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August 14, 2011


NY Post: Hay, it's Michele!
Des Moines Register: Michele Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll
Fox: Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll, Cements Her Top-Tier Status in GOP Race
Politico: Iowa forges newest star in Michele Bachmann
Politico: Michele Bachmann gives Randy Travis a hug
Wash Times: Bachmann wins GOP 2012 test vote
Star Tribune: Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll
Jen Rubin: Michele Bachmann wins big
DMR: Bachmann: My win is a first step in taking the White House
NYT: Iowa Poll Goes to Bachmann; Paul Is Second
DC: Michele Bachmann edges out Ron Paul for victory in Iowa Straw Poll
Human Events: Bachmann Beats Ron Paul by 152 votes in Ames Straw Poll
Boston Globe: Bachmann, Paul soar in Iowa’s straw poll
Hill: Bachmann wins Ames straw poll; Ron Paul takes second place
Hill: Dems waste no time casting Bachmann, Paul as extreme, beholden to Tea Party
Politico: Organization, evangelical appeal power Paul to 2nd
Roll Call: Ames Straw Poll Results Boost Bachmann and Paul, Dent Pawlenty
Detroit News: Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll; McCotter gets 35 votes
WaPo: Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll as Perry jumps in
LA Times: Perry overshadows Bachmann's Iowa victory
WaPo: Michele Bachmann wins the Ames Straw Poll
National Review: Bachmann Wins Ames Straw Poll
AP: Bachmann wins GOP 2012 test vote
Kathie Obradovich: Bachmann’s winning roses will be short-stemmed
Weekly Standard: How Loyal Are Bachmann Supporters?

NYT: Pawlenty Drops Out of Republican Race
WaPo: Clock running out for Pawlenty
Politico: Pawlenty to hold morning conference call
NatJ: Bachmann Boom; TPaw Bust?
Weekly Standard: Pawlenty: We Made Progress
Hill: Pawlenty campaign in trouble after poor finish in crucial Iowa straw poll

Politico: Bragging rights: Perry edges Mitt
Politico: Steve King says Michele Bachmann win tough for Rick Perry

WSJ: Santorum: Happy With 4th Place in Iowa Straw Poll

Politico: Mike Huckabee still around in Ames

Des Moines Register: Nearly 17,000 cast votes in Iowa straw poll
DMR: Police blotter at Iowa Straw Poll: Zero major incidents, zero arrests, zero citations

Star-Telegram: Perry makes it official: He's in the hunt for GOP presidential nomination
Austin AS: Saying he won't sit back, Perry jumps into presidential fray
Houston Chronicle: Perry vows to 'get America working'
Houston Chronicle: Introduction in 4 words: 'Hard work, faith, thrift'
Wash Times: Texas Gov. Rick Perry in 2012 presidential race, names team
Hill: Texas’s K Street roots move behind Perry presidential bid
Human Events: Rick Perry Announces Bid for Presidency at RedState Gathering
NYT: Promising Better Direction, Perry Enters Race
WaPo: Rick Perry announces he will join 2012 presidential field
NatJ: As He Jumps into the Saddle, Perry Must Tackle Texas Legacy
Fox: Perry Makes It Official: He's Running for President
Martin Frost: Translating Rick Perry for non-Texans
Hill: Obama campaign: Perry's record a 'carbon copy' of DC Republicans
American Thinker: Obama and the Perry Miracle

Politico: GOP primary map fractures
WSJ: Iowa Straw Poll Leaves GOP Race Still Up in the Air
WaPo: Ames Straw Poll results — the real winner is noise

Michael Barone: GOP has momentum, needs clear direction
Maureen Dowd: Power to the Corporation!
EJ Dionne: Bachmann-Perry Day: The GOP tilts right


LA Times: Homeowner mortgage write-off may be in jeopardy
WaPo: Pressure’s on for deficit panel
Hill: Clyburn hopes to use supercommittee post to tackle growing wealth gap

NYT: Health Law Is Dealt Blow by a Court on Mandate
Examiner: Editorial: America is owed an honest Obamacare cost estimate

DC: Issa, Democrats, NLRB spar over oversight committee document demands

Detroit FP: Fannie Mae pressures banks to foreclose, contrary to its promises to families
Detroit FP: Inside Fannie Mae: Confidential records show how Fannie Mae breaks the rules
Detroit FP: Who are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
Detroit FP: Programs for financially troubled homeowners haven't helped much to date
Detroit FP: One family's story of heartbreak in mortgage scandal

Fox: Watchdog Slams EPA’s Scientific Integrity Proposal While Defending Polar Bear Scientist

NYT: Resistance Widens to Obama Initiative on Criminal Immigrants


Dan Walters: California Legislature returns for end-of-session follies

Daily Caller: Patrick Schwarzenegger poses shirtless in new billboard ad


Buzz: Mike Huckabee weighs in on Fla primary date


NYT: Bishops Criticize Tough Alabama Immigration Law


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin is a 50/50 state once more


Detroit News: Michigan GOP decides on presidential primary, likely in February


August 13, 2011


NYT: A Big Crowd for Bachmann’s Brief Remarks
Politico: Bachmann looks past Perry
DC: Scarborough rails against ‘conspiracy’ of GOP, Iowans to promote Michele Bachmann

