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August 21, 2011


Star-Telegram: Supporters welcome Perry home after first week in race
Austin AS: Perry talks troops, immigration, jobs in South Carolina
WaPo: Rick Perry attacks Obama and picks up key endorsement in South Carolina
Politico: Signaling the SC monied set for Perry
ABC: Rick Perry's Texas: Dissecting Governor's Touted Jobs 'Machine'
NatJ: K Street Not a Perry Power Center
HChron: Perry's global warming statements put politics over science
LA Times: Rick Perry moves right on immigration
NYT: Perry Mines Texas System to Raise Cash
WaPo: Perry criticizes government while Texas job growth benefits from it
HChron: Perry on ‘liberal’ pundits: ‘That dog won’t hunt’

LA Times: Rick Perry and Mitt Romney showcase a Republican divide
Wash Times: Huntsman pounds Perry on climate change and Fed

SPT: With faith and principles, Michele Bachmann appeals to Iowa voters
Seattle PI: 2012 contender Bachmann seeks to broaden appeal
Charleston CP: Bachmann: Tea Party represents 90% of Americans
Politico: Michele Bachmann battles Rick Perry’s shadow
Fox: Tea Party Darling Michele Bachmann Seeks to Broaden Appeal in Presidential Race
NYDN: Michele Bachmann keeping an eye on the Soviet Union -- 20 years after it dissolved
Star Tribune: Michele Bachmann's low-key IRS role belied ambitions

Daily Caller: Rove on Palin: ‘I think she gets in’
Weekly Standard: Rove Predicts Palin Will Run

Hill: Huntsman tries to carve out role as Republicans' centrist ‘truth-teller’

Human Events: Republican Primaries: A Guide to Vetting Candidates' Sex Lives

Hill: Five most vulnerable redistricted Dems


Hill: Lawmakers: ‘Sword of Damocles’ hanging over deficit 'supercommittee'
Salena Zito: Out of touch on economy
WaPo: OpEd: The Republicans’ new voodoo economics?
Hill: How 'supercommittee' member got out of Boehner’s doghouse (Rep. Jeb Hensarling)

Foundry: New York Times Ombudsman Investigating Errors in Rep. Issa Story

Hill: Advocates cheer new immigration rules, but expect follow through

Wash Times: Obama: Whites need not apply

Hill: Sunday show preview: Jobs talk dominates the campaign trail


NY Post: Meeks' mortgage 'lender' indicted


Dan Walters: California politicians facing reality on economy


Star-Telegram: Confusion reigns over Texas' 2012 election calendar


Palm Beach Post: 17th amendment an issue with Florida's Senate GOP candidates
Miami Herald: Vets raise questions about McCalister’s military record

SPT: Gov. Rick Scott asks FDLE to investigate deleted e-mails


AJC: Karma and the drawing of Georgia’s political boundaries


Roll Call: Vitter Holding Events With Landry — in Boustany’s District


Chicago ST: Analysis: Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s first 100 days in office


Milwaukee JS: Legal fees soar for Wisconsin taxpayers over bargaining, redistricting


Cleveland PD: SB 5 provokes a fight, not the usual deal
Toledo Blade: SB 5 foes reject offer to talk


Politico: Christie: Climate change is real


Fox: Elizabeth Warren’s Potential Senate Bid May Reunite Scott Brown With Tea Party

Boston Globe: Mass. may seek ‘No Child’ waiver


August 20, 2011


Fox: Perry Jolts GOP Field, Changes Outlook for Romney and Bachmann
WaPo: Rick Perry aims for right balance of firebrand and statesman in GOP race
NYT: Twang and Job Title Might Be the Same, but Perry and Bush Keep Their Distance
WSJ: Perry's Texas Tax Plan Runs Into Criticism
Daily Caller: Barbour supporters begin movement toward Perry
WaPo: Rick Perry greeted with enthusiasm in South Carolina
Boston Herald: Rick Perry picks up big endorsement in South Carolina
Examiner: Perry brings job message to high-unemployment SC
NatJ: Perry's Overlooked Asset: Hispanic Support
WaPo: 5 myths about Rick Perry
Politico: Texas pol emerges as Perry critic
LA Times: Rick Perry's stem cell surgery worries some doctors
Austin AS: Perry giving up fraud-tainted gubernatorial donation
HChron: Editorial: Is the nation ready for another Texas president?
Huff Post: Rick Perry Backs Off Social Security 'Ponzi Scheme' Comments
American Thinker: Perry Will Win Big

Wash Times: Bachmann stands by $2 gas pledge
Charleston P&C: Michele Bachmann keeps up criticism of Obama during S.C. tour
WaPo: Editorial: Michele Bachmann’s ‘war’ on the IRS
Daily Caller: Grover Norquist: Bachmann could just be ‘the flavor of the month’
Fox: Bachmann’s Religious Organizer Was Imprisoned in Uganda on Terror Charges in 2006
Star Tribune: Bachmann's farm income is a complicated story

WSJ: Romney vs. Romney

Politico: Newt Gingrich, the Walmart candidate

Des Moines Register: New Sarah Palin video from the Iowa State Fair
Daily Caller: Palin releases video highlighting Iowa trip
NatJ: Palin's Latest Video Looks Campaign-like
Daily Caller: Mark Levin: ‘I believe Sarah Palin will run for president’

HE: Conservatism's Rising Stars Spark Students at Young America's Foundation Conference

