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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

March 31, 2010


NYT: Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time
WSJ: Obama to Propose More Oil Drilling in Gulf (via Google)
WaPo: Obama to clear way for offshore drilling for oil and gas
CNN: Obama energy plan would open up Gulf drilling
Hill: Chu: Dont wait for perfect climate bill

WSJ: Business Bids to Shape Health Changes (via Google)
WSJ: ObamaCare Writedowns: Democrats blame a vast CEO conspiracy
NYT: Insurers to Comply With Rules on Children
Human Events: Obamacare Gives Windfall to Young Adults
Hill: Tanning industry says numbers are cooked in healthcare's $2.7B tax
NYT: All (Health Care) Politics Is Local
Politico: Stimulus stumbles hold lessons for health care sell
AP/Babington: GOP Wary of Health Law Repeal Push in Fall Races
American Spectator: But What's the GOP Plan?
Human Events: Polls: Little Support for Obamacare
John Fund: Waxman Convenes the First Death Panel
Dana Milbank: For Obama, signing health-care amendments is another big, um, fat deal

WSJ: Corker Says He Can't Back Current Financial Overhaul (via Google)
Hill: White House seeks Senate action on financial overhaul by end of May
Hill: Sherrod Brown bill would limit banks in derivatives
Hill: Republican House Conference chairman apologizes to Dodd for personal attack
NYT: Justices Set Aside Ruling on Mutual Fund Fees

WaPo: Holding back job growth? Workers' awesome output
Hill: Positive March jobs numbers to bolster Obama, but horizon looks cloudy

WaPo: Home prices inch up, but analysts fear rebound is fading
Hill: More housing trouble

Wash Times: CIA: Gitmo officers endangered by ACLU-backed program
Diane Feinstein: Civilian Courts Can Prosecute Terrorists
Daniel Pipes: Waging Jihad Through the American Courts

Politico: Department of Justice cites Colin Powell's old 'don't ask' view

WSJ: White House Court Brief Backs Race-Based Admissions (via Google)

Human Events: Radical Labor Law Changes After Becker's Appointment?

Wash Times: Rocky kickoff to changes for student loans

NYT: Census Day Is Near, Carrying a Weight Far Beyond the Raw Numbers

Wash Times: Editorial: Cancel the post office

Shelby Steele: Barack The Good: Big govt liberalism alienates center-right America
James Taranto: Obama throws the weight of the presidency behind a bogus poll
Monica Crowley: Enemies of state: Administration smears some opponents, arrests others

Dick Morris: Obama vs. Israeli regime

Newt Gingrich: The Big Choice for 2010 and 2012

American Spectator: Reflection on Brains and Barack

Politico: New partisan clash most victimized
Thomas Frank: Conservatives and the Cult of Victimhood (via Google)

American Thinker: Tea Parties and the Republican Party

Human Events: Democrats Awash in Corruption Scandals

LA Times: RNC says risque outing was unofficial, and news to party officials
WSJ: RNC Fires Employee Over Bar Expense (via Google)
WaPo: Fired RNC staffer led program to recruit young donors
Hill: GOP leaders seek to distance themselves from Michael Steele
NewsMax: 'Strippergate' Fuels RNC 'Insurgency' Against Steele
Kathleen Parker: The party's over for RNC head Michael Steele
phillyBurbs: GOP: Steele will survive nightclub flap
Hill: Fraud convict was big RNC donor

Cal Thomas: Gingrich thinks Palin could win
Business Insider: Sarah Palin Series Debuts Thursday
Time: Palin Gears Up The Midterm Machine

WaPo: Assessing John Thune's 2012 chances

Politico: Mitt Romney's riddle: What to do with Iowa


NYT: Paterson Delays School Aid, Citing States Lack of Money
NY Post: Paterson halts build projects & school aid
NYDN: Gov. Paterson skipping $2.1 billion in state school aid payments
Albany TU: Cash-poor state delays school aid payments, funding for construction projects

Buffalo News: Paterson threatens layoffs if unions won't take cuts

Paladino: Steve Levy's Donations to Sheldon Silver's DACC
NY Post: Levy attacks Lazio on NAFTA vote
Albany TU: Three for Levy, one (more) for Lazio

NY Post: Rudy meets with GOP Senate hopeful

Albany TU: Aqueduct racino started out way behind, then won Why?


LA Times: California should seek to block healthcare plan, Whitman says
SacBee: Meg Whitman campaign sending policy book to libraries

SacBee: Schwarzenegger wins a round; furloughs are back on
LA Times: Court stays ruling that would have ended many state worker furloughs

LA Times: GOP Senate candidates appear, one way or another, on 'Hannity'
LA Times: Fiorina spokeswoman clarifies candidate's Passover remarks
Politico: Breaking bread with Fiorina
Sac: GOP consultant reimbursed for 'meals' at strip club persona non grata for Chuck DeVore

SF Chronicle: Rove: "The Architect" on RNC bondage bar scandal, Cal politics, Jerry Brown
NYT: California: Rove Leaves Stage After Heckling

SacBee: Federal earmarks divide California's congressional delegation


Dallas MN: Kay Bailey Hutchison scheduled news conference, decision on future expected
Austin AS: Big announcement coming from Hutchison

PolitiFact: Gov. Rick Perry cites GOP complaint against Democratic foe Bill White


NYT: Crist Backer Uses Ethnic Terms About Rubio
Politico: Crist surrogate veers way off message
Buzz: Is Crist about to run anti-Hispanic campaign?

St. Pete Times: Tampa shines in tryout for 2012 Republican National Convention
St. Pete Times: Tampa jockeying to host Republican National Convention in 2012

Miami Herald: Ex-House Speaker Ray Sansom seeks dismissal of criminal charges


NYT: Georgia Attorney General Spurns Suit on Health Care
AJC: House GOP lawmakers file bill of impeachment against Thurbert Baker

NYT: Senator Isakson Returns to Hospital
Politico: Sen. Isakson hospitalized


Chicago Tribune: Kirk refuses to say he'll repeal health care overhaul
CBS2: Quinn, Simon, Preckwinkle Dine At Manny's Deli


Wash Times: Pawlenty urges GOP harmony: Won't say if he will run
Star Tribune: Lobbyist cash flows to candidates with clout


CQ Politics: Pennsylvania: Burns First on TV in Murtha Special
NYT: Pennsylvania A.F.L.-C.I.O. Backs Specter


Quinnipiac: Fisher Leads In Ohio Dem Primary For Senate
Columbus Dispatch: Poll: Fisher leads Brunner for Senate
Cleveland PD: Poll shows Fisher leads Brunner in U.S. Senate race
CQ Politics: Early Voting Begins Today In Ohio

WSJ: Toledo's Fiscal Reckoning: City Takes on Unions to Patch a $48 Million Budget Gap


Rasmussen: MI GOP Primary for Governor: Hoekstra Barely Ahead, With 32% Undecided
Rasmussen: 53% Undecided in Michigans Democratic Gubernatorial Race
Detroit News: Poll: Undecided leads Dem's governor race
Detroit News: Tea party seeks toehold in Michigan
AP/Sidoti: Tea party shows clout of grassroots networks
Detroit News: In militia's backyard, mistrust of authority shared


Public Policy Polling: Blunt moves ahead in Missouri (.pdf)


CQ Politics: Gordons Tennessee Seat All But Gone for Democrats


CQ Politics: Grayson Ratchets Up 9/11 Attacks on Paul
Politico: Grayson, Paul spotlight Sept. 11


News & Observer: District attorney investigating some N.C. Democratic contributions


State: Humbler Sanford gets credit for law restructuring employment agencies
CQ Politics: Spratt Has Parkinson's Disease


WaPo: McDonnell defends Steele, invites Palin to Virginia
Virginian-Pilot: Cuccinelli estimates Va. health care suit cost at $350
Virginian-Pilot: Tea Party to host GOP House hopefuls


Baltimore Sun: Ehrlich is in for the rematch
WaPo: Robert Ehrlich says he'll make another run for Maryland governor
AP/Witte: Ehrlich launches run for governor
NYT: Maryland: Rematch in Governors Race

NYT: Maryland: Impeachment Threat Over Gay Marriage


Star-Ledger: Christie defends school cuts, gears up to fight teachers union


Boston Herald: Cahill camp sends fundraising letter on state e-mail system


Rasmussen: South Dakota Governor: GOPs Daugaard 49%, Heidepriem 32%
CQ Politics: Video: Curd One of Three Vying to Challenge Rep. Herseth Sandlin


Las Vegas RJ: AG Masto won't file health care lawsuit
CQ Politics: Nevada Republican Chair Resigns
Politico: Harry Reid shrugs off tea party protests
KTNV: Arrest warrant issued for Las Vegas U.S. Senate candidate


Politico: John McCain: Call in National Guard for borders
American Spectator: 'Scorched Earth' in Arizona
CQ Politics: Democrats May Also See Contested Senate Primary in Arizona


March 30, 2010


WSJ: The Tax Police and the Health-Care Mandate
WSJ: The Rich Can't Pay for ObamaCare (via Google)
WSJ: Flap on Children's Coverage Settled (via Google)
Wash Times: Health care votes fuel fund-raising pitches
Hill: GOP views Supreme Court as last line of defense against healthcare reform
NYT: Companies Push to Repeal Provision of Health Law
American Spectator: Obamacare Starts Squeezing the Private Sector
NYT: Law May Do Little to Help Curb Unnecessary Care
NYT: Consumers Big Question: Whats in It for Me?
NYT: No Matter What, We Pay for Others Bad Habits
NYT: Overhaul Will Lower the Costs of Being a Woman
NYT: Mental Health Experts Applaud Focus on Parity
NYT: Doctor & Patient: A New Chance to Strengthen an Eroding Bond
NYT: Nursing Care More Effective on Level Playing Field
NYT: Options Expand for Affordable Long-Term Care
NYT: In All Those Pages, a Surprise or Two
NYT: When Taking Care Taps the Soul, and the Wallet
NYT: Early Diagnoses of the New Law
Rasmussen: One Week Later, 54% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill
Politico: Gang of 34 may dodge payback

Hill: Congressional disapproval ratings hit 72 percent, now at late-1994 levels
Human Events: Healthcare Vote Brightens GOP Outlook

WSJ: Obama Steps Up Confrontation: Aggressive Tone Against Opponents
Wash Times: Obama's white-flight problem: Hostility to policies is not a race issue
Wes Pruden: Shunning the party of whiners
Politico: Barack Obama struggles to capitalize in polls
American Spectator: America's Quiet Anger

