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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

March 21, 2010


LA Times: House is expected to pass historic healthcare overhaul
NYT: Democrats, Hunting Final Health Votes, Predict Slim Margin
Matt Kinnaman: Pass the reform, shred the Constitution

Mort Kondracke: Romneys book gives him head start in 2012


NYT: Lazio Endorsed by Conservative Party
NY Post: Righties pick Rick Lazio for gov
NYDN: Steve steals the show: Levy's vault into governor's race shakes up Albany


Reuters: California governor's race to set spending record


St. Pete Times: Meek holds own against Rubio in Senate race, polls show


Chicago DH: Pat Brady re-elected state Republican chairman


March 20, 2010


NYT: Democrats Woo Abortion Foes in Push for Health Bill
ABC: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Shoots Down Rep. Bart Stupak's 'Fix'
Hill: Pro-Choice Caucus livid at talk of deal with Stupak on abortion
Hill: Pelosi inches closer to 216 as fence-sitters pledge 'yes' vote
NYT: As Time Grows Short, the Search for Ayes Narrows to a Dozen or So Lawmakers
WSJ: Health-Bill Horse Trading (via Google)
WaPo: Four Democrats change sides, will vote for health-care bill
Wash Times: Key Democrat Boccieri switches to 'yes' on health vote
Politico: As sparks fly, Democrats close in on 216 votes
Hill: Boehner implores Dems to 'make tough choice' and defeat healthcare bill
Politico: Boehner says vote will haunt Dems
Politico: Republican attorneys general threaten health care suits
NYT: Health Care Pushes Other Issues to the Margins
NYT: Nuns Back Bill Amid Broad Rift Over Whether It Limits Abortion Enough
AP: Obama Making Final Health Care Pitch to House Dems
WaPo: Health-care legislation's insurance subsidies prompt questions of affordability
WSJ: The ObamaCare Crossroads: Who will command the country's medical resources
Wash Times: Voight, tea party groups plan last-minute protest
Wash Times: Obama holds final pep rally for health care
Wash Times: Obama the Innocent stumps for health care
Michael McConnell: The Health Vote and the ConstitutionII
Rush Limbaugh: El Rushbo Clears Up the Confusion Surrounding the Slaughter Solution
Milton Friedman: A Way Out of Soviet-Style Health Care
J Fund: Fat Lady Hasn't Sung: 12 Dems who voted for ObamaCare oppose Slaughter Rule
James Taranto: Demon Speed: Lead-foot liberals try to outrun congressional budget police
Rush Limbaugh: President Obama Declares All-Out War on the US Insurance Industry
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats in Their Own Words: We'll Eliminate Private Insurance
Dana Milbank: Health reform and the specter of Alf Landon
David Broder: The 1990s precedent for a Democratic bounce-back
Wes Pruden: Into the twilight zone
Hill: WHIP COUNT: House Democrats' positions on the healthcare reform bill
Hill: Cantor: Democrats dont have the votes
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Believe the Pre-Game Hype: Nobody Knows If They Have Votes
American Spectator: Why Obamacare Would Fail
American Spectator: Democrats in the Deathmobile
Am Thinker: Taxpayer-Funded Abortion on Demand, Courtesy of a Catholic and a Mormon
American Thinker: Democrats Have Painted Themselves into a Corner
KC Star: How the CBO 'score' was gamed

NYT: Amendments and Impasse May Hamper Banking Bill
WaPo: Senators divided over rules on the derivatives market
WaPo: Obama warns that he'll fight on behalf Dodd's financial proposals
Hill: Obama turns eye to financial reform in weekly address
Ben Stein: On the Brink of Depression

NYT: Appeals Court Rules Fed Must Release Loan Reports
Hill: Court: Fed must disclose bailout records

WaPo: Key appointees at Treasury used as pawns in unrelated legislative battles

Wash Times: Editorial: GOP senators must give up pork

Hill: Green groups praise emerging Senate climate plans
NYT: Chinas Growth Shifts the Geopolitics of Oil
American Thinker: Community Organizing 2.0: 'Climate Community Activism'

Politico: Graham dismisses Gitmo deal talk
Hill: Graham vows to table immigration reform bill if healthcare measure passes
Wash Times: Obama backs plan to legalize illegals
WaPo: Immigrant groups reach out to blacks
Rush Limbaugh: Make No Mistake: Amnesty is Next
CNS: Obama Won't Rule Out Reconciliation with Other Bills Such As Immigration Reform

Politico: Eric Holder takes heat from Senate Republicans on Jose Padilla briefs
Politico: Holder: lawyers for unpopular are 'patriots'

WaPo: OpEd: Anonymity: A secret fix for campaign finance

Politico: Leon Panetta touts CIA successes
WSJ: Political Skills Assist Panetta as Spymaster (via Google)

WSJ: States of Progress: Two new Governors tackle deficits without tax increases (via Google)
Bob Herbert: A Ruinous Meltdown in state after state across the country

NYT: Acorn on Brink of Bankruptcy, Officials Say

Public Policy Polling: Romney leads tight Republican race
Politico: Poll: Romney leads 2012 field
John Fund: John Thune: A Dark Horse for 2012? (via Google)
CQ Politics: Why Obama Should Root For Palin

CQ Politics: Shields to Run NRCC's IE Operation
CQ Politics: NRSC Raised $4.6 Million in February

CQ Politics: Cliffhanger House Races Hard to Find, Even In A Swing Era

Hill: Weekend preview: Healthcare vote, immigration march, AIPAC and more
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Democrat Enters N.Y. Governor Race as Republican
WSJ: Party-Switcher Roils New York Race (via Google)
NY Post: 'Game changer' Levy calls for $$ uprising
Albany TU: New GOP voice roils race
Albany TU: Can Levy change Senate?
Albany TU: Will Levy have coattails flying in reverse?
NY Post: Dem-turned-GOP gov hopeful Levy wields sharp ax
NYDN: Levy slammed by GOP rival Rick Lazio after announcing gov run

NYT: Editorial: Fleeing a Sinking Governorship
NYDN: David Johnson, Paterson aide at center of abuse scandal, confident he'll be vindicated

NYT: Congressman Meeks Cries Poor, but Lifestyle May Disagree

NYT: Manhattan Judges Trial Raises Thorny Election Law Issues Concerning Gifts

Albany TU: Murphy backs health reform
NYDN: Rookie Rep. Scott Murphy quits being coy, votes 'Yes' on health care
Hill: Pelosi puts the heat on undecided N.Y. Dem Murphy as vote hunt intensifies
Albany TU: Tonko: I'll vote for health care plan
CQ Politics: He'll Vote 'No,' So Arcuri Draws Foe

Albany TU: Partnership likes Ravitch plan

NYT: Number of People Living on New York Streets Soars


SacBee: Ad Watch: Whitman misrepresents Poizner's department spending record
SacBee: Money Watch: Big donations flow to ballot measures, CA GOP


Dallas MN: 5 former justices endorse Lehrmann for Texas Supreme Court
Dallas MN: Can Charlton Heston help Rick Green - from the grave?


