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April 21, 2011


Wash Times: Obama again takes aim at Ryan budget plan
WSJ: At Facebook Town Hall, Obama Goes on Offensive
NYT: Obama, Before Facebook Crowd, Presses G.O.P. on Budget
WaPo: At Facebook, Obama seeks friends for deficit plan
CNS: Federal Borrowing on Pace to Hit Debt Limit in Less Than Week
Politico: GOP escalates demands on debt limit
NRO: What to do about the debt ceiling
Hill: Shutdown fight 'powder-puff' compared to debt ceiling clash, says GOP senator
James Taranto: The Social Compact: Obama is uniquely ill-suited to defend it
WaPo: Even in an era of budget cuts, these government programs won’t die
WaPo: No to Middle-Class Tax Hikes
John Fund: About That Budget Speech: Erosion in support with Obama's liberal base
Karl Rove: How Republicans Can Win the Debt Limit Fight (via Google)
Michael Barone: Mr. Obama: Taxing the Rich Won't Increase Revenues
Rush Limbaugh: Grab a Mop and Help Ryan Get the Car Out of the Ditch, Mr. President
Rush Limbaugh: Steve Wynn Rips Obamanomics
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Buy It: The Sky Won't Fall If We Don't Raise the Debt Ceiling
Rush Limbaugh: Fighting for McJobs in Obamaville
American Spectator: The Man Who Made Paul Ryan Famous
AT: Would You Accept Clinton Tax Rates If Combined With Gingrich Spending Levels?

Rush Limbaugh: With a Democrat in the Oval Office, Five Dollars a Gallon is No Big Deal
CNBC: $6 Gas? Could Happen if Dollar Keeps Getting Weaker

WSJ: Government Mortgage Guarantees Are Unnecessary (via Google)

NYT: New Charges Filed Against Suspect in U.S.S. Cole Bombing
Politico: New charges in USS Cole bombing

Hill: DHS announces new terror alert system
WSJ: Color Code Terrorism Warnings Go Dark

Hill: Issa threatens ATF with contempt charges for withholding documents
Daily Caller: What we know about Project Gunrunner

NYT: Latinos and Democrats Press Obama to Curb Deportations
Rasmussen: 63% Still Believe Border Control Is Top Immigration Priority

Daily Caller: GOP slams White House health-care wonks
WaPo: Three months have passed. Where’s the GOP’s health plan?
Rush Limbaugh: IPAB: The Death Panels

NYT: Editorial: How Not to Plan for the Future (high-speed rail)

WaPo: With Google-ITA merger, Justice Department continues to expand monitoring of firms

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Clean Air Act Keeps Us Healthy (via Google)

George Will: The GOP sends in a Marine for education reform

Fox: Planned Parenthood Holds Back on Challenging Wave of Anti-Abortion Bills

WSJ: Political Contributions by Contractors Targeted (via Google)
WaPo: Obama weighs disclosure order for contractors
WaPo: McConnell slams executive order to demand political records before award of contracts

WaPo: The Influence Industry: New Republicans play an old fundraising game
Politico: Freshmen learn Washington ways quickly
Hill: Divided govt. hasn’t paid off for K St.

Wash Times: Tea party leaves streets, hits political suites
Ann Coulter: Reagan Democrats: 'Tea Baggers' or MSNBC Viewers?
Rush Limbaugh: Analysis: Trump, Perot, Populism, Conservatism and the Pop Culture
CBS: Poll finds most Americans can't name a GOP presidential candidate
Weekly Standard: Mike Murphy Handicaps the Presidential Candidates

Wash Times: Bold moves by new GOP governors spur a political backlash

Daily Caller: President Jeb Bush, anyone? Polling Republican fantasy candidates

Politico: Michele Bachmann ready to 'move on' from birther issue

Hill: GOP hopefuls' state credit scores: Pawlenty trails the field

DMR: Trump says he’d run as an independent only if he’s assured of defeating Obama
American Spectator: Trump and the Press
KGMB: Trump, Abercrombie spar over "birther" issue

WSJ: Obama's Likability Gap: Obama today is different than the 2008 candidate
Hill: Obama's approval ratings drop after launching 2012 bid
WSJ: Hurdles Confront Obama's Campaign
Rush Limbaugh: The News is Not Good for Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Strange Easter Remark
Drudge Report: Book to reveal Obama's 'true' identity?
NYT: Obama’s Young Mother Abroad
EJ Dionne: What history will apply to the 2012 election?

Roll Call: Vulnerable Democrats Shore Up Cash in First Quarter
Rush Limbaugh: Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz: A Gift to the Conservative Cause
Fred Thompson: Another Shot Fired in Gucci Gulch


Des Moines Register: 3 Iowa strategists to help Gingrich explore bid

WaPo: Christie Vilsack likely to run against Iowa Rep. Steve King
Des Moines Register: If it's a holy war, rural Iowa loses


C&E: Republican Presidential Contenders Pin Hopes on South Carolina


Daily Caller: Next stop, Nevada: Trump to speak at Republican women’s event


WSJ: Cuomo Event Bit of a Drag (Show) (via Google)

Albany TU: Will deal cutting state retiree health credits spur early retirements?

