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April 30, 2011


Fox: Debt Ceiling Exposes Deepening Democratic Divide
WSJ: Party Stalwarts to Join Biden in Crafting Deficit Deal (via Google)
Hill: House Republicans mull plan to hike debt ceiling every two months
Fox: Reid Faces Tough Trail on Debt Hike
WSJ: The Politics of the Debt Ceiling

Hill: Republican address pushes back on Medicare, gas prices
NYT: Parties Seeking to Blame Each Other’s Policies for Gas Prices
WaPo: Democrats putting heat on GOP over oil companies
Hill: Obama keeps up assault on tax breaks for oil companies
WSJ: It's Getting Harder to Bring Home the Bacon

Hill: Ryan says constituents 'overwhelmingly' support budget plan
Fox: GOP Dismisses Heckling at Town Hall Meetings as 'Astroturfing'
Hill: Sen. Sessions says Dem plan to split GOP with budget vote will backfire

Mark Steyn: The Fed’s policy is quantitatively accelerating American collapse

William Kristol: A Leader from Behind

Fox: NRA to Call for Holder's Resignation Over 'Project Gunrunner' Allegations

Stephen Moore: Mediscare Redux

WaPo: Appeals court lifts ban on human stem cell funding

NYT: ‘Christian Economics’ Meets the Antiunion Movement

WSJ: Our Elite Schools Have Abandoned Military History (via Google)
Andrew McCarthy: ‘Here’s to al-Qaeda’

NYT: Immigration Opponent Withdraws From Group

NYT: Don’t Worry, Census Says, but the U.S. Is Shrinking

NYT: Soft Drink Industry Fights Proposed Food Stamp Ban

NYT: Court Ruling Puts Lockout Back in Place Temporarily

WSJ: Democrats Copy Republicans on New Donor Group
NYT: Groups Form to Aid Democrats With Anonymous Money
Fox: Former Obama Aide Launches Two Fundraising Groups to Counter Conservative Efforts
Politico: New Democratic money group to take on Republicans
LA Times: Former White House aides enter field of undisclosed political spending

WSJ: Romney Addresses Health Care at GOP Forum (via Google)
Boston Globe: Romney stands by Bay State health law

Daily Caller: ‘Huckabee for 2012' seems more and more likely
Boston Globe: Supporters see Huckabee moving toward presidential run
Byron York: Huckabee decision will shape GOP presidential race
Politico: Clock ticks on Mike Huckabee's 2012 run

Hill: Palin: 'Hells no' I wouldn't raise debt limit
Human Events: Breitbart: Sarah Palin 'Gets' Pop Culture

Rasmussen: Romney, Christie Neck-and-Neck If Some Big Names Don’t Run
American Thinker: Chris Christie has an Obligation to Run

Rasmussen: Bachman Leads GOP Dark Horse Pack
Daily Caller: ‘Mitch didn’t grandstand;’ Daniels insider points to accomplishments
Hill: Tea Party's Armey on 2012: Daniels would be 'perfect pick for us'
Daily Caller: John Bolton for president? He’s ‘thinking about it very seriously’

WSJ: First GOP Debate: Who Will Show Up?
Wash Times: Potential GOP hopefuls assail Obama administration

Fox: Expert: No Doubt Obama's Birth Certificate Is Legit
Hill: GOP bill would require birth certificate from presidential candidates
Kathleen Parker: Birthers, buffoonery and a sad discourse
Weekly Standard: Obama and the GOP Field

American Thinker: Harvard and State Department colluded to get rid of Obama's father

Politico: April rankings: Top 10 Gov. races

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Roll Call: Pawlenty Staffs Up in Iowa
Chicago Tribune: Pawlenty names Iowa lawmaker as caucus manager


Hill: Poll: Romney bests Obama by 7 points in New Hampshire
NYT: For G.O.P., One Ticket Stands Out
AP: GOP hopefuls focus on Obama in NH appearance


Politico: Jim DeMint won't take roll at South Carolina debate


Politico: Dean Heller gets rude welcome from Harry Reid

RGJ: Nevada special election date September 13
Roll Call: Sandoval Sets Fall Special to Fill Heller’s Seat
C&E: Open Seat in Nevada's Congressional Delegation Will Prompt Special Election
Roll Call: Angle Raising Money for Nevada Special Election

WaPo: Editorial: Questions remain as Sen. Ensign departs


NYT: Editorial: Dithering on Redistricting

Rochester D&C: Jane Corwin has lead in poll in 26th District
Roll Call: Poll: New York Special Election Closer Than Expected
Buffalo News: Republican Corwin tops Davis in amassing wealth
Buffalo News: Davis makes strong showing in poll

Albany TU: Welcome to upstate tax hell
Albany TU: Upstate taxes tops in national study

NYDN: Disgraced ex-Controller Alan Hevesi says ex-pal Hank Morris is his top enemy


LA Times: CA Democratic chief says Obama will do worse in the state compared to 2008


San Antonio: Perry says request for wildfire aid unanswered


SPT: Controversial Florida growth management bill wedged into budget to force passage

Miami Herald: Fla. bill opposes federal health care overhaul

NYT: In Florida, G.O.P. Help for Unions

Tallahassee Dem: Fla. GOP chief has Lou Gehrig's disease
Miami Herald: State Republican chair Dave Bitner diagnosed with ALS


WaPo: Obama appalled by tornado damage in Alabama


Chicago Tribune: 16 state workers laid off for politics will get $422,000


WaPo: Indiana governor plans to sign bill blocking Medicare funding to Planned Parenthood
NYT: Indiana Bill Cuts Funds for Clinics for Women


Star Tribune: Gay marriage debate grips Capitol


AP/Ramde: Sen. Johnson renews call for more US oil drilling


Detroit News: Snyder recall bid clears a hurdle, but next one 'tough'

Detroit News: Tense crowd drowns out Florida pastor's message


NY Post: NC judge orders documents released in Edwards case


NYT: McDonnell Says a Governor Should Replace Obama

WaEx: VA AG cancels King & Spalding work after "obsequious act of weakness" in DOMA case


WSJ: Feds Say New Jersey Must Repay $271 Million for Rail Tunnel
NYT: New Jersey Must Return $271 Million Spent on Hudson Tunnel, U.S. Insists

NYT: Harvard Gives Christie’s Education Plans a Warm Welcome


WSJ: The 'Anti-Christie'


NYT: Massachusetts House Seeks to Limit Collective Bargaining
WSJ: Unions in Familiar Fight With New Foe

Boston Globe: Brown blasts women’s group


Politico: Ariz. to get tea party plates


April 29, 2011


Wash Times: High gas, food costs grind back growth
Washington Examiner: Oil imports spike as Obama oil ban decreases domestic production
NRO: Obama Covers for OPEC
Conrad Black: The Media Don’t Get Economics
Victor Davis Hanson: Are Sky-High Gas Prices Good?
WSJ: Bipartisan Target: Oil-Sector Tax Breaks (via Google)
Hill: Boehner rejects oil-subsidy vote
DC: Boehner rejects calls for vote on legislation to end oil subsidies
Hill: GOP budget chairman Ryan shows support for ending oil subsidies
NYT: Despite Bipartisan Support, Nuclear Reactor Projects Falter

