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December 7, 2010


WSJ: Deal Struck on Tax Package
Wash Times: Deal reached on tax cuts, jobless
Fox: Obama Announces 'Framework' for Deal With Congress to Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts
NYT: Tax Deal Suggests New Path for Obama
Hill: White House, GOP strike deal on taxes, unemployment benefits
WaPo: Obama, GOP reach deal to extend tax breaks
WaPo: Obama's tax cut extension part of strategy to show bipartisanship
NYT: A Bridge to Republicans Alienates Liberal Base
NYT: Deal on Bush Tax Cuts Trims Payroll Levy
CNN: Biden to defend tax deal on Capitol Hill
Hill: Obama sends Biden to Capitol Hill to sell tax deal to angry Dems
NYT: Editorial: The Tax Cut Endgame
NYT: Previewing the G.O.P.’s 2012 Argument on Tax Cuts
Rich Lowry: A Capitulation on Taxes
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: Democrats in Despair, Disarray, Livid at Obama
Rush Limbaugh: The Latest on Unemployment and the Bush Tax Rate Extensions
Rush Limbaugh: More People on Unemployment Benefits Grows the Democrat Party
John Fund: Debt Ceiling Enters Tax Debate
Tony Blankley: Obama's next 2 yrs: Choice between free-market principles & class warfare
Ezra Klein: An imperfect, but not-that-bad, deal on the tax cuts
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Obama: On the way to a failed presidency?
Stephen Stromberg: Obama, Republicans' ominous deal on Bush tax cuts
Politico: Liberal Dems to Obama: Fight harder
NRO: Editorial: A Qualified Victory on Taxes

Bloomberg: Republicans in U.S. House Set to Choose New Head for Appropriations Panel
NYT: Spenders Become Savers in Race for Key House Post
Daily Caller: Boehner endorses 'anti-earmark crusader' to Appropriations position
Politico: Jeff Flake may finally land Appropriations gig
Wash Times: Upton flips a switch on CFL bulbs
Daily Caller: As last pitch for energy panel, Barton offers detailed battle plan
Politico: Doc Hastings makes last-minute energy grab
Politico: Fill this out: Forms for GOP chairmen
NYT: Editorial: http: Freshman Republican Party

Sky News: WikiLeaks: British Police Arrest Assange
WSJ: Julian Assange Arrested in London
WaPo: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested on Swedish warrant
NYT: Britain Arrests WikiLeaks Founder on Sex Charges
AP/Satter: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in UK
Sen. Diane Feinstein: Prosecute Assange Under the Espionage Act
WaPo: WikiLeaks founder Assange in talks with British officials to come out of hiding
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Hussein Assange
Rush Limbaugh: The WikiLeaks Climate Cables
Rush Limbaugh: Nobody Wants Another 9/11, But...

Bret Stephens: China Joins the Axis of Evil (via Google)

Condoleezza Rice: New Start: Ratify, With Caveats (via Google)
Weekly Standard: Don’t Link START

Las Vegas RJ: Vets remember Pearl Harbor on 69th anniversary
Ted Nugent: There Is Still A Pearl In The Harbor

Pat Buchanan: Naked Men in National Museums

Hill: Reid files cloture as House, Senate poised to vote on DREAM Act
Hill: Short goodnight expected for the DREAM Act during lame duck
Michael Gerson: How the Dream Act transcends politics
NYT: OpEd: Do Not Go Directly to Jail

AP/Yen: Updated U.S. census a wide-range estimate

Wash Times: Civil rights panel faults Justice on Panthers

Hill: Oil industry urges Congress to reverse Obama administration's drilling rollback

Hill: FCC proposal to regulate news draws fire
American Thinker: FCC Commissioner Wants to Control the Content of Broadcast Media
Rush Limbaugh: Fairness Doctrine Alarm Sounded

James Taranto: Worse Than Bigoted: Helen Thomas's latest may be too much
Wash Times: Editorial: Helen horribilis: Disgraced reporter pushes anti-Semitism

WSJ: Supreme Court Will Consider Wal-Mart Challenge to Class-Action Suit
NYT: Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Wal-Mart Appeal
Wash Times: Justices to hear Wal-Mart appeal of plaintiffs' class-action status

NYT: Justices Hear Case on Denial of Help to Veteran
NYT: Justices to Rule on States’ Emissions Case

American Spectator: Obamacare: Of Severability and Sins of Omission

Hill: Financial experts fear transparency push could undermine the Federal Reserve
WSJ: Fed Emails Are Sought by Sen. Bernie Sanders

WaPo: Top Marine comments on 'don't ask, don't tell'
NYT: Gates Skeptical of ‘Don’t Ask , Don’t Tell’ Repeal This Year
Human Events: 10 Problems With Obama's 'Don't Ask' Report

WaPo: Sarah Palin rules out bid for Republican National Committee chair
CBS: Tea Party Nation to Palin: "We need you as Chairman of the RNC"
Atlantic: Why Sarah Palin Won't Be RNC Chair
Politico: On 'Alaska,' Palin goes hunting

NPR: Mike Huckabee Wonders Why Sarah Palin Gets So Much Attention
WaPo: Why doesn't Mike Huckabee get any respect?

AP/Smith: Santorum delays candidacy decision


USA Today: GOP field wide open for 2012 Iowa presidential caucus

Des Moines Register: Branstad: Restraint is vital on high court


Union Leader: Sununu tells NHGOP he won't seek 2nd term as chairman
Nashua Telegraph: State GOP chief Sununu’s plan to step down throws open contest
Boston Globe: NH GOP chairman retiring next month
Roll Call: N.H. GOP Chairman Announces Retirement


State: Sanford's Cabinet meets to highlight achievements


Ed Cox: Ending one-party rule in New York

NYDN: Paterson doles out $17m in pork-barrel spending, including $5m to NJ
NYT: Governor Pardons Six Immigrants Facing Deportation Over Old Crimes

WSJ: GOP candidate concedes in NY state Senate race

NY Post: Bad to wor$e: City now fears state mega-slash
NYT: Bloomberg Seeking Election Law Changes to Increase Voter Turnout

Albany TU: Leibell pleads guilty in lawyer shakedown
NYT: Sidewalk Meeting for State Senator and Lawyer Leads to Guilty Plea
NY Post: State pol guilty of charity scam


SF Chronicle: Schwarzenegger urges deep cuts to close budget gap
NYT: Schwarzenegger Proposes New Cuts
WSJ: On Way Out, Schwarzenegger Proposes Cuts
LA Times: Legislature called into special session
Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger misses last chance for unvarnished budget message

LA Times: 9th Circuit judges explore narrow routes to reinstate gay marriage
WSJ: Judges Grill Attorneys on Gay Marriage Ban
Wash Times: Appeals court hears pros, cons of gay marriage for California
LA Times: Prop. 8: Appeals-court hearing adjourns
NYT: Panel Hears Same-Sex Marriage Debate

WSJ: California Buys Execution Drug From U.K.


NYT: Legal Challenge to the Death Penalty Begins in Texas


Tulsa World: Conservative voters hold GOP legislators' feet to fire


Buzz: Florida GOP chairman John Rood?


AJC: The very picture of a gubernatorial couple


WSJ: Alabama to Tackle Ethics Overhaul


Chicago Tribune: Emanuel's renter ends campaign
WSJ: Emanuel's Tenant Won't Run for Mayor of Chicago
AP: Illinois: Challenges Considered Against Mayoral Candidates

Chicago Sun-Times: Preckwinkle sworn in as Board president
Chicago Sun-Times: Petition woes for city treasurer


Salt Lake Tribune: Bennett’s chief of staff takes job with new Indiana senator


Star Tribune: Republicans defend ban of 18 Horner backers
Star Tribune: Tuesday noon deadline to withdraw ballot challenges


Milwaukee JS: Walker seeks quasi-private jobs agency

Green Bay PG: Ron Johnson seeks donations for campaign debt
Roll Call: Feingold Couldn’t Re-Create ’92 Magic


Dana Milbank: A mainstream Republican's glum farewell (Voinovich)
WaPo: Retiring Sen. George Voinovich to oppose any extension of Bush-era tax cuts
Hill: Voinovich will oppose efforts to extend tax cuts


Detroit FP: Gov.-elect Rick Snyder plans low-key inaugural
Detroit News: As term ends, job hunt is on for Granholm


National Journal: Steelman Under Scrutiny From Tea Party


WRCB: Johnson named ag commissioner under Haslam


Daily Caller: Another Rand Paul-type of primary shocker in Kentucky?

