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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

March 7, 2010


Fox: Obama's Last Stand for Health Care Reform Follows Challenging Year
NYT: Obama Urges Action on Health Care
NYT: Obama Wields Analysis of Insurers in Health Battle
Detroit News: Obama makes last-ditch push for health care
Worchester Telegram: Health reform vs. voter backlash
Hill: Top health insurance lobbyist fires back at the White House
Hill: Retiring Democrats key to healthcare push
NYT: Editorial: If Health Reform Fails
WaPo: Editorial: In search of Plan C
Frank Rich: The Up-or-Down Vote on Obamas Presidency
Ezra Klein: Bending the rules of reconciliation and filibusters, the Senate got twisted

Detroit News: Obama makes furious health care push -- but what about jobs?

Politics Daily: The Farce Otherwise Known as PAYGO

Weekly Standard: The most transparent administration in history stonewalls
AOL News: Conservatives Condemn Liz Cheney's Attack Ad
NewsBusters: Chris Matthews Calls Liz Cheney 'Daughter of Dracula'

Hill: Dodd in a race to pass financial overhaul measure before leaving for Easter

NYT: Mom, Apple Pie and Mortgages

Chicago Tribune: Climate change skepticism a litmus test for GOP
American Thinker: Rep. Sensenbrenner wants answers in wind energy scandal
Thomas Friedman: Dreaming the Possible Dream

NYT: Message Maven, David Axelrod, Finds Fingers Pointing at Him
NYT: Julianna Smoot: Why the Rainmaker Is Now the Gatekeeper
WaPo: Washington lawyer Bob Barnett is the force behind many political book deals
David Broder: The daring Charlie Rangel

Hill: Lieberman, Levin take lead on 'Don't ask, don't tell' repeal bill

Hill: GAO: Appointees given employment may not be most qualified

Hill: Stupak doesn't just have eye on health bill, but on pulling U.S. from trade pact

Hill: Senate hopefuls, veteran GOP leaders face Tea Party voters
NYT: Democrats Need a Rally Monkey
Politico: Left gears up to fight media wars
Dan Balz: For fed-up voters, a buffet of gaffes
Politico: RNC Fallout: 'Ashamed' donor closes checkbook

Toronto Star: Sarah Palin warms to Calgary crowd
Vancouver Sun: Sarah Palin gives speech to Calgary crowd as Pamela Wallin moderates
Steven Hayward: Would Reagan vote for Sarah Palin?
Columbus Dispatch: Pregnancies tested beliefs, Palin says
Townhall: Do Conservatives Begrudge Palin for Her Success?
Newsbusters: Jon Stewart Calls Palin a Genius: 'You Can't Underestimate This Woman'
AP/Thiessen: Kathy Griffin skewers Sarah Palin

CBS: Romney Tells Letterman: Palin "Has a Rifle, You Know"
Salt Lake Tribune: Romney: Obama is another Jimmy Carter

WaPo: Thin wall separates lobbyist contributions and earmarks

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NY Post: GOP reconsidering Dem Levy for gov: sources
NYDN: GOP Leaders To Meet Again With Levy, Losing Love For Lazio?
Newsday: Lazio says Levy shouldn't pretend to be Republican (pay site)
NY Post: Pro-Dem GOP twist

NYT: Paterson Rewards Redemption With a Pardon
AP/Caruso: NY gov faces legal minefield in conduct inquiries
NYDN: Paterson should've learned from his early days that honesty is always best policy
NYDN: Peter Kauffmann became 'very disillusioned' with Paterson's lying ways, says source
NYDN: Blame Spitzer for Paterson: Our failed guv was chosen by the last one
Albany TU: Richard Ravitch: He's the man in the wings
NYDN: 'Modest' Sherr-una Booker, woman at heart of Paterson scandal, posed in photo shoot

NYDN: Scandal-tainted Rep. Charles Rangel returns home to warm welcome from supporters
NYDN: Charlie Rangel's Love Fest

Rochester D&C: Eric Massa's exit gives GOP an opportunity in 29th District


SacBee: Once eBay chief, now GOP gov candidate, Whitman is selling a new product: Herself
OC Register: Candidates woo Republican activists
NYT: How Jerry Brown Became Governor Moonbeam
NYT: Pete Stark Is Often His Own Worst Enemy
NYT: Willie Brown: Out of Office, but Still the Toast of the Town
LA Times: Overtime pay may be putting a dent in state's furlough savings
Dan Walters: California's politicos dig deeper hole


Star-Telegram: Anti-abortion advocates ready to keep fighting for Perry
Dallas MN: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison slips back to work in Washington
Michael Barone: Low-tax Texas beats big-government California


Miami Herald: Leading candidates for Florida governor cautious on issues
Miami Herald: U.S. Senator George LeMieux proving to be media savvy
Miami Herald: Crist's plan to save Everglades by buying sugar land is under siege
Tampa Tribune: DeMint backs Rubio in U.S. Senate run
Buzz: Jim DeMint on the RNC fundraising memo and Jeb Bush for prez


AJC: Georgia sequels to Floridas Rubio-Crist civil war


Daily Herald: For Brady to have a chance against Quinn, he needs Chicago face time
NYT: In Illinois, Race Is Set for Governor
CQ Politics: Job One for Illinois Brady: Make Up for Time Lost to Quinn
CST: Brady officially Illinois GOP governor nominee; beat Dillard by a hair


Indianapolis Star: Statehouse stalemate halts progress, runs up bill


Dallas MN: Tim Pawlenty says 'America is in trouble' at Dallas County GOP dinner


WQAD: Iowa Gov. GOP Candidates Visit Scott County


CQ Politics: Local Democrats Back Critz for Murtha Special
Hill: 12th District Dems recommend Critz to run for Murtha's seat


Columbus Dispatch: 20 government entities on Ohio fiscal watch list


Detroit FP: Michigan congressmen are ready for more


Rasmussen: Nebraska Governor: Heineman Strong In Reelection Bid


St. Louis PD: Robin Carnahan strategy: Focus on Blunts Washington ties
Missourinet: McCaskill urges Democrats to stay with us on health care
Pulaski County DN: Skelton files Friday for re-election; faces serious Republican challenge
Joplin Globe: Speaker: No support for raising taxes


Commercial Appeal: RNC chairman Steele addresses local Lincoln Day gathering


ENC: Burr stops by to warn about reconciliation'


State: For 2 leaders, state is a player in fight for jobs


AP/O'Dell: Va. colleges can't ban gay discrimination


Paul Mulshine: Is Gov. Chris Christie pulling a rebate-and-switch?
Star-Ledger: Sick days have become golden parachutes for N.J. public workers


Boston Globe: Charles Baker: A candidate in search of the common touch


American Spectator: Bad News for Harry Reid


ORLive: Former Blazer Chris Dudley seeks to outpoint rivals at state GOP conference


March 6, 2010


WSJ: Obama Leans Toward Switch to Military Trials on 9/11
NYDN: Obama, AG Eric Holder face political embarrassment in 9/11 terror trial shuffle
Wash Times: Rights groups slam rumors of Obama flip on KSM trial
NYT: White House Postpones Picking Site of 9/11 Trial
NY Post: KSM is trade bait: GOP: Give us a military trial ... and we'll shut down Gitmo!
Chicago Tribune: White House considers dropping New York terror trials
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Flip-Flops on KSM Trial?
Ron Rotunda: The Efforts to Disbar Bush Lawyers
NYT: Liz Cheneys Al Qaeda Seven
WSJ: Scales of Justice: In Zurich, Even Fish Have a Lawyer

Politico: President Obama, Robert Gates not always eye-to-eye on new nukes

NYT: Obama Urges Action on Health Care
NYT: Nothing Like Reconciliation to Foster Divisions
NYT: Editorial: Refereeing the Health Care Debate
WSJ: Advice to House: Don't Take Any Obama Wooden Nickels
Kent Conrad: Reconciliation is not an option for health-care reform
Wash Times: Rep. Gingrey: Health care reform has to pass by Easter
Pol Daily: Obama's New Health Pitch: Families, Businesses Would Get Benefits This Year
Politics Daily: 36 States Aim to Preempt Federal Health Care Plan
Hill: McCain calls for new Gang of 14 to stop Obama's push on healthcare reform bill
Politico: Griffith to give GOP address
Hill: Dem-turned-GOP cites healthcare debate as reason for switch in party's address
Hill: Obama to Dems: Health bill results will be seen by midterm elections
Rush Limbaugh: There Won't Be Reconciliation or Easy Path to Repealing Obamacare
Michael Reagan: Reconciliation -- Playing Parliamentary Games with America's Future
David Limbaugh: Obama vs. Insurers and the People
American Thinker: The Health Care Bill's Prospects

