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August 31, 2011


NatJ: Obama Stuck At 45 Percent Against Romney, Perry
Wash Times: Who can beat Obama? Anybody
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Generic Republican 48%, Obama 40%
Politico: Quinnipiac poll shows slimmer Perry edge
AP: Perry slams Texas court for rule against abortion law
HChron: Perry aide claims Napolitano is “passing the buck” on border security
HChron: Perry endorses concept of preemptive strike at VFW conference
CNN: A foreign policy platform from Rick Perry? Not quite
National Review: Yes, Social Security Is a Ponzi Scheme
Politico: Rick Perry wakes up the left
EJ Dionne: Perry leads in an older, Southern party
Dana Milbank: Rick Perry is no libertarian
Ruth Marcus: Rick Perry, by the book
NatJ: Perry: Obama's Advisers Smart, Not Wise
Daily Caller: Rick Perry’s camp defends 1993 HillaryCare praise
Bloomberg: Perry Less Likely Than Romney to Beat Obama in 2012, Poll Shows
USA Today: A look at Huntsman, Perry, Romney jobs records
Human Ev: What Rick Perry's Lead in National Polls Will Tell Us About Perry and Romney

Examiner: Split in Tea Party vote may be boon for Romney
Daily Caller: Romney to party with the tea partiers
WaPo: Mitt Romney: U.S. near ‘profound economic misery’
CBS: Romney blasts Obama's "confused" foreign policy vision in speech to veterans
WSJ: Romney Steps Up Campaign as Perry Surges
Politico: Mitt Romney camp not panicking over Rick Perry — yet
Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney's Hurricane Strategy
NY Post: 'Jewish' Bachmann is costing Romney
American Thinker: Romney Plans to Scare Seniors

NY Post: Michele kibitzes with key NY Jews
National Review: Bachmann’s Lieutenants
Des Moines Register: Bachmann book coming in November
Kathleen Parker: So Bachmann’s a diva?
ABC: The Bachmann – A Hairdo in the Making?

Hill: Cornyn: 'WH wishes' Huntsman would run as Independent
Politico: Jon Huntsman supporting Super PAC a sign of campaign's lack of money

Daily Caller: Santorum slams Perry, says his lead is temporary
Politico: Rick Santorum attacks Rick Perry on HPV vaccine

Newt Gingrich: No Taxation without Representation
American Spectator: Redeeming Newt

NatJ: Who Will Win the White House? Charlie Cook's 2012 Bracket

NYT: Palin Adds New Hampshire to Labor Day Itinerary
WSJ: Palin PAC: No Thumbs Up or Down for O’Donnell Speech
News Journal: O'Donnell dropped, re-invited to rally
NatJ: O'Donnell Won't Speak At Tea Party Rally With Palin

Rush Limbaugh: Carney: We're "Fairly Confident" Hillary Won't Run Against Obama

Human Events: All Eyes on U.S. House Races in Nevada, New York and Oregon


Boston Globe: Obama's uncle is called a fugitive: Said to ignore '92 deportation order
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Omar Arrested for DUI in Massachusetts

WSJ: Grassley, Issa: Shakeup Won’t Stop Probe of ATF
Hill: Rep. Issa gets his first scalp
Wash Times: ATF replaces director amid weapons probe
Michelle Malkin: Screw Up, Move Up, Cover Up
Examiner: New warning bells in Operation Fast and Furious probe
NYT: Gun Inquiry Costs Officials Their Jobs
WaPo: ATF head Kenneth Melson reassigned amid gun-trafficking probe
NYT: Firearms Bureau Chief Is Out After Disputed Inquiry
NatJ: Acting Head of Burueau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Is Reassigned

NatJ: Senate Finance Aide Named as Super Committee Staff Director
WSJ: GOP Tax Expert to Lead Deficit-Committee Staff
WSJ: Another Deficit Standoff This Year? Maybe Not

WSJ: To Cut Medicaid Costs, GOP Governors Target Illegal Immigrants

NYT: Federal Austerity Changes Disaster Relief
NatJ: Irene Aid Battle Just the Beginning of Flood Program Woes
NYT: Editorial: The New Resentment of the Poor

Politico: House GOP targets the U.N.

AJC: Johnny Isakson says he’s resolved GOP objections to trade treaties

WSJ: Fed Weighed Asset Purchases at August Meeting
NYT: Divisions at Fed Resulted in Compromise on Interest Rates
NatJ: Fed Minutes Reveal Deep Divide on Economy Moves

WSJ: Government Could Create a Million Jobs, Obama Says
Wash Times: Obama presses Congress on jobs for veterans
NYT: Obama Draws Line on Possible Cuts to Veterans Programs
Rush Limbaugh: Wild Guess: Obama to Propose $1.6T in New Stimulus Spending
Rush Limbaugh: Recycled: Obama Promised Post-Vacation Jobs Plan in 2010
Rush Limbaugh: Green Jobs: Money Laundering Scam for Democrats and Unions
Jen Rubin: The confidence recession
Jonah Goldberg: Seduced by the Cult of Experts

Human Events: Inhofe Pans Krueger Despite White House Raves

Daily Caller: Pat Buchanan: blacks ‘inordinately overrepresented’ as federal civil servants

Daily Caller: High-ranking House Republican calls on President Obama to rein in the NLRB

WSJ: An Accidental Housing Chief Embraces the Power of 'No'

WaPo: Some companies pay their CEOs more than Uncle Sam, study says
NYT: Where Pay for Chiefs Outstrips U.S. Taxes

NYT: Exxon Wins Prized Access to Arctic With Russia Deal

Rush Limbaugh: Toobin Alerts the Left to Ratchet Up the Attacks on Justice Thomas

NYT: Minorities Lead Growth in Biggest Cities
WaPo: Minorities become a majority in Washington region


Boston Globe: Kimball makes last-ditch effort to save N.H. GOP post


Politico: In Nevada race, GOP holds early edge
Hill: Early voting for Nevada House special leans Republican


Albany TU: Cuomo sets up recovery task force
Albany TU: Feds declare New York a disaster; FEMA $ coming

NYT: Editorial: For Congress in New York’s Ninth District


NYT: Judge Strikes Down Key Provisions of Texas Sonogram Law

Star-Telegram: What happens if both Perry and Dewhurst win 2012 primaries?


