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December 31, 2010


WSJ: Big Health-Care Changes Arrive in New Year
WaPo: Maine seeks exemption from provision of health-care law
Hill: Dem regrets language in memo on ‘death panels’ that reignited debate
Wash Times: OpEd: Lies, damn lies and death panels
Human Events: Will ObamaCare Be Repealed?
American Spectator: No Medicine for You

NYT: E.P.A. Limit on Gases to Pose Risk to Obama and Congress
WaPo: Editorial: EPA's carbon-cutting power
Charles Krauthammer: Government by regulation. Shhh
Roger Hedgecock: Killing Us To Save The Environment
Hill: Obama works around Congress on climate change, healthcare

WaPo: Republicans denounce Obama's recess appointments
Fox: GOP Fuming Over Recess Appointment of Lawyer Who Compared 9/11 to Drug Trade
Hill: Rep. Peter King: Obama recess appointment at Justice Dept. 'absolutely shocking'
William Kristol: Just “a Prosecutor Fighting Crime”
Hill: New Foreign Affairs chairwoman blasts 'regrettable' appointment of Syria envoy

NYT: For Holder, New Congress Means New Headaches

CBS: Rep. Steve King says Congress will investigate 'Reparations'

WSJ: New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Gets a Spokeswoman
Paul Krugman: The New Voodoo
Pat Buchanan: Is The Bond Crisis Inevitable?
C. Boyden Gray: Dodd-Frank, the real threat to the Constitution

WSJ: Jobless Claims Hit 2½-Year Low

WSJ: The Liberal Reckoning of 2010

Boston Globe: Democrats seek to curb filibusters

WaPo: OpEd: Stop the tax deduction for major college sports programs
James Taranto: Think your taxes are too low? Protest by making them lower!

NYT: Editorial: When Election Police Go Easy (FEC)

NYT: Lobbyist’s Client List Puts Him on the Defensive
Politico: Davis resigns Ivory Coast contract

Daily Record: Menendez plans to reach out to SC Republican on immigration
Hill: Partisan gap on immigration reform 'almost irreconcilable,' says Barton

WaPo: Conservative state lawmakers target abortion pills prescribed over Internet
Linda Greenhouse: Abortion Takes Flight

NYT: Tricky Call for New Governors: Price of Their Inaugurals
Wash Times: Incoming governors' festivities in tune with times

Hill: Dems rip proposed rule giving new power to GOP Budget chairman

Harold Ford Jr.: Freshmen lawmakers, here's what you need to know

Peggy Noonan: Days of Auld Lang What?
Ted Nugent: Go ahead, GOP - make my year
Human Events: Top 10 Conservative Successes In 2010

WaPo: Palin, Republicans get high marks from Facebook users
Atlantic: The Argument For And Against Palin

DC: The next RNC chairwoman? Amb. Ann Wagner wary of socialism


Iowa Indep: Iowa GOP ready to push hard on social issues in 2011


Politico: A New Hampshire power vacuum?


State: S.C. business giant Milliken dies at 95
AP/Ivey: SC textile giant, once among richest in US, dies


NYT: Paterson and Federal Officials Reach Pact on Immigration
NYDN: Paterson sounds pension alarm

NY Post: Emotional swearing-in sequel tonight for Cuomo clan
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo's first year as governor quite likely to be difficult one
NYT: Cuomo, Frequent Caller, Uses the Phone as a Political Tool
NYT: No Traditional First-Lady Role for Busy Sandra Lee
NYT: Editorial: Governor Cuomo

Rochester D&C: Mayor Robert Duffy to pass reins to Tom Richards tonight

NYDN: State Senate Democratic executive hides growing debt

Albany TU: Paladino not a fan of the Buffalo News: Chapter LXIII

NY Observer: Log Cabin Republicans Preparing for Major Push in New York

NYT: Board Delays Imposing Controls on Nassau’s Finances
Bloomberg: New York Delays Decision on Takeover of Nassau Budget


SacBee: Schwarzenegger appoints key economic aide as UC regent


Austin Chronicle: Still a House Divided in Speaker's Race
NYT: Texas Stands Against Tide in Retaining Biennial Legislature
NYT: 2010 Politics Brought New Faces, and Some Surprises for the Old

WSJ: Texas Launches Another Legal Challenge to Greenhouse-Gas Rules
AP/Masti: Texas, EPA fight over regulations grows fierce


AP/Murphy: Okla. governor's race tops political news in 2010


Politico: Mack making moves toward Senate bid

WSJ: Can Rick Scott Put Florida to Work? (via Google)
Miami Herald: Need for public hospitals to be a 'hot topic' for Scott
SPT: Charlie Crist's legacy — an unfinished agenda

AP/Kallestad: McCollum's political career appears to be ending

Sunshine News: Joe Scarborough Mulls Over His Political Future

SPT: Records in GOP fraud case reveal more of Jim Greer's business dealings
Tallahassee Democrat: Greer praises Crist, defends own tenure with GOP
Buzz: Jim Greer: Wait until the truth comes out

WSJ: Housing Pain Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor in Florida


Patch: Cobb Libertarians Seek Local and National Expansion


Fred Barnes: Alabama Republicans Come to Power, Pass Ethics Law


WaPo: 'Conditioned on' kidney donation, sisters' prison release prompts ethics debate

Hattiesburg American: Bryant to make run official


Economic Times: Jindal the most popular Governor in the US: poll


Chicago Tribune: African-American leaders search for unity in mayoral race

Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn signs pension law for police, firefighters

Chicago Sun-Times: Campaign-finance reforms in effect starting Saturday


Salon: Michele Bachmann revealed: Gore Vidal made her a Republican


Fox11: Gov.-elect Walker names cabinet secretaries


USA Today: Kucinich asks for help finding new Ohio district


Mlive: Editorial: Opportunity for fresh start comes with Rick Snyder's Inauguration day


NECN: Political hired guns look to Ky. governor's race


Hill: In Virginia, Tea Party candidate hopes to tie Democratic Sen. Webb to Obama


Charleston Daily Mail: Betty Ireland officially joins race for governor


NYT: Ex-Candidate Says Inquiry Into Finances Is Political


Human Events: Christie Looking To Build On Success In Second Year
CBS: Liberal Group Takes Aim at Christie for Snowstorm Response
NJN: ‘Where's Christie’ website launched
Weekly Standard: Stupid Snow Storm Controversy Continues in New Jersey


