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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

‘I am on the ticket’: Trump seeks to make the election about him, even if some don’t want it to be

Power Up: The Khashoggi crisis is only deepening. Here's what to watch in Washington.

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

March 14, 2010


NYT: Is Failure Forgivable? Health Care and the Presidency
NYT: Parliamentarian in Role as Health Bill Referee
Fox: Dems, GOP Pressure Fence-Sitters Over Health Care Reform Bill
Hill: President Obama's final challenge on healthcare: corralling votes
Hill: Scrambling for votes, Democrats face uphill climb to pass healthcare reform
Hill: Obama pollster: U.S. will like healthcare bill, despite poll numbers
AP/Fram: Senate, Obama spar over health plan's pet projects
AP/Thanawala: Pelosi: Confident House will pass health care
WaPo: OpEd: If Republicans keep ignoring abortion, they'll lose in the midterm elections
WaPo: OpEd: Universal health care tends to cut the abortion rate
NRO: The Slaughter Strategy
Det News: Democrats should avoid gimmicks that mask their votes on health care overhaul
Ray LaHood: Why Republicans should support health care reform
Dennis Kucinich: Health care bill leaves Americans vulnerable to insurance companies
NYDN: Pull the plug, Barack: It's a mistake to try to ram through health care reform

WSJ: Obama Outlines Sweeping Education Revamp
NYT: Obama Calls for Sweeping Overhaul in Education Law
WaPo: Obama calls for overhaul of No Child Left Behind law
Politico: W.H. plan to remake education law
Hill: Obama previews No Child Left Behind overhaul in address
Politico: Unions disappointed by ed. bill
NYT: Editorial: National School Standards, at Last
WaPo: Obamas contradictions on education
WaPo: Editorial: Better student loans

NYT: Dodd to Unveil a Broad Financial Overhaul Bill
WSJ: Dodd Bill to Toughen Stance Against Banks
WaPo: GOP wants Dodd to slow down on financial reform legislation

Wash Times: Chief justice Roberts stands against Obama attack and for Constitution
NYT: OpEd: Justices Will Prevail: Obama stands to lose in any protracted struggle
NYT: Editorial: The Supreme Court should allow its proceedings to be televised

Examiner: Enviros play dirty on coal, natural gas
Times UK: Grandaddy of green, James Lovelock, warms to eco-sceptics
WSJ: China Rejects Climate Criticism (via Google News)

WaPo: Critics: Military trial of terror suspects could open cases to legal uncertainty

AP/Ross: Lesbian sgt. discharged after police tell military

Wash Times: Editorial: Pocket money for politicians: Using taxpayer funds to live good life

Hill: Dem earmark ban would still allow a lot of spending to continue

Frank Rich: The New Rove-Cheney Assault on Reality
WaPo: OpEd: Thanks to Liz Cheney's 'al-Qaeda Seven' ad, Dick Cheney may finally go away

NYT: OpEd: Ulysses S. Grant deserves his spot on the $50 bill

Ezra Klein: Congress is long overdue for serious effort at tax reform

Howell Raines: Why don't honest journalists take on Roger Ailes and Fox News?

NYT: The Obesity-Hunger Paradox

Chicago Tribune: 10 things you might not know about Sarah Palin
Buzz: From Orlando, Palin fires at Washington

Times UK: Karl Rove is back to haunt Barack Obama

Politico: The tea party's least favorite Republicans
NYT: Tea-ing Up the Constitution
Hill: The left's answer to Tea Parties? A cup of joe
Am Thinker: The Real Tea Party Story: Community Builders vs. Community Organizers

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: The return of Rove; Gibbs, Axelrod go on the offensive


Hill: Former Republican congressman, 'Idol' judge's father to challenge Gillibrand
NY Post: Bloomberg's girlfriend: 'I'm not running for Senate'

NY Post: Paterson rips into top aide as quitter

NYDN: Monserrate's grass-roots campaign revealed: Staffers collected signatures
AP/Hill: Expelled, Monserrate runs for old state Senate seat

Rochester D&C: Eric Massa fallout dogs Democrats

AP/Gormley: Analysis: NY politics goes from drama to tragedy


LA Times: GOP hopefuls spar over their ideological purity
LA Times: Chuck DeVore renames Fiorina video and says he's related to Jerry Brown
CQ Politics: California GOP Confab Highlights Effort to Beat Boxer
SacBee: GOP Senate candidates tear into Boxer at convention
SF Chronicle: Lots of tough talk at state GOP convention
Hill: Hollywood rallies around Boxer
Politico: Demon Sheep sequel: Boxer Blimp (with video)
Hill: Demon Sheep ad creator strikes again
LA Times: State Republican delegates see a new "bizarre" video, and hear another ex-CEO
LA Times: Packard heir travels to GOP convention to raise money for Carly Fiorina foe
SF Chronicle: Carly Fiorina a "lifelong Republican" -- but not in voter records

LA Times: Poizner and Whitman battle for title of speech-maker in chief
AP/Williams: Both candidates veer right in Calif. GOP gov. race
SacBee: Tom McClintock: Whitman would be 3rd Schwarzenegger term
NYT: A Candidate Finds Much Changed, and Little
Dan Walters: Candidates for California governor all agree on silence
Politics Daily: Jerry Brown and Me: A Progressive's Lament

LA Times: Maldonado: GOP cant just serve tacos and expect Latinos to sign up

SacBee: Valley Democrats Cardoza and Costa are key to big health care vote


Dallas MN: Medicaid: A conservative's view


Florida TU: Crist, Rubio slugfest becomes very entertaining
Buzz: Crist campaign: Rubio scams system for personal benefit
Palm Beach Post: 'Coffee party' debuts in West Palm Beach as 'anti-tea party'


AJC: The topic of race and the next fight over abortion


Chicago Sun-Times: 6 Illinois Dems in U.S. House not sold on health plan -- yet
Southtown Star: Quinn budget has no money for lt. gov.
Examiner: Third Parties Poll Strong in Illinois Governor Race


NYT: Seeing Handpicked as a Bad Thing


Star Tribune: Thousands rally at State Capitol to kill health care bill


Pittsburgh TR: GOP jumps at chance to erode Democrats hold in Pennsylvania
Fox: GOP Lawmaker: White House Job Offer to Sestak Would Have Been a 'Crime'
AP/Levy: Pa.'s 'Tea Party' finding strength in independence


CNN: GOP targets Strickland for appearing with Obama
AP/Viviano: Ohio opponents would fight ACORN attempt to return


Detroit FP: I'm out -- and I'll stay out of race, Cherry says


St. Joe News: Missouri lawmakers take stand against Washington
KC Star: Nixon swings budget ax again in Missouri


Tennessean: Health-care reform debate more complex than ever
Knox News: Johnson: Obama's boorishness and untruthfulness


Houston Chronicle: Ron Pauls son leads in GOP race over choice of the establishment
AP/Alford: Despite brashness, Bunning still a hero in Ky.


AP: Former Edwards Aide Avoids Jail


AP/Adcox: DeMint raises profile as outspoken conservative


AP/Lewis: House, Senate reach budget deal after midnight
AP: Va. pro-choice license plate bill advances
WaPo: Some victories, much pain in Va. General Assembly session


WaPo: Gay marriage announcement puts Gansler back into spotlight


Phila Inq: Christie to take a giant step: He will propose his budget Tuesday
Paul Mulshine: Is Gov. Chris Christie a Jimmy Carter or a Ronald Reagan?


