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October 14, 2010


James Taranto: Brand O: The problem with "progressive" ideas is substance, not marketing
Fox: Obama: Republicans Will Have to Learn to Get Along With Me
Tony Blankley: White House deepens bunker mentality as electoral disaster approaches
NYT: G.O.P. Accelerates, but Speed Bumps Remain
NYT: Democratic Polling Improves in Key Senate Races, Lengthening G.O.P. Takeover Odds
NYT: Big Spending by Republican-Friendly Groups
NYT: Warnings of Voter Suppression
WSJ: Spotting Likely Voters Is Key to Predictions
Politico: Rahm Emanuel's Class of 2006 in jeopardy
Politico: House is new front for GOP groups
Politics Daily: GOP Groups Launch $50-Million Ad Campaign for House Candidates
Politico: $198 million spent on ads in 5 weeks
David Broder: As the gulf between GOP and Democrats widens, the center is lost
George Will: A historic shift in the making this election?
Stuart Rothenberg: It’s Desperation Time on the Campaign Trail

WaPo: New Post-Kaiser-Harvard poll highlights Democrats' problem with senior voters
Politico: Social Security benefits stay flat
Politico: Medicare actuary: Reform will cost some seniors

Rush Limbaugh: Regime's Attack on the Chamber of Commerce Puzzles Democrats
Weekly Standard: Chamber of Commerce: Democrats Want to Intimidate Our Donors
Karl Rove: I Am No Threat to Democracy
WaPo: American Crossroads to expand fundraising juggernaut to House GOP
FrumForum: Rove’s Shadow RNC
WaPo: As campaign money pours in, so do complaints

WaPo: In push to let Bush tax cuts expire, Democrats to focus on narrowing income gap

WSJ: Estate-Tax Rises Again as Issue on Trail

Politico: Republican candidates promised key committee slots

Politico: Cantor calls for earmark moratorium

Weekly Standard: Barack Obama’s War on Jobs

Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Drilling Moratorium was Intended to Punish United States
Politico: Ethanol decision seen as Corn Belt pandering
WSJ: EPA Approves Higher Ethanol Blend
NYT: E.P.A. Approves Higher Ethanol in Gas

WSJ: How to Reform ObamaCare Starting Now
NYT: U.S. to Let Insurers Raise Fees for Sick Children
Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare Raises Medicare Advantage Costs for Seniors

CQ: Federal Court 9th Circuit Upholds Disclosure Law for Names of Pro-Life Donors

NYT: Witnesses Recount Horror at Ft. Hood
WaPo: Witnesses describe chaotic scene of Fort Hood
Wash Times: In online journal, al Qaeda pushes 'lone-wolf' attacks
Conrad Black: Islam and the West

Andrew McCarthy: Ghailani Trial Underway … and Predictable

WaPo: Administration expected to appeal 'don't ask' ruling
Wash Times: Military gay ban best left to Congress, Gates says
LA Times: Legal scholars debate judge's ruling on 'don't ask, don't tell'
NYT: Unexpected Turns for Suit Over ‘Don’t Ask’ Rule
NYT: Editorial: Dithering on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

NYT: Ex-Car Czar Said to Settle With S.E.C. in Pension Case
WSJ: Rattner Near Deal to Settle SEC Case

WaPo: U.S. urges lenders to vet foreclosures but keep process moving
WaPo: U.S. presses mortgage lenders to fix documents, but foreclosures can continue
WSJ: Attorneys General Launch Mortgage Probe
NYT: Bankers Ignored Signs of Trouble on Foreclosures
Wash Times: Foreclose on our antiquated title system
WSJ: New Normal: 7%-8% Unemployment?

Human Events: Budget Bloodbath
Human Events: Pelosi’s PAYGO Ploy

Wash Times: Obama choice helped Fannie block oversight

Politico: MTV's 'non-partisan' event
Human Events: Infiltrating the MTV Casting Call

WSJ: CNN's Parker Mirrors Spitzer's Line About 'Fringe' in Republican Party
Rush Limbaugh: Backstory on Spitzer & the Ditzer

Rush Limbaugh: Woke Up This Morning and Found Out My 10th Cousin Lives in a Hut

Politico: Mitt Romney chugs along the 2010 trail


NYT: Rabbi Breaks With Paladino Over Apology
AP/Gormley: Republican's Gay Issues Hound NY Governor Campaign
EJ Dionne: Carl Paladino's tirades show the limit on election-year antics
NY Post: Carl leases to abortion clinic
NY Post: Paladino aide had gay old time
NYDN: More salacious Carl Paladino emails outed on the Web by
NYDN: College Republican State Committee Stands By Carl Paladino Campaign

WSJ: Schumer Suddenly Turns Silent

WSJ: Rep. Scott Murphy Runs on Health Care

Syr PS: Dan Maffei, Ann Marie Buerkle disagree on almost everything in debate

Albany TU: Silver: Let tax cap wait for 2011

Albany TU: Skelos commits to same-sex marriage vote


Fox: Whitman Drops Another $20 Million into Her Campaign
Politico: NOW backs off Brown demand
Politico: Brown nailed by Fonda flashback
George Skelton: Debates have brought Whitman and Brown into sharp contrast

Fox: Cameraman Claims Video Shows Day Laborers Holding Pro-Boxer Banners

CQ: California: Poll Shows McNerney in Trouble


Dallas MN: Conservative Chisum enters race for Texas House speaker
Amarillo Globe-News: Chisum seeks speaker's seat
AP/Shannon: Warren Chisum enters Texas House speaker's race

Dallas MN: Gov. Rick Perry agrees he, donor whose firm got tech grant are 'close'

Politico: Joe Barton makes play for energy gavel


SPT: New poll shows Rubio retains commanding lead
SPT: Questions about use of campaign money still dog Marco Rubio in Senate race
NYT: R.F.K. Jr. Endorses Crist’s Senate Campaign

Buzz: CFO Alex Sink licensed ex-felons to sell insurance

Politico: Grayson goes 'Sopranos' on Webster


AJC: Huckabee to raise money for Deal’s bid for governor
Politico: Nathan Deal business under fire again
AJC: Roy Barnes says Nathan Deal must return $136,970 in ‘illegal’ donations


WLS: Military ballots may not count in Illinois

Telegraph UK: Barack Obama's old senate seat in danger of becoming Republican

Fox Chicago: Quinn Ad: Brady Will Kill Your Dog


Rep. Steve King: Remove Iowa Supreme Court Judges


Star Tribune: Bachmann campaign opens checkbooks – and eyes

AP/Bakst: Emmer: `Pawlenty mask' won't fit me in Minn. race


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Governor: Walker (R) Still Ahead of Barrett (D)

John Fund: Feingold: I'm the Original Tea Partier!
Rush Limbaugh: Feingold Mentions El Rushbo's Name in Wisconsin Senate Debate

Wisconsin Rapids Tribune: Poll: Duffy leads Lassa by 9 points


Mansfield News Journal: Kasich: 'We will not be denied in 2010'
Rasmussen: Ohio Governor: Strickland (D) Gains Ground on Kasich (R)

Hill: Boehner a rubber stamp for Pelosi?


Detroit News: Rivals took different paths to governor’s race
Detroit News: Snyder builds run on business past
Detroit News: Bernero on his biggest campaign yet

Detroit News: Schauer, Walberg exchange barbs in 7th District U.S. House debate

Detroit FP: 1st Congressional District is a political battleground
Detroit FP: Poll: 1st District race a virtual tie


Politico: DSCC scales back in Missouri
CBS: Democrats Play Catch-Up in Missouri Senate Race
St. Louis PD: Only two debates scheduled in Missouri's U.S. Senate race

CQ: Boehner Promises Armed Services Seat to Hartzler


AP/Milburn: Brownback discusses ties to evangelist Engle


Lexington HL: Rand Paul distances himself from national sales tax proposal
AP/Schreiner: Ky. Senate candidate won't talk about 'fair tax'


Rasmussen: North Carolina Senate: Burr (R) Remains Ahead of Marshall (D)


State: Republican governors group releases anti-Sheheen ad
AP/Adcox: Blogger details alleged tryst with Haley

NRO: Jim DeMint: Senator Tea Party


Rasmussen: West Virginia Senate: Raese (R) Holds Smaller Lead Over Manchin (D)
Wash Times: Raese won't hide conservative views


CQ: NRSC Launches First Ad in Pennsylvania


Fox: O'Donnell Says 'I Am Still Fighting My Party'
Wash Times: O'Donnell, Coons clash in debate over Obama's policies
Philadelphia Inquirer: Christine O'Donnell, Chris Coons spar in Delaware debate
NRO: Did Delawareans Just Endure the Worst-Moderated Debate Ever?
WSJ: Delaware Candidates Trade Barbs
NYT: Delaware Senate Hopefuls Debate
AP/Chase: O'Donnell, Coons square off in feisty Senate debate
NYT: O’Donnell’s Palin Moment?
Politico: Christine O'Donnell goes deep debating Chris Coons
WaPo: The Christine O'Donnell fascination, examined
Fox: Students Line Up Early to Attend O'Donnell-Coons Debate in Delaware
Dana Milbank: The O'Donnell-Coons debate and survival of the fittest
Human Events: Obama is Scared of a ‘Witch’


Star-Ledger: Lautenberg approaches N.Y. financial firm on funding Hudson River tunnel


WSJ: Wooing Hearts and Minds in Land of Independents
NYT: Female Candidate Finds a Tough Audience: Women
NYT: Editorial: For Senator and Governor in Connecticut
Ann Coulter: There's a Reason They Call Him 'Dick'
WSJ: Lawsuits as Job Creators: Richard Blumenthal's novel theory (via Google)


CQ: Shea-Porter Hopes for Surprise


Rasmussen: Maine Governor: LePage (R) Drops To Near Tie with Mitchell (D)


Rush Limbaugh: Barney Frank's Private Jet Scandal
AP/Miga: GOP foe raps Rep. Frank's Virgin Islands jet trip

Boston Globe: Baker’s dance on donations
NYT: Dumped by His Own No. 2, an Underdog Fights On

NYT: Shunned for the Senate, Martha Coakley Hits the Massachusetts Trail Anew


Las Vegas RJ: Entering tonight's debate, poll shows Angle ahead of Reid
Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Reid (D), Angle (R) Tied Again
NYT: For Reid, No Shaking Tea Party Challenger
Politico: Harry Reid pins hopes on big turnout