Las Vegas Sun: GOP presidential hopefuls paying attention to Nevada


Arizona Republic: GOP legislators sue panel in flap over redistricting


LA Times: Alaska officials certify Lisa Murkowski as Senate race winner


December 30, 2010


WSJ: Obama Bypasses Senate to Fill Posts
NYT: Six Recess Appointments to Be Made, Obama Says
WaPo: James Cole appointed to deputy AG job; new ambassador dispatched to Syria
Politico: Stalled, 6 nominees get recess jobs
Hill: Obama uses recess appointment to seat Justice Dept. official

WSJ: U.S. Seeks Chief For Financial Consumer Agency

WSJ: Local Revenues Climb as Economy Recovers
WSJ: Banks Open Loan Spigot
NYT: Editorial: Deficit Hypocrisy

WSJ: Mortgage Assistance Tapers Off
WSJ: OpEd: Home Prices Are Still Too High (via Google)

WaPo: Veterans of recent wars confront grim employment landscape
WaPo: Regulators are finding opportunities at firms looking for government experience

Wash Times: For disabled feds, workers' comp better than retirement

Wash Times: Commerce Clause at center of battle over health reform
WSJ: OpEd: 'Death Panels' Come Back to Life (via Google)
Fox: Price Pledges Health Care Fight, Takes Reins of GOP Policy Group
Hill: Leading liberal: Democrats could be open to 'fix' of health reform legislation

WSJ: Costs of Coal-Ash Rule Draw Fire
Hill: Greens say EPA analysis on coal ash riddled with errors
George Will: China has seen the future, and it is coal
WSJ: The Midwest Wind Surtax (via Google)
Hill: Scientist: Climate change to intensify winter weather

Karl Rove: Gitmo Is Not a Recruiting Tool for Terrorists
James Taranto: What Big Arms You Have! Maybe grandmothers are a threat after all
WaPo: OpEd: 'Don't ask, don't tell' has been repealed. ROTC still shouldn't be on campus

Hill: Bleak prospects for broad immigration reform in near future

Ann Coulter: Liberals Give 'Til It Hurts (You)
EJ Dionne: Liberals should accept defeat and get back to their goals

WSJ: The FCC's new Web power grab deserves a vote under the Congressional Review Act

WaPo: Two new rules will give Constitution a starring role in GOP-controlled House
Hill: Boehner taps Alabama Republican to lead ethics committee in GOP House
WaPo: Editorial: A welcome turnaround on the Office of Congressional Ethics
Wash Times: New House rules end official commendations
Hill: Dozens of incoming GOP freshmen represent districts carried by Obama

IBD: Editorial: Reid's Nuclear Option In The Senate

WaPo: Despite record spending, politicians still have $400 million in campaign funds

WSJ: No Thanks, No Mansion for Me, Say More Governors-to-Be

NYT: For G.O.P., End of the Preordained Candidate
Politico: GOP pals could be 2012 rivals
WaPo: Some GOP stalwarts defend first lady's anti-obesity campaign from Palin's shots
Denver Post: Sarah Palin right to criticize food police
DC: DeMint: Palin has done more for the GOP 'than anyone since Reagan'
NRO: Obama, Palin, and Gallup
USA Today: Republican PACs hum in advance of 2012 race
Townhall: 2012 Republican Primary Prognostication

Wash Times: CPAC meeting raises gay issue
Michael Barone: A Truce In Culture Wars

C&E: 2011 Legislative Elections: Will Democrats Stop the Bleeding?

Hill: Republican campaign committee names top 2012 Senate targets

Roll Call: Could Reapportionment Help Losing Democrats?

Politico: Priebus surging in RNC race
Daily Caller: Maria Cino vies to be chair of RNC
Weekly Standard: Who's Voting for Michael Steele?

Human Events: Tea Party Dominates Google’s Top 10 Politicians In 2010
Human Events: Top 10 Political Gaffes Of 2010


Albany TU: Cuomo shifts State of the State site to signal new era
WSJ: Cuomo Already Snubs Assembly
NYT: Cuomo Picks New Location for State of the State Speech

Albany TU: Unions: 'This fight's not over'

WSJ: Snowblind in Gotham (via Google)
NYT: Inaction and Delays by New York as Storm Bore Down


LA Times: Californians' tax relief could be short-lived
SacBee: Brown plans to take tax hike to voters in June


Amarillo: Chisum forces House meeting
Austin Chronicle: Still a House Divided in Speaker's Race

AP/Masti: Texas, EPA fight over regulations grows fierce


SPT: Gov.-elect Rick Scott gets a hero's welcome in the Panhandle
Miami Herald: Scott's victory lap brings him to Miami
AP/Farrington: Crist leaving office after political blunders

Buzz: Adam Putnam's new communications director


WaPo: Miss. Gov. Haley Barbour to free sisters sentenced to life in prison for robbery
AP/Mohr: Sister's kidney donation condition of Miss. parole


Politico: Jindal, Markell tops in popularity


Chicago Tribune: Public safety overhaul looms for next mayor


Star Tribune: A bumpy legislative ride looms


Milwaukee JS: Walker's team takes shape as appointees emerge
Chicago Tribune: Wis. Dems ask Walker to consider their job ideas


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich picks next state watchdog

NYT: Ohio Court Limits Power of Localities on Gun Laws


Politico: McCaskill's end of year fundraising run


Lexington HL: Stumbo says no gambling legislation this session


WaPo: Va. judges revisit noncitizens' convictions, sentences to prevent deportation


WaPo: Md. legislation proposes in-state tuition benefits for some illegal immigrants


News Journal: FBI investigating Christine O'Donnell
WaPo: Christine O'Donnell, ex-Senate candidate, subject of federal campaign funds probe
AP/Nuckols: O'Donnell's use of campaign cash focus of probe
Roll Call: Christine O’Donnell: Investigation an ‘Establishment Trick’
Politico: O'Donnell: "The plan was to crush me"
Weekly Standard: Christine O'Donnell Suggests Joe Biden Is Out to Get Her


NYT: Massachusetts Sets Targets to Slash Carbon Emissions
Boston Globe: State sets tougher limits on emissions

Politico: A Brown primary challenge?