Hill: Jobless rate ticks up in key 2012 swing states


Politico: Obama faced with threat of recession
LA Times: After a two-year rebound, recession risks rise
Wash Times: White House orders agencies to cut their budgets
Politico: Supercommittee may call for K St. creativity
Grover Norquist: Cost of government only goes up

NYT: U.S. to Offer Oil Leases in the Gulf
Fox: Obama Administration Schedules First Lease Sale Since Gulf Oil Spill

Fox: White House Faces Political Dilemma on Health Law Challenge
NYT: U.S. Scrambling to Ease Shortage of Vital Medicine

Denver Post: Octogenarian pleads guilty to immigrant smuggling
NYT: Editorial: Toward Immigration Sanity

William Kristol: The Crisis

Andrew McCarthy: Western culture has changed, and Islamic culture can, too

Fox: Student Debt: America's Next Bubble?

Daily Caller: Issa demands front-page NYT retraction after ‘error-ridden’ ‘hit piece’

Hill: Sunday show preview: Jobs talk dominates the campaign trail
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Miami Herald: Political dispute over Boeing plant escalates


Daily Caller: Amodei holds double-digit lead in Nevada special election


NY Post: Panicked Dems in Turner 'mail'strom


SacBee: Jerry Brown targets two GOP appointees on key water panel


Politico: Tom Coburn says 'get over' his gun talk


Tampa Tribune: Florida slips in job gains: 10.7 percent jobless
Miami Herald: South Florida clinics threatened by Washington cuts


AJC: Channel 2 poll: Rick Perry takes a quick lead in Georgia
AJC: Small Georgia bank is 17th failure of year


WSJ: Scott Walker Claims Victory in the Battle of Wisconsin
Milwaukee JS: The Darling-Pasch recall fight: a portrait in polarization
NYT: Editorial: A Study in Judicial Dysfunction


Hill: Kasich: Obama needs to show ‘leadership’ to save the economy
NECN: Kasich echoes familiar Republican job creation themes


Detroit News: Snyder wants quick state Supreme Court ruling on emergency manager law
Detroit News: Kilpatrick: I could be mayor of Detroit again


Politico: John Edwards changes lawyers in case over mistress payments


George Will: Chris Christie, America’s Caesar
Daily Caller: Team Pawlenty awaits decision from Chris Christie
Politico: Christie: Climate change is real


Boston Globe: Warren backers seem a little unclear on her opponent


Daily Caller: 1st potential candidate for Giffords seat emerges


WSJ: Poll Numbers Improve for Hatch


August 19, 2011


Roll Call: Rick Perry Builds Florida Team, Hears From Haley Barbour
Hill: Rick Perry catches fire, attention in his first week on campaign trail
NatJ: Rick Perry: Evolution Is 'Theory' With 'Gaps'
WSJ: Perry Is Suddenly Less ‘Fed Up’ Over Social Security
WSJ: Ron Paul: Perry ‘Makes Me Look Like a Moderate’
WaPo: Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry — the wishful ad, ad hominem
Boston Globe: Perry faces barrage of protest in N.H.
Austin AS: Protesters greet Perry in New Hampshire
Politico: Rick Perry’s loose lips worry Hill Republicans
Politico: Rick Perry’s gifts: Boots, trips, medical tests
Star-Telegram: Perry's jobs record in Texas isn't clear-cut
HChron: Close-up: Texas under Perry: Water projects for the future have stalled since '97

CBS: Bachmann wrapping up 3-day South Carolina trip
NatJ: Bachmann Spins Tax-Attorney Experience in South Carolina
WaPo: Bachmann on why she worked for IRS: “First rule of war is `know your enemy’”
DC: Florida GOP: Bachmann’s decision to skip straw poll a ‘bad move’
CBS: Michele Bachmann: I'm the "hombre-ette" to stand for you
Indy Star: Take look at Bachmann's mentor
Boston Globe: Bachmann avoids gay rhetoric: Economy is focus in appeal to moderates
Politico: Bachmann stresses tea party in electability pitch
Politico: Palin: Bachmann cover ‘the new normal’

NatJ: Romney's Advantage: Will Perry, Bachmann Divide the Voters Most Resistant to Him
Boston Herald: Mitt Romney makes campaign stop in Wyoming

Wash Times: Second time’s the charm as Paul learns from ‘08 bid

Daily Caller: Huntsman takes to Twitter to ding Perry on evolution

DC: Texas Sen. John Cornyn: Paul Ryan would be ‘great’ as president
WaPo: Two GOP governors back Ryan

Daily Caller: Palin rips ‘arrogance’ of Obama’s reaction to Perry, still considering 2012 run
Philadelphia Daily News: FBI: 2 Pa. men harassed Palin family, legal team

LA Times: Rep. Maxine Waters says blacks want Obama to get tough
James Taranto: 'Unleash Us' If Obama has lost Maxine Waters, he's lost Middle America
Rush Limbaugh: Black Democrats Know Obama Takes Their Voters for Granted
Rush Limbaugh: Rev. Jackson Gets in on the Action
Hill: Rep. Lewis: African-Americans frustrated with unemployment rate, not Obama

Hill: President Obama heads to Martha's Vineyard for a can’t-win vacation
NYDN: Sarah Palin calls Obama 'very, very tone deaf' for vacationing in Martha's Vineyard
Peggy Noonan: President's Island Retreat: Martha's Vineyard a sign that he's giving up?
Michael Gerson: Why Obama faces an uphill run for reelection
Politico: Dem Rep. Peter DeFazio: Obama could lose
Byron York: With Obama in trouble, GOP faces its own divide

Charlie Cook: Memo to GOP: Independent Voters Are Required to Win the General Election

Rush Limbaugh: Will Trump Screw Everything Up?