WSJ: Pataki Enters Debate Over National Debt (via Google)
Politico: George Pataki starts debt group, says he won't run president in 2012


LA Times: California agencies lent millions to employees who never repaid
SacBee: Brown orders state to collect its debts from workers
American Spectator: California Descends Deeper Into Self-Destruction

AP: Head of OC GOP says email sender should resign

Politico: Meg Whitman likely out of politics for good


Star-Telegram: Redistricting plan riles Democrats in D-FW
Gail Collins: The New Anti-Abortion Math


SPT: Florida budget has loads of hometown spending
Miami Herald: Tea party members at odds with West Palm Beach-based group


AJC: Brian Kemp and a 2012 game of presidential primary poker


Politico: Bobby Jindal hammers President Obama on drilling


Chicago Sun-Times: Rahm Emanuel’s top cop search: It’s insiders vs. outsiders


Star Tribune: DFL, GOP both open to deal on health vouchers


Milwaukee JS: Kloppenburg requests recount in state Supreme Court race
WSJ: Wisconsin Court Challenger Will Seek Statewide Recount
Fox: Wisconsin Supreme Court Challenger Seeks Statewide Recount
Hill: Wisconsin begins recount process for Supreme Court contest

NYT: Ryan, Pushing Budget, Resists Talk of Higher Office

Star Tribune: Western Wisconsin senator targeted in recall


Detroit News: Snyder unveiling education agenda, ready to tackle teacher tenure, merit pay

Detroit News: Pastor: Mosque protest is on in Dearborn
WSJ: Detroit Suburb Fights Pastor's Mosque Rally


News & Observer: Irony aside, GOP trio pushes offshore drilling


WaPo: A rite of spring, and Virginia politics


NYT: Hartford Budget Deal Rolls Back Tax Plans


Boston Globe: Patrick might testify at corruption trial of DiMasi
Boston Globe: Unbeatable since ’68, Olver threatened by redistricting


Human Events: Supreme Court's Wise Decision Favors Arizona School Choice


Denver Post: Gov. Hickenlooper's first 100 days


Fox: Idaho Governor Vetoes Bill to Block Health Care Law


April 20, 2011


WaPo: Poll shows Americans oppose entitlement cuts to deal with debt problem
NYT: Administration Defends Effort on Debt After Credit Warning
WSJ: Obama, Geithner Optimistic About Deficit
WSJ: Obama-Ryan Plan: A Progress Report
Politico: Kyl, Cantor appointed to Biden debt commission
Rep. Darrell Issa: Why Are Spending Cuts So Hard?
Jonah Goldberg: Obama’s Playbook: Demagoguery on entitlements
Ruth Marcus: Standard & Poor’s financial storm warning
Rush Limbaugh: The "Obama Says We Can't Spend More Than We Take In" Budget Bill
Rush Limbaugh: Default Talk is a Scare Tactic
EJ Dionne: By what Standard is the U.S. Poor?
American Spectator: Obama's Taxes and America's Jobs
NRO: The Four National Debts
Weekly Standard: Budget Gamesmanship: The Republicans are winning the deficit debate

NYT: Obama Panel to Curb Medicare Finds Foes in Both Parties
WSJ: The Other Medicare Cutters
Dick Morris: Obama’s Medicare hypocrisy

Hill: White House and Republicans flirt over new negotiations on 2012 budget
Newt Gingrich: From Paul Revere to Paul Ryan

LA Times: Bipartisan support builds for slicing corporate tax rate

WSJ: Jury Convicts Executive in Mortgage Fraud Case
NYT: Leader of Big Mortgage Lender Guilty of $2.9 Billion Fraud

AFP: Obama blames speculators for high gasoline prices

WSJ: Justices Question Greenhouse-Gas Suit
Hill: Supreme Court signals it will dismiss major climate-change case
Rush Limbaugh: Why Does Global Warming Attract So Many Who Hate This Country

WSJ: Spill's Toll on Oil Output Grows Clearer
Politico: BP donates big to GOP leadership
Hill: A year after spill, BP gives political contributions to GOP leaders
Hill: Support for expanded drilling rebounds

Rasmussen: 61% Oppose U.S. Citizenship for Children Born to Illegal Immigrants
NYT: Immigration Is Lead Topic as Leaders Are Gathered

Andrew McCarthy: Obama Gives Islamists a Walk

Politico: House sets $500K, $520-an-hour contract for DOMA defense
Ted Nugent: NBA’s gay gag order

NYT: Administration Wants Tighter Painkiller Rules

NYT: Republicans Sharpening Online Tools for 2012

Wash Times: Trump hits back at Rove, GOP critics
WSJ: Trump Presidential Bid Shows Signs of Life
Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump Shakes It Up
Roger Stone: The Demographics of Trumpmania
Politico: Sarah Palin: Don't pick on Donald Trump
NRO: Donald Trump and Eminent Domain
Juan Williams: No Down Side for Trump in 2012 Presidential Race Circus
Jonah Goldberg: Duck, It’s the Donald! Why Trump shouldn’t be taken seriously
Albany TU: Trump an equal opportunity giver
American Thinker: Donald Trump, Street Fighting Man

Rush Limbaugh: They Haven't Shut Up Sarah Palin

Politico: Haley Barbour back surgery a success

Hill: Bachmann's bid: The what-if game
Politico: Michele Bachmann mulling book deal
NRO: Bachmann’s Battles