St. Pete Times: Lawmakers piece together state budget
Hill: Boyd, key Blue Dog, to support healthcare bill


Rasmussen: Georgia Governor's Race A Toss-Up
CQ Politics: Georgia: Cox Earns Shafer Endorsement
AJC: David Shafer endorses Clay Cox in 7th District race
AJC: John Barrow a no, Sanford Bishop a yes on health care


Chicago Tribune: Obama team lobbies Illinois Democrats on health bill
Chicago ST: House votes 109-0 to stall full benefits until 67 for new lawmakers, judges


Indianapolis Star: Ellsworth says he'll vote for health bill
Hill: Ellsworth says 'yes' to ObamaCare


CQ Politics: Wisconsin: Thompson In Democratic Crosshairs


Star Tribune: Jesse Ventura, looking over his shoulder


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Governor: GOPs Corbett Still Leads
Hill: Altmire to vote no on healthcare


Cleveland PD: Reps. John Boccieri and Charlie Wilson announce they'll back health care bill
CPD: Marcia Fudge, three other Ohio Democrats say they'll support health care reform bill
Politics Daily: Two More Ohio Democrats Now Backing Health Care


Detroit News: Leading Republican and Democrat governor candidates agree on many issues
Detroit FP: Health care vote drives House pals -- Dingell and Stupak -- apart
Detroit News: Peters voices support for ObamaCare bill


KMOV: Blunt, Steelman announce coalition in St. Charles


CQ Politics: Kentucky: McConnell Invites Senate Candidates to Unity Rally
CQ Politics: Paul, Mongiardo Hold Solid Leads in Kentucky


State: Bauer to formally enter governor's race
AP: S.C. gov agrees to ethics fine, divorces
State: Ex-first lady is still in the hunt


AP: Connolly on fence over health care vote


James Taranto: Garden State Voters Gear Up to Recall a Senator (via Google)
Star-Ledger: Federal subpoenas are issued for NJ Senate Dem office, Pennsauken records
Star-Ledger: U.S. Rep. John Adler opposes health-care bill, despite pleas from Obama


Boston Globe: Cahill makes appearances on Fox News
Boston Globe: 11 challengers aim to take down Tsongas
Politico: Arm twisting didn't work on Lynch


Politico: Twin John Ensign probes still going strong


March 19, 2010


Rush Limbaugh: As More "Yes" Votes Defect, Media Focuses on Pelosi, Obama
Boston Globe: In shift, Lynch will vote no on health bill
USA Today: Rep. Bart Gordon switches vote to 'yes' on health care
IBD: Buying Votes With Water
WaPo: House leaders announce $940 billion health-care compromise bill
NYT: In Health Vote, Democrats Weigh Success vs. Survival
Politico: Democrats steam toward Sunday vote
WSJ: Health Showdown Is Set (via Google News)
Wash Times: Democrats make final reform push
Wash Times: Democrats giddy, GOP glum as vote looms
WSJ: March Madness: Scenes from a devolution as Democrats writhe toward 216 votes
WaPo: 5 questions about the health-care legislation
WSJ: Redistricting and the Health-Care Vote (via Google News)
NYT: Democrats Say Health Bill Will Pay for Itself in the Long Run
NYT: Fine-Tuning Led to Health Bills $940 Billion Price Tag
WaPo: Congressional Budget Office's sunny forecast carries big uncertainties
NYT: Health Care Reconciliation Bill
Politico: Reconciliation bill posted
NYT: Editorial: On the Verge of Reform
Wash Times: Editorial: Political dangers for Obamacare supporters
NYT: Democrats Target McConnell in TV Ad
NYT: Coburn Warns Vote-Switchers on Health Care
NYT: Citing Health Care Vote, Obama Delays Asia Trip
Wash Times: Health-vote ally Nelson to get new VA hospital for Nebraska
Peggy Noonan: Now for the Slaughter
James Taranto: Smart President, Foolish Choices
Ruth Marcus: On health reform's price tag, score one for skepticism
Paul Krugman: Why We Reform
Wash Times: Impeach the president? The 'Slaughter Solution' would violate the Constitution
Rush Limbaugh: Exposed: CBO Number Touted by Democrats, Media is a Giant Sham
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Warn Democrats of the Approaching Electoral Cataclysm
Dallas MN: Mitt Romney says movement to repeal health care overhaul already under way

WaPo: Obama's student loan plan moving forward with health bill

WSJ: Deal Near on Gitmo, Trials for Detainees (via Google News)
WaPo: The best trial option for KSM: Nothing
Wash Times: Gitmo suspects allowed laptops while in custody

Michael Gerson: Eric Holder, the attorney general of ineptness

Schumer & Graham: The right way to mend immigration
NYT: 2 Senators, Schumer & Graham, Offer Immigration Overhaul
WaPo: Senators draft plan to rework U.S. immigration policy
Wash Times: Obama endorses immigration blueprint

NYT: Obama Calls Jobs Bill a First Step
WSJ: Obama Calls for Fast Action on Jobs (via Google News)

WaPo: Bankers lobby against financial regulatory overhaul
WaPo: Financial reform bill headed to party-line vote
WSJ: Market Failure or Government Failure? (via Google News)
WSJ: The Dodd Status Quo (via Google News)
WSJ: Why Canada Avoided a Mortgage Meltdown (via Google News)
NYT: Editorial: Three Vacancies at the Fed
NYT: Summers Slams Boehners Punk Staffers Comment

NYT: Obama & Clinton: From Bitter Campaign to Strong Alliance

NYT: F.B.I. Faces New Setback in Computer Overhaul

WSJ: U.S. Census Tracks Mail, Raising Fears Among Some (via Google News)

NYT: Donor to Democrats Pleads Guilty to $292 Million Fraud
NY Post: Disgraced Dem donor Hassan Nemazee pleads guilty to $292M fraud

WSJ: SEC 'Pay to Play' Report Tips Unlikely Figure (via Google News)

Politico: Ensign scandal prompts National Republican Senatorial Committee subpoena
Hill: NRSC subpoenaed by grand jury in its investigation of Ensign

David Brooks: The Broken Society: The public has contempt for the political class

Jesse Jackson Sr.: The Wireless Web: Free at Last?

Charles Krauthammer: US-Israeli relations: How Obama created the Biden incident

WaPo: Ex-general links gay troops to Bosnian genocide


NYT: Lazio Goes After New Challenger in Governors Race
Albany TU: Lazio: We need someone with conviction
WSJ: Party-Switcher Roils New York Race (via Google News)
WSJ: Levy to Run as Republican in Governor Bid (via Google News)
Buff News: Dem Levy, considering GOP run for governor, to meet with WNY party leaders
Albany TU: Will Republicans split?

