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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

‘I am on the ticket’: Trump seeks to make the election about him, even if some don’t want it to be

Power Up: The Khashoggi crisis is only deepening. Here's what to watch in Washington.

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

February 21, 2010


NYT: Gingrich and Beck Galvanize Conservatives
NYT: Beck Wows the CPAC Crowd
Politics Daily: Glenn Beck Rips Republicans in CPAC Show-Stopper
Politico: Beck: GOP needs 'come-to-Jesus' moment
LA Times: Glenn Beck to Republican Party: Repent
CBS: Ann Coulter: Sarah Palin's Created More Jobs Than Obama
NYT: Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll
Politico: Boos as Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll
Wash Times: To jeers and cheers, Ron Paul wins straw poll at CPAC
CQ Politics: Paul Tops Romney in CPAC Straw Poll
CQ Politics: Gingrich Predicts Huge GOP Gains
NYT: At CPAC, Gingrich Calls for Principled Bipartisanship
Politico: Gingrich: Struggle 'to save America'
Politico: At CPAC, not just speakers seem old
AP/Sidoti: Possible Republican candidates for president 'try out' before CPAC, governors
Dana Milbank: At CPAC, Glenn Beck scolds the Republican Party

WaPo: Republicans look to rebuild their traction with Hispanic voters

Hill: Pence pledges 'fair shot' for Democrats in minority if GOP wins back House
KC Star: GOP seeks to win with anti-Pelosi strategy

McClatchy: Senate 'holds' are a key component of legislative gridlock

Hill: Santorum: GOP in Washington should stop 'showing their hand' in races

NYT: Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs
NYT: States Have Not Yet Seen the Worst of Economic Times, Governors at Meeting Say
Politico: Dem govs want more from jobs bill
Hill: Democratic governors chide GOPs for not backing jobs bill
AP/Sidoti: Governors brace for more budget chaos
Hill: Governors meeting in D.C. vow to press ahead with healthcare reform options
Thomas Friedman: The Fat Lady Has Sung

WSJ: Obama Presses Parties on Health
NYT: Up Next! On Live TV! A Battle Over ... Health Care?
WaPo: President Obama urges Democrats, GOP to compromise at health-care reform summit
Politics Daily: Obama: I've Backed Some GOP Health Care Ideas All Along
Hill: Low expectations on health summit could be a blessing for Obama
Hill: Reid: Dems will use 50-vote tactic to finish healthcare in 60 days
Hill: Senate GOP: Dems lack votes to use partisan tactic on health reform
Hill: Public option revival gains steam
LA Times: A cautionary tale in healthcare reform
Ezra Klein: With his health-care summit, Obama could make partisanship worse

WaPo: Justice Department decision on terror memos sparks legal debate

Hill: Chu to governors: Capitol Hill renewable energy plans too weak
George Will: Global warming advocates ignore the boulders
American Thinker: Time to Turn Up the Heat on the Warmists
American Thinker: Climategate: What's Wrong with this Picture?
Ken Blackwell: Climate Change Debate Over? It's Just Begun!

Breitbart: US scientists warn of fraud of stem cell 'banks'

Politics Daily: Latest Round-Up of Obama Poll Ratings by State
Jeffrey Rosen: Supreme Court Justice Barack Obama?

WSJ: Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig Dies at 85
NYT: Alexander M. Haig Jr., 85, Forceful Aide to 2 Presidents, Dies
WaPo: Alexander Haig, 85; soldier-statesman managed Nixon resignation
Wash Times: Alexander Haig, former secretary of state, dies at 85
Arnaud de Borchgrave: Al Haig, RIP

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: Paterson Launches Election Bid
NYT: Defying Critics, Paterson Opens His Campaign
NY Post: Paterson announces he's running for governor amidst pathetic turnout
Albany TU: Direct appeal to keep his job
Albany TU: In Rochester, Paterson defiant
NYDN: Paterson at campaign kickoff: I'm running for office this year - and I will win
NYDN: Voters wonder what makes Gov. Dave Paterson run for reelection
Rochester D&C: Gov. David Paterson stops in Rochester for gubernatorial campaign

NY Post: Paterson aide scrambles to explain football trip with bizman

NYDN: How Ford got Gilly in gear: Potential rival has made Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tougher

NY Post: 2 men claim GOP crown in Queens


SacBee: California lawmakers consider $5 billion in budget cuts
AP/Lin: Calif. lawmakers face fiscal emergency deadline
Desert Sun: These days, Boxer talks jobs over environment
Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger's environmental plan invites corruption


Arizona Republic: Hayworth 'birther' remarks stir barbs


AP/Chereb: NV lawmakers to convene over $900M budget mess


NYT: Texas Senator Now a Challenger Lagging in Polls
Dallas MN: GOP rivals for Texas governor vie for votes
Dallas MN: Bill White refers to GOP rivals for governor as 'forces of darkness'


St. Pete Times: Thrasher elected leader of Florida GOP
Miami Herald: Florida Republicans elect Sen. John Thrasher as chairman
Florida TU: Thrasher orders a look at Floridas Republicans books
Buzz: McCollum: Time to look for possible criminal activity at Fla GOP
News-Press: Thrasher wins Florida GOP chair
Herald Tribune: GOP momentum eludes Florida


AJC: One year later, whats next for Georgia tea partiers?


Chicago Sun-Times: Sarah Palin coming to Illinois; Valerie Jarrett on Sarah Palin
Chicago Tribune: Editorial: Mr. Hasterts perks


Indy Star: Any way you slice it, Bayh's exit is bad for Dems
Evan Bayh: Why Im Leaving the Senate
Lincoln Chaffee: Goodbye to All That


Star Tribune: Spend or cut taxes: Parties duel over job plans


CQ Politics: Pennsylvania: Singel To Run for Murtha's Seat; Welch Drops Out


Cleveland PD: Tea Party groups taking an active role in Ohio politics
Cleveland PD: Ohio politicians' pockets are bulging as they up the ante on access


Detroit News: John Dingell running for re-election
CQ Politics: Dingell Running in 2010


Lake Expo: Republican U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt visits in his first stop


Tennessean: GOP hopefuls woo Williamson early
CTFP: Haslam: 'Stimulus 'papering over real problems'


Politico: Sen. Blanche Lincoln will back cloture on jobs bill


PPP: Huck leads GOP in NC


State: Has stimulus plan benefited S.C.?