Daily Caller: Politicians complain about ‘gotcha’ questions, but what exactly are they?

Blaze: Beck Blasts Boehner After Rep. Walsh Says House Members Banned From Israel Event


WSJ: Slowdown Fears Slam U.S. Stocks
WaPo: Stocks plunge on Europe’s banking worries
NYT: Stocks Close Down Sharply Over Anxiety on Economy
Rush Limbaugh: Bam Vacations as Economy Tanks
Rush Limbaugh: Obama to Propose New Stimulus in Lame Attempt to Set Up Campaign
NYT: Editorial: The Wrong Idea: An insistence on austerity
Charles Krauthammer: Bad luck? Bad faith?
Roger Hedgecock: Obama's Green Economy Withers Under His Rotten Policies
American Spectator: What Would Reagan Cut?

Boston Globe: Some interests may benefit from gridlock over debt deal
Hill: Republican supercommittee member vows no cuts to entitlement benefits
WSJ: No Easy Answer on Tax Issue
WaPo: Democrats’ road tour strikes back at GOP’s stand against raising taxes
Human Events: Warren Buffett, Ben Stein: Wrong on Taxing the Rich
American Spectator: Putting America Back to Work -- the Republican Way

WSJ: U.S. Alters Policy on Deporting Immigrants
Wash Times: New DHS rules cancel deportations
Fox: Obama Administration to Review All Deportation Cases, Apply DREAM Act-Style Criteria
NYT: Deportation Halted for Younger Immigrants
LA Times: Dream Act students won't be deportation targets, officials say
NYDN: Undocumented, law-abiding immigrants won't get boot, President Obama says
Human Events: Neither Party Stands Against Illegal Immigration: It's Tea Time

Rivkin & Casey: ObamaCare's Latest Judicial Defeat
Rush Limbaugh: How the Obamacare Bill Passed

Rush Limbaugh: Fast and Furious Plan Went Awry

Fox: Are Military Pensions Too 'Generous'?

American Thinker: Did Kerry's Swift Boat Hatchet Man Fake His Own Silver Star?

WaPo: Obama orders improved workforce-diversity effort


Des Moines Register: Sarah Palin’s Iowa event relocated


WaPo: New Hampshire campaign trail has its must-stops


Reuters: Haley not ready to pick 2012 Republican favorite


Roll Call: Nevada Special Election Candidates Clash in Debate
Daily Caller: Romney endorses Amodei in Nevada special election


NYT: New York Subpoenas Energy Companies Over Claims About Gas Wells
Albany TU: Ball vs. frackers X2

Rochester D&C: Tom Golisano prepared for legal action in assessment fight


SacBee: Some California GOP lawmakers release their budgets


WSJ: Liberals try to discredit the Lone Star State's economic success

Roll Call: McCaul Leaps to Top of 50 Richest Members of Congress


Wash Times: Oklahoma’s Fallin resists ‘Obamacare’

Roll Call: Coburn Blunt Talk Causes Stir


Sunshine News: Obama's Class-Warfare Strategy a Loser in Florida

Politico: Tensions rise between tea party and a favorite son (Rep. Allen West)

SPT: Gov. Rick Scott's original transition e-mails accidentally deleted, state now says


AJC: Senate may have just created the most expensive legislative race in state history

DC: Atlanta billboard: Pro-choice civil rights leaders ‘betray’ black community


Chicago Tribune: Illinois Republicans dream big at state fair rally

Chicago ST: Emanuel phone poll asks about taxes, Tea Party, Daley and more


AP/Bauer: Wisconsin political heavyweights eye Senate run

Big Govt: The case for recall reform in Wisconsin

Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin loses 12,500 private-sector jobs in July

Weekly Standard: Russ Feingold Won't Run for Office in 2012


WSJ: Deadlock in Ohio Over Union Rights


Detroit FP: Clark Durant enters race for U.S. Senate seat held by Debbie Stabenow


WaPo: Jerry Terrell Jackson executed in Virginia for murder of 88-year-old woman


Roll Call: Governor Signs New West Virginia Map


Philadelphia Inquirer: Philadelphia's suburbs are critical to Republicans


DC: Christine O’Donnell: Would Piers Morgan ask Obama about masturbation?
News Journal: O'Donnell memoir not a hit locally


NYT: Editorial: Some Very Good Sense (Gov. Christie)


NYT: Connecticut Workers Approve Contract They Had Rejected


Boston Globe: Warren to explore Senate run: Democrat already a target for GOP
WSJ: Warren Moves Toward Challenging Brown
NYT: Warren Files to Test the Senate Waters
Roll Call: Warren Officially Explores Senate Run

Boston Globe: Electoral districts being redrawn


Hill: Giffords campaign asks FEC to approve funds for home security upgrades
Politico: Potential Giffords GOP challenger
Fox: Republican State Senator Looks Into Potential Run for Rep. Giffords' Congressional Seat
AP/Billeaud: GOP challenger wants to know if Giffords running for re-election

Fox: Planned Parenthood to End Abortion Services in Three Arizona Cities


NYT: A Race in Montana May Again Be Crucial to Senate Control
NYT: OpEd: Cutting Costs the Montana Way


