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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security

Amid global outrage over Khashoggi, Trump takes soft stance toward Saudis

January 7, 2010


WSJ: Pelosi Says Lawmakers 'Very Close' to Melding Health Bills
Wash Times: Pelosi: Democrats 'close' on health care
Politico: Nancy Pelosi takes swipe at President Obama's campaign promises
Hill: Pelosi: Healthcare vote 'possible' in January
Politico: Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'Bribes' infect health reform
Time: What Health Care Reform Means for the States
WSJ: Married Couples Pay More Than Unmarried Under Health Bill
AP/Kinnard: State AGs make appeal over health care deal
WSJ: More Health Aid Gets Backing
NYT: Democrat Wears Scorn as Medal in Abortion Fight
WaPo: How interest groups behind health-care legislation are financed is often unclear
NYT: Obama Urges Excise Tax on High-Cost Insurance
WaPo: Health-care reform bill's proposed tax on high-cost plans raises questions
Newt Gingrich: Meaningful reform still needed

Hill: Grand jury indicts accused airline bomber on six counts in attack
WSJ: Airliner-Bombing Suspect Indicted
NYT: Nigerian Indicted in Terrorist Plot
WaPo: Detroit airline bomb suspect indicted
Detroit News: Bomb plot suspect indicted
WaPo: After attempted airline bombing, effectiveness of intelligence reforms questioned
NYT: Security for Terrorism Trials Estimated at $200 Million a Year
WaPo: Republicans put new hold on TSA nominee Erroll Southers
James Taranto: Flight 253: Obama's Wake-Up Call?
Human Events: Brennan Behind Terrorism as Crime Policy
LA Times: More former Guantanamo detainees returning to militant activity, Pentagon says

NYT: Some at Fed See a Need to Do More for Housing
WaPo: Dodd's retirement decision may boost chances for financial regulatory overhaul
Karl Rove: Obama's Fiscal Fantasy World: Spending is up nearly 24% since Bush
Politico: President Obama starts 2010 with 50 percent approval

LA Times: UCLA study says legalizing undocumented immigrants would help the economy

WSJ: Salazar Toughens Rules for Drilling on Federal Land
NYT: Interior Chief Vows Scrutiny of Oil and Gas Leases

WSJ: Departures Shake Democrats
NYT: Democrats Wary After Two Senators Decide to Retire
WaPo: Dodd, Dorgan and Ritter to retire as Democrats face difficult midterm election year
Wash Times: Democrats' retirements add burden for Obama
Wash Times: Departures called 'profound loss' for Senate 'expertise'
Human Events: Democratic Senators, Govs Hang it up
WSJ: GOP Struggles to Capitalize
EJ Dionne: What Dorgan's retirement and other exits mean for the Democrats
Dana Milbank: Sen. Dodd announces retirement with dignity -- and honesty
Dick Morris: Dorgan and Dodd quit sinking ship
Hill: Senators poised to take on panel chairman posts of retiring Dems
AP: Open Senate seats
Politico: Unresolved questions for 2010
Politico: Democratic majorities safe, for now
Time: Senate Retirements Highlight the Democrats' Uphill Election Fight
CQ Politics: Retirements and the 60-Seat Horizon
Politico: RGA gears up for 2010 races
Hill: Poll: Self-identified Dems below 50 percent for first time since 2005
Rush Limbaugh: Obama is Destroying His Party

Wash Times: Steele's side pursuits drive away big donors

NY Post: White House budget director ditched pregnant girlfriend for ABC News gal
NY Mag: Orszag Proposed Six Weeks After His Baby Was Born - to Someone Else
Hill: Orszag acknowledges out-of-wedlock child
NYDN: Obama budget boss Orszag admits love child with heiress, is engaged to ABC beauty

Ann Coulter: If You Can Find a Better Deal, Take It!

Rush Limbaugh: Rush on His Health Scare in Hawaii


NYT: Paterson Says Legislators Put State in Danger
Albany TU: A state under siege
Albany TU: Text of the speech
NYDN: Hundreds in room for State of the State speech but only Paterson & Cuomo matter
NYT: Senate Subpoenaed for Records on Espada
NYDN: AG Cuomo turns up heat on Espada with new subpoena over Senate expenses
NYT: Is Punditry a Prelude to a Race in New York?
CQ Politics: Altschuler Banks $750,000-plus in N.Y. 1
Human Events: Gillibrand Can Be Beaten
NYDN: Dems rally around Gillibrand as ex-Tenn. pol Harold Ford Jr. eyes run for NY seat
NY Post: Gov bids to expose lawyer pols' $ecrets
NYDN: Lawmakers in Albany on the brink of clinching deal on ethics reform


Boston Globe: Guard service a key to candidate Brown
Politico: Health bill at issue in Mass. special
Boston Globe: Key Kennedys endorsing Coakley
Joan Vennochi: Browns best hope is a chilly Coakley

Boston Globe: Cahill expected to name ex-lawmaker as running mate


NYT: Connecticut Attorney General Says Hell Seek Senate Seat, and Is Quickly Embraced
Boston Globe: Conn. AG quickly surfaces as potential Dodd successor
Hartford Courant: Blumenthal, At Long Last, Leaving His Comfort Zone
NYT: Citing Tough Race, Dodd Steps Aside
WaPo: Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd's retirement improves Democrats' chances for seat
Rasmussen: 2010 Connecticut Senate: Dodd Struggles Against All Republican Challengers
CQ Politics: Dodd Departure Boosts Democrats Prospects


SacBee: An ambitious exit strategy for Schwarzenegger
NYT: Schwarzenegger Seeks Shift From Prisons to Schools
SacBee: Transcript of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger delivering State of the State address
SacBee: Prop. 8 trial tape might be shown on Web


Las Vegas RJ: Reid is labeled most vulnerable incumbent


Denver Post: Salazar gets White House OK for run
WSJ: Colorado's Gov. Ritter Ends Bid for Re-Election
NYT: Colorado Governor Will Not Run Again
WaPo: Salazar dodges questions about possible run for Colorado governor
Rasmussen: 2010 Colorado Governor: McInnis 48%, Ritter 40%


