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November 21, 2010


WSJ: House GOP Duels Over the Spoils of Victory
WaPo: Political divide between coasts & Midwest deepening, midterm election analysis shows
WaPo: GOP's gains ready to propel social back into national spotlight
Bill O'Reilly: Obama Vs. Bush
David Broder: The GOP's lame-duck hardball
NYT: Editorial: Now, for Some Leadership

Hill: McConnell: 'Economy barely has a pulse' yet Dems don't get tax-cut message
Hill: Sen. Sherrod Brown: Obama must stand up to GOP on extension of tax cuts

WaPo: Why the much-maligned earmark is good for America
WaPo: A lobbyist's defense of earmarks: They make the government work

Human Events: Gingrich Spokesman Slams Simpson Salvo As "Historical Revisionism"

WaPo: U.S. nearing end of major insider-trading probe

Hill: Republican Party struggles to find unified voice on Fed criticism
Milwaukee JS: Ryan leads opposition to Fed's economic efforts

NYT: Consumer Risks Feared as Health Law Spurs Mergers

WaPo: White House takes a more modest Plan B to Cancun climate talks

WaPo: For three Midwestern governors, public employee compensation takes center stage

Andrew McCarthy: How Should Terrorists Be Tried?

NYT: T.S.A. Grants Airline Pilots an Exception to Screenings

Fox: DREAM Act Would Allow Illegals With Criminal Records to Gain Residency, GOP Says
American Thinker: Immigration: A Modest Proposal

David Limbaugh: Just Say No to START

NYT: Editorial: The Lesson From Mr. Rangel

Hill: Freshman lawmaker, trusted team tackle task of finding a Hill home
Hill: New lawmakers must raise cash for 2012 while paying off debt
Hill: Black Republican: Black Caucus preaches victimization and dependency

WaPo: Some in the GOP think Steele must go, with a clean break
WaPo: Are Michael Steele's days numbered?
Minn Post: Maria Cino, ran 2008 Republican National Convention, might run for party head
Big Govt: RNC Chair Steele Tries to Take Credit for 2010 Tea Party Success

UPI: Sarah Palin book tour hits primary states
Frank Rich: Could She Reach the Top in 2012? You Betcha
AP: NY judge orders Gawker to pull Palin book pages
Politico: Gawker loses round with Sarah Palin
Human Events: A Reply to Mona Charen’s "Why Sarah Palin Shouldn’t Run"
NYDN: Barbara Bush says Sarah Palin was 'beautiful' and hopes she 'stays in Alaska'

NYT: Romney, Weighing Run, Leans on State PACs
NYT: A Forecast That Obama Could Love
Maureen Dowd: Nuking the White House

Houston Chronicle: Cornyn's mission will be to try and flip the Senate to the GOP in 2012

Hill: Sunday shows: Obama abroad


WSJ: Analysis: GOP tests stronger voice in NY Assembly

Hot Air: Buerkle Breaking House GOP Record
Syr PS: Wayne County opens, but does not count, absentee ballots in NY-25 race

Rochester D&C: Paterson's legacy in budget

NYT: In Wake of Losses, New Powers for a Political Master (Schumer)

NYT: Chamomile Tea and Legal Briefs (Jonathan Lippman)


LA Times: A political powerhouse grows in the wings


Hill: Perry: Take TSA patters and put them on border security detail

Texas Tribune: Straus Advertises His Conservative Bona Fides

Dallas MN: Debt limit will be test of resolve for GOP freshmen from tea party


Buzz: Rep. Connie Mack laying groundwork to run against Bill Nelson in 2012


AJC: How Democrats can avoid the next fight over the Georgia flag


Montgomery Advertiser: Riley wants legislators to ban double dipping in special session
Human Events: Our Mr. Brooks: "The Uncompromiser"


AP/Deslatte: Analysis: Democrats face a grim time in La.


Chicago Tribune: Moseley Braun kicks off campaign for mayor
Chicago Sun-Times: Moseley Braun announces candidacy for mayor
NYT: Carol Moseley Braun, a Former Senator, Joins the Race for Chicago Mayor
NYT: Braun to Run for Chicago Mayor
Hill: Moseley Braun running against Emanuel for Chicago mayor

Chicago Sun-Times: Votes for Quinn tax hike won't be easy


AP/Glover: Paulsen: GOP wants up to $300 million in cuts


Journal Gazette: Glick chosen next state Senator


Pioneer Press: Dayton, counties challenge GOP lawsuit

WaPo: Is Michele Bachmann getting the party started?


Milwaukee JS: Poll finds 52% in state oppose train


Columbus Dispatch: Pickerington man to lead state workers
Vindy: Bet on Republican control extending to casino panel


Michigan Radio: Snyder goes to governor school
AP: 1000s apply for jobs with Snyder administration
AP/Hoffman: Snyder could face GOP lawmakers with own agendas

Detroit News: Upton a RINO? Not this Fred


St. Louis PD: Battle over 'right to work' looms in Missouri


AP/Schelzig: Republican Gov.-elect Bill Haslam names legal counsel
Tennessean: New TN congressmen say they won't lose sight of their duty
Memphis CA: Business wins big in Tennessee elections


Louisville CJ: Mitch McConnell shifts with the tide on earmarks


Lincoln Tribune: North Carolina Republican Head to Resign Post


NPR: Bob Inglis: A Republican Swamped By The GOP Wave


WaPo: Virginia GOP chooses primary over convention for 2012 senate race
Richmond TD: Va. GOP to pick 2012 Senate nominee in primary

Richmond TD: Virginia's tea party focuses on building sustained political presence


WaPo: Ehrlich declines to comment on robocalls episode


Wheeling NR: GOP Looking for a Candidate


Fox: Obama's Nominee for UN Reform Job Left Senate Race After Specter Joined Dems


News Journal: Republicans lost Delaware because of inept leadership


Star-Ledger: At the N.J. League of Municipalities convention with Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno
AP/DeFalco: Ex-legislator gets 31/2 years for extortion


Hartford Courant: Linda McMahon Isn't Going Away
Hill: Linda McMahon doesn't rule out 2012 run against Lieberman


Concord Monitor: The green agenda


Boston Globe: Recovery a mirage for most, poll finds


Las Vegas RJ: Nevada power brokers flex muscles


Arizona Republic: Big pension costs also a burden for other states


Denver Post: Joint Budget Committee new members weigh the governor's proposed cuts
Coloradoan: Taxpayers overpaying state workers


KOMO: AG settles suit with state Republican party


Oregonian: OR's urban liberal majority: Chris Dudley's loss helps GOP clarify situation


Politico: Alaska Senate standstill divides GOP
Examiner: Joe Miller Defeats Murkowski Machine - Election on HOLD
Anchorage DN: Natives' super PAC meant new boost for Murkowski campaign


November 20, 2010


ABC: Fmr Sen. Alan Simpson Predicts Govt. Shutdown
Wash Times: Debt commission co-chairman predicts 'bloodbath'
Politico: Simpson predicts debt limit bloodbath
Politico: Another 1995-style government shutdown?
Bloomberg: GOP weighs strategy to reshape finance overhaul

Politico: GOP governors: Follow us on budget cuts
VOA: Republican Governors Plan Economic Turn-Around, Plot Strategy

Weekly Standard: Democratic Tax Strategery

WSJ: Unspent Stimulus Tough to Retrieve

WSJ: States Raise Payroll Taxes to Repay Loans

NYT: Looking to Next Year, Republicans Stymie Democrats’ Efforts on Top Measures
WaPo: Democrats strategists ready to take page from GOP playbook in 2012

NYT: Senate Approves Payment of Black Farmers’ Claims
WaPo: Senate approves $4.5B payment to Native Americans, black farmers
Hill: Senate OKs long delayed $1.15B black farmers settlement

WSJ: Senate Fails to Vote on Food-Safety Bill
Hill: Senate to vote on food safety, healthcare provision repeal after Thanksgiving

Hill: Republicans prepare to fight possible FCC net-neutrality push by year's end
Hill: FCC may regulate Internet lines days before Christmas

John Fund: Revolutionary Do-Over
Pete DuPont: What the Election Means
Dana Milbank: Republicans in a post-post-9/11 era
NYT: Incoming Speaker Takes Commercial Flight, but Skips the Pat Down

WSJ: U.S. in Vast Insider Trading Probe

WSJ: The Fed's Bipolar Mandate (via Google)
Hill: Bernanke: Nation on 'unacceptable' path toward long-term unemployment woes

NYT: Cost and Goals at Center of Arms Treaty Debate

NYT: Unions Yield on Two-Tier Wage Scales to Preserve Jobs

John Yoo: The Ghailani Verdict and the War on Terror (via Google)
NYT: For Judges, Lawyers and Fellow Jurors, the Challenges of Dealing With a Holdout
WaPo: Tim Pawlenty calls for Holder’s resignation
Hugh Hewitt: Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty from the RGA in San Diego
Weekly Standard: Holder’s Sham Trial

WSJ: Email Discovery Delays House Ethics Trial
NYT: New E-Mails Delay Ethics Trial of Lawmaker
WaPo: House ethics committee postpones Maxine Waters trial
Wash Times: Waters slams ethics case delay
Hill: Waters accuses Ethics of having weak case after calling off her trial

Ted Nugent: Rangel Wranglers
NYDN: What is censure?

