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April 7, 2011


Fox: White House Summit Fails to Yield Budget Deal as Shutdown Approaches
NYT: Obama Meeting Fails to End Stalemate Over Federal Budget
Wash Times: Late night spending talks make progress but yield no deal
Hill: Obama: Still no deal after Reid, Boehner meet at White House
Hill: Leaders see progress in budget talks
NY Post: GOP: No go on budget
Hill: House GOP might waive 'read the bill' rule if deal is reached
WSJ: Obama Presses for Budget
Rochester D&C: Initial local impact would be slight in government shutdown
WaPo: Obama says shutdown would be ‘inexcusable’
WSJ: Shutdown Holds Risk for GOP
NYT: Poll: Blame for a Government Shutdown Will Get Spread Around
Politico: 3 reasons there may not be a government shutdown
WaPo: In budget fight, conservatives have put themselves in a corner
WaPo: Economic impact of shutdown: Damage would increase with duration
Wash Times: Costs of federal shutdown would be felt far and wide
NYT: Budget Fight Poses Test for Obama and Boehner
WSJ: Government Prepares for Shutdown
Human Events: Will the Government Shut Down?
WaPo: Potential furloughs for 800k federal workers, disruption of D.C. services
WSJ: Federal Workers Brace for Email Withdrawal
WaPo: Nonessential and out of touch, could government workers cope with losing their PDAs?
WaPo: Government workers face the shutdown prospect of being deemed ‘nonessential’
NYT: Federal Departments Lay Out Plans in the Event of a Government Shutdown
NYT: Federal Government F.A.Q. on Shutdown Impacts
WaPo: Federal shutdown: Frequently asked questions
Hill: Shutdown could interrupt military pay, furlough 800,000
WaPo: Gates concerned about impact of shutdown on troops
Wash Times: Budget hawks may not turn a blind eye to Pentagon
Politico: Shutdown could roil housing market
WSJ: Is It Immoral To Cut the Budget (via Google)
NYT: Gung-Ho for Big Cuts in Spending, Less Fond of the Ones That Hurt Back Home
NYT: Budget Politics in the Doldrums
Hill: Dems fundraising off threat of shutdown
WaPo: Why John Boehner is bringing us to brink of government shutdown
Daily Caller: Bachmann and Pence seem ready for a shutdown
Karl Rove: Obama's Government Shutdown Gambit (via Google)
Ann Coulter: Thanks For Raising My Taxes--What Else Can I Do For You?
Nicholas Kristof: Why Pay Congress?
EJ Dionne: For moderates, no more fence-straddling on the budget
Rush Limbaugh: Shutdown Sob Stories Abound as Obama Skips Town with Sharpton
Rush Limbaugh: We are Here Because Democrats Didn't Pass a Budget for 2 Years
American Thinker: Shut It Down!

Hill: Ryan budget advances to House floor after contentious markup
Fox: Rep. Paul Ryan Raises Profile With 'Bold' Budget Plan
Wash Times: Debate on Ryan’s budget blueprint heated, predictable
WSJ: A Ronald Reagan Budget
WSJ: Medicare for a New Century
Jennifer Rubin: Paul Ryan favors substance over gimmicks
Wash Times: OpEd: Big government crushes American standard of living
Human Events: Childish Attacks on Paul Ryan's Budget Get House Nowhere
Michael Barone: Ryan Steals March on Obama as Fiscal Crisis Looms
Weekly Standard: Ryan Answers His Critics

NYT: Rush to Use Crops as Fuel Raises Food Prices and Hunger Fears

Wash Times: Senate fails to curb EPA’s climate authority
WSJ: Senate Rejects Proposals to Block EPA Emissions Rules
NYT: Senate Rejects Bills to Limit E.P.A.’s Emissions Programs
WaPo: Senate rejects bill that would limit EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases

WaPo: Federal examiners protested help for politically connected bank, e-mails show

Human Events: Democrats Continue to Protect Fannie and Freddie

NYT: Obama Is Set to Redo Team on War Policy
WaPo: Obama to remake national security team

NYT: Critics Call Terrorism Hearing in Manhattan Anti-Muslim

NYT: Obama Takes Aim at Inequality in Education

Linda Greenhouse: Gitmo Fatigue at the Supreme Court
NYT: Editorial: Wal-Mart v. Women

Wash Times: Beck announces end of popular Fox News show
WaPo: Glenn Beck to end daily TV program on Fox News Channel
DC: Beck admits dislike of conflict, says Fox gig not meant to be permanent
Dana Milbank: Why Glenn Beck lost it

Roll Call: NRCC Gives Reagan Award to Cheney

WSJ: WSJ/NBC Poll: A Donald Trump Surprise
Politico: NBC poll surprise: Donald Trump tied for second in GOP field
Daily Caller: Donald Trump’s path to victory?
American Thinker: Trump, Moral Conservatism, and Political Conservatism
Daily Caller: Pawlenty and Trump on the rise, Gingrich slipping
Hill: Sen. Graham urges GOP presidential candidates to avoid isolationism

James Taranto: Guess who Barack Obama is palling around with now?
Daily Caller: Obama friend arrested for soliciting prostitute
Fox: Obama's Close Friend Arrested During Prostitution Sting in Hawaii

Roll Call: Wasserman Schultz Will Have Hands Full as New DNC Head
Hill: Some Dems skeptical of dual roles for new DNC chief Wasserman Schultz


Politico: Poll: Mitt Romney GOP's only New Hampshire hope


NYT: Cuomo’s Centrism Draws Praise but Stirs Suspicion
NYT: State’s Judges Told to Shut Courtrooms Earlier to Cut Costs
NYDN: Gov. Andrew Cuomo slams critics for budget 'propaganda' on teacher layoffs

WSJ: The $2 Million Patients (via Google)

WSJ: Mayor Drops Accident Tax After Criticism (via Google)