August 18, 2011


Karl Rove: The GOP's Not-Romney Competition

WaPo: Perry, Romney offer contrasting approaches to job creation in GOP race
WSJ: Perry's Public Service: Behold, a hard-money Texas politician
Examiner: The cowboy corporatist rides to the rescue
Rush Limbaugh: Perry Scares GOP Establishment
WSJ: Perry Says Vaccine Order Was Mistake
Politico: Rick Perry debuts at 18 percent in New Hampshire
Boston Globe: Texas style toned down a notch, Perry tests message in Granite State
WBUR: Perry Falls ‘Flat’ With Republicans In Bedford, N.H.
Austin AS: Perry is making a play in New Hampshire, but it won't be easy
WaPo: Some conservatives not thrilled by Rick Perry
Houston Chronicle: Some on political right doubt Perry's bona fides
Examiner: Perry ducks comparisons to Bush
NYT: Day After Fed Uproar, Perry Tones It Down
LA Times: Rick Perry calls global warming an unproven, costly theory
CBS: Rick Perry suggests global warming is a hoax
Star-Telegram: Perry's skepticism over global warming strikes a nerve
Frank Bruni: Heroes, Until They’ve Arrived
Stephen Stromberg: Rick Perry’s politics of suspicion and accusation
DC: Gene Simmons declares Rick Perry the next president
NYDN: GOP hopeful Rick Perry's passion, impressive record in Texas making Dems nervous
American Spectator: Skeptical of Perry

Chicago Tribune: GOP candidate Michelle Bachmann: I'll bring back $2 gas
National Review: Bachmann Pledges Gas Will Be Less Than $2 a Gallon
Hill: Bachmann: If elected, gas prices would fall to less than $2 per gallon
NYT: Bashing E.P.A. Is New Theme in G.O.P. Race
McClatchy: As 'submissive' wife, Bachmann delicately treads Bible, modernity
Bloomberg: Bachmann to Benefit From ‘Super PAC’
Hill: New Bachmann super-PAC forms
Daily Beast: Bachmann Staffer Has Criminal Record
Roll Call: Report: Bachmann Organizer Was Charged With Terrorism in Uganda
Politico: Michele Bachmann's bouncers: Unnecessary roughness

WaPo: Perry and Romney split on global warming
Reuters: Romney says he is "in sync" with Tea Party

Des Moines Register: After near-win at poll, Paul fights for respect
Hill: GOP field encroaches on Paul’s turf with sharp attacks on the Federal Reserve

CBS: Newt Gingrich to take his campaign to Hawaii

Hill: Huntsman camp knocks Perry on climate science

Politico: Veepstakes speculation heats up

Weekly Standard: GOP Bigs Push Paul Ryan to Run
Weekly Standard: Scott Walker Pushes Ryan to Run

CBS: Chris Christie denies he is preparing 2012 run

EJ Dionne: The GOP’s summer of discontent


Hill: Cantor urges House GOP to avoid brinksmanship in spending fights
Hill: McConnell’s message to Obama: Stop pushing your failed economic policies
NYT: Amid Skepticism, Debt Panel Is Pressed for a Deal
John Bolton: Why Tea Party should resist gutting defense
Conrad Black: Warren Buffett’s Posture: He’s an intelligent man who knows better

WaPo: House bills give a glimpse into the tea party’s vision for America

Wash Times: Prepping for debt plan, Obama calls for ‘shared sacrifice’
NYT: Obama to Press Committee on Jobs
WaPo: Obama to issue new proposals on job creation, debt reduction
NatJ: President Obama's Tipping Point
Fox: Rep. Waters to Frustrated Black Voters: 'Unleash Us' on Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Maxine Waters Asks Constituents for Permission to Unleash on Bam
Rush Limbaugh: Is Obama Destruction Purposeful?
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Jobs Plan: Defeat Obama
James Taranto: The Five Stages of Obama
Fareed Zakaria: Obama’s Job No. 1: Create jobs
NYDN: Romney, Gingrich rip Obama for taking 10-day vacation while economy crumbles
American Spectator: The Michelle Garden Strategy

NYT: U.S. Inquiry Eyes S.&P. Ratings of Mortgages
Fox: Justice Department Reportedly Investigating Standard & Poor's

Detroit FP: Fannie's role in the American nightmare

WSJ: Raising Hell in Subsidized Housing

NYT: Cuts in Health Care May Undermine Role in Labor Market

DC: Holder requests Fast and Furious docs from Issa, Grassley for ‘independent’ investigation
Human Events: Fast and Furious 'Flawed From the Start': An Interview With Rep. Paul Gosar

NYT: OpEd: No to Arctic Drilling

NYT: Editorial: Threadbare American Justice

Ann Coulter: Liberals aren't funny, they're a riot!
NYT: Editorial: Wrong Answers in Britain
George Will: America’s lost ally


Politico: New Hampshire House seats eyed by Democrats


Hill: Wilson: ‘You lie’ has been vindicated


Las Vegas Sun: Perry’s entrance into presidential race changes Nevada’s dynamics


Albany TU: State shifts layoff threat to unions without contracts

NYT: New York Moves to Crack Down on Abuse of Disabled


George Skelton: Celebrating new voting districts
LA Times: Common Cause blasts referendum targeting new Senate districts

SacBee: Jerry Brown backs going forward with high-speed rail project
LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown appoints jobs czar

Roll Call: Sean Penn Campaigning for California House Candidate


WSJ: Hispanic Democrats Set Sights on New Texas Seat


SPT: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi deflects controversy over firings, angry memo


AJC: Georgia unemployment rate rises to 10.1 percent in July


National Review: The Last of Lugar?