Las Vegas RJ: Titus and Heck stand their ground in debate


LA Times: Influential Republican defects to work Utah Democrat's Senate campaign


NYT: Ben Quayle Faulted by Opponent in Debate

CQ: Grijalva Taking No Chances With McClung Challenge


Denver Post: Immigration, budget dominate Colorado gubernatorial debate
Human Events: Colorado GOPers Bolt to Tancredo

YouTube: Bennet vs. Bennet: The Great Escape
YouTube: Bennet vs. Bennet: Stop Digging


CQ: Washington: Ad Wars Heat Up in Tight Senate Race
Seattle Times: Murray and Rossi to debate in Spokane


ADN: Alaska's Miller was disciplined for ethics breach, ex-Fairbanks mayor says


October 13, 2010


WSJ: Gulf Drilling Ban Is Lifted
WSJ: Oil Industry Not Celebrating Yet: Executives Fear New Regulations
Wash Times: Drilling go-ahead in Gulf criticized
NYT: White House Lifts Ban on Deepwater Drilling
WaPo: White House lifts ban on deep-water drilling
NYT: Editorial: A Conditional Go-Ahead on Drilling
WSJ: Liberating the Gulf (via Google)
WaPo: Obama and oil drilling: How politics spilled into policy

NYT: Minutes Show Fed Leaning Toward New Stimulus
WSJ: Fed Chief Gets Set to Apply Lessons of Japan's History
AP/Aversa: Fed leans toward two-step plan to boost economy

WSJ: Four Governors on How to Cut Spending
NYT: Across the U.S., Long Recovery Looks Like Recession
Hill: Obama opposes foreclosure moratorium
WSJ: Cities Hide Pension Liabilities, Study Says
Fox: 5 Ways to Make a Bad Economy Better
Sen. Jon Kyl: A Growth Agenda for America (via Google)
Thomas Friedman: Build ’Em and They’ll Come
Kathleen Parker: The economic crisis was an 'inside job'
Human Events: Freer Is Better

WaPo: Attorneys general to initiate foreclosure probe

Reuters: Obama administration appeals gay marriage ruling
Wash Times: Judge orders end of 'don't ask, don't tell'
WSJ: Don't-Ask Policy Is Halted By Judge
LA Times: Judge imposes ban on 'don't ask', don't tell' policy on gays in the military
NYT: Judge Orders U.S. Military to Stop ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
AP: Judge Orders Injunction on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
WaPo: 'Don't ask, don't tell' enforcement struck down by judge
Wikipedia: Judge Virginia A. Phillips bio
NYDN: Who is Virginia Phillips?

NYT: Lawyers Who Withheld Evidence in Stevens Case Won’t Face Penalty

Wash Times: U.S. intelligence agencies 'wasted' billions
Politico: USS Cole attack survivors angry at Obama
NYT: Defendant in Court for Hearing at Ft. Hood
LA Times: Hearing delayed in Ft. Hood shooting case
Human Events: Triumphant Ground Zero Mosque

NYT: Editorial: First-Round Victory on Health Reform
WSJ: Insurers Denied Coverage to 1 in 7
Hill: Healthcare lobbyists seek to repair relationship with Republicans
James Taranto: Death Panels for Democrats

NYT: A Climate Proposal Beyond Cap and Trade
WSJ: More Ethanol to Be Allowed in Cars
WaPo: EPA expected to approve higher blends of ethanol in gasoline
Politico: Think tanks' new energy plan
Sen. James Inhofe: Obama's EPA a Growing Menace to Economy

John Fund: Obama's Miracle: He's Making Bush Look Good
Human Events: MTV Denies That Obama Telecast Is Political
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Regime Cracks Up
Rush Limbaugh: The Great Unifier is a Race Baiter
Larry Kudlow: Obama the Alien
AP: Obama found to be distant relative of Limbaugh, Palin
Human Events: Obama’s Biggest Lies

Rush Limbaugh: A Repudiation of Liberal Women
Politico: Democrats fear wipeout for women

Fox: Chamber Refutes Foreign Money Charge, Accuses Administration of 'Fear and Smear'
Prowler: House & Senate GOP ready to investigate Obama campaign ties to foreign money
Michelle Malkin: Look Who’s Nativist Now

WSJ: GOP Groups Launch Massive Ad Blitz
Hill: Republicans are up in 8 of 10 open House seats
Fox: Democrats Scramble for Winning Strategy in Final Three Weeks of Election Season
St. Louis PD: GOP strategists predict they'll capture U.S. House; probably not the Senate
NRO: The Tea Party Express will go into overdrive for a trio of Senate candidates
Atlantic: State Republicans See Help from Tea Partiers as Midterms Approach
Telegraph UK: Top 20 most influential people in the Tea Party movement: 20-11
NYT: Modest Gains for Democrats in Gubernatorial Forecast
Wash Times: Democrats hold back support for Pelosi
Politico: Nancy Pelosi looms as drag on Democrats
Politico: It's Whac-A-Mole season for senior Democrats
Hill: Smaller Blue Dog Pack Will Need New Leaders
NYT: For Politicians and Pundits, Tough Year for Predictions
WSJ: Political Target Practice: What Democrats really mean by campaign 'disclosure'
Dick Morris: Outcome relies on turnout
Newt Gingrich: The Food Stamp Party 'Doth Protest Too Much'
Fred Barnes: Four Causes that Will Lead to a Democratic Election Nightmare

Politico: Campaign finance reform: R.I.P?

Politico: Sarah Palin raised $1.2 million in last quarter


Human Events: Paladino Issues Statement Clarifying Position on Gays
Buffalo News: Paladino: 'I'm a live-and-let-live person'
NYT: Paladino Apologizes for Remarks About Gays
WSJ: Paladino Says He's Sorry Now
Albany TU: Paladino remarks backfire
Politico: The 'non-apology not accepted'
NYDN: Ann Coulter defends Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino's anti-gay remarks
Gothamist: Giuliani Calls Paladino's Gay Remarks "Highly Offensive"
NBC NY: Top Paladino Adviser Owes the Tax Man $400,000: Report
Gothamist: Roger Stone Takes Umbrage At Post's Claims
Albany TU: Staten Island smacks down Paladino
CNN: Why Paladino brought up issue of gays
NYT: Paladino Admits to Some Missteps
NYT: Editorial: New York’s Debate Gap
Albany TU: Domenici on Paladino and same-sex marriage
Albany TU: Paladino: ‘We’re only talking about topics on message’
NYDN: Paladino cashed in on Buffalo gay clubs Cobalt, Buddies II
NY Post: Uncle slam! Gay nephew blasts Carl
NYDN: Nephew of Paladino shows how to keep mouth shut
NYDN: Paladino taps Pirro for debate help
NY Post: Earn your 'reformer' label, Andy
Roger Stone: Dicking Fred Dicker: 69 year old reporter slipping

Albany TU: Law firm of ex-GOP gov candidate Faso makes a deal in pension probe
NYDN: Faso's law firm settles to pay in play probe

Politico: Dem congressman's ad brags: 'He voted with the GOP leader 63% of the time'

NYT: U.S. Sues To Ensure Military Votes Are Counted
NY Post: Feds sue city over GI ballots
AP: Federal government sues to ensure New York votes from overseas are counted

NYT: N.Y. Faces $200 Billion in Retiree Health Costs

WSJ: Scoundrels and Pensions (via Google)


LA Times: Whitman and Brown's final debate a contentious one
SacBee: Debate rhetoric gets personal
NYT: Calif. Governor Candidates Meet in Heated Debate

KPCC: Outside groups give boost to Fiorina Senate race
Politico: Carly Fiorina picks John McCain over Sarah Palin

Politico: California climate vote comes at an expense

LA Times: Federal authorities probe L.A. developer ADI


Dallas MN: Perry approved $4.5 million for donor's start-up firm without regional board's OK
CBS: Democratic Ad Slams Texas Gov. Rick Perry Over HPV Vaccine


Miami Herald: Governor race virtually even
Fox: Florida Candidates Tussle for Senior Support in Airtight Race for Governor
Palm Beach Post: PSC chairman quits early to back Sink's bid for governor

Hill: Dems’ gambit in Florida
LA Times: Schwarzenegger tweets endorsement for Florida's Charlie Crist
Miami Herald: No sign Meek or Crist will drop out

Orlando Sentinel: Grayson debates tonight without main challenger


AJC: Candidates for governor spar over ethics, energy, flag
AJC: TV ad from Nathan Deal: Roy Barnes once said ‘Mexicans workers good for Georgia’
AJC: Palin brushes off Handel’s defeat, adds McKinney to Georgia endorsements
AJC: Preview of agriculture commissioner race


Huntsville: Ron Sparks and Robert Bentley place different priority on illegal immigration

Montgomery Advertiser: Democrat Bright tries to hold on to 2nd District seat


NOLA: David Vitter continues to lead Charlie Melancon in latest Senate poll

NYT: A Freshman in Trouble: Cao


Rasmussen: Illinois Senate: Kirk (R), Giannoulias (D) Still Neck-and-Neck


Bloomberg: Palin PAC Raised $1.2 Million Last Quarter to Aid Iowa's Republican Party


AP/Martin: Ind. Dems accuse GOP Senate candidate of lying


Star Tribune: Bachmann rakes in unprecedented $5.4 million since July
NewsBusters: NBC's Vieira Fails to Knock Michele Bachmann Off Her Game

KTTC: Insider, outsider? Minn. gov trio feud over pasts

Power Line: A Republican surge in Minnesota? A footnote


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Johnson (R) Maintains Lead Over Feingold (D)
NYT: Editorial: Uphill in Wisconsin
Politico: In Wisconsin, the 2010 campaign story distilled

Hill: After forty Dem years, Obey’s seat in jeopardy

Stephen Hayes: In Wisconsin, Congressman Steve Kagen Runs on Dishonesty


Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Portman (R) Leaps To Commanding Lead Over Fisher (D)