Adam Hasner: Tax Problems Not Too Complex for Simple Answers
SPT: Give him a Purple Heart for paper cuts
Buzz: Dave Bitner remains Fla GOP chairman


Roll Call: Jeff Fitzgerald Enters Wisconsin Senate Race
Reuters: Key Republican in Wisconsin union fight to run for Senate

Fox: Republicans Barred From Labor Day Parade as Wisconsin Union Fight Simmers


AP/Miga: Rising GOP star in Ohio a prime target for Dems


Roll Call: Bert Johnson Bid Sets Up Likely Race Against John Conyers


Wash Times: GOP leaders push to have marriage defined in N.C.

Politico: Perdue switches the messenger


George Allen: Job growth: Restoring American dream, rekindling entrepreneurial spirit

WaPo: Alexandria coal plant may shut by 2012


AP/Adams: Maine reapportionment panel backs Democratic plan


Boston Globe: Warren not set to announce a run, but she’s ready for a fight


Hill: FEC moves to approve purchase of home security upgrades for Giffords


NYT: New Mexico Governor Rushes to Undo the Agenda of Her Predecessor


Roll Call: Mufi Hannemann Announces Open-Seat House Bid in Hawaii


August 30, 2011


American Spectator: Why Perry Can Beat Obama and Romney Can't
Fox: Inhofe Endorses Perry for President
Weekly Standard: Rick Perry: The Undisputed Front-Runner?
Fox NY: Perry Leads Romney in Fourth Consecutive Poll
CBS: Rick Perry leads GOP pack in another new poll
NatJ: CNN Poll Also Shows Perry's Broad Appeal
Weekly Standard: Perry-Martinez?
WaPo: Perry: No stimulus program if he’s president; pledges to ‘get America working again’
Wash Times: Perry touts economic plan, then raises patriotic fervor
HChron: Perry endorses aggressive foreign policy doctrine
Austin AS: Perry offers basics of his foreign policy approach in speech to veterans
HChron: Calls to Perry donor raise questions
Jen Rubin: Perry’s rhetoric and Texas reality
Daily Caller: A Social Security system Bernie Madoff would love
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: Is Rick Perry as American as He Thinks He Is?
Rich Lowry: The Anti-Science Smear
Rasm: 38% Agree With Perry’s Goal of Making Washington, DC Inconsequential, 34% Don’t

Marc Thiessen: Romney’s plan to beat Perry
San Diego UT: Romney: media exaggerated La Jolla home expansion
Hill: Romney: Beachfront home is being doubled in size, not quadrupled

Miami Herald: Bachmann barnstorms Florida, explains controversial comments in Miami
NYT: Bachmann Plays Down Comments Linking Disasters and Deficits
Daily Caller: Michele Bachmann subject of doctored video
Wash Times: Bachmann claims vital crossover support, but shows little evidence
Roll Call: Michele Bachmann to Release Memoir in November
Fox: Bachmann Inks Publishing Deal for Memoir
NYDN: Palin's hair apparent! Bachmann politics aren't N.Y.C. fave, but locks are
NYDN: Michele Bachmann was just joking about hurricane being message from God

Daily Caller: Santorum says gay community is on a ‘jihad’ against him

State: On 4th visit to S.C., Huntsman looks for middle ground in GOP race
CNN: South Carolina's attorney general endorses Huntsman

American Spectator: The Party of Stars

Daily Caller: Obama still has green energy vote for 2012
Rush Limbaugh: With Obama Slowdown Here to Stay, Regime Will Sling Dirt in 2012
Rush Limbaugh: We Can and Must Oppose Obama with Open, Honest Conservatism
Rush Limbaugh: White Guilt Propelled Obama in '08 and They Want to Gin It Up Again
Rush Limbaugh: Powell Won't Abandon Obama
Fox: VFW Accuses White House of Snubbing Annual Convention
Politico: Black leaders turn up the heat on President Obama
American Thinker: Where are the 2.5 Million Jobs, Mr. President?
RCP: Carney Grilled Over Potential Hillary Primary Challenge: "You'll Have To Ask Her"
Politico: Obama approval rating hits low mark
Byron York: One in four Democrats wants to dump Obama

James Taranto: Earthquake! Hurricane! Alien Invasion!
Rush Limbaugh: Scientists: Aliens May Destroy Humanity to Protect Themselves


NYT: Congress Returns for Another Round on Jobs, Spending
Hill: Republican leaders showcase freshman proposals in jobs push
Hill: House GOP announces jobs plan focused on cutting regs and taxes

Examiner: GOP needs to articulate a vision for health care
Hill: Poll finds that knowledge of healthcare reform law is slipping

WaPo: Princeton economist tapped to head Council of Economic Advisers
Wash Times: President picks Krueger for economic adviser
WSJ: Krueger vs. Obama
NYT: Economic Adviser Pick Is Known as Labor Expert
Ezra Klein: Of course it’s Alan Krueger
Ezra Klein: A closer look at Alan Krueger’s academic work
NatJ: Can Krueger Focus Obama on a Jobs Vision?