Dallas MN: Control of the Texas House in flux, with elections in N. Texas being significant


Rasmussen: 2010 Arkansas Senate Race Still A Referendum on Lincoln
Daily Kos: AR-Sen: Time for Lincoln to retire


Miami Herald: Quick choice of Sen. John Thrasher for GOP chairman doesn't please all
Florida TU: Thrasher can't serve 2 masters at the same time
Jacksonville Observer: Day Considers Run for RPOF Chair, Thrasher Still Favored
SunSentinel: Sharon Day, the next Florida Republican Party chairwoman?
Wash Times: 'Tea party' head warns GOP of Fla. repeat
NYT: The First Senator From the Tea Party?
Miami Herald: McCollum outraises Sink in 4th quarter


Athens BH: Editorial: New secretary of state in tough political spot
AJC: Three states seek to keep water rights talks secret


CQ Politics: Hughes Hits the Airwaves With First TV Spot


CQ Politics: Wade Rules Out Challenge To Walz in Minnesota


Politico: Democrats woo MSNBC host Ed Schultz for Senate
Rasmussen: 2010 North Dakota Senate: Hoeven 58%, Dorgan 36%
Politico: Dorgan would serve in Obama cabinet


CQ Politics: Rematch Tussle for Pennsylvanias Kanjorski


Hill: Sen. Brown: 'You can bet' Nebraska's special deal on healthcare will be nixed


Detroit FP: Cox criticizes Obama over carp: He wants to meet with president on issue
Detroit News: Rumors fly over Dem candidates for governor
Detroit FP: New blood in race could hurt GOP: Dillon a good swap for Cherry, experts say
Detroit News: Michigan's wind energy industry sputters


KC Star: Missouri General Assembly opens 2010 session with pledges for ethics


Fremont Tribune: Nelson: We should have waited on health care
Politico: Nelson: Health care before economy was "mistake"


TimesNews: Tenn. governor rejects legal challenge until Congress passes health bill


Winston-Salem Journal: Senate aspirant raises $320K


Politics Daily: Lindsey Graham Dismisses Censure by Third County Republican Party in S.C.


CQ Politics: Virginia Rep. Perriello Issues 85-Page "Annual Report"


Baltimore Sun: Dixon agrees to resign effective Feb. 4
AP: Baltimore Mayor to Step Down


Star-Ledger: Christie warns cities: You can't look to Trenton for aid
Star-Ledger: Editorial: Gov.-elect Chris Christie's smart move on appointments
San Diego UT: Chargers Runyan a genial giant off the field


January 6, 2010


WSJ: Dodd, Dorgan Set to Depart Senate
Politico: Top Democrats head for the exits

WaPo: Democrats holding final intraparty talks on health-care reform
NYT: Republicans Join Call for Live Coverage of Health Talks
WSJ: Democrats Circle the Wagons as Health Talks Restart
NYT: House Democrats to Pursue Health Bill Changes
Hill: Pelosi to bear heavy lifting in selling centrist-influenced health plan to left
Hill: House Dems expect health compromise with Senate, but cool on public option
Hill: Dems agree that House will take up, tweak Senate healthcare bill
Politico: Dem leaders to forgo conference
Politico: Cantor highlights 37 potential swing votes
Wash Times: Reforms bode ill for tax-free health accounts
WaPo: Health bills would shift Medicare money to Mayo and other 'high-value' hospitals
WSJ: The Tom DeLay Democrats: So much for the President's pledge of C-Span transparency
Newt Gingrich: Harry Reids Corrupt Christmas Present

NYT: Obama Says Plot Could Have Been Disrupted
WSJ: President Says U.S. Missed Key Bomb Clues
WaPo: Attempt to bomb airliner could have been prevented, Obama says
WSJ: U.S. Retools Military Intelligence
Politico: Sessions: Jihadi rehab tied to terror
Wash Times: Obama pledges changes on security
WaPo: Return of Yemeni detainees at Guantanamo Bay is suspended
Reuters: U.S. Suspends Guantanamo Prisoner Transfer to Yemen
Politico: No Yemen transfers 'at this time'
WaPo: Former bin Laden bodyguard is among ex-guerrillas in Yemen
WSJ: The Ramzi Yousef Standard: The Administration has ways of making terrorists not talk
WSJ: One 'Allegedly' Too Many: In her raw and disastrous way, Janet Napolitano is revealing
WaPo: Editorial: President Obama offers candid diagnosis of Flight 253 bombing attempt
Thomas Friedman: Jihadists are a political & moral problem for the Arab-Muslim system
Michael Gerson: Airline attack shows Obama's listless approach to terrorism
James Taranto: The War on Christmas: At least we won't have to start calling it "12/25"
Dick Morris: The consequences of Obama: Terrorism is back
Sarah Palin: Its War, not a Crime Spree
Jed Babbin: No Civilian Trials for Terrorists
Pat Buchanan: Nuclear Poker with Iran

NYT: Promise to Trim Deficit Is Growing Harder to Keep
NYT: New Year but No Relief for Strapped States
WaPo: Conflicting housing, factory data show fragility of economic recovery
WSJ: Why Taxing Stock Trades Is a Really Bad Idea

Hill: Grassley wants answers on handling, cost of 'Cash for Clunkers' program

WSJ: Salazar to Toughen U.S. Drilling Rules

CQ Politics: Senators Present a Framework for Compromise on Climate Change

NYT: Court Backs War Powers Over Rights of Detainees
WaPo: Appeals court upholds ruling to detain terror suspect

AP/LaCorte: Fed judges: Felons should get vote

WSJ: Russia Takes Aim at Asteroids: The dinosaurs never saw what hit them

WSJ: Watch Out for GOP Populism: Rep. Paul Ryan an enemy of business?