WaPo: Former Rand Paul volunteer due in court


AP: Arkansas GOP Wants Convention for the Rick Saunders House Seat
Baxter Bulletin: Webb re-elected chairman of Arkansas GOP


WSJ: Elizabeth Edwards’s Cancer Spreads
NYT: Elizabeth Edwards’s Cancer Spreads
AP/Pickler: Elizabeth Edwards gravely ill with cancer
Fox: Elizabeth Edwards Takes 'Turn for the Worse' in Battle Against Cancer

Politico: Tar Heel trip has '12 taste


Richmond TD: Localities aim to avoid more cuts from General Assembly


Politico: Alan Mollohan weighs 2012 comeback


AP/Scolforo: Judge weighs tossing Pa. House GOP corruption case

Pittsburgh TR: Federal judicial picks for Western Pennsylvania in for a wait


Delmarva: Carper's federal gas-tax hike plan not a hit


AP: N.J. Senate swears in three new members


Hartford Courant: Malloy Said He Will Prevent Destruction Of Rell E-mails


Huff Post: Will Scott Brown's Support For DADT Repeal Boost His Reelection Prospects?


Las Vegas RJ: Figures indicate many registered Republicans voted for Reid


Time: McCain's Shifting Target


Denver Post: Perlmutter vows pre-emptive strikes on jobs at fair


Hill: With new leadership PAC, Rep. Chaffetz has Sen. Orrin Hatch in his sights


KUOW: Wash. State Agency Lobbyists In Republican Crosshairs


AP/Bohrer: Miller faces borough deadline over missing e-mails
AP: Miller not giving up fight for Senate seat

Anchorage DN: Battle over ANWR begins heating up


December 6, 2010


WSJ: Tax Deal Within Reach
NYT: Bush Tax-Cut Deal With Jobless Aid Said to Be Near
NYT: G.O.P. Leader Sees Outlines of a Deal on Taxes
WaPo: Republicans hint at compromise on tax cuts and unemployment benefits
WaPo: McConnell: Dems will cave on tax cuts
Wash Times: Hill leaders upbeat on Bush-era tax cuts
WSJ: Obama Signals Openness to a Tax-Cut Deal
CSM: Deal in the works on Bush-era tax breaks and help for the jobless
Salt Lake Tribune: Hatch: GOP willing to extend unemployment benefits
NECN: John Kerry hints at tax cut compromise
NYT: Tax Fear May Move Bonuses Earlier
Politico: Dems dreading pending tax deal
Paul Krugman: Let's Not Make a Deal
Human Events: All Against All: Class Warfare

WSJ: The Walking Death Tax

Politico: McConnell wants talks with Obama on deficit recommendations
NYT: For Federal Employees, a Feeling of Being Targets in the Budget Wars
Wash Times: Senator says deficit needs White House involvement
Fox: Deficit Cmsn Ideas Could See Life Even as GOPer Blames Health Care for Impasse
NRO: What to Cut

NYT: In Interview, Bernanke Backs Tax Code Shift
WSJ: Inflation Risk Is Low, Fed Says
Politico: Ben Bernanke says Federal Reserve might spend more
Hill: Bernanke defends Fed's actions, worries about unemployment

WSJ: Pension Woes Prompt GOP Move
WSJ: Parks, Transit, Schools Consider Corporate Monikers in Bid to Plug Budget Gaps

WSJ: Obama Signs Bill Averting Government Shutdown

Fox: WikiLeaks Ready to Release Giant 'Insurance' File if Shut Down
WSJ: Julian Assange, Information Anarchist
John Bolton: Wik-ed

AP/Hurst: Republicans split on START ratification this year
Politico: Kyl says START won't get done in lame-duck
Human Events: New START: Can Five GOP Secretaries of State Be Wrong?

Mort Zuckerman: How to Fight and Win the Cyberwar

Rep. Darrell Issa: Less Privacy, No Added Security

Human Events: Democrats' About Face on DADT
Jed Babbin: Protection Breakdown

WaPo: Unusual methods helped ICE break deportation record, e-mails and interviews show

Gary Bauer: The Real War On Christmas

WSJ: Ethanol on the Run (via Google)
Wash Times: Green energy faces GOP headwinds on Hill
Wash Times: Democrats lament demise of a committee
Politico: Al Gore's climate group shrinking

Ross Douthat: The Changing Culture War

NRO: David Frum, Speech Policeman

WaPo: Incoming GOP freshmen rapidly embracing big-money fundraisers
Hill: Black freshmen GOP lawmakers chart different courses on the issue of race
EJ Dionne: Can Democrats step up their game?

WaPo: Just weeks after 2010 election, Republicans lining up for 2012 Senate races

CSM: Sarah Palin versus Republican 'blue bloods'
Daily Caller: Watch Sarah Palin shoot a reindeer
Politico: Poll: Sarah Palin not trustworthy on abortion
Hill: Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum debate JFK
NRO: Palin Takes on PETA

NYDN: Bristol Palin fires back at foes on Facebook again, this time going after Margaret Cho

Politico: Mike Huckabee wants some respect

Wash Times: Gingrich serious about 2012 presidential run
UPI: Newt Gingrich mulling presidential bid
Politico: Gingrich opposes deficit commission proposal
Politico: Gingrich: Obama still doesn't understand he lost midterms
Hill: Gingrich: Leaks show Obama administration 'shallow,' 'amateurish'
Politico: Gingrich leans toward 2012 run, says Romney is front-runner

WSJ: Pence Pokes Fun at Presidential Run

Roll Call: 2012 Hopefuls Gave Big to 2010 Candidates

Wash Times: RNC fundraising total falls short of low bar
CNN: RNC official quits, considers bid for chairman
National Journal: RNC General Counsel Quits
Daily Caller: Steele ally quits top lawyer job at RNC
National Journal: What We Learned: Picking 2012 Sides Early


Globe Gazette: Iowa the hot spot for 2012 battle


Nashua Telegraph: An open invitation to Dick Morris come New Hampshire primary time


Sen. Jim DeMint: Earmark ban will be good for S.C.


NYT: With Republicans Running State Senate, Cuomo’s Job May Be Easier
NY Post: Republican leader: Cuomo is one of us
Poughkeepsie Journal: Editorial: Cuomo's high-speed rail funding bid telling

Newsday: Hot issues for Republicans in State Senate
Bob McCarthy: Grisanti rode the perfect storm
Patch: Supreme Court Certifies 7th Senate Race for Martins
Crain's: Why GOP can't turn tables in NY

Swing State Project: Trying to Predict Redistricting in New York

LoHud: Leibell expected to plead guilty in federal court this morning

Syracuse PS: FEC reports: Maffei didn't have enough money for a recount

Crain's: Who stood by Rangel

NYT: Senate Vote Is Scheduled for Bailout of City OTB


LA Times: California Republicans are split on possible anti-illegal immigration measure

AP/Lin: Schwarzenegger to propose 'ugly cuts' for Calif.
LA Times: Legislative Democrats don't want another fight with Schwarzenegger
SF Chronicle: Democrats try to revive child care subsidies
Mercury News: Democrats looking past Schwarzenegger in special budget session
Dan Walters: Can California's failing Legislature be fixed?