NRO: T-Paw and the Tea Partiers

Politico: Newt Gingrich struggles to raise hard money
Hill: ‘Frenetic’ Newt gets cool reviews

NYT: He Worked for Obama. Can He Beat Him? (Jon Huntsman)
DC: Trump: Huntsman love letters show how ‘disloyal’ he is to turn on Obama

Dana Milbank: Ten Commandments for 2012 (Roy Moore)

WaPo: House Speaker Boehner seen in an increasingly negative view, poll finds
Rush Limbaugh: John Boehner is a Nice Guy and That Makes Many of You Very Mad

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Spews Idiocy to Students in Rambling Town Hall Appearance
Rush Limbaugh: Obama is Beatable, Republicans!
Michelle Malkin: All the President’s Funny Money

American Thinker: No Time for Civility


Business Insider: Mike Huckabee Leads Iowa, Trump Fading (Already)
Politico: Poll: Half of Iowa Republicans don't believe Barack Obama was born in U.S.

Des Moines Register: Christie Vilsack to move to Ames in bid for office


NYT: Cuomo Helps Groups Mobilize for Gay Marriage Bill

Fred Dicker: Hevesi a jail poster boy for corruption
NY Post: Alan Hevesi's mugshot released


LA Times: Schwarzenegger defends Nuñez sentence reduction, slams Whitman
Fox: Schwarzenegger Says Commutation Was to Help Friend

SacBee: Jerry Brown to be joined by GOP lawmaker at budget stop

SacBee: Political infighting spices up California Republican Assembly convention

LA Times: Lawsuit asks state to pay for inmate's sex-change operation


C&E: Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez May Run for Senate in the Lone Star State


Reuters: Oklahoma set to repeal collective bargaining law


Politico: Florida looms as 2012 'neck breaker'

Politico: Connie Mack may get a primary from Goss

SPT: Florida won't join oil spill suit against Transocean, instead will file claim against BP


Politico: Bobby Jindal supports La. birther bill


NYT: Mixed Feelings for Blagojevich Retrial, None of Them Happy
AP/Tarm: Second Blagojevich trial won’t be a rerun of first
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich holdout juror worries about next panel
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich ignores judge's warning, barks to sniff out friendly jurors
Chicago Sun-Times: Rod Blagojevich: The ‘moments of fear’ come late at night

Politico: Primary looms for Dem health bill foe


AP/Bakst: Minn. GOP's 2010 AG candidate pondering Senate bid


James Taranto: Did the Roe effect sink JoAnne Kloppenburg?


Roll Call: Ohio Republican Power Players Plot 2012 Strategy


Politico: Detente for Missouri Democrats


Charlotte Observer: GOP pushes new form of vetoed NC health plan bill


WSJ: RI Rebellion: The state's Dems are going rogue by calling on Chafee to cut spending


Hill: McCain applauds veto of 'birther' bill
WSJ: Gov. Brewer Vetoes Ariz. ‘Birther’ Bill


Denver Post: Redistricting panel goes back to the drawing board


Politico: Joe Miller's fall from grace


April 19, 2011


WSJ: U.S. Warned on Debt Load
Wash Times: Debts threaten U.S. credit rating, S&P says
WaPo: S&P lowers its outlook on U.S. debt; stocks decline
Hill: Wall Street puts the squeeze on Washington with 'negative' outlook
Hill: House GOP leaders seize on S&P shift to call for more cuts
WSJ: The Obama Speech Downgrade
Fox: DeMint Threatens Filibuster on Debt Ceiling Vote
Tony Blankley: Governing while drunk on partisanship
American Spectator: Democratic Ceiling Wax

WSJ: Paul Ryan's Reverse Robin Hood Budget (via Google)
Hill: In Florida, Pelosi lobbies seniors against GOP's proposed changes to Medicare
James Taranto: Obama wants to raise taxes. So does Mondale
Rush Limbaugh: Schieffer Interview with Ryan Shows Us the Problem We Face

Rush Limbaugh: Tax Day: Half of US Pays Nothing

WSJ: ObamaCare Opt Out (via Google)
Hill: Budget's effect on health law unclear

DC: Faced with Obama ’slow walking’ document requests, GOP aims at outside groups

WSJ: Big U.S. Firms Shift Hiring Abroad (via Google)

NYT: Many Hit by Spill Now Feel Caught in Claim Process
NYT: Editorial: The Court and Global Warming
American Thinker: The CFL Fraud

WSJ: Pentagon Report Rips Article on McChrystal
NYT: Pentagon Inquiry Into Article Clears McChrystal and Aides

Pat Buchanan: Are We Allied to a Corpse?
Grover Norquist: Beyond the Water’s Edge

NYT: Judges See Sentencing Injustice, but the Calendar Disagrees

Wash Times: GOP steps up defense of law on marriage

WaPo: Economic anxiety threatens Obama in 2012, but in poll he edges GOP rivals
NYT: Obamas’ Tax Return Shows Lower Household Income Than in 2009

John Fund: Praise Romney Doesn't Need

MSNBC: Huckabee is high in US polls, but on fence for 2012

Politico: Sarah Palin's website sparks White House buzz
NY Post: Sarah Palin rolls out new website fueling 2012 buzz

