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August 7, 2011


Dallas MN: Perry’s prayer rally draws faithful
Star-Telegram: 30,000 turn out for Perry's day of prayer in Houston
Austin AS: 30,000 people fill Houston stadium for the Response
Examiner: Perry leads 30,000 in prayer at rally
Dallas MN: Rick Perry exhorts prayer rally that "God's agenda is not a political agenda"
NYT: Perry Leads Prayer Rally for ‘Nation in Crisis’
WaPo: Evangelicals gather for Gov. Perry’s day of prayer
Austin AS: Perry at the Response: ‘We cry out’ for forgiveness
Star-Telegram: Large crowd turns out for Perry prayer rally
Star-Telegram: Governor at Houston rally
Houston Chronicle: Perry offers praise, prayer but little on politics
Star-Telegram: Perry successfully sells himself, clearing last hurdle before his campaign
Austin AS: Perry team tells bundlers to get ready
Politico: Rick Perry’s presidential pulpit
AP/Beaumont: Perry to evangelicals: I'm one of you
LA Times: Rick Perry offers a prayer for Obama at 'The Response' rally
Wash Times: Perry: Turn to God for answers to nation’s woes
Politico: Rick Perry hopes prayer event changed hearts and minds
NYT: Prayer Rally Draws Thousands in Houston
Politico: Sam Brownback joins Rick Perry on stage
Austin AS: Full transcript of Perry’s remarks at the Response

DMR: Bachmann picks up endorsements from 100 Iowa faith leaders
Duluth NT: Bachmann draws on Iowa roots to boost support
DMR: Bachmann rails against debt-ceiling agreement
WCFCourier: Bachmann in Waterloo raps Obama on credit downgrade
DMR: ‘I pledge to you I’m not a talker, I’m a doer,’ Bachmann says

Politico: Mitt Romney camp pitches uncommitted RNC
Examiner: Romney Leads Nevada Primary, But Perry Gaining
Boston Globe: Romney blames Obama for economic woes
Hill: Mystery Romney supporter reveals himself after calls for investigation

NatJ: Can Jon Huntsman Fix His Campaign?

Charles Schott: The View From Here for 2012
National Review: GOP Presidential Race Snapshot
Dan Balz: August will bring the 2012 GOP field into focus
NYT: Republicans Jockey as a Big Week Begins in Iowa
McClatchy: Third-party challenge in 2012? Not likely, experts say
Boston Globe: Most in GOP field would scale back stem cell funding

Orlando Sentinel: Rubio will be Republicans' veep choice

NYT: Obama Team Turns Its Focus to Tough Re-election Fight
Hill: Obama's soft response to Tea Party draws liberal criticism
Clarice Feldman: Raging At The Dying Of Their Light

David Limbaugh: An Appeal for GOP Unity


WSJ: S&P Move Isn't a Shock but Adds to Gloom
NYT: Markets Expected Credit Ruling, but Risks Remain, Analysts Say
Politico: S&P warns of a second downgrade
NYT: Anger Over Credit Rating Resurfaces in Washington
WaPo: Political parties trade blame for downgrade in U.S. credit rating
NYT: A Rush to Assess S.& P. Downgrade of Credit Rating
WSJ: For Markets, 'Lehman Effect' Not Likely
Fox: Republicans Want Geithner to Walk The Plank After Credit Downgrade
NYT: Debt Deal Could Be a Job-Killer For Incumbents
WaPo: Origins of the debt showdown
Hill: Ex-Clinton aides: Obama lacked clear message in debt talks
Hill: Boehner wants Geithner out at Treasury
Maureen Dowd: Downgrade Blues
Thomas Friedman: Win Together or Lose Together
NYT: Editorial: The Truth About Taxes
NYT: Editorial: Race to the Right

WSJ: Foreclosure Woes Fuel Wider Loss at Fannie

Hill: GOP jobs plan targets federal regulations
LA Times: Obama's biggest challenge: Jobs

NYT: For Obama, a Record on Diversity but Delays on Judicial Confirmations

NYT: The Supreme Court’s Painful Season

NYT: Public Editor: Criticism of Shale Gas Articles, and of the Critic


DMR: Your Cliff's Notes guide to the Ames straw poll
DMR: Despite flaws, straw poll is GOP’s first test
DMR: 10 Republicans to speak at fair soapbox before poll


Albany TU: Cuomo, Christie team up to review Port Authority hikes


Dan Walters: Peace pact emerges in war over California's charter schools


SPT: Hasner charms donors but not voters in Florida Republican Senate race

Miami Herald: Battle brews for Florida’s Hispanic voters

Sun-Sentinel: Former congressman charged with DUI in Palm Beach Gardens


TTT: La. Democrats making few waves for Republicans


Chicago ST: Cash-poor Illinois rejects back-to-school tax holiday


Reuters: Historic Wisconsin recalls boil to a head with votes

Milwaukee JS: Having Democratic opponent is new to Olsen


Cleveland PD: Redistricting gets rolling in Ohio with Republicans holding the pen

Cleveland PD: Kasich goes looking for extra trouble


Detroit FP: Detroit's Department of Human Services spent funds for poor to buy gift cards


