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August 21, 2010


WSJ: Upper-Income Taxpayers Plan for Hike
WaPo: With consumers slow to spend, businesses are slow to hire
Hill: Djou blames spending, stimulus for lethargic economy in GOP address
Hill: GOP Rep. Camp: 48 out of 50 states have lost jobs since stimulus
Fred Barnes: Obama's Four Disasters

NYT: U.S. Mortgage Relief Effort Is Falling Short of Its Goal
WaPo: U.S. examines private sector's role in ensuring affordable housing

WSJ: U.S. Saw Drill Ban Killing Many Jobs
NYT: Details Faulted in Plan to Pay Oil Spill Claims
WaPo: With BP's know-how and U.S. authority, the Macondo well was plugged
WaPo: Ed: Enforcement, monitoring are critical to accident prevention in oil drilling offshore

WSJ: High-Speed-Rail Costs Irk States

Fox: Obama Faces Middle East 'Train Wreck' as Iran Builds Nuclear Program

NYT: U.S. Anti-Islam Protest Seen as Lift for Extremists
Andrew McCarthy: Which Islam Will Prevail in America?

James Taranto: 'W.H.: Pres. Obama Isn't Muslim'
Politico: Rev. Franklin Graham: President Obama 'born a Muslim'
Rush Limbaugh: Analyzing WH Spokesman Burton's Statement on the President's Faith
William Kristol: He's No Muslim, He's a Progressive

Hill: Mosque protest loses Gingrich

WSJ: Prosecutors Eye WikiLeaks Charges
LA Times: WikiLeaks founder suspected of rape, Swedish tabloid reports

WaPo: New intelligence chief Clapper brings sense of humor to serious job

WaPo: Troubled contractor Blackwater agrees to pay fines

WSJ: Who's ObamaCare's Daddy? Now even liberals are denying paternity
CQ: CNN Poll: Opinions Of Health Care Law Don't Budge

John Fund: America's Insurgent Pollster: Understanding the tea party

CQ: Boehner’s Multistate Tour Guns for GOP Majority
Wash Times: NRCC narrows cash gap, tops DCCC again
Politico: RNC has just $5m for final push
Politico: Rove-tied group raises $2 million
Hill: Dems preparing October offense
NYT: Biden Urges D.N.C. to Reject Grim Election Forecast
Hill: Obama slams recess 'attack ads' in call for campaign finance bill

Politico: Palin: Dr. Laura no racist

Hill: Huckabee’s 2010 fundraising, appearances stoke 2012 speculation

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


CBS: Rick Lazio Labels "Ground Zero Mosque" Imam Terrorist Sympathizer
Long Island Press: Lazio Trades Barbs With Pelosi Over NYC Mosque
LoHud: Lazio too ‘chicken’ to debate, says Paladino
NY Post: 'Ground Zero' imam on Mideast tour to make Islam 'Americanized'
NY Post: Faithful already filling the house

NYT: Successor to Cuomo May Change Job’s Focus

NYT: Editorial: Democratic Choice for Attorney General: Schneiderman
NYT: Eric T. Schneiderman Is Endorsed by the Times Board

Albany TU: State fiscal woes grow
NY Post: Low pension return may $oak taxpayers


LA Times: Meg Whitman launches searing attack in Republican convention speech
Mercury News: Meg Whitman kicks off California GOP convention
SF Chronicle: Meg Whitman says state should defend Prop. 8
SacBee: Meg Whitman says she would defend Proposition 8

LA Times: California's online voter registration plan on hold


Dallas MN: Rep. Joe Barton calls offshore drilling moratorium 'stupid'

Dallas MN: Case of Perry aide and wife show how things work in Austin


Kim Strassel: Crist-Crossing (Some) Donors
CQ: Bob Dole In Crist's Corner

NYT: Clinton Robo-Calls for Meek
Politico: Kendrick Meek: Jeff Greene bet on housing collapse
Gail Collins: Campaigns in Troubled Waters

CBS4: Rubio Rides The Republican Wave This Primary
SPT: Marco Rubio is not the only Republican running in the U.S. Senate primary

Fox: Rudy Giuliani: Rick Scott has "Serious Fraud Problems"

Miami Herald: `Undecided' leading in Fla. races


AJC: Georgia Republicans, Dems on same page in opposing NYC mosque


Rasmussen: Alabama Governor: Bentley (R) 58%, Sparks (D) 34%
WaPo: Artur Davis comes out swinging against his own party's candidate for Ala. governor


NYT: Pension Fraud in New Jersey Puts Focus on Illinois

Hill: ShoreBank, praised by Democrats, closed Friday by regulators

CQ: Halvorson Defends Firing of Campaign Manager

Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich to juror: Thanks
Chicago Tribune: Media blitz hasn't healed rift between Blagojevich brothers
ABC: Blago Says, Like Winston Churchill, He Can Mount Dramatic Comeback


Politico: Bachmann raises for key GOP races

Star Tribune: Horner's 'eyeballs' ad aims for the middle


Milwaukee JS: Senate candidate Ron Johnson not alone in sunspot belief


Cleveland PD: Josh Mandel touts his electability, coming from a largely Democratic district


Detroit News: Republican delegate nominees denied

Detroit FP: Tea party candidacy filings under suspicion


St. Louis PD: Carnahan reverses course on Bush tax cuts, now supports all of them


Tennessean: TN Democrats claim GOP made errors in elections


Rasmussen: Arkansas Senate: Boozman (R) 65%, Lincoln (D) 27%


ABC11: Pat McCrory considering run for NC governor
Charlotte Observer: Pat McCrory in demand as voice for N.C. GOP


Times of India: Haley releases 10,000 pages of her email

Spartanburg HJ: DeMint rallies conservative support in Spartanburg visit


WaPo: George Allen looks to his roots while planting campaign seeds

WaPo: McDonnell says Washington could learn something from Richmond


Rasmussen: Maryland Senate: Mikulski (D) 55%, Wargotz (R) 39%


State Column: Gov. Chris Christie gets help from the Republican Governors Association
APP: National GOP group to release Christie film


Politico: Sharron Angle aims to correct course


Politico: Quayle rival slams him over website


Politico: Energy vote costly for Teague


Wash Times: Didier withholds Rossi endorsement
NYT: Tea for Two in Washington


Rasmussen: Wyoming Governor: Mead (R) 58%, Petersen (D) 24%


WSJ: In Idaho, GOP Incumbent Sees Wide Lead Erode


Dana Milbank: Uncle Ted is laid to rest, but his legacy isn't


August 20, 2010


Wash Times: Giuliani urges move of N.Y.C. mosque
WSJ: Giuliani Says Mosque 'Divisive'
NYT: Giuliani Says Mosque Near Ground Zero Is Offensive
NYT: Imam Behind New York Project Starts Mideast Tour
WaPo: 'Ground Zero mosque': New Yorkers take dim view of rabble-rousing outsiders
NYT: Islamic Center Exposes Mixed Feelings Locally
WaPo: What's in a name? Far more than Lower Manhattan mosque planners thought about
James Taranto: Great Moments in Public Diplomacy
Charles Krauthammer: Moral myopia at Ground Zero
Ted Nugent: Muslim mosque-teers: Rights aren't in question, but responsibilities are
Rush Limbaugh: Howard Dean Says: No Mosque
WaPo: How politically catastrophic were Obama's "mosque" comments?