Pat Buchanan: A Conspiracy of Counterfeiters

NYT: Editorial: Down and Out at the Post Office

Daily Caller: GOP may pick up leverage, momentum in NLRB battle
National Review: National Labor Relations Bias

Daily Caller: Obama routinely bypasses Congress, conservatives say

WSJ: Buffett's Latest Tax Break

NYT: Astronauts May Have to Abandon Space Station

Wash Times: ACLU battles schools over gay websites


DMR: Christine O’Donnell will speak before Sarah Palin at Iowa tea party rally Saturday


Hill: Perry, Bachmann are early favorites in South Carolina primary


Roll Call: Steny Hoyer Lends Support to Kate Marshall in Nevada Special


NY Post: Weprin ripped for no-'cane-do debate


SacBee: Democrats want to push initiatives to November


SPT: Florida GOP's Presidency 5 straw poll lacking strong campaign support


AJC: Feds okay a floating presidential primary in Georgia


Wash Times: Judge blocks Alabama immigration law
WSJ: Judge Blocks Alabama Illegal-Immigration Law
NYT: Federal Judge Blocks Ala. Illegal Immigration Law
WaPo: Federal judge temporarily blocks enforcement of Ala. law on illegal immigration


Chicago ST: Dick Cheney’s advice to Rahm Emanuel: Keep an eye on the vice president


USA Today: Ex-congressman launches Senate bid in Wisconsin
Milwaukee JS: Neumann says he'll run for Kohl's U.S. Senate seat
Hill: Former Rep. Neumann enters Wisconsin Senate race
Politico: Thompson to Neumann: Run a clean race

WHBL: Assembly speaker to run for U.S. Senate
Wausau DH: Fitzgerald to seek Senate seat

Milwaukee JS: The Wisconsin recall campaign: as negative as it gets


NatJ: Kinder: I Won't Run For Governor If I Can't Win


Dorothy Rabinowitz: The Crisis Test: Gov. Chris Christie addressing the citizens


NatJ: Hirono Rallies The Base In Hawaii


August 29, 2011


WSJ: Perry on Top: Real strengths (and a few weaknesses)
Fox: Perry: Nation That Feeds the World Has People Depend on Government for Food
Hill: Perry: Social Security is a 'monstrous lie'
WaPo: Rick Perry has distanced himself from George W. Bush’s brand of conservatism
Star-Telegram: Perry became a millionaire while serving in office
HChron: Rick Perry scrambles to make up lost time in fundraising
NYT: As a States’ Rights Stalwart, Perry Draws Doubts
Boston Globe: Perry’s jobs record draws applause, critics
Politico: Is Rick Perry dumb?
NatJ: Behind the Miracle: What Kinds of Jobs Has Texas Created?
DC: Gene Simmons: Rick Perry and Condi equal winning presidential ticket

WSJ: GOP Leaders Bring Some Bad Blood to Race
LA Times: Rick Perry's surge may force Mitt Romney to shift gears
Daily Caller: Mitt Romney keeps distance from tea party groups

SPT: Michele Bachmann rally draws over 1,000 in Sarasota, but some prefer Rick Perry
Wash Times: Bachmann will not rule out changes to minimum wage
Miami Herald: Bachmann’s campaign is Miami-bound on Monday
NatJ: Bachmann Charms Florida Seniors
Fox: Bachmann Says She'd Consider Everglades Drilling

Fox: Paul: Bernanke Is Out of Options to Save Economy
Roll Call: Rep. Ron Paul Derides FEMA as ‘Deeply Flawed’ System
Daily Caller: Ron Paul blasts FEMA and the dependency it has created
National Review: The Pro-Life Ron Paul

Des Moines Register: Santorum, Paul spar over Sept. 11
Des Moines Register: Santorum calls Paul’s view on 9/11 ‘shockingly misguided’

Politico: Gingrich: Glittering me was 'an assault'

Wash Times: Obama’s campaign muddled in name game
Daily Caller: Obama’s disapproval rating hits an all time high
Fox: AP-GfK Poll: Obama Faces Trouble With Key Voters

American Spectator: Quadrangulation in 2012?

NYT: Editorial: ‘Independents’ Candidates Really Love

Ross Douthat: American Theocracy Revisited
Paul Krugman: Republicans Against Science

Hans A. von Spakovsky: Voter ID Legislation Is Not A Race Card
Weekly Standard: No, Showing Identification is Not a 'Poll Tax'


WaPo: House GOP revs up a repeal, reduce and rein-in agenda for the fall
Roll Call: RSC Looks to Advance ‘Growth’ Agenda, Mend Fences

Gov. Mitch Daniels: Governors Can Cut Spending Yet Survive Politically

WSJ: A Short Primer on the National Debt
NYT: Profits Falling, Banks Confront a Leaner Future
WaPo: Consumer fears put economy on the brink
Michael Barone: The Price of Entitlements

WSJ: An EPA Moratorium: New rules that will shut down 8% of all U.S. power generation
National Review: Texas Wind Energy Fails, Again


NYT: In Nevada, Apathy Is a Front-Runner


NYDN: Gov. Cuomo probe puts him on collision course with some of his donors


LA Times: Redistricting could cost California some clout in Washington

Dan Walters: California Legislature sprinting to the finish line


Austin AS: Battle brewing over Texas public pensions


Wash Times: Freshman senator ignores ‘Rubio for VP’ push


NYT: Editorial: The Nation’s Cruelest Immigration Law


Politico: Neumann to confirm Senate bid Mon.


Fox: Michigan Leaders Skeptical of Unions in Budget Fight


Fox: Some Kentucky Agencies Pay for Employee Exercise Breaks


Roll Call: Republican Won’t Seek Nod to Challenge Kissell


Politico: Christie: Irene damage in the billions


Human Events: Liberal Hero Warren Eyes Mass. Senate Race: Brown May Go Down


August 28, 2011


Des Moines Register: Perry says record proves he can fix U.S. economy
Des Moines Register: Perry dodges queries on ethanol mandate
WaPo: Perry’s travel, security costs will stay secret until after 2012
Star-Telegram: Texas incentive funds touted by Perry draw praise, criticism
HChron: Perry's long tenure is short on particulars
Daily Caller: Krauthammer: Rick Perry could be our next president
Austin AS: Perry jumps to front of GOP pack - now what?
Daily Caller: David Brooks advice to Perry opponents: Make him seem corrupt
Politico: Mitt Romney vs. Rick Perry 2012: It's personal
LA Times: A two-man GOP presidential race?
Buzz: Rick Perry's Fla campaign taking shape
Star-Ledger: As Rick Perry ascends, dreams of President Chris Christie fade

NYT: Bachmann Promises Fast Economic Turnaround With Tax Cuts
WaPo: Bachmann: US ‘king daddy dogs’ in energy resources
Orlando Sentinel: Michele Bachmann gives personal, Christian testimonial in Orlando
Miami Herald: Bachmann takes presidential campaign to Florida
Hill: Bachmann’s bridge project could draw fire from Republican rivals