LA Times: Gay marriage: all eyes on 9th Circuit panel
SacBee: Live, from San Francisco, it's Proposition 8 in federal court
NYT: Same-Sex Initiative Reaches Next Hurdle
WSJ: California's Gay-Marriage Ban Heads Again to Court

NYT: Editorial: The Crime of Punishment in California's Prisons

New Republic: Why the Golden State is still the future of American politics

Hill: Rep. McNerney challenger concedes defeat


Star-Telegram: Tea party candidates vow to take on Hutchison if she runs again

Register-Guard: Editorial: DeLay may win appeal: ‘Money laundering’ charge just doesn’t fit

WSJ: Hearing to Delve Into Texas Executions
AP: Texas judge to hold hearing on death penalty law


Norman Transcript: Oklahoma GOP has wings with 2 agendas


Palm Beach Post: Outgoing U.S. Rep. Klein has no regrets following defeat by Allen West
News-Press: Gov. Charlie Crist looks forward to private life as he leaves public office
Herald Tribune: Sarasota GOP head has uphill climb for state job
PBP: Congressional candidate Lynch takes on Palm Beach County GOP chairman Dinerstein
Sun Sentinel: South Florida senator becomes voice of opposition in Tallahassee


WTVM: Gov.-elect Deal addresses Ga. farmer convention
Savannah MN: Georgia Republicans now must hold together a diverse coalition
AJC: State flags at half-staff to mark lawmaker's death
AJC: Blue Cross and Oxendine in dispute over control of health care pricing


Montgomery Advertiser: Legislature set for public hearing on special session
Gadsden Times: Legislative ethics reform session begins this week
AP/Rawls: White Democrats new minority in Ala. Legislature
Montgomery Advertiser: Kennedy may be Alabama's next top Democrat
Huntsville Times: Alabama Senate Republicans not scrambling for bipartisan coalition


Hill: Senate Republican to push states' rights in response to healthcare law


Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Jindal Pushes Book, Self Despite Drop In Poll


CPRS: Illinois Legislature OK’s civil unions; governor to sign bill

Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel outlines green agenda
Chicago Sun-Times: Meeks spreads word, ward by ward


Roll Call: Lugar Warns He Will Be Ready for a Primary Challenge


WSJ: Democrat Leads Governor's Race
Politico: Pawlenty tightened Minn. race, but not enough

Pioneer Press: Republicans to target Minnesota's easy-to-vote laws


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin to fight health reform law
Milwaukee JS: Cuts in Wisconsin road project fund sought
Milwaukee JS: State moves to regulate greenhouse gases
Chicago Tribune: Walker to be briefed at economic summit


Toledo Blade: GOP control of House threatens local projects


Detroit News: 20-something politicians head to State House
Detroit News: State Police faces host of internal problems
Detroit FP: Stabenow, husband have officially split after affair


AP/Blank: Rookie Mo. lawmakers skip statewide tour


Tennessean: Tennessee Republican Party studies changing primary rules
WBIR: Devaney re-elected as TNGOP Chair


NKY: 2011 GOP hopefuls flock to NKY
Louisville CJ: Online sales tax skipping targeted


Arkansas News: Webb seeks re-election as state GOP chairman


Charlotte Observer: N.C. GOP readies push for photo IDs for voters
News & Observer: Pollster: N.C. might pick Obama in 2012, too
BlueRidgeNow: Hunt faced similar challenge with GOP as Perdue


Examiner: Cox, Janis elected to Va. GOP House leadership positions


Big Govt: Young Republican Running for State Party Chair Remains Hopeful for MD GOP


Hill: GOP strategy to unseat Manchin depends on Rep. Capito's plans
AP/Messina: PACs, loans gave edge in W.Va.'s US House races


Pittsburgh TR: Asher drives GOP success in Pennsylvania

Pa Ave: WaPost mentions Dent as "potential challenger" to Casey


News Journal: Delaware Republican Party needs a leadership shakeup


APP: Is new rail tunnel in state's distant future?


TPM: PPP Poll: Romney Trails Obama By 9 Points In Massachusetts


NYT: Editorial: John Ensign's A Sordid, Unethical Tale


Arizona Republic: Arizona needs balanced budget with no gimmicks


Coloradoan: 4th CD spending down as outside groups shunned race


Oregonian: Oregon House Democrats pick Arnie Roblan as co-speaker nominee


Deseret News: State GOP chairman resigning to run Sen. Orrin Hatch reelection campaign


AP/Bohrer: Miller adamant in continuing Senate vote-count challenge
Alaska Dispatch: Alaska's Senate race: What's Joe Miller's motivation?

AP/Bohrer: Parnell sees freedom to go his own direction as governor


Honolulu Star Advertiser: Aloha, Gov. Linda Lingle


December 5, 2010


Wash Times: Senate blocks Obama's tax plan
WSJ: Obama Signals Openness To a Tax-Cut Deal
Politico: Now it's all or nothing on tax cuts
Hill: Unemployment benefits waiting on Congress to reach a tax-cut deal
NYT: Lawmakers Weigh Deal to Extend Tax Cuts for All
WaPo: Senate blocks legislation to extend Bush-era tax cuts
WaPo: Tax cut extensions fall short in Senate
NYT: Senate Rejects Obama’s Tax Plan, Setting Stage for Deal
WSJ: Senate Defeats Democratic Bid to Extend Middle-Class Tax Cuts
Fox: Obama's Leadership Under Scrutiny Amid Negotiations With GOP
Frank Rich: All the President’s Captors
Politico: Chuck Schumer exerts new power in tax fight

NYT: Mounting State Debts Stoke Fears of a Looming Crisis
Kathleen Parker: Gut-check time for a land of financial gloom and doom

Atlantic: Bill Ruckelshaus on EPA: 'Battered Agency Syndrome?'
Human Events: Eco-Fascists Gone Wild

NYT: Pushing a Right to Bear Arms, the Sharp Kind

WaPo: OMB: WikiLeaks off-limits to federal workers without clearance
WaPo: Why prosecuting WikiLeaks' Julian Assange won't be easy
Thomas Friedman: The Big American Leak
Human Events: Assessing WikiLeak's Damage To U.S. National Security

WaPo: Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque

WaPo: Why Americans will accept gay troops before they accept gay marriage
Maureen Dowd: Listen to McCain (Mrs.)

George Will: The case for engaged justices

Guardian UK: Cancún climate talks in danger of collapse over Kyoto continuation
Telegraph UK: Cancun climate conference: the warmists' last Mexican wave

Sydney MH: Life on Planet Palin
Boston Globe: Kennedys respond to Palin barbs
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: Palin is wrong about John F. Kennedy, religion & politics
Gather: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Feels Used by Sarah Palin
Clarice Feldman: Clarice's Pieces: Some Things About Politics I Don't Understand
William Jacobson: The Republican Party Can't Win Without The Support of Palin Supporters
American Spectator: Shaky Rollins

Arkansas News: Palin Could Learn From Huckabee in Dealing with the Press
Hot Air: Huckabee: GOP establishment dislikes me because I didn’t go to the right schools
Visalia Times-Delta: Mike Huckabee hints at 2012 run during Visalia stop

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney talks to Leno about Palin, 2012, and his hair

Human Events: Top 10 Moments of George W. Bush’s FaceBook Interview

Bill O'Reilly: Jimmy Carter Gone Wild

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: Lame-duck roundup


Des Moines Register: Ghosts of caucuses past haunt today's campaigns
Des Moines Register: Cards start to show in caucus play
Des Moines Register: The Iowa Caucuses 50 most wanted
Advertiser: Pre-caucus activity has slow start

Mediaite: Sen. Grassley Doesn’t Want New Yorkers Making ‘Us Midwesterners Look Bad’


Boston Herald: Sarah Palin leaves N.H. out in cold for now


Politico: Nikki Haley will make presidential endorsement in 2012
State: Tea Party groups take steps to organize in state
State: Santorum visits SC for talks, fundraiser

Hill: Graham: GOP 'made some pretty poor choices' for Senate candidates this fall


NYT: Republicans Lay Claim to New York State Senate
Albany TU: Judge rules against recount in Johnson-Martins race
Rochester D&C: GOP wins ruling in close N.Y. Senate race
WSJ: Vote recount returns NY Senate majority to GOP
NYDN: GOP regains state Senate control after Long Island GOPer Jack Martins wins in recount
Rochester D&C: Vote recount edges GOP closer NY Senate majority

Riverhead: Altschuler aide: 'Hundreds' of NYC Dems illegally registered in Suffolk County

AP/Dobnik: Censured Rep. Rangel says he still loves Congress
NY Post: Crowd cheers censured Charlie

Human Events: 'Lady From Syracuse'

NYDN: Senate GOP offers bill in a race to rescue OTB - provisions extended to regional OTBs

Rochester D&C: Upstate hopes for economic development edge in Albany


LA Times: New Legislature session means a new crack at state's financial mess
SacBee: New lawmakers descend on the Capitol
Dan Walters: California's budget gap is political, not economic
LA Times: Schwarzenegger's wild ride ends quietly
Dan Walters: California's perpetual prisons mess


Dallas MN: AT&T buys over 700 copies of Perry book for luncheon attendees
Dallas MN: Medicaid a 'no-win dilemma' for Texas, state study finds
NYT: Critics Accuse Group of a Serious Texas Sin: Forgetting the Alamo


