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July 7, 2010


WSJ: U.S. Hits Immigration Law
Wash Times: Justice sues to halt Arizona law on illegals
NYT: Justice Dept. Sues Arizona Over Its Immigration Law
LA Times: Obama administration sues to block Arizona immigration law
NYDN: Obama wants injunction to stall Arizona's controversial new immigration law
NYT: Arizona Law Causes Split for Governors Sharing Border
WSJ: Suing Arizona: How not to forge an immigration reform consensus
WaPo: Editorial: Suing Arizona isn't enough
Wash Times: Obammigration: The federal government is surrendering our southern border
Politico: Arizona suit imperils Western Dems
Hill: Democratic strategists divided on impact of immigration suit
Human Events: Obama’s Lawlessness on Immigration
Michelle Malkin: Open-Borders DOJ vs. America
Rich Lowry: The United States vs. Arizona
American Spectator: Mission Attrition
NRO: Defending Arizona

WSJ: Unemployment Extension Could Boost Jobless Rate
WSJ: Long Recession Ignites Debate on Jobless Benefits (via Google)
Hill: House GOP to make jobs a priority
Newt Gingrich: Will President Obama Face the Facts?
Rush Limbaugh: Summer of Recovery, Day 15
NYT: A New Generation, an Elusive American Dream
WSJ: Keynes vs. Hayek: The Great Debate Continues (via Google)
Ruth Marcus: Overtaxing the rich isn't the answer
Jeff Birnbaum: Social Security on the chopping block
Hill: Republican budget hawks support Obama’s new deficit commission
Hill: McCotter proposes eliminating his own leadership office
American Spectator: The Rout of Obamanomics

NYT: OpEd: Let Goldman Be Goldman
WSJ: Behold, the Subprime Shmoe (via Google)

NYT: Louisiana and Scientists Spar Over How to Stop Oil
WaPo: Oil in Lake Pontchartrain stokes worries in New Orleans
WSJ: Revived Push for Drilling Ban
Wash Times: Leaked climate e-mail inquiry to release report
Politico: OpEd: Stop the oil, not job creation
American Thinker: Obama is Strangling Big Oil

NYT: New Rules Issued on Coal Air Pollution
Hill: EPA issues new rule to reduce emissions

NYT: Lawmakers Oppose Canadian Pipeline
Hill: Waxman: State Dept. review of Canadian pipeline ignores environmental impact

Human Events: Sen. Cornyn: Neutered by Kagan?
Boston Globe: Kagan vote will be a telling test for Brown

NYT: Racial Motive Alleged in a Justice Dept. Decision
John Fund: The Black Panthers voter intimidation scandal plagues the Justice Department

Wash Times: OpEd: 'Reasonable' restrictions on gun ownership the poor can't meet

NYT: Obama to Bypass Senate to Name Health Official
Wash Times: Obama nominee heralded despite 'honorary' titles
Politico: President Obama to bypass Senate on CMS head
Hill: Obama makes recess appointment at CMS

WaPo: Tanning salons feel burned by 10 percent 'tan tax'

WSJ: A Case Study in Teacher Bailouts (via Google)

Human Events: Mini Card Check Advanced by Obama Appointees

AP: Post Office Wants to Raise Stamp Price

Sen. John Kerry: How New-START will improve our nation's security

NYT: Republican Emerges as Obama’s Annoyer-in-Chief
WaPo: Democrats digging harder than ever for dirt on Republicans

Hill: Healthcare: Democrats up ante

Rush Limbaugh: Obama's NASA Chief: Muslim Outreach is My Foremost Mission
Jonah Goldberg: One Giant Leap (Backward)
Mona Charen: NASA Does Muslim Outreach

LA Times: Crucial independent voters abandoning Obama, now under 40%, lowest ever

WaPo: Many Republican leaders bypassing RNC chief Steele ahead of midterms
James Taranto: He Said What? The bright side of Michael Steele's Afghan blunder
Politico: Eric Cantor: Michael Steele must ‘keep focus’
Hill: Steele likely to survive latest controversy
AP/Sidoti: GOP's Steele won't step down
Human Events: Steele Supports War, But Not the President’s Policies
Rush Limbaugh: Maha Rushie Issues Steele Fatwa
Rush Limbaugh: What Republicans Should Say

Wash Times: GOP takes aim at record for gubernatorial wins

Politico: Secret donors make Thomas's wife's group a tea party player
Politico: Poll: Debt is tea party's top concern
WaPo: Tea Party = Republican party?

Human Events: Could Jeb Make a Bush Comeback?

People: Levi Johnston Apologizes to Palin Family for 'Youthful Indiscretion'
NYDN: Levi Johnston issues apology to Sarah Palin and family for his 'youthful indiscretion'

People: Tipper Gore Isn't Buying Masseuse's Story


NYT: Democrats Move to Oust Espada From Party
Albany TU: Democrats: Give Espada the boot
Albany TU: Mr. Espada, a target again
NYDN: Sen. under investigation in Bronx, battles Andrew Cuomo

WSJ: Politics as Usual? Kerry Kennedy Steers Clear—for Now

Wash Times: New Yorkers fight three new mosques


Politico: Field Poll: Jerry Brown by one
Dan Walters: Whitman, Brown are both all race, no substance

LA Times: Boxer opens her campaign with an emphasis on jobs


Dallas MN: Another GOP operative's name comes up in Green Party ballot case


Rasmussen: Oklahoma Senate: Coburn Outdistances His Democratic Foes


SPT: Potential Arizona-style immigration law divides Florida public, law enforcement

SPT: BP claims czar Kenneth Feinberg drawing fire from Attorney General Bill McCollum
Miami Herald: Case for claims puts oil czar on the spot in Fla.