WGRZ: Carl Paladino to Run For New York Governor

NYT: A Flurry of Calls After a Paterson Aides Domestic Dispute
CNN: Paterson: I was the NYT source

Albany TU: DioGuardi for Senate, to stop the bankruptcy of America

NYT: Leaving Office Early, at a Cost to Taxpayers


Mercury News: Meg Whitman 'wows away' Latino crowd at San Jose campaign talk
LA Times: GOP voters seem unpersuaded by anti-Israel accusations aimed at Campbell
LA Times: Flags raised over sponsor of Democratic golf fundraiser
LA Times: Perez selects new leadership team, committee chairs
SacBee: Schwarzenegger appoints paralyzed law grad to state post


Dallas MN: White, Perry camps spar over border security


Miami Herald: NRA has gotten most of what it wanted in Florida Legislature in 2010
Miami Herald: House loosens contribution rules
Buzz: Poll: Rubio crushing Crist and tied with Meek; McCollum 41, Sink 35


NYT: Two in Georgia Governors Race Were Accused of Misconduct


Chicago Tribune: Gov. Pat Quinn eyeing suburban senator as potential running mate
Chicago Sun-Times: Sen. Garrett a top contender to be Quinn's running mate


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Feingold, Thompson Neck-and-Neck
Rasmussen: Wisconsin Governor: GOPs Walker, Neumann Still Slightly Ahead


Wash Times: Bachmann: Pelosi has 'eternity' to get votes


WSJ: Will Altmire Walk the Plank? (via Google News)


CPD: Ohio Dems in Congress continue to feel pressure from all sides over health care bill


Politico: Bart Stupak's family getting 'abusive' calls


AP/Lieb: Mo. House panel trims but doesn't close budget gap


AP: Tennessee: Mergers account for half of Haslam 11K jobs claim


Politics Daily: GOP's Burr Holding Lead in N.C. Senate Race For Now


State: Sanford to pay $140,000, admits no wrongdoing
NYT: Gov. Sanford Accepts Fine in Ethics Case
Politico: Sanford settles on ethics charges


Examiner: Virginias Cuccinelli gains nation-wide profile and interest
WaPo: Democrats criticize McDonnell for attending national Republican fundraiser


Star-Ledger: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie details $275M cut in state aid to municipalities
Star-Ledger: Municipalities predict massive layoffs, public services reductions
Star-Ledger: Gov. Chris Christie vetoes NJ Turnpike Authority contracts


Rasmussen: Arizona GOP Senate: McCain 48%, Hayworth 41%
Politics Daily: McCain's GOP Primary Challenger Trails Him by Just 7 Points
Politico: Arizona exec. eyes McCain challenge
NYT: Arizona Drops Childrens Health Program


WSJ: In Mile High City, Weed Sparks Up a Counterculture Clash


March 18, 2010


NYT: Democrats Inch Toward Securing Votes for Health Bill
WSJ: Democrats Hunt Votes for Deal on Health (via Google News)
WaPo: Democrats yet to decide on health-care bill bear the weight of Washington
Hill: No CBO score Wednesday night; Saturday healthcare vote unlikely
Hill: WHIP COUNT: House Democrats' positions on the healthcare reform bill
Human Events: GOP Whip Estimates Democrats Still 11 Votes Short on Health Care
Byron York: The GOP health care count: 209 no, 204 yes, 18 undecided
Rush Limbaugh: Vote Hunch: Dems Aren't Close
Politico: Twisting path to 216 for Pelosi
Politico: House Democrats feeling the heat over health care
Politico: GOP gears up for health bill lawsuits
American Spectator: Mark Levin Readies Lawsuit on Slaughter Rule
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Count on Supreme Court to Overturn What Democrats Do
WaPo: Obama persuades Kucinich to back health-care bill
Rush Limbaugh: Kucinich Flips on Health Care Bill
WaPo: Anti-abortion Democrat Kildee says he will vote yes on health care bill
Boston Globe: Catholic opposition to health bill fades
WaPo: Obama's Fox News interview marked by interruptions, focus on 'special deals'
Hill: Obama defends 'Louisiana purchase'
Politico: Obama-Fox sitdown gets testy
Fox: Obama: 'Procedural' Spat Over Health Bill Vote Doesn't Worry Me
AP: Idaho First to Sign Law Against Health Care Reform
Wash Times: CBO feels crush of health care requests
Politico: Republicans will bottle up health care reform in Senate
WaPo: GOP lawmakers, candidates pledge to repeal health-care legislation
Ann Coulter: My Health Plan
Fred Barnes: The Health-Care Wars Are Only Beginning
Michael Gerson: Democrats show their true colors in push for health reform
James Taranto: There's No 'I' in 'Deem'
John Fund: Deemin' Nancy: The "deem and pass" rule has set off complaints among Dems
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Will Violate Constitution to "Deem" Obamacare Law of Land
Fox: Let the Recalls Begin
Nicholas Kristof: Access, Access, Access
Dana Milbank: Kucinich's health-care vote could be Obama's lucky charm
EJ Dionne: On health care, listen to the nuns, not the bishops
Marjorie Margolis: Democrats: Vote your conscience on health care
Hill: Limbaugh inspires a half-million phone calls against the health bill
Rush Limbaugh: Keep Up the Pressure, America: Flood Congress with Calls, E-Mails
Rush Limbaugh: Health Care is NOT a Right, but Obamacare Repeal Will be Hard
Am Spectator: The Future's Shadow: Harvesting organs from patients in emergency rooms
American Spectator: Health Reform Reality Check
Seattle Times: Walgreens: no new Medicaid patients as of April 16

NYT: Job Bill Passes in Senate With 11 Republican Votes
WSJ: Senate Approves $17.5 Billion Job-Creation Bill (via Google News)
WaPo: Congress sends Obama $18 billion jobs bill to sign
Hill: Cracks in bipartisan support of jobs bill
American Spectator: Will the Jobs Bill Create Any Jobs?

NYT: Deficit Hawk Alan Simpson Returns, Much to His Partys Dismay

Hill: Senate GOP fails to reach agreement on earmark reform
Politico: Senate Republicans split on earmarks: Inhofe vs. DeMint

NYT: Fed Fights to Keep Oversight of Banks That Arent Big
WSJ: Bernanke Warns Against Narrowing Fed Focus (via Google News)
AP/Aversa: Bernanke lobbies to keep control of banking oversight
WSJ: If You Liked Fannie and Freddie... (via Google News)

WSJ: SEC Tried to Ease Curbs: Judge Rejects Bid by Agency (via Google News)

WSJ: Odd Homes Built of Tires and Trash Lure Environmentalists, Turn Off Bankers

NYT: Lawmakers Say Needs of Rural Schools Are Overlooked
WaPo: Plan to rework 'No Child' prompts concerns for rural areas
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Obama and No Child Left Behind
Karl Rove: Obama Retreats on Education Reform (via Google News)
Theodore Hesburgh: A Setback for Educational Civil Rights (via Google News)
George Will: Why can't Uncle Sam learn?