WaPo: Pennsylvania man arrested for alleged threats to kill Rep. Cantor
USA Today: Man charged in threat to kill Cantor
WSJ: Arrest Made in Threat to Rep. Cantor
NYT: Man Accused of Threatening Cantor
Hill: DNC will give Cantor threat suspect's donations to charity

American Spectator: For Their Next Act: Immigration

Politico: Obama backs secrecy for Bush pardon denials

WSJ: Nine Charged in Militia Plot: MI Religious Group Plotted Violent Government Offensive
Detroit News: Nine in radical militia group charged in police-killing plot

Human Events: Navy SEAL McCabe Passes Polygraph

CNN: CNN Poll: Big shift on closing of Guantanamo Bay facility

NYT: Spurt of Home Buying as End of Tax Credit Looms
WaPo: Foreclosure fund gets $600 million to help residents of 5 more states save homes
Hill: Obama housing program gives $600 million to five states

WSJ: The Ballad of Sallie Mae (via Google)

NYT: Among Weathercasters, Doubt on Warming
Wash Times: Forecasters at odds about warming threat
Hill: Green think tank tells environmentalists: Leave climate change science behind

NYT: CNN Fails to Stop Fall in Ratings

WSJ: RNC Fires Employee Over Bar Expense (via Google)
Politico: RNC fires staffer behind controversy
NYT: R.N.C. Dismisses Aide Over Outing to Club
NYT: R.N.C. Spends Thousands on Private Jets, Limos and Clubs, Report Shows
NYT: G.O.P. Opens Inquiry on Club Expenditure
NYT: A Club With a Hollywood Tint
WaPo: RNC expense report renews criticism about Steele's spending
Hill: Chairman Michael Steele's history of gaffes distracts Republicans
Dana Milbank: RNC spends nearly $2,000 at sex-themed Voyeur nightclub
NRO: A Frayed Knot on the Bondage Story

St. Pete Times: Tampa woos RNC for 2012 convention

James Taranto: Tea and Mockery: The Bloomberg news service takes a cheap shot
Human Events: Media Misrepresents Tea Party Movement
Pat Buchanan: The Real Anti-Americans

NPR: Palin: The Next Oprah, Or Next Oval Office Occupant?
Politico: Palin backs three House challengers

NYDN: Sarah Palin fires back at 'PC' Dems; defends using hunting terms to rally Tea Party
AP: CSU campus in uproar over Palin's upcoming visit

Politics Daily: Mitt Romney, Looking to 2012 but Running From the Past
Boston Globe: Romney defends Mass. health care law
Politico: Pre-existing condition vexes Mitt Romney
Nashua Telegraph: Pawlenty: Dont follow Mass. lead
KC Star: Mitt Romney back in Iowa


NY Post: Paladino mocks Cox, Levy in 'Titanic' poster
Albany TU: Lazio gains endorsements
NY Post: Levy grazed by gun question
NY Post: Levy rips Lazio's poor campaign -- in 2000 interview
Albany TU: Paladino: No, I didnt compare Obamacare to 9/11

Albany TU: State considers borrowing to bridge deficit
NY Post: Dave smells a 'Rat'vitch
NYT: State Debt Woes Grow Too Big to Camouflage

NY Post: Ex-LI legislator Blakeman gets enough support for GOP primary
CQ Politics: Gillibrand's Worst-Case Scenario Is Named Pataki

NYT: A Back Hall Where Rules Are Ignored


SacBee: DeVore campaign severed ties with clubbing GOP consultant

SacBee: Schwarzenegger appeals decision as next 'Furlough Friday' looms
LA Times: Backers of pot legalization initiative launch first radio spot

Politico: DeVito, Perlman raise for Boxer

SF Chronicle: Defiant Pelosi scorns Republicans

LA Times: Candidates compete to fill Assembly seat vacated by Paul Krekorian


Dallas MN: Sessions sees fall election as key to repealing, replacing health care law


Miami Herald: Poll: Bill McCollum widens lead on Alex Sink in governor race
Miami Herald: AG Race: Dems: Rivals fight for party nod
Miami Herald: Meek turns in voter petitions to get on Florida ballot
CQ Politics: Florida: Kosmas More Vulnerable; Rooney Safe Bet for Re-Election
Politico: Florida poll shows Dem health woes
Jack Observ: Former Senator Bob Smith Bows Out of Senate Race


AJC: Fallout from the Nathan Deal report: Casey Cagle may have some explaining to do
NYT: Ethics Report Faults Ex-Congressman Nathan Deal
Hill: Ethics office: Former Rep. Deal acted improperly by continuing side business


Chicago ST: Brush with death helps Kirk explain opposition to Coast Guard cuts


Indianapolis Star: Indiana joins 13 states to challenge health reform
AP: Indiana: State Joins Fight Against Health Care Law


Star Tribune: Budget cuts make a dent in $1B deficit


Pittsburgh PG: Hoeffel criticizes Corbett on health care
Philadelphia Inquirer: State to take over inquiry into Meehan petitions
Philadelphia Inq: Rendell warns natural-gas industry that resistance to tax will backfire


Cleveland PD: Cordray says Ohio won't sue over the federal health care law
Examiner: AG Cordray says no to GOP lawmakers on constitutionality of health care law


Detroit News: Granholm: Sales tax on services needed to bolster education


KC Star: Remove party logos from Missouri ballots?


CQ Politics: Moran Dominates Kansas Primary


CQ Politics: Westmoreland Campaigns With Fincher in Tennessee


WaPo: Under shadow of 1957, Arkansas stays out of health-care fight


Charlotte Observer: GOP chair raises questions about big donors to Perdue
CQ Politics: N.C.: Wesley Clark Endorses Cunningham


State: Health care battle rages on
CQ Politics: Spratt Files for Re-election


WaPo: Va. governor to name team to reshape, shrink operations


CQ Politics: A Right-Leaning Primary Challenger for Mollohan


Star-Ledger: Christie's approval rating drops 9 points after budget proposal

Star-Ledger: Big spending is forecast for Runyan-Adler congressional race


Boston Globe: Cahill e-mail sent in violation of state campaign finance law
Boston Globe: Cahill ad labels Baker as a special interest


Rasmussen: Rhode Island Governor: Chafee Still Leads


Marc Thiessen: Will a Tea Partyer save Harry Reid's job?


Rasmussen: South Dakota House: Herseth Sandlin 44%, GOPs Nelson 42%


Hill: J. D. Hayworth banks on Tea Parties to overcome Sen. McCain
Human Events: Tea Party Rolls into Arizona


March 29, 2010


NYT: Subway Blasts Kill Dozens in Moscow
WSJ: Dozens Killed in Moscow Subway Explosions (via Google)
WaPo: Moscow Metro explosions kill at least 35
Reuters: Female Suicide Bombers Kill 37 In Moscow Metro
NYT: Obama Team Is Divided on Tactics Against Terrorism
Politico: No good options for President Obama in Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial
Hill: White House presses forward on talks to shut down Guantanamo
NYT: Rift Exposes Split in Views on Mideast
WSJ: The Dangerous Fantasy of a Nuclear-Free World (via Google)
Politico: Lugar calls for swift ratification of START
WSJ: How the Next Middle East War Could Start (via Google)
Wash Times: The case against containment
Hill: Jackson, Pence lead effort to tell Obama to act immediately on Iran

Detroit FP: Fed raids in Michigan may be tied to Hutaree, a Christian-militia group
Chicago Tribune: Suburban arrest could be tied to weekend raid on Hutaree militia
AP: Official: Gun charges after FBI raids in Midwest

NYT: Lawmakers Face Fallout at Home From Health Vote
NYT: Democrats Cheer Now, but Grim November May Lie Ahead
WaPo: Health-care overhaul leaves Democrats in stable condition
Wash Times: Supreme Court may weigh coverage mandate
Politico: Barbour: Health bill like forcing gun purchases
Hill: Barbour likens debate over individual mandate to hypothetical 'gun mandate'
Hill: Barbour: Coverage of healthcare the 'longest wet kiss in political history'
NYT: Coverage Now for Sick Children? Check Fine Print
WaPo: Review heightens concerns over Medicare billing at nursing homes
NYT: Editorial: The Legal Assault on Health Reforms
WSJ: ObamaCare and Immigration Reform (via Google)
WashT: Dems play the terror card: Claims of intimidation meant to distract from falling polls
Politico: Axelrod defends DNC fundraising off threats
Hill: Axelrod defends DNC, OFA donation e-mails based on healthcare debate
Politico: Barack Obama gains steam, plows ahead
Hill: Obama brought cool campaign persona to healthcare battle
Politico: Jarrett: Health reform will be boon for businesses
Politico: History on President Obama's side in health care debate
Hill: Villains, liars and conspiracy theories marked the 2009-10 healthcare debate
Hill: Schumer: Those who voted against healthcare will be hurt in November
Hill: Graham: Wave of state legislatures will fight back against health bill
Human Events: Healthcare Bill Is a Budgetary Disaster
American Spectator/Prowler: Obama in Rude Denial

Wash Times: Student-loan takeover slips through with health care law

Bloomberg: Senator Graham Sees Financial Bill in Face of Tough Sledding
Paul Krugman: Punks and Plutocrats Opposed to Financial Reform
Politico: President Obama plans strong hand with Congress
WSJ: Mortgage Increases Blunted (via Google)

NYT: Overqualified? Yes, but Happy to Have a Job

WSJ: Tensions Flare as Obama Uses Recess Maneuver (via Google)
Wash Times: GOP hits Obama's recess appointments
NYT: Democrats Defend Appointments
WSJ: Executive Power Politics: Obama does the SEIU's bidding (via Google)

WSJ: White House Scrambles to Fill TSA Vacancy (via Google)

Wash Times: Case against 3 SEALs weakens: Hitting captive to be denied

WaPo: Editorial: Don't pursue: The impact of new rules on gays in the military

Politico: Graham: Obama done 'almost nothing' on immigration

WSJ: OSHA Boosts Oversight of State Safety Agencies (via Google)

NYT: Scientists Say F.D.A. Ignored Radiation Warnings

Human Events: Senate Should Reject Radical Goodwin Liu for Seat on 9th Circuit

NYT: Editorial: Census Reform: Count Us in Favor

Hill: Sen. Collins suggests attaching her climate-change legislation to energy bill
NYT: Editorial: Finding Natural Gas, Safely

CQ Politics: Ramping Up for Redistricting

WSJ: Tea-Party Candidates Face Hard Reality of Campaigns
Rasmussen: Most Say Tea Party Has Better Understanding of Issues than Congress
CQ Politics: Is the Time Ripe For Third-Party and Independent Bids?