SPT: Jeff Greene goes for jugular, campaigns in Kendrick Meek's district

CQ Politics: Florida 24: Miller Ahead, 65 Percent Undecided In Internal Poll


Politico: Deal ad keys off immigration


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich told FBI of 'firewall'
Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich's unkind word for fund-raisers
CNC: Witness: Blago Disdained Big Money Deadbeats


Politico: Ellsworth claims outsider mantle
CQ Politics: Ellsworth Drops First Ad


Politico: Tim Pawlenty headed to Iowa


Radio Iowa: Iowa’s top election official says GOP has “momentum”


CQ Politics: Feingold's Unexpectedly Tough Re-Election Climb


Columbus Dispatch: Strickland says Kasich didn't help common folks

CPD: Ohio lawmakers Marcy Kaptur and Tim Ryan use pass-throughs for their pork requests

Politico: Traficant fails to make ballot
AP: Traficant bid to get on ballot hits snag

CQ Politics: Democrats Use Portman Ad As Opening To Attack
Hill: Months after primary, Ohio Dems still split

Hill: Kilroy touts bank bill in reelection bid


Detroit FP: U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra rolls out new ad pushing conservative brand

Detroit News: Healthcare, casino gambling petitions come up short
Detroit FP: Backers have hope on health care opt-out


NYT: Obama Returns to Missouri, Site of Slim 2008 Loss

CQ Politics: Blunt's Statewide Ad Doesn't Mention He's In Congress


CQ Politics: Plenty of Jabs in First Moran-Tiahrt Debate

Rasmussen: Kansas Governor: Brownback (R) 59%, Holland (D) 31%


CQ Politics: Tennessee 8: Herron Posts $350,000 2nd Quarter


CQ Politics: Deadlocked in Kentucky


Maureen Dowd: Kicking the Hornet’s Nest (John Edwards)

CQ Politics: Burr Holds Narrow Lead in North Carolina


Hill: Momentum builds toward November 2010 W.Va. special election
NYT: Calls for Manchin to Take Byrd’s Seat
CQ Politics: West Virginia After Byrd: Governor To Talk About Next Steps


Star-Ledger: N.J. lawmakers' plan for 2 percent property tax cap inches closer to reality

Star-Ledger: Queen Elizabeth II visits Ground Zero, meets Gov. Chris Christie


NYT: Reid and Angle Campaigns Fight Over Web Site
Politico: Reid re-launches Angle site
Rush Limbaugh: Which Dialect Will Obama Use at Campaign Stop for Dingy Harry?
Las Vegas RJ: Reid nets praise for hospital


Hill: McCain favors immigration reform that would deport ‘many’ illegal residents
Politico: John McCain hits 'huckster' J.D. Hayworth


WSJ: Governor Vetoes Bill to Allow Same-Sex Unions (via Google)
AP/Sample: Hawaii governor vetoes same-sex union bill


WSJ: The Massachusetts Health-Care 'Train Wreck'

Boston Globe: Patrick has double standard, critics say


July 6, 2010


Hill: Jobs, economy to rule recess campaign trail
Telegraph UK: With the US trapped in depression, this really is starting to feel like 1932
CNBC: Dow Repeats Great Depression Pattern: Charts
FT: Investors fear rising risk of US regional defaults
WSJ: States Struggle to Stem False Unemployment Claims (via Google)
Hill: Some groups hit harder than others in nation's protracted recession
Hill: Democrats divided over whether to pay for extension of Bush-era tax cuts
Las Vegas RJ: Barack Obama: The great jobs killer
Daily Caller: Lack of jobs increasingly blamed on uncertainty created by Obama’s policies
Power Line: Had Enough "Hope and Change"?
American Thinker: A Hapless Administration
Hill: Boehner fires back at Obama in video
American Spectator/Prowler: Boehner Is His Own Whip
David Brooks: A Little Economic Realism
Eugene Robinson: The unemployment emergency
Roll Call: Time to Reconsider a Sunset Commission

WSJ: Consumer Agency's Path Will Be Set by First Chief
Hill: Sen. Brown: 'I'm liking what I see' on financial reform legislation
WaPo: Democratic campaign committees losing big Wall Street donors
Politico: Dems may feel Wall Street's backlash
NRO: Ten Reasons to Oppose Dodd-Frank

WSJ: Obama Decried, Then Used, Some Bush Drilling Policies
WaPo: Recovery effort falls vastly short of BP's promises
NYT: Agency Agreed Wildlife Risk From Oil Was ‘Low’
Wash Times: From war woes to Gulf disasters, Obama's presidency mirrors Bush's
American Thinker: Smearing Global Warming Skeptics

Hill: Senate bill to repeal health reform lacks backing from GOP leaders
AP/Zaldivar: First health overhaul provisions start to kick in
Time: Health Care Reform: States Ramp Up War on Obamacare

Rep. Frank Wolf: DOJ Stonewalling Black Panthers Case
NRO: The New Black Panther Case: A Conservative Dissent

NYT: Sides Form Over Threat to Saturday Mail Service

LA Times: Obama and Supreme Court may be on collision course
NYT: OpEd: Supreme Court Press: Judicial Activism now means overturning District Courts
NYDN: Justice Kennedy tells pals he's in no rush to leave Supreme Court

WSJ: The Government Pay Bonus

Human Events: No Government Bailout for Media

Hill: EBay opposes Delahunt bill that would expand states' reach on online sales tax

WSJ: Steele, Under Fire, Not Easy to Oust
WaPo: Will Michael Steele stay or go?
Wash Times: RNC foresees big cuts for voter drives: Steele faces budget woes
Bismarck Tribune: Ex-N.D. GOP head Gary Emineth considers challenging Michael Steele
Rich Lowry: Steele

Mitt Romney: Obama's worst foreign-policy mistake

Human Events: She is Palin, Hear Her Roar
American Spectator: Palin Power Strikes Home

Politico: Appointments may cause more Senate turnover
CQ Politics: Outside Groups Aiding GOP Cause This Cycle
Mark Penn: Don't let midterms take us back
CQ Politics: Will Democrats’ Third-Party Scenario Pay Off?
Hugh Hewitt: Democrats deeming themselves defeated come November

Politico: Faulty union disclosures continue


Albany TU: Democrats move to boot Sen. Pedro Espada from ranks
NY Post: Dems ready to give Pedro the heave-ho

NYT: New York City Fights to Be Repaid by Candidates


SacBee: Steinberg's struggles include elections and his own team


Texas Tribune: Texas GOP Incorporates Some Tea Party Positions
Wash Times: Oil spill 'tar balls' wash up in Texas


SPT: Greer attorney want to depose McCollum, other GOP leaders
PNJ: Ex-GOP chair's defense to call attorney general as witness
AP: Attorney says charges are attempt to ruin Greer
Orlando Sentinel: Greer lawyer: We’ll make people talk


AJC: The RGA looks in on a Roy Barnes candidacy
AJC: The income tax and the GOP race for governor
NYT: Poor Defendants and a Drained State Budget Cross Paths in Georgia

Chicago Tribune: What's up (or down) with state spending
Chicago Tribune: Key teacher union backs Quinn for governor

Chicago Sun-Times: The FBI agent who ran wiretaps on Blagojevich
Wash Times: Blagojevich's brother faces corruption charges
AP/Tarm: On trial together, Blagojevich brothers seem worlds apart