Des Moines Register: Iowa straw poll, a test of campaign strength, about to start
Des Moines Register: How to follow the Iowa Straw Poll today
Wash Times: GOP candidates make last ditch push before straw poll
Roll Call: All Eyes on Ames Straw Poll in Final Hours
Hill: GOP presidential field's first cuts could ride on Iowa straw poll results
Rush Limbaugh: Review of the Republican Debate: Fox News Got Show They Wanted
Rush Limbaugh: Libs: Rush Limbaugh Won Debate

NYT: Romney’s Assets Top $190 Million
Boston Globe: Romney worth between $190m and $250m, campaign says
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Discloses Massive Personal Wealth
WaPo: Romney worth up to $264 million; earned up to $68,000 per speech before campaign

Boston Globe: Romney defends his comments about corporations

Hill: Dems' TV ad in Iowa attacks GOP front-runner Romney on day of straw poll

NatJ: An Opening in Iowa for Romney?
Paul Gigot: Romney's Debate Luck
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Remains the Front-Runner
Andrew McCarthy: Romney’s Federalism

WSJ: Texas Governor Upends GOP Race
Fox: Perry's Entry Into Presidential Race Expected to Be a Game-Changer
Hill: Perry's entrance to shake up the Republican presidential field
Politico: RedStaters high on Rick Perry
NYT: Money No Obstacle as Perry Joins G.O.P. Race
NYT: The Weekend Word: Money and Power
WSJ: Rick Perry's Crony Capitalism Problem
WaPo: Rick Perry’s entry sets up a clarifying contrast
NatJ: Get Ready for a GOP Roller-Coaster Ride
DC: Coulter: Perry won’t live up to expectations, Romney can beat Obama

Politico: Ames straw poll forecast: Cloudy with chance of Pawlenty
DC: Pawlenty concedes he ‘may not have any choice’ but to scale back his campaign
Hill: Pawlenty: Poor straw poll showing would force him to ‘reassess’

Hill: Presidential candidate Paul says bipartisanship led to spending spree
LA Times: Ron Paul comes in from the fringe
Chris Cillizza: Ron Paul could be a surprise victor in Ames straw poll

Hill: Palin steals show at Iowa State Fair
Politico: Sarah Palin's presidential campaign plans remain a mystery during Iowa trip
NatJ: The Hot and Cold (non) Campaign of Sarah Palin
Daily Caller: Palin at Iowa State Fair: I’m still undecided on 2012
Kathleen Parker: Sarah Palin, un-trending

NYT: G.O.P. Candidates Jockey for Advantage in Iowa
NYT: Editorial: Magical Unrealism

Norman Podhoretz: What Happened to Obama? Absolutely Nothing
James Taranto: The Great Deflation: Like a leaky balloon, Obama keeps getting smaller
Human Events: Top 10 Reasons Obama Won’t Win Reelection
Rush Limbaugh: On the Cutting Edge: The Obama Presidency is High Concept Fiction

Joe Nocera: Boycott Campaign Donations!

Charles Blow: Genuflecting to the Tea Party
Rush Limbaugh: The Tea Party Caused UK Riots?
American Thinker: Dems' Risky Tea Party Smear Strategy

WSJ: GOP Looks to Cement Gains


Wash Times: Appeals court nixes part of Obama health law
WSJ: Health Overhaul Is Dealt Setback
Fox: U.S. Appeals Court Rules Against Obama's Health Care Law
NYT: Health Law Is Dealt Blow by a Court on Mandate
WSJ: ObamaCare's individual mandate loses again, this time in the 11th Circuit
WaPo: Appeals court strikes down health-care law’s insurance mandate
NatJ: 11th Circuit Court Rules Against Obama's Health Care Law
Daily Caller: White House strikes back against health care ruling

Wash Times: Supercommittee is short on dealmakers, compromisers
Fox: Debt Committee Lineup in Place, but Will It Go After Two Parties' Sacred Cows?
Hill: Toomey: Debt panel to focus on cutting spending, regulations
Rush Limbaugh: People Do Not Want Compromise
Rush Limbaugh: There's No Way to Find Common Ground with Dishonest Liberals
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime Produces Worst Consumer Confidence Since Carter

NYT: G.O.P. on Defensive as Analysts Question Party’s Fiscal Policy

LA Times: Obama left short-handed on economy
WSJ: Foreclosure Brainstorm: Team Obama has a good housing idea

WSJ: Postal Service Targets 220,000 Job Cuts
Fox: Unions Rip USPS Cost-Cutting Plan to Slash Jobs, Revamp Benefits

NYT: Editorial: When Will You Retire?

WSJ: Despite Pressure, EPA 'Fully Committed' to Ozone Rule

Wash Times: NLRB fails to comply with congressional subpoena
Hill: Chairman Issa: NLRB a ‘rogue agency’
WSJ: The NLRB Fear Factor: How the Boeing case poisons investment

NYT: Deal in Place for Inspecting Foreign Drugs

NYT: Resistance Widens to Obama Initiative on Criminal Immigrants

Peggy Noonan: Riots and flash mobs have root causes that government can't reach
Ted Nugent: Rise of the goons
Ronald Rotunda, Vernon Smith & Bart Wilson: Are capitalists happier?
Rush Limbaugh: Birth Control, Abortion and Welfare
Mark Steyn: The New Britannia: Big Government corrodes the integrity of a people

NatJ: Previewing The Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NatJ: How Important Is Ames?


