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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

January 14, 2010


WaPo: Obama joins congressional leaders in talks to work out health-care kinks
NYT: Obama and Lawmakers Seek Accord on Health Care
Politico: President Obama pushes for a deal on health bill
Hill: Obama seizes reins in daylong House-Senate healthcare talks
Hill: Cantor: 'This health bill can be defeated'
Wash Times: Pressure to pass health bill exposes divisions among Democrats
NYDN: Dems Deadlocked on Health Care
CQ Politics: GOP Targets Vulnerable Democrats in Bid To Defeat Health Bill
NYT: Lieberman Disputes Reids Account of Health Bill Wrangling
Politico: Harry Reid, Joe Lieberman clash over letter
WSJ: Health Experts and Double Standards
Chris Chocola: Repeal Obamacare for 2010 win
Wash Times: Special Senate election political football
George Will: That rock in the health-care road? It's called the Constitution

NYT: Decision Promised Soon on Cape Cod Wind Farm
WSJ: Chu, Orszag at Odds Over Yucca Funding

WSJ: Panel Rips Wall Street Titans
NYT: Voices That Dominate Wall Street Take a Meeker Tone on Capitol Hill
WaPo: In Capitol Hill hearing, bankers remain torn on their role in crisis
Wash Times: CEOs trade blame with Congress over finance crisis
WSJ: Inquiry Panel's Head Is Known as a Scrapper
Dana Milbank: 'Sorry' still seems to be the hardest word on Wall Street

WSJ: White House's Tax Proposal Targets Big Banks' Risks
WaPo: Administration to propose tax on large banks to target risk-taking, bonuses
CQ Politics: Banking Industry Caught Off Guard By Proposed Fee
Hill: Frank to hold Financial Services hearings on limiting executive pay

Hill: Poll: Obama neglecting focus on the economy

Hill: House Democrats turn focus to economy

CQ Politics: House Panel Moves to Deter Vertical Price-Fixing

Hill: Grassley: Obama nominees are to blame for slow confirmation pace at Treasury

WaPo: Supreme Court seems disinclined to give NFL antitrust exemption

NYT: Justice Dept. Fights Bias in Lending

NYT: New Official Named With Portfolio to Unite Agencies and Improve Food Safety
WaPo: New FDA deputy to lead food-safety mandate

NYT: Administration Loosens Purse Strings for Transit Projects

Wash Times: Obama wins more cuts in spending than Bush

Wash Times: House panel rejects Panther resolution

Wash Times: Jobs impact of stimulus disputed
WSJ: How to Guard Against Stimulus Fraud

NYT: G.O.P. Lawmakers Revisit 1994 Contract
CQ Politics: Boehner Plans Contract With America Redux
Politico: GOP: We'll take back the House
Politico: 2006 GOP sweep victims plot return
CQ Politics: Cornyn Spreads The Wealth

Politico: Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck rail against 'system'
Time: The Uncertain Future of Sarah Palin

AP/Baker: Gingrich considers himself among top 2012 presidential prospects for GOP

Politico: Glenn Beck and CPAC: Outsider steps in

Karl Rove: The President's Bait-and-Switch Operation

Ann Coulter: Harry Reid's Negro Problem

AP: Steele Holds Backing of GOP Brass Outside Capital
Politico: GOP losers target Michael Steele


NYT: Gillibrand Responds to Fords Challenge, Calling Him Out of Touch With New York
NYDN: Gillibrand shifts gears, goes on attack against possible challenger Harold Ford
Politico: Harold Ford's Manhattan makeover
Politico: Harold Ford's gilded New York
NY Post: Sharpton: Ford 'bullying' could cause backlash

NYT: Lawmakers Offer Ethics Plan, but Paterson Says It Falls Short
NYDN: Gov. Paterson blasts 'disrepectful' ethics reform bill
Albany TU: Paterson on ethics proposal: election-year window dressing
Albany TU: Ethics reform advanced

NY Post: Espada probed for using state money for personal use
NYT: Espada May Have Violated Laws, Cuomos Office Says

NYDN: Cuomo to back Senate Dems in possible legal battle against Sen. Hiram Monserrate

Albany TU: Skelos, Kolb will headline Albany GOP breakfast

Buffalo News: Collins under fire for another inappropriate comment

Albany TU: Sales taxes continue their slump


Boston Globe: Brown pushes far beyond his GOP base
Boston Globe: Outside groups fund attack ads
Boston Globe: Rancor between Senate foes rises as vote nears
WaPo: Senate race in Massachusetts getting uglier with attack ads in final stretch
CQ Politics: Fur Flies Over Binnie Ad in Massachusetts
NYT: Democrats Fight to Hold Crucial Seat: Kennedys
Gail Collins: The 10 Percent Rules
Rush Limbaugh: Coakley Aide Assaults Reporter; Democrats in Massachusetts Panic


Rasmussen: 2010 New Hampshire Senate: Ayotte (R) 49%, Hodes (D) 40%


WSJ: Former Congressman Campbell to Drop California Gubernatorial Bid
SacBee: Schwarzenegger renews push for U.S. aid
NYT: Ruling Blocks Broadcasting of a Trial on Same-Sex Marriage


Rasmussen: 2010 Nevada Senate: Reids Support Falls Even Lower


Dallas MN: Perry, Hutchison face gender pitfalls at GOP debate
AP/Shannon: Republican candidates for governor debate Thursday
NYT: Texas Shuts Door on Millions in Education Grants


Jack Observ: Republican Party of Florida to Get a New Executive Director


CQ Politics: Evans Drops Bid For Georgia Rep. Deal's Seat
Human Events: Rep. Nathan Deal of Georgia: Assessing the Health Care Debate
AJC: Timing is right' for ethics bills, watchdog says


Chicago Tribune: Republican primary for IL governor: Civil debate conceals rivals' tensions
Chicago Sun-Times: 7 GOP gov hopefuls vie to be closest to the poor


CQ Politics: Gibbons Pins Down $200,000 For Iowa Match


Rasmussen: 2010 Minnesota Governor: Ex-Senators Coleman, Dayton Run Strongest


CQ Politics: Cramer Ready to Challenge Pomeroy in North Dakota


WaPo: Arlen Specter says Dawn Johnsen may be competent after all


Akron BJ: State auditor taking risk


Detroit News: Ilitch mulls run for governor


KC Star: Highlights from today's Missouri Republican press conference


Tennessean: Ford's conservative record may present obstacle in N.Y.