WaPo: Virginia moves to ease gun restrictions
Wash Times: Editorial: Cuccinelli fights the EPA


Star-Ledger: Christie and unions poised to do battle over budget cuts
Star-Ledger: Council On Affordable Housing: Crunch time for Christie and the court
Philadelphia Inquirer: Senator's health revives concern


Boston Globe: Browns run fueled by small donors


February 20, 2010


NYT: Top Terrorism Prosecutor (Andrew McCarthy) Is a Critic of Civilian Trials

WaPo: Authors of waterboarding memos won't be disciplined
NYT: Report Faults 2 Authors of Bush Terror Memos
AP/Apuzzo: DOJ: No misconduct for Bush interrogation lawyers
Politico: Justice: No misconduct in Bush interrogation memos
AP: No Misconduct Found in Interrogation Memos
WaPo: Justice Department Memo (.pdf)

Byron York: Holder admits nine Obama DOJ officials worked for terrorist detainees

WSJ: Obama Summit Raises Stakes in Health-Care Roulette
NYT: Obama Invites G.O.P. Lawmakers Health Care Ideas
Baltimore Sun: Obama Strategy To Expose Republicans
Politico: Reid tries to resurrect public option
NRO: Reid Comes Out For Reconciliation on Public Option
Hill: Cantor: Obama must take reconciliation off the table for healthcare reform
WaPo: Obama makes impassioned plea for health-care overhaul at a town hall in Nevada
Hill: Weekend preview: Governors tackle health debate while the right picks faves
Hill: Feinstein bill would limit health insurance rate hikes at fed level
American Thinker: What Americans Don't Understand about Obamacare
American Thinker: John Edwards, Mesothelioma Man, and Health Care Reform
Big Govt: What MSM Wont Tell You: Doctors Are Challenging Govt Health Care-and the AMA

NYT: Agency Proposes U.S.-Paid Research on Stem Cells

WaPo: Coal-state Dems hit EPA on climate
Fox: EPA, Countering Critics of Greenhouse Gas Findings, Says 'Science Is Settled'
Chicago Sun-Times: Climate turning against kooky alarmists
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Lies About Global Warming

WaPo: GOP speakers court key group at conservative conference
NYT: Conservatives Get a Look at Possible Candidates
Politico: GOP 2012 field takes backseat at CPAC
Politico: CPAC embraces the new Mitt Romney
Hill: Browns White House buzz could spell trouble for Mitt Romney
Politico: Gov. Tim Pawlenty: 'Smash the windows' of big government
NYT: Pawlentys Principles: Gods in Charge
Politico: Rep. Michele Bachmann: President Obama is 'intending to fail'
Politico: Mike Pence embraces party of no line
Politico: Paul: 'The revolution is alive and well'
AP/Sidoti: Barbour won't rule out 2012 run
Hill: In surprise speech, Cheney says Obama will last one term
Jed Babbin: Marco Rubio Says Americans Want their Country Fixed, not Changed
Kathleen Parker: From Rubio and other young GOP stars, Obama-style inspiration
Rush Limbaugh: Pioneers Take the Arrows: CPAC Speakers Now Free to Talk Failure

WSJ: Tea-Party Drive Steeped in Political Novices

Rush Limbaugh: Alan Simpson on "Rush Babe"; Jeb Bush on GOP/Obama Meeting

WaPo: Republicans look to gain traction with Hispanic voters

NYT: Family Guy, Palin and the Limits of Laughter
WaPo: 'Family Guy' actress says Palin has no sense of humor
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin's McCain Conundrum

NYT: Obama to Las Vegas: Love You, Always Have
NYT: Las Vegas Officials Get an Apology Sort Of
WaPo: Obama: Vegas remark 'wasn't meant to be a shot'

Dana Milbank: Why Obama needs Rahm at the top

NYT: In the West, Monument Is a Fighting Word

AP: Alexander Haig in Critical Condition

CQ Politics: RNC Topped $10 Million in January

WaPo: Sunday talk-show guests


NYT: Judge Declines to Reverse Monserrates Expulsion From the State Senate
Albany TU: Ruling: Let voters fill Senate seat
Albany TU: Monserrate Decision
NY Post: No-show Hiram is on the hooky

NYDN: Paterson kicks off campaign, but top NY Democrats, like Sen. Gillibrand, will be absent
Albany TU: Spitzer madame taking lessons for gubernatorial run

Albany TU: View bleak for state parks


CCT: Wavering Poizner supporters delivering strategic intelligence to Whitman campaign
SacBee: Legislative budget plan includes higher fines
SacBee: Ad Watch: Whitman's efficiency message distorts reality
SF Chronicle: Feinstein wants review of insurance rates
SF Chronicle: Lieutenant governor buzz grows louder - and more mysterious
SF Chronicle: Independent donors boost Jerry Brown's fortunes


Fox: Tea Party 'Revolution' Targets Ron Paul in GOP Primary
AP: Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he intends to win GOP primary outright
Dallas MN: 50 things you need to know about Kay Bailey Hutchison


Miami Herald: State GOP to pick new leader after months of controversy
Buzz: That unpredictable Thrasher vs Day race for Fla GOP chair
Tallahassee Dem: Candidates for GOP chair promise audit
St. Pete Times: Shadows hang over GOP voting
Buzz: Rubio says no to debate with Crist -- unless it's on FOX news first
St. Pete Times: Democratic Party helped coordinate Sansom complaint
CQ Politics: Wedding Bells, Not Retirement for Brown-Waite


AJC: Collateral damage and the race for state insurance commissioner


NYT: Illinois Senate Candidate Raises Iran Threat
Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn admits he'd like Duckworth on ticket
Chicago Tribune: Top aide to Durbin is reassigned