Boston Globe: Patrick set to release first reelection ad
Boston Globe: Jobs program lost its way and tax money


Boston Globe: McCain campaigns for NH Senate candidate
NECN: McCain: Ayotte the 'next generation' of leadership (with video)


AP/Vergakis: Utah lawmaker confesses hot-tub incident; resigns


Las Vegas Sun: Harry Reid takes on Sue Lowden early, hoping labor is listening
CQ Politics: Nevada Senate: Angle Up with Radio Ad Monday


March 13, 2010


Hill: Sen. Brown lashes out at healthcare push in weekly Republican address
AP/Werner: GOP warns again against passing health bill
NYT: Pelosi Predicts a Health Bill Within 10 Days
WaPo: Democrats more hopeful on health-care vote
WSJ: Health-Care Endgame Begins (via Google News)
AP/Espo: Dems: 'Won't be long' for health care
AP/Loven: Obama delays trip to deal with health care
Politico: Dems: Time to 'rip the band-aid off'
Politico: Reform's not passed, but implementation plans are already underway
Hill: Pelosi: Public option will not be in health bill despite liberal efforts
Hill: Pelosi to seek Senate 'assurances' before House health vote
Hill: Weekend preview: Healthcare challenge
WSJ: The Cost-Control Illusion: Breaking down the ObamaCare claims
NYT: Senate Abortion Restrictions Are Sufficient, Catholic Group Says
IBD: Why Health Bill Makes No Sense
John Fund: ObamaCare: Speaker Pelosi's Treasure Hunt for votes isn't going well
Wes Pruden: 'Tis better to kill the health care corpse now
Craig Crawford: How to Play it Safe on Health 'Reform'
Rich Lowry: Why Obama Needs a Republican Congress
Rush Limbaugh: Speaker to House Dems: Trust Us
Rush Limbaugh: Cramdown, Not Reconciliation

Hill: Ax would fall on college graduation initiative in healthcare bill merger
NYT: Student Loan Provisions May Ease Passage of Health Care Bill
Wash Times: House to put loan reform in health care bill
NYT: Student Loan Bill Opposed by Group Packed With Ex-Clinton Aides
WSJ: Student Loan Chutzpah: Mr. Petri's bill of college subsidies (via Google News)

NYT: Republicans Name 6 to Debt-Reduction Panel
WSJ: Republicans Name Lawmakers to Deficit Commission
WSJ: Consumer Spending Perks Up Economy
James Taranto: Good News, D.C. Unemployment's Up

NYT: Obama Focuses on 3 to Fill Fed Board
WSJ: Likely Fed Picks Back Low Rates (via Google News)
WSJ: The Easy Way: Janet Yellen and the reflation bet (via Google News)
WaPo: Obama's likely choices for Federal Reserve indicate a more activist role
Hill: Senators want Obama to 'reshape' Fed

WaPo: Democrats try to find the right compromises for financial reform
WSJ: Senate GOP Urges Dodd to Delay Panel Vote on Financial Overhaul (via Google News)

Hill: Chu: Schumer effort to alter stimulus energy grants would kill jobs

Politico: Lindsey Graham: Immigration reform in peril
Dana Milbank: Lindsey Graham runs afoul of GOP purity police with Guantanamo stance

WSJ: Climategate Was an Academic Disaster Waiting to Happen (via Google News)
IBD: The Big Wind-Power Cover-Up

NYT: F.C.C. Plan to Widen Internet Access in U.S. Sets Up Battle

NYT: I.R.S. Says Its Audits of Wealthy Are Rising

WSJ: Holder Wants Action on Agriculture Concentration (via Google News)
Politico: More Holder briefs acknowledged

WaPo: Backlog of hearings at all-time high in U.S. immigration courts

NYT: Senate Backs Ban on Mail-Order Cigarettes in Setback for Tribe

NYT: Tea Party Avoids Divisive Social Issues
Politico: Tea parties stir evangelicals' fears

Politico: Next from O'Keefe

NYT: Resurgence on the Right Puts Gingrich Back in Style

Politico: Karl Rove 'proud' of waterboarding

WaPo: States can limit corporate and union spending on elections
WaPo: Campaign stunt launches a corporate 'candidate' for Congress

Politico: Obama to boost House candidates

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NY Post: Bloomberg's girlfriend Diana Taylor considering Senate run: sources
WSJ: Taylor Among Potential Candidates Linked to GOP (via Google News)
Politico: Bloomberg's girlfriend for Senate?
NYT: Gillibrand Still Trying to Win Over Bloomberg

NY Post: 'American Idol' dad DioGuardi to run for Gillibrand seat
NYDN: Joe DioGuardi, 'American Idol' judge Kara DioGuardi's dad, to run for Gillibrand seat

Troy Record: HUD flap, voter fraud taints Cuomos Troy fundraiser

WSJ: The Ravitch Plan Won't Save New York (via Google News)
Buffalo News: Ravitch in the hot seat

Albany TU: Paterson aide had 1995 domestic incident

Rochester D&C: With Maggie Brooks out of race, focus is on Tom Reed
CQ Politics: Brooks Won't Run For Massa's Seat

NYDN: New poll finds only 15% support Monserrate; court rules against restoring his seat
Albany TU: Monserrate expulsion upheld

NYT: New York Cabs Gouged Riders Out of Millions


LA Times: Gov candidates Whitman, Poizner clash as Republicans open their convention
SF Chronicle: Whitman lays out her agenda of reform
SacBee: Whitman hits Brown, Poizner at California GOP convention
LA Times: Whitman buys her own TV station for GOP convention
SF Chronicle: State GOP goes into convention 'on the offense'
NYT: California Speaker Promises Change
NYT: San Francisco Mayor Is Seeking States No. 2 Job
WSJ: Gavin Enters California's Lt. Governor Race
SacBee: Blogger Mickey Kaus challenges Boxer in primary
NYT: The Blogging of the Candidate: Mickey Kaus
LA Times: Judges review language of state ballot measures


Dallas MN: GOP names budget hawk Rep. Jeb Hensarling to president's deficit commission
NYT: Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change
AP/Castro: TX adopts more conservative social studies standards


Politico: Tom Coburn fights Dems on worker pay


WSJ: Interview with Marco Rubio: The Conscience of a Florida Conservative
Miami Herald: Rubio spent big with little scrutiny
St. Pete Times: Marco Rubio's lavish rise to the top
Florida TU: Crist must rebuild his credibility for voters
CQ Politics: McCollum Favored in Florida
Orlando Sentinel: GOP makes 'earmarks' an issue in Central Florida races


AJC: Cox: Raise lottery ticket price to boost school funding


AP/Babwin: Quinn wants to borrow nearly $5 billion _ but how?
AP: The question is where can Illinois get $4.7 billion governor wants to borrow


WSJ: Ex-Indiana Mayor, Aides Ordered to Pay $108 Million (via Google News)


Rasmussen: 38% in Minnesota for Pawlenty If He Runs for President


CQ Politics: Ted Turner To Host Fundraiser For Specter


NYT: Obama to Push Health Care Overhaul in Ohio


Detroit FP: New lawyer appointed for Conyers' appeal


KC Star: Blunt's prediction: Demos will pass health care
KMOX: Blunt, Carnahan join movement against earmarks


CBS: Sarah Palin Will Testify in E-Mail Break-in Case
AP/Schel: TN lawmakers seek to revive 'crack tax' by rewriting law to focus on drug dealers


Winston-Salem Journal: GOP hears Burr, others


Politico: Jim DeMint's bid to embrace tea party irks Senate GOP colleagues


Rasmussen: Louisiana Senate: Vitter 57%, Melancon 34%


WaPo: Lt. Gov. Bolling: Anti-gun bill panel creation broke Senate rules


Star-Ledger: N.J. tax revenue collections fall short by nearly $500M through last month


Politico: Accident won't end Harry Reid's reelection run
Hill: Reids wife in good condition after surgery
Las Vegas Now: Crowded Field to Challenge Harry Reid


Salt Lake Tribune: Garn's bombshell blows away lawmakers
Politico: Matheson foe keeps hammering 'gavel'


CQ Politics: Colorado: Perlmutter Endorses Bennet
CQ Politics: Close Senate Contest in Colorado


CQ Politics: Alaska's Earmark Dissident


Politico: Petraeus to New Hampshire


March 12, 2010


NYT: Democrats Struggle to Finish Health Bill
WSJ: Democrats Near Final Health Bill (via Google News)
WSJ: GOP's New Tactic: Alarm Rivals (via Google News)
Wash Times: Obama's sales pitch not changing minds
Wash Times: House Dems confident of passing health reform
AP/Babbington: Dems near health vote without abortion deal
Hill: Parliamentarian's ruling deals blow to healthcare reform chances
Hill: House Democrats' 'no' votes are piling up as healthcare reform moves forward
Politico: Pelosi: 'The choice has to be made'
Politico: President Obama wants side deals out of bill
Hill: Alexander, Gregg threaten war over reconciliation fixes
WSJ: Obama's Misleading Assault on the Insurance Industry (via Google News)
NYT: Timing of Obama Indonesia Trip Questioned
Kim Strassel: Why Health Reform Is Bad Politics
Paul Krugman: Health Reform Myths
Caddell & Schoen: If Democrats ignore health-care polls, midterms will be costly
Mort Kondrake: Given Obamacare, How Will Democrats Fare?
Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi Eyes "Slaughter Solution" to Bypass a Vote on Obamacare
Hill: WHIP COUNT: House Democrats' positions on the healthcare reform bill
Hotline: Updating The Health Care Whip Count

WaPo: Democrats move toward grouping health reform with student-aid bill
Politico: Loan bill could give President Obama twin win
NYT: Deal Gives New Life to Overhaul of Student Loans
WSJ: Pell Grants Face Cuts if Student-Loan Overhaul Fizzles (via Google News)

