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December 7, 2011


Wash Times: Gingrich struggles on state deadlines for filing: May not make ballot in Ohio
WSJ: Lean Machine in Iowa Doesn't Faze Gingrich
WaPo: Newt Gingrich rises as Iowa Republicans crave attack dog against Obama
AJC: Immigration plan isn’t hurting Gingrich bid
Weekly Standard: Could Gingrich Make Inroads with Hispanic Voters?
WaPo: Gingrich fighting massive debt racked up in campaign’s extravagant early days
NewsMax: Gingrich Looks to Surge to Rekindle K Street Clout
Politico: The passion of the Newt
NatJ: Poll: Gingrich Riding Tea Party Support in Iowa
NYT: In Iowa, Gingrich Is Gaining Favor, New Poll Shows
NYT: Gingrich Surges Ahead in Iowa, Poll Shows
Daily Caller: Newt pondered monetary policy, committed to serving his country as a teen
Daily Caller: While in Congress, Gingrich co-sponsored 418 bills with Pelosi
Politico: Why Newt's surge is for real
Atlantic: Why a Newt Gingrich Candidacy Would Doom the Tea Party

Newt Gingrich: Why Is the Obama Administration So Devoted to Criticizing Israel?

Dick Morris: Gingrich surges just in time
Major Garrett: Newt by Proxy: How Thune, Ryan, and others propelled Gingrich to the top
Jonah Goldberg: Newt the Compassionate
Ross Douthat: The Tempting of the Christian Right
Rush Limbaugh:
Rush Limbaugh:
Charles Hurt: Newt vs. Mitt: A study in contrasts
National Review: A Choice of Two Temperaments
Kathleen Parker: Gingrich’s poor excuse for a big idea

LA Times: Romney plans to target Gingrich
WaPo: Mitt Romney to make ‘closing argument’ and mount more aggressive campaign
Boston Globe: Romney steps up pace of campaign as caucuses near
WaPo: Romney stepping up pace of campaign with focus on events in early voting states
WaPo: Romney agrees to more interviews as Gingrich rises
CBS: Down in polls, Romney aims for cash lead
CBS: Mitt Romney backs payroll tax cut extension
Reuters: Romney vows to visit Israel first if elected to White House
WSJ: Romney Supporters Push for More-Pointed Rhetoric
ABC: Can Mitt Find the Wit to Boot Newt?
Daily Caller: After avoiding Sunday shows, Romney to appear on Fox News Sunday

Detroit News: Kid Rock anthem to be Romney's campaign theme song

Examiner: Ron Paul could complicate GOP's two-horse race
NYT: Paul Takes On Gingrich in New Ad

Politico: Rick Perry buys $1 million TV time over 3 weeks in Iowa
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 46%, Perry 34%

Roll Call: Phyllis Schlafly Backs Michele Bachmann for President

Politico: Jon Huntsman tacks to skepticism on climate

American Spectator: Santorum's Round-Trip Ticket

NYDN: Mitt Romney says he won't debate GOP rival Newt Gingrich at Donald Trump debate
NYT: Romney Tells Trump He Can’t Make Debate
Politico: Donald Trump debate: Who's in, who's out
Rush Limbaugh:
Human Events: Trump Says 'Sue OPEC'
Weekly Standard: In Defense of The Donald

Hill: McCain preparing to play kingmaker in 2012 GOP race
Hill: GOP candidates look to woo Jewish vote
Hill: Presidential endorsement from Sarah Palin could be double-edged sword

WSJ: Obama Takes Populist Swing
Wash Times: Obama: Wealth gap defining issue for Americans
LA Times: Obama takes populist economic message to the heartland
WaPo: Obama invokes Teddy Roosevelt in speech attacking GOP policies
NYT: Obama Strikes Populist Chord With Speech on G.O.P. Turf
NatJ: Obama targets the center with populist rhetoric
NYT: Obama in Osawatomie
NYT: Republican Candidates Aim at Obama Foreign Policy
Michael Barone: Obama pursues poor, not white working vote
Rush Limbaugh:
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Generic Republican 49%, Obama 41%