WaPo: Debt ceiling: More Democrats threaten to vote against raising borrowing limit
Wash Times: OpEd: Budget-cutting misery is more imagined than real
American Spectator: A Drop Here, A Drop There
WaPo: Small businesses’ recovery sluggish as larger firms bounce back from recession
Fox: Fox News Poll: More Than One in Four Scared About Country's Fiscal Future
Fox: Senate GOP Leader Promises Vote on Obama Budget
Hill: McConnell pledges to force Senate vote on president's budget
WSJ: Officials Unfazed by Dollar Slide (via Google)
WSJ: Economic Growth Slows to 1.8% Pace (via Google)
WSJ: The Keynesian Growth Discount
NYT: For the Fed, a Narrowing of Options
Paul Krugman: The Intimidated Fed
Rich Lowry: Yet more evidence that government is swallowing up the productive economy

Donald Berwick: The Right Way to Reform Medicare (via Google)
American Spectator: Avastin's Double-Header

David Brooks: What Government Does (HUD)

Daily Caller: Federal civil rights offices criticized for amount of spending, redundancy

Fox: Several States Take Up Fight Over Defunding Planned Parenthood

NYT: U.S. Seeks New Limits on Food Ads for Children

NYT: Editorial: A Stronger and Clearer Clean Water Act

Pat Buchanan: Hate Speech Makes a Comeback

Sen. Jeff Sessions: Obama’s flawed approach to fighting terrorism
Hill: 247 on terror watch list bought guns
Charles Krauthammer: The Obama doctrine: Leading from behind

Fox: New Security Team Faces Decisions on Troop Withdrawals With Implications for 2012
Hill: Panetta vows 'disciplined' spending
NYT: Move to C.I.A. Puts Petraeus in Conflict With Pakistan
NYT: To Lead Afghan War, Obama Chooses Marine Known for Swaying Sunnis in Iraq
NYT: Obama Announces Changes to National Security Team
WSJ: Obama's Security Reshuffle (via Google)
American Spectator: Petraeus and Panetta: Foiled at the Start

WaPo: Documents offer hints of legal strategy in WikiLeaks case

Daily Caller: Trump calls Krauthammer a ’sad fool’ for opposing seizure of Iraq’s oil
WaPo: Donald Trump calls leaders ‘stupid’ in profanity-laced stump speech in Las Vegas
NYT: An Exultant Trump Visits Las Vegas Republicans
NYT: Rand Paul Questions Trump’s Republican Credentials
Hill: Rand Paul has 'birther' demand for Trump: Prove you're a Republican
NYDN: Trump dodged Vietnam War through medical deferment, not high draft number
Daily Mail UK: 'Trump is a racist': Bob Schieffer attacks The Apprentice host
Fox: Fox News Poll: Romney, Huckabee Top GOP 2012 Contenders for President
Rasmussen: National GOP Primary Poll: Trump 19% Romney 17% Huckabee 15%
ABC: Trump Donations to Republicans and Democrats Differ by Less than $10,000

Human Events: Huckabee Out? SC staffers reportedly told to seek their fortunes elsewhere

Weekly Standard: Democrats Should Worry about the GOP Field
Hill: Pessimism on economy puts a crimp in Obama's campaign
Philadelphia Inquirer: Obama at All-Time Low in PA Poll
CNN: Poll: Obama approval at all time low in crucial state (PA)
David Gergen: The marginalization of a president: Will it end with Obama?
NRO: PDF Layers in Obama’s Birth Certificate
James Taranto: Mutually Assured Distraction
American Thinker: The Obama Lie That Drove the Birther Movement
Andrew McCarthy: Birth Certificate: Where Are the Indignant Questions to Obama?

Roll Call: N.H. Democrats File FEC Complaint Against Romney
Timothy Egan: The Other (Mitt Romney & Barack Obama)

NYDN: Sarah Palin takes swipe at departing CBS news anchor Katie Couric

Human Events: Gingrich Addresses National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

Hill: Pawlenty criticizes Obama over labor board's Boeing lawsuit
Star Tribune: Bachmann, Pawlenty race on separate tracks
Roll Call: Bachmann Spent Big on CPAC Party

WSJ: Campaign Awaits Its Candidate (Jon Huntsman)

John Fund: Atlas Struggled

Wash Times: Superman suddenly shuns the ‘American way’
Weekly Standard: Superman No More?

Politico: New Democratic money group to take on Republicans

Politico: George Soros considers his options
George Soros: Why I agree with (some of) Friedrich Hayek

American Spectator: The Other 2012 Presidential Election (Russia)
American Thinker: Canadian Showdown


DMR: Continuing clashes force Iowa legislative session into next week

DC: University of IA GOP student gets taste of left’s ‘civility’ in profane professor email


C&E: The Quiet Power of Ovide Lamontagne
Politico: Ovide Lamontagne: New Hampshire's new kingmaker


Gov. Nikki Haley: Obama's Silence on Boeing Is Unacceptable
Fox: Attorneys General Battle NLRB Over Boeing Plant


Roll Call: Past Could Be Precedent in Nevada Special Election


NYT: Audits Find Widespread Waste in Spending by State Government
NY Post: Albany wa$teland: Gov finds millions are squandered

NYDN: Cuomo skipping Obama events in NYC, and staying out of national spotlight - for now

NYT: Business Leaders, in Letter, Will Urge Albany to Legalize Gay Marriage
NYT: OpEd: How the Law Accepted Gays

NYT: Another Republican Congressman Faces a Rough Town Hall (Rep. Michael Grimm)
NYT: Rough Homecoming for a Washington Lawmaker


LA Times: Jerry Brown cancels plan for $356-million death row
NYT: Brown Cancels New Death Row Complex
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown kills death-row boondoggle

AP/Leff: Judge's sexual orientation is issue in Prop 8 case


Miami Herald: Senate president strips immigration bill from Hispanic lawmaker
SPT: Florida Supreme Court overhaul hits resistance in Senate

NYT: Conservative Congressman’s Star Power Extends Beyond FL District (Rep. Allen West)

WSJ: Region Seeks New Mission As Space-Shuttle Jobs End


Chicago Tribune: Quinn wants to withhold cities' money as pressure to borrow billions


DC: Conservatives split on whether defunding Planned Parenthood would redeem Daniels


Fox: University of WI Considering Punishing Doctors Who Issued Sick Notes to Protesters
Fox: Wisconsin Grocers Brace for Anti-Walker Sticker Campaign
Michelle Malkin: The Wisconsin Witch Hunt Goes National

Milwaukee JS: Walker plan brings warning from USDA

Politico: Union organizers put seniors on Ryan’s trail


Roll Call: Club Issues Pre-Emptive Strike Against Berg Senate Bid


Columbus Dispatch: House GOP budget hits the casinos
Columbus Dispatch: Pardons promised by Strickland fail to materialize


Detroit News: Michigan House passes business tax cut, levy on pensions


Roll Call: Republicans Hope Heath Shuler Could Be Weakened by Primary


WaPo: Va. assembly reaches deal on new legislative map


Roll Call: Poll: Joe Manchin Popular, Leads Capito and McKinley


WaPo: Still more anger at GOP over Ryan plan (Rep. Lou Barletta)


NYT: Bid to Limit Benefits Plan in New Jersey Is Dropped


Kim Strassel: Union Busting, Massachusetts Style (via Google)
WaPo: Is Massachusetts the next Wisconsin?
Politico: Madison to Boston

Wash Times: Democrats talk bravely of beating Brown: Top-drawer candidates yet to declare
Boston Globe: Ad hits Brown for EPA vote


