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December 14, 2010


WSJ: Court Strikes at Health Law: Rules Mandatory Insurance Unconstitutional
WSJ: Republicans Cheer Health Care Ruling
WaPo: Federal judge in Va. strikes down part of health-care law
WaPo: Fate of health-care law likely to be decided by Supreme Court
WSJ: Highlights From the Ruling
WSJ: The Health Care Law Under the Judicial Knife: Some Early Reactions
WSJ: Full text of ruling (.pdf)
NYT: Years of Wrangling Lie Ahead for Health Law
NYT: Judge Voids Key Element of Obama Health Care Law
Wash Times: Judge voids part of Obamacare
Wash Times: Ruling hinged in part on terminology
Human Events: Court Deals Blow To ObamaCare Mandates
Fox: Virginia AG Hails Ruling Against Health Care Law, Predicts Supreme Court 'Fight'
NYT: Just One Ruling, But an Outsize One
NYT: Law Will Proceed, Administration Says
WSJ: Firms Feel Pain From Health Law
WSJ: ObamaCare Loses in Court
NYT: Editorial: The Latest Health Care Decision
WaPo: Editorial: Judge Hudson's flawed but restrained ruling on the health law
Rep. Eric Cantor: Obamacare: Untenable & Unconstitutional
Eric Holder & Kathleen Sebelius: Health reform will survive its legal fight
Ezra Klein: Health-reform advocates have little to fear from judge's ruling

WSJ: Tax-Cut Bill Draws Wide Support in Senate
WaPo: Tax-cut package clears procedural hurdle in Senate
Wash Times: Tax-cut deal clears big hurdle in Senate
NYT: Tax-Cut Package Passes Crucial Test
Hill: Huge Senate majority votes to advance $858B tax package
Human Events: Bipartisan Senate Votes To Prevent Tax Hikes
WSJ: Pew Poll Finds Broad Support for Tax Deal
WSJ: Summers Warns Against Permanent Tax Cuts
WSJ: GOP needs to address the class-warfare argument in moral terms
Politico: Class warfare is not the ticket
NYT: In Tax Benefits to the Middle, Political Lift for Obama
WSJ: 'Temporary' Tax Code Puts Nation in a Lasting Bind
DC: Romney announces opposition to tax deal, in major blow to GOP's united front
Reuters: Moody's May Cut US Rating on Tax Package
Wash Times: History will prove Dems right, Hoyer insists
Michael Gerson: The economic debate we should be having
James Taranto: Are Obama's Lefty Foes Racist?
Tony Blankley: A moment for leadership
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Cedes the Presidency, Clinton Takes Over for 45 Minutes
Rush Limbaugh: Matthews on the Co-Presidents
Rush Limbaugh: Payroll Tax Cut and Social Security
Pat Buchanan: Can Democracy Cope?

WSJ: The Fed's Policy Is Working (via Google)
WSJ: The Bond Rout and the Fed (via Google)
Dana Milbank: Larry Summers bids good riddance
Bret Stephens: Europe Needs a Tea Party (via Google)

NYT: Steve King Outlines Immigration Plans for 2011
Wash Times: Biden makes peace offering to rising House Republican Issa
Politico: Darrell Issa uncomfortable with tax deal

Politico: Senate passes vets jobs bill

Wash Times: Senate GOP divided on START treaty vote during lame-duck session
Hill: Senate vote on tax package gives shot in arm to START treaty ratification
American Spectator: Still a Non-Starter

WSJ: Islam's Christians (via Google)
Daniel Pipes: Pouring Cold Water on WikiLeaks

Hill: The next Senate energy coalition could be Graham-Begich

David Brooks: Ben Franklin's Nation

WSJ: How About a Moon Base? (via Google)

Wash Times: Superlobbyist Magliocchetti to be sentenced

Wash Times: Costco case ends in tie, with Kagan not hearing it

WSJ: GOP Chief Seeks Second Term
Wash Times: Defiant Steele announces bid for second term at the helm of RNC
WaPo: Steele will seek another term as RNC chair
NYT: Embattled G.O.P. Chief Is Seeking a Second Term
Politico: Michael Steele stuns by running for reelection
NRO: Steele’s In
Wash Times: Top RNC official hasn't voted in GOP primary for years

Rush Limbaugh: Follow the Money to the Root of the No Labels Moderate Movement
NYT: New Political Group’s Logo Called Copy

DC: NAACP seemingly abandons Tea Party tracking website

Roll Call: Redistricting Reform Is Tough Task Every Time

Rasmussen: Final Rasmussen Poll Results - 2010 Senate Elections
Rasmussen: Final Rasmussen Poll Results - 2010 Governor Elections

NYT: Richard C. Holbrooke, 1941-2010: Strong American Voice in Diplomacy and Crisis
Wash Times: Veteran diplomat Holbrooke dies at age 69
WSJ: A Forceful Advocate for U.S. Interests
WaPo: Richard Holbrooke dies: Veteran U.S. diplomat brokered Dayton peace accords
WaPo: Holbrooke's death leaves major void in Obama's Afghan strategy
WaPo: Editorial: Richard Holbrooke's relentless work for American leadership

Politico: Sarah Palin urges support for Haiti
NYDN: Sarah Palin ends brief visit to Haiti
American Spectator: A Spine Transplant for the GOP
NRO: Sorkin Called Sarah Palin an ‘Idiot’?

Politico: Mike Pence back to South Carolina for fundraiser


Des Moines Register: Census results out today; loss of House seat expected


State: Budget crisis: 3 agencies hope to run at deficits


WSJ: Tax-Cut Vote Splits New York Senators

Politico: Gay rights take center stage in N.Y.