Wash Times: W. House dismisses poll on Obama's faith
Rush Limbaugh: Panic in Liberalville: Poll Shows More Now Think Obama is Muslim
Rush Limbaugh: Obama '07: Muslim Call to Prayer is One of "Prettiest Sounds on Earth"
Rush Limbaugh: Imam Barack Hoover Obama and Fellow Democrats are Living a Lie
Michael Gerson: The lost promise of Barack Obama
Oliver North: Obama's Lost Focus

Wash Times: As job losses rise, rebound from recession called 'anemic'
Hill: White House’s ‘recovery summer’ could be slipping away
WSJ: What Deflation Means for Your Money
WSJ: More Countrywide Loans (via Google)
NYT: At Treasury, Geithner Struggles to Escape a Past He Never Had
NYT: Editorial: Foreclosures Grind On
Paul Krugman: Appeasing the Bond Gods
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Pushes More Porkulus, Doubles Down on Economic Failure

Dorothy Rabinowitz: Battle for the Border

WSJ: Oil Plume From Spill Persists, Data Show
Fox: Democratic House Chairman: BP Oil Cleanup Doesn't Deserve 'Passing Grade'
NYT: Oil Plume Is Not Breaking Down Fast, Study Says
Hill: NOAA official: Roughly three-quarters of spilled oil still in Gulf
NYT: BP Settlements Likely to Shield Top Defendants
Wash Times: Gulf dearth of visitors blamed on media

Peggy Noonan: Information Overload Is Nothing New (via Google)

Wash Times: Ethics office warns about waivers

Wash Times: ACORN sprouts new branches

NYT: Census Survey Asks Too Much, G.O.P. Says

Politico: Dems retreat on health care cost pitch

Wash Times: Republican ad buy indicates plan for targeting foes
Wash Times: Pro-GOP nonprofits kick in millions
Politico: GOP outside cash has Dems scrambling
NYT: On Midterm Stump, Clinton Is Defender in Chief
WaPo: Worried Democrats courting elderly voters as midterm elections near
Politico: Culture wars give way to new battle
American Thinker: A Coming Landslide?
AP/Sidoti: Democrats hope money, manpower stem losses

Wash Times: Palins, Sharptons to share day on the Mall of democracy
Human Events: Leftist Mama Grizzlies Attack Palin
AP/Elliott: Primary losses blunt Palin's 'mama grizzly' claws


WABC NY: GOP NY Gov. candidate Lazio urged to pull ads
NYDN: Fire, Police, Dems Call On Rick Lazio To Pull Video With 9/11 Images
Politico: Lazio says Cuomo is 'hiding behind' first responder unions
NY1: Lazio Campaign Ad References Downtown Mosque Controversy

NY Observ: Paladino Wants A Debate, For Now
LoHud: Paladino to Lazio: I’m No Hillary

WSJ: Controversy over Chris Cox's candidacy could cost the GOP NY's 1st cong. district


LA Times: Fiorina says rising jobless claims show Obama policies aren't working

SacBee: Can Meg Whitman spend her way past Jerry Brown in polls?

Human Events: Latest Twist in Prop 8 Marriage Debate


ABC: Tom DeLay Remains Defiant in Interview, Says GOP Too Timid

Hill: In Texas, a campaign battle over vets' healthcare


Sun-Herald: Barbour says state will seek share of $98M from feds


Fox: Anybody Know Where Florida Gov. Candidate Rick Scott Is?
Orlando Sentinel: GOP Establishment condemns Rick Scott's new ad

Politico: Greene team hits Meek on government-leased car

CQ: Boyd Faces Dog Fight This Fall


AJC: New poll shows Deal and Barnes in tighter race
GSU Signal: Celebrity endorsements in Georgia elections


Chicago Sun-Times: Republican party fires up State Fair
Chicago Tribune: Even for GOP, Blagojevich proves popular state fair attraction
SJR: Republican Day at the State Fair
Wash Times: GOP weighs impact of Blagojevich trial
NYT: Blagojevich Trial Ends Fitzgerald’s Successes
NYT: After the Trial, the Banality of Blagojevich Sinks In

Chicago Sun-Times: Obama unlikely to sway many voters in Senate race, poll shows


Star Tribune: Dayton and Horner debate fiscal policy without Emmer

Politico: Shot fired at Al Franken's condo


Hill: Feingold hits GOP Senate foe over 'bizarre' climate change explanation


CQ: Ads Go After Ohio Democrats
Toledo Blade: Kasich blasted for OSU lecture pay


Detroit News: Senate: Gov's budget 'do-able'


St. Louis PD: Blunt and Carnahan clash over mosque
CBS: Roy Blunt Pulls Ground Zero Web Video About Robin Carnahan


Rasmussen: Maryland Governor: O’Malley (D) 45%, Ehrlich (R) 44%


NYT: Behind Fraud Charges, New Jersey’s Deep Crisis
WSJ: The SEC's Jersey Score (via Google)

NYT: Government Gadfly in Teaneck, N.J., Is Killed


Reuters: Pennsylvania voters back infrastructure tax hike: Governor

NYT: Joe Sestak, the 60th Democrat


Rasmussen: Rhode Island Governor: Caprio (D) Pulls Ahead


Hill: Eyeing Sen. Scott Brown in 2012, Mass. Democrats building up war chests


Rush Limbaugh: Dingy Harry Reid Then and Now on Illegal Alien Anchor Babies
Star-Telegram: Angle raising money in North Texas today

Rasmussen: Nevada Governor: Sandoval (R) 52% Reid (D) 36%


NPR: After A Turn To The Right, McCain Looks Ahead


Rasmussen: Washington Senate: Murray (D) 48%, Rossi (R) 44%
John Fund: Patty Murray of Washington state is in danger of losing her seat in November
HeraldNet: Scott Brown to stump for Rossi


August 19, 2010


Politico: The most powerful Republican in politics

Fred Barnes: Polls Predict Big GOP Gains in Congress
NYT: Obama Campaigns for Democrats in Swing States
Politico: Obama makes his case in Ohio, Florida
AP/Espo: Dems' oldies tour lauds Social Security, Medicare
NYT: The Paradox of a Legislative President
Rush Limbaugh: Panicked Liberals Call for the Hated George W. Bush to Bail Out Obama
Human Events: "Blame Bush" Won't Work With Voters
Daily Caller: What if the GOP embraced Paul Ryan's entitlement plan?
CQ: Consultants Say Republicans Are More Inclined to Attack Obama Directly Now
Time: A Breakthrough for the GOP: More Women Running
WaPo: Fewer incumbent governors are seeking reelection
WaPo: Delay on gay marriage in Calif. gives Democrats room to focus on midterms
Hill: DeLay warns GOP: Don't underestimate Democrats this fall

