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June 30, 2010


WaPo: Recession cut into employment for half of working adults, study says
WaPo: World markets stumble on worries over U.S., Europe and China
NYT: Markets Sag as Slump Continues
NYT: Bet on Private Sector for Recovery Could Prove Risky
NYT: Circuit Breaker Kicks In, Stopping Trades of Citigroup
NYT: In U.S. Bailout of A.I.G., Forgiveness for Big Banks
NYT: S.E.C. Settles With a Former Lawyer
American Spectator: Hot Flash From Paul Krugman: Obamanomics Is Toast

WaPo: Democrats seek to extend emergency jobless benefits
Hill: House fails to pass unemployment benefits extension with two-thirds vote
NYT: Jobless Aid Back on Senate Agenda
Wash Times: Deadline stretched for homebuyer's tax credit
AP: House votes to give homebuyers 3 extra months for tax credit; bill goes to Senate
NYT: Editorial: Who Will Fight for the Unemployed?

WaPo: Lawmakers reopen negotiations on financial overhaul bill
WSJ: Financial-Rules Redo Passes Major Hurdle
NYT: Bank Fee Is Eliminated in Financial Bill
Hill: Wall Street conferees adopt changes after GOP objections
Wash Times: Democrats scramble to save reform package
Boston Globe: Brown’s threat gets bank tax removed
WSJ: The Bailout Tax: The latest reason to oppose Dodd-Frank

WaPo: Court won't hear soft-money challenge
NYT: Supreme Court Affirms a Ban on Soft Money
WSJ: The Lessons and Limits of Sarbox (via Google)
WSJ: Kennedy Retains His Pivotal Role
WaPo: Roberts led Supreme Court through assertive term
NYT: The Roberts Court Comes of Age
WSJ: Stevens Evolved From Court Loner to Liberal Wing's Leader (via Google)

Newt Gingrich: The Legacy of the Declaration of Independence

WSJ: Kagan Fends Off Republican Challenges
WaPo: Kagan makes bipartisan appeal in Supreme Court confirmation hearings
Wash Times: Kagan sidesteps Republican punches
Wash Times: NRA holding its fire on Kagan, puzzling other on right
Politico: Elena Kagan, Jeff Sessions spar
Human Events: Sessions to Kagan: ‘Unconnected from Reality’
NYT: Kagan Follows Precedent by Offering Few Opinions
Bloomberg: Kagan’s Humor, Command of Law Deflect Republican Criticism
Dana Milbank: The dodgy Miss Kagan
Rush Limbaugh: Kagan: Obama Clone in Disguise
Jonah Goldberg: The Un-Borkable Elena Kagan

Dick Morris: Obama’s big oil spill bungle
Hill: BP oil spill is taking its toll on lawmakers in the Gulf Coast region
WSJ: As CEO Hayward Remade BP, Safety, Cost Drives Clashed
NYT: Winds From Gulf Storm Disrupt Cleanup Efforts
WSJ: Rough Seas Halt Skimming Operations in Gulf
WaPo: Oil industry cleanup organization swamped by BP spill
WaPo: Despite BP corporate code, firm has made political contributions
Boston Globe: Spill emerges as campaign issue across the nation
Rush Limbaugh: Regime's Energy Policy Will Cost Gulf States More Than the Oil Spill

WaPo: Senators predict a climate bill capping emissions only for utilities
Wash Times: Carbon tax seen as hurdle to energy bill
NYT: White House Energy Session Changes No Minds
Fox: Obama Wants Price on Carbon, GOP Doesn't
Politico: Mild climate bill still a tough sell
Hill: Dems seek to salvage climate provisions after White House meeting

NYT: Administration Cannot Drop Bid for Nuclear Waste Dump in Nevada, Panel Finds

NYT: Couples Accused as Spies Were the Suburbs Personified
LA Times: Alleged Russian spy ring members led typical American lives
NY Post: NY 'spy' life was double-o heaven
NYT: ‘Illegals’ Network Famed in Lore of Russian Spying
WSJ: Lives of 'Deep Cover' Defendants (via Google)
WSJ: Putin Rips Russian Spy Bust
WaPo: The suspects in a Russian spy ring lived all-American lives
Rush Limbaugh: Spy Case Right Out of Nelson DeMille's "The Charm School"
American Thinker: Reporter, Consultant, Housewife, Spy

WaPo: ACLU mounts first legal challenge to no-fly list

Rush Limbaugh: Bush's Relentless General Brooms the Obama Rules of Engagement

WSJ: Arizona, Texas Call for More Border Troops
NYT: Obama Tries to Resurrect Immigration Reform
LA Times: Obama renews immigration push
Politico: President Obama to deliver immigration speech
Chicago Sun-Times: Gutierrez, Hispanic Caucus meets with Obama on immigration

WaPo: Poll: Favorable views of health reform law increasing among Americans

NYT: Editorial: Antibiotics and Agriculture

John Fund: Racial Gerrymandering Backfires
Rush Limbaugh: The Disillusionment of the Left

National Enquirer: New Evidence Revealed: Gore Sex Scandal Victim Tells All
Roger Stone: Gore Ruining My Pristine Reputation

NYT: Editorial: The Price of Broadband Politics

James Taranto: Partisanship and the Press
Michael Gerson: The Ugly Party vs. the Grown-Up Party

Kathleen Parker: Obama: Our first female president

Hill: GOP hopes for 2012 victories in Northeast
CQ Politics: Democrats Shake Money Tree
CQ Politics: GOP Leaders Push Members to Pony Up for Effort to Win Majority
CQ Politics: The Senate: Big GOP Comeback, But a Majority?

AJC: Palin appearance offers admission on son, Obama criticism


NYT: Paterson Presses Albany on Budget
Albany TU: State of state budget
NYDN: Gov. Paterson getting help in state budget battle ... from GOP?
NY Post: Gov set to veto millions more in spending
Rochester D&C: Albany isn't likely to override David Paterson's budget vetoes

Rasmussen: New York Governor: Cuomo Still Far Outpaces GOP Rivals

NYT: Fund Managers’ Profits Are Ripe for a New Tax

NYT: Council Weighs Hearings on Bloomberg’s Hiring

NYDN: GOP Wants Brooklyn Census Probe


LA Times: Whitman hedges on her pledge to not raise taxes
SacBee: Whitman: Brown should have cut more after Prop. 13 passed
AP/Williams: Whitman slams lawmakers for leaving during crisis

SF Chronicle: Fiorina says Boxer's policies have hurt state
Mercury News: Fiorina opposes assault weapons ban, praises Supreme Court ruling

CQ Politics: Boxer, Brown Lead in California

LA Times: Schwarzenegger wants $11-billion water bond off the November ballot


Las Vegas RJ: Ruling keeps Yucca alive


Dallas MN: Democrats argue against allowing Green Party on ballot


Human Events: Rubio’s Race Against "Two Democrats"
NYT: Spill Is Election Issue Far Beyond Gulf

Miami Herald: Prosecutors lay out ex-GOP chief's alleged fraud scheme


AJC: Oxendine rolls out second TV spot
Rome NT: Oxendine for Governor Launches Second TV Ad: “Welcome to Georgia”
Fox Atlanta: Handel Talks About Arizona Endorsement
Examiner: Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls bash Georgia GOP


Chicago Trib: Blago trial: Jury hears 'I've got this thing and it's (expletive) golden' quote
Chicago Sun-Times: Balanoff: Blagojevich wanted job for Senate seat
NYT: Illinois: A Go-Between Testifies About Talk of an Obama Successor
Politico: W.H. quiet on Obama-Blago link

Chicago Sun-Times: Burris could get boot weeks early

Chicago Tribune: New Kirk TV ads attack Giannoulias on Broadway Bank, BP
Chicago Tribune: Senate candidate Kirk apologizes for embellishing Navy record
NYT: Illinois: Apology for Exaggerating (Kirk)
Chicago Sun-Times: Kirk fails to set the record straight

WSJ: Chicago Mulls Gun-Ban Alternatives


Politico: Bachmann wary of G-20


Columbus Dispatch: State budget talks finally begin

CQ Politics: Quinnipiac: Kasich Isn't Catching Strickland In Ohio


Detroit News: Snyder says he'd use sound business practices to lead Michigan
Detroit News: Snyder promises to simplify business tax
Detroit News: Dems gear up for gov ad blitz

Detroit FP: Ex-GOP leader sues over campaign donor limits


NYDN: Elizabeth Edwards, speaking out for first time since split
CQ Politics: Elizabeth Edwards Speaks


McClatchy: DeMint to vote ‘no’ on Kagan
State: Greene: ‘I have nothing to hide’

NYT: Ethnic Distinctions, No Longer So Distinctive


Politico: Eric Cantor's ambition raises concerns, debate


NYT: A Democratic Stronghold Loses a Big Pillar


Politico: Gov. Chris Christie calls for Republican Party rebranding
NYT: Showdown Over N.J. Budget Is Avoided for Now
Star-Ledger: Christie calls special legislative session on N.J. property tax overhaul
Star-Ledger: Christie says his 'core priorities' were retained in $29.4B budget


Human Events: Toomey - Sestak's 'Job-gate' Still an Issue


NYT: Clinton Choice Shakes Up Colorado Race
Hill: Clinton endorses Sen. Bennet's opponent
Wash Times: Obama, Clinton face off in race
AP/Wyatt: Bucking GOP establishment in Colorado Senate race


Rasmussen: Hawaii Senate: Inouye 68%, Roco 20%


Rasmussen: Louisiana Senate: Vitter (R) 53%, Melancon (D) 35%
Rasmussen: 74% in Louisiana Like Job Governor Jindal Is Doing
Hill: Landrieu balks at giving Lautenberg Byrd's subcommittee chairmanship


June 29, 2010


WaPo: Supreme Court affirms fundamental right to bear arms
WSJ: Justices Expand Gun Rights
Wash Times: Supreme Court extends gun rights to states
NYT: Justices Extend Firearm Rights in 5-to-4 Ruling
WSJ: Flood of Gun-Rights Suits Seen
WSJ: The Supreme Court's Gun Showdown (via Google)
WSJ: Five Gun Salute: The High Court's four liberals are holding out to overturn Heller
NYT: Editorial: The Court: Ignoring the Reality of Guns
WaPo: Ed.: Judges shouldn't use Supreme Court decision to overturn all gun-control laws
Human Events: Second Amendment Affirmed
Human Events: Supreme Court Upholds Constitution
Rush Limbaugh: Gun Ruling Should Have Been 9-0
American Spectator: The Second Amendment, Incorporated
Thomas Sowell: Gun-Control Laws