Wash Times: Recruits for 2010 put glee in GOP
John Fund: It's All Rasmussen's Fault: Look, a messenger! Somebody shoot him!
Dick Morris: The new two-party system
Politico: Steele: I'd join the tea parties
CBS: Tea Party Movement Plans "Strike" for Jan. 20
Hill: RNC chairman doubts GOP will win back the House this November
Telegraph UK: Could Republicans win back the Senate in 2010?


NYT: Senator Dodd Will Not Seek Re-election, Democrats Say
WaPo: Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd won't seek reelection, will retire at end of term
NYT: Decision Sets Stage for Pitched Battle
CQ Politics: Connecticuts Dodd to Announce Retirement Wednesday


NYT: Senator Dorgan of North Dakota Will Retire
Wash Times: Dorgan to retire; GOP sees opening
WaPo: Dorgan to leave Senate, giving Republicans chance to win North Dakota seat
Politico: Byron Dorgan's announcement surprises Democrats
CQ Politics: Dorgan Will Not Seek Re-election in 2010
Hill: Sen. Dorgan announces retirement


Boston Globe: Some saw Coakley as lax on 05 rape case
Boston Globe: In debate, Senate candidates seek to define differences
AP/Johnson: Campaign year shaping up as a brawl for Massachusetts
Politico: Right focuses on Mass.
Rasmussen: 2010 Massachusetts Senate: Coakley 50%, Brown 41%

Boston Globe: Bakers funding shatters records: Patrick foe raises $2.3m in months

Boston Globe: Searching for the GOPs Mr. Right


Warwick Beacon: Chafee attacked on all fronts


NYT: Harold Ford Jr. Weighs a Challenge to Gillibrand

NYDN: Gov. Paterson's State of State address willl focus on state of finance mess
Albany TU: Paterson pushes for ethics reform
Albany TU: Lazio to Paterson: Be bold

NYDN: Skelos: 'Real possibility' Dems would join push to expel state Sen. Hiram Monserrate

NYT: Thompson to Run for Mayor in 2013
NYT: As Clout Grows, Working Families Party Faces a Question: Has It Reached Too Far?


LA Times: Schwarzenegger to propose spending $500 million for worker training
SacBee: Poizner urges freezing state hiring, borrowing, spending
SF Chronicle: GOP's Steve Poizner has $17.5 million war chest

LA Times: Former Republican congressman Richard Pombo to run for California House seat
NYT: Pombo Loses an Ally in Comeback Bid
Wash Times: Feisty Pombo will run again
CQ Politics: Pombo Cites Reasons to Run in California 19


Denver Post: Ritter to withdraw from Colorado governor's race
WaPo: Colorado Governor Ritter to retire
Politico: Bill Ritter won't run for reelection
CQ Politics: Reports: Ritter to Retire in Colorado

Denver Post: State GOP chief Wadhams getting married


CQ Politics: Utah GOP Rep. Chaffetz To Disclose Political Plans


Seattle PI: Chris Widener will challenge Patty Murray
Olympian: Republican Chris Widener says he'll also challenge Sen. Murray


Dallas MN: No serious challengers for Texas' U.S. House delegation
Star-Telegram: GOP gubernatorial debate will include all 3 candidates
Dallas MN: Hopefuls with 'Tea Party' ties take on Texas' U.S. House incumbents


St. Pete Times: Power-broker Thrasher is anointed choice to lead Florida GOP
St. Pete Times: Bowing to pressure, Florida Republican Party chair Jim Greer steps down
Miami Herald: Under fire, state Republican chairman quits
NYT: Embattled Florida G.O.P. Chairman to Quit
Politico: Greer resigns in setback for Crist
CQ Politics: Greer Resigns as Fla. GOP Chairman, Thrasher Expected To Take Over

St. Pete Times: Prosecutor won't drop Sansom case


Athens BH: Kemp in as secretary of state
AJC: Reed against Atlanta tunnel


AP/Tareen: Ill. Senate candidates say little on immigration
LA Times: McKenna signs no-tax pledge, Ryan considers leasing tollway
Chicago Trib: Early prison release program: Gov. Pat Quinn suspends 2nd Illinois program


Pioneer Press: Pawlenty, legislators to give budget talks another shot
WXOW: Minn.'s Pawlenty makes his way to New Orleans


Daily Times: Sestak committed to beating Specter


Cleve PD: Mike DeWine and family to buy minor-league baseball team in Asheville, N.C.
AP/Seewer: Clinton fundraiser kicks off early Ohio campaign


Detroit News: Lt. Gov. Cherry won't run for governor
Detroit FP: Lt. Gov. John Cherry won't run for governor
Detroit News: Cherry's exit leaves uncertainty in Democrats primary race
Detroit News: U.S. attorney vows swift action


KC Star: Missouri GOP senators look into E. coli cover-up
AP: Former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton set for arraignment


CQ Politics: Solid Democratic Recruit Changes Kansas 4 Rating


Kingsport Times-News: Ramsey asks Cooper for legal opinion on health care reform deal
Knox News: Ramsey premature in request on health care, Bredesen says
Commercial Appeal: Tennessee House hopefuls debate


News & Observer: Senate hopeful: Stay the course


State: Graham won't bow to 'political push back'
CQ Politics: S.C. Republicans Rally to Grahams Defense
Politico: Sen. Lindsey Graham censured, again
Hill: Graham censured by second local GOP


Human Events: Parker Griffith in Trouble


ABC: Va. Gov-Elect: Inauguration to Be About Frugality
Richmond TD: Inaugural festivities include community service


NYT: New Jersey Governors Brother: Asset and a Risk
Star-Ledger: Gov.-elect Chris Christie picks former colleague for head of homeland security
Star-Ledger: Corzine and Christie reach agreement over lame-duck nominations
Star-Ledger: Confirmation hearing for Christie's choice for attorney general is postponed


January 5, 2010


WSJ: Dozens of Names Shifted to No-Fly List
WSJ: Deadlock Persists Over TSA Nominee
Politico: Republican defends TSA hold
Politico: TSA's echoes of Ashcroft
Hill: Former member of 9/11 Commission: Key recommendations not followed
Rep. Connie Mack: The Systemic Failures of the Obama Administration