CQ: Race An Undeniable Aspect of Democrats’ Ethics Troubles
Dan Henninger: Privileges of the House (via Google)

Wash Times: Far from ground zero, mosque debate resonates in races
Rush Limbaugh: 9/11 Families Release Ad on Mosque
Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi Demands an Investigation of "Hamasque" Opponents
Fox: Pelosi Suggests Probe of Funding Sources Behind Opposition to Mosque
James Taranto: Is Nancy Pelosi Un-American?
WaPo: Pelosi clarifies call for look at funding of anti-mosque critics
Rush Limbaugh: Governor Christie Has It Backwards
Rush Limbaugh: Callers Vent Outrage on Mosque
ABC: Are Republicans Alienating Hispanic and Muslim Voters?
Human Events: Obama Backing Mosque Defies Religious Freedom

NBC NY: Mosque Developer Rejects Moving to New Location
ABC: Islamic Center Backers Won't Rule Out Taking Funds from Saudi Arabia, Iran
WaPo: To N.Y. Muslims, Islamic center near Ground Zero would be more than a mosque
WaPo: Editorial: Where are the Republicans who will reject pandering and prejudice?
Politico: Cheney group video calls mosque 'so wrong'
Politico: Mosque a long shot to be built
American Thinker: Civilizational War

WaPo: Poll shows more Americans think Obama is a Muslim
Politico: 31% of Republicans believe Barack Obama is Muslim
NYT: In Defining Obama, Misperceptions Stick
Newt Gingrich: Free Cities

LA Times: Rekindling debate about constitutional amendments
Detroit News: Editorial: Birthright blunder
Politico: Birthright hearings would be déjà vu

WSJ: Unfunded Public Pensions—the Next Quagmire (via Google)

WSJ: Barney to Fannie: Drop Dead (via Google)
Hill: After Wall Street reform, Dems face fight on mortgage-finance overhaul
Hill: Sen. Dodd hedges view of Warren nomination

CNS: Nearly Half of United States Considering Arizona-Style Immigration Legislation

NYT: General Motors Files for an Initial Public Offering

WSJ: Oil-Cleanup Estimates Draw New Fire

DN: Coulter dropped from right-wing speaking gig for headlining gay GOP event 'HOMOCON'
CBS: Ann Coulter Dropped from Conservative Conference over Participation in Gay GOP Event

Ann Coulter: Look Who's' Nativist' Now

Politico: Palin adds to 'mama grizzly' pack
NYT: Palin Celebrates 19th Amendment
Hill: Palin claims a 'cackle of rads' has hijacked the term 'feminist'

Politico: End run: Romney's crafty financing


Rochester City Paper: Paladino gaining on Lazio in GOP gubernatorial race
Rochester D&C: Rochester region a hot spot for political candidates
NYDN: Andrew Cuomo Still Running Away With Governor's Race: Siena Poll

NYDN: One More From Siena: Good News For Sen. Gillibrand »

WSJ: Rangel's Challenge: Embattled Congressman Faces Changing District in Primary


San Diego UT: Fiorina in San Diego wins more business support
LA Times: Boxer attacks Fiorina's pro-oil drilling stance in Santa Barbara

SF Chronicle: State GOP's right wing to call out Whitman

Press-Enterprise: Issa to address annual GOP convention

LA Times: California state employees furloughs to resume


DMN: Edwards slams opponent's plan to let veterans use health benefits in private sector


Herald Tribune: McCollum and Scott two portraits of confidence
Miami Herald: Political insiders in the lead -- for now, poll of Fla. voters finds
Sunshine News: Quinnipiac Poll has Bill McCollum, Kendrick Meek Out Front
News-Press: GOP governor polls show no consensus
Boston Globe: Billionaire launched in Mass. shakes up Florida’s Senate race
Gail Collins: Rich Man, Bad Yacht

Buzz: GOP whistleblower lawsuit may spell trouble for Charlie Crist camp
Miami Herald: Crist woos Democrats fed up with mudslinging
Palm Beach Post: Crist makes strong appeal to Democratic stronghold in Broward

Ledger: Rubio: Drilling In Florida Waters Not Out of Question

Hill: White House: Obama has 'fully embraced Kendrick Meek' in Florida Senate race

Sunshine News: Kottkamp Builds Lead in Attorney General Race
Miami Herald: Palin backs Bondi's candidacy
Orlando Sentinel: Sarah Palin endorses Pam Bondi as ‘bold, sharp, selfless…’

Sunshine News: Court Holds Future of Redistricting
Herald Tribune: Florida Supreme Court remains quiet on appeals


AJC: Ad war in Georgia governor race heats up
AP/Bynum: Candidates Barnes, Deal differ on casinos in Ga.


Chicago Tribune: Uncertainty surrounds Blagojevich retrial
WSJ: Blagojevich 23, Fitzgerald 1: Chicago's jester politician humiliates Justice Department
WSJ: As Blagojevich and Prosecutors Fight to Standstill, Democrats Lose
Chicago Sun-Times: Dems vow to address Blagojevich stain 'head on'
Fox: Blagojevich Retrial Would Give Illinois Taxpayers a Massive Bill
NYT: Jurors Fault Complexity of the Blagojevich Trial
NYT: Illinois Unconvinced Corruption Culture Will Fade
Rush Limbaugh: Fitzgerald: Another Process Crime
John Fund: Lessons from the Blago Trial
Chicago Sun-Times: Jurors wanted to clear Robert Blagojevich

Chicago Tribune: Quinn comes out against mosque at Ground Zero


Star Tribune: Political trackers stay on the hunt for a 'gotcha’
AP: New independent political group crops up in Minn.