Politico: The Donald thinks the GOP is stupid
AP: GOP insiders embrace Trump's presidential bid
Wash Times: Club for Growth blasts Trump
NYDN: Trump slammed by fiscal conservative Club for Growth as 'tax-hiking liberal'
Hill: NY's GOP delegation not sold on Trump
David Brooks: Why Trump Soars
Rush Limbaugh: Right Now, Trump is Running
Eugene Robinson: Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously
Richard Cohen: Donald Trump: The comeback huckster
American Spectator: Mogul Alert
Rasmussen: Obama 49%, Trump 34%

Jackson CL: Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour undergoes surgery for lower back pain

Des Moines Register: Former Alabama justice forming presidential committee

Fred Thompson: The Dark-Horse Effect

Roll Call: FEC Reports Show Vulnerable Republicans Are Preparing for 2012


Michael Gerson: Iowa begins to take stock of the GOP field

Des Moines Register: Speculation grows about what district Christie Vilsack may run in
Politico: Christie Vilsack likely to take on Steve King


WSJ: Governor Cuomo Releases His Tax Returns (via Google)
NY Post: Pol predicts Veep Andy

NYT: Ticket-Fixing Inquiry Puts a Light on Union Delegates


NYT: California: G.O.P. Official Draws Fire for Obama Caricature
CNN: Official apologizes for Obama chimpanzee e-mail

NRO: Disclosure Delayed Is Justice Denied

LA Times: New contract for California prison guards lifts cap on saved vacation


Wash Times: Sanchez seen likely to run as Democrat for Senate
Politico: Democrats eye Army general for Texas Senate race


SPT: Florida Legislature cracks down on … voting?


Weekly Standard: Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., Raises No Money in First Quarter of 2011

Milwaukee JS: Prosser says there's no need for recount
Politico: Wisconsin judge urges against a recount

WaPo: Can Dems take back Wisconsin state senate?


Roll Call: Republican Kevin Coughlin Looks at Ohio Senate Bid

Columbus Dispatch: Kasich, other statewide elected officials disclose incomes


Detroit News: GOP slams Gov. Snyder recall effort


AP: Rand Paul files for re-election to the US Senate


WaPo: Editorial: Blame to share in Virginia’s redistricting farce


NYT: Still an Ideological Oddity in New Jersey, but a Rising Force in His Party (Scott Garrett)


Fox: Gov. Brewer Vetoes Birther Bill, Guns on Campus
AFP: US Republican governor vetoes 'birther' bill
Arizona Republic: Brewer rejects guns on campus
NYT: Arizona Governor Rejects Bid to Loosen Gun Rules


April 18, 2011


WSJ: Geithner Says GOP to Act on Debt Cap
NYT: Debt Ceiling Increase Is Expected, Geithner Says
Hill: GOP, White House both think they have leverage in debt ceiling fight
WaPo: As debt ceiling vote nears, the pressure’s on House Republican freshmen
Ross Douthat: The Middle-Class Tax Trap
WaPo: Paul Ryan: I won’t get into ‘a partisan bickering match with the president’
Wash Times: Senate budget chief open to using Ryan plan as ‘framework’
Fox: Senators Boast New Deficit Reduction Plan Will 'Make Everybody Mad'
Hill: Social Security still on Gang of Six table, Warner says
WSJ: Obama targets the middle class while pretending to tax only the rich
NYT: President Heads West to Sell His Deficit Plan
WaPo: Obama to hit road to rally support for debt reduction plan ahead of budget battles
NRO: How to block grant Medicaid
NYT: Amid Din, Serious Talk on Debt
NRO: What is really driving America into insolvency
NYT: Editorial: The New Republican Landscape
Arthur Laffer: Tax compliance employs more workers than 5 large businesses
Robert Samuelson: What’s missing from the Great Budget Debate: seriousness
Michael Barone: President Whatever Finds Things Not Going His Way
EJ Dionne: America’s elites have a duty to the rest of us

Fox: Nearly Half of U.S. Households Pay No Income Tax to Feds
WaPo: For richest, federal taxes have gone down; for some in U.S., they’re nonexistent
Hill: Tax advisers: Prepare to pay higher tax rates in the future
Hill: Poll: Clear majority oppose elimination of popular tax breaks

AP/Farrington: Broken budgets: 5 large states try different ways to fix budgets

AP: 6 states and nation's capital now at $4 gas; Mich. could be next
WSJ: States Seek Greenhouse-Gas Curbs
WaPo: A year after BP oil spill, fate of gulf ecosystem remains murky
Fred Hiatt: On climate change, the GOP is lost in never-never land

Roll Call: Shop Talk: Democrats Gear Up to Sell Health Care, Again

NY Post: Holder's 4G tax lax: Snafu in ma's Queens estate

George Will: A conservative populist leaves the Fed

Daily Caller: Conservatives hit Beck for taking content without attribution

NYT: OpEd: You Get the Judges You Pay For
NYT: Editorial: So Much for the Referees (Federal Election Commission)

Politico: What’s Donald Trump really after?
Politico: Trump says he'd get OPEC to cut oil prices
Star-Ledger: Trump's outrageousness appeals to a desperate GOP base
American Thinker: Translating Trump
American Thinker: Trump Needs to Shift to Second Gear on Birth Certificate Challenge
ABC: 'The Donald' brandishes presidential credentials
Wash Times: Trump profits at Romney’s expense
NY Post: Trump: I'm better for prez because my net worth's bigger than Romney's
AP: Trump plays down Romney's business credentials
Fox: Trump Downplays Romney as 'Small Business Guy,' Touts Personal Fortune

Big Govt: Are Republicans Rebounding With Trump Because They Can’t Have Christie?