NYT: Autonomy of Consumer Watchdog Is in Dispute
NYT: Consumer Groups Urge Regulation of Nonbank Financial Institutions

WaPo: National debt to be higher than White House forecast, CBO says
WSJ: CBO Says White House Underestimates Deficits (via Google News)

WSJ: Energy Secretary Opposes Suspending Stimulus Grants (via Google News)
WSJ: Snow Jobs: Are blizzards the only obstacle to a rebound? (via Google News)
Wash Times: Climate scientists to fight back at skeptics
WSJ: No State Left Behind? (via Google News)
NYT: Editorial: So Much for Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Rush Limbaugh: Great! "Only" 36,000 Jobs Lost
Rush Limbaugh: Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel Declares Fat People Bad for the Economy
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Manages America's Decline
James Taranto: Mirror, Mirror

WaPo: In e-mails, lobbyists perceive ties between campaign cash, earmarks
WSJ: Earmarks Forever: House ignores Nancy Pelosi's board of outside ethics watchdogs

Lamar Alexander: Why make government the prime source for student loans?

WaPo: Rep. Barney Frank warns of Fannie, Freddie risks

WaPo: 'Snapshot of America': These are Census Bureau ads? Go figure
Juan Williams: Marketing the 2010 census with a conservative-friendly face

WaPo: RNC's finance director behind controversial fundraising pitch
Wash Times: GOP fundraising invite may violate rules
Politico: Republican National Committee official behind 'fear' pitch under fire for fees

George Will: How the Constitution, filtered by the high court, affects guns

Dana Milbank: Karl Rove sets the record straight -- sort of

Wash Times: Curse of marrying a Clinton

Politico: Former Shays Aide to plead guilty for embezzlement


NYT: Dysfunction Displaces Work in a Distracted Albany
USA Today: Poll: Paterson's public support erodes
NYDN: Ravitch calls meeting with Andrew Cuomo to discuss plan if Gov. Paterson resigns
NYT: Paterson Insists Hell Clear His Name
NY Post: Gov predicts he'll be 'vindicated'
NY Post: Silver: Answer all the allegations now!
NYDN: Paterson's photo op at JFK restaurant opening can't mask his crumbling reputation
NYDN: Paterson's core shrinking after 3 top aides bolt just weeks before budget deadline
WSJ: New York Politicians Extend Era of Malfeasance With a Fresh Wave of Scandals
Chris Buckley: What Were They Thinking?
Denise O'Donnell: Ex-commish tells of outrage over Paterson abuse-case
Albany TU: Paterson finds balm in Harlem
Albany TU: Common Cause comes to reluctant conclusion gov should go

NYT: Congressman Massa, Accused of Harassment, Resigns
WSJ: Massa to Quit House Seat Amid Probe (via Google News)
WaPo: Massa resigns; Democrats' ethical lapses could threaten hold on power
AP/Kellman: Massa resigns amid conduct complaint: Concedes guilt
Albany TU: Citing ethics investigation, Massa will resign Monday
Rochester D&C: Rep. Eric Massa to resign his office Monday
Buffalo News: Reed gains Paxon support for Massa seat

Pajamas: Cuomo is the father of the subprime crisis

NYT: Senecas See Comeback Over Sale of Cigarettes

NYT: Editorial: Justice for Judges


SacBee: GOP Senate hopefuls fight over taxes, Middle East, at first debate
LA Times: Three Republicans fight for the GOP nomination to challenge Boxer
CQ Politics: California Senate: Republicans Fire Away in Radio Debate
WSJ: The Golden State's Me Generation (via Google News)
SacBee: Sen. Roy Ashburn in firestorm over DUI arrest, sexual orientation
SacBee: Ad Watch: Poizner defends record in new California governor's race ad
SacBee: Meg Whitman leading the CEO race


DalMN: US Atty's Dallas office says it's not investigating Judge Jim Foster's vote fraud claims
CQ Politics: Hurd Touts Endorsements In Texas Runoff


Buzz: Brevard GOP chair steps down to endorse Rubio, McCollum
Buzz: Fla GOP launches its first TV spot of election year
St. Pete Times: Crist sang praises of Democrat
Miami Herald: Politics may derail inspector general proposal


Politico: Rep. Paul Broun not sure if Obama is citizen
AJC: The Democratic laissez-faire approach to health care


WSJ: Birmingham Ex-Mayor Gets 15 Years in Prison
NYT: Ex-Mayor Gets 15 Years in Bribery, and City Pays Price


NYT: In Illinois, Race Is Set for Governor
Chicago Tribune: Bill Brady finds himself standing in a harsher light


CQ Politics: Indiana: Rep. Burton's Poll Gives Him Big Lead


Star Tribune: State Capitol deal reached to continue health care for poor


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. candidates agree pension system needs fix
Lancaster: Rendell says expanded sales tax is key to plugging Pa. deficit


Springfield News-Sun: Palin urges Ohio crowd to act on abortion issues


Politics Daily: The Brothers Levin: Liberal without Apology
Detroit News: Kilpatrick loses bid to halt case


CQ Politics: Kansas: Kelsey Suspends Campaign


American Thinker: (Honorary) Dr. Al Gore


CQ Politics: Kentucky Senate Candidates Ratchet Up TV Spending


State: Drake quits race for governor


WaPo: Virginia attorney general to colleges: End gay protections


Rush Limbaugh: Chris Christie: Amazingly Great


Boston Globe: Delahunt out, field opens
NYT: Massachusetts Democrat Delahunt Wont Seek 8th House Term
Politico: Malone plans to launch campaign
CQ Politics: Movement Begins In Race to Succeed Delahunt

CQ Politics: Brown Looks Ahead to 2012


Boston Globe: McCain taps into Browns star power


Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Two GOP Hopefuls Take Longer Lead on Reid


Rasmussen: Colorado Senate: GOPs Norton 44%, Romanoff 42%


CQ Politics: Overlooked: Once-Touted Leiken Drops Bid in Oregon


March 5, 2010


WaPo: Obama advisers set to recommend military tribunals for alleged 9/11 plotters
Politico: Return to military tribunals?

NYT: Obama Takes Health Care Deadline to Democrats
Hill: White House: March 18 goal for House vote on Senate healthcare bill
WSJ: White House Confronts Insurers on Premiums
WaPo: Democratic leaders working to win over abortion opponents for health-care reform
WaPo: Obama intensifies health-care efforts
Wash Times: Obama lobbies wavering Democrats on health care
Politico: Ten people who could decide health care reform
Peggy Noonan: ObamaCare: What a Disaster Looks Like (via Google News)
Charles Krauthammer: Onward with Obamacare, regardless
Charmaine Yost: Abortion and the Health Bill
Politico: Hoyer: Separate abortion bill possible
Politico: Bishops offer help with Senate
Wes Pruden: No flip-floppery, just flim-flammery
Orszag & DeParle: Health reform that won't break the bank
James Taranto: Obama's Vietnam: "This is the last helicopter out of Saigon"
Rush Limbaugh: Does Pelosi Have the Votes to Pass Obama's Big Health Care Lie?
Rush Limbaugh: Messiah Complex? Obama Wants His Bill to be Resurrected on Easter
Rush Limbaugh: SEIU Wants to Unionize Doctors
Rush Limbaugh: Paul Ryan Stands Up for Freedom

WSJ: House Passes $15 Billion Jobs Bill
NYT: House Adopts $15 Billion Plan to Spur Job Creation
Hill: House approves $15 billion job-creation package, 217-201
AP/Taylor: Newly-passed House measure rewards hiring jobless

Kim Strassel: Carbon Caps Through the Backdoor (via Google News)
Hill: Lieberman: Arctic drilling a 'deal breaker'
WaPo: Editorial: Raising the gas tax might be the only way to wean Americans off oil
Wash Times: Climate scientists plot to fight back at skeptics
WSJ: Democrats Revolt Over Energy (via Google News)

WSJ: The Lost Wages of Youth: Raising the minimum wage has put teens out of work

WSJ: Levin Takes Helm at Ways and Means
NYT: Michigan Lawmaker, Sander Levin, Steps Up at Ways and Means
WSJ: Disorder in the House
Politico: John Boehner pulls some punches
WaPo: Levin urges Pentagon to rethink plans for $1 billion in new Blackwater contracts