American Spectator: Government in Vermont


Roll Call: Kyl Endorses Kirk Adams in Arizona Race to Succeed Flake


Denver Post: Romer, Hancock lead Denver mayoral field in donations


April 28, 2011


WSJ: Democrats Focus on Medicare
WSJ: Why the 2025 Budget Matters Today (via Google)
WSJ: Obama's Millionaire Obsession (via Google)
WSJ: The Debt Ceiling: Myths and Facts (via Google)
Ann Coulter: Obama's Budget: More Waste, Fraud, and Self-Abuse
Pete DuPont: America needs to act fast to get spending and debt under control
Michael Gerson: How serious are we really about the deficit?
Human Events: Two More Years of Budget Winter--and Groundhog Day
American Spectator: Debt Limit Fear Mongering
Weekly Standard: Republicans Are Winning the Budget Debate
Weekly Standard: Democratic Ad Misrepresents Ryan Budget Plan

NYT: Bernanke Defends Fed’s Role in Running Economy
NYT: Bernanke’s News Conference
NYT: Editorial: The Limits of Fed Policy
WSJ: Fed Takes Foot Off the Gas (via Google)

NYT: Most States Seen Raising Jobless Tax on Businesses

WSJ: Panetta to Pentagon and Petraeus to CIA
Hill: President shakes up war council
Wash Times: Panetta tapped to replace Gates at Pentagon
Politico: Leon Panetta choice signals defense cuts
Hill: Panetta nomination may signal deeper cuts for Pentagon
NYT: Obama’s Pentagon and C.I.A. Picks Show Shift in How U.S. Fights
WaPo: Obama to nominate CIA Director Leon Panetta as defense secretary
NYT: Panetta Comes Armed With Background in Budget Fights
WaPo: From CIA to Defense, Leon Panetta is a quintessential Washington player
Human Events: Leon Panetta: Bipartisan in Spirit but a Liberal at Heart
Fox: Gates to Leave Pentagon at End of June, Officials Say
NYT: Director Petraeus to Face Different Culture at C.I.A.
WaPo: Petraeus would helm an increasingly militarized CIA
Fox: Obama Chooses Deputy Commander in Florida to Replace Petraeus in Afghanistan
Fareed Zakaria: Will the CIA and Pentagon be ready for the next crisis?

WSJ: Drivers Cut Back on $4 Gas
WSJ: The Gas Price Freakout
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Encourages Rest of World to Drill for Oil So We Don't Have To
NYT: OpEd: Pain at the Pump? We Need More
Politico: George W. Bush: Drill more to lower gas prices

NRO: Yes, There Is a Good Alternative to Obamacare

NRO: Pulling Labor Law Out of Thin Air (Boeing)

NYT: A 9/11 Judge Sets a Timer for a Month

WaPo: Supreme Court says arbitration agreements can ban class-action efforts

Politico: Maxine Waters's ethics case going nowhere

NYT: Editorial: Recidivism’s High Cost and a Way to Cut It

NYT: Editorial: The Duty of Counsel (DOMA)

Hill: DeMint eyes Senate Finance Committee seat vacated by tarnished Ensign

Hill: Senate GOP to White House: Don't check political contributions of contractors

George Will: A campaign-finance bill that doesn’t pass muster

Karl Rove: Obama Takes a Page From Nixon's Handbook
John Fund: Obama vs. Obama: The president changes his tune on signing statements

Wash Times: White House releases president’s birth certificate
NYT: With Document, Obama Seeks to End ‘Birther’ Issue
WaPo: Obama, frustrated by ‘this silliness,’ produces detailed Hawaii birth certificate
WSJ: Obama Seeks to Quell 'Birther' Talk
Fox: Obama Birth Certificate Moved to More Secure Location Months Ago
NYT: Editorial: A Certificate of Embarrassment
NYT: In Trying to Debunk a Theory, the News Media Extended Its Life
James Taranto: Badly Timed Books: Oh, there's the birth certificate!
WaPo: Obama’s release of birth certificate does little to allay ‘birther’ fears
Dana Milbank: Obama’s birther day
Roll Call: GOP Strategists Fear Fallout From Obama Birth Record
John Podhoretz: Lack of birth control shows how lost prez is
American Spectator: Advantage Obama

NYT: President Heads to New York to Try to Thaw Wall Street Donors
Rush Limbaugh: Barack H.W. Obama?
Rush Limbaugh: President Obama Is Not Unbeatable
Rush Limbaugh: Who is "Serious" and Who Isn't?
Human Events: Obama's Victimhood Rests on False Claims About Bush Tax Cuts

Rush Limbaugh: Reality TV Star Trump Forces Obama's Hand on Birth Certificate
NYDN: Trump won by forcing Obama to release birth certificate
NYT: On Trail, Trump Basks in Spotlight
Wash Times: President got Trumped
American Thinker: Trump and the GOP Establishment
Rush Limbaugh: Populism is Not Conservatism
Politico: Donald Trump would get thumped in swing states, polls show

NYT: Huckabee’s Doings Raise More Questions of Intent

Politico: Newt Gingrich warns: Creeping secularism replacing Christianity

C&E: Barbour's Exit from 2012 Field Frees Up Operatives
Michael Barone: Barbour's Withdrawal Gives No Clues to GOP 2012 Nominee

DC: Christie performs best in in tracking poll, Paul Ryan makes strong debut showing

Politico: Gallup poll: John Boehner's favorable numbers slide
Rush Limbaugh: Libs Praise Reasonable Boehner

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter: In Praise of Our Republican Party


Des Moines Register: Departure of key staff at tax group rattles GOP


Boston Globe: Trump gets N.H. buzzing with visit
Politico: Donald Trump's New Hampshire victory lap


Wash Times: Governor names Rep. Heller to fill out Ensign’s term
NYT: Nevada Governor Appoints Representative Heller to Replace Ensign
Roll Call: Nevada Governor Appoints Dean Heller to Fill Ensign Seat
Fox: Nevada Senate Appointment Sets Up Bellwether Special Election This Fall


Albany TU: Cuomo: No overall number of layoffs yet determined
Albany TU: Cuomo appoints Deputy Director of State Ops
Albany TU: Cuomo cabinet meeting: “Everybody’s happy”
NYDN: Cuomo promises 'most aggressive' strengthening of rent regulations

Roll Call: Rhetoric Heats Up in N.Y. Special


LA Times: Spate of California bills address misuse of taxpayer money
SacBee: Democrats threaten to target cuts in GOP legislators' districts

LA Times: Jane Harman's 36th District seat attracts a crowded field


Wash Times: Leppert setting fundraising pace in crowded senate race
Politico: Who's winning the Texas money chase?

Star-Telegram: Texas House plan with new Tarrant district nears passage


NYT: In Florida, H.M.O.’s Would Treat Medicaid Patients

Buzz: A new contender emerges for GOP U.S. Senate race?