NYT: New Earmark Rules Have Lobbyists Scrambling
Wash Times: With yearlong ban, House GOP sets duel on earmarks
Politico: House Republicans push earmark ban
Hill: House Republicans seek to trump Democrats on enacting earmark reform
WaPo: Private companies, lobbyists seek to differentiate worthy projects from earmarks
NYT: Editorial: Finally, Theyre Embarrassed
WaPo: Editorial: All earmarks should be banned in the House and Senate
Sen. Jim Inhofe: What Real Spending Restraint Looks Like (via Google News)

WaPo: New round of foreclosures threatens housing market
WaPo: FHA challenged on projected risk to taxpayers

NYT: Administration Said to Settle on No. 2 at Fed
WSJ: Obama Plans to Tap Yellen for Fed Vice Chairman (via Google News)
WSJ: Fed Vacancies and the Monetary Challenge (via Google News)

NYT: Democrats Push Ahead on Finance Bill
WaPo: Financial system reforms won't wait
Politico: Chris Dodd tries to beat the clock with bank reform
AP/Kuhnhenn: Dodd to offer own version of bank regulation bill
Bloomberg: Dodds Decision to Snub Republicans Could Stall Financial Bill
Hill: Reid says financial overhaul bill to move before Memorial Day
Hill: Senators plan would put derivatives under the Federal Reserve
WSJ: Gamble on Financial Overhaul (via Google News)
WSJ: A Financial Reform Reprieve (via Google News)

NYT: Holder Did Not Disclose Briefs on Enemy Combatant
NYT: New Public Integrity Chief Is Chosen
McClatchy: Behind Obama's wavering on terror trials, critics see politics
American Spectator: Trusting Terrorists, Abandoning Troops
ABC: Liz Cheney Group Defends Itself Against Criticism by Conservatives

WSJ: Comprehensive 2010 Climate Bill Highly Unlikely, Murkowski Says (via Google News) Campaign for climate bill kicks off
American Spectator: Those Climate Pugilists

NYT: A Vote to Change Some Cocaine Sentences

Wash Times: Exports nominee tied to 2 watch list firms

Wash Times: Pay raise sought for bilingual fed workers
Wash Times: Editorial: Freeze bureaucrat benefits during the recession

Wash Times: Immigrant rights advocates raise pressure
Hill: Obama wont promise immigration reform
NYT: Obama Links Immigration Overhaul in 2010 to G.O.P. Backing
NYT: Births to Minorities Are Approaching Majority in U.S.
McClatchy: Graham takes on thorny immigration issue again
Roger Hedgecock: Graham Pushes National I.D. Card

WSJ: Cash-Starved States Put Tax Scofflaws in Crosshairs (via Google News)

NYT: District Judge, Appointed by Clinton, Is Impeached

Linda Greenhouse: Clarence Thomas, Silent but Sure

WaPo: Republicans are urging new investigation of former congressman Massa
Hill: Frank acknowledges dinner between Massa, Financial Services aide
WSJ: Democrats Block Massa-Probe Bid (via Google News)
NYT: G.O.P. Bid for Ethics Inquiry Fails
Politico: House votes to keep open Eric Massa probe
Hill: House vote pressures ethics to probe Dem leaders on Massa
NYDN: GOP pushes probe of disgraced pol Eric Massa, charges Nancy Pelosi ignored tip
Rush Limbaugh: Massa "Scandal" Ensnares Dems

Wash Times: New indictments hit crumbling ACORN

NYT: Obama Social Secretary Ran Into Sharp Elbows

David Brooks: Getting Obama Right
Peggy Noonan: Road to the Nut House (via Google News)
Charles Krauthammer: In praise of the rotation of power
Michael Gerson: Gay rights and pro-life: Two divergent movements

Politico: Karl Rove has 'sympathy' for David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel

US News: Grover Norquist: The Republican Party Has No Leader

Politico: Romney romping in Fla., Colo.

Politico: Steve Hildebrand: Democrats risk slaughter in 2010 elections


WKBW: Paladino May Challenge Lazio on Republican Line
Buffalo News: Paladino for the People ready for liftoff
WBEN: Paladino To State GOP: "Breath Away" from Running For Gov

WSJ: Attorney General Recuses Himself in Paterson Probe
NYT: Cuomo Hands Paterson Case to an Ex-Judge
NYDN: Cuomo should have handed off Paterson hot potato two weeks ago & he got burned
NYDN: Cuomo's choice of Judith Kaye to probe Gov. Paterson mess draws rave reviews
Albany TU: Kaye takes new case
Albany TU: Cuomo recuses himself from Paterson probes, taps Kaye
NYT: A Veteran Judge, Never a Prosecutor, Is Seen as Well Suited to Investigate Governor
Albany TU: Lazio on Cuomo recusal: Toldja!

NY Post: Bloomberg, NY state comptroller slam Ravitch's $6B debt plan
Albany TU: Ready to deal on debt: Upstate Dems may hold key to Ravitch plan
NYT: Editorial: A Way to Bail Out New York
Albany TU: Anti-waste task force takes aim at SUNY

Albany TU: Spitzer ex-confidant tells all

NYDN: Monserrate booed, heckled during debate against Peralta as they vie for Senate seat


LA Times: Whitman's funds could pose conflicts
SacBee: GOP candidates look for votes with new books
CQ Politics: Sen. Boxer Has Narrow Lead Over Campbell in California
LA Times: Gavin Newsom to enter California lieutenant governor race
Dan Walters: Legislative overhaul likely DOA
LA Times: Fight splits backers of ballot initiative to suspend state's global warming law


CQ Politics: Williams Touts Business Ties In Race For Not-Yet-Open Senate Seat
Dallas MN: Texas tales in Karl Rove's memoir likely to raise a few questions, eyebrows


SPT: In Tallahassee today, no meetings; In Jacksonville, Crist hosts town hall
Buzz: Must Marco Rubio amend his tax returns?
Miami Herald: As Vegas puts in bid, state ponders gambling strategy


AJC: Rhonda Medows resigns as commissioner of state Department of Community Health


John Fund: Kirk Dillard loses the gov primary because of his ties to Obama
Chicago ST: Boston Blackie's owner hit with bank fraud charges: Giannoulias supporter
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich attorneys want to delay trial until November


Star Tribune: Palin will make an appearance at fundraiser for Bachmann
Politico: Sarah Palin raising funds for Rep. Michele Bachmann
CQ Politics: Palin Draws Minnesota 'Who's Who' To Bachmann Fundraiser

Rasmussen: Minnesota Governor: Anything Goes At This Point

Star Tribune: GOP follows Kline on 'no earmarks'


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: GOP picks nominee for Murtha's seat
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: GOP nominates newcomer to succeed Murtha
Altoona Mirror: GOP selects Burns: Businessman wins by 86-46 vote
Daily American: GOP picks Burns in 12th District
Tribune-Democrat: GOP chooses Burns
CQ Politics: GOP Picks Burns As Nominee in Murtha Special


Cleveland PD: New earmark rules don't faze most Ohio members of Congress
AP: ACORN agrees to leave Ohio under settlement


Detroit News: Cox aide may testify in stripper case
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick says she's not a target of probe


Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: Blunt 47%, Carnahan 41%

NYT: Boards Decision to Close 28 Kansas City Schools Follows Years of Inaction


Politico: Sarah Palin testifying against hacker


State: State awaits $200 million shot in arm


Politico: Democrats focus on Vitter


Star-Ledger: Christie creates task force to assess privatizing jobs
Star-Ledger: N.J. Senate approves Brett Schundler for education commissioner
Star-Ledger: N.J. employees would pay for parking in Gov. Christie's privatization plan


NYT: Editorial: Preserving Reasonable Gun Limits


Rasmussen: New Hampshire Governor: Lynch Still Running Strongly


CQ Politics: Ad Attacks Reid on Reconciliation

WaPo: Reid's wife and daughter sent to hospital after car accident
NYT: Senator Reids Wife and Daughter Are Hurt