Milwaukee JS: Sunspots are behind climate change, Johnson says


Rasmussen: Ohio Governor: Kasich (R) 48%, Strickland (D) 40%
Cleve PD: Kasich says he will privatize the state's economic development efforts, if elected

LA Times: Obama visits a different Ohio
Columbus Dispatch: Obama: U.S. on 'right track'
Hill: Ohio Republican praises Obama as 'motivator'
Fox: Ohio Residents Share Tales of Economic Woes Ahead of Obama's Visit


Detroit News: Michigan tea party movement flexes muscle before GOP convention
Detroit FP: Candidates raise cash to sway convention votes

Detroit FP: Hurdles loom for governor's budget


News-Leader: Missouri lawmakers sound off on mosque


CTFP: Corker calls for halt to ‘wave of debt’


Rasmussen: Kentucky Senate: Paul (R) 49%, Conway (D) 40%
WFPL: Conway Proposes National TV Debates With Paul


AP: Palin endorses NC congressional hopeful Ellmers


McClatchy: DeMint relishes role as GOP's Senate kingmaker
McClatchy: DeMint has 6-2 record in picking primary winners


Bloomberg: Virginia Democrats Swept In With Obama Now Vulnerable to Republican Attack


Baltimore Sun: Ehrlich attracts more donors, O'Malley collects more cash


Hill: N.J. Republican joins opposition to mosque near Ground Zero

WSJ: SEC Sues New Jersey as States' Finances Stir Fears
NYT: U.S. Cites Fraud in New Jersey Pension Funding


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Governor: Corbett (R) 48%, Onorato (D) 38%

PennLive: Two polls show Republican Pat Toomey with 9-point lead over Dem Joe Sestak
Politico: Another Jewish group hits Sestak
Politico: Steele seeks Sestak probe

Des Moines Register: Iowa response is heartening, Republican Santorum says
Hill: Santorum props up candidates in Iowa
Des Moines Register: Santorum’s getting serious about 2012


CT Mirror: McMahon steps up attack in the battle over Blumenthal's image


Karl Rove: Deconstructing Harry Reid
Politico: Angle defends conservative positions
Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Reid (D) 47%, Angle (R) 47%
Reno NR: Sharron Angle: RINO
Reno GJ: Sharron Angle shares Harry Reid's view on mosque near ground zero


WND: Arizona voters blinded by might

Politico: Palin a topic in Ariz. GOP face-off


Politico: Corruption at issue in N.M. gov race


American Spectator: Patty Murray in Trouble
Seattle Times: What do primary totals say about Murray-Rossi Senate race?
CSM: Washington's 'jungle primary': Trouble ahead for Patty Murray?


Register-Guard: Dudley plan targets public employees, liquor, lobbying
Oregonian: Dudley releases budget plan, opposes Mannix and parks initiatives
Oregonian: Dudley's island fundraising...and more


AP: GOP candidate rejects offer to quit Colo gov race
Politico: Wadhams tries to broker Colo. deal


Billings Gazette: GOP: Unity key in gov’s race


Politico: Poll: Minnick has wide lead over Labrador


NYT: Leery of Washington, Alaska Feasts on Its Dollars


August 18, 2010


WSJ: Mosque Debate Grows, Splinters
Wash Times: Obama remarks on mosque take root in races
Politico: Mosque debate strains tea party, GOP
NYT: Governor Seeking Talks on New Site for Muslim Center
WaPo: David Paterson expects to meet soon with mosque developers
NY Post: Gov to meet on mosque 'move'
NYT: Muslim and Arab Republicans Take Issue With G.O.P. on Mosque
WaPo: Some Republican leaders urge candidates not to focus on Ground Zero mosque issue
WSJ: How to Win the Clash of Civilizations
John Fund: The Ever 'Present' Obama...
Kathleen Parker: The Ground Zero mosque must be built
WaPo: OpEd: Ground Zero's wounds are still too deep to build upon
Rush Limbaugh: Why This Mosque on This Spot?
Rush Limbaugh: Bitter Clinger Barack Obama is Incompetent Again on NYC Mosque
American Thinker: So What Happens If The Ground Zero Mosque Moves A Few Blocks?
Human Events: Audio: The Real Housewives of the Ground Zero Mosque
Human Events: Obama's Muslim Outreach

WSJ: Geithner Sees U.S. Role in Mortgage Market
NYT: Mortgage Role for U.S. Is Affirmed
Hill: Geithner: Fannie, Freddie losses were 'avoidable,' pledges bipartisan overhaul
Human Events: Fannie’s Cozy Ties to Countrywide

Wash Times: Debate on taxes affects the savers

WaPo: Warren sits down with big bank lobbyists

WSJ: The Great American Bond Bubble (via Google)

Hill: Double-digit jump in bankruptcies
Newt Gingrich: Food Stamps or Paychecks?

Rush Limbaugh: Next Act Against the Will of the People: Union Pension Bailouts

Hill: Rep. Issa: Stimulus website is 'propaganda'
Hill: GOP reminds Biden of recovery forecast

American Spectator: The Obamacare Disaster

WaPo: Editorial: The Justice Department weighs a criminal case against WikiLeaks

WaPo: Appeals court: Stolen Valor Act unconstitutional

WSJ: Obama Follows Nixon On Oil Spills (via Google)

Politico: Hot button: GOP candidates knock global warming
Hill: Gore calls for major protests on climate change inaction

NYT: Editorial: Immigration Bait and Switch

NYT: News Corp. Gives G.O.P. $1 Million
NYT: News Corp. Donates $1 Million to G.O.P. Governors
Politico: Fox parent's donation causes stir

Ralph Nader: Where Left and Right Converge (via Google)

Hill: Liberal group launches attack on Palin
Wash Times: Women's groups spar on Palin
Politico: EMILY's List launches anti-Palin site

Hill: Obama sharpens campaign rhetoric as approval ratings fall
Hill: Majority in Gallup daily poll disapprove of Obama for first time

NYDN: GOP ad shows Dems sliding off President Obama's Air Force One
Roger Stone: Is Obama the New Jimmy Carter? Backtrack on Mosque Shows He Is
American Spectator: Obama's Petulant Presidency
Rush Limbaugh: Where's the Recovery, Imam Obama?

WaPo: Bush remains the focus of 2010 election strategies


Buffalo News: Paladino gets support of GOP leaders in Niagara County
WGRZ: Niagara County Republican Chair Switches Support to Paladino
Troy Record: Frustration may give Paladino a shot
Niagara Times: It's Paladino's Time

NYT: Between Cuomo and Lazio, a Contentious History

Rochester D&C: Kirsten Gillibrand supports community board on Ground Zero mosque

NYT: Senate Leader’s Use of Aide Stirs Ethics Questions

NY Post: Gov fined $96,375 over Yanks tickets
NYT: Former Aide Says Paterson Rejected Advice on Tickets

Hill: Primary loss would be a 'favor' for Rangel, opponent says


SacBee: Fiorina calls for proposed mosque to go elsewhere
LA Times: Fiorina takes a harder line on proposed mosque near ground zero

Mercury News: Whitman and Brown test Latino voters' memories

Mercury News: Blakeslee bests Laird in Senate runoff
AP/Young: GOP's Blakeslee leads in state Senate vote

LA Times: California pension reform effort loses support


Politico: Justice Dept. cuts losses with DeLay

Dallas MN: Garland representative's ethics lapse turns his race into one to watch
AP/Root: Prosecutor reviews Texas lawmaker's double billing
AP: Travis County prosecutor, House panel consider Driver investigations


Politico: RGA warns Scott on ethics claims
CNN: RGA condemns Republican's latest ad
WaPo: Poll: Meek, McCollum now lead in Fla. primaries
Wash Times: Despite millions spent, Florida voters still on fence

American Spectator: The Many Faces of Charlie Crist
Hot Air: Crist finally finds a Republican donor worthy of a refund
Orlando Sentinel: LeMieux to Crist: Return GOP contributions

Sunshine News: LeMieux, Rubio Welcome Obama to Florida by Hitting Him on Economy
CBS: What Happened to Marco Rubio?