Hill: U.S. Chamber: Senate climate bill moving closer to industrys liking

WSJ: Freeze Imperils Virtual Border Fence (via Google News)

WSJ: Liz Cheney's Big Question: Is Obama on the right side of national security?
Politico: Liz Cheney group to Eric Holder: 'We're at war'
Wittes & Goldsmith: KSM's dispensable trial

NYT: McChrystal Disagrees With Holder: Bin Laden Is Wanted Alive
WaPo: CIA director says secret attacks in Pakistan have hobbled al-Qaeda

Hill: Sens. Rockefeller and Snowe debut new draft of federal cybersecurity legislation

Politico: Ethics panel interviewing Democratic aides on Massa
Gail Collins: Sex Scandals to Learn By
LA Times: Former Edwards aide Andrew Young signs with top agent

Human Events: Raines' Attack on Fox News Off-Base
Human Events: 'Dishonest' Journalism Trademark of the Times, Not Fox News

Politico: Gallup: More disapprove of Obama


NYT: Planned Switch to G.O.P. Stirs Governors Race
WSJ: Levy to Run as Republican in Governor Bid (via Google News)
Albany TU: Levy respectfully seeking Republican line
NY Post: RNC to Ed Cox: We don't trust you with our money
Politico: RNC warns NY GOP away from Levy
Buffalo News: Conservatives biding their time on Paladino

NYT: Another Aide to Paterson Steps Down
NYDN: Governor's press secretary, Marissa Shorenstein, quits
NYDN: Gov. Paterson aide David Johnson may end up facing perjury charges
NYDN: Paterson blasts Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for throwing him 'under the bus'

NYT: Larger Cash Shortfall Is Projected in Albany as Fiscal Year Nears End

NYT: Law Dictates Who Decides on Care for the Incapable

Albany TU: Health care divides NY 20th: Murphy gets pressure
Albany TU: Editorial: Off the fence, Mr. Murphy

CQ Politics: Democrats Hope to Pick Candidate For Massa's Seat by April

NYDN: Monserrate swears he'll be back - maybe in Peralta's old job

Buffalo News: Assemblyman Quinn to seek Stachowskis Senate seat


Rasmussen: California Governor: Brown 40%, Whitman 40%
SF Chronicle: Whitman takes early lead over Brown
George Skelton: Whitman shows her chops
LAT: Whitman's promise of a blind trust for her assets may be impossible to achieve quickly
LA Times: Jerry Brown urges unions to go on the offensive
LA Times: Meg Whitman reconsiders Republican-only hiring policy

SacBee: Field Poll: Campbell leads GOP Senate field; Boxer fades

SacBee: Chuck DeVore says oil drilling could help fill state budget hole

CQ Politics: California 11 Endorsement Dance Continues


DMN: TX gov candidate White on board of firm investigated by Congress as possible polluter
Dallas MN: GOP's Pete Sessions leads party in rate of uninsured constituents


SPT: Suzanne Kosmas: The Florida face of House undecideds on health care
Buzz: Senate stymies McCollum on debt collectors


AJC: 2 vieing for gov had teacher certificates suspended for misconduct with female students


Wash Times: Illinois GOP borrows Brown's strategy in bid to grab Obama seat
NYT: Kirk Running for Obamas Old Seat, and Set on Derailing His Plans
Chicago Tribune: Kirk takes shot at health care legislation

Hill: Illinois Democrats remain obstacle for Obama on healthcare legislation

Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich request for trial delay is denied


Indianapolis Star: Bayh opposes attaching student loan measure to health-care bill


Politico: Dems already gunning for Thompson


WaPo: Senator Smiley: Al Franken pulls no punches, but adds a few punch lines
Star Tribune: Legislator offers bill to allow people to pay more taxes


Philadelphia Inquirer: Suit says Meehan's petitions riddled with errors
CQ Politics: An Upstart Challenge for a Democratic Challenger against Jim Gerlach


NYT: Ohio Democrat Boccieri to Skip Health Care Rally


Detroit FP: Sarah Palin to speak May 1 to activists in Clarkston
Politico: NOW backs Stupak challenger


KC Star: Bond, McCaskill split on earmarks


Memphis DN: Gibbons Seeks Local Support in Governors Race


Politico: Another Paul nettles GOP


CQ Politics: Burr Leads All Rivals
McClatchy: In North Carolina, one Democrat wavers on health care


AP: SC lawmakers work through the night on state budget


WaPo: Va. set to challenge federal health-care reform legislation


NYT: Details Given on Cuts by Christie to Schools
Star Ledger: Christie campaigns to garner support for proposed budget cuts
Star-Ledger: N.J. Democrats, state employee unions plan protests of Gov. Christie's budget
American Thinker: Chris Christie's New Jersey Revolution

Examiner: Runyan's path to NJ-3 GOP nomination cleared
Philadelphia Inquirer: Runyan says what's he's for, against
Star-L: Former Eagles tackle Jon Runyan to spend own money in Congressional campaign
AP/Mulvihill: NFL's Runyan launches GOP campaign for Congress

Star-Ledger: Six same-sex couples ask N.J.'s top court for permission to wed


Hartford Courant: Linda McMahon Has GOP Women In Her Corner
CQ Politics: Former Kerry Flame Joins Senate Field in Connecticut


Boston Globe: Ex-aide to Mihos sues to be paid
Cape Cod Times: Another former worker sues Mihos for back pay


Politico: Grand jury subpoenas Ensign-tied companies


Politico: Andrew Romanoff wins Colorado caucuses
CQ Politics: Romanoff: We Beat Bennet's 'Massive Corporate Machine'
WaPo: Colorado caucuses: An early incumbent warning system?


March 17, 2010


Hill: WHIP COUNT: House Democrats' positions on the healthcare reform bill
WaPo: Whos in play: House health-care vote
NYT: Democrats to Watch on the Health Care Vote
Politico: Hoyer: Dems still working on the votes
CNN: Health care foes 11 votes shy of defeating bill
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Don't Have the Votes

WaPo: House Democrats' tactic for health-care bill is debated
WaPo: GOP to force vote on 'deem and pass' strategy
WaPo: Republican lawyers warn Democrats of "deem and pass" consequences
Wash Times: 'Self-executing rule' decried as a 'trick'
Politico: Slaughter Solution could face legal challenge
Wash Times: Pence mum on health-bill court challenge
Hill: Democrats defend 'deeming,' GOP attacks as the clock ticks down
Human Events: Pelosi: Passing Healthcare By Decree?
Hill: Hoyer defends tactic to 'deem' approval of Senate health bill without voting on it
WSJ: Overhaul Splits Democratic Party Faithful: Nearly Half in Poll Oppose Health-Care Plan
Hill: Kucinich's Wednesday announcement could be defining moment for health reform
Politico: House Dems under pressure to deliver
Politico: House Dems want trip delayed again
WSJ: Obama's Base Joins the Fray Over Health Vote (via Google News)
WaPo: U.S. Chamber of Commerce sets sights on Democrats ahead of midterm elections
WaPo: House Democrats scramble to ensure adequate deficit reduction in health bill
NYT: Democrats Consider New Moves for Health Bill
WSJ: Democrats Race to Finish Final Health-Care Package (via Google News)
AP: FACT CHECK: Premiums Would Rise Under Obama Plan
WSJ: ObamaCare's Worst Tax Hike
Newt Gingrich: Will the Democrats 'Self Execute' on Healthcare Reform?
Dick Morris: Negative ads for yes Dems
Michael Gerson: Democrats show their true colors in push for health reform
Kathleen Parker: Rushing health reform could be a death wish
Ezra Klein: Explaining deem and pass
Dana Milbank: Republicans now facing Democrats' Deem Team on health-care reform
James Taranto: Why Obama Is Unhappy
WaPo: Does the Democratic leadership know where health reform stands?
Wash Times: Health care bill can be beat: Popular pressure needs to be exerted on Dems
Rasmussen: Republicans Lead Democrats by 10 in Generic Ballot, Highest Lead Yet
Rush Limbaugh: Pedal to the Medal: It's Time to Flood Congress with Calls, E-mails
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: Premiums Will Fall 3,000%
Rush Limbaugh: Obama is a Third World President