Detroit FP: Testing the claims of Dems' ad on Snyder

NYT: Classic Candidate Differences Present a Stark Choice: Benishek & McDowell


NPR: Missouri Senate Race: Two Insiders Flee Label

Ozarks First: Skelton, Hartzler Expected at Candidate Forum

WaPo: In House race, a combat veteran battles indifference about war


CTFP: New poll: Haslam leads McWherter by almost two to one


LCJ: Rand Paul supports replacing income tax with higher sales tax, eliminating IRS
AP: Rand Paul would replace income tax with sales tax
Politico: Rand Paul's college group mocked Christians


KSPR: Lincoln: Election is most important in a lifetime


McClatchy: N.C. Sen. Burr avoids D.C. limelight
NCNN: Burr and Marshall Outline Differences In Debate


WISTV: Sheheen: Haley fundraisers organized by convicted corrupt lobbyist
WMBF: Haley has 9-point lead over Sheheen
State: New Poll: Haley leads, but Sheheen's support more solid

NYT: Stand Against Earmarks Grows Lonely as Home State Sees a Need

NYT: After 28 Years, a Congressman on the Ropes: Spratt

Human Events: Tim Scott Looks to Make History
State: Tim Scott moving closer to making history


Richard Viguerie: Tea partying past George Allen


NYT: Md. Democrat Courts Enviros in House Re-election Bid
Politico: Christine O'Donnell ad: Chris Coons is 'the Taxman'


WaPo: Senate Republicans flood West Virginia airwaves with new ads
Salon: W.Va. Senate candidate would end minimum wage


AP/Levy: New ads, fresh sparring in Pa. Senate campaign
WaPo: Pat Toomey: Human activity might not be main cause of global warming

NYT: Same Names, Changed Turf: Murphy & Fitzpatrick


Rush Limbaugh: If O'Donnell Can't Win, Why Would Obama Go to Delaware for Coons?
WaPo: O'Donnell video: The tax man cometh


WaPo: What can we learn from Christie?
Human Events: Christie Derails Tunnel
Star-Ledger: Gov. Christie calls on N.J. lawmakers to take up reform packages

Star Ledger: N.J. Republicans accuse U.S. Rep. Adler of recruiting fake tea party candidate


NY Post: Blumenthal death switch
NRO: Blumenthal, McMahon Brawl for the Third Time
Rush Limbaugh: You Can't Trust Dick Blumenthal
Politico: Conn. Senate candidates sling mud


Rasmussen: NH Governor: Lynch (D) Earns Highest Support Yet Against Stephen (R)


Boston Globe: Baker quietly accepts endorsement by Mass. State Police

Boston Globe: Cook Report: Frank's race could get competitive
Politico: Tea Party Express targets Frank
American Spectator: Barney Frank, Interrupted

Boston Globe: 6 names on list for chief of SJC


WaPo: Sharron Angle raised $14 million in 3rd quarter
Hill: Angle raises $14 million in third quarter
Las Vegas RJ: Angle raises 'huge chunk of change' in three months
NRO: Behind Angle’s $14 Mil Haul
Las Vegas RJ: Reid-Angle debate: Challenger has most to lose, pundits and insiders say
Politico: Harry Reid-Sharron Angle race fractures Nevada GOP


KSWT: Poll: McCain holds strong lead over Glassman in campaign to win a 5th Senate term

AP: Poll shows gap narrowing between Brewer, Goddard

Hill: Arizona Rep. Grijalva latest incumbent in tough reelection race
Arizona Republic: Can Grijalva hold on to beat political novice?


DenPost: Liberal group releases 2005 tape of Ken Buck's advice to alleged date-rape victim
WaPo: In Colo. Senate debate, Bennet and Buck find some things to agree on
Weekly Standard: Confusion in Colorado over Obamacare
YouTube: Bennet vs. Bennet: The Art of Avoiding Questions: The Mumble

Denver Post: Ironically, GOP among the few things Tancredo has turned away from


CQ: Washington: Ad Wars Heat Up in Tight Senate Race
Seattle PI: Elway Poll: Murray with sizable lead over Rossi

WSJ: Bellwether Hangs in the Balance: WA 3


Rasmussen: Oregon Senate: Wyden (D) Remains Well Ahead of Huffman (R)

Hill: Race of the day: OR 5


WSJ: Personal Accusations Dog Tea-Party Hopeful
Politico: Miller, Murkowski in statistical tie


ABC: In South Dakota: Another Sarah Palin?
Shutter Voice: Kristi Noem: Next Sarah Palin, Major Babe and a Sneaky Conservative


October 12, 2010


NYT: For Democrats, Even ‘Safe’ Seats Are Shaky
NYT: Offering Donors Secrecy, and Going on Attack
NYT: Races Range From Odd to More So
WSJ: Redistricting Battles Spur Wave of Cash
WSJ: A Lone Stance on Ad Spending: Montana
CQ: GOP Tries to Capitalize on Expanding House Field
CQ: 5 Surprises the Wave May Wash Out in November
AJC: Senate Election Update
James Taranto: 90 to 7: The speaker whistles toward the political graveyard
WSJ: Hope and Change: The politics of uplift and inspiration, 2010 (via Google)
Philadelphia Inquirer: Democrats drowning in tea-party tidal wave

WSJ: Business Backlash Grows
Politico: Wall St. cash flow imperils Democrats
WSJ: Democrats Aim to Curb GOP Donors
Ed Gillespie: Democrats' desperation tactics on campaign finance
Hill: GOP strategist Ed Gillespie accuses Obama, Dems of 'political vigilantism'
WaPo: Editorial: Secret campaign money
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Makes Himself Look Bad with Chamber of Commerce Attack

Fox: Expiration of Bush Tax Cuts: How Will It Affect You?

Hill: Boehner: GOP majority would propose spending cuts weekly
WaPo: Darrell Issa (again) on his plans for oversight
Politico: GOP sets sights on reshaping reform

WSJ: Lawmaker Vows to Outlaw Insider Trading on the Hill
Hill: Report: Reid aide profited from stock bet

NYT: A Foreclosure Tightrope for Democrats
WSJ: States to Probe Mortgage Mess
WSJ: Trio Share Economics Prize: Why Joblessness Remains High Now
Sen. Richard Shelby: New Congress should revise Dodd-Frank

WaPo: Obama calls for $50 billion infrastructure initiative
NYT: Obama Pushes Transportation Spending
Fox: Obama Highway Plan Fuels Talk of Gas Tax Hike
Rush Limbaugh: Where Are All The Porkulus Jobs?

WSJ: The 2010 Spending Record: In two years, a 21.4% increase

Wash Times: Protesters dog Obama event: Not happy with progress to end 'don't ask' policy

Guardian UK: Book thrown at Barack Obama (with video)
Telegraph UK: Book thrown at Barack Obama as supporter streaks
Rush Limbaugh: Book Thrown at Obama Reported as "Unscripted Moment," Not Insult

WSJ: Wall Street Pay: A Record $144 Billion (via Google)

WSJ: Boehner's 'Plan B' for ObamaCare: Hearings can be used to sell market-friendly fixes
Hill: Boehner on healthcare reform funding: 'They're not going to get a dime from us'
Politico: States thumb nose at health reform
Politico: Health law's fate tied to state races
American Spectator: Is It Time for a Convention?

American Thinker: Another Massive Energy Tax Looms on the Horizon

Wash Times: Rights panel seeks testimony from Justice: Black Panther intimidation probe
Wash Times: Editorial: No black hole for Black Panthers

Human Events: The Washington Post’s Moral Collapse

Pat Buchanan: Janet the Deporter

Ted Nugent: Obama's mojo is missing
Rich Lowry: Obama’s McCarthyite Moment
Stanley Kurtz: Obama’s Radical Past

Jonah Goldberg: Hating Woody

NYT: Supreme Court to Consider Vaccine Case

Politico: Sarah Palin wants to be wanted

Fox NY: Could Christie Be Drawn Into 2012 Presidential Race?
S-L: Talk of Gov. Christie as presidential contender grows after latest campaign

Joe Scarborough: Newt Gingrich’s rhetoric will backfire

Politico: Dick Cheney out of hospital, back on road


CBS NY: Paladino Ups Ante, Slams Cuomo Over Gay Pride Parade
NYT: For Paladino and Rabbi, a Melding of Agendas
Albany TU: Paladino’s favorite rabbi coined ‘Sodom on the Hudson’
NYT: Unrepentant, Paladino Calls Gay Parades ‘Disgusting’
WaPo: Paladino defends anti-gay remarks
Buffalo News: Gay rights furor persists for Paladino
WSJ: Paladino Reels From Gay Gaffe
WSJ: Paladino Defends Speech Attacking Gays
Hill: Paladino insists he's not homophobic
Politico: Carl Paladino assails Andrew Cuomo's parenting
NYT: Editorial: Politically Crude
WaPo: Editorial: Politicians' intolerance help fuel climate of hate against gays and lesbians
NY Post/Dicker: Team Paladino's Roger a 'dodger'

NYT: Political Math: What Percentage Equals Lockstep?

NYT: New Yorkers’ Anger at Politicians Doesn’t Fuel a Surge in Voter Registration

Fox: Feds to Sue New York Board Over Military Voting Violations, State Official Says

David Brooks: The Paralysis of the State


Politico: Carly Fiorina: Sarah Palin qualified to be president
LA T: Fiorina seeks independents in new ad by vowing to cross her party "when it's wrong"

Contra Costa Times: Giuliani endorses Whitman
LA Times: Brown and Whitman to debate Tuesday
SF Chronicle: Whitman, Brown clash in final debate tonight
Rush Limbaugh: Did Allred's Hit on Whitman Work?

