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April 14, 2011


WSJ: Obama Stokes Deficit Fight
Wash Times: Obama outlines deficit-reduction policy
Fox: Obama Debt Plan Revives Debate Over Bush-Era Tax Cuts
WSJ: GOP Criticizes Obama Speech as Too Partisan
WSJ: President Advocates Tax Debate on Breaks, Not Rates
WSJ: Obama Seeks Medicare Savings, Rejects GOP Plan (via Google)
WaPo: Obama proposes tighter curbs on health-care spending
NYT: Obama’s Debt Plan Sets Stage for Long Battle Over Spending
Human Events: GOP to Obama: No Tax Hikes
American Spectator: He's Kidding, Right?
American Thinker: Obama's Strategy? He Doesn't Have One
Wkly Std: So When Is Obama Going to Show Us His Plan to Reduce the Deficit?
WaPo: Obama announces framework for cutting deficit by $4 trillion over 12 years
WaPo: Obama speech frames a 2012 choice for the country
Hill: Top Republicans blast Obama speech as masked campaign pitch
NYT: As Spending Plan Details Emerge, So Does Dissent
Politico: Barack Obama leaves GOP in no mood to deal
NYT: Reaction to Obama Deficit Reduction Speech Swift – and Partisan
WSJ: Budget Theatrics Recast Political Script
WSJ: Presidential Divider: Obama's toxic speech & even worse plan for deficits & debt
Hill: Sidelined Senate Republicans plan to jump into 2012 budget game
NYT: Editorial: President Obama, Reinvigorated
Karl Rove: The GOP Will Benefit From the Budget Debate (via Google)
Grover Norquist: The Obama Budget vs. the Ryan Budget
Alan Reynolds: Obama's Soak-the-Rich Tax Hikes Won't Work (via Google)
Dan Henninger: Who Do You Trust? Obama and Ryan agree: This is a "defining moment"
Stephen Moore: Budget Showdown II
DC: Krauthammer’s take on Obama’s budget address: ‘I thought it was a disgrace’
Jennifer Rubin: Paul Ryan responds
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Campaign Speech JIP: A Sales Pitch for More Government
American Spectator: The Obama Tax Hike Machete
George Will: The curse of free money
Fareed Zakaria: Obama deficit speech reveals his core beliefs
Matt Miller: Obama on deficits: The message box vs. the solutions box
Dana Milbank: If progressives ran the world
Ann Coulter: On This Aborted Fetus, The Democrats Plant Their Flag
Gail Collins: Behind the Abortion War
Nicholas Kristof: Raise America’s Taxes

Fox: Congress Ready to Close Budget Books on 2011
Hill: Budget deal appears to have votes to pass Congress
WaPo: House votes on spending may reveal future of fiscal debate
Hill: Freshmen shrugging off Tea Party primary threats over spending deal
Hill: Pelosi may vote against budget deal; 2 other Dem leaders will
Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi Encourages GOP Moderates
WSJ: U.S. Budget Analysis Shows Smaller Savings
NYT: In Budget’s Fine Print, Real and Illusory Cuts
Wash Times: Environmentalists suffer on key budget provisions
WSJ: Public Defenders Stretched Thin by State Cuts
James Taranto: Obama finds change under the cushions of the federal couch
NRO: Editorial: Strike One: Boehner’s budget deal is a fake

Hill: If Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling: A look at the consequences
Rush Limbaugh: Ruling Class GOP Decides Debt Ceiling Isn't the Next Fight After All
Rush Limbaugh: If We Don't Raise the Debt Ceiling, Will the Apocalypse Really Occur?
American Spectator: Washington and Deficits

WaPo: House passes repeal of health care law provision; Obama issues veto threat
Wash Times: In a symbolic move, House votes to defund proviso of health law
Hill: House votes to kill another piece of Obama's healthcare reform law
American Spectator: Supreme Court to Consider Obamacare Case Friday

American Spectator: The Boone Pickens Bill

American Thinker: House Prices in Free Fall
CNBC: Banks Face $3.6 Trillion 'Wall' of Debt: IMF

Hans von Spakovsky: Holder’s Justice Department defies the Supreme Court

Rush Limbaugh: Media Hoaxed on GE's Taxes

NYT: In Financial Crisis, a Dearth of Prosecutions Raises Alarms

Roll Call: Election Assistance Commission May Be Closing

Wash Times: Court ruling allows tools to hinder tax reform

Time: The Big Questions: Mitt Romney
Politico: The other Romney path

WSJ: The GOP and the Birther Trap (via Google)
Daily Caller: Trump mum on Hawaii investigation details
Daily Caller: Eric Cantor: Trump “is not a serious candidate”
Rush Limbaugh: Trump Will Be Here on Friday
American Spectator: Trump the Protectionist

NYT: Pawlenty Criticizes Budget Agreement

WSJ: Santorum to Raise Money to Explore Presidential Run
NYT: Santorum Forms Presidential Fund-Raising Committee
WaPo: Santorum forms presidential committee to gauge fundraising potential for WH run

LA Times: Lack of primary competition gives Obama an edge

NYDN: Bubba laments hooker-free Times Sq.
NY Post: Bill Clinton calls old Times Square 'romantic'


Albany TU: PEF, CSEA: No 'model' deal with givebacks, pay freeze
Albany TU: Cuomo, Council 82 union reach contract agreement
NYDN: Killing rent regulations would spell 'tsunami', state Sen. Bill Perkins says

NYT: The Governor’s Official Fashion Statement
NYT: Sandra Lee Gets Professional Political Help

