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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

May 7, 2010


WSJ: Market Plunge Baffles Wall Street
WSJ: Eight Things the Plunge Means for Your Money
WSJ: Did Shutdowns Make Plunge Worse? (via Google)
Wash Times: Greek debt crisis hammers Dow down 998 points
Hill: Markets plunge amid worries over Greece as Senate debates reform
WSJ: Greece and Contagion (via Google)
WaPo: World stocks slide on Dow collapse, debt crisis
NYT: Market Drop Fueled by a Crisis, Anxiety and an Error
WaPo: Wild day on Wall Street leaves electronic exchanges under scrutiny
NYT: Policy Makers Seek to Calm Markets as Slide Continues
WaPo: Greece's debt crisis could spread across Europe
Rush Limbaugh: Market Drops on More Than Greece
Pat Buchanan: The End of La Dolce Vita
Paul Krugman: A Money Too Far
Sen. Orrin Hatch: Looming tax increases put U.S. in VAT of trouble

WaPo: With 2 Republicans, financial overhaul bill moves toward approval
Wash Times: Senate kills GOP consumer amendment
Politico: Democrats defeat GOP alternative on consumer agency
WSJ: Plan for Congressional Audits of Fed Dies in Senate
NYT: Senate Nod to Fed Audit Is Expected
Hill: Sanders agrees to modify measure requiring Fed audit
NYT: Proposal to Audit Fed Is Modified
NYT: Glass-Steagall Wall Revisited
Politico: Durbin: Bank bill deadline may slip
Politico: Webb, Bloomberg in bonus battle
NYT: Paulson and Geithner Back Calls for Tighter Regulation
NYT: A.I.G. Said to Dismiss Goldman
WSJ: The Gold Standard: The Case for Another Look

Charles Krauthammer: How to modernize Miranda for the Age of Terror
Politico: Holder defends Mirandizing Shahzad
WaPo: GOP takes jab at Democrats' 'luck' in fighting terrorism
Rush Limbaugh: Not Dumb Luck? Inside Edition Beats Regime to Shahzad Docs?
Rush Limbaugh: Obsession: Who is Faisal Shahzad?
Wash Times: Holder reassures Senate on Times Square probe
NYT: Bill Targets Citizenship of Terrorists Allies
Hill: Pelosi: 'Be very careful' about Lieberman, Brown terror citizen bill
Politico: Experts dismiss Lieberman terror bill
WSJ: Suspect Cites Radical Imam's Writings
WaPo: Radicalization of Times Square suspect was gradual, investigators say
WSJ: Getaway Car Waited, but Key Was Lost
NYT: Debate on Expanded Presence in Pakistan
WaPo: Possible role of Kashmir-focused groups may hinder Times Square terrorism probe
Wash Times: Graham defends calling Islam inferior
Peggy Noonan: Lessons From Another 'Long War'
Michelle Malkin: The Go-Fly List for Terrorists
Rush Limbaugh: Media Ignores Obama Regime's Incompetence on Terror, Oil Spill

Human Events: Navy SEAL McCabe Found Not Guilty

Hill: Lieberman, Collins leaning toward taking administration to court over Fort Hood

WSJ: Court Halts Release of Jailed Militia Members

Rush Limbaugh: Students Accused of Starting Trouble by Wearing American Flag

WSJ: Oil Regulator Ceded Oversight to Drillers
Politico: Energy bill may lose GOP sponsor
Politico: Pelosi backs $10B liability cap for oil
Hill: Lawmakers admit $10 billion oil liability cap may not be enough to cover spills
Hill: Lieberman: Offshore drilling in climate bill getting a second look
Matt Kinnaman: Drill, baby, still
American Thinker: American Fossil Fuels: The New Alternative Energy Source

WSJ: Why the AMA Wants to Muzzle Your Doctor
WSJ: The FDA vs. Bone Cancer Patients (via Google)

NYT: Obama to Seek Line-Item Veto Power to Trim Spending From Bills

NYT: Obama Plans Revival of Russian Nuclear Deal

Mort Kondracke: Who Is the Real Obama? Unifier or Polarizer?

WSJ: House Passes Cash for Caulkers Stimulus Bill (via Google)
AP: 'Cash for Caulkers' program offers rebates for green homeowners

NYT: Marriage Law Is Challenged as Equaling Discrimination

NYT: In Washington, a Renewed Taste for Auto Safety

WaPo: FCC chairman proposes increased regulation of Internet service providers
NYT: F.C.C. Proposes Rules on Internet Access
WSJ: FCC Web Rules Create Pushback
Wash Times: FCC claims power over Internet providers
Hill: Boehner slams FCC for 'takeover of Internet'

Sen. Jeff Sessions: Americans look for Supreme Ct to restrain federal power, not expand it
NYT: Potential Court Pick Faced Dilemma at Harvard
Reuters: Republican would back Garland for Supreme Court
NYT: Marking Off the Course to the Supreme Court
NYT: Think the Question Is Who? How About When?
Hill: Senate Republicans delay controversial appellate court pick Goodwin Liu

Wash Times: GOP to insist on 10th Amendment
Fox: Republican Lawmakers Launch States' Rights Task Force
Human Events: Returning Power Back to the People

Politico: New bulls fortify speaker's stable

Hill: GOP brings in legal heavy-weights to fight campaign finance bill
Brad Smith: Citizens United We Stand

WSJ: Primary Problem for Democrats: Voter Turnout
Hotline: Dem Turnout Falls Off A Cliff
NYT: House G.O.P. Aid for More Candidates
Politico: GOP rank and file: Too soon to be 'sassy and cocky' about Nov.
CQ Politics: NRSC is Fearless... With A Little Help From Taylor Swift
Dallas MN: Rove helping direct Republican resurgence network
Rush Limbaugh: Politico Uncovers the Sinister Republican Plot to Win Elections

Ted Nugent: What the Tea Parties Stand For


AP/Armas: Dems fear losing four-decade grip on Pa. seat
Politico: Mike Pence to stump in John Murtha's district
Politico: Pols pour cash into PA 12 special
Economist: After Murtha

Politico: Dem chair: Sestak win 'cataclysmic'
CQ Politics: Sestak Ad Ties Specter To Bush, Palin
WaPo: Joe Sestak launches ad linking Arlen Specter to George Bush
WSJ: Sestak Attacks Specter for 45 Years of Republican Ties
Atlantic: Sestak Goes for the Kill on Specter


WSJ: Hawaii House Seat Slipping Away From Democrats
Politico: DCCC to 're-evaluate' Hawaii special
Politico: Cheney group slams Case


Human Events: When Sports & Politics Don't Mix
NYT: Latino Groups Urge Boycott of Arizona Over New Law
WaPo: Labor, civil rights groups press for national boycott of Arizona
Hill: SEIU announces Arizona boycott
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Uses Cinco de Mayo to Divide America by Race and Class
Rush Limbaugh: An Arizonan Defends Her State
American Thinker: San Francisco's Unconstitutional Arizona 'Boycott'

CQ Politics: McCain Ahead in Primary

American Spectator: Another Good Idea From Arizona


Buffalo News: Erie County GOP backs Paladino for governor
NYDN: Erie County GOP Goes With Hometown Paladino
Niagara Gazette: Erie County GOP backs Paladino
NYT: Steve Levy: Feelings of Donors Remorse Emerge After Politician Switches Parties
Newsday: Levy picks first local Republican for high-level county post

NYT: Suit Over Legal Aid Advances in New York

NYT: Putting Blame on Albany, Mayor Unveils Budget With Heavy Cuts
NYT: Editorial: Blame Albany

NYT: Bruno Gets 2-Year Prison Term, but Stays Free
Albany TU: 2 years for Bruno
NYT: Swagger and a Speech Before an Ex-Lawmakers Sentencing
Buffalo News: Bruno gets two years in prison for violating public's trust
NYDN: Editorial: Pass Joe's Law: Bruno's federal crimes must be state offenses, too