NYT: In Yemen, U.S. Faces Leader Who Puts Family First
WaPo: Yemeni officials, fearing backlash, play down partnership with U.S.
WSJ: U.S. Reopens Embassy in Yemen

WSJ: CIA Blast Blamed On Double Agent
WP: Suicide bomber who attacked CIA post in Afghanistan was trusted informant from Jordan
NYT: Behind Afghan Bombing, an Agent With Many Loyalties

WSJ: Detainees in Pakistan Deny Plotting Terror
WaPo: Va. suspects in Pakistan say mission was jihad not terrorism
WaPo: Pakistan worried U.S. buildup in Afghanistan will send militants across border

NYT: Britain Informed U.S. About Nigerian, Official Says
NYT: Kenya Seeks to Deport Muslim Cleric to Jamaica

NYT: Court Upholds Conviction in 9/11 Case

Politico: Five things to watch at terror meet
Hill: DeMint backs off criticism of Obama

Wash Times: Dems look to skip formality on health bills
CQ Politics: House and Senate Likely to Bypass Formal Conference on Health Care Overhaul
AP: Health bill talks to bar Republican lawmakers
NYT: Health Spending Rises in 2008, but at Slower Rate
Hill: Recession drove down growth of healthcare spending for 2008
Politico: Health debate resumes with W.H. meet
Human Events: AMA Doesn't Speak for Most Doctors
Human Events: CBO: The Political Budget Office
CNS: States Warn Congress of Possible Lawsuit Over Nebraskas Cornhusker Kickback

NYT: C.I.A. Is Sharing Data With Climate Scientists
NYT: For Cape Cod Wind Farm, New Hurdle Is Spiritual
Boston Globe: A decision in sight on Cape Wind dispute

NYT: Divergent Views on Signs of Life in the Economy
WaPo: U.S. manufacturing activity accelerates
NYT: How Visa, Using Card Fees, Dominates a Market

WaPo: Audit criticizes Justice Department threat-response program
NYT: Two Killed in Las Vegas Courthouse
Wash Times: Two killed in Las Vegas courthouse shootout

Wash Times: Making progress on pork busting

WaPo: IRS to regulate paid tax preparation

Hill: FTC set to examine cloud computing

Wash Times: Obama puts his mark on Oval Office decor

St. Pete Times: The man behind shakes up the Republican Party

AP/Daniel: In new book, GOP chairman Steele criticizes post-Reagan Republicans
Human Events: Steele's Right Now Doesn't Sugarcoat GOP's Mistakes
NYT: GOP Chief: Republicans 'Screwed Up' After Reagan

LA Times: Swing states may be on the move

David Brooks: The Tea Party Teens
American Thinker: A Brief 2010 Republican Midterm Platform

WaPo: Republican retirements mount in House

Fox: Romney Will Visit Iowa During Book Tour
AP: Romney plans Iowa stop on book tour
Politico: Mitt Romney headed to Iowa

Politico: RGA, DGA announce record hauls

NYDN: Rush Limbaugh returning to the airwaves a week after hospital scare


Politico: Peter King weighs Senate run again
Hill: Rep. Pete King reconsidering run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

NYT: Paterson Seeks Overhaul to Combat Corruption
NY Post: $queeze & freeze: Gov urged: Nix raises in fiscal crisis
NYDN: Budget advice: Slash pork barrel spending, freeze pay of state government workers
NYDN: Critics drill Gov. Paterson on water plan

NYT: Even in G.O.P., Lazios Bid for Governor Is Hard Sell

NY Post: De Blasio-WFP pols in alliance

Albany TU: Savage vs. Farley or Tedisco?


Boston Globe: Brown and Coakley clash over terror suspects rights
Weekly Standard: Poll: Republican Scott Brown Trails by 11 in Mass. Senate Race
Politico: Curt Schilling endorses Scott Brown in Mass. Senate race
Hill: McCain, Schilling back Brown in bid for Sen. Kennedy's former seat
NRO: Scott Brown's Truck Might Have More Miles Than Fred Thompson's Red Pickup


NYT: Ex-Senator Runs for Governor in Rhode Island as Independent
NYT: Chafee Announces Bid for R.I. Governors Seat


Stockton Record: Pombo to run for congress in 19th district
Fresno Bee: Pombo to seek Radanovich's seat
CQ Politics: Pombo Will Run For Radanovich's Seat

SacBee: Tiny California office delaying stimulus projects, watchdog says
Dan Walters: Prop. 34 was designed for laundering


CQ Politics: Tough Climb in Colorado Puts Bennet in a Tossup


Dallas MN: Texas Gov. Rick Perry has toiled to steer clear of George W. Bush's shadow
Dallas MN: Texas Democrats optimistic they'll break string of losses in statewide races
Austin AS: Republicans are favorites to keep statewide offices
AP/Shannon: Texas filing period ends, primary season begins
Houston Chronicle: Battle lines emerge in March primaries
Star-Telegram: 3-way race develops to challenge Dewhurst in November
Dallas MN: Tough fights for Texas House shape up in Dallas area
Dallas MN: Collin County judge race reflects GOP divide, heads up packed primary ballot
Star-Telegram: Republicans will vastly outnumber Democrats on the March ballot
Dallas MN: At a glance: Candidates for statewide offices


Capitol News Service: Former Republican Leaders Call for Greer to Step Down
Tall Dem: Former Republican legislative leaders join others in demanding Greer's resignation
St. Pete Times: As pressure builds, Greer says Florida GOP raised $4.5 million
St. Pete Times: Under fire, Florida emergency management director resigns
St. Pete Times: What the Florida Legislature needs is a few good candidates
St. Pete Times: Prosecutor plans revamped Sansom criminal case


AJC: Atlanta's new mayor: Make sure we're not a city too busy to love'