Wash Times: Palin power: Fight like a girl

Paul Krugman: Let’s Not Be Civil
Paul Krugman: Civility is the Last Refuge of Scoundrels

NRO: William Rusher, R.I.P.


Albany TU: Court layoffs: outlining the cuts

Crain's: Next step for New York state: pension reform

NYT: Big Inquiry Into Ticket-Fixing in New York


George Skelton: No good reform deed will go unpunished


McClatchy: Gen. Sanchez may throw hat in Texas Senate race

WSJ: Texas Schools to Get $830 Million After Provision Is Repealed


SPT: Sen. Mike Haridopolos' rise aided by political partner


Pioneer Press: Minnesota Republican Party re-elects Tony Sutton as chairman

Star Tribune: Minnesota's still chasing wind


John Fund: Wisconsin's Election Snafu Is a National Wake-Up Call


Dayton DN: Kasich state plane use off to fast pace


AP/Martin: Michigan lawmakers weighing deeper budget cuts

WSJ: Detroit Moves Against Unions


NYT: Editorial: A Victory for Cleaner Air, and the Law


Wash Times: Maryland booze taxes drained from causes


Politico: Pa. Dem's path blocked by redistricting


NYT: Christie’s Conservatism Is Not Just Economic


Fox: Alaska Government Calls Special Legislative Session


Roll Call: Hawaii Braces for Democratic Primary Clash


April 17, 2011


Fox: Obama Keeps 'Czars' Despite Budget Deal That Eliminated Them
NYT: Obama Takes On Congress Over Policy Czar Positions
Hill: Scalise says Obama violates Constitution over 'czars'

NYT: ‘Gang of Six’ in the Senate Seeking a Plan on Debt
Hill: Boehner keeping close watch on Gang of Six negotiations
NYT: OpEd: A Shot at a Sane Budget
NYT: The Budget Debate, Revealed
LA Times: Neediest and sickest would pay the price under GOP budget plan
David Limbaugh: Obama: Incorrigible Statist and Debt Menace
Clarice Feldman: Did We Hitch Our Wagon to a (Death) Star?

WSJ: House Democrats Say Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Contain Toxic Ingredients
Fox: Democrat Report: Hazardous Chemicals Injected Into Wells by Oil Companies
NYT: Chemicals Were Injected Into Wells, Report Says

WaPo: When it comes to offshore drilling, still treading in deep water
NYT: Regulation of Offshore Rigs Is a Work in Progress

Daily Caller: EPA official says jobs don’t matter

Fox: Boehner Arrives in Baghdad, Meets With Prime Minister on Security
Politico: John Boehner visits Iraq

NYT: The Anti-Immigration Crusader
NYT: Pastor Who Burned Koran Says He Was Duped Into Holding Back

NYT: Editorial: Guantánamo, on Trial
NYT: OpEd: Justice, Too Much and Too Expensive

Politico: Eric Holder accused of neglecting porn fight

Maureen Dowd: Atlas Without Angelina

Roll Call: FEC Launches Audit of Obama's 2008 Campaign
Fox: Southern California Republican Allegedly Sent Offensive Email to Obama

NYT: Palin Speaks at Tea Party Rally in Madison
Daily Caller: Sarah Palin rocks Madison
Politico: Sarah Palin to GOP: 'Fight like a girl'
Fox: Palin Supports Wisconsin's Governor as Protests Continue Over Labor Law

Politico: Mitt Romney writes off $250,000 in 2008 loans

Miami Herald: Trump bashes Obama, hints at possible presidential run
LA Times: Trump's a crowd pleaser at 'tea party' rally
Fox: Trump's Strength in Early Presidential Polls Defies Conventional Wisdom
AP/Sedensky: Trump stalls TV contract while mulling campaign
NYDN: Trump takes lead in GOP primary poll, beats Romney, Huckabee, Palin, Gingrich
RCP: Karl Rove: Trump Is A "Joke Candidate" (video)

Politico: Michele Bachmann says President Barack Obama is 'not on our side'

Boston Globe: Mississippi governor has Red Sox connection from high school days

Politico: Likely suspect in the Huntsman letter leak

Des Moines Register: Obama broke promises, Pawlenty tells Des Moines tea party crowd
Fox: 'Tea-Paw' Pawlenty Courts Tea Partyers in 2012 Bid

Fox: Likely GOP Presidential Contenders Plot Tea Party Strategies

Politico: Mitch McConnell steps up fundraising

WaPo: Fundraising by GOP House freshmen off to slow start
DC: First quarter fundraising reports are a mixed bag for freshmen House Republicans
Hill: Reading the tea leaves: First quarter fundraising numbers

Hill: Sunday show preview: Money talks and so does transportation
Politico: Sunday shows: Geithner discusses debt


Des Moines Register: Elected officials ponder new maps' numbers
Politico: Latham will switch to 3rd District race


NY Post: Inmate Hevesi in infirmary
NYDN: Former Controller Alan Hevesi begins prison stint in an infirmary ward room