Austin AS: South Carolina friendly country for Perry presidential bid

Daily Caller: Rep. Joe Wilson fundraises on ‘you lie’ moment


LA Times: Redistricting panel is expected to approve new maps

SacBee: Disappearance of former Pete Wilson aide worries friends


Politico: Rick Scott upbeat on primary standoff

NatJ: Allen West, Senate Candidate?

SPT: Jack Latvala sets sights on state Senate presidency


AJC: The Rick Perry bandwagon waiting in Georgia

AJC: Who got the shaft in House, Senate redistricting?

WSJ: Mosque Zoning Row Draws Scrutiny


Detroit News: Michigan bill targets use of 'foreign' laws like Sharia


Politico: Bob McDonnell to New Hampshire

Wash Times: Virginia sues over purported pension fraud


DN: Christine O'Donnell, failed Senate candidate, addresses 'witch' controversy in new book


NY Post: Christie a swell gov: poll


NYT: Faltering Rhode Island City Tests Vows to Pensioners


Denver Post: Judge sets dates for release of proposed Colorado maps for redistricting


August 12, 2011


WSJ: Debate Jolts Republican Race to Life
NYT: 8 From G.O.P. Trade Attacks at Iowa Debate
NYDN: Presidential hopefuls face off at GOP debate
Fox: Fireworks Erupt at GOP Presidential Debate in Iowa
Boston Globe: GOP candidates trade barbs in Iowa debate
LA Times: GOP candidates debate in Ames, Iowa
Globe & Mail: The battle for the Republican nomination

NatJ: Bachmann Holds Her Own and Then Some

Examiner: Minnesota Mean
WT: Bachmann, Pawlenty trade barbs in Iowa debate, set up showdown for straw poll
Daily Caller: Bachmann and Pawlenty duke it out during Iowa debate
Hill: Bachmann campaign targeting Pawlenty behind the scenes
Weekly Standard: Fight Night for Pawlenty and Bachmann
WaPo: Pawlenty, Bachmann spar early, often in GOP debate
Hill: Pawlenty, Bachmann spar in debate; Romney largely spared
Hill: Bachmann hits Romney on Mass. health care plan

Boston Herald: Mitt Romney lays low as GOP rivals spar in Iowa
Seattle PI: Gingrich says he will 'run on ideas'
WaPo: Gingrich bristles at question about staff defections from campaign
Des Moines Register: Ron Paul spars with other candidates over foreign policy
LA Times: GOP presidential hopefuls take dim view of ethanol subsidies
Examiner: A healthy, raucous, old-fashioned debate
Roll Call: 2012 GOP Candidates Get Tougher in Ames Debate

National Review: Scoring the Iowa Debate
Weekly Standard: The Winner in Ames: None of the above
Michael Barone: Debate leaves Republican field unaltered

Philadelphia Inquirer: Republicans' 2012 advantage

News & Observer: Perry's entrance expected to change the field
Guardian UK: Rick Perry's chances spurred by underwhelming Republican debate
USA Today: Texas Gov. Rick Perry banks on high-dollar donors
ABC: Rick Perry Supporters Flood Values Voters Event In Iowa
Reuters: Texas Governor Perry to run for US president
Reuters: Factbox: Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry
Telegraph UK: Rick Perry: the Paint Creek boy who would be king
NYT: Perry to Make Bid Official on Saturday
HChron: ‘Most conservative president since Calvin Coolidge’
Hot Air: CNN: Perry enters race in virtual tie with Romney, Bachmann fades
CNN: Why Rick Perry is headed to the White House
NPR: Analysis: Perry May Pose Biggest Threat To Romney
Politico: Mike Huckabee: Rick Perry timing 'bad form,' 'tactical blunder'
Hill: King hits Perry for treating Iowans like 'country bumpkins'

WSJ: Bachmann, Perry to Appear at Same Iowa Dinner
WCFCourier: Bachmann, Perry to speak at Black Hawk Co. GOP dinner Sunday
LA Times: Waterloo showdown: Bachmann to join Perry at Iowa event
SacBee: GOP's Bachmann, Perry to cross Iowa paths Sunday
Boston Globe: Bachmann to appear at Perry’s Iowa debut
NYT: Bachmann and Perry to Attend Iowa Fund-Raiser
NYT: Hints of a Bachmann-Perry Clash
Guardian UK: Michele Bachmann's Iowa circus
MLC Times: Bachmann has friends in right places
Politico: Miss America calls Bachmann cover 'sexist'
Human Events: Dangerous Influences: The New Yorker, Michele Bachmann, and Me

Guardian UK: Iowa Republican debate: Palin and Perry steal show without taking stage

Daily Caller: Poll: Perry would enter in 2nd place, but only Giuliani leads Obama

Boston Globe: Romney hailed tax hikes similar to ones he now slams
CBS: Romney touted tax increases to lobby S&P, says report
Detroit News: Romney fends off hecklers, rivals in Iowa
Wash Times: Romney takes on hecklers in Iowa
WaPo: Mitt Romney says ‘corporations are people’ at Iowa State Fair
NYT: Romney to Hecklers: ‘Corporations Are People’
Boston Globe: Romney’s woman problem
Rush Limbaugh: What's Gotten Into Mitt Romney?
Politico: Next up for Mitt Romney is Rick Perry