Tom Garcia: Rovian immigration fallacy: There is no upside to amnesty for illegal aliens


AJC: RGA hits Barnes in new ad in Georgia governor’s race
AJC: Georgia Elections News So far, Deal’s keeping tax returns to himself

AJC: Democrats on the defense in gubernatorial races


Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich jury room filled with heated arguments
AP/Babwin: Jurors were close to convicting Blago on many charges, incl Senate seat count
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich convicted on 1 of 24 counts
WSJ: Blagojevich Guilty of Lying to Federal Agents; No Verdict on Other Counts
NYT: As Blagojevich Case Drags On, Ethics Issues Linger, Too
NYT: Blagojevich, Guilty on 1 of 24 Counts, Faces Retrial

American Spectator: Blagojevich and Scalia

CQ: Durbin Seeks to Distance Illinois Democrats From Blagojevich

Chicago Tribune: Brady holds budget details until after election
Chicago Now: Illinois Republican Party Launches 'Dismiss Quinn' Web Site


AP: Wis. gov hopeful Scott Walker says he'll work on Minn. tax deal
Sheboygan Press: Neumann touts tax cuts as economy booster


Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Portman (R) 45%, Fisher (D) 37%

Columbus Dispatch: Strickland in gray area on trade votes
Daily-Record: Kasich introduces plan to replace DOD with board

WaPo: In Ohio, two races test Democrats' strategy for midterm elections
Toledo Blade: Kasich wants to ax jobs agency, replace it with private group
AP/Feller: Obama engaging in kitchen-table politics in Ohio


Detroit FP: Snyder pushes crowd to think reinvention
AA News: GOP nominee Rick Snyder calls for growth and reform during town hall in Chelsea

Detroit News: Justice Young leads in fundraising


AP: Blunt outlines jobs agenda in Missouri Senate race


Fox: Haslam Says Ad Couldn't List All GOP Luminaries
Tennessean: Politics cripple TVA board


Reuters: Republican Paul leads Senate race in Kentucky


WRAL: Perdue: No changes yet on elections board


CNN: McDonnell becomes big draw for GOP candidates


Politico: Cash jockeying begins in W.Va.


NYT: Mayor in New Jersey Corruption Case Survives Recall Vote


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey (R) 46%, Sestak (D) 37%
Philadelphia Inquirer: Mosque questions dominate Sestak-Bloomberg campaign event

CQ: Marino Short on Money, Not Energy, Against Carney


AP/Haigh: Conn. Republicans worry state running out of cash


Boston Globe: Baker's new campaign video: There's nothing beautiful about taxes
AP: GOP's Baker pledges not to raise gas tax in Mass.


Union Leader: Binnie rejects Sununu call for civility in campaign ads


Atlantic: Putting Angle on the Air
State Column: Sarah Palin plans on endorsing Sharron Angle
NYT: Tea Party Choice Scrambles in Taking On Reid
Las Vegas RJ: Angle's soft-lens tactics do little to obscure past pronouncements
James Taranto: Is Harry Reid Un-American?


WaPo: U.S. may sue Arizona's Sheriff Arpaio for not cooperating in investigation

MarketWatch: Ahead in race, McCain positive in new ad


Seattle Times: Murray, Rossi advance in Senate race
Seattle PI: Murray-Rossi: Closest Senate race in a decade?
Politico: Rossi to face Murray in November
WSJ: Murray, Rossi Win Washington Primaries
NYT: Senator Murray Advances Past Primary in Washington
NYT: Primary Results


Politico: Rita Meyer concedes to Matthew Mead in Wyo.
WSJ: Petersen Wins Democratic Nod in Wyoming Governor's Race


Denver Post: GOP's Maes picks ex-legislator Tambor Williams as running mate
Greeley Trib: Former Greeley lawyer, state Rep. Tambor Williams joins Maes in gov's race
Politico: Maes picks his running mate
Denver Post: Republican governors group is said to be avoiding ads for Maes


August 17, 2010


NYT: G.O.P. Seizes on Mosque Issue Ahead of Elections
WaPo: Democrats divided over proposed New York City mosque
Wash Times: Reid breaks with Obama on N.Y. mosque
NY Post: Reid comes out against Ground Zero mosque
Hill: Reid breaks with Obama, comes out against Ground Zero mosque
NYDN: Dems: We were blindsided by President Obama's Ground Zero mosque comments
Politico: Chris Christie warns GOP on mosque
Politico: Newt Gingrich compares mosque to Nazis
Hill: White House tries to move on from debate over controversial N.Y. mosque
Wash Times: Editorial: Terrorists cheer Islamic center while president dithers
NYT: Editorial: The Constitution and the Mosque
WaPo: Editorial: President Obama needs to show strong leadership on the mosque debate
NYT: OpEd: The Muslims in the Middle
Bret Stephens: Our 'Moderate Muslim' Problem (via Google)
James Taranto: Obama votes "present" on the Ground Zero mosque
Human Events: Obama’s Ramadan Pandering
Human Events: Ground Zero Mosque: A Bridge to Nowhere
Pat Buchanan: Our Clueless Professor
Rush Limbaugh: Mosque Issue Shows Us We Have Our First Anti-American President
American Thinker: Bam to New York: Drop Dead!
American Thinker: The Real Problem Is Not the Mosque but the Nukes

WSJ: Voters Back Tough Steps to Reduce Budget Deficit
Hill: Chamber economist: Obama tax increase would be 'bullet in the head' of recovery
WSJ: The Future of Housing Finance (via Google)
WSJ: States Can No Longer Dodge the Budget Axe (via Google)
Hill: Report: Districts held by GOP faring better in mortgage meltdown
NYT: Economy Led to Cuts in Use of Health Care
Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare: Your Political Party Could Be Matter of Life and Death
Rush Limbaugh: New Normal: America in Decline

NYT: U.S. Said to Plan Easing Rules for Travel to Cuba

Gary Bauer: Border Security Bill Won’t Be Enough

WSJ: Defense Secretary Gates Plans to Step Down in 2011
WaPo: Defense secretary Gates says he would like to leave next year
WaPo: Gates retiring? Don't bet on it

Hill: McChrystal to teach at Yale in fall 2010

Rush Limbaugh: President Obama Ignores VJ Day

Rush Limbaugh: Marie Antoinette or Eva Peron? (Michelle Obama)

NYT: Drilling Permits for Deep Waters Face New Review
Hill: Interior ends review waivers for deepwater drilling projects
NYT: Questions Linger as Shrimp Season Opens in Gulf
WSJ: Much Oil Remains in Gulf, Researchers Estimate
Mulshine: After overhyping oil spill, Obama goes to Gulf Coast and fails to make a splash

Politico: GOP reveals midterm blueprint

WaPo: Can Republicans hold 30 governors seats after the November election?