Politico: Scarcelli: Snowe challenge may depend on primary


Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval hints at plans to balance Nevada budget


Hill: Joe Miller weighs options after federal court dismisses lawsuit
AP/Bohrer: Miller to announce plans by Friday


December 29, 2010


WSJ: Housing Recovery Stalls
Wash Times: Home-price dip casts pall on economy
WaPo: U.S. home prices drop 1.3% from September to October
WSJ: GOP Shifts on Fannie, Freddie Overhaul
WSJ: Faces of the Home-Foreclosure Crisis

WaPo: 2010 worst year for bank failures since 1992
Rasmussen: Voters Still Pin Bad Economy More On Bush Than Obama

WaPo: Obama's budget proposal will be delayed a bit
WSJ: The Right Way to Balance the Budget (via Google)
AP/Pace: Economic adviser pick could indicate new tack for Obama
Ken Blackwell: Bring the Debt Ceiling Into Balance

Wash Times: Draconian moves a must for local budgets
AP/Bauer: Incoming Republican governors, lawmakers eye statutes to scrap

WSJ: Death Panels Revisited
Politico: Death knell for 'death panel' debate?
NYT: Terrain Shifts in Challenges to the Health Care Law
Hill: Key healthcare provisions take effect as GOP moves into House
American Spectator: Is It a Right or Isn't It?

Fox: White House Plans to Push Global Warming Policy, GOP Vows Fight
James Taranto: Fear of a White Planet
John Fund: Global Warming Grinch
Human Events: The Immortal Tyranny Of Climate Change

Mikhail Gorbachev: The Senate’s Next Task: Ratifying the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

WSJ: Is Obama's Muslim Outreach Working? (via Google)

WaPo: Editorial: What Congress can still get done on immigration

American Spectator: Net Neutrality Is Theft

Detroit FP: House Republicans will keep taxpayer-paid vehicle leases
Detroit FP: Full table: U.S. reps and their auto leases

Cal Thomas: Predictions for the GOP class of 2011

NYT: Behind the Population Shift
LA Times: Economic downturn disrupted migration patterns, census data show

Jonah Goldberg: As Gay Becomes Bourgeois

WaPo: Seeking to keep top spot, Steele will join RNC debate
DC: Meet Gentry Collins, a former Steele aide challenging his boss for RNC chairman

Weekly Standard: Chuck Hagel, Anti-Republican Republican

Politico: 2012 cozying in full force
Politico: Huckabee's strength
Daily Kos: CNN: Republicans most likely to support Huckabee

US News: Poll: Sarah Palin Really Unpopular in Alaska

Newt Gingrich: Three Solutions Where Republicans Can Lead America

CBS: GOP Candidates Rush To Get Into Senate Races
AP/Elliott: Republicans waste no time targeting Democratic Senate seats in '12
Hill: Klobuchar ranked most popular senator up in 2012; Lieberman least

C&E: Tips from the Trail: Damage Control


AP/McFetridge: Election tops list of Iowa stories in 2010


Eagle Tribune: Several seek to head NH GOP

Boston Globe: NH Sen.-elect hires chief of staff


State: The year in S.C. politics


NYT: New House Members Wake Up to Redistricting

WSJ: Rangel Establishes Legal-Defense Fund

NY Post: GOP ax bloodies Albany Dem staffers

Syr PS: Green, Conservative parties are ready for newfound clout in Albany
NY Post: If you're Con then you're on

Patch: Rockland Politico Says Shoplifting Arrest "A Big Misunderstanding"

Newsday: Mangano aims to cut Nassau spending in 2011


LA Times: Jerry Brown plays hardball on state budget


DMN: Wins on both sides accompanied good campaigning, scandal in 2010 political news


SPT: Gov.-elect Rick Scott meets with Tampa Bay legislators


AJC: Judicial watchdog agency's budget almost dry


Jackson CL: 3 Mississippi Democrats switch to GOP


Chicago Tribune: The race for mayor: Davis asks Clinton to stay out of Emanuel campaign
Chicago Sun-Times: Davis to Obama, Clinton: Stay out of it


WANE: Daniels says debt could wreck America


Politico: Klobuchar most popular '12er


Milwaukee JS: Doyle leaves with major victories
Milwaukee JS: Business energy bills will increase by 13%


Vindy: Gov-elect Kasich, GOP get advice from business group
Hill: Rep. Kucinich mulls Census options


Wash Times: Allen weighs another shot at Webb
Fox: Tea Party Candidate Announces Senate Run in Virginia
WaPo: Va. tea party leader files papers to run for U.S. Senate
Hill: Sen. Webb gets first GOP challenger
Politico: Reaction to Radtke's rollout


WaPo: Timing of West Virginia gubernatorial election in doubt


Roll Call: Anti-Abortion Groups Targeting Casey’s Re-Election Bid

NYT: To Governor, Postponing a Game Is for Losers


WaPo: Chris Christie criticized for blizzard vacations
Weekly Standard: Making Something of a Big Nothing


Boston Globe: Top Massachusetts stories of 2010


Wash Times: Arizona lawmaker set to ramp up fight against illegals


Anchorage DN: Judge tosses Miller lawsuit, clears way for Murkowski swearing-in

Politico: Sarah Palin e-mail release delayed — again


NYT: Remarkable Run Ends for ‘Team North Dakota’


December 28, 2010


American Spectator: Berwick Sets Up Death Panels By Fiat
NRO: End-of-Life Decisions and the Bureaucracy
Hill: White House attempts to quiet revived talk of 'death panels'
CSM: 'Death panels' controversy: Is Obama avoiding Congress?
WaPo: Health plans for high-risk patients attracting fewer, costing more than expected
NYT: Medicaid Bonuses to Reward States for Insuring More Children
Hill: Dems say new GOP plan to repeal healthcare would increase deficit
Wash Times: OpEd: Doctors left in the lurch by own medical associations
Wash Times: OpEd: The real costs of Obamacare
Rich Lowry: The Rule of Sebelius
Fred Barnes: Nullifying Obamacare
Rasmussen: Support for Health Care Repeal At 60%

Rep. Fred Upton & Tim Phillips: How Congress Can Stop the EPA's Power Grab (Google)
Fox: Former Oil Exec Predicts $5-a-Gallon Gas by 2012, Energy Shortages by Decade's End
Politico: 10 to watch: GOP freshmen on energy
Politico: Obama under pressure to deliver on climate

WSJ: Obama's 2012 Budget to be Released a Week Late
NYT: Earmarks Ban May Loom, but Lawmakers Find Ways to Finance Pet Projects

WaPo: Obama administration steps up monitoring of banks that miss TARP payments
Fox: With 2012 Campaign Looming, Obama to Name Top Economist
WSJ: OpEd: The Fed's Dual Mandate Is Not the Problem (via Google)

Michael Gerson: Social Security reform is the answer to Obama's problems and the nation's

Fouad Ajami: Obama's Presidency Joins the Fray
James Taranto: Happy Easter! Obama has hidden surprises in store for you
Tony Blankley: No comeback for the comeback kid
Human Events: Sen. Roy Blunt: 'Obama's No Bill Clinton'
Gallup: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Are 2010's Most Admired

David Brooks: The Sidney Awards, Part II
American Interest: Understanding Corruption
Foreign Affairs: The Demographic Future
American Interest: The Inequality That Matters

Pat Buchanan: Who Owns The Future?