McClatchy: 140,000 California workers could be furloughed by feds

SacBee: Redistricting law firm favored Democrats in campaign giving


Miami Herald: Disabled advocates protest Rick Scott’s big cuts
SPT: From the Florida House to national media, 'uterus' is runaway hit


AJC: Details emerge of new tax plan
AJC: Georgia House members talk budget negotiations


WaPo: Despite GOP control, Louisiana redistricting proves a cruel mistress


Chicago Tribune: Illinois could wince if federal government shuts

Roll Call: Bean Rules Out 2012 Rematch in Illinois


Wash Times: Labor-backed candidate for Wis. court justice leads
Milwaukee JS: State Supreme Court race headed for likely recount
Daily Caller: Election fraud allegations fly in close Wisconsin Supreme Court race
Fox: Vote Count Likely to Change in Closely Watched Wisconsin Judge Race
Rush Limbaugh: Wisconsin Judge Election Count
Fox: Costly Political Battle Heats Up Over Wisconsin's Supreme Court Seat
WSJ: Wisconsin Judge Race Heads for Recount
John Fund: Recount Likely in Wisconsin Court Race
NYT: Fueled by Protests, Angry Wisconsin Voters Show Up to Fight
WSJ: Big Labor's Wisconsin Revenge
WaPo: What happened in Wisconsin (and what it means)
AP/Richmond: Wis. governor rejects view that Dem wins signal disapproval of his actions


Columbus Dispatch: Part of SB 5 could go into budget bill
Columbus Dispatch: Federal government shutdown would be felt here


Detroit FP: Gov. Snyder stands by plans for Michigan
Detroit News: Kilpatrick could see parole; remorse key to being freed
Politico: Fred Upton braces for earful back home


Daily Mail UK: 'I'd kill myself first!' John Edwards 'suicidal' over facing jail, claim pals


WaPo: As budget showdown nears, Virginia tea party groups keep close eye on lawmakers
Wash Times: Faith groups cheer halt to adoption requirement
NYT: Virginia Lawmakers Limit Insurers’ Abortion Coverage

American Spectator: Too Late for George Allen?


ABC: Christie Calls His State's Teachers Union 'Political Thugs'


Boston Globe: New poll shows Brown faring well against possible challengers
Politico: Suffolk: Scott Brown remains "untouchable"


Denver Post: Federal government shutdown would have broad effect in Colorado


Human Events: Utah's Attorney General: On Top of the Trends


April 6, 2011


Fox: Shutdown Looms Without Further Meeting Between White House, Congress
Hill: Obama, Boehner jostle for edge in spending plan fight as deadline nears
NYDN: Speaker John Boehner to GOP on budget: Prepare for government shutdown
Fox: GOP Unveils Budget Plan Cutting More Than $6T Over Next Decade
WSJ: Budget Talks Head to Brink
WSJ: New Proposal Hits Old Hurdles of Budget Math (via Google)
WSJ: Behind the Budget Scrum: A deal has derailed
WSJ: The Ryan Resolution: The most serious attempt to reform government in a generation
LA Times: GOP bets voters will choose fiscal well-being over healthcare safety net
WSJ: The Inflation Solution? Austerity and inflation will go together
Wash Times: Wages not keeping up with pace of inflation
WSJ: Our Unaccountable Fed (via Google)
WaPo: Obama, congressional leaders make no progress on budget
WaPo: Government shutdown details begin trickling out to workers
WaPo: Senate Democrats push for no pay during shutdown
WaPo: Republicans embrace Rep. Ryan’s government budget plan for 2012
Wash Times: GOP budget plan exceeds Obama savings by $4.8T
WaPo: Rep. Ryan’s proposed changes would be biggest yet for Medicare
WaPo: Can House finance chief Paul Ryan sell his budget to Americans?
Wash Times: Boehner feels heat over cuts in budget
NRO: A Conflict of Budget Visions
NYT: Budget Stances Harden as Deadline Nears for Shutdown
NYT: States Fear Local Effects If Shutdown Cuts Off Cash
NYT: As Shutdown Looms, Agencies Brace for Its Impact
NYT: Editorial: The Budget Battles: Republicans Maneuver Toward a Shutdown
NYT: Editorial: The Budget Battles: Prosperity for Whom?
NYT: Editorial: The Budget Battles: The Threat to Medicaid and Medicare
NYT: A Conservative Vision, With Bipartisan Risks
NYT: Republicans Bet Public Will Reward Them for Proposing Cuts
Daily Caller: On spending showdown, who will blink first?
Daily Caller: When government shuts down, what will happen to government?
Politico: Paul Ryan's proposal poses a predicament for GOP
Politico: A federal shutdown could pave way for higher debt ceiling
Politico: John Boehner: Democrats 'win' in government shutdown
Hill: Government shutdown watch: Staff pay, BlackBerrys under threat
Hill: House Dems will offer alternative budget
Hill: ‘Gang of Six’ talks could affect deal on long-term budget
Hill: Union ready to sue for pay if shutdown occurs
Fox: Federal Workers Union Sues White House Over Possible Government Shutdown
Dick Morris: GOP chicken run fatal
Dana Milbank: Paul Ryan’s dogmatic budget
Harold Meyerson: Who’s hurt by Paul Ryan’s budget proposal
American Spectator: Paul Ryan's Adult Conversation
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Fears Blame for Shutdown
Rush Limbaugh: If the Government is Gonna Be Shutdown, Own It, Republicans!
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Take No Responsibility for a Budget Mess They Created
Rush Limbaugh: Big Budgets are NOT Compassion
Rush Limbaugh: Rush: Cut Tax Dollars for the Rich
Rush Limbaugh: What If Your Congressperson or President Saw a Disaster Coming and Did Nothing to Avoid It?