Roll Call: DCCC Is Playing Limited Role in N.Y. Special


NYT: Standoff in Sacramento as Brown and G.O.P. Lock Horns Over Taxes

George Skelton: Making California relevant to presidential campaigns


Star-Telegram: State House redistricting proposal includes new seat for Tarrant


Buzz: Poll: Romney leads Obama in Fla; Rick Scott "wildly unpopular"
Roll Call: Haridopolos Raises $2.6M in First Quarter
Roll Call: Rubio Takes Increasing National Glare in Stride
WaPo: Florida delaying primary decision
NPR: Public Employees Feel The Heat In The Sunshine State


AJC: What’s left for last day of legislative session


Politico: Louisiana map sets up incumbent clash


Chicago Tribune: Illinois teachers, lawmakers draw up reforms
Chicago Sun-Times: Sweeping school reform bill targets school day, strikes, bad teachers

Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich: Prosecutors trying to stop me from proving innocence
NBC Chicago: Blago Repeats Call: Play the Tapes


South Bend Trib: Democrats not pleased with new proposed Indiana legislative districts


Star Tribune: Rough ride for Dayton tax plan
Star Tribune: Budget deal hits Minnesota hard


Hill: Fireworks expected as Gov. Walker heads to Hill to talk unions
NYT: Editorial: Tainting Justice With Politics
Milwaukee JS: Budget cuts called depressing


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich wants casinos to pay more
Daily Caller: Thousands of dead on Ohio voter rolls, report shows


Roll Call: Stabenow Reports $3M War Chest
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick's federal trial to start in Sept. 2012
Detroit News: How former HUD chief's Detroit housing project failed


WaPo: Cuccinelli advises against proposed rules that could pave way for gay adoption


WSJ: Naked Truth: Clothing Perk Probed


Politico: Arizona passes birther bill
NYT: Editorial: A Setback for Arizona-Style Immigration Laws


WSJ: Montana Governor Vetoes Repeal Medical-Pot Bill


April 13, 2011


Fox: Obama Eyes Tax Increases in Debt Plan, Faces GOP Opposition
WSJ: Deficit Speech Will Be Lightning Rod
NYT: Boehner Warns Obama on Tax Increase
Weekly Standard: Ryan Will Respond to Obama Entitlement Reform Speech
DC: GOP to hear out Obama’s deficit reduction plan, but refuse to consider tax increases
WaPo: Obama risks losing liberals with talk of cutting budget
AFP: US deficit up 15.7% in first half of fiscal 2011
WaPo: Lawmakers urge Obama to accept mandatory restraints on spending
Politico: 7 things Barack Obama should say in his speech at GWU
NRO: Not Just the Size of the Debt
WSJ: The Facts About American 'Decline'
James Taranto: Fair and Balanced? The new rhetoric of higher taxes
Sen. Ron Johnson: Back to the Future: More than a century of bigger government
Rep. Ron Paul: The Nanny State Can’t Last
Brent Bozell: Fiscal responsibility = no tax hike
Rush Limbaugh: Be Bold, Republicans: It's Time to Step Up and Really Take on Obama
American Thinker: The President's Budget Address and the Reality of Taxing the 'Rich'

WSJ: The Welfare Reform Model for Medicaid (via Google)
Wash Times: Ryan’s Medicare-Medicaid plan a game-changer in benefits debate
NYT: Re-engineering of Medicare to Raise Tough Questions
WSJ: Ryan Budget Leaves Parts of Health Law Intact
WSJ: Paul Ryan and His Critics
Politico: Some in GOP squirm over Paul Ryan budget
NRO: Getting Started on the Deficit
Jennifer Rubin: Paul Ryan’s desperate critics
Dick Morris: GOP’s budget dream team
Newt Gingrich: Boehner’s Birdie, Ryan’s Eagle and Obama’s Mulligan
American Thinker: Ryan's Sweeping Tax Reform and the Left's Inane Response
Michelle Malkin: Make 70 the New 65

NYT: Republicans Scramble for Votes to Pass Budget Bill
Hill: Cantor: We’ve got the budget votes
Wash Times: Budget deal includes ‘pork,’ Rep. Flake says
Politico: Budget deal axes 'czars' already gone
Human Events: Obama's Liberal Programs Cut in Spending Deal
Wash Times: Spending bill bears Democratic stamp
WSJ: Spending Cut Hokum (via Google)
John Fund: Why Obama Cut a Deal
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Budget Deal Scam
DC: Hume: Congressional brinksmanship not pretty, but effective
Rush Limbaugh: The Shutdown Strategy Explained
Wash Times: Radio’s talkers insist they’re still a part of the conversation

Hill: Republicans unveil spending-bill specifics: What's cut and what's not
WSJ: GOP Wins Deep Cuts in Environment Spending
Wash Times: Education cuts coming, but fewer than GOP wanted
NYT: Lobbyists Won Key Concessions in Budget Deal
NYT: Budget Deal Deeply Cuts High-Speed Rail Program
NYT: No Halt to Planned Parenthood Fight
Politico: Mike Pence: Planned Parenthood doesn't need federal dollars
NYT: Do-Nothing Congress as a Cure
NYT: Editorial: Budget Battles: Tax and Spending Myths and Realities
NYT: Editorial: Budget Battles: The Price of Ill-Conceived Cuts
Steven Pearlstein: Budget fights are a lose-lose proposition
Ruth Marcus: On the budget, the White House is late to the game — again
Dana Milbank: Obama’s birth secret revealed
American Spectator: E.J. the Clown
Hill: Left’s angst grows over Obama’s shift to the political center
Hill: Obama '12 strategy: Deal and get results
Politico: Kent Conrad pushes Gang of 6 over budget proposal
Rush Limbaugh: Alan Simpson Babe on a Roll

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Poses as Military Defender Days After Refusing to Pay Them

WaPo: $4-a-gallon gas fueling fears for recovery
WSJ: BP Spill's Next Major Phase: Wrangling Over Toll on Gulf
NYT: Senators Question Safety of Water Used in Gas Drilling
Holman Jenkins: Coal Is More Dangerous Than Nuclear (via Google)
American Spectator: What's Wind Got to Do With It?