Hill: Thompson encouraged by polls, not ruling out Feingold challenge
CQ Politics: Wisconsin: Thompson Still the Guy Who Could Beat Feingold


Politics Daily: Brad Ellsworth, Top Pick for Democrats, Will Run for Evan Bayh's Senate Seat
Indianapolis Star: Ellsworth takes risk by getting into race
NYT: Indiana: Congressman Enters Race for Bayhs Senate Seat


KARE: MN Republicans: Pawlenty health veto will stand
Star Tribune: Pawlenty makes his case to conservative confab


AP: Ex-Pa. Lt. Gov. Singel to run for Murtha's seat


Cleveland PD: Democratic battle for U.S. Senate remains competitive


Detroit FP: Snyder says he stood up for jobs
AP/Williams: Ex-Detroit mayor fails to make restitution payment


Business Week: Blunt begins 19-city bus tour in Mo. Senate race


KC Star: Kansas Senate sustains death penalty


Metro Pulse: Haslam Abstains from GOP Enviro-bashing


Politics Daily: Marshall Leads Democratic Pack in Race to Oppose GOP's Burr in N.C.
BlueRidgeNow: Shuler's seat may be a hard win


AP/Smith: Family Court judge assigned to Sanford case


Daily Press: Shad Plank: Virginia budget battle looms


Star-Ledger: NJ judge puts Christie's order freezing affordable housing council on hold

Star-Ledger: U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg is diagnosed with cancer
AP: Lautenberg's Illness Could Hurt Senate Democrats


Boston Herald: The buck stops where in Amy Bishop case? Not with former DA Bill Delahunt
American Thinker: Bishop File found, Delahunt still absent

Boston Globe: A Malone candidacy worries some Republicans
Boston Globe: Coakley challenges federal marriage act


February 19, 2010


WaPo: Conservative Political Action Conference begins in Washington
Wash Times: 'Tea party' activists change dynamic at CPAC
WSJ: Right-Wing Activists Make Case
NYT: Conservatives of All Stripes Gather, Emboldened but Far From Unanimous
Politico: At CPAC, a new conservative order
NYT: House G.O.P. Leader Promises Bipartisan Change
Politics Daily: John Boehner Embraces Tea Party Movement
Politico: John Boehner: 'Rebellion brewing in America'
NYT: Brown Tees Up Romney at CPAC
CQ Politics: Brown No Moderate in CPAC's Eyes
Politico: Romney: 'Obama fails to understand America' (with video)
Boston Globe: Romney courts the right with jabs at Obama
CSM: Conservative confab: at CPAC, Romney looks ready to run
Politico: Mitt Romney makes his mark as GOP's 'adult'
NYT: Dick Cheney Stuns CPAC Crowd
Politico: Dick Cheney surprises CPAC
Hill: Cheney: Administration 'thin-skinned,' Biden's 'not the best responder'
Wash Times: Cheney proffers Obama's loss, daughter's win in '12
Jack Obs: Rubio Continues National Star Turn at CPAC
American Spectator: Rubio Wows Conservatives
Politico: Marco Rubio cheers 'political pushback'
WSJ: CPAC Cheers Floridas Rubio
Rush Limbaugh: Cheney and Rubio Rock CPAC
LA Times: Running against GOP establishment, Rubio, Hayworth find allies
Politico: Jim DeMint: Conservatives in 'battle'
Politico: Dick Armey: Barack Obama is an 'incompetent president'
Dallas MN: Dick Armey, at CPAC, calls Obama a self-righteous ideologue
Politico: Andrew Breitbart blasts Rachel Maddow
Politico: James O'Keefe says next video 'ready to go'
Politics Daily: Conservatives' CPAC Mantra: 'Stop the Train of the Obama Administration'
CQ Politics: A Wave Is Building, but How Big Will It Be?
Michael Gerson: A primer on political reality
Rush Limbaugh: The November Revolution Will Be Targeted at Democrats and Obama

NYT: Fed Rate Move Rattles Stocks and Sends Dollar Higher
WaPo: In D.C., more evidence that commercial real estate headed for foreclosure crisis
WSJ: Red Tape Delayed Stimulus Projects
Wash Times: Induced inflation feared as way to cut debt
Peggy Noonan: Can Washington Meet the Demand to Cut Spending?
Charles Krauthammer: It's nonsense to say the U.S. is ungovernable
Douglas Schoen: Voters to Democrats: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Waddoups & Clark: A modest proposal to the federal government: Let Utah do it
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Economic Comedy: Big Lies and "Unexpected" News

WSJ: Dodd to Offer New Finance-Overhaul Bill
Politico: Chris Dodd and Richard Shelby near reg reform showdown
Hill: Schumer says no Republicans have committed to backing jobs bill
Hill: Dodd to unveil financial regulation bill

WaPo: GOP leaders agree to panel on federal deficit
NYT: Bipartisan Commission Is Established to Cut Debt
Stephen Moore: Unfortunately Alan, Not Homer, Simpson
Pat Buchanan: November's consequence: A paralyzed government

WSJ: Fight Over Health-Care Premiums Heats Up
WaPo: HHS secretary decries higher rates for health insurance
NYT: Obama to Offer Health Bill to Ease Impasse as Bipartisan Meeting Approaches
Hill: Rep. Boehner: If Democrats are finishing the healthcare bill, why have a summit?
Hill: Sebelius: White House may fight for public option in health bill
NYT: States Consider Medicaid Cuts as Use Grows
SacBee: Report: Without bailout, states likely to cut health care for uninsured
AP/Zaldivar: Report: Health costs increase sharply
WSJ: Reviving the Health-Care Debate
Paul Krugman: California Death Spiral

WaPo: Climate pact appears increasingly fragile; U.N. official quits
NY Post: The crackup of the climate 'consensus'
Hill: Al Gore slams Exxons lies as advocates seek to regain momentum
WSJ: Congress Investigates Controversial Drilling Technique
Hill: Democrats send letters to firms seeking answers on controversial drilling method

NYT: Obama to Seek Ratification of Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Wash Times: Biden seeks test ban and end to all U.S. nukes
American Thinker: Barack's Bi-Polar Nuclear Policy