WaPo: Ex-AIPAC official got at least $670,000 from donors

NYT: A Warning About Climate Change From a Departing Republican
Hill: Moderate Republicans lament GOP climate change denial
WSJ: Cap and Retreat (via Google)

Fox: Obama Administration Denies Request for Fort Hood Report That Could Aid Suspect

Kathleen Parker: Enduring the bare necessities in airport screening
George Will: The T.S. of A takes control
Hill: Biden: Airport screening pat-downs a 'necessary policy'
Fox: Congressman Seeks to Ditch TSA for Private Firms, Some of Them Campaign Donors

WSJ: GOP Earmark Ban Shifts Clout
Hill: Fiscal panel co-chief dismisses earmark ban as no more than 'sparrow belch'

WaPo: Scalia on cameras, retirement and the 'brave new world'

NYT: Steve Israel to Lead Democrats’ Comeback Efforts
Politico: Nancy Pelosi taps Steve Israel to run DCCC
Hill: Rep. Steve Israel to head DCCC

NYT: Joe Scarborough Suspended for Two Days for Political Donations

Human Events: National Private Radio? Not yet

Newsweek: Cornyn Takes Aim at DeMint, Tea Party

WaPo: Is Michael Steele edging toward a reelection bid?
Politico: Steele defends RNC record
Fox: Emboldened Steele Takes Credit, Defends Role
Weekly Standard: Michael Steele Isn't Going Quietly
AP/Lieb: Ex-ambassador Ann Wagner takes 1st steps for RNC chair

NYT: The 800-Pound Mama Grizzly Problem
NYDN: Sarah Palin's publisher sues Gawker for publishing leaked book excerpts

Fox: 12 in 2012: NJ Gov. Chris Christie's GOP Fan Club Grows but No Bigger Plans Yet
Huff Post: Governor Chris Christie Is Our Nightmare, Say Dem Insiders About 2012 Race

Politico: Mike Huckabee mulls 'pathway' to 2012 win
Politico: Mike Huckabee to push social issues in Iowa

WaPo: North Carolina, Indiana host marquee governors races in 2012

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: Questions Linger About Cuomo Agenda
Troy Record: Andrew Cuomo knows it
Albany TU: Looking for Cuomo’s stance on Superfund? Good luck

Vanity Fair: William Cohan on Steve Rattner’s Cuomo Indictment

Syracuse PS: Battle over 25th Congressional District seat comes down to Wayne County

Albany TU: Layoff letters pending at DMV
Albany TU: Grannis: 'Fired for telling the truth'


LA Times: California Rep. Jerry Lewis faces challenge in chairmanship bid

Pasadena Star News: Dreier to head California congressional delegation

SF Chronicle: Kamala Harris holds lead in attorney general race
LA Times: Harris' lead over Cooley grows in attorney general race
SF Chronicle: GOP challenges signatures on provisional ballots
LAist: Garcetti Calls Attorney General Race in Favor of Harris

LA Times: Nearly 1 in 5 Californians would never vote for Republican, Times/USC poll finds
LA Times: For the GOP, California is a deep blue hole


Bloomberg: Pistol-Packing Texas Governor Perry Reveals His Tea Party `Eureka Moment'

Daily News: Taylor taking heat for speaker’s race
Mark Davis: Who's the right Republican to lead Texas House?
RedState: Joe Straus Is Worried. Keep Up the Pressure
Am Indep: How interest groups rated Texas House speaker hopefuls

Examiner: Texas GOP protests plan to move National Guard troops off the border


SPT: Grass roots and hedge funds lined Marco Rubio's path to the Senate
Buzz: Behind the numbers: Who funded Rubio's campaign and what might they want
Miami Herald: $20M offers look into Rubio supporters

PBP: Scott not backing off social network investment that Christian group urges him to drop


AJC: Jack Kingston jumps into race for chairman of House Appropriations Committee
Hill: Kingston makes bid for top House Approps slot


Huntsville Times: Two candidates line up to replace Hubbard as chair of AL GOP
Montgomery Advertiser: Group of Democrats in Legislature expected to join GOP


Daily Advertiser: Louisiana lawmakers likely to gain clout


Human Events: How Could Brady Blow It?

Chicago Tribune: Emanuel says his Chicago ties are clear
Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel defends Chicago residency: born here, votes here ...


Des Moines Register: Culver OKs state pay raises


WSJ: Dick Lugar vs. the GOP


WaPo: Minnesota's Bachmann finds herself atop tea party movement, but will it last?
NYT: Bachmann’s Popularity Puts G.O.P. on the Spot

Star Tribune: County officials blast GOP request for vote match
KARE: Republicans aim to change recount ground rules


Milwaukee JS: Report on Wisconsin’s budget deficit contains hidden costs
Milwaukee JS: Doyle administration signed more than $67 million in rail contracts


Cleveland PD: Kasich says he won't be deterred from his main priority: jobs
Cincinnati Enquirer: Get your Kasich administration jobs here

Columbus Dispatch: Senator rips governor over education grant


NYT: Michigan Senator Stabenow to Head Agriculture Committee

Detroit FP: Thousands apply to work for Governor-elect Rick Snyder
Detroit FP: Editorial: Hamtramck poses first cities test for Snyder


Examiner: Harwell, Ramsey, Haslam should seek to pass budget quickly


Cincinnati Enquirer: GOP governor hopeful takes in $500K


Hill: After loss, Lincoln unsure White House will keep $1.5 billion promise


Politico: Bobby Etheridge concedes to GOP’s Renne Ellmers


State: Clyburn: S.C. has lost clout in D.C.


WaPo: Democrats hit McDonnell on travel; McDonnell hits back
AP/Lewis: Tight-fisted Va using debt at greatest rate ever


WaPo: Two more confirm interest in Md. GOP chairmanship


FT: West Virginia ponders reality of budget cuts


LDN: Pa. losing clout on Capitol Hill
Altoona Mirror: Eichelberger expects shift in Pa. power


News Journal: State's Democratic Party acquitted itself well


Human Events: Court Denies Menendez Recall Petition, Tea Party to Appeal


Hill: Google scrutiny to come to Washington with Blumenthal


Boston Globe: Top House leader downplays finding of corruption in probation agency
Boston Globe: Finneran was silent when queried on agency patronage


Las Vegas RJ: FEC won't punish Ensign
NYT: Nevada Senator’s Parents Cleared in Election Inquiry
Politico: Federal Election Commission dismisses John Ensign complaint
Hill: FEC dismisses complaint against Ensign over payments to former mistress


Arizona Republic: 3 Arizona lawmakers taking first steps on Capitol Hill

Arizona Republic: Randy Pullen fails to win enough votes for GOP committee


NYT: Naming of Alaska Winner Delayed
AP/Bohrer: Judge halts vote certification pending state review
Guardian UK: Alaska's disputed Senate election heads back to the courts


November 19, 2010


Fox: White House Defends Ghailani Prosecution Amid Criticism of Terror Policy
NYT: Terror Verdict Tests Obama’s Strategy on Trials
NYT: At Terror Trial, Big Questions Were Avoided
WSJ: The Verdict on Holder
Wash Times: Verdict raises hackles over trying terror suspects in civilian courts
NYT: Editorial: The Ghailani Verdict
WaPo: Editorial: Acquittal in terror case shows justice system's strength
Michael Gerson: With Holder at the helm, detainee policy is a disaster
WaPo: OpEd: Ghailani verdict makes stronger case for military detentions