Roll Call: Bill Halter Eyeing Arkansas Congressional Race


WaPo: Minority growth in Washington area may reshape Md. congressional map


Andrew McCarthy: Christie’s ‘Crazies’


Boston Globe: Democrat treks across Mass. for chance to oppose Scott Brown


August 6, 2011


Boston Globe: $1m mystery donor to PAC for Romney ID’s himself
Reuters: Watchdogs seek source of money to Romney backer
Wash Times: Watchdogs want FEC, Justice probe of Romney fund-raising
WaPo: Why Mitt’s mystery donor doesn’t (really) matter

Politico: Rick Perry to meet with South Carolina Republicans when in Charleston
Fox: Perry Prayer Rally Puts 2012 Prospect in Spotlight
WaPo: Texas Gov. Rick Perry to host major prayer event in Houston
LA Times: GOP devotion to states' rights tripping some Republicans
NYT: Rally Raises Anew Question of the Boundaries of Perry’s Faith
NYT: OpEd: How to Respond to Rick Perry and ‘The Response’

Politico: Michele Bachmann releases faith endorsement list in Iowa
Nicolle Wallace: What Michele Bachmann learned from Sarah Palin — and Hillary Clinton

Politico: Tim Pawlenty to sign NOM marriage pledge
WaPo: Pawlenty camp cuts ‘pantsing’ anecdote

WaPo: Gingrich blames media for bad fundraising

Politico: Rick Santorum supports Alaska drilling

DMR: Cain blames Obama and Congressional Dems for credit downgrade

American Thinker: Palin Power Coming On Stronger!

Politico: RNC embraces ‘no drama’ Reince Priebus

WaPo: The Incredible Shrinking Tea Party
NatJ: Is the Tea Party's 15 Minutes Up?
Joe Nocera: The Tea Party, Take Two

WaPo: Will Obama be reelected? The economy could hold the answer
SF Chronicle: Obama outpacing GOP rivals in California state fundraising

WaPo: Dissatisfaction + redistricting = huge turnover in Congress


WSJ: S&P Downgrades U.S. Debt for First Time
NYT: S.&P. Downgrades U.S. Long-Term Debt
WaPo: S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time
Hill: Debt deal 'falls short': S&P downgrades US credit rating
Hill: Treasury: S&P's move based on $2T error
Hill: Boehner blames Democrats for S&P downgrade, says it's a 'wake-up call'
Wash Times: FY2011 deficit tops $1 trillion, with two months to go
Hill: DeMint: Geithner must go
Reuters: Analysis: Dueling narratives emerge from debt fight
Fox: When Good News is Bad: Unemployment Rate Drops as Workers Bolt Labor Force
Hill: Cantor: Washington should focus on jobs, not 'pumping up' jobless benefits
Fox: Consumer Borrowing Rises in June By Most in 4 Years
Rush Limbaugh: Emperor Parties at White House as Left Spins Economic Statistics
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Blames Japanese Tsunami and Arab Spring for His Economy
Rush Limbaugh: There Aren't Enough "Rich" to Tax
Rush Limbaugh: The Limbaugh Recovery Plan
Rush Limbaugh: Libs Up in Arms Over Limbaugh Analysis of Keynesian Economics
Larry Kudlow: More Obama Spending Won’t Do It
Bill O'Reilly: It's Only Money
NYT: Editorial: Political Roots in U.S. Economic Crisis
Weekly Standard: Defining Defense Down

WSJ: A Wild Ride for Financial Markets
NYT: Volatile Wall Street Ends the Day Mixed

WSJ: Obama and the Narcissism of Big Differences
WSJ: Obama vs. the 1980s
WSJ: The Debt Deal and the Progressive Crack-Up
James Taranto: Weisberg vs. the People
Stephen Moore: The Debt Deal and Wall Street

Politico: Tea party's newest target: Debt 'super committee'

Wash Times: Deal puts FAA workers back on the job
WaPo: FAA workers reinstated via a 26-second parliamentary maneuver
Dana Milbank: The FAA shutdown and the new rules of Washington

Fox: Postal Service Loses $3.1 Billion in 2nd Quarter
Politico: Postal Service could default on government payments

Fox: Obama Proposes Tax Credits to Spur Companies to Hire Jobless Vets

Sen. John Thune: Another broccoli mandate?

NYT: Ex-Lawmaker Still a Friend of Hospitals

Hill: Ethics panel dismisses allegations against two House members
NYT: Ethics Panel Takes Action In 3 Cases
Fox: House Ethics Panel Punishes Aide to Civil Rights Icon

NYT: Sometimes a Day in Congress Takes Seconds, Gavel to Gavel

NatJ: Previewing The Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


George Will: Making hay at the Ames straw poll


WaPo: Ex-SC Gov. Mark Sanford talks about his life since he left office in January


WaPo: It’s redistricting roulette in upstate New York

Albany TU: Indicted state Sen. Pedro Espada runs up $750,000 in public expenses
NY Post: Pedro $uper payout to staff

NYDN: Ethics probe investigates Rep. Meeks: He kept hush on illegal $40,000 gift
NY Post: Probers eye Meeks rap over 40G 'loan'