WaPo: Republicans criticize Democrats' plan to overhaul student lending

Wash Times: Obama team takes heat over unemployment
Hill: Obama economic team under fire for grim employment forecast

WaPo: Financial reform would shift Fed's authority away from regional banks
NYT: As Lawmakers Grapple With Financial Overhaul, They Call for More Studies
Politico: Republicans push back on Dodd's reform schedule
Hill: Top 10 lobbying fights over financial reform overhaul legislation
NYT: Fed Affirms Plan to End Mortgage Intervention
AP/Aversa: Fed weighs how and when to signal higher rates
NYT: OpEd: Why Consumers Cant Trust the Fed
WSJ: Corker Sees Middle Ground on Volcker Rule (via Google News)
WSJ: Bernanke to Defend Fed Role (via Google News)

Wash Times: Secret mortgage politics: Obama fights to hide Fannie & Freddie documents

WSJ: Obama's New Partner: Al Sharpton

Wash Times: Senate approves modest earmark cut: Ambitious ban falls short
Politico: Senate rejects earmark ban
WSJ: Earmarks in Reverse (via Google News)

WaPo: Work to cease on 'virtual fence' along U.S.-Mexico border
NYT: Budget Cut for Fence on U.S.-Mexico Border
Wash Times: Napolitano shifts policy on border fence
Politico: Janet Napolitano scraps U.S.-Mexico fence
Human Events: Healthcare Drags, Obama Reloads for Immigration Reform

NYT: Obama Restores Former Pentagon Line of Succession
Hill: Gen. Petraeus open to changing Dont ask, dont tell policy on gays in military
Wash Times: Obama, Hill wage intel turf battle

WaPo: Attorney general: Bin Laden won't be caught alive
Politico: ACLU sues gov't over drones

FrontPageMag: Gitmo Lawyer Julia Tarver Mason: Aiding, Abetting and Not Talking

John Bolton: Israel and the Crisis With Obama (via Google News)

NYT: Administration Seeks Converts to Education Plan
WaPo: Editorial: Administration keeps the right principles in amending No Child Left Behind

Wash Times: Poll: Fewer Americans worry about global warming
Politico: Bill Clinton rallies Dems on climate bill
Hill: Bill Clinton to Senate Democrats on energy and climate bill: 'Get it done'
CSM: As Climate Change debate wages on, scientists turn to Hollywood for help

AP/Theimer: Obama falls short on transparency pledge

Hill: Senate Dems launch protest of GOP filibusters of Obama nominees

NYT: F.C.C. Questioned on Its Far-Reaching Plan to Expand Broadband Access
WaPo: How the FCC's new national broadband plan is expected to affect consumers

NYT: States’ Rights Is Rallying Cry of Resistance for Lawmakers

NYT: Senate G.O.P. Leader Finds Weapon in Party Unity

Politico: RGA nationalizing govs races
Hill: House GOP rallies Tea Partiers on Hill
Politico: Elite donors dodge the DNC
CQ Politics: Coalition Exemplifies Majoritys Many Struggles
Hill: DLCC launches $20M redistricting effort


WIVB: Paladino woos Conservatives in Brooklyn
Buffalo News: Paladino heads for crucial meeting: Hopes to win over Conservative leaders
NYDN: Lazio Backer Suggests Cox Should Resign
NYDN: Levy Hires GOP Consultant
NYDN: Levy: Registration Change Rumor 'Not Confirmed'
NY Post: Levy gay-marriage flip
NYDN: Maziarz For Lazio
NYDN: Long's Dilemma

NYDN: Joe DioGuardi, dad of 'American Idol' judge Kara DioGuardi, announces run for Senate
LoHud: Ever-confident DioGuardi announces GOP bid for Gillibrand's seat

Albany TU: Budget talks getting serious
NY Post: Ravitch plan setback
Albany TU: Ravitch: We might as well borrow my way
Albany TU: State: Wait for tax refund
Rochester D&C: Paterson ends 2nd year under investigation, facing budget battle
NY Post: Prober: E-mails don't clear gov in Tixgate
NYT: Paterson Aide Is Said to Ignore Subpoena

NYT: Monserrate Loses Bid to Regain Seat
NY Post: Hiram shellacked in vote
AP/Matthews: Voters reject Monserrate bid

NY Post: Meeks de-files his pledge to reveal all

Human Events: Republican Challenger for Charlie Rangel in Harlem


SacBee: Field Poll: Meg Whitman trounces Steve Poizner, edges Jerry Brown
LA Times: Meg Whitman shifts her focus to Jerry Brown
SacBee: Whitman releases her agenda for California
Dan Walters: Field Poll sets stage for slugfest in California governor's race

Rasmussen: California Senate: Boxer 43%, Campbell 41%
East Bay Express: Campbell Closing In on Boxer
AP/Hindery: Fiorina centers attack on Boxer, not primary foes

LA Times: Schwarzenegger to veto Democrats' public transit cuts
WSJ: U.S. Opens Spigot for California Farmers (via Google News)


Examiner: Obama response to Mexico violence riles Texas Gov. Perry
Wash Times: Rick Perry seeks 3rd term in Texas
WSJ: Don't Mess With the Texas Board of Ed


Politico: Charlie Crist slams Democratic health care plan
CQ Politics: Florida: Price Endorses Rubio
Miami Herald: Florida Senate president backs reform to CFO post
Miami Herald: Judge shows impatience over Glades cleanup
NYT: Editorial: A Good Deal for the Everglades


AJC: The RedState guy lands a gig at CNN
Politico: Media Matters unloads on CNN Erick Erickson hire
NYT: RedState and Virginia Thomas

AJC: Georgia chief justice: Court systems on edge of an abyss


Politico: Kirk predicts one term for Obama
Chicago Tribune: Quinn to sign off on moving Illinois primary election back to March


WaPo: Tommy Thompson "50-50" on challenge to Sen. Russ Feingold


Star Tribune: Justice warns of crisis in courts


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey 49%, Specter 40%
Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Primary: Specter 48%, Sestak 37%


WaPo: Obama's health-care reform speech in Ohio convinces a few skeptics


Politico: Monica Conyers gets court-appointed attorney

Detroit News: Granholm urges speed on plan to spur public employee retirements
Detroit News: School closure plan dovetails with Detroit's downsizing effort
AP: Michigan lawmakers ready to resume budget debates


AP/Lieb: In Missouri Senate race, meet the `outsiders'
News-Leader: Two Missouri House Republicans identify nearly $400 million in cuts


Knox News: Bill would allow Williams to run as a Republican


Baxter Bulletin: Arkansas GOP Senate candidates hold debate


CQ Politics: Rand Paul Breaks $2 Million
Time: Is Rand Paul Good or Bad for Republicans?