NYT: Obama Criticizes Congress in Speech to Auto Workers


WaPo: U.S. stocks stage dramatic rebound
NYT: U.S. Stocks Reverse Back, Up 4%, on Economic Data
Fox: Unemployment Applications Fall to 395K

Politico: Pat Toomey: No big tax hikes for super committee
NYT: Last Three Democrats Named to Debt Committee
WaPo: Nancy Pelosi names her picks to ‘supercommittee,’ completing 12-member debt panel
Wash Times: Pelosi names stalwart Dems to deficit supercommittee
Fox: 'Super Committee' Not So Super Representative
Charles Krauthammer: The system works
Michelle Malkin: The Debt Panel's Patty Murray Problem
Daily Caller: Several Dems wasting no time abusing their super committee appointments
Hill: Supercommittee member Rep. Becerra to be feted by lobbyists at DC fundraiser
Hill: Sen. Leahy calls for transparency in supercommittee negotiations
NatJ: The Super Committee's Fallback Option

DC: Democratic Hill staffers head to Maui on taxpayers’ dime

NYT: Postal Service May Cut 120,000 Jobs
WaPo: USPS proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of health-care plan
Fox: Postal Service Seeks to Cut 120,000 Jobs, Ditch Federal Health Plans

Hill: White House advances its energy policy without help from polarized Congress
National Review: The Wind-Energy Myth

Fox: U.S. Attorney's Office Rejects Family of Murdered Border Patrol Agent as Crime Victims

NYT: George Soros, the Girlfriend and the Apartment

Wash Times: Second Spaceplane flight failure raises questions on future

Michael Gerson: The mark of a tired nation
Pat Buchanan: The West is in decline because the character of its people is in decline
Rich Lowry: Mayor Nutter’s Call


WaPo: The Ames presidential debate: What to watch for
WSJ: Stakes Are Higher in Republican Presidential Debate
NatJ: Festive Iowa Weekend Could Make, Break 2012 Hopefuls


Albany TU: MosqueMania redux in battle for Weiner’s seat

NYT: Carey Remembered for Financial Stewardship

NY Post: NY turns negative on Bam


National Review: Wisconsin’s Reforms Are Already Working


Politico: Rand Paul: Massachusetts health care law 'foolish'


Daily Caller: Three North Carolina Democrats admit voting twice for Obama


WaPo: Elizabeth Warren takes step towards possible Senate bid
Roll Call: Warren Appears to Move Toward Senate Bid
Politico: Elizabeth Warren making moves in Massachusetts
Hill: Warren takes steps toward possible Senate run in Massachusetts


August 11, 2011


Star-Ledger: Texas Gov. Rick Perry is little known but much loved, poll finds
Fox: Perry Generates Buzz, but Expected Late Entry in GOP Race Could Hurt Chances
HChron: Rick Perry second to Romney in national GOP poll, but still trounced by Obama
KJRH: Oklahoma lawmakers attend Texas Governor Rick Perry speech
Guardian UK: Rick Perry: more than a prayer of carrying the GOP nomination
Telegraph UK: Rick Perry: what the critics say
AP/Schelzig: Ramsey defends Gov. Perry for backing Gore in '88

Boston Globe: Bachmann skipping N.H. for Iowa and S.C.
Wash Times: Beating up on Bachmann
Economist: Bachmann and the good book
Ruth Marcus: On Newsweek’s cover, an injustice to Bachmann
Jen Rubin: With Bachmann, Newsweek’s bias uncovered
Roll Call: Tenure as State Senator Primed Bachmann for National Role

Wash Times: Romney in ring to fight at Iowa debate
WaPo: Returning to Iowa, a wiser Mitt Romney avoids his past mistakes
Reuters: Romney, on rare visit to Iowa, rips Obama on economy
WaPo: Mitt Romney returns to Iowa and says he’ll be back
NYT: With Return to Iowa, Romney Heeds Call of G.O.P. Strategists
American Conservative: Romney and Mormonism
Frank Bruni: Mitt’s Vanishing Act

NYT: Pawlenty Courts Evangelicals in Make-or-Break Moment
NatJ: Pawlenty Still Struggling to Pack Them In

CNN: Palin bus tour to roll into Iowa
Bloomberg: Palin to Start Iowa Bus Trip During Peak Week for Republican Candidates

Des Moines Register: Ron Paul hopes record wins him votes in Ames
WaPo: Can Ron Paul win it all in Iowa?

Telegraph UK: Democrats doubt Barack Obama's reelection chances
Matt Miller: Why the center-left is fed up with Obama
NatJ: Obama's Path to Reelection Narrows


WSJ: Stocks Slide 4.6%, Ending at 11-Month Low
WSJ: Stocks Dive Again on Europe, Economy Fears
WaPo: Dow drops 520 points, wiping out Tuesday’s gains
NYT: Stocks End Sharply Lower Amid Fears About Europe
NYT: Rising Concern Over France’s Credit Rating
NYT: Financial Turmoil Evokes Comparison to 2008 Crisis
WaPo: European stock markets rally, Asia mixed a day after a big drop

WSJ: Republicans Choose Deficit-Panel Members
Wash Times: Republicans name spending hawks to deficit ‘super committee’
NatJ: Boehner, McConnell Name Super Committee Members
NYT: 6 Republicans Named to Deficit Reduction Panel
Hill: Toomey emerges as surprise Tea Party Republican voice on ‘supercommittee’
Politico: Can Patty Murray balance politics and super committee?
NYT: Is the House G.O.P. Warming to Tax Increases?
Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Should Redefine "Balance" and "Compromise"