Wash Times: Obama: Wealth gap defining issue for Americans

NYT: Being President Is Tough but Usually Not Fatal, a Study Concludes

James Taranto: The Ashtray of History


WSJ: Pearl Harbor, Iran and North Korea
Human Events: Has Obama Set the Stage for Pearl Harbor All Over Again?
AFP: US marks 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor
Wash Times: Pearl Harbor veterans remember how paradise suddenly turned into hell
WaPo: Pearl Harbor attacked: A witness remembers, 70 years later
Star-Telegram: Pearl Harbor survivor recounts his role in a turning point in U.S. history
National Review: Pearl Harbor: A Day of Infamy
NYT: OpEd: Pearl Harbor: A Reluctant Enemy

WSJ: Latest Payroll-Tax Plans Fail to Gain Traction
LA Times: Republicans remain skeptical of extending payroll tax cut
WaPo: Republicans split on Democratic plan to extend payroll tax cut
Bloomberg: Senate Democrats Offer Smaller Surcharge in Payroll Tax Plan
NatJ: Democrats box in GOP on payroll tax cut
Politico: GOP won’t go down without a tax fight
Politico: House punts payroll tax vote to final week
Bloomberg: Romney Joins Gingrich in Lining Up With Obama on Payroll Tax Cut

Wash Times: Judicial filibuster battles return with GOP blockade
NYT: Filibuster by Senate Republicans Blocks Confirmation of Judicial Nominee
Wash Times: GOP ends truce on judicial hopefuls
Roll Call: Filibuster Tests Senate Agreement on Judicial Nominees
Human Events: GOP Blocks Obama's Anti-Gun, Pro-Abortion Nominee to Powerful Court
Weekly Standard: Judging President Obama's Nominees by Senator Obama's Standard

Hill: House Republicans shoot down hopes for permanent Medicare payment 'fix'

NYT: G.O.P. Leadership Job Is Contested

Politico: Reid threatens sessions through Christmas

WSJ: House Panel to Vote on Insider Trading

Daily Caller: Postal Service cuts could interfere with elections, delay ballots

WSJ: A Boeing Accord Looms to Defuse Big NLRB Fight

Fox: Senate Committee Votes to Subpoena Corzine on MF Global
Human Events: Senate Agriculture Panel Subpoenas Corzine Over Missing Billions
Rush Limbaugh:

Fox: Military a Growing Terrorist Target, Lawmakers Warn

Fox: Issa Launches Probe of Alleged DEA Laundering Operation in Mexico
DC: Democratic congressman: If Holder knew of Fast and Furious, he ‘should leave’

NatJ: Public Wants Immigrants to Be Able to Stay
Victor Davis Hanson: Illegal Immigration Is Immoral

Fox: NAACP Taking Complaints About U.S. Voter Laws to United Nations

Wash Times: Government fighting food stamp fraud

Hill: White House doesn’t have votes for nominee for consumer bureau chief
Michelle Malkin: Ixnay on Cordray

WaPo: FAA chief resigns after drunken driving arrest
Fox: FAA Chief Babbitt Resigns Following Drunken Driving Arrest

NYT: U.S. to Aid Gay Rights Abroad, Obama and Clinton Say

WSJ: States Rethink Gambling Limits


Weekly Standard: South Carolina Poll: Gingrich 38.4 Percent, Romney 21.5 Percent


Buffalo News: Albany deal keeps high taxes on rich, lowers others' rates
NYT: Albany Tax Deal to Raise Rate for Highest Earners
NYT: Proposed Changes to State Income Tax Rates
NYT: Editorial: Albany’s Tax Deal
NY Post: A bizarre win – for political hocus pocus

NYT: Albany and City Hall Clash on Education


SacBee: California voters give edge to Jerry Brown's public pension overhaul
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's tax plan tries easy political route
Daily Caller: Gov. Jerry Brown counts on magic to create California jobs


Miami Herald: Fla. Senate panel introduces redistricting plans
Roll Call: Florida House Releases Seven Congressional Maps

Politico: More nuanced Allen West emerges in rookie year

Miami Herald: Scott calls for $1 billion boost in education spending in proposed budget
Buzz: PPP Poll: Rick Scott's approval rating at 26%


Chicago Tribune: Hard time looking likely for Blagojevich as sentencing hearing begins
Chicago ST: Judge sides against Blago on key issues; daughter makes plea
NYT: Hearing May Be an Ex-Governor’s Last Stand
LA Times: Blagojevich's wife, daughter plead for leniency


Detroit News: Snyder signs anti-bullying law: 'I was a victim'