Roll Call: Pawlenty Rules Out Senate Run After Ending Presidential Bid
Boston Globe: Despite lobbying by GOP, Pawlenty rejects Senate run


Milwaukee JS: Thompson takes step toward Senate run

Milwaukee JS: Senate GOP faces new reality


Wash Times: Ohio governor offers to compromise on bargaining limits
AP/Smyth: Kasich seeks to stop Issue 2 effort


Detroit News: Michigan high court endorses cutting 49 judgeships
Detroit News: Michigan jobless picture gets blurry


NYDN: Christine O'Donnell walks off Piers Morgan's talk show


NYT: Citing Debt and Benefits, Fitch Lowers Bond Rating for New Jersey


Roll Call: Ex-Rep. Djou Announces Bid for House


August 17, 2011


Rasmussen: GOP Primary: Perry 29%, Romney 18%, Bachmann 13%
Daily Caller: Perry leads first GOP primary poll since Ames
Star-Telegram: Perry takes 1st place in poll of likely GOP primary voters

NYT: Perry Links Federal Reserve Policies and Treason
Des Moines Register: Perry stands by remark about Bernanke
WaPo: Perry’s criticism of money-printing may portend more political pressure for Fed
BBC: Rick Perry criticised for Bernanke 'treason' remarks
NYT: Perry Doesn’t Back Down From Fed ‘Treasonous’ Comments
RCP: Obama To Perry: "Be A Little More Careful About What You Say"
Philadelphia Inquirer: Perry's Texas-size talk raising cheers, doubts
Des Moines Register: U.S. needs what I’ve done for Texas, Perry says
SPT: As presidential race soon shifts to Florida, Rick Perry revs up efforts
WaPo: Rick Perry, the ‘no apologies’ candidate
NatJ: Perry Looks to Break the Mold in N.H.
Politico: Rick Perry revs up efforts as presidential race shifts to Florida
Daily Caller: Rove condemns Perry’s comments on Bernanke, George W. Bush
Politico; Rove recalls the Texas years
Wash Times: Bush aides’ sniping exposes a Texas rivalry with Perry
Politico: Bushies slam Rick Perry's Ben Bernanke comment
Roll Call: Perry’s No Tea Party Darling in Texas
WaPo: Editorial: An ugly start to Rick Perry’s campaign
Daily Caller: Chris Matthews: Rick Perry ‘Bull Connor with a smile’
NYDN: Stephen Colbert Super Pac loses treasurer to Rick Perry campaign
Politico: Stephen Colbert loses treasurer to Rick Perry
Dan Balz: The Take: Is Perry built for a general election?
Harold Meyerson: The sad facts behind Rick Perry’s Texas miracle
Jen Rubin: Is Perry a Bachmann in cowboy boots?
Wash Times: Rick Perry brings presidential pop
Wash Times: Primetime for Perry
Human Events: How Rick Perry Can Make 'Ugly' Succeed
Rush Limbaugh: Does Obama Love America? "Go Ask Him," Perry Tells Reporter
Jonah Goldberg: The Right Candidate: One can remain loyal to the Buckley rule

Reuters: Bachmann also takes aim at Fed
Politico: Pawlenty donor goes to Bachmann
American Thinker: The Bad Faith of Michele Bachmann's Gay Rights Inquisitors
NYDN: Bachmann wishes Elvis Presley a happy birthday -- on the anniversary of his death

NYT: Romney View of Perry: Just Another Opponent
Politico: Mitt Romney's Rick Perry strategy: Don't panic
Wash Times: Health coverage, rates rise in Massachusetts
Politico: Mitt Romney trails Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann in passion poll

Hill: Paul: Media 'frightened' by my campaign

Daily Caller: Candidates spar over job-growth numbers

Politico: GOP eyes new 2012 candidates
Roll Call: Source: Paul Ryan Talked to Boehner About White House Bid
Hill: Ryan denies report he's considering 2012 bid
Weekly Standard: Ryan for President?

WSJ: Obama Aims to Keep White Voters on Board
WaPo: Critics call on Obama to cancel his Martha’s Vineyard vacation
NYT: Editorial: Obama - His Anger Is a Start
James Taranto: Tony & Tacky: Carter, Obama and the decline of the liberal elite
Maureen Dowd: Field of Dashed Dreams
Michael Barone: Harry S. Obama?

Wash Times: Obama: Tea-party GOP blocking U.S. recovery
NYT: OpEd: Crashing the Tea Party


WSJ: Warren Buffett's Tax Dodge: He volunteers the middle class for a tax increase
Fox: As Buffett Renews Push for Billionaire's Tax, Critics Tell Him to Pay More Now

DC: Gingrich says scrap super committee and extend payroll tax holiday
Newt Gingrich: More Jobs, More Revenue, More American Energy: A Bipartisan Opportunity

WSJ: Getting Back to Growth: Where are today's Jack Kemps?
NYT: OpEd: White Picket Fence? Not So Fast (mortgage interest deduction)
NYT: Editorial: Fight for a Jobs Agenda
LA Times: Obama dares Republicans to block his coming jobs package

WaPo: Government dollars fuel wealth: D.C. enclaves reap rewards of contracting boom