NYT: Obama Heads Out West to Stump for Two Senators
Time: Does Obama Help or Hurt Dems on the Trail?
USA Today: Dems hurting, but lead in cash for midterm elections
Wash Times: Senate Dems down in hopes, not funds

CQ Politics: Top GOP Recruits To Be Showcased

Wash Times: Obama-Dalai Lama meeting 'closed press'
Wes Pruden: Obama's two-step to the right

Wash Times: Conservatives woo Hispanics: Immigration stand key issue

NYDN: Palin vs. Edwards, a case study in media bias

Kim Holmes: Who links terrorism to Islam? Not America

Fox: Meet the First Tea Party Activist to Be Elected Into Office

David Brooks: The Power Elite


NYT: As Campaign Nears, Paterson Is Seen as Increasingly Remote
NYDN: Times vs. Paterson Take II
NY Post: Eliot advising gov on scoring with voters
NYT: 3 New Yorks, 2 Tennessees and 1 Senator
NY Post: Ford launches harshest attack yet on Gilly
Politico: Zuckerman talks with N.Y. GOP
NYDN: Albany Democrats charge GOP in Senate create jobs...for themselves
NYT: Judge Is Skeptical in Monserrates Suit to Return to Senate
NYT: Kerik Is Sentenced in Corruption Case
LA Times: Dean Murray, first elected Tea Party activist, joins N.Y. Legislature Monday


SacBee: California Senate passes bill exempting thousands from furloughs
AP: California Senate starts whittling $20 billion deficit
Rasmussen: 60% in CA Say Better If Most Incumbents in State Legislature Are Defeated
SacBee: Brent Lowder clarifies status of GOP convention debates
Desert Sun: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina says job creation her priority
LA Times: U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer files papers to run for reelection


AP/Blood: Reid relies on gaming votes for Nev. re-election
KTNV: Las Vegas Mayor Goodman rejects Obama invitation
NYDN: Las Vegas Mayor Goodman demands apology from President Obama for Sin City joke
LA Times: Nevada discontent is pinned on Obama


Arizona DS: State GOP looking to close its primary to independents


Politico: President Obama touts Michael Bennet as an outsider


Hill: Armey endorses conservative primary challenger to Bennett


CQ Politics: What to Watch for in Texas
Detroit News: Texas governor backs Toyota


Miami Herald: Senate candidate Rubio wows conservative audience
Miami Herald: Crowd cheers Rubio like a rock star
Beaufort Obs: Marco Rubio is a phenomenon equal, or exceeding, Barack Obama in 2004
Dana Milbank: Marco Rubio is anti-Crist challenging Florida governor in Senate primary
St. Pete Times: Rubio's debut speech for the 2016 presidential election?

CQ Politics: Report: Brown-Waite to Make 'Major Announcement'


NYT: For the Tea Party Movement, Sturdy Roots in the Chicago Area


Rasmussen: Indiana Senate: Hill, Ellsworth Trail Three Main GOP Hopefuls
CQ Politics: Despite Reports, Ellsworth Says He Hasn't Decided
Indianapolis Star: Democrats' choice is on hold
Hill: Retiring Sen. Bayh: Independent could run for the White House in 2012
AP: Online drive seeks to draft Mellencamp for Senate
NY Post: Little ditty 'bout 'Senator' John


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Feingold Leads Two Announced GOP Challengers


Star Trib: Republican Party bashes (DFL and GOP) lawmakers
GFH: Pawlenty vetoes bill to save health plan


Examiner: Aprs Murtha: le dluge?
Philadelphia Inquirer: Murtha House seat likely to disappear
Philadelphia Inquirer: Sestak says federal job was offered to quit race
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. candidates for governor asked about ex-inmate programs
Main Justice: Another Ex-Pennsylvania U.S. Attorney Makes House Bid


Cleveland PD: May primary will feature Republican races for three Ohio executive offices
Columbus Dispatch: Boehner promises openness as speaker


Detroit News: Mitt Romney: Michigan is in real distress
Rush Limbaugh: Kid Rock Gets It Right on Detroit


Joplin Globe: State government leaders cautiously optimistic, but note hard work still ahead


CQ Politics: Brownback's Approval Numbers Bounce Back in Kansas


AP/Schelzig: Tenn. GOP candidates slam environmental regulators
CTFP: Candidates slam state regulators


Politico: Rep. Howard Coble hospitalized after fall


State: Defiant DeMint wows his supporters


Rasmussen: 65% of Virginia Voters Approve of McDonnell So Far


Reuters: N.J. Gov Christie turns 'tough guy' on budget woes
SL: Changes to NJ public employee pensions, benefits are approved by Senate committee
Rush Limbaugh: Liberal Stuck Pigs and Weasels Unload on Governor Chris Christie


CQ Politics: Tight Contest in Vermont


Boston Globe: Brookline Republican to challenge Frank
Boston Herald: Scott Browns daughters are sitting pretty
AP/LeBlanc: Sen. Scott Brown reports raising $14M since Jan. 1


February 18, 2010


Wash Times: GOP 'tsunami' predicted for exurban, South, mountain states
Wash Times: Conservative manifesto is a call to action, signers say
WaPo: At Washington's homestead, conservative leaders tap into new energy
NYT: A New Conservative Outline
Politico: At CPAC, a new conservative order
Politico: Marco Rubio: Belle of the CPAC ball
Wash Times: Rubio takes 'tea,' but says movement is no party
Politics Daily: GOP Would Suffer if the Tea Party Movement Endorsed Other Candidates
Politico: Menendez stock falls with Dem losses
Politico: Davis: Best GOP recruits ever
CQ Politics: Ex-NRCC Chief Handicaps 2010 Elections
Hill: Democrats must work to avoid '94 repeat
Time: The Making of the Tea Party Movement
Karl Rove: Where the Tea Parties Should Go From Here

Wash Times: House GOP seeks televised jobs meeting
NYT: House G.O.P. Leaders Seek a Jobs Summit
Politico: GOP wants televised jobs debate
Hill: Sen. Reid doesn't have the votes to pass $15 billion version of jobs bill