Roll Call: Brunner Hires Seaton as Campaign Manager in Missouri


Roll Call: Primary Headache in Nebraska’s GOP Contest


Politico: John Edwards's lawyers defend calling campaign finance experts


Richmond TD: Democrats file lawsuit over GOP's Senate majority plan


Human Events: Maine Tea Party Leader Upset If Snowe Backs Cordray
Human Events: GOP Challenger Expects Snowe's Cordray Flip Dec. 7


Boston Globe: Spotlight on Warren, Democratic hopefuls debate


Denver Post: Arapahoe ex-sheriff bonds out of "own jail" in meth case


December 6, 2011


NatJ: Polls: Gingrich Leads in Iowa, S.C.
WaPo: Gingrich emerges as clear front-runner in Iowa
Examiner: Gingrich gets Cain bounce as key Iowa test looms
Daily Caller: In Iowa, Newt scrambles to put campaign organization in place
Weekly Standard: Key Iowa Poll Offers Mostly Good News, Some Bad News, for Gingrich
Human Events: Gingrich Hopes to Capitalize on Momentum Shown In Three Weekend Polls
Detroit News: Gingrich plans election campaign in all 50 states
Politico: Gingrich courts K Street
Politico: Gingrich takes star turn in New York
Hill: Dems switch fire to Gingrich
WSJ: Three Reasons Gingrich Will—and Won't—Fly
NYT: Fund-Raising Gains New Urgency for Gingrich Camp
Fox: Newt Thanks Pelosi for “Early Christmas Gift”
NYDN: Pelosi: I've got enough dirt on Gingrich to fill a dump truck
NYT: When Gingrich’s Big Thoughts Backfire
Boston Globe: Gingrich amassing pile of policy shifts
Daily Caller: Gingrich praised FDR, New Deal in ’95, ’06 books
Roll Call: Lack of Discipline Could Bite Gingrich
American Thinker: Can Gingrich Make It to the Nomination?
NatJ: Gingrich Seeks to Clarify Statements on Poor Children and Work

Joe Scarborough: The case for Newt
James Taranto: Strange Newt Respect: The real reason for the Gingrich surge
Rush Limbaugh: Long Knives Out for Newt -- on Both Sides of Washington Establishment
Rush Limbaugh:
Jen Rubin: Newt Gingrich and the unknown unknowns
Frank Bruni: Familiarity Breeds Newt
Bill Schneider: Gingrich: Man who created gridlock
Jeff Greenfield: The read Newt questions

Dan Quayle: Romney's qualities make him best candidate for president
NatJ: Quayle to Endorse Romney
AJC: Romney in Ariz. for Quayle endorsement
Politico: Quayle reportedly set to endorse Mitt

American Spectator: Why Mitt Must Debate Newt

Politico: McDonnell to drop by Romney event
WaPo: In race for campaign funds from billionaires, Romney outpaces Obama
NYT: Romney Embraces Extension of Payroll Tax Cut
Hill: Romney: Obama's idea of 'hands on' is 'getting better grip on golf club'
WaPo: Romney staff spent nearly $100,000 to hide records
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Romney’s Missing Details
NatJ: Mitt Versus Newt Won't Be Like Hillary Versus Barack
Politico: Mitt Romney’s supporters: Hit Newt Gingrich harder
American Spectator: Mitt Misfires
American Thinker: Gingrich and Romney on Jihad
DC: Democrats’ attacks on Romney indicate they would prefer Gingrich as nominee

Weekly Standard: Gallup: Gingrich, Romney Only 'Acceptable' Nominees for GOP Voters

Fox: Perry Phoned Top Donors Ahead of Presidential Bid
Weekly Standard: Perry to Obama: Fire Ambassador Gutman

Fox: Team Paul Rips into Newt & "The Donald"
National Review: The Ron Paul Factor

Examiner: Bachmann sticks to guns despite drop in polls
Star Tribune: Bachmann: Romney, Gingrich both have 'flaws'

NYT: Huntsman to Miss Debate in Iowa
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 41%, Huntsman 34%

Wash Times: Cain left with millions after withdrawing from presidential race
SPT: Herman Cain supporters: Where do they go now?
Stephen Moore: Is Cain Still Able?
WaPo: Ginger White says multiple men helped her financially

NYT: Campaigns Take Ad War to TV After Months of Holding Fire
Hill: GOP kingmakers unhappy with presidential primary frontrunner choices