Pat Buchanan: Was Obama Stampeded Into War?

WSJ: Senators Offer Privacy Bill to Protect Personal Data
NYT: Senators Propose New Online Privacy Law
WaPo: Kerry, McCain offer bill to protect Web users’ privacy rights

Fox: Study Suggests Feds Could Recoup Billions in Unpaid Taxes by Withholding Passports

Glenn Reynolds: Old Enough to Fight, Old Enough to Drink (via Google)

WSJ: Consumer Job Remains Vacant

WSJ: DOJ Asked to Probe BCS Under Antitrust Law

Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama Between 42% and 49% Against All Republicans Tested

NYT: Trump’s Rise Highlights a Flawed Field
Roger Stone: Zuckerman Poised to Attack Trump
Rush Limbaugh: What's Trump Really Doing?

WaPo: On anniversary of Massachusetts law, Haley Barbour talks health care
Politico: Barbour hits Obama and Romney

CNN: Pawlenty: ‘I’m running for president’

Politico: Glenn Beck: Sarah Palin is not running, damaged her brand

Roll Call: Cornyn's NRSC Rolls Out Red Carpet for Underdogs

Roll Call: RNC Raises $7 Million in March, Hires New Finance Director
Roll Call: RNC Looks to Revamp Ground Game
Politico: RNC raises over $15 million under Priebus

American Spectator: Hispanic Conservatives


Des Moines Register: Branstad stands fast, vetoes budget
C&E: IowaInfluencers Web Links


Fox: Gov. Haley Signs Bill Requiring Recorded Votes in South Carolina Statehouse
Politico: GOP establishment feeling heat in South Carolina


NYT: Legislative Leaders Praise Cuomo, Tactically
NY Post: Gov vows veto for pension fatteners


LA Times: Meg Whitman says the GOP must change its approach on immigration
LA Times: Gov. Brown signs law requiring 33% of energy be renewable by 2020


Miami Herald: Republicans rake in donations

Politico: Charlie Crist's road to nowhere
NYT: Ex-Governor Apologizes for Using Song in Ad

SPT: Gov. Rick Scott's reluctance to make legal claim for oil spill spurs outrage


AJC: House gives final passage to Sunday alcohol sales bill


Chicago Tribune: Obama campaign readies for Chicago kickoff
Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois House OKs studying cost of ID photos on food stamp cards


Hill: Daniels is playing by his own rules


Star Tribune: Dayton irks friends, embraces foes


NYT: Wisconsin Awaits Outcome of Supreme Court Vote
NYT: Countering the Siege
Politico: Wisconsin previews 2012 chaos
Milwaukee JS: Bill voiding sick leave law sent to Walker
Milwaukee JS: Walker signs bill rolling back auto insurance minimums


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich staff earns less, by 0.5%
Columbus Dispatch: Bill for concealed guns in bars advances in state Senate
Roll Call: Sherrod Brown Has $2.5 Million in the Bank


Detroit News: Snyder, GOP compromise on budget


Roll Call: McCaskill Raises $1 Million in First Quarter


Roll Call: Allen Rakes In $1.5 Million in First Quarter


NYT: Maryland: Bill Giving Tuition Breaks to Immigrants Is Sent to Governor


Roll Call: Meehan Raises $325,000 in First Quarter


WSJ: Gov. Christie Inclined to Move Primary to June


NYT: 13 Former Campers Echo Senator Scott Brown’s Claim of Abuse
Boston Globe: Reports of abuse at camp grow


NYT: In Arizona, Taxes Help Hold Down Costs


April 12, 2011


WSJ: President Open to Deal on Debt Cap
Wash Times: Obama has new view on U.S. debt ceiling
LA Times: Obama to draw sharp contrast with GOP over deficit
AP/Raum: Obama first to put tax increases on budget table
Hill: Debate over debt ceiling plays with explosives, says Wall Street
Michael Gerson: Obama’s centrist campaign collides with his record
WSJ: Spending Deal Faces Rough Ride in House (via Google)
Hill: House GOP grapples with its transparency oath on budget deal
Fox: Budget Deal Suggests Social Issues Could Take Backseat in 2012
NYT: G.O.P. Plan for Medicare Could Shape 2012 Races
Bloomberg: Senate Republican Chambliss Says Ryan’s Budget Plan Won’t Work
Politico: Gang of 6 seeks latitude on budget
Hill: Boehner, GOP offer warnings on vote to raise debt ceiling
NYT: Democrats Allow Trims to Favored Programs
WSJ: This Takeover Battle Pits Bureaucrat vs. Bureaucrat
NYT: Senators Surprised by Obama’s Entry Into Fiscal Debate
Hill: GOP unveils spending bill, measure to defund Planned Parenthood
NYT: Budget Cuts Raise Doubt on Course of Recovery
WaPo: $38 billion in cuts in budget deal will cover various domestic areas
Reuters: Bachmann, Ron Paul fault Republicans on budget
Hill: Rand Paul will vote against budget deal; calls cuts negligible
Daily Caller: Did Michele Bachmann hit Boehner from both directions on spending deal?
Tony Blankley: Obama’s pretend budget cuts
Marc Thiessen: $38 billion in cuts? You ain’t seen nothing yet
Robert Samuelson: Big government on the brink
Thomas Sowell: Another Spending-Cut Plan
Rich Lowry: Coming Apart at the Seams: America’s deepening class divide
Rush Limbaugh: The Much-Awaited Opening Monologue on the Budget Deal
Rush Limbaugh: Compromise Is Not the Answer
Rush Limbaugh: $38B in Cuts? Nothing to Celebrate
Rush Limbaugh: Media Declares Boehner Win as Ruse to Fire Up Democrat Base
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Flip-Flop on Debt Ceiling
American Spectator: Compromising to Win
NRO: Editorial: A Budget Skirmish Victory