Rush Limbaugh: Feminism and Republican Women

Daily Titan: Sanchez and Tran face off
AP/Taxin: Ethnic pot bubbles in Orange County

NYT: Russia Asks Schwarzenegger to Help in a Tough Task

Politico: California climate board to heat up debate


Star-Telegram: Perry, Republicans getting all the women (voters)
DMN: Perry to Obama: Keep the $50 billion; White aide says he is 'wary' of adding to deficit

Texas Tribune: GOP House Candidates Bolstered by Outrage at Obama


Wash Times: Sink, Scott trade barbs on scandals
Rasmussen: Florida Governor: Scott (R) Still Slightly Ahead of Sink (D)
Bloomberg: Florida's Sink Closes Governor Race to `Dead Heat' With Scott, Survey Says
NYT: Sink Unveils Two-Minute Ad Hitting Scott

Hill: Obama cuts Florida radio ad for Meek as Democrat denies he's dropping out

WSJ: A Colorful, Costly Dogfight Takes Shape in House Race

SPT: Incoming Senate president jettisons longtime staffers as GOP consolidates power


AJC: Georgia Report: RGA spends $3.2 million to stop Roy Barnes
SPR: Georgia: Deal, Cagle, Olens all enjoy substantial lead in latest IA poll
AJC: Deal’s federal taxes baffling

Savannah MN: Election could reshape Georgia delegation


Times Daily: Bentley, Sparks stop at UNA


KWQC: Kirk says rival should answer questions on bank

Quad City Times: Illinois gubernatorial candidates debate


Des Moines Register: 4 charged with illegal gifts to Culver campaign


Michael Barone: Can Skinflint Mitch Daniels Win the Presidency?


Pioneer Press: GOP airs lawsuit over firing of Dayton aide


Milwaukee JS: Hot novel 'Atlas Shrugged' stars in Senate debate
Politico: In Wisconsin, the 2010 campaign story distilled
Thomas Sowell: Feingold Versus Johnson


Columbus Dispatch: Senate candidates' final debate is tonight

NYT: Ohio Attorney General Fights Against Wall Street

CNN: Congressional candidate defends wearing Nazi outfit for re-enactment


Detroit News: Snyder, Bernero need to chart clear course for Michigan comeback
Detroit FP: Bernero brings China bashing back, but attack is showing its age

Chicago Tribune: Palin backs Benishek for Congress from Michigan


NPR: In The Missouri Senate Race, Who's The Insider?


Rasmussen: TN Governor: Haslam (R) Earns Highest Support Yet Against McWherter (D)


Politico: Rand Paul, Jack Conway duel for Kentucky's soul
CNN: Kentucky Senate candidates face off


Wes Pruden: A small earthquake tips Arkansas red
Politico: Trailing badly, Blanche Lincoln hunts for votes


Charlotte Observer: U.S. Senate candidates spar on TV
News & Observer: They don't see eye to eye


State: Haley, Sheheen both lay claim to Campbell's jobs legacy


Wash Times: O'Malley, Ehrlich in first face-off


Politico: Joe Manchin takes shot at Democrats' energy bill
Hill: Struggling Dem Senate candidate distances himself from Obama
NYT: West Virginia Poses Dilemma for Democrats: Must-Win or No-Win?
NYT: In Latest Ad, Manchin Takes Aim
AP/Elliott: Clinton vs. Palin in W.Va.


Lebanon DN: Pa. troopers' union endorsing Toomey for Senate


NYT: With O’Donnell as Foil, Democrat Plays It Safe


Philadelphia Inquirer: Adler, Runyan stir up crowd in Cherry Hill
NYT: Charge of Sham Candidacy in New Jersey House Race
Fox Philly: Adler Denies Aiding Tea Party Candidate


Boston Globe: No holds barred: Ex-wrestling chief fights Conn. AG for Senate seat
WSJ: Connecticut Senate Candidates Defend Their Records


Rasmussen: New Hampshire Senate: Ayotte (R) Holds Steady Lead Over Hodes (D)


Boston Globe: Campaign disclosure improving
Boston Globe: State’s economy vulnerable, analysts say


WSJ: Harry Reid's Race to the Bottom
Las Vegas RJ: Angle disavows former pastor's claim of Mormon cult
Las Vegas RJ: Reid tightens up on investments by staff
Politico: Dearborn mayor blasts Sharron Angle

Las Vegas RJ: Debate offers contrast: Titus, Heck avoid errors in making their points


Human Events: The ‘PAC Man’ Can’t Take the Heat


CNN: Poll: Brewer holds advantage in Arizona gubernatorial battle

Phoenix BJ: Sarah Palin endorses tea party challenger


Rasmussen: New Mexico Governor: Martinez (R) Receives Highest Support Yet


Denver Post: Surprising responses in rat-attack-tat debate between Bennet, Buck
American Spectator: Michael Bennet Should Resign
YouTube: Bennet vs. Bennet: Too Weak
Politico: Rape case haunts Buck in Colo

Wash Times: 'Tea party' warms up to Tancredo


Seattle Times: Undisclosed donors pump millions into state campaigns


Oregon Daily Emerald: Newly released poll shows gubernatorial race too close to call


Anchorage DN: Alaska's Miller declares questions about past off-limits


October 11, 2010


Fox: Rove, Gillespie Slam Obama for Spreading 'Baseless Lie' Over Foreign Contributions
Wash Times: Rove backs chamber against Obama accusations
UPI: Rove bristles at foreign money allegation
Politico: Rove blasts Obama over Crossroads
Wash Times: Chamber financing attacks continue: White House offers no proof
WSJ: GOP Disputes Suggestion Foreign Funds Used in Campaign
WaPo: Obama steps up attack on Chamber
Hill: Axelrod: Chamber must prove foreign money allegations false
Politico: Gillespie charges Dems with 'abuse of power'

NYT: Republicans Poised to Make Gains in Races for Governor
WSJ: Democrats Seek to Manage Expectations
NYT: Power Balance May Change In the Lame-Duck Senate
NYT: Number of Competitive House Races Doubles from Recent Years
Stateline: Parallels between 2010 and 1994 in races for governor
AP/LeBlanc: GOP hopes for breakthroughs in Northeast
AP/Babington: True or not, GOP and Dems say races are tightening
WSJ: Democrats Are Conflicted Over Black Vote, Obama
Politico: With black voters, Barack Obama gets personal
WaPo: Cable news chatter is changing the electoral landscape
Wash Times: White House exodus stirs political buzz

Wash Times: Boehner asserts leadership of House GOP

WSJ: Democrats unleash the IRS and Justice on donors to their political opponents

WSJ: Congressional Staffers Gain From Trading in Stocks

WSJ: U.S. Won't Appeal Terror-Case Ruling
NYT: Prosecutor Won’t Appeal Barring of Witness in Terror Trial
LA Times: Prosecutors will not appeal ruling in embassy bombing case

LA Times: Hearing set to begin into Ft. Hood shootings

Rep. Frank Wolf: New Developments in New Black Panther Party Voter Intimidation Case
Human Events: Sharia Law’s Threat to Free Speech
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: In Holland, Free Speech on Trial (via Google)

Fox: Lawmakers Struggle to Address Foreclosure Fiasco
WSJ: Courts Add To Foreclosure Delay
NYT: White House Aide Doubts Need to Halt Foreclosures
NYT: Editorial: Helping Homeowners to Refinance
WaPo: Editorial: The current U.S. tax system is tilted toward the haves

WSJ: The Fed Compounds Its Mistakes (via Google)
NYT: From Tea Party Advocates, Anger at the Federal Reserve

WSJ: Unfilled Openings Frustrate the Jobless

Hill: Estate tax may become another nail-biter when lawmakers return

WaPo: Editorial: The health-insurance mandate is found to be legally sound

Ras: Most Voters Still See Finding New Energy Sources As More Important Than Conservation

NRO: The Stimulus Emperor Has No Clothes
Paul Krugman: Hey, Small Spender

Ross Douthat: Grading School Choice

Human Events: Christopher Columbus: Hero

Politico: Chris Christie looms over White House plans
Politico: Newt Gingrich: On the edge or over the line?


NYT: Paladino Attacks Gays in Brooklyn Speech | Video
CNN: Paladino disputes anti-gay comments attributed to him
ABC: Carl Paladino Says Homosexuality Not a 'Successful Option'
Rochester D&C: Carl Paladino remarks criticize homosexuality
WSJ: Paladino Aims for TV Boost
WaPo: NY GOP gov hopeful Paladino makes anti-gay remarks
Politico: Cuomo and Paladino teams tussle on GOPer's 'brainwashed' homosexual remarks
NYT: In New York Governor Race, Two Italian Identities
NY1: Paladino Steers Clear Of Politics At Columbus Day Kick-Off
Gothamist: Paladino's Frugalness Worrying Republicans
Bob McCarthy: Carl commands media attention
Philadelphia Inquirer: With politicians' private lives, where should media draw the line?
NYDN: With both Paladino and Cuomo being Italian-American, candidates lose ethnic edge
Syracuse PS: How Carl Paladino built his Rite Aid empire in Syracuse
Mike Lupica: Can anyone blame Cuomo for not wanting to share the stage with Paladino?
NYDN: Andrew Cuomo, Rev. Al Sharpton engage in delicate dance with one another

Albany TU: GOP hopes Paladino factor can turn state Senate tide
Syracuse PS: Why Joanie Mahoney crossed the aisle to endorse Andrew Cuomo

Buffalo News: Regardless of who wins, expect a battle over Indian tax issue

Alfonse D'Amato: The Rev. Al Sharpton, our next Attorney General?