WSJ: Obama's Detainee Mess (via Google)
NYT: Editorial: A Step Toward Fairness

Politico: GOP shifts immigration rhetoric
DC: SPJ Diversity Cmte launches journalistic campaign against the term 'illegal immigrant'

Gary Bauer: If Christians Were Treated Like Muslims
American Thinker: Multiculturalism vs. Morality and National Survival
American Thinker: Bill O'Reilly's Mindslaughter

Michelle Malkin: The ACLU’s Unholy War on Catholic Hospitals

Wash Times: Obama trails Bush on judicial confirmations
NYT: Sotomayor Guides Court’s Liberal Wing
NYT: Editorial: Temple to Justice

Andrew McCarthy: The President Is No Prosecutor

NYT: In ‘Daily Show’ Role on 9/11 Bill, Echoes of Murrow

WSJ: RNC Field Still Up in the Air
John Fund: 'No Deal With Steele'
WaPo: Onetime Michael Steele ally backs challenger for RNC chairman
Daily Caller: Former Steele ally Reince Priebus now gunning for Steele's job
Boston Globe: As election nears, race to lead RNC remains hard to predict

Weekly Standard: Will Sarah Palin Run for President?
WaPo: Palin invents word 'refudiate,' compares herself to Shakespeare
Hill: In food fight with Palin, Michelle Obama finds unlikely allies
NRO: Editorial: S’more, Please

Politico: Daughter says Newt Gingrich's 'serious' about 2012

AP/Babington: GOP challengers stumble on way to 2012 election

Eugene Robinson: Danger ahead for the GOP

C&E: Reapportionment Eats Away At Democratic Strongholds
Roll Call: DCCC Targeting Marginal Districts in 2012
Jonah Goldberg: Post-Census Party-Pooping

Grover Norquist: The Road to 60


Des Moines Register: Branstad budget briefing: We need 'shared sacrifice'


AP/Love: NH GOP majorities revisiting use of deadly force


Wash Times: Sanford sanguine leaving office, but unsure of his political future
Fox: South Carolina's Sanford Mum on Post-Governorship Plans

Fox: Failed U.S. Senate Candidate Alvin Greene Now Trying for South Carolina House Seat


NY Post: Cuomo team working on Day One
Syr PS: Reformer who called NY's Legislature 'dysfunctional' will be Cuomo's ethics czar

NYDN: Paterson campaign's rent is too damn late for Park Ave. office space


AP/Lin: Schwarzenegger exits office with deficit as high as ever
George Skelton: We should have kept Davis


Texas Tribune: For Texas, a Larger Footprint in Congress


Roll Call: Florida Republicans Want Jeb Bush to Challenge Nelson

SPT: Scott targets govt pension plans as a way to cut costs, employees should contribute

SPT: Old DUI case surfaces in contest to be head of Florida Republican party
Buzz: GOP race getting nasty; Deborah Cox-Roush explains DUI

Wash Times: S. Florida's West ready to charge Capitol Hill


Gwinnett: GOP sweep named top Georgia story of 2010
AJC: Fulton hires lobbyists to counter Milton movement


Chicago Tribune: Quinn floats $15 billion debt recovery plan

Fox: Rep.-Elect Joe Walsh Will Turn Down Gov't Health Insurance


Indy Star: 'Lame ducks can still fly,' Daniels says of his last 2 years


Star Tribune: Where will Pawlenty's legacy lead?


Milwaukee JS: State's budget picture improves


NYT: In Michigan, a City Pleads for a Bankruptcy Option

Mother Jones: What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?


KC Star: Skelton's defeat chosen top Missouri news story of 2010


Louisville CJ: Former Ky. chief justice Joseph Lambert considers bid for attorney general

Lexington HL: Bunning unchanged by decades in Congress


WSJ: Tea Party Organizer Jumps Into Va. Senate Race
WaPo: As George Allen mulls Senate run, conservatives grumble about his record

WaPo: McDonnell's funding for some nonprofits in VA budget doesn't sit well with everyone


Fox: Mikulski to Become Longest Serving Female Senator When Congress Returns


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell gives Corbett voluminous info on Pa.


NYT: In Trenton, Emergency Puts Senator Back at Helm
WSJ: Jersey Judge Grudge (via Google)
William McGurn: Take My Congressman—Please (via Google)


WSJ: Joe Miller Won’t Block Murkowski’s Swearing-In
NYT: Republican Drops a Tack in Alaska Senate Race

Anchorage DN: Miller has his eye on the future in politics


December 27, 2010


WSJ: Strapped Cities Hit Nonprofits With Fees
AP: Republican senator offers dire view of economy
Bill Kristol: The New York Times Concedes 'Decades of Overspending' by State Governments
NYT: Editorial: How to Derail Financial Reform
Ross Douthat: A Return to Normalcy

NYT: New Voters May Sway Fed Actions
Pete DuPont: Turning America Around
Ken Blackwell: Balance the Budget Now
Paul Krugman: The Finite World
American Thinker: Fannie, Freddie, and Fur

Hill: Republican leaders say there are no plans to extend payroll tax holiday

WSJ: White House Links New End-of-Life Talks to Bush Policy
Human Events: Bureaucrats Secretly Implement ObamaCare
Human Events: Allocation and Rationing
WSJ: ObamaCare and the General Welfare Clause (via Google)
NYT: Editorial: The Repeal Amendment

Hill: From greenhouse gases to green agenda: 5 energy issues to watch in '11

WSJ: Net Neutrality and the TV Wars

Gallup: All 10 States Losing Congressional Seats Tilt Democratic
NYT: Editorial: Defeat for Census Reform

LA Times: Immigration overhaul effort seems dead
NPR: In Congress, A Harder Line On Illegal Immigrants

Jed Babbin: The New Mumia

Star-Ledger: President Obama heads for re-election swinging
Michael Barone: Obama OK in 2012?

