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July 14, 2010


NYT: Financial Reform Bill Limps Toward Vote
WSJ: Finance Overhaul Casts Long Shadow on the Plains
NYT: Financial Bill to Close Regulator of Fading Industry
Human Events: Senate Should Reject Dodd-Frank Financial Bailout

WSJ: Fed Sees Slower Growth

Wash Times: Both parties mull raising retirement age

WSJ: BP Set to Test New Fix For Leaking Well
WaPo: BP delays 'integrity test' on well that could lead to oil gusher's end
WaPo: Lessons from Exxon Valdez spill have gone unheeded
NYT: Editorial: A New, and Necessary, Moratorium

Politico: Reid warms to July climate vote
Hill: Reid throws climate lifeline to greens
Hill: Dems pick 3-bill plan

Wash Times: Obama taps Clinton vet as budget office chief
NYT: Obama Says Budget Nominee Is Fit for ‘Hall of Fame’
Politico: Jacob Lew to lead OMB

Dick Morris: Obama digs a deeper hole

Wash Times: Opposition stalls Kagan vote
Politico: Elena Kagan foes court Senate Democrats

Politico: Arizona immigration suits pile up

NYT: Reversal Upholds Detention of Yemeni at Guantánamo

NYT: Beyond Guns: N.R.A. Expands Agenda

Politico: Online retail may face state tax hits

WSJ Court Tosses Out FCC Rules to Curb Indecent Speech
WaPo: Court rules against FCC policies on indecency
NYT: F.C.C. Indecency Policy Rejected on Appeal

Wash Times: Editorial: Kill the crackers: Racial politics is rising under Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Let's End Racial Division and Unite Around American Exceptionalism

NYT: Editorial: Send In the Tycoons

WaPo: Pennsylvania, other states in tug of war before congressional redistricting

WaPo: As NAACP aims to stay in national debate, charge of tea party racism draws fire
Rush Limbaugh: NAALCP Accuses Tea Party of Wanting to Lynch Obama, Holder

WaPo: White House searching for a way to reconnect with voters over economy
Rush Limbaugh: WaPo Bemoans: Disasters Fail to Popularize the Obama Agenda

Kathleen Parker: Sarah Palin, from pit bull to mama grizzly
Politico: Sarah Palin: Will she do it?

Hill: Obama sends Robert Gates to a 2012 proxy fight with Mitt Romney

Ruth Marcus: Lobbying fight over infant formula highlights budget gridlock

Lee Bollinger: Journalism Needs Government Help

Politico: Boehner: No 'sour grapes' spending
James Taranto: It's Duck Season!

Ted Nugent: Differences between Carter and Obama? None.
Politico: The Democrats' middle-class problem

Politico: For left, Al Gore still matters

CQ Politics: Pelosi Slams Gibbs for ‘Politically Inept’ House Forecast
Hill: GOP predicts greater power for chairmen under would-be Speaker Boehner


NYT: New York Presses Banks on Foreclosures

NYT: Community Advocate Drops Bid for Espada’s Seat
NYT: Senator Riding in Car During What Witnesses Call Hit-Run

NYT: Editorial: The List of Usual Suspects


Hill: La. Senate challenger says Vitter weakened

NYT: In New Orleans, a Mayor With a Full Plate


WaPo: Robert Bentley clinches Republican nod for governor in Alabama
Politico: Bentley wins GOP primary runoff


CQ Politics: Crist Tops Rubio In Reuters Poll


CQ Politics: Georgia: Incumbent Isakson Dominates Senate Money Chase


WSJ: Outside Court, a Divide Over Blagojevich Case


Politico: Bachmann CoS, fundraiser out


Politico: DeMint, NRSC agree on Feingold foe


CQ Politics: Moran, Tiahrt Show Right Stuff


Wash Times: Conway loans himself $400,000 for Senate


Politico: Manchin to name new senator Friday


Rasmussen: Maryland Senate: Mikulski (D) 58%, Wargotz (R) 33%


CQ Politics: Sestak catches Toomey in Pennsylvania


Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Angle (R) 46%, Reid (D) 43%
Politico: Harry Reid leaves Angle attacks to allies


Rasmussen: Colorado Senate: GOP Hopefuls Remain Slightly Ahead


Politico: Rossi starts fast, raises $1.4 million


July 13, 2010


WSJ: Finance Bill Close to Passage in Senate
Boston Globe: Brown will back financial overhaul
NYT: Scott Brown to Vote Yes on Financial Regulation
WaPo: Sen. Scott Brown plans to vote for financial regulation bill
WSJ: Scott Brown’s Statement on Financial Bill
NYT: Snowe to Back Financial Regulation Bill
WaPo: Financial regulation bill nears finish line with support from Snowe, Brown
Hill: Dems hit 60 on Wall Street bill
Politico: Russ Feingold's defiance irks liberals
NYT: Paulson Likes What He Sees in Overhaul
NYT: F.D.I.C. Gets More Power to Evaluate Banks’ Risk
WSJ: Dodd-Frank, Meet William Jennings Bryan (via Google)

WaPo: Confidence in Obama reaches new low, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds
Hill: Poll: Obama hits new low on economy
Rich Lowry: Time for Something Completely Different

WaPo: No extension of unemployment benefits in sight for the long-term jobless
David Brooks: An Economy of Grinds
WSJ: The Bush Tax Cuts and the Deficit Myth
WaPo: Tax Cuts for High-Income Americans Depend on Democrats Blinking
WSJ: FDR, Obama and 'Confidence' (via Google)
Globe & Mail: The disintegration of the welfare state

WSJ: New Ban Hits Oil Drillers
WaPo: Administration issues revised moratorium on offshore drilling
NYT: U.S. Issues Revised Offshore Drilling Ban
Wash Times: Salazar puts new ban on deep-water oil drilling
WSJ: The New-Old Drilling Ban (via Google)

Hill: Leader of Obama’s oil spill commission calls it free of politics, preconception

WaPo: Sealing cap placed on oil well as Interior Dept. issues ban on offshore drilling
NYT: In BP’s Record, a History of Boldness and Costly Blunders
NYT: New Culture of Caution at Exxon After Valdez
WaPo: Obama sticks with clean-energy goals
Rush Limbaugh: Where is Bill Clinton? Wife of Oil Executive Injured in Mail Bombing