LA Times: GOP Senate candidates spar in first face-to-face debate
SacBee: GOP Senate candidates run to the right in debate
SF Chronicle: Right, left batter Campbell on social stances
NYT: Palin Backs Fiorina in California
Politico: Facebook turns on Palin
CQ Politics: Why, Sarah? Why Carly?
CQ Politics: News From Carlyfornia: Palin Endorses Fiorina

LA Times: Nancy Pelosi's Republican challengers score nationwide backing


Houston Chronicle: As Perry's star rises, so do image worries
NYT: Texas Candidates Spar Over the Spill
NYT: The Post-Hispanic Hispanic Politician


SPT: Crist eyes special session to put drilling ban on November ballot
Miami Herald: Poll: Charlie Crist holds lead in U.S. Senate race -- for now
Fox: Crist Holds 6-Point Lead as Independent in Florida Senate Race, Poll Shows
CQ Politics: Florida: Nelson Predicts Crist-Meek Matchup
Rasmussen: Only 48% in Florida Now Support Offshore Drilling
Human Events: Marco Rubio on U.S - Cuban Relations
SPT: Rick Scott, multimillionaire political rookie, gunning to be governor of Florida


AJC: 9th Congressional District race is unusual -- and not
AP: Georgia Gov. Perdue signs $17.1 billion budget


Chicago Sun-Times: State GOP slams hosts at Giannoulias campaign event

Chicago Tribune: Illinois Senate approves state budget after bitter debate
Chicago Sun-Times: Senate OKs 5% spending cut, pension payment delay
WSJ: Illinois Budget Woes Come to a Boil

Politico: Illinois makes life difficult for Barack Obama

Chicago Sun-Times: Dem nominee claims racial profiling


KCCI: Culver Closing Gap With Branstad
KCCI: Grassley Faces Strong Challenge From Conlin


Star Tribune: Pawlenty draws dire economic picture
WSJ: Pawlenty's Woes at Home Might Help Him in 2012
WSJ: Court Rejects Budget Cut by Pawlenty in Minnesota (via Google)


CQ Politics: Shifting the Odds in Wisconsin


Dayton DN: Portman says GOP must put forth ideas
Columbus Dispatch: No surprise: Eyes on Ohio for Nov. 2 vote
Columbus Dispatch: GOP catches flak for racy anti-Fisher ad

Politico: Strickland ties Kasich to Wall St.

Toledo Blade: Don't take us for granted, Tea Party warns Ohio GOP

Cleveland PD: State income tax revenues drop, but officials still see signs of hope


Detroit FP: Editorial: Budget hijinks make mockery of public campaign financing


KC Star: Watered-down ethics reform advances in General Assembly


Examiner: Crunch time in the race for Tennessee Governor
AP/Johnson: Tenn. lawmaker hoping to have GOP budget plan soon


Market Watch: Paul holds 12-point lead in Ky. Republican race
CQ Politics: Kentucky: Conway Loans Campaign $300,000 for Final Push


Politico: Poll: Lincoln would be strongest Dem in general election
CQ Politics: How The Money's Flowing In Arkansas


Rasmussen: North Carolina Senate: Burr 48%, Marshall 40%
Rasmussen: North Carolina Democratic Senate Primary: Marshall 42%, Cunningham 37%

NYT: Editorial: Amazon and Sales Tax


State: Haley endorsed by S.C. Club for Growth


WaPo: National Republican training program promotes two Va. candidates


CQ Politics: Mollohans Harbingers in West Virginia


AP: NJ appeals court to rule whether unions are subject to same donation ban as corporations


Rasmussen: Connecticut Governor: Democrats Edge Ahead of GOP Rivals
Rasmussen: Connecticut Senate: Blumenthal Still Holds Big Lead Against Top Republicans


Politico: Barbour, Weaver erupt: 'Opportunist'; 'Scalded apes'
Boston Globe: Brown wants citizenship revoked for terror ties


WSJ: Washington Supreme Court Rules on Internet Filters


Wash Times: Incumbency encumbers Utah senator
Politico: Senators fret over Bennett's plight
CQ Politics: Everywhere Bennett Turns, He Gets Hit
CQ Politics: Bennett AWOL as He Fights To Survive
Salt Lake Tribune: Editorial: Fixing elections
Salt Lake Tribune: Huntsman says open primary could be way to engage


Politico: Ensign probe continues in Las Vegas
AP: Lawyers for ethics committee in Vegas about Ensign

Politico: Dems will be better off if Harry Reid loses


CQ Politics: Colorado: GOP Ahead In Any Senate Matchup


May 6, 2010


Ann Coulter: Obama National Security Policy: Hope their bombs don't work
Rush Limbaugh: If Shahzad is an Amateur, What Does That Make Janet Napolitano?
American Spectator: Chasing Faisal
Wash Times: Ex-CIA lawyer: Gitmo IDs graver than Plame leak
NYT: Evidence Mounts for Taliban Role in Car Bomb Plot
WSJ: Suspect's Ties to Pakistan Taliban Probed
WaPo: U.S. to send Pakistan detailed request for help in Times Square bomb probe
WaPo: Catching bomb suspect was rare moment for Holder to celebrate
Hill: Congress asking questions about Times Square arrest
Rep. Mac Thornberry: Terrorism policy risks disaster
AP: Judge clears way for members of Michigan militia to be released while awaiting trial

Karl Rove: The President and the Politics of Civility
John Fund: Obama Slurs a Movement
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Insults the Tea Partiers
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Breathtaking Sophistry
WaPo/Rove: Twelve things the world should toss out: Exit Polls
Wash Times: 'Open government' hides transition data
Politico: Rove, GOP secretly plot vast network to reclaim power
CNN: RNC loses communications staffers

NYT: 2 Votes Break Logjam on Financial Overhaul Bill
WSJ: Senate Strikes Deal on Failing Financial Firms (via Google)
WaPo: Financial overhaul bill gets bipartisan push in Senate
Politico: Dodd and Shelby strike Wall St. deal
Hill: Rifts emerge among Dems on consumer financial regulations
NYT: Senate Liberals Push for Strict Financial Rules
Hill: GOP mulls pay-go challenge to Wall Street reform legislation
Politico: Boost for labor in Wall St. bill
WSJ: Sen. Lincoln Plan to Allow Swaps Desk to Go in Affiliate (via Google)
WSJ: Bank Tax Needs More Study, Says Levin (via Google)
AP/Kuhnhenn: Consumer rules, Fed audit next on Senate agenda
Reuters: Republicans want to lift bank swaps ban: senator

Bloomberg: Freddie Mac Seeks $10.6 Billion, Fueling Republicans Criticism
WSJ: A Fannie Mae Political Reckoning (via Google)

NYT: In Bid to Boost Drilling, GOP Counterattacks With Focus on Gas Prices
WaPo: BP touts itself as 'green,' but faces PR disaster with 'BP oil spill'
Politico: Pence: W.H. was 'slow' on oil spill
Human Events: Obama Fiddled While the Gulf Burned
WSJ: Blame Obama. Why Not?
Politico: Five races reshaped by the oil spill
Politico: Sources: Energy bill next week
Hill: Dems propose massive increase in oil company liability to $10 billion
Politico: Obama biggest recipient of BP cash
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: Top Recipient of BP Cash
ABC: While Oil Slick Spread, Interior Department Chief of Staff Rafted with Wife on "Work-Focused" Trip in Grand Canyon

WSJ: Moment of Truth for U.S. Productivity Boom (via Google)

Hill: Norm Dicks aims to become the top House money man with chairmanship
Politico: Fattah to run for Appropriations chairmanship
Human Events: Obey Out -- Whos Next?
Hill: Rangel vows he'll reclaim Ways & Means chairmanship after ethics probe done

Politico: Lindsey Graham lashes out on immigration
Politico: Obama: 'Begin' immigration this year
Hill: Obama uses Cinco de Mayo to call for immigration reform, criticize Ariz. law
Hill: Schumer vs. Chamber flares up, throwing immigration roadblock
Politico: Democrats' shift right frustrates Hispanic activists
Human Events: What’s Wrong With Racial Profiling Anyway?