Buffalo News: Ron Paul packs plenty into visit here


SacBee: Jerry Brown intern follows grandfather's lead


Politico: Sen. Marco Rubio launching a PAC
American Thinker: Marco Rubio's House Divided Speech

SPT: For Rick Scott, governing is surprising


AJC: John Lewis’ chief of staff cited for failing to report, pay taxes on $54k


Chicago Tribune: Illinois Republican delegation unveils own map


Milwaukee JS: Barrett campaigns in recalls, Walker less visible
Milwaukee JS: Spending records continue to fall in state Senate races
Weekly Standard: Wisconsin Recall Elections Coming Down to the Wire


WSJ: The Motown Model

Detroit News: Districts present problems for Dems


WaPo: McDonnell raises money for Wisconsin attorney general


Michelle Malkin: I oppose Orrin Hatch


August 5, 2011


NatJ: While Dubbed Apolitical, All Eyes on Perry at 'The Response'
NatJ: GOP Insiders: Romney Leads, But Perry Closes In
NYT: Rick Perry Has Stem Cell Procedure, Then Works to Bring it to Texas
NatJ: The Rick Perry I Know
WND: The case against Perry
Politico: If Rick Perry gets in, will Karl Rove be out?
Houston Chronicle: Onward, Christian voters: Religion plays growing role in politics
WaPo: Why religion will matter in 2012
Atlantic: Meet Rick Perry, the Anti-Romney
AJC: If GOP race comes down to Romney v. Perry?

Boston Globe: Romney law team likely to hit conservative chord
WaPo: Mystery firm’s $1M donation to pro-Romney PAC raises concern over transparency
Tampa Tribune: Obama, Romney tied in Florida state poll
American Spectator: Mitt's Greatest Hits

Human Events: Bachmann, Romney, and Santorum Sign Traditional Marriage Pledge
WSJ: Behind a Bachmann's Iowa Surge

Politico: Pawlenty: Natural causes led to warming
Hill: Pawlenty: Most global warming is natural
Star Tribune: Remarks highlight Pawlenty's climate shift
DMR: Candidate profile: ‘You can be both nice and strong,’ says Tim Pawlenty

Fox: Huntsman Campaign Turmoil
CBS: Is Jon Huntsman's campaign facing disaster?
Politico: Jon Huntsman 2012 campaign: Inside the 'drama'
WSJ: Perenchio Signs Up With Huntsman Campaign
Boston Globe: Amid campaign disarray, Huntsman stands by controversial aide
Politico: OpEd: Backed Jon Huntsman once, but never again

Politico: Newt Gingrich 2012 campaign aims for Iowa, without Ames

Detroit FP: McCotter opens his campaign HQ

DC: 3 GOP candidates pledge to investigate harassment of same-sex marriage opponents

Politico: RNC punts on leapfrogging states
AP/Peoples: RNC rejects tough sanctions on primary calendar
CNN: RNC chairman warns Florida about primary date
Miami Herald: Tampa readies for GOP national convention

NatJ: DCCC, NRCC Preview Recess Messages

LA Times: Obama supporters already on the attack for 2012 election
NYT: Obama Celebrates 50th Birthday at White House
NYT: Editorial: The Voters’ Need to Know
DC: Nader: ‘Almost 100 percent’ chance of a Democratic primary challenger to Obama
Human Events: Liberal Pollster's Devastating Memo to Obama: Join the Tea Party

American Thinker: Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Dog Days

Charlie Cook: Whole Foods versus Cracker Barrel: How Americans Are Self-Sorting


NatJ: Jobs Report Will Cap Volatile and Gloomy Week
Hill: Democrats brace for jobs report after stocks plunge on Wall Street
Daily Caller: White House readies for July job numbers with workforce photo-op

Fox: Despite Debt-Crisis Resolution, Wall Street Plummets Amid Economic Fears
Wash Times: Dow takes worst hit since 2008
WSJ: Dow Tumbles 500 Points, Putting It in Red for Year
NYT: Stocks Down Over 4% in Global Sell-Off
WaPo: Markets plunge on economic turmoil; fears of another recession
NYT: Time to Say It: Double Dip Recession May Be Happening
Rush Limbaugh: Why the Market is Plunging
Jen Rubin: Stock market tanks; Obama ‘recovery’ is a fantasy
WSJ: New Fee to Bank Cash
Paul Krugman: The Wrong Worries
Charles Krauthammer: How the super-committee can strike a Grand Bargain
Examiner: Editorial: Let there be light on the budget super committee
Hill: GOP wants transparent ‘supercommittee’
DC: Ron Paul: Debt limit agreement ‘super committee’ unconstitutional
David Norcross: Clash of ideas shows American system works
Grover Norquist: State of the Stimulus in the 50 States: Cut, Cap and Keep on Truckin'
Pat Buchanan: Fiscal Hawks vs. Security Hawks
WSJ: The Keynesians have fired all their ammo and here we are
Stephen Moore: Tax Reform's Moment?
Michael Gerson: Two parties pray to the same God, but different economists
Jonah Goldberg: How About Some Real Cuts?
Dan Henninger: Obama's Deal With the Debt Devil
J Taranto: The Elite Is Revolting: An excursion into a universe that is nothing like our own
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: Last Week's Jobless Numbers Revised Upward
Rush Limbaugh: Sorting Through Debt Deal Fallout
Rush Limbaugh: Rubio on Compromise and Choice
Examiner: Obama proposes jobs program for veterans
John Engler: Obama’s discretionary jobs crisis
NYT: Disapproval Rate for Congress at Record 82% After Debt Talks
NYT: Editorial: End the Debt Limit