Politico: Moment of truth for energy bill
Hill: Sen. Reid faces balancing act in trying to craft energy and climate legislation
Hill: Lieberman, Kerry make last-ditch appeal on scaled-back climate bill

WSJ: Obama's Immigration Fakery (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: Dem Govs: AZ Lawsuit is "Toxic"
WaPo: OpEd: Profiling's enabler: High court ruling underpins Arizona immigration law
American Spectator: Obama's Crazy Quilt Federalism

CSM: Orrin Hatch's 'no' on Elena Kagan a template for GOP opposition
Politico: Hatch lays out case against Kagan
CNN: Senate committee likely to delay Kagan vote for a week
WSJ: Kagan and ObamaCare

Politico: Doctors' lobby losing clout on Hill

Bret Stephens: Dr. Berwick and That Fabulous Cuban Health Care (via Google)
Human Events: Pat Boone Calls Berwick ‘Kiss of Death for Seniors’

John Bolton: Beyond the Obama Nuke Policy (via Google)
Human Events: Bolton: 'Obama Won’t Defend American Interests'

NYT: Islamists Claim Responsibility for Uganda Attack
WSJ: Somali Militants Shift Tactics with Uganda Attack
WaPo: Editorial: Uganda attack shows strength of al-Qaeda's Somali branch
American Thinker: The Mosques of War
Fox: N.Y. Congressman Calls for Inquiry Into Funding of Mosque Near Ground Zero

FrontPageMag: Philadelphia’s Islamist Boy Scouts

Townhall: DOJ Official Responsible for Black Panther Outrage

WaPo: Gangs, organized crime will be focus of new Justice Department unit, crackdown
Human Events: Obama Cleanses the Terrorism Glossary

WaPo: Labor unions pivot toward midterm elections with jobs campaign

NYT: Beyond Guns: N.R.A. Expands Agenda
Politico: NRA takes flak for ties with left

Hill: Watchdogs call on Sen. Scott Brown to back campaign finance bill

Politico: White House and House Dems split on education
John Fund: Bill Gates attacks "fraudulent" accounting that hides the cost of teacher pensions

NYT: Suit Seeks to Double Size of House

Hill: Dems push teleworking bill after February’s monster snowfall

USA Today: Newt Gingrich to 'consider seriously' running for president
Wash Times: Gingrich weighing run for White House
AP/Glover: Gingrich says he's considering presidential run
CNN: Gingrich back in Iowa
Des Moines Register: Gingrich: 2010 environment better than 1994 for House GOP

Reuters: Palin fundraising success stirs 2012 speculation
CQ Politics: Palin’s Clout Narrows as Primaries Wind Down

Hill: Donors pushing Barbour to run in 2012

WSJ: Republicans’ Senate Hopes Ride with the Tea Party
ABC: Midterms 2010: Tea Party Candidates Not Backing Down

WaPo: Cantor: GOP will retake the House in November
Hill: Both parties acknowledge the House is in play in 2010 midterm election
US News: Polls Show Why Republicans Could Win Big in November
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime Sets Up to Dump Disaster on GOP Congress in 2011
Rush Limbaugh: It's There for the Picking, GOP!
Slate: Could Republicans Take the House? The White House would like you to think so
James Taranto: Majorities Say the Darnedest Things

Wash Times: GOP poised to grab control at state levels


NYDN: State Sen. Thomas Morahan Passes Away From Leukemia

Rochester D&C: 28 state authorities pay $6.6M in staff bonuses

NY Post: DiNapoli probes OTB over $1.5M exec
Albany TU: Odds hardly in NYRA's favor

NY Post: Gov: No hanky-panky in no-bid deal for wife's firm

Politico: Palin endorses in NY-25


Reuters: Whitman takes lead in poll for California governor
CQ Politics: Whitman Leads in California
LA Times: Whitman ad blasts Brown's union ties

CBS: Carly Fiorina: Women are "Coming of Political Age"
AP/Lin: Fiorina faces fundraising challenge

Ron Nehring: Republican comeback


Dallas MN: Perry says he'll skip border governors meeting if it's moved out of Arizona
Wash Times: Texas Democrat campaigns far and wide

Dallas MN: Anger management and Rep. Ciro Rodriguez
Rush Limbaugh: Another Dem Loses it at Town Hall


CNN: After tumultuous first term, Vitter draws a primary challenge
AP/Evans: Republican Senator Vitter says he backs birther lawsuits


Wash Times: GOP's Rubio raises record cash in 2nd quarter
Miami Herald: Marco Rubio raises $4.5 million in last quarter
AP: Rubio campaign raised $4.5 million last quarter
NYT: Rubio Rakes In the Money
Politico: Rubio blows away Crist's cash record
Sunshine News: Rubio Disses Crist's 'Political Photo Ops' in Gulf

SPT: McCollum campaign is down to $800,000 and scrambling for public financing
Miami Her: Cash-strapped Bill McCollum asks court to let him keep public matching funds
TPM: Court Filing: Republican McCollum Nearly Broke In Florida Gov Race
Politico: Great Scott! Candidate irks Florida GOP

SPT: Feinberg, Crist assure economic victims of oil spill that claims will be paid


AP: Palin backs GOP woman candidate for Ga. governor
AJC: Deal ‘disappointed’ by Palin pick & accuses Karen Handel of supporting gay ‘outreach’
AJC: The Dale Russell story on John Oxendine and the owner of a hospice chain


Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich defense: 'A fair trial is destroyed'
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich lawyers seek a week delay in trial
WaPo: Blagojevich: Musings of ex-governor included Bleep the public, Oprah for senator
AP: Blagojevich says 'it's painful' to hear FBI tapes
AP/Robinson: Judge's mail not kind to the cause of Blagojevich

Chicago Tribune: Kirk defends ad attacking Giannoulias on BP


Rasmussen: Indiana Senate: Coats (R) 51%, Ellsworth (D) 30%


Fox: Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Franken Over the Top in Minnesota, Study Finds

Star Tribune: Bachmann's 'nation of slaves' comment draws plenty of notice
Politico: Bachmann sees a 'nation of slaves'