WSJ: School Can Deny Funding to Group
NYT: Justices Rule Against Group That Excludes Gay Students
Wash Times: Supreme Court rules against group that bans gays
NYT: Editorial: The Court: Denying Government Support for Intolerance

WSJ: Justices Keep Sarbanes-Oxley, Adjust Structure
NYT: Justices Uphold Sarbanes-Oxley Act
WSJ: Sarbox Survives: A modest victory for Presidential power (via Google)

WSJ: Door Left Open to Business Patents
NYT: Justices Take Broad View of Business Method Patents

NYT: Supreme Court Rejects Appeals of Tobacco Ruling
AP: Court to Hear Challenge to Employer Sanctions Law
NYT: Justices Bid Farewells on Last Day

WSJ: A Modest Start for Kagan
Wash Times: Kagan stands ground, stresses 'impartiality'
AP/Kellman: Republicans bring up Kagan's record on military
Human Events: GOP Questions Kagan’s Experience and Politics
WaPo: Kagan says she would take a 'modest' approach on Supreme Court
NYT: Kagan Promises ‘Modest’ Approach as Hearings Open
Dana Milbank: Kagan may get confirmed, but Thurgood Marshall can forget it
Rush Limbaugh: The Kagan Rubber-Stamp Hearings

NYT: BP Discussing a Backup Strategy to Plug Well
WSJ: Storm Endangers Oil-Siphon Plan
Hill: Graham to skip White House energy and climate meeting
Rep. Dan Burton: Moratorium Mischief
American Spectator: The Windsurfer's Windfall

WSJ: Finance Bill's Fate Uncertain in Senate
NYT: Death of Byrd Complicates Democrats’ Strategy
Hill: Feingold will vote 'no' on Wall Street bill
WSJ: The End of Community Banking

WSJ: State Workers, Long Resistant, Accept Cuts in Pension Benefits (via Google)

WaPo: Both houses of Congress to debate war
Hill: Gen. Petraeus' nomination puts some Democrats in awkward spot
WaPo: Report faults U.S. for being too optimistic about Afghan security capabilities
NYT: With Command Shift in Afghanistan, Talk Turns to Withdrawal
Wash Times: Mullen: Omar could be part of Afghan settlement
WaPo: U.S. lawmaker to withhold $3.9 billion in Afghan aid over corruption problems
WSJ: Afghanistan: Eyes Wide Shut (via Google)
WSJ: Gen. McChrystal to Retire
WSJ: Panetta's Bomb (via Google)
Pat Buchanan: The Prisoner of Gen. Petraeus
American Thinker: Who Betrays Us?

WSJ: U.S. Charges 11 in Russian Spy Case
WaPo: FBI arrests 10 accused of working as Russian spies
Wash Times: Feds burn 'deep cover' Russian spy network
NYT: In Ordinary Lives, U.S. Sees the Work of Russian Agents
WaPo: Russian spy case reveals old espionage tricks
NY Post: Spy ring's 'femme fatale'
NYDN: Shocker reminiscent of Cold War as FBI takes down nest of 'deep cover' agents
American Spectator: Summit Backstage

WSJ: 'We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges!' (immigration) (via Google)
Politico: Obama still pressing immigration
AP/Werner: Obama, activists to push on immigration reform

Wash Times: GOP cuts pork from spending diet plan
Rush Limbaugh: VP Calls Citizen a "Smart Ass," Says We Won't Recover Jobs Lost

NYT: Obama Reverses Bush’s Space Policy

NYT: Antibiotics in Animals Need Limits, F.D.A. Says

WaPo: Could Mike Huckabee be the 2012 presidential nominee?

Wash Times: 527 group helps GOP catch up in money race

Human Events: Dems Using Gore to Raise Money
Byron York: Sex complaint against Gore is detailed, credible
Rush Limbaugh: Questions for Clinton on the Gore "Crazed Sex Poodle" Allegations
American Spectator: Al Gore and the Media Protection Racket
10News: Former Vice President Gore Visits San Diego

Rush Limbaugh: Why the Liberals are So Miserable


WSJ: Paterson Vetoes Spending (via Google)
NYT: Lawmakers Restore Cuts, but a Veto Comes Quickly
Buffalo News: Paterson defies Legislature on education aid
Rochester D&C: New York lawmakers refuse governor's budget
Albany TU: Veto spells delay for budget
Albany TU: Paterson: State can't afford 'pork'
NY Post: Pols trash gov's budget bid
NY Post: Andy urging Dave to slice foes' pork thin
NYDN: I'll veto everything! Gov. Paterson shreds pols' budget try, says his pen will run dry
NYDN: 'Accidental Governor' Paterson scores victory as Albany clowns don't know own price tag
NYT: A Bigger Pension Borrowing Plan
AP/Gormley: NY Senate GOP now in control of Democrats' budget

DN: Michael Steele's decision to bypass Ed Cox in funneling cash is slap at state GOP leader

NRO: David Malpass Runs for Senate

NYT: Little Diversity at Top of Bloomberg’s Administration
NYT: With Mayor as Companion, a Senate Run Was a No-Go

WSJ: High Court Ruling Seen as Challenge to N.Y. Gun Permits (via Google)


SF Chronicle: Brown agrees to debate Whitman 10 times
NPR: Fiorina Touts Private-Sector Skills In Calif. Senate Bid
SacBee: Catch 22: California Lawmakers to head home without budget deal
LA Times: Villaraigosa's acceptance of tickets raises political issues


NPR: Reid's Tea Party-Backed Rival Preps For TV Interview
NYT: In Nevada, Running for Senate and From Cameras
Las Vegas Sun: Sharron Angle’s style not national GOP’s style

Las Vegas RJ: Shortfall headache looming


WSJ: Texas Green Party Appeals Ballot Decision
Houston Chronicle: GOP ties bind Green Party candidates in Texas
Dallas MN: Green Party fighting for candidates
AP/Vertuno: Texas Green Party files appeal for candidates

Houston Chronicle: Palin in Tyler: Says Obama falls short on leadership


SPT: With no primary battle, Marco Rubio's Senate bid fades into the political background
SPT: Rick Scott tries to break the ice with Hispanic voters in Miami
Florida TU: GOP donors sue Crist


AJC: Breaking: Arizona governor endorses Handel
Augusta Chronicle: No candidate stands out in Georgia governor's race
WRCB: Sarah Palin to visit Georgia


Chicago Sun-Times: Judge to Blagojevich: You can't see Obama's interview with FBI
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich suggested Oprah Winfrey for U.S. Senate seat
Chicago Sun-Times: Witness: Blago mulled Oprah Winfrey for Obama Senate seat
Wash Times: Blagojevich considered Oprah for Senate
NYT: Blagojevich Tapes Show Tactical Maneuvering and Wishful Thinking

Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn mocks Brady over minimum wage


Politico: Branstad to Vander Plaats: I won


NYT: Feingold to Vote No Again on Regulation Bill


AP: New poll finds Ohio's governor maintains slight lead over GOP challenger


Detroit News: Gubernatorial candidate Hoekstra touts education tax credit
Detroit FP: Democratic contenders for Michigan governor get testy in final debate
Detroit News: Bernero, Dillon vow to lead Michigan out of funk
Detroit News: Michigan high court rules race can't be considered in jury picks
Detroit News: Prosecutors seek maximum prison sentence for former Kilpatrick aide


Fred Barnes: The Blunt Truth: He should win the Missouri Senate race


CQ Politics: Moran Crushing Tiahrt in Kansas GOP Primary


AP/Schelzig: Tenn. GOP gov candidates take aim at certain taxes


Charlotte Observer: Fetzer accuses elections officials, Perdue campaign lawyer of collusion
AP/Robertson: GOP's Fetzer claims elections panel stalling probe
WRAL: GOP's Fetzer alleges NC election leaders on probe


Rasmussen: South Carolina Governor: Haley (R) 52%, Sheheen (D) 40%
State: Poll: Haley leads Sheheen
Greenville News: Gubernatorial candidates face challenges for summer campaigns


Virginian-Pilot: Palin leads charge against Obama at conservative rally


Politico: Manchin in need of seat warmer
WaPo: An appointed senator will succeed West Virginia Senator Byrd
NYT: No Special Election for Byrd Seat
Wash Times: Byrd death raises quandaries
CQ Politics: Manchin Rules Himself Out
WaPo: Editorial: Democracy put on hold in replacing Sen. Robert Byrd
Human Events: Dems Duck Replacing Byrd in 2010

Wash Times: Byrd left legacy in Senate - and all across his home state
Fred Barnes: King of Pork—and Proud of It (via Google)
James Taranto: Farewell to Another 'Legend'
John Fund: He'll Never Be Forgotten in West Virginia
Human Events: Good Riddance, Robert Byrd


Star-Ledger: Christie is expected to sign N.J. budget into law after legislature passes plan
Star-Ledger: N.J. Senate passes $29.4B budget

Star-Ledger: New scrutiny of N.J. gun law


AP/Scolforo: Marathon Pa. budget talks break off without deal


NYT: Chamber Backs Norton in Colorado


Rasmussen: Utah Governor: Herbert (R) 58%, Corroon (D) 31%


June 28, 2010


WSJ: Robert Byrd, Longest-Serving U.S. Senator, Dies at 92
WaPo: West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd dead at 92
NYT: Robert Byrd, Respected Voice of the Senate, Dies at 92
LA Times: Robert Byrd, longtime Democratic senator, dies at 92