Ed Rendell & Scott Smith: Transportation Spending Is the Right Stimulus

Fox: Homeland Security Chair Seeks Probe into Administration-Sanctioned Bin Laden Movie

Ann Coulter: The sun never sets on the British welfare system
Rush Limbaugh: Socialism Created the UK Rioters
George Will: Britain tackles the welfare state
Fox: Max Hastings: Years of Liberal Dogma Have Spawned a Generation of Rioters
Max Hastings: Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters


Politico: Republican debate candidates brace for Iowa fight night
Politico: Republican debate in Iowa: A viewer's guide
Wash Times: Iowa debate to help thin the field in up-for-grabs race
Sioux City Journal: Undecided Republicans could shape Saturday's result
Roll Call: Huckabee to Jam for Three Republicans at Ames Straw Poll
Michael Barone: How Iowa's Straw Poll Can Lead to the Presidency


Roll Call: DeMint’s South Carolina Presidential Forum Could Exclude Big Names


Roll Call: Georgiou Drops Out of Nevada Senate Race

Fox: Judge Calls ACORN 'Reprehensible,' Slaps Group With Maximum Fine for Voter Fraud


LA Times: Poll finds close race for Anthony Weiner's seat in Congress


George Skelton: California voters may finally get on presidential candidates' radar


Daily Caller: Meet the woman taking on Debbie Wasserman Schultz


NYT: In Wisconsin, a Big Recall Push Comes Up Short
Rush Limbaugh: Wisconsin Voters Come Through
NatJ: Democrats Make Gains Among Blue-Collar Whites in Wisconsin Recall Elections
NYT: Editorial: Wisconsin’s Warning to Union-Busters
James Taranto: Baghdad Bob Strikes Again


Detroit FP: Michigan gov, AG seek changes in proposed Detroit city charter


Wash Times: Census paints Maryland’s future a Hispanic hue


Rush Limbaugh: Philly Mayor Lectures Black Youth


Boston Globe: Voter ID measure submitted for 2012


NatJ: Giffords’s Chief of Staff Steps Reluctantly Into Spotlight


Fox: Alaska to Help Palin in Civil Lawsuit


August 10, 2011


WaPo: The Rick Perry announcement and the efficacy of prayer rallies
Fox: Perry's Likely Entrance Into GOP Race Threatens Romney's Front-Runner Status
Dan Balz: The Rick Perry that Texans know
Roll Call: Perry Won’t Be at Straw Poll, but ‘Little Engine’ Will
Politico: Gallup: Perry starts with strong positive intensity
American Spectator: The Phantom Menace

DC: Romney attacked for work at Bain Capital while Democratic-leaning Bain execs are spared
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s transparently phony outrage

Fox: Bachmann Newsweek Cover Goes for Insult But Gets Criticism in Return
Michael Barone: How Iowa's straw poll can lead to the presidency
Politico: Iowa tea party leader Ryan Rhodes backs Michele Bachmann

NYT: Pawlenty Courts Evangelicals in Make-or-Break Moment

Newt Gingrich: Suspend U.N. Funding Now!
Human Events: Gingrich Rejects Iowa Straw Poll as a 'Beauty Pageant'

DC: Jeb Bush shoots down Huntsman endorsement rumors

James Taranto: Progressives are betraying Obama, not the other way around
DC: Gravel names his price: $1 million to challenge Obama
NYT: A Test for Obama’s View of a One-Term Presidency
Maureen Dowd: Withholder in Chief


NYT: Its Forecast Dim, Fed Vows to Keep Rates Near Zero
WaPo: Fed pledges very low interest rates for 2 years; stocks rally
Wash Times: Fed to hold interest rate near zero for 2 years; stocks fluctuate after prediction
WSJ: Doubling Down on Zero
NYT: Editorial: Half-Measures From the Fed
NYT: OpEd: The Revenge of the Rating Agencies

NYT: Murray Is Chosen as a Leader of Deficit Panel
WSJ: Reid to Name Sens. Murray, Baucus, Kerry to Debt Panel
NatJ: Source: Democrats Murray, Baucus, Kerry on Super Committee

Wash Times: Obama renews call for more stimulus
Wash Times: Obama urged to OK Canada-Texas pipeline
Thomas Friedman: The Day Our Leaders Got Unstuck
Kevin Warsh & Jeb Bush: A New Strategy for Economic Growth
Sens. Landrieu & Murray: How to Close the Skills Gap
Rush Limbaugh: We're Getting What Obama Wants
Rush Limbaugh: John McCain Refuses to Apologize for Calling the Tea Party "Hobbits"

Fox: Republicans Prepare for Next Phase of 'Obamacare' Battle

WaPo: House ethics punts Waters’s ethics case to outside counsel

WaPo: Congress to consider back pay for furloughed FAA workers

NYT: Editorial: Serving Shareholders and Democracy

Wash Times: House GOP prevents recess appointments


DC: New NRCC ad attacks Marshall on health care in Nevada special election


NYT: Cuomo Weighs Ending State Limits on Casino Gambling
Albany TU: Cuomo opens door to non-Indian casino gambling

NYDN: Gov. Cuomo has been out to get me for years, former pol Pedro Espada claims