NYDN: Ex-aide: John Edwards likely funding baby mama Rielle Hunter's lawsuit against me
CQ Politics: North Carolina: 47 Percent of Senate Dem Primary Voters Undecided


State: Romney endorses Haley for governor
Politico: Romney backs Haley in S.C.
Greenville News: Jim DeMint on mission to install "rock-solid" conservatives in Senate
Politics Daily: Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio, in Sync and on the Road in South Carolina


WaPo: Virginia leaders express interest in offshore drilling


Baltimore Sun: Maybe Ehrlich isn't running
WaPo: Editorial: Maryland legislators need to get over their anxiety about a bag tax


NYT: New Jersey Governor Proposes Deep Spending Cuts
Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie presents a tough budget
Star-Ledger: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie proposes sacrifices to close $10.7B deficit
Star-Ledger: Gov. Chris Christie's N.J. budget plan key points
Rush Limbaugh: Chris Christie Keeps Promises

Star-Ledger: Court rules Tea Party can proceed with effort to recall Sen. Robert Menendez


Hill: N.H. primary shows battle for Tea Party endorsement


NBC: McMahon Grabs Lead from Simmons: Poll


Boston Herald: Tim Cahill slams Barack Obama, Dems on health care
Boston Globe: Cahill attacks health care law
American Spectator: The Masscare Massacre
WSJ: The Failure of RomneyCare


CQ Politics: Colorado Caucuses: Romanoff Leads Bennet, GOP Race Close
NYT: Colorado Caucuses: Just the Beginning


CQ Politics: Arizona: Paton Named to Young Guns Program
WaPo: Editorial: Targeting illegal immigrants, Arizona goes too far


AP/Niesse: Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama 'birthers'


March 16, 2010


Boehner & McConnell: ObamaCare and the 'Buzzsaw' of Opposition (via Google News)
WaPo: House may try to pass Senate health-care bill without voting on it
WSJ: Slaughter House Rules: How Democrats may 'deem' ObamaCare into law without voting
WaPo: Editorial: Deem This: Health-reform vote deserves a reasonable process
David Brooks: The Spirit of Sympathy: Effects of Reconciliation
Marc Thiessen: Pelosi's Dilemma: Sweetheart deals gone sour
Politico: Democrats: Store closed for health care reform deals
Wash Times: Editorial: Democrats resort to extreme tactics to pass extreme legislation
Rep. John Shadegg: Solving the Pre-Existing Condition Problem
McClatchy: House plan to pass health care raises constitutional questions

WSJ: Obama Brings Health-Care Push to Ohio (via Google News)
NYT: Ohioans Lukewarm to Obama and Health Care
Wash Times: Obama hones final health care pitch
Wash Times: House starts process for health care fix
WaPo: Kucinich in Obama's crosshairs
WaPo: Obama softly threatens Dennis Kucinich
Politico: Left warns Dems on health care vote
NYT: Obama Tries to Personalize the Health Care Bill
NYT: Union Chief Warns Hell Back Indep. Candidates vs. Dems Opposed to Health Care
WSJ: Four Points: What to Watch for on Health Care
NYT: OpEd: The Health Care Letdown
WSJ: 'Comparative Effectiveness' Research Is Always Behind the Curve (via Google News)
Politics Daily: Bishops Oppose Health Bill, Still Claiming It Could Fund Abortions
James Taranto: ObamaCare and Eugenics
WaPo: Will this be the week congressional Democrats reverse their fortunes?
Wes Pruden: The suicide mission for the Democrats
Rasmussen: 43% Favor Health Care Plan, 53% Oppose
Human Events: Swing Districts Polling No for Health Care Reform
Hill: Months after last health vote, many Dems in tougher reelection races
Hill: WHIP COUNT: House Democrats' positions on the healthcare reform bill
Hill: Graham: Pelosi has House Dems 'liquored up on sake' ready for 'suicide run'

Politics Daily: Huge Student Loan Overhaul Set To Be Tacked Onto Health Care Reform
Hill: Move on student loans could win healthcare votes, House Dems say
Hill: Student lenders protest nationalization effort
Human Events: Taking Over the Student Loan Program...or Bust!

NYT: Obama’s C.D.C. Director, Wielding a Big Broom

WSJ: Dick Armey Takes Shots at Financial Regulation Plan
WSJ: Federal Reserve Could Emerge With Enhanced Powers (via Google News)
WSJ: Dodd's New Plan for Finance Rules Aims to Give More Muscle to Fed
Wash Times: Sen. Dodd introduces bill for financial reform
WaPo: Concessions on financial reform bill yield few gains in Senate
NYT: Financial Reform Bill Adds Layers of Oversight

WaPo: Moody's warns nations to cut spending or risk AAA ratings
NYT: Moodys Says U.S. Debt Could Test Triple-A Rating
WSJ: States Hope for a Rich Uncle: Stimulus Money Runs Out (via Google News)
Hill: Gregg: Assurances from Reid, Pelosi eased decision to join debt commission
Hill: Earmark bans force K St. to seek new money sources
Roll Call: Firm Tied to Murtha Earmarks Goes Dark

NYT: Amid Democratic Impatience, Senators Move on a Jobs Bill
WSJ: Senate Approves Procedural Motion On Jobs Bill (via Google News)

NYT: Array of Hurdles Awaits New Education Agenda
WSJ: Squaring Off on U.S. Schools (via Google News)
WaPo: Updated 'No Child' law would focus on failing schools
NYT: Editorial: Civil Rights in Education
NYT: Editorial: Rewriting History in Texas
WSJ: Charter Schools and Student Performance
WSJ: Civil Rights Overreach: Quotas for college prep courses? (via Google News)

WSJ: Cap and Trade for the Internet: FCC's regulatory plan (via Google News)
WaPo: FCC plan would greatly expand broadband Internet connections
Hill: Markey: Broadband plan 'visionary'

Politico: Jim Inhofe slams Al Gore on climate 'hoax'

Wash Times: Labor opposed to immigration deal

WaPo: Wife of Justice Thomas starts group for 'citizen activists'
Dana Milbank: Dick Armey's 'tea party' history is a strange brew
Rasmussen: Three-Way Ballot: Democrats 36%, GOP 27%, Tea Party 21%
Human Events: Tea Partiers Meet in DC for Last "Surge" Against Healthcare Reform
American Thinker: The Coffee Party Con
American Thinker: Wake Up Call for the Tea Party

American Spectator: Pro-Democratic Bono

NYT: Justice Stevens Weighs Retirement Date

Rasmussen: 38% Give Supreme Court Positive Ratings

AP/Sidoti: Like GOP, Democratic Party has rifts
Tom Davis: GOP surges, but storm could fade