CBS Chicago: Gas Prices Climbing Toward $5 Per Gallon
NYT: Gas Prices Rise, and Economists Seek Tipping Point
CNBC: Trump: Obama Is to Blame For High Oil Prices

WSJ: Study: Some Natural Gas Threatens Climate More Than Coal
NYT: Studies Say Natural Gas Has Its Own Environmental Problems
Joe Nocera: Pass the Boone Pickens Bill

WSJ: Fed Plays Down Inflation (via Google)

WSJ: There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap

NYT: College Loans Weigh Heavier on Graduates

WSJ: Pakistan Tells U.S. to Halt Drones
WaPo: Pakistan threatens to impose new restrictions on CIA activities
NYT: Pakistan Tells U.S. It Must Sharply Cut C.I.A. Activities

James Taranto: The Pro-Abortion Party
WSJ: Who's the Extremist Now? (via Google)
Wash Times: Post-Tucson civility swamped by budget warfare

Politico: Court to consider campaign donations for noncitizens
Atlantic: Markets in Everything: Campaign Influence
NYT: Editorial: Unfettered Money

WSJ: Romney Jumps Into Fray for 2012
Fox: Mitt Romney Announces Exploratory Committee for 2012 Presidential Bid
Boston Globe: Romney takes next big step toward run for president
Reuters: Republican Romney enters 2012 White House race
NYT: Romney Makes it Official, Quietly
WaPo: Mitt Romney forms presidential exploratory committee
Politico: Flawed front-runner Mitt Romney tops GOP field
Politico: 5 challenges for front-runner Mitt Romney

WSJ: Trump Will ‘Probably’ Run as Independent If He Doesn’t Win GOP Nomination
NYDN: Donald Trump's birther nonsense is a deplorable distraction from the issues
AmTh: Everything I Need to Know about Trump, I Learned by Watching The Apprentice

Boston Globe: GOP's Barbour travels to New Hampshire this week
LA Times: Tim Pawlenty taps top GOP operative Nick Ayers for presidential race
Politico: The Ayers campaign
WSJ: Ron and Rand's Oval Office Dreams
Fox: Former Louisiana Governor Roemer Takes Presidential Plunge Despite Iowa 'Problem'
Atlantic: GOP Contenders and Their Policy Wonks

Roll Call: Senate Control Hangs in the Balance
Roll Call: West Virginia, North Dakota Senate Race Ratings Change

Roll Call: RNC Looks to Revamp Ground Game


Des Moines Register: Michele Bachmann calmly tells heckler to ‘enjoy the rules of decorum’


Roll Call: Two GOP Freshmen Poll Unfavorably in New Hampshire
Hill: Santorum signs up for June N.H. presidential debate


WSJ: Only Candidates Can Participate in S.C. GOP Debate

American Thinker: Lindsey Graham: The Little Metrosexual That Could


Las Vegas RJ: GOP presidential hopefuls visit Sandoval, Nevada


WSJ: NY turns to rent control protection, tax cap
NYDN: Assembly Speaker Silver says fate of rent regulations is up to Governor Cuomo
Albany TU: Siena non-bombshell: Cuomo wins budget fight
Albany TU: Pension reform in reverse?
NY Post: Clueless pols call for benefit boosts

Human Events: More Useful Jihad Idiocy at N.Y. Senate Hearings

NY Post: Pro pans Hiram's pizza pie


LA Times: Jerry Brown makes ‘political advertisement’ for budget at victims’ rights rally
SacBee: Jerry Brown urges crime victims to lobby for taxes

American Thinker: California Gov. to Sign Bill Raising Renewable Energy Requirements

LA Times: Freshman assemblyman jumps into 'full-blown war' with Democrats


Fred Barnes: Ted Cruz's Bid to Be the Next Republican Senator from Texas


SPT: Sorry, governor, but it's always going to be cheaper to do business somewhere else


AJC: Senate alters, OKs immigration crackdown bill
AJC: Tax reform effort dies as House adjourns


Chicago Sun-Times: 30 doctors subpoenaed in probe of associate of Blagojevich, Jackson


Chicago Tribune: Lugar raises nearly $1 million for re-election
Hill: Lugar sitting on $3M campaign war chest


Star Tribune: Klobuchar taking no chances for 2012


Milwaukee JS: Democrat on Waukesha County vote panel speaks out
WSJ: More Controversy Clouds Wisconsin Supreme Court Race
NYT: Wisconsin: Railroad Chief Made Illegal Donations

Hill: Issa calls Gov. Scott Walker to testify


Politico: Jean Schmidt defamation suit in 3rd year
Columbus Dispatch: Committee spat splits Republican senators who shared condo