Wash Times: Promotions of ‘Fast and Furious’ officials draw Texan’s wrath

NYT: Federal Policy Resulting in Wave of Deportations Draws Protests

WSJ: Election Looms in Health-Law Review
American Spectator: Obamacare Is Going Down


NYDN: Obama's job approval rating among voters in New York State sinks to record low
Albany TU: Poll: Obama still carries NY, Giuliani comes closest

Albany TU: CSEA president says tough issues remain after contract approval
NYT: In Albany, a Labor Pact Without Attacks on Unions

Roll Call: Schumer Endorses Weprin in New York Special


Dan Walters: Villaraigosa drops hint about ambitions


Miami Herald: Florida sparkles in GOP presidential contenders’ eyes


WSJ: Georgia Mosque Wins Approval


Roll Call: Herman Cain Endorses Mourdock Over Lugar


Wash Times: Two Democratic senators survive final Wisconsin recall
NYT: 2 Wisconsin Democrats Re-elected
Milwaukee JS: Wirch, Holperin win Senate recalls; GOP retains 17-16 majority


Detroit News: Muslims denounce bill to ban 'foreign laws'


Roanoke Times: McDonnell generous to Republican Senate candidates

WaPo: Cuccinelli might challenge Warner for Senate seat in 2014


News Journal: O'Donnell memoir not a hit locally


Roll Call: Parties Split on Redistricting Maps in Maine


Roll Call: Warren Wooing Democrats at Boston House Parties


Denver Post: Tancredo forms “super PAC” to raise unlimited money for 2012


August 16, 2011


WSJ: Touting a Downhome Résumé
Austin AS: Perry highlights military experience in Iowa stumping
Houston Chronicle: In Iowa campaign, Perry touts military experience
WSJ: Perry Enters Race (with a Swagger)
Weekly Standard: First Perry Ad Focuses on Jobs
WaPo: Perry warns of Fed ‘treason,’ challenges Obama
LA Times: Rick Perry assembles top California donors for campaign
Politico: Rick Perry’s cash dash sparks worries
NYT: A Confident Perry Lingers to Make Friends at the Fair
Wash Times: Perry a blue-ribbon visitor at Iowa State Fair
Des Moines Register: Perry talks through hecklers, touts jobs
LA Times: Rick Perry opens new front with GOP rivals over jobs, experience
CNN: Perry brushes off Bush comparisons
NYDN: Rick Perry: 'I hope I'm President Obama's worst nightmare'
Politico: Perry back to S.C. Friday
NYT: Perry Jabs Romney in Iowa
Jerusalem Post: Rick Perry is longtime friend of Israel - and Jesus
Hill: Rick Perry: 'I made a mistake' mandating HPV vaccine
Politico: Rick Perry backed an already-climate-crusading Al Gore in '88
Richard Cohen: The Texas Gipper
NatJ: Perry's Widespread Appeal In Texas
NatJ: Perry's Vulnerabilities With the Right
Rich Lowry: Let the Perry Hatred Begin
National Review: Five Questions About Rick Perry
Ezra Klein: Rick Perry’s budget sleight-of-hand
Ruth Marcus: Rick Perry’s warped tax ‘injustice’
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: Is Rick Perry as Christian as He Thinks He Is?
NYT: In Texas, Perry Has Ridden an Energy Boom
Weekly Standard: Don't Mess With Texas's Economic Record
Rush Limbaugh: Rick Perry Shakes Up the Race; Bachmann Rolling, Palin Lurking
Dan Balz: First faceoff for Perry vs. Bachmann

National Review: Michele Bachmann, Rock Star
Hill: Bachmann camp claims 'tremendous fundraising boost' since Ames victory
American Spectator: What Is a Republican President?
Roll Call: Minnesota Delegation Not Rushing to Back Bachmann
Roll Call: Bachmann Clinic, Family Farm Worth Up to $2.8M
Politico: Michele Bachmann worth at least $912,000
Hill: Bachmann touts wide appeal, but has backed few Dem bills this year
Politico: Bachmann skipped family reunion she cited
Christian Post: Bachmann Clashes with NBC Host on God, Same-Sex Issues
NYT: Bachmann’s ‘Don’t Ask’ Position a Legal Possibility
James Taranto: Ominous Parallels: Is Michele Bachmann the Barack Obama of 2012?

NYDN: Romney rips Obama, calling President's heartland trip a 'Magical Misery bus tour'
AP/Peoples: Romney says Perry lacks business skill
Boston Globe: Romney claims unique background vs. Perry
USA Today: Romney touts business experience in dig at Perry
WaPo: New faces in Romney’s rear-view mirror shake up the Republican race
Pat Buchanan: Mitt's Dilemma

Politico: Ron Paul supporters decry media neglect
Politico: Ron Paul remains media poison
Byron York: GOP operatives fear lasting Ron Paul problem
DC: Krauthammer: ‘Ron Paul is not going to be president of the United States’

Politico: Rove thinks Christie and Ryan are wavering

NYT: Why Pawlenty’s Candidacy Failed
Michael Gerson: Tim Pawlenty and the limits of ideological purity

Daily Caller: Huntsman campaign picks up former T-Paw staffer

Rush Limbaugh: Palin Makes Tapper Wait for Heifer
Politico: Sarah Palin tour comes to abrupt halt