News & Observer: State moves to regulate alcohol regulators


CQ Politics: Thurmonds Son Just One Familiar Name in S.C. Race

State: SC House rebukes gov, Senate sidelines censure
WSJ: South Carolina State Representatives Vote to Censure Sanford
NYT: Governor Censured by State House


CQ Politics: Herrity, Fimian in GOP Battle For Virginia Rep. Connolly's Seat


NYT: To Lead Schools, Christie Picks Voucher Advocate
Star-Ledger: Gov.-elect Chris Christie picks Bret Schundler as N.J. education commissioner
Star-Ledger: Christie targets teachers' union with Schundler appointment


Politico: Ben Nelson tries to repair damage at home


January 13, 2010


NYT: Sarah Palin Makes Her Debut on Fox
NYDN: Sarah Palin's debut as Fox News commentator on 'O'Reilly Factor' goes smoothly
WaPo: Palin says new book tells 'a lie' about her
Politico: Sarah Palin on Fox says she thought Iraq was behind 9/11
Politico: Steve Schmidt's war against Palin
Politico: Tea partiers shell out big bucks for Sarah Palin

Hill: U.S. Chamber opens up 2010 with sweeping attack of Obama policies
CQ Politics: Chamber of Commerce Warns Lawmakers It Will Play Election Hardball
NYT: Wall St. Pay Is a Focus of Many in Washington
NYT: Obama to Propose Bank Tax to Recoup Bailout Losses
WSJ: Bashing Bankers Is a Political Duty
WSJ: Obama and the 'Fat Cat Bankers'
WSJ: Businesses Criticize Cast of Inquiry Panel
Politico: Dodd dodgy about reform deadline
WSJ: The Geithner AIG Story: Those emails and 'systemic risk'
Wash Times: Taxpayers to pay for Fannie, Freddie aid

WaPo: House, Senate remain divided over key issues in health bill
Politico: House Dems mount health assault
Hill: Pelosi, Hoyer, panel chairmen will represent House on health reform
Hill: Rangel: Dems face 'serious problems' on healthcare reform
WSJ: Support Grows for U.S. Health Exchange
NYT: Labor Campaigns Against Tax on Health Plans
Bob Dole: Taxing Details That Harm Patients

NYT: Talks to Begin on Creating a Bipartisan Budget Panel
Politico: McConnell looms over deficit plan

WSJ: Murkowski Holds Out Option of Vote on Plan to Block EPA
Politico: Green groups pine for bill

Wash Times: Justice rebuffs Panthers subpoena: Rights panel's probe stymied

Garicano & Posner: What Our Spies Can Learn From Toyota
Dana Milbank: Terrorist group sues the U.S.
CQ Politics: GOP Leader Says Detention Policies Create Operational Confusion
Human Events: Exile Panetta from Wayne's World
Pat Buchanan: Why Are They at War With Us?

Politico: President Obama political arm under fire
Michael Gerson: Where has Obama's inspiring oratory gone?
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So! A Year Later: Obama Seen as a Failure by 48%
NYT: Obama to Appear at Democratic, G.O.P. Retreats
Politico: Obama to address House GOP

Hill: McConnell declines to call for Reid's resignation over race-related comment
Hill: Sharpton: Bill Clinton's 'coffee' remark about Obama may have been racist
Rush Limbaugh: We're Dwelling On It, Dingy Harry! We Won't Ignore Democrat Racism
Jackson CL: Sauce for Lott's goose should be sauce for Reid's gander

Hill: White House calls for jobs bill as it touts stimulus effects
NYT: Administration Says Stimulus Has Worked
WaPo: Economic stimulus has created or saved nearly 2 million jobs, White House says

WSJ: Justices Hear Sex-Offender Case
NYT: Supreme Court Weighs Authority, Not Legality, of Civil Confinements

Wash Times: Democrats chart dim midterm course: Strategists tout legislative wins
NYT: An Early Assessment of the 2010 Senate Races
Fayette County News: Evans: U.S. Senate will change in 2010

Politico: Daschle-dashing Thune in 2012 mix

NYDN: Newt eyeing 2012? Gingrich to speak at Southern Republican Leadership Conference

Wash Times: RNC members will urge Steele to end book tour
Dick Morris: Memo to Steele: GOP will win


NYDN: Ford camp calls Gillibrand a White House puppet, accuses Obama of interfering
NYDN: Ford avoiding Dem party establishment, will take cues from voters, not 'party bosses'
NY Post: Cuomo: Ford has right to fight Kirsten
NYDN: Possible Gillibrand foe Harold Ford won't take dip in Merrill Lynch bonus pool
NYT: Senate Hopeful in New State Airs Evolving Views
NYT: Floating a Ford Candidacy in N.Y.

Buffalo News: Panel plans Monserrate's expulsion
NY Post: Panel: Remove or censure Hiram Monserrate
NYDN: Monserrate planning preemptive move in federal court to keep his Albany seat
NY Post: Hiram: You can't boot me

Albany TU: Doing more with less
NY Post: Gov's combo $olution

NY Post: Dice-y bust for the Gov's son, 15
Albany TU: Patersons son taken into custody, governor asks for privacy

Albany TU: Dinallo has over $1.5 million for AG run, will be in Albany Thursday

NYDN: New York State Court of Appeals deliberating whether to grant raises to judges


WaPo: In Massachusetts, Republican Brown steps up campaign for Kennedy's Senate seat
Boston Globe: In short race, Coakley picks targets carefully
Boston Globe: Abortion takes stage in Senate race
Boston Globe: AG finds herself on 2 sides of a dispute
NYT: Massachusetts Ad Wars in Senate Race
WSJ: Coakley's Saviors: The health-care industry rides to the Democratic rescue
Politico: Massachusetts election has Democrats on edge
Politico: Martha Coakley confident a week out
CQ Politics: Money Is the Weapon of Mass. Mobilization
Hill: Dems, labor pour cash into Kennedy seat
Fox: Kerry Launches Late Money Push for Coakley in Race for Kennedy's Senate Seat
CSM: Will Republican Scott Brown take Ted Kennedys Senate seat?
Rasmussen: Massachusetts Senate Election: Coakley (D) 49%, Brown (R) 47%
Newt Gingrich: What's Going on in Massachusetts?
Rush Limbaugh: Brown Destroys Coakley in Debate, Dems Drag Rush Into Race with Ad