WSJ: Amtrak Seeking Florida's Rail Funds


Politico: Disaster declared in Alabama after lethal tornadoes


WSJ: Illinois Headed for $8 Billion Shortfall, Comptroller Says

AP/Tarm: Selection of jury drags on in Blago retrial


Star Tribune: GOP proposing amendments to avert possible veto on legislation


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich rips Obama for SB 5 remarks


WSJ: Michigan Pushes for School Choice
Detroit News: Snyder targets 18 Detroit area districts
Detroit FP: Rick Snyder: Let's fix Michigan schools


Fox: Website Offers Background Checks to Candidates in New Jersey, Eyes National Service


NYT: In a Mother’s Case, Reminders of Educational Inequalities


Fox: Unions Peeved as Massachusetts House Votes to Limit Collective Bargaining


Roll Call: Arizona Speaker Kirk Adams Moves Toward Congressional Bid


Denver Post: Latino Republican in Colorado House struggled over vote on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants


April 27, 2011


WaPo: Treasury quietly plans for failure to raise debt ceiling
WSJ: Geithner Presses GOP on Debt Vote (via Google)
Politico: Bank execs warn GOP on debt limit
Hill: Debt limit standoff: 10 things to watch
Hill: Debt ceiling debate muddied by TARP vote
NYT: House G.O.P. Members Face Voter Anger Over Budget
WaPo: More deficit concern, less hope about solving problem, WaPo-Pew Center poll finds
Betsy McCaughey: Medicare As We've Known It Isn't an Option
Wkly Std: Ryan Pressed for Specifics on Debt Limit Concessions
Politico: Paul Ryan's plan puts 2012 elderly vote in play
Politico: John Boehner says he’s not 'wedded to' Paul Ryan plan

WaPo: States face $1.26 trillion shortfall in funds to pay retiree benefits

Hill: Gas prices hurting Obama, who struggles to feel 'pain at pump'
WSJ: Gas Price Surge Triggers Political Brawl (via Google)
NYT: Obama Calls for Repeal of Tax Breaks for Oil Firms
WaPo: Obama to Congress: End ‘unwarranted tax breaks’ for oil companies
Wash Times: Obama cites Boehner on oil tax breaks
WaPo: Paper industry pushed further into the black by ‘black liquor’ tax credits
Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Lack Courage on Oil
Larry Kudlow: The Left Hates Oil Companies
Mark Steyn: It’s Hard Out Here For A Pump

WaPo: Bernanke prepares to make history by holding open news conference
WSJ: Bernanke's Code: a Guide to Fed Chairman's First Q&A
Wash Times: Fed likely to quit buying bonds, putting Congress in debt corner
Fox: Critics Say Fed Policies Devalue the U.S. Dollar
NYT: Holding Bernanke Accountable
WSJ: Questions for Ben Bernanke (via Google)
WaPo: Editorial: What Mr. Bernanke’s news conference could do for the markets

NYT: Editorial: Bad Numbers (continued housing bust)
WSJ: A Mortgage 'Big Fish' Disappoints (via Google)

Fox: Ex-Labor Board Chairman: Union-Backed Case Against Boeing 'Unprecedented'

WaPo: Obama expected to announce national security team changes this week

NYT: Deportation Halted for Some Students as Lawmakers Seek New Policy

NYT: Lobbyist Fires Warning Shot Over Donation Disclosure Plan
David Marsten & John Yoo: Political Privacy Should Be a Civil Right

NYT: Justices’ Debate Turns to Privacy for Doctors

NYT: Irked at Democrats, Firefighters Suspend Federal Contributions
AP/Hananel: Firefighters stop giving to members of Congress

NYT: Editorial: The Republican Threat to Voting (voter ID)

Jennifer Rubin: The King and Spalding plot thickens
Wash Times: Lawyer quits firm in clash over marriage case
Fox: Holder Vouches for Attorney Defending Gay Marriage Ban
Andrew McCarthy: Al-Qaeda, Yes; DOMA, No

Fox: Palin Launches Blistering Attack on Obama's 'Leadership'
Dick Morris: The president turns left
James Taranto: Hope? Nope: For Barack Obama, it'll be no more Mr. Nice Guy
Rush Limbaugh: Independents Dump Democrats and Lose Their Luster with Liberals
Rush Limbaugh: Anti-Obama Sentiment is Profound
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Easter Sunday Pastor Compares Your Host to the KKK

WaPo: Trump’s donation history shows Democratic favoritism
Rush Limbaugh: Why Trump Continues to Appeal
Ruth Marcus: Donald Trump’s circus act
Wash Times: Chairman speaks for Trump in ‘birther’ flap
Chicago Sun-Times: Obama birthers: Republican chairman says Obama born in U.S.
Cynthia Tucker: Birtherism stalks GOP, scaring the establishment
Politico: Jackson: Trump birth talk is race "code"
American Thinker: Obama's Birthplace Mystery: The Real Issue

MSNBC: Ron Paul kicks off exploratory committee for 2012 bid
NYT: As Ron Paul Weighs Presidential Run, His Issues Are Already Being Debated
NYT: Could Ron Paul 2012 Outperform Ron Paul 2008?

Hill: Mitt Romney’s primary problem

Politico: Huckabee denies Fox News pressure

Newt Gingrich: Is America Exceptional?
WSJ: Professor Cornpone Inc.: A Gingrich ethanol update (via Google)

Wash Times: Giuliani leaving ‘door open’ to White House run

AP: Daniels' timeline for White House campaign ticking
NRO: Daniels for President?

American Spectator: Why Not Santorum?

DC: Strategists speculate on where Barbour supporters will land
Hill: Barbour endorsement now a big get for GOP presidential hopefuls

Miami Herald: RNC chairman: Chaotic GOP field will solidify shortly
Rush Limbaugh: Caller: Where is the GOP Churchill?
Miami Herald: In Florida and nationally, Republicans in search of a rock star
Harold Meyerson: Republicans are being held hostage by their base
American Spectator: The Party of Ryan or The Party of Trump?
William Kristol: Needed: A Candidate Who Can Argue Political Economy

Salon: Paul Krugman and the disillusioned left
Wash Times: Spurned Democrats ready for second try
Wash Times: Surge in voting by fast-growing minority may aid Democrats

Chicago Tribune: 'Atlas Shrugged' producer: 'Critics, you won.' He's going 'on strike'
American Thinker: Someone take Boehner to Atlas Shrugged


Roll Call: Heller, Berkley Close in New Poll
LVRJ: Krolicki is GOP favorite if special election needed for Heller's seat

Politico: Angle commits to run as a Republican


LoHud: Hochul Hits Corwin Over Federal Budget (Updated)
National Journal: The First Battleground Over The Ryan Budget

NYDN: Cuomo orders new regulations to crack down on pension fund gravy train
NY Post: Andy's 'Hevesi Law' to $lam crooked pols


Human Events: Gov. Brown Now Wants California Tax Hike on November Ballot
LA Times: Jerry Brown bans nonessential travel by state employees

Wash Times: Gay judge’s disclosure raises bias questions

Michelle Malkin: Maxine Waters: Swamp Queen


Star-Telegram: Perry says he's dead-set against using rainy-day fund


NewsMax: Hasner Seeks US Senate as 'Authentic Conservative'

SPT" After secret talks, Republicans end budget impasse

DC: Air America host arrested for disrupting Allen West town hall event

NYT: Jeb Bush Leads Broad Push for Education Change With ‘Florida Formula’


WSJ: Alabama Hands Over Execution Drug to Federal Authorities


WaPo: Jury selection enters last stretch in corruption retrial of ex-Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich


WaPo: Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels’s truce put to the test


WaPo: Could Paul Ryan become a victim of his own plan?