NYT: After Months in Limbo, Paterson Aide Charged in Abuse Case Is Fired
Syracuse PS: Paterson: I should have fired those involved in Kennedy rumors

NYT: As Electoral Ground Shifts, Bloomberg Could Skip the Party

Albany TU: Pataki hails ruling against health care reform


Dan Walters: Redistricting panel may have erred in picking finalists


Dallas MN: GOP nearing supermajority in Texas House

NYT: Atheist Bus Ads Rattle Fort Worth


SPT: Rick Scott raises $2 million for inaugural party — so far

Buzz: Todd Reid will head up Rubio's state offices


AJC: Yet another Democrat jumps ship for GOP majority


Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel to testify about residency for hours Tuesday
Chicago Sun-Times: Intent, presence key factors in Emanuel residency
Hill: Sen. Durbin: 'Reasonable people' consider Emanuel a Chicago resident
Fox: Emanuel to Testify in Chicago Residency Hearing
NBC Chicago: Rahm Emanuel Claimed Part-Year Residency in '09


Courier Press: Dems look ahead to 2012 governor's race


Star Tribune: Minnesota faces 'unsustainable burden' for long-term care


Columbus Disp: Tea party favorite loses bid for appointment to GOP seat in Ohio Senate


Detroit News: Snyder taps into Engler people to rebuild state
Detroit News: Snyder vows bold changes in 6 months

Detroit News: Detroit Corruption probe looks at water deals


Roll Call: New Senate Ratings: Virginia Race Moved to Tossup


Politico: Wooing Joe Lieberman for 2012

Roll Call: Linda McMahon Plans Meeting With NRSC


Roll Call: Tea Partyers Struggle to Unite Against Snowe


Boston Globe: Probation head won’t go willingly


Politico: Sharron Angle launches 'Patriot Caucus'


C&E: Democrats Survey the Wreckage in Montana


WSJ: Miller Appeals Vote to Alaska Supreme Court
Politico: Miller appeals to Supreme Court
Hill: Joe Miller files appeal; takes election challenge to Alaska Supreme Court
AP/Bohrer: Miller appeals ruling on write-in vote count


December 13, 2010


WSJ: Tax Deal Set to Pass Senate
WSJ: Economists Predict Growth in 2011
WSJ: Pelosi Walks Tax-Deal Tightrope
Wash Times: House Democrats falling in line on tax-cut deal, Van Hollen says
Fox: Van Hollen: 'At the End of the Day,' House Democrats Won't Hold Up Tax Compromise
Wash Times: Obama, GOP wrote deal in red ink
NYT: In Tax Details, More Benefits for Middle
NRO: Tax Fight on the Right?
WaPo: Lawmakers predict Senate passage for tax package
Politico: Durbin: Senate will pass tax package
Politico: Harkin, Dean raise doubts on Social Security tax holiday; AARP has no objection
WSJ: Death Tax Deal Breaker?
Wash Times: Democrats not pleased with deal on estate taxes
WSJ: Obama Woos CEOs as Frictions Ease
WaPo: Editorial: Going nowhere on deficit reduction
Gov. Tim Pawlenty: Government Unions vs. Taxpayers
Sen. Mark Warner: To revive the economy, pull back the red tape
Paul Krugman: Block Those Economic Metaphors
Michael Barone: Obama’s New Deal Blues

WSJ: Housing Shaky as Lenders Tighten

WSJ: Federal Judge to Rule on Health Law's Constitutionality
Politico: Courts race on reform repeal
WSJ: Firms Feel Pain From Health Law
Politico: 1099 repeal foiled again

WSJ: U.N. Climate Talks End (via Google)
Politico: Cancun ends with modest climate deal

WaPo: Obama faces fight over missile defense as he presses New START ratification
WaPo: Axelrod optimistic about fate of Russian treaty

WaPo: Transfer ban for Guantanamo detainees tucked into spending bill

DC: Pat Buchanan: WikiLeaks and supporters will take down the 'American empire'

WaPo: Black farmers to share in settlement

WaPo: Issa plans to crack down on government spending
Wash Times: House financial panel to see a new style
Ross Douthat: Tom Coburn: A Serious Man
NYT: Ron Paul, G.O.P. Loner, Comes In From Cold
Politico: White House launches charm offensive with incoming GOP chairmen
Hill: The World from The Hill: House GOPs, 'thugocrats' exchange salvos
Hill: Ryan raring to go after spending: 'Spending cuts, controls, reforms'
Hill: New Appropriations Republicans vow to slash spending quickly
Hill: Boehner: Cost-cutting measure per week coming next Congress
Human Events: Michele Bachmann: Life On The Hill

NYT: Judicial Scrutiny Before Death

NYT: Push for Stricter Abortion Limits Is Expected in House

Fox: Breyer: Founding Fathers Would Have Allowed Restrictions on Guns

NYT: Steele to Reveal Whether He Wants to Keep His G.O.P. Job
NYT: Jobless Aides Comb the Democratic Market

NYT: Out of Power Soon, and Out of Sorts Now
NYT: A Fight for the 2012 Democratic Convention

Fox: RNC Chairman Steele to Announce He Won't Run for Second Term
NYT: Steele to Reveal Whether He Wants to Keep His G.O.P. Job
Politico: Michael Steele to reveal decision Monday
Roll Call: Cino Enters RNC Race

NYT: Four Cities in Contention for 2012 Democratic Convention

WaPo: Obama's reelection campaign could hit billion-dollar mark
EJ Dionne: Can Obama find his morning in America?
Fox: No Primary Challengers? Obama's 2012 View Looks Clear From the Left

Politico: Sarah Palin begins visit to Haiti
Red State: Sarah Palin’s Alaska
Hill: Whitman: Palin quitting governor's job shows 'attitude' against constituents
American Thinker: Sarah Palin and the Haters of American Normal
American Thinker: Sarah Palin's Basic Instinct

Boston Herald: Scoot over, Mitt & Sarah, more will run

WSJ: Bloomberg: 'No Way' to Presidential Bid

CNN: New group hopes to emphasize non-partisan solutions


WSJ: The Hawkeye Handouts
Des Moines Register: Iowa GOP agenda faces tough gatekeeper