CQ Politics: Anti-Health Care Advertising Zeroes In On Giffords


AP/Vergakis: Utah House GOP leader says he paid off woman


CQ Politics: South Dakota: House Hopeful Airs First Radio Ad


Hill: Senate approves Palin critic to head Alaska gas pipeline office


March 11, 2010


WSJ: Obama Makes Closing Argument for Health Overhaul (via Google News)
WaPo: In St. Louis area, Obama pounds drum for health-care initiative
Politico: Obama aims fire at McConnell
Wash Times: GOP senators wage war on reconciliation
Jed Babbin: McConnell and Kyl Insist on Byrd Rule
NYT: Obama Gets Tough on Health Care Fraud
American Spectator: Obama Accepts Paul Ryan's Premise
Politico: Obama presses Reid to cut special deals from health bill
Politico: Nancy Pelosi: Were going to get started
Human Events: Pelosis Latest Healthcare Scheme
Hill: Immigration provision has Hispanic Caucus threatening no health vote
WSJ: Cornhusker Casualty: Ben Nelson's justifications just keep getting more convoluted
WSJ: Why Obama Is No LBJ
Wash Times: Obama family health care fracas: Doctor savages cousin Barack's reform plan
Michael Barone: Can Nancy Pelosi Get the Votes?
Karl Rove: The Trouble With 'Reconciliation' (via Google News)
James Taranto: Pelosi's Pig in a Poke
George Will: As a progressive, Obama hews to the Wilsonian tradition
Dana Milbank: Lawmakers put the 'dead' in health-care reform deadline
Politico: Karl Rove: President Obama outsourced to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid
Hill: WHIP COUNT: House Democrats' positions on the healthcare reform bill
Hill: Pelosi says House has votes for healthcare if vote were held today
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Goal is to Destroy the Private Health Insurance Industry
Rush Limbaugh: It's Simply Delightful to Witness the Democrat Party's Implosion
Rush Limbaugh: Dick Durbin Undercuts Obama Claim on Insurance Premiums
Rush Limbaugh: Gutsy Republican Strategery Combats Democrat Abortion Trick
Rush Limbaugh: Prediction: Moment of Frustration Will Expose Our Young President
Rush Limbaugh: State-Run Media Wrongly Reports Rush Moving if Obamacare Passes
American Spectator: Moving From Yes to No on Health Care
American Spectator: Bribes, Buffoons, and Obamacare
American Thinker: I'm Sorry, Madam Speaker -- the Republicans Won't Let Me Vote for It

WaPo: Key senators balk at adding student loan overhaul to health-care legislation
NYT: Obamas Student Loan Overhaul Endangered

WSJ: The 'al Qaeda Seven': The anti-antiterror left and legal standards (via Google News)
Ann Coulter: What's Arabic for 'You're no Atticus Finch?'
Politico: Liz Cheney allies: Critics are 'prissy'
Rush Limbaugh: Words of Praise for Liz Cheney

Politico: Holder under fire for Padilla brief: Admits accused could go free in civil court

NYT: Leaders in House Block Earmarks to Corporations
WaPo: House bans earmarks to for-profit companies
Politico: Earmark ban ruffles feathers
Hill: Infighting is sparked by earmark ban
Wash Times: Both parties in House start war over pork
Politico: GOP backs broad earmarks ban

David Broder: What the states could teach Washington about budgets
EJ Dionne: Smart debt, dumb debt -- there is a difference

NYT: Senate Passes Bill That Would Extend Unemployment Benefits
Politico: Senate passes $140 billion tax extenders bill
Hill: Senate passes $140 billion extension of jobless benefits
AP/Taylor: Senate passes jobless aid, business tax breaks
Wash Times: Govt. workers feel no economic pain

WSJ: An Energy Head Fake (via Google News)
WSJ: Climate Change 'Quagmire' (via Google News)
WaPo: Review of U.N. panel's report on climate change won't reexamine errors
Human Events: Global Warming, New Cold War, Take Your Pick

NYT: Panel Proposes Single Standard for All Schools
WaPo: Governors, state school superintendents propose common academic standards

WSJ: Senators Unveil Bill to Ban Banks' High-Risk Trades (via Google News)
NYT: Goldman Deal-Maker Now Advocates Regulation
Politico: Dodd irks Dems on Volcker rule

WaPo: Politics, shaky economy create no rush to restructure Fannie and Freddie

NYT: TARP Panel Finds Fault With GMAC Bailouts

WSJ: Test to Democratic Agenda Comes From Within (via Google News)

WSJ: Census Jobs Tough to Fill

Politico: Chuck Schumer struggles to find co-sponsor for immigration legislation

Wash Times: Chief justice reignites feud with Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Chief Justice Blasts Obama's State of the Union Slap at Supreme Court
WSJ: Reid Remarks Intensify Spat With High-Court Conservatives (via Google News)
NYT: White House Responds to Chief Justice
WSJ: Organized Labor and Citizens United (via Google News)

Wash Times: Bush's union transparency rules retracted under Obama

Human Events: Inept VA Hurts Vets

Wash Times: GOP backs 'don't ask' advocate

Fox: Parties Announce Top Targets in 2010 House Races
NYT: Democrats Looking to Flip Red to Blue

Politico: New right-wing groups bombard Democrats

Politico: CBC: Obama not listening

WaPo: Nancy Pelosi's office was told of concerns about Eric Massa
Politico: Eric Massa money claim rings true to freshmen members
Hill: Van Hollen: Massa ethics probe has ended
Human Events: Who Is Eric Massa?
WaPo: Congressional pranks: Eric Massa wasn't only one rolling with laughter on Hill

Politico: Reid: Filibuster reform next year
Hill: Reid vows to seek changes to filibuster next Congress

NYT: Bush Intervened in Northern Ireland Dispute
NYT: George W. Bush Re-enters Policy Arena

NYT: Rove on Rove: A Conversation With the Former Bush Senior Adviser
Politico: McClellan: Rove book 'manipulation'

Politico: Romney tops bestseller list

Knox News: Lawyer in Sarah Palin case pushes to keep out Internet evidence


NYT: Another Republican, Dan Senor, Is Encouraged to Join the Race for Senate

CQ Politics: Pataki In Lazio's Corner

Albany TU: Ravitch remedy: $6B loan, oversight
NYT: Albany Is Taking New Budget Proposal Seriously
NYDN: Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch: New York budget mess too big to fix in one year

NYDN: 'Teflon Dave' may not face tamper charges regarding Booker domestic abuse case
NYT: Trying Times for Father of New Yorks Governor

CQ Politics: Would-Be Massa Replacement Tom Reed Wants Special Election ASAP
CQ Politics: Kuhl Won't Attempt to Win Back Massa's Seat
Hill: Former Rep. Kuhl won't seek vacant Massa seat
NYDN: Disgraced Massa's long trail of bizarre behavior includes home shared with staffers

NYT: Former Hevesi Aide Pleads Guilty in Pension Case
NYDN: Hevesi official pleads guilty in pension fund scandal, agrees to sing to Cuomo
Albany TU: Pension scam plea
Rochester D&C: David Loglisci pleads guilty in pension case

Bloomberg & Silver: A Last Chance for the Trade Center to Rise Again

Human Events: Obamas Second Circuit Nominee Another Radical?


LA Times: Poizner takes a calculated risk in delaying fight with Whitman
SacBee: California state worker unions line up behind Jerry Brown
SF Chronicle: Whitman takes heat for avoiding reporters

CQ Politics: California Senate: Campbell Breaks Million Dollar Mark

SacBee: California agencies' pay cuts hit departments unevenly
WSJ: Los Angeles Maps Rail Plan With a Key Stop: Washington (via Google News)
American Spectator: You Stay Classy, Sacramento


Dallas MN: No word from Hutchison on her plans for rest of her Senate term
Dallas MN: Texas Democratic governor hopeful White duels with Houston critic over bonds
NYT: Texas Conservatives Seek Deeper Stamp on Texts
Dallas MN: Texas Education Agency calls Fox story 'highly inaccurate'


CQ Politics: Rubio On TV
CQ Politics: Rubio Now Holds Staggering Lead
CQ Politics: Florida Poll: Democrats Do Better Against Rubio Than Crist
SPT: Crist combines bill signing tour on state plane with campaign stop


CQ Politics: Ralph Reed Will Not Run
AJC: Prospect of layoffs sends a shudder through rural Georgia
AJC: A state lawmaker hasnt paid taxes for eight years


Rasmussen: Illinois Senate: Giannoulias 44%, Kirk 41%

WSJ: Illinois Governor Urges Tax Boost (via Google News)
NYT: Governor Proposes Rise in Income Tax for Illinois
Chicago Tribune: Raise taxes or cut education, Quinn says
Chicago Sun-T: Quinn calls for raising IL income tax to 4 percent during budget address


Indianapolis Star: Democrats ask Daniels to get GOP to budge


Hill: New Republican heavyweight Paul Ryan takes a few political punches from the Democrats

Milwaukee JS: Walker touts frugality in first TV ad


Politico: Issa raises questions on Sestak

CQ Politics: Hafer's Out -- Clears Way for Critz


Cleveland PD: Dems demand that Portman renounce 'birther' comments made at dinner
Cleveland PD: Cleveland to fight for its gun restrictions in front of Ohio Supreme Court


Detroit News: Rep. Cheeks Kilpatrick subpoenaed to grand jury
Detroit FP: Kwame Kilpatrick to be back in court

WSJ: Lawmaker's Wife Sentenced to Jail
Detroit News: Monica Conyers gets 37 months for bribes, vows appeal
Detroit FP: A fuming Conyers files appeal
Detroit News: Money fueled evil in Detroit
Detroit News: U.S. Rep. Conyers avoids sentencing for embattled wife


Hill: Environmental groups target Blunt in close Missouri Senate race
NYT: Carnahan: A Fund-Raiser, Minus the Candidate

WSJ: School Crisis Rattles Missouri (via Google News)
NYT: Kansas City to Close Nearly Half Its Schools


Tennessean: Pre-K funding is issue at TN governor candidates forum


CQ Politics: North Carolina: A Competition-Free Zone for House Races?