Star Tribune: Franken wags a bit sharper tongue
MPR: Looking back at Franken's first year as senator

Star Tribune: Emmer: Lower wages for tipped workers


AP/Sidoti: Feingold faces unexpectedly tough race
AP/Foley: Lassa's campaign to replace Obey picks up steam


Rasmussen: Ohio Governor: Kasich (R) 47%, Strickland (D) 40%


Detroit News: Cheeks Kilpatrick re-election bid may be tainted by son
Detroit FP: Casino, health care issues miss Michigan ballot
WSJ: Detroit, The Do-It-Yourself City


Politico: First Blunt ad aims to bolster base
AP: Obama to stump for Carnahan in Missouri


Tennessean: Illegal immigration may shape Tennessee elections


Examiner: Republican NC candidate's site hacked
CQ Politics: Republicans Say They Won’t Kiss Off Kissell


Fox: Sen. Jim DeMint on 'Fox News Sunday'
Politico: Ketner rebuffs Senate draft effort
Hill: Clyburn says Greene's candidacy in South Carolina designed to stir trouble
State: S.C. Democrats planning changes
NRO: Jeff Greene for Senate: Hey, How Bad Can He Be?


Wheeling Intel: GOP Calls for Byrd Special Election


Star-Ledg: NJ unemployment insurance fund lost $25M in fraudulent claims in last 2 years


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Governor: Corbett (R) 49%, Onorato (D) 39%


Boston Globe: N.H. Democrats fight to maintain dominance


NYT: Utah’s Gun Permit Popular With Nonresidents


Weekly Standard: Dudley Do-Right: Can a Republican win in Oregon?


WSJ: High Noon in Pahrump, Nev.: Sheriff Arrests the District Attorney
Las Vegas RJ: Far more Republicans than Democrats voted in primary
Las Vegas RJ: Angle accuses Reid's campaign of dirty tricks over old website
Am Thinker: Former Chicago Machine Player Issues Warning to Sharron Angle Campaign


Hill: Arizona Dems contest Obama's assertions on border security
LA Times: Turning anger on immigration law into votes


July 5, 2010


Wash Times: Recovery slows down as stimulus funding expires
NYT: A Political Clash Over Deficits Stalls Legislation to Address Jobs
NYT: Retailers Devise Stimulus Plans to Revive Sales
CNet: Democrats push for new Internet sales taxes
Hill: Democrats told to press Social Security fears over recess
WaPo: Editorial: The political price of backing invaluable TARP
Paul Krugman: Punishing the Jobless
Ross Douthat: The Pessimism Bubble

NYT: Companies Find Ways to Bypass Ban on Earmarks

AP/Taylor: Spending bill passed by House in Senate slog

WSJ: Big Oil Skimmer Hindered by Weather
LA Times: Big waves in the gulf sideline oil skimmers again
WaPo: Determining oil spill's environmental damage is difficult
WaPo: BP has steady sales at Defense Department despite U.S. scrutiny
AP: BP oil spill costs rise above $3 billion
Hill: Feinberg: 'I answer to neither BP nor the administration'
American Thinker: Time for a Little Perspective on Oil Spills

WaPo: Firm to deploy 15,0000 electric-car chargers in 13 cities, including District
NYT: China Fears Warming Effects of Consumer Wants
WaPo: Editorial: Considerations for factoring biomass into clean energy

NYT: Republican Senators Denounce Steele’s Remarks
WSJ: McCain: Steele’s Comments ‘Wildly Inaccurate’
WaPo: McCain: Steele must 'assess' his ability to lead
AP: McCain, Graham stop short of urging Steele ouster
Hill: McCain calls Steele remarks 'wildly inaccurate,' stops short of resignation call
Politico: GOP senators scold Steele
NYT: Senior Republicans Question Steele’s Ability to Lead
William Kristol: A Letter to Michael Steele

Hill: DeMint: Will be tough for Obama to get GOP behind his immigration reform
NYT: Houston’s Clergy Unites to Urge Support for Immigration Reform

NYT: Teachers’ Union Shuns Obama Aides at Convention

Wash Times: ACORN 8 board refuses to fall far from tarnished group's name

WaPo: FedEx, UPS send out fleet of lobbyists to shape labor law

NYT: For Power, Prestige and Office Space

NYT: Editorial: The Court’s Aggressive Term
EJ Dionne: A judicial change to believe in
American Thinker: Kagan: Unfit for the Supreme Court

Human Events: The Fight to Repeal Obamacare
AP/Johnson: Health overhaul may mean longer ER waits, crowding

Boston Globe: FEC Ruling widens the meaning of ‘media’

WaPo: Tea party gatherings on the Fourth mix the educational and the patriotic
Fox: DeMint Chides Graham for Calling Tea Party 'Unsustainable'

WaPo: Democrats hope Obama 2008 model will help stem midterm losses
AP/Babington: GOP strategy focuses on Obama
AP/Arrillaga: Activists enraged, then engaged
Politico: Dems fret about New York gravy train
Politico: Democrats in a jam as economy slows
Hill: DNC keeps after Boehner and Barton with cable ad

Human Events: Five Rights the Left Doesn’t Want You to Have


Albany TU: Party's over for now at the Capitol
NYT: Editorial: Gambling Fever


LA Times: Brown's frugal campaign may be too little, too late
SacBee: Campaigns spy on opponents in real time in California

CQ Politics: Video: A Conversation with Carly Fiorina


Las Vegas RJ: Parties playing 'gotcha' games

Las Vegas RJ: Gubernatorial candidates steer clear of economics


Dallas MN: Red-light cameras spark debate in Texas cities


Buzz: Details, schmetails. Rick Scott wants the job


CQ Politics: Dead Heat in GOP Race for Georgia Governor


Chicago Tribune: Scary budgeting of Illinois' governors

Chicago Tribune: What about the people's interests? (Blagojevich)


Wash Times: GOP newcomer hot on the heels of Feingold in Senate-race polls

AP/Foley: A rising Republican star shines in swing district


Hill: Traficant's drive to return to Congress may stall with petitions this week


Politico: DeMint: Graham 'wrong' on tea party


Politico: Labor, business push Manchin to appoint self


WaPo: Md. to vote in November on whether to hold constitutional convention


Star-Ledger: N.J. Gov. Christie and Senate Democrats agree on tax cap compromise


AP/Kellman: Brown winning concessions for state in financial overhaul


Boston Globe: Alaska race shows Tea Party movement’s next wave


Pittsburgh PG: Pa. budget called a 'shell game'