Foster's: Proposed bills reflect new GOP majority


State: Sanford: Legacy in the works
Greenville News: Sanford said when he leaves office he will have to work


WSJ: GOP Sets Hard Line for Cuomo
NYT: Cuomo Plans to Push for a Cap on Property Taxes
NYT: On Drilling, Paterson Pleases Both Sides
Albany TU: Paterson vetos frack moratorium, with an asterisk
NY Post: Meeks' $325/month office a suite fantasy
NY Post: Espada still drawing healthy salary


WSJ: At Start of Rail Project, a Tussle Over Where to Begin


Texas GOP Vote: Texas GOP Supermajority Quickly Becoming Reality
Austin AS: East Texas lawmaker leaving Democrats


NewsOK: GOP growth agends hits the right notes for Oklahoma


Buzz: GOP has bull's'-eye on Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012


AJC: Deal quiet on his agenda


Montgomery Advertiser: Senate cuts key parts of Riley ethics overhaul


Shreveport Times: Party switching not likely to change Legislature


NYT: To Lead Chicago, Emanuel Must First Prove He Lives There
Chicago Tribune: Quinn to end Put Illinois to Work
Chicago Tribune: Illinois GOP appoints co-chairman


Roll Call: Seeking Future Outside Politics, Bayh Won’t Run for Governor


Politico: Minn. GOP brings out the knives for moderates


WSJ: Badger Rebellion (via Google)


Columbus Dispatch: Public-sector unions in Ohio soon may be under siege


Chicago Tribune: Hoekstra holding farewell event in Holland


St. Louis PD: Blunt topped Carnahan in money chase but ended in debt


Tennessean: GOP push for closed primaries should amuse Democrats
Tennessean: Obama's judicial pick seen as snub to TN congressional Dems


Cincinnati Enquirer: Sen.-elect Paul readies budget plan


News & Observer: Lawmakers prepare for the new session


Baltimore Sun: Conservative Mooney elected state party chairman
WTOP: Mooney elected leader of Maryland GOP


Hill: New Jersey GOP lacking a name to face a more vulnerable Menendez


Boston Globe: Patrick flexes muscle, shows signs of tight grip in 2d term
Boston Globe: For top aide, echoes of governor’s journey


Arizona Daily Star: Kyl plan for taxes on estates faces 1st test


December 11-12, 2010


WSJ: Bill Clinton Takes Center Stage
NYT: Bill Clinton Holds Forth on Tax Plan, for Starters
Fox: Bill Clinton's Surprise Appearance to Back Obama Tax Deal Recalls Bygone Era
WSJ: Clinton and Obama for Bush (via Google)
WaPo: Bill Clinton takes the White House stage, again
WaPo: Bill Clinton, back in the White House briefing room
Hill: Clinton swoops in to save tax deal as Democrats balk at compromise
WaPo: Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks for 8 hours against tax cuts
Rush Limbaugh: A Rebuttal to Bernie Sanders
WaPo: Senate leaders pack tax bill with narrow credits and perks
Human Events: Senate Schedules Vote on Taxes
Rush Limbaugh: I Hope Obama's Tax Deal Fails
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats are Angry... and Dumb
Rush Limbaugh: Tax Deal Becomes New Porkulus
Rush Limbaugh: Libs Target Supply-Side Economics
Rush Limbaugh: It's Time to Go on Offense, GOP
Politico: Liberals' last gasp
Hill: Republican lawmaker to conservative pundits: Lay off Obama on tax deal
Hill: Obama warns of imminent tax increase if Dems don't give in

NYT: Estate Tax Cutoff Draws Special Fire in Congress
WSJ: The State of the Estate Tax
WaPo: Estate tax could be more generous to wealthy under Obama-GOP deal
Stephen Moore: Death Tax Deal Breaker?

WSJ: How to Control State Spending (via Google)

NYT: Holder Tells Muslim Group Stings Are ‘Essential’
WaPo: Attorney General Eric Holder defends legality of FBI stings against Muslim groups
Human Events: Assimilation Won't Stop Jihad
Andrew McCarthy: Gitmo Follies

Yoo & Delahunty: The Collapse of the Guantanamo Myth

Politico: McCain: 'We are very close' on START
Politico: Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe back START

NYT: Gates Regrets Rejection of ‘Don’t Ask’ Repeal
WaPo: New bill to end 'don't ask, don't tell' introduced in Senate

NYT: Deal Reached in Climate Talks
AP/Max: UN meeting OKs climate deal over Bolivia protest
WSJ: The Cancun Crack-Up

Politico: Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton won't face charges

Rep. Steve King: Obamacare must be repealed
Politico: Courts race on reform repeal

WSJ: New Nixon Papers Highlight Biases
NYT: In Tapes, Nixon Rails About Jews and Blacks
NYT: In Archive, New Light on Evolution of Eisenhower Speech

WaPo: As Acela turns 10, Amtrak envisions high-speed rail expansion
WSJ: Subsidy Trains to Nowhere (via Google)

Hill: Franken: FCC should bury net-neutrality proposal unless it is strengthened

Politico: Harry Reid, Republicans in talks on judicial nominees

Kathleen Parker: Can we become an America WikiLeaks can't assail?