WaPo: As Kagan confirmation hearings begin, Republicans struggle for line of attack
Wash Times: GOP promises tough queries at Kagan hearings
Houston Chronicle: A guide to the Kagan hearings
Boston Globe: Midterm politics form Kagan backdrop
WaPo: The Kagan hearings: Drama at the staff level is unseen but intense
AP/Sherman: GOP senators: Can Kagan be impartial judge?
Baltimore Sun: What the Senate should ask Elena Kagan
SF Chronicle: Questions for Elena Kagan
Hill: Sessions: 'Serious deficiencies' may spark Kagan filibuster
Human Events: Kagan Needs to Answer Tough Questions
Hill: Republicans look to grill, not block Kagan
WSJ: Kagan's Commerce Clause (via Google)
WaPo: Editorial: A Supreme conversation
NYT: Editorial: Elena Kagan's Moment
NYT: OpEd: The Triumphant Decline of the WASP
NYT: Study Finds Questioning of Nominees to Be Useful
George Will: More questions for nominee Elena Kagan
EJ Dionne: Whose Supreme Court is it?
Ben Shapiro: Kagan Was My Dean at Harvard
Human Events: Reject Kagan
Human Events: Derailing Elena Obama

WSJ: Mortgages Face New Rules (via Google)
WSJ: Triumph of the Regulators
WSJ: Race Is on to Grab Mortgage Tax Break (via Google)

WSJ: G-20 Agrees to Cut Debt
NYT: At Summit, Banks Avoid New Global Regulations
Wash Times: G-20 leaders strike delicate balance
Paul Krugman: The Third Depression
Steve Forbes: Hillary Clinton: Accidental Supply-Sider
WSJ: Why Friedrich Hayek Is Making a Comeback (via Google)

WaPo: A floating city springs up to contain gulf oil spill
NYT: BP Loses Trading-Floor Swagger in Energy Markets
WSJ: States Weigh Big Claims Against BP (via Google)
NYT: Editorial: The Return of Superfund
Politico: Climate bill gets GOP cold shoulder
Hill: Bingaman: ‘Difficult to see’ 60 votes for climate change bill

Wash Times: War plan relations soured early on
American Spectator: McChrystal's Secret Rebellion
WSJ: Petraeus and Obama's Uncertain Trumpet (via Google)
Ross Douthat: One Way Out (Afghanistan)

WSJ: JFK Bombing-Plot Trial Set to Start (via Google)

Wash Times: Unions battle for public job benefits
NYT: Labor’s New Critics: Old Allies in Elected Office

Hill: 1.2 million to lose benefits in days if stalemate continues

Hill: Huckabee says polling shows he's best Republican to take on Obama in 2012
Politico: Huckabee: I'm the 2012 Republican frontrunner (with video)
HuffPost: Huckabee Showers Praise On Sarah Palin, 2012 GOP Field, Except Mitt Romney
State Col: Mike Huckabee on Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin
AP/Lewis: Palin: Obama administration selling out allies
Fox: Reporters Caught on Tape Mocking Palin Speech
American Spectator: Hillary on the Move
American Spectator/Prowler: Obama's Funny Numbers

Hill: Dem lawmakers feel the heat on border security
Rasmussen: Just 32% View Holder, Napolitano Favorably

CQ Politics: Embrace Of Far Right Risky Strategy That Could Pay Off

WSJ: The Disgraced Governors Talk-Show Wars (via Google)


NYT: Weighing Two Plans in Albany Budget Fight
Buffalo News: Paterson's budget agenda is rejected
Albany TU: No shutdown, no deal either
NY Post: Doomsday vote on NY's budget
NYDN: Gov. Paterson raises budget stakes, angrily vows he'll 'veto everything'
Rochester D&C: Gov. Paterson threatens to veto new spending

NY Post: Jersey gov takes a poke at do-nothing Albany pols

Buffalo News: Collins keeps to his conservative course

NYT: New Ballot Machines Are Flawed, Suit Says


SacBee: Whitman, Brown offer contrasting campaign styles

CQ Politics: Amigos De Carly


Fox: McCain Disputes Brewer's Claim That Most Illegal Immigrants Smuggling Drugs


Las Vegas RJ: Angle seeks $25 from million backers


Houston Chronicle: Former Texas Gov. Dolph Briscoe dies at 87
Dallas MN: '70s Texas Gov. Dolph Briscoe dies at 87


Ledger: McCollum Leaving Many Questions Unanswered

Miami Herald: Florida to try new methods to protect shores from oil


AJC: Denied by the GOP, Boyd abandons independent bid for governor


Chicago Tribune: Giannoulias subpoenaed by Blagojevich lawyers
Chicago Sun-Times: Giannoulias pulled into Blagojevich trial
AP/Bellandi: Senate candidate subpoenaed for Blagojevich trial


Toledo Blade: Ohio governor candidates' attack ads make early TV debut


Examiner: Senate candidates agree 'Washington has to change,' disagree on how and who


State: U.S. Sen. race: Greene’s finances subject of SLED investigation

State: How Haley sprinted to GOP win


Daily Press: Palin and Allen share the Hampton Roads stage


S-L: N.J. lawmakers are expected to vote on Gov. Christie's budget, property tax cap plans

Philadelphia Inquirer: Jon Runyan using a 1994 playbook in District 3 race


Pittsburgh TR: No deal reached on Pennsylvania budget
Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial: Budget gap widens


Boston Globe: Brown outpolls Kerry, Obama


June 27, 2010


NYT: On Finance Reform Bill, Lobbying Shifts to Regulations
NYT: Editorial: Financial Regulation
WSJ: Obama Urges Financial-Overhaul Passage
Hill: Obama asks Congress to take financial reform over the 'finish line'
Hill: Brown possible 'no' on Wall St. overhaul

WaPo: For G-20, a struggle over growth and debt
WSJ: Geithner Calls on G-20 to Focus on Growth
NYT: Leaders at Summit Talks Turn Attention to Deficit Cuts

WSJ: BP's Oil Recovery Improves; Tropical Storm Raises Concerns (via Google)
Dallas MN: Oil firms vow safety in wells far deeper than BP's
LA Times: Senate Democrats poised to start energy bill

WSJ: Obama to Seek to Push Through South Korea Trade Deal
NYT: White House to Push Free Trade Deal With South Korea

NYT: At Kagan Hearings, the Topic May Be Obama and Roberts
WaPo: Civil rights organizations question nominee Elena Kagan's record on race
George Will: A few 'vapid' questions for Elena Kagan
Des Moines Register: Grassley remarks signal Kagan confirmation tone
McClatchy: Kagan goes into hearings having generated little controversy

NYT: Insurance Pools Readied in Some States
Hill: Boehner to press bill to enforce Obama's order on abortion funding

Hill: Election clock ticks for campaign finance bill facing a crowded Senate agenda

Hill: Pelosi breaks from form and loses patience with Senate

NYT: E.P.A. Lags on Setting Some Air Standards, Report Finds

David Broder: Obama walks a tightrope domestically and in Afghanistan

NYT: Palin Stirs Things Up at California University
Wash Times: Palin decries 'Dumpster divers' at Calif. campus

NYDN: Al Gore copes with polluted image as divorce and alleged scandal makes headlines
AP: Police release tape from Gore accuser's interview
Politics Daily: Al Gore: A Joke on Late-Night Talk Shows Once Again

Kathleen Parker: Why I'm teaming with Eliot Spitzer on CNN

Politico: Dynasties in the dumps in 2010

Human Events: The Eight Most Irritating Liberal Celebrities

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Legislators Seek to Outmaneuver Paterson by Offering a Budget of Their Own
Albany TU: Legislature pushes back
NY Post: Gov's doomsday deadline for budget
Buffalo News: State workers boost salary in final years to inflate pensions

Politico: Senor, Long, Faso raise for N.Y. House hopefuls

AP/Caruso: Lawyer reveals Senator Kruger cleared


LA Times: Fiorina town hall reaches out to Latinos
SacBee: Fiorina courts Latino voters

LA Times: Whitman's ad invokes the 1960s — sort of

SacBee: State budget: Three plans, no deal

NYT: Both Sides in California’s Gay Marriage Fight See a Long Court Battle Ahead


Las Vegas RJ: Sharron Angle aims to become first female senator from Nevada


Human Events: God Bless Joe Barton, So Long GOP
Dallas MN: Texas Watch: Bartongate will carry Democrats only so far

Dallas MN: Speech highlights from the state Democratic convention
Star-Telegram: Democrats vote to keep the Texas Two-Step


SPT: Rick Scott touts CEO experience in run for Florida governor, to a degree
Miami Herald: Rick Scott and his role in Columbia/HCA scandal
Buzz: Fla docs endorse Bill McCollum

Miami Herald: Protesters join hands on Florida beaches to protest offshore drilling
SPT: How dangerous is oil to human health?


AJC: Oxendine considers himself an outsider


Chicago Tribune: Tapes reveal Blagojevich wanted to be anything but governor
Time: The Blagojevich Trial: The Tale of the FBI Tapes


CNN: GOP nominee Branstad downplays third-party threat in Iowa
Des Moines Register: Reynolds to reach out to Vander Plaats supporters


Spartanburg HJ: Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty heading to Spartanburg

Pioneer Press: With funding and early ad campaign, Entenza playing catch-up in gov polls


WISC: Rep. Ryan Slams Dems In Weekly Address

Milwaukee JS: Editorial: A better way to elect our representatives


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio bellwether not so interested in race yet
Cleveland PD: Ohio Democratic Party unsuccessfully tries to get gun records
Akron Beacon Journal: Drastic changes might be needed to fill budget hole


Detroit FP: House icon Conyers steers clear of his wife's troubles


St. Louis GD: Missouri GOP passes resolution on health care
KC Star: Missouri lawmakers to examine pension reform this week


Knox News: GOP Statesmen's Dinner Draws 1,400, Raises $650,000


Charlotte Observer: Burr, Marshall debate 'broken' Washington
Politics Daily: GOP's Richard Burr Leading Elaine Marshall by 10 in N.C. Senate Race

Fayetteville Observer: 8th Congressional District race could be political battleground


State: The Sanford affair: One year later


Richmond TD: Health-care reform complex, far-reaching


WaPo: O'Malley campaign ads portray Ehrlich as lobbyist for big oil


Star-Ledger: Gov. Chris Christie KOs Democrats in New Jersey budget bout
Star-Ledger: Editorial: Tax cap politics: Democrats rush a flawed plan