Fox: California's High-Speed Rail Draws $179 Million in Federal Aid as Cost Soars

Dan Walters: California budget gimmickry falls short


NatJ: Longshot Republican Looking to Make His Mark in Florida Senate Race

SPT: Justice Department approves routine parts of election law


WSJ: Wisconsin Republicans Hold On to State Senate
WaPo: Wisconsin Democrats fail to take back state Senate
NYT: Republicans Hold On to Wisconsin Senate After Recall Vote
LA Times: Heavy turnout seen in Wisconsin Senate recall fight
NatJ: After Wisconsin, More Questions Than Answers for Democrats


TRNS: Poll Shows Pawlenty Trailing Badly In Michigan

Roll Call: Snyder Signs New Michigan Map


NatJ: Brownback: Kansas to Return $31.5 Million Health Exchange Grant


DC: GOPer mulling Senate run in Pennsylvania once voted for Obama


Roll Call: Shays Running for Senate in Connecticut


Boston Globe: For Brown, politics is still local


Politico: Ariz. hits immigration law deadline


NatJ: NRCC Hitting Schrader in New Ad


Daily Caller: Track Palin, wife have a baby girl


August 9, 2011


Boston Globe: Romney: S&P downgrade due to Obama failure
Nashua Telegraph: Romney tackles taxes
AP/Peoples: Romney shifting campaign into a higher gear
CBS: Romney defends silence during debt limit debate
WaPo: Mitt Romney blames President Obama for U.S. credit downgrade
Fox: Romney Campaigns in New Hampshire as GOP Spotlight Shifts to Iowa
WSJ: Romney, Back on the Trail, Hears Perry Rev His Engine
NYT: Editorial: Perhaps It Was the Campaign Tooth Fairy
Politico: Obama plan: Destroy Romney

Politico: Rick Perry to make 2012 intentions clear Saturday
Hill: Perry announcement set to sap attention from Saturday's Iowa straw poll
WaPo: Rick Perry backers hope for weekend announcement
NatJ: Perry Signals He's In, To Rivals' Chagrin
Wash Times: Perry could upend GOP race
Star-Telegram: Busy schedule is clear sign of Perry's political intentions, aides say
LA Times: Gov. Rick Perry to affirm plans for presidential bid
Boston Globe: Perry plans visits to S.C., N.H.
Roll Call: Big-Name South Carolina Strategists Advising Perry
Jen Rubin: Perry gets ready to enter the race
Wes Pruden: The terror of Rick Perry’s penitent prayer
Reuters: Governor Rick Perry to drop strong 2012 hint
NYT: Perry Signals Intent to Enter Race, Sending a Jolt to G.O.P. Candidates
NYT: Rick Perry to Make Clear He Intends to Run
CBS: Is Rick Perry about to announce a presidential run?
HChron: New Iowa poll shows Bachmann, Romney and Ron Paul ahead of Rick Perry
RD: Perry’s Challenge to Bachmann for Religious Right Vote

Des Moines Register: Bachmann follows instincts, not political climate, for stands
Byron York: Bachmann's political touch turns doubter into fan
Rasmussen: Iowa Caucus: Bachmann, Romney and Paul on Top
Fox: GOP Candidates Seize on Downgrade Ahead of Debate, Straw Poll
Newton DN: Bachmann visits Newton
Politico: Michele Bachmann scratches post-Ames New Hampshire visit
CBS: Michele Bachmann faces scrutiny ahead of Iowa straw poll

Daily Caller: The National Organization for Women defends Bachmann against Newsweek
Jonathan Capehart: All eyes on Bachmann’s Newsweek cover photo
Politico: Bachmann brushes off 'wild-eyed' photo
WaPo: Bachmann’s ‘crazy eyes’ on Newsweek prove there’s no such thing as a good cover
Daily Beast: Bachmann: Tea Party Queen

CNN: Huntsman says he's 'been there and done that'
Politico: Huntsman tells Obama: Hit the road
Third Age: Jon Huntsman Campaigning for President in South Carolina

Hill: Gingrich calls for bold healthcare initiative focusing on the human brain

American Spectator: Herman Cain Aiming for Ames

Politico: Iowa in mind, McCotter drops N.H. stops

John Bolton: On Deck: Why I May Run for President

WaPo: Palin raps Obama for debt downgrade

NYDN: Huckabee: Trump For Treasury Secretary

DC: Bolton unsatisfied with Republican field, lays out why he ‘may run for president’

CNN: CNN Poll: Obama approval rating remains steady in mid 40s
Rush Limbaugh: Obamageddon, Barackalypse Now! Bam is "Debt Man Walking" in 2012
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Thinking About Hillary
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Destruction is Purposeful
Bret Stephens: Is Obama Smart?
William McGurn: They Once Loved Jimmy, Too
Rasmussen: Obama Presidential Approval Index rating of -18

Hill: DNC chairwoman blames Tea Party 'tyrants' for US credit-rating downgrade
Philadelphia Inquirer: Liberal rage won't stop the tea party's rise
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime Tripled Down on Failure - and Faults the Tea Party?