Star Tribune: Entenza's new ad: Direct hit on Tom Emmer


Chicago Tribune: Feingold, 2 GOP rivals register for Senate ballot
NPR: Wisconsin's Feingold Faces A Fight


Columbus Dispatch: Fisher to testify about Delphi retirees' losses


Detroit FP: Unions push Virg Bernero campaign for governor
Detroit News: Dillon's abortion position will matter
Det FP: Archer endorses Dillon for gov, Bernero endorsed by Conyers, Cheeks Kilpatrick

Detroit FP: Kilpatrick due in court today on 19 felonies


CQ Politics: Missouri: Emerson Foe Passes $1 Million in Fundraising
AP/Lieb: Mo. Senate chief ousts chairman blocking Ford bill


Nashville Public Radio: Gubernatorial Debate Will Be Highest Profile So Far
AP/Schelzig: Haslam undaunted by becoming target at debate


AP/Schreiner: Paul draws backlash to comments about poverty


News & Observer: Burr has $6.3 million to fend off Marshall

WRAL: GOP chief calls for ouster of Highway Patrol commander


State: Sheheen holds money lead over Haley, for now

CQ Politics: Is Jim DeMint an Ace in the Hole for Barack Obama?
CQ Politics: South Carolina: Greene Schedules First Speech As Senate Nominee


Wheeling N-R: Capito Weighs Her Options


Rasmussen: Maryland Governor: Ehrlich 47%, O’Malley 46%
Baltimore Sun: Poll: Slight gain for Ehrlich in neck-and-neck race
Herald-Mail: Ehrlich pledges support for farmers

CNN: Maryland congressional race shaping up as one of most competitive


NYT: New Jersey Puts 2% Cap on Local Property Taxes
Daily Record: With NJ property tax cap passed, some lawmakers already seeking changes

S-L: Christie appeared at events with N.J. group that skirts campaign finance rules


PennLive: Gubernatorial candidates spar over causes of Pennsylvania unemployment


WSJ: Tancredo Unsettles Colo. Senate Race
Politico: Tancredo riff splits Buck and Norton


Politico: Murray boasts $1.6M quarter
Seattle Times: Candidates for Senate deeply split on energy, climate


July 12, 2010


Wash Times: Arizona warned of 2nd lawsuit
LA Times: Arizona immigration law could lead to a second suit, Holder says
Hill: Holder leaves open possibility of racial profiling lawsuit against Arizona
NYT: Governors Voice Grave Concerns on Immigration
Hill: Issa: Justice lawsuit against Arizona is a 'misuse of the Supremacy Clause'
Randy Pullen: Obama’s Wrong-headed Immigration Suit
WaPo: OpEd: MLB should move the 2011 All-Star game out of Arizona

NYT: As Congress Returns, Series of Tests Awaits
WaPo: Congress returns from recess to even more of the same
Hill: The Week Ahead: Back from recess
Hill: Senate Democrats face critical four weeks

NYT: Democrats Corral Votes on Bank Bill
NYT: Long Wait for Financial Regulation Bill
WSJ: Revisiting the Regulations Affecting Business
WaPo: Obama's debt commission warns of fiscal 'cancer'
AP/Johnson: Debt commission leaders paint gloomy picture
Hill: Orszag's successor as budget director faces a sea of red ink to deal with
Hill: Tax writers have full agenda in run-up to summer break
NRO: Mechanical Failure (Stimulus Failure)
Michael Barone: Government Spending Can’t Fix the Economy
Paul Krugman: The Feckless Fed
Ross Douthat: The Class War We Need
NYT: OpEd: America Builds an Aristocracy
Fred Barnes: Obama's Entitlement Opportunity
Sen. Mike Johanns: The World Isn't Waiting on Free Trade (via Google)

Wash Times: Jobless seek work despite benefits, survey says
WSJ: Small Investors Flee Stocks, Changing Market Dynamics
NYT: End of Census, and for Many, End of Job
AP/Taylor: Analysis: How 2 million lost jobless benefits
Rasmussen: 50% Rate Obama’s Economic Performance As Poor

WSJ: BP Mulls Selling Off Billions in Assets
NYT: BP Is Said to Explore Asset Sale
Hill: Feinberg: Unknown yet if $20 billion escrow fund will cover damages

NYT: Cap Connector Is Installed on BP Well
WaPo: BP maneuvers underwater to secure new oil cap
WSJ: BP Optimistic on New Oil Cap
LA Times: Teams resume burning oil in Gulf of Mexico

WaPo: Oil spill panel faces challenges, criticism as it begins work
NYT: Editorial: Big Oil’s Good Deal

WSJ: The Climategate Whitewash Continues
WaPo: Historic oil spill fails to produce gains for U.S. environmentalists
Politico: T-minus three weeks on energy bill
Hill: Reid faces balancing act crafting energy and climate legislation
Politico: Oil spill may influence climate bill
Politico: Change coming slowly on climate law
Politico: Technology critical to energy policy
Sen. Jeff Bingaman: Congress must act to reduce emissions
Rep. Shelley Moore Capito: Note to EPA: 'Coal' isn't a dirty word

Wash Times: Doctor was appointed to preclude politics spat
Hill: White House: Berwick recess appointment key to 'move forward'
Human Events: Obama Outpaces Bush’s Recess Appointments
American Spectator: Bowdlerizing Berwick

WSJ: Who Pays for ObamaCare? (via Google)
Politico: AMA not feeling much love now
NYT: Obama to Outline Plan to Cut H.I.V. Infections

NYT: Editorial: Filibusters for the Big Money (campaign finance)

NYT: Some Issues Still Blocking Sept. 11 Trial, Holder Says
Hill: Holder: Congress holding up 9/11 mastermind trial
AP/Yost: Holder unsure about death penalty for terrorist cases in military court
Detroit News: Cost of holding terrorism trial in Detroit raises concerns

Wash Times: Obama at odds with Petraeus doctrine on 'Islam'
Wash Times: Why Obama is a cultural Muslim
Gary Bauer: In Search of Islam’s Contributions

Hill: Lobbying battle over START treaty heats up over weeklong Congressional recess
NRO: Editorial: New Start: Romney Is Right

Politico: NRA takes flak for ties with left

Sen. Orrin Hatch: The Case against Confirmation

AP/Sherman: Kennedy's clout could rise on High Court

WaPo: Editorial: Police were right to monitor personal use of office cellphone

WSJ: Gibbs Concedes GOP Could Retake House in November
CQ Politics: Unions, Business Lobbies Look to November
Time: Brewing Trouble: How the Tea Party May Hurt GOP Senate Prospects
Star-Ledger: Will Republicans squander their midterm election advantage?