State: S.C. jobless rate sets record, could get worse


CQ Politics: GOP Targets Virginias Boucher, for Real
CQ Politics: Virginia: Fimian's Poll Has Him Ahead Of Rep. Connolly
CQ Politics: Virginia: Rigell Opponent Says He's a "RINO"

AP/Lewis: Va OKs 1st bill banning mandated health coverage


Star-Ledger: Christie plans privatization of as many as 2,000 state jobs
Paul Mulshine: How Gov. Chris Christie can keep his property tax promises


NYT: More Messages Link Senator Ensign to Job Effort
Politico: Ensign inquiries broaden


CQ Politics: Jeb Bush Jumps on McCain Bandwagon

NYT: Candidates Number 8, but Quayles Just One


Rasmussen: Washington Senate: Murray Still Tops All GOP Foes Except Rossi


Rasmussen: Massachusetts Governor: Patrick Holds Slim Lead In Three-Way Match-ups
Boston Globe: Governor turns up the heat on Baker

NYT: Scott Brown Lands a Book Contract


Rasmussen: New Hampshire Senate: Two Republicans Enjoy Double Digit Lead


March 10, 2010


WSJ: Business Buys Ads vs. Health Overhaul
Wash Times: Business groups target lawmakers
WaPo: On health-care reform, Republicans target Democrats' division over reconciliation
NYT: Parliamentary Hurdle Could Thwart Latest Health Care Overhaul Strategy
NYT: Health Cares Obstacle: No Will to Cut
NYT: Protesters Picket Insurance Lobby
NYT: Editorial: Laws, Lies and the Abortion Debate
NYT: OpEd: A One-Track Senate
Rasmussen & Schoen: Why Obama Can't Move the Health-Care Numbers
Michael Gerson: What happened to Obama's middle path on health reform?
Kathleen Parker: Health-care reform's sickeningly sweet deals
Newt Gingrich: Kill The Bill
Dick Morris: Magnificent, but not politics
Ezra Klein: Why I'm not counting votes
Hotline: The Health Care Whip Count
Politics Daily: Ten Wrong Reasons to Oppose Health Reform
Rasmussen: 57% Predict Health Care Plan Will Hurt The Economy
Politico: McConnell raises heat on Blue Dogs
Politico: Dems: No thanks to new 'gang of 14'
Politico: Obama announces effort to crack down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud
Politico: Chuck Schumer explores filibuster buster
Politico: Dems discuss pairing health with loan reform
Hill: Disconnect: Gibbs, Hoyer dispute vote
Hill: Hoyer pushes back at March 18 White House healthcare deadline
Hill: Dem leaders jockey on filibuster reform
Hill: Hoyer: Massa healthcare charges are 'absurd' and 'absolutely untrue'
Human Events: Massa Resignation Drama Overshadows Healthcare Push
Hill: Stupak 'optimistic' on abortion language
Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare is a Ponzi Scheme
Rush Limbaugh: Kucinich Says He'll Vote No
American Spectator: Lash and Chain Morality
American Thinker: Reconciliation and the Senate Bill
McClatchy: Health care overhaul's biggest threat? A delay in the vote

WSJ: Decision on 9/11 Trial Could Undercut Holder
Hill: Sen. Graham: Give released Guantanamo Bay detainees to Homeland Security
Human Events: Inspector Clouseau at DHS

NYT: Attacks on Detainee Lawyers Split Conservatives
Politico: Lindsey Graham denounces Liz Cheney advertisement
Michael Mukasey: Why You Shouldn't Judge A Lawyer by His Clients (via Google News)
NYT: Editorial: An Advocate for Equal Justice

WSJ: Senate Clears Key Hurdle to Aiding Unemployed (via Google News)
Hill: Census hiring blitz of 750,000 to cut jobless rate, offer boost to Obama
Hill: House changes to jobs bill could risk Republican support in the Senate

Wash Times: Feds pay to ferret out stimulus fraud

WSJ: Levin Would Back Capital-Gains Tax Cut for Small Businesses (via Google News)
NYT: A Consumer Bill Gives Exemption on Payday Loans
Politico: Senators spar over consumer body
Politico: Showdown looms for financial reform
Human Events: Financial Regulation: The Next Government Takeover
NYT: Bank of America to End Overdraft Fees on Debit Purchases
NYT: As Fed Eases Loan Aid, Policy Challenges Arise

WSJ: ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan
Politics Daily: National Worker ID Card Proposed for Immigration Plan
Politico: Lindsey Graham to President Obama: Time to step it up

NYT: Obama Tries to Give Energy Bill a Push
Politico: New 'gang' gathering on energy?
Wash Times: Obama's a pain at the pump: His energy policy is sticking it to Americans
TelegraphUK: Climategate: Monbiot despairs of the AGW cause: 'There goes my life's work'

Wash Times: Obama's teacher hard line spurs debate
WaPo: Governors, state school superintendents to propose common academic standards
NYT: Many Nations Passing U.S. in Education, Expert Says

WaPo: Obama's plans for NASA changes met with harsh criticism

WSJ: Former FEC Commissioner Bradley A. Smith on campaign-finance disclosure rules

Holman Jenkins: The FCC's Misguided Spectrum Quest (via Google News)
NYT: New Rules Sought on TV Retransmission

NYT: Editorial: Saving the Post Office

Politico: Nancy Pelosi's grip on House slips

Politico: Drudge vs. the Senate?

ABC: War of Words Continues Between White House, Supreme Court
Politico: Roberts questions SOTU attendance

Politico: Rove: Reagan wouldn't ace test

Rush Limbaugh: EIB Interview: Karl Rove on His New Book
Rush Limbaugh: It's All a Game to the Politicians

Thomas Frank: The Rise of the Reactionary Right (via Google News)
Politico: Mitt Romney warns tea parties
USA Today: Romney warns tea party activists not to form third party
Fox: The Coming Tax Rebellion

WaPo: Republican National Committee targets Dem ethics in new ad

CQ Politics: Going on Offense With Red-to-Blue Candidates
CQ Politics: Conservative PAC Set to Endorse 10
Human Events: Massachusetts Lawmaker 16th Democrat to Leave House

American Spectator: Sarah's Canadian Outreach


NYT: G.O.P. Sounds Out a Democrat for Governor
WSJ: New York GOP Courts a Candidate From the Enemy Camp (via Google News)
John Fund: Meet Steve Levy
Albany TU: Will lackluster Lazio fade away?

NYT: Patersons No. 2 Sets Broad Plan on New York Fiscal Crisis
Albany TU: State bond to fill gap?

NYT: In Swirl of Paterson Scandal, 2nd State Police Superintendent Quits
NYDN: Paterson scandal: Police chief Pedro Perez quits, 4th victim to succumb to Gov's crisis
Albany TU: Another top cop quits in turmoil
NY Post: New state police boss: I quit, too
NYT: A Small Scandal Overshadows a Big One, and a Governor Gets Breathing Space

CQ Politics: Cuomo To Prospect For D.C. Dollars
CQ Politics: Paterson is Contagious
NY Post: Scandal's poll toll on Andy

WaPo: Massa investigated for allegedly groping staffers
Rochester D&C: David Paterson says special election will be held soon
Buffalo News: Paterson won't commit to special election for Massa seat
Buffalo News: Reed gains, Hogan out as Massa successors
NYT: Ex-Congressman Massa Describes Tickle Fights With Aides
WSJ: Former Lawmaker Denies Sexual Allegations
WaPo: Lawmakers insist shower run-ins like the one Massa alleges are far from norm
WaPo: Massa flirts with the right, but Beck isn't tickled
WaPo: Massa on King: 'I don't have the energy to fight everyone all the time'
WaPo: Massa on Beck: 'You can take anything out of context'
WaPo: Eric Massa did himself no favors on Glenn Beck
Wash Times: White House laughs off Emanuel's naked lobbying
Wash Times: Massa defends himself on Beck
Hill: Massa scandal explodes
Politics Daily: Glenn Beck to Eric Massa: Bull Crap, Sir!
Politico: Eric Massa: 'I did nothing sexual'
Politico: Republicans look at options on Eric Massa scandal
Politico: Rush Limbaugh: 'Big trouble' for anyone embracing Eric Massa
Rush Limbaugh: Media Gets It Wrong: We're Not Embracing Democrat Kook Massa
NYDN: 'I tickled him': Ex-Rep. Massa has bizarre interview
Roll Call: Heard on the Hill: The Wedding Crasher
Chicago Tribune: Naked Rahm now seared in our brains