Politico: Boehner will cut Hill budgets by 5 percent

Rush Limbaugh: Outrage Over Boehner's Chairmen
Politico: Ron Paul looking for Fed 'reforms'
Hill: Paul will press Fed, but recognizes limits
Hill: Incoming freshman GOP liaison says tax-cut deal with Dems 'encouraging'

Hill: After tense midterms, DeMint and Cornyn agree to bury the hatchet

Politico: Maria Cino to jump into RNC race

Holman Jenkins: Obama and the Global Hail Mary (via Google)
Colbert King: Memo to the left: Hands off Obama
Dana Milbank: Obama finally stands his ground

Human Events: Why Sarah Palin is the Boise State of Politics

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet

Human Events: The Conservative Gift Guide


Des Moines Register: Branstad aide: State workers need to make budget sacrifices


Union Leader: Likely presidential candidate Pawlenty schedules NH visit


State: Haley to meet with congressional delegation


Albany TU: Ravitch: Little to show for work
Albany TU: Castelli wins, Assembly GOP at 50
NYT: Nassau County Caught in Fiscal Crisis Despite Wealth
WSJ: Gotham's Savior, Beaten by Albany (via Google)


LA Times: California voter turnout is highest since 1994 gubernatorial election
NYT: Editorial: Civil Rights in California


Texas Tribune: Rumors Swirl About Aaron Pena Switching Parties


SPT: As Republicans take U.S. House, Florida's clout surges
Miami Herald: Scott holds off on questions over high-speed rail project


WSJ: Illinois Seeks Wall Street Cash
Chicago Tribune: Quinn concedes he hasn't requested cabinet resignations yet
Roll Call: State Rep. Eyeing Bid Against Newbie Schilling
Chicago Tribune: Emanuel to face lengthy grilling from objectors to his candidacy
Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel’s wife may have to fly to Chicago to testify in residency battle


Star Tribune: Folksy minority leader stepping into new role: House speaker
Human Events: Behind The Minnesota Cliffhanger


Milwaukee JS: Talgo pulling out of Milwaukee in 2012


Columbus Dispatch: Final election results confirm Kasich's win


Roll Call: Engler Leads Potential GOPers to Challenge Stabenow
WSJ: Detroit: Less Than a Full-Service City


NYT: In New Jersey, a Backlog of Governor’s Nominees Await Confirmation
NYT: Appointment Fight Divides Judges


Roll Call: Group Mocks Scott Brown’s Truck in First 2012 Campaign Ad (VIDEO)


WaPo: Legalizing Internet poker gets push from Harry Reid in lame-duck session


Fox: Judge Dismisses Part of Challenge to Ariz. Immigration Law


AP/Daly: Former Interior Secretary Norton cleared in ethics probe


Anchorage DN: Judge rules against Miller in Senate suit
NYT: Miller Challenge Is Rejected in Alaska
WSJ: Alaska Judge Rules Against Miller in Senate Race
Hill: Judge rules against Miller challenge in Alaska Senate race


December 10, 2010


WSJ: Obama Weighs Tax Overhaul
NYT: Obama Weighs Tax Overhaul in Bid to Address Debt
NYT: Senate Leaders Unveil Package of Tax Cuts
WSJ: Senate Unveils Tax Bill's Price Tag
Hill: Senate Dems move ahead with tax package despite House objections
Hill: Dems show signs of abandoning Obama elsewhere after frustration with tax deal
Wash Times: Senate vote eyed for tax-cut deal
Fox: House, Senate on Collision Course After Dems Reject Tax Cut Bill
NYT: Tax Compromise Could Hinge on Energy Provisions
WaPo: House Democrats vow to block tax measure
WaPo: Tax-cuts deal will withstand Democrats' anger, Obama predicts
Hill: Pelosi pledges to win changes as House Dems reject tax deal
WSJ: Pelosi and the Hostage Fakers
WaPo: Tax fight puts Schumer at odds with Obama
DC: Mixed conservative reaction to tax deal caused by lack of clarity around deficit impact
Peggy Noonan: From Audacity to Animosity
Charles Krauthammer: Swindle of the year
Kim Strassel: The Devils Made Him Do It (via Google)
Jim Taranto: Donk Dissonance: Obama's men speak the truth--but he doesn't believe it
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Sets Himself Up to Win No Matter What Happens to Economy
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Flip-Flops on Double-Dip
Rush Limbaugh: Baseline Budgeting and the "Cost" of These Non-Existent "Tax Cuts"
Pat Buchanan: The Making of a President
Paul Krugman: Obama's Hostage Deal
David Brooks: Obama’s Very Good Week
Eugene Robinson: Democrats have no choice but to accept an irresponsible tax deal
William Cohen: A Bankrupt Bargain on Taxes
Rasmussen: Most Voters Favor the Tax Cut Deal
Bloomberg: Most Americans Say They're Worse Off Since Obama Took Office, Poll Shows

Sarah Palin: Why I Support the Ryan Roadmap
Human Events: Palin And The Ryan Roadmap
Fox: Sarah Palin to Visit Haiti for Humanitarian Effort
Politico: Palin to Haiti with Graham
Politico: Sarah Palin-friendly sites attacked

WSJ: Repeal of Gay Ban Fails in Senate
NYT: Senate Stalls Bill to Repeal Gay Policy in Military
WaPo: Senate delivers potentially fatal blow to 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal efforts
Wash Times: GOP stops attempt to overturn 'don't ask'
Tony Perkins: Listen to the Marines on 'Don't Ask'

Michelle Malkin: Homegrown Hate Crimes Against Our Troops

NYT: Long Road for Lawyer Defending the Health Care Law
NYT: House Passes Bill Averting Cut in Medicare Reimbursements

Wash Times: DREAM immigration legislation hits Senate snag
Fox: Senate Dems Vow to Pass DREAM Act Immigration Measure By Year's End
State: On immigration, two Grahams?