WaPo: Business backgrounds are working for first-time GOP candidates
Human Events: Drafting the Conservative Class for 2010

American Spectator: Palin to the People
Norman Podhoretz: In Defense of Sarah Palin
Politico: Palin top draw in reunion with McCain


NYDN: Carl Paladino gathering ammunition on opponents, even before he runs
Bob McCarthy: Republicans roll the dice

NYT: Why Senate Democrats Sound Like Republicans on the Budget
Buffalo News: Paterson again asking lawmakers for cap on property taxes
AP/Gormley: Pace of budget irritates Paterson
DN: Paterson likens himself to people who have suffered 'torment', only God can judge him

Human Events: Chicago on the Hudson?

American Thinker: Charlie Rangel Faces His Scott Brown

NYT: For Federal Prosecutor, Low-Key Style in High-Profile Job

NY Post: NY's broke and broken

NYT: In New York, Breaking a Law on Roommates


LA Times: Republican Senate candidate Campbell's professorial style may be out of step
SacBee: Fiorina says she ready for leader's job: helping others overcome fear of change

Debra Saunders: The Power of Meg's Money

Buzz: AG candidate John Eastman fighting to put his South Dakota job on June ballot

George Skelton: Schwarzenegger orchestrates a compromise


DMN: Despite spending backlash, earmarks still effective for lawmakers seeking re-election
Star-Telegram: In D-FW, Joe Biden raises money for Democrats


Miami Herald: Rivals Crist and Rubio tear into each other in Fox News debate
St. Pete Times: Rubio, Crist both stretch truth over taxes during debate
Wash Times: Rubio, Crist face off in debate
WSJ: Florida GOP Rivals Clash on Big Stage (via Google)
NYT: Crist and Rubio Spar Over Spending in Debate
American Spectator: Crist and Rubio Joust
Politico: Marco Rubio controls terms of first Florida face-off
Hill: Crist, Rubio debate on morning TV; Crist holds firm on running as Republican
Buzz: Post-debate spin from Rubio and Crist

Buzz: What's the Tea Party beef with Marco Rubio?

Miami Herald: Florida Legislature tosses out costly claims bills


AJC: Health care fallout raises Baker, Perdue profiles
Epoch Times: Georgia AG Defies Governor Over Health Care Issue
AJC: Mixed reactions, much uncertainty over health care reform


Chicago Sun-Times: Durbin fund-raising: appeal for Giannoulias, with Biden in Texas


Star Tribune: Klobuchar: Aiming for the middle ground


Penn Ave: Toomey supports AG's health care lawsuit


Cincinnati Enquirer: Tea Party priorities split Ohio GOP
WaPo: Congressman Driehaus finds political vitriol follows him home to Ohio
Columbus Dispatch: Crossover voters to be challenged
TMD: Ohio slots vote gets slot on November ballot


DetNews: Kilpatrick experience should tell MI it needs stronger rules on political nonprofits


St. Louis PD: Fewer are seeking office in Missouri


Knox News: Move to lessen political parties' power dies
Examiner: Memphis in sights of 3 in GOP
Examiner: Mumpower will be remembered for an exceptional political career


Star News: GOP leader: N.C. should join lawsuit against health care bill
Examiner: Smaller local newspapers excel at covering 2010 NC 7th GOP primary
News & Observer: Perdue defends credibility 'we tried to offer'


State: Governor's race: Barrett picks up endorsement
CQ Politics: Prepping for an Inglis Test


WaPo: Bricks thrown through GOP office windows in Charlottesville


WaPo: Changing national political tide yet to lift Md. GOP's hopes


Star-Ledger: U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, visibly changed by cancer, returns to Washington


Boston Globe: Where Baker, Patrick paths intertwined


Human Events: Palin Declares 'Harry, You're Fired' at Tea Party in Nevada
Fox: GOP Candidates Court Tea Party Voters in Race Against Reid
Las Vegas RJ: GOP Senate candidate to start running TV ads

Las Vegas RJ: 1st Congressional District: GOP brass pick side in primary


March 28, 2010


WaPo: Washington Post poll finds split on health-care law remains deep
NYT: In Partisan Battle, Clashes Over Health Lawsuits
CNN: States Sue over Health Care
Wash Times: The courts can stop Obamacare
NYT: A Health Legislation Fail-Safe Works, but Not as Expected
Hill: Democratic centrists formed own unique bloc in healthcare amendment votes
Hill: Lobbyists expect bounty to continue after healthcare battle
AP/Zaldivar: New health care requirement? GOP idea
Wash Times: Editorial: Obamacare bait & switch
NYT: Obama Chooses Health Policy Scholar as the Director for Medicare and Medicaid
WSJ: Obama to Nominate Professor for Medicare Post (via Google)
Ezra Klein: Health-care overhaul begins now
Frank Rich: The Rage Is Not About Health Care

AP/Elliott: Obama: Student loan changes apolitical

NYT: Pro-Business Lobbying Blitz Takes on Obamas Plan for Wall Street Overhaul
NYT: Heading Off the Next Financial Crisis

George Will: An argument to be made about immigrant babies and citizenship

Wash Times: Obama, scolding GOP, makes 15 appointments
NYT: Obama Bypasses Senate Process, Filling 15 Posts
WSJ: Obama Appoints 15 During Recess (via Google)
Hill: Obama names 15 recess appointments, including union lawyer
WaPo: Obama uses recess appointments to fill 15 posts
Politico: Senate gone, Obama seats nominees
NYT: The Word on Obamas Recess Appointments

NYT: T.S.A. Could Be Leaderless for Months After the Withdrawal of a Second Nominee
WaPo: Ex-TSA pick Harding's firm got Army deal after he cited sleep apnea disability

WaPo: NASA's $500 million launcher missing just one thing: the rocket it was made for

NYT: States Seek to Tax Services, From Head to Toe

Las Vegas RJ: Palin energizes thousands, declares 'we're not going to sit down and shut up'
NYT: Palin Rallies Tea Party Crowd in Nevada
AP: Palin fires up 'tea party' activists at rally in Nevada
Newsbusters: CNN Lowballs Nevada Tea Party Event; Politico reports 20,000
Politico: Palin: Media 'lies' about links between tea parties, violence
Hill: Palin defends use of gun imagery while campaigning against Reid's reelection
Politico: Tea partiers push back after bad week
AP/Blood: Palin to tea partyers: Don't sit down, shut up
SF Chronicle: Palin kicks off Tea Party Express tour
WaPo: Sarah Palin and the tea party movement
WaPo: McCain understudy Sarah Palin is now the star
Irish Central: Sarah Palin will decide which Republican runs for President in 2012
NYT: With No Jobs, Plenty of Time for Tea Party

AP/Johnson: Romney attacks health care law similar to his own
Chicago Tribune: Offering help to a struggling Mitt Romney

David Frum: Building a Coalition, Forgetting to Rule (republished from 2007)
Toronto Star: David Frum a Republican pariah in health-care debate

WaPo: Midterms pose major challenge for Obama's grass-roots political organization

CBS: Which States Will Gain Power After Census?
CQ Politics: Redistricting in the Musical Chairs States

CQ Politics: RNC Tees Up Next Supreme Court Campaign Finance Fight

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Buffalo News: Paladino gives Tea Party protesters what they want
Marist: Voters Bash Paterson on Budget Job Approval Rating Scraping Bottom
NYT: OpEd: Can New York Be Saved?
Al D'Amato: End the Unions Sweetheart Deals
Albany TU: State budget late? It's an Albany tradition


Mercury News: Meg Whitman's campaign shakes the world of political advertising
New Republic: Governor Moonbeam vs. eMeg
LA Times: Poizner zeros in on an untimely issue: Immigration
Mercury News: Editorial: Whitman especially should release tax returns
NYT: Editorial: Goodwin Liu, An Exceptional Nominee for the 9th Circuit
LA Times: Despite Legislature's unpopularity, there's no shortage of candidates
SacBee: Watchdog proposes medical parole to cut California prison costs
Dan Walters: California's economic future appears dim


Dallas MN: Where is Kay Bailey Hutchison?

Star-Telegram: Stage set for another Texas battle over redistricting

WaPo: Spokeswoman: Barbara Bush hospitalized in Texas
NYT: Barbara Bush Hospitalized in Texas


Miami Herald: Florida poll: Healthcare law hurts Obama, Democrats
Ledger: McCollum's Lawsuit, and Backlash

Miami Herald: New poll shows Crist falling further behind Rubio
Buzz: Charlie Crist TV ad: Marco Rubio's income 'skyrocketed' while in Florida House
Hill: Meek to make Florida history on Monday with ballot signatures

Buzz: Poll: Bill Nelson would lose to Charlie Crist, Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio

Miami Herald: GOP ideology driving Republican-led Legislature's agenda


AJC: The crushing of a health care revolt by GOP women


Chicago Tribune: Sheila Simon vows to campaign for lt. gov. on her own merits
Chicago Sun-Times: Democrats nominate Simon to be Quinn's running mate
NYT: Illinois Democratic Party Chooses a Familiar Name as Lieutenant Governor Nominee
AP/Wills: Daughter of former Sen. Paul Simon wins Dem nomination for IL Lt. governor

Chicago Sun-Times: 'Devastating' layoffs loom in school districts statewide


Evansville C&P: Ellsworth defends politically polarizing health care vote


Star Tribune: Undecideds wield the power in governor's races
AP/Lohn: Minn. Dems endorse Clark to take on GOP's Bachmann
Fox21: Republican congressional candidate Cravaack visits Duluth
Star Tribune: Stimulus money props up program for sex offenders


Philadelphia Inquirer: Health-care suit infecting politics
Philadelphia Inquirer: Ed sees Corbett as favorite to be guv, faults health suit


Columbus Dispatch: Boehner's gambit


Detroit News: Hoekstra, campaigning for gov, misses 71% of votes this month
AP/Runk: Michigan's attorney general race heats up early
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick works for you, but she touts herself on your dime
Mitch Albom: Stupak feels arrows from his own side


KC Star: Both parties see hope for November wins after health care reform
News-Leader: No shortcuts in fixing Missouri's budget deficit


Knox News: Gibbons' exit results in 3 ET Republicans vying for West Tenn.