Politico: Washington Post shifts leftward online

NYT: Since Bork, a Long War Over the Court
WaPo: Obama to make Supreme Court decision soon, aides say
NYT: Long Shot for High Court Has Reputation for Compassion and Persuasion
American Thinker: Obama's Supreme Court Choice: No Evangelicals Need Apply

WSJ: Kagan Says Rulings on Black, Skilling to Affect DOJ: "Honest services" fraud

WSJ: New U.S. Push to Regulate Internet Access
WaPo: FCC will seek to regulate Internet providers
Wash Times: FCC to assert authority on net neutrality
Hill: FCC to make move on net neutrality

WSJ: Bar Raised for Law-Grad Jobs

Wash Times: Pill at 50 still gets hot flashes of debate
Wash Times: Salute to atheism on National Day of Prayer

WSJ: Primary Mood Swings (via Google)
Hill: Incumbents feel primary nerves
CQ Politics: Tracking The Enthusiasm Gap
CQ Politics: NRCC Promotes 13 to Young Guns Level
James Taranto: Ho Hum, a Record Turnout
Mark Penn: From the U.S. to the U.K., new political winds

CQ Politics: Next: Utah, Nebraska, West Virginia

ABC: Palin in 2012? It Would Be Awesome, Bristol Says


FT: Burns rhetoric sets Democrats on edge
Wash Times: Democrat tacks right in Murtha seat race
WaPo: Why Pennsylvania's special election matters more

NPR: Specter The Incumbent, But Not The Shoo-In


Honolulu Adv: Hawaii Republicans are pinning big hopes on a Djou victory
WaPo: Republican hopes in Hawaii special rise with new poll


Wash Times: Most Arizonans back new immigration law
Rush Limbaugh: Arizona Law Hurts the Democrats

CQ Politics: Bush-Quayle, In New Configuration


NYDN: Albany leaders bow to Gov. Paterson's push for worker furloughs
Albany TU: Furlough still a plan in progress

NYDN: L.I.'s governor wanna-be steers clear of city

NYT: Day of Sentencing Looms for Former New York Senate Leader
Buffalo News: Joe who? awaits fate in court

NYT: Editorial: Against Gerrymandering


SF Chronicle: Whitman's lead over Poizner plummets
CSM: Poll: Poizner surges in California governor's race
SacBee: Poizner, Whitman risk tilting too conservative for California

SF Chronicle: Carly Fiorina cultivates tough but vulnerable image
SacBee: In California's U.S. Senate race, it's open season on RINOs

SacBee: Furlough litigants shop for judges


Texas GOP Vote: Recent Texas Governor Poll, Bill White Trails Rick Perry by 4%
Dallas MN: Chet Edwards watch: Obey's retirement unlikely to tip Texas dominoes


SPT: Jeb Bush makes it official, endorses Marco Rubio
Florida TU: Thrasher turning up heat on Crist
Human Events: Rubio Clarifies Critique of Arizona Law
SPT: Kevin Burns drops out of U.S. Senate race

SPT: Abortion veto choice is defining, or redefining, moment for Charlie Crist
Miami Herald: Gov. Charlie Crist feeling pressure on abortion bill


Hill: Georgia Democrat aims for history with win against Sen. Johnny Isakson


Chicago Tribune: State playing hot potato with pension burden
Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois House rejects vouchers
CQ Politics: Why Illinois Senate Is a Tossup but N.H. Isnt


Politico: Dan Burton again floats bubble to protect House


Radio Iowa: Branstad underwent heart procedure today


AP: Minn. high court rules against Pawlenty cut
NYT: Minnesota: Court Rules Against Cuts to Food Program
WSJ: Court Rejects Budget Cut by Pawlenty in Minnesota (via Google)


WSJ: Democrat Obey Won't Seek Re-Election
Rush Limbaugh: David Obey (D-WI) Says "No Mas"
CQ Politics: Catch Up With The Guy Who Won't Be Running Against Dave Obey: Sean Duffy
Wash Times: Democrat Obey to leave House after 4 decades
AP/Foley: Obey retirement gives GOP hopeful opening in Wisconsin
Fox: Dave Obey and the Debacle of Second Base
Politico: Obey seat adds to Dem midterm woes
Hill: Obey's exit stuns House
CQ Politics: Obey Move Sets Off Domino Effect in Wisconsin


CBS: "Joe the Plumber" Wins Local GOP Elected Office
AP/Seewer: 'Joe the Plumber' elected to GOP panel

Cleve PD: Lee Fisher, Third Frontier win big in Ohio; Tea Party effect minimal

Politico: Labor groups won't support Space


Detroit News: Campaign finance pot raided by state
Detroit News: Like his disgraced son, Bernard Kilpatrick lived large in Detroit
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick asks public to help pay restitution


Memphis CA: Guns in bars bill OK'd by Tennessee House; heads to governor


USA Today: Senate Republican defies his leader to endorse Rand Paul
NYT: DeMint Backs Rand Paul
Politico: DeMint steps on McConnell endorsement
Lexington HL: Kentucky Poll: Paul holds commanding lead; Mongiardo ahead


News & Observer: Judge seals John Edwards sex tape depositions for 45 days


CQ Politics: Inglis Prepares To Drop Another TV Ad


WaPo: Virginia's love-hate relationship with federal spending
AP/Szkotak: Va. governor keeps eye on drilling prize


S-L: Christie says he's confident hearing for N.J. Supreme Court nominee will happen
S-L: Editorial: Legislature should fight back, not let Christie weaken NJ's Supreme Court


CQ Politics: New Hampshire: Kelly Ayotte Now On The Air


Boston Globe: Baker says shelter position misrepresented


AP/Vergakis: Bennett appeals to GOP to let him keep Senate seat
Salt Lake Tribune: Editorial: Saving Bob Bennett

Rep. Rob Bishop: Federalism Works


Rasmussen: Murray Reaches 50% Support Against Two GOP Opponents
Seattle PI: Elway Poll: Murray at 51 percent, leads all challengers


Rasmussen: Colorado Senate: GOP Hopefuls Still Hold Slight Edge


May 5, 2010


WSJ: Suspect Admits Bomb Plot
WSJ: Race to Track Clues in Time
WSJ: Bloomberg Questions Security
WSJ: From Peshawar to Times Square
WSJ: Why Pakistan Produces Jihadists
NY Post: Taliban lackey's twisted mission: Revenge for US drone slayings
WaPo: Probe in failed Times Square attack focusing on Pakistani Taliban
Wash Times: N.Y. bomb suspect trained in Pakistan
Hill: Democrats tout their anti-terror credentials after quick arrest
NYT: Suspect, Charged, Said to Admit to Role in Plot
NYT: Lapses Allowed Suspect to Board Plane
NYT: Smoking Car to an Arrest in 53 Hours
NYT: From Suburban Father to a Terrorism Suspect
WSJ: Miranda Rights: Times Square Bomber Reignites Debate
NYT: A Renewed Debate Over Suspect Rights
NYT: Miranda Rights for Terrorists
Politico: Joe Lieberman bill would strip citizenship
WaPo: Editorial: Obama owes answers on how he handled Times Square suspect
James Taranto: Questions Only Bloomberg Is Asking
David Ignatius: The real danger in makeshift bombs
Rush Limbaugh: Bloomberg, Obama Disappointed That the Bomber Isn't a Tea Partier
Rush Limbaugh: For Every Problem, a Villain (Except for Muslim Terrorists)