NYT: Stupak Signs On as a Lobbyist


NYT: Democrat in Missouri to Oppose Health Care Law
Reuters: Missouri's Democratic AG splits with Obama over health care
WSJ: Missouri Steps Up Fight Against Health Law


Human Events: The Lone Contender for Casey's Pa. Senate Seat--So Far


CBS: Carl Lewis announces N.J. state Senate bid
NYT: Olympic Medalist Seeking Seat in New Jersey Senate

Star-Ledger: Gov. Christie still relatively unknown to rest of the United States

C&E: N.J. Legislative Redistricting Map Approved By Commission


Roll Call: Olympia Snowe Has More Than $2 Million in Bank


Boston Globe: Expired food given to prisons

Hill: Dems tie Brown to Mass. health reform
Boston Globe: A partisan subtext tinges health law’s fifth anniversary


Wash Times: Appeals court stops Ariz. immigration law
WSJ: Court Freezes Immigration Law
WaPo: Court upholds block on parts of Arizona immigration law
WaPo: The 9th Circuit strikes down Arizona’s immigration law
NYT: Appeals Court Rules Against Arizona Law

Politico: Has Gabrielle Giffords's progress been overstated?


April 11, 2011


WSJ: Obama Puts Taxes on Table
NYT: Obama to Call for Broad Plan to Reduce Debt
WaPo: Obama’s new approach to deficit reduction to include spending on entitlements
Fox: White House: Obama to Propose New Plan to Reduce Long-Term Deficits
Wash Times: Obama administration plans budget blitz
Boston Globe: Obama, GOP look to rein in benefits
Politico: Ryan's plan a perfect target?
Weekly Standard: Schumer's Response to Ryan's Plan: Tax Hikes
Hill: Republicans knock Obama's leadership on budgets and spending cuts
Paul Krugman: The President Is Missing
Ross Douthat: Budgeting for Opportunity
Gary Bauer: Ryan Budget Aims to Help a Nation of Government Addicts Recover
Michael Barone: Spending Cuts Are Hot in the Political Marketplace

Hill: Shutdown averted, all eyes shift to 2012 budget and debt ceiling
Hill: Cantor: Medicare reforms may be tied to debt-limit vote
Politico: Boehner faces next budget test

WaPo: Sunday shows: Budget battle, deficit reduction and the debt ceiling
Hill: Sunday's view: Budget deal likely to garner bipartisan support

Fox: Tea Party, Conservatives Conflicted Over Budget Deal
WSJ: Talks Focus on Programs' Cuts
NYT: With a Spending Deal in Hand, Lawmakers Now Turn to the Details
Daily Caller: Fine print of spending deal ’still under negotiation’
NYT: Abortion Limit Is Renewed, as Is Washington Anger
NYT: For Cowboy Poets, Unwelcome Spotlight in Battle Over Spending
NYT: The Women’s Health Initiative and the Body Politic
WSJ: The Tea Party's First Victory
NYT: Editorial: The Crisis Next Time
American Spectator: Open for Business
American Spectator/Prowler: Shut the People Down
Human Events: Shutdown Letdown
Jennifer Rubin: The budget deal as a Rorschach test
EJ Dionne: The high cost of hating government
NRO: The Rich Aren’t Getting Richer

Wash Times: House GOP targets Obama regulatory policies

WSJ: Economists See Growth Accelerating Later in Year
WSJ: Forecasters Predict Taxes to Rise, but Not Before Election

WSJ: Cap and Evade (via Google)
Hill: Study: Gas from ‘fracking’ worse than coal on climate

George Shultz: The Constitution Doesn't Mention Czars

WaPo: Supreme Court declines to clarify rights of Guantanamo Bay detainees

American Thinker: Obama's Fort Hood Jihadist

Jed Babbin: Are We Staying in Iraq?

Fox: Retired Justice O'Connor Draws Criticism Over Political, Judicial Activities

WSJ: How Donor Disclosure Hurts Democracy (via Google)

WSJ: Population Leaves Heartland Behind
WSJ: Latino Population Surge Poses Challenge to GOP

Politico: The GOP's winning streak

Politico: Congressional GOP frets over 2012 W.H. prospects

TVNewser: ‘There is zero chance that Trump would ever be hired by the American people’
Wash Times: Trump rides issue of Obama’s birth certificate
Fox: Donald Trump Birther Comments a 'Sideshow,' Obama Adviser Says
Wash Times: Trump shows lightweights how to pound Obama in ‘12
Politico: Sarah Palin on Donald Trump's birtherism: 'More power to him'
Human Events: The Trump Surge
American Thinker: Donald Trump Scores an Important Victory... Over the Media
Mother Jones: Donald Trump's Big Gay Problem

Politico: '12 Senate candidates against budget deal


Des Moines Register: Iowa parties willing to take chances on redistricting map


NYT: Close-Knit, New to the House, and Resistant to Blending In


WaPo: In Republican presidential nomination fight, Nevada can’t seem to get respect


WSJ: Medicaid Debate Pulls Cuomo, Christie Apart (via Google)
NYT: Mario Cuomo Still Believes
Fred Dicker: Gov's surprise pick for No. 2 police post
Rochester D&C: Cuomo shows he's in charge
Rochester D&C: Duffy a trusted go-to guy for Cuomo

Hill: Democrats waiting for opening in NY special election

NY Post: Monserrate, accused of slashing girlfriend, now working at pizza joint


SacBee: When will governor outline prospective budget cuts?
George Skelton: Cutting public pensions now won't save California


WaPo: Goldman Environmental Prize goes to TX man who took on refineries over pollution