NYT: Republicans Set Sights on Balanced Budget Amendment

WaPo: Panetta warns against ‘doomsday’ cuts of $600 billion in defense spending

NYT: Shell Gets Tentative Approval to Drill in Arctic
Hill: Interior backs Shell’s Arctic drilling plan

Peggy Noonan: The Power of Bad Ideas

Fox: FAA Shutdown to End After Obama Official Waives GOP Provision
WaPo: Congress reaches deal on FAA shutdown
NYT: F.A.A. Impasse That Hit 4,000 Ends, for Now
Wash Times: Reid hails temporary measure to fund FAA
NYT: Reid Says Deal Has Been Reached to Reopen F.A.A.
Rush Limbaugh: FAA Shutdown Controversy is Really a Battle Over Card Check

NYT: An Opinion by Judge on Spy Law Creates a Stir

Daily Caller: Fighting Irish activist seeks to upend mainstream media (James O'Keefe)

Politico: Al Sharpton's next act: MSNBC?


DMR: Iowa GOP consultant pulled off Strong America Now’s straw poll duties
Star-Telegram: North Texas political group under fire in Iowa


Albany TU: Cuomo slashes pay 90% for political plum state commission seats

NYDN: Gov. Cuomo aims to toughen dog fighting penalties

NY Post: 'Rent is Too Damn High' candidate facing eviction from rent-controlled apartment


Human Events: California Redistricting Bad for the GOP

Dan Walters: Jerry Brown has a way out of high-speed rail mess


SPT: La. Gov. Bobby Jindal warms up Republicans for next year's GOP convention in Tampa


Politico: Bobby Jindal criticizes debt 'compromise'


Chicago ST: Challenging Ill. Dems’ congressional map, GOP offers own version


Star Tribune: Divide in state's delegation mirrors national split


WSJ: Ohio's Pro-Fraud Republican: Jon Husted has gubernatorial ambitions


American Spectator: The Legacy of Kwame Kilpatrick


Politico: Is Casey closer to a serious challenger?


Roll Call: Maine Legislature Will Hold Special Session on Redistricting Plan


Hill: Special-election date set to fill former Rep. Wu's seat
Roll Call: Oregon Special Election Set for January


August 4, 2011


Karl Rove: The Debt-Ceiling Debate and 2012

Bloomberg: Perry Courting Presidential Run Calls Iowans
NYT: With Rally, Christian Group Asserts Its Presence in ’12 Race
LA Times: GOP voters holding out for dream candidate
Salon: Perry prayerfest shaping up to be a flop
Austin AS: Perry and Romney, frenemies on a collision course
Politico: GOP ponders a Rick Perry 2012 candidacy
WaPo: Texas Gov. Rick Perry wages an assault on state’s university establishment

NYT: Bachmann Explains Debt Vote in Latest Ad
Daily Caller: Bachmann boasts in Iowa ad: ‘I voted against raising the debt limit’
WaPo: Huntsman, Bachmann’s ‘good photography’ and the photogenic curse
NYMag: Here’s Exactly What Jon Huntsman Said About Michele Bachmann

NatJ: Report: Perry Had Experimental Stem Cell Procedure

Chicago ST: Mitt Romney taunts Obama over Chicago’s woes ahead of visit
WaPo: Romney, Huntsman and the uncertainty of debt-limit politics

NYT: Top Adviser Leaves Pawlenty Campaign
Politico: Tim Pawlenty to pull ads ahead of Ames Straw Poll
Politico: Tim Pawlenty not playing GOP word game for Mitt Romney

CNN: Huntsman chief outlines strategy in memo to donors
NYT: Huntsman Steps Up Critiques of Rivals
Politico: Jon Huntsman's campaign: Inside the 'drama'

Fox: Gingrich Denies Allegations That Most of His 1.3 Million Twitter Followers Are Fake & Paid

WaPo: Sarah Palin’s disappearing act
Hill: Lawmakers say Palin donations came without any notice
Daily Caller: Palin: ‘I do not have respect’ for Romney’s debt-deal performance

NYT: G.O.P. Faces Challenge of Wooing Back Bush Donors

Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Reelection a Slam Dunk?
James Taranto: Victim in Chief: What if racism really is what's ruining Obama's presidency?
Fox: Poll: Debt Ceiling Fight Hurts Obama in Florida

Wash Times: Criticism of China on agenda at RNC session

Hill: DeMint’s leadership PAC battles leaders’ in fight for future of Senate GOP caucus