WSJ: Gillibrand Not Sweet On Sugary Drinks Plan
RCP: Gillibrand Opens Up a Lead in New York

Fox: New York Violating MOVE Act: No Absentee ballots to all its 320,000 military


LA Times: Tactics split state's top two GOP contenders

LA Times: Whitman declines to comment about slur
AP: Giuliani campaigns for Whitman in tight Calif race
John Fund: California Governor's Race Speaks in Code

San Diego UT: Editorial: Fiorina the clear choice for U.S. Senate

WSJ: Vietnamese-Americans May Make Difference in California Congressional Race

Politico: California Democrats bet on bong war

Dan Walters: A high-risk scenario on tax hike


Austin AS: How Perry and White compare on higher education policy

Dallas MN: Some use state ag post as stepping stone

WSJ: Shootout at the EPA Corral (via Google)


SPT: Marco Rubio's meteoric rise in Florida politics
Herald Tribune: Despite topping polls, Rubio doesn't rest
Tampa Tribune: Editorial: Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate

News-Press: Republican Rick Scott has made the most of 'outsider' label


AJC: Barnes, Deal busy pressing the flesh
Athens BH: Governor hopefuls' records show split in thinking

Rasmussen: Georgia Senate: Isakson (R) Remains Ahead of Thurmond (D), Donovan (L)
Athens BH: Thurmond hedges on reform law while Isakson vows repeal

AJC: U.S. Chamber comes down on Democrat Jim Marshall’s side


McClatchy: One Democrat's strategy to win: Run against Obama and Pelosi


St. Louis B: Jindal makes pitch for Blunt in 2010 -- but won't run for White House in 2012


NBC: Kirk, Giannoulias Square off on Meet the Press
Chicago Tribune: Kirk and Giannoulias trade ethics shots on 'Meet the Press'
Chicago Sun-Times: Kirk, Giannoulias clash over jobs, credibility
Hill: Giannoulias, Kirk attack each other's integrity in Sunday morning TV debate
NYT: Illinois Senate Debate Focuses on Integrity of Candidates
CQ: Giannoulias, Kirk Answer for Their Pasts in Debate
Chicago ST: Giannoulias: did not know "extent" of Broadway Bank loans to crime figures
Bloomberg: Kirk, Giannoulias Spar Over Integrity in First Debate
NYT: In Illinois Senate Race, an Issue of Trust
Politico: Kirk, Giannoulias spar over 'mob' loans
Politico: Kirk feared attack from right

Pantagraph: Brady, Quinn plans offer little remedy to budget deficit

Hill: GOP hungrily eyes Hare's seat


AP/Glover: Iowa's US House races drawing attention


Rasmussen: Nebraska Governor: Heineman (R) Still Comfortably Ahead of Challenger


South Bend Tribune: Indiana Republicans want to flip House
Louisville CJ: GOP gains most from outside spending in Indiana races

Richmond TD: Pence stresses fiscal, moral values


Coon Rapids: Gov. Tim Pawlenty warns against backing Horner


WSJ: Feingold Takes Risk on Health Care
Wash Times: Feingold finding maverick role of scant help against GOP tide
Wash Times: Wisconsin GOP hammers Feingold on bin Laden stance
Daily Cardinal: Feingold and Johnson face off in first debate
Milwaukee JS: Details of Monday's Senate debate

Green Bay PG: Can WI governor candidates Tom Barrett, Scott Walker really create jobs?


Dayton DN: Fisher runs as an underdog once more

NRO: Late to the Tea Party: John Kasich’s base problem

Toledo Blade: No. 2 GOP leader shuns Iott's Nazi re-enactments


WSJ: Recession Resounds, So Race Is About Economy
Detroit FP: Snyder, Bernero clash over Michigan's future
Detroit News: Rick Snyder, Virg Bernero clash over solutions in Michigan governor debate
Detroit News: Bernero renews outsourcing jab at Snyder
Mlive: Snyder keeps wide lead in Michigan governor poll
Detroit FP: Snyder holds 20-point lead in governor's race, poll shows

Weekly Standard: Can Dingell Lose?


Examiner: Roy Blunt signs a commitment to No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions

Columbia Daily Tribune: Fighting for control of the Missouri House


Fox Memphis: Tn Gov. Candidates Take AP Questions
Tennessean: Wilson GOP chiefs ousted as state, county parties spar


Louisville CJ: Conway, Paul go in for waffling
Cincinnati Enquirer: Poll: Paul leads Conway by 4 points
Cincinnati Enquirer: Paul, Conway to debate at NKU Monday


Arkansas News: Keet’s message beats his execution


Greenville DR: Sen. Burr rallies GOP in Greenville
WCHL: NC Senate Candidates Debate for First Time
WTKR: Major-party NC Senate candidates get statewide audience in debate Monday night
Charlotte Observer: Richard Burr burnishes conservative image
Winston-Salem Journal: Burr Holds Edge - Marshall camp says voters will decide late
News & Observer: Marshall launches homespun tour

Charlotte Observer: Early voting changes parties' game plan


McClatchy: Jon Lerner: The man behind Nikki Haley's rise
State: Sheheen firm profits from state government


Gothamist: VA Tea Partiers Prefer NJ's Christie Over Palin For 2012


Baltimore Sun: O'Malley and Ehrlich to face off Monday


Charleston Gazette: 'Hicky' ad gains national attention, still angers critics
Charleston Gazette: State GOP making most of election climate
Hill: Race of the day: W.Va.-01


NYT: In Pennsylvania, Anger Fuels a Race for Senate

Politico: Obama overshadows Pa. candidates
WSJ: Obama Trots Out 2008 Slogans in Philadelphia
Hill: Obama promises Dem victory in November if supporters turn out

Star-Ledger: N.J. Gov. Christie heads to PA to campaign for GOP candidate Tom Corbett
Centre Daily: Corbett, Onorato tailgate at PSU


CNN: SNL makes its own Christine O'Donnell ad
News Journal: Republican tribe has spoken, Castle voted off the island


Star-Ledger: Gov. Christie wins Virginia Tea Party presidential straw poll


Hill: McMahon lays out spending cuts; Blumenthal says attacks cut lead
Fox: McMahon Pledges No More Than 2 Senate Terms if Elected
FT: Republican closes in on blue stronghold


Nashua Telegraph: GOP pushing hard to regain NH throne
AP/Love: NH lawmakers return to consider vetoes


Boston Globe: Democrats scramble to counter a fervent GOP
Boston Globe: Players behind the major gubernatorial candidates
Bostonist: Charlie Baker on OTR: No Conspiracy, No Loyalty
Worchester Telegram: Melodrama, betrayals, sabotage?


Las Vegas RJ: Reid-Angle race hot, nasty and close
LA Times: Harry Reid-Sharron Angle race gets even uglier in Nevada
NRO: Ashjian Threatens Angle: Can a fake Tea Party candidate derail bid to unseat Reid?


Tucson Citizen: Tom Horne holds commanding 18-point lead in AZ AG poll

Politico: The latest Dem concern: Raul Grijalva

WaPo: In Arizona, an illegal immigrant and her family face a stark choice


Denver Post: Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton coming to Colorado to campaign for Bennet
CQ Politics: Party Spending in Colo. Senate Race Tops $6 Million
Colorado Springs Gazette: Senate race features battle of rookie politicians

Hill: Interior Secretary Salazar returns home to campaign for Markey


Columbian: Herrera, Rossi join enthusiastic backers in ‘victory rally’
AP/Woodward: Sen. Patty Murray's 4th campaign may be toughest


LA Times: GOP has a shot at taking Oregon governorship
Oregonian: Republican Governors Association "triple-downs" on Chris Dudley
SacBee: Former NBA player campaigns to be Oregon governor


WaPo: Alaska Sen. Murkowski embraces new outsider status with write-in campaign
Anchorage DN: Court issues statement on Miller's hiring of wife
AP: Court clerk: Miller checked before hiring wife


October 10, 2010


Columbus Dispatch: Boehner has plans for 'his' House
Fox: Senate, Gubernatorial Races Could Tip House Contests
LA Times: Some House Democrats may hold ground against Republican wave
NYT: Vilified or Not, Pelosi Insists She’s Winning

Atlantic: If Polls Hold, GOP Will Gain 8 Senate Seats

Hill: 'Professional left' says Obama's needling strategy won't work
Hill: Dems who can't risk Obama visit welcome Clinton to campaign
Hill: Obama hits links for 52nd golf day
Human Events: Don't Crown the GOP Just Yet
Houston Chronicle: Midterm campaign's biggest spenders

WaPo: Energized GOP can thank the tea party
WaPo: Beyond the tea party: What Americans really think of government
WaPo: Tea party fuels GOP midterm enthusiasm, action
Wash Times: A new breed of Republicans
David Frum: Get Ready for More Washington Gridlock

WaPo: Govt had been warned for months about troubles in mortgage servicer industry
NYT: Editorial: Helping Homeowners to Refinance

Timothy Geithner: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner tackles five myths about TARP
Howard Rich: The “Toxic” Truth About TARP

Politico: Democrats feud over plan to fix deficits

Hill: IMF punts on China currency reform
Hill: U.S.-China bickering mars climate talks
NYT: China Emerges as a Scapegoat in Campaign Ads
Thomas Friedman: An X-Ray of Dysfunction

Hill: GOP wins could help doctors get their fix

Human Events: Violent Video from Cult of Global Warming

WaPo: After surprising third quarter, investors still watching their step

Gary Bauer: Explaining Islam to the Islamists
Human Events: Sharia Threatens U.S. Liberty
NYT: Outraged and Outrageous: Pamela Geller's anti-Islamic fervor
NYT: Editorial: Lethal Force Under Law

NYT: Specialists’ Help at Supreme Court Can Come With a Catch
NYT: Where Free Speech Is Less an Idea Than an Experience

Laura Bush: Afghanistan must embrace women's rights

KFMB: Sarah Palin sounds off at downtown fundraiser for vets running for Congress
AP: Sarah Palin attends Bakersfield GOP event
Bakersfield: Business Conference: Sarah Palin says it's time to stick up for the 'little guy'

Boston Globe: So what exactly is Mitt Romney’s job? Even Republicans are unsure

Politico: 2012 map takes unfamiliar shape
Telegraph UK: 5 key reasons why Barack Obama’s future looks increasingly bleak

CQ: Reapportionment: Slight Population Shifts Complicate a Zero-Sum Game

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: Pair of Senate debates


Buffalo News: 'Warrior' Paladino loves the fight
Gothamist: Paladino Scoffs At Cuomo's Successful Hevesi Investigation
NYDN: Cuomo scores huge political win with Hevesi's plea, Paladino not impressed
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo returns more to donors than Carl Paladino has raised
Poughkeepsie Journal: Paladino's financial dealings with state come under fire

Poughkeepsie Journal: N.Y. Senate control is up for grabs again

Rochester D&C: Dan Maffei-Ann Marie Buerkle race closely watched
Albany TU: Clinton swings upstate, visits Maffei and Hinchey

NY Post: DioGuardi -- out to take 'sharp pen' to DC
LoHud: Gillibrand, DioGuardi work to sharpen image

NY Post: Vito snares $135M pact despite probe


Mercury News: Banking on voter anger, Fiorina steers right
Mercury News: Fiorina vs. Boxer: the big questions of the Senate campaign
LA Times: Issues in the race for U.S. Senate
Power Line: Will Fiorina surge in California?
Fred Barnes: Fiorina vs. Boxer: The most important race of 2010
Debra Saunders: Boxer's fiction vs. Fiorina's facts
Mercury News: Boxer an aggressive, at times antagonistic, presence in courtly Senate