LA Times: Obama's Gallup numbers show 12 states in play in 2012

Wash Times: Tea party activist takes on Obama during town hall meeting in Iowa
Fox: Obama Conversation With Tea Partier Gets Heated
Rush Limbaugh: Left Lines Up to Attack Tea Party, But the Tea Party is a State of Mind

WaPo: Obama kicks off Midwest bus tour with harsh words on the economy
Daily Caller: Obama may run Truman-style 2012 campaign
Wash Times: Obama calls for tax hikes, chides GOP foes
Daily Caller: GOP doubles down on criticism during Obama’s bus tour
NYT: Obama Tries to Reclaim Momentum With Midwest Bus Tour
Jen Rubin: Obama’s bus tour
Rush Limbaugh: You Pay for the Obama Bus Tour
Rush Limbaugh: Bam's Approval Hits All-Time Low
Rush Limbaugh: Thrill Gone from Obama Speeches

Politico: Ed Rendell: Hillary Clinton can't resist White House run
Fred Dicker: Andy has upHill fight to win in '16: top Dem

National Review: Paul Krugman Is Still Wrong about Texas
Rush Limbaugh: Krugman Calls for Alien Invasion
Rush Limbaugh: Blabbermouth Schultz Heckled

Daily Caller: Handicapping candidates after the Iowa shake-up
NYT: Editorial: A Race to Repudiate Government

USA Today: Va.'s McDonnell succeeds Perry at GOP governors group

Hill: Issa’s office slams NYT ‘hit piece’
Examiner: Editorial: More in-kind contributions to Democrats from the Times


NatJ: Compromise, or We Shoot the Pentagon
Politico: Supercommittee runs risk of turf war
NatJ: Club for Growth, Microsoft Among Largest Donors to Super Committee Members
WaPo: Editorial: Presidential candidates: Show us your budget plan

WSJ: Ruby Red Tape: A case study in the costs of regulation

WaPo: On mortgage rates, Obama wants proposal for how government can keep big role
NatJ: Obama Seeks Plan to Keep Federal Role in Mortgage Market

Michael Barone: The Fall of the Midwest Economic Model

NB: Buchanan Challenges Buffett: 'Set an Example & Send a Check for $5 Billion to Govt
Joe Nocera: What Is Business Waiting For?
Steven Rattner: Republican Extremism, Bad Economics

NYT: Editorial: The Clear Case for the Gas Tax

DC: Issa responds: NYT ‘hit piece’ ‘riddled with factual errors and careless assertions’

DC: Stage set for Supreme Court showdown over Obamacare


Fox: Rep. Wilson Claims He Was Right on Illegal Immigrants When He Shouted 'You Lie'


NYT: State Employees’ Union Accepts Wage and Benefits Concessions
Albany TU: CSEA members: It's a deal
Albany TU: CSEA approves contract offer; ‘a big win,’ says Cuomo

NYT: Cuomo Opts to Vacation Close to Home

Roll Call: Giuliani Makes Endorsement in Race to Replace Weiner


LA Times: Voting districts finalized and face immediate challenges
SacBee: Ballot drive to attack new districts
LA Times: Referendum proposed to overturn redistricting plan
SF Chronicle: GOP challenges redistricting plans as maps pass


Ezra Klein: Why Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured people in the U.S.

NYT: Editorial: Miles and Miles of Drought


Politico: Rep. Allen West weighs Senate run


AJC: A GOP packing of the Fulton County delegation


Fox: Wisconsin Democrats Hope to Hold Ground in 2 Recalls
Milwaukee JS: After dramatic summer, recall races take final bow
Politico: In Wisconsin recalls, GOP looking to win one back
Appleton PC: Last round of Wisconsin Senate recall elections set Tuesday
WaPo: Tight race expected in final Wisconsin recalls
Politico: Another tight Wisconsin recall


Columbus Dispatch: Mandel’s financial report still unfiled


Politico: Michigan homes in on primary date


Roll Call: Graves Backs Perry in Presidential Race


Weekly Standard: McDonnell: 'Very interested' in VP Spot


WSJ: Christine O’Donnell’s Back … With a Book


Boston Globe: Coalition campaign will press Brown to hike taxes on wealthy


NYT: In Open Primary Plan for Arizona, a Call for Moderation


Roll Call: Djou Expected to Try to Win Back House Seat


August 15, 2011


DC: Bachmann takes Sunday talk-show victory lap after Ames Straw Poll win
Fox: Bachmann: Washington is 'Vile,' 'Corrupt' But Can Join the 'Real World'
Fox: Michele Bachmann on 'Fox News Sunday' (video)
Wash Times: Bachmann grabs Iowa momentum, says she’s ready to take on Obama
Roll Call: Bachmann: Debt Ceiling Stance Helped Propel Ames Win
Politico: Michele Bachmann takes victory lap
Star Tribune: Bachmann now seeks to widen appeal
Hill: Bachmann sidesteps gay rights questions
LA Times: Top tier emerges as GOP nomination race enters a defining phase

Fox: Bachmann, Perry Talk Jobs at Iowa Fundraiser
Hill: Bachmann, Perry talk jobs at Iowa dinner
NYT: In Iowa, Bachmann and Perry Cross Paths but Don’t Meet
Examiner: Perry courts Bachmann's Tea Party voters
Austin AS: Perry and Bachmann offer contrasting styles, similar messages
Politico: Rick Perry schools Michele Bachmann in Waterloo
WSJ: Bachmann-Perry Overdrive: GOP voters are still searching for a unifying candidate
Hill: Bachmann downplays Perry's bid, says she can win over independents in 2012