Boston Globe: Patrick leads, but Baker surging


AP: Hawaii to Test Public Money for an Election


Rasmussen: Wyoming Governor: GOP Contenders Hold Commanding Leads


McClatchy: Washington State GOP split in another tea party challenge


June 26, 2010


WSJ: When It Comes to Spills, Size Counts, but Is Often Elusive
NYT: How Much Has Spilled, and How Far? Seeking Answers as Questions Mount
AP/Yost: DOJ urges delay on oil spill ruling
NYT: Editorial: What the Gulf Can’t Afford
Pete du Pont: The Kerry-Lieberman energy bill would enervate America
Hill: Graham won't negotiate on energy bill while oil spill influences politics
Hill: Al Gore: The hottest May ever shows need for Senate to pass climate bill

WaPo: Lawmakers guide Dodd-Frank bill for Wall Street reform into homestretch
WSJ: Sweeping Finance Bill Set
WSJ: What's in the Bill?
WaPo: Reinventing financial regulation
WSJ: Biggest Banks Dodge Some Bullets at the End
WSJ: Obama Urges Financial Overhaul Passage
Politico: Wall St. reform winners and losers
Politico: The deal that sealed reg reform
NYT: Banks Likely to Offset Impact of New Law, Analysts Say
NYT: In Deal, New Authority Over Wall Street
Boston Herald: Scott Brown blasts financial bill
Boston Globe: Bill can’t bank on Brown’s support
Hill: Obama takes new financial reform package to economic summits
Hill: Dodd-Frank bill would bring about sweeping changes to Wall Street
IBD: Financial Deform

WSJ: Toronto Locks Down for G-20 Summit
WaPo: At G-8, Obama faces hard sell on public stimulus spending to boost recovery
NYT: Policy Conflicts Seen as Obama Arrives in Toronto
AP/Aversa: World leaders differ on how to nurture global economy
WSJ: The Keynesian Dead End
NYT: Editorial: They’re Supposed to Lead

NYT: Editorial: Full Disclosure

WSJ: Conrad Black and the Criminalization of Business (via Google)
WaPo: Editorial: Supreme Court was right on 'honest services' law

Reuters: Senate set to begin Kagan confirmation hearing
WSJ: Kagan Hearings Promise Political Theater
NYT: In a Mentor, Kagan’s Critics See Liberal Agenda
Politico: Elena Kagan and the porn wars
Hill: Axelrod predicts GOP support for Kagan

NYT: Aid to States May Be Lost as Jobs Bill Stalls
Hill: GOP's Snowe seeks stand-alone extension on unemployment

WaPo: Economic recovery threatens to run sideways

Hill: Ryan: Democrats just 'kick the can down the road' by failing to pass budget

NYT: Closing Guantánamo Fades as a Priority
NYT: Prosecutors Ease Stance, but Still Seek Long Prison Term for Radical Lawyer
Bob Herbert: No victory can be had in Afghanistan, and no one knows how to get us out
Fox: Vacant Intel Jobs Raise Concerns Over Ability to Diffuse New Terror Plots
WaPo: Gen. McChrystal allies, Rolling Stone disagree over article's ground rules
Ted Nugent: Let the Big Dogs Run

LA Times: Obama administration poised to challenge Arizona immigration law

NYT: OpEd: Fighting Crime Where the Criminals Are

Hill: House ethics office investigation advances

LA Times: Cal State Stanislaus dinner patrons cheer Sarah Palin
AP/Burke: Sarah Palin speaks at rural Calif. university
CNN: Palin event sets records
Politico: Sarah Palin praises column linking Obama, Hitler

AP/Blood: Big GOP donors go to Napa Valley to hear Giuliani

NYT: In Week of Tests, Obama Reasserts His Authority
Hill: Clinton or Obama: Who's the bigger asset on midterm campaign trail?

Gail Collins: The Age of Nancy (Pelosi)

CQ Politics: Percentage Of Self-Identified Conservatives Rises
Rush Limbaugh: We're Ruled by a Liberal Minority; Obama Regime Seizes Your Future

WSJ: The Feuding Fathers: Revolutionary origins of divisive discourse

WaPo: Former vice president Dick Cheney hospitalized for weekend; heart trouble possible
NYT: Cheney Hospitalized for Testing

WaPo: Prescott S. Bush Jr., brother and uncle of U.S. presidents, dies at 87

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: State Budget Bill Would Cap Property Taxes and Let Grocers Sell Wine
NYDN: Soda tax falls flat, Paterson proposes selling wine in grocery stores
Buffalo News: Final state budget bill unveiled
Albany TU: Property tax cap advances for schools, counties
NYT: Editorial: What Is Albany Doing?

NYT: Brooklyn Senator a Focus of Federal Corruption Inquiry
NY Post: Aide-de-$camp: Kruger crony eyed in graft probe
NYDN: State Sen. Carl Kruger asked us to host gig, Rasputin restaurant's lawyer says


SacBee: Whitman tries to move to the center
SacBee: Whitman, nurses trade latest volley in war of words
Mercury News: Nurses' union kicks back at Whitman
WaPo: Arnold Schwarzenegger on the outs in California's Republican Party
SacBee: Ad Watch: Whitman attack on Brown plays loose with facts

Politico: Report: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa got 50K in tickets
LA Times: Dodgers the most frequent donor of free tickets to L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa


USA Today: Sen. John McCain agrees to debate in Arizona
NYT: Arizona: Governor Ignites Controversy With Remarks on Drug Mules
NYT: Kyl Puts Border Remarks in New Context


Rasmussen: Utah Senate: Lee (R) 58% Granato (D) 28%
Deseret News: Bridgewater endorses Lee for Senate


Rasmussen: Nevada Governor: Sandoval (R) 55%, Reid (D) 33%

WaPo: Sen. Harry M. Reid building war chest by tapping donors beyond Nevada


Dallas MN: White accepts nomination at Democratic convention

CQ Politics: Poll: Texans Tire Of Hutchison

AP: Palin visits Texas day after debated Calif. stop


NYT: Louisiana Wants U.S. Help, and Its Own Way


WSJ: Florida Dems in Disarray
US News: Charlie Crist May Avoid the Fate of Other Party-Switchers
Buzz: How many Republicans can Charlie Crist hold while veering left?
WSJ: The Loneliness of the Establishment Democrat Kendrick Meek

Sunshine News: McCollum Locks Down Gainesville With Local Party Boss
Palm Beach Post: Sink urges Democrats to halt GOP's grip on state

SPT: Florida Republican leaders drawing up Arizona-styled anti-immigrant legislation
Miami Herald: An 'Arizona' law in Florida?


AP/McCaffrey: Oxendine ethics probe lingers on, accusations fly


Chicago Tribune: State's minimum wage too high, Brady says


Des Moines Register: Kim Reynolds pick solidifies Terry Branstad's fiscal focus
AP/Glover: GOP gubernatorial runner-up breaks silence
Mason City GG: Vander Plaats weighs his options


WisPolitics: Wall alleges misconduct by U.S. Senate rival Johnson at GOP convention


Mansfield NJ: Kasich, Romney drop by Mansfield


Detroit FP: Granholm: Senate's funding failure will force devastating cuts
AP/Martin: Losing federal money could hurt Michigan budget

Detroit News: Dillon's economic plan focuses targets urban blight, job growth

Detroit News: Probe led feds to seize $200K from Kilpatrick contractor


Tennessean: Turnout for TN GOP fundraiser signals party's confidence


Charlotte Observer: Burr vs. Marshall fight gets going today
WRAL: Poll: Burr leads Marshall in Senate race

Wash Times: Independent won't run in hot N.C. House race


NYT: Candidate Shrugs Off History’s Lure
Dana Milbank: With GOP primary, South Carolina finally buries Strom Thurmond


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell, lawmakers cite progress in Pennsylvania budget talks

Wash Times: Minority Dems rally to embattled Kanjorski


S-L: Proposed 2.9 percent tax cap, budget bills are set for full N.J. Legislature vote


NYT: Hartford Mayor Quits Under Fire


KUNC: Republican U.S. Senate Primary Heats Up
Politico: Norton sees victory in the mail


Rasmussen: Washington Senate: Murray (D) 47%, Rossi (R) 47%


Hill: Gov. Haley Barbour draws a crowd to Georgetown bars
Biloxi Sun: As oil threatens Mississippi, Barbour at GOP fundraisers
State Col: Governor Haley Barbour Raises Money in the Midst of Spill


June 25, 2010


WSJ: U.S. Lawmakers Reach Accord on New Finance Rules
WaPo: Lawmakers agree on financial overhaul
NYT: House and Senate in Deal on Financial System Reform
LA Times: House, Senate lawmakers reach a deal on financial reform
Politico: House-Senate conference approves Wall Street reform
WSJ: Upheaval Sweeps Consumer Finance

WaPo: Senate again rejects expanded spending package
Wash Times: Democrats try to dip into sacred stimulus
WSJ: Jobless Bill Dies Amid Deficit Fears
NYT: Congress Fails to Pass an Extension of Jobless Aid
Boston Globe: Filibuster halts bill boosting jobless benefits, aid to states
LA Times: Senate GOP blocks jobless aid extension
Politico: Senate Democrats pull jobs bill
Hill: Senate Dems fail to advance tax extenders bill for the third time
Politico: Rethinking jobless benefits
WaPo: Mortgage rates hit all-time low, but lending activity remains quiet
NYT: Democrats See Signs of Hope in Job Trends
Kim Strassel: Business's Buyer's Remorse
Mort Kondracke: Obama Must Convince Public He’ll Cut Debt

Politico: GOP challengers hit missing budget

Politico: Issa pushes for drilling ban docs
WaPo: BP's point man tries to polish tarnished image
WaPo: Firms in gulf drilling are working to limit liability in spill
NYT: Advances in Oil Spill Cleanup Lag Since Valdez
WSJ: Democrats Still Divided on Energy Bill (via Google)
Hill: Senate Democrats still short on answers after caucus meeting on energy bill
Politico: Harry Reid's high-stakes climate bill gamble
C. Boyden Gray: The Problem With Cap and Trade
WSJ: OpEd: Why It's Safer to Drill in the 'Backyard'
American Thinker: Bungling the Gulf Spill Response

NYT: House Approves Legislation That Mandates the Disclosure of Political Spending
Wash Times: House passes campaign bill
Politico: House passes campaign finance bill
Hill: House approves campaign finance measure by 219-206
CQ Politics: House Passes Campaign Finance Package
Reuters: House votes greater disclosure in campaign ads
NYT: Editorial: Who Approved These Ads?