Boston Globe: With stimulus funds gone schools bracing for deep cutbacks


SacBee: Campbell expected to leave governor's race for U.S. Senate bid
LA Times: Senate race to unseat Boxer takes unexpected turn
SF Chronicle: Campbell expected to switch to U.S. Senate race
CQ Politics: Campbell Ready to Switch Races

SacBee: California controller says he'll restore guards' pay; governor vows furlough fight
WSJ: Report Challenges California Budget
Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger's blue-sky budget rebuked

LA Times: Marijuana legalization bill approved by key Assembly committee


Las Vegas Sun: Tea Party set turns out in Las Vegas at its anti-Harry Reid finest
WSJ: Big in Capitol, Reid Stumbles in Nevada
Fox: Rory Reid's Gubernatorial Bid Suffers as Dad Harry Faces Declining Polls
Politico: GOP: Let Harry Reid hang himself


LA Times: Democrats' Rocky Mountain high takes a tumble in Colorado
Denver Post: Hickenlooper's hat in ring for Colorado governorship
Wash Times: Denver mayor aims for open governor's seat: Incumbent forgoing 2nd term


Dallas MN: Perry appears well-financed as he, Hutchison prepare campaign reports
Dallas MN: Perry, Hutchison agree to second gubernatorial debate in Dallas
Dallas MN: Perry, Hutchison to face off Jan. 29 in debate
Dallas MN: A slice of poll in the governor's race
CQ Politics: Money, Clout and Texas Politics


NYT: Race Assumes Central Role in New Orleans Vote


St. Pete Times: Rubio stays close but not too close to tea party
Miami Herald: Rubio becoming star on tea-party circuit
Tampa Tribune: Rubio wins straw poll in Crist's home county of Pinellas

CQ Politics: Two Florida GOP Districts in Safe Territory

St. Pete Times: McCollum, Sink split on cap for lawyer fees in suits


AJC: Cagle calls for tax cuts despite budget crisis
ABC: Ethics Reform Bills Emerge in Georgia House
AJC: Day 2: House is in session
AP/McCaffrey: Ga. bill would expand areas where guns are allowed
Columbus LE: Ralston elected House speaker over Columbus' Smyre


CQ Politics: Illinois and the Law of Unintended Consequences
Chicago Sun-Times: Giannoulias, Hoffman spar in Dem debate


MPR: Why Norm Coleman is running for governor
PP: Pawlenty Administration files appeal of unallotment case


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rohrer supporters say GOP is ignoring him for governor
Philadelphia Inquirer: Sestak challenges Specter to six debates


Cincinnati Enquirer: Kasich: Government obstacle to jobs
Vindy: Ohio auditor expected to be Kasichs running mate
Cleveland PD: Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor won't seek re-election, instead will run for lt. gov


Politico: Bart Stupak serious about Michigan gubernatorial run
Detroit News: Gov's race loses another candidate
Detroit FP: Freeman quits Democratic gubernatorial race


St. Louis PD: Major tax overhaul proposed in Missouri Senate


Knox News: Old friend of senator behind
Tennessean: TN paper ballot law delayed until 2012


LA Times: John and Elizabeth Edwards: Scenes from a marriage
News & Observer: Rival attacks Burr's fundraising method


Palmetto Scoop: Thurmond takes first step toward Congressional bid
Politico: Strom Thurmond son planning to run for Congress
NYT: Thurmond Son Ponders Run

State: Sanford showdown is today
State: Senate Republicans target health care reform
State: Candidates release new fund totals: Bauer in third place behind Barrett, McMaster


NBC: Marsden Elected to State Senate
Augusta FP: Democrat takes Cuccinelli Senate seat
WaPo: Va.'s 37th District Senate race comes down to the wire
WaPo: Virginia Republicans try to thwart federal gun, health-care bills

CQ Politics: Fimian Preps For GOP Race With Herrity In Northern Virginia


Philadelphia Inquirer: Snag mars first session of new N.J. Legislature
NYT: Corzine, in Farewell, Admits Failure to Relieve Tax Burden
Star-Ledger: Corzine's State of the State addresses the economy, legacy in office
Paul Mulshine: State of the State, or state of denial? Gov. Jon Corzine's farewell speech


ProJo: Robitaille makes it official: Hes in race


January 12, 2010


WaPo: Obama excuses Reid for his comments, calling him a 'good man'
NYT: Obama Plans Campaign Stop for Reid in Nevada
Hill: Sen. Reid immediately recognized danger of 'Negro dialect' comment
WSJ: The Trouble with Harry: Reid's racial comments aren't his worst rhetorical offense
Ward Connerly: Harry Reid's Race Problem: I'm still trying to figure out what was offensive
Ted Nugent: Trent Lott Has Got to Be Shaking His Head
Rush Limbaugh: Revelations of Racism Inside the Democrat Party are No Big Surprise
Rush Limbaugh: Why Harry Reid's "Negro Dialect" Comment is Devastatingly Racist
James Taranto: Democrats and Double Standards
Rush Limbaugh: Democrat Double Standard on Race Put on Display for the World to See
Eugene Robinson: Harry Reid's comments were crudely put, yet true
Dana Milbank: Racial comments prove Steele and Reid aren't so different after all
Wes Pruden: Another raid by the Gaffe Patrol
Wash Times: Reid 'warmed' after his apology: Remarks on Obama fade
Politico: Harry situation: Inside the eruption
Fox: Republicans Reject Reid's Forgive-and-Forget Approach to 'Negro' Comment
Politico: Coburn bucks party, backs Reid
Politico: John Cornyn doesnt expect Harry Reid to resign
WISN: Group: Feingold Should Ask Reid To Resign
Wash Scene: Scheduled weeks ago, 'African Americans for Harry Reid' will go on as planned
Hill: Black Caucus chairwoman backs Reid after remark

WaPo: Obama meets with union leaders to discuss health-care reform
NYT: President Signals Flexibility on Health Plan Tax
NYT: Union Chief Blasts Health Benefits Tax
Wash Times: Labor warns against high-end health tax
WSJ: $222 Billion, Ho Hum: Another warning that reform 'bends the cost curve'up
WSJ: New Breast Screening Limits Face Reversal
Wash Times: Obama plan funds nurse visits to new moms