Wash Times: Red tape cut in health care law
WSJ: Tax Rule Deemed Costly Repealed
NYT: Senate Passes Change to Health Law

Wash Times: Union’s about-face spurs suit on secrets

James Taranto: It Was Only a Dream: Poor Eric Holder wakes up to reality

Wash Times: Watchdog wants FEC probe of Fiesta Bowl

WSJ: Supreme Court Halts Second Execution in Two Days
NYT: Supreme Court Issues Stay of Execution

WSJ: Census Shows Hispanic and Asian Children Surging As Whites, Blacks Shrink
NYT: Numbers of Children of Whites Falling Fast

Hill: Border chief denies agents turn blind eye to illegal immigrants

NYT: Wasserman Schultz Picked as D.N.C. Chairwoman
WaPo: Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is new DNC chair
Roll Call: Wasserman Schultz to Head DNC
Hill: Hillary Clinton supporter to head DNC
American Thinker: Is a 2012 Clinton 45 Win Unthinkable?

Daily Caller: Romney: To Florida and Beyond

Politico: Tim Pawlenty is latest entry into 'Christie Primary'

Infowars: Ron Paul to Announce Presidential Bid Next Month

Politico: Tea party already factor in 2012 race

NYDN: President Obama looks to Rev. Al Sharpton for help in 2012 reelection bid


Roll Call: New Hampshire Poll: Romney Leads, Trump Places Second
NY Post: Donald Trump's support surges in New Hampshire


Albany TU: Video: Judge Lippman brings the pain
Rush Limbaugh: Cuomo Cuts Government, Doesn't Raise Taxes! Will People Starve?
NY Post: Tea Party toasts gov
NYT: Sandra Lee, Gubernatorial Girlfriend, to Sell Home Products Line

NYDN: Former state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. and son plead not guilty to tax evasion charges
NY Post: Espada & son set for court fight

NY Post: De Blasio's fine fiasco


SacBee: Governor to hit the road for tax extension plan
Dan Walters: Entitlement mentality explains funding commitments

LA Times: Los Angeles announces DWP budget cuts


SPT: As George LeMieux eyes U.S. Senate again, ties to Charlie Crist linger
NYT: LeMieux Jumps Into Florida Republican Senate Primary


AJC: PPP poll: Newt Gingrich could lose Georgia to Barack Obama


Reuters: Alabama lawmakers approve immigration crackdown


Star Tribune: Minnesota GOP eyes little-known funds


Milwaukee JS: Supreme Court race still too close to call, Prosser has narrow lead
WSJ: Judicial Race Tight in Wisconsin
NYT: Dead Heat in Wisconsin Supreme Court Election
Fox: Wisconsin High Court Race Could Be Headed to Recount
Wkly Std: In Walker's Wisconsin, Supreme Court Election Heading for Photo Finish

Chicago Tribune: Wis. gov reverses appointment Dems called cronyism


Columbus Dispatch: House GOP huddles on Kasich budget


Detroit FP: Kilpatrick has court date to set stage for possible parole


Wash Times: Kaine sets up possible U.S. Senate run against Allen
WaPo: Kaine quits DNC, enters U.S. Senate race to succeed Virginia’s Webb
NYT: Tim Kaine Announces Senate Run in Virginia


NYT: In New Jersey, Ex-Prosecutor Pleads Guilty in Bribery Case


Fox: Uncle Sam Tells Maine Governor to Repay Cost of Removed Mural of Labor History


Roll Call: Brown Raises $1.7 Million

Boston Globe: US Democrats seek to delay primary

Boston Globe: Patrick urges action on health bill


April 5, 2011


Wash Times: House GOP offers last-minute shutdown reprieve
Fox: GOP Prepares New Short-Term Spending Measure Ahead of White House Summit
Hill: Boehner to introduce one-week stopgap
NRO: GOP Readies Short-Term CR as Budget Talks Break Down
Politico: GOP's price to delay shutdown? $12B
Hill: Boehner rejects Dems' $33B in spending cuts as 'not enough'
Wkly Std: Boehner Says $33 Billion Not Enough in Budget Cuts
WaPo: Details and deadlines test budget negotiators
WaPo: Obama invites top lawmakers to hash out budget at White House as deadline looms
NYT: New Hurdles in Race to Avert Federal Shutdown
WSJ: Congress Jousts as Budget Clock Ticks (via Google)
WaPo: Obama administration moving forward with government shutdown plans
Politico: House GOP to distribute shutdown plan

Rep. Paul Ryan: The GOP Path to Prosperity
Sen. Tom Coburn: A shutdown of our economy
Michael Gerson: On the budget, Obama has Republicans cornered
David Brooks: Moment of Truth
Thomas Sowell: Political Statistics
Fox: GOP to Unveil Budget Plan Cutting More Than $6T Over Next Decade
Fox: GOP Medicare Plan Could Share Common Ground With 'Obamacare' Exchanges
WaPo: GOP 2012: overhauls on entitlements and taxes, $6.2 trillion in cuts over decade
WSJ: After the Welfare State: The moral price of dependence on government (via Google)
WSJ: Coburn vs. Norquist: The Senator is right on ethanol & on tax subsidies (via Google)
NYT: G.O.P. Blueprint Would Remake Health Policy
NYT: OpEd: To Cut the Deficit, Look to Social Security
CNS: March Madness: U.S. Gov't Spent More Than Eight Times Its Monthly Revenue
Rush Limbaugh: Rep. Paul Ryan to Launch a Great GOP Budget Blueprint Tomorrow
Rush Limbaugh: $2 Billion More in Crony Capitalism is Exposed in the Obamacare Law
Rush Limbaugh: The Takers Are on Parade, Folks!
American Spectator: Paul Ryan's Homer Capehart Problem
American Spectator: Thermonuclear Budget Politics

WaPo: Geithner warns lawmkers of need to raise debt limit
Wash Times: Geithner: U.S. to hit debt ceiling by May 16

Sen. John McCain & Rep. Jeb Hensarling: Failures Fannie & Freddie bankrupting the US