Chicago Tribune: U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald welcomes first child
Chicago Tribune: Rod Blagojevich to be on Donald Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich to compete on 'Celebrity Apprentice' for charity


AP/Smith: Indiana Lawmakers to Take up Property Tax Caps


Star Tribune: Skilled politician's latest trick finds its way to court
AP/Bakst: Pawlenty special session offer gets cool reception
MPR: Spending cuts a top issue for Minn. legislators in 2010
PiM: GOP field director pops the question


Cleveland PD: Bill Clinton, Joe Biden lending support to Gov. Ted Strickland
AP: Former Romanian spy backing Republican candidate for Congress


Detroit News: Terror case to challenge new U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade
Detroit News: Gov. Granholm signs education reform bills


KC Star: Missouri prepares for another budget battle
AP: Missouris lieutenant governor gives $100,000 to state auditor candidate Schweich


Kingsport TN: State party chief says Williams won't be on ballot as Republican
NPR: GOP Reiterates Party Status of Kent Williams


News & Observer: Burr: Obama should copy Bush on terror


CBS: GOP Rep. Henry Brown to Retire
Palmetto Scoop: Browns departure leaves wide open Congressional race
Politico: Hartnett mulls bid for Brown seat
State: Heated S.C. races brewing
AP/Adcox: SC high court refuses to suspend cuts for disabled


NYT: Staff Quits After Ala. Congressman Switches to GOP


WaPo: Editorial: Virginia Gov.-elect Robert McDonnell faces transportation crucible


Baltimore Sun: Harris launches 2010 campaign on earmark, deficit themes


NYT: Odds Against Gay Marriage Grow With Setback in Trenton
S-L: NJ Assbly cmte approves bill allowing undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition


Wash Times: Native Hawaiian tribal rights bill spurs row

Politico: Abercrombie sets Feb. 28 date for resignation
CQ Politics: Abercrombie to Depart Feb. 28


January 4, 2010


WSJ: White House Says Terror Clues Were Missed but Saw No 'Smoking Gun'
Wash Times: Security pushed aside, GOP says: Obama priorities questioned
CNN: DeMint: Obama 'distracted' from protecting the country
WSJ: Deadlock Persists Over TSA Nominee
WaPo: Security adviser: No smoking gun to stop attack
Politico: Brennan: System worked 'every other day' in '09
WSJ: Taliban: CIA Attack Was Retaliation for Drone Strikes
Politico: Kean: Abdulmutallab 'did us a favor'
NYT: Some Backing for Napolitano in Wake of Remarks
Politico: Collins: early Napolitano comments 'bizarre'
Telegraph UK: Barack Obama's political response to 12/25 and his vulnerability on terrorism
Mike Lupica: Cheney's rants vs. Obama politicize war on terror

WaPo: U.S., U.K. close their embassies in Yemen over al-Qaeda threats
NYT: Threats Led to Embassy Closings in Yemen, Officials Say
WSJ: Yemen to Hold Six Returned Detainees Indefinitely
LA Times: Yemen dismisses Al Qaeda threat as 'exaggerated'
WSJ: Questions Emerge Over Suspect's Path
WSJ: Al Qaeda Threat Escalates

WaPo: Stepped-up screening targets fliers from 'terror-prone' lands
NYT: U.S. Intensifies Screening for Travelers From 14 Nations
CQ Politics: Lawmakers Question Procedures on U.S. Security
Jed Babbin: Merge the 'Terror' Lists to Prevent the Next Attack
Human Events: Profiling Hasan and Abdulmutallab

WSJ: The Real Blackwater Scandal: Another example of prosecutorial abuse in a political case
Hill: Iraq asks Blackwater employees to leave, will sue five guards

NYT: In Health Bill for Everyone, Provisions for a Few
Bob Graham & Jim Talent: H1N1 response shows need for better medical emergency plans

WSJ: Bernanke Says Rate Increases Must Be an Option
WaPo: Bernanke: Regulatory policy is best defense against housing bubble
NYT: Lax Oversight Caused Crisis, Bernanke Says
AP/Aversa: Bernanke seeks 'smarter' rules
Paul Krugman: That 1937 Feeling
WaPo: Editorial: Fannie and Freddie
CQ Politics: Political Economy: Turning Points

AP/Abrams: Senate weighs job creation vs. debt in bill

NYT: Legislators Work to Improve Laws on Runaways

LA Times: Supreme Court to weigh NFL and antitrust laws

Politico: GOP makes Obama foil in state races
Fox: GOP Financial Struggles Jeopardize 2010 House Election Bids
EJ Dionne: How Democrats can avoid a midterm rout in 2010

Rasmussen: Number of Democrats Falls to New Low, Down Six Points Since Election 2008

Hill: Reids, Bidens and Pauls to attempt to follow the Bushes and Kennedys


NYDN: Rep. Charles Rangel says Andrew Cuomo won't dare run against Gov. Paterson
NYT: Suffolk County Executive Weighing Primary Challenge to Paterson
NYT: Criticized as Too Sedate, Public Advocates Office Intends to Get Louder

Hill: Schumer: Penalize foreign airports that have lax security

Newsday: GOP insiders: Mondello absence no snub of Mangano

LoHud: Astorino vows budget curbs, tax relief


Boston Globe: Senator John McCain endorses Scott Brown for Senate seat
Boston Globe: Republican gets McCains nod; rival adds to her list
Boston Globe: Abortion stances at odds, mostly

Hill: Iran denies entry to Sen. Kerry


LA Times: Lame-duck role may not suit Schwarzenegger
SacBee: Schwarzenegger sets the bar high for his last year in office

LA Times: Race to fill Orange County Assembly seat is calm and quiet

Dan Walters: California faces a tumultuous election year
Fresno Bee: Year full of key elections kicks off today


Missoulian: Montana has become purple state over past decade
Billings Gazette: Rehberg stance on compromise forest bill could be pivotal


Dallas MN: Texas' U.S. House delegation lacks serious challengers in either party


Ledger: A Banner Year for Florida
Orlando Sentinel: Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer refuses to quit