HChron: Romney sticks with strategy despite Perry's surge

WaPo: In a conservative field, Jon Huntsman struggles for footing

Des Moines Register: Iowans weigh a possible Palin run
Des Moines Register: Eight reasons why Palin should run. Eight reasons why she shouldn’t

Dick Polman: Republicans are running right, maybe right off the map

NYT: Lines Blur Between Candidates and PACs With Unlimited Cash

Roll Call: FEC Drafts Opinions for Guyana-Born Man About Presidential Run

Tennessean: Group pushes states to scrap Electoral College


Hill: Hurricane Irene set to bleed FEMA, inflame budget scrap in Congress
Hill: Emergencies declared in more states
Hill: Ron Paul: FEMA isn’t helpful

NYT: Out of Debt Ceiling Fight, Some See a Bit of Stability on Federal Spending

Wash Times: Pentagon mulls ways to make significant cuts

Examiner: Obama's regulatory flood is drowning economic growth
Nicholas Kristof: Did We Drop the Ball on Unemployment?
Clarice Feldman: Will the Democrats Trump Trumka


Albany TU: Bar Association thumbs-down on plan for judicial raises


Dan Walters: Control of health care looms large in California


NewsOK: Republicans hope to repeat success in special House race


AJC: Karl Rove’s strategy comes to Georgia

AJC: New districts further polarize


Milwaukee JS: Would governor recall be a package deal?


Detroit News: Kilpatrick: Won't live in Detroit again, will leave politics


Salena Zito: Battlegrounds of resentment


Boston Globe: Capuano still weighing his options on possible Senate bid


August 27, 2011


Houston Chronicle: Perry bills D.C. $349M for illegal immigrant inmates
Fox: Perry Bills Feds $349M for Incarcerating Illegals
Wash Times: Perry signs Susan B. Anthony pro-life pledge
Star-Telegram: Texas Republicans in Congress not all flocking to Perry in primary
Kathleen Parker: Rick Perry, the Republicans’ Messiah?
American Thinker: Can Rick Perry Survive the Smear Merchants?

Detroit News: Bachmann: Environmentalists blocking U.S. energy

NatJ: Charlie Cook: Hurricanes, Earthquakes and ... Palin for President?

Miami Herald: A year away from GOP convention, hosts must get funds for the fun


Fox: Key House Republicans Express Concern Over FEMA Funding in Wake of Irene
Hill: Ron Paul: FEMA isn’t helpful

Wash Times: Boehner hits administration over planned new regs

NYT: Bernanke Blames Politics for Financial Upheaval
NYT: Out of Debt Ceiling Fight, Some See a Bit of Stability on Federal Spending

Fox: Issa Goes to War With New York Times Over ‘False Story’

Hill: NLRB chairwoman departs; Uncertainty and political fights loom for labor panel

Mark Steyn: The Desperation-of-Deprivation Myth

Andrew McCarthy: Losing Malmo: And Brussels, and Rome, and Amsterdam . . .

Politico: Michael Mukasey pushes to alter bribery law

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday show preview: All about Irene


LA Times: Democrats propose measures to rein in California initiative process
LA Times: California Legislature releases members' spending records


SPT: Senate candidate Mike McCalister breaks Army rules, wears uniform to fundraiser
Miami Herald: McCalister breaks Army uniform rule, offends general and vets


AJC: Herman Cain edges out Ron Paul in Georgia GOP straw poll
Politico: Georgia GOP votes for native son Herman Cain


Milwaukee JS: Prosser admits touching Bradley's neck; she says she suffered no harm


George Will: School choice in Colorado


August 26, 2011


WSJ: Perry Surge Upends the Race
Fox: Perry Topples Romney as Frontrunner, But Stays on Offense
SPT: Jobs are crux of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's campaign for president
DMR: Rick Perry joins three other speakers at Polk County GOP forum Saturday
Daily Caller: Pro-Perry PAC poll finds Perry leading in Iowa
Politico: Perry's host committee and California schedule
SF Chronicle: Gov. Rick Perry's fundraising raises questions
LA Times: SEC rules could hurt Rick Perry's fundraising
HChron: Perry woos K Street and Wall Street
NYT: Despite His Current Vehemence on Taxes, Perry Has a More Nuanced Record
Austin AS: Perry knocks Romney over state health care 'debacle'
HChron: Perry challenges Romney’s health care plan in Massachusetts
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Perry’s Dream Act
CNN: Perry gains big endorsement in Florida
NatJ: Perry Hoping to Win Residence in a 'Seedy' Town
American Spectator: The GOP Kaleidoscope Goes Into Overdrive
David Brooks: President Rick Perry?
Paul Krugman: Bernanke’s Perry Problem
Peggy Noonan: Perry's Popping-Off Problem
Jonah Goldberg: My Rick Perry Problem — and Ours
Deroy Murdock: Perry vs. Romney? Go With Perry
William Kristol: Jews for Perry?

Politico: Nikki Haley joins Michele Bachmann town hall
CNN: Gov. Haley's Q to Bachmann as 'undecided voter'
Herald: Bachmann shares stage with Haley, U.S. Rep. Tim Scott
Politico: Bachmann prefers local reporters
HChron: Bachmann: America needs a miracle
Toronto Sun: Bachmann sticks to strategy in campaign fight
Sunshine News: Michele Bachmann Seeks a Bounce in Florida on Weekend Swing
NatJ: Bachmann Has Kinder View of Farm Subsidies Now That She Gets Them

Wash Times: Romney sticks with strategy despite Perry’s surge
NYT: Romney Continues Charm Offensive With Personal Stories
Foster's: Romney: Tea Party would support my candidacy
Hill: Romney attracts criticism that he is writing off South Carolina, Iowa
Wash Times: Inhofe calls out Romney on climate
National Review: Romney and Global Warming
Hill: Perry: Romney realizing Massachusetts healthcare law is ‘huge problem for him’
Boston Globe: Perry’s critique of Romney health law has practical focus
Boston Globe: Romney would repeal Dodd-Frank law
NYT: On Trail, Casual Friday Versus Boardroom Cool