NewsOK: Keating to lead American Bankers Association


SPT: Gov.-elect Rick Scott's 'outsider' role shaping his transition in Tallahassee
SPT: Key Republicans quick to disparage Obama for extending ban on drilling off Florida
Miami Herald: Struggles still ahead for GOP


AJC: With Democrats in twilight, a new political game emerges
AJC: Gov.-elect Deal's Washington ties could help state


Wetumpka Herald: GOP majority is reason Riley called the special session


Advocate: Democrats prepare response to Jindal budget plans


Chicago Tribune: U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk delivers national Republican weekly address
Daily Herald: Kirk gives Republican response on economy

Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn plans civil-union signing in 2011

Chicago Tribune: Rivals asked to kick in to finance Emanuel ballot challenge
Chicago Sun-Times: Daley urges Fed probe of mayoral petitions


Hill: Potential challenger 'increasingly concerned' with Sen. Lugar's actions


Star Tribune: Emmer drops nearly all Hennepin challenges
AP/Lohn: Emmer withdraws almost 2,600 frivolous challenges

MPR: MNGOP punishes Horner supporters


Milwaukee JS: The EITC in the cross hairs?


AP: Ethics investigator: OH convicted former gov, Bob Taft, 'not fundamentally corrupt'


Detroit FP: Outside groups outspend candidates


AP/Lieb: Mo. Democrats chose Auditor Montee as new leader


Chattanoogan: Devaney Elected To 2nd Term As GOP Chairman


Louisville CJ: McConnell fundraising machine in gear for '14
WaPo: Mitch McConnell interview


KFSM: Webb re-elected chairman of Arkansas Republicans


Virginian-Pilot: Both major parties in Virginia set to pick leaders
WaPo: Virginia Democrats choose Brian Moran to lead party


Hill: GOP pounces on Manchin's tax cut vote


Allentown MC: Santorum 'starting anew' in presidential waters


Cherry Hill CP: O'Donnell's spending record for Del. races
Politico: Christine O'Donnell had nearly $1 million left


NY Post: Dems' tunnel vision


Hartford Courant: Shady Dealings Brought Dodd Down


Providence Journal: Millions spent on R.I. governor’s race
Providence Journal: Chafee picks GOP’s Taylor to run R.I. Department of Elderly Affairs


Boston Globe: Judges struggled to limit O’Brien


Las Vegas Sun: Wanted: ‘Rock-star leader’ for Nevada Republican Party
Las Vegas Sun: Mr. Sandoval goes to Washington
Las Vegas RJ: House members getting squeezed out


Arizona Republic: Retiring Rep. John Shadegg awaits new challenge
NYT: Arizona Medicaid Cuts Seen as a Sign of the Times


NMPolitics: Barela picked to be economic development secretary


Denver Post: In visit to Denver, Jeb Bush says he doesn't agree with AZ's immigration law
Denver Post: Colo. may set limits for driving after marijuana use


Seattle Times: GOP challengers win in 3 WA legislative recounts


Anchorage DN: Lesson for Murkowski: Don't take us for granted

Fairbanks NM: Palin raps stimulus law in new book, but she approved 97 percent of it


Argus Leader: Outside groups backed Noem 3-1


NYT: Editorial: The Utah Compact


December 4, 2010


WSJ: Jobs Setback Clouds Recovery
NYT: Few New Jobs as Jobless Rate Rises to 9.8%
Hill: Jobless rate up to 9.8 percent as economy adds only 39,000 jobs
Wash Times: Unemployment jumped to 9.8% in November; slow job growth blamed

NYT: Millions Bracing for Cutoff of Unemployment Checks
NYT: Obama Seeking Aid for Jobless in Deal on Tax Cuts
NYT: Tax-Cut Debate Turns to Millionaires
Wash Times: Boehner: GOP to lead on extending tax cuts
Politico: Blame Tom Coburn for Saturday tax votes, many say
Rush Limbaugh: Think Piece: Americans Used to Overcome Hardships on Their Own
Rush Limbaugh: Obamaville: The New Normal
Politico: Barack Obama, economy stuck in a ditch
Politico: Menendez compares GOP to terrorists on tax talks
James Taranto: Daffy Ducks: Unemployment nears 10%. Hey, let's raise taxes!
Wash Times: Editorial: Obama's phony federal freeze

WSJ: Alternative Minimum Mischief (via Google)

Hill: Deficit panel's plan goes down to defeat
WSJ: Majority of Panel Backs Deficit Plan
Wash Times: Debt commission falls short on test vote
WaPo: Rival lawmakers join to rally for deficit plan
NYT: Obama Offers Hope for Debt Panel’s Plan
Rush Limbaugh: Deficit Commission Deadlocked, Irksome Bowles Declares Victory
NYT: Editorial: Inside the Beltway: A Deficit of Purpose
John Fund: Deficit Spending Is Top Worry in New Poll

Sen. Jim Inhofe: The McCain-Coburn budget-balancing fraud

NYT: Another White House Visit for Altman

WSJ: Tax Proposal Clouds Year-End Gifts

WSJ: Two Kinds of Government Health Care (via Google)

CBS: Ron Paul Defends WikiLeaks Founder's Rights
Politico: Ron Paul stands up for Julian Assange

WSJ: Obama Grants First Pardons of His Presidency
NYT: In a First for Obama, Nine Pardons Are Granted
AP/Werner: Obama pardons 9 people
Politico: Obama pardons his first convicts

NYT: Service Chiefs Tell Panel of Risks to ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal
WaPo: Military service chiefs wary of ending 'don't ask, don't tell' policy on gays
Politico: W.H: 'Don't ask' repeal still on table
Hill: Military chiefs advocate keeping 'Don't ask' for now; McCain threatens block

WSJ: In Defense of Scanners and Pat-Downs

WaPo: Ethics woes tarnish Rangel's flashy, old-school style
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Applaud Censured Rangel
David Broder: Watching Charlie Rangel fall: A painful experience
Dana Milbank: Charlie Rangel's censure, House's disgrace
Politico: House censures a defiant Charles Rangel by overwhelming vote
Weekly Standard: Race and the Vote to Censure Charlie Rangel

Hill: Durbin: DREAM Act will come to the Senate floor next week
Rush Limbaugh: DREAM Act and Vampire Shows

Politico: John Kerry, Mitt Romney spar over START

WSJ: Net Neutrality End Run (via Google)

WSJ: BP Says Spill Rate Was Lower Than Estimates
NYT: BP Is Planning to Challenge Estimates of Oil Spill
WaPo: BP lawyers say Gulf of Mexico oil spill size is overestimated by government

Fox: Rising Oil Prices Fuels Debate Over Offshore Drilling
Hill: Energy Roundup: Baucus floats ethanol subsidy compromise

SacBee: Lungren to head House Administration Committee

Hill: Texas Republican: Get rid of the CBO

WaPo: 72 super PACs spent $83.7 million on election, financial disclosure reports show
C&E: Tips from the Trail: Winning on the Cheap
Roll Call: Record DSCC Fundraising Staved Off Bigger Losses
Fox: State Lawmakers Bolt Democratic Party After Election Day

WaPo: The GOP's imagined Latino base

WSJ: Liberalism: An Autopsy: Down to 20% of the electorate
Rush Limbaugh: A Classic Liberal Know-It-All

CNN: Anuzis nabs endorsement for RNC chair
FT: Tea Party backs activists for RNC chair

WaPo: Potential presidential candidates ramp up their PACs
US News: 2012 Presidential Hopefuls Pour Cash Into Iowa
Hill: Gingrich PAC raises $314K; second behind Palin's PAC
Politico: Karl Rove to Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee: 'Jump in'

State: Palin visits S.C. Is she running?
Bloomberg: Palin `Absolutely' Electable as President, Republican Governor Jindal Says
Colbert King: Sarah Palin's meanest critics: The conservative elite
Charles Blow: She Who Must Not Be Named
Detroit FP: Keith Olbermann and Bristol Palin spar
Guardian UK: Sarah Palin, the refudiating Republican, has a point
UPI: Palin show is top TLC program
Human Events: The Sarah Palin Obsession

Michael Lerner: Save Obama's presidency by challenging him on the left
Politico: Barack Obama's deals may leave liberals behind