AJC: Unions, Democrats helped Reed pull off daring strategy in Atlanta

AJC: Obama effigy hanged in Jimmy Carter's hometown

AP/McCaffrey: States scramble for funds in crunch


Chicago Tribune: Illinois U.S. Senate election: Abortion issue divides candidates
AP/O'Connor: Med marijuana bill gets support from some in GOP
Chicago Tribune: Ill. candidates for governor on medical marijuana


AP/Bakst: Dayton takes on budget in governor's race: Ex-senator pushes tax increase


Pittsburgh TR: Another tight budget, Republican governor could be in offing
Hill: Murtha to mark congressional milestone


CQ Politics: More Favorable Ratings for Two in Ohio

Cleveland PD: Ohio lawmakers to return after contentious year


Detroit FP: New year brings challenges for schools, state


Politico: McCaskill: Nuts to hold up Southerss confirmation


ABC: Ky. Lawmakers Prepare to Tackle Budget, Gambling
Louisville CJ: Lawmakers split on how to deal with budget crisis


CTFP: Year two of race for governor begins
Commercial Appeal: Former Lt. Gov. John Wilder remembered by those he influenced
Knox News: Sundquists enjoy life in mountains


News & Observer: U.S. needs to cut spending, Libertarian says


Politico: Henry Brown retiring
State: Sanford affair shows records not always preserved


NYT: Alabama Democrat Casts His Lot With G.O.P.


NewsLeader: Charting new waters for schools
Roanoke Times: A term of crisis: Gov. Tim Kaine exit interview


Star-Ledger: Last call for lame ducks in Trenton
NJ: Fisher staying ag chief?
AP: N.J. Gov. Corzine signs bill modifying handgun law


January 3, 2010


WSJ: Petraeus Visits Yemen as U.S. Beefs Up Counter-Terror Ops
Politico: Petraeus' surprise trip to Yemen
NYT: Obama Says Al Qaeda in Yemen Planned Bombing Plot, and He Vows Retribution
WaPo: Obama ties airliner plot to al-Qaeda's Yemeni affiliate
CQ Politics: Obama Pledges Renewed Fight Against Terrorism
LA Times: Yemeni groups pose new set of terrorism threats
NYT: Yemens Chaos Aids the Evolution of a Qaeda Cell
WaPo: Al-Qaeda benefits from a decade of missteps to become a threat in Yemen
WaPo: Editorial: Soft on terror? Not this president
AP/Al-Haj: US Embassy in Yemen closes over al-Qaida threats
AP/Al-Haj: Yemen sends more troops to terror strongholds
AP/Selva: Britain, US to fund Yemen anti-terror unit
Hill: British prime minister says Obama agrees to fund Yemen police unit
AP/Elliot: Obama: Al Qaeda link in bomb plot
American Thinker: The Jihad Decade Cometh

CQ Politics: McConnell Cites Common Faith to Overcome Challenges
Hill: McConnell: America, as it did in 1777, will 'join ranks' in the new year

WaPo: Some foes of health-care bill hope courts will stop legislation
St. Pete Times: Is the health care bill in Congress constitutional?
WaPo: High court could be last stop in health fight
Hill: Nelson's office asked AGs to 'call off the dogs' on health probe
Hill: Hatch: Healthcare bill 'rich' for challenges on constitutionality
Tennessean: Nebraska health-care move is unconstitutional after all

WaPo: On issues like global warming and evolution, scientists need to speak up

WaPo: Census counts on partnerships to find hard-to-reach groups

NYDN: With estate tax dead for 2010, now is time for rich to kick the bucket tax free

WaPo: Cash-rich real estate investors trigger bidding wars, frustrate other buyers
WaPo: A religious response to the financial crisis
George Will: Avaricious developers and governments twist the meaning of 'blight'
NYT: Americans Doing More, Buying Less, a Poll Finds
AP/Abrams: Will Latest Jobs Bill Really Produce Jobs?

WSJ: Clinton Foundation Draws Eclectic Donors

Bono: Ten for the Next Ten

Politico: 25 politicians to watch in 2010

AP/Sidoti: 2010 situation grows difficult for Dems
Politico: Low favorables: Dems rip Rasmussen

Examiner: 2010 U.S. House races preview

Boston Globe: Romney will hit key primary states on book tour

LA Times: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin top list of most admired women

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Albany TU: Health reform hurts, helps
NY Post: Liu, de Blasio have Bloomy in their sights
NYDN: Assemblyman Lou Tobacco faces off with suspected Staten Island crook


Boston Globe: Scott Brown from Wrentham, meet New Zealand Scott Brown
Sun Chronicle: Scott Brown and the polarization of national politics


Hill: GOP hopeful Whitman seen taking the middle road in race to succeed Schwarzenegger
WaPo: California's scary sneak preview
NYT: To-Do List Grows for Leadership Group
SacBee: Campaign limits avoided
Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger needs to man-up on budget
AP/Lin: California faces more budget pain, cuts in 2010


Las Vegas Sun: A lot riding on midterm elections


Denver Post: Coffman's broken ankle stalls New Year's dancing
Wash Scene: Rep. Coffman breaks his foot; misses dancing on New Year's Eve

9News: Colo. taxpayers paid $200,000 for governor's photos


Dallas MN: Expect low blows, high volume from Perry, Hutchison
Dallas MN: At a glance: Why governor's race matters
Dallas MN: Ralph Hall, oldest U.S. House member: some factoids
Star-Telegram: Texas candidates pay top dollar for ammo about the opposition
SA News: Latino candidates awaiting right time


Wash Times: Tea partiers protest Obama in New Mexico


St. Pete Times: 2009's winner and loser could switch roles in 2010
Miami Herald: Crist begins decade fighting poll numbers
SunSentinel: Crist faltering: Time for the governor to look at Plan B. Or C. Or


AJC: Atlanta Mayor-elect Reed: You will see action


Chicago Sun-Times: Hastert's son running for dad's old seat
Chicago Sun-Times: Abortions in Illinois reach 10-year high in 2008