NYT: Obama Forces Showdown With G.O.P. on Arms Pact
WSJ: Obama Launches Blitz to Ratify Treaty
Human Events: New START Treaty's Swiss-Cheese Ratification Trap
NYT: Democrats Struggling to Make Any Headway
MSNBC: Republican: 'No chance' START happens in lame duck
Wash Times: More spy satellites sought from Hill

Wash Times: Partisan stances harden on extensions of tax cuts
Hill: Reid, Senate Dems go hardball on taxes

Politico: Grover Norquist calls for 1995-style shutdown
Politico: Budget fight sets up 2011 showdown

WSJ: Jobless-Benefits Bill Rejected
LA Times: House GOP blocks extension of jobless benefits

NYT: Republicans Rise to Power, With Enmity for Health Law
Hill: Boehner: GOP will move 'quickly enough' to repeal healthcare law

NYT: G.O.P. Governors Gather, and Some Debate the Size of Their Deficits
WSJ: GOP Governors Plan Budget Cuts
LA Times: Republican governors target public employee unions
WaPo: McDonnell elected vice chairman of the Republican Governors Association

Fox: Ethics Committee Recommends Censure of Rangel as Full House Vote Awaits
NYT: House Panel Recommends Censure for Rangel
WaPo: Charlie Rangel censure recommended by House ethics committee
Wash Times: Rangel recommended for House floor scolding
WSJ: Rangel Pleads for Mercy

WSJ: The GOP's Immigration Opportunity (via Google)

Bloomberg: Bernanke Defends Asset Purchases as Republican Lawmakers Step Up Criticism
WSJ: What's Really Behind Bernanke's Easing? (via Google)
Human Events: The Economy Suffers, So The Fed Prints Money
NRO: The Path to Economic Disaster
Paul Krugman: Axis of Depression
Kim Strassel: An Energy Drink for the GOP

American Spectator: Pete and Alice's Commission

WSJ: Debt Panel Convenes, Still Lacks Consensus
Ted Nugent: No debt commission omissions

NYT: New Budget Director Confirmed

Charles Krauthammer: Don't touch my junk: The idiocy at airports is intolerable

John Bolton: Obama's Gift of Gaffe (via Google)
Pat Buchanan: Who Fed the Tiger?

John Fund: Pelosi's Blame Game

NYT: Triumphs of 2010 May Serve Barbour Well in 2012
Politico: Romney eyes later start for 2012
Politico: Rick Santorum: 2012 plans a family decision
MSNBC: Barbour, Daniels to wait until spring to decide on WH bid
Bloomberg: Palin's Marketing Push Flourishes Amid Presidential Flirtation
Peggy Noonan: To Run or Not to Run, That Is the Question (via Google)
Mona Charen: Why Sarah Palin Shouldn’t Run

Wash Times: RNC's Steele hires pricey 'convention liaison,' irking GOP
Politico: Top governors turn against Michael Steele
Frum Forum: Cino Close to Announcing RNC Chair Bid

Politico: Few takers for top DSCC slot
Hill: Reid in 'no rush' to name head of Senate Democrats' 2012 campaign efforts

American Spectator: Scooter Libby's Bigger Picture


NYT: Financier Sued by New York in Fraud Case
NYT: Settling With S.E.C., Rattner Is Sued by Cuomo
NYDN: Albany's bad rep stunts Gov.-elect Cuomo's administration hires

Albany TU: Senate update: GOP sees tightening noose
Albany TU: Langworthy: Dems are disenfranchising voters
AP: Judge sets deadlines for New York Senate race challenges

Buffalo News: Reed sworn in to House seat

NYDN: Judge won't toss case against former Paterson aide David Johnson

NYT: Bloomberg Plans to Cut 10,000 City Jobs by 2012

American Spectator: Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer


LA Times: California begins a new era in redistricting
LA Times: Citizens picked to draw political boundaries
Wash Times: Drawing line on districts in California

LA Times: Bond market turmoil hits California in the pocketbook


Dallas MN: Perry backs sending U.S. troops into Mexico to quell drug violence
Politico: Perry: May need troops in Mexico
Dallas MN: Perry's 'states' rights' battle cry evokes history that could damage his message
NYT: Perry Makes It Clear, He Is Not Your Bush Republican

Houston Chronicle: Testimony ends in DeLay's money-laundering trial
AP/Lozano: DeLay's defense rests at ex-lawmaker's trial


SPT: Rick Scott's inauguration plans include candlelight dinner for donors

Buzz: Nelson: White House not listening to Florida

AP/Farrington: Proposal to pardon dead Doors singer lights a fire


AJC: Deal to put assets in trust


Fred Barnes: Crimson Tide


Chicago Tribune: Kelsey Grammer as mayor of Chicago? Starz buys 'Boss'


Des Moines Register: Iowa farm values climb 13 percent in last year


Star Tribune: Recount: Court moves fast on GOP petition
Star Tribune: Republican leaders warm to Vikings stadium


Chicago Tribune: Minnesota union urges Walker to approve train


Cleveland PD: Tim Grendell wins House seat, but might stay in the Senate


Detroit News: GOP looks for detail in Snyder tax plan


KSPR: Mo. Sen-elect Blunt joins others in urging delay on ratification vote for nuclear treaty


WRCB: Tenn. House GOP nominates Harwell for speaker


AP/Schreiner: Former Paul volunteer pleads not guilty in scuffle


AP/Robertson: Phil Berger picked by GOP for top NC Senate job
American Indep: NC: GOP will aim at Kissell, Shuler as it redraws districts, analyst says


NPR: In S.C., Sanford's Shadow Looms Over New Gov. Haley


WaPo: Could Tom Perriello run for Senate?
Hill: Virginia Republicans want George Allen for their Senate nominee
Wash Times: Virginia's Webb has lead in 2012 polling

Richmond TD: McDonnell task force backs housing trust fund


WaPo: Carmen Amedori looking at Md. GOP chairmanship


Parkersburg News: Manchin selects Goes as state director


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pennsylvania delegation in U.S. House losing clout


NY Post: Bid to recall NJ Dem fails
Star-Ledger: NJ tea party group vows to bring Menendez recall effort to US Supreme Court


AP/Love: GOP nominate O'Brien for NH House speaker
Union Leader: O'Brien wins
Concord Monitor: Deputy to work for Ayotte's office


Boston Globe: SJC orders probation overhaul as report finds rampant fraud
NYT: Inquiry Finds Corruption at Agency for Probation

Boston Globe: Brown treads a fine line in push to alter health law


Politico: Ensign prepped Angle for Reid debate


East Valley Tribune: Pullen not running again for helm of Arizona GOP


Denver Post: Jeffco race goes to Republican, giving GOP edge in state House
Denver Post: It's official: GOP has one-vote House majority


Seattle Times: High court hears challenges to attorney general's authority


AP: Suit Seeks to Stop Final Alaska Tally
AP/Joling: Miller seeks to stop election certification
Hill: Senate hopeful Miller asks judge to stop certification of Alaska election results
AP/Bohrer: Miller campaign combs through voter rolls


November 18, 2010


NYT: Detainee Acquitted on Most Counts in ’98 Bombings
WSJ: Acquittal on Most Charges Stirs Debate About Terror Trials in Civilian Courts
WaPo: Ahmed Ghailani, Gitmo detainee, acquitted of all but 1 charge in N.Y.
Wash Times: Gitmo detainee convicted of 1 charge
NYT: Trial Omitted Statements by Ghailani
NYT: Terror Verdict Tests Obama’s Strategy on Detainees
Weekly Standard: Ghailani Verdict a Miscarriage of Justice

NYT: In Unusual Move, Fed Bolsters Its Defense of Its Plan
Wash Times: Fed chief grilled on Hill over policies
WSJ: Bernanke Makes Case to Senators
Michael Barone: The Fed's $600 Billion Bond Buy Lays Egg Here and Abroad
George Will: The trap of the Federal Reserve's dual mandate

WSJ: Deficit Proposal Draws Mixed Review
NYT: Deficit Panels Go Where Politicians Won’t
Wash Times: Bipartisan panel urges tax breaks, spending cuts
Politico: Democrats press Obama to hang tough on tax cuts
Politico: Allyson Schwartz: Extend cuts up to $500,000
Hill: Plan to cut mortgage deduction stirs housing industry’s K Street machine
Politico: Pricey bills will test GOP promises
WSJ: 8-14-23 or Fight! (via Google)
Martin Feldstein: The Deficit Dilemma and Obama's Budget (via Google)
Betsy McCaughey: This Lame Duck Session Should Be the Last (via Google)
NRO: Lame Duck Legislation - a rundown

WSJ: Panel Will Delay Report on Finance Crisis
NYT: Financial Crisis Panel to Delay Report

NYT: Foreclosure Fix Is Seen as Distant
WaPo: Federal regulators expected to report conclusions of foreclosure probe in early 2011

WaPo: Altman in the running to succeed Summers
Politico: Roger Altman: An unlikely choice for the National Economic Council?