Wash Times: Obama makes surprise trip to Afghanistan
Politico: Obama, in Afghanistan, tells troops they're 'on the offense'

WaPo: What should Hillary Clinton do next?
Wash Times: Financial exec to plead guilty in Clinton fundraising scheme
Politico: Hillary Clinton: State is 'last' public post

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: NY Senate official says GOP's Leibell resigns
LoHud: Putnam GOP chairman says Leibell expressed 'his regrets'
Albany TU: Leibell spotted at federal courthouse
Poughkeepsie Journal: Leibell charges, resignation stun, sadden community

Albany TU: Carl Paladino sends Liz B. a nastygram

Roll Call: Ex-Massa Aide Settles Harassment Complaint

Press & Sun Bulletin: New York projects caught in federal budget logjam

Albany TU: OTB shutdown will go forward despite Senate return


Weekly Standard: The GOP’s California Blues: What explains the ‘reverse tsunami?
CSM: For California Republicans, was Election 2010 debacle a wakeup call?
Daily Caller: California GOP: Shutout in 2010, apocalypse in 2012?
Hill: Republicans finding it difficult to expand along the West Coast
LA Times: Whitman advisors unlikely to take part in traditional campaign rehash

LA Times: Democratic lawmakers will revisit bills vetoed by Schwarzenegger

Fox: Feds ends investigation of California lawmaker
Desert Sun: Ethics investigation closed on Rep. Jerry Lewis
Contra Costa Times: Lewis makes case for chairmanship


Dallas Voice: Texas GOP leaders consider call to pardon DeLay
Texas Insider: Why Gov. Rick Perry Cannot Immediately Pardon Tom DeLay

Texas Insider: Straus is Fine Fellow; Paxton is Better Choice

AP/Castro: Health commissioner urges Medicaid reinvention

Roger Hedgecock: Marriage Appeal In California


NewsOK: Oklahoma conservatives plan to picket House GOP meeting
NewsOK: Social conservatives are stirred up over Oklahoma speaker-elect's comments


Florida Today: Haridopolos plans run for US Senate
Tampa Tribune: Several Republicans may vie to take on Bill Nelson in 2012

Miami Herald: No hires yet for key posts in Capitol
Orlando Sentinel: Scott transition chairwoman praises Rhee

NWF: Sansom is target of federal subpoena

NYT: Grayson Bashes Bush on Tax Cuts
Rush Limbaugh: Certifiably Insane Congressman Evokes El Rushbo on House Floor

Tampa Tribune: GOP leaders won't revisit oil drilling issue in state waters


AJC: Deal names Senate floor leaders, makes appointments


AP/Rawls: Alabama gov: Raise repeal should wait until March


Times-Pic: In LA, 52,000 unemployed will be impacted if jobless benefits are not extended


Chicago Sun-Times: Mayoral petitions draw secretary of state probe

Courier News: Quinn to keep temporary jobs program going


Iowa Indep: Palin draws enthusiastic crowd of admirers for Iowa visit


Indianapolis Star: Ballard: Record will help me win 2nd term


Star Tribune: State allows disputed ballots to be examined again
AP/Condon: Emmer, Minn. GOP weigh risks of election lawsuit
Politico: Emmer vows to stay in Minnesota race


Human Events: GOP's 'Nuclear North Dakota'


Milwaukee JS: Spending in Wisconsin Senate race sets record
Chicago Tribune: Johnson, Feingold spending hit $27 million

Milwaukee JS: Walker targets early strike at state worker benefits
Bloomberg: Wis. gov-elect wants immediate union concessions


Toledo Blade: Kasich mulls cuts, leasing of turnpike
Dayton DN: Kasich: Provisions force nurses, others to unionize
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich to yank union approval

Cincinnati Enquirer: GOP: Balance Ohio budget with cuts, not taxes

Politico: Steve Driehaus files new suit against SBA List


Detroit FP: Big spenders rise up to infuse elections, influence politics

Detroit News: Judge Allen withdraws name from federal court job


NYT: Jokes and Secret Hopes for Lieutenant Governors


AP/Blank: Mo. lawmakers propose efforts to help businesses


Tennessean: Jason Mumpower named chief deputy to TN comptroller

Knox News: Haslam names Hamilton mayor to his team


Politico: Hal Rogers eyes lobbyist as Appropriations staff chief


Charlotte Observer: Perdue trails McCrory in the first poll of 2012 race


McClatchy: On book tour, Palin makes stop in voter-friendly South Carolina
Charleston PC: Palin draws crowd


Hill: Republicans could be headed for a nasty 2012 Senate primary in Virginia
Hill: Virginia Republican: Former Sen. George Allen trying to clear primary field
WaPo: Va. tea party leader Radtke weighing U.S. Senate run
Richmond TD: Cuccinelli-Stewart Spat Opens Broader Issue
WaPo: 'Tito the Builder' may run against Stewart for chairman


WaPo: Two drop out of race for Md. GOP chairman
Baltimore Sun: Wargotz does not want to lead state GOP
WaPo: Steele, Ehrlich pay tribute to departing Md. GOP chair


NYT: Sensing Blood, W.Va. GOP Asking Rep. Capito to Take on Sen. Manchin in 2012


Pittsburgh PG: 2010 gubernatorial race cost about $54 million


AP/Evans: O'Donnell spends record $6.1 million in Del. race


Star-L: Christie wants $271M tunnel tab forgiven, refuses to pay for new Tappan Zee bridge
NYT: New Jersey Closer to Sales of Medical Marijuana
NJ: Gov. Christie will allow 6 N.J. nonprofits to grow, sell medical marijuana


Union Leader: Ovide says his PAC is not predisposed to Romney or any other candidate
Boston Globe: NH GOP lawmaker resigns to take House job


Roll Call: New Poll: Scott Brown ‘Looking Good’ for Now
NYT: Scott Brown Was an Outlier After All
Boston Globe: Brown backs ‘don’t ask’ repeal


Las Vegas RJ: Reid deals online poker plan


Gail Collins: Arizona Strikes Again


Denver Post: Deficit: Colorado's senators laud panel's effort


Oregonian: Oregon secretary of state: Recounts to start in three races next week
Mail Tribune: State GOP could take Senate race to courts


Joe Miller: Writing in corruption
Anchorage DN: Miller's missing borough e-mails under investigation


December 3, 2010


WaPo: Obama, GOP in quiet talks to extend tax cuts
NYT: Obama Seeking Aid for Jobless in Any Deal on Tax Cuts
WSJ: Tax-Cut Vote Shows Democratic Divide
Hill: Tongue-in-cheek Boehner refers to Dems' tax cut vote as 'chicken crap'
Boston Globe: All sides strive for a deal on tax cuts
AP/Espo: Obama, GOP crafting tax deal; jobless aid likely
Bloomberg: McConnell Says Votes on Taxes, Arms Treaty May End Senate Year
WaPo: Proposed deal on Senate tax-cut debate collapses
NYT: Some Democrats Count on ‘Millionaires’ Strategy on Tax Cuts
Kim Strassel: The White House's Tax Blink (via Google)
US News: Delaying Tax Vote Could Crash Stock Market
Rush Limbaugh: Nancy Pelosi's Bipolarpartisanship
Rush Limbaugh: An Analysis of Hapless Economic Reporting by the State-Run Media
Rush Limbaugh: Mantra: GOP Holds Nation Hostage
Paul Krugman: Freezing Out Hope
David Brooks: A Tax Reform Vision

Wash Times: Support erodes for deficit panel plan
Politico: Deficit panel deadlocked
NYT: Fiscal Plan Is Expected to Fall Short of Votes
WSJ: Three Key Senators Back Deficit-Panel Plan
Time: Paul Ryan Rejects Fiscal Plan Because Fiscal Plan Accepts 'Obama Care'
WaPo: Three key senators on deficit commission say they'll back group's plan
WSJ: How to Shrink the Deficit
Human Events: Cutting Obama's Monster Deficits Down To Size

NYT: Cross Section of Rich Invested With the Fed
WaPo: Editorial: How the Fed preserved financial stability
Bloomberg: Fed's Delay on Release of Meeting Transcripts Will Be Scrutinized by Issa

Fox: Black Farmer Settlement Clears Way for Discrimination Claims by Women, Hispanics