WSJ: Disaster Dims Odds of Energy Bill Compromise
WaPo: U.S. exempted BP's Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study
NYT: Amount of Spill Could Escalate, Company Admits
NYT: Fox and White House Tangle on Spill Theory
Wash Times: Senators attack Obama's drilling
Hill: Senior Republicans distance themselves from 'drill, baby, drill'
Politico: Politics flooded with BP cash
John Fund: Obama administration was caught unprepared for the oil spill
Thomas Friedman: No Fooling Mother Nature
Rush Limbaugh: State-Run Media Smear Rush with Out-of-Context Quotes on Oil Spill
American Spectator: Keep the Lights On

Hill: Lieberman: Pushing climate bill without Sen. Graham is an open question
Hill: Reid: Gulf spill should expedite energy bill

NYT: E.P.A.s Plan to Regulate Coal Ash Draws Criticism

Wash Times: Bank bill could help feds snoop, GOP warns
NYT: Bill Drops Fund to Shut Failed Banks
Hill: Divided Dems fight over Wall St. reform
NYT: On Hill, Geithner Makes the Case for a Bank Tax
WaPo: Some Democrats reluctant to include bank tax in overhaul
WaPo: Some lawmakers also shorted stocks, congressional records show
Hill: Wyden, Grassley want end to secret holds as part of Wall Street reform bill
NYT: Editorial: The Hard Work on Financial Reform
Tom Frank: Goldman and the 'Sophisticated' Investor (via Google)

Politico: Baucus moves on biz tax package

NYT: Some Retirees Will Receive Aid to Pay Health Bills

NYT: Editorial: And the Magic Number Is ...

Charles Murray: Why Charter Schools Fail the Test

American Spectator/Prowler: Net Neutrality Further Neutralized

NYT: Black Hopefuls Pick This Year in G.O.P. Races

WaPo: Poll: Tea party platform fares best among GOP conservatives
WaPo: Tea party groups battling perceptions of racism
Kathleen Parker: The Tea Party's allegiance to no one

Newt Gingrich: Failure-in-Chief
WaPo: Oil spill, failed bombing offer Obama a challenge of message, management
NYT: Obama Tries to Mend Fences With American Jews

NYT: Primary Roundup
Politico: Primaries bruise establishment picks

Politico: Third-party election spending surges


Hill: Endorsement not offered or sought in Pa.
Bloomberg: Specters Lead Dwindles in Pennsylvania Senate Race, Poll Shows
NRO: Snarlin' Arlen's Last Stand?


Hill: Obama urges Hawaii voters to pick 'a Democrat' in May 22 special election
AP/Niesse: Obama calls on Hawaii voters to back a Democrat


Politico: Polls show GOP may rise with Arizona
Dick Morris: GOP: Dry up will to cross border
Human Events: The True Agenda of Immigration Protests
Wash Times: OpEd: A winning path to immigration reform
WSJ: OpEd: Arizona's Immigration Mistake (via Google)
Politico: W.H. eyes unsure GOP on immigration
Wash Times: Napolitano: Border could be 'more safe'
Hill: Dems: Immigration reform would help reduce deficit
AP: 2 Arizona City Councils Vote to Sue Over New Law
Ruth Marcus: In Arizona, election reform's surprising consequences


WSJ: Paterson Threatens Furloughs Over Budget
NYT: Paterson Offers Choice: Furloughs or Shutdown
Albany TU: N.Y. governor wants state worker furloughs to begin May 17
Albany TU: Leaders on the furlough bill
Buffalo News: Paterson sees furloughs by May 17

Albany TU: Redistricting bill passes Senate committee

Albany TU: State ethics bill mirrors federal law

NYT: Editorial: A Reminder About American Values

NYT: In New York, Sunny Forecast Dims for G.O.P.

NYT: Monserrates Ex-Chief of Staff Is Arrested
NYDN: Foul-mouthed ex-Hiram aide tried to bully way out of arrest with fake police placard

American Spectator: Patersons Predecessor


LA Times: Healthcare is a headache for GOP candidates in California
Human Events: Whitman Can Spend, but Can She Govern?
Mercury News: Poizner suddenly looms in Whitman's rear-view mirror
SF Chronicle: Chuck DeVore stays true to his principles
LA Times: New ethics rule will limit Schwarzenegger's use of donations for trips
Dan Walters: Sacred cows in California get overdue critical eye


Dallas MN: Offshore drilling not losing favor among Texas leaders
Dallas MN: Bill White and Rick Perry continue to back off-shore drilling


Rasmussen: Florida Senate: Crist 38%, Rubio 34%, Meek 17%
SPT: Florida GOP trashes, blames and bashes their once-golden governor, Charlie Crist
Hill: Rubio stays on conservative message
SPT: Marco Rubio maintains push for more drilling
Miami Herald: Lieutenant governor tied to Florida GOP-paid expenses for Disney tours


Gov. Sonny Perdue: Atlantas health vital to Georgia
SPR: Millionaire threatens to shake up Georgia governor's race


Rasmussen: 20% of Illinois Democrats Say Party Should Pick A New Candidate For Senate
Chicago Trib: Madigan swayed University of Illinois to admit relatives of allies, donors


Indianapolis Star: GOP turns to Dan Coats
Human Events: Coats Makes First Step Back to Senate
NYT: Ex-Senator Coats, Seeking a Return, Wins G.O.P. Primary in Indiana
Wash Times: Coats, Burton win primaries in Indiana
CQ Politics: Coats Wins Senate Nod, Burton Holds On in Indiana
American Spectator: Coats is Clear
CQ Politics: Indiana: NRCC Favorite Bucshon Narrowly Wins In 8th District
CQ Politics: Indiana: It's Hill-Young (Not Hill-Sodrel V) In The 9th
Indianapolis Star: Rokita wins in crowded Republican field


Michael Gerson: Tim Pawlenty: Minnesota's Ronald Reagan?
Pioneer Press: Horner says he's the real middleman in governor's race
AP/Bierschbach: PR exec Horner makes 3rd-party bid for Minn. gov


Cleveland PD: Ganley, Renacci win Republican primaries
CQ Politics: Ohio: Fisher Tops Brunner, Will Face Portman
CQ Politics: Ohio: Gibbs, Dailey Recount Likely In 18th
CQ Politics: Ohio: Renacci Will Face Rep. Boccieri In 16th District


Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: Blunt 50%, Carnahan 42%


Politico: Corker bucks GOP without regrets


NYT: McConnell Backs Establishments Choice in Kentucky
AP/Alford: McConnell endorses Grayson in US Senate primary


StarNews: Pantano wins in Republican race for U.S. House
Fox: Democratic N.C. Senate Candidates Head to Runoff to Face Republican Sen. Burr
CQ Politics: NC: Marshall and Cunningham Headed to Runoff
StarNews: Goolsby defeats Lee for N.C. Senate Republican nod


WCIV: Republican Candidates Square Off On Jobs, Taxes, Off-Shore Drilling & More
CNN: South Carolina Republican releases new TV ad
Metro Spirit: Sympathies to S.C.


AP/Lewis: Va. AG seeks records of college climate scientist
WaPo: Virgil Goode joins the Constitution Party


NYT: Senate President Vows to Block New Jersey Court Nominee
S-L: NJ Senate refuses to hold confirmation hearings for Christie's Supreme Court nominee
Star-Led: Standoff between Senate, Gov. Christie may leave N.J. Supreme Court in limbo
Star-Ledger: Gov. Christie may have picked a fight he's 'almost certain to lose'


Boston Globe: Baker outlines changes he says would save state $1 billion


Seattle PI: Rossi on Dems' attacks: 'Is this all' Murray has?