Charlotte Observer: Republicans push N.C. to join health care lawsuit
Statesville: State GOP leaders challenge Cooper


State: Race for the Governor: Bios
State: Graham finds himself in the thick of Washington's battles
McClatchy: Graham still searching for common ground


WaPo: Virginia GOP office vandalized
American Thinker: Attack on GOP HQ in Virginia


Baltimore Sun: Ehrlich 'missed being part of the debate'
WaPo: Maryland refuses to follow Virginia on health care


Star-Ledger: Editorial: Legalize marijuana?: California's experiment is worth watching


NYT: New Hampshire Budget Gap Fuels Fight Over Gambling


Boston Globe: Brown election aided by surge of local donors
Boston Globe: Baker asserts Cahill not transparent on contributions


Hartford Courant: State's Deficit Still Stands After All-Night Battle In Senate


Rasmussen: New Mexico Governor: Denish Tops Five GOP Hopefuls


Politico: Palin top draw in reunion with McCain
Power Line: Biker Girl Campaigns for McCain

ABC: Arizona Law Promises to Be 'Toughest' on Illegal Immigration


March 27, 2010


NYT: Some States Find Burdens in Health Care Law
NYT: Lawmakers Recess and Prepare to Defend Health Votes
Hill: Pelosi to Democrats leaving for recess: Its time to go on offense
WSJ: The ObamaCare Writedowns
WaPo: Doctors divided on how new health-care law will affect them
Hill: McConnell: 'Ineffective' healthcare language threatens popular provisions
WSJ: Nobel economist says the health-care bill will cause serious damage
Bart Stupak: Why I wrote the 'Stupak amendment' and voted for health-care reform
Kathleen Parker: Federally funded abortions are in our future
JTaranto: Some claims of anti-ObamaCare violence and threats turn out to be exaggerated
Erick Erickson: If King George Will Not Listen

NYT: A Bold U.S. Plan to Help Struggling Homeowners
WaPo: Obama administration revises anti-foreclosure strategy
WSJ: Mortgage Plan Remodeled Again (via Google)
Bloomberg: Shelby Says Senators Agree 80% on Financial-Regulation Overhaul
WaPo: Second mortgages complicate efforts to help homeowners
Rasmussen: 31% Say They Owe More on Mortgage Than Their House Is Worth
Hill: Greenspan: Nation faces mountain of debt that it 'has never seen before'

NYT: Obamas Second T.S.A. Nominee Withdraws
WaPo: Second TSA nominee withdraws his name

NYT: Census Chief Apologizes for Negro Category

NYT: Courts Take On Campaign Finance Decision
WaPo: Ruling allows contributions to activist groups for campaigns
LA Times: Rulings split on campaign fundraising
WSJ: Courts Rule on Funding of Campaigns (via Google)
WSJ: Free Speech, the Sequel (via Google)

Hill: Climate bill could face threats from left

WSJ: The Turnaround Myth: Failing schools are best shut down (via Google)

WaPo: Younger senators take aim at old Senate rules

Bill Kristol: To only say Iranian nukes are unacceptable is to accept them
Pat Buchanan: Netanyahus Hollow Victory

NYT: Differences Set Aside, Palin Lends McCain Aid
Boston Globe: Palin shines in support role with McCain
WaPo: McCain, Palin reunite in reelection effort for senator

Politico: Face of the tea party is female

Politico: RNC rejects joint 'civility' statement

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Voters May Prefer a Crusader in the Governors Race. But Which One?
Roger Stone: New York GOP Rumble

NY Post: Liz Holtzman for AG?

NYT: State Budget Stalls on Finding $1 Billion More in Cuts
NYT: Editorial: A Budget for New Yorks Future
Albany TU: Lawmakers anticipate late budget
Albany TU: Budget extender to have extra funds for NYC OTB

CQ Politics: Democrats Mum on Possible Massa Successors


SacBee: Fiorina slams California's global warming law
SacBee: Schwarzenegger ponies up $500,000 for 'open primary' measure
WSJ: Vallejo's Painful Lessons in Municipal Bankruptcy (via Google)


Dallas MN: With health care fight, Abbott again takes on D.C.
Dallas MN: Texas GOP asks for Democratic House members' exchanges with consultants


CQ Politics: Rubio Favored 48-37 in Latest Mason-Dixon Poll
SPT: Crist and Rubio square off in a Fox News debate Sunday
Miami Herald: Meek looks to make history with petition drive
SPT: Meek, the other Senate candidate, trying for history

CQ Politics: Florida: Craft Ends Campaign Against Rooney


AJC: Republican lawmaker wants state to direct' Baker to sue over health care
AJC: Breitbart offers $10k reward for proof that n-word was hurled at John Lewis


Human Events: The Brady Bunch
Chicago Sun-Times: House votes to deny funds for Blagojevich's portrait
Chicago Tribune: Quinn pushing for Simon as running mate
Gail Collins: Nothing Is Easy in Illinois


AP: Pawlenty signs law preserving health plan for poor


WFMZ: A.G. Addresses Fight Over Health Care


Vindy: Ohios lawmakers busy at last


WSJ: Health Vote Adds Pressure on Stupak
Detroit FP: Granholm offers to defend bills
Detroit News: State Senate's early-out plan may be dead


WGN: Tempers erupt over budget battle in Missouri
KOMU: Mo. House Budget Controversial


CNC: TN Republicans Heart Madam Speaker


News & Observer: Burr to Hagan: Why did you miss hearing?


State: S.C. unemployment numbers drop


NYT: 4 Charged in Incident at Office of Senator
WSJ: Charges Reduced in Phone Caper at Senator's Office


NYT: Police Say Stray Bullet Hit Office of Lawmaker


AP: Christie opposes local sales, income tax proposal by Democrats


NYT: NYT: Deciding Who Will Lead a Health Care Leader


Rasmussen: Hawaii Senate: Inouye 65%, Lingle 25%
Rasmussen: Hawaii Governor: Two Top Democrats Well Ahead of GOPs Aiona


Rasmussen: North Dakota Senate: GOPs Hoeven 68%, Potter 25%


March 26, 2010


Rasmussen: 55% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill
WaPo: Iowa man joins protest against Obama and health-care reform
WSJ: Congress Approves Final Health Overhaul (via Google)
WSJ: Obama Is Ready to Run on Health Law (via Google)
AP: Cuban leader Castro applauds US health-care reform bill
WaPo: Congress approves 'fixes' to health-care law
NYT: Final Votes in Congress Cap Battle on Health Bill
Wash Times: Final health care bill awaits Obama
WSJ: Threats to Lawmakers Stir Acrimony (via Google)
NYT: Accusations Fly Between Parties Over Threats and Vandalism
NYT: Cantor Accuses Democrats of Exploiting Threats
WSJ: Demonizing Dissent (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Create False Storyline to Distract from What They've Done
Wash Times: Movement leaders say bad behavior not their cup of tea
NYT: In Iowa, Obama Calls Health Bill Pro-Business
WaPo: Obama invites health-care repeal advocates to 'go for it'
WSJ: Companies Take Health-Care Charges (via Google)
Human Events: Young Voters Obamacares Biggest Victims
Rep. Paul Ryan: Fix Health Reform, Then Repeal It
Kim Strassel: The Senate Reckoning (via Google)
Peggy Noonan: Political rage is a national problem, not a partisan one (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Play Victim, Seek to Criminalize Opposition to Obama
Charles Krauthammer: Obamacare's next trick: the VAT
Gary Bauer: The Pro-Life Democrats Fateful Choice
Rush Limbaugh: Truth on Carnahan and Stupak
NYT: OpEd: Now Comes the Hard Part
Paul Krugman: Going to Extreme
Linda Greenhouse: Supreme Court to consider unconstutionality of ObamaCare

NYT: Student Loan Overhaul Approved by Congress
WSJ: Senate Votes to Overhaul Student-Loan Industry (via Google)
WaPo: Colleges scramble to adjust as student loan overhaul nears passage

WaPo: Obama readies steps to fight foreclosures, particularly for unemployed
NYT: U.S. Plans Big Expansion in Effort to Aid Homeowners
WaPo: Q&A: Will foreclosure-prevention measures affect me?
AP/Zibel: Some underwater mortgages to get loan aid
Bloomberg: Half of U.S. Home Loan Modifications Default Again

Business Week: Republican Coburn Blocks Extension of U.S. Jobless Benefits
NYT: Some Long-Term Jobless to Lose Benefits
Politico: Jobless benefits stalemate in Senate
Hill: Bipartisan deal falls apart, endangering expiring unemployment benefits

WSJ: The Government Pay Boom (via Google)
Politico: 2,000 House staffers make six figures

WSJ: Dodd, GOP Work on Financial-Rule Overhaul (via Google)
NYT: Shelby Criticizes Financial Reform Bill, Saying It Wont End Too Big to Fail Problem
NYT: Bernanke Hints at Timing of Exit Strategy
WSJ: Bernanke Edges Toward Asset Sales
WaPo: Bernanke: Record-low rates needed to aid economy
WSJ: Debt Fears Send Rates Up (via Google)
Wash Times: CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP
David Brooks: Modern Economics: The Return of History

Hill: Sen. Dodd calls Pence attack pathetic

Riley, Barbour, Rendell, Bredesen, McDonnell:
A rail corridor along I-81 that would get traffic and the economy moving again

WSJ: Ex-Clinton Aide Named Executive Director of Fiscal Commission (via Google)

NYT: Cap and Trade Loses Its Standing as Energy Policy of Choice
Hill: Graham: Health vote saps red state Dem support for climate change legislation
Hill: 10 Dems warn Kerry: Don't expand offshore drilling in climate change bill
NYT: Audit Finds Vulnerability of EnergyStar Program
American Thinker: The Weatherization Boondoggle

Human Events: Schumer and Graham Offer Amnesty Retread

WSJ: Less Teeth in 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
NYT: A Military Downgrading of Dont Ask, Dont Tell
WaPo: Pentagon restricts evidence that can be used against gays in military
Wash Times: Gates alters rules for investigating gay troops

WSJ: NLRB Nominee Sparks Partisan Fight Ahead of Recess (via Google)
NYT: Republicans Lobby Against Recess Appointment to NLRB
WSJ: Obama's Organization Man (via Google)
Wash Times: Editorial: Obama's Big Labor payback

WaPo: A profile of Bob Bauer: Is this the counsel Obama keeps?