Rush Limbaugh: Is Anything Real? Trillions in Secret Fed Payments Revealed
Rush Limbaugh: US Economy Will Rebound Despite All of Obama's Efforts to Destroy It
Rush Limbaugh: Gosh, That Obama's a Smart Guy
Rush Limbaugh: Keynesians and Consumerism
WaPo: OpEd: When 'Buy American' harms America and the world's hungry

NYT: Congress Approves Child Nutrition Bill

Newsweek: Five Reasons the Tea Party Is Not Lobbying for End of Ethanol Subsidies

Telegraph UK: Republican's first decision: new female lavatories

WSJ: Rangel Censured for Ethics Violations
Wash Times: Divided House votes to censure Rangel on ethics
WaPo: House censures Rep. Charles Rangel in 333-79 vote
NYT: As Rangel Stands Silently, Censure Vote Rings Loudly
NYT: Editorial: The House Rebukes Mr. Rangel

WaPo: House ethics probe to investigate whether Finance committee withheld records

Andy Kessler: Time to Shut Down the FCC (via Google)

NYT: McCain Questions Pentagon on Repeal of Gay Ban

John Fund: Government By Executive Order
James Taranto: The Going Gets Ruff: Obama talks about himself like a dog

Politico: Miliions in stimulus funds go to faith-based groups

Reuters: Reid "confident" Senate to consider START soon
Peggy Noonan: A New Start in Washington (via Google)
Sen. Jim DeMint: Why I May Filibuster New START

Gov. Bobby Jindal: A Stronger America, A Safer World

Charles Krauthammer: WikiLeaks founder Assange ought to be hiding from America
Rush Limbaugh: CNN on Pronouncing "Assange"
Pat Buchanan: The 9/11 of American Diplomacy
Ann Coulter: Bradley Manning: Poster Boy For 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Michelle Malkin: No More Illegal-Alien Waivers

Linda Greenhouse: Justices Unbound

WaPo: Pair of conservative groups raised $70 million in midterm campaign
Roll Call: Final Reports Show DCCC Massively Outspent NRCC

Galston & Frum: A No Labels solution to Washington gridlock?

Miami Herald: Jeb Bush to co-chair GOP group targeting Latinos

Time: The Brewing Republican Senate Primary Tempest

FrumForum: Will Pork Kill These GOP Chair Bids?

Wash Times: GOP officials say they were blindsided by Steele panel
Politico: RNC hits back at Gentry Collins
WND: The next chairman of the RNC
Politico: Newt Gingrich signals support for RNC change
Big Govt: Next RNC Chair Could Be A Tea Drinking Female
Huff Post: RNC Debt: Republican National Committee Facing Big Cash Problem
Roll Call: DNC, RNC Raised Record Sums but Hold Debt
MSNBC: GOP watch: Cheney to raise $$$ for Cino
FrumForum: Cheney and Gillespie Back Cino in RNC Race

Grover Norquist & Chris Barron: Sarah Palin has earned the right to run for president
WaPo: Sarah Palin, the "lamestream" media and its limits
Ed Rollins: Palin, I knew Reagan. You're no Reagan
Politico: Palin girls' names climb list

National Journal: Palin, Romney Show Republican Candidates the Money

Politico: Haley Barbour antes up in early states


Albany TU: OTB shutdown will go forward despite Senate return

Poughkeepsie Journal: Leibell quits state Senate, may take plea on corruption charge
LoHud: Source: Leibell will plead guilty to corruption charge

NYT: Recount Finds 195,000 Votes Were Missed on Election Night


SacBee: Brown to go public with California's dire budget news
Reuters: Analysis: Schwarzenegger's last budget stand looks doomed
NRO: Jerry Brown’s Last Hurrah

LA Times: Boxer not only beat Fiorina, she outspent her

LA Times: Steve Cooley says he wouldn't rule out a fourth term as L.A. County D.A.


DMN: Former TV lawman Chuck Norris to be given honorary Texas Ranger title by Gov. Perry
Reuters: Representative Hensarling says may vote no on deficit panel plan


NewsOK: Gov.-elect Fallin hears from Obama, Cabinet officials


Miami Herald: U.S. subpoenas Republican Party of Florida records
Miami Herald: State GOP chairman downplays subpoena

News-Press: Gov.-elect Scott meets with Obama, members of Congress
WaPo: Rhee to advise Florida governor-elect
Sunshine News: Rick Scott Faces Florida's Sea of Red Ink


WRCB: Deal airs health care, budget concerns with Obama


Fox: Sessions Urges Senate to Block DREAM Act Over 'Abuse of the Process'


Chicago Trb: Race for mayor: Emanuel, Chico won't reject city contractor donations, for now


Des Moines Register: Again, Palin offers no hint on 2012 plans
Daily Globe: Palin visits Spirit Lake
Radio Iowa: Branstad says it would be a mistake for candidates to skip straw poll
CNN: Top Iowa Republican's warning to 2012 GOP hopefuls


Salon: Four ways that Dick Lugar can fight off the Tea Party


Pioneer Press: Emmer challenges drop sharply

Politico: Michele Bachmann pulled in $13.4 million in 2010 cycle
NYT: Bachmann Had Last-Minute Spending Deluge

Star Tribune: Painful projection: $6.2 billion deficit
Pioneer Press: Minnesota state budget: Surplus today, deficit tomorrow


Milwaukee JS: Governor-elect wants 'free market' health care reform
HTRnews: New GOP majority could mean less clout for Wisconsin
Milwaukee JS: Paul Ryan's post-mortem on the WI elections & the Progressive movement


Columbus Dispatch: Maneuver in Ohio House might get lame-duck votes on 2 gun bills

Politico: Kasich: Obama could regain 'mojo'


Detroit News: Report: Snyder spent $11M on governor's campaign
Detroit News: Snyder outspent Bernero 5 to 1 to win gov race

Chicago Tribune: Michigan lawmakers give final speeches at Capitol


KOMU: Senator Roy Blunt Waits To Release Figures

Missourian: Republican House speaker bestows chairmanships to three Democrats


Tennessean: Tennessee revenues increase, but GOP wants cuts

Leaf Chronicle: Haslam asks for flexibility from Congress


WSJ: Former Edwards Aides at Federal Courthouse


Politico: DeMint turns attention to 2012
Politico: Jim DeMint assures GOP senators a pass

NRO: Nikki Haley Rolls Up Her Sleeves
AP/Werner: Obama faces Haley, other newly elected governors


Philadelphia Inquirer: Candidates for PA gov spent $56 million in 2010 race


NPR: Christine O'Donnell Has Book Deal
Politico: Christine O'Donnell seals a book deal on 2010


WSJ: Transit expert lawyers to help NJ fight tunnel tab


Weekly Standard: What's Scott Brown's Secret?


Las Vegas RJ: Ensign scandal fallout: Some in GOP see weakness
WaPo: John Ensign: Political Survivor?
WaPo: Editorial: Investigating Mr. Ensign


NYT: Arizona Cuts Financing for Transplant Patients

Tucson Sentinel: Grijalva keeps Progressive Caucus leadership post


AP/Bohrer: Miller: Murkowski following business as usual


December 2, 2010


WSJ: Signs Point to Extending All Tax Cuts Temporarily
NYT: Senate Republicans Threaten Tax Dispute Blockade
Wash Times: GOP senators press Democrats to tackle spending bills, tax cuts
NYT: OpEd: Exploring the Meaning of ‘Constitutional Conservatism’
Fox: House to Vote on Middle Class-Only Tax Cuts
Karl Rove: Nancy Pelosi's Unwelcome Christmas Gift
Rush Limbaugh: Be Bold Every Day, Republicans
Rush Limbaugh: Will GOP Trade Jobless Benefits and START for Bush Tax Rates?