NYT: Jockeying Anew in Congress in Next Budget Fight Phase
Wash Times: U.S. eats up most of debt limit in one day
WSJ: How White House Wooed Wall Street in Debt Debate
WSJ: Debt Deal Tax Hike?
NYT: Pentagon Sounds Alarm on Threat of Budget Cuts
Fareed Zakaria: Why defense spending should be cut
Fred Barnes: The Debt Deal and the Agony of Nancy Pelosi
Sen. Rob Portman: Make the Dollar-for-Dollar Rule Permanent
Ted Nugent: A titanic fiscal mistake: Staying the borrow-and-spend course will sink economy
Rush Limbaugh: Simpletons Shocked to See Debt Deal Had No Impact on Anything
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Believe You Won, Tea Party
Rush Limbaugh: Destruction of the American Family
Rush Limbaugh: Explanation of the Super Congress

NYT: Pressured by White House, Treasury Secretary Is Expected to Stay at Post

Hill: Hatch, Coburn seek $600 billion in savings by cutting federal workforce

NYT: Worry Grows Over Delays in F.A.A. Pay
Fox: As FAA Shutdown Continues, Obama Pleads With Congress to End Stalemate
WaPo: Democrats, Republicans blame each other for FAA shutdown; no end in sight
WaPo: Debt crisis averted, all eyes now on FAA impasse
Daily Caller: Democrats accuse Republicans of ‘hostage-taking’ in FAA shutdown
NatJ: Obama Calls on Congress to End FAA Impasse
Hill: With debt ceiling raised, FAA funding fight takes center stage
Hill: Senate Democrats’ frustration with media begins to show in FAA fight with House
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Caused FAA Shutdown
NYT: Editorial: The F.A.A., After the Republicans

Hill: Vitter blocks Interior nominee over Gulf drilling concerns

Fox: Guns Groups to Sue Over New Obama Regulations, DOJ Vows To 'Vigorously Oppose'

NatJ: Holder Plans Meeting With 9/11 Family Members Over News Corp. Scandal

Weekly Standard: Obamacare Mandates Coverage of Abortion Drug

Wash Times: Editorial: Rise of the human-animal hybrids

Ann Coulter: Media: Halliburton paid Dick Cheney to commit rape in Iran

Wash Times: Judge says Bush official can withdraw his guilty plea


NYT: Indian Point May Enlist Giuliani as Defender

NYT: State Panel to Review Pay of Leaders at Nonprofits


SacBee: Efforts under way to unravel California's budget
Gary Bauer: Moonbeam brings queer studies to California grade schools


Dana Milbank: Lt. Col. Allen West fires a round at the Tea Party
National Review: Crist vs. Rubio, Round Two?


Roll Call: Tea Party Summers in Wisconsin
Wash Times: Supreme Court campaign finance ruling spurs wild ride in Wisconsin


WaPo: Bob McDonnell set to step into national spotlight (again)

WaPo: Editorial: An early flip-flop for Senate candidate George Allen


USA Today: Obama losing to Romney in Pennsylvania, poll says


Hill: David Wu resigns from House amid scandal
NatJ: Wu Resigning From Congress Tonight
NatJ: Wu's 2010 GOP Opponent to Run Again
Emily Miller: David Wu must go


August 3, 2011


Rasmussen: Three-Way Race: Romney 34%, Bachmann 27%, Perry 26%

Roll Call: Romney Gets New Staff in Virginia
Daily Caller: Bork, Chertoff to serve as Romney legal advisers
Boston Globe: Abortion foes target Romney’s law
Politico: Why Romney can't win

PC: Bachmann Campaign Manager Jokes That Rick Perry "Ought To Stay In Texas"
Hill: Bachmann wins Round 1 over migraines

RCP: Perry Leads Republican Field in Virginia
CBS: Will Rick Perry answer the religious right's prayers?
Jen Rubin: Perry’s potholes

Miami Herald: Influential Floridians line up behind Pawlenty

Newt Gingrich: A Lesson From Iowa: The Three Questions Washington Must Ask
NatJ: Did Newt Gingrich Buy His Twitter Followers?
Daily Caller: Are Newt Gingrich’s Twitter followers real? Social media analysts disagree
Politico: Gingrich digital aide departs
Politico: Gingrich: Obama’s W.H. a ‘Krugman presidency’

NYT: Republicans Seeking Election Remain Unsure About Embracing Tea Party
Wash Times: Freshmen Republicans help ensure that tea party’s voice is heard
Examiner: Tea Party the ultimate winner in debt deal

Politico: Palin dings Romney, raises Ayers in pushback on White House
Human Events: The Sarah Palin Revolution Will Be Commercialized

RCP: President Obama Loses Support in Pennsylvania

WSJ: Bill Clinton Does 'Jim Crow': Democrats play the race card over voter ID laws

Wash Times: GOP factions unite against presidential popular vote push

NatJ: The Governors’ Races to Watch
Politico: Some govs succeed with softer touch