CNN: Huntsman builds up South Carolina money team
American Conservative: The Huntsman Strategy
Hill: Huntsman says if elected he would call on wealthy to ‘sacrifice’

Concord Monitor: Gingrich talks entitlements with seniors

WSJ: Ron Paul's Amis

Politico: Rick Santorum: Ron Paul has a 'disconnect from reality'

State Column: Sarah Palin set to deliver major speech in Iowa
Politico: Clock ticking on Sarah Palin entry into 2012 presidential race
Politico: Sarah Palin out for two-fifths of Republicans, poll finds
NYDN: Rove blasts Palin, 2012 presidential flirt and Tea Party favorite: You have 'thin skin'

CNN: Pataki decides against White House run

Human Events: GOP Field is Set ... For the Reagan Library Debate

NatJ: Trumka Warns Obama: Focus on Jobs or Risk Losing Labor Support
Hill: Labor chief: Obama needs to focus on job growth, not cutting the deficit
Wash Times: Trumka: Labor support for Obama in question
Wash Times: Obama campaign launches voter-drive program
Politico: The bundler wears Prada
Pat Buchanan: Obama's Race-Based Spoils System

Tampa Tribune: One year out: Preparations underway for 2012 GOP convention


Fox: Obama Administration Weighs Mortgage Refinance Plan
Fox: Fannie, Freddie Takeover Could Be Key to Obama Jobs Plan
National Review: The Refi Delusion: Speed up foreclosures
NYT: For Some in G.O.P., a Tax Cut Not Worth Embracing
WSJ: The Fed vs. the Recovery
LA Times: Economic relapse threatens lasting damage
Rasmussen: Economy Still Top Issue on Voters’ Minds
Politico: Poll: GOP loses faith in its Hill leaders

Byron York: Plan to keep your health plan? Don't count on it
WSJ: Health Law Puts Governors in Pickle
Wash Times: Rebellion by states could be hazardous to health care overhaul
Examiner: Businesses plan health cuts because of Obamacare
Politico: Bill Frist: Health care law here to stay

NYT: New Rules Seen as Aid to Efforts to Unionize

NYT: Meant to Ease Fears of Deportation Program, Federal Hearings Draw Anger
Human Ev: King: Congress Hearings Must Embarrass White House on Immigration Amnesty

NYT: Free-Trade Agreements Stuck in Obama-Republican Impasse

Charles Krauthammer: King, in word and stone
WaPo: A triumph of justice that changed history
WaPo: Hispanics surpass blacks in college enrollment
WaPo: Obama faces uncomfortable questions from black community, lawmakers
Wash Times: Rep. Scott: Proud of Obama, but he’s failed


DMR: Perry campaign picks up Iowa GOP operative Matt Gronewald


Wash Times: New Hampshire GOP chief resists party leaders’ calls to resign
NatJ: New Hampshire’s Tempest From a Tea Party Chairman


WaPo: Rep. Joe Wilson hospitalized with viral infection


Daily Caller: Nevada Gov. endorses Mark Amodei in new special-election ad

HChron: Sharron Angle to join Tea Party Express tour


CNN: NY special election heats up over 9/11 bill

NYT: State Seeks Data on Pay of Leaders at Nonprofits

Albany TU: PEF ‘no’ voters have a web home


LA Times: Jerry Brown unveils jobs plan to spur hiring in California
LA Times: Ranking Republican dismisses Brown's jobs plan
SacBee: Jerry Brown's corporate tax plan unlikely to win GOP support
Dan Walters: Jobs plan and infrastructure needs underscore our dilemma
Roger Hedgecock: California's Goofy Train Fixation Could Bankrupt the Country

SacBee: Bill to kill California's death penalty shelved in committee


Fox: Texas to Begin Deporting Foreign Convicts


Miami Herald: A new poll of Florida voters shows Obama trailing GOP candidate Mitt Romney
NatJ: Poll: Obama Continues To Struggle In Florida

WaPo: How soon is too soon for Marco Rubio?


NatJ: Neumann Set to Announce Wisconsin Senate Campaign

Milwaukee JS: Special prosecutor: No charges for Prosser, Bradley in fracas
NYT: No Charges for Judge Accused of Chokehold


Detroit News: Snyder PAC rises amid bridge battle


WaPo: Virginia officials prepare to release draft abortion regulations


Allentown MC: Toomey gun aims at Casey


Hill: NJ Gov. Christie vetoes 'fracking' ban proposal, calls for moratorium
DC: Christie proposes one-year moratorium on fracking
Weekly Standard: Chris Christie’s Energy Policy

Hill: Majority of NJ voters say Obama doesn't deserve reelection


Roll Call: Linda McMahon’s 2010 Foe Tells Her He’s in Christopher Shays’ Corner


Boston Globe: Brown disavows Twitter tweaking


Hill: Possible Giffords opponent questions her readiness to run for reelection
NY Post: Giffords' potential 2012 opponent questions her readiness to run

WSJ: Arizona Sues U.S. Over Voting Rights


Vail DN: Parties submit redistricting proposals


August 25, 2011


Gallup: Perry Zooms to Front of Pack for 2012 GOP Nomination
WaPo: Mitt Romney now trailing Rick Perry for GOP presidential nomination, poll shows
LA Times: Rick Perry leads GOP field in new Gallup poll
Wash Times: Perry leapfrogs rivals in polls
WaPo: Rick Perry, new GOP frontrunner
NYT: Perry Surges in Polls, Testing Romney’s Strategy
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Perry’s Cash Machine
NatJ: Perry Threatens To Cut Into Romney's Base
DC: Past nemesis Kay Bailey Hutchison says she would support ‘nominee’ Rick Perry
Hill: Sen. Inhofe to back Gov. Perry, says Romney is ‘mushy’ on the environment
Rasmussen: Obama 43% Perry 40%
Ann Coulter: The flash mob method of scientific inquiry (evolution)

WaPo: Mitt Romney tones down assaults on Obama, tries warmer personal approach in N.H.
Examiner: Romney moves closer to K Street, at his peril
WaPo: Romney picks up endorsements from key Pawlenty supporters
NYT: Romney Undeterred by Perry, or by Poll Numbers

SF Chronicle: Ron Paul Leaps Past Bachmann in Latest Poll

NYT: In Campaigning, Bachmann Controls Her Image

Daily Caller: The big business of Newt, Inc.