AP/Breen: Holidays about survival as jobless benefits end
Rush Limbaugh: Unemployment Benefits Drive Economic Growth Idiocy, Day Two

Wash Times: Immigration bill faces last chance before GOP takes House control
Fox: Reid Angers GOP by Pushing Four Versions of DREAM Act Without Hearing

WSJ: Deficit Plan Wins Backers
Wash Times: Deficit panel leaders upbeat: Critics assail tax, budget proposals
NYT: As Final Debt Plan Is Released, Signs That the Fight Is Just Beginning
WaPo: Presenting plan to cut deficit, commission members offer surprising compromises
WSJ: Plan Would End Tax-Free Status for Muni Bonds
NYT: Editorial: The Un-Sensible Common Ground
WaPo: Editorial: The deficit's moment of truth
Fox: What Are the Odds? Deficit Panel Proposals Face Uphill Climb in Congress

WSJ: Fed Officials Push Fiscal Stimulus
NYT: Fed Documents Breadth of Emergency Measures
WaPo: Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond U.S. banks to industry, foreign firms
WaPo: Federal workforce would share deficit-reduction pain in various ways
NYT: OpEd: Too Big to Succeed

WaPo: Health premiums surge 41%; Md., D.C. among costliest areas to insure
WSJ: Senators Attack McDonald's Health Plan
NYT: Opponents Take Aim at Limited Health Plans
Rush Limbaugh: Cantor Correction on Obamacare Isn't Really Much of a Correction
Rush Limbaugh: Stacy the Insurance Expert on Preexisting Conditions and Welfare

WSJ: Technicality Puts Food-Safety Measure on Ice
WaPo: Procedural problem threatens food safety bill
WSJ: 'Food Safety' and the GOP (via Google)

WSJ: House GOP to Disband Global Warming Panel
Lisa Jackson: The EPA Turns 40

Human Events: Phony Claims Infest Cancun Climate Conference

WSJ: Offshore Drilling Curbed Again
NYT: U.S. Halts Plan to Drill in Eastern Gulf
WaPo: Administration reverses offshore drilling policy in eastern gulf, Atlantic

WSJ: Proposed Law Would Prohibit Web Collection of Data on Kids
NYT: F.T.C. Backs Plan to Honor Privacy of Online Users

Wash Times: New FCC plan to oversee Internet draws GOP fire
WSJ: FCC Chief Backs Usage-Based Broadband Pricing
NYT: Mixed Reaction to F.C.C. Internet Plan

WSJ: Senators Say NASA Isn't Implementing Programs
NYT: Senators Push NASA to Carry Out Revamping

WaPo: 'Don't ask, don't tell' repeal efforts stalled by GOP plan
Ann Coulter: Bradley Manning: Poster Boy For 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Ed Meese & Richard Perle: New Start: What Would Reagan Do? (via Google)
Kissinger Schultz Baker Eagleburger Powell: The GOP case for ratifying New START

WaPo: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is in hiding, avoiding Interpol warrant
Rush Limbaugh: WikiLeaker Wants Hillary to Resign

Rush Limbaugh: Smithsonian Pulls Ants Crawling on Jesus, Angering Blake Gopnik

WSJ: Ethics Panel Places Investigators on Leave
NYT: House Ethics Committee Suspends Two Lawyers
WaPo: House ethics chairman approved leave by Rep. Waters investigators

NYT: Cheney Hoping for R.N.C. Shakeup
Buffalo News: Cino gets backing of Cheney, other major GOP figures
NYT: Candidates for R.N.C. Chair Make Their Pitches
Wash Times: Steele is no-show at RNC hopefuls' forum
Roll Call: Money Defines RNC Chairman’s Job, Panelists Say

Politico: Black Republican rejects CBC invite

Rush Limbaugh: US House Passes Backdoor Reparations for African-Americans

Wash Times: Critics of Marshals pick vow fight in Senate

Dana Milbank: A strange way to honor the founding fathers

James Taranto: Scarborough Fair? Stop being uncivil, you moronic circus freak!
Rush Limbaugh: Nicolle Wallace Speaks for the Ruling Class GOP on Sarah Palin
CNN: Palin's intentions questioned as she heads back to Iowa
Hill: N.H. Republicans: 'Where's Palin?'
Des Moines Register: Scarborough savages Palin in Politico op-ed

WSJ: Rep. Pence: Tweet Your Tax Return

C&E: Pros and Cons of Polling Cell Phones


Albany TU: GOP says Martins is a lock, Dems want recount

Buffalo News: Speculation about pay raises for state legislators heats up

NYT: Editorial: Leaving It for the Next Guy

NYT: New York’s House Delegation to Lose One or Two Seats

NYT: No Last Push by Paterson to Legalize Gay Marriage

Rochester D&C: Thomas Richards expected to run for mayor of Rochester


LA Times: Brown may find it's not easy being green


WSJ: The DeLay Verdict (via Google)


Politico: Tom Coburn - once 'Dr. No' - turns dealmaker
NewsOK: Coburn declines to take position on deficit plan ahead of vote


Roll Call: Potential Bill Nelson GOP Challenger Raises Profile


AJC: ICE: All of Atlanta area to get fingerprint checks within months

AJC: Tax council discusses sunsets for exemptions; recommendation not ready


NYT: Ethics Plan Is Offered by Governor in Alabama


Human Events: Jindal: ‘America Must Assimilate Again’


WSJ: Illinois Legislature Approves Civil Unions for Gay Couples
NYT: Civil Unions Advance in Illinois


Politico: Terry Branstad warns GOP hopefuls


Roger Stone: A Republican Primary for Sen. Lugar?


Star Tribune: In D.C., Dayton gets a chance to look gubernatorial

Pioneer Pr: Pawlenty seeking perjury investigation against sex offender he helped pardon


Oshkosh NW: New GOP majority could mean less clout for Wisconsin


Detroit News: Snyder seeks jobless comp relief

Detroit FP: Son's use of Conyers' federal SUV adds to congressman's challenges


Roll Call: Republican Announces Senate Bid Challenging McCaskill


State: Haley debuts in D.C.

State: Cool fans say Palin worth wait


Daily Caller: Christie asked to pardon man with 7-yr jail sentence for gun law violations
WSJ: N.J. Democrats Push Jobs Bills


Las Vegas RJ: News again good for Ensign
Roll Call: Nevada GOP Wary of Ensign Re-Election Bid
WSJ: Justice Drops Probe of Ensign
NYT: Prosecutors Won’t Charge Ensign


AP/Bohrer: Judge sets expedited schedule for Senate vote-count lawsuit


December 1, 2010


Wash Times: Obama, GOP agree to tax-cut task force
Politico: Tax talks to start Wednesday A.M.
Politico: Obama tasks Geithner & Lew to negotiate tax cut deal
NYT: White House Meeting Ends in Kind Words but No Deals
WaPo: After meeting, Obama and Republicans hopeful about a deal on Bush tax cuts
Hill: Obama, congressional leaders seek to avoid brawl on extending tax cuts
Hill: Obama makes nice with Republicans
Wash Times: Obama, GOP leaders seek truce on tax-cuts
WSJ: Negotiators to Tackle Tax Disagreement
Wash Times: Holiday spirit hinges on taxes, jobless benefits
Hill: Senate to vote on jobless benefits bill
Rush Limbaugh: What Part of "Hell, No!" Did the Republicans Not Understand?
Thomas Sowell: History Clearly Backs GOP on Tax Cuts
Ben Stein: One of Eight Billion
NYT: In Tax Cuts, the Options Run Short

WaPo: What’s at stake for the lameducks in Congress

Human Events: Death Tax Hike To 55% Nears

Politico: Boehner set to slice up spending bills on a dept-by-dept basis

Politico: John Boehner sees governors as GOP partners
NRO: Four Governors

WaPo: Republican lawmakers compete to lead key House committees
Hill: House GOP weighing term limits for leadership posts
Politico: Spending showdown for Approps gavel
House Energy Cmte GOP: Energy change isn't easy for a reason
Hill: Rep. Barton: Term-limit waiver didn’t come up in Steering Committee
Dallas MN: Rep. Joe Barton makes pitch to lead House energy committee
Politico: Climate skeptics spar for gavel

Hill: Fiscal panel lacks votes to pass plan
NYT: Delaying Vote, Debt Panel Splits on Taxes and Spending
WSJ: Deficit Panel Expects to Delay Vote on Debt-Reduction Proposal
WaPo: Commission comes up with new deficit plan, but delays vote until Friday
Wash Times: Vote on deficit-slashing measures delayed
WSJ: Mortgage Tax Break in Crosshairs
Dallas MN: Budget cutters eye mortgage interest deduction
NYT: Debt-Busting Issue May Force Obama Off Fence
WSJ: Even after their defeat, Democrats keep insisting on a tax increase
Rush Limbaugh: Tax Rates & Deficit Commission
Michael Boskin: Why the Spending Stimulus Failed: Lower tax rates spur growth
NYT: Will Deficit Reduction Increase Income Inequality in the U.S.?