Politico: Infighting imperils Republican Policy Committee

Politico: President Obama's policy time bombs
Politico: Liberals analyze their Obama 'despair'
Politico: Democratic governors point finger at D.C.
Ted Nugent: What Happened to America?

American Spectator: Blundering Into a Culture War
NRO: The Massachusetts DOMA Rulings—Some Commentary on Massachusetts v. HHS
CQ Politics: Gay Rights Members Press for Repeal

WaPo: Progressives hope 'One Nation' coalition can recapture grass-roots fervor

WaPo: Registered lobbyists decline in response to 2007 rules, administration crackdown

EJ Dionne: The left needs a right brain

LA Times: The mounting momentum of 'The Unstoppable Sarah Palin'?
Politico: SarahPAC steps into the big leagues
AP/Bohrer: FEC filing shows Palin gave $87,500 to candidates
Examiner: Palin platitudes: Pink Elephants and Mama Grizzlies (Video)
American Thinker: Sarah Palin Outs Darth Vader

Fox: Republicans Begin to Jockey for 2012 Position
Des Moines Register: Expect more GOP visitors focused on ‘12 presidential race


NY Post: Gov wife's biz gets $297M no-bid deal

NYDN: Cuomo's No. 2, Charlie King, still has ties to lobbying, consulting firms

Albany TU: High CEO pay eyed at State Mental Health Agencies

Rochester D&C: Loaded field for Eric Massa's old seat


NYT: Divining the Return on a Candidate’s Investment
SacBee: The Buzz: The Whitman, Brown air wars continue

SacBee: California's stimulus funding starts to run dry

SacBee: GOP web forum tries to give power to the people

American Spectator: Is California Going to Pot?


Miami Herald: Rubio's rise linked to tea parties
SPT: Marco Rubio's U.S. Senate campaign grew out of his 2007 antitax roots

CQ Politics: Florida Starts To Meet Greene


CQ Politics: Oxedine Keeps Lead in Georgia


Human Events: Obama and Blago -- Linked Political Sausage?


AP/Foley: Abortion debate could affect Wis. governor's race


Hill: Women's groups target Voinovich to pass anti-violence bill


Detroit News: Bernero adds endorsements in Mich. governor's race

Detroit News: Sen. Byrd's death puts jobless aid for Michiganians at risk


American Spectator: Rand Paul and Halitosis


NRO: Public Policy Polling or Controlling?


AP/Kinnard: SC nominee to face no state charge for filing fee


Politico: Perriello accumulates impressive haul


Human Events: Race for Byrd Seat to Shift to 2010
Politico: Joe Manchin holds off on Senate call


NYT: New Jersey Governor Defies Political Expectations
AP: Christie is named to National Governor's Association executive committee


Politico: Simmons supporters hold on to hope


Boston Globe: Uneven response on House earmarks

Boston Globe: For some, job loss leads to fulfillment

AP/LeBlanc: Mass. Gov. Patrick facing sluggish fundraising


Las Vegas RJ: Goodman can't see balancing state budget without tax hike


July 11, 2010


Boston Globe: Governors gather to talk tough times
WSJ: Governors Grapple With Financial Woes
AP/Sidoti: Struggling states seeking more aid from Washington
WaPo: Long-term structural changes start at state level

NYT: Bank Bailout Is Potent Issue for Both Parties in Fall Races
LA Times: A post-November congressional outlook: partisan gridlock

Boston Globe: Finish line is in sight for financial overhaul bill
NYT: Volcker Pushes for Reform, Regretting Past Silence

NYT: Wall St. Hiring in Anticipation of an Economic Recovery
Ezra Klein: It's always the economy, stupid
Boston Globe: Staring down desperation

WSJ: BP Removes Old Cap, Will Install New Oil-Containment System
WaPo: BP removes oil well cap to install new containment system
NYT: BP Removes Cap From Well, Aiming for a Tighter Fit
AP/Breen: Oil flows unabated in new attempt to contain it
WaPo: Oil hasn't hit South Atlantic, but its effects on business reverberate already
WSJ: Dispute on Oil Spill Panel Flares Before First Meeting

NYT: New Analysis Triples U.S. Plutonium Waste Figures
Chicago Tribune: Clean coal dream a costly nightmare

NYT: Editorial: A Climate Change Corrective

WaPo: With votes looming, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan plays it cool

NYT: Editorial: The Hard Work of Gun Control

NYT: Lawmakers Defend Social Security’s Chief Actuary in Clash With Commissioner

WaPo: Six detainees would rather stay at Guantanamo Bay than be returned to Algeria

Politico: On-message Haley complains about Steele "distraction"
AP/Sidoti: It's either Haley's comet to 2012 or GOP kingmaker (Haley Barbour)

Houston Chronicle: Want summer sparks? Watch these races


Buffalo News: Senate Democrats hope to use stopped paychecks as leverage
Rochester D&C: Property tax relief proposals wither in Albany
Albany TU: Storm brews over tax enforcement fund
NY Post: City taxpayers foot 90% of municipal pensions
MY Post: 'Overtaxed' Rush sells condo

NYT: Gov. Paterson’s ‘Big Mistake’

NY Post: Meeks money mess

NY Post: Espada: No beef with rev

NYDN: Queens Rep. Anthony Weiner marries Huma Abedin, with Bill Clinton presiding


LA Times: Insiders detail Fiorina and Whitman's fraught history
SacBee: Field Poll: Scant voting record, candidate age over 70 are both voter turnoffs

NYT: The Loneliness of Governor Schwarzenegger

SacBee: State pay cut could ravage Sacramento region

SacBee: California Republicans seek to unravel Obama's health care law


Dallas MN: Texas doctors threaten to drop Medicaid out of fear of more fee cuts

Houston Chronicle: Perry avoids past in farm speech


NOLA: Sen. David Vitter picks up first Republican opponent
AP/DeSlatte: Vitter faces 16 challengers in Senate race