NYT: House Passes Plan to Stop Medicare Cuts to Doctors
AP/Ohlemacher: Congress votes to spare doctors from Medicare cuts

WaPo: Obama says he is 'confident' in war leadership
NYT: From Pentagon, Messages of Dismay and Support
Hill: Mullen says he was 'nearly sick' over McChrystal article
NYT: House Looks to Pass War Funding by Recess
Politico: Obama losing Hill liberals on war strategy
WSJ: OpEd: Petraeus's Opportunity (via Google)
Michael Gerson: Obama makes a courageous call on Petraeus
Wes Pruden: Sacking the general doesn't change much
David Brooks: The Culture of Exposure
Peggy Noonan: McChrystal Forces Us to Focus (via Google)
Charles Krauthammer: Afghanistan: The 7/11 problem
Rush Limbaugh: The July 2011 End Date is History
Rush Limbaugh: State-Run Media Praise "Brilliant," "Decisive" Commander-in-Chief
Rush Limbaugh: Stan McChrystal: Warrior Liberal?

Wash Times: Dozens of Americans believed to have joined terrorists

WSJ: Justices Limit Fraud Law
WaPo: Supreme Court decision casts doubt on former Enron CEO's conviction
WSJ: Enron Ruling Dims Prosecution Picture (via Google)
NYT: Rolling Back a Law Born of Enron
Wash Times: Justices narrow scope of fraud statute
NYT: Editorial: Balance of Prosecutorial Power
WSJ: Conrad Black's Revenge (via Google)

NYT: Praise for an Israeli Judge Drives Criticism of Kagan
Politico: All eyes on Kagan's support of Barak
Fox: Key Senate Republican Reiterates Filibuster of Kagan on Table
Human Events: American Bar Association Rates Kagan ‘Well-Qualified’
Wash Times: Editorial: The case against Kagan
James Taranto: Bork's Revenge

NYT: Key Job Changing Hands at Justice

Hill: Key Dem: Immigration bill lacks votes
AP/Kugler: N.Y. mayor pushes immigration bill
NYT: Editorial: The Immigration Reform Team
Michelle Malkin: The U.S. Department of Illegal Alien Labor

WSJ: Lawmakers Spar Over FCC Internet Proposals (via Google)

WaPo: G-20 leaders arrive in Toronto rived by national interests
WSJ: Cameron Takes Skeptical Approach to G-20 (via Google)
WSJ: A Weakened U.S. Goes to the G-20 (via Google)
WaPo: Editorial: U.S. and Germany's squabble highlights G-20's tough tasks
WSJ: Obama's Growth Goals Face Hurdles at Home, Abroad
NYT: Obama and Medvedev Talk Economics
Paul Krugman: The Renminbi Runaround
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: The Days of America as World Economic Engine are Over

NYT: Across Street From the White House, Coffee and a Chat With Lobbyists
NYT: A Diplomatic Traveling Supporter of the U.S. Team Sees the Big Picture
Hill: ‘No drama’ Obama being tested by a recent series of public setbacks
Hill: Obama’s golf game tees up image debate
Pat Buchanan: Another Failed President?
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Poll Numbers Crater
American Spectator: Obama in Crisis

ABC: Sarah Palin's Endorsements Pack a Punch
McClatchy: Cal State, Stanislaus gears up for Palin appearance

John Fund: Déjà Newt: Obama's approval rating has fallen to 45%
Sabato's CB: For House Democrats: More Favorable Terrain Than ‘94

LA Times: 'Tea party' is not a shoo-in

Politico: At private lunch, Barbour knocks RNC

WaPo: National Enquirer says it decided not to pay for Gore sex story interview
Human Events: Big Al a Big Fondler?

Wash Times: Conservatives decry pro-gay moves

NYT: Prescott Bush Jr., Scion of a Political Family, Dies at 87


NYT: Conviction in Bruno Case Is in Doubt After Ruling
Albany TU: New hope for Bruno appeal?
NY Post: Bruno conviction nix looms
Rochester D&C: Joseph Bruno conviction in doubt after Supreme Court ruling

Albany TU: Higher taxes surface in talks
Rochester D&C: Paterson says budget would add $1 billion in new taxes
Buffalo News: Albany set to restore $425 million in education cuts
Albany TU: Silver says progress is made, except where it isn’t
Albany TU: Sampson on sales tax, FMAP funds, more
Albany TU: Is school aid delay case moot?
NYT: Legislature Passes Bedbug-Notification Law
NYT: Editorial: Do No Harm

Albany TU: Lazio reveals $1.825M in earnings
Albany TU: Lazio’s disclosure form

NY Post: Pol eyed in bribe scandal: Brooklyn 'pay to play'
NYDN: Investigation of Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger revealed after FBI busts lawyer

NYT: City Council and Mayor Reach Accord on a Budget
NYT: Panel Backs Smaller Rent Increases Than Usual


Fresno Bee: Whitman campaign brings flower power to governor's race
LA Times: Whitman answers questions about altercation with EBay employee
LA Times: Whitman reveals more details about confrontation with EBay worker
AP/Blood: Candidate Whitman calls eBay altercation 'anomaly'

Examiner: A profile of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina
ABC: RNC chair pledges big bucks to support Fiorina

SF Chronicle: GOP chair Steele mines California fundraisers
NYT: G.O.P. Chief Visits Unfriendly Territory
AP/Hunnicutt: Steele confident about GOP candidates in Calif
Napa Valley Register: National GOP stars gather at Meadowood

Human Events: Welcome to Maywood, Mexico


USA Today: Poll shows Sen. John McCain ahead in Arizona
Bizjournals: Magellan Strategies: McCain ahead 52 to 29%
Hill: Hayworth admits it was a 'mistake' to pitch 'free money grants' in ad

State Sen. Russell Pearce: Ending Birthright Citizenship
Human Events: Fun Times for Illegal Alien Detainees


Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Angle 48%, Reid 41%
CQ Politics: Nevada: Reid Gains, Angle Still Leads In Latest Senate Poll
Fox: Nevada Democrats Seize on Birther Controversy to Attack Tea Party Darling


Politico: Clinton backs White, blasts Perry
Dallas MN: Democratic gubernatorial nominee's middle-ground stance echoes back 15 years
Star-Telegram: White reaching out to GOP as he prepares to address Texas Democrats

Austin AS: Judge rules Green Party ineligible for Texas ballot
Austin AS: Former Perry aide paid for aborted Green Party petition effort


Fox: Rubio Blasts 'Bureaucratic Red Tape' in Gulf
CQ Politics: Top Democratic Fundraiser Helping Open D.C. Wallets for Crist
WaPo: Jeff Greene touts business savvy, outsider status in run for U.S. Senate seat

Miami Herald: Candidates Scott, McCollum trade jabs over federal stimulus
SPT: Hypocrisy and stimulus are latest buzzwords of Scott-McCollum battle
Palm Beach Post: Stealth political group readies $1.5M wave of TV spots for Scott
Jacksonville Observer: Haridopolos Funneling Big Cash to Support McCollum’s Bid
PolitiFact: McCollum, Scott trade attacks over illegal immigration debate

Miami Herald: Ray Sansom case likely headed to trial after judge's order


AJC: A peek inside Georgia politicians' finances
PolitiFact: Does Georgia have more illegal immigrants than Arizona?


Chicago Trib: IL corruption defendants see opening as court narrows "honest services" law
Chicago Tribune: Defense invokes new Supreme Court ruling; Zagel rejects trial delay
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich on trial: Ex-governor has surreal moment in courtroom
Wash Times: Blagojevich wanted more than 'appreciation' for Senate pick
Chicago Sun-Times: Witness: Blago given list of Obama favorites
American Spectator: Running on His Record


Des Moines Register: Reynolds pick solidifies Branstad's fiscal focus
Quad City Times: Branstad announces running mate
Des Moines Register: Patty Judge paints Branstad running mate as a rookie


MPR: How will Palin's support of Emmer play in the general?


Hill: Political neophyte challenges Feingold


WFMJ: GOP sorry for poverty quip in Ohio governor race


Detroit News: GOP governor candidates tout need for jobs in Michigan
Detroit FP: In governor debate, candidates find little to fight about
Detroit FP: Andy Dillon courts voters who've had it with politics as usual


St. Louis PD: Chuck Purgason takes aim at Roy Blunt in radio ad for U.S. Senate race
AP/Lieb: Purgason launches radio ads in Missouri Senate race
KC Star: Obama will raise money in KC for Carnahan


CQ Politics: Palin Endorses Tiahrt Over Moran in Kansas
NYT: Palin Likes Another Todd


Knox News: Another bad news cycle for Tennessee Democrats


CQ Politics: Establishment Republicans Help Rand Paul Raise Senate Campaign Money


Rasmussen: North Carolina Senate: Burr (R) 44% Marshall (D) 43%


Greenville News: Race's role in South Carolina politics gets fresh look with GOP wins
AP/Davenport: A year after public downfall, SC governor thrives


S-L: NJ lawmakers continue to shore up budget support, pass alternative property tax cap
Daily Record: Christie budget has GOP critics
S-L: Republican Senate leaders push ahead with votes on $29.4B N.J. budget deal
Bloomberg: Christie Met With Republicans to Ensure Budget Votes
Rush Limbaugh: Why We Love Chris Christie


Wash Times: Lawmaker faces heat for remark
Wash Times: GOP jumps on Kanjorski 'minorities' comments
Politico: Kanjorski on defensive after 'distortions'


Rasmussen: Vermont Senate: Leahy (D) 64%, Britton (R) 29%


Union Leader: Dem Governors Assn. raising and spending money in NH for Gov. Lynch


Politico: Palin allies launch new legal defense fund, citing 'witch hunt'
Reuters: Illegal Sarah Palin defense fund must give back donations