SacBee: GOP devotion to states' rights tripping some Republicans

Guardian UK: The Republican party's Latino appeal

NYDN: Rep. Israel rebuilds Democratic coffers ahead of 2012 election with 'bagel diplomacy'

Politico: Court upholds ban on foreign donations to U.S. campaigns


Dow Jones: Dow Slides 5.5%, Ending Below 11,000
Wash Times: Dow Jones average plunges 635 points
NYT: Dow Plunges More Than 600 in Sell-Off
WaPo: Worst day for world markets since ’08
Daily Caller: Dow drops 200 points during Obama speech
WaPo: Stock market plummets after historic downgrade of U.S. credit rating
Hill: Moody's says it could also downgrade if Washington punts on dealing with debt
WSJ: A Downgrade Awakening: Amid the market wreckage, signs of a political turn
WaPo: Editorial: The truths behind S&P’s ratings downgrade
DC: Congressmen challenge WaPo's account of ‘Young Guns’ as debt-showdown instigators

WSJ: Downgrade Befalls Fannie, Freddie, Insurers and Others
NatJ: Fannie and Freddie Downgrades Obscure Real Trouble in Housing Market, Analysts Say
Hill: Mortgage giants Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac hit with credit downgrade

WaPo: Obama seeks to reassure investors as markets plunge worldwide
NYT: Obama Counsels Calm, but No Deal Is in Sight
Wash Times: Obama can’t stop market slide
Examiner: Editorial: At time of crisis, Obama plays politics
Paul Gigot: Downgrade Damage Control at the White House
Jen Rubin: Obama’s horrifyingly bad speech
Dana Milbank: The most powerful man on Earth?
James Taranto: Fascist Fairy Tales
Pat Buchanan: Who's Really Downgrading America?
Rich Lowry: The AA+ Presidency
NYT: OpEd: The Downgrading of a Debtor Nation
NYT: Editorial: Past Time for a New Agenda

Fox: Tax Incentives on the Block as Lawmakers Eye Deficit Reduction
Time: Eric Cantor Shoots Back: Still No Compromise on Taxes
Hill: Cantor urges GOP to resist tax hike pressure after S&P downgrade
NYT: Democrats Challenging Administration on Medicaid
Robert Samuelson: The welfare state wins this budget war
Thomas Sowell: A Pyrrhic ‘Victory’

Hill: The contenders and dark horses to land on debt ‘supercommittee’

Marc Thiessen: A secret weapon to save defense

Daily Caller: Researchers: Obamacare cost estimates hide up to $50 billion per year

Human Events: "Fast and Furious" Goes All the Way to the White House

WaPo: Lack of jobs for blacks creates tension between black lawmakers and Obama

Wash Times: Eminent domain used to push out blacks, suit says

Hill: Obama administration tells states to seek waivers for 'No Child Left Behind'
Wash Times: Duncan scolds Congress, announces bypass plan
Wash Times: Duncan ready to use waivers to evade NCLB

Wash Times: Issa subpoenas NLRB in probe of Boeing lawsuit

NYT: Editorial: A Necessary Condition for Arctic Drilling

NatJ: After Two Centuries, House Page Program to End
NYT: House Shuts Down Its Page Program
WaPo: House page program ends, a victim of budget ills and new technology
Roll Call: As Pages, Lawmakers Mixed Politics and Pranks

IBD: Editorial: Did Biden Out SEAL Team 6?


WaPo: The Ames Straw Poll, explained
Politico: Iowa governor Terry Branstad warns of Democratic caucus crashers


Politico: Mormons might not find 2012 base in South Carolina


NYT: 2 on Judicial Pay Panel Press for Big Raises

Albany TU: Arrest widens ballot probe


Bloomberg: California Democrats Move Closer to Tax-Increase Majority in Redistricting

Dan Walters: California Legislature's secrecy again challenged

LA Times: In surprise, San Francisco's interim mayor enters race


PBP: Miss. guv Haley Barbour backs George LeMieux U.S. Senate race
Roll Call: LeMieux Picks Up Haley Barbour Endorsement
SPT: In Senate race, LeMieux tells Tampa GOP he's 'terrified' over country's future
Orlando Sentinel: Assessing the GOP Senate field

PBP: Florida's redistricting could pit Republicans against fellow Republicans

National Review: Allen West: Swing-District Firebrand

NYT: Gun Query Off Limits for Doctors in Florida


AJC: Rick Perry, Erick Erickson and Georgia maneuvering


Chicago ST: Investor Bruce Rauner weighs Republican bid for Illinois governor


Star Tribune: Bachmann, Pawlenty weigh in on economy


Chicago Tribune: Wisconsin recall elections today big test for Democrats
Milwaukee JS: Historic recall elections put spotlight on Wisconsin
Politico: Wisconsin recall elections could tip state Senate balance
Guardian UK: The GOP gets down and dirty in Wisconsin's recall elections
Politico: Wisconsin recall wars kick off 2012 campaign
Weekly Standard: Scott Walker's Collective Bargaining Bill Is Working


Roll Call: Mandel Adds Portman to List of Endorsements


Detroit News: Granholm's regrets may also haunt Obama


Louisville CJ: Beshear appointees help fill governor's political coffers


WaPo: O’Malley, archbishop at odds over same-sex marriage, letters show


Roll Call: Only Minor Tweaks Made to New West Virginia Map
Politico: W.Va. redistricting plan easy on GOP


Wash Times: Philadelphia mayor talks tough to black teens after ‘flash mobs’


American Spectator: The Return of Christine O'Donnell


Human Events: Christie's Sharia Crap


Portlander: Remembering Mark Hatfield


August 8, 2011


WSJ: At Rally, Perry Gives No Hints About 2012
NatJ: Mixing Politics and Religion: Winning Formula or Political Poison for Rick Perry?
Human Events: Will 'The Response' 'Succeed?'
WaPo: Rick Perry’s positive ‘Response’

LA Times: Romney's shaky front-runner perch
WaPo: Editorial: What happened to Mitt Romney’s concern about secret money?