Michael Gerson: For pursuit of education reform, give Obama credit

WSJ: Senators Push for a Bonus Tax (via Google News)

NYT: Heads of 12 Fed Districts Press to Keep Central Bank, and Their Role, in Place
NYT: Panelists Questions Citigroups Government Guarantee

Politico: Financial reform still on the table
Maurice Greenberg: Six Steps Toward Financial Reform (via Google News)

NYT: Bush Official Defends Lawyers Under Attack for Detainee Work
Walter Dellinger: A shameful attack on the U.S. legal system
Politico: McCain, Lieberman team on detainees

NYT: Judiciary Panel Clears Justice Nominee Again
Politico: Anti-torture Department of Justice nominee, Dawn Johnsen, advances

NYT: Earmarks Abuse Feared After Ethics Panel Ruling

American Spectator: Amending the Spending

Sen Jim Bunning: Why I took a stand
Pat Buchanan: Pitching For America
Paul Krugman: Senator Bunnings Universe

NYT: NASA Chief Denies Talk of Averting Obama Plan

WaPo: Obama risks alienating Latinos with lack of immigration reform
LA Times: Obama looking to give new life to immigration reform

NYT: Safety Is Issue as Budget Cuts Free Prisoners

Merrill McPeak: Dont Ask, Dont Tell, Dont Change

Wash Times: Senators ask FDA to lift gay blood donor ban
AP: Senators Seek Repeal on Blood-Donation Ban for Gay Men

Ahmad Chalabi: America and the Future of Iraq (via Google News)

David Brooks: The Wal-Mart Hippies

Politico: Rove suspected Gore aide of DUI leak

Politico: 'Vision' leads to Sarah Palin, Laura Bush
Politico: Sarah Palin show not 'The Osbournes go North'

WaPo: Republicans try to control damage from fundraising document
AP/Kuhnhenn: GOP disavows fear-baiting fundraiser
Politico: GOP keeps distance from RNC pitch
Politico: Money worries curb GOP optimism

Politico: State polls show gathering storm

CQ Politics: FEC Queried About Redistricting and Soft Money

Rush Limbaugh: RINOs and the Christian Right


WSJ: Paterson To Gather His Staff; Aide Quits
NYT: Pressure Mounting, Paterson Loses Aide and Consults Lawyer
NY Post: Gov's media guru quits as more officials say Paterson should resign
NYT: Rash of Scandals Tests Democrats at Sensitive Time
NYT: Who Can Clean Up Albany? Koch and Company Will Try
NYT: Governor Gets Help From Lawyer of Spitzers
NYT: Division Over Paterson, Even Among Backers
Albany TU: Crisis sours image maker
Albany TU: McCall: It may not be possible for Paterson
NY Post: Sharpton, other black leaders want Paterson to stay in office
NYDN: Paterson aide quits hours before Harlem bigs convene to offer guv their support
NYDN: Led by Carl McCall, David Dinkins & Rev. Al Sharpton, Harlem calls Paterson home
NYDN: Paterson aide David Johnson publicly insists he did not brutally beat Sherr-una Booker
NYDN: Sherr-una booker, woman at center of guv probe, tormented after incident
American Thinker: Influence, Corruption, and Misconduct: Albany's Lesson for America

Buffalo News: Massa accused of making sexual advances to male staffer
AP/Miga: Retiring House Democrat Eric Massa facing ethics complaint by male staffer
Politico: Eric Massa rumors preceded probe
Hill: Ethics confirms probe of Rep. Eric Massa
Hill: Massa stops voting; spokesman on hiatus
CQ Politics: GOP Eyes Another Pickup in New York 29

Albany TU: State worker buyouts: 1,008 off the payroll

Human Events: The Case for Larry Kudlow

CQ Politics: New York: Local Republicans Back Buerkle to Take on Maffei

NYDN: Supporters urge Rangel to keep Congress seat, but others cast doubts on fall run

CQ Politics: Ford Discussed Switching Parties with Rove

Albany TU: Senate will hold hearings on parole policies

NY Post: Eliot Spitzer: Why I liked ho's
NYDN: 'Journal of the Plague Year' written by Eliot Spitzer confidant reveals he was suicidal


CQ Politics: Campbell, Whitman Leading GOP Races in California
SacBee: Steve Poizner says he's rethought support for Proposition 39
SacBee: Bass promotes 20 staffers, boosts their pay on her final day as Assembly speaker
McClatchy: California's GOP Senate race heating up over unlikely issue: Israel


Rasmussen: Texas Governor: Perry 49%, White 43%
Dallas MN: Primaries are over for Perry, White: Let the barbs begin
Dallas MN: Perry urges Hutchison to finish Senate term
Star-Telegram: Don't write U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's political obit yet

CQ Politics: Flores Gets Anti-Abortion Backing In Texas


Fox: Crist, Rubio Trade Jabs in Contentious Florida Senate Race
SPT: Alex Sink points to her rival for governor, Bill McCollum, over Medicaid fraud problems
Buzz: Marco Rubio denies $130 hair cut


AJC: Citing health care, Deal delays departure from Congress
WaPo: Nathan Deal postponing resignation to vote against health-care reform
NYT: House Republican, Nathan Deal, Postpones Resignation to Vote Against Health Care Bill


Rush Limbaugh: Rumors Swirl in Chicago Politics
Chicago Tribune: Brady swings and misses at Quinn
Chicago Sun-Times: House GOP chief douses tax increase
Chicago Sun-Times: Sex harassment cover-up for Fire Commissioner John Brooks ?


Indianapolis Star: State's high court hears new challenge to voter ID law
Indianapolis Star: Lawmakers pass gun-at-work bill


KARE: Nuclear revival stalls in Minn. Senate committee


CQ Politics: Burns Starts Radio Ads In Pennsylvania Special


Columbus Dispatch: Dann, wife may be next up in probe


Detroit FP: Reports: Kildee to drop out of governor's race


AP/Lieb: New 'fair tax' plan debuts in Missouri Senate
KC Star: Ethics reform advances in Missouri


CTFP: Democrat criticizes Haslam over trust


CQ Politics: Arkansas: Lincoln Releases First Ad


Rasmussen: Kentucky Senate: GOPs Paul, Grayson Hold Double-Digit Leads


News & Observer: GOP takes it to Hackney
Charlotte Observer: Burr's vote on jobless draws fire


WSJ: South Carolina Race Tests GOP Message


Hill: Blue Dog Rep. Melancon steps down from his spot on Budget Committee


WaPo: Virginia Senate panel kills proposal targeting gun restriction


Star-Ledger: Christie may seek to scale back or eliminate property-tax rebates


Boston Globe: Delahunt will not seek reelection
NYT: Delahunt to Leave Congress


Rasmussen: Connecticut Senate: Blumenthal Still Far Ahead of Top Republicans


Boston Globe: Brown answers McCains call for help
NYT: Closing of Rest Stops Stirs Anger in Arizona


CQ Politics: Ralston Sits Down With Reid's 'Tea Party' Opponent


NYT: Wyoming: Governor Wont Run Again
Politico: Wyoming race Is wide open
CQ Politics: Freudenthal Move Ensures GOP Pickup In Wyoming
Casper ST: Wyoming Democrats mull gubernatorial runs


NYT: Report Finds 36 Died Under Assisted Suicide Law


Human Events: Senator Akaka's Native Hawaiian Bill Going Nowhere


March 4, 2010


Rep. Paul Ryan: Dissecting the Real Cost of ObamaCare (via Google News)
WSJ: Paul Ryan v. Obama: Republican dissects ObamaCare's real costs. Dems stay mute
Weekly Standard: Obama Now Selling Judgeships for Health Care Votes?
WaPo: Obama calls for reconciliation to prevent filibuster on health-care reform
Wash Times: Obama throws down gauntlet on health care
WSJ: President Launches Last Push on Health-Care Overhaul
NYT: In Final Push, Obama Urges Up or Down Vote on Health
Slate: Reconciliation Math: The problem is in the House, not the Senate
Wash Times: Health care bill rekindles abortion battle
Paul Starr: A Health Insurance Mandate With a Choice
NYT: Editorial: The Democrats Choice
EJ Dionne: The Republicans' big lie about reconciliation
Politics Daily: Stunning Arrogance or the Edmund Burke Theory of Leadership?
Politico: Republicans cast doubts on Senate parliamentarian
Politico: W.H. warns Dems: Don't flip-flop
Hill: Stupak: 12 previous health bill supporters could flip over abortion
Hill: Obama: 'Congress owes the American people a final vote on healthcare'
Human Events: Healthcare Heat on the Blue Dogs
Ted Nugent: Healthcare Fight Is Right Now
Rush Limbaugh: What Qualifies This Man to Run the American Health Care System?
Rush Limbaugh: Flashback: Barack Obama Said Democrats Shouldn't Pass
American Spectator: Obama Goes Nuclear
NY Post: Dems at risk of decades in desert