NYT: Editorial: FOIA Records in Real Time

Hill: Flake presses on with demand for earmark investigation information

NYT: In Possible Stevens Retirement, the Likelihood of an Election-Year Confrontation

AP/El Deeb: Al Qaeda vows retaliation if 9/11 suspect executed
Politico: Osama bin Laden warns on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed death penalty
Amer Spectator: Survival First, Lawfare Second: The Perils of Suicide-Pact Legalism

NYT: Palin Will Be Keynote Speaker at Anti-Abortion Groups Gathering
Politico: Sarah Palin keynoting anti-abortion fundraiser
CQ Politics: Palin Takes The Stage In Washington May 14
Wash Times: Abortion threatens to split the nation like slavery
WaPo: Sarah Palin's about to Discover the joys of reality TV with new series
Wash Times: Palin to host documentary on Alaska
Politico: TLC gets Palin TV show
NYT: McCain, Palin to Campaign Together in Arizona
WSJ: Palin Makes Fans Uneasy by Backing McCain
CQ Politics: Lawsuit Keeps Palin's $100,000 Speech In The News

WaPo: Mitt Romney rolls out 2010 endorsements
CQ Politics: Romney Still Popular 2012 Choice For GOP

NYT: Frum Forced Out at Conservative Institute
WaPo: Conservative David Frum loses think-tank job after criticizing GOP
WaPo: AEI hits David Frum where it hurts

James Taranto: The curious case of John Avlon and the "scary new GOP poll"

Politico: Robert Menendez survey draws scrutiny

Wash Times: Democrats politicking like it's 1994
CQ Politics: Parties Scrap for Governors Seats to Gain Handle on Redistricting
Mort Kondracke: Democrats Health Victory May Limit November Losses


Politico: Race in N.Y. may be a test for GOP
Albany TU: Lazio gets hearing with GOP lawmakers
Buffalo News: Paladino expands horizon for political controversy
DN: Paladino in 'ass kissing' jibe at congressman who criticized his Obamacare 9/11 comment
Albany TU: Paladino-Nadler 9/11 cage match
Gothamist: Paladino Explains 9/11 Remark, Continues To Provoke
LoHud: Paladino Wants To Send Sheldon Silver To Attica

NYT: Paterson Seen With Key Role in Response to Aides Abuse Case
NYDN: Paterson defended Johnson after hearing about police report detailing allegations
Albany TU: Paterson accepts Donlons resignation

NYDN: State pols eye budget life-support as April 1 deadline approaches
Albany TU: Sampson not thinking about extenders yet

NYT: House Democrats Who Rejected Health Bill May Face Trouble From Their Friends
NY Post: Rep. Hall took money from groups opposing health care reform

NYDN: $5 million for an empty office: Towns tried to get funds to group that hired his aide

NYDN: Malcom Smith hires criminal defense lawyer as Aqueduct probe heats up

Buffalo News: N.Y. Senate Democrats offer access for money

NYT: Lawmaker Is Acquitted of Drunken Driving but Convicted of Lesser Charge


CQ Politics: So Close: 1-Point Edge For Fiorina
SacBee: Anti-Tom Campbell ad compares him with Barbara Boxer

WSJ: Calpers Deals Part of Probe by Justice Into Pay-Play (via Google)

NYT: Legal-Marijuana Advocates Focus on a New Green

Dan Walters: New York scandals send a warning to California


Dallas MN: Challenger White steers middle course in bid to unseat Perry
DMN: If Rick Perry is going to run for president, looks like he's got some work to do
Star-Teleg: Perry gives mixed reviews to healthcare law, condemns threats against Dems

WSJ: Texas Strip-Club Tax Called Naked Money Grab (via Google)


Rasmussen: Florida Governor: McCollum 47%, Sink 36%
CQ Politics: Crist Starts TV Attack
Miami Herald: Anger erupts over school bills in Florida Legislature
Buzz: Bill McCollum: no idea how much Obama lawsuit costs


AJC: Newt Gingrich: Democrats bear some responsibility for threats, anger over health care
AJC: Johnny Isakson released from hospital, sent home for rest
AJC: Meet Rob Woodall, the newest GOP candidate for the 7th


NYT: Downstate Republican Faces Rough Road in Race for Governor
Chicago ST: Quinn chooses Sheila Simon for running mate: sources
Chicago Tribune: Sources: Quinn wants Sheila Simon as running mate


Fox: Pawlenty: No Decision Yet on 2012
AP: Minn.'s Pawlenty pulls out of Southern GOP event


Pittsburgh PG: Rendell tells Corbett: Drop health care lawsuit


WHIO: Boehner, GOP Urge Ohio To Fight Health Care Law
American Spectator: Somebody in Ohio Is Lying


Detroit FP: Bill Milliken and the lost art of governance


KC Star: Two Missouri House members separated during budget debate


CQ Politics: Kansas: Rep. Moore's Wife Running For His Seat


Tennessean: Jason Mumpower unexpectedly announces retirement
Politico: Gibbons exiting in Tennessee


FayObserver: Sen. Burr holds up Senate hearing


CQ Politics: Mulvaney Moves Up in 'Young Guns' Program


AP/DeFalco: NJ's Gov. Christie targets spending 'addiction'

Politico: He's a Runyan for Congress


NYT: Political Tide Could Wash Away Utah Senator


LA Times: McCain adapting to face a challenge from the right
NYT: McCain, Palin to Campaign Together in Arizona
WSJ: Palin Makes Fans Uneasy by Backing McCain


Politico: Vegas firm factors in Ensign inquiry


Rasmussen: North Dakota House: GOPs Berg 51%, Pomeroy 44%
CQ Politics: Poll: Pomeroy Still Lags GOP Opponent in North Dakota


March 25, 2010


NYT: G.O.P. Forces New House Vote on Package of Health Bill Changes
WaPo: GOP challenges send health bill back to House
WSJ: Final Piece of Health Bill Hits Snag (via Google)
WSJ: Key Part of Law To Be Clarified (via Google)
Hill: Healthcare bill headed back to the House after marathon Senate push
Wash Times: Viagra vote stalls HCR in Senate
Wash Times: GOP blocks Senate actions
WSJ: Health-Care Law Fires Up Candidates on Both Sides (via Google)
WSJ: Funds Double for Health Clinics (via Google)
WSJ: ObamaCare Day One: Companies are already warning about higher health-care costs
WSJ: Repeal the Democrats (via Google)
WSJ: Reconciling Mr. Nelson (via Google)
WSJ: ObamaCare and American Power (via Google)
Politico: McConnell eyes majority, then repeal of bill
Hill: Boehner: Republican majority would refuse to fund healthcare reform
NYT: After Health Vote, Threats on Democrats
WaPo: Lawmakers concerned as health-care overhaul foes resort to violence
NYT: A Grand Achievement, or a Lost Opportunity?
Karl Rove: What Republicans Should Do: Repeal & reform will be a winning issue this fall
James Taranto: The Obamaklatura
WaPo: States argue the feds can't force purchase of health insurance
Orin Kerr: Chances Courts Would Strike Down the Individual Mandate
Charles Lane: Is health reform unconstitutional? Don't laugh
EJ Dionne: Health care and the New Nullifiers
Rush Limbaugh: John Dingell Says Obamacare Soon Will "Control the People"
Rush Limbaugh: Left Admits Obama's Intent is Redistribution, Reversal of Reagan
American Spectator: Pulling the Plug on the "Living" Constitution

NYT: Without Stupak, Anti-Abortion Groups Dinner Goes On
WaPo: Obama has angered women's groups by reaffirming no federal funds for abortion
Wash Times: Obama signs abortion order behind closed doors

WSJ: Student-Loan Shenanigans (via Google)

WaPo: Obama urges Democrats to make hard push on financial regulation
NYT: Financial Overhaul Is Next Priority of Democrats
Hill: Democrats: Wall Street is next
Politico: Bob Corker: GOP erred on financial reform
NYT: Behind Consumer Agency Idea, a Tireless Advocate
American Thinker: Downsizing America's Economy

NYT: Social Security Payouts to Exceed Revenue This Year
AP/Zibel: New-home sales drop 2.2% in Feb. to new low

Wash Times: Unions want Washington's help with pension funds

Politico: Coburn likely to lead charge against jobless benefit extension

Wash Times: Gas price up $1 a gallon on Obama's watch
Politico: Details of climate bill trickle out
Hill: Coal fight could see Washington repeat

NYT: Pelosi Names 3 to Obamas Deficit Panel

WaPo: For two detainees who told what they knew, Guantanamo becomes a gilded cage

WaPo: U.S. investigators winding down inquiry of destroyed CIA tapes

WaPo: Reading scores stalled under 'No Child' law
WSJ: Why Freer Schools Are Better Schools (via Google)

Ann Coulter: Oh, Canada!
Wash Times: School denies canceling Coulter speech
Rush Limbaugh: A Canadian on Coulter Controversy

John Bolton: What the President Can Learn From Google (via Google)
John Bolton: Obama's Global Failure Makes U.S. Much Less Secure

AP/Pace: White House seen as frat house
Wash Times: Even average Americans' words harsh for Obama
Daily Mail UK: Almost a quarter of Republicans think Obama 'may be the Antichrist'

CBS: Darrell Issa Poised to Call for Special Prosecutor to Investigate White House


NY Post: Levy statement addresses previous backing of gov't-run health care
NY Post: Long: how well did GOP vet Steve Levy?
NY Post: Levy: GOP nomination 'within our grasp'

NYT: Possible G.O.P. Candidate for Senate Will Skip Race
CQ Politics: Senor Won't Run Against Gillibrand

NYT: Paterson and Legislature at Odds as Budget Deadline Nears
Albany TU: Budget lines define debate
NYT: Editorial: Albanys Pork Handouts

NYT: Albany Senate to Release Some Files on Aqueduct
Albany TU: Case challenges subpoena power
Albany TU: The Senate subpoenas and the suit fighting them


SacBee: Tom Campbell says he wouldn't pursue California earmarks if elected to Senate
SacBee: Whitman spending outpaces Poizner, Brown
George Skelton: California could take big hit from healthcare overhaul
LA Times: Measure to legalize marijuana will be on California's November ballot


Dallas MN: Texas GOP files ethics complaint against Democratic gov candidate Bill White
AP: Texas attorney general backed state health coverage law


Rasmussen: Florida Senate: Rubio, Crist Remain Ahead of Meek
NYT: Ad Duel for Florida G.O.P. Senate Candidates
Rasmussen: 54% of Florida Voters Favor Suing Federal Government Over Health Care


AJC: Georgia Democrats and the health care dilemma
AJC: An impeach Thurbert Baker movement?
CQ Politics: Vote Provokes Barrow Primary Talk


CST: State pension cuts OK'd: Legislature raises retirement age to 67, ends double-dipping
Chicago ST: Pension cuts a giant first step. Keep going


CQ Politics: Rokita Favored in Buyer Open Seat


Politico: Pawlenty, Bachmann at anti-abortion fundraiser
Star Tribune: Pawlenty will sign health bill for poor