WSJ: Bill Seeks to Curb Gitmo Transfers
NYT: Holder Denounces a Bill to Ban Detainee Transfers
Wash Times: Holder slams ban on Guantanamo detainee transfers
Politico: Holder: Drop ban on U.S. trials for Guantanamo prisoners

NYT: Another Nuclear Pact With Russia Close to Approval
Jim Hoagland: New START doesn't go far enough

Wash Times: Waters backs off call for probe
Politico: Waters won't force floor vote on probe of ethics committee

Hill: Sen. Lindsey Graham plots return to energy talks
NYT: E.P.A. Delays Tougher Rules on Emissions
Ted Nugent: DOE must go
Roger Hedgecock: Obama's Green Economy Mirage

WaPo: As climate-change talks continue, lack of consensus spurs smaller-scale actions
Daily Caller: Hypocrisy alive and well at Cancun climate conference
Politico: U.S. climate cash pledges in doubt

WSJ: States Get Their Way and Lose Rail Money
NYT: More U.S. Rail Funds for 13 States as 2 Reject Aid

WaPo: Small-business contracts under scrutiny from several federal agencies

Wash Times: Democrats defend Amtrak executives: Republicans seek investigation

WaPo: Housing agencies clash over mortgage-relief program
WaPo: Bankers, trial lawyers brawl over who's the bigger bully in D.C. mortgage battle
WaPo: Mortgage Rates for U.S. Loans Jump to Five-Month High

WSJ: IRS Considers Taxpayer Amnesty Program
Fox: Obama Weighs Multi-Year Effort to Overhaul Tax Code

WaPo: For-profit colleges getting millions in federal aid for military, Harkin says
WSJ: The Puzzling Assault on For-Profit Colleges (via Google)

Hill: Rep. Peter King introduces anti-WikiLeaks bill

Politico: Ron Paul to lead Fed oversight panel
Hill: Fed critic Ron Paul wins oversight gavel
NRO: Flake vs. Rogers on Appropriations
Politico: John Boehner adds lobbyist to staff
Politico: GOP taps freshmen for prime spots

Wash Times: House Democrats pick 5 committee ranking members
Politico: Sandy Levin wins top Ways and Means spot on appeal
Roll Call: Patty Murray: Chairing DSCC Was ‘Right Thing to Do’

Roll Call: House Campaigns Shell Out Almost Half a Million in Bonuses

WSJ: White House Hopefuls Watch and Wait
DC: Gravel considering Obama primary challenge

C&E: Tips from the Trail: Winning a Three-Way Race


Des Moines Register: Lawsuit filed over justice selection


NYT: Governor-Elect Turns to Longtime Aides as He Fills Top Jobs in His Administration
Albany TU: Cuomo names senior staff, brings along OAG aides
NYT: Cuomo Gains an Ally for a Looming Fight With the Public-Employee Unions
Albany TU: No property tax bill for Cuomo
Albany TU: NYC OTB collapse spurs race for new reality
NYT: Editorial: Lobbying for Gold in Albany

NY Post: Chairman of New York Commission on Public Integrity resigns

WSJ: Senate Vote Falls Short on 9/11 Bill
NYT: Republicans Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers
AP/Miga: 9/11 health bill falls short in Senate test vote

NYT: Guilty Verdict for White Plains Mayor in Domestic Violence Case

NYT: New York City Sues State Over the Cost of Housing Juveniles in Prisons


LA Times: Schwarzenegger's proposal for plugging budget shortfall stalls


Fox: 'Christian Conservative' Should Replace Jewish Speaker, Some Texas Pols Say


WSJ: Dr. No's Yes to Deficit Plan Makes Waves Within GOP


WSJ: Doors' Jim Morrison Pardoned for Indecent Exposure
American Spectator: Adios, Charlie


AJC: Gwinnett program results in 1,400 deportations


Chicago Tribune: Debates join ballots on campaign stage
NYT: Petition Process Equalizes Candidates; Results Help Separate Field


Star Tribune: A transition from red to blue: Dayton, Pawlenty find harmony for a day


Milwaukee JS: High-speed rail funds scatter to other states


Detroit News: Gov.-elect Snyder takes up the gauntlet on job creation
Detroit FP: Gov.-elect Snyder wants to raise expectations for Michigan


Roll Call: George Allen Targets Once (and Future?) Rival Jim Webb


Star-Ledger: Gov. Christie, N.J. Democrats reach 'tool kit' deal on union arbitration reform
John Fund: Equating the Christie's "I calls it as I sees it" style with hate speech is nonsense


Anchorage DN: Murkowski, Miller raising money as ballot dispute continues


December 9, 2010


WSJ: Tax Plan Spurs Deal Making
NYT: Tax Deal Is Key to Avoid Recession, Obama Adviser Says
Fox: Double-Dip Recession Possible Without Tax Deal, Obama's Top Economic Aide Warns
NYT: In Tax Deal, Many Public Employees Will Pay More
WaPo: Senate leaders set to begin debate on tax cuts
WSJ: Will the Tax Freeze Create Jobs?
Karl Rove: Obama and the Democratic Revolt
Wash Times: Obama strives to mollify party on tax-cut deal
John Fund: Tax Compromise Contretemps
James Taranto: Hostage to the Fortunate?
Rush Limbaugh: The Tax Deal Could Fall Apart
Rush Limbaugh: Who's Being Held Hostage Here?
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Operation Wet Diaper
Rush Limbaugh: Barney Frank Lays Out the Plan: Fight Tax Cuts Again in Two Years
Rush Limbaugh: Inertial Security: A Retirement Plan for Unemployed Americans
Rush Limbaugh: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) on Rush Limbaugh, Inc.
Huffington Post: Unemployment Extension Possible Without A Deal On Tax Cuts?
Michael Barone: While His Base Rages, Obama Faces Tax-cut Reality
Dana Milbank: The Democrats' short-lived rebellion
David Broder: Obama takes his case to the independent center
WSJ: The Grapes of Wrath Democrats
WSJ: The Obama Stimulus Impact? Zero (via Google)

NYT: House Backs Legal Status for Many Young Immigrants
Wash Times: House Democrats push through bill to legalize children of illegals
Fox: Republicans Slam DREAM Act for Including Immigrants With Criminal Records
Fox: DREAM or Nightmare? Immigration Bill Clears House, but Appears Doomed
Hill: House passes DREAM Act, but bill faces tough Senate vote Thursday