WaPo: Inflation inflicting pain, as wages fail to keep pace with price hikes
Daily Caller: White House Gas Pains

Wash Times: Holder drops civilian trials for suspects in 9/11 attacks
NYT: In Reversal, 9/11 Plotter to Be Tried by Military Panel
WSJ: U.S. Reverses on 9/11 Trials (via Google)
WSJ: Vindicating Guantanamo: Eric Holder adopts the Bush anti-terror architecture
NYT: Editorial: Cowardice Blocks the 9/11 Trial
WaPo: Editorial: Right call on Sept. 11 defendants, military trials
Hill: Romney labels Obama 'naïve' for 9/11 trial reversal
Fox: Holder Blames Congress for Forcing Hand on Military Commissions for 9/11 Detainees
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Caves on Bush Policy: Military Tribunal for 9/11 Plotters

Human Events: China Masking Huge Military Buildup

James Taranto: The Koran-burning pastor bears some moral culpability
Daily Caller: Koran-burning pastor threatens mock trial for Mohammed
Human Events: A Koran, and Free Speech, In Flames
Pat Buchanan: Who Are We Fighting For?
Rush Limbaugh: Burn the Bible, But Not the Koran?
American Thinker: Will Koran Burning Be Banned In The United States?
NRO: Graham Responds to Steyn, Stuttaford

CBS: Bloody pig's foot sent to Rep. Peter King
NY Post: Severed pig's foot, anti-Semitic note mailed to Rep. Peter King

WSJ: Could Israel Become an Energy Giant? (via Google)

NYT: Supreme Court Allows Tax Credit for Religious Tuition
WSJ: Private-School Tax Break Is Upheld
WaPo: Ideologically split Supreme Court OKs AZ tax break that benefits religious schools
WSJ: Supreme School Choice: averting a legal assault on private schools (via Google)
American Spectator: Seeing Through a Fake Injury

NYT: Married Gay Couples ‘Refuse to Lie’ on Tax Forms

NYT: Court Rejects Suit on Net Neutrality Rules

CSM: Supreme Court rejects Guantánamo detainees' appeals for better protections

WND: Rush Limbaugh: Katie Couric destroyed CBS News

Wash Times: GOP seeks more nomination control
Detroit News: Michigan ex-state boss gets national GOP job

WaPo: No Cure for Mitt Romney

Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump doesn't give a damn

Hill: Bachmann begins to overshadow Palin as more-likely White House contender
Politico: Michele Bachmann hires former Mike Huckabee Iowa political director

Political Wire: Huckabee's Gubernatorial Records Missing

Wash Times: Obama starts 2nd-term bid as he officially files with FEC
WSJ: Obama Kicks Off Re-Election Drive With Appeal to Grass-Roots Backers
NYT: Obama Opens 2012 Campaign, With Eye on Money and Independent Voters
Politico: Obama '12: Same cast, different story
NYT: Private Jets Warming Up for Presidential Campaign
Wash Times: Left seeks foe for Obama in primary

Roll Call: More FEC Terms Expire, but Replacements Unlikely


Politico: Redistricting puts squeeze on Iowa House Republicans

DMR: Romney likely to field a team, but he will play in many states


Buffalo News: Budget threatens courts, judge warns

Buffalo News: State's key battles will be for donations, exposure


LA Times: Democrats revive bills vetoed by Schwarzenegger
Fox: California Democrats Take Cue From Wisconsin GOP in Fight Over Budget Deal
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's pension plan is nothing but fluff


Politico: Lone Star reform hinges on Gov. Rick Perry

NYT: In Last-Minute Action, Texas Inmate Disputes Use of Execution Drug


Miami Herald: Florida GOP flirts with moving up presidential primary

Human Events: Maverick Adam Hasner Looks Good for GOP Senate Slot in Florida

Buzz: Amid protest, Senate revises immigration bill

SPT: Hundreds sign online petition calling for Gov. Scott's impeachment, but it's very unlikely


Chicago Sun-Times: State Police flip, won’t investigate Koschman death


Milwaukee JS: Contentious races on ballot
Wash Times: Justice’s race now a governor’s referendum
John Fund: Wisconsin's High Stakes Judicial Election
NYT: Wisconsin Election Is Referendum on Governor
C&E: Spending in Judicial Race in Wisconsin Could Shift the Political Balance
American Thinker: Judge Sumi's War on Wisconsin Republicans
Wkly Std: How Bad Will It Be If Conservatives Lose the Wisconsin Supreme Court?


Columbus Dispatch: SB 5 opponents move swiftly to get referendum on ballot
NYT: Editorial: Union-Bashing, Now in Ohio


Detroit FP: Surge in Michigan job growth a surprise


Wash Times: Virginia measure highlights battle over gays’ adopting


NYT: Maine: U.S. Wants Money Back After Governor Removes Mural


NYT: Lesbian Judge Chosen for Top Massachusetts Court
Boston Globe: Patrick nominee Lenk would be first openly gay justice


Roll Call: Nevada GOP Works to Retake State From Obama

Politico: Ensign accuser Doug Hampton arraigned on lobbying charges
Hill: Former Senate aide pleads not guilty in ‘revolving door’ case


Denver Post: Stalemate on Colorado budget continues


April 4, 2011


WSJ: GOP Aim: Cut $4 Trillion
Fox: GOP Budget Plan to Cut More Than $4 Trillion Over Decade, Rep. Paul Ryan Says
WSJ: GOP to Propose Cutting Spending by Over $4 Trillion in 10 Years (via Google)
NYT: House Republicans Propose $4 Trillion in Cuts Over Decade
Hill: Republicans push Ryan's 2012 budget as a sign of leadership
Human Events: Paul Ryan's Budget Gives Medicaid Block Grants to States
LA Times: House Republican budget plan would revamp Medicare
Human Events: The Redistributed Future
American Spectator: Choices Ahead
NRO: Ryan: GOP Budget Will Surpass Debt Panel Goals