Hill: Rep. Peterson says he'd vote against climate bill despite winning concessions
Hill: Dem governor blasts Sec. Salazar for doing the bidding of green groups

NYT: Obama Weighs Tax on Banks to Cut Deficit
WSJ: Banks Brace for Bailout Fee
Hill: Gibbs: White House not ruling out 'bank fee' to repay taxpayer rescue program
WaPo: Federal Reserve earned $45 billion in 2009
WSJ: Even in a Recovery, Some Jobs Won't Return
WSJ: Stimulus? There's No Stimulus Here
WSJ: When Greed Is Not Good
WSJ: Global 'Imbalances' and the Crisis

Wash Times: Jobs take priority on Hill as elections loom
WaPo: AOL to lay off more than 1,000 workers this week
Hill: AFL-CIO leader: Democrats inviting repeat of 1994 over economy woes

NYT: Terror Suspects Lawyer Asks for Dismissal of Case
Hill: ACLU sues Library of Congress over firing employee who criticized Gitmo
Wash Times: Grassley calls for more visa screeners
Human Events: Coulter and Pataki Join Huckabee, Forbes, Gingrich, Levin, Romney and 60,000 Others on Nation-Wide Petition

Politico: Jim DeMint gets support for TSA nominee hold

Wash Times: Obama in no rush for State of Union
Fox: Obama Going on Six Months Without a Press Conference

Wash Times: Veto by Obama raises questions: Action seen as stealth power grab

WSJ: White House Picks Favorites in 2010 Races

WSJ: Democracy's Wane: The world is in a 'freedom recession'

WaPo: Supreme Court revisits ruling on challenges to forensic reports

Fox: Palin to Join Fox News as Contributor
Wash Times: Palin joins Fox News as contributor
WaPo: Sarah Palin to appear regularly on Fox News
Politico: Palin 'thrilled' to join Fox News
Hill: Palin to join Fox News

Fox: 'Rush Limbaugh' Becomes a New Musical

Politico: Boehner aide 'demanded excellence'


NYT: White House Opposes Challenge to Gillibrand
Harold Ford Jr: I'm gearing up for Senate race
Hill: White House backs Gillibrand over Ford
NYDN: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's possible future foe Harold Ford also flip-flops on issues
Hill: King confirms he won't run for Senate
AP: Spitzer criticizes selection of Gillibrand
NYT: Editorial: A Real Election, Please

NY Post: Gov's budget plan raises spending by $2B
Albany TU: Inaction could put state out of 'race'
Albany TU: Another Monserrate meeting, but no report expected


Boston Globe: Coakley, Brown in bitter debate: Exchange barbs on taxes, terror
Fox: Inside the Fight for Kennedy's Seat
Boston Globe: With clock ticking down, candidates attacks ramp up
Boston Globe: Final debate over, Coakley unveils first negative ad
NYT: In Mass. Senate Race, Candidates Sharpen Their Pitches
Politico: Is a close call a victory for GOP?
Politico: Final debate marks Massachusetts stretch run
CQ Politics: Can Coakley Close the Deal?
Rasmussen: Looking Closer at the Massachusetts Senate Polls
American Spectator: The Scott Brown Surge
American Spectator: Is Scott Brown the Next Harris Wofford?
American Thinker: Blue to Red: Massachusetts Senate Race
American Thinker: The Second Boston Tea Party?


AP: Republican Robitaille Starts Campaign for Rhode Island Governor


Hill: Despite tempting target, Democrats shy about making Castles age an issue


Merc News: Amid speculation that Campbell will jump into Senate race, Fiorina loans $2.5m
CQ Politics: Fiorina to Report $3.6 Million in Campaign Receipts
LA Times: Fiorina loans her U.S. Senate campaign $2.5 million
American Spectator: DeVore Raised $665K in Final Months of '09
San Diego UT: Boxer, potential opponent pay visits to San Diego

LA Times: Tearful testimony on discrimination at Prop. 8 trial
SacBee: Couples tell of toll from state gay marriage ban as Prop. 8 trial begins
NYT: Personal Focus as Same-Sex-Marriage Trial Opens in California
Wash Times: Cameras blocked at Prop 8 trial: No broadcast in courtroom for 3 days

CQ Politics: Harmer Takes 2nd Swing at Congress

Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger's job programs same old stuff


WaPo: Sen. Reid and son Rory each considered a burden for the other's campaign in Nevada
Politico: Reid's outreach begins back home
Human Events: Nevadans Had Enough of Self-Proclaimed 'Mob Target' Harry Reid


Dallas MN: Hutchison shifts focus from Senate to governor's race
Dallas MN: Democrats say Cornyn hypocritical in calling for Reid's ouster


St. Pete Times: Crist loses straw poll to Rubio in his home county
American Spectator: Rubio Rolls
RedState: Charlie Crist Will Drop Out of the Senate Race
Miami Herald: Crist seeks revival of back-to-school sales tax holiday

St. Pete Times: McCollum leads pack in fundraising for last quarter
Miami Herald: Sink's fundraising leads over full year


AJC: Ralston elected, declares a new day in the House


Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich's Obama remark just the tip of the hat
Politico: Emanuel staying put


Star Tribune: Pawlenty likes candidates in Ohio, Mass., North Carolina...and Minnesota
Star Tribune: Gubernatorial hopefuls disclose mental health info


CQ Politics: Hoeven Makes Senate Run Official


CQ Politics: GOP Flexes Recruiting Successes in Keystone State
CQ Politics: Ex-Prosecutor Looks Likely To Challenge Altmire


Columbus Dispatch: Taylor might become Kasich's running mate


WaPo: At auto show, Washington gets close-up look at investment


KC Star: Bond and McCaskill: Different sides of the same coin?