SPT: White House isn't backing Crist, party chief says

Central Fla LJ: Rick Scott Sues State

SPT: Former office manager details Florida GOP's spending scandal
Miami Herald: Bosses binged on meals, concerts, cigars, GOP ex-aide says


Montgomery Adv: Tuesday runoff to finally determine party candidates
Tuscaloosa News: Republicans denounce anti-Byrne ad campaign


Athens BH: Republican field chases Oxendine
AJC: Poll: Karen Handel moves up on GOP side, Roy Barnes above 50 percent
WaPo: Ga. gubernatorial hopeful's new ad puts gender in the spotlight
Florida TU: Tea Party has chance of Georgia success in unusual election year


SJ-R: US Senate's GOP leader in Springfield to back Kirk

WSJ: Illinois Readies $900 Million Debt Sale Amid Fiscal Woes (via Google)

Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich trial: Question of criminal intent
Chicago Tribune: Jesse Jackson Jr. suffers collateral damage in Blagojevich trial


AP/Ramer: Pawlenty lays out case to N.H. voters


Milwaukee JS: Walker matches Neumann, is willing to repeal smoking ban


Columbus Dispatch: Candidates differ sharply on tax rates and soaring deficits
Oxford Press: Senate candidates spar on taxes, spending

Toledo Bl: Temporary fixes have OH ahead of red-ink trend, but $8B gap likely next year


Detroit FP: Tea party has GOP candidates' attention

Detroit News: Kilpatrick's federal arraignment Tuesday escalates legal woes

Detroit FP: Editorial: Next governor needs more than a grand plan


CTFP: Wamp labels Haslam gun mailers as ‘phony’
Knox News: East Tennesseans in Congress say issue is distraction


Boston Herald: Rand Paul says tea party reflects mainstream views
NKY: NKY Republicans unite behind Rand Paul


Charlotte Observer: GOP starting early-voting push today


NYT: Enigmatic Jobless Man Prepares Senate Campaign


Pittsburgh PG: Democrats likely to keep Byrd seat if Manchin runs


S-L: Fragmented N.J. Democrats struggle to find leadership, unity with elections approaching


Philadelphia Inq: Corbett says some would rather get unemployment checks than work
Allentown Morning Call: Corbett: Some would rather collect
KDKA: Poll: Corbett Still In Lead Over Onorato


Rasmussen: South Dakota Governor: Daugaard (R) 52%, Heidepriem (D) 35%


Guardian UK: John McCain ditches his liberal past and turns hard right
Arizona Republic: Wife comes to J.D. Hayworth's aid

Arizona Republic: Arizona treasurer Dean Martin suspends bid for governor
Arizona Daily Star: Martin quits GOP primary for governor

Arizona Republic: Independents skip role in primaries


Las Vegas RJ: GOP's Angle rejects political makeover


KTUU: Murkowski, Miller prepare for Republican U.S. Senate primary
Fairbanks NM: Murkowski, challenger Joe Miller duel for votes in Republican primary


Spokesman-Review: RNC’s Steele stumps in Tacoma, pledges support for troops


July 10, 2010


WaPo: Replacing old cap on gulf oil starts this weekend as hopes run high for relief
WSJ: BP Readies New Plan to Contain Oil Leak
NYT: Weighing the Possibility of Bankruptcy for BP
AP/Breen: Feds say cap could contain oil by Monday

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Moratorium Denied Again; Dems Slam Drilling Commission
NYT: New Rules May Cloud the Outlook for Biomass
Politico: Obama's clean energy kick continues

WaPo: Senate Democrats yet to lock down votes for financial regulations bill

Hill: Dorgan: Dems likely to seek tax cut extension for those under $250K

Fox: New Kagan Testimony on Death Penalty & DOMA

NYT: Illegal Workers Swept From Jobs in ‘Silent Raids’
WaPo: N.M. Gov. Bill Richardson jumps into immigration debate, urges border meeting
Dana Milbank: Headless bodies and other immigration tall tales in Arizona
WaPo: Judge Tauro's questionable past

NYT: Basis of ruling on gay unions stirs debate
WaPo: Amid rulings on same-sex marriage, Proposition 8 case could have larger effect
NYT: Editorial: Redefining Marriage

NYT: The Adviser at the Heart of National Security
NYT: Pentagon Ends Guantánamo Reporters’ Ban
WaPo: U.S. military says questions about gays would help if 'don't ask' were ended

Hill: Former Medicare chief calls Berwick appointment to CMS post 'tainted'
Star-Tele: Editorial: Recess appointments aren't ideal way to fill important federal posts
Fox: 'Glenn Beck': Who Is Donald Berwick?

WSJ: Census Countdown Brings Fear of Exclusion

WSJ: Lawmakers Carry Budget Battle Home During Recess (via Google)

Hill: Labor ups pressure on GOP centrists ahead of July session
Hill: Chamber launches watchdog newsletter for labor board

Las Vegas RJ: Steele vows to bring GOP together, sidesteps controversial remarks
Boston Globe: Region’s GOP is steadfast for Steele (New England)

CQ Politics: Insiders See GOP Takeover of House Increasingly Likely
Cleveland PD: Tea Party revolution, possible GOP house takeover, the new frugality
Hill: 2010 midterms will be most expensive in history with more than $1 billion in play
James Taranto: Try Not to Think of a Donkey

WaPo: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie opens NGA meeting with censure of public-sector unions
CSM: As state governors meet, a scorecard on states' challenges

NYT: Pride and Concern Follow Success of Indian-Americans

Hill: Republicans pushing new Web forum

David Broder: Building a more positive Tea Party?
WaPo: With 'One Nation,' liberal groups aim to match tea party's energy, influence
William Kristol: The Crisis at Which We Are Arrived

Politico: The Obama campaign-trail calculus
Hill: Obama pushes back at criticism his White House is anti-business
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Claim: We're Pro-Business

Politico: Dems vote to keep early primaries

NYT: Pit Bulls, Elephants and Grizzlies, Oh My! (Sarah Palin)