Hill: Competitive Senate races see candidates split on debt vote

Roll Call: Redrawing Lines May Go Past 2012


WaPo: President Obama signs debt-limit bill into law
WSJ: Deficit Battle Shifts to Panel
NYT: Debt Bill Is Signed, Ending a Fractious Battle
Hill: Senate passes deal to raise the debt limit
Fox: Next Phase of Deficit Battle Could Test Tea Party Resolve
NYT: Spending Cuts Seen as Step, Not as Cure
WaPo: With debt deal, states brace for cuts in federal aid
LA Times: Debt deal raises pressure on Medicare providers
Weekly Standard: The (Raw) Deal on Defense
NYT: Editorial: Hiding Behind the Budget Act
Examiner: Editorial: America comes to grips with the liberal welfare state
WSJ: Another Crisis Wasted
Hill: How Boehner escaped disaster
Rep. Paul Ryan: Where's Your Budget, Mr. President?
Sen. Tom Coburn: Why I voted against the debt deal
Erskine Bowles & Alan Simpson: A Crisis Merely Postponed
Rush Limbaugh: Why Our Debt Today is Different
Lawrence Summers: Moving forward after the debt deal
Rush Limbaugh: A Total Waste of Time and Effort
Sec. Timothy Geithner: Compromise achieved, reform’s the next chapter
NatJ: With Debt Deal in Hand, When Does Geithner Quit?
Paul Gigot: The Power of the House
George Will: The debt deal and Obama’s 2012 problem
Jonah Goldberg: Obama Is Out of Options
Dick Morris: The left turns on Obama
James Taranto: 'Civility': The liberal elite grows even angrier and more desperate
Rush Limbaugh: Where's the Civility? The Vice President Calls Us "Terrorists"
Ezra Klein: One shot on taxes: Don’t blow it, Democrats
American Spectator: The Disgrace of Obamanomics

Wash Times: Congress departs, despite pending business

Hill: Repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts Would Lower Tax Revenues

NYT: Debt Fight Over, Obama Promises Action on Jobs

NYT: Stalemate in Senate Leaves 4,000 Out of Work at F.A.A.
WaPo: Congress heads home without extending FAA funding
Fox: Government Losses to Top $1 Billion After Congress Fails to Reach Deal on FAA

Fox: Senate Confirms Army Gen. Dempsey to Head Joint Chiefs

Politico: Senate blocking recess appointments

NYT: Editorial: Politics and Prayer


Roll Call: NRCC’s Nevada Buy Signals Competitive Race


NYT: Gillibrand Broke With Party on Debt Bill

Albany TU: Does state have a backdoor way to layoffs?

NYT: Fiscal Worries Fueled Defeat of Arena Plan
NYT: Editorial: Voters Nix $400 Million Hockey Tix


Dan Walters: Remapping of California districts still on a rocky road


Politico: Florida redistricting battle lines drawn

SPT: Scott goes kinder, gentler, more savvy


AJC: Saxby Chambliss: Spending limits in debt bill won’t hold


Wash Times: Alabama defends its immigration law


Politico: Bryant wins Miss. gov primary, Dems look to runoff
Fox: Bryant Wins Mississippi GOP Gubernatorial Primary, Dems to Runoff
NatJ: Bryant Wins Republican Nomination In Mississippi; Dems Appear Headed For Runoff


Roll Call: Lugar Poll Gives Him 14-Point Primary Lead


Wash Times: Quiet Wisconsin races erupt into expensive battles


Fox: Judge Allows Ex-Rep to Sue Pro-Life Group Over Campaign Season Criticism


Wash Times: Poll has Cuccinelli in good shape in Virginia


Daily Caller: Former Santorum aide eyes Pa. Senate seat


Fox: New Jersey Politician Resigns After Nude Photos Appear Online


NY Post: Question remains: Will Gabby run?
NYT: Giffords Race Lacks Only the Candidate


WSJ: Mormons Duck Political Duel

Politico: Mike Lee launches PAC


NatJ: Wu Still Hasn't Resigned


August 2, 2011


Rasmussen: Romney, Perry, Bachmann Run Close Among GOP Primary Voters

WaPo: Top fundraiser: Perry ‘poised to enter’ presidential race
Wash Times: Perry acting more like he will be candidate

DMR: Bachmann on debt deal: We can’t give Obama another blank check

NatJ: Romney Spurns Business Allies for Tea Party on Debt Deal
Politico: Mitt Romney against the debt deal
Politico: Mitt Romney's low-profile strategy

National Review: Ron Paul, Ames Contender

AJC: Newt Gingrich’s 1.3 million Twitter followers – are they for real?

DMR: ‘Problem solver’ Huntsman stays toward center, avoids letting ideologies halt progress

NYT: G.O.P. Hopefuls, Minus One, Line Up Against Budget Deal
WaPo: What the debt-ceiling battle means for 2012
WSJ: Deal Already Fodder for Campaigns

Wash Times: Obama helps ’12 bid with concessions in debt deal
WSJ: The Obama Downgrade, Alphabetically
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's 2012 Theme: Republican Spending Cuts Didn't Work,