WaPo: 2012 Republicans are kissing Donald Trump’s ring. But why?
Fox: Newt Runs a Risky Course with The Donald
Hill: Trump's re-emergence poses risks, benefits for Republican contenders
Human Events: Trump Adds Zest to GOP Debate
Rush Limbaugh:
NYT: G.O.P. Strategists Fret Over ‘Circus’ of Trump Debate
NYT: Republicans Critical of Trump Debate
Daily Caller: Trump: ‘Karl Rove basically is a loser’
Politico: Newt defends Trump from Ron Paul
Politico: Huntsman: I won't kiss Trump's ring

Rush Limbaugh:
Michael Gerson: Obama is giving Republicans more of a battle than expected
WaPo: Obama’s unemployment comeback?
Fox: Obama to Osawatomie, Kansas to Invoke Teddy Roosevelt Speech
NatJ: Obama Reboots as "TR 2.0"
Rush Limbaugh:
Examiner: Now it's 'Obama the irrelevant'

Miami Herald: GOP officials talk convention plans in Tampa


Hill: Shutdown fight rings out the year
Hill: Ryan to unveil budget reform proposals

Politico: Parties release dueling tax proposals
Hill: Democrats, GOP inch closer to a tax deal
NatJ: Public Wants Payroll Cut Even With Deficit
WSJ: GOP Rejects Democrats' New Payroll-Tax Bill
NYT: Democrats Say They Will Try Again on Payroll Tax
WaPo: Senate Democrats’ plan would tax those making more than $1 million
Hill: Obama challenges GOP on demand that payroll tax cut be paid for
Fox: Obama Urges Republicans to Pass Payroll Tax Cut
Wash Times: Obama seizes advantage on payroll-tax cut
Rush Limbaugh:
Rush Limbaugh:

Politico: Will debt panel release its secrets?

Rasmussen: 37% Hold Favorable View of Boehner, 31% Say Same of Pelosi

Alan Reynolds: Tax Rates, Inequality and the 1%

Wash Times: Medicare data on doctors will be made public

Fox: Post Office Aims to Save Billions With Reductions in Workforce, Delivery Time

Wash Times: Federal rewrite of labor laws causing a flap down on the farm

NYT: Many Workers in Public Sector Retiring Sooner

Wash Times: North Korea making missile able to hit U.S.

Hill: Issa expands Fast and Furious probe to include alleged money laundering
Daily Caller: Sen. Kyl: ‘Country would be better off without Eric Holder’

WSJ: Defendant in Michigan Militia Case Changes Plea to Guilty

Hill: Rep. King’s fourth Muslim-American radicalization hearing to focus on military

LA Times: Supreme Court to hear case on arrest at Cheney event
WaPo: Supreme Court to decide whether man arrested for confronting Cheney can sue
NYT: Supreme Court to Consider the Arrest of a Cheney Critic
Wash Times: Court to hear Secret Service agents’ appeal

Fox: Head of FAA Placed on Leave After Drunken-Driving Arrest
WSJ: FAA Chief's Arrest Leaves Agency in Limbo
WaPo: FAA chief may lose job after drunken driving arrest
Politico: FAA chief takes leave after DWI

Fox: FDA Weighs Request to Put Morning-After Pill on Drugstore Shelves
WaPo: FDA weighs putting Plan B morning-after pill on drugstore shelves
Fox: Abortion Battle Heats Up on the Hill

Politico: Dems: IG probing NLRB allegations

Politico: Bachus offers anti-'insider' bill

NatJ: Senate Commerce Committee To Consider Nominees Thursday


Wash Times: Ads blitz in Iowa: More spots more often as caucuses near
Roll Call: Gingrich, Paul Campaigns Step It Up in Weeks Before Iowa Caucuses


WSJ: A Pony for Every American? New Hampshire Primary Has It All


Gov Andrew Cuomo: On Tax Reform
NY Post: Rate-fink Cuomo in tax-hike powwow
Buffalo News: Cuomo pivots on taxes in revenue push
NYT: In Essay, Cuomo Offers His Case for Amending State’s Tax System


SacBee: Field Poll: Californians want a chance to vote 'no' on high-speed rail
Dan Walters: California's high-speed train losing public support

WSJ: California's Brown Seeks Tax Boost on Wealthy
LA Times: Jerry Brown to take tax hike plan straight to voters