July 4, 2010


Politico: Democrats in a jam as economy slows
LA Times: Small business sidelined in slow recovery from recession
NYT: Editorial: Help Needed for the Economy
Human Events: Forbes Offers Economic Fix

WaPo: For now, government and BP working together to assess oil spill damage
NYT: As Oil Industry Fights a Tax, It Reaps Billions From Subsidies
Hill: Dem lawmakers want Obama to probe use of contaminated FEMA trailers for spill crews
Human Events: Why Obama Can’t Plug That Damn Hole

WaPo: High court nominees' cautious answers frustrate senators
NYT: Kagan's Week in the Sun
WaPo: Editorial: Confirm Elena Kagan

NYT: Appeals Court Sides With Detainee

NYT: Loan Giants Fannie, Freddie Opt to Block Energy Programs

WaPo: Advocates for immigrants turn to state legislatures to block Arizona-style law
Hill: Obama faces prospect of firm Dem opposition on immigration reform

LA Times: Conservatives push for Steele's resignation
Politico: Cole calls on Steele to resign
Hill: Rep. Cole, former NRCC chairman, calls for Steele to step down
NY Post: GOP slaps Steele over 'O's war' gaffe
Bloomberg: Republican Steele’s Afghanistan Remarks Praised by Ron Paul

NYDN: Tea Party candidates, Joe Miller, Clint Didier, Jane Norton try to knock off Republicans
AP/Blood: Tea party's next wave rising in Alaska to Colorado

Rep. Mike Pence: Reclaiming the Spirit of 1776

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: Talking war on the 4th


Albany TU: Party's over for now at the Capitol
Rochester D&C: Lawmakers pass several late items, but leave more undone
Rochester D&C: Analysis: Ugly N.Y. budget may hold a shocker

NY Post: No-fault divorce a 'split' decision


SacBee: Combative nurses' union takes on Meg Whitman
Long Beach PT: Governor's race: populism vs. business


LVRJ: Senate candidates Reid, Angle squabble over Social Security
Politico: NRA on firing line over Harry Reid
George Will: Candidate nobody is not to be underestimated


Dallas MN: Dallas brainstorming session on national debt shows status quo has to go


CQ Politics: Vitter Proving to be Difficult Democratic Target


NYT: Comedy (Not on Spill) in Ads for Florida


NYT: Rougher Road for Democrats Without Obama Atop Ticket


WaPo: America's heartland sees little need for a political insurrection


State: Lindsey Graham – Maverick, deal-maker with ‘vision’


Philadelphia Inquirer: Trenton in accord on 2% tax cap
AP: Christie and Democrats Reach Compromise
APP: Deal reached on tax cap in NJ


Boston Globe: Politics gives birth to uncommon partnership


AP/Wyatt: Candidate bucks GOP establishment in Colorado race


July 3, 2010


LA Times: Saxby Chambliss on 'reckless' Democratic debts; Obama on the jobs hole
WaPo: Economy lags as job growth remains weak
WSJ: Obama Says Economic Growth Is Too Slow
NYT: Budget Deficit and Wars’ Cost Draw Fire on the Home Front
NYT: Spend or Scrimp? Two Sides in White House Debate
Hill: Dems sounding economic warnings after downplaying recession threat
WSJ: Dow's Losing Streak Hits Seven
Wash Times: Census jobs end, but private hirings rise again
CBS: GOP Pounces on Disappointing Job Numbers to Criticize Stimulus
Hill: Democrats blast GOP for blocking benefits amid meager job growth
Bob Herbert: A Jobs Program That Works
NYT: OpEd: Will the Jobless Cost Democrats Their Jobs?
Politico: Bender ad casts gluttonous Uncle Sam
Rush Limbaugh: It's Payback Time: The Obama Economy is Purposeful Disaster
Rush Limbaugh: Speaker Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Fastest Way to Create Jobs

WSJ: Tests Start on Giant Oil Clean-Up Vessel
WaPo: In BP 'war room,' small victories, many uncertainties
McClatchy: Researchers say Obama's slow on oil spill science, too
LA Times: Gulf oil spill likely to reach Florida Keys, Miami, report says
WaPo: Possible oil-spill solutions pour in, seemingly unheeded, from around the world
WSJ: Smaller Oil Firms Might Exit Gulf, Browner Says
NYT: In a Refuge Haunted by Katrina, BP Swirls In
WaPo: New Orleans musicians give voice to rising tide of anger over gulf oil spill
Hill: Senators introduce tax relief bill for Gulf Coast
AP/Hill: Oil spill sends seafood outlets to other sources
Reuters: Special Report: Should BP nuke its leaking well?

Hill: Obama announces plan to sink $2 billion into solar energy projects
Hill: Liberal groups growing frustrated over Obama role in climate debate

NYT: In Justice Confirmation Hearings, Echoes of the Tea Party
NYT: OpEd: A ‘Kagan Doctrine’ on Gay Marriage
NYT: McConnell Opposes Kagan
WSJ: Hatch Opposes Kagan’s Nomination
Hill: Hatch to vote against Kagan's nomination
Hill: McConnell, Murkowski to vote against Kagan
NY Post: GOPers in full-court press against Kagan
American Thinker: Is Elena Kagan Morally Blind?
Human Events: Elena Kagan: Harriet Miers with an Ivy League Education
Linda Greenhouse: Past, Present and Future Justice
Juan Williams: The American Conservatism of Thurgood Marshall (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: Filibuster Elena Kagan, GOP!

Jeb Bush: A better welcome for our nation's immigrants
Rush Limbaugh: Amnesty: The Largest Voter Registration Drive in US History
LA Times: Editorial: The right words on immigration

Hill: Blumenauer to revive bill that sparked 'death panel' controversy

WaPo: Obama's national security officials, on the night watch

American Thinker: NASA = No Americans in Space Anymore?

Hill: White House releases staff salary data

Wash Times: Editorial: Media blackout for Black Panthers

NYT: Papers Show Moynihan in Full Voice Under Nixon

WSJ: Republicans Attack Steele Over Afghan-War Comments
Chicago Tribune: Steele tells donors Afghanistan 'war of Obama's choosing'
Wash Times: GOP prepares as calls for Steele's resignation grows
NYT: G.O.P. Leader Steele Draws Criticism Anew
NYT: Dust-Up Over Steele’s View of Afghan War
Hill: Steele’s Afghanistan criticism highlights Democrats' mixed message on war
WaPo: RNC's Steele backtracks after Afghan war remarks
Wash Times: OpEd: No turning back from change in the GOP
Politico: Steele faces new resignation calls
CNN: Dawson: RNC should remove Steele
NYDN: As right-wingers rip Michael Steele, GOP chief fends off calls for his ouster
WSJ: Political Wisdom: Should Steele Stay or Go?