Rasmussen: Iowa Governor: Branstad 52%, Culver 36%


CQ Politics: Most Keystone Voters Silent on Governor's Race
CQ Politics: Another Poll Shows Dead Heat for Pennsylvania Senate Race


CQ Politics: Senate Candidates Still Largely Unfamiliar To Ohio Voters
CQ Politics: Romney Aids Ohio GOP Candidates
Hill: Ohio seeks help from White House


WSJ: Abortion-Rights Groups Back Stupak Rival
Detroit News: Karmanos, Cheeks Kilpatrick testify before grand jury
Detroit FP: Beatty got $100K from Kilpatrick civic fund


Rasmussen: Tennessee Governor: Republicans Hold Early Advantage
Politico: Corker pitch: $10k dinner, $5k meeting


CQ Politics: Kentucky: Cheney Endorses Grayson
Politico: Cheney boosts Grayson on security
NYT: Kentucky: Cheney Backs a Candidate


Wash Times: It's OK to vote for Porky and Kinky


Rasmussen: North Carolina Senate: GOPs Burr Feels Little Heat For Now


NYT: Attorney General Moves to Forefront of Virginia Conservative Resurgence


Wash Times: IRS seeks 'unpaid liability' from Marion Barry


CQ Politics: Report: Ehrlich Readies Rematch Challenge in Maryland
Politico: Ehrlich in for a rematch


AP: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie's bold moves gain national attention


Boston Globe: Rivalry heats up for Cahill and Baker
CQ Politics: Brown Endorses in GOP Primary for Delahunt's Seat


CQ Politics: Idaho: Ward Surrogates Criticize Sali's 'Boy Scout' Remark


CQ Politics: Dino Rossi Stops By The NRSC To Talk Washington Senate Race


March 24, 2010


WSJ: Obama Signs Landmark Health Bill (via Google)
WSJ: Republicans Begin Strategy Rethink
WSJ: Now, Can We Have Health-Care Reform? (via Google)
WSJ: Senate Begins Debate on Health-Care Bill (via Google)
WSJ: In Swing Districts, Voters Take Stock
WSJ: Health Overhaul Beneficiary: Medical Offices? (via Google)
WSJ: Your Medical Records Aren't Secure
Wash Times: Obama signs health bill with gleeful Democrats
Wash Times: Healthy tax increases, not only on wealthy
Wash Times: Obama to sign abortion order behind closed doors
Wash Times: GOP targets health bill 'sellouts'
Wash T: Democrats' reforms are about money - so should be the conservative response
Wash Times: Editorial: No Obamacare for Obama
Boston Globe: 13 attorneys general sue on health care bill
Chicago ST: White House, experts say states' health-care lawsuit is doomed
NYT: Obama Signs Health Care Overhaul Bill, With a Flourish
NYT: In Health Care Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality
NYT: New G.O.P. Slogan: Repeal and Replace Health Care Law
NYT: At White House, Bidens Expletive Caught on Open Mike
NYT: Obama to Sign Executive Order in Private
NYT: Senate Republicans Offer More Amendments
NYT: Coburns Unusual Amendments
NYT: Editorial: The Day After
Maureen Dowd: Hail the Conquering Professor
WaPo: Obama signs health-care reform bill
WaPo: With Senate 'fixes' bill, GOP sees last chance to change health-care reform
WaPo: For many interest groups, health-care bill's passage isn't the end
WaPo: When does the health-care bill go into effect?
Kathleen Parker: Stupak's fall from pro-life grace
Ruth Marcus: A generous dose of caution on health reform
Politico: Republicans weigh costs of losing ugly
Politico: Senate Dems brace for 'poison pills'
Politico: Health bill may exempt top Hill staffers
Politico: 49% say health reform a 'good thing'
Politico: Paul Ryan will push 'repeal and replace'
CQ Politics: Vote Gives Candidates, Parties Cash Influx
Human Events: Obamacare: The Battle Is Far From Over
Sen. Jim DeMint: Repeal Mediscam
Rush Limbaugh: The Bottom Line: It's Love vs. Hate
Rush Limbaugh: "It's Going to be Like Christmas"
Rush Limbaugh: Why Wait Until 2014? Demand All Obamacare Provisions Right Now
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Must be Defeated
Dick Morris: How to fight ObamaCare

NYT: A First Step on Fannie and Freddie
Hill: Geithner: Plan for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac will be out 'within months'
WSJ: U.S. Urged to Keep Role in Mortgages (via Google)
WSJ: No End to U.S. Housing Handouts (via Google)
WSJ: Barney Frank Dances With His Fannie/Freddie Skeletons
WSJ: Inspector General Slams Obama Foreclosure-Prevention Drive

WaPo: Obama's export plan won't necessarily create jobs
Hill: Senate Dems to face a second showdown on jobless benefits

WaPo: Students push for aid overhaul; lenders lobby against it

Wash Times: Immigration plan would create backlog

Hill: BP CEO: Climate bill should promote natural gas industry

NYT: Ex-Times Lawyer, an Army Nominee, Is Queried on Leaks
Politico: GOP finds more ways to blast Guantanamo Bay

NYT: E.P.A. to Seek More Data on Emissions

WSJ: NASA to Devise New Spending Plan to Placate Congress (via Google)

WSJ: Census Data Show Recession Has Altered Longtime Migration Pattern in U.S

Politico: Poll: Tea partiers like GOP
LA Times: 'Tea party' activists happier with the GOP
Thomas Friedman: A Tea Party Without Nuts

CQ Politics: NRCC Raises $7 Million At Annual Dinner

Politico: Palin unveils midterm target list

WaPo: Discovery expected to give blessing to travelogue starring Sarah Palin

Wash Times: Canadian protest shuts down Coulter
NYDN: Coulter causes firestorm by telling Muslim to 'take a camel' as alternative to flying
Vancouver Sun: Right-wing U.S. firebrand Ann Coulter will file grievance with rights panel


NYDN: Carl Paladino, Republican with eye on guv's seat, compares health care bill to 9/11
WGRZ: Buffalo's Carl Paladino Remark On Health Care Reform Stirs Controversy
NBC NY: Tea Party Governor Hopeful: Healthcare Overhaul is Like Sept. 11
WBEN: Paladino Running; Already Jousts "Prince Andrew"
NYDN: Lazio Campaign Asks Cox To 'Rejoin' The GOP

CQ Politics: Gillibrand Still Trails Pataki, 45% to 39%

NYT: 3 Senators Are Subpoenaed on Aqueduct Casino Deal
NYT: Legislator Accused of D.W.I. Goes on Trial
CQ Politics: Nixon's Grandson Casts Nationwide Money Net To Fund House Race
Albany TU: How bad will it be after Assembly vote?
Buffalo News: 3 Assembly Democrats call on teachers to skip pay hikes
NY Post: Albany Dems offer labor seats at table - for 50G!
NYDN: Staten Island Rep. Mike McMahon faces White House wrath over health care 'no' vote
NYDN: State Dems want to legalize medical marijuana to help plug budget gap


SacBee: Whitman says lawmakers should pick teams and focus
LA Times: Whitman spent $249 a minute for her lead in the polls
NYT: Condoleezza Rice Endorses Fiorina
NYT: California, in Financial Crisis, Opens Prison Doors
LA Times: California may vote on legalizing pot in November
SacBee: Field Poll: Californians more likely to back state budget cuts
Dan Walters: California Forward's budget reform plan falls short


Dallas MN: Texas Republicans in House urge Kay Bailey Hutchison not to resign from Senate
Politico: Neugebauer: 'Outpouring' of support since 'baby killer' outburst
CQ Politics: Neugebauer Tries to Cash In on Outburst


Rasmussen: Florida Senate GOP Primary: Rubio 56%, Crist 34%
AP/Farrington: Florida's Meek hopes to inherit Senate
Miami Herald: Complaint targets Rubio's spending
St. Pete Times: McCollum's suit could backfire politically


AJC: Saxby Chambliss joins effort to repeal health care law
AJC: Nathan Deal passes out Thurbert Bakers phone number


NYT: In Chicago, Obama Aide Had V.I.P. List for Schools
CQ Politics: Opponent's Poll: Halvorson In Competitive Race
Chicago ST: Nick Giannis in custody in Chicago


Rasmussen: Indiana Senate: Ellsworth Trails GOP Hopefuls Before Health Care Vote
Indianapolis Star: Bayh gives $1 million to state Democrats
CQ Politics: Bayh Gives $1 Million To Indiana Democrats
Hill: Bayh sends $1 million to Ellsworth
CQ Politics: Indiana: Burton Attacked In New Ad


AP: Pawlenty urges MN House to pass health compromise


CQ Politics: Another Poll Shows Feingold vs. Thompson Competitive


Allentown MC: Risks, rewards for Pa. attorney general in legal challenge
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa., other states sue to block health overhaul
Examiner: Health-care reform and the effect on Pennsylvania
AP/Levy: State House OKs budget; Senate revisions still loom


Politics Daily: GOP's Kasich Leading an Unpopular Strickland in Ohio Governor Race
CQ Politics: Familiarity, But Not Favor, for Ohio Gov. Strickland


Detroit News: Stupak denies trading health care vote for airport grants
Detroit FP: Did 'backroom deal' sway Stupak? He blasts GOP claim
Detroit News: Granholm orders background checks for business tax break recipients
Detroit News: Mayor Bing: 'Together we can reinvent Detroit'
Detroit FP: Bing lays out vision for a new Detroit


KMOV: Missouri reps to fight health care bill
KTTS: Lt.Gov.joins fight against health care measure


Tennessean: Rep. Turner's race remark offends GOP leaders


CQ Politics: Paul Raises $100,000 in Less Than 12 Hours


NCNN: State GOP Calls For Fair Review of Perdue Campaign


State: Candidates for governor joust on education
CQ Politics: South Carolina: Club Endorses Scott


WaPo: Cuccinelli sues federal government to stop health-care reform law


WSJ: New Jersey Cuts Workers' Benefits (via Google)
Star-L: Christie calls for teachers, school workers to accept wage freeze to prevent layoffs
NYT: Corzine Returning to Wall St. as Chief Executive of MF Global
AP: Former N.J. Gov. Jon Corzine lands jobs as Wall Street CEO, Princeton professor


Rasmussen: Vermont Governor: Dubie Leads Five Top Democrats


Rasmussen: Arizona Governor: GOP's Martin, Mills Lead Goddard
NYT: Tough Bill Advances in Arizona on Illegal Immigrants


Salt Lake Tribune: Campaigns target delegates in first big test for Senate candidates


Amer Spectator: Republican Wyoming prepares to replace popular Democrat "Gov Dave"