NYT: White House Offers Bill to Restrict Big Banks Actions
Hill: Administration outlines Volcker rule for banks
NYT: Unions Plan Protests Against Big Banks
Wash Times: Treasury fails on transparency rules
NYT: What States and Cities Are Doing to Help Small Businesses
Wash Times: Ron Kirk gets pressure on trade deals: Says labor has voice, not veto
Anthony Randazzo: Time to kick Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out of the housing market

Karl Rove: GOP Targets State Legislatures: Control of redistricting can control Congress

Ann Coulter: Subprime mortgage crisis hits whorehouses

Dan Henninger: Bring Back the Robber Barons

WSJ: Rangel Drops Reins of Vital House Committee
WSJ: Eventual Return to Powerful Post Is Unlikely
Wash Times: Rangel yields Ways and Means gavel
WaPo: Rep. Charles Rangel, Democrat of New York, leaves Ways and Means chairmanship
NYT: Rangel Steps Aside From Post During Ethics Inquiry
NYT: Rangels Leave May Not Be Temporary
Hill: Republicans not satisfied with Rangel's 'leave of absence'
NYT: Editorial: Ex-Chairman Rangel, Pushed From Below
NYDN: Just like ex-President Richard Nixon, Rep. Charles Rangel did himself in
James Taranto: Sorry, Charlie: Rep. Rangel and the politics of race
WSJ: Washington Ways and Means: Rangel, Jim Bunning and your money (via Google News)
CQ Politics: Rangel Decision Has An Electoral Context
Hill: K St.: Pelosi really holds power reins at Ways and Means panel
Hill: Pelosi picks fellow Californian to take gavel after Rangel bows out
Hill: With Stark appointment, Californians now control six House committees
Rush Limbaugh: Short Message from Fortney Stark

NYT: Congressional Pay Cut Gains Support

WSJ: Lawmakers Call for Suspension of Wind-Energy Grant Program
Wash Times: Both sides seek to rewrite stimulus law: Wind-energy grants targeted
WaPo: Four Democratic senators aim to halt stimulus wind project
Politico: Democrats take agency to task on clean-energy plan
Hill: EPA head blasts effort to block regs
WaPo: Should the World Bank fund coal plants?
Wash Times: Editorial: Global warming winners: There are big profits in climate hysteria
Rush Limbaugh: Will America Stand for $7 a Gallon?
American Spectator: Global Warming Flaks Reduced to a Strategy of Denial
American Thinker: The pathetic god of Environmentalism

Fox: Unknown DOJ Lawyers Identified
WaPo: Conservatives raise ruckus over Justice appointees' prior work with detainees
Human Events: Holders Justice Department Full of Terrorist Defenders
Jake Tapper: Justice Department on So-called Al Qaeda Seven

NYT: Senator Lindsey Graham Proposes Deal on Handling of Detainees
NYT: Justices Weigh Claims Over Torture in Somalia
NYT: Joint Chiefs Chairman Readjusts Principles on Use of Force
Human Events: Kelly Ayotte: Holder Absolutely Wrong on KSM Trial in NYC

Politico: Corker: 'Real close' on Wall St. regs
Hill: Frank: Treasury Dept. could house consumer protection office

Politico: John Boehner skeptical of deficit commission
Rep. Steve King: How to Save $11.4 Billion This Year

Hill: House could vote Thursday on jobs bill
Politico: House approaching jobs bill consensus

Hill: Sen. Bunning: Blame Sen. Reid for lapse in unemployment benefits
Rush Limbaugh: Jim Bunning Has Shown the Way: Shut the Place Down, Republicans
American Spectator: The bench-clearing brawl against Jim Bunning
American Thinker: Jim Bunning: None In, None Left On

Hill: Salazar: No secret agenda at Interior Department on land protection

NYT: Lawsuits Renew Questions on Immigrant Detention
Rasmussen: 67% Say Illegal Immigrants Are Major Strain on U.S. Budget

NYT: Repeal of Dont Ask, Dont Tell Policy Filed in Senate
Politico: Joe Lieberman bill would end Don't Ask
Hill: Bill repealing Dont ask, dont tell launched

WSJ: NASA Chief Bolden Seeks 'Plan B' for the Space Agency

NYT: House Votes to Protect Pupils Against Abusive Discipline
AP: House Bill Limits Restraint of Unruly Schoolchildren

NYT: Rove on Iraq: Without W.M.D. Threat, Bush Wouldnt Have Gone to War
WaPo: Karl Rove's memoir takes to the defense of the Bush legacy
NYT: Ultimate Bush Insider, Karl Rove, Lifts Veil on Presidency

Politico: Palin writing second book
EW: Sarah Palin shopping Alaska TV docudrama with Mark Burnett

WaPo: Republican fundraising document portrays Democrats as evil
Politico: RNC document mocks donors, plays on 'fear'

Fox: Wake Up, Media, Pelosi's Lying About Tea Parties

WaPo: Obama tries to remain calm during political storm
David Broder: The fable of Emanuel the Great
Rasmussen: 25% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction, Lowest Since Obama Took Office

Wash Times: Congressman: Put Reagan on $50 bill


NYT: Upstate Democrat, Rep. Eric Massa, Retiring Amid Allegations of Misconduct
NY Post: Rep. Massa to retire amid allegations he sexual harassed male staffer
WSJ: Congressman Opts Out of Race Amid Inquiry
WaPo: Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) won't run for reelection
Politics Daily: Eric Massa, Freshman Dem, Shocks House With Surpise Retirement
Hill: Leaders had been alerted of complaint by staffer against Massa
Politico: Hoyer knew of Massa allegations
Politico: Kuhl eyes Massa's seat
CQ Politics: Massa Discusses Cancer, Bridles at 'Unsubstantiated' Report
Buffalo News: Massa says he is not running for re-election

NYT: Patersons Ethics Breach Is Turned Over to Prosecutors
NY Post: Gov lied about $6,000 Yankee World Series tix in latest scandal
DN: Gov. Paterson lied about freebie Yankees tix & came up with backdated check
WSJ: Paterson Faulted For Ethics Slip
Politico: Another front on Paterson
NYT: Editorial: Political Policing
NYT: New Yorks Choking Loophole
Rasmussen: 28% in New York Say Governor Should Resign, 53% Disagree
Albany TU: How much is too much for wounded Paterson?
Albany TU: Will scandal hit new top state cop?
NY Post: Gov aide in domestic abuse scandal appears at Bronx family court
NY Post: Gov. Paterson won't last beyond next 'several days': source
NYDN: Gov. Pinocchio, um Paterson, solemnly swore to tell the truth, but has not
NYDN: Source: Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs wanted Gov. Paterson to quit

Rasmussen: New York Senate: Gillibrand 44%, Pataki 42%
NY Post: Bloomberg: Ford or Zuckerman could've beaten Gilly

Politico: Hot-and-sour summit for Chuck and Zuck

NYT: Many Potential Successors if Rangel Retires
NYDN: Harlem pols float names as potential successors to Rangel
NYDN: Rangel is sad, lost and alone in his own thoughts

NYT: Book on Spitzers Downfall Sets Off Angry Replies


NYT: Californians Compete for a Shot at Redistricting
SacBee: Jerry Brown says he'll consider California pension reform
SF Chronicle: Jerry Brown stresses experience, bipartisanship
SacBee: Speaker ready to fast-track budget-vote ballot initiative
SacBee: Speaker Perez puts rubber duckies in play in California Assembly
LA Times: Texas-based refiners pledge to fund fight against California's global warming law
NYT: L.A. Consequential


WSJ: Anger at D.C. Shapes Races
Wash Times: Perry's TX win buoys tea-party faithful
WSJ: A Tale of Two Governors: What the fates of Crist and Perry say about the public mood
NYT: Gambit in Texans Battle to Unseat the Governor
Politico: Rick Perry wins big; 2012 run?
Rush Limbaugh: Rick Perry's Win Was Anti-RINO
American Spectator: Perry, Texas: There was no plausible reason for Kay Hutchison to run