Wash Times: Norcross to give up RNC post

Politico: DGA trails RGA in cash haul

WaPo: Ranking the most influential Republicans

Politico: Gore story goes mainstream

WSJ: Democrats' Peril, GOP's Challenge (via Google)

William Kristol: Tea Parties That Look Like America

Kathleen Parker: Following up on 'the first female president'

Rich Lowry: What Jefferson Wrought

Ted Nugent: Build cages - the street rats will come

Boston Globe: Faith still sticky issue as Romney mulls run

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Failure of State Soda Tax Plan Reflects Power of an Antitax Message
NYT: Editorial: The Power of the Veto Pen

Albany TU: Governor reviews week of vetoes; finds common ground on two bills

NYT: Paterson Urged to Veto Limit on Stop-and-Frisk List


LA Times: Appeals court affirms Schwarzenegger's bid to cut state workers' pay
SacBee: Court sides with Schwarzenegger on wage law, but Chiang, unions will fight on
WSJ: Court Sides With Schwarzenegger on Minimum Wage
SF Chronicle: Court OKs governor's cuts to state worker pay
Politico: Calif. employees cut to minimum wage
SacBee: Governor puts 200,000 state workers on minimum wage
LA Times: Schwarzenegger orders state workers be paid $7.25 an hour
LA Times: Top Democrats take aim at governor’s pay cut order

LA Times: 200 ATMs at casinos, strip clubs cut from welfare network

AP: Brown campaign invites Whitman to 4th of July BBQ


AzCapitolTimes: McCain breaks away as critical support eludes Hayworth
Politico: Hayworth hits McCain-Rothstein ties

Politico: Arizona warns cops of racial profiling


WaPo: Sharron Angle confirms she is not a birther
Politico: Sharron Angle: I'm not a 'birther'


Politico: Rossi promises disclosure, blind trust


Dallas MN: Texas Supreme Court clears way for Green Party while it reviews case
WSJ: Texas Green Party Gets Favorable Ruling


SPT: Review of Rick Scott's financials shows complex network beyond his reported net worth
Miami Herald: Scott's wealth a vast web of complex assets

SPT: Greer wants to delay civil suit; Republicans say no way
Florida TU: Jim Greer's latest dilemma


AJC: Coming clean on Sen. Chambliss' clean energy bill
AJC: Letting Saxby Chambliss finish his thought on continued unemployment benefits

AJC: Karen Handel levels the first attacks in the GOP race for governor
AJC: WSB-TV: 20 years ago, a judge called lawyer John Oxendine an ‘abomination’
Politico: Oxendine foes: He's Georgia's Blago
SPR: Handel catches Oxendine in GOP governor's poll


Chicago Tribune: Losses mean Giannoulias owed no tax in 2009
Chicago Sun-Times: Giannoulias will pay no income taxes, receive return of $30,000

Chicago Tribune: Identities of Blagojevich jurors could be made public

NYT: Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Can’t Stop Digging Hole

WSJ: Chicago Approves Tough New Handgun Restrictions


Star Tribune: Emmer adds campaign veteran as communications chief

US News: Minnesota's Al Franken Turns in Understated First Year


Fox21: Poll shows Walker leads Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial primary by a large margin


Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Portman (R) 43% Fisher (D) 39%


Detroit News: Cox, Snyder ante up the most for TV ads
AP/Householder: Michigan candidates happy to mix sports and politics
Detroit FP: Michigan gubernatorial candidates spending less on campaign ads

Detroit FP: 400,000 Michigan workers may lose jobless aid this year

Detroit FP: City asks for texts between Kilpatrick, ex-federal monitor
Human Events: Detroit: The Once Great Shining City Upon a Hill


Politico: Joe the Plumber backs Blunt foe


Memphis CA: Hopefuls for Tennessee's GOP gubernatorial nod turn up heat
Tennessean: TN GOP skeptical of Obama's push for immigration reform


CBS: Rand Paul Likens U.S. Economy to the Fall of Rome


News & Observer: Burr says oil ads won't ruffle feathers


Politico: Spratt objects, NRCC stands by ad

AP/Davenport: SC gov to patch agency budget with local cash


Wash Times: Editorial: Cuccinelli fights the feds (Health Care)

WaPo: Editorial: In Prince William County, a call for a tough immigration law


Wash Times: O'Malley trails Ehrlich in Maryland
Baltimore Sun: Ehrlich and Kane file candidacy, leave day jobs


Philadelphia Inquirer: New Jersey lawmakers still struggle with property-tax cap
Star-Ledger: N.J. lawmakers end day of negotiations on property tax cap with no resolution


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pennsylvania legislators near deal to end budget dispute

Hill: Kanjorski wants to avoid 'nuts' at town halls as lawmakers leave for recess


New Republic: Scott Brown Outpolls Obama in Massachusetts


July 2, 2010


Wash Times: Boehner escalates White House spat, says president is 'whining'

NYT: Factory Jobs Return, but Employers Find Skills Shortage
WSJ: For Jobs, a Leap Over Low Expectations (via Google)
WaPo: U.S. housing market remains fragile despite low mortgage rates
LA Times: Economic rebound may be losing ground, data show
WSJ: Charity Joins Top Home Builders' Ranks
WSJ: Mortgage Bonds Booming (via Google)
LA Times: Mortgage rates this week hit record lows
Wash Times: Detroit 3 see auto sales drop by more than 10%
Hill: House Democrats pass 'budget enforcement resolution' by 215-210
WSJ: The Obama Tax Trap: How some Republicans are preparing to walk right into it
NYT: Editorial: Bad News Back Home
Paul Krugman: Myths of Austerity
Rush Limbaugh: Recovery Summer Melts Down
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Tears at Fabric of America

Hill: Sens. Dodd, Lincoln issue letter easing worries on Buffett Wall Street provision
WaPo: Shelby `Doubtful' Republicans Can Block Financial Bill: Video

Politico: Blame spreads in Gulf spill
Hill: White House: Revised drilling ban coming ‘in the next few days’
WSJ: Why Is the Gulf Cleanup So Slow?
AP/Breen: Gulf oil spill gushes to disaster record
AP/Breen: BP ignores offers to help in oil spill clean-up efforts
Dallas MN: Firms offering to help clean up gulf oil spill pitch to media, lawmakers
Hill: Spill response chief bullish on relief wells stopping the BP gusher
WaPo: Editorial: The odd responses of the attorney general to the oil spill