WSJ: First Anniversary of Stimulus Highlights Partisan Divide
WaPo: White House crafts jobs bill, a year into stimulus effort
NYT: Obama and Republicans Clash Over Stimulus Bill, One Year Later
Hill: Obama defends economic stimulus package on one-year anniversary
Wash Times: Obama champions stimulus at one-year mark
Dana Milbank: Criticizing economic stimulus plan can be lucrative
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama and The Big Lie

NYT: Agreement Is Near on New Overseer of Banking Risks
WaPo: Administration pushed to expand foreclosure-prevention program
Politics Daily: Home Foreclosures in 2010 Could Top Last Year's
WaPo: State retirement benefit promises exceeded pension funds, study finds
LA Times: California, other states face problem of growing pension liabilities

WSJ: Small Reactors Generate Big Hopes
NYT: Environmental Advocates Are Cooling on Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Administration Will Not Give Up the Global Warming Lie
Rush Limbaugh: Can We Sue Algore for Fraud?

Wash Times: House Democrats say merger of health bills is near
WSJ: The WellPoint Mugging: The brawl over rate increases is a preview of ObamaCare
Politics Daily: Democrats Trying To Revive Health Care 'Public Option'
NYT: Report Cited by Obama on Hospitals Is Criticized

WaPo: Value of congressional earmarks increased in fiscal 2010
WaPo: Congressional earmarks worth nearly $16 billion
Hill: No dip in earmarks despite White House push for transparency

NYT: U.S. Cracks Down on Contractors as a Tax Dodge

WaPo: Lawmakers to launch bipartisan effort to rewrite No Child Left Behind

Hill: Sarah Palin says birthers have a right to be a part of Tea Party movement
Dorothy Rabinowitz: What Sarah Palin Doesn't Know
George Will: Sarah Palin and the mutual loathing society
AP/Sidoti: Can Palin transcend fame? Jury's still out
Wales News: Examining the enduring appeal of Sarah Palin

Fox: Romney Blasts Obama's 'Apology Tour' in New Book

Ann Coulter: Ahmedinejad: 'Yep, I'm Nuclear!'
Michelle Malkin: John Brennan and the Politics of Capitulation


NYT: Judge Puts Liberal Imprint on New Yorks Top Court
NYT: A Newly Contentious Top Court
NYT: Espadas Bill on Rent Limits Draws Criticism From Tenant Groups
Albany TU: Cox: Yes, Im hearing from other Senate hopefuls
NY Post: Gilly taxing credibility
NYDN: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, likely rival Harold Ford escalate at-tax
NY Post: Ford: What's Gilly hiding?
NY Post: Paterson seeks crowd for his campaign kickoff
NYDN: Paterson's campaign kickoff will be final nail in political coffin if crowds don't show


Contra Costa Times: Dem group calls on Whitman to release tax returns
SacBee: Anti-Meg Whitman committee lays out game plan
SacBee: Senate leader Steinberg won't seek general tax hike


CQ Politics: Fred Thompson Gets Behind McCain
Arizona Republic: McCain explains why we can't get along


WSJ: Obama Goes West to Aid Tight Races
Wash Times: Tarkanian: Obama & Reid is 'socialism summit'


Rasmussen: Oregon Senate: Wyden 49%, Huffman 35%


Spectator: Dino Rossi: Never say never to possible Senate bid


Dallas MN: Perry hopes to avoid runoff, denies budget fudge
AP: Hutchison and White sweep newspaper endorsements
Fox: Texas GOP Governors Race
Dallas MN: Dems challenging GOP lieutenant governor mostly agree


St. Pete Times: Can Marco Rubio keep his 'outsider' image in U.S. Senate race?
Miami Herald: Rubio facing a new test on big stage
Fox: President Bush on Fla. Race: Who's Rubio?
St. Pete Times: RPOF vice chair says 'the truth will be revealed'


AP/Bellandi: GOP aims to end Illinois losing streak
WaPo: Sen. Durbin staffer Kathleen Rooney fired for writing a too-revealing book
Politico: Giannoulias tries to tilt perceptions


Politico: Evan Bayh's retirement play hardly apolitical
NYT: Senator Retires, and Voters, Too, Grow Dismayed
Indianapolis Star: Ellsworth rises to top of Democrats' Senate list


Star Tribune: Pawlenty: Vikings a big asset to state


Milwaukee JS: Palin pitches for Republican seeking to challenge Obey
Politico: Palin backs Obey opponent


CQ Politics: Special Election to Fill Murtha's Seat Set For May 18
Philadelphia Inquirer: Choosing Murtha's successor
AP: Vote to Fill Murtha Seat Is Scheduled


CQ Politics: Ganley Switches Races to Challenge Sutton


Detroit News: Ted Nugent running for gov?
Detroit News: Michigan Warn Jobless About End of Federal Unemployment Extension
Detroit FP: State public retirement funds $50 billion short


CQ Politics: Brownback Draws a Serious Contender
CQ Politics: Kansas: Brownback Draws Governor Foe as Holland Skates In


WSJ: Lincoln Faces Rough Road


CQ Politics: Kentucky: Abortion the Focus of Paul's First Radio Ad
Fox: KY US Sen. Race: Rand Pauls Air Defenses


State: E-mails entangle 2 GOP campaigns


Daily Press: Gov. McDonnell's cuts hit public schools, health care, state workers
AP/Lewis: Deep cuts to Va. schools, social services proposed
WaPo: Va. Democrat from Appalachia hopes to quell anger among voters
WaPo: Va., Md. governors pledge to create jobs but lack money and power to do so


Star-Ledger: Gov. Chris Christie ready to play 'Let's make a deal'
NYT: Wealth Gap for Schools in New Jersey Is the Highest


Boston Globe: Stance on jobs bill could be crucial test for Brown
Politico: Reid woos Scott Brown on jobs bill
Boston Globe: Patrick challengers offer ideas to close budget gap


Concord Monitor: GOP rep takes state Senate seat


February 17, 2010


WSJ: Bowles, Simpson to Head Debt Commission
WaPo: Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles to lead panel on reducing U.S. budget deficits
NYT: Obama Selects Heads of His Deficit Panel
NYT: Party Gridlock in Washington Feeds New Fear of a Debt Crisis
NYT: Federal Reserve Officials, Often Tight-Lipped, Openly Voice Deficit Concerns
NYT: Elders of Wall St. Favor More Regulation

WSJ: Bulk of Stimulus Spending Yet to Come
Wash Times: One year later, stimulus has mixed record
Hill: Speaker Pelosi bets the House on success of $787 billion stimulus
Rush Limbaugh: Great Question: Did New Deal Spending Revive the Economy?