Milwaukee JS: Bill affects more than voter ID

Milwaukee JS: Some GOP lawmakers line up against key Walker budget plans


Roll Call: Berg Senate Run Likely in North Dakota


NYT: A State Manager Takes Over and Cuts What a City Can’t
Jesse Jackson: Time for an uprising in Benton Harbor


Roll Call: Wagner Moves Toward Bid for Akin's Seat in Missouri


Fox: Tennessee Considers Banning Teaching Homosexuality in Elementary Schools


Politico: Heath Shuler gets a primary


Weekly Standard: A Conversation with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell


NYT: New Jersey Official Halts Carl Lewis’s Bid for the Legislature

American Spectator: Too Messy Even for Liberals (ordination of James McGreevey)


Boston Globe: House votes to restrict unions


WaPo: Hector Balderas joins New Mexico Senate race


Denver Post: House panel advances bill to opt Colorado out of federal health law


April 26, 2011


Fox: GOP Eyes Debt Ceiling Vote for Leverage to Pass Balanced Budget Amendment
Politico: John Boehner won’t promise debt limit vote
Hill: Boehner: Obama not being upfront about problem of deficit

John Fund: Polling Entitlement Reform: A plurality approve of Rep. Ryan's Medicare reforms
Tony Blankley: Only the Republican Study Committee budget would succeed
David Brooks: The Big Disconnect
Erick Erickson: Liars and Lies
WSJ: Bernanke's Inflation Paradox
Lewis Lehrman: Monetary Reform: The Key to Spending Restraint
Ted Nugent: Punishing the producers: Obama’s class-warfare will only make deficit larger
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Presides Over US Decline, As Libs Use Jesus to Push Agenda
American Spectator: Obamaflation Arrives

WSJ: State Pension Plans Lose Ground
NYT: Public Pensions, Once Off Limits, Face Budget Cuts
WaPo: States face $1.26 trillion shortfall in funds to pay retiree benefits

WaPo: High gas prices cut into driving habits — and Obama’s approval rating
Hill: Poll: Prices at the pump threaten Obama at the ballot box
Politico: John Boehner: Oil companies should pay their 'fair share'
NRO: Editorial: In Search of Petrovillains

WaPo: Affordable rental housing scarce in U.S., study finds

WSJ: Leaked Reports Show Gitmo Dilemma
NYT: Editorial: The Guantánamo Papers

WSJ: Law Partner Quits Over Same-Sex Policy Spat
Wash Times: Lawyer quits firm in clash over marriage case
Wkly Std: Gay Rights Group Contacted Law Firm's Clients
Byron York: Pressure from Left causes law firm to abdicate responsibility
Power Line: The Left Politicizes the Practice of Law
Volokh: Paul Clement and the New McCarthyism
Jennifer Rubin: The left decides who gets lawyers
NYT: Law Firm Won’t Defend Marriage Act
WaPo: Firm defending Defense of Marriage Act withdraws from case
Hill: GOP pushes on with marriage act defense after law firm backs out
Politico: DOMA defense in turmoil

WaPo: Holder says he’s not going anywhere

Wash Times: Supreme Court won’t expedite health care ruling
WSJ: Health Law Won't Get High-Court Review Yet
NYT: Justices Reject Request for Fast Health Law Ruling
WaPo: Supreme Court turns down Va.’s request to expedite review of health-care law
American Spectator: Supreme Court Allows Obamacare to Metastasize

WSJ: Judge Rules to Lift NFL Lockout
NYT: N.F.L. in Limbo as Owners Try to Preserve Lockout
WaPo: NFL labor: Judge rules in favor of players, but lockout might not end immediately
Roger Goodell: Football's Future If the Players Win

Sen. Lamar Alexander: The White House vs. Boeing: A Tennessee Tale
NYT: Editorial: Boeing and the N.L.R.B.

WSJ: NLRB to Sue Arizona, South Dakota Over Union Laws
Rush Limbaugh: Doomsday for Unions, Democrats?

Hill: Troubled air-traffic control system could pose risk for Obama

WSJ: Carter Arrives in North Korea

Pat Buchanan: When Dictators Fall, Who Rises?

Human Events: Koran-Burning Pastor Jailed for Thoughtcrime

James Taranto: Ethics and Errors: Fun with the New York Times

WSJ: Tea Party Heads to School

WSJ: Financiers Switch to GOP
Rush Limbaugh: If the Election Were Held Today Obama Would be a Landslide Loser

Roll Call: Haley Barbour Not Running for President
Wash Times: Lacking ‘fire in belly,’ Barbour to forego ‘12 bid
NYT: Governor of Mississippi Won’t Run for President
WaPo: Haley Barbour ducks (the presidential) race
WaPo: With Barbour out, new questions for 2012 Republican field
Politico: How Haley Barbour's move shakes up 2012
Politico: Why Haley Barbour pulled the plug

Politico: Donald Trump: How did Barack Obama get into Ivies?
AP/Fouhy: Trump: Obama wasn't qualified for Ivy League
NBC: Trump: Obama a "Terrible Student" Not Good Enough for Harvard
DC: Is Donald Trump the new Ronald Reagan? Trump would like you to think so
DC: Top GOP pollster turns down Donald Trump’s wish to join campaign
Thomas Sowell: The Trump Card
American Thinker: The Chord Donald Trump Strikes

Rush Limbaugh: The Left's Conspiratorial Hatred for Sarah Palin is Truly Unprecedented

Politico: Newt Gingrich pocketed $300K consulting for ethanol group
American Spectator: Newt's Greatest Liability

WaPo: Texas Rep. Ron Paul to announce presidential exploratory committee


Fox: Iowa GOP Divided Over Push to Impeach Judges in Same-Sex Marriage Case

C&E: Christie Vilsack to Challenge Rep. Steve King in 2012


Roll Call: Newt Gingrich Is Next Major 2012 Player on Ovide Lamontagne’s List


Hill: Gov. Haley's advice to GOP presidential hopefuls: Change your message
Politico: Mike Huckabee leads in South Carolina polls


LVRJ: Assembly resolution seeks 'open' appointment process for Ensign's replacement


Daily Caller: Freshman Rep. has checkered past as undercover FBI agent (Michael Grimm)


WSJ: Judge's Proposition 8 Ruling Contested
LA Times: Proposition 8 supporters say ruling should be voided

Dan Walters: Budget nut remains uncracked

Roll Call: LA Times Endorses Janice Hahn in California Special Election


CSM: Gov. Rick Perry sees Texas wildfires as statewide emergency. FEMA doesn't?

Wash Times: GOP lawmakers try to reverse law on transgendered


Daily Caller: The next Marco Rubio? Meet Adam Hasner
Politico: Florida Senate hopeful looking to follow Marco Rubio’s lead

Miami Herald: Top Republican bashes Florida House speaker over budget impasse
SPT: Amid report that Scott tried to kill Citizens Insurance, Fasano asks delay on rate bill


Big Govt: Did Kloppenberg violate the Wisconsin Judicial Code of Conduct?
NRO: A Victory and a Warning

Roll Call: Sean Duffy Gets Challenger in Wisconsin’s 7th District


Roll Call: N.D. Public Service Commissioner Likely to Enter Senate Race


Columbus Dispatch: House GOP likely to seek changes in Kasich budget


Roll Call: Missouri Lawmakers Hope to Resolve New Map This Week


Wash Times: Ben Nelson faces ‘a real test’ in 2012 campaign


Politico: Hal Rogers’ empire of nonprofits under scrutiny


Wash Times: McAuliffe’s travels hint of another governor bid


NYT: For New Jersey School Budget Votes, Tempers and Tax Rises Ease
Wash Times: Tea party feels redistricting sting