Wash Times: 'Tea party' favorite set for rematch in NY: Hoffman seeking GOP nod

NYDN: Convicted abuser Hiram Monserrate announces his campaign to reclaim his seat
NYT: Editorial: Meet the Candidate: A Convicted Abuser

NYT: Minister Withdraws as Investor in Aqueduct Casino

Politico: A former friend tries to explain Spitzer
CQ Politics: Spitzer and the Imposter

CQ Politics: Conservative N.Y. Borough President Backs McMahon

AP: Westchester mulls job cuts


NYT: A Push to Supplement Tuesday Voting With Weekends
WSJ: California's College Dreamers
SacBee: Schwarzenegger wants more drilling, less greenhouse gas
SacBee: Governor tells state officials to stop shredding sex offender files
LA Times: Schwarzenegger orders change in parole file policy
American Thinker: California's Toxic Air Scare Machine
Mercury News: Jerry Brown may have a field day with Republican challenger


Politico: Kay Bailey Hutchison: No announcement 'for a while'

CQ Politics: Texas: Flores Endorsed By Ex-Opponent


Politico: Charlie Crist suggests Marco Rubio got 'back wax'
Rush Limbaugh: Crist Accuses Rubio of Back Wax!
American Spectator: Crist Implodes

St. Pete Times: Rubio's campaign image belies history of $250 million in pork requests

NYT: Florida Ponders Tax as Tool to Aid Family-Values Films
Politics Daily: Florida GOP to Filmmakers: No Family Values, No Tax Credit

St. Pete Times: Speaker fast-tracks bill to exempt 911 calls from public record


AJC: Democratic chances for governor in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina
AJC: Contribution limits aimed at Oxendine pass House panel

CQ Politics: Reed Expected to Pass on Georgia Contest

Wash Times: Ga. bill would outlaw abortion for race, sex


Rasmussen: Illinois Governor: Brady 47%, Quinn 37%
Chicago Sun-Times: Liberal groups on mission to label Brady 'extremist'
NYT: In Illinois, Democrats Widen the Net
Chicago Tribune: Gov. Pat Quinn budget proposal: Borrow $4.7 billion
Daily Herald: No tax hike? Then it's loans under Quinn's budget
Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn's budget seeks $2.2 bil. spending cuts
CPR: Cross Doubts Quinn's Ed Cuts Are For Real


NYT: Daniels Offers Advice to Republicans


Star Tribune: Pawlenty signs Haitian quake tax deduction bill


Des Moines Register: Branstad says he'll do three debates


CQ Politics: Critz Attended Meeting on Earmark Project
Politico: Hafer: Critz has 'skeletons'

Politico: Iowa calls target Santorum


Cleveland PD: Ohio lawmaker questions productivity of little-known agency rocked by firings


Detroit FP: Michigan's Stupak challenged for Democratic nomination
Detroit News: Democratic activist to challenge Stupak for seat

Detoit FP: Monica Conyers to be sentenced today in Detroit
Detroit News: Experts say Conyers unlikely to avoid jail

Detroit News: Kilpatrick, free on $10,000 bond, seeks new judge for case
Detroit FP: Ex-mayor's lawyers say judge biased, improperly met with other side


Politico: Carnahan to miss Obama visit


WSJ: Ex-Clinton Aide Looks to Death Row to Aid Her Defense


AP/Baker: Ex-Edwards aide narrowly avoids jail over sex tape
Politics Daily: Former John Edwards Staffer Could End Up In Jail Over Sex Tape


State: Cromartie resigns; voters to choose replacement


Roll Call: Melancon Camp Files Ethics Complaint Against Vitter Campaign
CQ Politics: Landry Announces in Louisiana, More Candidates on the Way


WaPo: Editorial: In Virginia, legalized discrimination is alive and well


Star-Ledger: Christie says he's stuck with bill for state worker 7 percent pay hike


Wash Times: Senate hopeful has WWE in her corner


AP: O'Donnell to run for Senate seat in Delaware

CQ Politics: Delaware: Michele Rollins May Run For Castle's Seat


Boston Globe: Brown calls his election a message against health bill
Rasmussen: 70% in Massachusetts Approve of Scott Browns Job Performance
CQ Politics: Brown Bucks Party on Filibuster


CQ Politics: Sessions To Campaign for Barela in New Mexico


Arizona Republic: Republican budget plan OK'd by committees


Statesman Journal: Oregon treasurer's race creates suspense as contenders file for seat


March 9, 2010


NYT: State Insurance Experts See Flaw in Obamas Plan to Curb Health Premiums
WaPo: Obama launches attack on health insurance companies
NYT: Obama Turns Up the Volume in Health Care Bid
WSJ: Obama Makes Health-Care Pitch (via Google News)
Wash Times: Obama on the road to pitch health bill
NY Post: Bam is Dr. Desperate: Stakes presidency on health-care 'campaign'
Human Events: The Top Ten Healthcare Amendments
AP/Flesher: Stupak 'optimistic' on health bill
Examiner: Four big obstacles remain for Obamacare
Politico: AHIPs Ignagni accuses Congress of ignoring issue in health bill
David Brooks: The Emotion of Reform
David Cutler: Health Reform Passes the Cost Test (via Google News)
WSJ: Five Words Obama Won't Say (via Google News)
Politico: Lights, camera, reconcile!
Hill: Undecided committee chairmen add to pressure on health vote
Hill: In final push, Obama stresses reforms will rein in healthcare costs
Hill: Dem plan to pair health reform, student lending complicates vote
Human Events: Wholl Care for Us When Doctors Go Under?
Rush Limbaugh: Wheels Come Off for Obama as the Democrat Party Implodes
Rush Limbaugh: Rush's Advice to the Democrats
Rush Limbaugh: Obama is the Evil Insurance Company CEO He Rails Against
American Spectator: Repeal: Obamacare as the New Prohibition
American Thinker: Defeat vs. Repeal
Rich Lowry: The real fight starts after ObamaCare passes

NYT: Experts Urge Keeping Two Terror Trial Options
Hill: Key Republican open to Sen. Graham's talks with WH on Gitmo
Politico: Poll: Obama loses on interrogation

Politico: Republicans scold Liz Cheney
American Spectator: What's The Matter With Liz?
Eugene Robinson: 'Al-Qaeda 7' smear campaign is an assault on American values
Marc Thiessen: Selective McCarthyism

NYT: Retired General Is Picked for T.S.A.
WSJ: Obama Taps Retired Army Officer for TSA Post (Via Google News)
Wash Times: Obama picks retired general for TSA post: Republicans reserve judgment

WSJ: Nostalgia for New Deal Job Plan (via Google News)
WaPo: Are unemployment benefits no longer temporary?
Bob Hebert: The Source of Obamas Trouble: Joblessness
Politico: Target job creation to those in greatest need
IBD: Exploring The Obama Jobs Deficit

WSJ: Battle Inside Fed Rages Over Bank Regulation (via Google News)
NYT: Feds Reach May Be Curbed Under Plan
Politico: Showdown looms for financial reform
Roll Call: Wall St. Lobbyists Up Pressure on Dodd

Hill: Sen. Kerry lobbies for climate change compromise; actual bill yet to come
Wash Times: The wind-energy cover-up
American Thinker: Methane Madness
Telegraph UK: Barcelona hit with heaviest snowfall in 25 years
Jeff Jacoby: Gore still hot on his doomsday rhetoric

WSJ: The Deficit Commission Trap: Why not appointees like Phil Gramm? (via Google News)

WSJ: Procuring the Union Agenda: Davis-Bacon Act on steroids (via Google News)

WaPo: Immigrant rights group slam Obama, Democrats for slow action with legalization bill
Wash Times: Activists tell Obama to protect illegals

NYT: Public Pension Funds Are Adding Risk to Raise Returns

NYT: Justices to Hear Case of Protest at Marine Funeral
WaPo: Supreme Court to rule on anti-gay protests at military funerals

Star-Ledger: U.S. Census allows same-sex couples in N.J. to identify themselves as married

NYT: Senate Panel to Investigate Deaths at Long-Term Care Facilities

NYT: Obama Plans Florida Forum to Discuss NASAs Future
Hill: NASA monkey radiation experiment facing animal-cruelty accusations

Politico: Critics question whistleblower bill

Diane Ravitch: Why I Changed My Mind About School Reform

Wash Times: Poll: U.S. has lost global standing under Obama
Wash Times: Poll shows Obama, Dems losing ground

Politico: GOP sharpens midterm attack line

Politico: Nancy Pelosi faces inside challenges

Politico: Filibuster reform: Talk but no action

Stanley Fish: George W. Bush: Do You Miss Him Yet?