NYT: Obama Stumps for Democrats and Economic Agenda
WSJ: Some Dems Say Nobama

Dick Armey & Matt Kibbe: A Tea Party Manifesto

Wash Times: Poll: Huckabee, Romney the (very) early leaders in Iowa
Politico: Huckabee tops Iowa poll

NYT: James J. Kilpatrick, Conservative Voice in Print and on TV, Dies at 89
Wash Times: Columnist James J. Kilpatrick dies at 89


NY1: Gubernatorial Candidate Rick Lazio Sends Mixed Messages On GOP Debate
Rochester D&C: Lazio calls for tighter spending; Cuomo gets labor support
Albany TU: Cuomo hires Marissa Shorenstein
Syracuse PS: Running for lt gov, Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy says he's a cost-cutter

Albany TU: ‘Taxpayer’ candidates get in line

Rochester D&C: Candidate for senator David Malpass stakes all on winning GOP primary

Albany TU: In radio ad, Hoffman spins immigration law

WSJ: Paterson Skipping Ethics Hearing
NYDN: Gov. Paterson to skip ethics hearing on his World Series tickets

NYT: Political Meddling Harms Public Authorities, Albany Panel Finds

NYT: Paterson Is Urged to Empower Prosecutor to Investigate Public Officials


LAT: Federal panel puts same-sex marriage on hold as appeal of Prop. 8 ruling goes forward
SacBee: Appeals court puts same-sex marriages on hold in California
WSJ: Court Keeps Gay Weddings on Hold
NYT: Court Extends Stay on Allowing Gay Marriage
WaPo: Federal appeals court puts California gay marriages on hold
AP/Leff: Court halts Calif. gay marriages pending appeal
Wash Times: OpEd: Will 'marriage' backers charge sedition?
Human Events: The Case for Marriage

SF Chronicle: Whitman backers hope ad lifts her over Brown
LAT: Whitman focuses on government waste in new campaign ad
LAT: Reviving California's economy: Meg Whitman versus Jerry Brown
SacBee: Donors unidentified in new anti-Brown TV ad

AP/Freking: Boxer's past Senate campaigns unlike this year's


Dallas MN: Six-year federal investigation of DeLay ends with no charges
Hill: GOP's DeLay relieved and defiant after Justice ends six-year investigation
WaPo: Justice Department drops investigation of DeLay ties to Abramoff
NYT: No Charges Against DeLay in Abramoff Inquiry
WSJ: DeLay Says He Is No Longer Subject of Federal Probe
Wash Times: Justice finishes probe of DeLay: No charges will be filed
Wash Times: Feds drop six-year DeLay probe
AP/Lozano: Ex-Rep. Tom DeLay unsurprised after DOJ ends probe
CQ: Feds Lift Cloud Over Tom DeLay Just In Time For State Trial

Star-Telegram: Cornyn allies help revive GOP group

Dallas MN: Editorial: Perry shortchanges voters by refusing to debate


CQ: Vitter Continues to Dominate Money Chase in Louisiana


Florida TU: McCollum, Scott aim to stand out, yet share commonalities
News-Press: A third of Florida voters still undecided

State Column: Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell will stump for Marco Rubio in Florida
Orlando Sentinel: Marco Rubio is most important Republican this fall: Here's why

Fox: Florida Republicans Hammer Crist for Returning Money to Indicted Greer
CNN: Crist takes heat for refunding Greer contributions
Miami Herald: Crist returns $10,000 to Greer
Jack Obs: Crist to Refund Greer Contributions

AP/Kaczor: Tea partiers on Fla. congressional ballot

SPT: In campaigns' TV ad war, truth takes a pounding


AJC: Barnes, Deal take campaign messages to northwest Georgia
Macon Telegraph: Thankfully, the days grow short on political campaigns
SPR: Veteran analyst breaks down Georgia GOP governor's runoff

USA Today: Georgia on GOP's mind -- Gingrich wins, Palin loses


Weekly Standard: Who is Funding Alexi Giannoulias?
Fox: Illinois Senate Race Tightening, Mud Still Flying
Chicago Sun-Times: Ex-wife to work on Kirk's campaign

Chicago Sun-Times: Blago jury reviews aide's testimony
NYT: In First Request, Blagojevich Jury Asks for Tusk Testimony

Chicago Tribune: Quinn calls Brady 'expert at layoffs'

American Spectator: Illinois Democrat Shuts Down Questions at Town Hall Meeting


AP/Martin: GOP nominee Coats courts tea party in Senate bid

Chicago Tribune: Bush aide Rove to speak at Indiana GOP events


Des Moines Register: Huckabee leads in Republican poll
Politico: Huckabee sets down markers in Iowa

Radio Iowa: Culver admits “mistakes were made,” says he’s learned from them (AUDIO)


Star Tribune: Dayton says GOP 'video trackers' harassed him at outdoors expo
WCCO: Dayton: Camera-Toting Trackers Disrupting Campaign


Fox: Wisconsin Candidate Tries to Build Steam Opposing Obama's Rail Vision
Pioneer Press: Obama stepping into crucial gubernatorial contests — starting in Wisconsin


Columbus Dispatch: Benefits of Obama's Ohio visit debatable
WHIO: Kasich Turns Up Heat On Strickland


Detroit News: Levin hit with pie at Big Rapids event
Hill: Sen. Levin hit with pie, woman arrested

Detroit FP: Ex-Kilpatrick aide's bribe case ends in prison


Examiner: Haslam: Ad with Ned got a lot of talk
Townhall: 2010 Race of the Day: Tennessee Swoon


CNN: Dem Shuler seeks third term in conservative N.C. district


Rock Hill Herald: Nikki Haley to Rock Hill: Make S.C. friendlier for business
Hill: Greene says he won't quit


Wash Times: GOP's rising stars send out diversified messages


Cherry Hill CP: Christie takes no position on ground zero mosque


American Spectator: Banking on Mike Castle


Philadelphia Inquirer: Sestak, Toomey weigh in on proposed mosque near ground zero
NYT: Bloomberg Supporting Sestak in Pennyslvania


Rasmussen: Connecticut Governor: Malloy (D) 48%, Foley (R) 33%


Rasmussen: Maine Governor: LePage (R) 38%, Mitchell (D) 30%, Cutler (I) 16%
WMTW: LePage Leads In New Gubernatorial Poll


WaPo: Massachusetts Gov. Patrick's reelection campaign a test case for Obama in 2012
Boston Globe: Baker website deletes supporter’s photo