Daily Caller: From Sarah to Rudy, four Republicans say they are eyeing 2012 run
Daily Caller: Rove recommends that Sarah Palin ‘get a slightly thicker skin’
WSJ: Up and Down Day for Pataki Site

Caddell & Schoen: Expect a Third-Party Candidate in 2012

Boston Globe: On the Vineyard, Obama fever is no longer raging

WSJ: GOP Senators in Better Position for Re-Election

Hill: House GOP worries voters' anger over economy may sting them

NatJ: Death of the 'Yellow Dog' Democrat

Roll Call: Election Fundraising Sets Records in First Half of 2011


NYT: U.S. May Back Refinance Plan for Mortgages

Wash Times: CBO: Federal deficit will hit $1.3 trillion
Examiner: CBO: Unemployment won't improve much by Election Day
Hill: CBO estimates show Congress faces huge test on debt, unemployment
NYT: Modest Expectations Urged on Deficit Cuts
NYT: Budget Office Says Savings Could Be Short-Lived

Karl Rove: Boehner's Surprising Success
Mort Zuckerman: Obama and the 'Competency Crisis'

Hill: We are already hard at work, say the chairmen of bipartisan supercommittee


WSJ: Four-Horse Race in Iowa


DC: Nevada congressional campaign mistakenly leaves strategic note in press release


Wash Times: GOP targets Weiner seat as ripe for pickup

Roll Call: Maffei to Challenge Buerkle in Bid for Old Seat


Atlantic: Is Marco Rubio the Future of the Republican Party?
Time: In West Coast Debut, Marco Rubio Shows He’s Got What GOP Wants Most


WSJ: Mississippi Republicans Aim for a Sweep in State


George Will: Liberals’ Wisconsin Waterloo

NatJ: Neumann Responds to Letter From Thompson Ally


Detroit News: Michigan Legislature approves 4-year cap on welfare


Wash Times: Ties to coal industry rise as issue for Allen
Roll Call: Tim Kaine, George Allen Use Virginia Races as 2012 Primer


Fox: West Virginia Senator Calls Out Fellow Democrat for Negative Coal Comments
Hill: Sen. Manchin accuses Rep. Conyers of degrading West Virginia in speech


Hill: Brown adviser admits to running Twitter account mocking Democratic opponent


DC: Arizona Democrats ‘furious’ at special-ed teacher considering a run against Giffords


August 24, 2011


WaPo: Rick Perry holds the record on executions
DC: Club for Growth gives Perry generally favorable review, with some caveats
HChron: Perry's immigration stances draw fire, support
Weekly Standard: Perry Preview on Foreign Policy
Weekly Standard: Rick Perry's Sophisticated Campaign Machine
Star-Telegram: South Carolina crucial to Perry's prospects
DC: Jeb Bush denies any Bush family grudge against Rick Perry
Daily Caller: Perry dominates, problems for Romney in new Daily Caller Tracking Poll
NY Post: Perry opens up double-digit lead over Romney in upcoming poll
Hill: Presidential hopeful Perry retreats again from statements made in his book
National Review: Perry’s Patronage Problem
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Governor Perry for sale

Politico: Mitt Romney to unveil his jobs plan from Nevada
Hill: Romney's campaign strategy comes under fire from Republicans
NYT: Romney Condemns Biden’s Comments on China’s One-Child Policy
Wash Times: GOP slams Biden over comment on China’s one-child policy
DC: Obama administration attempts to clarify Biden’s one-child policy comments

Boston Globe: Seniors to protest Romney in N.H.

Hill: Can Bachmann beat Obama?

Fox: Huntsman Media Blitz
NatJ: Why the Huntsman-Perry dispute over science & faith may widen the GOP’s central split
Human Events: Huntsman Amassing Long List of Politically Toxic Backers

NYT: Pataki Visit Stirs Speculation About Presidential Bid
Albany TU: Aide: Ex. N.Y. Gov. Pataki "seriously considering" GOP bid for White House

NYT: Why Another Democrat Wouldn’t Do Better Than Obama in 2012
Hill: Obama effort to woo independents derailed by debt-ceiling deal
NY Post: Obama approval hits all-time low of 38% in Gallup daily tracking poll

NatJ: Could Third-Party Tremors Result in a 2012 Political Earthquake?

Politico: In money race, it’s advantage Democrats


Wash Times: Debt panel trade-off: Exposure vs. efficiency
Politico: The perils of the supercommittee
Newt Gingrich: The Super Committee Disaster

NatJ: Contra Boehner, Business Economists Favor Some Tax Hikes
Harold Meyerson: The GOP will raise taxes — on the middle class and working poor
WaPo: Editorial: Taxing the rich fairly can be done — and would raise revenue

WaPo: White House issues new rules to cut bureaucratic red tape
Hill: White House unveils plans to trim regs, save at least $10 billion

American Spectator: Why Government Doesn't Create Jobs

WaPo: Ben Bernanke unlikely to announce big new plans at Jackson Hole

WSJ: A Value-Added Tax Fuels Big Government

NYT: Editorial: Addressing the Justice Gap


Des Moines Register: Steve King doesn’t see Palin running for president


Boston Globe: NH GOP chairman under fire
Politico: New Hampshire GOP chair claims national party tried to bribe him


AP/Chereb: Amodei, Marshall tout gun lobby support


Politico: RNC dives into Anthony Weiner district special
NY Post: 'Weiner' contest $$ flood


LA Times: Advocates push public aid for undocumented college students
Dan Walters: California budget cuts to courts reignites judges' war


Roll Call: Republicans Doubt McCaul Will Launch 2012 Senate Bid


Southern Political Report: Florida: Nelson's re-election bid mirrors Obama's
Roll Call: Hasner Nabs Former Florida Speaker’s Endorsement

Roll Call: Florida Straw Poll May Include Contenders Without Their Say-So

Fox: Rubio Doesn't Shut Down Vice Presidential Chatter
Politico: Marco Rubio courts establishment Republicans

Buzz: Is the case against Jim Greer falling apart?