Fox: Lawmakers Bicker Over Budget 'Deal' as Shutdown Deadline Looms
Wash Times: GOP vows to stand ground on next major fiscal debates
WaPo: Crunch time for the 2011 budget
Politico: Budget battles hinge on 2 key elements
WaPo: Government shutdown looms over talks as crunch time for 2011 budget nears
WSJ: Government Contractors Brace for Shutdown
Hill: GOP freshmen face big shutdown decision: fight or fall in line
Hill: 10 things to watch during the shutdown battle
Hill: Parties shared strategy: Bleed the other side, avoid shutdown
WSJ: Groups Facing Fund Cuts Tailor Right-Leaning Pitch
Daily Caller: Harry Reid agrees to $73 billion in cuts?
NYDN: Tea Party zealots won't succeed in government shutdown ploy: Sen. Schumer
WSJ: Senators Express Optimism on Avoiding Government Shutdown (via Google)
CNN: House budget chairman to propose Medicare, Medicaid changes
Reuters: US parties at odds over deal to avert govt shutdown
WaPo: Boehner’s ‘marching orders’ to freshman Republicans
Wash Times: Rand Paul, in Iowa, urges GOP not to compromise
ABC: Sen. Schumer Stands by His 'Extreme' Comments
WSJ: Time for a Budget Game-Changer (via Google)
EJ Dionne: The end of progressive government?

WSJ: Inside the Massacre at Afghan Compound
WSJ: Petraeus Says Quran Burning Endangers War Effort
NYDN: Muslims burn effigy of Obama in Afghanistan; Karzai demands pastor be punished
Fox: Senators Consider Hamid Karzai's Request to Condemn Koran Burning Amid Protests
WaPo: Pastor who ordered Koran burning has divided families, ex-church members say

Wash Times: GOP asks for troops to remain at border

WSJ: Fed's Low Interest Rates Crack Retirees' Nest Eggs

Wash Times: Bipartisan effort will revise the No Child Act

NYT: BP Seeks to Resume Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
WaPo: BP in talks with Interior Department to resume Gulf of Mexico deep-water drilling
Wash Times: Editorial: Light-bulb rights showdown

LA Times: Critics' review unexpectedly supports scientific consensus on global warming
Paul Krugman: The Truth, Still Inconvenient

WSJ: Rich Are Targeted in IRS Audit Offensive

Human Events: Our Dangerous Attorney General

UPI: Huckabee wins GOP straw poll in S.C.
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s tactical errors
NYT: A Tea Party Star Stirs Iowans, and She Isn’t Palin (Michele Bachmann)
NRO: Mama Bachmann
Salon: Why Mitch Daniels is the Republican to watch for '12
Politico: Jon Huntsman, the rock 'n' roll years
Jed Babbin: Why Not John Bolton?
Roll Call: Rubio Declines 2012 White House Bid
William Kristol: Ryan-Rubio 2012
American Spectator: Fierce, Anti-Feminist, and In Your Face
NYT: G.O.P’s 2012 Strategy Puts Focus on Timing
NJN: Birthers split over Obama birth certificate issue
Denver Post: Bright bulbs light GOP circus tent
Ross Douthat: The G.O.P.’s Empty Stage
American Thinker: Do Republicans Want the White House?

Politico: GOP hopefuls balk at RNC debate plan

NYT: A Wiki Takes Aim at Obama
WaPo: Obama set to start 2012 reelection campaign
WaPo: Obama reelection team looks familiar
CSM: Obama about to launch his reelection campaign. It could cost $1 billion
Daily Caller: Voters give Obama poor marks on national security
DC: Brit Hume’s playbook for easy Obama reelection: Bipartisan entitlement reform

Politico: Democrats plot House 2012 comeback

Michael Barone: GOP shouldn't panic if whites become a minority

NYT: Duke Law Students Give Musical Nod to Nixon

WSJ: Jimmy Carter Lobbies for Cuban Spies (via Google)


Politico: Mike Huckabee wins South Carolina county straw poll


NYDN: Cuomo, Silver come to agreement on ethics reform bill, needs Senate approval
Fred Dicker: Next: the Andy cap: Gov urged to tackle property taxes
NYT: For New York’s Well-to-Do, What to Do With Tax Windfall?
NRO: Andrew Cuomo Limits Government


SBSun: Parties grapple with new primary rules

AP/Williams: Calif. budget list a byproduct of GOP frustration
Bloomberg: Budget setback stymies Calif. governor's agenda
American Spectator: Derailing Brown's Tax Plan

Roll Call: Calif. Democratic Party Fails to Endorse in 36th District


Star-Telegram: Texas House passes austerity budget
Star-Telegram: Texas lawmakers seek to cut tax breaks for film, TV projects

Politico: Lamar Smith, Fred Barton in Texas map dust-up


AP/Kaczor: Fla. Legislature likely to curtail abortion rights

Miami Herald: Quran-burning preacher in spotlight


AP/Martin: Ind. GOP pushes bigger school voucher program


Star Tribune: In Minnesota and across U.S., GOP looks to make its mark


Milwaukee JS: Democrats outspending Republicans in recall races
Roll Call: Wisconsin’s Budget Battle Lands on the Ballot
LA Times: Wisconsin's rallying cry: Throw the bums out

DC: In Wisconsin Supreme Court race, Kloppenburg has anti-business history
Fox: Tea Party, Labor Spend Big in Wisconsin High Court Race
Politico: State court race the new focus of Wisconsin battle
American Spectator: Wisconsin's Supreme Moment

Milwaukee JS: No degree, little experience pay off big


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich plan would let parents overhaul failing schools
Dayton DN: Ohio GOP moving fast on its agenda