May 4, 2010


NYT: Arrest Made in Times Square Bomb Case
WSJ: Man Arrested in Car Bomb Inquiry
WaPo: U.S. citizen from Pakistan arrested in Times Square bomb case
AP/Long: Pakistani in custody in N.Y. car bomb attack
NY Post: Bomb suspect busted at JFK: Pakistani US citizen 'trying to flee US'
WaPo: OpEd: Combating simple, yet deadly, forms of terrorism
Politico: Rep. Peter King links 'South Park,' car bomb
Rush Limbaugh: Media Hopes to Blame Right for Times Square Bombing Attempt

WaPo: Primary Day: Five storylines to watch in Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina

NYT: A New Poll Finds Support for Arizonas Immigration Law
NYT: Poll Shows Most in U.S. Want Overhaul of Immigration Laws
Hill: House Dems prep for immigration battle
WSJ: Retired Justice O'Connor Raises Doubt on Arizona Immigration Law (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: Pro-Amnesty Violence Ignored
Rush Limbaugh: Limbaugh Immigration Solution: Secure the Borders, Obey the Law

WSJ: Oil Agency Draws Fire: Republican Seeks Scrutiny of Regulator
Hill: Massive oil spill in Gulf of Mexico shifts debate on offshore drilling
NYT: Gulf Oil Spill Is Bad, but How Bad?
WSJ: Drilling in Deep Water (via Google)
WaPo: Oil spill concerns turn to compensation
Politico: Palin: 'Trust the oil industry'
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Poses as Chief Executive; Regime Fails to Act on Oil Disaster
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Puts Boot on BP's Neck
NRO: Editorial: Yes, Keep Drilling

NYT: Free Speech Through the Foggy Lens of Election Law

NYT: Poll Shows Optimism on the Economy
David Brooks: The Limits of Policy

WaPo: Lobbyists fret over legislation to reshape financial system
WaPo: Derivatives-spinoff proposal opposed as part of overhaul bill
Fred Barnes: Democrats at Ramming Speed
Robert Wilmers: What About Fan and Fred Reform? (via Google)

WSJ: Scientists Pick Peers to Review U.N. Panel (via Google)

WSJ: Congress Members Bet on Fall in Stocks
Hill: Hedge funds donate big to Democrats

NYT: Education Chief Vies to Expand U.S. Role as Partner on Local Schools

Hill: Advocates blast FCC over net neutrality

NYT: Safety Fears Shut Courts Main Entry
WSJ: Breyer Dissents as Supreme Court Limits Use of Front Doors
WaPo: Supreme Court closes its front doors to the public
AP/Holland: High court lets stand decision barring scouts from park land
NYT: Editorial: The Supreme Courts Doors: Cameras in the Courtroom
Snippets: More than 1/3 of Supreme Court Justices had no prior judicial experience

WSJ: U.S. Declares Size of Nuclear Arsenal
WaPo: Obama administration discloses size of U.S. nuclear arsenal
Wash Times: U.S. discloses cache of 5,113 nuke warheads
Bret Stephens: The NPT Illusion: Disarmament fantasies help the Iranian regime
WSJ: Gates Shoots Across Navy's Bow Budget Speech (via Google)

Wash Times: New light shed on Kent State killings: Shots fired at Guard

Politico: Obama deflects tough calls to Senate
NYT: For Obama, a Nonstop Juggling Act
James Taranto: The Santa Cruz Riot

NYT: No Charges for Ex-Head of Housing Under Bush
WSJ: Former HUD Secretary Won't Face Criminal Charges

NYT: Birth Control Pill: It Started More Than One Revolution

WSJ: GOP Governors Group Swings into Action
Hill: DCCC adds targets, launches program

Politico: Chuck Schumer makes nice with GOP

American Thinker: Palin and the Leftist Elites

NRO: Republicans in Resurgence


NRO: Tim Burnss Hail Mary Pass
CQ Politics: Gubernatorial Turnout May Affect Murtha Special
Politico: Murtha PAC gives $7K to Dems

CQ Politics: Sestak Gaining On Specter


CQ Politics: Tight Special Election Race in Hawaii
Politico: DNC poll: Only Case can win in Hawaii


Wash Times: Tough Ariz. sheriff won't run for governor
WSJ: Sheriff Arpaio Keeps Hat on His Head: Won't seek Governor's office this year
Human Events: GOP State Chairman: Arizona Passed Admirable Immigration Bill
American Spectator: The Shattered Template In Arizona


Albany TU: Paterson: OK furloughs
Albany TU: Showdown possible over N.Y. state worker furlough plan
Albany TU: Lawyer says pay freeze option

NYT: Paterson Move May Help Immigrants Facing Deportation
Albany TU: Paterson bill offers break to immigrant lawbreakers

NYT: State Senate Approves Bill to Increase Charter Schools
NY Post: Senate charter OK sparks class war
Fred Dicker: Fellow Dems put heat on teachers' pets

NYT: From Queens Roots, Cuomo Clan Branched Out

Rochester D&C: Paterson sued by voters in 29th District

NYDN: Adolfo Carrin stepping down as President Obama's urban czar for lesser job with HUD

NYT: State Bill to Take on Public Corruption

Albany TU: Kevin Parkers almost apology
NYT: State Senator Parker Apologizes for Outburst

NYT: Top New York Judge Urges Greater Legal Rights for the Poor

CQ Politics: Pataki Tries to Stay in Shape, Just in Case

NYDN: Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno will learn prison fate on Thursday

Human Events: Al Sharpton: New Flavor, Same Race Hustler
Human Events: Exclusive Video: Al Sharpton, Unplugged


LA Times: Plunge in state revenue dashes hopes of an easy budget fix
Politico: Arnold Schwarzenegger flips on drilling
LA Times: Gov. vetoes smoking ban at state parks and beaches
Dan Walters: 'Top two' primary election plan would shift battlefield


Dallas MN: Texas Gov. Rick Perry hopes feds will step up immigration enforcement
Politico: Rick Perry: Oil spill may be 'act of God'
Dallas MN: Editorial: Perry takes right stand on Arizona law


Hill: Meek presses Crist, Rubio to back drilling bans after oil spill
SPT: Oil slick has candidates sliding away from offshore drilling
WSJ: Spring Cleaning: Florida GOP Auctions a Crist Portrait on eBay
SPT: Crist ponders veto of property insurance bill for second year in a row


AJC: A Democratic seat lost in the state Senate?
AJC: Chip Pearson gives up Senate seat


CPR: Illinois GOP Says Candidate Must Address Alleged Impropriety
AP/Bellandi: Ex-Ill. lt. gov. candidate to run for governor


WSJ: Coats Battles Tea-Party Rivals in Senate Bid (via Google)
Wash Times: Burton brawls to be right for Indiana


Rasmussen: Iowa Governor: Branstad 53%, Culver 38%
Rasmussen: Iowa Senate: Grassley 53%, Conlin 40%


Star Tribune: Health spending endgame nears at Legislature
Star Tribune: Pawlenty says Minnesota needs to be more competitive


CQ Politics: On, Wisconsin: Feingold Return No Sure Thing


Hill: Traficant to challenge Rep. Tim Ryan
NYT: Ohio: Disgraced Congressman Traficant Seeks Comeback

CQ Politics: Poll Has Fisher Up 20 Over Brunner


Detroit FP: Miller: If foreign terrorists are behind bomb scare, treat them as combatants
Detroit News: Patterson: Bing may be too late to save Detroit


AP: Palin speaks at Missouri rally


Politico: Dobson: GOP misled me on Paul
Rasmussen: Kentucky Senate: Grayson, Paul Lose Ground But Still Ahead