NYT: Medicare and Medicaid Chief Defends Health Care Law
Wash Times: Recess-appointed Medicare chief gets first grilling
NYT: Vouchers Proposed for Medicare in 2021
WSJ: Joining the ObamaCare Suit

Rush Limbaugh: Algore: It was an Exceptional Year

Hill: Navy races to move plan to buy combat ships through lame-duck session
NYT: A Second Group of Experts Calls for Cutting Military Programs to Lower U.S. Debt
NYT: Reid to Push to Allow End of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Hill: White House says it has the 67 votes needed to ratify arms-control treaty

Wash Times: Under Panetta, morale up at CIA

Ann Coulter: Napolitano: The Ball's In My Court Now
Rush Limbaugh: A Revolt Over TSA Screenings
American Spectator: Pat Me, Pat Me
American Thinker: Profile Muslims or Pat Down the Masses?
NRO: How to Reform Islam

NYT: Reid Trying Again on Immigration Bill
Wash Times: 'Toughest sheriff' recruits big names for border 'posse'
Politico: Harry Reid vows votes on DADT, DREAM
SacBee: GOP majority in House will push to end 'birthright citizenship'

NYT: Midterms Threaten Obama’s Rail Plans

WSJ: GM Stock Sale in High Gear
NYT: G.M. Prices Its Shares at $33 in Return to Stock Market
WaPo: General Motors' public offering may net $20 billion
Detroit News: GM stock offering expected to raise up to $23.1B
NYT: OpEd: The Ghosts of ‘Old G.M.’
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: Taxpayers Left Holding the Bag on the GM Bailout
American Spectator: What's Good for GM Is Now Terrible for America

WSJ: Food-Safety Bill Clears Senate
Wash Times: Food-safety overhaul bill clears hurdle in Senate
WSJ: Vilsack: Food Costs Won't Surge (via Google)

NYT: Justices Are Long on Words but Short on Guidance

Wash Times: Boehner tapped as speaker
Politico: No GOP drama: Unanimous vote for John Boehner
Politico: 429 districts down, 6 to go
Weekly Standard: Will a Republican House Help or Hurt Obama’s Reelection Chances?

WSJ: GOP Elevates Some New Faces
NYT: House GOP Freshmen Pick Their Leaders

Hill: House Republican wants leaders to end 'painful to watch' Energy panel fight

WaPo: Republicans may be less eager than Obama for bipartisanship
NYT: Reflections on Loss and Acceptance From Those Swept Out of Congress
NYT: An Electoral Upheaval, but Few Signs of Change
Wash Times: Obama's postelection 'reset' of relations with business iffy
Karl Rove: Don't Get Cocky, GOP

EJ Dionne: Is the Tea Party out to banish Bush-style conservatism?

NYT: Fractured Democrats Keep Pelosi as Leader
WaPo: Nancy Pelosi to lead House Democrats, but path is unclear
Hill: Pelosi quashes uprising
Politico: Nancy Pelosi survives Democratic revolt
Politico: Steny Hoyer: I didn't challenge Nancy Pelosi
Human Events: Pelosi Holds Power Despite Democrat Uprising
NYT: Is Pelosi America’s Most Unpopular Politician?
Politico: Congressional Black Caucus backs Ed Towns for oversight
Kim Strassel: Blue Dog Face-Lift
Dana Milbank: A vote of not much confidence in Nancy Pelosi
David Broder: The bad omen in Democrats' reorganization of House leadership
Rush Limbaugh: Desperate Democrats Cry Racism
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrats in Utter Disarray
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Thrive on Poverty

WaPo: At gathering, Republican governors look to rebrand their party
Politico: RGA women: No more 'labels'
AP: GOP governors already looking to 2012 election

Politico: Michael Steele backers see path to victory

Fox: 12 in 2012: Pence's Focus, Delivery of Message Has Supporters Looking at White House
Politico: Michael Bloomberg: Independent can't win White House

American Spectator: The Unorthodox Frontrunner

NYT: The Palin Network
WaPo: Palin says she could defeat Obama in 2012
Politico: Sarah Palin says she can defeat Obama
NYDN: Palin: I could beat Obama in 2012 elections
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Freak Out Over Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars

Fox: 12 in 2012: Pence's Focus, Delivery of Message Has Supporters Looking at White House
Politico: Michael Bloomberg: Independent can't win White House

Politico: Senators prep for 2012 after scary 2010

Rush Limbaugh: Dick Cheney Still Shooting Straight


NYT: For Rangel, a Downward Path, With Destination Uncertain
Fox: House Panel to Decide Rangel's Punishment

Hill: Democrat cries foul after Republican questions his father's absentee ballot

Buffalo News: Grisanti's lead stable in Senate race recount

Albany TU: Layoff notices outline rights

Albany TU: What does Jimmy McMillan’s tattoo say?


WSJ: California Bond Woe Bodes Ill for States
NYT: For California, a New Month, a New Deficit

NYT: The Tao of Moonbeam
George Skelton: Rating Schwarzenegger

Politico: A political star rises in California
SacBee: Medical pot industry closely watches California attorney general ballot count

SacBee: Meg Whitman agrees to pay former maid $5,500


Dallas MN: Texans play a big role in GOP's new House leadership team

Dallas MN: Speaker candidates condemn e-mails injecting religion into race
Dallas MN: E-mails targeting TX House Speaker Straus cite his Judaism, rivals' Christianity

AP/Lozano: Defense looks at when DeLay learned of money swap
Houston Chronicle: DeLay defense opens with a misstep over evidence
LA Times: Limelight dims for ex-congressman Tom DeLay


Ocala: Stearns chosen as top Florida Republican
Sunshine News: Cliff Stearns Chosen to Lead Florida Republicans in U.S. House

Ledger: Florida Legislature: GOP Moderates an Endangered Species
Sunshine News: Meet the Newest Members of the Florida Senate

Miami Herald: GOP to build on success with Hispanic voters

NYT: Pardon Bid for Jim Morrison Relights Old Fires


Anniston Star: Is Georgia’s Deal ready to deal?
AJC: State legislators consider Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigrants
AJC: Employers see larger costs for health benefits, report says


Chicago Sun-Times: Senate leader nods to GOP

Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel to face challenge on residency issue

Chicago Tribune: Pension bets not paying off


NRO: Mitch Daniels’s Next Hurdle


WSJ: GOP Challenges Ballots Cast in Minnesota Governor's Race


Politico: Ron Johnson plans to remain an outsider


Hill: Ohio Tea Party splits with Boehner on ethics


Detroit News: Snyder's choice to lead state GOP will test clout
Detroit FP: Gov.-elect Rick Snyder to live in Ann Arbor, commute


State: Clyburn, Scott get key House posts


S-L: NJ local officials accuse Christie, Legislature of rushing property tax cap without 'tool kit'
NYT: Editorial: Bailing Out New Jersey

AP: N.J. Supreme Court to decide whether effort to recall Sen. Menendez can proceed


Las Vegas RJ: Ensign, running for re-election with a taint, says he's still effective


NYT: Arizona Law Said to Harm Convention Businesses


Anchorage DN: Murkowski proclaims herself the victor
WSJ: Murkowski Is Winner of Alaska Senate Race
NYT: Murkowski Wins Alaska Senate Race
WaPo: Murkowski claims victory in Alaska Senate race, but Miller vows to fight on
Hill: Campaign ad featuring Sen. Stevens may have salvaged Murkowski’s bid
Politico: Lisa Murkowski salutes 'miracle' win
Gail Collins: Alaska Speaks. Finally
WaPo: Give it up, Joe Miller
Rush Limbaugh: Lisa Murkowksi [sic], RINO Run Wild

