky Senate race
WHAS: Paul leads Conway by eight in new poll


Townhall: 2010 Race of the Day: North Carolina Blues
WLOS: Star of TV series "Frasier" aids NC candidate


Sun Sentinel: Virginia Democrat calls for end to government diversity efforts


WaPo: For Rep. Chris Van Hollen, midterm elections could decide next move


State Column: Gov. Chris Christie Says Pensions may not be Paid


Examiner: Pennsylvania Republican candidate, Pat Toomey says he would extend tax cuts


NYT: On Television, Playing Down an Image of Wealth


CQ: GOP Eager to Let Brown’s Star Power Shine


WSJ: New Mexico Race Gives Big Donors Last Splash


Denver Post: Maes holds slight edge over McInnis, poll says
WaPo: Andrew Romanoff surges in Colorado Senate
Politico: Poll: Andrew Romanoff catches Sen. Michael Bennet
NRO: Botched Campaigns in Colorado


Reno GJ: New poll shows Reid-Angle race for Senate a tossup


August 1, 2010


Reuters: Activists rally for Arizona immigration law
NYT: Immigration Policy Aims to Help Military Families
NYT: Many Indigent Refugees to Lose Federal Assistance
WaPo: OpEd: In the fight over Arizona's immigration law, everybody loses

WSJ: Second House Democrat May Face Ethics Trial
NYT: House Ethics Inquiry on Waters Is Tied to Bank
Politico: Waters chooses ethics trial
LA Times: Ethics trials highlight racial tensions in Congress

Hill: Ethics panel: Landlord gave Rangel 'special' treatment over others
Hill: Dem leaders, donors to hold Rangel birthday bash at The Plaza
NYDN: US House of Shame: Charlie Rangel fits in with feckless pols who shun 9/11 heroes
AP/Margasak: Rangel using 3-way defense against ethics charges

NYT: Despite Directive, BP Used Oil Dispersant Often, Panel Finds
WaPo: Documents indicate heavy use of dispersants in gulf spill
NYT: Officials Optimistic That Cement Will Kill BP Well

WSJ: Congress and Estate-Tax Revisions
NYT: Editorial: What They’re Not Telling You
David Stockman: Four Deformations of the Apocalypse
WaPo: OpEd: Five myths about the Bush tax cuts
Ted Nugent: Government Drunk on Stupid

Wash Times: Informant: Wikileaks suspect had civilian help
WaPo: Witness says WikiLeaks investigators sought to limit disclosure
Daniel Ellsberg: My WikiLeaks wish list
Hadley & Perry: What needs to change to defend America
Hill: Lawmakers tackle gaping flaws in WMD terror attack preparedness

Andrew McCarthy: It’s About Sharia: Newt Gingrich resets our national-security debate

WaPo: U.S. nears key step in European defense shield against Iranian missiles

LA Times: Senate stalling on judges is like an old family feud

Hill: Candidates decline to refund cash from pair charged by SEC

WaPo: "Tea party" activists drawn to Williamsburg and its portrayal of Founding Fathers
Politico: The new tea party bible
Philadelphia Inquirer: Breitbart joins tea partyers at Philadelphia rally

AP/Sidoti: GOP looks to erase Democrats' comfy House majority
AP: Pelosi 'Not Nervous' About Dems Losing Elections

WaPo: The Politics of Palin: Endorsement tracker

Hill: Pawlenty visits Iowa, stumps for candidates
Radio Iowa: Pawlenty’s advice: “get a new president”
DMR: Tim Pawlenty says U.S. allies are worried because Obama hasn't projected resolve

Examiner: Obama steps up the money chase - avoids appearances
NYT: To Help Fellow Democrats in the Fall, Obama May Stay Away
David Broder: What the GOP can do for Obama

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: WikiLeaks aftermath


NY Post: A pension to slash: Comptroller Candidate Wilson eyes less PE involvement

Watertown DT: State party head predicts 1994-style GOP revival


Mercury News: Whitman models campaign, vision on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg
SF Chronicle: State candidates connect to voters at forum
LA Times: Jerry Brown at Faith Forum: The key is 'looking forward'
AP/Thanawala: Brown talks about faith at San Francisco forum
Dan Morain: Can low-rent Brown whip Whitman's wealth?

Hill: California Republican pulled over for speeding while giving radio interview
SacBee: Dan Lungren speeds through KFBK interview

Dan Walters: Jerry Brown still rips from the headlines


San Angelo ST: Cornyn walks political tightrope
Star-Tel: Dallas lawmaker Pete Sessions helping Boy Scouts celebrate 100th anniversary

WaPo: Wyly brothers built an empire side-by-side


Rasmussen: Oklahoma Senate: Coburn (R) 65%, Rogers (D) 31%


Palm Beach Post: Little-known primary rivals warn Rubio: Don't ignore us
SPT: Crist could become his own worst enemy
WaPo: Democrat Kendrick Meek facing uphill battle in Florida Senate race

Ledger: Rick Scott Pulls Well Out Front
Miami Herald: The Miami Herald recommends (Gov primary endorsements)
Miami Herald: Two rich guys betting on our mass stupidity

Miami Herald: GOP race for Florida attorney general seems wide open


Times-Georgian: Handel, Deal push toward runoff; candidates in Carroll County Saturday
AJC: Also-ran silent as runoff closes in
AJC: Guess who won’t be coming to lunch with Obama?


Chicago Sun-Times: Brady's conservative roots go deep in Bloomington
Chicago Sun-Times: Nancy Brady provides steady dose of reality

NYT: For One Senate Seat in Illinois, Two Elections on the Same Day

Daily Caller: Illinois Republican Rep. Aaron Schock’s path to Congress

Examiner: Blagojevich trial overshadows significant Illinois Statehouse developments


Star Tribune: Bachmann 'on her way to a full and quick recovery' after being hospitalized
Pioneer Press: Bachmann back in Minnesota after brief spell in hospital

Star Tribune: Corporate cash stirs races in new ways
Power Line: Target Target

Pioneer Press: Elections matter, and here comes one


Wisconsin SJ: Senate candidate Ron Johnson maturing quickly

Milwaukee JS: Report calls for overhaul of state Department of Commerce


Dayton DN: Minister, former psychologist Strickland faces millionaire Kasich

Politics Daily: Ohio Candidate Tom Ganley Tells of Role in Taking Down the Mob


Detroit FP: Voters’ hopes high for governor, poll finds
Detroit News: Attack ads mark Republican gubernatorial race
Lansing SJ: Race to get names on November ballot in Michigan governor's race is wide open
AP/Hoffman: Michigan voters search for economic savior

WILX: 7th Congressional GOP Race Heats Up

UPI: Can Cheeks Kilpatrick pull out a primary win again?


NYT: Missouri Voters to Have Say on Health Care Law
KC Star: In Missouri and Kansas, wrath runs high, but voters are likely to be few Tuesday


AP/Schelzig: GOP governor hopefuls have differing campaign styles
UPI: Tennessee's list of candidates l-o-n-g


Gothamist: "Ground Zero" Mosque Is Campaign Issue In N.C.

Charlotte Observer: Democrats brace for midterm elections


State: Graham's proposal plays well among far right


Record: Stuart elected chairman of state GOP


Jeff Jacoby: Massachusetts for Palin?


Las Vegas RJ: With Henderson concert, Angle to make foray into key battleground area




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