NYT: Advocacy Group Defends Ad in Arkansas


CQ Politics: Poll: Attacks Haven't Dented Vitter's Support


NYT: Gov. Sanford Wont Face Charges on Ethics


WaPo: Va. officials reconsider support for drilling after gulf oil accident


Star-Ledger: Gov. Chris Christie nominates lawyer Anne M. Patterson to N.J. Supreme Court
NYT: Christie, Shunning Precedent, Drops Justice From Court
S-L: NJ Supreme Court chief justice criticizes Christie for not reappointing Justice Wallace
S-L: N.J. Senate president blasts Christie for not reappointing Supreme Court Justice Wallace
S-L: Christie's nominee for NJ Supreme Court has donated $23,680 to GOP in past 17 years
Star-Ledger: Gov. Chris Christie's nominee could change character of N.J. Supreme Court
Star-Ledger: Q&A: Gov. Christie's N.J. Supreme Court nomination


Boston Globe: Running mates in spotlight


American Spectator: Richard Blumenthal: Limousine Liberal


May 3, 2010


NYT: Police Seek Man Taped Near Bomb Scene
WaPo: Video from Times Square may show would-be bomber
NYT: A Dread Revived: Terror in the Trunk
NYT: Bomb Squad Has Hard-Won Expertise
NYT: Security Network Planned for Midtown
WSJ: Police Seek 'Furtive' Figure
NY Post: Times Square bombing suspect caught on tape
NYDN: NYPD hunting suspect caught on security cameras who fled from car bomb scene
WSJ: Bomb Was Crude but Lethal: Foiled Plot Was at Least 11th Since 9/11
WSJ: Attempts Suggest Shift to Small-Scale Strikes
Hill: Top Republican: Car bomb could have been related to 'South Park' controversy

NYT: BP Describes Race to Fix Well as Obama Warns of Oil Damage
WaPo: Officials' forecast grim about massive oil spill as Obama tours part of the Gulf Coast
WSJ: BP's Worsening Spill Crisis Undermines CEO's Reforms
WaPo: Oil spill crisis a setback for BP and its chief executive
WSJ: Some Fishing Halted, But Impact Is Unclear
Wash Times: Obama gets look at coastal oil spill: Napolitano deflects critics
Wash Times: Napolitano, Salazar defend federal response to oil spill
WSJ: Obama Says BP Should Foot Cleanup Bill (via Google)
WaPo: Obama tours Gulf Coast while following failed NYC bombing
WSJ: Political Wisdom: Oil Spills Effects Spread Far Beyond Gulf
Paul Krugman: Drilling, Disaster, Denial
WaPo: Editorial: Troubled waters

WSJ: Hillary Clinton Migrates Into Arizona Law Controversy
Ross Douthat: The Borders We Deserve
Wash Times: Editorial: Obama's race-baiting: fear-mongering to radicalize Hispanic vote

NYT: Senate Financial Bill Misguided, Some Academics Say
NYT: Battle Over Bailouts Shifts Oversight Debate
WSJ: How to Avoid a 'Bailout Bill'
Politico: Revolving door: Capitol Hill to hedge funds
Politico: Left sees chance to beef up bank bill
Hill: FDIC wary of Wall Street derivatives 'spin-off' provision in financial bill

WSJ: Governors Press Congress to Focus on Job Creation (via Google)
WSJ: A Centrist Agenda for Economic Growth (via Google)
Sen. Sam Brownback: Spending won't cut dangerous deficit
Hill: Value-added tax has some Republican allies in Congress
Hill: Pelosi tells panel chairmen to 'redouble' efforts to chip away at federal budget

NYT: United and Continental Said to Agree to Merge
WSJ: United, Continental Agree to Combine (via Google)
WaPo: United, Continental announce merger deal

NYT: U.S. Releasing Nuclear Data on Its Arsenal
NYT: U.S. Is Pushing to Deter a Mideast Nuclear Race
WaPo: Nuclear non-proliferation treaty conference set for showdown between U.S., Iran
Hill: Ahmadinejad likely to stir sanctions debate with address at U.N. nuke summit
John Bolton: Get Ready for a Nuclear Iran
WSJ: Pentagon in Race for Raw Materials

Wash Times: Military defends prosecution of SEAL

Hill: Healthcare debate drives fundraising efforts on abortion
NYT: Editorial: Healthcare: End to Rescission, and More Good News

NYT: Editorial: Campaign Finance: Call the Fat Cats Forth
WSJ: Free Speech for Some: Unions get a pass from new campaign finance rules (Google)
CQ Politics: Broadcasters Air Gripes With Political Ad Bill

WSJ: Conservative Latinos Rethink Party Ties (via Google)
Wash Times: Sampling the Tea Party: Republicans are still uncertain

EJ Dionne: From Britain's conservatives, lessons for the GOP

Wash Times: Three states kick-start primary season: IN, OH, NC

CQ Politics: Mook Moves to DCCC IE; Pihlaja Takes Over As Political Director


NewsMax: Republican Leading in Murtha District


Honolulu Advertiser: Hawaii Poll: Djou leads Democratic rivals in congressional race
WaPo: Republican hopes in Hawaii special rise with new poll
WaPo: Scott Brown backs Hawaii, Pennsylvania Republicans in House special elections


WSJ: Arizona Shooting Stokes Immigration Debate
LA Times: Both sides in Arizona's immigration debate use crime argument
Wash Times: Mexico's illegals laws tougher than Arizona's
Wash Times: Born-again 'border hawk': Will the new McCain fly?
Wash Times: Immigration crackdown championed
Politico: Napolitano: Arizona law 'a shame'
Politico: Gutierrez talks immigration following arrest
Hill: Arizona law controversy raises Grijalva's profile along with immigration issue


Albany TU: Paladino sparks kerfluffle at GOP candidate screening
Buffalo News: Paladinos survival tour
NYT: Political Test May Loom for the Cuomos Bond
Politico: Andrew Cuomo can afford to be coy
NYDN: Spitzer takes shots at President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo

NYDN: Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice making push for attorney general

WSJ: Upstarts Aim to Unseat Upper East Side Fixture Carolyn Maloney (via Google)

NY Post: B'klyn food charity paid state Sen. Kevin Parker's aide's kin with tax money
NY Post: Harlem shuffle: Why it may see a major political shakeup this year

NYT: Empathetic Judge in 9/11 Suits Seen by Some as Interfering


LA Times: Immigration a hot topic in Whitman and Poizner's last debate
SacBee: Poizner, Whitman clash over conservative credentials in final debate
Dan Walters: Whitman, Poizner paddle to the right in TV debate
NYT: California G.O.P. Governor Candidates Meet in Debate
State Column: Whitman and Poizner Debate in California

Mercury News: How Senate Republican contenders stack up against Boxer


Dallas MN: Are the feds punishing Texas?
Dallas MN: Correspondents' Dinner lures even anti-Beltway Gov. Perry


Hill: Crist says he's open to supporting a Democrat for Senate majority leader
Wash Times: Crist blames GOP exit on 'primary fear'
Time: Can Crist Win Florida's Senate Race as an Insurgent Independent?
Politico: Crist a no-show on CNN
Politico: Charlie Crist and the narrow middle
CQ Politics: Lieberman Convinced Crist to Make Independent Bid

SPT: Legislature's proposed amendments offer referendum on GOP agenda
Miami Herald: GOP loads up November ballot


AJC: Karen Handel: No more appearances with Ray McBerry


CQ Politics: Illinois Race Presents Peril for Durbin
Chicago Tribune: Quinn proposal would extend Cook County property tax cap
Chicago Sun-Times: Congressman's daughter's sweet housing deal