Fox: Rove Denies Role in 2000 Rumor About McCain's Adopted Daughter
Politico: Karl Rove denies role in John McCain rumor in South Carolina

NYT: The Limits of Rahmism

James Taranto: The Step-Dance Kerfuffle

Boston Herald: Mitt Romney dogged by health care: State’s abort language may trip him up
AJC: Mitt Romney is still trying to be what he isn’t

WaPo: Palin says her family went to Canada for health care when she was young
Hill: Palin: I sneaked to Canada for healthcare
AP/Noveck: Palin takes celebrity to next level

Las Vegas Sun: Republicans, Tea Party movement going back to the contract well
Politico: The dangerous allure of third parties


WSJ: New York GOP Courts a Candidate From the Enemy Camp (via Google News)
Albany TU: Democrat Levy looks to antsy GOP
LoHud: Lazio: Levy Not A Factor

NYT: Paterson Finds Friends at a Forum on the Budget
NY Post: Lame duck Dave ducks scandal queries
Albany TU: Poll shows Paterson scandal is embarrassing
NYDN: New Yorkers want Attorney General Cuomo to stay out of Gov. Paterson probe: poll
Weekly Standard: Harlem Pretty Mad That Republicans Brought Down Rangel and Paterson
Albany TU: How many state workers are there?
Albany TU: Shelly on borrowing: Ill consider it
NYDN: Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Paterson rip Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch's borrow fest plan
NYDN: Gov. Paterson gulps, pushes for soda levy: Senators say move will fall flat
NYT: Editorial: Healthy Solution: Taxing Sodas

Rochester D&C: GOP favors Tom Reed over Maggie Brooks to run for Eric Massa's seat
NYT: House Democrat Massa Quitting Amid Ethics Inquiry Blames His Party
NY Post: Dems' sick plot sunk me: 'harass' pol
Buffalo News: Massa stuns capital with new claims
WaPo: Former congressman Massa says Democrats set him up over health care
John Fund: Eric Massa: Martyr to the Public Option
Politico: Eric Massa as conservative media hero
Politico: New York deja vu all over again
CQ Politics: Massa Headache Creates Upstate New York Free-for-All
CQ Politics: One Less Democrat in Scramble for Massa's Seat
Rush Limbaugh: Eric Massa Unloads on Emanuel, Obama, and His Fellow Democrats
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrat Party is a Gulag

Politico: No he can't: OfA asks convicted NY Dem Monserrate to drop 'Yes We Can' logo
NY Post: Obama group tells Hiram: No, you can't
NYDN: Supporters of ousted Monserrate say Jose Peralta is puppet of 'rich gay fanatics'

NYDN: State investigators say Aqueduct racino mess is growing


San Diego UT: Poizner says hes a true conservative
SacBee: Conservative GOP group backs Steve Poizner
SacBee: GOP's "conscience" endorses Poizner, DeVore
SF Chronicle: Poiz scores more conservative love despite Whitman's "aggressive" courting
LA Times: Whitman foes launch site to gather intelligence on her

LA Times: Letter on Muslim radical roils GOP Senate race
NYT: Fiorina Files for Senate; Gets Slammed
Politico: Packard: Fiorina almost destroyed HP
AP/Thompson: Calif. senator Boxer won't answer Republican criticism

LA Times: State Sen. Roy Ashburn says he's homosexual
AP/Hindery: Calif state senator says he's gay after DUI arrest
SacBee: California legislator Roy Ashburn acknowledges he's gay, draws colleagues' support
Dan Walters: Coming out of the closet is best for all

Pat Buchanan: Who Should Pay The Piper?
Human Events: Black Magic vs. The Public

SacBee: Politicians take trips, gifts

LA Times: 9th Circuit candidate's career marked by rapid ascent, wide-ranging roles


Dallas MN: Sen. John Cornyn says Texas only 'marginally' Republican
Dallas MN: Former Texas GOP chairman Tom Pauken blasts Bush, Rove in new book
Austin AS: Averitt to leave state Senate


Byron York: Marco Rubio and the Republicans who love him
CQ Politics: Cornyn Makes Clear NRSC Wont Play In Florida Primary
Hill: NRSC cools its support of Gov. Crist
MSNBC: Cornyn tries to thread the needle on FL
CQ Politics: Most Florida Republicans Want Crist Gone
St. Pete Times: LeMieux back at the White House


AJC: State revenue still spirals downward
AJC: Why Perdues likely to call a May special election to fill Deals 9th District seat
AJC: Chambliss, Perdue to host fund-raiser for Crist


Chicago Sun-Times: Republican-backed Brady starts statewide campaign for gov.
Peoria JS: Brady drops by Lincoln Day Dinner


Politico: Tim Pawlenty approval hits low


Milwaukee JS: Feingold gets dig in against Thompson
Milwaukee JS: Feingold rips Thompson before he even gets in race


NYT: Dems Choose Nominee for Murtha Seat
Tribune-Democrat: State Dems back Critz
Hill: Specter: Democrats getting 'angry,' will pass healthcare bill


Rasmussen: Ohio Governor: Kasich 49%, Strickland 38%
Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Little Change, Portman Holds Slight Lead
CQ Politics: The Young Traficant: Sordid and disturbing


Detroit News: Detroit's desolate middle makes downsizing tough
AP/Runk: Detroit looks at downsizing to save city
Detroit News: Kilpatrick informed of warrant for arrest
Detroit FP: Prosecutors say Kilpatrick didn't disclose source of payments
Detroit News: Conyers' sentencing date nears


AP: Kansas City eyes closures for public schools


Hill: Ben Nelson: 'Premature' to say whether 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy should end


WBUR: Republican Bob Corker Is Senate's Deal Maker


KHBS: 10 File To Unseat Sen. Blanche Lincoln


Louisville CJ: On deficit, Bunning was right and McConnell bungled


Rasmussen: SC's GOP Governor's Race Is A Close One
State: Cromartie going to federal prison


AP: Vitter picks up Republican challenger
CQ Politics: Video: New Orleans Dem Looking to Take Back Cao's Seat


WaPo: Students irate at Cuccinelli over gay-rights policies


Baltimore Sun: If Ehrlich gets in, expect another big-spending campaign


Star-Ledger: NJ Transit's payroll grows 24 percent in three years, report says
Star-Ledger: N.J. Senate panel approves three nominees for Gov. Chris Christie's cabinet


American Spectator: Scott Brown's Reinforcements
CQ Politics: Field Forms for Delahunt's Massachusetts Seat
Boston Globe: Trail of unpaid bills could cloud Mihoss image as fiscal watchdog


NYT: Harry Reid Makes It Official: Hes Running


OregonLive: Oregon politicians vie to replace Treasurer Ben Westlund


Arizona Republic: Plan for state budget counts on steep cuts

Politico: Flake jams GOP on earmarks


Rasmussen: Colorado Governor: McInnis 48%, Hickenlooper 42%
Politico: Michael Bennet reinforces his left flank


CQ Politics: Another Democrat Passes on North Dakota Senate


American Spectator: Tyrannosaurus Rex


March 8, 2010


WSJ: ACLU Takes Shot at Obama Over 9/11 Trials
NRO: ACLU Ad Shows Obama Morphing Into Bush
William Kristol: The ACLU and Human Rights Watch Rally to Holders Defense
CSM: Liz Cheney: Taking flak from the right as well as the left
AP: Obama urged to shift 9/11 trials: Senator Graham offers Gitmo deal
Hill: Graham: Petraeus, Mullen needed on effort to close Gitmo, get tribunals
NYT: Editorial: Are You or Have You Ever Been a Lawyer?
WaPo: Editorial: A leading Japanese politician espouses a 9/11 fantasy
Politico: Dems seek stronger terror message
Politico: Right resists link to Pentagon incident
Human Events: SEALs Case Shows How Terrorists Use 'Lawfare' to Undermine U.S.
IBD: S.O.S. Save Our (Navy) Seals
Human Events: Obama: A Wasted Year on National Defense
American Thinker: NYT and WaPo: Muhammad Is the Prophet of God