WaPo: In Okla., a beneficiary sours on federal spending


SPT: Unusual leadership style colors Gov. Scott's first 100 days

SPT: Poll: Only a third of Florida independents approve of Obama's performance


Chicago Sun-Times: Cicero officials linked to criminals


Politico: An important day for Joe Donnelly
Politico: Pence won't support budget deal


AP/Smathers: Fervor of WI union debate shifts to recall efforts targeting senators

Milwaukee JS: Parties already sparring before local hearing starts


WSJ: Detroit's Decline Adds to Financial Strains


Roll Call: Ed Case to Mount Hawaii Senate Campaign
Politico: Ed Case jumps in Hawaii Senate race
Hill: Ex-Rep. Case 'humbly' announces Hawaii Senate bid


April 10, 2011


Fox: Congress Reaches Historic Deal, But Fiscal Battles Loom on the Horizon
WSJ: White House Braces for Bigger Battles Ahead (via Google)
WaPo: Federal shutdown averted, but bigger battles over spending loom
NYT: Next on the Agenda for Washington: Fight Over Debt
LA Times: Budget deal foreshadows larger fight ahead
Hill: White House lists cuts made in budget deal
NYT: Concessions and Tension, Then a Deal
LA Times: Tensions rise as government shutdown ticks closer
Hill: Spending cuts, not policy riders, held up a deal, GOP aides say
Boston Globe: A deal with worrisome side effects
Wash Times: Obama says spending deal is win for bipartisanship
WaPo: Budget battle came down to 3 men and their weaknesses
NYT: Republicans and Democrats Alike Claim Successes in Averting a Federal Shutdown
WaPo: Why the budget deal happened
Wash Times: Norton says Democrats sold out D.C. in spending deal
Fox: For D.C., Budget Deal Revives School Vouchers, Reinstates Ban on Abortion Funding
Politico: Abortion opponents vow to continue the fight
Daily Caller: NPR survives 11th hour spending deal
Daily Caller: Kudlow declares budget deal a big change in direction of U.S. economic policy
Fox: How He Did It: Three Keys to Boehner’s Budget Victory
Politico: Winners and losers in the shutdown showdown
Politico: Newt Gingrich praises John Boehner after near-government shutdown battles
Politico: Budget deal leaves liberals disheartened
NYDN: GOP wins battle of the budget & will continue to win if Obama & Dems don't get a plan
CNS: Debt Jumped $54.1B in 8 Days Preceding Deal to Cut $38.5B for Rest of Year

Fox: Budget Deal Guarantees Senate Vote on Repeal of Obama Health Care Law
WSJ: Budget Deal Targets Pieces of Health-Care Law (via Google)
WaPo: Individual stories are weapon of choice in fight over health-care law

Wash Times: Grassley says emails suggest ATF blocking Senate gun probe

NYT: President Adopts a Measured Course to Recapture the Middle
NYT: Obama, Searching for a Vision
WaPo: Can Obama cut the budget and keep Democrats happy?
Clarice Feldman: The Story of O (Icarus, not Pegasus)

WaPo: Drafting a presidential candidate is tougher than it sounds
Weekly Standard: Fox Poll: Republican Voters Aren’t Sold on Anyone in the Current Field
David Limbaugh: Trump, Not as a 2012 Candidate, but as a Blueprint
Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial: GOP can't be serious with Trump
Jackson CL: Barbour heads south

WaPo: Sunday talk show preview: Budget aftermath takes to the airwaves
Hill: Sunday talk show preview: A late night budget deal and the 2012 campaign


WaPo: In Iowa, an antiabortion sign of the times for Republicans in federal budget debate


Politico: Rick Santorum wins big South Carolina straw poll
Greenville News: Greenville GOP convention delegates give Santorum their vote


AP/Dalton: Calif. gov pushes for special election on budget
Dan Walters: A judicial fight may be averted


ST: TX Legislature considers banning courts from recognizing foreign religious, cultural laws


MDJ: GOP lawmakers: Proposal shrinks budget hole
AJC: Civil rights activists join fight against immigration bills


Gadsden Times: Alabama GOP's 'Handshake' on track to pass


Chicago Tribune: Ind. tea partiers at odds over Senate candidate


Milwaukee JS: Prosser open to Waukesha County recount


Cleveland PD: Crystal ball is hazy on SB 5 referendum
Columbus Dispatch: Union supporters launch effort to overturn SB5 with rally


Detroit FP: Gov. Rick Snyder's first 100 days: He's been busy, but will he be successful?


KC Star: Missouri Senate ponders a tax credit conundrum


AP/Alford: RGA head Perry declares importance of Ky. election


Charlotte Observer: N.C. GOP abandons hope of killing high-speed rail
Charlotte Observer: Trial lawyers want a voice in tort reform


Politico: New Jersey Democrats tell Carl Lewis to run
WSJ: Ex-Mayor of Newark Requests New Trial (via Google)