Buffalo News: Courts feel first hits of state budget cuts


SacBee: Analysis names Dreier, McNerney as likely 'redistricting victims'


NYT: Seeds of 2011’s Budget Troubles Were Planted, by the Legislature, in 2006
NYT: House Bill on Student Testing Reopens a Familiar Debate
Star-Telegram: Texas legislators seek expanded gun rights for themselves


Fox: Alabama Weighs Changes to Child Custody Laws Aimed at Uniting Broken Families


Chicago Sun-Times: Rod Blagojevich should take the stand in next trial, brother Rob says
Politico: Rod Blagojevich: No plea deal for me, ever

Chicago Tribune: Madigan letters offer glimpse of clout in Cook County judge selection

Chicago Sun-Times: Rahm Emanuel spent $800K to fight residency challenge


Milwaukee JS: Governor backs down on recycling


Columbus Dispatch: GOP's new district map has to upset some Ohioans in Congress
Hill: Rep. Kaptur to Pentagon: Don’t forget Ohio workers when making cuts


Human Events: Tea Party a Fierce Brew at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference


Fox: Arizona Plows Controversial Ground With Birther Bill

Hill: Rep. Grijalva: Arizona Dems can't hold Senate nod for Rep. Giffords


Denver Post: Denver mayoral race narrows to three-way contest, poll says


NYT: Wyoming’s Boom Poses Challenges For Obama


April 16, 2011


Fox: House Approves GOP 2012 Budget on Party-Line Vote
Wash Times: House passes 2012 budget plan
WaPo: House passes GOP budget plan for 2012
NYT: G.O.P.-Led House Votes to Cut Trillions Over 10 Years
WSJ: GOP Passes Budget Cut
Politico: Paul Ryan budget fuels partisan divide over spending
Hill: House passes Ryan's '12 budget; conservatives want more cuts
Hill: Chaos on House floor as Democrats try to unsettle GOP budget during vote
Hill: Protesters interrupt House eight times in closing budget debate
Hill: Obama: GOP budget 'wrong for America'
WSJ: Tale of Two Congressmen
WSJ: Wall Street Urges GOP to Reach Deal on the Debt Ceiling Quickly
William Kristol: Paul Ryan’s America
Mark Steyn: Losing the Future
Rush Limbaugh: Behind Closed Doors, We Hear What Barack Obama Really Thinks
Chicago Tribune: Obama not embarrassed by unguarded comments
Rush Limbaugh: Geithner "Debauches" the Dollar
Rush Limbaugh: You Can't Compromise with Dems
Charles Blow: The Pirates of Capitol Hill
Walter Mondale: As in 1984, we need the courage to raise taxes

Hill: Obama signs bill to keep government open, but protects 'czars'
WaPo: Job training programs cut in budget deal
WaPo: Budget deal slashes grants to housing counselors

James Taranto: Big Labor's moment of triumph fails to materialize
WSJ: When Unions Get Desperate

WSJ: Oil Without Apologies
NYT: Editorial: Gulf Oil Spill, One Year Later
Joe Nocera: About My Support for Natural Gas
Hill: Gore to young advocates: Battle industry lobbyists to turn the tide on climate

Hill: Supreme Court considers expedited review of healthcare law challenges

WSJ: House GOP Seeks Delay on Derivatives Rules (via Google)

Andrew McCarthy: The Audience Is Listening

Boston Globe: Romney criticizes Obama on deficit plan
Gail Collins: Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!

Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump Joins the Program
NY Post: Trump rides birther fever to top of Republican primary field
NYDN: Trump says 'Celebrity Apprentice' extension on hold over potential presidential run
Kathleen Parker: The Donald: The GOP plays a crazy Trump card

CSM: At rally, Tim Pawlenty adds tea party style to conservative credentials
Boston Globe: Pawlenty attacks US health law

NYT: A Republican Praising Obama? Here’s Hand-Written Proof (Huntsman)
Daily Caller: Jon Huntsman’s love letters
Daily Caller: Tea Partiers: We knew Huntsman was liberal

Politico: Redistricting could boost 50 GOP freshman
Bolger & Hobart: Why the GOP Could Keep the House in 2012
Alan Abramowitz: Why Democrats Could Take Back The House in 2012
Human Events: Top 10 Outrageous Debbie Wasserman Schultz Quotes

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Roll Call: Latham to Challenge Boswell Thanks to Iowa Redistricting


WSJ: Tea Party Reshapes New Hampshire Calculus
Politico: Ron Paul touts budget ‘no’ vote in N.H.


Politico: Sharron Angle raises $700K for House race


Albany TU: 500 court jobs at risk

Albany TU: Hevesi draws one to four for pension pay-to-play
NY Post: Hevesi sentenced to 1 to 4 years in prison for pension scandal
NYDN: Hevesi gets up to 4 years in jail for pension fund scandal
NYT: Editorial: From Pay-to-Play to Jail (Hevesi)

Roch D&C: New Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards inspired by the voters' faith


NYT: California May Require Teaching of Gay History


Politico: Another Paul son is mulling a Senate run


Tulsa World: Boren parts ways with rest of Oklahoma delegation on spending blueprint