June 24, 2010


WSJ: A Critical Moment in War Effort
WSJ: Decision to Dismiss McChrystal Came Swiftly
NYT: Short, Tense Deliberation, Then a General Is Gone
NYT: Obama Says Afghan Policy Won’t Change After Dismissal
NYT: Petraeus Is Now Taking Control of a ‘Tougher Fight’
WSJ: Obama Turns to Petraeus (via Google)
WaPo: Petraeus could provide calming influence after leadership change
Hill: Levin: Petraeus hearings 'no later than next Tuesday'
WaPo: Before and after McChrystal's removal, a flurry of White House activity
WaPo: McChrystal's lack of political skills led to downfall
Wash Times: McChrystal resigns Afghan command
WaPo: Gen. McChrystal's resignation statement (.pdf)
WSJ: Patraeus From Iraq to a Hard Place
Politico: An Afghan war calendar: Five key dates ahead
Hill: War funds bill still draws House GOP ire
NYT: Editorial: Afghanistan, After McChrystal
WaPo: Editorial: Gen. Petraeus needs the support his predecessor lacked
NYT: OpEd: Lose a General, Win a War
NYT: OpEd: The Unsentimental Warrior
WSJ: The Petraeus Hail Mary
John Yoo: Democrats and the McChrystal Fiasco (via Google)
Henry Kissinger: America needs an Afghan strategy, not an alibi
Pat Buchanan: Obama vs. the U.S. Army
Rush Limbaugh: Rolling Stone Impacts the War: Obama Replaces Gen. McChrystal
Rush Limbaugh: Obama, Biden Turn to Petraeus, a Man They Called an Utter Failure
Michael Barone: Whether He Likes It or Not, Obama Must Command
George Will: McChrystal had to go
EJ Dionne: The wound that Stanley McChrystal opened
Dana Milbank: Obama shows McChrystal who's in command
Human Events: McChrystal Told the Truth
American Spectator: MacArthur Defeats Truman: The Real McChrystal Message

WSJ: Mishap Sets Back Efforts to Contain Leaking Well
WaPo: Progress on containing gulf oil spill reversed as mishap lets well gush anew
NYT: After Earlier Troubles, BP Says It Restored Cap
WSJ: U.S., Louisiana Clash Over Berms
WaPo: Apparent suicide by fishing boat captain underlines oil spill's emotional toll
Hill: House votes to give subpoena power to oil spill commission
WSJ: Rep. Paul Casts Sole ‘No’ Vote on Oil Spill Subpoena Power
Hill: Ron Paul calls $20 billion BP escrow fund a 'PR stunt,' 'suspicious'
NYT: BP Is Pursuing Alaska Drilling Some Call Risky
NYT: New Drilling Agency Will Have Investigative Arm
WSJ: BP Relied on Faulty U.S. Data
Rush Limbaugh: Judge Knocks Down Moratorium, Chavez-Style Media Attacks Judge
DMN: Hutchison & Bond hang a $3.4 trillion "gas tax" price tag on Kerry-Lieberman energy bill

WSJ: Confidence Waning in Obama, U.S. Outlook
Karl Rove: Obama and the Woes of the Democrats
Dan Henninger: Perils of the Media Presidency (via Google)

WSJ: Merkel Rejects Obama's Call to Spend (via Google)
Hill: U.S. isolated on spending at G-20

NYT: On Wall Street, So Much Cash, So Little Time

WSJ: Negotiators Ease Finance Rules
NYT: Lawmakers at Impasse on Trading
Hill: Democrats court Republican votes on Wall Street reform
WSJ: Volcker and Derivatives (via Google)
NYT: Editorial: The Derivatives Endgame
Arthur Levitt: A Missed Opportunity on Financial Reform (Fannie & Freddie) (via Google)
H Events: Dem: 'Finance Bill will Help Good Americans, Not Minorities or Defective People'

WSJ: Fannie Set to Penalize Defaulters
Wash Times: New home sales plunge to hit a record low

WSJ: The Family Business Revenue Act (via Google)

WSJ: Chances Fade for Jobless-Benefits Extension
WaPo: Unemployment-benefits bill stalls in Senate as GOP rejects revised plan
Human Events: Coburn: Congress Says ‘Yes’ Too Often

NYT: G.O.P. Bears Down on Kagan as Hearings Near
NYT: McConnell Questions Kagan’s Impartiality
Ann Coulter: What a Sack of Sacrosanct
Politico: Bork hits Kagan over Israeli judge
Rasmussen: 42% Oppose Kagan's Confirmation, 35% Favor

WaPo: Obama administration announces new border security measures
WSJ: Bloomberg Plans Big Immigration Push (via Google)
Wash Times: Reduced overtime stymies Border Patrol

Hill: Dems move closer to Thursday vote on Disclose Act
Rush Limbaugh: Beware of the DISCLOSE Act
David Broder: A better path to campaign-finance reform

Hill: House resolution on Sestak-Romanoff job offers fails at Judiciary

WSJ: Republicans Raise Minority Profile
James Taranto: Great Scott! A black Republican trounces a Dixiecrat's son
Fund: Scott to become 1st black GOP elected to House from Old Confederacy since 1890s
Wash Times: RNC looking low on cash as midterm elections loom
Politico: Barbour fundraising takes off
CBS: Jeb Bush in 2012?
Politico: GOP rebels could shake up Senate
Politico: Boehner puts $1 million into NRCC
Hill: Pelosi asks for donations to fend off potential GOP investigations
CQ Politics: Club for Growth Celebrates Record Wins So Far
CQ Politics: No Rush for FEC to Govern New Social Media

National Enquirer: Portland DA: Criminal Prosecution Possible in the Al Gore Sex Scandal
Oregonian: Portland woman says Al Gore groped her in hotel room
Wash Times: Report: Masseuse said Gore made sex advance
WaPo: Oregon investigated sex-assault accusation against Al Gore; case was closed
AP: Gore Was Accused of Sexual Advances
Scribd: Portland Police Bureau report on Al Gore

Al Gore & David Blood: Toward Sustainable Capitalism (via Google)

NYT: Abramoff, From Prison to a Pizzeria Job


NYT: Cuomo Accepts Millions From Interests He Assails
Buffalo News: Cuomo defends plan as GOP foes attack
Paladino: Paladino to Cuomo: Be Specific!
Albany TU: Lazio: My disclosure form will come Thursday
Albany TU: Paladino: Lay off state employees. Not too few. Mostly hacks

NYT: Antibullying Bill Goes to the Governor
Albany TU: State to sue BP over investments
Albany TU: Video: Paterson on deadlines, revenue raisers, earthquake

Albany TU: Uprising? Watch that June 30 deadline (redistricting)

Albany TU: Spitzer's ready for prime time again


LAT: Gov. urges minimum wage for California state workers until budget deal is reached
SacBee: California Senate resolution would urge boycott of Arizona
LA Times: California welfare cards can be used in many casino ATMs

LA Times: Meg Whitman and allies of Jerry Brown release new attack ads
Hill: Whitman launches 60-second attack ad

Politico: Boxer has her share of tech backers


Salt Lake Tribune: Mike Lee says he’ll stick to his guns


WaPo: New Reid ad rips Sharron Angle's scheme as "crazy"


Rasmussen: Undecideds Dominate Arizona’s Democratic Primary for Senate


Dallas MN: Texas Democrats keep fighting voter IDs despite idea's popularity
Dallas MN: GOP-linked firm paid $532,000 for Greens petition drive, files say
Dallas MN: GOP keeps Barton in energy post
CQ Politics: Barton Polls Low In Texas
Politico: Barton escapes looming ouster


Miami Herald: Crist looks to Democrats for dollars
CNN: Rubio slams WH, Crist over oil spill

WSJ: Newcomer Upends Florida Race (via Google)

Sunshine News: Tea vs. TEA: Parties Battle in Court

Miami Herald: Miles of oil washing up in Florida Panhandle


AJC: Competition is good for everything — except the Georgia ballot


Chicago Tribune: 'Prince of Darkness' plotted with Blagojevich to sell Obama Senate seat
Chicago Sun-Times: Harris: Obama knew of Blagojevich plot
AP/Bellandi: Blago trial a distant, unwanted headache for Obama

AP/Wills: Navy exaggerations damage Ill. Senate candidate


Des Moines Register: Reynolds is focus, as Branstad running-mate news looms


Minn Post: Gay marriage supported by major gubernatorial candidates except GOP's Emmer
Star Tribune: Collin Peterson is improbable player in Wall Street bill


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Governor: Republican Candidates Still Hold Slight Edge


Politico: Dems pile on Kasich camp's gaffe
CQ Politics: Bush Bashing Cuts Both Ways in Ohio Race


Detroit News: Cox says he'll fix problems fast if he's elected governor
Detroit News: AFL-CIO unveils election strategy
Detroit FP: AFL-CIO begins Bernero-for-governor push
Detroit FP: Bernero embraces his underdog run with working-class gusto

WSJ: Ex-Detroit Mayor Indicted on Federal Fraud Charges
Detroit News: Kilpatrick indicted on fraud, tax charges
Detroit FP: Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick indicted by feds on 19 mail fraud, tax counts
Detroit News: Feds not finished with Detroit corruption probe
Detroit News: Latest Kilpatrick charges the most serious
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick’s indictment challenges his mom’s career

Detroit FP: Conyers granted delay to prison start


KC Star: Ten GOP hopefuls line up to take on Missouri's Skelton
KC Star: Missouri’s special session that begins Thursday will be on a tight deadline


Nashville BJ: Reagan economist endorses Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam for governor
Chattanoogan: Bredesen Endorses Mike McWherter For Governor


Wash Times: DeMint expands clout all the way to Utah

Politico: Graham leaves void in climate debate
McClatchy: Graham backs Obama on McChrystal


Star-Ledger: N.J. legislators scramble to ensure budget deal support
Star-Ledger: Gov. Chris Christie's $29.4B budget proceeds to full Senate vote
Herald News: Budget compromise hits snags
Bloomberg: Christie May Not Have Votes to Pass New Jersey Budget