Fox: Sources Point to Brown's Wife As Voice Heard Calling Whitman A "Whore"
Mercury News: Editorial: Jerry Brown is the right choice for governor
Globe and Mail: California shows money can’t always buy electoral love

LA Times: Whitman and Fiorina court key Latino vote in rare joint appearance

NYT: The Republican Actually Running Against Pelosi

Human Events: Congressman Nunes Offers Blueprint to Restore the Republic

OC Register: Tea Party rally draws crowds, candidates


Dallas MN: Big names make big donations in governor's race
DMN: On the road with Perry and White: Washington, education, football and lots of jabs
Dallas MN: On the Issues: Perry, White on Special Interests
AP/Root: Perry, gun-toting conservative, is confident
AP: Perry touts minority appointments

Rasmussen: Just 8% in Texas Rate U.S. Economy as Good or Excellent, 53% Rate it as Poor


Tampa Tribune: A once unknown Rubio takes over lead in the Senate race
Miami Herald: Ambition, charisma propel Rubio
Tampa Tribune: Crist says he hasn't changed even though his party has
Tampa Tribune: Meek trying to convince Democrats he can beat Rubio
CBS4: Meek Denies Drop Out Rumors

PNJ: Panhandle has Scott's back for governor
Miami Herald: Attack ads between Sink, Scott getting uglier
Buzz: Scribbles after Rick Scott and Alex Sink debate
CBS4: Sink Ahead Of Scott In Poll, Barely

Hot Air: Cook moves Grayson’s district to Leans Republican


AJC: Georgia’s electronic voting law gets Justice Dept. clearance


NOLA: U.S. Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao's campaign smudges up his squeaky-clean image


Whig: Kirk would be best for Senate seat

SJ-R: Brady using 'Don't Tell When Asked' strategy


MPR: Gov. candidates debate budget, higher education
Politico: Third-party bid shakes up Minnesota governor's race
Pioneer Press: Minnesota governor hopefuls square off over bullying laws
Pioneer Press: The 2010 governor's race issues: Education


Fox: Wis. Senate Candidates Clash on Health Care Reform
LA Times: Sen. Russ Feingold battles 'tea party' challenger in Wisconsin


David Broder: Ohio's GOP Senate candidate is a man to watch

Cleveland PD: With the specifics scarce, advantage goes to John Kasich in Ohio gov's race
Middletown Journal: Governor candidates have many differences
Vindy: Governor candidates are a study in contrast

WP: Dems criticize GOP over House nominee who dressed as Nazi during battle reenactments
Atlantic: Why is This GOP House Candidate Dressed as a Nazi?

Canton Rep: Boccieri, Renacci battle for Ohio's 16th District


Detroit FP: In governor's race, Bernero, Snyder make cases in debate tonight
Detroit News: Live video at 7 p.m. Sunday: Gubernatorial debate
Detroit FP: Bernero fighting uphill battle
Detroit FP: How the GOP is bashing Virg Bernero


News-Leader: Blunt gains praise for honesty, listening ability
Fox2: Kit Bond's U.S. Senate Seat Up For Grabs


Knox News: Editorial: Bill Haslam's ready to be next governor
Jackson Sun: Haslam addresses Sun editorial board

Tennessean: Analysis: Tennessee will lose clout in Congress after election


LA Times: Rand Paul toning down his libertarian message
CN/2: From ‘Pure Politics’: Rand Paul leads Jack Conway by 4 in cn|2 Poll
AP/Schreiner: Conway airs new ad hitting Paul on Medicare


Hill: Lincoln may support extending tax cuts for the wealthy in light of 'circumstances'


News & Observer: Ad aims to turn Marshall's message against her


Fox: Thousands Attend Virginia Tea Party Convention
WaPo: Attorney General Cuccinelli's star keeps rising at Va. tea party gathering
Richmond TD: Will Social Conservatives Stay Home Election Day?


NYT: Manchin Releases ‘Hicky’ Ad of His Own
CQ: Manchin Ad Hits Raese Over 'Hickey' Controversy
CQ: Staffers Rush to Help in Key Races


News Journal: Moral activist Christine O'Donnell knew 'God was calling'
Hill: O'Donnell wants Foreign Relations seat
AP/Evans: O'Donnell still a mystery to voters despite fame
AP: SNL takes another jab at Delaware's O'Donnell


Human Events: Gov. Christie Wins Tea Party Presidential Straw Poll


Fox: Sen. Brown Campaigns for McMahon in Connecticut


Seacoast: Election year budget battle brews in NH


Fox: Sharron Angle Distances Herself From Previous Comments on Government Benefits

Las Vegas RJ: Titus and Heck square off over issues at local debate


Greeley Tribune: Women have yet to catch Buck's wave
Denver Post: Buck will only be as scary as the company he keeps
YouTube: Bennet v. Bennet: Mr. Say Anything
YouTube: Bennet v. Bennet: The Great Chase

Tom Tancredo: Dedicate money to repairs on state's highways
Denver Post: Has the Republican Party come undone?
Daily Camera: Boulder, Broomfield donors largely ignore Maes in governor's race
GJSentinel: Any drama left? Colorado governor race full of twists


Seattle Times: Rossi counts on voter anger in Senate bid
AP/LaCorte: Dino Rossi optimistic in third statewide race
Seattle Times: Dino Rossi through the years
Seattle Times: Candidates on taxes, Wall Street, Afghanistan
McClatchy: Washington state Senate race flooded by outside donors


Statesman Journal: Biggest war chest is no guarantee of success in Oregon governor's race


Rasmussen: South Dakota Governor: Daugaard (R) Still Ahead of Heidepriem (D)


Hill: Barrasso: Obama broke 'code of the West' on spending, healthcare vows


ADN: Palin announces endorsement of tea party candidates in Hawaii


October 9, 2010


Wash Times: Boehner attacks Obama, Dems over economy
Fox: Boehner Cites Jobless Report in 'Closing Argument' Against Democrats
LA Times: Boehner returns to stump, aiming to frame election as a referendum on Obama
Hill: In the battle to define Boehner, the would-be Speaker makes his case
CQ: Boehner Asks Voters to Throw Out Democrats
WSJ: Democrat Bastions Besieged by GOP
WaPo: With cash lead, GOP adds to its targets
NYT: Projected Republican Gains Approach 50 House Seats
WaPo: House playing field grows to 71 seats
Politico: Cook: 12 Dem incumbents are underdogs
Human Events: Blame Pelosi for Tax Hikes
WaPo: Democrats make marginal gains, majority still in jeopardy
WaPo: Obama and Boehner debate GOP's 'Pledge to America'
WaPo: GOP 'Pledge' ignites an ongoing debate
Sen. Susan Collins: Why divided government would be less divisive
George Will: November election results will vindicate or undercut Obama
Rush Limbaugh: What's Sinking the Democrats? It's Obama's Jackassian Policies

WaPo: Economy continues shedding jobs, posing challenge for Obama, Democrats
WSJ: Job Losses Increase Pressure on Fed
Fox: Jobs Drop by 95,000 in September, Unemployment Rate Unchanged
Wash Times: Unemployment rate stays at 9.6 percent
WSJ: Broader U-6 Jobless Rate up to 17.1%: Why the Jump?
WSJ: Teacher Who Served as Symbol of Jobs Measure Gets Laid Off
AP/Bernard: Dow closes above 11,000 for first time since May

WSJ: BofA Halts Foreclosures
NYT: Largest U.S. Bank Halts Foreclosures in All States
WSJ: Government Steps Lightly Into Foreclosure Controversy
WSJ: Delays Could Stall Recovery, Analysts Say
WSJ: The Politics of Foreclosure
WaPo: Buyers anxiously await foreclosure deals to go through
WaPo: Momentum builds for nationwide freeze on foreclosures
Fox: Attorneys General Investigate Bank Foreclosure Processes

Wash Times: Obama's top security adviser steps down
WaPo: James Jones to step down as national security adviser
NYT: Civilian Replaces General in Key Foreign Policy Job
WSJ: Technocrat Tom Donilon to Succeed James Jones as National Security Adviser
Politico: Tom Donilon's resume: Policy, law and Fannie Mae
NYT: On Housing, Donilon at Center of Regulatory Fight
Politico: James Jones never made it to Obama's inner circle

Jack Goldsmith: Don’t Try Terrorists, Lock Them Up
Andrew McCarthy: Terrorist Trials for Radicals

Hill: Holder: States need to save on prisons

Politico: Dobbs: 'I have never hired an illegal immigrant'

WSJ: What's Happening To Your Health Plan?
WSJ: Health Overhaul Overlooks Retirees
Fox: Dems Attack GOP's Proposals for Private-Sector Health Care for Veterans
Hill: Pence: Odds are on Supreme Court striking down healthcare reform

WSJ: Carbon Curbs by EPA Land in Court Again
Wash Times: EPA global warmers' power grab
Rasmussen: Behind the Meltdown of the Climate-Change Bill

WSJ: Technology = Salvation (via Google)

Ron Rotunda: Kagan's recusals are no excuse for retiree curtain calls

Bill O'Reilly: Is Hate Speech Protected?

NYT: Topic of Foreign Money in U.S. Races Hits Hustings
NYT: Activism of Thomas’s Wife Could Raise Judicial Issues

NYT: Voting Test Falls Victim to Hackers

US News: Sarah Palin Takes A Big Step Toward 2012 Run for President
Politico: Sarah Palin speaks to electability issue
NYDN: Sarah Palin can't get Tea Party love, O'Donnell ducks question about endorsement

WSJ: Are we ready for a mustachioed commander in chief? (John Bolton)

Human Events: Meghan McCain's Delusional Persecution Complex

Human Events: Religion and the Founding Generation
Pat Buchanan: Food Stamp Nation
Rush Limbaugh: Obamaville: A Nation of Sponges Waiting to be Told What to Do Next

NRO: Demonizing Karl Rove

Chicago Tribune: Unpopular and out-of-sight, President Bush not in demand for GOP
CNN: CNN Poll: Was Bush better president than Obama?