WSJ: Palin's Food Fight
WaPo: Juan Williams: Palin not on same 'intellectual stage' as Obama
WSJ: Fiscal, Military Hawk Pence Builds GOP Stature
Wash Times: Legislators acted with eye on '12 campaigns
American Spectator: 'Run, Herman, Run!'

WaPo: In race to lead the RNC, prospects emerge from unsettled field
WaPo: Surveying the field of RNC race: Priebus out front, but it's anyone's guess
Politico: As RNC conservatives launch Dump Steele effort, race returns to fore
National Journal: Key Steele Ally Defects
DC: Picked as a voice to challenge Obama, Steele's tenure as RNC chair marked by strife
Roll Call: Black RNC Members Not Backing Steele
Hill: Race for RNC chairman remains a 'toss-up' as Steele defends tenure


Des Moines Register: Wiggins to lead justice search


AP/Adcox: SC Lt. Gov Bauer says he'll return to business


WSJ: Ex-NY Senate leader asks court to block retrial

NYDN: Cuomos set to return to governor's mansion after 16 years away
NYDN: Cuomo taps two more vets of NY governors
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo: No politics in choosing Albany team

NYT: For Paterson’s Parents, the Choice Was Independence Over Special Education


AP/Thompson: New laws will allow Calif. to begin health reforms
SacBee: California's new redistricting panel takes aim at bizarre boundaries
American Thinker: Bootleg Lightbulbs Coming to California
American Thinker: CARB's Carbon Capers


Dallas MN: Ebb of stimulus funding could hit Texas workers hard
San Antonio ST: Local GOP at odds over Texas speaker


LJWorld: Brownback concentrating on financial issues
Politico: Coburn 'no way, no how' seeking reelection


Miami Herald: Big changes included in Scott transition teams' 'to-do' lists


AP/McCaffrey: Perdue legacy as GOP standard bearer


Gadsden Times: Gov.-Elect Bentley’s life prepared him for newest role


Politico: In tough economic times, Haley Barbour still flies high


AP/Martin: Daniels: Presidential hopefuls must address debt


WQOW: Big slots await Dayton decision in Minn.


Roll Call: North Dakota GOPers Target Conrad Seat


Milwaukee JS: Channeling Thompson, Christie
Oshkosh NW: Republican gains paint Wisconsin red


Dayton DN: Ohio lawmakers set record for legislative inaction
Cleveland PD: Editorial: The Ohio Senate closes 2010 on a petty note
Cleveland PD: Editorial: Kasich's choice of Charles for Public Safety strains credibility


Human Events: Sen. Roy Blunt: Obama Chose "Ideology" Over "Jobs"


Fay Observer: Perdue borrows ideas from GOP


WaPo: George Allen faces 'a fight on his hands'
Richmond TD: Transportation claim faulted


Allentown MC: Can urban mayors work with Corbett?
LDNews: A big test for Corbett? Rising health care costs


Las Vegas RJ: Nevada tanked under Gibbons


Denver Post: Gov. Ritter's most lasting legacy could be expanding health care coverage


Anchorage DN: Miller says he'll keep fighting for Senate seat
CNN: Miller won't contest Murkowski certification; pursues federal suit
AP: Miller Won't Block Murkowski Senate Certification


December 26, 2010


WSJ: Pensions Push Taxes Higher
WSJ: State House Shell Games (via Google)
NYT: Editorial: The Looming Crisis in the States
George Will: A remedy for beggar states
Grover Norquist: Let states go bankrupt

WSJ: Officials Search for Fannie-Freddie Road Map

WSJ: Obama to Renominate Diamond to Fed Board

NYT: Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan That Caused Stir
WSJ: Congress's Monstrous Legal Legacy

Wash Times: OpEd: Global warming goes gaga
NYT: OpEd: Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming
WSJ: Snow Snarls Air Travel as East Coast Braces for Storm
WSJ: EPA Sets Timetable for Greenhouse-Gas Rules

WSJ: Many Judicial Picks Aren't Confirmed

Fox: Republicans Plan to Challenge Obama's Reversal of Bush Wilderness Policy

WaPo: For Congress, 'lame duck' doesn't really fit the bill
WSJ: Trampling the 20th Amendment

NYT: Obama Is Set to Shuffle His Staff
Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s New Start

WaPo: Obama to shut down Federal Career Intern Program

Henry Kissinger: Putting the Nixon tape in context

NYT: Phoenix Abuzz as Bristol Palin Buys a Home Nearby

Hill: 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls getting a jump on the Tea Party courtship

NYT: Redistricting Looms Large in Congress

NYT: Democrats Seek Changes to Senate Procedures

NYT: G.O.P. to Open House to Electronic Devices
Fox: Republicans to Lift Ban on Electronic Devices on the House Floor
Hill: As control of the House changes, so do work tempos, personal lives

WSJ: In Southern States, GOP Keeps Gaining

WSJ: Tea Partiers and the Spirit of Giving

AP: Biden says gay marriage 'inevitable'

Politico: Sunday TV show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: White House road ahead


NYT: Bruno’s Lawyers Ask Court to Overturn His Conviction
Albany TU: Bruno’s appeal

Buffalo News: Regime change to put insiders out in the cold


WaPo: California population undercounted in census, state says
NYT: Hire Locally Will Become the Law in San Francisco


Hill: Perry on 2012: 'A definite no, brother'
Dallas MN: Editorial: Rick Perry is the 2010 Texan of the Year

Dallas MN: Former Dem Rep. Sadler says familiar mgnt style characterized Bush's presidency


SPT: Alex Sink glances back at loss of governor's race, looks ahead
Miami Herald: For changed Crist, 'it was a difficult time to govern'


Chicago Tribune: Bill Clinton to campaign for Emanuel in Chicago

AP/Tareen: Jesse Jackson Jr.: 'Every one of us has erred'


Politico: Bachmann's foray into Michigan politics

Star Tribune: Who has the ear of Gov.-elect Mark Dayton?