WSJ: House Passes Bill to Fund Government

WSJ: Estate-Tax Passage Is Likely

NYT: Republicans Name Leaders of House Committees
Human Events: House Republicans Unite Behind Key Committee Chairmen
Govt Exec: California Republican wins chairmanship of House oversight panel
AFP: Republican panel chair vows flurry of Obama probes
WSJ: Prosecutors General (via Google)
Valley News: Kline to chair House education, labor panel
MPR: Kline, new committee chairman, says top priority is jobs
WSJ: US Rep John Mica Named Transportation Committee Chairman
Sunshine News: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to Lead Foreign Affairs Committee
Texas Insider: Smith Named Chairman of House Judiciary Committee
WSJ: Former Earmark Fan Worries Fiscal Hardliners

WaPo: New Republican lawmakers are hiring lobbyists, despite campaign rhetoric
Wash Times: GOP schedule plans to end 4-day weekend
Politico: Eric Cantor unveils new congressional calendar

WSJ: Fed Unlikely to Alter Monetary Policy
WSJ: The Farm Belt Boom (via Google)

WSJ: Washington’s Next Big Decision: Bail Out the States or Not?
Wash Times: States' financial outlook glum for 3 more years

WSJ: Republican Targets Use of Costly Medical Devices
NYT: Washington Rule Makers Out of the Shadows

Wash Times: Global warming ideology still on top
Hill: Kerry and Lieberman eye revival of 'huge energy debate' after cap-and-trade fail

WaPo: The first President Bush calls on Senate to approve START
National Journal: Bush 41 Supports New START Ratification
Human Events: "Hair-Trigger" Alert, Signaling, and New START
Sen. John Thune: Don’t Force New START

Wash Times: House acts to block closing of Gitmo

Judith Miller: The Plame Affair, Hollywood Style (via Google)

Salon: Maine's moderate senators sabotaging DREAM Act, "don't ask, don't tell"
Ann Coulter: Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Call Our Troops Homophobes

Human Events: Obama "All Hope, No Change" On Gitmo

NYT: F.C.C. Ponders Ways to Avoid Cable Blackouts

Wash Times: SEC porn peepers' names to be kept secret

NRO: Barbour: Priebus ‘One of the Best’
St. Louis PD: Wagner scores Schlafly endorsement in race to head RNC
ABC: Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele Silent About Re-Election Run
Politico: Chris Healy drops RNC bid, backs Gentry Collins

CBS: An Obama Primary Challenge? Don't Bet on It
Grover Norquist: Will Taxes Doom Obama In 2012?
NYT: To Win Re-election, Obama Needs Political Center
EJ Dionne: Casting liberal allies aside will hurt Obama in the long run
Politico: Would any Democrat really challenge Barack Obama?

Hill: Sarah Palin hits out at the tax deal
ABC: Sarah Palin Under Cyber-Attack from Wikileaks Supporters in 'Operation Payback'
NYT: Sarah Palin’s Alaskan Rhapsody

George Will: Why Mike Pence catches conservatives' eyes

Roll Call: Swingy States Prepare for 2012, Redistricting
Politico: Democrats set sights on 2012 targets


Mason City GG: Grassley says tax deal better than nothing

Sioux City Journal: Vander Plaats wants remaining Iowa justices to resign


NashuaTelegraph: Nashua’s Dalianis appointed state’s top judge


CNN: Sanford says disgrace made him more effective


Fox: Altschuler Concedes to Bishop in Last Outstanding Congressional Race

NYT: Betting Parlors Close Their Doors in New York

NYT: Albany Inquiry Ends in Penalty for a Lobbyist
Buffalo News: Lobbying firm settles with Cuomo in investigation of pay-to-play deals

Syr PS: With GOP back in majority, John DeFrancisco becomes CNY's most powerful senator

NYT: Another Politician Falls, and Earth Barely Shakes

NYT: To Test Housing Program, Some Are Denied Aid
NYT: Despite the Mayor’s Homeless Program, Many Return to Shelters, Critics Say

NYT: On Economy, Bloomberg Says Washington Is Failing


WSJ: California Budget Shortfall Is Bleak

Pasadena SN: Donnelly seeks to bring Arizona-style immigration law to California


Houston Chronicle: Texas' senior senator facing a hard call

WSJ: Lawyers Try to Revive Texas Death-Penalty Hearing


Tulsa World: Oklahoma legislators support tax cut agreement


Herald Tribune: Huckabee comes to sell books, test political waters
Buzz: Mike Huckabee's new $3 million Florida home
Bradenton Herald: Jeb Bush says Arizona law is 'wrong approach' on immigration

WSJ: The Doors' Morrison to Be Pardoned


AP/Henry: Georgia Farm Bureau cautions state on immigration


Birmingham News: Alabama special session on ethics to begin


Times-Picayune: Sen. Mary Landrieu speaks out against tax-cut extension
Times-Picayune: State Sen. John Alario switches to GOP

WSJ: U.S. Judge Removed by Senate
NYT: Senate, for Just the 8th Time, Votes to Oust a Federal Judge


Progress Illinois: Ill. Dems Push Back On Obama's Tax Agreement


AP: GOP's Coats spends $4.5M to win Ind. Senate race


Star Tribune: It's done -- and Dayton's the one
WSJ: Republican Concedes in Minnesota Governor's Race
CSM: Last governor's race finally settled: Mark Dayton wins Minnesota
Star Tribune: Emmer: Supreme Court possibly left "the door open" to court challenge


Milwaukee JS: GOP leader floats right-to-work law
AP/Bauer: Dem leader calls Wis. gov-elect's stance shocking


Columbus Dispatch: Petition could force concealed-carry votes


Roll Call: Pollster Finds Debbie Stabenow ‘Vulnerable’ in Re-Election Bid
Weekly Standard: Michigan Dem Senate Seat Up for Grabs in 2012?