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Albany TU: Anger isn't enough for Paladino
Albany TU: Cuomo-Paladino attacks of the day: grains of salt, selective prosecution
Buffalo News: As election nears, key downstaters ask: Where's Carl?
NYDN: Paladino's out-of-control campaign careens every which way
NY Post: Andy: I won't get in the gutter with Paladino
NYT: Paladino Serenades a Former Target
Gothamist: Paladino Serenades State Republican Chairman Ed Cox
AP: Cuomo aide: Affair claims baseless in NY gov race
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Paladino and the System

NYT: Attorney General Rivals Are True to Form in Debate

Albany TU: Cook downgrades Maffei, Owens
Rochester D&C: Tom Reed, Matt Zeller vying for 29th Congressional District
Syr PS: Bill Clinton to stump for U.S. Rep. Dan Maffei at Monday rally in Syracuse

Albany TU: Silver, Sampson to Dem candidates: Hit ‘em on Carl

NYT: Mayor’s Soda Plan and His Company’s Policy Differ


Fox: Recording Captures Brown Camp Calling Whitman a 'Whore'
SacBee: Which Brown staffer used Whitman slur? What's the fallout?
LA Times: Democrats urge Brown to apologize over remark about Whitman
WSJ: Brown Apologizes for Slur
NYT: Campaign Gaffes Highlight 2 Jerry Browns
WaPo: Brown on defensive over Whitman remark
SF Chronicle: Meg Whitman fuzzes Rose Bird quote as Jerry Brown backpedals
Rush Limbaugh: Moonbeam Calls Whitman a Whore

WSJ: Fiorina Stays Away From Middle Road

CSM: 'Toxic' touch? Why Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman shy from Sarah Palin

NYT: California Budget Wins Approval
WSJ: California Governor Signs Budget; $7.5B in Spending Cuts
SacBee: Schwarzenegger signs budget; vetoes $962 million
SacBee: Marathon session, Schwarzenegger's vetoes end California's record budget standoff
LA Times: Gov's veto ax falls heavily on welfare, child care and special education programs
Roger Hedgecock: California Circles the Drain


Dallas MN: Perry touts accomplishments to state NAACP
AP/Root: Perry, White schedules blur politics and governing

Dallas MN: Bankruptcy of Edwards challenger Bill Flores' business cost taxpayers $7.5 million

Dallas MN: Speaker Straus helps out 6 with rough campaigns


Rasmussen: Florida Senate: Rubio(R) Hits 50% Mark in Three-Way Race
Buzz: Rubio brushes off 'earmark' attack from Crist
Politico: Charlie Crist tosses wild pitch
Buzz: St. Pete Times recommends Charlie Crist

Miami Herald: Rick Scott, Alex Sink go 1-on-1 in first debate
SPT: Alex Sink, Rick Scott bicker in first televised debate
Miami Herald: Scott releases three years of tax returns
SPT: Rick Scott's IRS records show lower tax rate and higher income

Miami Herald: Foreclosure freeze widens as fears grow
Palm Beach Post: Foreclosure documents faked at Stern firm, testimony says


AJC: Barnes takes money from lawyers, while Deal collects from PACs
AJC: A real-life ‘King Roy’ and the Cracker Crumble behind it
AJC: Handel’s tab for Palin’s visit: More than $100,000


Hill: GOP seizes on Bright comments to pressure Democrats on Pelosi


NOLA: David Vitter ad slammed as racist by advocates for immigrants
WaPo: David Vitter's new ad trafficks heavily in race-baiting


Chicago Tribune: Mark Kirk for Senate
Chicago Sun-Times: Kirk, Giannoulias square off Sunday
St. Louis PD: GOP Senate candidate in Illinois plans anti-fraud effort
NYT: In Illinois, Questions About Trust Are Front and Center

Chicago Sun-Times: Brady got Blagojevich? Not exactly
Chicago Sun-Times: Agencies slam Quinn on overdue state bills


Des Moines Register: Voters usually forgive alcohol offenses


WTHI: Bayh campaigns for Ellsworth


Rasmussen: Minnesota Governor: Dayton (D), Emmer (R) Remain in Tight Race
Star Tribune: Roofer sues Emmer over his handling of legal case
Pioneer Press: Emmer sued by McLeod County contractor in legal malpractice dispute


Milwaukee JS: Johnson, Feingold clash in first Senate debate
Politico: Russ Feingold courts tea party votes


Columbus Dispatch: Underdog Fisher hits back at Portman
Cleveland PD: Senate candidates Rob Portman and Lee Fisher spar at the City Club debate
Dayton DN: Senate candidates trade jabs in Cleveland

CQ: NRCC Set To Target Wilson in New Ad


Mlive: Is Sunday's debate Virg Bernero's last chance in Michigan governor's race?
Detroit News: Bernero needs debate win to shift fortunes
Detroit FP: Candidates for governor offer visions for improving state schools


Ozarks First: Missouri Senate Race Gets National Attention - and Money


Knox News: Gov Candidates debate at UT campus

NYT: Anti-Incumbent Fervor Skips Tennessee District


Ky Post: Senatorial debate at NKU promises to heat up


Arkansas News: Lincoln: Some seeking to stir fear, anger in voters
AP/DeMillo: Vulnerable Ark. senator hints support for tax cuts


Citizen-Times: Burr, Marshall square-off on UNC-TV Oct. 11


State: E-mails: Rocky departure for Haley from last job
Politico: Sheheen ad links Haley, Sanford
State: ‘A sense of urgency’ for S.C. Democrats


Politico: George Allen preps for 2012 Senate bid
WaPo: At Va. tea party gathering, insurgents worry GOP will 'co-opt the movement'


WaPo: Ehrlich continues push to build female support
NJ Newsroom: Christie off to campaign for Bob Ehrlich


CQ: Raese Says He Will Only Serve One Full Term
CQ: NRSC Up With New Ad Hitting Manchin in West Virginia
NYT: Raese in Rubber-Stamp Critique of Manchin
Hill: Manchin: Obama ‘dead wrong’ on climate
Human Events: Sen. Robert Byrd’s Final Piece of Pork


NYT: The Caucus Click: Philadelphia


CSM: Christine O'Donnell: Is her latest campaign push working?
NYT: Christine O’Donnell: The Girl Next Door


NYT: Christie to Review Options on Tunnel
Fox: Christie Agrees to Reconsider NJ-NY Tunnel Options
S-L: Christie kills Hudson River tunnel project, citing taxpayers woes


WaPo: Ad of the Day: McMahon hits Blumenthal where it hurts most
Daily Caller: Blumenthal debate gaffe on jobs becomes McMahon ad


Union Leader: Political committees invest millions in local air time
Fergus Cullen: How out-of-state activists brought gay marriage to NH
Nashua Telegraph: Is there a Democrat in US Senate race?


Boston Globe: Campaign crossfire hotter still
Boston Globe: Party wants ‘tu voto’

James Taranto: The Marine Who Has Barney Frank Worried


Politico: Sharron Angle surge unnerving Nevada Democrats
Fox: Angle Rejects Pastor's Description of Reid's Mormon Faith as a 'Cult'
WSJ: Hopefuls Wager on Hispanic Vote
KTVN: Republicans Battle Over Sen. Reid Endorsement
MyNews4: Nevada GOP boss: Raggio’s leadership post could be in jeopardy
NYT: Reid Receives Two G.O.P. Endorsements

Rasmussen: Nevada Governor: Sandoval (R) Still Holds Steady Lead Over Reid (D)
Hill: Rory Reid: Healthcare reform could end up hurting Nevada

Las Vegas RJ: Statewide revenue increase is fueled by 21.1 percent jump on Strip


NYT: Arizona Is a Haven for Refugees


Fox: Colorado Senate Candidates Trading Shots
Denver Post: Democrats question U.S. Chamber bucks spent on Buck
YouTube: The Public Option: The "Not So Small" Piece


Rasmussen: Washington Senate: Rossi (R) Inches Ahead of Murray (D)
Politico: Rossi on upswing against Murray?


Portland BJ: Dudley leads fundraising race by nearly $1.4 million


Fairbanks: Senate candidate Joe Miller says Alaska Native corporations are targeting him


October 8, 2010


Gallup: Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment at 10.1% in September
Rush Limbaugh: Unemployment Up, Media Silent (And Gov't Lied About Job Losses)
WaPo: Tax wrangling creates uncertainty about paychecks
WaPo: Thousands of stimulus checks sent in error, report says
WSJ: Stimulus Checks Sent to Dead, Incarcerated
WSJ: Two Fed Officials Speak Out Against Stimulative Action
American Spectator: The Stimulus Spending: Trust the Numbers, Not the Politicians
WSJ: The 'Limited Inflationists' (via Google)
Wash Times: Government spending rises 9%: 2010 deficit lower than projected
Paul Krugman: The End of the Tunnel
Peggy Noonan: Revolt of the Accountants (via Google)

NYT: Flawed Foreclosure Documents Thwart Home Sales
WSJ: Foreclosure Bill Is Blocked: Obama Plans His First Significant Veto
NYT: Obama to Veto Bill That Could Speed Foreclosures
Politico: Barack Obama uses pocket veto
WaPo: Obama won't sign bill that would affect foreclosure proceedings
WaPo: Reston-based company MERS in the middle of foreclosure chaos

Fox: White House Denies Spying on Conservative Billionaires' Taxes

NYT: Judge Rules Health Law Is Constitutional
WaPo: New health-care law constitutional, federal judge rules
Politico: HHS wrong on Medicare Advantage
Rush Limbaugh: Thirty Companies Get Election-Year Pardon from Obamacare Law
American Spectator: The Criminal Intent of ObamaCare

WSJ: Environment Chief Caught in the Campaign Crossfire
Wash Times: Editorial: EPA to drain $1 trillion from economy
Jonah Goldberg: Green Fervor, Red Blood
Michelle Malkin: The Green War on Children

NYT: Ethics Head Sets Dates for Hearings
Hill: Rangel, Waters public ethics trials won't start until after election
AP/Margasak: Post-election ethics trials set for Rangel, Waters
Politico: Lame duck trials for Waters, Rangel

Politico: Report: Lou Dobbs hired illegal immigrants

Michael Mukasey: How a Bagram Detainee Foiled the Euro Terror Plot
James Taranto: Trial and Error: More terror delusions from the New York Times

Politico: Ghailani case ruling could hurt terror trials

Wash Times: Homosexual left flubs military culture war

Politico: Nancy Pelosi accuses Newt Gingrich of waging class warfare
Politico: Former GOP lawmakers blast Newt Gingrich

Rupert Murdoch: If Schools Were Like 'American Idol' . . . (via Google)

NYT: Editorial: Recusals and the Court

Politico: Republicans target six vulnerable Democrats
NRO: What the NRCC Can Seize
Charles Krauthammer: The Colbert Democrats
Weekly Standard: Comedy Central: The House of Representatives
Conrad Black: A Republican Sweep: And a new generation of leaders

NYT: Money Talks Louder Than Ever in Midterms
NYT: Obama Calls for Voters to Outweigh Outside Money
WSJ: Obama Charges That Groups Put Foreign Money Into Campaigns
WaPo: Plouffe: For GOP, anything short of sweep would be 'colossal failure'
WaPo: In age of Facebook, Twitter and apps, some candidates adapt better than others

Rush Limbaugh: Ranking GOP Leader Expects Obama to Moderate After the Election
Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Must Decide What They Want to do When They Win

Dinesh D'Souza: Why Barack Obama is an anti-colonialist

Eugene Robinson: Why won't the GOP compete for African American votes?