NYT: Before Business Leaders, Bernanke Discusses Unemployment’s Toll on Americans
WSJ: What Ben Bernanke May Be Thinking (via Google)
NYT: Economic Policy? More Listen to Conservatives
NRO: The Conservative Case for QE2

WSJ: States Lift Spending After Spell of Cuts

John Fund: Mending ObamaCare
Michelle Malkin: The Little Victims of Obamacare
Weekly Standard: House Republicans Continue Toward Repeal of Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: GOP to Pursue Full Repeal of Obamacare While Addressing Pre-Existing Conditions, Adult Children on Parents' Plans

Wash Times: Jeb Bush urges action on NCLB

George W. Bush: America's global fight against AIDS

Newt Gingrich: The Essential (and Exceptional) American

NYT: Judge Rejects Health Law Challenge
Politico: Judge rejects Liberty University's health care reform challenge
Wikipedia: Bio of Federal Judge Norman K. Moon

WSJ: A Select Committee for Termination (via Google)

WaPo: Senate passes sweeping food safety bill
NYT: Senate Passes Overhaul of Food Safety Regulations
AP/Jalonick: Senate passes bill to boost food safety

Wash Times: Earmark ban fails in Senate, succeeds in adding support
Hill: Senate votes down ban on earmarks, 39-56
NYT: Senate Defeats Earmark Ban
WSJ: Projects Test Resolve on Earmarks
Politico: Strong showing in anti-earmark vote
NRO: Senators Can’t Quit Earmarks

Wash Times: ACORN should not have gotten grant
Fox: ACORN Improperly Awarded FEMA Grant, Government Report Claims

WSJ: GOP Softens Stance on Treaty
WSJ: Voinovich Leans Toward START Treaty
NYT: 2 Republicans Hint at Hope for Russia Pact
Wash Times: Secret talks with Russia focused on missile defense

Wash Times: Front-line fighters wary of repealing 'don't ask'
WSJ: Pentagon Sees Little Harm From Lifting Ban on Gays
NYT: Pentagon Sees Little Impact if Ban on Gays Is Repealed
WaPo: 'Don't ask, don't tell' report: Little risk to allowing gays to serve openly

WaPo: FCC chairman to propose plan for net neutrality
NYT: F.C.C. Chairman Sets Broadband Regulation Framework
Hill: Key Republican says there's 'no doubt' new leadership needed at FCC

WSJ: Well, Hush My Mouth: Congress Is Moving Against LOUD Ads

Human Events: GOP Must Stop Any Lame-Duck DREAM Act
NYT: Groups Make Late Push to Salvage Bill Aiding Illegal Immigrant Students

NYT: Interpol Issues ‘Red Notice’ for WikiLeaks Founder
WaPo: Rape charges land Assange on Interpol list
WSJ: WikiLeaks Suffers Attack on Site
Wash Times: Bush slams WikiLeaks' releases in webcast
Rush Limbaugh: Say It Again: Assange is a Sissy!
Dick Morris: Hillary: Up to her old tricks
Politico: Assange: 'Hillary Clinton should quit'
Thomas Friedman: From WikiChina
Elliott Abrams: Dictators, Democracies and WikiLeaks (via Google)

Hill: Rep. Rangel’s censure vote is imminent

Politico: 2 House ethics attorneys suspended

Politico: The House's millionaires next door

James Taranto: Stuff White People Like: Departure of the only black senator

Rush Limbaugh: "This is Why the American People Have Thrown You out of Power"

Wash Times: Murray to lead Senate Dems' 2012 election efforts
Roll Call: Finally Filled: Murray Is DSCC Pick

CNN: O'Malley to take over as DGA chairman

Politico: Mitch McConnell’s campaigning pays off

WaPo: Sen. McCain delivers tribute to Sen. Feingold
WaPo: Dodd decries hyper-partisanship in Senate farewell speech

WaPo: John Bolton interview: Obama's in over his head

Roll Call: RNC Contenders Lining Up Against Steele
WaPo: Michael Steele and the RNC waiting game
CNN: RNC race filled with uncertainty ahead of forum
Roll Call: RNC Candidates Attending Panel to Be Ranked by ‘13 Leadership Criteria’
Roll Call: Maria Cino Has Endorsement From Mary Matalin
Politico: RNC convention costs at heart of Steele fight
Atlantic: Extending New Influence, FreedomWorks to Host RNC Candidates
NRO: Job Requirement: Stronger than Steele

Politico: Book boosts Sarah Palin fund-raising

Politico: A very merry book tour

NRO: Romney’s Chronic Health-Care Problem


Crain's: GOP inches closer to majority in NY senate
Rochester D&C: State Senate back in hands of GOP?
Buffalo News: Grisanti's stunning upset is official
Albany TU: And Skelos welcomes Grisanti
WSJ: NY Sen. Thompson of Buffalo concedes in recount

WSJ: NY House race is last in nation yet to be decided

NYT: N.Y. Assembly Approves Fracking Moratorium
Albany TU: Fracking opponents celebrate, turn to Paterson
NYT: Paterson Weighs Bill to Halt the Issuing of Gas Extraction Permits

Albany TU: Cuomo: Denial is not a life strategy

NYT: Judges May Get First Raises in Years After Legislature Backs Panel to Set Their Pay

NY Post: Co-host spittin' mad over Spitzer


SacBee: U.S. Supreme Court wades into California prison overcrowding issue
WaPo: Supreme Court reviews federal court order that California reduce prison population
WSJ: California Prisons Frustrate Justices
NYT: Supreme Court Hears Arguments on California Prison Crowding
Wash Times: High court debates overpopulation in California prisons

WSJ: In California, a Road to Recovery Stirs Unrest

LA Times: Harris 'humbled' and 'proud' as she declares victory in attorney general race


Gov. Rick Perry: Texas will fight back: We won't stand by while Mexican border violence kills

Human Events: The Hammer And The Post


NewsOK: Oklahoma’s Gov.-elect Fallin to meet with president


Buzz: Another candidate for Fla GOP Chair


AJC: Jobless benefits run out for 25,000 Georgians


Montgomery Advertiser: Hubbard to voters: Watch us
AP/Rawls: Ala. House Democrats choose Craig Ford as leader


Advocate: Poll: Jindal approval ratings drop


Chicago Sun-Times: Lawyers push for new trial for Tony Rezko

Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois House passes civil unions for gay and lesbian couples
Chicago Sun-Times: Ill. House narrowly rejects legalizing medicinal use of marijuana


Des Moines Register: State skimps on transition cash


Wabash Valley: Senator Lugar Could Face Republican Challenger
NRO: Who Will Take on Dick Lugar?


Star Tribune: Slowly: Count, then challenge

Star Tribune: Bachmann attacks $1.2B payout for black farmers


Milwaukee JS: Doyle says state union contracts should proceed


Fox Toledo: Niehaus to be Ohio Senate president


Detroit News: Conyers: Son inappropriately used SUV
Fox Detroit: Items Stolen John Conyers' Government-Registered Cadillac
Detroit FP: Conyers says he's sorry, will repay govt for son's use of congressional vehicle
Fox: Report: Conyers' Son Was Driving Government Vehicle That Was Broken Into

Detroit News: Snyder applies business model to running state
Detroit FP: Gov.-elect Snyder shuffles Michigan leadership roles


Hill: Missouri GOP needs McCaskill challenger
CNN: Possible primary battle in bid to take on McCaskill in '12
St. Louis PD: Steelman in familiar territory with Senate speculation
St. Louis PD: Steelman's money trail is a tricky one


State: Haley bound for DC


Politico: Christine O'Donnell backs Hillary Clinton for 2012 run


NYT: Talking Tough and Drawing Viewers, Christie Is a YouTube Star
Daily Caller: Christie blasts teachers' unions (again) in Washington, D.C. speech


Politico: Chris Dodd bids farewell to Senate
Hill: Dodd says Senate should keep filibuster


Boston Globe: Mass. environmental secretary to leave Patrick administration


Politico: Michael Bennet: Lame duck is 'rigged'


Anchorage DN: Murkowski & Begich join vote against eliminating earmarks

AP/Bohrer: Parnell chooses Fairbanks lawyer to be attorney general

AP/Bohrer: State seeks expedited ruling in Miller lawsuit


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