AP/Schneider: Tea partiers cheer Fla. Gov. Scott, Sen. Rubio
C&E: How Campaign Consultants Helped Marco Rubio to Victory
Tampa Tribune: Senators: Union payroll deductions OK, but not for activism
Miami Herald: Senate weakens anti-union bill amid broad opposition
Miami Herald: Senate moves to eliminate state growth laws
Miami Herald: Florida Republicans push to cut early voting to single week


AJC: Deal tells AJC he intends to sign immigration bill
WSJ: Georgia Lawmakers Target Illegal Immigration
NYT: Immigrants Are Subject of Tough Bill in Georgia

AJC: Two more Georgia banks closed


State Column: “Birther” bill filed in Louisiana


Chicago Tribune: Emanuel raised $14.5 million for mayoral bid


Roll Call: Lugar’s GOP Challenger Aims to Imitate Rubio Fundraising


Pioneer Press: Dayton signs $79 million agriculture bill


Milwaukee JS: Ballots are now totaled: Prosser wins by 7,316
Fox: Canvass Shows Conservative Incumbent Wins Wisconsin Supreme Court Race
NYT: County Results Find Incumbent the Victor in Wisconsin
Reuters: Republican judge nears Wisconsin election win

Milwaukee JS: Tax bills for average homes to rise less than 1% under Walker's budget


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich polishes up Ohio jobs website


Holland Sentinel: Pete Hoekstra passes on Senate challenge

Detroit FP: What governor's tax proposal means for Michigan businesses


Roll Call: Sarah Steelman Reports Lackluster Fundraising


Hill: Nebraska Republican has financial edge over Sen. Nelson in first quarter


Charlotte Observer: Parties squabble over extending benefits


Wash Times: McDonnell vetoes Va. redistricting plan
Roanoke Times: McDonnell vetoes Senate's new district lines


NYT: Democrats Pounce on Chris Christie’s Blunt Words


NYT: G.O.P. Pushes to Deregulate Environment at State Level


WaPo: Massachusetts, pioneer of universal health care, now may try new approach to costs


Politico: Gabrielle Giffords’s fundraising haul: $350,000


Denver Post: Colorado lawmakers' bickering on redistricting all over the map


April 15, 2011


Rep. Paul Ryan: A budget for the 21st century
Fox: House Prepares to Vote on $6B GOP Spending Cut Plan
Charles Krauthammer: The grand compromise: Ryan’s bridge to solvency
Fox: Obama Pitches Budget Deal, Tells Senators to Run With Details
WaPo: Obama address was surprise attack, GOP lawmakers say
WaPo: Congress approves budget deal, prepares for debt-ceiling debate
WaPo: No-tax-hike pledge creates Republican rift, potential roadblock to deficit deal
WSJ: Parties Trade Jabs Ahead of Talks on Deficit
James Taranto: Waste, Fraud and Abuse: Obama's speech was replete with all three
Pat Buchanan: Obama Blows up the Bridge
Fox: Obama Calls His Senate Vote Against Lifting Debt Ceiling a Mistake
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Debt Speech: Despicable Attempt to Shore Up Sagging Base
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: Obama Uses Budget Deal to Set Up Tax Hikes
Human Events: Why Obama Played the David Stockman Card
Rush Limbaugh: Schumer Throws Down Gauntlet
NYT: Editorial: The Republican Medicare Reshuffle
Michelle Malkin: America, the Dependent
Jonah Goldberg: Budget Battle, Budget Prattle
Paul Krugman: Who’s Serious Now?
David Brooks: Ultimate Spoiler Alert
Dana Milbank: Without Pelosi, Obama is adrift
WSJ: The Forgotten Tax Revolt of the 1930s (via Google)
NYT: Pain of British Fiscal Cuts Could Inform U.S. Debate
WaPo: Echoes of ’80s failure in Obama’s fail-safe budget plan
Hill: White House to Gang of Six: Wrap up work on deficit-reduction plan
Politico: Gang of Six risks irrelevance

Wash Times: 2011 spending bill clears House
USA Today: Congress passes 2011 spending plan
WSJ: Congress Puts Haggling Aside to Pass 2011 Budget Bill
Daily Caller: Democrats save Boehner’s spending deal
Hill: 108 House Dems defy Obama on vote
WSJ: Deal Approved but Debate Continues Over Actual Extent of Spending Cuts
WaPo: Budget deal: CBO analysis shows initial spending cuts less than expected
Wash Times: CBO: Spending deal cuts only $20 billion to $25 billion
Wash Times: Budget cuts too small for many conservatives
NYT: Unruly G.O.P. Puts Boehner to a Test in Budget Vote
NYT: Budget Deal Fuels Revival of School Vouchers
Human Events: Boehner's SOAR Saves School Choice
WaPo: John Boehner does what he has to do — again
Wash Times: Pelosi: House Democrats left out of 2011 spending bill deal

Human Events: House Defunds ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood, Senate Kills Both
Daily Caller: House approves defunding healthcare, Planned Parenthood in partisan votes
Daily Caller: Senate rejects attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, health reform
DN: LensCrafters angry: Bachmann says Planned Parenthood is 'LensCrafters of big abortion'
Hill: Senators could be haunted in ’12 by votes on Planned Parenthood, healthcare
American Spectator: Planned Parenthood and the Soviet Model
Kim Strassel: Winning the Real ObamaCare War