WSJ: School Cuts Spur Michigan Conflict


Fox8: Former NC Republican Chairman Fetzer Diagnosed with Cancer


WaPo: Virginia General Assembly to convene legislative redistricting session


NYT: New Districts Seen as Aiding Democrats in New Jersey
NJN: Reshaping of New Jersey's 40 legislative districts falls in favor of Democrats


WNEP: Utah's Republican governor under fire over immigration


Hill: Rep. Heinrich's Senate run touches off scramble for his N.M. House seat
Roll Call: Albuquerque Politician Launches House Bid


Denver Post: Colorado native who grew up with politics join’s Pawlenty’s presidential team


Politico: Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee part ways in Utah


AP/Dockery: GOP leadership tested as end of session nears


April 3, 2011


Wash Times: Obama rejoins spending fight
WaPo: Obama calls Boehner, Reid to talk spending cuts as shutdown deadline nears
Fox: Obama to Congressional Leaders: Hurry Up and Strike a Budget Deal
Fox: Boehner Plans to Pass Spending Cuts With GOP Help Alone
Politico: John Boehner standing firm on budget
Star-Ledger: Tea party brings high drama to budget showdown
Hill: Momentum shifts toward Democrats in PR battle over shutdown
NYT: Budget Battle to Be Followed by an Even Bigger Fight
Hill: GOP 2012 hopefuls united against Planned Parenthood funding
WaPo: Frequently asked questions about a government shutdown
NYT: Editorial: Cutting Out the Middleman

NYT: Koran-Burning Pastor Unrepentant in Face of Furor
WaPo: Florida pastor Terry Jones’s Koran burning has far-reaching effect
WaPo: Protests over Koran burning spread in Afghanistan, with 9 dead in Kandahar
Human Events: The Right To Be Dangerous

WaPo: Complex health-care law turns into payday for consultants
Hill: List of health reform waivers keeps growing
Fox: $5B Subsidy for Early Retiree Health Coverage Going Quickly, Drawing GOP Criticism

WaPo: IRS eases tax-debt policies

Hill: Upton revives gas price debate ahead of vote on EPA climate rules
NYT: Editorial: No to a New Tar Sands Pipeline

Hill: Issa set to grill postmaster general over finances, union contract

George Will: In St. Louis, a protest sign meets government arrogance

Fox: Senator Says Former Obama Adviser Unqualified for Deputy Budget Post

Politico: Right seeks edge in opposition wars

WaPo: Obama reelection campaign expected to tap big-money donors
NYT: An Obama Insider, Running the Race From Afar
American Thinker: Resolving the Birth Certificate Issue
Dana Milbank: Robert Gibbs, Facebook and the White House corporate placement service
Clarice Feldman: The Unified Theory of Obama

WaPo: 2012 GOP presidential candidates confront a changing landscape

Boston Globe: Romney campaign shuns the limelight
NYT: Romney Tries to Keep 2012 Bid Low-Key
Fox: Romney's Strategy Hopes to Reverse 2008 Outcome
Politico: Mitt Romney defends Massachusetts health care law in Las Vegas speech
WaPo: Mormons on Broadway could bring them to the White House

Politico: Haley Barbour’s ‘miracle,’ rivals’ ammo

Columbus Dispatch: Rep. Bachmann to give Ohio keynote speech in May

LA Times: Tim Pawlenty's fiscal talk and Minnesota's reality don't always match up

NYT: Trump for President in 2012? Maybe. Trump for Trump? Without Question
Politico: Glenn Beck: Donald Trump's making me 'uncomfortable'
American Thinker: Trump in 2012? Maybe Not Such a Bad Thing

Des Moines Register: Paul bid wouldn't get snub this time, son says

Human Events: Why Charlie Sheen Should Run for President

Hill: RNC may sanction presidential debates that double as fundraisers
AP: R.N.C. May Sponsor Debates in Exchange for Help on Debt

Politico: Post-Tim Kaine Democratic National Committee up in the air

Politics Daily: Democrats Could Lose Senate, Biden Warns Party

Hill: Incumbent vs. incumbent races that could happen

Hill: Sunday show preview: Spending and war
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: An Iowa Stop in a Broad Effort to Revitalize the Religious Right


Albany TU: Bill insures against a pork shortage
NYDN: New York borders remain open and immigrants are welcome, Gov. Cuomo says
NYDN: With budget in the books, Gov. Cuomo taking aim at slimy lawmakers


SacBee: Governor isn't giving up on budget


NYT: Texas’ Clout in Congress Rises Along With G.O.P.
Star-Telegram: Bill would prohibit elected officials from texting or tweeting during meetings


Miami Herald: On jobs, abortion, teacher pay, Florida Republicans rule


AJC: State pensions: Who gets what is top-secret


Chicago Sun-Times: Rod Blagojevich to teens: Politics is disillusioning profession


Milwaukee JS: Bit players dominate state Supreme Court race

Milwaukee JS: Milwaukee County executive vote may reflect north-south divide


Columbus Dispatch: Treasurer Mandel takes aim at Brown

Columbus Dispatch: Parts of Ohio are fast becoming virtual ghost towns


Hill: Virginia lawmakers condemn KKK rally


Boston Herald: Senator Scott Brown, kin ‘disturbed’ by Dems' health records search


Hill: Rep. Heinrich running for open Senate seat in New Mexico
WaPo: Heinrich to run for Senate in New Mexico
Roll Call: Heinrich Makes N.M. Senate Bid Official


Denver Post: Frustrated Colo. senators may introduce their own budget bill


April 2, 2011


Hill: Boehner: No agreement on budget, but time to get moving
WSJ: Spending Talks Inch Forward
NYT: No Agreement on Plan to Avert Shutdown
Politico: Republicans: No deal on budget cuts
WaPo: Facing big decisions, Boehner maintains outward calm
Hill: Boehner: Government shutdown would cost more money than it would save
Hill: GOP lawmakers offer different signals on possible spending deal
Fox: House Republicans Introduce Bill to Pay Military During Government Shutdown
AP: House GOP votes to go it alone on budget cuts
Hill: Obama warns shutdown would jeopardize economic recovery
Rep. Mike Pence: The truth about the debate over defunding Planned Parenthood
WaPo: In surprise for Democrats, procedural move on no-pay bill backfires
Rasmussen: 57% Okay With Government Shutdown If It Leads to Deeper Budget Cuts