Boston Globe: AG seeks Cahill lottery records


Roll Call: Luján Won’t Pursue Bingaman’s Senate Seat


Denver Post: House committee dismisses illegal immigrant tuition bill


April 25, 2011


WSJ: Drivers Feeling Pinched as Price Of Gasoline Rises
WSJ: Time for a Cease-Fire in the War on Oil (via Google)
American Thinker: Gasoline Prices and Speculators: They Think You Are Stupid

Hill: With public's backing, Dems to push tax hikes for the wealthy
Fox: Tax Hikes on Top Earners? Bloomberg Says Now Is Not the Time
American Thinker: The Politics of Envy
Michael Barone: The Death of the 'Defined Benefit'
Jed Babbin: Obama's Machete Hacks Up Pentagon Budget
American Spectator: The Democrats' War on Paul Ryan
American Thinker: The Racialization of Deficit Cutting
Paul Krugman: Let’s Take a Hike
EJ Dionne: The real value of false choices

WSJ: How Health Reform Punishes Work

Hill: McConnell faces tough choice on open Finance Committee spot

NYT: Editorial: The House Strikes, and Wins, Again

WSJ: White House Wants a List: Want a contract? Show politicians the money (via Google)
NRO: Editorial: Obama vs. Free Speech, Again

WSJ: The Climate Tort Goes Down (via Google)
Rep. Ted Poe: EPA Regulations Strangling America

NYT: Lawmakers Seek to Unclog Road to Confirmation

WaPo: WikiLeaks discloses new details on whereabouts of al-Qaeda leaders on 9/11
WaPo: Guantanamo Bay: Why Obama hasn’t fulfilled his promise to close the facility
NYT: Classified Files Offer New Insights Into Detainees
NYT: Judging Detainees’ Risk, Often With Flawed Evidence

Wash Times: Abortion votes will trail GOP in 2012 campaign
Roll Call: Poll: Republicans Not Satisfied With ’12 Field
DC: Hume: ‘If the election were held today in my view, Obama would lose. He might lose big’
American Spectator: Obama Faces Hard Times with Catholic Voters

Wash Times: Preacher Franklin Graham warming to Trump
Hill: Rev. Graham on the 2012 GOP field: Trump may be right, Palin not running
American Spectator: Donald Trump's Miracle Presidential Win
American Thinker: Trump's 'Fair Trade' Rhetoric Hurts Republicans' White House Chances

Politico: Palin not running, Graham says
Politico: Mission for anti-Palin movement: expose Sarah

Roll Call: Barbour's Drawl Gets New Hampshire Debut

Human Events: Policy, Politics, Publicity: Why Newt Gingrich Will Be a Formidable Contender

Fox: Santorum Calls Own Vote in Favor of Medicare Drug Benefit a 'Mistake'


DMR: Trump predicts he can win over Iowa's skeptics


Politico: New Hampshire politicians snipe over primary


Wash Times: Ensign’s quitting spurs political jockeying for seats


Albany TU: Pension reform in limbo
Fred Dicker: Dirty $ecret of pols' ethics resistance
NYT: In a Place of Fragile Alliances, a Romance Endures


LA Times: California voters want public employees to help ease state's financial troubles
George Skelton: Jerry Brown falls short on union contracts
Dan Walters: Huge stakes in California's school financing


NRO: Rick Perry’s Tenth Commandment


Politico: Coburn takes on Norquist


NYT: In a Life Filled With Firsts, One More (Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz)


Hill: Kirk: Senate should not have taken a break

Chicago Tribune: 'Life work' of Blagojevich
WaPo: Jurors in 1st Blagojevich trial offer advice for their successors


WaPo: Mitch Daniels sounds fiscal alarm, but Indiana Republican hesitant to run in 2012


Milwaukee JS: Walker takes credit for creating 125 jobs, and so does Doyle


WSJ: Show Me the Jobs (via Google)


Politico: Rand and Ron Paul: The libertarian Kennedys


WaPo: Lawmakers to consider governor’s veto of Virginia redistricting legislation


NYT: Maryland Renames Law School After Donation


April 24, 2011


WSJ: Rising Oil and a Falling Dollar Reset Summer Travel Plans
Fox: Costly Gas Prices A Potential Obstacle in Obama's Re-Election Bid
Hill: Battered by gas prices White House starts attacks on oil companies
AP/Hindery: Gas tax not enough to support roads as cars use less gasoline
Hill: Fact-checking the Washington rhetoric on oil, drilling and energy
Steven Pearlstein: The politics and economics of a falling dollar
WaPo: The value of the dollar: Five factors for investors

Hill: The Biden Commission: A whole new gang of six for budget talks
Hill: Johanns: Get government out of the way of growth
Nashua Telegraph: Media not telling the truth on Ryan budget plan
WaPo: The Democrats’ working-class problem
NYT: Editorial: A Real Choice on Medicare
NYT: OpEd: Poor Jane’s Almanac: Benjamin Franklin’s sister and the path to poverty
David Limbaugh: To Retire Our National Debt, We Must Retire Obama
David Stockman: The Bipartisan March to Fiscal Madness
David Ignatius: When delay on deficits means more pain

NYT: Stimulus by Fed Is Disappointing, Economists Say

NYT: OpEd: A Slogan, Not a Plan for the Republican Health Care Agenda
WaPo: Lobbying efforts persist long after health-care, financial regulation bills passed

WaPo: Guantanamo Bay: Why Obama hasn’t fulfilled his promise to close the facility
Wash Times: Somali hijackers captured on the high seas should be sent to Gitmo

Clarice Feldman: Psst -- The Holder Tapes

Human Events: France’s Immigration Lessons For America
Hill: GAO: $1.5B to jail unlawful immigrants

Gary Bauer: Judeo-Christian Values Make America the Light of the World
Fox: Pelosi Gets Fiscal Religion Over Boehner Hiring Attorney to Defend Gay Marriage Ban
WaPo: Five myths about church and state in America

NYT: OpEd: Fast Train to Nowhere: High-speed rail subsidies could repeat a 19th-century folly

NYT: With ‘Coolest Job Ever’ Ending, Astronauts Seek Next Frontier
DC: Gingrich opposes Ryan budget cuts to science and research

Fox: Republican Presidential Hopefuls in Fundraising Frenzy
Politico: For some 2012 candidates' spouses, campaign spotlight too bright

NYT: Trump Skipped Primaries for 21 Years
NY Post: 'No-vote' flap for the Donald
WaPo: The world according to Donald Trump: ‘So easy’
Slate: The case for taking the Trump campaign more seriously
NYDN: Donald Trump's bankruptcies whittle away at his reputation as a great businessman

Ted Nugent: Votes of America’s wallet-watchers aren’t for sale

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday show preview: Talking Libya, the US debt and Easter


Hill: Ensign resignation sets off political scramble for Nevada's seats
Roll Call: Parties Await Nevada Special Election Logistics
Wash Times: Senate ethics panel says Ensign resignation right move


NY Post: NY taxpayers could foot bill for rapist's heart transplant
Albany TU: Greens question Cuomo policies
AP: Renewed fight for gay marriage in NY hits suburbs

Buffalo News: Ideologies compete in House race (NY26)


LA Times: Times/USC poll: Californians support tax hikes to help close budget gap
LA Times: Voters still sour on state’s economy, new Times/USC Dornsife poll finds
Mercury News: Gov. Jerry Brown warns of California education crisis

LA Times: House Republicans face backlash at home over budget plan


Austin AS: Perry getting pushback from Longhorn faithful
AP/Rodriguez: Austin anti-abortion group defends Obama billboard
NYT: Resistance to Gas Drilling Rises on Unlikely Soil
NYT: The Battle for Abilene on the Senate Map


AP/Kaczor: Rollback of growth limits passes in Fla. House
Miami Herald: Effort to privatize Florida prisons raises questions of cost


AJC: The archbishop and Georgia’s illegal immigration debate


NYT: In Emanuel’s Team, a Mirror of the Man
NYT: Cuts Are Threatening Job-Training Efforts


Star Tribune: Outlines of a budget deal at the Capitol?