Detroit News: Michigan adds muscle with two House chairs

AP: AG-elect Bill Schuette announces key appointments


National Journal: Steelman Courts DeMint


KC Star: Olathe’s Siegfreid selected Kansas Majority Leader


Examiner: Haslam taps rival Gobbons to head Safety and Homeland Security
Knox News: Bredesen, Haslam weigh budget


CNN: Sen.-elect Rand Paul on tax deal: I'm leaning against it

AP: Moffett heading to Fla. to raise money for race


KSPR: AR lawmakers file legislation to ban insurance mandates included in health care plan


News & Observer: Perdue to outline her plan on budget


Patch: Northern Virginia Tea Party to Rally Around Issues, Not Political Parties


Patch: Bob Ehrlich Discusses Race in MD Politics and Possible Run in Washington


Charleston Gazette: Mollohan not ruling out another run for office


Centre Daily: Time to get state back on track


TPM: Failed Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell Forming PAC


AP/Delli Santi: NJ Assembly, Senate panels advance jobs bills


Hartford Courant: Conn. GOP head will not challenge Steele
Roll Call: McMahon Among Most Spendy Self-Funders


Boston Globe: UMass trustees chairman quits: Manning thought governor was interfering
Boston Globe: Mass. delegation in House so far not embracing Obama's tax plan


Reno GJ: Hafen to retire as Nevada public safety director


WSJ: Supreme Court Weighs Arizona's 2007 Immigration Law
NYT: Justices, Minus One, Hear Challenge to Arizona Law on Hiring Immigrants

Chino Valley Review: Tobin elected as House Majority Leader


Coloradoan: Bennet backs Obama-GOP tax compromise


Crosscut: Washington state rolling along on high-speed rail


KATU: Oregon GOP files for governor-vote recount


Hill: Murkowski signals vote to repeal military's gay ban
KTUU: Miller disputes Senate vote count at Juneau hearing
AP: Judge to Rule in Miller Suit This Week
Politico: Judge: Joe Miller ruling in Alaska Senate race likely for Friday


December 8, 2010


WSJ: Obama Woos Wary Party on Tax Deal
WSJ: Package Would Give Obama Stealthy Stimulus
NYT: For Obama, Tax Deal Is a Back-Door Stimulus Plan
WaPo: Tax deal and spending plan face a hectic finish for Congress
WSJ: Democrats, GOP Find Common Ground—for Now
Wash Times: Obama fights Dems to defend tax-cut deal
NYT: Murmurs of Primary Challenge to Obama
Hill: Left sees tax surrender, says Obama reelection bid now crippled
Fox: Angry Democrats Could Punt on Tax Cut Deal
WaPo: Angry Democrats rebel against Obama's tax-cut deal with Republicans
WSJ: Obama Lashes Out at Critics in His Base
Hill: Dems’ fury threatens tax cut deal
NYT: Obama Defends Tax Deal, but His Party Stays Hostile
Fox: Tax Debate Fuels Democratic Effort to Eliminate Filibuster in New Session
WaPo: Obama calls on liberal critics to learn to compromise
NYT: Biden and G.O.P. Leader Helped Hammer Out Bipartisan Tax Accord
Hill: Biden to address fuming House Dem caucus on tax cuts
NYT: Tax Package Will Aid Nearly All, Especially Highest Earners
WSJ: Tax-Cut Deal Results in Turmoil for Bonds
WSJ: Tax Deal Cheat Sheet
WSJ: Obamanomics Takes a Holiday
Politico: Soaking the rich a washout for Obama
Hill: Sen. Cornyn unsure of tax issue potency
Hill: Democrats to draw line at estate tax after Obama’s deal with Republicans
WSJ: A Taxpayer Bonus (via Google)
WSJ: The Bush Tax Cuts Never Went Far Enough
Daily Caller: DeMint comes out against tax deal, says GOP must do 'better than this'
NYT: Editorial: Voting for an Odious Tax Deal
WaPo: Editorial: Why the Obama-GOP tax deal is worth supporting
American Spectator: A Hollow Victory
Wash Times: Editorial: Obama: I lost
Thomas Friedman: Still Digging
Fred Hiatt: The fiscal agenda Obama should seize
James Taranto: Birther of The Nation: You'll never believe how upset hard left is at Obama
Ruth Marcus: The benefits of Obama's deal on the Bush tax cuts
Dick Morris: The Republican Senate
Rush Limbaugh: El Rushbo's Take on the Tax Deal: Republicans Could've Done Better
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's First Legislative Defeat
Rush Limbaugh: The Republicans Have More Power Than They're Willing to Use Now
Rush Limbaugh: The Tax Deal: What Do You Think?

WSJ: States Face Budget Shortfalls of $26.7 Billion
WaPo: Editorial: Federal policies should help, not hurt, states' fiscal health
Wash Times: With tight budgets, states don't scrimp on early education

WSJ: Fannie, Freddie Pressed on Mortgages

NYT: Justice Department Studies WikiLeaks Prosecution
Hill: Lieberman: NYT may have committed crime by printing WikiLeaks docs
NYT: Australia Blames U.S. for Leaked Cables
WSJ: Julian Assange Denied Bail After Arrest
Wash Times: Founder of WikiLeaks jailed on sex charges
WaPo: WikiLeaks founder's arrest in Britain complicates efforts to extradite him
NYT: OpEd: Julian Assange: Neocon Tool?
Wash Times: OpEd: WikiLeaks upside
WaPo: Rice, on 'The View,' defends Obama on WikiLeaks
Holman Jenkins: WikiLeaks and the Cloud Wars (via Google)
Gabriel Schoenfeld: Can the U.S. Bring Assange to Justice? (via Google)