Politico: GOP colleagues want Kay Bailey Hutchison to stay in Senate
CQ Politics: Perry's Backers Like Hutchison -- In The Senate
Salon: Kay Bailey Hutchison: The GOP's Martha Coakley


Rasmussen: Oklahoma Governor: GOPs Fallin Is Early Front-Runner


CQ Politics: Crist Addresses the Elephant in the Room
Miami Herald: Florida House committee reviews ethics bill quickly passed by Senate


AJC: Riding with Obama: A Georgia congressman risks it


Chicago Tribune: Alexi Giannoulias seeks to explain family banks troubles
Chicago Tribune: Giannoulias fails to end bank controversy

Chicago Tribune: Legislative gamesmanship on state budget

Mayor Richard Daley: Carpe Die 'Em: Another invasive species threatens the Great Lakes

AP: Ill. Dems Seek Post-Scandal Lt. Gov. Applications


Star Tribune: DFL, Pawlenty jockey over bonding bill
Star Tribune: Effort to tighten Minnesota's gun law getting folks riled up


CQ Politics: Kanjorski Primary Challenger Gets Some Union Backing


Cleveland PD: Rep. John Boccieri is target of GOP robo-calls on health care
Cleveland PD: Rep. Zack Space returned Rangel donations last weekend


Detroit News: Cox camp: Take campaign complaints to secretary of state
Detroit News: Granholm won't be short of job options
Detroit News: State runs out of cash to clean up toxic sites
Detroit News: Senate votes not to rescind 3% pay raise for unionized state workers
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick case turning biblical


Rasmussen: Kansas Senate: Both GOP Hopefuls Have It For Now


Politico: Left rallies against Blanche Lincoln


CQ Politics: Conway Launches First Ad


NYT: Gay Marriage Is Legal in U.S. Capital
Wash Times: Lawmakers blamed for gay marriage law


Politico: Heitkamp passes on Senate campaign
CQ Politics: Pomeroy Walks a 2010 Tightrope


Politico: McCain calls in favors
CQ Politics: Arizona 8 GOP Candidate Hanging Tough


CQ Politics: Club Drops Anti-Bennett Ad


March 3, 2010


NYT: Obama Offers to Use Some G.O.P. Health Proposals
WSJ: Democrats Chase Health Votes
WaPo: As Democrats seek to push through health bill, Obama reaches out to Republicans
Wash Times: Obama considers GOP health bill input: Outreach fails to sway Republicans
NYT: A Plan to Talk About Jobs, Elbowed Aside by Health Care
Politico: Obama looking for up-or-down vote
Politics Daily: Democrats Ready Reconciliation Plans for Health Care
NY Post: Ramb-O health pledge: Vows to push bill through
WSJ: Reconciliation Is an Abuse of Power
Newt Gingrich: What Is "Reconciliation" And Why Is It A Threat?
Hill: Nelson defends Senate health bill, signals strong backing for reform
Hill: Bayh: Dems counting on health bill's popularity rebounding by elections
WaPo: Editorial: 'Blue Dog' Democrats need to act now on health care
Holman Jenkins: The President vs. Health-Care Reform (full article via Google News)
Mark Klein: Obama's Special Health Treatment (full article via Google News)
Kathleen Parker: The health reform debate is political theater worth watching
Rush Limbaugh: Stay Away from Obamacare, GOP

NYT: Senator Relents, and Jobless Bill Passes
WSJ: Deal Reached to End Senator's Holdout
Wash Times: Bunning relents, jobless bill passes
WaPo: Days later, as a deal emerges, Bunning backs down
Wash Times: Lawmakers cry 'jobs' to push through bills
WSJ: Jim Bunning's Finest Hour (full article via Google News)
Reps. Hensarling & Pence: Time for a Spending Cap With Teeth (via Google News)
Hill: Blue Dogs offer balanced budget amendment to deal with debt
Hill: Rep. Peters might have broken rules
Rush Limbaugh: Jim Bunning Drives the Left Nuts

Sen Jim DeMint: White House land grab: Proposal would favor animals over Americans

Politico: House GOP targets EPA rules
Bloomberg: EPA Chief to Testify on Hill as Dissent Over Carbon Rules Grows
NYT: Scientists Taking Steps to Defend Work on Climate
Hill: Landrieu praises new climate plan
Human Events: Inhofe Blasts Gore Over Climategate
Rush Limbaugh: Four Corners of Deceit Photo: Polar Bears Stuck on an "Iceberg"

NYT: Gridlock May Be Ending on Consumer Protection
WSJ: Hoyer Open to Senate Plan on Consumer Agency
WaPo: Senators propose consumer-protection regulator within Fed
Politico: Barney Frank: Chris Dodd deal like 'a bad joke'
Hill: Liberals wary of Federal Reserve role in consumer protection office
AP/Kuhnhenn: Dodd, Corker regulatory offer gets cool reception

WaPo: Obama says home-retrofitting plan would save energy, create jobs

NYT: Interference Seen in Blackwater Inquiry

John Yoo: Closing Arguments: Finally, an end to Justice Dept. investigation
LA Times: Uncertainty raised over Justice Department's handling of detainees
Politico: Cheney group provokes backlash

Wash Times: Supreme Court appears set to widen gun rights
Chicago Tribune: Supreme Court Appears Ready To Overturn Chicago Gun Ban
NYT: Supreme Court Still Divided on Guns
WaPo: Supreme Court does more wrangling with gun laws
Randy Barnett: The Second Amendment and the States (full article via Google News)
Dana Milbank: Justices arm themselves with activism in Chicago gun ban case

NYT: Justices Reinstate Settlement With Writers

NYT: 3 U.S. Judges Testify in a Death Threat Case

WSJ: AFL-CIO Plans to Spend Record Sum During Election
NYT: Unions Still With Obama, but Worried

Politico: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' guidelines released

Wash Times: VA staffers face discipline over travel, porn
Wash Times: Editorial: Party time at Veterans Affairs

NYT: Postal Service Revives Cutback Plans

NYT: U.S. Plans New Measure for Poverty
WaPo: New formula to give fresh look at U.S. poverty

Fox: GOP Lawmaker Pushes to Put Reagans Face on $50 Bill

NBC NY: Rangel Giving Up the Gavel, Could step down as early as tonight: Sources
NY Post: Radioactive Rangel on the brink of exit
NYDN: Rangel has testy meeting with Pelosi, is told he has to quit chairmanship
WaPo: Rep. Charles Rangel refuses to give up his post as Ways and Means chairman
Politics Daily: Charlie Rangel to Take 'Leave of Absence' from Ways and Means Committee
Hill: Speaker Pelosi on Rangel: 'I guess he is still chair of Ways and Means'
Hill: Davis calls on Rangel to give up tax chairmanship after ethics finding
WSJ: Rangel Loses Support in House
Columbus Dispatch: 3 House Democrats from Ohio not backing Rangel
NYT: Under Fire, Rangel Appears to Be Losing Grip of Committee
Ruth Marcus: Where's the enforcement of House ethics rules?
Politico: Charlie Rangel on the brink

LA Times: It's Jay Leno's new 'Tonight Show' starring Sarah Palin
Guardian UK: Sarah Palin turns comedian on Jay Leno's Tonight show
NYT: With Leno, Palin Pushes Back Against Family Guy
Politics Daily: And heeeeeeeere's Sarah!
NYDN: Palin jokes with Jay Leno on 'Tonight Show': I am going to play Tina Fey in Vegas!