CQ Politics: Candidate to GOP: Sorry, But Tea Party Label Better for Me


Charlotte Observer: N.C.'s revolving Senate seat


State: $2 million raised so far for Barrett
State: Censuring Sanford atop lawmakers' agenda


Wash Times: Formal inquiry sought in polling case: Va.'s Wolf demands Justice response


WSJ: New Jersey Set to Allow Medical Pot
NYT: New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Medical Marijuana Bill
AP/Delli Santi: NJ Legislature approves medical marijuana bill

Star-Ledger: Leadership change are on tap for top N.J. political posts
AP: Gov. Jon Corzine's N.J. poll numbers slide as he departs


January 11, 2010


WSJ: Reid Is Under Fire for 2008 Remarks
NYT: G.O.P. Attacks Reid Over Comments
WSJ: Steele: Reid Should Quit Leadership Post
WaPo: Republican leader Steele: Reid should resign over remarks
Wash Times: Democrats close ranks around Reid
AP: GOP points to Lott's political downfall in criticizing Dem response to Reid's remarks
Politico: Republicans charge Lott-Reid double standard

Wash Times: GOP seeks converts on health care
SacBee: Schwarzenegger says health bill adds billion in California costs
WSJ: Insurance Mandate Feeds GOP's Attack on Legal Front
WSJ: The Health Choices Czar
EJ Dionne: Democrats are ready to compromise to get health reform done
Human Events: States Prepare Court Challenge to Health Care Bill

WSJ: States Want Delay on Emission Rules
Hill: CAO to push Pelosi's 'greening' plan in House throughout the year

Wash Times: McCain slams court decision: Warns of 'lawyered up' suspect
NYDN: Terror watchdog Michael Leiter's slope trip a huge slipup, says GOP big Sen. Jon Kyl
John Bolton: Let's Take Bureaucracy Out of Intelligence
Jed Babbin: Obama, the Weak Horse

Wash Times: Fragile recovery hangs on a resurgence of jobs
Hill: Democrat: Obama should not have said unemployment would peak at 8 percent
WSJ: The Fed and the Crisis: A Reply to Ben Bernanke
Hill: Issa lashes out at New York Fed over AIG bailout disclosures
Paul Krugman: Learning From Europe
Rasmussen: 51% Still Blame Bush for Nations Economic Woes

Wash Times: Pro-immigration groups ready to fight

Politico: How long will Rahm Emanuel remain?

Ross Douthat: Lets Talk About Faith
American Thinker: Bravo to Brit Hume: Why Faith Is Not a Private Matter

WSJ: 10 Tips for the GOP in 2010
Wash Times: Kaine: GOP 'civil war' ace in hole
AP/Fouhy: Democratic governors facing trouble
Hill: White House makes effort to hold key governors' mansions
CQ Politics: Perspectives on Winning in 2010
CQ Politics: Steele Revises Prediction on 2010

AP: McCain strategist: Palin thought candidacy was mapped by God
Politico: Steve Schmidt: Sarah Palin has trouble with truth
Hill: Palin derided by top McCain aide, book
Townhall: Palin Stays One Step Ahead of the Political Class

Politico: As GOP grumbles, race shields Steele

WaPo: Paula Nowakowski, Rep. Boehner's chief of staff, dies at 46
Politico: Boehner chief of staff dies at 46
Fox: Top Boehner Aide Dies Unexpectedly


NYT: Gillibrand Takes On Possible Ford Threat
NYDN: Ford sends out feelers to black leaders for possible run vs. Sen. Gillibrand
NY Post: The spoiler: How Harold Ford Jr. will shake up New York politics
NYDN: Paterson wants to legalize ultimate fighting - to resolve budget crisis
NYDN: Rep. Ackerman set up meeting between Israel & firm he owned stake in


WaPo: Brown seen as gaining on Coakley in race for Kennedy Senate seat
WSJ: The 60th Senate Vote: The special election in MA and the Democratic agenda
Rick Moran: What the heck is going on in the Massachusetts senate race?
CQ Politics: Brown Goes After Coakley in Third Ad
CQ Politics: Mass. Senate: Coakley Up 15 in One Poll, Tied in Another

Boston Globe: Early poll points to risks for Patrick

Boston Globe: Consensus on gay rights eludes GOP


LA Times: Meg Whitman's climate change strategy
Mercury News: Editorial: California governor candidates should release tax returns

WaPo: Same-sex marriage set for big day in federal court
LA Times: Prop. 8 trial to include unprecedented testimony
SacBee: Prop. 8 federal case opens in S.F. today
NYT: Two Ideological Foes Unite to Overturn Proposition 8
Edwin Meese: Stacking the Deck Against Proposition 8

LA Times: Schwarzenegger targets federal lawmakers on state funding
WSJ: California Cap-and-Trade Revolt
Dan Walters: Prisons still eat into California budget


AP: Poll: Former judge could beat Gibbons in primary
Las Vegas Sun: Recession-stung governments target public employee unions
CQ Politics: New Levels of Vulnerability for Reid
CQ Politics: Statewide Ad Campaign Targets Reid


NYT: In Colorado, Craving Reform of Health Care and Congress


Dallas MN: Hutchison-Perry gubernatorial battle shows trickiness of Senate voting record
Dallas MN: GOP governor candidate Medina stirs Tea Party crowd
Dallas MN: Texas' Gov. Perry helps Frisco evangelical church celebrate 10th anniversary


Ledger: Meek: Crist Is Vague on Stands On Big Issues


Miami Herald: New Republican blogger Erick Erickson gets noticed


AP/Bellandi: Blagojevich: 'I'm blacker than Barack Obama'

Chicago Tribune: Election 2010: GOP candidates for U.S. Senator from Illinois
Chicago Tribune: College savings losses debated in U.S. Senate race
Chicago Sun-Times: Ad rips Giannoulias over Bright Start funds failure


MPR: Norm Coleman: Should he or shouldn't he run for governor?


Politico: North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven to announce Senate bid


Philadelphia Inquirer: Some sound call for 'resign-to-run' law in Pa.