Pioneer Press: Treading lightly? Judge Gearin rules on unallotment


Pocono Record: Corbett, AGs threatening the health care deal


Columbus Dispatch: Strickland-Kasich could focus on the state's pocketbook
Cleveland PD: Public-pension tab in Ohio: $4.1 billion -- and growing
Cleveland PD: Retiree health funds running out of money


WaPo: Poll of Detroit residents finds grim conditions but optimistic outlooks
Detroit News: Bill would let Mich. voters register online


KC Star: People and issues to watch in the 2010 Missouri & Kansas legislative sessions


Knox News: Sundquist wants more 'civil' and 'bipartisan' politics
Knox News: 2010 predictions: A Bredesen legacy
Tennessean: Bills include $307 million in projects for Tennessee
Jackson Sun: Kirkland seeks to replace Tanner
Examiner: Davis still feels of company of Blue Dogs


Greensboro N&R: Politics in 10 are likely to be unpredictable


Times UK: Wife of cheating governor Jenny Sanford exacts a political revenge


NYT: Risks of Switching Parties Are Clear


Richmond TD: Virginia maxes out credit card


Baltimore Sun: A right turn for Baltimore county?


Star-Ledger: The man behind Gov.-elect Chris Christie's transition team
Star-Ledger: Mary Pat Christie readies for role as state's first lady


January 2, 2010


WSJ: GOP Seizes on Security as Issue
Politico: Democrats' worst nightmare: Terrorism on their watch
NYDN: Delta CEO says don't blame attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 - blame the feds
WaPo: Before vote, some senators knew of testimony error by TSA nominee Southers
CBS: TSA Nominee Faces New Problems
Kathleen Parker: National security is in President Obama's court
Sydney MH: Obama criticism intensifies over handling of Detroit bomber
Detroit News: Official reverses, confirms 2nd arrest from Flight 253
NPR: Delta CEO Demands Answers In Foiled Plane Bombing
AP/Weber: Delta CEO: Airlines not to blame for security lapses

LA Times: Opponents of a health insurance mandate mobilize
WSJ: ObamaCare on Drugs: A tax increase that will cause seniors to lose private benefits
WaPo: Senate health-care bill would still leave millions uninsured
Sen Orrin Hatch: Why the Health-Care Bills Are Unconstitutional
Politico: Ben Nelson to Henry McMaster: 'Call off the dogs'

WaPo: Senator Mitch McConnell: better days ahead despite war, recession
LA Times: McConnell salutes the U.S. military, Obama orders reports on terrorism lapses

SciD: No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years, New Research Finds

NYT: U.S. Lawyers Knew About Legal Pitfalls in Blackwater Case

NYT: U.S. Loan Effort Is Seen as Adding to Housing Woes

NYT: To Overhaul Immigration, Advocates Alter Tactics

WSJ: The States and the Stimulus: How a supposed boon has become a fiscal burden

AP: Clintons Release 2009 Donor List for Ex-Presidents Charitable Foundation
WaPo: Eclectic bunch of donors -- near, far, left, even right -- gave to Clinton group
AP/Theimer: Clinton donors include foreign governments

WSJ: Estate-Tax Repeal Means Some Spouses Are Left Out

NYT: Limbaugh Is Out of the Hospital
AP/Niesse: Limbaugh: No medical ailments found
AJC: Rush Limbaugh Leaves Hospital, Discusses His Chest Pain Scare
Politico: Rush: U.S. health system 'just fine'

WSJ: Obamas Lei Low on Hawaiian Trip

Dana Milbank: Fox News host Glenn Beck's national domination

LA Times: Ron Paul's ideas no longer fringe

Examiner: Political predictions for 2010: U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Iowa races
DailyMail: Charlie Cook: Every Republican incumbent may win
Examiner: U.S. Gubernatorial races preview, Part 1
Examiner: U.S. Gubernatorial races preview, Part 2

CQ Politics: Blue Dog PAC Lends Vulnerable Members a Hand

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYDN: Schumer's Other Plans
StarGazette: GOP banking on Reed against Massa to help erode Dem's grip
Albany TU: Governor promises decision on racino
NYT: For Bloombergs 3rd Term, a Humbler Start
Reuters: NY Mayor Bloomberg to promote immigration reform
NYT: Public Advocate Takes a Challenging Tone, and Thoughts of 2013 Are Near
Long Island Press: Mangano Sworn In As Nassau County Exec
Poughkeepsie Journal: Dutchess reverts to Republican control in 2010


Star-Ledger: Gov.-elect Chris Christie swears in new Republican mayor in Parsippany
Daily Record: Christie keeps promise to Barberio in Parsippany


WSJ: Interview with Bob McDonnell: Back to GOP Basics
Daily Press: A decade of bi-partisan bloopership
WaPo: Winners & Losers of 2009


SacBee: If furloughs go, state workers fear layoffs could be next
Contra Costa Times: California's political highs and lows of 2009


Dallas MN: At 86, Rockwall Republican Ralph Hall seeks 16th term in Congress
Lubbock AJ: Is new generation of South Plains legislators coming?