Wash Times: Unemployment falls to two-year low of 8.8 percent; 216K jobs added
Gallup: Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment Rate at 10.0% in March
Weekly Standard: The U.S. Recovery Bucks International Headwinds

WSJ: Battle Lines Drawn on Fed's Next Moves (via Google)
Bloomberg: Foreign Banks Tapped Fed’s Secret Lifeline Most at Crisis Peak

Hill: Senate Republicans call for complete repeal of Wall Street reform
Boston Globe: GOP targets Dodd-Frank financial regulation
WSJ: DeMint Seeks Repeal Of Financial Regulatory Law

WSJ: Wages Fail to Keep Up With Inflation

NRO: Paul Rankles Reid on Libya
Fred Barnes: Commander-In-Hiding
Mark Steyn: Obama’s Missionless War
Andrew McCarthy: The Senators Sway

NYT: Cuts Leave Patients With Medicaid Cards, but No Specialist to See

NYT: Obama Talks Up Clean-Energy Vehicles
WSJ: Stepping on the (Shale) Gas
Kim Strassel: Team Obama's Wyoming Howler
DC: Environmental groups have spent major green since 2009
Politico: Barack Obama's on thin green ice
Detroit News: Presidential limo, security vehicles exempt from fed 'green' vehicle policy
Hill: Manchin: Up to 15 Senate Dems in play for killing climate rules

Wash Times: House OKs aviation bill despite Democratic flak

Eugene Volokh: Multiculturalism: For or Against?
WaPo: Five myths about Muslims in America
NYT: Editorial: The Truth About American Muslims
Detroit News: Judge rules for group touting anti-Islam ad on Metro buses
LA Times: Koran burning sparks more violence in Afghanistan

NYT: Decades After Ban, Columbia Opens Door to R.O.T.C. Return

Wash Times: House panel subpoenas ATF for documents on gun program
Politico: Darrell Issa, Department of Justice clash on gun probe

WSJ: Two States Turn Over Execution Drug to U.S.

Fox: AARP Tax Exemption Report at Center of Contentious Capitol Hill Hearing

James Taranto: Keep Your Day Job, Arianna

Fox: Tea Party Gets Early Start on Shaping 2012 Elections
NYT: Feeling Betrayed, a Furious Tea Party Shakes Its Fist at Both Political Parties

National Journal: RNC Seeks Florida Meeting
Politico: RNC proposes its own debates — to raise money

NYT: Romney Talks Economy in Nevada
Politico: Mitt Romney sees Vegas home crisis

Fox: Bachmann Tops Romney in First Quarter Fundraising
WaPo: Rep. Michele Bachmann takes in $2M-plus

Roger Stone: Why Trump Should Forgo Public Campaign Finance (scroll down to 2nd article)
Gail Collins: Donald Trump Gets Weirder
Politico: Trump to become a Fox News regular

Politico: Rand Paul makes Iowa move

WSJ: Obama Sets Stage to Launch Campaign
NYT: Job Growth Alters Playbook for Obama and His Critics
Hill: GOP launches mock 'Obama 2012' ad

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Lawmaker Calls Bishop ‘Pedophile Pimp’
NYT: Editorial: What Happened to ‘Zero Tolerance’?


NYT: 3 Months in Office, and Cuomo Stands Out Among Peers for Low Profile
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Cuomo’s Budget

Roger Stone: Eliot Spitzer Still Doesn't Get It
NYDN: NYers don't want disgraced former gov Eliot Spitzer as NYC mayor, Marist poll finds
NY Post: A majority of NYers say they do not want Eliot Spitzer to run for mayor in 2013

Roll Call: New York Special Election Ballot Set


CSM: Jerry Brown taking his budget-cutting campaign into GOP territory
LA Times: Pension reform isn't as dead as the state budget deal
SacBee: GOP senator comfortable with no-tax pledge
WSJ: State Budget Talks Take Two Tracks

LA Times: CA lawmakers fight over bill to teach students about gay people's contributions

NYT: California: LA Mayor May Be Fined Over Free Tickets

Roll Call: Hahn Hints at Bowen’s Prior GOP Membership in Calif. 36 Race


Star-Tel: TX House Republicans move to cut funding for family planning, arts commission
Austin AS: Amendments shift funding in budget bill


Politico: Florida GOP chair offers 2012 deal
Roll Call: Florida GOP Looks to Boost State's 2012 Influence

AP/Rosica: Political pressure also bearing on Florida unions

Miami Herald: Scott’s rule-freezing order sparks legal fight

SPT: Gov. Rick Scott, Solantic and conflict of interest: What's the deal?


AJC: Casey Cagle: Senate ‘experiment’ is against tradition


Chicago Sun-Times: Feds widen probe into state payouts to social-service agencies


Weekly Standard: Indiana Fleebagger Equates Hiding in Illinois to Serving in Afghanistan


John Fund: As Wisconsin's Battle Heads to Court, Unions Try to Oust a Judge
NRO: A Game Changer in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Race?
NRO: Wisconsin’s Chief Injustice

Milwaukee JS: Judge's order may delay union law for nearly 2 months
WSJ: Wisconsin Union Law Could Be on Hold for Months

Milwaukee JS: Democrats deliver Kapanke recall signatures
Appleton PC: Democrats file first recall petition
Reuters: Wisconsin group gets enough support to force recall vote

WaPo: Should professors be political?