NatJ: Public Mood Will Shape Senate


Wash Times: House easily passes measure on debt ceiling
WSJ: Uneasy House OK's Debt Deal
NYT: House Passes Deal to Avert Debt Crisis
WaPo: House passes historic debt deal on eve of deadline
NatJ: Senate Poised To Approve Debt Deal; Send to President
Fox: Senate Expected to Pass Debt Plan Just Hours Before Deadline
Politico: Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell and the making of a debt deal
Hill: McConnell protects Republican brand while enhancing his own reputation
Wash Times: Real work on debt limit still to come
WaPo: Angry liberals seek silver lining in debt deal
Hill: Dems furious, see deal as GOP win
WaPo: Debt deal ultimately could squeeze federal workers
NYT: Lawmakers in Both Parties Fear That New Budget Panel Will Erode Authority
NYT: What the White House Left on the Table
NYT: States and Cities Brace for Less Federal Money
NYT: Editorial: Pork? That? What Do You Mean?
Examiner: Editorial: There will be hell to pay if debt deal flops
LA Times: Debt ceiling deal accomplishes little
IBD: Editorial: 'Painful' Cuts? Anything But
Jen Rubin: Debt-ceiling bill passes the House
James Taranto: Obama maximizes his losses by going all in on a weak hand
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Feared Obama Would Blame Them for Default and Downgrade
Eugene Robinson: A hold-your-nose debt deal
Dana Milbank: Democrats mourn debt deal like death
Rich Lowry: The End of Keynes
Michael Gerson: Too dysfunctional to lead
Rush Limbaugh: Republican Votes for Boehner Bill Produced Plan "C (I Told You So)"
Byron York: Dems eat Satan sandwich, GOP looks to next course
Pat Buchanan: The Day of the Hobbits
William Kristol: ‘A Somewhat Sinking Feeling’

NYT: Pentagon Faces Possibility of Hundreds of Billions in Spending Cuts Over 10 Years
WaPo: Debt deal expected to hit Washington area economy, defense firms

Human Events: 'Moderate' Muslim Plots Jihad Mass Murder at Fort Hood

Politico: Energy programs prepare for debt deal pain

WSJ: Tea Party Sees No Triumph In Compromise
NYT: That Monolithic Tea Party Just Wasn’t There
WSJ: Boehner Repeals Murphy's Law
Rush Limbaugh: A Big Victory for the Tea Party? Not if the Result is a Big Tax Hike
Wes Pruden: Hope and change in a magic tea party pot
Joe Nocera: Tea Party’s War on America

NYT: Focus Turns Back to Fed on Economy
WaPo: Debt-ceiling deal risks compromising fragile economic growth

Politico: Expiring gas tax may be next battle on the Hill

WSJ: The Soaring Public Health Tab
WSJ: Health-Care Companies Are Infected by Severe Case of Washington Jitters
Human Events: ObamaCare's Most Frightening Consequence: Not Enough Doctors

NYT: Insurance Coverage for Contraception Is Required
WaPo: New U.S. rules require insurance coverage for contraception
Fox: Obama Orders Insurers to Pay for Women's Health Screenings, Contraception
Wash Times: White House: Insurers must cover abortion pill
D Caller: Obama administration approves no-cost birth control, including ‘morning after’ pill

Wash Times: Republicans block plan to end hobbling of FAA
Fox: Cost of FAA Shutdown Could Exceed $1 Billion

WaPo: Study: Income does not explain segregation patterns in housing

Rush Limbaugh: EIB Celebrates 23rd Anniversary


Roll Call: Race Ratings: GOP Strengthens Grip on South Carolina


NYT: Reaping Millions in Nonprofit Care for Disabled
NYT: Nassau Voters Reject Proposal to Fix Coliseum

WSJ: Spitzer's Latest Loss
Reuters: Ex-General Re, AIG execs' convictions thrown out
Bloomberg: Former Gen Re, AIG Executives Get Insurance Fraud Convictions Thrown Out


Dan Walters: California's big stake in the federal deal


Politico: Crist donated $2K to Patrick Murphy


Fox: Justice Department Sues Alabama Over Controversial Immigration Law
NYT: Justice Dept. Challenges Alabama Immigration Law


NatJ: Previewing the Mississippi Gubernatorial Primary

Daily Caller: Ethics questions emerge about former MS congressman’s telecom lobbying


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich sentencing set for Oct. 6
Chicago ST: Rod Blagojevich judge sets sentencing date; ex-governor plans to testify


Politico: Wisc. Dems accuse AFP of election tampering


Detroit News: Michigan to feel impact of debt deal

Detroit News: Kilpatrick released from prison this morning
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick released from prison, heading back to Texas


Wichita Eagle: Judge orders state to fund Planned Parenthood
AP/Hegeman: Judge blocks Kan. law defunding Planned Parenthood


Wash Times: Race for ‘safe’ seat in Virginia Senate gets dirty


Fox: Maryland Lawsuit Filed to Uphold Tuition for Certain Illegal Immigrants
NYT: Immigrant Advocates File Suit on Petition Signatures


NYDN: Christie hits gym with trainer Farrel Brenner following health scare


Boston Globe: Deal’s cutbacks could hobble state’s recovery


Roll Call: Giffords Captures Spotlight as House Passes Debt Deal
Fox: Giffords Met by Loud Applause on Return to House


Roll Call: Bonamici Set to Enter Oregon Special Election


August 1, 2011


Politico: PAC brings in $12.2 million for Mitt
Wash Times: Romney campaign raises $12 million from just 90 donors
Bloomberg: Pro-Romney PAC Raises More Money Than Obama-Friendly Group
Des Moines Register: Romney puts emphasis on business experience