LA Times: Turnover time in many governors' mansions

Des Moines Register: Sunday talk


NYDN: Lazio slapped by union: Don't you use memory of 9/11 in bid to be gov
Politico: Source: Malpass to run on Paladino third-party line

Rochester D&C: State budget is 101 days late and counting
SI Live: Albany fits shoppers for clothing tax
NY Post: Pols hit OTB on $1.5M hire

WSJ: Bloomberg's Presidential Plans

NY Post: Clintons dealing for $11M Westchester mansion


Mercury News: Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown on opposite sides of high-speed rail tracks
SF Chronicle: Democrats counter Whitman attack on Brown's record

KGO: Senate race approaching pivotal moment
Mercury News: Fiorina announces business backers

SF Chronicle: Newsom has 9-point lead over Maldonado
SacBee: Poll: Mixed signals for Gavin Newsom in lieutenant governor's race

Politico: Harman foe goes after Newsweek


Dallas MN: Perry says he did not know about GOP efforts to get Green Party on Texas ballot


Politico: David Vitter challenger emerges at 11th hour
CQ Politics: Vitter Draws More Opponents


Politico: Riley lines up behind Byrne


Miami Herald: Some Florida GOP lawmakers in a tough spot over drilling proposal

Buzz: If Facebook decided elections, it's U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio
Miami Herald: Meek, Greene spar over Medicare costs

SPT: Rick Scott's pro-life boasts hinge on Texas family's preemie turmoil
Buzz: Scott, McCollum agree to 2 debates; 3rd in works

WSJ: LeBron's Tax Holiday (via Google)
BMI: LeBronomics: Could High Taxes Influence James' Team Decision?
Rush Limbaugh: LeBron Follows El Rushbo to Florida, Where the Achievers Go

Politico: Bombastic West rakes in cash


AJC: Karen Handel’s first TV ad: Ethics, lipstick, and a mystery voiceover
AJC: Candidates tap familiar sources for campaign cash
CQ Politics: Challenger Scott Outraises Marshall In Georgia 8 House Race


Rasmussen: Illinois Governor: Brady (R) 43%, Quinn (D) 40%

John Fund: Crazy About Blago


KETV: With No Candidate, Democrats Ponder Predicament


AP/Bakst: Timid on taxes? Not in Minnesota governor's race

CQ Politics: Minnesota: Challenger Demmer Banks $251,000, Walz Has Cash Lead


Fred Barnes: Republicans should embrace Paul Ryan's Road Map


Cleveland PD: Portman banks a bundle for campaign, while Lee Fisher lags


Detroit News: Dingell lauds health care reforms
Detroit FP: Democratic candidates for 13th Congressional District


KC Star: Blunt calls Russian spy swap a 'hasty' decision
KC Star: Kraske's Scared Six: Candidates on the brink in 2010


Hill: Corker challenges Dems to swear off moving major bills during lame-duck


News & Observer: Two state economic incentives bills could pass late tonight


State: Gingrich assails Obama, praises Haley

State: Greene paid his own filing fee; won’t face additional criminal charges

Politico: Inglis takes on Beck, Palin
AP/Evans: GOP leaders let demagogues set tone, lawmaker says


Rasmussen: West Virginia Senate: Manchin (D) 53%, Capito (R) 39%
Politico: Manchin says he'll announce Senate intentions Monday, run likely
Hill: Manchin signals special election run
NYT: Special Session on West Virginia Election
NYT: West Virginia: Legislature to Consider Special Election


Star-Ledger: Report to Christie recommends privatizing tolls, state parks, social services


Boston Globe: Brown pressed Senate leader on slots


Las Vegas RJ: Obama: 'Never bet against' Harry Reid
NYT: With Gloves Off, Obama Stumps for Reid
Hill: RNC targets Reid and Obama on economy with new TV ad
CQ Politics: All Eyes On Nevada
AP/Vergakis: AP Interview: GOP Sen. Bennett predicts Reid win


Politico: Martin drops challenge to Brewer


Argus Leader: Thune's clout is wild card

Rasmussen: South Dakota House: Noem (R) 49%, Herseth-Sandlin (D) 44%


Seattle Times: Ron Paul endorses Didier
Seattle PI: Libertarian Ron Paul endorses Didier


July 9, 2010


John Fund: The Obama-Pelosi Lame Duck Strategy
Kim Strassel: Obama and the Chicago Machine (via Google)

Donald Luskin: Why This Isn't Like 1938—At Least Not Yet (via Google)
LA Times: Jobs outlook for small businesses may be getting bleaker
WSJ: Our Pro-Business President (via Google)
WaPo: World economic recovery driven by global imbalances
NYT: Biggest Defaulters on Mortgages Are the Rich
NYT: OpEd: The Ecology of Foreclosures
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals at Media Mogul Summit Lambaste Obama Economic Policy
Rush Limbaugh: Kids Can't Find Jobs? So What? Obama Advised Them Not to Work
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Claims He Inherited "Decade of Economic Uncertainty"
Rush Limbaugh: The Regime Targets Your Nest Egg
Paul Krugman: Pity the Poor C.E.O.’s
Jonah Goldberg: See You Next Tyranny Day!

WSJ: Grassley Airs Concerns As Vote Nears on Financial Bill

WSJ: Judges Reject White House's Drilling Ban Request
NYT: Court Rejects Moratorium on Drilling in the Gulf
Hill: Court thwarts bid to restore Obama’s 6-month drilling freeze
NYT: Obama Presses BP to Recover More Oil
WSJ: The White House Gets Drilled (via Google)
Wash Times: Drilling delay to boost oil imports

John Fund: Pelosi Delusion: Nancy Pelosi still thinks ObamaCare is a big hit

James Taranto: The 'Patchwork' Pretense: The New York Times vs. Obama on immigration
Rasmussen: 56% Oppose Justice Department Challenge of Arizona Law
Oliver North: Surrender at the Border
American Spectator: The Truth About Illegals
American Thinker: Arizona's Constitutional War Powers
Weekly Standard: Obama v. Arizona

Michelle Malkin: Whitewashing Black Racism

NYT: Editorial: A Promise of Cleaner Air

NYT: Senate Panel Near Agreement on Bill to Roll Back NASA Changes
Charles Krauthammer: The selective modesty of Barack Obama