LA Times: More states poised to pursue anti-union legislation


Politico: Prosecutors meet with former John Edwards aide for four hours


C&E: Initial Redistricting Maps in Virginia Set Stage for Bigger Fight


Politico: Sen. Pat Toomey is staying out of 2012 Senate races


Boston Globe: Brown walking fine line on federal budget cuts
Politico: Tea party leader lashes out at Scott Brown

Boston Globe: Patrick zeroes in on alleged pension abuses


NYT: Arizona Asks to Set Fines for Health Risks

Roll Call: Trent Franks Won't Run for Senate


Denver Post: Democrats, GOP at stalemate in Colorado budget talks
Denver Post: Talks on state budget become heated


April 1, 2011


WSJ: Congress Spending Talks Stir Unease
WSJ: Boehner Pushes Back on Budget Deal (via Google)
NYT: Boehner: No Agreement on Budget Cuts
Politico: John Boehner faces moment of truth
Hill: Boehner to GOP freshmen: ‘There is no number’ agreed to yet in budget talks
NYT: As Budget Talks Continue, Hard-Liners Get Support From Tea Party
Wash Times: At Hill rally, tea partyers turn up heat on Boehner
NYT: Gingrich Urges Lawmakers Not to Give on ‘Core Principles’
Politico: Mitch McConnell goes dark as dealmaking heats up
Human E: McConnell: All 47 GOP Senators Co-Sponsor New Balanced Budget Amendment
Hill: GOP senators itching to move on from 2011 spending-cut spat
WaPo: House Republican freshmen resist potential budget compromise as leaders negotiate
WaPo: For federal workers, anxiety over a possible shutdown
WSJ: The Spending Fight (via Google)
Paul Krugman: The Mellon Doctrine

WSJ: Fed Official Sees Higher Rates by Year End (via Google)

WSJ: Report Cites Fannie, Freddie Executive Pay
NYT: Report Criticizes High Pay at Fannie and Freddie
WSJ: GOP Ideas On Fannie, Freddie Criticized
Salt Lake Trib: Hatch: Time to wean Fannie, Freddie off government

NYT: Many Jobs Seen as Failing to Meet the Basics

Wash Times: Gasoline up 100% under Obama
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Obama’s Energy Vision
James Taranto: Baby, it's cold outside, and that can only mean global warming

Wash Times: Defund EPA’s enablers

Joe Lieberman & John McCain: In Libya, Regime Change Should Be the Goal (via Google)
MSNBC: Rubio urges regime change in Libya
Michael Gerson: In search of the Obama Doctrine
Pat Buchanan: A Community Organizer Goes to War
Peggy Noonan: From Disraeli to 'the Bang-Bang' (via Google)
Charles Krauthammer: Syria’s ‘reformer’

RCP: Donald Trump: Obama Possibly A Muslim

NYT: Romney Moves Closer to Official Announcement
Daily Caller: Romney’s religion could be his biggest disadvantage in 2012

Wkly Std: Tim Pawlenty and the 'Goldilocks' Strategy for the Republican Nomination

Jennifer Rubin: Interview with Rep. Michele Bachmann (Part 1)

Daily Caller: Newt Gingrich stumbles out of the gate on presidential campaign

NY Post: Poll: Christie would give Obama re-election fight

Politico: Ron Paul's $3M pot of gold

Kim Strassel: Who'll Be the GOP's Next Big Thing? (via Google)
Fox: Where's the Field? 2012 Republicans Slow to Take the Plunge
Human Events: Here's What YOU Need To Be Our Next GOP President


WaPo: SC & Iowa GOP chairs call for RNC to look at moving 2012 convention from Florida

Des Moines Register: Democratic edge seen in initial redistricting proposal for Iowa
Roll Call: New Iowa Map Pits Incumbents Against Each Other


NH Journal: Union official poses as press to crash NHGOP fundraiser


CNN: South Carolina prepares for 2012 spotlight


WSJ: After Budget Comes the Hard Part (via Google)
NYT: After an On-Time Passage of a Pared-Back Budget, Bracing for the Pain to Come

C&E: Bloomberg Campaign Cash Allegedly Embezzled by Consultant


LA Times: Jerry Brown plans to take his case for taxes to voters
Mercury News: Gov. Brown unveils pension reforms
Dan Walters: Budget blowup reveals California's structural faults


Star-Telegram: Texas House OKs rainy-day fund withdrawal for 2011


SPT: Iowa, South Carolina go to war over Florida primary
Roll Call: Florida Republicans Negotiate Date for Primary

Buzz: George LeMieux set to enter U.S. Senate race

WaPo: The rapid emergence of Marco Rubio

NYT: The Jobless See a Lifeline at Risk
Miami Herald: Drug testing bill for welfare recipients advances in House

WaPo: Another brand of Bush school reform: Jeb’s


AJC: Behind the unrest in the state Senate


Chicago Sun-Times: Feds open wide-scale probe into state workers compensation claims


Milwaukee JS: Judge rules that Wisconsin's union law isn't in effect
WSJ: Wisconsin Unions Get Ugly (via Google)
NYT: Wisconsin: Judge Again Halts Law Stripping Union Rights
AP: WI judge to take up issue of how union bargaining law made its way through Senate


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich signs SB5, opponents plan referendum
NYT: Ohio’s Anti-Union Law Is Tougher Than Wisconsin’s

Columbus Dispatch: Kasich deals with residency issues


Detroit News: Snyder plugs spending cuts; Dems slam effort to create jobs


NYT: Missouri Halts Extension of Pay for Unemployed

Roll Call: Democrats Target Steelman Over Missing Records


Fox: Feds Re-Interviews Former Aide to John Edwards


John Fund: The $10 million Question


WSJ: Arizona Proposes Medicaid Fat Fee
Fox: Arizona Budget Plan Targets Health Care, Education


Hill: GOP says 5,000 non-citizens voting in Colorado a 'wake-up call' for states

Denver Post: House panel kills bill on civil unions on 6-5 party-line vote


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