Concord Monitor: Bachmann: outspoken, faith-driven
Politico: Michele Bachmann dismisses 'fringe or side issues'
DMR: Bachmann at Iowa church: Questionable school materials pushed me into politics
Boston Globe: After doomsday weekend, White House race heightens

NatJ: Pawlenty Expects Surge After Iowa Straw Poll
Roll Call: Pawlenty: Iowa Straw Poll Will Help His Case
Fox: Pawlenty: Iowa Straw Poll is Marker, Not a Must-Win
Politico: Tim Pawlenty changed tune on health care

NYT: Huntsman Runs on His Name, and His Father’s
Daily Caller: Jon Huntsman tells tea partiers: I’m a conservative

American Spectator: Santorum Barnstorming Iowa

Roll Call: Cain Lets Outsiders Run Show

Wash Times: GOP voters ask: ‘Johnson who?’

Politico: All eyes turn to Ames
Hill: Candidates face crucial test in Ames straw poll
WSJ: Straw Poll Will Begin GOP Winnowing Process
Examiner: GOP presidential hopefuls fail to wow Iowans

NYT: Voters Want a Change Politicians Can’t Deliver
Ross Douthat: Waiting For A Landslide

WaPo: Texas billionaire, philanthropist Charles Wyly killed in car accident in western Colorado


Hill: All eyes on markets after weekend of recriminations over downgrade
Fox: Blame Game Vitriol Demonstrates S&P Disgust
Wash Times: Democrats seek to pin credit downgrade on tea party
DC: Conservatives strike back against ‘Tea Party downgrade’ label, call it ‘Obama downgrade’
Jed Babbin: The Obama Downgrade
National Review: Editorial: Obama Makes History (of Our AAA Credit)
Politico: Blame, insults traded over credit downgrade on Sunday shows
WaPo: U.S., European officials scramble to calm financial anxiety
NYT: European Central Bank Intervention Buoys Markets
LA Times: Gold soars to record high on global fears
NatJ: Sunday Show Blog: S&P Dominates the Talk
American Spectator: S&P's Regulatory Politics
WSJ: America Gets Downgraded
DC: Geithner to stay on as Secretary of the Treasury, blames Congress for downgrade
Wash Times: Editorial: Obama’s downgraded America
WSJ: Don't Panic About the Stock Market
WSJ: How to Get That AAA Rating Back
Paul Krugman: Credibility, Chutzpah And Debt
EJ Dionne: Can America still lead?

Fox: Big Mandate, Low Expectations Greet 'Super Committee' on Debt Reduction
Wash Times: Budget chairman dubious of ‘supercommittee’
NatJ: Lobbyists Already Angling to Influence the Deficit-Reduction Super Committee
NYT: S.&P. Downgrade Is Seen as Adding Urgency to Debt-Cutting Panel
NYT: Editorial: Here’s an Easy $100 Billion Cut

Arthur Levitt Jr.: Don’t Gut the S.E.C.

John Bolton: Obama's defense cuts have made national security a sacrificial lamb

Hill: Most post offices targeted for closure are in GOP districts

Examiner: Private sector, not feds, can best create jobs

WaPo: U.S. to grant waivers for No Child Left Behind
NYT: Overriding a Key Education Law
Politico: Duncan to issue 'No Child' waivers

Blanche Lincoln: EPA's Regulatory Balancing Act


NYT: Hugh Carey, Who Led Fiscal Rescue of New York City, Is Dead at 92
Albany TU: The man who loved New York

Buffalo News: Cuomo takes to the virtual stump


Human Events: Left Wins Redistricting Game in California

Politico: Brown: GOP ‘gearing up to destroy’ Obama
LA Times: Jerry Brown's charter schools in Oakland reap big donations

Dan Walters: Gavin Newsom offers new twist on old economic tale


Star-Telegram: Texas billionaire Charles Wyly killed in Colo.
Denver Post: Texas billionaire Charles Wyly dies in Aspen crash


National Review: Rubio’s Early Promise


Chicago ST: Feds investigating scholarships awarded by former Rep. Molaro


WSJ: Interest Groups Spend Big in Wisconsin Recalls
National Review: Badger Hunting
NatJ: Badger State Recall Campaign Approaches Pivotal Day
DC: Democrats threaten independent Wisconsin news outlet with attacks from ‘activists’
Milwaukee JS: Recall elections won't affect union bargaining


NYT: Editorial: Ohio and the Death Penalty


Detroit News: 30,000 college students kicked out of food aid program in Michigan

Wash Times: Detroit’s downtown ‘starting to fight back’


WaPo: Back home in Kansas City, lawmakers find strong feelings about budget fight


Roll Call: Race Ratings: GOP Looks for Major Gains in North Carolina


Wash Times: Virginia redistricting creates moving target

NatJ: Politics of Oil Moves to Virginia Coast


Roll Call: Flake Draws Wealthy GOP Primary Opponent


NYT: Mark O. Hatfield, Republican Champion of Liberal Causes, Dies at 89


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