Rasmussen: Vermont Governor: Dubie (R) 47%, Markowitz (D) 40%


Rasmussen: Massachusetts Governor: Patrick 41%, Baker 34%, Cahill 16%


Hill: Vitter aide resigns in scandal, giving Dems hope in Senate race


CQ Politics: Tight Race for New Mexico Governor


CQ Politics: Corbett Ahead in Pennsylvania
Philly Post: Rendell Denies Having An Affair


June 23, 2010


WaPo: Obama orders McChrystal back to Washington after remarks about U.S. officials
NYT: McChrystal’s Fate in Limbo as He Prepares to Meet Obama
WSJ: Top U.S. General Under Fire
WSJ: Sharp Words Expose Rift Over War Policy
WaPo: McChrystal article renews attention to split with Biden over Afghanistan
WaPo: Weakening, possible firing of McChrystal compounds sense of peril in Afghanistan
Rolling Stone: The Runaway General
James Taranto: On the Cover of the Rolling Stone
Gabriel Schoenfeld: Warfare Through 'a Soda Straw' (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: On the Rules of Engagement
Rush Limbaugh: Stanley McChrystal: Warrior General
Politico: W.H. signals Gen. McChrystal's job on the line
NYT: General Faces Unease Among His Own Troops, Too
WaPo: Afghan leader voices support for McChrystal
WaPo: Obama has free rein to act on McChrystal, but system is still complex
WaPo: Is Gen. Stanley McChrystal someone the president can afford to fire?
Politico: With or without Stanley McChrystal, strategy the same
Hill: Gen. McChrystal's job on the line
Wash Times: Could McChrystal face a court-martial?
WaPo: McChrystal episode reveals limits to Obama's vaunted message discipline
NYT: In Afghanistan, as in Iraq, a New Breed of Commander Stepped In
WaPo: Editorial: Why President Obama should keep Gen. McChrystal
NYT: Editorial: The President and His General
WSJ: McChrystal Mess: General is guilty of bad judgment not policy insubordination (Google)
Maureen Dowd: Seven Days in June
Thomas Friedman: What’s Second Prize?
Bruce Ackerman: An increasingly politicized military
Dana Milbank: On McChrystal, little bark -- or bite -- from Obama
WSJ: OpEd: Why McChrystal Has to Go
NYT: OpEd: Judging McChrystal's War
NYT: OpEd: The Other Truman Doctrine
NYT: OpEd: What Would Lincoln Do?

NYT: Militant’s Path From Pakistan to Times Square

WSJ: Judge Overturns Drilling Ban
Wash Times: Judge lifts deep-water oil-drilling moratorium
NYT: Drilling Ban Blocked; U.S. Will Issue New Order
AP/Werner: Salazar seeks to reimpose drilling moratorium
Hill: Drilling ban is overturned by court in La.
WSJ: Obama's Moratorium, Drilled (via Google)
Michelle Malkin: Ken Salazar Gets a Kick in the You-Know-What

NYT: BP Executive Prepares to Take Over Spill Response
NYT: Fierce Recycling Effort in Fighting Oil’s Spread
WaPo: Each day, another way to define worst-case for oil spill
Politico: BP spill's size tough to nail down
NYT: For Gulf Victims, Mediator With Deep Pockets and Broad Power
NYT: House to Vote on Subpoena Power for Spill Investigators
WSJ: Blowouts Will Not Always Be Prevented (via Google)
WSJ: The Meaning of Joe Barton's Apology (via Google)

American Thinker: Obama's Gulf Oil Spill Commission and the Missing Experts

WaPo: Editorial: Can President Obama forge a compromise on an energy bill?
Politico: Obama gets heat to lead on climate
Hill: Senate energy meeting with Obama postponed

Timothy Geithner & Robert Summers: Our Agenda for the G-20
WSJ: Bank Tax Gains Ahead of G-20 (via Google)

Dick Morris: The next big economic crisis

WSJ: Middle-Class Tax Boost Is Broached (via Google)
Hill: Dems: We’re not bound by president’s tax vow

Wash Times: House to take pass on passing budget this year, Hoyer says
Wash Times: Top Dem says Congress shouldn't pass budget
Hill: Dems mull how to cut discretionary spending

WaPo: Business leaders say Obama's economic policies stifle growth

WSJ: Orszag Adieu: The 'cost curve' bent the budget director (via Google)

Boston Globe: All sides press Frank on finance bill
AP: Possible consumer bill may omit auto dealers
NYT: Auto Dealers Could Be Exempt From Proposed Regulator’s Oversight

NYT: Banks Have Repaid 75% of Bailout, Geithner Says

WSJ: Outlook for Home Prices Grows Darker
WaPo: Housing sales decrease in May, dashing hopes of quick recovery
AP/Aversa: Fed to keep rates low to support weak recovery

WSJ: States Face New Pinch as Stimulus Ebbs

Newt Gingrich: The Road to Jobs
American Spectator/Prowler: The Latest in Obama Jobs

Politico: GOP 'expects' to attend Elena Kagan hearings
Rep. Ted Poe: Kagan Unqualified To Be on Court

Rep. Darrell Issa: Oversight must focus on gov't too

NYT: Obama Says Health Law Shouldn’t Be Excuse to Raise Rates
Wash Times: Obama touts benefits of new health care law
Rush Limbaugh: Another Power Grab: The Regime Deems Obamacare Into Law Early

Hill: Senate talks on tax package focuses on Medicaid payments to states

Hill: Campaign bill may lose Republican sponsor

NYT: Obama Aims to Build Economic Ties With Russia

LA Times: Obama requests $600 million for border security
NYT: Obama Requests Money for Border Security
Hill: Arizona Democrats urge Obama not to sue over controversial immigration law

Hill: House lawmaker says he’s baffled by Office of Congressional ethics probe
Hill: Ensign staff tell ethics panel inquiry that lobbying rule-breaking was known

Wash Times: GOP website video satire rips Obama

NYT: Census Reports It Has Reached Almost All Households

Politico: Predicting an end to Roe v. Wade

Rasmussen: Voters Say Hillary More Qualified To Be President Than Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Palin

CQ Politics: 'Axis Of Palin'

American Spectator: The Emerging New GOP Leadership


NYT: New York Budget Talks Stall on University Proposal
NYT: Bill Passed in Albany to Make Insurers Pay for Autism Care
Albany TU: Tax cap bad fit for lawmakers

NYT: Ex-Aide to Paterson Takes Fifth Amendment
NYT: A Novel Twist for Prosecution of Hate Crimes

NYT: City Growth May Affect Party Power in Albany

Albany TU: Gibson goes to well with oil 'shakedown' critic


LA Times: Whitman dismisses uproar about alleged shoving incident with EBay employee
SacBee: Whitman goes on the offensive, using website in her battle with nurses union


Deseret News: Mike Lee beats Tim Bridgewater in Utah GOP Senate primary
Salt Lake Tribune: Lee clinches GOP Senate nomination
Bloomberg: Mike Lee Wins Utah Republican Primary to Replace Bennett in U.S. Senate
Politico: Lee wins Utah GOP Senate nod

Hill: Rep. Jim Matheson survives primary

WSJ: Utah Supreme Court Backs Online Petition Signatures
NYT: Utah: Court Allows E-Signatures


Rasmussen: Arizona GOP Primary for Senate: McCain 47%, Hayworth 36%, Deakin 7%
Fund: J.D. Huckster: John McCain's Senate challenger once pitched free federal grant money


Star-Telegram: Tyler Republican announces challenge to Texas House speaker
Dallas MN: Berman's bid for Texas speaker is all about conservatism

SPR: Democrat White tied with Gov. Perry in new Texas poll


Gainesville Sun: During Gainesville stop, Rubio criticizes Crist's Shands veto
Herald Tribune: A diverse fundraiser signals Crist strategy
WaPo: Will Charlie Crist be Florida's Arlen Specter?
NYT: For Jeb Bush, Life Defending the Family Name
Miami Herald: Senate candidates Jeff Greene, Kendrick Meek clash in debate
SPT: Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene trade barbs in Democratic U.S. Senate debate
Miami Herald: Bud Chiles pressured to drop out of Florida governor's race


AJC: Nathan Deal gives Ga. 400 tolls a place in GOP race for governor
AJC: Handel's stance could mean skipping Georgia gubernatorial debates


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich trial focus shifts to alleged Senate seat sale attempt
Chicago Sun-Times: UN ambassador on Blago's 'pecking order': witness


Michael Gerson: Another rhetorical strikeout from Al Franken


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Feingold (D) 46%, Johnson (R) 45%


Politico: Kasich mocks Strickland's upbringing


Detroit News: Cox campaign: Ads stolen, posted on YouTube
Detroit FP: Cox campaign says opponents hit a new low


WSJ: Lincoln Intervenes for Arkansas Bank


Politico: Marshall wins N.C. Senate nomination


State: Haley wins GOP nomination in landslide
NYT: Nikki Haley Is Winner in South Carolina Runoff
WaPo: Nikki Haley's star rises
WSJ: South Carolina's GOP Voters Take Fresh Tack
AP/Davenport: SC Republicans tap Haley for gov, make history
State: Keys to winning governorship
Rediff: Where it all began for Nikki Haley
Politico: Haley win a boon for Palin, Romney
State: Nikki Haley Bio
WSJ: An Indian in the White House?

USA T: Tim Scott wins nomination to become first black Republican congressman since 2003
AP/Smith: Black SC Republican poised to go to Congress
Hill: Son of one-time segregationist loses to black Republican

Greenville News: Trey Gowdy wins GOP 4th District nomination over Bob Inglis
CQ Politics: Gowdy Crushes Inglis in S.C. Runoff
WBTV: Inglis ousted; black SC Republican wins runoff
USA Today: Inglis becomes fifth congressional casualty of anti-incumbent year

Human Events: Conservative Outsiders Win in S.C.