Las Vegas RJ: Reid parts ways with Obama on New York City mosque
CQ: Reid Hits Opponent Angle With Ad On Social Security
Wash Times: A race of he who gaffes last in Nevada


McClatchy: McCain's running hard for Republican votes in Arizona


CQ: Parties Watching Murray, Rossi Vote Totals for Clues
State Column: Washington election will test Tea Party
Seattle PI: Clint Didier outflanks Dino Rossi in the Republican heartland


Denver Post: Republican Dan Maes to name running mate today
Fox31: Maes to Tancredo: "Get out"
CBS4: Maes Picks Up Backing From 2 Former Colo. Senators


CQ: North Dakota: Berg Tops Pomeroy by 9 Points in Latest Poll


August 16, 2010


Wash Times: GOP pounces on Obama for mosque remarks
Hill: Dispute over New York Islamic center flares into midterm campaign issue
Hill: Sen. Cornyn on mosque near 9/11 site: 'This is not about freedom of religion'
CQ: Cornyn: Voters Will 'Render Verdict' On Obama's Mosque Comments
NY Post: Hamas nod for Ground Zero mosque: Terror group's leader: 'Have to build it'
WSJ: Obama's Mosque Remarks Reverberate
LA Times: Mosque dispute takes Obama off-message on Gulf Coast
Fox: Administration's Muddled Response on Mosque Creates New Election Year Debate
WaPo: Democrats, Republicans spar over mosque near Ground Zero
WSJ: The Mosque of Misunderstanding (via Google)
USA Today: NYC mosque will be election issue, Republican predicts
Boston Globe: Democrats may pay political price for Obama’s words on NYC mosque
CBS: GOP Pundit: Obama's Mosque Talk "Dumbest Thing"
Politico: GOP keeps mosque flap alive
NRO: Editorial: Obama Fumbles Mosque Question
NRO: Why Must Our President Apologize for Islam?
Michael Gerson: Obama's mosque duty
Ross Douthat: Islam in Two Americas
Mike Lupica: It's about common sense, sensitivity to 9/11 victims, not religious freedom
William Kristol: No, Mr. President, We're not traumatized
William Kristol: So, what side is he on?

Wash Times: No more for the road, Smith says
Human Events: Amnesty Means Massive Medicaid Costs
NYT: Activists Take Fight on Immigration to Border
AP/Cooper: Tea party activists rally on Arizona-Mexico border
WaPo: Editorial: The birthright debate
Det N: Denying citizenship to children of illegal immigrants goes against American values

NYT: Rates Fall as Market Fears Economic Weakness
WSJ: Another Threat to Economy: Boomers Cutting Back
WSJ: Housing Ills Cloud Debate on Fannie
Daily Caller: Debate intensifies over what to do about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Hill: Corker: Stimulate the economy by tamping down reform bills
WSJ: OpEd: The Fed Can't Solve Our Economic Woes
WSJ: The Next Pension Bailout (via Google)
WSJ: Subsidy As a Way of Life
Hill: Energy Dept. watchdog notes woes with managing stimulus dollars
Hill: Banks to benefit most from White House program to help fight foreclosures
NYT: Editorial: Return of the Killer Trade Deficit
Paul Krugman: Attacking Social Security
LA Times: OpEd: Ignore the fear-mongering on Social Security
Mort Zuckerman: The End of American Optimism
American Thinker: Surprise! Economic Numbers Are 'Worse Than Expected'
American Spectator: Paul Ryan's Friends

WaPo: Editorial: Wrong way on health care

NYT: The Obamas Don’t Linger on Gulf Coast
Hill: Obama wraps up short Gulf trip, ready to hit road for fundraising

American Spectator/Prowler: Ms. Rogers' Neighborhood (Michelle "Antoinette" Obama)

Human Events: Is Magliochetti the Dems' Abramoff?

Fox: 79 Days to Decide: Sidebar Issues Don't Subtract From Voters' Focus on Economy
LA Times: Conservative group kicks off $4.1-million election ad campaign
Daily Caller: Republicans set for gains in U.S. governors' races as funding sets record
WaPo: Democrats uncertain about approach to midterms
WaPo: Some Democratic candidates distance themselves from Obama
Human Events: Democrats Running from President Obama
WSJ: Heated Rhetoric Gets No Vacation in Congress
AP/Babington: Pelosi isn't deterred from campaign trail
Politico: Obama helps governors to help himself
Politico: Cornyn predicts GOP majority will take two cycles

Hill: Poll: Independents who backed Obama shifting away from Democrats
AP/Fram: Independents shift alliances: Former Obama supporters ready for change

Wash Times: Tea Party's inception a rebirth

WaPo: Republican strategist: Michael Steele has 'obviously been a disaster'
Politico: Rollins: RNC Chairman Steele a “disaster”
CQ: Steele a ‘Disaster’ as Head of RNC, Rollins Says

WaPo: Special-interest spending surges in state Supreme Court campaigns
Wash Times: Judge-race funding doubles in a decade

Human Events: Loyola Says "No" to Rove, "Yes" to Obama Appointee


NYT: Paterson Signs No-Fault Divorce Bill
Rochester D&C: Gov. Paterson signs no-fault divorce bill

Syracuse PS: NY state budget built on risky assumptions about payroll cuts, cigarette taxes

Syracuse PS: New York state getting out of dog licensing business

NYDN: Sunday Synopsis

NYT: Denis E. Dillon, Prosecutor on Long Island, Dies at 76


Politico: Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina: No 14th Amendment repeal

NYT: Another Round in Gay Marriage Case

Mercury News: Special election may alter balance in Calif Senate

Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger's legacy is on the edge


Dallas MN: Farmers Branch rally against immigration amnesty draws hundreds


SPT: McCollum trounces Scott in Republican straw poll in Pinellas
Palm Beach Post: McCollum shows signs of righting bruised campaign
Naples News: McCollum wraps up campaign blitz on Gulf Coast, seeks support across ages
AP/Stacy: Wealthy newcomer gains the edge in Fla. GOP race

Rasmussen: 60% in Florida Favor Arizona-Like Immigration Law in Their State

Miami Herald: Greene, Meek differ in debate on Cuba travel, NY mosque, fed stimulus
Hill: Meek still behind Crist and Rubio but polls ahead of mogul Greene
Herald Tribune: Meek hasn't forgotten about Crist
Miami Herald: Meek hoping for boost from Clinton

Tampa Tribune: More voters move toward no party affiliation

Miami Herald: Ban oil drilling? Support waning


AJC: New record set for metro Atlanta foreclosures


Chicago Tribune: Brady calls on Quinn to fire prisons chief

Chicago Sun-Times: Living the American Dream -- on the taxpayers' dime

AP/Espo: Insults abound in 2010 campaigns


Star Tribune: Spending cuts? Not during this campaign


Fox6: Republican candidates for Governor spar over resumes at weekend debate


Cleveland PD: Sketching possibilities for next Ohio House


Mich Mess: Benishek victory margin widens in Dist. 1 Republican primary
Upper Michigan Source: Allen not to pursue election recount

Lansing SJ: Battle for Republican nod in attorney general race heating up


St. Louis PD: GOP may restrict attack tactics in ads


KC Star: GOP moderates could sink Kobach bid in Kansas


CTFP: GOP eyes sweep, Democrats play defense in Tennessee races

Politico: Corker wants extension of Bush tax cuts


Lexington HL: Rand Paul: Keep EPA out of Ky affairs
AP/Schreiner: Paul taps father's connections for press secretary


News & Observer: Etheridge: 'keeping in touch' or campaigning?