NYT: Some in G.O.P. Find Soft Spot for Bill Clinton

Politico: Pete Rouse takes charge, girding for GOP gains

WaPo: Plouffe: A Palin bid in 2012 would be a 'lucky' break
Politico: Sarah Palin favorability rating at 22% (CBS poll)

Politico: Santorum launches Iowa PAC
Politico: Ron Paul headed to Iowa

Hill: RNC falls short of fundraising target with $9.7 million brought in for September
Wash Times: GOP fundraising worsens as elections near

CQ: FEC Permits Short Google Ads Without Disclaimers

Mort Kondracke: Civility in Politics? Don’t Expect It Soon


NYT: Paladino Tries to Reset His Campaign for Governor
Albany TU: Paladino: ‘Andrew’s prowess is legendary’ (with video)
NYDN: GOP's Carl Paladino takes on media, cites Dem Andrew Cuomo's 'legendary prowess'
NY Post: Carl: 'Legend' Andy is a Cuomo-sexual
WSJ: Cuomo Turns Tables on Paladino
NYT: Popular Gift for Paladino: Bats to Fight Corruption
ABC: Carl Paladino to Andrew Cuomo: 'Come Out and Debate Like a Man!'
Albany TU: First gubernatorial debate set
Buffalo News: Paladino gets his wish for a debate
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo, Carl Paladino agree to debate at Hofstra
NYT: Cuomo and Paladino to Debate at Hofstra, With 5 Other Candidates
NYDN: Supporter of Carl Paladino caught with porn on government-issued computer

NRO: Joe DioGuardi’s New York Uprising
CBS: NY Republican Senate Candidate: Gillibrand Getting "Desperate"
Albany TU: DioGuardi and Gillibrand set two debates

NYT: Hevesi Pleads Guilty in Pension Case
WSJ: 'Pay to Play' Probe Gets Key Guilty Plea; Focus on Rattner
NYT: Editorial: New York’s Pension Scandal

NYT: In Fierce Opposition to a Muslim Center, Echoes of an Old Fight

NYT: Plan to Ban Food Stamps for Sodas Has Hurdles


SacBee: Brown campaign apologizes for slur against Whitman
Fox: Report: Recording Captures Brown Camp Calling Whitman a 'Whore'
CNN: California governor candidates spar over the word 'whore'

AP/Freking: Fiorina questions lobbyist fundraiser for Boxer

LA Times: A flurry of deals delays state budget
NYT: Schwarzenegger and Legislators Reach Deal on Long-Delayed California Budget


Rasmusssen: Texas Governor: Perry (R) Opens Double-Digit Lead Over White (D)
WaPo: Democrats hope for big upset in Texas
Politico: Texas race tests Republican wave
Star-Telegram: Police unions divided in race for Texas governor
Dallas MN: Media awash in nasty ads from Texas governor candidates Perry and White


Miami Herald: Rubio keeps his lead in U.S. Senate race, poll shows
WSJ: A Florida Double Crist? Kendrick Meek might drop out
Sunshine News: In Records Dispute, Crist Hit With Second Lawsuit

SPT: Rick Scott takes aim at DCA, the state's growth management agency
Miami Herald: Sink turning more to big-buck donors
Ledger: Debate Hosted By Univision Network to Be Test for Gubernatorial Candidates

Buzz: McCollum explores a possible return to lobbying


AJC: Nathan Deal hits 50 percent in Rasmussen poll
Rasmussen: Georgia Governor: Deal (R) Extends Lead over Barnes (D)
WSJ: Candidate's Debt Leaves GOP Feeling Burned
Savannah MN: Barnes has slight fundraising lead over Deal


Chicago Sun-Times: Agencies slam Quinn on overdue state bills
Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn 'very grateful' for President Obama's campaign support

Chicago Tribune: Obama bucks up Giannoulias' campaign
Chicago Sun-Times: Obama praises Giannoulias: 'He doesn't shift in the wind'

NYT: Chicago Democrats Come Out for Obama — Except for One

Chicago Tribune: Meeks won't leave megachurch if elected mayor
Chicago Sun-Times: Meeks refuses to give up ministry for mayorship


Des Moines Register: Culver, Branstad exchange jabs on jobs at debate
Des Moines Reg: Hurling criticism, Culver and Branstad fight to score points with Iowans


Pioneer Press: Small businesses endorse Emmer

Star Tribune: Top medical groups circumvent Pawlenty

Boston Globe: Latest Republican making Minn. money stop: Romney


NRO: Badger State Dems under Siege
WISC: WTP Poll: Johnson Leading Feingold In Senate Race
Politico: Feingold looks to youth vote

Green Bay PG: At area stop, Scott Walker touts plan to add 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin
WISC: Poll Shows Walker Holding Lead Over Barrett


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich, Strickland take harsher tone in 2nd debate
Cleveland PD: Strickland and John Kasich keep it edgy in final gubernatorial debate
AP/Smyth: Ohio governor candidates clash on taxes, spending
Cleveland PD: Kasich has 4-point edge over Strickland in new poll on governor's race
Columbus Dispatch: Rooting for Kasich, Murdoch donates $1 million


Detroit FP: Snyder woos crowd as Bernero stings
Detroit News: Snyder voting record spotty

Detroit FP: Poll: In House race, Rob Steele leads John Dingell by 4 points

Detroit News: Walberg vows to take on 'big government' in 7th District
Detroit News: Schauer shifts focus to economic agenda in 7th District race


Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: Blunt (R) Still Holds Lead On Carnahan (D)


Knox News: Education issue tops gubernatorial debate held on UT campus
WTVC: Haslam, McWherter Face-Off in Second Televised Debate
Knox News: Live from Knoxville: TN gubernatorial debate
Knox News: Haslam: Too early to talk cabinet picks


Charleston PC: Haley, Scott to fight health reform
CNN: McCain adviser joins Haley campaign

Wash Times: Political 'outsiders' coming in for cash (Trey Gowdy)


Kim Strassel: The Cap-and-Trade Crackup: Va. Dem with a 'safe' seat angers constituents


Wash Times: Obama backs O'Malley at Bowie campaign rally
WaPo: At rally for O'Malley, Obama urges voters to reelect 'a great governor'
Fox: Dozens Fall Ill at Obama Rally in Maryland
WaPo: Editorial: What a suppressed report says about Maryland's economy


CQ: Manchin’s Message: I Won’t Be Democratic ‘Rubber Stamp’
AP/Messina: GOP pulling W.Va. Senate ad with 'hicky' actors
Rich Lowry: Revenge of the Hillary Voters


Scranton TT: Toomey defends plan to ensure form of Social Security privatization
Pa Ave: New Sestak ad hits Toomey on trade with China

WSJ: One Worker's Relocation Fires Up Politics in Pennsylvania


CBS: Christine O'Donnell's New Ad: "I'm [Still] You"
WBOC: O'Donnell Talks Gun Rights In Delaware
Time: O’Donnell: “I’ve Matured”
Guardian UK: Christine O'Donnell: 'I didn't go to Yale' in latest TV ad


WSJ: Christie Torpedoes Rail Tunnel to City
NYT: Christie Halts Train Tunnel, Citing Its Cost

WSJ: Schundler Blasts Christie's Handling of Race to the Top Entry


NYT: Sharp Jabs as Rivals for Senate Debate Again
Politico: Linda McMahon: I misspoke on minimum wage

Rasmussen: Connecticut Governor: Malloy (D) Still Holds Slight Advantage over Foley (R)


CQ: New Hampshire: Ayotte Raises $1.3M in 3rd Quarter
Union Leader: New Hodes ad focuses on Ayotte's support for Bush tax cuts for the wealthy

Nashua Telegraph: Gubernatorial candidates talk budgets at city forum


Boston Globe: Cahill accuses ex-aides of plot to help Baker
Boston Globe: In this political thriller, there aren’t any good guys

NYT: Democrats Defend Mass. Seat Once Deemed Safe


Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Angle (R) Edges Ahead of Reid (D)
Politico: Sharron Angle ad: Harry Reid gives Viagra to predators
Las Vegas RJ: Longtime GOP lawmaker Raggio 'reluctantly' endorses Harry Reid

Las Vegas RJ: Candidates for governor cite differences but agree: No new taxes
Las Vegas RJ: Gubernatorial debate: Competition sharp
Hill: Rory Reid: Healthcare reform could end up hurting Nevada
WSJ: Nevada Gov Contenders Trade Barbs on Economy


NYT: Richardson Shapes New Mexico Race


Denver Post: Bennet, Buck punch hard in Pueblo senatorial debate
Pueblo Chieftain: Bennet, Buck butt heads in Senate debate

Denver Post: Gubernatorial candidate Maes: "Not going anywhere!"


American Spectator: Can Dino Do It?
Fox: 'Perfect Storm' Could Pin Senate Majority on Late Washington State Returns
Seattle Times: Dino Rossi raised $4.4 million in three months


Portland BJ: Boyle to lead pro-Dudley coalition


Politico: Lisa Murkowski: I'll remain Republican
Fox: Alaska Candidate Miller Acknowledges Benefits
Politico: Sarah Palin says leaked e-mails are a 'diversion'


CCN: Shock Poll!! Republican now within margin of error for Hawaii Governor

Wash Times: GOP lawmaker may hold onto Hawaii seat




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