Star Tribune: Independence Party's Horner launches bid to be gov


Detroit News: Fieger: I will not run for governor


AP/Talbot: Tenn. officials brace for more flooding, deaths


CQ Politics: Kentucky: Rogers Endorses Grayson


AP/Davenport: Attorney general releasing SC gov investigation
AP: Republican governor debate on tap for SC public TV
AP: Lawyer to be sworn in as top SC federal prosecutor


WaPo: McDonnell strikes a balance, conservatives rethink support
WaPo: Va. seeks balance in marking Civil War's 150th anniversary


Politico: Robert Andrews moves to rebuild career


WSJ: Boston-Area Residents Warned on Water
Boston Globe: Hope of fix within days


Politico: John Ensign draws calls to resign


CQ Politics: Voters Like Bennett More Than Delegates


May 2, 2010


NYT: Police Find Car Bomb in Times Square
WSJ: Bomb Fears Shut Down Times Square
AP/Hays: Times Square cleared as bomb found in parked SUV
NY Post: Car bomb causes terror scare, forces evacuation in Times Square
NYDN: 3 cops, street vendor stop Times Sq car bomb from detonating; Gas, clock found

NYT: Slate of Nominees Is Clue to Obamas Plans for Fed
AP/Funk: Buffett supports Goldman at Berkshire meeting

NYT: New Technique Holds Hope for Oil Spill Cleanup
WSJ: Variety of Cleanup Efforts Weighed for Oil Spill
Hill: Administration taps top Coast Guard official to lead oil spill response
WaPo: Oil spill threatens Gulf region's ecosystem and fishing, tourism and shipping
NYT: Tax on Oil May Help Pay for Cleanup

WaPo: Senate Democrats' plan highlights nation's shift to the right on immigration
Hill: Immigration protesters call on Obama to move quickly on reform
NYT: Immigration Advocates Rally for Change
WSJ: Thousands Protest Arizona Immigration Law (via Google)
NYT: Los Angeles Archbishop Speaks Out Against Immigration Law
LA Times: L.A.'s May Day immigration rally is nation's largest
Hill: Calls to boycott Arizona over immigration law divide Democrats
George Will: Arizona law's foes are using the real immigration scare tactics
Dana Milbank: Obama's fatal flinch on immigration reform
Mediaite: Ann Coulter Attacks Rove, Rubio For Opposition To Arizona Immigration Law

Hill: GOP governors opting out of health reform pool for high-risk uninsured

David Broder: Looking for a benefits-spending cuts deal to reduce the deficit

NYT: Obama Calls for Campaign Spending Disclosure
Hill: Obama: Bill to blunt Supreme Court ruling needed before election

AP/Sidoti: GOP expands political playing field; Dems slipping

WSJ: Steele Says He Finally Met Obama

WaPo: Group to censure physicians who play role in lethal injections

Kathleen Parker: Women should be informed before they abort

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: Oil spill fallout


Hill: Houses top defense appropriator throws weight behind Dem to fill Murtha's seat


NYT: Lawmakers in Hawaii Vote to Back Civil Unions


Politico: Fiorina: 'Racist tone' to border debate
Dan Walters: State fiscal plan mostly just wishes


Albany TU: Upstate Democrats draft Cuomo
Albany TU: In absentia, Cuomo nominated for governor
NYDN: Cuomo wins straw poll for governor at the Democratic Rural Conference
NYT: Ex-Official Wins Straw Poll for Attorney General
Albany TU: Dinallo wins straw poll, Rice second, Coffey third
Queens Courier: Twilight of the conservative party in 2010?


NYT: Texas Democrat Is Striving to Make His Name Known
Dallas MN: Dallas immigration rally ends with crowd estimated at 25,000


CQ Politics: Crist Grabs Lead in Early Poll
Roger Stone: Crist's Gamble
Rich Lowry: Why Crist is 'done'
SPT: Florida Gov. Crist's final 24 hours as a Republican
Buzz: Obama's Charlie Crist joke
Miami Herald: They're rich, they're running can they win?

Miami Herald: As oil blob triples in size, Florida fears nightmare

SPT: Florida expects $6 billion hole in budget in 2011


AJC: The new House speaker and his confrontation with Georgia Right to Life
AJC: Roy Barnes first TV ad, promising respect


St. Louis PD: Brady, Kirk still leading in polls for Illinois statewide races


Star Tribune: Emmer's next big job: Appealing to the middle
Hill: Emmer gets GOP nod in open Minnesota governor's race


Milwaukee JS: Editorial: Legislature, heal thyself (or voters may do it)


Hill: Sen. Sherrod Brown says he lacks votes on 'too big to fail' banking amendment


Detroit FP: Palin rips into Obama, Democrats
Detroit News: Palin thanks Michiganians for 'clinging to your guns and religion'
Hill: Hoekstra takes aim at Obama on day of president's address to college grads
Detroit News: Mich. GOP gubernatorial hopefuls stay civil during debate
Detroit News: Anuzis elected Michigan's Republican National Committeeman


S-L: Restructure of N.J.'s public university system could succeed this time


Boston Globe: A catastrophic rupture hits regions water system


Politico: Huntsman keeps his options open


May 1, 2010


National Enquirer: Obama Cheating Scandal
Mediaite: National Enquirer’s Obama Sex Scandal: Claims Hotel Surveillance Proves Affair

WSJ: Oil-Spill Fight Bogs Down
WSJ: Drilling Down: A Troubled Legacy in Oil
WSJ: Threats to Wildlife Often Linger Long After Accidents
WaPo: Scientists watch for environmental effects of Gulf of Mexico oil spill
WSJ: Experts: Oil May Be Leaking at Rate of 25,000 Barrels a Day in Gulf (via Google)
WaPo: Gulf oil spill: Worst-case scenario
AP/Burdeau: Heavy winds and high tides hamper Gulf oil fight
WaPo: Pressure grows for action by BP
WSJ: BP's Escalating Costs Put Investors on Edge
NYT: BP Is Criticized Over Oil Spill, but U.S. Missed Chances to Act
NYT: Shadow of Hurricane Katrina Hangs Over Obama After Spill
NYT: Solution to Capping Well Remains Elusive
NYT: Editorial: Unanswered Questions on the Spill
Hill: Offshore drilling faces increasing political hurdles after massive spill
Rush: Obama Pays Oil Slick Lip Service; He's Interested in His Agenda, Not His Job
Rush Limbaugh: Eight Days: Heckuva Job, Barry

WSJ: U.S. Faces High Stakes In Its Probe of Goldman
WaPo: Justice probe of Goldman goes beyond deals cited by SEC
Rush Limbaugh: Bam Thows Goldman Under Bus?
Hill: Chamber, manufacturers lobby to kill anti-Wall Street derivatives measure
Hill: For Wall Street, financial reform legislation takes a bad turn in Senate
Rush Limbaugh: What's Hidden in the Dodd Bill
WSJ: New Life for 'the Volcker Rule' (via Google)
NYT: Citing Wall Street Reform, Dodd Backs Out of Fund-Raiser for Gillibrand
NYT: To Protect Consumers, Who Will Be Regulated?

WSJ: Business Spending Propels Recovery
WSJ: The Recovery So Far
WaPo: U.S. recovery continues at its slow pace, GDP and other data show
WSJ: U.S. Role in Mortgage Market Grows Even Larger

NYT: Democrats Reframe the Debate on Immigration
CSM: Opinion polls show broad support for tough Arizona immigration law
Ezra Klein: Like it or not, the 2010 election is now (substantially) about immigration
WaPo: OpEd: A simple way to keep illegal immigrants from getting jobs
Rush Limbaugh: Immigration Debate is All About the New Voters Democrats Need

AP: Liberals Struggle to Challenge Dems on Health Care
WSJ: Big Pharma Loves Harry Reid (via Google)

Charles Blow: Abortions New Battle Lines

WaPo: OpEd: The census will be wrong. We could fix it

WaPo: U.S. is expected to reveal size of nuclear stockpile

Hill: Gates opposes getting rid of gay ban until Pentagon study done

WSJ: Search for Supreme Court Nominee Advances (via Google)
NYT: Rare Breed Now: A Justice Who Wasnt a Judge
Linda Greenhouse: The Court as Mr. Fix-It?