WSJ: Defections Shake Up Climate Coalition
WSJ: Climate-Research Controversies Create Opening for Critics
WaPo: ConocoPhillips, BP and Caterpillar quit USCAP
NYT: 3 Companies Quit Group Over Moves on Climate
WSJ: Budget Wielded to Cut Greenhouse Gases
Thomas Friedman: Global Weirding Is Here
American Spectator: The Disappearing Science of Global Warming
American Thinker: The AGW Smoking Gun
FrontPage: The Science Is Not Settled

Hill: Republican senators, industry cheer nuke loan guarantees

Wash Times: Poll: Start over on health reform
Betsy McCaughey: Just Say No to the Health-Care Summit
US News: Obama Misreading Health Reform Gives Republican an Opportunity
AP/Werner: GOP sees possible upside in health care summit
Hill: Senate Democrats write to ask Reid to reintroduce healthcare public option

Walter Williams: The Census and the Constitution

WSJ: Elections' Stakes: Control of Senate
NYT: G.O.P. Hopes for Senate Control Face Hurdles
WSJ: Another Liberal Crackup: The real reason Evan Bayh wants out of Washington
WaPo: Senator Evan Bayh's departure sparks debate about partisanship in Congress
John Fund: Senator Bayh's Domino Effect
Politico: Dem blues: States reverting to red
CQ Politics: Nightmare cycle developing for campaign boss Menendez
Politico: Five ways to lose the Senate majority
Hill: Democrats risking their majority with infighting
Dick Morris: Obama has ruined his presidency and his party
Hill: CNN poll: 52% say Obama doesn't deserve reelection in 2012
American Spectator: From the matchless Newt Gingrich, a Contract With America for 2010

CBS: Palin: Tea Partiers "Have to Pick a Party"
Fox: Steele Meets With Tea Party Leaders at RNC Headquarters
Dana Milbank: Tea partiers get audience with RNC chairman but not a shared public stage
Politico: RNC, tea parties try to play nice
American Spectator: CPAC Catches the Tea Party Spirit
American Thinker: Tea Party Movement Untamed

Chi Trib: Sarah Palin, daughter lash out at 'Family Guy' episode as mocking their family
American Thinker: Sarah Palin Is One Tough Mother
SunSentinel: Sarah Palin Mania takes over Daytona

Fox: America in Danger of Losing Prominence, Romney Warns in New Book

NYT: Big Donors Call for Stricter Campaign Laws


Albany TU: Area GOP leaders endorse candidates for US Senate, state comptroller
LoHud: Republican Field Growing To Run Against Gillibrand
NYDN: Harold Ford to decide this week whether he will run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
NYT: Paterson Aides Quick Rise Draws Scrutiny
NY Post: Paterson to kick off campaign this weekend
NYDN: Paterson's 4-stop gubernatorial campaign kickoff includes cozy Christie's near Buffalo
Hill: Paterson to launch aggressive re-election effort to dismay of Dems
NYDN: Andrew Cuomo: Hiram Monserrate's lawsuit to get state Senate seat back is 'absurd'
NYT: In a Challenge to Rangel, an Echo of His Rise
Albany TU: Commission admonishes State Supreme Court Justice McGrath


Rasmussen: California Governor: Brown 43%, Whitman 43%
Politico: Dems launch barrage on Whitman
AP: Schwarzenegger resubmits Calif. lt. gov nominee
SacBee: Governor rebukes Assembly Democrats over Maldonado nomination
Mercury News: Fiorina joins GOP demand for military trials of terror suspects
CQ Politics: Fiorina Continues to Find Support in D.C.
Dan Walters: Anti-politician rage imperils Boxer
LA Times: Proposed cuts would end California assistance for most new legal immigrants


Politico: Talk-show titans take on McCain
AZCentral: Ex-Reps. Salmon, Kolbe go with McCain over Hayworth
Rush Limbaugh: McCain Goes Hard After Hayworth; Sarah Palin (R) in No-Win Situation


CQ Politics: Jobs Bill Is Reids Latest Dilemma


Dallas MN: Clements throws support to Perry despite sponsoring a Hutchison fundraiser
Star-Telegram: Texas GOP gubernatorial candidates hit the trail as early voting begins

Reuters: Texas to challenge US greenhouse gas rules


St. Pete Times: Sansom loses rulings by chairman in House inquiry
St. Pete Times: Editorial: Investigation of Florida GOP finances needed


NYT: U.S. Supports New Nuclear Reactors in Georgia


NYT: Stimulus Jobs on States Bill in Mississippi


AP/Bellandi: Illinois Republicans see unique chance for victory
Herald-Review: Brady's lead narrows as more votes counted
Chicago Tribune: Dillard says no recount unless hes within 100 votes
Chicago ST: Dillard not yet ready to give up on gov race


Hill: Republicans furious about timing of Bayhs retirement announcement
NYT: Indiana Fallout Over Bayh
AP/Smith: Democrats scramble in Indiana


Star Tribune: Pawlentys critics decry use of federal funds as hypocrisy
Star Tribune: Republican Hann out of governor's race


Cleveland PD: Sen. George Voinovich is on congressional trip to the Balkans


Detroit News: Legislature leaders united against Granholm services tax


KnoxNews: Wamp: This is no time for a status quo governor'
Memphis DN: Governors Race Heats Up


NYT: Huckabees Daughter to Manage Arkansas Campaign
Hill: Another green group targets Sen. Lincoln


BlueRidgeNow: City businessman aiming for Senate


Virginian-Pilot: National Democrats target McDonnell over stimulus
WaPo: Virginia challenges U.S. greenhouse gas curbs


Star-Ledger: Democrats will hold public hearing on Gov. Chris Christie's midyear budget cuts
Wash Times: Editorial: Cutting spending in N.J.: An example of fiscal courage
Rush Limbaugh: Chris Christie's Bold Budget Speech Lays It All On the Line


Fox: Rhode Island Republican Challenger the Next Scott Brown?