Marion Star: Congressional lines at heart of state races


AP/Householder: Race is on to replace Pete Hoekstra in Congress
Detroit FP: Fieger case to test Michigan high court's disqualification rule


St. Joe News: Missouri will tackle stimulus spending


CQ Politics: New Levels of Vulnerability for Lincoln


WHNT: Former TN governor says GOP can win governor's race if primary is not too mean
Times News: Haslam: Pilot earnings irrelevant to gubernatorial race


Beaufort Observer: Burr calls for transparency in health care debate


State: Governor race shaping up as an Internet campaign


WaPo: Virginia special election has balance of power riding on it


Bloomberg: Corzine Leaves $8 Billion Gap as N.J. Governor Readies Exit


January 10, 2010


Politico: Schwarzenegger rips 'rip-off' healthcare bill, deal for Nebraska
NYT: Obama Urges Quick Action on Health Overhaul
WSJ: Obama Hails Benefits of Health Reform
AP/Espo: Govt. health insurance option appears doomed
Politico: Nancy Pelosi's uphill health bill battle
AP/Superville: Report: Slight cost increase in Senate health bill
Hill: CMS report raises doubts over Medicare savings claims
LA Times: Some Democrats want to rein in the filibuster
NYT: Editorial: Health Reform, the States and Medicaid

NYT: Inside Obamas War on Terrorism
Wash Times: Editorial: Obama's havoc to the intel system
Politico: Brennan steps out of the shadows
Politico: Towns: Enough already, I'm holding hearings!
Maureen Dowd: Captain Obvious Learns the Limits of Cool

Hill: U.K. climate official presses security concerns in meeting with Biden

NYT: Banks Prepare for Bigger Bonuses, and Publics Wrath
WaPo: Washington area officials eye deep cuts to fill budget gaps
AP/Leonard: For unemployed, a new job often means pay cut
Thomas Friedman: Whos Sleeping Now?

WSJ: Reid Apologizes for Racial Remarks About Obama
NYT: Reid Apologizes for Remarks on Obamas Color and Dialect
WaPo: Majority Leader Reid apologizes to Obama for 2008 remarks
AP/Elliot: Reid apologizes for Obama 'Negro' comment
CQ Politics: Reid Apologizes for Racially Charged Remarks in 2008
CQ Politics: GOP Pushes to Divide Democrats Over Reid's Comments

LA Times: Congress' unfinished business: jobs, immigration, Guantanamo

WaPo: For Obama, a tough year to get the message out

NYT: If Peter Orszag Is So Smart, What Will He Do Now?

NYT: A Fox Chief at the Pinnacle of Media and Politics

NYT: In Primary Battles, the G.O.P. Takes On Itself
Hill: Congressional Republicans backing more insurgent candidates
AJC: Questions about the GOP arent going away
NYT: When Politicians Call It Quits

Politico: Palin attacks book; Reid regrets
Huff Post: Sarah Palin Taps Into Tea Partiers

Politico: Gingrich to save America

WaPo: Not much concrete with this Steele
WaPo: Fire Michael Steele
PowerLine: Michael Steele strikes again

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Steele on shows after critical GOP week


NYT: Spitzer Calls Gillibrands Views Wrong and Malleable
Albany TU: Spitzer raps Paterson, Obama, Gillibrand
NY Post: Eliot gives Gillibrand a socking
NY Post: The spoiler: How Harold Ford Jr. will shake up New York politics
NYDN: Ford Jr. weighs new run for Senate, but first attempt went south after ad controversy
NYDN: New book claims Schumer backed Obama while publicly supporting Clinton


Boston Globe: Brown showcases his conservative leanings
Kathleen Parker: A Republican Senate upset in Massachusetts?
Boston Globe: Bill Clinton to lend support to Coakley
Politico: Poll: Scott Brown ahead of Martha Coakley by one point
Fox: New Poll Has Coakley, Brown in Dead Heat for Senate Seat
Public Policy Polling: Toss up in Massachusetts
Boston Globe: Senate poll: Coakley up 15 points
LA Times: Election will test Kennedy clan's influence

Joan Vennochi: Round One goes to Baker and his big bucks


Day: Senate race is changed in a flash


SacBee: Whitman's eBay success is key to her campaign
Fox: Meg Whitman Pours $19 Million Into Campaign
NYT: Ballot Issues Attest to Anger in California
SacBee: Schwarzenegger's ambitious jobs plan faces uphill battle
George Will: Fiscal liberalism has tarnished California gold
Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger reverts to fantasy with budget proposal


Hill: Poll: Reid hits new low in Nevada


Hill: NRSC to back Bennett against conservative primary challengers


Star-Telegram: Republican candidates for Texas governor attack each other over toll roads
Dallas MN: Medina adds fire, uncertainty in Texas governor's race
Dallas MN: Texas Republicans in Congress can't coast to re-election this time


PNJ: Crist tries to polish his image but Rubio won't let ties to Obama, stimulus die
St. Pete Times: Crist: 'Zero' chance of leaving Senate race
Palm Beach Post: Hi, Im Charlie Crist. And Im running for U.S. Senate
AP/Farrington: Fla. Gov. Crist is not sorry he backed stimulus
Miami Herald: Florida Republican activists call for unity
Herald Tribune: Back in the game: Jeb Bush
Tallahassee Democrat: GOP exhibits moment of fellowship


AJC: Capitol Who's Who: The most powerful players
AJC: Ga. GOP battles airline unions


Chicago Sun-Times: State GOP reprimands McKenna for spending
Chi Trib: GOP gubernatorial candidate Andy McKenna apologizes for role in unauthorized poll
Daily Herald: McKenna wrong, sorry for party polling
SJ-R: McKenna called out for insider help

Daily Herald: Endorsement: GOP primary for Senate: Mark Kirk

Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel urges Daley to run for re-election


Des Moines Register: Police probe burglary at state Republican offices
Chicago Tribune: Apparent break-in at Iowa GOP headquarters

Des Moines Register: Leaders pledge no tax hikes, but Iowans can still expect to pay


Pioneer Press: In Minnesota governor's race, it'll be either war or peace


Philadelphia Inquirer: Gerlach's decisions renew GOP leaders' hopes for Pa.
WaterWorld: Corbett wins central Pennsylvania GOP straw poll
Philadelphia Inquirer: A profile of U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter


CQ Politics: Traficant Hits The Airwaves


Mlive: It's money that matters in Michigan race for governor
Detroit FP: Cox reports $1.8 million


News-Leader: Bond among senators traveling to China


Tennessean: GOP gubernatorial candidate Gibbons plans more open government


NCNN: State Sen. Soles Indicted
Sun News: Sen. Soles turns himself in after being indicted


State: Rally seeks to fire up protest against Obama, Congress


Richmond TD: State legislators brace for brutal budget-balancing
WaPo: Editorial: Exit Mr. Kaine
Larry Sabato: Notes on politics in the new year
Richmond TD: Altria a major donor to Va. political candidates