WaPo: Other elections held in South Carolina, North Carolina and Utah


S-L: Gov. Christie to review proposed changes to N.J. school-choice bill
Wash Times: Website aims to boost New Jersey's image


WSJ: Louisiana Rebound Gives Way to Dark Prospects


Rasmussen: Oregon Senate: Wyden (D) 47%, Huffman (R) 37%


Rasmussen: North Dakota Senate: Hoeven (R) 73%, Potter (D) 19%


June 22, 2010


NYT: Poll Finds Deep Concern About Energy and Economy
NYT: Panel Is Unlikely to End Deepwater Drilling Ban Early
WaPo: Trend toward deep-water drilling likely to continue
WSJ: Judge To Rule On Temporary Drilling Moratorium By Wed (via Google)
WaPo: Historians debate designation of 'worst environmental disaster' in U.S.
NYT: Feinberg Says Faster Claim Payment Is Needed
WSJ: Feinberg Ramps Up $20 Billion Compensation Fund
Rush Limbaugh: Feinberg: I Don't Work for Obama
NYT: OpEd: Blow Up the Well to Save the Gulf
AJC: Blow that well to Kingdom Come, says Phil Gingrey
WSJ: The Antidrilling Commission (via Google)
Hill: Obama to ‘bridge some differences’ at energy chat with senators
Politico: Barton's future still in doubt
Dallas MN: Democrats broaden attacks over Joe Barton's apology to BP
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime's BP Shakedown is About Ideology, Not Just Thuggery
Rush Limbaugh: Why Democrats and Republicans Won't Allow Barton to Tell the Truth

WSJ: Spending Fight at G-20 (via Google)
Wash Times: Germany urges Obama to focus on debt cuts

WSJ: Tighter Scrutiny For Bank Salaries
WSJ: Merchants Win Debit-Card Fee Battle
AP/Kuhnhenn: House, Senate reach tentative deal on debit cards
WSJ: Scramble to Finish Bank Rules This Week
WSJ: The Obama Speech We're Waiting For: Fannie & Freddie need the BP treatment
Hill: Wall Street bill tests Scott Brown’s clout
Hill: Republican leaders walk fine line on unemployment
Hill: Congress on the verge of passing major new interchange fee reform

Hill: Dems won’t pass budget
Sen. Jim DeMint: With Obama, Balanced Budget Amendment Crucial
Grover Norquist: Anti-Tax Pledge Takes on Urgency

Hill: White House backs campaign finance bill with exemptions

Wash Times: Stimulus aid to states seen delaying 'day of reckoning'

LA Times: Pressure rising on healthcare long before overhaul takes effect
NYT: As Health Law Takes Effect, Obama Gives Insurers a Warning
NYT: Confirmation Fight on Health Chief
Politico: Medicare tussle stymies Hill

WSJ: High Court Upholds Antiterror Law
NYT: Court Affirms Ban on Aiding Groups Tied to Terror
Hill: Supreme Court upholds law barring support to terror groups in 6-3 decision
NYT: Editorial: A Bruise on the First Amendment

WSJ: The Sotomayor Precedent (via Google)
Hill: Specter rips Court's power grab

Politico: GOP may boycott Kagan hearings

NYT: Guilty Plea in Times Square Bomb Plot
WSJ: Bomber Pleads Guilty in Plot
WaPo: Shahzad pleads guilty in failed Times Square bombing, warns of future attacks
AP/Hays: Times Square car bomber details his chilling plot

NYT: McChrystal Is Summoned to Washington Over Remarks
WaPo: McChrystal coming to Washington to explain anti-administration comments

WaPo: Orszag to resign as White House budget director, source says
NYT: White House Budget Chief Is Leaving
WSJ: Obama's Budget Chief to Step Down (via Google)
WaPo: Who will succeed Peter Orszag?

John Fund: Rahm on the Run: Emanuel will leave shortly after the mid-term elections
Politico: Rahm Emanuel's long goodbye
NY Post: Rahm's e-trade: Swapped favors with shady Blago

Boston Globe: Nomination delaying tactic irks senators

WaPo: FCC officials meet with AT&T, Verizon, Google over Internet regulation
Hill: Coalition urges FCC to block proposed merger of Comcast-NBC

WaPo: Obama uses powers to expand federal rights, benefits for gays and lesbians
NYT: Gay Workers Will Get Time to Care for Partner’s Sick Child

David Brooks: Faustus Makes a Deal
Bret Stephens: The Man Who Would Be King (via Google)
James Taranto: Keith Olbermann's Wisdom
Ted Nugent: The Declaration of Defiance: Get ready to toss out the Fedzillacrats in Nov
Wash Times: GOP dares Obama to test his appeal

Wash Times: E-mails lay bare firm's pay-to-play links to Rep. Visclosky

Wash Times: Planned Parenthood's missing millions

Hill: GOP facing dilemma on Arizona law

Hill: Dems pushing campaign finance deal
CQ Politics: NRSC Surpasses DSCC's Cash Total
Politico: Dem committees win May cash race

USA Today: Voters in four states head to the polls as insurgents try to crash both parties
Hill: Two lawmakers await their fates Tuesday
AP/Sidoti: Bailout vote could claim two more GOP lawmakers

Gallup: Registered Voters' House Voting Preferences Tied at 46%

Human Events: Hillary Clinton Planning To Challenge Obama in 2012?

American Spectator: Ted Kennedy's KGB Correspondence

NYer: Prodigal Son: Is the wayward Republican Mike Huckabee now his party’s best hope?
Atlantic: Mike Huckabee, Comeback Kid?


NYT: Cigarette Tax Increased to Keep State Running
Albany TU: Rising cost of taking a puff
NYDN: Legislature OKs raising cigarette tax $1.60 to U.S. high $4.35 A PACK!

NYT: Candidates for Attorney General Make Their Case

NY Post: Sneaky Meeks owns up to loans
NYDN: Queens Congressman Gregory Meeks: $55G in undisclosed loans an 'oversight'

NYT: The Bloomberg-Blagojevich Connection, or Campaign Politics Before a Fall

Albany TU: Unlikely alliance opposes no-fault divorce


LA Times: Central Coast voters to cast ballots in race to fill Maldonado's vacant seat

AP/Young: Brown's tale of frugality omits $1.8 million home

SacBee: Democrats propose shifting some programs to counties
Dan Walters: A three-way stalemate over California's budget


NYT: From Run for the White House to a Run Just to Stay in Place
Politico: J.D. Hayworth pitched 'free money' grants
USA Today: Arizona's J.D. Hayworth cameos in 2007 infomercial

Rasmussen: Arizona GOP Primary for Governor: Brewer Now Draws 61% Support

Politico: White House says Jon Kyl story not true
Rush Limbaugh: White House Calls Jon Kyl a Liar


Deseret News: Poll shows Tim Bridgewater ahead of Mike Lee in tight U.S. Senate race
CQ Politics: Lee, Bridgewater Fight in Tight Contest Tuesday
CQ Politics: Poll: 25 Percent Undecided In Bridgewater-Lee Runoff

Politico: Blue Dogs shore up Matheson


Human Events: More Sharron Angle: "Harry Reid Has Raided the Social Security Trust Fund"
AP: Angle releases Internet ad in bid to unseat Reid
AP/Blood: Nevada's Angle campaign hires national media firm


Rasmussen: Oregon Governor: Dudley (R) 47%, Kitzhaber (D) 45%


Rep. Lamar Smith: Protecting America's ideas
Dallas MN: AG candidate urges Texas lawsuit against Wall Street firms


CQ Politics: Poll: Crist Far Ahead
Miami Herald: Meek, Greene to have debate
American Spectator: Curiouser and Curiouser

SPT: Memo shows shadow group sought "final approval" of McCollum's manager in Scott slam

Sunshine News: Florida TEA Party Fight Boiling Over
CQ Politics: Link Between Grayson, Tea Party Questioned

Miami Herald: Tar-ball cleaners outnumber tourists on Panhandle beach


AJC: John Oxendine, Eric Johnson open up air war in GOP race for governor
CQ Politics: Georgia GOP's Dueling Gov Ads


Chicago Tribune: Ex-aide: Governor often MIA
Chicago Sun-Times: Ex-aide: Blaojevich told me to shake down Rahm
Chicago Sun-Times: This time, Patti Blagojevich's hair is turning heads
Chicago Sun-Times: Patti drops suit over remarks about e-mail list

Chicago Sun-Times: Senate rivals chart separate courses on Chicago River
Chicago Sun-Times: Biden lauds Giannoulias at downtown fund-raiser
Crain's: Mark Kirk makes like bunny, flees from press


Star Tribune: Emmer's feisty spirit fuels legal fights


TMJ4: Wisconsin Senate Candidates Criticize BP Plan

WBAY: Neumann Proposes Wisconsin Education Reforms


Detroit FP: New TV ad depicts Mike Cox as Marine tough
Detroit News: Cox plays up military service in third campaign ad
CQ Politics: You Want To Be Governor Of Michigan? Really?
Detroit News: Bernero, Dillon debate heated


KC Star: Blunt backs $20 billion oil spill fund, gives Barton a pass


NYT: Nebraska Town Votes to Banish Illegal Immigrants


Nashville BJ: Poll: McWherter trails all GOP candidates for governor


CQ Politics: Rand Paul And Tough Love


CQ Politics: N.C. Candidate's Comments On Electability Could Backfire


State: Runoffs on ballot
WSJ: Haley Keeps Taking the Southern Test
Politico: Haley poised to break S.C. ceiling
Fox: Haley Eyes Victory in 'Dirty' GOP Primary Race for S.C. Governor
State: Where’s Gov. Sanford?

CQ Politics: Scott Victory Would Give GOP Diversity Boost
CQ Politics: J.C. Watts: 'My Party Should Have People That Look Like Me'

Human Events: South Carolina Run-off Has National Implications
CQ Politics: Inglis Attacks Congress in New TV Ad
Bloomberg: Anti-Washington Trend Threatens South Carolina’s Inglis in Vote


Hill: Virginia could predict GOP's 2010 gains


NYT: Budget Deal Is Reached in New Jersey
Star-Ledger: N.J.'s $29.4B budget compromise softens cuts to poor, disabled, students
Star-Ledger: Gov. Chris Christie presses for his N.J. property-tax cap
Star-L: Assembly Dems fail to gather Republican votes to override millionaires-tax veto


CQ Politics: Schiff Gets On Connecticut Ballot
Politico: Schiff qualifies for Senate primary
American Thinker: Linda McMahon and the Triple-Damn Stinger Splash


Rasmussen: North Dakota House: Berg 51%, Pomeroy 44%




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