February 16, 2010


WSJ: Democrats Target Stimulus Critics Who Sought Funds
NYT: Excise Tax Loses Support Amid White House Push
Wash Times: Obama misdiagnoses source of deficits
NYT: Struggling Over a Rule for Brokers
LA Times: Partisan tensions continue to escalate
Big Govt: Public Employee Benefit Plans: Up to $1 Trillion in Unfunded Liabilities

WSJ: The Continuing Climate Meltdown
Rasmussen: 47% Blame Global Warming on Planetary Trends
Register UK: Now IPCC hurricane data is questioned
Rich Lowry: 'Warming' meltdown
Wes Pruden: The red-hot scam unravels
FrontPage: The War on Coal
Reuters: Not expanding drilling may cost U.S. $2.4 trillion: study
Hill: Report: Oil-and-gas drilling bans will cut GDP by $2.36 trillion
Rush Limbaugh: Enormity of the Man-Made Global Warming Hoax Has Yet to Sink In

Politico: Democrats concede on malpractice insurers

McClatchy: Latinos who backed Obama are frustrated by lack of immigration overhaul
McClatchy: GOP hopes to capitalize on Latino disappointment with Obama

WSJ: Biden's Diversion Strategy
Politico: Senator Brown: VP comments 'insulting'
Politico: Lindsey Graham: White House mulling indefinite detention
American Thinker: Jihad: The Political Third Rail -- At CPAC

WaPo: Tea party leaders will meet with Steele and other Republican operatives
NYT: Tea Party Movement Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right

Examiner: Republican Mitt Romney threatened on flight from 2010 Winter Olympics
Fox: Romney Assaulted on Plane
Boston Herald: Mitt Romney threatened on flight

Baltimore Sun: Sarah Palin as GOP nominee in 2012? Don't laugh it off
FrontPage: Sarah Palins Detractors and Double Standards
American Spectator: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines -- Quickly!

KYW: Santorum Stepping Up His Quiet Campaign For President

CQ Politics: Plus 10 in the Senate? GOP Not There Yet
Politico: Five ways to lose the Senate majority
CQ Politics: Incumbents on the Firing Line
NYDN: A list of Democratic, Republican trouble spots to watch out for this fall
WSJ: Senate Woes Flag Wider Disease
Wash Times: Sagging senators seek Obama boost on campaign trail
Politics Daily: GOP Still Scarred, Growing Stronger, Aiming to Reclaim Senate
Michael Barone: Democrats Exit the Sinking Ship? Part 23: Evan Bayh
Hill: Retiring lawmakers may be tempted to take big job openings on K Street
Hill: NRCC Young Guns run the gamut as party eyes possibility of big gains in '10
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Count Your Chickens, GOP

Ronald Rotunda: Campaign disclosure can go too far


NYDN: Gubernatorial campaign is goin' 'full speed ahead,' Gov. Paterson insists
NY Post: Gov child-care plan gives union its dues
NYDN: Thompson for Gillibrand
CQ Politics: For New Yorks GOP, a Candidate Surplus


Star-Ledger: U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg is taken to area hospital after fall
NYDN: New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg taken to hospital after falling in home
NYT: Aide Says Senator Frank Lautenberg, 86, Is Doing Well After Fall


Rasmussen: California Senate: Boxer Still Holds Narrow Leads Over GOP Hopefuls
KCBS: Boxer's Slim Lead in Senate Race

Dan Walters: L.A. budget troubles hold a lesson for the Capitol

LA Times: Federal suit planned against UC over ban on affirmative action


Telegraph UK: John McCain recruits Sarah Palin to help defend Arizona seat
CSM: John McCain to face formidable foe in Arizona GOP primary
Politico: McCain on Hayworth: 'Litany of lies'
NYT: McCain Challenger Makes It Official
American Thinker: McCain and Hayworth: Tale of the Tape


Rasmussen: Washington Senate: Murray Leads All Republican Challengers But Rossi


Dallas MN: Hutchison calls for 'Independence Day' from Perry, who pounds Washington
Dallas MN: Missions differ for Texas governor hopefuls in dash to primary
Dallas MN: Perry plans cuts in his office to lead by example
LA Times: In Texas, 'tea party' candidate may shake up governor's race

NYT: Kenneth Starr, Clinton Prosecutor, Is Picked to Lead Baylor
Politico: Ken Starr to head Baylor University


Tampa Trib: Crist takes aim at Rubio's bona fides as conservative
PNJ: Rubio trying to duck fallout from Sansom mess
Politico: Rubio's crowd: Liz Cheney, Matalin, Senor
Miami Herald: Sansom wants panel member removed
St. Pete Times: Sansom accuses panelist of bias

Jack Observ: Gubernatorial Hopefuls Split on Investigating RPOF Credit Cards
AP/Kallestad: Fla. state Democratic chair wants probe of GOP


Chicago ST: Madigan blocks hearing on GOP ethics proposal


Indianapolis Star: Evan Bayh will not seek re-election
Indianapolis Star: Exit boosts GOP hopes in Senate
WSJ: Democrats Take Blow as Senator Bows Out
WaPo: Democratic Sen. Bayh of Indiana won't run for reelection
Wash Times: Bayh retirement plan fuels GOP hope
NYT: Democrats Reel as Senator Says No to 3rd Term
McClatchy: Frustrated with Congress, Dem senator quits
Hill: Steele: Sen. Bayh 'sold out' his constituents
Indianapolis Star: Even as he shakes political world, Bayh remains a voice of reason
Indianapolis Star: Pence, Donnelly won't seek seat
NYT: Bayh Decides Against Re-election Bid
Indianapolis Star: Coats' decision to run came as a surprise, even to insiders
LA Times: What Evan Bayh's retirement really says about Obama's Washington
RCP: Possibility of a Republican Senate Grows
American Spectator: Election Boilermakers
AP/Fram: Angry voters provide backdrop to Bayh's exit
Rush Limbaugh: Senator Evan Bayh Says, No Mas