Fox: Perry Backs Constitutional Marriage Amendment, But Says Focus Is on Jobs
Politico: Super PAC to air Iowa ads touting Perry
Houston Chronicle: Tea party support not a given for Perry
Commentary: Bachmann Stumbles, Perry Closes in on Romney in Rasmussen Poll

Des Moines Register: Bachmann derides debt-ceiling deal in Fort Dodge
Ft. Dodge Messenger: Bachmann’s bid: GOP candidate opposes debt limit increase
CNN: Bachmann cancels campaign stops to vote against debt deal
Gary Bauer: Bachmann's Childish Critics Reveal a Serious Candidate

Daily Caller: Huntsman to appear at Tea Party town hall in SC
National Review: The World According to Huntsman

Tampa Tribune: Pawlenty looks to Florida to bolster his standing in GOP primary race

Wash Times: Cain comes on strong out West
Politico: Herman Cain dominates Denver straw poll; Rick Perry second

NYT: 2012 G.O.P. Candidates React to Debt Deal

WaPo: GOP presidential candidates in tricky spot as public attitudes on gay marriage change

Wash Times: Republicans at financial crossroads for ‘12

Politico: Pat Boone climbs political charts

NYDN: President Barack Obama's approval rating reaches ALL-TIME low
Salena Zito: White House's Over-the-Cliff Moment


Fox: Obama Announces Debt-Reduction Deal Approved by Senate, House Leaders
WaPo: White House, congressional leaders reach debt-limit deal
NYT: Obama and Leaders Reach Debt Deal
Hill: Obama, lawmakers reach deal
Hill: Reid, McConnell endorse deal, will present to rank and file Monday
Daily Caller: White House, congressional leaders announce debt ceiling deal
AP/Espo: It's a deal: Obama, Congress will avert default
Wash Times: Vote looms for a debt-limit deal
NYT: After Protracted Fight, Both Sides Emerge Bruised
Hill: White House: Lot for Dems to love in deal
NYT: Congress Must Trim Deficit to Avoid Broader Cuts
Fox: Debt Ceiling Package Could Mean Pain for States
NYT: From Spending to Cuts, While the Economy Stalls
NY Post: House of Representatives last obstacle to new debt-limit deal
NYT: Boehner Outlines Debt Agreement
Fox: Senate Debt-Cap Compromise Could Be Tough Sell in House
Hill: In sales pitch, Boehner assures GOP: Deal is 'all spending cuts'
WSJ: Again, Boehner Needs Votes
Roll Call: Boehner Threads a Needle
Politico: GOP rallies around Boehner on deal
WSJ: Deal Bears Stamp of GOP Leverage, If Not the Entire Party's Support
Roll Call: Debt Deal Emerging With Rightward Tilt
Politico: Debt deal complicates liberals' support
NYT: Several Steps Remain Before the Debt Ceiling Is Raised
Wash Times: Going for broke could break fragile economy
WaPo: Debt deal presents small wins for Dems, big victory for GOP, large gamble for Obama
NatJ: The Deal: Where They Won And Where They Lost
NatJ: Obama Hurt By Debt Debate
Wash Times: Obama’s base: We’ve been “thrown under the bus”
American Spectator: A Tale of Two Dealmakers
National Review: ‘The Best We Could Get’
WSJ: A Tea Party Triumph
Joe Curl: The tea party IS the third party
NYT: Editorial: To Escape Chaos, a Terrible Deal
Jed Babbin: Slippery Weasels, Deals, and Triggers
William Kristol: Will the Debt Ceiling Deal Gut Defense?
Michael Barone: Republicans Win When the Fight Is Over Cuts Not More Taxes
Paul Krugman: The President Surrenders
Ross Douthat: The Diminished President
Ezra Klein: A deal that found the lowest-common denominator
Jen Rubin: The last fix: Defense spending cuts adjusted
Chris Cillizza: The debt-ceiling deal: Winners and losers
Mike Lupica: Debt crisis: Boehner, Reid & McConnell make 'Jersey Shore' cast seem smart
NYT: OpEd: Our Unbalanced Democracy
Hill: The Week Ahead: Deal done, now the vote


NYT: As Redistricting Looms, Legislators Face Anxiety, or Even Extinction

NYT: Editorial: Gov. Cuomo’s Subway System


LA Times: Loretta Sanchez's seat appears safe under new map
George Skelton: Chalk one up for Newsom
Dan Walters: Local mandates are lengthy, convoluted state saga
LA Times: State lawmakers toe the line or risk losing their parking spots


NYT: Opposing the Health Law, Florida Refuses Millions
SPT: On talk radio, Rick Scott finds an audience


Milwaukee JS: Senate to vote Monday on jobless benefits waiting period


Examiner: Md. Democrats target Republican congressional district


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George Will: Declaration of independents

YouTube: The Undefeated Official Movie Trailer

Politico: Sarah Palin film to get wider release

Human Events: Summer of Recovery Reading List

Rush Limbaugh: A Fun Read: "Of Thee I Zing"

Ted Nugent: The American battle cry today: American Exceptionalism

WT: Rumsfeld and Kissinger memoirs worth a read

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