Anchorage DN: Ex-Young aide tipped FBI in investigation of congressmen


November 17, 2010


WaPo: Kyl statement deals serious setback to Obama's push for START
Wash Times: Kyl drops bomb on arms treaty prospects
NYT: G.O.P. Opposition Dims Hope for Arms Treaty With Russia
WSJ: Russian Arms Pact Faces New Obstacle
Hill: Key GOP senator deals blow to lame-duck vote on Russia arms treaty

WSJ: Geithner Expects a Deal on Tax Cuts
Hill: Sources: Sen. Baucus may introduce compromise package on Bush tax cuts
WSJ: GOP's Camp Calls for Tax-Cut Extension for Wealthy
Politico: Obama reassures Dems on tax cuts
John Engler: Tax Hikes and the Small Business Job Machine (via Google)

WaPo: Bipartisan agreement on balancing budget may be harder than thought
Politico: GOP gains upper hand on spending
WSJ: Another Deficit Plan Targets Taxes
NYT: One Way to Trim Deficit: Cultivate Growth
NYT: Obama Deficit Panel Gets Some Competition
NYT: Democratic Congressman Defends Debt Commission
Fox: GOP Assault on Federal Pay Puts Obama in Politically Difficult Position
Jonah Goldberg: Obama Can’t Play Center
Wash Times: Retiring postmaster gets another big payday amid financial crisis
WSJ: States Offer Washington Lesson in Belt Tightening (via Google)
Politico: CBO may get caught in congressional divide
Pete Dominici & Alice Rivlin: Payroll tax holiday and other measures to reduce the debt
Tony Blankley: Race against time to balance the budget
Thomas Friedman: Too Good to Check
Walter Williams: How To Control Congress
Gov. Bobby Jindal: American Rights, American Responsibilities

Voice of America: Republican Governors, Governors-Elect, to Meet in San Diego
WaPo: GOP governors look to rebrand their party

Newt Gingrich: The Conservative Challenge
Des Moines Register: Gingrich takes steps toward a presidential run
Iowa Indep: Santorum positioning himself as 2012 tea party candidate
Fox9: Romney Still 2012 Republican Frontrunner

Hill: GOP warned: Get ready for ’12 primaries
Weekly Standard: Electoral Review Part 4, The Midwest

Politico: Obama wants DREAM Act in lame duck

WSJ: U.S. Sets 50 Bank Probes: FDIC Steps Up Investigations at Failed Lenders
WSJ: Pressure Builds Over Loan Modifying
WaPo: States, mortgage lenders in talks over fund for borrowers in foreclosure mess
WSJ: Stung by Criticism, Fed Officials Reply
NYT: Republican Proposal Takes Aim at Fed’s Dual Role
Bloomberg: Senate's Corker Favors Ending Fed `Dual Mandate' to Focus on Stable Prices
Hill: Corker, Pence: It’s time to limit the Fed
NRO: Conservatives and QE2
WSJ: Ron Paul's Golden Opportunity (via Google)
Warren Buffett: Pretty Good for Government Work

WSJ: Altman Is a Candidate to Succeed White House's Summers

Wash Times: Senate GOP curtails earmarks: Two Democrats join bandwagon
Politico: Senate Republicans back earmarks ban in voice vote
NYT: Earmark Ban Exposes Rifts Within Both Parties
Fox: Senate Dems Swim Against Anti-Earmark Tide
NYT: Editorial: The Empty Earmarks Pledge
Wash Times: Big buts on earmark ban
Dick Morris: It all rides on earmark ban

Sen John Barrasso: GOP ideas can fix health care reform
LA Times: $10 Billion Medicare, Medicaid quality plan unveiled by Obama
Michelle Malkin: Dude, Where's My Obamacare Waiver?
American Thinker: Brother, Can You Spare a Waiver?

Politico: Appropriations panel loses its appeal
WSJ: GOP Leadership Struggle for Energy & Commerce Committee Turns Nasty
NYT: Boehner Gives Freshmen More Goodies
Politico: GOP rookies flex their muscles
WSJ: House Rules
Politico: Recounts draw surge in funds
Politico: Behind postponed summit: GOP distrust of Obama
WSJ: Who Stole Election Day?
NYT: Health Care, Bailout Votes May Have Hurt Democrats
WaPo: Rahm: I never believed in bipartisanship
AP/Raum: Reagan, Clinton both roared back after big midterm losses

WSJ: RNC Aide Quits, Blasts Michael Steele
NYT: Top Republican Official, Breaking With Party Chairman, Resigns
Politico: Top RNC aide quits, blasts Michael Steele
Sioux City Journal: Iowan Collins quits RNC, blasts Michael Steele
WaPo: Republican chairman's race: Who's in the running

WSJ: Democrats Air Feelings on Pelosi
Politico: Democrats in chaos over Nancy Pelosi's power
Hill: Blue Dogs say Pelosi could be a 2012 liability
Politico: Dem moderates target caucus rules
Politico: Dennis Kucinich wants top Democrat oversight post
WaPo: Congressional Black Caucus dissatisfied with Pelosi's job offer for Clyburn
Hill: Republican says he'll join Black Caucus
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrat Party in Turmoil

WSJ: Rangel Found Guilty of Ethics Violations
WaPo: Rep. Charlie Rangel found guilty of 11 ethics violations
Wash Times: House colleagues find Rangel guilty of 11 ethics violations
NYT: House Panel Finds Rangel Guilty
WaPo: Editorial: Why Congress must retain a strong ethics cop
Politico: Next for Rangel: Punishment

Wash Times: Convicted Abramoff ally Ring faces long sentence

WSJ: House Steps Up Probe of Expenses for Overseas Trips

NYT: Senate Parties Keep Leaders for New Session
Human Events: Same Faces, New Congress: Senate Re-Elects Leaders
Dana Milbank: Chuck Schumer helps the Democrats get political

WSJ: Senators Aim to Move Ahead on Food-Safety Bill

Bjorn Lomborg: Cost-effective ways to address climate change
Politico: Democrats move on from cap-and-trade
Hill: Sen. Manchin: Reid promised me that cap-and-trade legislation is dead
Sens. Stabenow, Hagen & Udall: Clean energy: Economic key to 21st century
American Thinker: Climategate: One Year and Sixty House Seats Later

WSJ: Gulf Spill Linked to BP's Lack of 'Discipline'
NYT: BP and Minerals Agency Faulted in Gulf Spill

Hill: Obama expected to announce 2014 target for Afghan transition
Rep. Jane Harman: Take the Lisbon deal, Mr. President
Politico: House Republicans want David Petraeus to testify
Politico: Colin Powell defends President Obama's Afghanistan policies

Rush Limbaugh: What a Treat! General Powell Defines "Moderate Republican"

Rush Limbaugh: Our President Flees to Europe as "Food Insecurity" Hits Obamaville

NYT: F.B.I. Seeks Wider Wiretap Law for Web

WSJ: Has Airport Security Gone Too Far?
Hill: Pat-down techniques would have caught Christmas bomber, TSA chief says
Wash Times: TSA: Body scans, pat-downs needed
NYT: Facing Scrutiny, Officials Defend Airport Pat Downs
WaPo: If you won't submit to screening, you won't fly, TSA says
Wash Times: Big Sister's police state
Rush Limbaugh: What Will Airport Scans Reveal?

WSJ: George W. Bush Breaks Ground on a Library, Museum and Policy Center in Texas
NYT: Bush and Cheney, Together Again at Groundbreaking
American Spectator: Center of Attention
Maureen Dowd: The Way They Were
Ruth Marcus: In memoir, Bush spins fiscal fiction


NYT: U.S. Seeks to Retry Ex-State Senate Leader Bruno
Albany TU: Feds’ post-Skilling letter to Joe Bruno’s attorneys
Albany TU: Will Bruno face new trial?