March 23, 2010


WSJ: Parties Joust Over Next Steps on Health (via Google)
WSJ: Strict Abortion Rules Mean Fewer Insurers May Offer Coverage (via Google)
WSJ: Health-Overhaul Foes Ready Court Challenges (via Google)
WSJ: In Swing Districts, Voters Take Stock
WSJ: Government Focus Now Turns to Implementation (via Google)
WSJ: Pro-life Democrats, R.I.P.
WSJ: Republicans & ObamaCare: Democrats insisted on the most liberal bill they could pass
WSJ: Now, Back to Pretending to Care About the Deficit
James Taranto: Unstable Condition: Why ObamaCare makes us nostalgic for the Cold War
NYT: Health Measures Opponents Plan Legal Challenges
NYT: G.O.P. Faces Drawbacks of United Stand on Health Bill
NYT: Health Vote Is Done, but Partisan Debate Rages On
NYT: Lessons for the Democrats, Some Perhaps Cautionary, After a Signal Triumph
NYT: Obama Heads to Iowa to Pitch Health Care
NYT: Obama to Sign Health Bill on Tuesday
NYT: Sen. Ben Nelson to Vote Against Reconciliation Bill
AP: Tea Partiers Vow Revenge Over Health Overhaul
NYT: OpEd: For Democrats, a Win Is a Win
David Brooks: The Democrats Rejoice
WaPo: How Obama revived his health-care bill
WaPo: Interactive timeline: The Quest for Health-Care Overhaul
WaPo: Senate's deliberate pace frustrates the House
WaPo: Health-care vote looms as big issue for November elections
WaPo: Campaign 2010: The battle to frame healthcare reform for the midterms
WaPo: GOP state leaders vow to fight health-care legislation
WaPo: States opposing health-care legislation
WaPo: First wave of health-care changes will target insurers with new rules
WaPo: Editorial: Will health-care reform work?
Michael Gerson: Obama shows a president can be both strong and wrong
George Will: A battle won, but a victory?
Wash Times: GOP sharpens health bill amendments
Wash Times: GOP fighting mad about health bill
Wash Times: Health care fight energizes pro-life movement
AP/Perrone: Bill good medicine for some industries
AP: Va., other states challenge health care
Tony Blankley: Sunday's socialist triumph
Wash Times: Editorial: Bart Stupak, coward
Wes Pruden: Now comes November
Politico: Republicans grapple with weekend fallout
Politico: Abortion to make political comeback
Politico: After the vote, the selling begins
Politico: Timing right for Dem midterm hopes
Politico: Senate Dems brace for 'poison pills'
Hill: Sen Harry Reids goal: Wrap up healthcare package by Saturday
Hill: Obama, Democrats gain political momentum with healthcare vote
Hill: Nelson to oppose reconciliation package, cites student lending
Hill: Lincoln opposes House Reconciliation bill
Hill: Culture war looms as members shift back into campaign mode
Hill: Healthcare finished, House Democrats switch to jobs agenda
CNN: 10 states line up to sue over health bill, Florida AG says
Human Events: Obamacare Must Be Repealed
Human Events: Unchanged Senate Bill to Become Law
Human Events: Stupak Hits Historic Low
Newt Gingrich: This Will Not Stand: Newt On the Passage of Obamacare
David Limbaugh: The Beginning of the End or of Rebirth?
Rush Limbaugh: America Hangs by a Thread
Rush Limbaugh: Starting Today, the Best Health Care System in the World is History
Rush Limbaugh: We're Waiting for Lower Premiums
Rush Limbaugh: The Answer? Elect Conservatives, Defeat Anyone with a (D) by Name
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals are Remaking the Country and Must Be Stopped in November
Rush Limbaugh: The American Private Sector Has Been Targeted for Destruction
Grover Norquist: Will 2010 Be Another 1994?
American Thinker: In Defeat, Defiance
American Thinker: The Moral Case Against Health Care Reform
American Thinker: Healthy Community Initiatives: A Microcosm of What We're In For
Jonah Goldberg: The reality of Obamacare

NYT: Bank Panel Clears Bill on Overhaul
WSJ: Financial Overhaul Advances (via Google)
WaPo: Senate panel passes sweeping financial-regulation bill
Politico: Financial reform bill sent to Senate
Wash Times: Fed's regulatory powers likely to be expanded
WSJ: New Plan to Reshape Mortgage Market (via Google)
WaPo: White House to open a public debate on housing finance reform
WSJ: Feinberg to Review Pay at Bailed-Out Firms
WaPo: Pay czar widens review of executive pay at banks
NYT: Few Fled the Companies Constrained by Pay Limits
NYT: Editorial: Real Financial Reform in an Election Year

NYT: Democratic Leadership Councils Reed Tapped for Deficit Panel

NYT: Next Big Issue? Social Security Pops Up Again

WSJ: Fixing No Child Left Behind (via Google)

NYT: U.S. Bolsters Chemical Restrictions for Water
WSJ: EPA Chief: To Tighten Standards For Four Water Contaminants

Politico: After health care, a climate bill push
Hill: Reid faces new climate pressure
Wash Times: Meat, dairy diet not tied to global warming

NYT: Justices to Weigh Law on Gaining Citizenship via Parents
AP/Sherman: Justices to weigh citizenship rule
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Next Big Push: Amnesty
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Assault on Middle Class

WaPo: Graham proposes framework for handling terrorism suspects
Commentary: Grahams Crumbling Deal

WSJ: In Holder's Woes, a Dj Vu (via Google)
Wash Times: Editorial: Eric Holder on the griddle

NYT: U.S. Set to Expand Role in Protecting Air Travelers

NYT: House Ethics Office Gains, Dismissals Aside

Wash Times: Amazon flexes muscle in sales-tax fight

NYT: Acorn to Shut All Its Offices by April 1
WSJ: Acorn Disbanding, Housing Offshoot to Remain (via Google)
AP/Tarm: ACORN disbanding because of money woes, scandal
Big Govt: Is ACORNs Bankruptcy Claim Just More Deceit?
Rep. Darrell Issa: In Re Excreta

Alan Dershowitz: Obama's Legacy and the Iranian Bomb (via Google)

CQ Politics: Candidates on the Fundraising Hot Seat
CQ Politics: Challenger Races Usually Lowest Funding Priority

AP: Romney: Health care bill will cost Obama 2nd term
CQ Politics: Is Romney Toast in 2012?


Albany TU: Party lines tell tale in state budget vote
NYT: Senate, Trying to Trim Deficit, Offers Budget Plan Cutting $1.4 Billion From Schools
NYDN: State Dems want to legalize medical marijuana to help plug budget gap
Albany TU: Senate Dems fire back at Skelos

CQ Politics: Cuomo Leads Big While Republicans Squabble
NYDN: Poll: Lazio thumps Levy, but Cuomo still has huge lead in gubernatorial race
NY Post: Cuomo crushes all comers: poll
NY Post: Andy fears 'crazy' Levy


LA Times: Meg Whitman sets record spending pace in campaign for governor
LA Times: Jerry Brown has $14 million in bank for governor's race
AP/Blood: Help pours in for Brown's California race
SacBee: Field Poll: Issues in the governor's race

CQ Politics: California: Simon Backing Campbell For GOP Senate Nomination
LA Times: Former Secretary of State Rice endorses Fiorina in GOP Senate race

CQ Politics: Watching the Fundraising in California

LA Times: Governor, lawmakers agree to early budget package
SacBee: Lawmakers, Schwarzenegger strike mini-deal on budget
Dan Walters: Protesters can't alter fiscal facts


Dallas MN: Hutchison watch: Senator vowed to resign when health care fight ends. Now what?
Dallas MN: Perry, backer of poor don't see eye to eye on health bill
NYT: Texas Lawmaker Admits Baby Killer Remark
WaPo: Abortion foe from Texas says he regrets outburst


Miami Herald: GOP in Florida takes aim at healthcare mandates
SPT: Florida Republicans look to dismantle health care overhaul
NYT: Rep. Allen Boyd: Casting Vote, and Now Trying to Sell It Back Home

Rasmussen: Florida Senate: Rubio 45%, Meek 25%, Crist 22%
Buzz: Marco Rubio's chief of staff charged liberally to GOP credit card
Miami Herald: Meek wants $238M for pet projects
American Spectator: Florida Bolero

NYT: Stimulus Plan for Rail Line between Tampa and Orlando Shows System of Weak Links


AJC: Special election to fill Nathan Deal seat set for April 27
CQ Politics: Georgia Special Election Date Set for Deal Seat


Chicago Tribune: State House backs 4-day school week
Chicago Tribune: Illinois Catholics call off keynote by Stupak


Indianapolis Star: What health-care reform means to Indiana


Star Tribune: Budget ax hits Minnesota cities, counties


Rasmussen: Iowa Senate: Grassley Remains Well Ahead


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. AG says he'll sue over health-care bill
Pittsburgh PG: Corbett pits Pa. against health plan


KYpost: Health Care Vote Will Be THE Issue In Ohio 1st District Race
AP/Whiteman: Unions irked at Ohio Democrat over health care


Detroit FP: Stupak's health vote falls in place after phone call from Obama
Detroit News: Stupak's health care vote may cost him among anti-abortion groups
NRO: Bart Stupak: Michigans Cheap Date
Detroit FP: Editorial: Cox, McMillin woo reform foes with legal foolishness
CQ Politics: Poll: Schwarz a Bit Short in Michigan Governor Bid


St. Louis PD: Gay discrimination measure advances in Missouri House


Tennessean: Tennessee officials may sue over health reform
WVLT: Tennessee politicians talk about health care reform bill


Charlotte Observer: N.C. Republicans angry over health care vote
WLOS: 3 NC Dems join GOP in opposing health care bill

Times-News: Elon poll finds Burr has lead in recognition, favorability rating


AP/Adcox: SC's Bauer publicly launches run for governor


Roanoke Times: Cuccinelli readies health reform suit
Richmond TD: Va. Democrats beam, but GOP cites gain ahead of midterm elections


Star-Ledger: Christie signs pension, benefits changes for state employees
Paul Mulshine: The real Gov. Chris Christie budget: property-tax hikes to the horizon


Rasmussen: Vermont Senate: Leahy 58%, Generic Republican 33%


Boston Globe: Brown pauses, then backs Republican repeal effort
Boston Globe: Patrick, rivals shift debate