Politico: Climate forecast hazy as Senators look for direction

Hill: Russian spy ring may be last straw for Obama nuclear arms treaty
WSJ: Alleged Russian Agent Claimed top Gore Aide Leon Fuerth Was His Firm's Adviser
NYT: Suspect Placed Love for Russia Before His Son, Prosecutors Say
WSJ: Judge Grants $250,000 Bail to Russian Spy Suspect
WSJ: Moscow's Response: Vague, but More Frank Than Usual
Weekly Standard: Russian Spies with Long-Term, Criminal Intent

Wash Times: Obama alienates GOP over immigration bill
NYT: Obama Urges Fix to ‘Broken’ Immigration System
Salt Lake Tribune: Utah’s GOP delegation pans Obama’s speech
Human Events: Republicans Blast Obama’s Immigration Speech
Politico: Obama speech fans immigration fight
Hill: Obama pans 'ill-conceived' laws on immigration while calling for reform
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Obama’s Immigration Promise
WaPo: 21 killed in Mexican gang shootout near US border
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So, 101 Days Later: Obama Plays Amnesty Race Card
Rush Limbaugh: It's the Statue of Liberty, Not the Statue of Immigration
Michelle Malkin: Assimilation and the Founding Fathers

Rush Limbaugh: Whistleblower: Race Motivated Holder to Drop Black Panther Case

Hill: Sens. Dorgan, Enzi say they have 60 votes necessary to lift Cuba travel ban

WaPo: Kagan expected to be confirmed to Supreme Court with little Republican support
Wash Times: NRA comes out against Kagan
Hill: GOP faces pressure on confirmation
NYT: Kagan Reminds Senators: Legislation Is Your Job
WSJ: Reconfirming John Roberts: Why Democrats are targeting the Chief Justice
Ted Nugent: Black-robers need to read the Constitution
Thurgood Marshall Jr: Putting my father, Thurgood Marshall, on trial
Gary Bauer: Hyper-Partisan Elena Kagan’s Road to the High Court
Rush Limbaugh: Kagan Won't Take a Stand in Favor of the Declaration of Independence
American Thinker: Why Kagan Is Unqualified -- and Dangerous

NYT: House Passes $80 Billion War Spending Bill
Politico: House adds $23B to war funding bill
AP/Flaherty: Senate confirms Petraeus as Afghan war chief
Charles Krauthammer: Terror -- and candor in describing the Islamist ideology behind it

Wash Times: Opponents keep hope alive to kill health reform law
Hill: Health law risks turning away sick
Politico: Erick Erickson: GOP leaders betraying repeal

Politico: Panel grills Pelosi on Massa case

WSJ: Gore Case Reopened; Police Cite Procedure
WaPo: Police in Portland reopen inquiry of sex allegation against Gore
NYT: Oregon: Police Explain Decision to Revisit Gore Case
Human Events: Al Gore Sexual Assault Case Re-Opened
American Spectator: Portland Paper Denies Protecting Gore: Police Re-Open Case

Atlantic: Republican Enthusiasm Hits Record High
WaPo: Democrats shaping battle plan against Republicans for November
Politico: The hidden hand of Joe Biden
Mort Kondracke: Voters Are Unhappy but Optimistic –– Why?

Atlantic: Finalist Cities for the 2012 Democratic Convention: Pros and Cons

CBS: Palin Challenges Obama on Defense Spending
AP/Bohrer: Palin center stage in politics, but what of 2012?

Fox: Romney Zeroes in on NH with Money, Visit

NYT: Huckabee Trying Out a Daily Show for News Corp.

WSJ: Tea-Party Call to Cut Spending Gains Traction
Gallup: Tea Party Supporters Overlap Republican Base
CBS: Lindsey Graham: Tea Party will "Die Out"

NYT: Lobbyist Says It’s About Information, Not Influence
Politico: Patton Boggs buys Breaux-Lott

Peggy Noonan: Jefferson's tender lament didn't make it into the Declaration


NYT: For Holiday, Paterson Is Vetoing, and Vetoing
Albany TU: Holiday offers budget break
Buffalo News: Stachowski's 'line in the sand' keeps Albany in suspense
Rochester D&C: With budget incomplete, Gov. David Paterson starts signing 6,900 vetoes
NYDN: Assembly Speaker Silver: "We only make deals once."
WSJ: The Empire State's Stimulus Addiction (via Google)
Politico: David Paterson swears off running for office
Rush Limbaugh: Will New York State Income Tax Cost the Knicks LeBron James?

NYT: Albany Approves No-Fault Divorce and Domestic Workers’ Rights
Buffalo News: No-fault divorce bill given final approval by Assembly

NYDN: NY & 28 states to delay Obama's health plan for uninsured preexisting conditions

NYT: Ex-Spy Is a Long Shot to Oust Schumer


SF Chronicle: Ex-Brown aide's behavior becomes campaign issue
AP/Young: Brown invites rival Whitman to house for tea
SacBee: Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman react - sort of - to landmark gun ruling

AP: Fiorina declares stimulus program a failure

Reuters: California begins fiscal year with no budget


Rasmussen: Arizona Governor: Brewer (R) 53%, Goddard (D) 35%

LA Times: Police guidelines underscore complexities of Arizona immigration law


Politico: Angle ducks 'birther' question


CQ Politics: Tight Race for Oregon Governor


Dallas MN: Barton leads GOP ball team to defeat at bats of congressional Democrats
Dallas MN: Obama ridicules Barton over BP apology

Dallas MN: Texas conservation group hits Green Party over GOP link
Austin AS: Editorial: Texas Green Party entangled in quite a mess


Miami Herald: Rubio: `Our government is broken'
WaPo: Marco Rubio's next act
NYT: Lacking G.O.P. Largess, Crist Turns to Democrats
SPT: Outreach to Democrats gives Crist a balancing act
SPT: Oil spill disaster raises Crist's profile as he campaigns for the U.S. Senate

PNJ: Greer pleads not guilty
SPT: Oct. 18 trial date set for ex-Florida GOP chief Jim Greer
Palm Beach Post: Stay tuned for episode 2 of Greer's GOP drama

SPT: Governor candidate Rick Scott tells activists he'll fight for states' rights
Sunshine News: Bill McCollum Goes After Obama on Immigration
CNN: Gay dating, “Pro-homosexual rights” figure into Florida gov. race

WSJ: Florida Sees New Threat to Its Beaches: Cuban Drilling


AP: Oxendine raises $800,000-plus in 2 months
AJC: TeenPact kids' campaign efforts raise questions