NYT: Paterson Is Set to Approve Deal on an Indian-Run Casino in the Catskills
Albany TU: Labor Department: New York prisoners bilking state for unemployment benefits
Albany TU: Loss of stimulus cash to hurt state
NYT: After Cracking Down on Debt Collectors, New York State Is Now Set to Hire Them

Syr: Nit-picking in the Maffei-Buerkle count: Postmarks from Ghana & mysterious hyphens

NYT: New York State’s Voter Turnout This Year Was Lowest in U.S.
NYT: New York State Ranks Last for Voter Turnout

NYDN: Post-election poll shows Cuomo well-liked

Albany TU: Schneiderman’s transition team

Rochester D&C: Job cuts affecting state and local government employees


LA Times: Brown likely to retain most of Schwarzenegger's administration
LA Times: Schwarzenegger launches new climate-change group
Dan Walters: California bets big on green future

LA Times: Harris widens lead over Cooley in attorney general's race
John Fund: Look Who's Counting Votes in California

SacBee: Former Whitman housekeeper's wage claim before panel today


Dallas MN: Kay Bailey Hutchison backs tea party's earmark moratorium

Austin AS: Prosecutors: DeLay money swap was tied to redistricting
Houston Chronicle: Prosecutors want Austin reporter's interview with DeLay
Fox: DeLay's attorneys: Prosecutors presented no proof


SPT: Legislature's new leaders overrode vetoes, chastised Supreme Court, Congress
Miami Herald: 8 Crist vetoes overridden
Tampa Tribune: Democrats unsure of their impact with emboldened GOP

Buzz: Crist will pursue Jim Morrison pardon
Hill: Fla. Gov. Crist to seek Jim Morrison pardon
NYT: Jim Morrison Is Candidate for Pardon in ’69 Arrest

Human Events: Marco Rubio and America’s Crisis of Confidence
Buzz: Rubio wants GOP to try to block bills with earmarks


AJC: Ethics complaints filed against Perdue


Birmingham News: Shelby's not happy about the earmark ban
American Spectator: Fred Barnes on Alabama's Red Tide


NYT: Editorial: For Katrina Victims, Relief at Last


NOLA: Banning congressional earmarks would be costly for Louisiana, lawmakers say


Chicago Tribune: Bean concedes to Walsh in 8th District
Chicago Sun-Times: Bean concedes; Walsh wins seat by 291 votes
Politico: Bean concedes to GOP challenger

Chicago Sun-Times: 'Good chance' state House will OK civil unions

Chicago Trib: Will residency be the Rahmstopper? Emanuel twice purged from voter rolls

Chi Trib: Politicians helped bring Chicago's public pension funds to the brink of insolvency


Journal Gazette: Stutzman sworn in, begins House work


Star Tribune: GOP reduces legislative panels
Pioneer Press: State GOP drops gubernatorial election data lawsuit
WQOW: New GOP legislative leaders to tour Minnesota


Fox6: Wisconsin Republican Congressmen draft bill to allow rerouting of rail funds to deficit

NRO: A Candidate’s Education (Ron Johnson)


Cleveland PD: Zehringer to join Kasich's Cabinet as director of Department of Agriculture
Toledo Blade: Kasich picks ex-farmer to be Ohio ag chief

Politico: Ted Strickland swipes at Democrat's message


KC Star: Missouri House committee to review Medicaid program


Examiner: Tennessee House GOP Caucus will vote for Speaker Thursday in special meeting


Cincinnati Enquirer: McConnell re-elected Senate Republican Leader


AP/DeMillo: Sen.-elect Boozman to support GOP ban on earmarks
Arkansas News: Election not about party, new GOP state officers say


AP/Baker: Ellmers already networking with Republicans in DC


State: Wilson travel probe extended


Richmond TD: Obama polls ahead of potential GOP rivals in Virginia


WaPo: Hogan won't seek Md. GOP chairmanship


AP/Smith: Manchin says Reid vows cap-and-trade bill is dead


Boston Globe: Patrick to focus on change for immigrants


Las Vegas RJ: Ensign says he'll run for re-election in 2012
Politico: John Ensign planning to run again

Las Vegas RJ: Heck gets oriented for role in Congress

Las Vegas RJ: Reid reinstalled as Democratic leader


Anchorage DN: Senator leads; Miller wants hand recount
Anchorage DN: U.S. Senate race vote tally
WSJ: Murkowski's Lead Begins to Appear Challenge-Proof
WaPo: Murkowski pulls ahead in undecided Alaska race
Fox: Alaska's Murkowski Prepares to Declare Victory
Politico: Lisa Murkoswki victory all but sewn up
Sunshine News: Mike Huckabee: Joe Miller is Not Done in Alaska Quite Yet
Rush Limbaugh: Lisa Murkowski is an Idiot


November 16, 2010


Fox: Senate Republican Leader Agrees to Ban Earmarks
WSJ: Tea Party Wins GOP Vow to Ban Earmarks
Wash Times: McConnell agrees to temporary earmark ban
WaPo: In sudden reversal, GOP leader McConnell will back ban on earmarks
NYT: With Tea Party in Mind, Republicans Have Change of Heart About Earmarks
Politico: Mitch McConnell reverses; backs earmark ban
Hill: GOP Senate leader McConnell backs down, agrees to earmark ban
NRO: McConnell Does About-Face on Earmarks: ‘The People Have Spoken’
WSJ: The GOP Earmark Victory (via Google)
Slate: Let's stop pretending earmarks have anything to do with deficit reduction
Hill: DeMint: Earmark vote will test lawmakers' grasp of the election
Hill: Senate Democrats feel boxed in on tax cuts
LA Times: On tax cuts, a deal begins to take shape
Human Events: Will Obama Extend the Bush Tax Cuts?
Hill: Rep. McKeon: Defense authorization bill unlikely to pass in lame-duck session
WSJ: Spending Worries Put Jobless Benefits at Risk
NYT: Editorial: Two Easy Moves for the Lame Duck
Pat Buchanan: Tea Party's Winning Hand
Thomas Sowell: Deficit Reduction
Rush Limbaugh: Reframe the Bush Tax Cut Debate

WSJ: Bond Market Defies Fed: Interest Rates Rise Despite Launch of Treasury Buying
NYT: Under Attack, Fed Officials Defend Buying of Bonds
WSJ: Fed's Yellen Defends Bond-Purchase Plan
Politico: Republican operatives hit Ben Bernanke
WSJ: GOP’s Pence Calls for Fed to Drop Focus on Employment
NYT: OpEd: Left, Right and Wrong on Taxes
David Brooks: The Two Cultures

WaPo: FHA's cash reserves rebounding, audit shows
WSJ: Reserves Up at Home-Loan Agency
Fox: Taxpayers Taking a Hit in Struggles of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, & It Could Get Worse
WSJ: The Fannie Mae Republicans (via Google)

WSJ: Ethics Panel Finding Hints at Guilty Verdict for Rangel
NYT: Rangel Inquiry Finds Evidence Beyond Dispute
NYT: Rangel Ethics Committee Begins Private Deliberations
Politico: Ethics trial ends, Charlie Rangel awaits fate
Hill: Rangel ethics trial finished in one day — jury of peers mulls verdict on charges
Wash Times: Ethics case goes on, minus Rangel
NY Post: Rangel ditches ethics hearing
NYT: As His Ethics Trial Begins, Rangel Meets With Farm Workers
NYT: At Hearing, Rangel Follows Predecessor ’s Path
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Rangel Walks Out
Human Events: Rangel Claims He Doesn’t Have a Lawyer
Dana Milbank: Charlie Rangel and the farce known as congressional ethics

Wash Times: Abramoff aide's conviction may wrap up scandal

Hill: Tea Party-backed freshmen vie for seats at House GOP leadership table
Philadelphia Inquirer: Freshman orientation on Capitol Hill
Politico: Can Boehner keep Cantor in check?
Politico: Congressional freshmen vow not to party like it's 1994
Politico: Poll: D.C. sees midterm differently
NRO: Congresses Compared
Weekly Std: A legislative strategy for the House Republicans
Weekly Std: Fred Upton for Chairman of House Energy and Commerce Committee
Joe Scarborough: Survival guide for the Class of 2010
Michael Kinsley: Against grandfather-clause politics

Hill: Pelosi works to avoid defections in vote
Hill: Black caucus not ready to endorse Pelosi's deal
Rush Limbaugh: MSNBC Pans Driving Miss Nancy