APP: Corzine leaves a costly legacy


January 9, 2010


WaPo: Airliner plot being prosecuted 'in wrong place,' Giuliani says
NYT: White House, Giuliani Spar Over Terrorism Policies
Politico: Rudy Giuliani: No attacks under George W. Bush
Hill: GOP senators write Obama letter objecting to alleged bomber's trial
WSJ: Undressing the Terror Threat
WSJ: Groups Say Screening Invites Bias
NYT: Man Charged in Newark Airport Security Breach
AP/Porter: Arrest made in Newart airport security breach
Detroit News: Terror case's drain on resources draws outrage
Detroit FP: Bomb suspect faces accusers; terrorism case may take months
Politico: Democrats plot to protect Janet Napolitano
Hill: Plans to transfer two Guantanamo detainees overseas raise concern

NYT: White House Aides Said to Chafe at Slow Pace of Afghan Surge
Leon Panetta: The CIA is proud to be on the front lines against al-Qaeda
Dana Milbank: Was the 'Tighty-Whitey Terrorist' al-Qaeda's best shot?
AP: CIA bomber's wife: Jihad must go on
Rush Limbaugh: We Put Peaceniks in Charge of War

WSJ: The Drone Wars: Weapons like the Predator kill far fewer civilians
WaPo: In Pakistan, McCain and Lieberman offer reassurance about relations with U.S.

Hill: Economy loses 85,000 jobs; unemployment rate stuck at 10 percent
WaPo: U.S. job loss report is blow to still-fragile recovery
Boston Globe: Jobless report lowers hopes
WSJ: White House Touts New Funding for Manufacturing
Hill: Obama announces $2.3B in clean energy manufacturing credits
NYT: Obama Tries to Turn Focus to Jobs, if Other Events Allow
WSJ: The Long Jobs Wait: Policy uncertainty hurts hiring
NYT: Editorial: Jobs and Politics
Rush Limbaugh: Where Does the Buck Stop on Jobs?

NYT: Unions Oppose Possible Health Insurance Tax
Hill: Obama puts focus back on healthcare reform
Hill: Healthcare bill excise tax likely to survive, labor leader says
Hill: Bill Clinton to address healthcare at House Democrats retreat
AP: Maine's Snowe Hasn't Deserted Health Care Debate

WSJ: A Freezing Nation With Little Relief in Sight
WSJ: White House, EPA at Odds Over Coal-Waste Rules
NYT: Editorial: Wind Power

WaPo: GOP reportedly holding up Homeland Security, Treasury picks

WSJ: Panel Investigating Financial Crisis to Question Bankers
AP/Wagner: Geithner called to explain AIG bailout secrecy

NYT: Courts Whittle Spending Limits in Election Law

WaPo: Sarah Palin and the first 2012 Republican proving ground
Politico: Palin's tea party raises eyebrows
CQ Politics: Palin to Visit Ohio in March for Right-to-Life Event
Bayou Buzz: Sarah Palin Speech To GOP In New Orleans: Let Presidential Election Begin
Louisville CJ: Palin to speak at Freedom Hall April 16

WaPo: Steele's book release, fiery rhetoric fuel dissatisfaction within GOP
Hill: Steele lashes out at critical GOP staffers
Fox: Michael Steele Is Mad and He's Not Going to Take it Anymore

Politico: Talk show hosts as candidates? Sounds good in theory

NYT: G.O.P. Aide Is Charged in Violent Family Fight

American Thinker: Budget Director Gone Wild

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Ford Says He Wont Be Bullied by Allies of Gillibrand
NYDN: Schumer tries to persuade Harold Ford not to run, but the ex-rep won't back down
Politico: Ford staffs up
Albany TU: Spitzer raps Paterson, Obama, Gillibrand
NY Post: Bloomy hires Pataki's kid
NYDN: Gov. David Paterson talks tough on ethics panel, demands independent commission


NYT: Race for Kennedys Seat Heats Up
Boston Globe: Furious exchanges mark Senate debate
American Thinker: A Revolution in Massachusetts
CQ Politics: Mass. Senate: Another Group Rallies Behind Brown
CQ Politics: Coakley Raises $100,000 in 24 Hours


LA Times: Governor warns of deep fiscal crisis as he unveils California budget plan
SacBee: Analysis: Governor declares state of emergency, offers budget plan with deep cuts
WSJ: California Requests Billions From U.S.
NYT: Plan to Close Californias Budget Deficit
SacBee: Boxer disputes Schwarzenegger claim on federal aid
LA Times: Governor seeks to ease rules on firing weak teachers


Dallas MN: Cornyn denies asking Hutchison to drop bid for Texas governor's seat


AP/Farrington: Crist seeks 'pro-life' label in Fla. Senate race
Tampa Tribune: Is Crist getting more conservative on abortion?
Miami Herald: Gov. Charlie Crist faces rough road in U.S. Senate race
St. Pete Times: Run of bad news thwarts Gov. Crist's chance for momentum in Senate race
St. Pete Times: Jeb Bush faced bigger staff headaches than those besetting Charlie Crist

Florida TU: GOP candidate for Florida party chairman stirs debate
News-Press: Outgoing Florida GOP chair urges unity

Miami Herald: Ray Sansom's grand jury testimony approved for use in Florida House probe


Chicago Tribune: Endorsement: For the GOP, McKenna for governor


CQ Politics: Gerlach Will Run for Re-Election
CQ Politics: Gerlach Move Improves GOP Chances to Hold Swing Seat
CQ Politics: State Senator To Challenge Rep. Tim Holden
Pittsburgh PG: Gubernatorial candidate criticizes Ravenstahl veto of wage bill


Rasmussen: 2010 Kentucky Senate: GOP Hopefuls Now Ahead of Both Democratic Rivals


AP/Smith: SC gov asks judge to OK wife's divorce request


Star-Ledger: Christie picks 3 ex-colleagues for posts
Star-Ledger: Three Corzine cabinet members to be dismissed by Gov.-elect Christie


LA Times: Lonely times for Hawaii's Republicans


January 8, 2010


WSJ: EPA Proposes Tighter, Costlier Smog Limits
WaPo: EPA proposes stricter limits on smog pollutants
NYT: E.P.A. Seeks Stricter Rules for Pollutants Causing Smog
Wash Times: EPA proposes toughest smog limits yet
WSJ: How the Register of Historic Places could kill green power
WaPo: Scientists say mountaintop mining should be stopped
Human Events: Global Warmists Mouths Frozen Shut