Wash Times: Romney: Obama's first year gets an 'F'
Politico: Romney floats McDonnell
Politico: Mitt Romney: President Obama fuels anti-Americanism

Wash Times: 'Tea party' leaders use survey to strike back at critics

Dick Morris: Doom of the Dems in 2010

AP: Rove admits to error on Iraq as Bush strategist


NYT: Investigators Are Told of Paterson Bid to Quiet Accuser
WSJ: Democrats Press New York's Paterson to Quit
Albany TU: Capitol pressure rises: Cabinet huddles today as top trooper quits
NY Post: Top cop forced out in scandal
AP: NY Gov. Paterson Mum as Scandal Claims Top Cop
Politico: N.Y. State Police Chief retires
NYDN: Gov. Paterson's press secretary Marissa Shorenstein was pawn in scandal, friends say
NYDN: Let's pay attention to the real victim in Gov. Paterson scandal
NYDN: Albany at a standstill as pols wait and watch as Gov. Paterson scandal unfolds
NY Post: Paterson pleads for more time
NY Post: Experts: Gov raps are looming
NYDN: Gillibrand wants Gov. Paterson's resignation - if the allegations prove to be true
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Patersons Oath

Rasmussen: New York Governor: Cuomo 55%, Lazio 30%

CQ Politics: Only Pataki Can Beat Gillibrand

NYT: Zuckerman Decides Not to Run Against Gillibrand for Senate
NYDN: Mortimer Zuckerman announces he will not run for the Senate

NYT: Possibility of Senate Run, Nurtured and Abandoned by Harold Ford
Politico: Is there a road ahead for Harold Ford?
Rush Limbaugh: Which Party Has the Big Tent?

Roger Stone: Why Kudlow Must Run
Politico: Schumer would lead Kudlow by 35

James Taranto: Why I'm Not Running for the Senate

WSJ: Bloomberg Aide's Exit Fuels Talk of Presidential Run
NYT: Top Political Adviser Leaving Bloomberg the Mayor for Bloomberg the Firm


SacBee: With Jerry Brown's move, the governor's race is on
WSJ: Jerry Brown to Run for California Governor
NYT: Its Official but No Surprise: Jerry Brown Announces Another Run
Wash Times: Jerry Brown running for Calif. governor: Democrat served 1975 to 1983
Politics Daily: Jerry Brown Seeking Third Term as California Governor, 27 Years Later
Dan Walters: Brown's back with his baggage

SacBee: Slate's Mickey Kaus challenges Barbara Boxer in Dem primary

SacBee: Appeals court finds governor's line-item vetoes constitutional


WSJ: Perry Rolls to Victory in Texas Primary
WaPo: Texas Gov. Perry beats Hutchison in GOP gubernatorial primary
NYT: Yes for Texas Governor Is No to Washington
AP/Root: Perry tops Hutchison in Texas primary
Politico: Perry trounces Hutchison in Texas primary
CQ Politics: Texas: Perry Wins GOP Nod as Hutchison Concedes
Dallas MN: Bill White, Rick Perry win Texas governor nominations
Dallas MN: For Hutchison, an 'abrupt end to dream'

CQ Politics: GOP Faces Runoffs In Races Against Edwards, Rodriguez

Dallas MN: Tea Party activists coming up short in Texas Legislature races


Miami Herald: Crist calls for consensus in State of the State speech
SPT: Gov. Crist's State of the State (.pdf)
SPT: Once a model for new breed of Republican, Crist now model for endangered Republican
St. Pete Times: In political trouble, Crist no longer the conciliator
Fox: Despite Denials, Speculation Rampant Over a Crist Independent Run in Florida


AJC: State unemployment at record high in January
AJC: A 7th District update: Shafer, Cox and numbers Reed is no doubt pondering
Politico: President Obama's midday trip to Georgia


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich's ethics lecture full of laughs -- for audience


Indianapolis Star: Daniels pushes cost-cutting measures


PP: Minnesota's good news on budget deficit is followed by more bad news


Pittsburgh PG: Specter shows lead over Toomey in poll
Fox: Specter Leads Democratic and Republican Challengers in Senate Race, Poll Finds
USA Today: Specter pulls ahead of Toomey in Pa. Senate race


Daily Sentinel: Kasich: I want this state to be great again
Cle: OH Supreme Ct slows investigation of conservative group seeking to block slot machines


Detroit News: Snyder camp claims attack ads violate election laws
Detroit FP: Dems to choose early


St. Louis PD: Spinning todays Texas primary back to Missouri
IBD: Helter-Skelton: Key Lawmaker Reverses On Climate Action


AP/Schelzig: Haslam would keep Pilot Corp. outside blind trust


Rasmussen: Arkansas Senate: Halter and Lincoln Both Trail Top GOP Prospects
Politics Daily: Lincoln Makes Gains in Arkansas Senate Race, But GOP Still Has the Edge
NYT: Labor Jumps Into Arkansas Senate Race
Politico: Halter joins Democratic 'outsiders


CQ Politics: Conway, Mongiardo Try To Soak Up Bunning Publicity


Charlotte Observer: Kissell faces pressure on health care
McClatchy: Citing Lejeune progress, Sen. Burr lifts hold on Navy nominees


AP: Senate confirms Keenan to Appeals Court seat


AP/Deslatte: Jindal develops extensive campaign organization


WaPo: Gov. McDonnell seeks stimulus money, despite earlier criticism
Virginian-Pilot: House budget cuts 19 judgeships
Virginian-Pilot: Dems push Cuccinelli to drop global warming case


WaPo: D.C. Council votes to censure Barry, strip him of chairmanship
NYT: Marion Barry Disciplined by Washington Council
WaPo: Editorial: Standing up to Marion Barry

Politics Daily: Supreme Court Refuses to Overturn Washington D.C.'s Gay Marriage Law


AP: Poll finds N.J. majority backs work of Gov. Chris Christie
S-L: Assembly is unlikely to vote on pension changes before Christie's budget address
S-L: Tea Party group seeking to recall Sen. Menendez appears before N.J. appeals court


NYT: Brown Scores a Trio of Committee Seats


Rasmussen: Chafee Leads In Rhode Island Governor Match-ups


CQ Politics: Lowden Talks Health Care in Third Ad (with video)
Politico: Lowden ad hits Reid directly


CQ Politics: Scott Brown To Guest Star for McCain


March 2, 2010


WSJ: Battle Brews Over Reconciliation to Win Passage of Health Bill
Sen. Orrin Hatch: Reconciliation on health care would be an assault to democratic process
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Debate Reconciliation
Human Events: Democrats, Republicans Begin Scheming Reconciliation Strategy
Hill: White House hints Obama will offer defense of reconciliation strategy
Reuters: Obama said poised to offer more healthcare changes
NYT: Obama to Highlight Cost in New Health Bill Push
Wash Times: Health bill critics target Democrats
Politico: Pelosi's challenge: Hold the line
Cleveland PD: Some House Democrat holdouts ponder switching to 'yes' on health care
Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi Wants to Thin the Herd, Urges Dems to Make Suicide Vote
Hill: Democrats weeks away from last chance to pass healthcare reform
Rasmussen: 44% Favor Health Care Plan, 52% Oppose
Andy McCarthy: Transformation
James Taranto: Transformers: Robots in Disguise
WaPo: Hotheaded Emanuel may be White House voice of reason
Jonah Goldberg: A knife in Obama's back?
Rush Limbaugh: Williams: Emanuel Couldn't Make People Eat Obamacare Dog Food
American Spectator: Real Reconciliation

WSJ: Deal Near on Banking Rules
LA Times: Dodd moves to scale back Consumer Financial Protection Agency plan
Politico: Dodd, Corker near key reform deal
WaPo: Dodd wants Democratic support for consumer-protection regulator at Fed

NYT: Vice Chairman of Fed to Retire, Letting Obama Reshape Board
WaPo: Board openings give Obama a rare chance to remake the Federal Reserve

NYT: Hoyer Urges Bipartisanship on Debt
Hill: Hoyer: Raising taxes a realistic option for cutting $12 trillion debt
Hill: Senior Democrats follow Pelosis lead by warming up to Obama debt commission
Human Events: Trojan Budget Commission

WSJ: One Senator Holds Up Bill, in New Level of Gridlock
Politico: Jim Bunning defends his filibuster
NYT: 2,000 Furloughs Linked to Impasse in Congress
AP: Senate Gridlock Triggers Medicare Payment Cuts
AP/Lowy: Obama blames Bunning for federal furloughs
Politico: Bunning's fiscal hardball jams GOP
Dana Milbank: Wild pitches from Sen. Bunning
Hill: Must-pass bills falter in unpopular Congress as Dems blame GOP

Politico: House Democrats short on votes for jobs bill
National Journal: Jobs Bill, With Earmarks, Rises Again