CNN: Cornyn to make bid to remain head of NRSC
Hill: Murkowski receives warm welcome from fellow senators as lame-duck begins
WaPo: Delaware's Coons, West Virginia's Manchin sworn in as U.S. senators
Hill: Reid to reshuffle Senate Democratic leadership
Politico: Reid shakes up staff post election
Hill: Senate opens lame-duck session with sharply different views of election result

CNN: Powell: Obama failed to focus on what's 'most important'

WaPo: Senate's ratification of START hinges on Kyl's vote
WaPo: All eyes on Sen. Kyl as Obama presses nuclear treaty
Eugene Robinson: Trimming a bloated defense budget

Politico: Rockefeller, Reid to discuss climate vote

NYT: Juror Asks to Be Excused in Embassy Bombing Trial

Andrew McCarthy: Obama Caves on Civilian Trial for KSM

WSJ: Fort Hood Suspect Back in Court as Hearing Ends

Rush Limbaugh: Big Sis Defends TSA Junk Touch

WaPo: 'Don't ask, don't tell' splitting gay rights groups
Human Events: Republicans Must Reject Lame Duck Repeal

WSJ: Eased Health-Law Rules Help Employers (via Google)
Hill: Medicare head Berwick to argue healthcare law doesn't ration care
American Spectator: Don Berwick's Death Panel?
Rush Limbaugh: Krugman Lets Cat Out of Bag: Palin Was Right on Death Panels

NYT: Editorial: Searching Your Laptop

NYT: Justice Thomas’s Wife May Be Exiting Advocacy Group
Politico: Clarence Thomas's wife reportedly quits group

Wash Times: 6 GOP Hispanics loosen Democrats' grip on Hill

NYT: Obama Picks a Director For the A.T.F.

NYT: OpEd: How to Kill the Meth Monster

Politico: Ex-GOP chair eyes Michael Steele challenge
Life News: Key Pro-Life Senator: Republican Party Needs New Chairman

WaPo: No clear favorite for 2012 GOP nomination
WaPo: GOP '12 presidential race is moving at slower pace
National Journal: Romney, Pawlenty Lead GOP Field in Iowa, New Hampshire Visits

WSJ: Palin Reality Show Draws Nearly 5 Million Viewers
Daily Mail UK: Palin proves a ratings hit as almost 5 million tune in to her new reality show
NYDN: 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' shatters TLC records for viewers
Philadelphia Inquirer: Alaska in Her Shadow: Sarah Palin looms larger than her state
NYT: A Political Persona as Big as the Crowd Will Allow (Sarah Palin)
WaPo: Sarah Palin is giving zombies a test, but she's no match for dancing daughter Bristol
American Thinker: Sarah Palin, the Biggest Loser?
Dee Dee Myers: Sarah Palin’s Artful Dodge
US News: Support for Sarah Palin Declines

Fox: 12 in 2012: Health Care Law Cuts Romney on Both Sides of Sword

American Spectator: The House That Hannity Built

American Thinker: The Smart Politics of Refusing State Bailouts


NY Post: Bruno conviction to be nixed
NYDN: New York State could fall $1B in red, Controller DiNapoli warns
Hill: GOP freshman-elect Reed hospitalized
NYDN: Schumer rewarded with Dem Policy post for helping Reid get re-elected
Rochester D&C: Poll shows New Yorkers optimistic about Cuomo
NYDN: Brian Kolb Re-Elected State Assembly Republican Leader
NYDN: State GOP Spokesman Alex Carey Steps Down
NY Observer: Carey Out at State G.O.P.


LA Times: Illegal immigrants can qualify for in-state college tuition, court rules
WSJ: Illegal Immigrants Win Ruling on College Fees
NYT: California Court Backs Illegal Immigrants
Wash Times: Court backs in-state tuition rates for illegals

Dan Walters: Gavin Newsom's ploy roils San Francisco politics

OC Register: Rep. Royce battles for finance chairmanship

WSJ: California's Destructive Green Jobs Lobby

San Diego UT: State GOP still in denial over wipeout

SF Chronicle: New focus, leadership for California Assembly GOP


Dallas MN: Austin Democrat says GOP leaders use 'trickery' to patch over budget woes

Houston Chronicle: Witness: DeLay panel's cash 'firewalled'
AP/Lozano: DeLay trial to look at 2003 Texas redistricting


Michael Gerson: Oklahoma's faith-baiting initiative


SPT: Amid fanfare, Marco Rubio goes for low-key introduction to Washington

Buzz: Rick Scott turns to top lobbyist to help finance inauguration

AP/Kaczor: Rare veto override votes set Tuesday in Florida


AJC: Sides line up in renewed battle over health care legislation
AJC: Georgia lawmakers already filing bills for next year


Birmingham News: Bachus faces House duel for banking panel reins
Gadsden Times: Riley, Bentley to attend Republican Governors Association meeting


WaPo: Jindal: No plans to run for president in 2012


Chicago Tribune: Chicago mayoral filing: Not quite a free-for-all
Chicago Sun-Times: Cubs strikes out with gov, mayor on Wrigley revamp
Chicago Tribune: Walsh, Bean both in D.C. with hopes for seat


Des Moines Register: Vander Plaats to lead coalition of conservatives


AP/Callahan: Ind. enviro activists to push bipartisan agenda


Pioneer Press: Minnesota governor's recount to get uniform start date
Star Tribune: GOP victories could derail Minnesota's transit plans

St. Cloud Times: Bachmann sticks to vow, demands cuts to spending, taxes
MPR: Bachmann willing to compromise on Bush tax cuts
Star Tribune: Bachmann: Transportation projects shouldn't be earmarks


Milwaukee JS: Walker open to redirecting high-speed train money to other rail projects
AP/Ramde: Rally held to ask Wis. gov-elect to back rail line
Wisc SJ: Independent groups report spending about $10 million on Wisconsin election


Newsweek: Why Dennis Kucinich Has a Target on His Back
Columbus Dispatch: Boehner dusts off Woody Hayes quote for speech
Columbus Dispatch: GOP warns schools: Expect deep cuts in aid


Detroit FP: Snyder names ex-lobbyist as new chief of staff


Hot Air: MO Democrat warns McCaskill about “disloyalty” in 2012 election bid


Memphis CA: Tennessee Republicans move up date to choose new House speaker
Examiner: Harwell and Casada fight for Speaker of the House


Lexington HL: Mitch McConnell reverses position on earmarks
CBS: Rand Paul: I'm a "Fan" of Divided Government


WaPo: Shuler to challenge Pelosi for House leadership position


State: DeMint wins earmark freeze

State: Haley names budget task force
Charleston PC: Gov-elect Haley assembles fiscal team, group will assess state's spending


Wash Times: Corruption charges spread in Prince George's
WaPo: 9 more arrested in Prince George's corruption probe
WaPo: Oh, that bra! Leslie Johnson shouldn't aspire to be an equal partner in crime
WaPo: Editorial: What Prince George's can do to clean up corruption

WaPo: Mary Kane in running for Md. GOP chairmanship
Baltimore Sun: Mary Kane seeks to lead Maryland GOP


Herald-Dispatch: Voters split on special election for WV governor


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. House passes bill to rescue state pension systems


Fosters: Sen.-elect Ayotte rarin' to get going
AP: NH's Ayotte backs balanced budget amendment
Union Leader: 'No Labels' tries to organize in NH


Boston Globe: Immigration policy up for review: Chafee vowed to rescind R.I. order


AP/Johnson: Brown urges Congress to target jobs, not 'fluff'
Boston Globe: Patrick seeks to energize Cabinet: Asks secretaries to resign, reapply


Las Vegas RJ: Nevada still on track to get fourth congressional seat, officials say


Denver Post: Cash-strapped Colo. state parks may open up to more oil, gas drilling
Huff Post: Dick Wadhams Considering Whether To Run For Re-Election


Anchorage DN: Murkowski passes Miller in vote count
NYT: Murkowski Officially Ahead in Alaska
Anchorage DN: Palin lacks leadership to be president, Murkowski says