Fox: House Panel Passes Bill Cracking Down on Tax Delinquent Federal Workers

Phil Gramm: The Obama Growth Discount
Rush Limbaugh: Obamaville Recovery Continues: Jobless Claims Up "Unexpectedly"

WSJ: State-Debt Hearing Focuses on Wisconsin Union Fight
Wash Times: Walker defends budget decisions
Fox: Hill Democrats Bash Walker for Wisconsin Union Law
Politico: Walker: Mitch Daniels 'a model'

WSJ: Maine's Mural Controversy (Cont'd)
Atlantic: Public Unions' Battle With Gingrich in the 1990s

WSJ: The Right Foreclosure Fix (via Google)

WaPo: Housing officials criticize 20% down-payment proposal
Fox: Obama's $5 Billion Weatherizing Program Wastes Stimulus Funds, Auditors Find

Rep. Fred Upton: Aiding environment and economy
WSJ: Climate Change Heads to the Supreme Court (via Google)

Fox: Georgia Woman Reportedly Admits to Sending Pig's Foot to Rep. Peter King

Wash Times: Appeals court overturns Day of Prayer ban

Rush Limbaugh: A Third Party is NOT the Answer
American Thinker: Will It Take A New Political Party to Save America?

Peggy Noonan: Obama Is Likely to Lose (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: There's No Reason to Fear Obama!
Politico: Barack Obama reelect’s first job: Reconnect
Politico: Barack Obama kicks off 2012 campaign in Chicago

LA Times: Many top Republican donors on the sidelines in presidential primary race
Dallas MN: Tea party influence could produce surprises in GOP presidential race

Boston Globe: Romney makes the most of funding rules

Politico: Donald Trump draws Barack Obama into 'birther' fray
American Thinker: That Donald Trump Is Pretty Shrewd
Hill: Reid: Trump isn't 'presidential caliber'

WaPo: The case for Rick Santorum

American Spectator: Father, Son, Which One Will Run?

NYT: For Boehner, a Silver Cloud With a Dark Lining
Politico: Being speaker pays off for John Boehner
Rush Limbaugh: Explaining Beltway Republicans
American Spectator: Save Wrath for Obama: John Boehner isn't the enemy

Roll Call: Murray Predicts Changed Landscape in 2012 for Democrats

Roll Call: NRCC Raised $18.1 Million in First Quarter


Politico: Iowa OKs redistricting plan
Des Moines Register: Map for new legislative, congressional districts accepted


WMUR: Potential Presidential Candidate Barbour Visits NH
Politico: Haley Barbour won't cede New Hampshire to Mitt Romney

Union Leader: Shea-Porter says she'll run again in '12
AP/Ramer: Ex-Rep. Shea-Porter running again in NH


LA Times: Rep. Shelley Berkley in: Nevada Senate race heats up
WaPo: Shelley Berkley running for Senate


Albany TU: Pay freeze would hurt pensions of aging state work force
NYT: New York School Districts Challenge State Mandates


WSJ: Brown to Seek Fall Referendum (via Google)
LA Times: California lawmakers stripped of state cars

Fox: California Senate Bill Mandates Gay History in Schools

LA Times: Meg Whitman changes her message on immigration yet again


Star-Telegram: Texas lawmakers make more big events eligible for state funds


Fox: FAA Investigation Reveals Senator's Frightening Landing

AP/Talley: OK gov turns down insurance exchange federal grant


AP/Rosica: House debate begins on Fla. courts overhaul plan
SPT: Gov. Rick Scott to rescind order to cut payments for disability services
Miami Herald: Scott describes Fla. response to prescription drug abuse to Congress
Politico: Florida recasts Hispanic vote


AJC: Georgia lawmakers pass illegal immigration crackdown
LA Times: Georgia passes immigration bill similar to Arizona's


WaPo: Top USDA official, leaving to work for Rahm Emanuel, accused of discrimination
NYT: Inaugural Spenders Will Pay Rahm’s Party Tab
Chicago Sun-Times: Jesse Jackson denies gay worker’s harassment, discrimination claims
Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois Senate passes sprawling education reform bill


Star Tribune: Minn. GOP leaders surrounded by budget grousing


CBS: Walker defends Wis. collective bargaining law, calls it "progressive"
NYT: Wisconsin: Challenge to Anti-Union Law Is Dismissed

Reuters: Recount clock to begin ticking in Wisconsin court race

Wash Times: Ribble milks donations after legal deal


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich to hire experts on gaming


NYT: In Class of Colorful Freshmen, Meet the Most Contrarian (Rep. Justin Amash)
Detroit FP: Michigan freshman congressman chooses to vote 'present' 17 times


WaPo: Maryland moves closer to extending tuition breaks to illegal immigrants


Weekly Standard: Joe Manchin Votes to Send Taxpayer Money to Planned Parenthood


C&E: Athletes Make a Run at N.J. Politics


Fox: Arizona Legislature OKs Presidential 'Birther' Bill
WaPo: Arizona Legislature approves bill requiring presidential candidates to prove citizenship
NYT: Editorial: Memo to Arizona Republicans: Papers, Please
Hans Spakovsky: Arizona’s Immigration Law


Den Post: CO GOP united as House passes $18 billion budget that softens education cuts


Reuters: Idaho governor signs abortion ban after 20 weeks


Roll Call: Tester, Rehberg Report More Than $1M in First Quarter


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