Houston Chronicle: In Iowa, Perry pitches plan to beat Obama
Star-Telegram: Rick Perry's roots in little Paint Creek run deep
Wash Times: Perry goes on the offensive against Obama in Iowa
Boston Globe: Perry rides wave of enthusiasm into Iowa
Roll Call: Perry Mixes Discipline, Savvy Skill
NYT: Perry’s Full-Court Press to Get Donations
Roll Call: Perry’s Fundraising History Faces New Test
Jen Rubin: Perry’s opening day
Stephen Stromberg: Is Rick Perry really the Republican who can win in 2012?
NatJ: Despite Bachmann's Success, the Real GOP Race is Now Perry vs. Romney
American Spectator: President Perry?
American Thinker: Perry's Problematic Pals
Dallas MN: Editorial: Candidate Rick Perry must offer more than catchphrases
Mike Lupica: Bush knockoff Rick Perry joins Michele Bachmann among GOP pretenders
Paul Krugman: The Texas Unmiracle

National Review: After Ames
NYT: After Iowa, Republicans Face a New Landscape
Wash Times: Iowa straw poll reshapes GOP race
WaPo: Republican race snaps into focus with unlikely top tier of Romney, Bachmann, Perry
NYDN: Focus now on Bachmann, Romney and Perry with Pawlenty out of GOP picture

Boston Globe: GOP rivals have different takes on Mormon faith

Examiner: Will no one rid the GOP of this troublesome congressman? (Rep. Ron Paul)

Politico: Rick Santorum gets straw poll bump

WSJ: GOP Race Gains Focus as Pawlenty Says Goodbye
WaPo: Pawlenty realizes he wasn’t what GOP voters were looking for
NatJ: Candidate Pawlenty Lacked the Courage of Governor Pawlenty
Politico: Rivals race to land Tim Pawlenty's backers
American Spectator: The Hard Truth About Pawlenty
American Spectator: Pawlenty, Paul, and the Press

Hill: Tea Party’s heyday may be coming to an end, say political experts

LA Times: Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time
NatJ: Obama Hits New Low In Gallup Survey
Daily Caller: Obama’s approval rating reaches lowest point of his presidency
Hill: Obama approval rating hits new low in latest Gallup tracking poll
American Thinker: Will Obama Run for Re-election?

Fox: Obama Team Sharpens Attacks on Republican Field, Defends President
NYT: Obama Shifts Gears From Coaxing G.O.P. to Swaying the Public
Politico: President Obama’s vision problem

Wash Times: Obama embarks on ‘economic bus tour’ of Midwest swing states
Hill: Obama returns to the campaign trail with Midwest bus tour
DC: RNC dubs Obama’s Midwest trip the ‘Debt-End Bus Tour’ in new campaign
Hill: RNC ready to counter Obama bus tour

Salena Zito: GOP's 2012 House target lofty


NYT: Low Rates May Do Little to Entice Nervous Consumers
WaPo: Geithner, Bernanke have little in arsenal to fight new crisis
NYT: Editorial: A Jobs Agenda, Anyone?
LA Times: Democrats urge Obama to be more aggressive on jobs
Warren Buffett: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich
Robert Samuelson: 10 ways to fix the budget

WaPo: Debt supercommittee lacks diversity
Wash Times: Toomey focuses on fighting for spending cuts

NYT: State Challenges Seen as Whittling Away Federal Education Law

WSJ: Immigration Audits Drive Illegal Workers Underground
Miami Herald: Undocumented immigrants face checks on Amtrak, Greyhound
NYT: Editorial: The Widening Dragnet (Immigration)

WaPo: Obama administration encounters opposition to international climate agenda

NYT: A Businessman in Congress Helps His District and Himself (Rep. Darrell Issa)


Politico: Iowa's other battle royale (King vs. Vilsack)


LA Times: Rick Perry sets out to court wary New Hampshire voters


Albany TU: State jobs hang in the balance

Rochester D&C: Gov. Cuomo's use of state aircraft analyzed
Wash Times: N.Y Gov. Cuomo flew home in state aircraft
NYDN: Gov. Andrew Cuomo flew on state planes home more than dozen times: report
NY Post: Flap over Cuomo planes

NYDN: Nydia Velazquez is most inactive NYer in Congress; Carolyn Maloney is most active

NYT: Tax-Cap Tales


Roll Call: Republicans Ponder Putting New California Map to the Voters

SacBee: As lawmakers return, will Brown push pension overhaul?
George Skelton: A four-week Sacramento acid test

Dan Walters: California Supreme Court plays role in tort war


Chicago Tribune: Durbin to endorse Tammy Duckworth for open seat

Chicago ST: With Rod Blagojevich convicted, others now face sentencing


Milwaukee JS: Liberal billionnaire helping fund media groups in Wisconsin (Soros)


Detroit News: Mich. GOP to set early primary


NYT: Editorial: Gov. Brownback’s Selective Budget Worries


Politico: McDonnell takes to national stage


Roll Call: Between the Lines: Tomblin Expected to Sign New West Virginia Map


Ross Douthat: Chris Christie’s Cue


Roll Call: With Warren Comes Hope: Is That Enough?


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LA Times: Christine O'Donnell promotes book, tells of 'witch' ad regret

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YouTube: The Undefeated Official Movie Trailer

Politico: Sarah Palin film to get wider release

Human Events: Summer of Recovery Reading List

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