Chicago Sun-Times: Kirk campaign still raking it in
Politico: Kirk posts $2.3M amid bio flap
Hill: Giannoulias lacking delegate support

Chicago Tribune: Prosecutors paint Blagojevich as Imelda Marcos of Illinois
Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich's $400,000 shopping spree
Human Events: Blago Trial Exposes Chicagoland’s Political Rumble
CST: Blagojevich trial moving at lightning speed -- government may rest in 2 weeks

Chicago Tribune: Quinn budget cuts $1 billion, leaves $13 billion hole next year


AP/Glover: Miller, Mauro predict close governor, Senate races


Winona Daily News: Minnesota Republicans bring tour to Winona
West Central Tribune: Emmer hits town with message, fellow Republicans
Austin Post-Bulletin: GOP statewide bus tour kicks off in southeast Minnesota

Pioneer Press: Judge dismisses GOP complaint against IP's Tom Horner
Star Tribune: Complaint against Horner tossed

Pioneer Press: Minneapolis named one of four finalists to host Democrats in 2012


CQ Politics: Herseth Sandlin Faces Best GOP Opponent Yet


Detroit FP: Pete Hoekstra's secret to success: Hard work

Detroit News: Michigan lawmakers OK school boost
Detroit FP: Legislature approves restoring some funding to state's schools
AP/Martin: Michigan Legislature approves school budget


AP/Hanna: Kan. race shows earmarks are tricky business
Augusta Gazette: Has 'Palin Effect' renewed hope for Tiahrt campaign?


Lexington HL: Campaign says Rand Paul raised $1.1 million in 2nd quarter
AP/Schreiner: Sen. candidate Paul raises over $1M since April 1


Fox: Pawlenty In South Carolina, Endorses Haley

Politico: Graham: Tea party will 'die out'
Hill: Sen. Graham predicts Tea Party movement will eventually 'die out'


Politico: Byrd succession gets complex


WaPo: Ehrlich hits Md. campaign trail with new running mate, Mary Kane
Baltimore Sun: Ehrlich-Kane ticket debuts
Maryland Reporter: Ehrlich’s choice of Mary Kane as running mate no surprise


Cherry Hill Courier Post: Christie offers tax-cap compromise
NYT: Christie Gives In, a Little, on Property Taxes
Star-Ledger: Gov. Christie urges Democrats to bring property taxes under control
N Jersey: Christie trying to run a tighter ship


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey (R) 45%, Sestak (D) 39%

Bloomberg: Pa. governor says he hopes to sign budget Tuesday


Boston Globe: Patrick, Baker and the battle of the budget
Boston Globe: Cahill returns fire in new ads
AP/Johnson: GOP's Baker seeks 5 fall debates in Mass. gov race


WSJ: Pro Wrestling's Image Looms Over Senate Race


July 1, 2010


NYT: Financial Overhaul Wins Final Approval in House
Wash Times: Finance bill clears House hurdle: Obama finds market to bash GOP
LA Times: Financial reform bill passes House, 237-192
NYT: Reid Delays Scheduling Vote on Financial Regulation
WaPo: House passes financial overhaul; Senate leaders postpone vote
Boston Globe: House approves financial overhaul: Brown’s doubts delay Senate vote
Globe & Mail: Brown puts a kink in Obama's done deal
AP/Kellman: Brown cuts backroom deals he campaigned against
Boston Globe: Scott Brown’s golden touch
MPBN: Collins Endorses Financial Reform Bill
WSJ: The Dodd-Frank Financial Fiasco
Fox: Obama Blasts Boehner for Likening Bank Overhaul Bill to Nuking an 'Ant'
Chicago Tribune: In Wisconsin, Obama criticizes GOP for blocking his economic agenda
Politico: John Boehner gets bipartisan beat down

Karl Rove: Obama and the Fiscal 'Road to Hell'

Gallup: Independent Voters Favor GOP in 2010 Election Tracking

Rush Limbaugh: America in 2010: Obamaville

NYT: Loan Giants Fannie & Freddie Threaten Energy-Efficiency Programs
NYT: Home Buyers’ Tax Credit Extended
NYT: Editorial: The Fed and Your Credit Card

Hill: Senate adjourns for July Fourth without passing unemployment benefits extension
Las Vegas RJ: Dems tee up one more round of votes on jobless benefits before recess

Hill: Democrats to punt on taxes

Hill: New report slams White House spill response
NYT: Interior Delays Offshore Expansion Hearings
Hill: Senate panel approves creation of competing spill commission
Star-Telegram: Republican oil-spill investigation bill moves forward in Congress
NYT: Banned Trailers Return for Latest Gulf Disaster
Hill: Top Democrat drafting plan to deny BP new offshore drilling leases
NYT: OpEd: The Good Driller Award
Politico: Jeff Bingaman gets final say on climate bill
Time: Hope Seems to Dim for Cap and Trade
NYT: Sen. Snowe Is Working Quietly to Find 'Consensus' on Capping Utility Emissions
Hill: Waxman to push carbon limits in conference if Senate falls short

NYT: Republicans Press Kagan on Social Issues
Boston Globe: Kagan sails through last day of questioning
WaPo: At hearings, Elena Kagan charmed her critics -- and seemed to enjoy herself
Wash Times: Kagan dodges Democrats' digs at high court
WaPo: Kagan finishes Supreme Court confirmation hearings
Politico: Attention turns to Elena Kagan final tally
WSJ: Kagan's Commerce Show-and-Tell (via Google)
WaPo: Editorial: Meaningful dialogue between a Republican and Obama's nominee
NYT: Editorial: Confirm Elena Kagan
LA Times: Elena Roberts?
WSJ: How Would Elena Kagan Like to Be Paid? (via Google)
Ann Coulter: Kagan hearings surpass World Cup for Most Boring TV Event
Wash Times: Editorial: Kagan's partial-birth extremism
Rush Limbaugh: Kagan Won't Say Government Can't Dictate What You Can Eat
Rush Limbaugh: Kagan Won't Admit Writing Memo She Admits is in Her Handwriting
American Spectator: The Banality of Elena
American Spectator: Filibuster Filigree

WSJ: The Supreme Court's 'Subsidies': Justices erode freedom of association (via Google)

LA Times: Obama renews immigration push
AP/Superville: In speech, Obama to argue for immigration overhaul
Wash Times: Obama aims pro-illegal lawsuit at Arizona
Wash Times: Obama builds the crisis, not a fence
American Thinker: The Southern Border Could Get Much Worse

WSJ: High-Risk Insurance Pools Launched (via Google)
AP/Bluestein: Palin warns health overhaul hurts special needs