WSJ: Democrats Voice Health-Bill Doubts
Wash Times: Dems' splintering threatens health bill
Fox: McConnell: November Elections Will Be 'Referendum' on Health Care Bill
Politico: McConnell: 2010 races a 'referendum on health care'
Politico: Graham: Reconciliation would be "catastrophic"
Roll Call: Graham Pleads With Democrats to Not Block Health Care Debate
Michael Reagan: Reconciliation -- Playing Parliamentary Games with America's Future
CSM: Reconciliation: why healthcare reform 'nuclear option' is deadly
ABC: New Deadline Set to Pass Health Care Bill
Politico: Baird undecided
Hill: Baird: Healthcare votes of retiring Democrats aren't necessarily in the bag
Fox: 'Trust' Gap Between House, Senate Dems Hurting Health Care Push
Politico: Adler: Pelosi 'looking elsewhere' for HC votes
Hill: Dems keep pressure on Stupak over healthcare bill and abortion concerns
Human Events: Anti-Abortion Dems Can Stop Obamacare
WSJ: Filibuster Threat? Start Talking (via Google News)
WSJ: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, ObamaCare
Politics Daily: Sebelius Predicts Health Bill Passage, But Dodges the Question of 'When?'
Hill: Healthcare by Easter? Sebelius: 'Not about some congressional time clock'
Politico: Sebelius: 'I think we'll have the votes'
Politico: President Obama takes reform on the road
Ken Blackwell: Hidden Dangers in the Healthcare Bill
Ken Blackwell: Guess Who's Coming to Your House?
American Thinker: Medicare Part B Therapy Caps: A Preview of Life under Obamacare
American Thinker: Health Care Is Heavily Taxed Now

WSJ: Battle Inside Fed Rages Over Bank Regulation (via Google News)
NYT: Sure-Fire Crowd Pleaser: Reining in Wall Street
WaPo: Key vacancies give Obama a chance to steer financial reform
WaPo: With bank credit frozen, small U.S. businesses starting to turn to microlenders
Paul Krugman: An Irish Mirror

WSJ: Nostalgia for New Deal Job Plan (via Google News)
Wash Times: Reid's gaffe undercuts momentum: Calls losses 'good'
WSJ: Visas for the Next Sergey Brin: To create more jobs, let's import more employers
WaPo: Laid-off professionals line up for part-time census jobs
Armstrong Williams: Stimulus too tempting for Republicans?

WSJ: Home-Saving Loans Afoot
NYT: Program Will Pay Homeowners to Sell at a Loss

NYT: No case for giving a cost-of-living adjustment to Social Security recipients

NYT: Officials Step Up Enforcement of Rights Laws in Education
WaPo: Duncan will pressure schools to enforce civil rights laws
WSJ: That Other Government Takeover: What else may go into 'reconciliation'
WSJ: Charter Schools Flourish in Harlem (via Google News)
WSJ: Schools' New Math: the Four-Day Week

Wash Times: Group wants same military benefits for gay spouses

Roll Call: Kerry Sparks Fight on Climate
Telegraph: What Dave & Barack don't want you to know about green jobs & green energy

WSJ: President to Defend NASA Aim
Hill: Following criticism, Obama to host NASA forum on 'next steps'

WaPo: Where are Obama's foreign confidants?

American Spectator: Guns Are Pointed at the Constitution
NYT: Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Caffeinate

NYT: Editorial: The Escalating Price of Politics
EJ Dionne: A bipartisan push to clean up the Supreme Court's mess
Hill: Trade group hires Dem lawyer to lobby on campaign finance

WSJ: Delay Criticizes Ethics Committee Over Rangel Case
Hill: DeLay: Rangel should have stepped down even though ethics probe ongoing
Politico: Delay: Pelosi and Reid "arrogant"
Daily Caller: Tom DeLay is rooting for the Tea Party activists

Politico: Tea party candidates falling short

Politico: Dick Durbin's hardball game: Durbin v. Schumer if Reid loses
Hill: Michael Moore: Democrats are 'going to get an ass-whoopin' of biblical proportions'

Hill: Dem lawmaker pushes for Congress's first pay cut since the Great Depression

Politico: Republican leaders distance selves from 'fear' doc
Hill: GOPers distance themselves from questionable RNC ad
USA Today: McConnell criticizes RNC fundraising pitch
CQ Politics: McConnell Rejects Controversial RNC Fundraising Pitch
Salt Lake Tribune: Hatch ashamed of Republican fundraising tactic
AP/Schelzig: Steele: GOP should focus on issues

Hill: Unrest in Democratic Party plays out in Emanuel controversy
Jed Babbin: Emanuel Helping Obama Unravel
Politico: Obama warns staff: Ignore palace intrigue

Politics Daily: Six Reasons Barack Obama is Still the Odds-on Favorite in 2012
Politics Daily: Latest Round-Up of Obama Poll Ratings by State

Hill: Romney: No decision on 2012 presidential run until after midterms
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney, version 2012

Salem-News: Sarah Palin Wins over Republican Calgary
National Post: Palin draws big guns in West
WaPo: Sarah Palin: God wrote on his hand too


NYT: Trial Is Elusive in an Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV’s Drunken-Driving Case

NY Post: Pol's $core next door: Assemblywoman Clark's charity helps itself most

NY Post: Shady nonprofit let Senator Smith's pork spoil

WaPo: Ethics clouds over Rangel and Paterson are the talk of political Harlem
Politico: Is highlight of Charles Rangel's career behind him?
NYDN: Rangel seeks endorsement from Democratic Committee, gets a rain check instead
NYDN: Charlie Rangel's Love Fest
Politico: Sun setting on Harlem

Albany TU: Questions about how procedure in Paterson allegations would unfold
NYT: At Church, Paterson Vows to Stay in Office
NYDN: Gov. Paterson finds sanctuary in Brooklyn's Cornerstone Baptist Church
AP: Paterson in legal minefield
NY Post: Gov's 'pick me!' path to power: Behind Spitzer's fateful decision

NYDN: Borrow our way out of debt? Plan that rescued city in '70s can save state, Ravitch says

NY Post: Pro-Dem GOP twist: Steve Levy as GOP gov candidate

Mike Lupica: Cuomo hasn't risen to the top - Spitzer, Paterson and Hevesi have plummeted

Rochester D&C: Eric Massa says fellow Democrats wanted him out of way
Human Events: Will Race to Replace Massa Turn Into Another NY-23?

AP/Fouhy: N.Y. Democrats brace for losses in midterms

CQ Politics: Richard Hanna: A Most Refreshing, Yet Unusual, Candidate

Politico: Ford noncommital on Gillibrand endorsement

NYT: Bloomberg Says a Soda Tax Makes Sense

NYT: New Rules Trouble Some Defense Lawyers for the Poor


Mercury News: Gov hopeful Poizner, accused of flip-flopping, steers hard to the right
George Skelton: Jerry Brown is older, wiser, ready to run
LA Times: Packard heir slams GOP Senate candidate, former Hewlett-Packard chief Fiorina
IBD: Mickey Kaus For Senate: The Time Is Right
SacBee: Budget cuts slash California rehabilitation program for prisoners
Dan Walters: Legislature's 'oversight' unit misses mark


Dallas MN: What if Hutchison had piped up earlier?
Dallas MN: Voter ID among GOP resolutions


Miami Herald: Crackdown urged on undocumented aliens' mental healthcare
SPT: In Tallahassee today: recycling, gambling and, of course, the budget


Human Events: Congressman Deal of Georgia is Out, Then in Again


Chicago Tribune: Public pension deficit soars in Illinois
Chicago Tribune: Durbin to insurance companies: 'Party's over'
Chicago ST: Blago-era pacts to be reviewed by Quinn administration
Chicago ST: New questions on state nursing home deal


Star Tribune: Race for governor: A plentiful supply of wannabes


WaPo: Iowa governor faces tough reelection as another state sours on incumbents


Politico: A field without star power


Hill: Hearing raises concern about Rep. Driehaus using committee resources before vote


Detroit News: Gov's plan to release inmates under fire
D News: Taxpayer suffering, state deficit should forestall pay hikes and pension sweeteners
Detroit FP: Owners walk from homes, values erode


St. Louis PD: Bonds agenda full as time in office shrinks
KC Star: Former Missouri House speaker agrees to testify before grand jury


Tennessean: Tea party gets TN Republican candidates' attention
Knox News: Three groups back Robin Smith


NYT: Arkansass Senator in Middle, Hit on All Sides


News-Record: GOP leader to unveil TV ad in Greensboro
NYT: The National Enquirer Earns Some Respect


McClatchy: Spotlight glares on Wilson, Miller race
American Spectator: DeMint Before Dinner


Boston Globe: Va. health bill could foil Obama proposal: State questions constitutionality


Star-Ledger: N.J. Senate committee to consider three Christie cabinet nominations
Star-Ledger: NJ Democrats scramble as Gov. Chris Christie draws the budget battle lines


Boston Globe: Unions support is no lock for Patrick
Boston Globe: Where the other candidates stand


AP/Smith: R.I. mayor faces new questions in House run


Rasmussen: Nevada Governor: Rory Reid Now Trails Two GOP Hopefuls
CQ Politics: Poll: Sandoval Leads in Nevada Governor Race


CQ Politics: Walden Rises Up From Obscurity




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