Detroit FP: Risky bets cost Detroit pension funds $480 million since 2008


Clarice Feldman: Kentucky McConnell and the Temple of Pork


NYT: Hawaii’s Governor Takes On ‘Birthers’
Politico: Hawaii gov. seeks to combat birthers


December 23-25, 2010


Karl Rove: Giving Back to Those Who Gave So Much
Ann Coulter: Scrooge Was A Liberal

WSJ: Taxes and the Top Percentile Myth
George Will: Dave Camp's plan: Taxes made simple
WaPo: 'Active financing' exemption for some businesses to cost taxpayers $9 billion

WaPo: Rush to foreclose by Fannie, Freddie helped feed problems with legal paperwork
WaPo: Housing market perks up as economy strengthens
WaPo: Editorial: Mortgage question: How to replace Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Hill: New GOP rules will make it tougher for House to raise ceiling on federal debt

WSJ: Senate Ratifies Nuclear-Arms Pact
Wash Times: Senate ratifies New START; Obama gets 'reset' with Russia
WaPo: Senate ratifies new U.S.-Russia nuclear weapons treaty
WaPo: Arms treaty approval a win for Obama, but GOP critics are gaining momentum
NYT: Obama Gamble Pays Off With Approval of Arms Pact
EJ Dionne: What the START vote says about the next Congress
Robert Kagan: The Senate passed New START. What's next?

WSJ: Obama Signs 'Don't Ask' Repeal Into Law
NYT: Obama Signs Away ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
Wash Times: Obama signs 'don't ask' bill
DC: Will DADT repeal cause problems for American troops serving in Muslim countries?
American Thinker: The Art of War and DADT
American Thinker: The Cost of DADT Repeal
William Kristol: Don’t Fret, Don’t Whine
Weekly Standard: Semper Phi

Hill: Whittled-down defense authorization bill sent to Obama for signature
Politico: Defense bill clears Congress
WSJ: Congress Bars Gitmo Transfers
NYT: Vote Hurts Obama’s Push to Empty Cuba Prison
Politico: Obama's plan to close Gitmo 'in shambles'

NYT: White House Rallies Round National Intelligence Chief
WaPo: Intelligence chief was not briefed on terror arrests in Britain, White House says
James Taranto: Clap On, Clap Off: Ignorance about terrorism--negligent and willful

Hill: Halliburton settles bribery case, says charges against Cheney dropped

WaPo: Bill to empower whistleblowers fails to pass Senate

Wash Times: Obama will dare to Dream again in January
Politico: Facing long odds, Obama vows immigration push
Human Events: Don't Describe Illegal Immigrants As "Illegals"

WaPo: EPA urges testing for chemical in tap water
WSJ: EPA to Speed Up New Greenhouse-Gas Rules
WSJ: The EPA's Utility Men (via Google)
Wash Times: Global warming goes gaga

Hill: Obama plans to 'immediately engage' with Republicans on energy policy

WSJ: PolitiFiction: True 'lies' about ObamaCare

Fox: Republicans Aim to Block FCC's New Internet Rules Before They Go Into Effect

Human Events: Don't Fire Nina Totenberg, Fire NPR

WSJ: The FDA Is Evading the Law (via Google)

Hill: 111th Congress comes to a close; new session begins on Jan. 5
NYT: After Bruising Session, Congress Faces New Battles
Hill: After election 'shellacking,' Obama racks up string of legislative wins
Human Events: Rough Sledding For Obama In 2011
NYT: A New Chance for Bipartisanship, All Posturing Aside
WSJ: Obama: Operation Cooperation
American Spectator: Obama's Last-Minute Gifts
American Spectator: Off the Ropes
NYT: For the President, a Moment to Reflect, and Then to Depart
WaPo: Stormy but highly productive 111th Congress adjourns
NYT: Editorial: The Senate Surmounts Politics
Fred Barnes: Obama's Lame Duck Luck
Dana Milbank: Obama the Great - if he does say so himself
EJ Dionne: Paying homage to the fallen Democrats of the 111th Congress

Human Events: Boehner’s New House Rules Reflect Tea Party Principles
NYT: Editorial: Survival of Ethics Oversight

Politico: McConnell suddenly seems less formidable
Ezra Klein: Senate Democrats support filibuster reform
Roll Call: Guy Cecil to Take Helm at DSCC

National Journal: Who Will Lose Their Seat?
WSJ: Northeast, Midwest Take Census Spanking
Politico: Census results to spark map fights
Wash Times: Western states win people power in census
Michael Barone: Census: Fast Growth in States With No Income Tax
Roll Call: Democrats Spin Census Data as Both Parties See Gains and Losses

Politico: GOP contenders skipping Hispanic conference
Politico: Romney's holiday card hints at 2012
Hill: Is Rudy Giuliani a 2012 dark horse?
Roll Call: Poll: Obama Would Stomp Sarah Palin in Florida

Politico: RNC candidates make social pledges
Hill: Anti-abortion group aims to influence race for RNC chairman
Daily Caller: Steele supporters discuss whether he will debate


KTTC: Iowa GOP leader non-committal on justices
Iowa Indep: Branstad dodges question on impeachment of Supreme Court justices


Politico: Sununu: 'Nobody's waiting'


AP/Davenport: Departing Gov. Sanford gives campaign cash to charities


WSJ: Health Bill for 9/11 Responders Is Approved
WaPo: 9/11 bill passes Senate, House in final hours of lame-duck session
NYT: Senate Passes 9/11 Health Bill as Republicans Back Down
NYT: In Late Flurry, Senator Gains Her Foothold

NYT: Cuomo Names Aide and Veteran New York City Officer to Lead the State Police

Utica OD: Who will be House-less in 2013?
Utica OD: Could 24th congressional seat be eliminated?

Albany TU: Three bills remaining for governor


George Skelton: A salve for California's financial woes — if voters will buy it


Hill: Texas lawmakers expect redistricting battle after state gains four House seats

NYT: E.P.A. Challenges Texas Over Rules on Emissions

WaPo: Car crashes onto President Bush's lawn in Texas


Politico: Ben Nelson's dour numbers
Roll Call: GOP Poll Shows Nelson in Trouble in Nebraska


Tampa Tribune: Two new congressional seats make Florida more powerful

SPT: A closer look at Rick Scott's jobs plan shows his challenges
Miami Herald: Scott moves to cut drug office


AJC: Deal names third deputy chief of staff, legal counsel


NYT: Alabama Town’s Failed Pension Is a Warning


Chicago Trib: Hearing officer recommends Rahm Emanuel stay on Chicago mayoral ballot
Chicago Sun-Times: Hearing officer: Let Rahm Emanuel run for mayor
NYT: Hearing Officer Says Emanuel Eligible to Run for Chicago Mayor
AP/Weber: Hearing officer: Emanuel can run for Chicago mayor
Chicago Sun-Times: Meeks, Davis, Braun meet — will any drop out of mayoral race?