CQ Politics: The Senates 2010 Roulette Wheel


NY Post: GOP pols: Just say no to Levy
Pajamas: Andrew Cuomo Dogged by Leading Role in Mortgage Meltdown

NYDN: 'Spectator' Paterson: New York State likely won't reach budget deal by April 1
Albany TU: Budget languishes amid distractions
Albany TU: Soda tax seems to be falling flat
NY Post: Gov's plea: We need DC's greenbacking

NY Post: Health hot seat: NY pols pushed to back O-Care
Rochester D&C: GOP bashes Slaughter plan for health vote

NYT: Race for Monserrates Old Senate Seat Winds Down

NY Post: Meeks passes the bucks on scandal

CQ Politics: New York 23: GOP Field Narrows

NYT: Key New York Suit Calls Public Defender Programs Inadequate

WaPo: Eric Massa: Who is the man behind the hard stare?
Hill: Bachmann accuses Pelosi of covering up allegations against Massa


LA Times: Velvet gloves in debate by California's GOP candidates in governor's race
SacBee: GOP hopefuls spar over immigration, climate change
Desert Sun: GOP candidates for Califonia governor debate in Costa Mesa
LA Times: Poizner and Whitman declare victory, and the debate continues
Dan Walters: GOP debate is an indirect win for Whitman

Hill: Fiorinas Demon Sheep sequel hits Boxer on climate change legislation
NYT: That Boxer Blimp Video
CQ Politics: Ad Paints Campbell, Boxer As Peas In A Pod

SacBee: California Assembly speaker OKs $132,000 in staff pay hikes, promotions

LA Times: About 1 in 4 in California lack health insurance, a UCLA study finds


Dallas MN: Dick Armey says Tea Party is here to stay
USA Today: Former GOP House leader on health care: 'They can probably force this.'
Time: Can a Democrat Become Governor in Texas?
Chuck Norris: Don't Mess With Texas... Textbooks!


Marco Rubio: Scrap ObamaCare Today
Time: In Florida, Can Crist Turn the Tide Against Rubio?
American Spectator: Please Don't, Charlie
St. Pete Times: Legislative push to deny public access to 911 recordings is dropped


Savannah MN: Oxendine, Barnes still leading gubernatorial hopefuls, new poll says
GPB: Georgia Democrats Split on Health Care
AP/Bellandi: Quinn won't talk about alternative to tax increase
AJC: On the GOP candidate for governor who refuses to salute the American flag
AJC: Believe it or not, a pollster returns to the fray
Politico: Embattled pollster wades back in


AP/Bellandi: Kirk hits air with first TV ad in Senate race
Politico: Kirk ad spotlights 'Republican'
WGIL: Illinois GOP Showing Signs of Unity
Chicago Tribune: Illinois Senate approves bill to allow new nuclear power plants
WSJ: Toyota Turmoil Puts LaHood in Spotlight


Indianapolis Star: More belt-tightening looms, Daniels says


Star Tribune: Pawlenty slices public works projects


CQ Politics: Poll Gives Toomey the Lead
American Spectator: Specter Opens Door on White House Felonies
Hill: Issa accuses WH of 'Nixonian' cover-up


CQ Politics: Ohio 16: Boccieri Foe Criticizes Health Bills


WSJ: Lawmaker Kilpatrick Called to Testify in Probe
Detroit News: Bobb plans to close 45 Detroit schools
Detroit News: Sander Levin makes jobs his No.1 priority
Detroit News: Cox fails to file motion to unseal Greene deposition
Detroit FP: Public to foot Conyers' tab: Use of appointed lawyer raises eyebrows


KC Star: Kansas GOP loves the governor -- from Missouri, that is


Knox News: Gibbons proposes lottery plan


CQ Politics: Baker, Boozman Campaigns Spar Over Travel Report


NYT: Mistress of Edwards Ends Silence on Affair
WaPo: Rielle Hunter pictures in GQ are "repulsive," made her cry -- but now see video

CQ Politics: Marshall Releases Poll in North Carolina


CQ Politics: South Carolina 3: Rice Drops First Ad


Ken Cuccinelli: Liberty Is Finite
Politico: Bob McDonnell distances from himself Ken Cuccinelli
CQ Politics: Rep. Nye Gets Another Republican Challenger


WaPo: Montgomery, Prince George's slash budgets


Star-Ledger: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie's budget is expected to slash school funds by $820M
AP: Gov. Chris Christie prepares to give N.J. Legislature his budget message


CQ Politics: Connecticut: Senate Hopeful Schiff Airs Radio Ad


Boston Globe: Mihos accuses GOP of discouraging potential rivals to Tisei


WSJ: Tide Turns for GOP Candidate in Hawaii (via Google News)


AP: McCain, Palin to campaign together in Arizona
Politico: J.D. Hayworth: 'You could marry your horse'
Arizona Republic: Jason Rose splits with Hayworth campaign


Politico: Palin's dad backs Tarkanian
Politico: John Ensign isolated by scandal


CQ Politics: Colorado: Bennet Has Narrow Lead Over Romanoff


March 15, 2010


WSJ: Health-Care Fight Targets Waverers
WSJ: Swing Districts Oppose Health Reform: Sobering poll news for 35 key House members
Wash Times: GOP to use amendments as tactic
NYT: Millions Spent to Sway Democrats on Health Care
WaPo: Democratic leaders say health bill will pass
Politico: Homestretch scramble for House votes
Hill: House Democrats release bill for Budget markup Monday
Hill: Some Democrats play hard to get as leaders hunt for healthcare votes
Hill: Obama's final challenge: corralling votes
Hill: Clyburn predicts Stupak will support bill
Hill: Despite Biden visit, Driehaus stands with Stupak
Hill: WHIP COUNT: House Democrats' positions on the healthcare reform bill
American Spectator; The Health Care "Shell" Game Begins
Hill: Alexander: Dems face 'political wipeout' if they push 'act of political arrogance'
Hill: Boehner: If Pelosi had 216 votes to pass healthcare, 'this bill would be long gone'
AP/Quaid: Dem: We're short on votes for health reform
Human Events: House Leadership Bending the Reconciliation Rules
Politico: Axelrod and Boehner on Health Care
NYT: A National Measure, Inextricably Enmeshed With Local Interests
AP: Health Care 101: A Consumer Primer on Obama's Bill
AP: A Look at Democrats' Health Care Overhaul
NYT: Obama Administration Pushes Back on Abortion Claims
NYT: Landrieu Offers Support for Health Care Legislation
NYT: Editorial: Health Care Bill's Anti-Abortion Provisions Are More Than Onerous
Rep. Paul Ryan: What real health reform should look like
Michael McConnell: The House Health-Care Vote and the Constitution (via Google News)
Sarah Palin: With a Stiff Spine America Must Stand Against Obamacare (Facebook)
Hugh Hewitt: If the Democrats break it, they bought it
American Thinker: What I Will Do If ObamaCare Passes