WSJ: Obama Orders Security Fix
NYT: Obama Orders Improvements in Security Policies
WSJ: 'A Failure to Connect the Dots'
Wash Times: 'Buck stops with me,' Obama says
Dallas MN: Cornyn blames anti-terror lapses on Obama's "preoccupation" with health care
AP/Gearan: Gates to stay at Pentagon
Charles Krauthammer: Obama's Guantanamo obsession
Wes Pruden: There's no penalty for sleeping on the job
Politico: GOP reps slam Towns, demand terror probe

WaPo: Worried House Democrats confer on health-care reform
NYT: On Health Care Bill, Nelson to Fight for All States
Politico: Nelson in "serious discussions" to extend deal
Hill: Pelosi vows to defend House healthcare bill
Politico: Govs. enlisted in health care cause
WSJ: Health-Care Views Hurt Dorgan's Bid
WSJ: Medicare and the Mayo Clinic
WSJ: Where U.S. Health Care Ranks Number One
Jim Taranto: Mistakes were made, says Sen. Ben Nelson. Here's how he can unmake them
Rush Limbaugh: Minority-Mindset Republicans Absent in Fight Against Obamacare

NYT: President Is Said to Decide to Renominate Six Choices

Boston Globe: Dodds status may hurt odds on creating new consumer agency

Hill: Senate Democrats look at infrastructure, 'caulkers' in jobs bill

NYT: Further Slide Seen in N.Y. Commercial Real Estate
WaPo: Rising gas prices could be a drag on economic recovery
Wash Times: Soaring rate of bankruptcies expected to continue in 2010
AP: Labor report signals a letup in layoffs
WaPo: Lockheed Martin to cut 1,200 jobs as Pentagon work slows
Paul Krugman: Bubbles and the Banks

Stephen Moore: The New Year Brings Tax Chaos: At least 2010 is a good year to die

Kim Strassel: Some of the GOP's heavy hitters are giving thought to the party's future
Jonah Goldberg: Republican Party could learn a lot from pizza chain
Peggy Noonan: The Risk of Catastrophic Victory
Rush Limbaugh: How Washington RINOs See You

WaPo: Steele's comments anger congressional Republicans
WaPo: Steele comments have GOP aides pleading, 'Get him to stop'
Wash Times: Steele to GOP critics: Fire me or 'shut up'
CQ Politics: GOP Aides Tell RNC: Keep Steele Quiet
CQ Politics: NRCC Takes Aim at RNC Chairman
AP/Haines: Gingrich offers praise for GOP Chairman Michael Steele in first year on job

Politico: Poll: McCain is leader of GOP

CNN: Palin to speak at major GOP event
Politico: Palin rebuffs CPAC, Keene
Politico: Palin aide warned of 'epic debacle'

ABC: Tea Party Activists Gaining Steam Across the Country
Politico: Paul: Tea parties won't rebuild GOP

Human Events: If GOP Wants Majority, Expose Fake Blue Dogs

WaPo: GOP casting wide net in effort to recruit 2010 hopefuls
CQ Politics: Landrieu Moves PAC Funds to Vulnerable Democrats

Michael Gerson: Brit Hume's Tiger Woods remarks shine light on true intolerance


NYDN: Ex-GOP congresswoman Molinari may take aim at Sen. Gillibrand - with Rudy's support
Staten Island Advance: Susan Molinari mulling run against Sen. Gillibrand
NYT: New York Politicians at Odds Over Harold Ford Jr.
NY Post: Reid to Bloomberg: don't back Ford Jr.
NYT: Reform of New Yorks Courts Stalls
NYT: Seeking Grants, Paterson Urges Education Changes
Richard Ravitch: Washington and the Fiscal Crisis of the States


NYT: In Massachusetts, Anxiety for Favored Democrats
Boston Globe: Coakley basks in political blessings
Boston Phoenix: Steele E-Fundraising For Brown


Rasmussen: Blumenthal Begins Connecticut Senate Race with Big Lead Over GOP Hopefuls
Day: Republican candidates shrug off Dodd's exit

Hill: Rep. Chris Murphy vs. Lieberman?


SacBee: Schwarzenegger to seek permanent pay cuts to replace worker furloughs
SacBee: Prez elected Assembly speaker, says he'll end budget talk secrecy
SacBee: EPA's tougher proposed smog rules will affect California
Dan Walters: California economy still waiting for recovery


Politico: Nevada Republican: Ensign affair hurting state


CQ Politics: McInnis Leads In Colorado Race, Which Salazar Won't Enter
Rasmussen: With Ritter Stepping Down, Democratic Prospects Improve in Colorado
NYT: Salazar Wont Leave Cabinet for Gov.s Race
Wash Times: Salazar won't run for Colo. governor


Politico: GOP says Schultz's testing waters on air; Schultz says he's not running
CQ Politics: Pomeroy Has $1.4 Million in Cash at Year-End


WSJ: The Montana Exception: A Democrat cuts spending. Really.


Politico: Craig James wants to run for Senate in Texas

AP: Perry launches ad highlighting state economy


Miami Herald: GOP bypasses dispute
Miami Herald: GOP effort to unite behind new leader falters
St. Pete Times: Florida GOP's No. 2 leader steps down
Palm Beach Post: Another Florida Republican resigns in the name of unity


AP: Some Atlantans pursue secession


Chicago Sun-Times: Kirk: All 'major' Taliban leaders are former Gitmo prisoners


AP: Pawlenty, top Dem lawmakers meet to talk MN budget


CQ Politics: Gerlach Ends Gubernatorial Bid, May Run For Re-Election
Hill: Gerlach ends bid for Pennsylvania gov.; mum on reelection


Cleveland PD: New federal smog standards would put Ohio out of compliance


Detroit FP: Dillon forms gubernatorial committee
Detroit FP: Granholm wont back a gubernatorial hopeful


St. Louis PD: Missouri GOP lines up Minnesota governor as Lincoln Days speaker
St. Joe News: Bond disagrees with approach


CQ Politics: Holt Files Paperwork for Senate Bid


Scene: The tea party movement is coming to Tennessee


Dawson News: N.C. GOP chief to address Republican women Tues.


State: Senate to shun censure debate?


American Spectator: Checking In


NYT: New Jersey Senate Defeats Gay Marriage Bill
Star-Ledger: Gay rights advocates vow to bring issue to court




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