Milwaukee JS: Lawyers multiply in probe


Columbus Dispatch: Backer of referendum sues Brunner


Hill: Longtime Dem Reps. Levin and Dingell could face redistricting danger
NYT: Michigan’s Decade of Tarnish Seen in Census Report

Detroit News: Snyder retains MDOT chief
Detroit FP: Snyder to appoint 1st female director of State Police

WSJ: Ex-Detroit Mayor Stays Plugged In From Prison

Detroit FP: Conyers pays $5,682 to reimburse taxpayers for car son drove


Star-Ledger: N.J. leads nation in municipal bond downgrades


Boston Globe: Nothing simple about drawing these lines
Herald News: Barney Frank, Jim McGovern say it's too early to plan for lost House seat
Eagle Tribune: Lost Congressional seat sets off scramble
Boston Globe: Editorial: Lost House seat increases need for clean redistricting process


NYT: Behind Census Figures Showing Boom in Nevada, a Story of Bust


NYT: Editorial: A Matter of Life or Death


Denver Post: Ex-con who now helps others avoid gangs wins pardon from Gov. Ritter


Seattle Times: Washington's new House seat means more clout for state
Seattle PI: Dems vs. GOP: Where will new House seat go?


Anchorage DN: Supreme Court rules against Miller appeal
WSJ: Miller Loses in Alaska Court
NYT: Alaska: Court Ruling Favors Murkowski
Lisa Murkowski statement: Alaska Supreme Court Confirms Murkowski Victory (.pdf)
Alaska Supreme Court: Miller vs. Treadwell decision (.pdf)
Politico: Lisa Murkowski goes rogue


December 22, 2010


WSJ: Nuclear Arms Pact Is Poised to Pass
NYT: Arms Treaty With Russia Headed for Ratification
NYT: Political Divide Undermines Obama’s Nuclear Goals
WaPo: Nuclear arms pact with Russia clears Senate hurdle, advances to ratification vote
Wash Times: GOP senators help arms pact clear hurdle
Human Events: New START Turns Blind Eye to Rising EMP Threat
Rush Limbaugh: START Treaty is Part of Obama's Effort to Disarm the United States
American Thinker: Why America Needs Nuclear Arms

WSJ: Congress Passes Stopgap-Funding Bill
NYT: Stopgap Spending Hamstrings Government Programs
AP/Taylor: Stopgap spending measure clears Congress
Hill: House passes spending bill, sets up Obama-GOP budget fight
Fox: Obama to Sign Stopgap Federal Spending Bill
Politico: Congress OKs year-end budget plan
Politico: Drilling review out of spending bill

NYT: House Passes Overhaul of Food Laws
WaPo: Editorial: Food Safety Act gives long-needed power to the FDA

AP/Miga: Key test vote in Senate for 9/11 health bill

WaPo: One-sixth of House skips final lame-duck votes
Hill: 75 House lawmakers miss vote to fund government

Sen Mitch McConnell: Change Has Come to Congress

WaPo: FCC approves net-neutrality rules; criticism is immediate
WSJ: Internet Gets New Rules of the Road
NYT: F.C.C. Approves Net Rules and Braces for Fight
Wash Times: Neutrality on Net, but not in sphere of politics
Hill: Republicans say net neutrality 'cannot be allowed to stand,' promise fight in 112th
WSJ: Government Gobbles the Web (via Google)
John Fund: The Net Neutrality Coup
Human Events: The FCC: "A Regulatory Vigilante"
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Moves to Control Internet

NYT: Detainee Review Proposal Is Prepared for President

Politico: Janet Napolitano: Working '364 days a year'
James Taranto: Does Janet Napolitano suffer from a rare dissociative disorder?
Rush Limbaugh: Holder and Big Sis: Protecting You Against Americans 24/7, 364

Ted Nugent: The American Dream

NYT: Health Insurers to Be Required to Justify Rate Increases Over 10 Percent
Hill: Feds propose reviews of insurance rate hikes
WSJ: Sebelius's Price Controls
WSJ: Confidentiality Cloaks Medicare Abuse
American Spectator: The Death Panel's First Murder

Politico: EPA to double down on climate
Hill: Senators ask EPA to act on report of carcinogen in D.C.'s drinking water
Sydney MH: There's a mini ice age coming, says man who beats weather experts
Daily Caller: Severe winter weather caused by global warming?
NYT: A Scientist, His Work and a Climate Reckoning
WSJ: A Wind Power Boonedoggle (via Google)

NYT: Colleges Rethink R.O.T.C. After ‘Don’t Ask’ Repeal
Fox: Elite Schools Eager to Welcome Back ROTC After Repeal of Military's Gay Ban
WaPo: OpEd: Bring ROTC back to elite campuses
NYT: Last-Ditch Move to Block Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Fails
Wash Times: OpEd: Repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' can't undo human nature
Wash Times: Collins, Lieberman prove formidable team
NRO: Implementing Repeal

WSJ: Crack Sentences Still Tough

WSJ: A Pick for Sensitive Justice Post

WSJ: Business Group Taps Former GOP Governor
WaPo: With Republican as leader, Obama-friendly Business Roundtable may become less so

NYT: Report: House Staffers Could Make More on the Outside

Daily Caller: Obama's lame duck wins likely to be a blip on the map in 2012
Wash Times: Lame-duck wins boost Obama achievements
Hill: Graham: GOP to blame for 'capitulation ... of dramatic proportions' in lame-duck
Harold Meyerson: Obama's legacy hinges on the economy
AP/Kuhnhenn: Analysis: A political rebound, but can it hold?
Rush Limbaugh: Begala Knocks Comeback Kid Talk
Rush Limbaugh: As Obama Loses His Magnetism, Dems Sell Refrigerator Magnets
Victor Davis Hanson: The Obamaites’ About-Face
Fred Barnes: Obama’s Learning Curve