WaPo: White House extends refinancing program for troubled homeowners

WSJ: White House Faces Tough Fight on Climate Push
Hill: Oil sector encouraged by climate deal
Hill: Senators rebrand, recast climate bill as 'cap and trade' becomes politically toxic
WaPo: Nuclear projects face financial obstacles
AP/Hui: Climate scientists quizzed by British lawmakers
WSJ: More Carbon Dissidents: Democrats vs. the Obama EPA (full article via Google News)
WSJ: Natural Gas Tilts at Windmills in Power Feud (full article via Google News)
Robert Bryce: The Brewing Tempest Over Wind Power (full article via Google News)
Pat Buchanan: Global Warming Is the Hoax of the Century
American Spectator: Climategate: This Time It's NASA
IBD: A Blizzard Of Lies From Al Gore

Victoria Toensing: KSM Deserves Military Justice (full article via Google News)
Wash Times: Editorial: Truthers gone wild: The truth behind 9/11 is simple - jihadists did it

Hill: Frustrations grow over lawmakers failure to tackle repeal of estate tax

WSJ: Guns and the States: The Supreme Court takes up another Second Amendment case
NYT: Editorial: The Second Amendments Reach
Wash Times: Gun rights lawyer gives hope to liberal causes

NYT: Justices Hear Appeal of Ex-Chief of Enron
WSJ: Justices Question Selection of Skilling Jury

WSJ: The FDA Takes on Cheerios (full article via Google News)

WaPo: Same-sex marriage leads Catholic Charities to adjust benefits

Wash Times: Federal dollars for federal roads

NYT: Coffee Party, With a Taste for Civic Participation, Is Added to the Political Menu
CQ Politics: Armey Urges GOP to Cozy Up to Tea Partiers

WSJ: Lawmakers Keep Cash Left Over From Official Trips Overseas

Politico: House GOP aims to remove Charlie Rangel's gavel
Hill: Two more House Dems demand Rangel step down as panel head
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Dismiss Rangel Scandal
NY Post: Probe's peek at Charlie in paradise
Rich Lowry: Nancy's dirty house

WSJ: Clinton-appointed judge awarded $25,000 in settlement to legal-aid organization that has the judges husband on its board

Hill: Strategists say West Wing exodus unlikely

NYT: No Crime in Acorns Advice to Pimp, D.A. Says
Founding Bloggers: The Best DA Money Can Buy? ACORN DA Lets ACORN Off The Hook
American Spectator: ACORN Housing Boom

Politico: Glenn Beck wont let go of Van Jones

Politics Daily: Arizona, Florida, Utah Finalists for 2012 Republican Convention

Boston Globe: In book, Romney styles himself wonk, not warrior


NYT: Paterson Is Said to Have Ordered Calls in Abuse Case
NY Post: Dave told state workers to call aide's 'beaten' gal pal
NYDN: Paterson told two female aides to contact alleged domestic violence victim
Buffalo News: Governor reportedly had role in aide's case
Albany TU: Insiders say Paterson helped end complaint
AP/Gormley: Report: Paterson directed staff to contact woman
Politico: David Paterson could face charges if allegations true
NYT: Some Black Democrats Suggest Race Is Factor in Pressure on the Governor
NYT: In Patersons Attempt to Reassure the Public, a Flashback to That 70s Show
Politics Daily: Newspapers Aren't Dead, But David Paterson's Career Is
NY Post: Lame duck Paterson missing in quacktion
NYDN: As scandal escalates, Gov. Paterson continues to show he can't handle the truth

Politico: Mort Zuckermans potential candidacy makes impact on Senate race

NYT: Ford Decides Not to Run for Senate Seat
Harold Ford Jr.: Why Im Not Running for the Senate
NY Post: Ford at screeching halt in Senate race
Albany TU: State GOP: New Yorkers are poorer for Fords decision

CQ Politics: Independent Eyes New York Run Against Rep. Bishop

NY Post: All-out war breaks out between Dem & Shelly

NYT: Monserrate Joins Contest for Old Seat in Senate

NYT: Judge Orders New York City to Move Mentally Ill Out of Large, Institutional Housing

NYT: State Proposes Closing 55 Parks and Historic Sites

NY Post: Westchester mayor in 'wife assault'


LA Times: Jerry Brown to announce bid for governor Tuesday
SacBee: Jerry Brown will officially join race for California governor
NYT: In California, Brown Is Said to Be Seeking His Old Job Back

NYT: G.O.P. Aims for California, but Rifts Arise

SacBee: Prez takes California Assembly reins
Dan Walters: Prez begins California speakership already losing

SacBee: Field Poll: More California voters prefer spending cuts, not taxes, to close deficit

Politico: Pete Stark's bizarre ethics interview


WSJ: Independents Cloud Texas Contest: May Force Perry to Face Primary Runoff
NYT: On Primary Eve, Texas Race Seems Close No More
Wash Times: Hutchison, Perry primary fight roils Texas GOP
Politico: Rick Perry taps fears of Washington overreach
Politico: Five things to watch in Texas
CQ Politics: An Anti-Incumbent Waltz Across Texas?
Hill: 'Lawmaker' has become new dirty word on the campaign trail in 2010

CQ Politics: Hutchisons Senate Departure Stays Fluid


Rasmussen: Oklahoma Senate: Coburn 52%, Henry 40%


St. Pete Times: Amid intense chatter, Crist denies he would run as independent
Politico: A valuable history lesson for Rubio

St. Pete Times: Florida Senate expects conservative shift amid national movement


NYT: Nathan Deal, Georgia Republican, to Resign House Seat
AJC: Already gone: Nathan Deal missed 50% of votes in 2010
PD: Two Georgia Republicans Leaving Congress, One Helps Nancy Pelosi On Health Care
CQ Politics: Doubling Up on GOP Jockeying in Georgia
AJC: From Egypt, Don Balfour becomes first candidate in race to replace John Linder
CQ Politics: Balfour First Republican To Enter Race to Succeed Linder


Chicago Tribune: Kirk targets Giannoulias family bank loans

Chicago Sun-Times: Skilling conviction review could affect Blagojevich, Ryan cases


CQ Politics: Senate Race Close In Indiana

Indianapolis Star: Jobs-creation provisions are in peril


Politics Daily: Former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson Preparing for Wisconsin Senate Run


Politico: Non-profit faces legal woes after fund-raising for Bachmann

AP: State deficit will persist, but for how big?


Politico: Specter's attack hits close to home


Cleveland PD: Inspector general to probe cancellation of sting outside governor's mansion
Politico: Fox platform gives Kasich a boost
Cleveland PD: Independents hold the key to the Ohio governor's mansion

Columbus Dispatch: LetOhioVote challenges Brunner's subpoenas


Detroit News: Dillon puts brakes on GOP plan
Detroit News: Dillon remaining as House Speaker as he starts gubernatorial run

Detroit FP: Panel: Kilpatrick's lawyer broke the rules


CQ Politics: Sowers Seeks D.C. Support For Bid Against Emerson


Rasmussen: Kansas Governor: Brownback 55%, Holland 33%
CQ Politics: Report: Rep. Moore's Wife In the Mix For His Seat


WSJ: Lincoln Challenged in Arkansas Primary
WaPo: Arkansas lieutenant governor to challenge Sen. Lincoln in primary
Politico: Bill Halters bid sets stage for latest intraparty battle
Hill: Arkansas Senate primary could turn into major battle for Dems


State: Budget cuts could cost 1,000 state jobs


WaPo: Editorial: Guns in Virginia


AP: Appeals Court hears bid seek recall of Sen. Robert Menendez
Star-Ledger: N.J. public workers union leaders argue against pension ballot question


WSJ: Party Rival Takes on Nevada Governor
CQ Politics: Reid Presses Attacks on Lowden's Jobs Record


Politico: Tea parties hold out on J.D. Hayworth
CQ Politics: Arizona Tea Party Groups Staying Out of Senate Race


CQ Politics: Republican Up With First Ad of North Dakota House Race


March 1, 2010


WaPo: Democrats will have votes for health bill, Obama aide says
Politico: DeParle believes Democrats "will have the votes"
WSJ: Pelosi Confident on Health Vote
NYT: Pelosi Says Shell Get Votes Needed for Health Bill
Hill: Pelosi: GOP has had its day; confident Dems can pull together on health bill
Hill: Hoyer: House will go first on health bill
Wash Times: Dems push 'up-or-down' health care vote
NYT: Partisanships Influence on Health Bills Future
WSJ: Back to the ObamaCare Future
Human Events: Post-Summit Spin
Politico: Democrats dig in for last stand
American Thinker: Healthcare Summit Democrat Demagoguery
Politico: McCain bill will aim to split Medicare from reconciliation
Politico: Conrad: Reconciliation can't be used for comprehensive reform
Gov. Mitch Daniels: Hoosiers and Health Savings Accounts
EJ Dionne: Living with partisanship
Wash Times: 'Bipartisanship' in Congress: Good or bad?
Jed Babbin: Obama's Perverse Priorities
Rasmussen: 44% Rate U.S. Health Care System Good or Excellent