Examiner: Tea Party PAC endorses Rubio for U.S. Senate in Florida
Examiner: Crist's Tailspin: Dec. polls place Rubio with larger, growing lead over Dem. Meek
Tampa Tribune: A look back at a decade of ups and downs


Macon Telegraph: Cole set to replace Handel as Ga. secretary of state
AJC: Rep. Jim Cole will be new Secretary of State
Examiner: Jim Cole tapped to be the next Georgia Secretary of State


AP/Tareen: Hastert's son tries to reclaim father's district


RedState: Indiana Press Notices Bayhs Health Care Lies


Star Tribune: Gearin's order changes 2010 game


Detroit FP: There'll be no rest for Democrats in 2010


AP/Lieb: Mo. political dynasties likely to face off in 2010


WSJ: Heat Rises on Nebraska's Nelson
John Fund: Ben Nelson's Purgatory


Tennessean: John Wilder dies: Capitol Hill loses a legend
Memphis CA: Former Lt. Gov. John Wilder dies at age 88
Knox News: Former Lt. Gov. Wilder dies
Memphis CA: 2010 rings in new laws for Tennessee
Examiner: Top 10 Tennessee political moments of 2009


CQ Politics: Rand Paul Has Praise for Tea Party Movement


Asheville CT: Democratic exits add to duties for Buncombe's Sen. Nesbitt


State: U.S. attorney Walt Wilkins thinks he has had an effect


WBZ: Brown, Coakley Battle It Out In Campaign Ads


Bloomberg: Google executive running for Vermont governor post


AP: Nevada high court revises judicial conduct rules
Chuck Muth: 2009 top 10 conservatives in Nevada


9News: 2010 could be a contentious year in Colorado politics


January 1, 2010


WaPo: GOP attorneys general demand a change in Senate health-care bill
Wash Times: Dems brace for voter backlash on health
Rasmussen: 52% Fear They Could Be Forced to Change Insurance If Health Plan Passes
Politico: GOP banks on repeal push for 2010
Politico: GOP lawmakers stay vocal during break

WaPo: Investigators scrutinize Yemeni American cleric's ties to plane suspect
Rasmussen: 58% Favor Waterboarding of Plane Terrorist To Get Information
Detroit News: Witnesses say second man arrested in Flight 253 incident
Politico: Key GOP-er calls for intel hearings
Hill: Former chairman of the 9/11 commission: Flight 253 intel echoed lapses
American Thinker: In Defense of Profiling

WaPo: TSA nominee misled Congress about accessing confidential records
LA Times: White House defends nominee to head TSA, says delay is based on politics
AP/Elliott: White House defends its TSA nominee
WaPo: Ex-Homeland Security chief head said to abuse public trust by touting body scanners
Michael Chertoff: Former homeland security chief argues for whole-body imaging
Charles Krauthammer: A terrorist war Obama has denied
Peggy Noonan: Look Ahead With Stoicismand Optimism
Wes Pruden: Obama has little to show for '09

Politico: Napolitano on the hot seat, again
David Broder: Napolitano's 'no drama' competence shows her potential
NYDN: Firings possible over fumbled case of underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

NYT: Terror Attempt May Hinder Plans to Close Guantnamo

WaPo: Charges dismissed against Blackwater guards in Iraq deaths
NYT: Judge Drops Charges From Blackwater Deaths in Iraq
Wash Times: Blackwater contractors cleared in Iraq killings

NYT: A Busy Year for Judiciary, Roberts Says
WaPo: Supreme Ct Chief Justice Roberts opts not to ask Congress to raise judicial salaries

WSJ: Repeal of Estate Tax Creates Planning Dilemmas
WSJ: Mother Nature Gets Some Credit for Estate Tax Hiatus

Wash Times: Recovering economy's jobs loss slows

NYDN: Rush Limbaugh is in 'good, stable condition' in hospital after chest pains
AP/McAvoy: Limbaugh still hospitalized: Experienced chest pains on vacation

LA Times: GOP poised for comeback in midterm elections

NewsMax: Palin, Beck Vault Into Gallup's Top 10 Most Admired


NYT: Paterson Claims Vindication on Budget Warnings
NYDN: Is Broke In The Eye Of The Beholder?

Hill: Rep. Massa challenges Cheney to debate

Observer: Edwards endorses Lazio in campaign for governor


Star-Ledger: N.J. Assembly Speaker says no action on gay marriage bill until Senate votes
Star-Ledger: Former N.J. assemblyman convicted of fraud granted early release


Richmond TD: Va. GOP names new executive director
News-Leader: Politics, budgets still hot in 2010


SacBee: Whitman makes list of decade's most influential folks

LA Times: Judge orders Schwarzenegger to halt state worker furloughs
SacBee: Judge rules Schwarzenegger can't furlough 3 unions
AP: Judge Blocks Furloughs in California

LA Times: California ushers in new laws limiting trans fats, the paparazzi and more


Hill: Former Rep. Hayworth inches toward McCain challenge in 2010


Durant DD: Texas shows its swagger in new population estimates
Hill: No rematch for Rep. McCaul


Orlando Sentinel: McCollum joins other AGs in challenging health-care bill
St. Pete Times: For Gov. Charlie Crist, a battered image and uncertain future
St. Pete Times: Prosecutor: Court decision hurts his case against Sansom


AJC: Perdue picks Cole as next Secretary of State


NYT: In Senate Race, the Illinois G.O.P. Is Digging Its Own Hole
Chicago Tribune: New Illinois laws for 2010 include no texting while driving


Star Tribune: Pawlenty digs in, will fight budget ruling
Star Tribune: Judge is no stranger to high-stakes political cases
GFH: Pawlenty fights judicial legislating

NYT: Ex-Minn. Senator Dayton Seeks Revival in Governor's Race


PR Newswire: AG Corbett urges Congress to Strike Nebraska Provision from Health Care Bill
Pittsburgh TR: Census numbers point to Pennsylvania losing House seat
Pike County Courier: Toomey, Derk at Lincoln dinner


Columbus Dispatch: Court denies Noe's appeal


Detroit News: Report finds fewer Michigan legislators missing votes


CQ Politics: Kansas Legislator Ends Campaign Against GOP Rep. Jenkins


Baltimore Sun: 8 from Frederick seek Weldon's GOP Md. House seat


Fay Observer: Smoking ban tops list of new laws


Boston Globe: Coakleys camp says it has raised $5.2m, far more than rival
CQ Politics: Brown Raises $600,000 for Mass. Senate Race in December


Hartford C: Rob Simmons Says Linda McMahon Is Using Donations To Try To Buy Support
Greenwich Time: Mastermind of GOP attack ads on McMahon payroll


Reno GJ: Nevada governor fires campaign aide for 'window dressing' remark
LA Times: Nevada Gov. Gibbons' ex-wife called 'window dressing'




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