NYT: House Republican Leaders Select Committee Chairmen
Hill: House GOP chooses panel chairmen
WaPo: Rogers to be Appropriations chairman; Upton to lead Energy and Commerce
Hill: Real appropriations battle begins with Rep. Hal Rogers as chairman
Politico: GOP taps Hal Rogers for House Appropriations Committee Chair
Politico: Upton was conservative enough to win
WSJ: GOP Traditionalists to Lead Panels
Daily Caller: Moderate committee picks jar conservative ascendancy in House
WSJ: Oversight for the Spenders (via Google)
Dana Milbank: Paul Ryan, warrior or conciliator?
Politico: Greg Walden eases transition to a GOP House
Politico: Who's who of Hill staffers

WaPo: Pact could be near to save tropical forests
American Thinker: Cancun's Climate Crock

Politico: Senate leaders agree on 'doc fix'
Fox: WikiLeaks Breach Raises Concern About Privacy of Electronic Medical Records
John Fund: The Andy Griffith Show

WSJ: Waters Wants Probe of House Ethics Panel
Wash Times: Waters demands probe of attorneys
Politico: Waters wants House to scope ethics panel
Hill: Waters puts process on trial

Wash Times: Editorial: Rangel: Censure without shame

C&E: Lawsuit Targets Voting Rights Act

WSJ: Unions Want Limits on Firms' Use of Contractors

NYT: More G.O.P. Support for Arms Treaty
Fox: U.S.-Russia Nuclear Treaty Could Hinge on Tax Cuts

NYT: Illegal Immigrant Students Await Votes on Legal Status
American Spectator: Deportation Distortions

WSJ: Overhaul of Oil Industry Urged
NYT: Report Finds Oil-Drilling Inspectors in Disarray

WSJ: Judge Dismisses Targeted-Killing Suit
NYT: Suit Over Targeted Killings Is Thrown Out
WaPo: Judge in D.C. tosses suit challenging placement of Yemeni cleric on terrorist list

WaPo: 2 released from Guantanamo Bay by Obama return to terrorism, report says
Wash Times: Report: Guantanamo Bay transfers return to terrorism
NYT: Some Ex-Detainees Still Tied to Terror
Wash Times: Sunny days for Gitmo
Weekly Standard: Gitmo Recidivism Rate Soars
Weekly Standard: Gitmo Will Remain Open

Newt Gingrich: Newly Elected Women Who Will Make History

CNN: Priebus nabs key endorsement in RNC race
NYT: Tea Party Nation Makes Pick for Republican Chairman
Politico: Rebuffed by Sarah Palin, tea party group picks Saul Anuzis

Politico: Palin blasts state 'bailouts'
Maureen Dowd: Pass the Caribou Stew

Roll Call: Thune Quietly Gathers 2012 Advice

Politico: Rove on '12: 'There's no front-runner'

Politico: Nigeria charges Dick Cheney with bribery

Human Events: Why Do the Poor Stay Poor?


Des Moines Register: Iowa faces new abortion battle


Concord Monitor: Republican signs up to lead state party
Hill: Failed GOP candidates become 2012 gatekeepers in Iowa, New Hampshire


NYT: Mark Sanford: Scandal Had Its Upsides
Politico: Mark Sanford says his affair helped him govern


NYT: NYC OTB Facing Closure After Senate Rejects Rescue
Buffalo News: State Senate comes up short on votes to save N.Y. City OTB
Albany TU: NYC OTB bailout fails, closure imminent
NYT: Editorial: Loose Money in Albany

NY Post: Analysis shows state pension funds are $120 billion in red

NYT: Cuomo Pension Inquiry on Financier Grows Nasty
NY Post: Andy inaugural will be fiscally fitting

NYT: Senator Convicted of Misdemeanor Charges in Clash With Photographer
Albany TU: Sampson sees no Monserrate-Parker parallels

NYT: For New York, Teachers Still in Idle Limbo

WSJ: 9/11 Health Bill Headed to a Senate Vote


LA Times: Brown to retain Schwarzenegger's budget director
SacBee: Jerry Brown makes budget, health appointments


Dallas MN: Fundraiser offers no hints at Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's future

NYT: Texas: Hearing on Death Penalty Halted

WSJ: Same-Sex Benefits Ban Roils El Paso


Politico: LeMieux briefly thanks Crist
Roll Call: As Grayson Considers Political Future, He’s Keeping Tabs on Progressives


AJC: Deal warns of cuts to K-12, need to ’salvage’ HOPE
AJC: Casey Cagle loses his chief of staff


WSJ: Judge's Impeachment Trial Begins in Senate
NYT: And Over in the Senate, an Impeachment Trial for a Judge
WaPo: Impeachment of Louisiana judge goes before Senate


Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel opts out of most forums


JCon: Cash carried the day for Indiana candidates


Roll Call: Poll: Amy Klobuchar Would Beat Bachmann and Rest of GOP Field

Fox: Source: Emmer to Concede in Minn. Gov. Race


Milwaukee JS: Walker looks at showdown with state employee unions


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich picks Vietnam POW as veterans chief
Columbus Dispatch: DeWine names four to be top advisers


Detroit News: Citizen watchdogs tell Snyder to name inaugural donors

Detroit FP: Fred Upton poised to lead powerful U.S. House committee


Roll Call: Jim Talent Leads GOP Senate Field in New Missouri Poll


Wash Times: Kentucky's Rogers to get Appropriations gavel


Fox: Edwards, Powerful Force Behind Husband's Political Career, Loses Battle With Cancer
NYT: Elizabeth Edwards: A Political Life Filled With Cruel Reversals
WSJ: Feisty Campaigner Drew Sympathy Amid Tragedy
WaPo: Elizabeth Edwards


Hill: O'Donnell calls extending jobless benefits a 'tragedy'


Las Vegas RJ: Gibbons back on his own two feet


WSJ: Business, Labor Take On Arizona
WaPo: Editorial: High court has to settle what Arizona and U.S. cannot


Roll Call: Alaska Senate Race Still Rages In Court

Anchorage DN: Assembly approves $435 million budget
AP/Joling: Commission proposes 40% pay increase for the governor


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