Hill: Disclose Act requirements might end 30-second campaign advertisements

Hill: Bipartisan group of lawmakers calls for $8,700 pay cut in 2011

NYT: After Afghan Shift, Top U.S. Civilians Face Tricky Future

NYT: House Panel Votes to Ease Cuba Travel Restrictions

Portland Oregonian: Portland police will investigate accusations that Al Gore groped woman
WSJ: Police Reopen Al Gore Case
NYT: Police in Oregon Reopen Gore Case
LA Times: Portland police reopen probe into allegations that Gore groped a masseuse

Dan Henninger: A Plague of Vagueness (via Google)

American Spectator/Prowler: Such a Thing as Free Press (net neutrality)

Wash Times: Editorial: Obama's war on the traditional family

NYT: Midterm Races Spur Feverish Drive for Donations
WaPo: Conservatives use Pelosi as face of liberalism in campaign ads
Politico: NRCC adds 16 top targets
Dallas MN: Sessions cautiously optimistic about November
Politico: Republican Governors Association banks $19 million for the quarter
AP/Babington: Conservative group raises $8 million in June
CQ Politics: Senate Democrats Spend Generously on DSCC
CQ Politics: Measure of a Candidate? Latest Fundraising
CQ Politics: Latest EMILY’s List Picks Face Big Challenges

AP/Elliott: Democrats considering 4 cities for 2012 convention

EJ Dionne: Have Obama and the Democrats forgotten how to fight?

James Taranto: New in Fiction: Markos Moulitsas's "American Taliban"


Albany TU: Talks focus on deal
Buffalo News: Senate Democrats delay anew on state budget
Albany TU: Tuition rate plan holds up budget
NYDN: Gov. Paterson's veto threat forces Democrats to return to negotiating table
Gotham Gazette: State Budget Remains in Limbo
NewsLI: Statement By Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos

NY Post: Wilson shows the way

Albany TU: State jobless benefits get push

Albany TU: Brodsky: Reveal bonus pay deals

NYT: Varied Bills for Special Interests Move Quietly Through Albany


LA Times: California budget deadline passes without a budget
SacBee: California budget tardy again, and here's why
SacBee: Jerry Brown says he'd put any tax increases on ballot
AP/Lin: Fiorina says Calif. climate law is killing jobs
LA Times: Thousands in welfare cash tapped at California strip clubs


WSJ: Sharron Angle Breaks Mainstream Media Silence
WaPo: Sharron Angle grilled on Social Security, Medicare and 'taking Harry Reid out'
WaPo: Sharron Angle versus Harry Reid: A clear contrast
Las Vegas RJ: Obama to reprise Reid rally


Arizona Republic: Governor candidate Mills breaks spending record
East Valley Tr: Mills on the way to setting record for most money spent in entire campaign

Politico: Brewer's beheading claim questioned


SPR: Can the Democrats unseat Rick Perry in Texas?


CQ Politics: Vitter Campaign Reports $1 Million-Plus Quarter


American Spectator: Charlie Crist Sued
Time: Crist's Florida Senate Race: Saved by the Democrats?

Palm Beach Post: Bill McCollum declares: I was "Tea Party before there was a Tea Party'

Salon: Florida's unsavory billionaire candidates embarrassing selves

SPT: Prosecution documents reveal more in fraud case against former GOP chair Jim Greer


Macon Telegraph: Chambliss bill pushes natural gas, nuclear power


Wash Times: White House ducks from Blagojevich mud pies
Chicago Tribune: Another aide admits being a yes man
Chicago Sun-Times: 'Ridiculous even by our standards'

CBS: Mark Kirk Goes on the Offensive Against Alexi Giannoulias
NYT: Kirk Takes Aim at Giannoulias in New Ads

Politico: More Illinois Senate drama: A special?

Chicago Sun-Times: Painful cuts loom in OK of state budget today


AP/Glover: Culver says Branstad violated laws as governor


AP: Emmer likely to take subsidy in Minn. gov race

State Column: Governor Tim Pawlenty Raising Money

Star Tribune: Will Obama get nod in Minneapolis in 2012?


USA Today: Poll: Ohio Senate race in dead heat
Dayton DN: Senate race a dead heat; Obama lagging, poll finds
CQ Politics: Biden Heads To Ohio As Poll Shows Still-Tight Senate Race

Fox: The Crucial Race for Governor in Ohio
TPM: Poll Gives GOPer Kasich Slight Edge In OH-GOV

Akron BJ: Democrats name Cleveland a finalist


Detroit FP: Mike Cox is tough and he doesn't apologize for it
Detroit FP: Cox's Manoogian probe ads hit the airwaves in Detroit
Detroit News: Consultant outlined new strategy for Cox
WLNS: Ex-police officers in Mich. ads defend Mike Cox

Detroit News: Justice Weaver files for re-election to state Supreme Court
Detroit FP: Michigan news: Justice to run as an Independent


Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: Blunt (R) 48%, Carnahan (D) 43%

St. Louis PD: St. Louis one of four finalist to hold 2012 Democratic Convention


KC Star: New poll shows Moran,Tiahrt tied in Kansas GOP Senate battle


Examiner: The new faces of the Tennessee Republican Party


Rasmussen: Kentucky Senate: Paul (R) 49% Conway (D) 42%
AP/Alford: Democratic infighting complicates US Senate race


Charlotte Observer: Burr energy bill backs nuclear, other sources

New Republic: After The Fall, John Edwards parties on

Charlotte Observer: Charlotte a finalist for Dems in 2012


WaPo: Fimian advances in GOP candidate program
CQ Politics: Virginia 5: Perriello's First Campaign Ad As Incumbent


Hill: Byrd special election date may change


WaPo: Ehrlich picks Mary Kane as running mate
WBAL: Ehrlich Picks Mary Kane As Running Mate
Baltimore Sun: With Mary Kane, Ehrlich makes a smart pick


Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial: The Jersey steamroller
Rick Santorum: The Elephant in the Room: Christie shows how to cut
Paul Mulshine: Governor Christie for president? We’ve heard that one before


NYT: G.O.P. Rival Criticizes Blumenthal on Integrity


Politico: Tea party influence swaying centrists


John Fund: Alpha Dog Chooses His Loyalties: Bill Clinton breaks with Obama on Romanoff
Examiner: Hasan bashes Norton: “War on Islam” misleading
Wash Times: Tea party chucking another favorite


Politico: Teague hit with $2.7M lawsuit


Rasmussen: Hawaii Governor: Democrats Remain Far Ahead




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