Burlingame & Joscelyn: Gitmo's Indefensible Lawyers
Wash Times: Justice, CIA clash over probe of interrogator IDs
Politico: Congress won't pay to close Gitmo, says Boehner
Human Events: No Support for Graham to Cut Deal on GITMO Says Inhofe
NYDN: Jihad Jane's allies in the courts

WSJ: Loan Squeeze Thwarts Small-Business Revival

WSJ: Dodd's New Plan for Finance Rules Aims to Give More Muscle to Fed
WaPo: Obama's focus on financial rules, Supreme Court opinion could aid Democrats
NYT: With Financial Reform Bill, a Test for Congress
LA Times: Dodd expected to offer more modest financial reform legislation
NYT: A Brief, but Failed, Pass at Bipartisanship
Politico: Chris Dodd: Wall St. reform 'cannot wait'
Hill: Dodd to unveil financial legislation Monday; no GOP support expected
AP: Dodd set to air financial reforms
NYT: The Feds Credit Card Regulation Responsibility
Lawrence Kudlow: Yellen Is Spellin' Future Inflation

Wash Times: GOP move on pork pressures Obama: Moratorium ups earmark ante
American Spectator: The Spending Split

WSJ: Squaring Off on U.S. Schools (via Google News)
WaPo: Editorial: The benefits of national standards for student achievement
Politico: Education plan shuffles political deck

Wash Times: Senate chided for slow OK of new border chief

WSJ: Democrats & Haiti Telecom: Clinton & friends are back in business (via Google News)
WSJ: Obama's Turn Against Israel: US makes diplomatic crisis out of a blunder (via Google)
WSJ: The Hedge Fund Wars: Treasury is right to protest Europe's latest assault on capital
Hill: Muslims unsure of Obama agenda on eve of his trip back to a Muslim nation

WSJ: Broadband Trojan Horse: The FCC has a new plan but doesn't want a vote (Google)

NYT: Report Faults U.S.s Efforts at Transparency
WaPo: FOIA-request audit shows response to Obama transparency pledge is uneven
AP/Sniffen: Mixed bag for agencies on FOIA

NYT: Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would Be Costly
Hill: Environmental groups, window makers battle over energy tax break
Star Tribune: Nuclear power's problems remain
Telegraph UK: Government rebuked over global warming nursery rhyme adverts

Hill: Chamber: Unions to gain from campaign finance decision
AP/Breen: States scramble after ruling on limits: More disclosure from corporations, unions

Hill: Graham: Obama just paying lip service to immigration reform
Hill: Axelrod: Illegal immigration won't be addressed in health bill

Ross Douthat: Hollywoods Political Fictions
Paul Krugman: Taking On China
Howard Kurtz: The Beck Factor at Fox: Staffers say comments taint their work

Politico: Demand for Obama wanes among moderate Democrats
Politico: Obama's reluctant populism irks left
Jed Babbin: Obama Unwelcome on Campaign Trail

LA Times: Obama losing chance to reshape judiciary

Politico: Karl Rove's Sunday best
Fox: Transcript: Karl Rove on 'FNS'

USA Today: Voter turnouts for primaries 'a concern'


NYDN: Long Island Democrat Steve Levy may go GOP and get into governor's race

NYDN: Brooklyn congregation greets embattled Gov. Paterson
NY Post: Another domestic dispute between a Paterson aide and girlfriend

NY Post: Kara 'Idol'-izes possible NY senate candidate dad

Albany TU: Barclay is not running for Congress

NYDN: Monserrate casts himself as underdog in special election, but has faith in voters

Rochester D&C: Difficult N.Y. budget process on horizon
Albany TU: Leaders agree to bipartisan budget panels
Albany TU: License bill to exempt yoga, art

NYDN: Getting political guru Morris to rat on Hevesi may be last shot to nail former controller

Albany TU: Bruno letters run the gamut


SF Chronicle: Public employee unions in Whitman's crosshairs
LA Times: GOP candidates try to tap voters' anti-government mood
San Diego UT: GOP puts party back in state convention
SacBee: California GOP ends conference bullish, but shadowed by past defeats
SF Chronicle: Lots of tough talk at state GOP convention
SacBee: Gubernatorial candidate comparison

SacBee: Mickey Kaus to challenge Barbara Boxer
Merc News: After success of 'Demon Sheep' ad, Fiorina's new ad slams Barbara Boxer

LA Times: Democrats and Republicans target incumbents in House races
George Skelton: 'Ayatollah' Willie Brown wants a more moderate Legislature
Dan Walters: Why should California pay for a Sacramento arena?


Star-Telegram: Perry for president? Republican Texas governor says no
Dallas MN: State privatization champion gets contract to help clear up welfare mess


WSJ: The Conscience of a Florida Conservative
Fox: Florida Media Goes after Marco Rubio
Buzz: It would be "political suicide" for Fla GOP to release credit card statements
Buzz: Obama's NASA plan agitates Florida


AJC: John Oxendine installs another campaign manager
AJC: A Southern soap opera within the Ray McBerry camp
AP/Haines: Georgia tries goodwill to end water crisis
AJC: Ethics takes a back seat


Chicago Tribune: Republican Brady nods to moderates and independents in governor race
Chicago Sun-Times: Dems target Kirk's House seat


MPR: How tea party politics might play out in Minnesota
St. Cloud Times: Gottwalt plans re-election bid for House seat


Milwaukee JS: Thompson leads Feingold 51%-39%, Walker-Barrett is close, poll indicates
Hill: New lead for Thompson over Feingold


Human Events: Can Tim Burns Turn Murthas District Republican?

CQ Politics: A Specter-Toomey Money Split on K Street
CQ Politics: Labor Groups Key In Pennsylvania Primary
CQ Politics: Specter Finds His Comfort Zone


LA Times: 'Obama akbar!' The Democratic president pitches healthcare in Ohio
Cleve PD: Study commission on Ohio's budget has yet to meet months after being formed
Columbus Dispatch: GOP hopeful sues to get on ballot


AP/Hoffman: Efforts to lengthen state's term limits seem stalled


Missourian: Missouri lawmakers need to trim $500 million from 2011 state budget
St. Louis PD: Medicaid puts Missouri governor in a bind


AJC: Scandals shock led to ethics law


WaPo: Rielle Hunter speaks for the first time in GQ interview about John & Elizabeth Edwards
NYDN: Rielle Hunter breaks silence on baby daddy Edwards: I am still in love with 'Johnny'


State: S.C. candidate filings to begin


WaPo: Making Bob McDonnell look moderate


Star-Ledger: Christie will propose constitutional amendment to cap tax hikes in N.J. budget
NYT: New Jersey Schools Brace for Governors Next Round of Cuts
Star-Ledger: Christie's long shot on privatizing N.J. state employees


Boston Globe: Cahill navigating uncharted waters: No independent has won statewide race
Wash Times: Suicides spur review of Massachusetts bullying bill


Politico: Harry Reid's wife out of hospital
Mercury News: Sec of state candidate faces lawsuit


Roll Call: A Conversation With Suzan DelBene, Wash. 8th District Candidate
CQ Politics: Reasons to Keep Your Eye on Patty Murray




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