WaPo: Census data realigns congressional districts in key political states
Wash Times: GOP-leaning red states seen as winners in census
WSJ: South Gains in Census
NYT: South and West See Large Gains in Latest Census
NYT: Exurban Growth Should Bolster G.O.P. in Congressional Redistricting
WSJ: A Nation in Motion (via Google)
Roll Call: Democrats Spin Census Data as Both Parties See Gains and Losses
Roll Call: Census Figures Equal Loss of Six Electoral College Votes for Obama
Fox: Census Results Could Shape 2012 Presidential Campaign
Fox: Eight States in South, West to Gain House Seats Based on 2010 Census Results
Politico: Census results to spark map fights
Politico: 2010 census results show power shifting westward
Politico: David Vitter: Don’t count illegal immigrants
Hill: Census data offers Republicans the chance to solidify hold on House

American Thinker: A Sarah Palin Christmas
Politico: Murmurs of Palin's 'Alaska' Season 2

Newt & Callista Gingrich: Merry Christmas

Rush Limbaugh: No Labels is a Place for Losers


DM Reg: Rural areas, IA's D.C. delegation, nation's heartland to lose clout next year

Des Moines Register: Branstad suggests changes to IPERS
Des Moines Register: Branstad will push to reopen contracts with state employees


Union Leader: GOP chair candidate Kimball pledges to represent all Republicans
Union Leader: Sununu out of GOP chair race; Dover business owner Jack Kimball in
Foster's: Former gubernatorial candidate from Dover seeks state GOP chair

Saul Anuzis: For Republicans, keeping NH's primary is essential


AP/Adcox: Census shows SC will add 7th congressional seat

State: Wilson named to House subcommittee chairmanship


WSJ: New York State Loses 2 Seats in House
NY Post: Census data shows NY growth ebbs, state to lose 2 seats in Congress
NYT: New York Will Lose Two House Seats, and New Jersey One

Albany TU: Senate jousts over redistricting: And awaaaay we go!
Albany TU: Democrats concede loss of majority in state senate after ruling

NY Post: Cuomo pick for top investigator

NYT: Editorial: The New York State Tax-Cap Illusion


Weekly Standard: Jerry Brown: The Once and Future Governor


Fox: Fight Looms After Texas Gets 4 New U.S. House Seats
Politico: Texas big winner in census numbers
American Spectator: Texas Just Got Bigger
LA Times: In Texas, Republicans' gain in census also fraught with risk

Dallas MN: Rep. Warren Chisum wants GOP alone to choose next Texas House speaker
Valley Central: Chisum to force caucus
Texas Tribune: Chisum Wants the GOP Caucus to Pick a Speaker


NewsOK: GOP leaders support Oklahoma income tax cut


Miami Herald: Florida gains two seats in Congress

Weekly Standard: 2012 Watch: Jeb Bush Leads Bill Nelson 49% to 44% in PPP Poll
Roll Call: Bill Nelson: Low Approval Ratings, But GOP and Independent Voters Like Him

Miami Herald: Scott names key appointments
SPT: Scott's teams urge him to consolidate health, growth, environmental agencies


AJC: Georgia gains 14th congressional seat based on new census

AJC: Another Democrat becomes a Republican in the state House


Weekly Standard: Haley Barbour Responds
WSJ: Barbour Shifts on Anti-Integration Groups
Politico: Haley Barbour: Citizens councils 'indefensible'
American Spectator: One Mississippi
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Barbour's Dream World
WaPo: Haley Barbour: How he hurt himself (and how he can come back)
Ruth Marcus: 'Help' for Haley Barbour's distorted lens


Monroe News Star: State to lose congressional seat
Times-Picayune: Louisiana is one of 10 states due to lose representation in Congress


Chicago Tribune: Illinois loses seat in U.S. House
Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois loses congressional seat


Stephen Moore: Another Tea Party Target (Lugar)


Star Tribune: Minnesota retains 8th seat in U.S House

Daily Caller: Could Bachmann beat Klobuchar in a 2012 Senate race?

Pioneer Press: Pawlenty assesses his legacy as governor
Star Tribune: Pawlenty said he helped Minnesota curb its "excesses"


Milwaukee JS: State's population up 6% in census


Columbus Dispatch: Census numbers to cost state two seats in U.S. House
Cleveland PD: Ohio will lose two congressional seats, Census Bureau says
Dayton DN: Ohio loses two seats, clout in U.S. Congress

Columbus Dispatch: Senate Republicans reject 78 Strickland appointments
Columbus Disp: High-ranking state workers moving to protected jobs after Strickland's loss


Detroit FP: Snyder's executive orders await January 1
Detroit News: Snyder seeks shared services for cities, schools


Politico: Nixon holds slight lead over Kinder


Tennessean: Walker selected new election chief


Roll Call: McConnell Says He Will Seek Re-Election in 2014


City Wire: Census: Arkansas population up 9.1%


Wash Times: N.C. city's bid for nonpartisan vote nixed


Virginian-Pilot: Va., N.C. populations grow, but no political power gained


WaPo: Editorial: For Maryland taxpayers and state workers, pension tension


WV Metro: Senator Manchin Apologizes For Skipping Votes
Hill: Sen. Manchin apologizes for missing votes on 'Don't ask' and immigration


Pittsburgh TR: Dem seat in Pa. imperiled by census outcome
Patriot-News: U.S. Rep. Tim Holden could again be target of redistricting in Pennsylvania
Tribune-Democrat: Pa. losing house seat; 12th district could be target for elimination
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pennsylvania and New Jersey will each lose a seat in Congress

Allentown MC: A look at Arlen Specter's life


Star-Ledger: Census 2010: Slower population growth causes N.J. to lose seat in U.S. House


CT Post: Connecticut keeps its 5 Congressional seats


Boston Globe: Census costs Mass. a seat, influence on Capitol Hill
Boston Globe: Delegation begins playing a game of survival

Boston Globe: Patrick looks for another SJC first


Las Vegas RJ: Nevada gains seat in U.S. House


Arizona Daily Star: Growing AZ gaining 9th seat in US House
Arizona Republic: Arizona redistricting is sure to spur debate


Denver Post: Census ranks Colorado as ninth-fastest-growing state


Seattle Times: Washington one of few Dem-leaning states to gain congressional seat


AP/La Corte: Wash. state gets new House seat; Ore. misses out


Anchorage DN: Senator Murkowski shows she'll not always follow GOP
AP/Pemberton: State of Alaska to sue over polar bear protection


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