Star Tribune: Pawlenty cuts deep to balance budget
Star Tribune: August primary advances in Minnesota Senate


USA Today: GOP presidential potential Rick Santorum heads to Iowa


Detroit News: Bowman quits Michigan governor race


KnoxNews: Corker talks reform at UT


WaPo: Editorial: Gov. McDonnell flips


February 15, 2010


WSJ: Cheney Attacks Obama on National Security
Wash Times: Biden, Cheney trade barbs over terror war
NYT: Dueling Vice Presidents Trade Barbs
WaPo: Cheney criticizes Obama on national security policy, and Biden fires back
NYT: Fleming Slightly Hurt After Accident in Biden Motorcade

NYT: Obama Stays Course, but the Winds Change
WSJ: Blame-Bush Tack Is Wearing Thin
Politics Daily: Democratic Disarray Endangers Obama Agenda
NYT: After 9/11 Trial Plan, Holder Hones Political Ear

Wash Times: U.S. hunts for English-speaking bombers
WaPo: Christmas Day bomb suspect was read Miranda rights nine hours after arrest

WaPo: Series of missteps by climate scientists threatens climate-change agenda
Wash Times: Global warming snow job: The scientific community has abandoned science
American Thinker: Wind Energy's Ghosts
Daily Express UK: The Great Climate Change Retreat
Daily Mail UK: Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995

Politico: Republicans mine coal-country anxieties

Hill: Kyl: Dems have already decided how to force health bill through
Gov. Tim Pawlenty: Five ways to reform health care
Hill: Trial lawyers to Obama: Dont deal on tort reform in health talks

NYT: U.S. Housing Aid Winds Down, and Cities Worry

NYT: Charges in Web Video Bring Unusual Rebuttal From F.D.I.C.

AP/Yen: Cons to count more in census changes

NYT: In Black Caucus, a Fund-Raising Powerhouse

WaPo: Republican group American Action hopes to mimic Democrats' success
Wash Times: Right-wing manifesto makes bid to reunify
LA Times: 'Tea party' activists filter into GOP at ground level

LA Times: Mitt Romney gets in position for his next reincarnation
Spartanburg HJ: GOP hopeful Barbour to visit Spartanburg
AP: Palin works the crowd at Daytona 500
Wash Times: Cheney mum on Palin's qualifications

NYT: Politicians as News Analysts Raise Questions on Their Goal

Hill: New FEC rules could impact effect of Court's campaign-finance decision

DBKP: The Conservative 100: Most Popular Conservative Sites


NYT: Links Between Charity and State Senators Staff
Albany TU: Reluctantly, Paterson speculates on what NYT is working on
NY Post/Dicker: Gov OKs 'cover-up' on documents
AP/Virtanen: After Monserrate's exit, now what?
NYDN: So-called 'LLCs' enable real estate giants to give huge sums to Paterson, Cuomo
NYDN: Gov. Paterson's chaotic, disorganized campaign keeps supporters guessing
NYDN: Stamping out political corruption a top priority for U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara
Politics Daily: New York Pols in Three Words: Sleazy, Cheesy, Corrupt


Star-Ledger: With Christie targeting benefits, some NJ public workers consider retirement
Rush Limbaugh: Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ): He's the One We've Been Waiting For


WSJ: In California, Sen. Boxer Has a Fight on Her Hands
John Fund: Terminator vs. Squirrel
George Skelton: California Legislature's new look: ugly
Dan Walters: Whitman tries to run in a cocoon
American Thinker: California is America's Greece


Wash Times: Hayworth to battle 'moderate' McCain
USA Today: Senator John McCain's re-election bid faces hurdle
Hill: Hayworth to McCain: If you bring up Abramoff, I will talk about Keating 5

Arizona Republic: Quayle's son joins hot race for Shadegg's House seat
USA Today: Former VP Quayle's son runs for Congress


Fox: Tea Party Activists Target GOP Senator in Utah


Dallas MN: Perry leads in Texas governor poll, has shot at avoiding GOP primary runoff
AP/Shannon: Poll: Perry leads GOP rivals Hutchison, Medina
AP/Castro: Early primary voting starts Tuesday
NYT: Taking a Texas Primary Ever Farther to the Right


Wash Times: Rubio to speak at conservative conference
Southern PR: Is Sink already sunk in her run for Florida governor?


Chicago DH: GOP Lt. Gov. nominee Plummer says nothing to fear in his background


Politico: Dan Coats's comeback hits Indiana GOP pushback


Star Tribune: A primary switch to August for the state?


Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: Culver rating falls, even among base


Cleveland PD: Statewide Democratic ticket lacking Northeast Ohioans


Allentown MC: State GOP endorses Corbett, Toomey
Philadelphia Inquirer: State GOP endorses Corbett for governor
Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Governor: GOPs Corbett Well Head of Three Potential Opponents

Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey Still Leads Specter, Sestak


Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: Blunt (R) 49%, Carnahan (D) 42%


CQ Politics: Lincoln: No 1 in Vulnerability?


Politico: Tea partiers pull back from alliance with South Carolina's Republican Party


Rasmussen: Louisiana Senate: Vitter 57%, Melancon 33%


WSJ: Rhode Island Democrats to Run for Kennedy's Seat
Human Events: Could GOP Win Retiring Patrick Kennedy's Seat?


News Journal: Delaware courts: Dropped cases put Biden's approach under scrutiny


AP/LeBlanc: Sales tax reduction question weighs on gubernatorial candidates
CQ Politics: Massachusetts' Delahunt Won't Rule Out Retirement
Boston Globe: Poll indicates signs of a GOP resurgence in some N.E. districts




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