Argus Leader: Noem gets feel for D.C., insists she'll hold to roots


November 15, 2010


WSJ: The GOP's Spending Tests
NYT: Obama Returns, Facing Unpredictable Congress in a Lame-Duck Session
SPT: Lame-duck congressional session faced with several crucial issues
WSJ: Democrats Face Headwinds in Spending-Plan Initiative
Fox: Debt Commissioners: Baby Boomers Will Crush Social Security, Medicare
Grover Norquist & Rep. Fred Upton: Reduce out-of-control spending now
Gov. Tim Pawlenty: Time to close the open bar in Washington
Ross Douthat: Democrats - The Party of No on Deficit Reduction
Peter Orzag: Safer Social Security
Paul Krugman: The World as Obama Finds It
EJ Dionne: A lame and spineless duck?
American Thinker: Keeping the Lame Duck from Waddling

Wash Times: Tax-cut extension deal takes shape on Hill
WSJ: White House: Obama Won't Back Permanent Tax Cuts for Wealthy
Politico: Schumer: Raise the tax cut limit to $1 million
Hill: Schumer suggests tax compromise: No cuts over $1 million
Wash Times: Liberals prod Obama to show some muscle in tax-cut battle

WaPo: Oregon Rep. Greg Walden: A handy man working to implement goals of GOP leaders
Politico: John Boehner teaches GOP frosh history
Hill: Boehner tells freshmen to stay humble, fight big government
Fox: New Republican Lawmakers Pushed to Declare Loyalties Before Joining Congress
Hill: Upton hobnobs with incoming freshmen Republicans
Politico: Can Class of 2010 resist Washington?
NYT: Years Later, Armey Once Again a Power in Congress
Politico: GOP lobbyists on rise again
Politico: Avoid social issues, GOP urged
Human Events: Memo to House GOP: Get a grip on the EPA

Wash Times: DeMint: 'I'm a recovering earmarker'
Fox: DeMint: Like an Addict in Rehab, Congress Will Go 'Cold Turkey' on Earmarks
Hill: DeMint: Tea Party is 'support group' for trying to kick earmarks
Human Events: Earmark Ban Shootout in the Senate
American Spectator: McConnell Fails Natcher's Earmark Test

WaPo: House panel to begin Rangel ethics trial
NYDN: Embattled Rep. Charles Rangel may not show for hearing on ethics charges
Politico: Charlie Rangel faces rare trial
NYT: Rangel’s Hearing Set to Begin, but Details Are Few
Fox: Rangel Used PAC Money for Legal Defense
NYT: For House’s Prosecutor, an Ethics Trial Will Be a First
NYT: Editorial: Ethics in the New House
Human Events: Charlie Rangel Ethical Trial Begins With New Allegations

WaPo: Junior Democrats in Senate seek to change the way chamber does business

WSJ: Fresh Attack on Fed Move (via Google)
LA Times: Fed's bond-buying plan faces new assault by critics
WSJ: The Fed vs. Brazil's Reformers
WSJ: In Defense of Ben Bernanke (via Google)
Hill: Graham: Congress likely to pick up currency manipulation after G-20 fail
Human Events: Watch the Amazing Fed Turn a Dollar into a Dime!
Human Events: QE2: Not A Luxurious Ocean Liner
American Thinker: Fed Up With the Fed

WSJ: Fan and Fred's New Boss: Another 'affordable housing' advocate (via Google)

Gary Locke & Larry Summers: America's Broadband Opportunity (via Google)

Hillary Clinton & Robert Gates: Why the Senate should ratify New START
NRO: The Threat of New START

Hill: 'Don't ask, don't tell' in defense bill presents dilemma for Democrats
WaPo: McCain wants study of 'don't ask' repeal on troop morale

Boston Globe: Immigration enforcement turns to firms
NYT: Editorial: Immigration Hardball

Jed Babbin: Just Stay Home Until Govt Stops Harassing Traveler & goes after bad guys

LA Times: Republicans are spoiling for a healthcare fight

NYT: Putting Money on Lawsuits, Investors Share in the Payouts

Hill: DeMint says new RNC chairman needed, GOP was 'outmanned on the ground'
Politico: DeMint: Steele botched ground game, needs to be replaced
Wash Times: Would-be RNC chairmen to get closer scrutiny
Middletown Press: Conn. GOP leader Chris Healy may try for RNC post

NRO: Tea in 2012
NYT: Lots of Republican Toes in the 2012 Waters, but No Rush to Dive In
NYT: Tim Pawlenty: League-Average Politician
Mike Lupica: White House dreamers Emanuel, Bloomberg & Palin thrive in age of Obama
Mother Jones: GOP's 2012 Spending War Begins
USA Today: Gingrich, DeMint weigh in on 2012 White House race
Daily Kos: 2012: An early target list for the House
Wash Times: Axelrod to leave in 2011 to prepare Obama's re-election bid
Hill: Democrats' campaign fortunes rise and fall with Obama's popularity

WaPo: History suggests that this year's midterm losers may try again
Weekly Standard: Electoral Review Part 3, The West


NYDN: Gov.-elect Cuomo taps former Mayor Rudy Giuliani to keep New Yorkers safe
NYDN: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joining Gov.-elect Cuomo's transition team
Rochester D&C: Can Silver, Cuomo bring reform?
Syracuse PS: Newly-elected Richard Hanna: 'I will be voting on principles'
Syr PS: New ballots create potential for long suspenseful count in 25th Cong district election
NYT: Key New York Races Remain Undecided
Bob McCarthy: Echoes of Election Day


Dan Walters: Darrell Issa makes a big bid for power
SacBee: Jerry Brown seeking something old, something newe in his administration
LA Times: Lawyers, lobbyists, politicians scramble to determine impact of Prop. 26
AP/Elias: Uncertainty reigns over replacing SF mayor


WSJ: Perry Acts Like He's Running; Says He Isn't
DMN: Bush library groundbreaking nears at SMU


NYT: Oklahoma Surprise: Islam as an Election Issue
Gary Bauer: Sharia-Compliant in America


Buzz: Rubio in Washington for crash course in Senate life
Buzz: GOP-dominated Legislature to baste lame duck Gov. Crist by overriding vetoes

Miami Herald: Bush kicks off book fair with jokes and stories


AJC: Another statehouse Democrat talks about a possible party switch


WSJ: Alabama Seeks Ethics Overhaul


Chicago Tribune: Davis, Meeks step into mayoral ring
Chicago Sun-Times: Meeks in mayor's race, enlists ex-state GOP chief
Chicago Sun-Times: Davis says he's best to bridge gap between rich, poor
NYT: For Emanuel, Obstacles in Path to Chicago Mayor

Chicago Sun-Times: Extension of jobless benefits may come down to Kirk vote


WTHI: Big redistricting changes possible in Indiana


Star Tribune: Bachmann's bid shows GOP divide

KSFY: Dayton camp asks Emmer to decline mandatory recount


Milwaukee JS: Road builders' donations swung heavily to Walker


Cleveland PD: Rep. Dennis Kucinich to write a vegan diet book


Detroit News: Detroit pins hope on Snyder
WSJ: Medical-Pot Law Clouds Community


KC Star: McCaskill could face a fight for re-election to Senate in 2012
KAIT: MO Rep.-elect Hartzler heading to Washington


Lexington HL: David Williams & Phil Moffett in a battle for the Republican Party's soul

Politico: Rand Paul says Obama set the wrong tone on BP
Hill: Paul: No call from Obama yet


WSJ: Shuler: Pelosi Should Step Aside
Hill: Shuler on Pelosi: If 'she doesn't step aside, I will challenge her' for top post


Greenville News: Skeptics question impact of Haley business tax cut plan

Greenville News: DeMint confident GOP senators will back his earmark ban


American Spectator: Untangling Webb


WaPo: Get real, G-men. Only an idiot would do what the FBI says Johnson did


Charleston Gazette: Ex-W.Va. GOP chief LeRose dies


Pittsburgh PG: Judiciary hopes for allies on budget


News Journal: Del. GOP divided over rebuilding


American Thinker: Bridgeport's Missing Republican Votes


Boston Globe: NH House GOP picking speaker candidate
Salon: Will Palin even bother with New Hampshire?


AP/Contreras: Brown: Immigration reform should focus on economy


Las Vegas RJ: Angle looking at her options after loss in election


NYT: Arizona Becomes 15th State to Approve Medical Marijuana


Politico: Big Monday for Murkowski, Miller
AP/Bohrer: Alaska elections director thrust into spotlight


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