WaPo: For conflicted Ryan constituent, budget debate about more than his own future
Milwaukee JS: Fraud taints state's FoodShare program


WSJ: Pastor Turns Focus to City Hall
Detroit News: Jones: Return to Dearborn is 'battle to protect the First Amendment'


George Will: In Kansas City, tackling education’s status quo


NYT: Pastor Is Accused of Helping to Kidnap Girl at Center of Lesbian Custody Fight


WaPo: Virginia Republicans vent about McDonnell’s redistricting veto


NYT: Vermont Exercising Option to Balance the Budget


Arizona Republic: Arizona immigration law: A look at bill's impact 1 year later
Arizona Republic: Joe Arpaio fires top 2 assistants

NYT: Giffords Standing on Own, Trying to Improve Gait
Fox: Giffords Intern Loses Student-Government Election


Denver Post: People moving into Colorado faster than state creates jobs for them
Denver Post: GOP-approved Colorado budget similar to those party fought in past


April 23, 2011


Fox: As Obama Turns to Deficit Reduction, Supporters Ask Where Are the Jobs?
WaPo: Republicans facing tough questions over Medicare overhaul in budget plan
Weekly Standard: The Ryan Posse
Weekly Standard: Downgrade, Default, and the Messy Economic Situation
Fox: Obama Seeks Stronger Hand for Medicare Panel
Daily Caller: Collins is first GOP senator to oppose Ryan budget proposal
Hill: Collins is first GOP senator to oppose Ryan budget proposal
Hill: Orszag: Ryan plan raises healthcare costs on the backs of seniors
WSJ: Dollar's Decline Speeds Up, With Risks for U.S. (via Google)
WSJ: Governors Press on Medicaid (via Google)
Chicago Tribune: Gang of Six gives old-time politics a try
NYT: Editorial: Dangerous Games (spending cuts & the debt limit)
Mark Steyn: The Disappearing Dollar
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Will Punt on Debt Ceiling
Rush Limbaugh: Is Audience Experiencing Obama-is-Destroying-the-Country Fatigue?
Rush Limbaugh: The Clinton Tax Increases Did Not Cause the 1990s Economic Boom
Joe Nocera: Sewers, Swaps and Bachus
Gail Collins: Wanna Buy a Turnpike?

Politico: GOP to make hay in May over gas
Hill: Obama: No 'silver bullet' to bring down gas prices
American Thinker: Gasoline and Dollars: Supply and Demand
Rush Limbaugh: Bam Ratchets Up Attacks on "Rich" and Spews Stupidity on Gas Prices

Human Events: Top 10 Environmental Scams

NYT: Builders of New Homes Seeing No Sign of Recovery

James Taranto: The New Face of Poverty: How economic freedom spreads wealth around

NYT: Editorial: Democrats and Gun Control

Al D'Amato: Make online poker legal? It already is

WSJ: Appeals Court Revives Blackwater Case
NYT: Ex-Blackwater Guards Face Renewed Charges

Andrew McCarthy: Islamic “charity” is anything but humanitarian

NYT: Editorial: Shielding the Privacies of Life (border computer searches)

Hill: Obama administration asks Supreme Court to uphold FCC's indecency policy

WSJ: GOP Picture for 2012 Remains Blurry
WaPo: The Week in 2012: Mitt Romney, Donald Trump and the polls
NY Post: Trump in full Gallup
Miami Herald: Donald Trump is turning Republican Party heads
Politico: Glenn Beck tells 'thin-skinned' Mike Huckabee not to run
NYDN: Lucas Bachmann, son of Michele Bachmann: My mom could be President in 2012
Jonah Goldberg: The Unhappy President
Charles Blow: Of Donald, Dunces and Dogma

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


DMR: Judge dismisses suit challenging ouster of Iowa Supreme Court justices


Politico: Mitt Romney tops weak Barack Obama in New Hampshire, poll shows


Kathleen Parker: The NLRB fires a shot South Carolina can’t ignore


Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval says he will name choice to replace Ensign by May 3
NYT: Resignation Has Nevada Sorting Out the Fallout
NYT: Senate Resignation May Not Halt Release of Evidence
WaPo: Ensign out but Senate panel probe goes on
Wash Times: Senate ethics panel says Ensign resignation right move
NYT: Editorial: Senator Ensign May Go, but the Questions Remain
DC: Tea Party Express seeks to influence Nevada politics in wake of Ensign resignation
Daily Caller: Picking Ensign’s successor
Politico: Sharron Angle fortunes tied to John Ensign appointment
Human Events: Nevada's High Rollers Jumping on Ensign's Resignation


NYT: Cuomo’s Home? The Address Says One Thing, the Map Another

Roll Call: EMILY's List Backs Hochul in N.Y. Special

Politico: Rep. Hinchey being treated for cancer
Hill: Rep. Hinchey has 'treatable' colon cancer


LA Times: Jerry Brown urges GOP legislators to resume budget talks
SF Chronicle: Jerry Brown defends prison guard contract
SacBee: Jerry Brown personalizes tax appeal in Northern California stop


Star-Telegram: Resistance builds to proposal to suspend Texas' sales tax holiday


SPT: Florida Republicans rush to weaken Democrats ahead of 2012
Miami Herald: Governor to EPA: Water guidelines aren’t necessary here


AJC: Nathan Deal: Tax reform ‘probably’ back on the table in August


Wash Times: Alabama businessman pleads guilty in vote-buying scheme


Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel likely to keep Burke in powerful Finance post, sources say


NYT: Now Batting, the Mayor: Second Baseman Takes Reins of His Hometown


Milwaukee JS: Count on some chaos in state Supreme Court recount


Columbus Dispatch: Blackwell considers 2012 Senate race

Human Events: Freedom Is His Flight Plan (Rep. Bill Johnson)


Detroit News: Pastor vows to protest next week at Dearborn mosque
Detroit FP: Terry Jones, second pastor, briefly jailed after tense day
WSJ: Pastor's Jailing Delays Mosque Rally
Wash Times: Koran-burning minister in court in Michigan

Detroit News: Michigan's budget outlook brightens


NYDN: 'Don't say gay' bill advances in TN, would ban teachers from discussing homosexuality


Reuters: O'Donnell files amended Delaware Senate campaign report


NYT: New Jersey Transit Worker, Fired After Burning Koran, Wins Back His Job


Boston Globe: Strong Brown rival is seen as critical for Democrats

Boston Globe: Lantigua is focus of federal, state probe


Wash Times: A year later, Ariz. immigration fight rages

WSJ: Pension Time Bomb Defused in Phoenix


April 22, 2011


Roll Call: Ensign to Resign; Heller Likely Successor
Fox: Nevada Sen. Ensign Announces Resignation as Successor is Viewed
WSJ: Nevada's Ensign to Leave Senate
NYT: Senator Ensign to Resign Amid Inquiry
Wash Times: Under ethics probe, Ensign announces resignation
Hill: Sen. Ensign to resign; decision means ethics probe would end
WaPo: Sen. Ensign, under ethics inquiry, admits no wrongdoing but says he will resign
Las Vegas RJ: Ensign calls Senate service a privilege as he announces resignation
NYT: The Electoral Implications of Ensign’s Resignation
Roll Call: Parties Preparing for Nevada Special Election
Politico: A Heller appointment: blessing or curse?