James Taranto: The Right's Happy Warrior

Politico: Boehner: 100 seats in play for GOP
Hill: Boehner: GOP could pick up 100 seats
WaPo: Record numbers of Republican women are running for House seats
Politico: House Dems to Ax: Hit GOP, not D.C.

CQ Politics: What to Watch Tuesday in Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina

Hill: First elected official from the Tea Party

WaPo: Unification Church will put Washington Times up for sale

Hill: Hollywood meets Capitol Hill on correspondents' dinner weekend

WaPo: Student who hacked Sarah Palin's e-mail account found guilty
BBC: Student convicted of hacking Sarah Palin e-mail account
CNET: Jury convicts Palin e-mail hacker on two counts
AP/Poovey: Jury convicts Palin e-mail hacker
CBS: Sarah Palin Compares Hacking Case to Watergate


Hill: Special election for Murtha's seat tilts toward the GOP
CQ Politics: Burns Leads in PA-12 Special Election

Politico: Specter's Obama ad woos black vote


AP/Niesse: Hawaii governor to decide on civil unions


LA Times: Arizona deputy wounded in desert shooting
AP/Christie: Arizona deputy shot; illegal immigrants suspected
American Thinker: Report from Cochise County, Arizona
AP/Davenport: Ariz. gov signs bill revising new immigration law
Politico: Worries in Republican Arizona law could hurt party
AP/Cooper: Ariz. lawmakers give conservatives plenty to cheer
Rush Limbaugh: We All "Show Papers" All the Time
WSJ: Several Governors Come Out Against Arizona Law (via Google)
AP/Tareen: Immigrants-rights activists hope Ariz. law boosts rallies
Mark Steyn: Liberals bash Arizonans from the back seat of their limos

Politico: Arizona legislature targets 'human-animal hybrids'


NYT: Officially Undecided, Cuomo Is Still Star of an Early Primary Event
Albany TU: Cuomos first stump speech (office unspecified)
NYDN: Fix Albany 'disgrace,' says Attorney General Andrew Cuomo
Albany TU: Paterson: Ill vote for Cuomo, for whatever
NYDN: Paterson Would Vote For Cuomo... But For What? Cuomo Ain't Saying
NY Post: RGA figure cited by Levy would mean large investment in liberal NY: GOP insiders
NY Post: Levy touts poll showing he's gaining ground
Albany TU: Holtzman swings by, pays respects for possible AG run
Buffalo News: Volker leaving with his head held high
NYT: Editorial: The Big Fix: Time to get rid of gerrymandering in New York
NYT: Bloomberg Names Former Mayor of Indianapolis to No. 2 Post
Albany TU: $1B in stalled New York state road funds take detour to court


SF Chronicle: Poizner set to take last, best shots at Whitman
Mercury News: Poizner trying to make his move in GOP primary
SF Chron: New Poizner TV ad: Whitman's "Vulture"-like dealings with Goldman Sachs


Dallas MN: White, Perry not keen on following Arizona's lead on immigration law
Dallas MN: Grand Prairie's Republican mayor endorses Democrat White for governor
Time: Texas: Can Gay Couples Divorce Where They Can't Marry?


TD: GOP quickly exiles governor: Crist campaign aides quit; LeMieux won't back Senate run
Hill: Former Crist ally LeMieux decries his Independent Florida Senate bid
Miami Herald: Crist taps new sources as some demand money back
SPT: Independent Crist will have to tap into an unfamiliar pool of donors
WSJ: Crist Plots Incursion Into Democratic Base (via Google)
John Fund: Sunshine Circus: Charlie Crist is just the clown in the Center Ring
Wash Times: Florida GOP: Crist not a pretty picture
NYT: Parties Snipe at Crist, but May Court Him Later
Politico: Charlie Crist's rough road to November
SPT: Who leads Florida Republicans now? Jeff Kottkamp?
Sarasota HT: New math: Divide race by 3, then add one billionaire
WaPo: Jeff Greene's campaign explains his Republican past
Miami Herald: Billionaire `outsider' throws hat into Senate race
SPT: Marco Rubio backs off support for oil drilling

SPT: Intense, emotional debate over abortion measure now headed to Crist

NYT: Fla. Republican Ginny Brown-Waite to Retire From House
Hill: Rep. Brown-Waite announces retirement, citing 'persistent health problems'
CQ Politics: Sour Grapes In Florida

AP/Kaczor: Lawmakers put own districting plan on Fla. ballot


AJC: Session ends but issues live on ... on the campaign trail
CQ Politics: Donors Open Wallets For Georgia Special Election


Rasmussen: Illinois Governor: Brady (R) 45%, Quinn (D) 38%
Rasmussen: Illinois Senate: Kirk 46%, Giannoulias 38%
Chicago Tribune: Judge says no Obama testimony in Blagojevich trial
Chicago Sun-Times: No Obama at Blagojevich trial
Hill: Judge denies Blagojevich's request to subpoena Obama in corruption case
NYT: Illinois: No Subpoena for Obama


CQ Politics: Coats Boosts Fundraising Ahead of Tuesday's Primary


Star Tribune: 'Emmer's the guy,' Republicans say
Star Tribune: Seifert concedes, Emmer gets Republican gubernatorial endorsement
CQ Politics: Palin-Endorsed Candidate Wins In Minnesota


WisPolitics: Doyle says combined reporting not to blame for Harley's woes


Columbus Dispatch: Election will test strength of revolt
CQ Politics: Fisher Pulls Away in Ohio Senate Primary
Vindy: Meshel to Kasich: Show tax returns


Detroit News: Fieger may reveal governor plans Sunday
AP/Hoffman: Democrat Dillon picks up union endorsements


KC Star: Carnahan says her Senate race against Blunt will be "close"


TimesNews: Ramsey, Haslam woo GOP faithful in Hawkins


CQ Politics: Clinton Cuts Ad For Lincoln


WRAL: Senate candidates sound similar themes


Spartanburg HJ: SC Senate approves budget after 17-hour session


AP/Lewis: High-risk health pool left to feds


WSJ/Mulshine: Jersey's Suburban Tax Blues (via Google)
S-L: NJ senator seeks appointment of ally by blocking Christie's choice for Parole Board head


Rasmussen: Delaware Senate: Castle 55% Coons 32%
CQ Politics: Delaware: Castle Maintains Lead


Boston Globe: Patricks job cutting affirmed, assailed


CQ Politics: Republicans Ahead In All Three New Hampshire Races


Sue Lowden: Harry Reid is running out of options on health care
Politico: Reid ads tout health bill
Las Vegas RJ: Lowden, Tarkanian attack each other during Republican debate at Orleans


HeraldNet: GOP says Patty Murray is panicked
AP/Woodward: Dems attack Rossi ahead of possible Senate bid
Atlantic: Dino Rossi's Firm Owes $20,000 in Taxes


WaPo: Republicans in Utah direct anger at former party favorite Bennett




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February 22-28, 2009
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January 22-31. 2009
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December 22-31, 2008
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November 1-4, 2008

October 22-31, 2008
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September 22-30, 2008
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April 22-30, 2008
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March 22-31, 2008
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February 22-29, 2008
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January 22-31, 2008
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January 1-7, 2008


December 22-31, 2007
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November 22-30, 2007
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February 22-28, 2007

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January 22-31, 2007

January 15-21, 2007
January 8-14, 2007
January 1-7, 2007


December 22-31, 2006
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