NYT: In Senate, a Renewed Effort to Reach a Consensus on Financial Regulation
WSJ: Why Financial Reform Is Stalled
Paul Krugman: Financial Reform Endgame
NYT: Editorial: As Foreclosures Continue ...
WSJ: As Loans Dry Up, Builders Work for Banks
WSJ: Business Bashes Federal Plan for Wage-Linked Contracts
WSJ: Union Pushes for Its Own Jobs Plan
AP/Hananel: Unions deal with lack of 'muscle'
WSJ: Bid to Curb Mortgage Tax Break Falters
WSJ: Soros Criticizes Obama's Bailouts
Politico: McCain sees irony in Paulson reforms
WSJ: $126.9 Billion and Counting: Fannie Mae's election-year loss duty
FT: Republicans demand public inquiry into housing bail-out
Hill: House GOPs: Where are Obama's Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac overhaul plans?
WSJ: Kyl on Unemployment Extension: It Will Pass
Wash Times: American reliance on government at all-time high
Gary Bauer: Ending welfare reform: Obama's overspending returns the poor to dependency

NYT: White House Is Rethinking Nuclear Policy
WSJ: Iran's New World Order: Nuclear program is part of larger plan to reduce US power

WaPo: Gun case presents quandary for Supreme Court justices

Rick Moran: Al Gore's weird, disconnected op-ed on climate change
American Spectator: Tilting at Windmills: The dubious turbine industry
WaPo: Manure becomes pollutant as its volume grows unmanageable
NYT: Rulings Restrict Clean Water Act, Hampering E.P.A.
LA Times: Power plants criticize proposal to block use of seawater for cooling machinery

Hans von Spakovsky: Democrats Propose New Campaign Finance Restrictions

Juan Williams: Marketing the 2010 census with a conservative-friendly face

Wash Times: Breaking ranks on gays in military
Human Events: Pink Periscope?

Hill: House to hold off filling Rep. Murthas seat on Defense Appropriations panel

American Spectator: Nameless Abettors at DOJ
Wash Times: Editorial: Assassination works: Killing terrorists is a necessary undertaking
NYT: OpEd: Doctors Without Morals

NYT: President in Excellent Health, Routine Checkup Finds
Politico: Obama has physical, meets soldiers

Ross Douthat: A Republican Surprise: Mitch Daniels
Human Events: Mitch Daniels Says 'I Don’t Plan to Do It' In 2012
Time: Human Events: Mitch Daniels Says 'I Dont Plan to Do It' In 2012

Deadline: Letterman Pits Mitt Romney Against Leno's Sarah Palin

CQ Politics: Former Right Tackle Keeps NRCC on Offense

Hill: Pelosi's 'campaign mode' could play major role in Rangel's future
Hill: Cantor: Pelosi breaks vow on most ethical Congress 'every day'
Politics Daily: Pelosi Says Democrats Will Keep Control of the House
Politico: Nancy Pelosi's brutal reality check

LA Times: GOP moderates poised to gain ground in Congress
Wash Times: The pendulum has pivoted: Feulner says Americans will reclaim their freedom

Chicago Sun-Times: Tea Party heroes deserve our thanks -- not abuse
Guardian UK: The Tea Party is a dynamic force, but it is still unruly and incoherent


NYT: Governors Troopers Pressured by Duty and Politics
NY Post: 911 calls reveal Paterson aide's ex pleaded for help as 'victim of violence'
NY Post: Paterson's aides tell of gov's laziness, tantrums and deceits
Albany TU: County chairmen: Paterson exit is best
NY Post: Cuomo team quizzes Paterson aide's ex to launch probe
NY Post: Dem doom mood at scandal summit
NYDN: Silver wants Ravitch, not Gov. Paterson, to handle talks on state budget crisis
NY Post: Ravitch is being kept out of loop
NYDN: With Paterson stumbling, it's time for New York State to turn to ... Richard Ravitch?
NYDN: Lame-duck Gov. Paterson: Can he achieve anything down home stretch?
Buffalo News: A rare opportunity arises for Paterson
AP/Gross: Harlem's political dynasty in eclipse
DN: Talk at black churches: Some blame race for Paterson's downfall, some blame Paterson
NYDN: Cuomo can't get governor's race in gear until Paterson, Espada probes wrap up

NYDN: Editorial: A two-bit hustler: Al D'Amato scammed WTC Memorial Foundation for 50G

Syracuse PS: Oneida County GOP committee endorses Hanna for Congress


SF Chronicle: Will it be Jerry and the "Art of War" v. Meg's mega-millions?
LA Times: Is there a governor of California here?
Contra Costa Times: With so many incarnations, Brown not easily pinned down
Mercury News: Your guide to the California governor's race
AP/Young: Democrats' Obama bounce in California disappearing
SacBee: Schwarzenegger's no-tax-hike pledge turns on definition of a tax


Dallas MN: Hutchison says she can unite Republicans
WaPo: Bill White eagerly watches Perry-Hutchison battle in Texas
Houston Chronicle: Guiding issues back to Texas
Dallas MN: Governor's campaign is more text than talk
Austin AS: Perry, Hutchison attend event honoring Bush
CQ Politics: Ethnicity Vs. Ideology in Texas Primary
Dallas MN: State Board of Education: Texas' second most important race tomorrow
Dallas MN: Texas Tea Partiers
Dallas MN: Elections will tell us just how potent Tea Party's brew is
Dallas MN: Sen. Deuell rejects 'liberal' label hurled by primary rival Russell


WSJ: Fortunes Flip in Florida Race
Buzz: Will John Thrasher need to referee Crist and Rubio?
St. Pete Times: Politicians tread lightly as election year, legislative session coincide
Miami Herald: Gambling issue back on table for Florida Legislature


AJC: John Smoltz says hes not interested in Congress


Star Tribune: Brighter forecast: Minnesota sputtering back to life


Philadelphia Inquirer: Democrats campaign from the middle at midterm


Cincinnati Enquirer: Kasich tries low-key campaign for governor
Columbus Dispatch: Strickland, Kasich troll for campaign funds


Detroit News: Hoekstra has big fans, low funds
Detroit News: House Speaker Andy Dillon will run for governor
Detroit FP: Dillon tosses hat into crowded ring
Mlive: Dem. Dillon kicks off Mich. gubernatorial bid
Detroit FP: Democrats need unions to win governorship
Detroit News: Lawmakers keep benefits, while outraged voters struggle
AP/Hoffman: Wide-open Michigan governor's race hard to call
Detroit News: Bing's Detroit turnaround plan far behind schedule


Politico: Bob Corker, the Tennessee 'firecracker'


Politico: Edwards epilogue: Does the press really vet presidential candidates?


CQ Politics: DeMint Tries To Coronate Conservatives


CQ Politics: Bright Poll Shows Strength in Southeast Alabama


WaPo: Lobbyists running in Tuesday's election for Va. House seat
WaPo: Editorial: Guns in Virginia


Examiner: O'Malley leads Ehrlich, but both below 50 percent


Tom Kean & Brendan Byrne: Gov. Chris Christie is getting it right on budget
AP: N.J. Senate resumes considering of Bret Schundler as education chief
AP: N.J. plans hearing on state pension funding
Hill: Lautenberg expected back for votes Tuesday


Boston Globe: Joseph Kennedy III wont run for Congress


NYT: Utah Bill Would Make Seeking Illegal Abortion a Crime


Politico: Lowden pulls ahead of Tarkanian
CQ Politics: Poll: Reid's Fate Tied to Tea Party
Las Vegas RJ: Poll: Obama's visit just bounced off Reid
AP: Las Vegas newspaper poll puts Reid behind Republican challengers
Las Vegas RJ: Let's make a budget deal: Winners and losers emerge
Las Vegas Sun: Nevada Assembly OKs budget bill; goes to Senate
WSJ: Nevada Reaches Deal to Close Budget Gap


CQ Politics: Video: Conversation With Candidate Steve Pearce


OR Politico: Lewis & Clark Law Professor Jim Huffman to announce campaign for US Senate
WSJ: Oregonians Protest White Supremacist Compound


Heriot & Kersanow: Congress Tries to Break Hawaii in Two




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