WSJ: Federal Ban on Gay Marriage Unconstitutional, Judge Says
Boston Globe: Judge rejects gay marriage curb
NYT: Judge Topples U.S. Rejection of Gay Unions
Wash Times: Judge: Gay marriage up to states
AP/Lavoie: DOJ reviews Mass. rulings on fed gay marriage ban
CQ Politics: Gay Conservative Group

NYT: How Republican Senators Plan to Vote on Kagan

Ruth Marcus: Obama's cynical recess appointment of Donald Berwick
Weekly Standard: GOP Senator Slams White House for ‘Intentionally Misleading’ on Controversial Recess Appointment

NYT: Lugar Attacks Romney on Nuclear Treaty

Hill: Inouye adjusting to new role — slowly

WaPo: Petraeus reviews directive meant to limit Afghan civilian deaths

WaPo: Republican-leaning groups set to outspend Democrats in midterms
WaPo: Democrats battle independents' weakening support of Obama and Congress
WSJ: For Democrats, Politics Is Local Again
Peggy Noonan: The Town Hall Revolt, One Year Later
Michael Gerson: For the GOP, a risky wave to ride or turn back

YouTube: Mama Grizzlies
Politico: With video, Palin goes pro
WaPo: The message of Palin's "Mama Grizzlies" video

Politico: Issa: Steele is 'not my leader'
Hill: GOP's Steele: 'I ain't going anywhere'

Wash Times: Obama plays blame game on stump
Politico: Cash and carry: Obama campaigns for Democrats
WSJ: Obama Shifts to Export-Led Jobs Push
NYT: On the Stump, Obama Offers Reassurance on Economy
Hill: Biden takes on role as campaigner-in-chief during midterm elections
Human Events: Stay Home, Joe Biden
Human Events: Hollywood’s Love Affair with Obama
American Thinker: Boring Barry

WaPo: Groups say time is now for public financing push


Albany TU: It's official: Budget 100 days late
NY Post: Gov: Time and Money Running Out on NY

NYDN: Judge nixes suit from Eliot Spitzer's former top aide Darren Dopp

NYT: Doubts About Cuomo’s Support of Gay Rights

Politico: FBI investigating Meeks's $40K personal loan
NYDN: Meeks taps Democratic fund-raiser to help pay back $40,000 owed to businessman


LA Times: Jerry Brown steps up Latino outreach as poll shows Whitman picking up support
SacBee: Brown rips Whitman on 'cynical' Spanish-language ads

LA Times: Barbara Boxer strikes familiar theme and touts value of incumbents
CQ Politics: California: Field Poll 'Ominous' For 'Vulnerable' Boxer
Politico: Field Poll: Boxer leads by three

SacBee: Field Poll: 65% of California voters want majority vote on budget

SacBee: Willie Brown joins Schwarzenegger to argue for public pension changes
SacBee: California local governments push to cut pension benefits

SacBee: New-home sales plunge in Sacramento area


Dallas MN: State official says expanded gambling in Texas won't help budget shortfall


Rasmussen: Florida Senate: Rubio 36%, Crist 34%, Meek 15%
CQ Politics: Meek Memo Describes How He Can Win

SPT: Crist wants to ban offshore drilling
Miami Herald: Crist wants drilling ban on the ballot


AJC: Newt Gingrich, Jeb Bush take a hand in local GOP races
AJC: Johnny Isakson and the GOP phalanx against Elena Kagan


Chicago Sun-Times: Giannoulias pulls even in new poll
Rasmussen: Illinois Senate: Giannoulias (D) 40%, Kirk (R) 39%

Hill: Chicago Dems seek TARP funds to bring Illinois bank 'back to life'

Chicago Sun-Times: Not-so-kind words from Blagojevich
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich often MIA, aides say

NYT: Congressman Schock’s Abs Garner Yeas


Des Moines Register: Branstad sees hope for gay marriage vote if GOP makes gains


Wash Times: Bachmann sets state record for House with $4.1 million
CQ Politics: Minnesota: Bachmann Far Ahead Of Rival Clark In Dash For Cash

Star Tribune: Dayton keeps opponents on their heels


Cleveland PD: Portman increases his lead in money race in U.S. Senate contest
CQ Politics: Ohio: Portman Banks $8.8 Million

Cleveland PD: Other states in much worse fiscal shape, Ohio budget panel is told


Detroit FP: U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick faces tough race in 13th District


Hill: GOP: Obama Missouri trip helps them


Tennessean: Sarah Palin endorses 'mama grizzly' CeCe Heil to take on Jim Cooper


State: Gingrich joins GOP parade today in S.C.
State: Wilson bucks bailout anger


NYT: Election to Replace Byrd Gets Official’s Approval
Rasmussen: 59% of West Virginia Voters Want Special Election to Replace Byrd
Politico: W.Va. AG: Manchin can set 2010 vote


Star-Ledger: Christie administration recommends massive privatization of N.J. services


CQ Politics: Joe Sestak, This Is Your Summer


LVRJ: Angle declares Nevada and nation 'going in the wrong direction' under current leadership
NYT: Reid Finds Grist for Ads in Angle’s Comments
Politico: Angle: Reid 'trying to hit the girl'
Hill: Obama visit on campaign trail could be mixed blessing for Sen. Harry Reid


Wash Times: Idaho Democrat boosted by strong funding quarter


CQ Politics: Vitter And 'Women's Issues'


American Spectator: Battles in 'Bama


Hill: Former Rep. Tancredo: Obama is country's greatest threat


Rush Limbaugh: GOP Senate Candidate, Former NFL Star, Clint Didier Calls Show


July 8, 2010


NYT: Pre-emption, Not Profiling, in Challenge to Arizona
Politico: Sen. Jon Kyl: Arizona suit 'obviously political'
Hill: Graham criticizes Obama suit against Ariz. immigration law
Human Events: Arizona Officials Vow to Fight Obama Suit
WaPo: Oklahoma, South Carolina and Utah may follow Arizona's lead on immigration law
NYT: Editorial: The Constitution Trumps Arizona
Wash Times: OpEd: Immigration America's competitive advantage
James Taranto: Arizona and the Imperial Presidency
Mort Kondracke: Congress Must Stop Playing Immigration Fútbol
Rush Limbaugh: Arizona's Law Isn't "Controversial"