Wash Times: Deficit talks bring effect of tax cuts center stage
WSJ: Republicans Seek to Reassure Seniors (via Google)
Politico: Newt Gingrich rejects Paul Ryan plan to end Medicare
WSJ: Obama's Permanent Spending Binge
DC: Tea Party puts pressure on Boehner over debt ceiling debate
WSJ: Obama's Tax Max (via Google)
WaPo: Report: Obama deficit plan ‘falls short’ of fiscal commission, House GOP targets
Fox: Obama Targets Top Earners as Small Business Owner Sweats a Tax Hike
Hill: Hatch will oppose any Gang of Six deal that includes tax hikes
Hill: Obama-Hoyer bond forms as Pelosi rejects budget deal
NYT: Editorial: Rethinking Their (Taxpayer Protection) Pledge
Betsy McCaughey: CBO declares war on Ryan budget plan
Pat Buchanan: Barack Hussein Hoover?
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Courage Tells Him That You're a Coward and He's a Hero
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Thinks the Welfare State Made America (and Himself) Great
Mona Charen: It’s All Up to Republicans Now

Politico: Barack Obama talks deficit, voters talk gas prices
Weekly Standard: Is the Global Warming Debate Dead?

WSJ: States to Business: Give Our Cash Back
WaPo: States’ new GOP majorities, governors have made mark on a wide range of issues

WSJ: Wall Street, Banks Press to Shape Dodd-Frank Rules

Fox: Federal Judge in New Jersey Dismisses Case Challenging 'Obamacare'
American Spectator: IPAB Is an Acronym for 'Death Panel'

NYT: Nation’s Mood at Lowest Level in Two Years, Poll Shows
Peggy Noonan: What the World Sees in America (via Google)

NYT: Obama Sets Up Team on Oil-Price Fraud

Paul Krugman: Patients Are Not Consumers

WaPo: Obama authorizes Predator drone strikes in Libya
NYT: Senator McCain Visits Libyan Rebel Stronghold

DC: King probes DOJ's failure to pursue groups for terror financing

WSJ: Gay Marriage Effort Taps GOP Strategists (via Google)

Wash Times: Immigration groups to step up pressure on Obama for reforms
WSJ: Hispanic Values Are American Values (via Google)

WaPo: Blacks’ migration to suburbs will have big impact on congressional redistricting

NYT: A Clash Over the Airwaves

WaPo: House Democrat Chris Van Hollen files challenge to FEC rules on campaign spending
NYT: Democrats Sue to Force U.S. Election Agency to Reveal Political Donations

Gothamist: Bumping Biden: Obama-Cuomo In 2012?
NBC: Da Mayor Says Obama Will Get a New Veep
NY Post: Pol predicts Veep Andy: Budget feat spurs nationwide interest

Wash Times: Activists disrupt Obama fundraiser
Politico: $2.2 million for Secret Service's new armored buses
Rush Limbaugh: Can Low-Income Voters Ever Be Convinced Not to Vote for Obama?

Politico: Race for the Republican presidential nomination begins
NYT: Poll Finds Lack of Passion for Republican Candidates
James Taranto: It's silly to write about the presidential race now
Charles Krauthammer: The racing form, 2012

Donald Trump: Trump's view: Obama, come clean
SPT: Trump's brash style upstages GOP hopefuls
Buzz: Don't dismiss the Donald Trump factor
WaPo: Attacking Donald Trump
Wash Times: GOP establishment targets Trump
Politico: Donald Trump calls Charles Krauthammer; columnist thinks he's in
Politico: Donald Trump's empty hand
Hill: Trump's White House bid gets press, but fails to drive up 'Apprentice' ratings
Michelle Malkin: Donald Trump's Eminent-Domain Empire

WSJ: Activist Stirs Palin Mystery in Iowa

WaPo: Fellow Fox hosts Huckabee, Beck in war of words over ‘progressive’ label
DC: Huckabee defends compassionate conservatism against Club for Growth and Glenn Beck
Hill: Huckabee: Glenn Beck called me a Nazi

Roll Call: Tim Pawlenty Adviser on Probation for Third Drunken Driving Conviction

Wash Times: Former governor of New Mexico announces presidential campaign
WSJ: Long Shot Spices Up GOP Race for 2012 (via Google)

NYT: Evidence Aside, State Lawmakers Debate ‘Birther’ Bills
Politico: Birtherism: Where it all began

NYT: Cash Crunch for G.O.P. Freshmen in Tough Districts

Dana Milbank: Andrew Breitbart and rifts on the right
Michael Gerson: Ayn Rand’s adult-onset adolescence


Fox: Vilsack Reportedly Predicts 'Holy War' as Wife Considers Run Against Rep. King

Des Moines Register: Five House members seek impeachment of four justices


Politico: Nikki Haley's not excited about 2012 candidates


NYT: Governors Come and Go, but This Reporter Keeps Slugging Away (Fred Dicker)

Albany TU: House Majority PAC’s Buerkle ad


NYT: California Is Owed Millions of Dollars by State Employees
John Fund: California Dreamin'—of Jobs in Texas
LA Times: Gavin Newsom treks to Texas to talk jobs

NYDN: Schwarzenegger may be campaigning for president of the European Union

SacBee: Rep. Kevin McCarthy leads California delegation in cash dash


Politico: Paul son rules out Texas Senate bid

WSJ: Don't Mess With Texas

Rick Perry: Gov. Perry Issues Proclamation for Days of Prayer for Rain in Texas

Star-Telegram: Texas Senate version of budget bill softens state service cutbacks


Buzz: Shhhh, Adam Hasner's officially in U.S. Senate race

Buzz: Sharply divided House approves voting-overhaul bill


Savannah MN: Georgia gas tax will increase 3 cents on May 1


NYT: Blagojevich Jury Selection Begins
Chicago Sun-Times: Potential juror calls Blagojevich a ‘nutcase’

Chicago Sun-Times: State recoups $89K of $1 million after Blagojevich ‘mistake’


Weekly Standard: Daniels Aims to Limit Teachers' Unions, Expand Charter Schools


Milwaukee JS: Candidates reach recount deal
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Contest WI Judge Election

WaPo: Recall petition filed against 5th Wisconsin GOP senator over her vote on union bill

American Spectator: Mr. Johnson Goes to Change Washington

Milwaukee JS: How Democrats and Republicans use the media (very differently)


Detroit News: Mosque protest battle in Dearborn moves to court today
DFP: Religious leaders unite against Terry Jones as pastor battles to hold anti-Muslim rally

Detroit News: Critics: $2.3M Detroit library project a symbol of waste amid budget crisis


Roll Call: George Allen and Jamie Radtke Woo Voters at Shad Planking


C&E: New Jersey GOP Courts Biotech Executive to Challenge Menendez in 2012
WSJ: Saving the Incumbents (via Google)


AP/Salsberg: Keep two seats in W. Mass., Neal urges


Wash Times: A year later, Ariz. immigration fight rages


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