Boston Globe: Activists prepare for battle over districts


Denver Post: Public vs. private jobs: Stacking up pay and benefits


April 9, 2011


WSJ: Last-Minute Deal Averts Shutdown
Wash Times: Congress reaches deal to avert shutdown
Fox: Congress Strikes a Budget Deal to Avert Shutdown, Cutting $38.5B
NYT: Deal to Cut $38 Billion Averts Shutdown
WaPo: Government shutdown averted: Congress agrees to budget deal, stopgap funding
Hill: A budget deal has been reached
WSJ: Debt Ceiling Looms as Next Big Battle
WaPo: Shutdown threat isn't gone
WSJ: Behind the Scenes, Angry Meetings, Several Near Deals
NRO: Boehner Wins Big
WSJ: Activists Give Boehner a Nod of Approval
WaPo: Boehner’s leadership is tested in the budget battle
NYT: Conservatives Urge Boehner to Cut a Budget Deal and Move On
WaPo: Budget fight shows Washington still broken
NYT: Before Deal, Angst Over Effects of Shutdown
WSJ: Obama's Budget Aim: Appearing Above Fray
WSJ: Farm Subsidies: Sacred Cows No More
WSJ: Boxer Says Budget Package Wouldn't Limit EPA (via Google)
Wash Times: Abortion fight looms large in spending debate endgame
NYT: Late Clash on Abortion Shows Conservatives’ Sway
NYT: Abortion Opponents Use Health Law to Put Restrictions in Private Insurance
Rush Limbaugh: Obama to Enslave US Military in Order to Protect Abortion Funding
Stephen Moore: Abortion and the Shutdown
Jennifer Rubin: Boehner gets $39B, Harry Reid gets nothing
Kathleen Parker: Demonizing the GOP, losing the budget battle
Dana Milbank: Shutdown theatrics
Ron Klain: After this deal, how we can stop the next shutdown

Hill: Ryan: Let's talk about next year's budget
Fred Barnes: The Great Debate

WSJ: The Internet Tax Mirage (via Google)

Hill: House Republicans seek audit of AARP

Human Events: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Military Trial: Sanity Trumps Eric Holder
Human Events: Top 10 Reasons Eric Holder Should Not Be Attorney General

NYDN: The liberal brain? Scans show liberals and conservatives have different brain structures

Wash Times: Novelist Cornwell tied to Clinton presidential campaign probe

Politico: Reince Priebus to cut RNC debt below $5 million

Fox: Trump Raises Eyebrows as He Rises in Presidential Polls
Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump Shows Republicans How to Beat Barack Obama in 2012
NYT: Donald Trump Responds
Gail Collins: Donald Trump Strikes Back
NY Post: GOP pals doubting 'flip' Don

William Kristol: The 2012 Ticket

Charles Blow: Rubik’s Cube of Re-elections
NYT: Editorial: Cue the Obama Money Bundlers

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Hill: Five GOP hopefuls set for May debate


Albany TU: Skelos questioned on tax cap
Fred Dicker: Cuomo's $$ lesson
NYT: At State Senate Meeting on Threats to City, a Tense Debate Over Islamic Terror
NYT: Editorial: Three Men in a Room (Ethics Reform)
NYT: New York Subpoenas 2 Foreclosure-Related Firms

Roll Call: N.Y. Tea Party Group Backing Corwin for Special


LA Times: Jerry Brown takes tax campaign to GOP strongholds
SacBee: Governor travels to GOP turf to pitch tax plan


NYT: After Years of Cost Cuts, Texas Tries to Find More


SPT: Prescription drug monitoring database set to go forward


AJC: Perdue starts business with former appointees


Star Tribune: Dayton offers initiatives to spur new jobs for blacks


Milwaukee JS: Election officials scrutinize Waukesha County results
Roll Call: Labor Activists Cry Foul Over Wisconsin Election Results
ChiTrib: Narrow WI Supr Ct race yields mixed results for Walker's agenda, union opponents
WSJ: Wisconsin Probes Vote-Count Error (via Google)
WSJ: Badger State Bungle (via Google)
John Fund: Wisconsin Is Still Counting Votes . . .
James Taranto: Landslide! It looks like Waterloo in Wisconsin for government unions
Robert Knight: Waging war, union-style, in Wisconsin
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Finally Learns to Play Game, Wisconsin Clerk Finds 14,000 Votes
Rush Limbaugh: Notes From My Conversation with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker


Stephen Hayes: Can Ohio's John Kasich Win Back the Voters? (via Google)


Human Events: Tennessee Rep. Chuck Fleischmann: Against All Odds


April 8, 2011


WSJ: Dickering on Budget Goes Down to the Wire
WaPo: Both parties continue talks over elusive 2011 budget deal
NYT: No Accord in Budget Talks as Policy Fights Hamper Deal
Fox: Obama Presses for Overnight Negotiations to Yield Budget Deal, Avoid Shutdown
Politico: White House hopes last-minute heroics keep government running
Hill: Obama cites progress but 'no wild optimism' ahead of deadline
WSJ: Budget Is Boehner's Big Test
WaPo: As shutdown looms, Boehner and Reid rely on their right hands in negotiations
Hill: House approves stopgap despite White House veto threat
Wash Times: Obama vows to veto short-term bill
Human Events: Obama's Veto May Shut Down the Government
Wkly Std: Sessions on CR: If Dems Sabotage Stopgap, 'We'll Have a Shutdown'
Wash Times: Obama comes off sidelines as budget negotiations intensify
WSJ: Who Really Wants a Shutdown? Obama does, but the GOP's strategy is a lot less clear
WaPo: Shutdown threat tests Obama leadership style
Jennifer Rubin: Vin Weber: Obama’s shutdown strategy is incomprehensible
Daily Caller: Now and then: government shutdown
NYT: Government Shutdown Would Have Wide Ripples
NYT: It May Be a ‘Budget Battle,’ but Some Skirmishes Have Little to Do With Money
WaPo: Some Republican ‘riders’ could be deal-breakers for Democrats
Hill: Schumer: Deal 'impossible' with riders
Hill: Cantor: House sits until budget resolved
NYT: Workers Wonder Just How Long the Weekend Will Be
WSJ: Idled Federal Workers Would Get Unemployment (via Google)
WaPo: Government shutdown looks different to workers who toil in Capitol’s basement
WaPo: At ‘emergency’ town hall, anxious federal workers look for answers on shutdown
WaPo: With government shutdown looming, federal workers brace for the worst
NYT: Gates, in Iraq, Talks of Effects of Budget Fight
NYT: Editorial: It’s Not Really About Spending
Wash Times: CBO: Feds run $189 billion deficit in March
LA Times: Republican policy demands threaten budget talks
Human Events: Paul Ryan Says Democrats Flee 'Adult Conversation' on Budget
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Think They're Winning the Fatuous Shutdown PR Game
NRO: How to Avoid Blame for a Shutdown
Rush Limbaugh: Obama to Veto Military Pay Bill, Prefers to Demagogue Shutdown
Kim Strassel: The Republican Entitlement Gamble (via Google)
Charles Krauthammer: After Ryan’s leap, a rush of deficit demagoguery
Michael Gerson: The real-world effects of budget cuts
David Brooks: The Ryan Journey
Paul Krugman: Ludicrous and Cruel