State: SC attorney general defends lawsuits against feds


WaPo: Are bigger health-care networks better or just creating a monopoly?


Star-Ledger: Central Jersey special election to test Gov. Christie, unions


Philadelphia Inquirer: New York’s Mayor Bloomberg endorsing Sestak


NYT: Blumenthal Bobbing and Weaving to Avoid Taking the Hits


Politico: Republican Hispanics jump on Sen. Harry Reid
SF Chronicle: Harry Reid doesn't speak for all Latinos
Wash Times: Reid's unrepentant immigration hypocrisy

Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval takes Reid's debate bait


Wes Pruden: Tea party wants strong men in big-boy pants


Rasmussen: North Dakota Senate: Hoeven (R) 69%, Potter (D) 25%


CQ: Arizona House Race Gets ‘A Little Nasty’


Wash Times: Opponents in primary likely to meet again

Seattle Times: Palin lends Didier her voice


August 15, 2010


Politico: Mosque controversy swirls around Obama
Fox: Under Fire, Obama Clarifies Support for Ground Zero Mosque
LA Times: Obama again defends right to put mosque near ground zero
NYT: With Remarks on Mosque, Obama Enters Risky Debate
WaPo: Obama: Backing Muslims' right to build NYC mosque is not an endorsement
AP/Werner: Obama supports 'the right' for mosque
Politico: New York leaders' discomfort
Politico: GOP takes harsher stance toward Islam

NYT: Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Gates Makes a Start
Hill: Tiahrt blasts Defense for dodging Buy American rules on weapons purchases

Guardian UK: Jobless millions signal death of the American dream for many
WSJ: FHA Gets Tougher on Mortgages
WSJ: Slow Progress on Some Big Stimulus Projects
AP: Obama Tweaks GOP on Social Security
AP/Werner: Obama claims GOP trying to destroy Social Security
Hill: Financial agencies looking to modernize reinvestment act
Hill: White House criticizes Rep. Ryan's Medicare voucher proposal

WSJ: Obama Visits Gulf in Bid to Boost Residents, Region
NYT: ‘Our Job Is Not Finished,’ President Tells Gulf Coast
WaPo: In effort to spur gulf tourism, Obamas dive in

Hill: U.S. Chamber lawsuit attacks basis for EPA emissions limits
NYT: A Battle in Mining Country Pits Coal Against Wind

NYT: Some States Are Lacking in Health Law Authority

Dana Milbank: On education policy, Obama is like Bush

Wash Times: Napolitano: Now with 'enough' border resources, time to reform

Hill: Democrats find message of legislative wins overshadowed by ethics trials
WaPo: Desperate Democrats pin their hopes on scary Republicans
NYT: This Time, Voter Anger Is No Surprise to Democrats
NYT: No Reveling for Democrats, Despite Achievements
Maureen Dowd: No Love From the Lefties
CQ: Frank To Liberals: Only Target Conservative Dems In Safe Districts

WaPo: Editorial: Presidential Public Financing 2.0

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: November's creeping up


NYDN: GOP state controller hopeful Harry Wilson: Nix controller pay-to-play

NYDN: Loopholes allowed firms targeted by AG to donate $150,000 to Cuomo's campaign
NY Post: Cuomo already Albany's behind-the-scenes governor, say Dem sources

NYDN: State Democrats Formalize Paladino/Davis Investigation Request
Auburn Citizen: Paladino rising while Lazio lags

NBC NY: Lazio Rising: Gov. Candidate Goes on a Tear

Rochester D&C: Will the New York state budget hold together?


SacBee: Editorial: Are we close to getting a budget deal?

Fox: Whitman Surpasses $100 Million in Personal Contributions
Dan Walters: Candidates' jobs chant a con game


Dallas MN: Comparison: Perry, White on social networking sites


Sunshine News: Marco Rubio Opposes Ground Zero Mosque
SPT: Florida's senatorial candidates have voters undecided, annoyed
SPT: Florida politicians divided over Obama's stance on New York mosque
Hill: Florida candidate's press for law opens immigration debate for GOP


Rasmussen: Georgia Governor: Deal (R) 51%, Barnes (D) 42%
Rasmussen: Georgia Senate: Isakson (R) 55%, Thurmond (D) 41%
AJC: Gubernatorial candidates fight for Georgia


Chicago Tribune: Experts read the tea leaves on Blagojevich jury, believe retrial likely
Chicago Sun-Times: Hung Blagojevich jury a loss for feds -- but not for long
Chicago Sun-Times: State agencies grapple with budgets as more cuts loom


Star Tribune: Gloves to come off as gubernatorial battle intensifies


Milwaukee JS: Walker looks ahead to Barrett in debate with Neumann
Milwaukee JS: Feingold blurs lines on gun rights


Dayton DN: OSU paid Kasich $4K per classroom session


Detroit News: Gov race will be all about nasty


KC Star: Candidates for fall elections confront political minefield of illegal immigration


Knox News: Bredesen counters Haslam's budget claim
Knox News: GOP primary shattered 11th Commandment


Sun News: Bigwigs write checks at N.C. event


Politico: S.C. Dems likely stuck with Greene


NYT: Editorial: As Arizona Went, So Goes Virginia


NYT: Atlantic City: A City That Knows Long Odds


NY Post: Connecticut is ready to rumble
Boston Globe: Character Sketch: Linda McMahon


WaPo: Prominent Democrats want Kennedy's widow to run for his Senate seat
Politico: Vicki Kennedy won't challenge Brown


Boston Globe: In N.H., candidates test Brown formula


Las Vegas RJ: Reid hopes Hispanic vote helps defeat GOP challenger
Daily Caller: Sharron Angle's former rival offers advice: Do more media

Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval still in control


Arizona Republic: John McCain, JD Hayworth pulling no punches in race

Politico: Quayle lashes out at political foes


McClatchy: Earmarks a central theme in Washington state's U.S. Senate race
AP/LaCorte: Rossi blasts use of stimulus dollars on pot study


Politico: Can Ken Buck buck the system?
Politico: Ken Buck to headline Ovide Lamontagne fundraiser

Denver Post: Colorado's Tea Party organizations begin to map out campaign strategies




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