AJC: Feds release first illegal immigrants in Georgia


NatJ: DuPree Wins Democratic Nomination in Mississippi


Chicago ST: Michael Madigan attends John Boehner fund-raiser in Lemont


Indy Star: Hinkle holds on as pressure mounts for him to resign


Star Tribune: With Pawlenty out, Weber joins Romney camp


AP/Ramde: Conservative group to launch Thompson attack ad
Politico: Thompson camp pins Club attacks on Neumann


Toledo Blade: GOP says Joe the Plumber may challenge Kaptur in '12


RCP: Stabenow Leads Hoekstra, But Approval Rating Drops

Detroit FP: Romney has big lead in new poll of state GOP

Detroit News: Business tax repeal could hit cities hard
Detroit News: Public worker benefits on table


Hill: Warren’s criticism of Wall Street poses fundraising dilemma for a Senate run

Boston Globe: State leaders agree on casino bill


Hill: Republican might run for Giffords’s seat in Congress, but not against her


NYT: License Access in New Mexico Is Heated Issue


August 23, 2011


LA Times: Rick Perry's views on the Constitution get closer scrutiny
Roll Call: Perry Vaults to Frontrunner Status in South Carolina
Politico: South Carolina Republican apologizes for Rick Perry event
Spartanburg HJ: Perry picks up Peeler endorsement
Richard Cohen: Rick Perry should stop and think

NatJ: Romney Playing Hands-Off When It Comes to Rick Perry
WS: Romney to Counter Obama September Jobs Speech With His Own Speech

WSJ: Huntsman Says He'd Be Open to Running as Bachmann's VP
WaPo: GOP presidential hopeful Huntsman says he’d be open to running as VP to Bachmann
Paul Gigot: Huntsman's Anti-GOP Strategy

Daily Caller: Ron Paul rakes in $1.8 million in weekend money bomb
American Spectator: Ron Paul and the Neoliberal Reeducation Campaign

Fox: Clues Dropped on Potential Palin Run, but Decision Still a Secret
Boston Herald: Coy Sarah Palin keeps them guessing in Iowa, N.H.
Technorati: The Parallels Between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan
CBS: Could a Palin presidential bid rewrite the campaign rulebook?
Daily Caller: Report: Palin announcement ‘unlikely’ at Sep 3 Iowa event
Emily Miller: The Palin factor

WSJ: Paul Ryan Shuts Door to 2012 Run
NYT: Ryan Says No to 2012 — Again
National Review: Five Reasons Ryan Bowed Out
WSJ: The Paul Ryan Model: The House reformer chooses not to run. Any clones out there?

Hill: Pawlenty's supporters start searching for the next Mr./Mrs. Right

Gallup: Obama in Close Race Against Romney, Perry, Bachmann, Paul
Daily Caller: Romney leads Obama, Perry ties him in head-to-head match up
Rasmussen: Obama 50%, Palin 33%
American Spectator: Did Liberals Choose the Wrong Messiah?

Michael Gerson: An unholy war on the Tea Party
Time: Has the Tea Party’s Power Peaked?

Weekly Standard: GOP Candidates Line Up for 2012 Senate Runs
WaPo: The early line on Senate 2012 races — will the balance of power shift?


Wash Times: Balanced-budget amendment to get votes in Congress
NYT: Editorial: Super Committee members should disclose campaign contributions
Byron York: Spending, not entitlements, created huge deficit
National Review: Barack Obama, Supply-Sider: Payroll-tax stimulus

WSJ: White House to Scale Back Regulations on Businesses

NYT: U.S. Issues New Deportation Policy’s First Reprieves

Wash Times: Feds’ role in schools re-emerges as ‘12 issue

Joe Nocera: How Democrats Hurt Jobs

NYT: OpEd: Cut Medicare, Help Patients


Des Moines Register: Branstad: Rick Perry’s Iowa start “good”


Union Leader: Kimball refuses delegation request that he step down


Las Vegas RJ: Amodei, Marshall pledge support for Medicare in televised Reno debate
Roll Call: Analysis: GOP’s Early Buys in Nevada Special Paying Off


NYT: Amid Heckling, Candidates in Queens Discuss Spending

Albany TU: Republican likely for Thruway post

WSJ: Spitzer Faces $90 Million Libel Suits


CBS: Redistricting Journal: Dems could pick up seats in California


Sunshine News: Momentum Builds for Rubio as VP; Senator Says He Won't Be On Ballot

CNN: Rep. West: I'm not running for Senate

SPT: Inquiry into Gov. Scott's deleted transition e-mails opens amid complaint from Sink


AJC: GOP redistricting plan would tighten grip on congressional delegation
Florida TU: Georgia Democrats rally against Republican measures
Roll Call: Barrow Endangered by Proposed Georgia Map


WIBC: Republican National Chairman Won't Take Sides in Lugar-Mourdock Fight
Chicago Tribune: RNC chair says Senate primary will energize party
WRTV: RNC Chair Says Party Will Take Indiana In 2012


MPR: Arwood enters U.S. Senate race
Minn Post: Second Republican looks to challenge Klobuchar
KARE: Little-known GOPer joins race against Klobuchar


Wash Times: Wisconsin’s open Senate seat a hot topic
Human Events: Wisconsin Republicans Rule in Recall Rebound
Milwaukee JS: After mixed success in recalls, Democrats reflect on what's next


Cincinnati Enquirer: Kasich’s national radio address


Detroit FP: U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow leads in poll but is no sure thing


Memphis Flyer: Corker Urges Congressional “Super Committee” to Consider Tax Reform