March 22, 2010


WSJ: House Passes Historic Health Bill
WSJ: Text of Obamas Planned Executive Order on Abortion
WSJ: Now, the Campaigning Begins (via Google)
WSJ: Vast Ambition, Colossal Risk
WSJ: Steps You Can Take Ahead of Changes in Coverage, Taxes
WSJ: Winners and Losers in the Affected Industries (via Google)
WSJ: Larger Businesses Lament Costs, Stricter Coverage Rules (via Google)
WSJ: Vote by Vote, a Troubled Bill Was Revived (via Google)
WSJ: Health-Care Reform Major Win for Obama Presidency
WSJ: Order on Abortion Solidifies Support (via Google)
WSJ: Rep. Stupak Is Called Baby Killer
WSJ: Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak sold his anti-abortion soul for a toothless executive order
WSJ: A Sunday of Crowds, Chaos and Confrontation
WSJ: A landmark of liberal governance whose price will be very steep
WaPo: House passes health-care reform bill without Republican votes
WaPo: How each House member voted
WaPo: The health-care vote, by the numbers
WaPo: What the health-care bill means for you
WaPo: Obama plans blitz to boost public opinion of health-care effort
WaPo: Stupak called 'baby-killer' on House floor
WaPo: NOW, NARAL displeased with Obama-Stupak deal
WaPo: Senate has some work left on health-care bill
WaPo: Pelosi, Hoyer celebrate passage of health-care bill
WaPo: Republicans rally Tea Party activists to oppose the health-care legislation
Dana Milbank: Republican lawmakers stir up the 'tea party' crowd
Ezra Klein: Hollow reconciliation threats
EJ Dionne: Yes, they made history
NYT: House Approves Health Overhaul, Sending Landmark Bill to Obama
NYT: For Consumers, Clarity on Health Care Changes
NYT: Legal and Political Fights Loom for Democrats
NYT: Big Win for Obama, but at What Cost?
NYT: In Reform, Boons for Hospitals and Drug Makers
NYT: Another Long March in the Name of Change
NYT: Editorial: Health Care Reform, at Last
Paul Krugman: Fear Strikes Out
Ross Douthat: Show Time for Health Care
Wash Times: Landmark health care plan passes
Wash Times: Hospital, insurance assistance in bill
Joe Curl: Bipartisan only in opposition
Wash Times: Editorial: Democrats' death by suicide
Politico: Huge win for Barack Obama, but split decision for House Democrats
Politico: House passes landmark health bill
Politico: Bart Stupak called 'baby killer' on House floor
Politico: Some Dems walk plank with 'yes' vote
Politico: Women's groups, without the votes
Politico: Mike Doyle facilitated critical Bart Stupak talks
Politico: Boehner says vote will haunt Dems
Politico: Barney Frank: 'Mass hysteria' on Capitol Hill
CQ Politics: House Passes Historic Health Care Overhaul
CQ Politics: Rove: Significant Loss of Seats Due to Health Vote
CQ Politics: Democrats Who Voted "No" on Health Care Overhaul
Hill: House sends Senate healthcare bill to Obama's desk in 219-212 vote
Hill: 'Baby killer' shout aimed at Stupak
Hill: House roll call on healthcare bill: 34 Dems vote against
Hill: Obama: House healthcare vote proves country 'still capable of big things'
Hill: Stupak speaks out against GOP motion to recommit on abortion language
Hill: Stupak stripped of 'Defender of Life' award he was to receive this week
Hill: Pelosi achieves biggest political victory of her career with health bill
Dick Morris: Dems asking for defeat
Human Events: House Passes Health Care 219-212
Human Events: Health Care: What's Next for GOP, Health Care Bill Opponents
Human Events: Bishops Reassert: Executive Order Won't Fix Abortion Problem
Human Events: GOP House Whip: Executive Order Can't Override Abortion Law
Boston Globe: One step remains in Senate; GOP set for battle to the end
NYDN: Benefits of President Obama's health care bill will not be seen for years
LA Times: Now, House Democrats await fallout from their votes
Philadelphia Inquirer: Congress braced for Nov. 2 repercussions
Time: Can Republicans Succeed By Running Against Health Reform?
TRNS: Executive Order Prohibiting Abortion Funding Could Be Rescinded, Says OH Republican
AJC: Tom Price: Doctor-patient trust will be permanently eroded, permanently damaged
American Spectator: Stupak: The Disappearing Pro-Life Democrat
American Spectator: The Fight Will Go On
American Spectator: Why Healthcare Reform Can't Work
American Spectator: Rush Was Right
American Spectator: Without Recourse
American Spectator: Obama and the Doctors
American Thinker: The One Pre-Existing Condition Getting a Cure
American Thinker: Obamacare's Achilles Heel
American Thinker: Voter Backlash Beyond ObamaCare
Yahoo: Schlafly: Health Care Vote Set to Expose the Myth of the 'Pro-Life Democrat'
Atlantic: The Future After Health Care
NRO: Obamacare Isnt Inevitable

WaPo: House approves huge changes to student loan program
AP/Kuhnhenn: Student lending along for the ride

WSJ: Big Push to Alter Finance Rules (via Google)
WSJ: Senate Panel to Face Barrage of Amendments Over Financial Rules
WSJ: Obama: Dodd's Financial Overhaul 'Essential' (via Google)
WSJ: Dodd Bill May Allow for 'Backdoor Bailouts,' Bair Says (via Google)
WSJ: Mankiw vs. Greenspan: How Much Leverage Do Banks Need to Be Useful?
WSJ: A Favor for Fannie Mae (via Google)

NYT: At Rally, Call for Urgency on Immigration Reform
Wash Times: Immigration advocates pressure Obama
Politico: Luis Gutierrez's remarks on immigration reform

WSJ: Education: The National Standards Distraction

WSJ: Lindsey Graham's Air Ball: The Senator offers Obama a Gitmo reprieve

WSJ: Better Broadband Is No 'Joke' (via Google)

John McCain: Iraq's Democracy Takes Shape (via Google)

NYT: States Look Beyond Borders to Collect Owed Taxes
WSJ: Interest-Rate Deals Sting Cities, States (via Google)
WSJ: Public Pension Deficits Are Worse Than You Think (via Google)
Wash Times: States gamble on gaming

NYT: Take $787 Billion. Now Show Where Its Going

Wash Times: White House adds skilled fundraiser

Wash Times: U.S. Post exec taps former associate for no-bid pact

Wash Times: Charities behaving badly: Dollars from naive donors are sometimes misused

NYT: Editorial: Ex-Offenders and the Vote

NYT: OpEd: To Reduce Partisanship, Get Rid of Partisans

WSJ: The War on Drugs Is Doomed

WSJ: Clinton Returns to Washington, Needling Himself, Obama and the Press

Politico: GOP committees out-raise Democrats
CQ Politics: 2012 Looks No Better For Democrats
CQ Politics: For Democrats, This Isnt Simply Another Chicken Little Story
Human Events: Presidents Approval Rating in Critical Condition


NYDN: Party-switching GOP hopeful Steve Levy picks fight with Lazio pal Pataki
Albany TU: Conservatives nod to Lazio a big deal, or not
Fox: NY Gubernatorial Race: A New Republican Enters the Ring

NYDN: Senate set to OK Gov. Paterson's state budget
Albany TU: Espada on the budget

Albany TU: Murphy backs health reform


LA Times: Simon to endorse Campbell in GOP Senate race
George Skelton: Whitman's conservative core
AP/Blood: Poizner pushes tough immigration stand
SacBee: Jerry Brown takes on populist tone
Rasmussen: 62% in California Oppose Education Budget Cuts
LA Times: State Fund reformer was paid a salary of $450,000 a year, plus perks
Dan Walters: Cleaning up California government would help
SacBee: Field Poll: Schwarzenegger's public opinion rating sinks to new low


Star-Telegram: ObamaCare: How Texas lawmakers voted
Fox: Transcript: Sen. Cornyn on 'FNS'
Houston Chronicle: For Texas' high court: Judge Lehrmann scholarly, seasoned


Miami Herald: Florida senators OK'd raises for staffers despite state pay cuts
Ledger: Speech Crucial for Dockery's Campaign
Ledger: Teacher Pay Bill Set for Senate Fight


Rasmussen: Georgia Senate: Isakson 52%, Generic Democrat 31%
CQ Politics: Georgia: Deal Officially Resigns
Politico: Nathan Deal of Georgia resigns
AJC: Georgia congressmen epitomize the health care debate


Chicago Tribune: Brady elected to full term as Illinois Republican chairman
Chicago Sun-Times: Lipinski bucks fellow Democrats in health bill vote
Chicago Tribune: Lipinski is states only House Democrat to break with party on health bill


Star Tribune: Minnesota delegation splits over 'legacy vote'
WSJ: Pawlenty's Star Dims in Minnesota
WSJ: Pawlenty Feels Wrath in Minnesota (via Google)
Politico: AUFC launches $100k in anti-Bachmann ads
Star Tribune: Emmer, Seifert face off in GOP governor's race


Allentown MC: Kanjorski decides 'yes' on health care after assurances on jobs
Politics Daily: Specter vs. Toomey in Pennsylvania: Polls Conflict on Who Is Ahead
Politico: Poll: Critz up by 5 in special election


WFIN: Christopher gives up ballot fight for Ohio Attorney General nomination
Cleveland PD: Editorial: The genesis of Ohio's budget crisis
CPD: Look east Ohio; you're headed for the same cliff New Jersey is going over


Detroit FP: Poll finds Schwarz would be underdog for governor
Detroit News: Experts weigh fallout for Democrats


Joplin Indep: Roy Blunt teams up with Sarah Steelman
AP/Lieb: Senate rivals in Missouri vie for 'outsider' role


KC Star: Budget battle in Kansas Legislature pits big spending cuts against new taxes


WRCB: Tennessee Valley Lawmakers React to Health Care Vote
Tennessean: Middle Tenn. Democrats split on health vote
AP/Schelzig: GOP's Ramsey ramps up attacks in Tenn. gov's race


Charlotte Observer: Health care vote could be tricky for N.C. Dems


McClatchy: Clyburn revels in health care victory
AP: Ex-SC first lady Jenny Sanford back to Columbia


Richmond TD: Cuccinelli says Va. will sue over health-care bill
WaPo: Cuccinelli to file suit 'as soon as the ink is dry' on health-care signature
News Virginian: Virginia delegation starkly disagrees on health care
WaPo: Editorial: Reality dawns on Gov. McDonnell's transportation pixie dust


AP: N.J. Assembly votes on public employee pension changes
Star-Ledger: Editorial: Christie's proposed cap on public worker costs is a must


Boston Globe: Rivals rap Cahill over campaign donations


AP/Sample: Earmark reform could mean less pork for Hawaii


CQ Politics: North Dakota: Berg To Face Pomeroy in November




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