NYT: House Votes to Bar E.P.A. From Regulating Industrial Emissions

Rush Limbaugh: Obama to Citizen on Gas Prices: Trade in Your Car and Buy a Volt
James Taranto: A gallon of gas: $4. Presidential sarcasm: priceless
Roger Hedgecock: Obama's Simply Not Telling the Truth About Domestic Oil Drilling

WSJ: New Posts Considered for Panetta, Petraeus (via Google)
Peggy Noonan: Would Ike Have Gone to Libya?
Rush Limbaugh: Khadafy Writes "Dear Son" Letter

WSJ: Senators Push to Open Database on Medicare
Politico: Government shutdown won't stop health law implementation

NYT: Conyers Releases Report on Panther Case

Wkly Std: Maxine Waters Ethics Hearings Still in Limbo

Wash Times: Obama faces fight in choice for judge

NYT: Instead of Helping, Trustee Program Is Hurting Veterans, Families Say

NYT: Friend of Obama Is Arrested in Prostitution Sting

Fox: Trump Sends Investigators to Hawaii, Gains in GOP Presidential Primary Poll
NYDN: Donald Trump: I've sent investigators to Hawaii to look into Obama's citizenship
NY Post: Trump detectives out to prove O wasn't born in USA
Rush Limbaugh: Trump Drops Stink Bomb on NBC
Fox: Fox News Poll: 24 Percent Believe Obama Not Born in U.S.
State Column: Donald Trump speaks with RNC’s Reince Priebus
Eugene Robinson: Would Donald Trump have passed a budget?
WaPo: Donald Trump buys Kluge winery

Miami Herald: Haley Barbour talks presidential politics in Tallahassee

Roll Call: Bachmann Attending Presidential Event in New Hampshire


NYT: New Hampshire: Politician Apologizes to Bishop
Boston Globe: NH Catholic Bishop meets with GOP leader


Politico: Anti-sharia bills advance in South Carolina


Albany TU: New York state makes layoff moves amid contract talks
Rochester D&C: New York courts to cut back on hours, food

NYT: Redistricting Battle Under Way, With Lobbyists and Lawyers

NY Post: Feds add bribery to Kruger charges

NYT: Ever-Growing Image of a Stumbling Third Term for Bloomberg
WSJ: Black Eye for Bloomberg


SF Chronicle: State Republicans plan road show against taxes
LA Times: Lawmakers consider what to cut next in budget debate
LA Times: Governments continued to enhance pensions amid economic collapse


Star-Telegram: House passes bill that could raise speed limit to 85


SPT: Florida Senate, House pass budgets with deep cuts to health care, schools

Miami Herald: Poll: FL voters disapprove of Obama’s performance but lean toward Nelson

C&E: Democrats Gear Up to Challenge Florida Rep. Allen West

NYT: A Niche in the Wreckage of Florida Real Estate
NYT: Latinos Rise in Numbers, Not Influence


AJC: Nathan Deal, Sonny Perdue, Zell Miller headline a Newt Gingrich fundraiser


Politico: Public Policy Poll: Haley Barbour blows away the GOP field in Mississippi


Roll Call: Republicans Ready to Unveil Compromise Map in Louisiana


Chicago Tribune: State Senate OKs Quinn's appointment of campaign donor


Milwaukee JS: Corrected Brookfield tally puts Prosser ahead after 7,500-vote gain
Milwaukee JS: Prosser's huge gain comes after Waukesha County flub is caught
WSJ: Incumbent Justice Leads
Wash Times: Wisconsin judge gets ballot reprieve
NYT: Justice Surges to Lead After Clerk Reports Vote Error
UPI: Found votes leapfrog GOP judge over rival
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats and Unions Play for Keeps in Wisconsin Judge Election

Milwaukee JS: State asks top court to implement bill

Milwaukee JS: 27-year-old with slim résumé resigns from state government


Columbus Dispatch: Husted offers alternative to photo-ID rule for voters


Detroit News: Federal government shutdown would ripple through Michigan


WaPo: Poll gives Allen 13-pt. lead over Kaine in Senate race
WaPo: George Allen’s latest ‘gaffe’ (and what it says about his 2012 campaign)

WaPo: Virginia assembly approves new legislative maps
Virginian-Pilot: Redistricting plans are approved General Assembly


Boston Globe: State’s federal employees brace for bumpy times


NYT: Trump Plans Meeting on Arizona Birth Bill


Denver Post: Voter-status bill wins initial approval in Colorado House


NYT: Moving to the City, but Clinging to Native Ways


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