Louisville CJ: GOP chief expands complaint on Gov. Beshear fundraising


WaPo: Voters head to the polls for Virginia’s primary elections

NPR: Gov. McDonnell On His New National Influence


Fox: New Jersey Lawmaker Quits Over Wife's 'Racist' Carl Lewis Email


WSJ: Shays to Run for Senate in Connecticut
Danbury NT: Former U.S. Rep. Chris Shays to enter 2012 Senate race
Hour: Chris Shays reestablishes Connecticut residency in preparation for U.S. Senate bid
HC: Shays is in the Sen race but says he wouldn't be running if Lieberman or Simmons were


Boston Globe: A Republican voter seeks answers from Brown
Hill: New group running ads against 'Bobblehead' Scott Brown


Denver Post: Colorado Democrats propose big changes to congressional maps


Wash Times: Chaffetz won’t challenge Utah’s Hatch for his Senate seat
CNN: Chaffetz declines Senate run
NYT: Chaffetz Won’t Seek Senate Seat in Utah
Examiner: Sarah to the Tea Party: Don’t shoo-away Orrin


August 22, 2011


WSJ: Calls Rise To Broaden GOP Field
Wash Times: GOP field likely to get more crowded
Fox: 2012 GOP Names Still Floating, But Is It Too Late for New Contenders?
American Spectator: The Search for a Consensus Conservative
Hill: Rove says Palin acting like 'a candidate', Rep. Ryan getting 'pressure' to run
Human Events: The Undecided: How Long Will Sarah Palin Keep Us in Suspense?
American Spectator: Still Waiting for Sarah
National Review: ‘She Will Run’: Palin activists prepare for a September surprise
Daily Caller: Kristol gives Paul Ryan presidential run a 50-50 chance
Weekly Standard: To Run or Not to Run: That is Paul Ryan’s question
NY1: Pataki Considers 2012 Run For President
Daily Caller: Former New York Gov. Pataki strongly considering White House run
Politico: Daniels says ‘the more the merrier’ in GOP race
Politico: Hobbits, McCain and the GOP field
Jen Rubin: GOP presidential contenders reject leading from behind

Politico: Trial lawyers prep for war on Perry
Ross Douthat: Messing With Texas
NatJ: In 1950s Paint Creek, Perry Was Center of His Universe
Examiner: Team Obama deals the race card against Perry
Star-Telegram: Perry's answer on "evolution" draws fact checks
Weekly Standard: Rick Perry, Annotated

Hill: Wall Street execs turn back on Obama, donate to Romney
Daily Caller: Romney plans to quadruple the size of his California home

Miami Herald: Bachmann’s lawyerly background is better and worse than she claims

Fox: Santorum Claims to Be Most Qualified Candidate for Entitlement Reform

NYT: Huntsman Calls His Rivals ‘Unelectable’
Roll Call: Huntsman Promotes Himself as Moderate Choice
LA Times: Jon Huntsman goes on offensive against 2012 rivals
Hill: Huntsman: Bachmann gas prices comment not from 'the real world'

NYT: Confidence in Obama, and in the Economy, Declines
Jed Babbin: Barry's Failing Blame Game
American Thinker: Bonny Prince Barry?
WaPo: Obama administration works to rekindle excitement among Hispanic voters

NatJ: Recess Town Halls Far Fewer and Less Boisterious Than in 2009
Hill: Most vulnerable redistricted Republicans


Rep. Eric Cantor: Removing the obstacles to economic growth
Politico: Eric Cantor: President Obama inciting class warfare
WSJ: OpEd: My Response To Buffett And Obama
EJ Dionne: Obama: Go big, long and global
Examiner: Editorial: Here comes more failed stimulus spending
Fox: Bitter Exchange of the Day: Rove v. Burton

Wash Times: ‘Supercommittee’ members get plenty of funds from lobbyists
Boston Globe: Debt panel to test Kerry’s diplomacy
Hill: Moody's chief economist: Lawmakers need to 'get it together' to save economy

Hill: Debt-ceiling agreement providing little help to congressional appropriators

Rasmussen: 71% Say Too Many People Get Welfare Who Shouldn't

NYT: Editorial: Homeowners Need Help

Ezra Klein: Getting ready for a wave of coal-plant shutdowns

NYT: OpEd: The Hidden Costs of Higher Ed

Rasmussen: Voters Put Border Control Ahead of Amnesty by 2-1 Margin

Michael Barone: Our Gay-Marriage Experiment


Roll Call: Steve King Plays Outsized Role in 2012 Race


NYT: In the Race to Succeed Weiner, a Surprising Anger at Obama
NYDN: Firefighters endorse Democrat David Weprin for Anthony Weiner's seat

Albany TU: Grumblings fail to knock GOP's Cox from chair

NYT: Attorney General of N.Y. Is Said to Face Pressure on Bank Foreclosure Deal

NYT: N.Y. Still Pursues Case Against Whistle-Blower


Dan Walters: Older Democratic politicians clogging up the waiting line


National Review: Texas and Taxes: It’s complicated


NYT: A Conservative Beachhead in the Sunshine

Miami Herald: Rubio headed to California for major speech


Human Events: Alabama Passes Tough Law Against Illegal Aliens


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin's photo ID law for voters to face lawsuit

NYT: After Bruising Political Fights, 2 Governors Alter Their Tones


Politico: Clarke won't take on Conyers

Detroit News: Rock the Vote urges Michigan to allow online registration


Politico: McDonnell: Government can learn from Virginia


Wash Times: GOP hasn’t challenged Casey for Pennsylvania Senate seat


Boston Globe: Anxiety rises as stimulus dries up


Fox: Facebook Apologizes for Deleting Arizona Governor's Post


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Rush Limbaugh: Vice President Cheney Calls In

WSJ: 'I Didn't Change. The World Changed'

NYT: In Memoir, Cheney Addresses Controversies

WaPo: In memoir, Cheney defends decisions, Bush as president

Politico: A political junkie's guide to Cheney's memoir

DC: Cheney’s dog was banned from Camp David lodge for attacking Bush’s dog

WaPo: Powell disputes Cheney book passages

WaPo: ‘In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir’ by Dick Cheney

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