Karl Rove: A Growth Agenda for the GOP
Arthur Laffer: Unemployment Benefits Aren't Stimulus
Rush Limbaugh: No Economic Growth on Horizon, Just Massive Obama Tax Increases
Hill: Obama tries to sell ‘recovery summer’ amid sluggish economy
WaPo: Federal Reserve weighs steps to offset slowdown in economic recovery
WSJ: Obama and the Spending Volcano (via Google)
Wash Times: U.S. marks 3rd-largest, single-day debt increase
NYT: For Democrats, Debt Debate and Familiar Ring of Disunity
NYT: I.M.F. Raises Growth Forecasts for World Economy
David Broder: House budget plan? A dereliction of duty

WSJ: BP Sets New Spill Target
NYT: Obama Asks Court to Reinstate Ban on Deepwater Drilling
NYT: Owner of Exploded Rig Exploits Offshore Status
Rush Limbaugh: Cox News: Rush Spread Cuban Drilling Rumor That's Coming True

WSJ: Report Backs Climate Data, Scolds Scientists
Wash Times: Investigation clears 'climategate' participants
WaPo: Panel in Britain clears scientists of misconduct allegations in 'Climate-gate'

USA Today: Sotomayor's GOP 'yea' votes remain mute on Kagan
AP/Davis: GOP Sen. McCain to oppose Kagan for high court
Macon Telegraph: Isakson to vote against Kagan

Sen Jon Kyl: The New Start Treaty: Time for a Careful Look (via Google)

Rush Limbaugh: Meet the New Black Panther Eric Holder Dropped Charges Against
John Fund: Who Will Investigate the Investigators?

NYT: Obama Promises Push on Trade Pacts

NYT: Veterans Affairs to Ease Claim Process for Disability

WSJ: The Berwick Evasion: Obama dodges a Senate debate on his ideal Medicare chief
Rush Limbaugh: What's So Shocking? The Regime Recess Appoints Another Marxist
Hill: Obama's recess appointment reignites debate over healthcare
Human Events: Top 10 Things Obama Doesn't Want You to Know About Donald Berwick
Boston Herald: Scott Brown criticizes Obama’s recess appointment of Berwick
NYT: Baucus Objects to Recess Appointment
Wash Times: Recess move draws bipartisan fire
NYT: Editorial: Finally, a Medicare/Medicaid Chief

WaPo: Some states say they're not receiving the Medicaid services they're paying for

Ann Coulter: Bill Kristol must resign
EJ Dionne: Let Michael Steele have his say on the Afghan war
Politico: Steele in 2012? Not so crazy

LA Times: The boomer defection: Voters over 50 are leaning increasingly Republican
Fox: Poll: Independent Voters 'Disappointed' and 'Angry' With Obama Administration

Hill: Akin Gump hires former Sen. Sununu


Albany TU: Veto pen budget sword
NY Post: Debt piles up - like vetoes
NYDN: Gov. Paterson: Here are those 6,700 vetoes I promised

NYT: Cuomo Finds Pattern of Workers’ Inflating Pensions
NY Post: Stop the clock on OT abuse: Cuomo

Albany TU: 'Taxpayers' line to create option (Carl Paladino)

WaPo: N.Y. challenger Saujani embraces Wall Street in bid to unseat Rep. Maloney

NYT: Off-Track Betting’s Defunct Rescue Plan Was a Winner for Consultants

NYDN: Monserrate reunites with girlfriend Karla Giraldo post assault


SF Chronicle: Boxer's approval ratings sink, Field Poll says
SacBee: Boxer's job marks plummet, but she clings to slight lead over Fiorina
LA Times: Barbara Boxer strikes familiar theme and touts value of incumbents
AP/Lin: Boxer says Fiorina is too extreme for California
San Diego UT: Boxer retains slim lead over Fiorina
Monterey Herald: Boxer touts stimulus during Monterey stop

AP/Young: Ad campaign lifts Whitman into tie with Brown


Hill: Obama visit could be mixed blessing for Reid
Nevada Appeal: Democrats put Angle's original website online despite warning


Dallas MN: Democrats' group files ethics complaint against Rep. Linda Harper-Brown


Politico: Jindal signs guns in church law


Rasmussen: Oklahoma Senate: Coburn Outdistances His Democratic Foes
Rasmussen: Oklahoma Governor: Fallin (R) 48%, Edmonson (D) 39%


SPT: Rick Scott sues to block public funds from going to rival campaigns
Miami Herald: Scott sues to block public funds for McCollum


AJC: Arizona immigration challenge turns up the heat in Georgia’s GOP race for governor
AJC: Southern Baptists, Obama and illegal immigration


Politico: Rod Blagojevich trial could singe White House
Chicago Sun-Times: Feds: Jackson Jr. at meeting on Senate seat/fund-raising trade


Star Tribune: Clark vs. Bachmann: This race is red hot
Politico: Bachmann, Clark post massive quarter


WKOW: Gingrich to campaign for Duffy in Wisconsin race


CNN: New ad targets Strickland for job losses
WaPo: RGA flexes its muscle in Ohio

Politico: Portman nears $9 million war chest


Detroit News: Gov. Granholm says services sales tax a no-go

Detroit FP: Ex-Michigan congressman pleads guilty in case linked to terrorism


Fox: Obama raising money for Democrat Carnahan in Missouri's US Senate campaign


Rasmussen: Kansas Senate: Republican Candidates Still Far Ahead


CQ Politics: Internal Poll Finds Black Leading Primary Field In Tennessee 6


Rasmussen: NC Senate: Burr (R) 52% Marshall (D) 37%


Politico: S.C. Dems seize on Haley 'celebrity'


Wash Times: W.V. governor backs November vote for Byrd seat
NYT: Manchin Won’t Name Himself as Senator
Human Events: Robert Byrd & His Racist Party


Human Events: GOP Looks for Big Gains in Pennsylvania


Wash Times: Chamber, 'tea party' find a Democrat to endorse
CQ Politics: Rating Change: Freshman Minnick No Pushover




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