Politico: Rubio lands deal for memoir

Human Events: Florida Redistricting May Severely Test Allen West's Mettle


Politico: Prosecutors rip Blago leniency plea
Chicago ST: Blagojevich faces tough odds on leniency bid
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich’s sentencing judge known for impartiality
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich sentencing, remap fight put Ald. Mell at eye of storm

Chicago ST: Rep. Joe Walsh to announce Monday where he's running


Daily Caller: Tommy Thompson opponents say he isn’t conservative enough


Detroit FP: Pressure is on Detroit as state begins financial review


Examiner: Allen faces revolt from Tea Party voters

AG Ken Cuccinelli: Better health through consumer choice


Wash Times: Ehrlich on stump for book and his candidate, Romney
Politico: Bob Ehrlich blisters Obama in book


WSJ: Corzine Rebuffed Internal Warnings on Risks
Hill: The fall of ‘key man’ Corzine


NYT: New Districts for Voters in Colorado Are Approved

Denver Post: Colorado is expected to create more jobs than the rest of the nation


WSJ: OpEd: Gov. Gregoire vs. Religious Liberty


WSJ: Fortuño Favors the GOP: Puerto Rico's Republican gov would be a fine choice for VP


December 5, 2011


Wash Times: Cain’s exit puts spotlight, target on Gingrich
Fox: Report: Cain Set to Endorse Gingrich for the GOP Presidential Nomination
Politico: Report: Cain to endorse Newt
NY Post: Cain set to back Gingrich
Hill: Report says Cain will endorse Gingrich
WaPo: Some Democratic strategists worry about Gingrich’s potential appeal
NYDN: Newt Gingrich gains steam in Republican race, but must shed divisive past
NYT: Despite Surge, Gingrich Faces Major Hurdles
NYT: Gingrich to Roll Out First Ads on Monday
WaPo: Gingrich’s first TV ad: ‘Rebuild the America we love’
Hill: The five obstacles Gingrich must overcome to win GOP nomination
Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: Indecision still factor in race
NYT: How Safe Is Gingrich’s Lead in Iowa?
Politico: Iowa polls: Gingrich strong but vulnerable
Politico: GOP's anti-Newt chorus holds its tongue
Politico: 'Difficult' for Coburn to support Newt
NYT: OpEd: What Gingrich Didn’t Learn in Congo
Byron York: The insider-outsider divide over Newt Gingrich
Michael Barone: Newt, the Perseverant Autodidact
American Thinker: Why Gingrich Will Do
American Thinker: Newt Gains Two More 'Endorsements'
American Thinker: Newt, the Not-So-Un-Romney

WSJ: Romney Girds for Gingrich
NYT: In Gingrich, Romney Now Sees a Grave Threat
NatJ: Romney, Perry Have Bought Most Ads
Politico: A rare 2012 breed: Romney die-hards
Hill: Romney’s supporters dismiss comparisons with 2008 losses
SPT: Playbook for Obama versus Mitt Romney can be found in 1994 Kennedy-Romney race
Weekly Standard: Romney Calls for Firing of Obama's Ambassador

WaPo: Ron Paul: ‘I’d like to think of myself as the flavor of the decade’
Hill: Ron Paul says he's ‘flavor of the decade’

NatJ: Perry Letter Seeks to Woo Cain Supporters
Politico: Perry's plight sidelines GOP govs

WaPo: Michele Bachmann backed donor’s pardon request — but then he was charged anew
WaPo: Presidential pardons: A lawmaker’s support improves criminals’ odds for mercy

Politico: Santorum: 'Great' to have no boomlet

NYT: With Cain on Sideline, His Rivals Try to Prove Their Conservatism
American Spectator: Dreams Die Hard
WaPo: Herman Cain’s exit gives him financial flexibility
DC: Will: Cain had a ‘fundamentally disrespectful approach to the selection of presidents’

Examiner: GOP presidential field begins to narrow

WaPo: Trump offers his impressions of Romney, Perry and Bachmann
NYDN: Candidates Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman dump on Trump’s invite to GOP debate
National Review: Editorial: Trump’s Sideshow Debate
Politico: Trump hints his endorsement is key
Human Events: Donald Trump Gets Tough
Human Events: Trump Explains How To "Take The Oil"

Fox: McCain: Hispanic Vote Up For Grabs in 2012

Politico: Week ahead for the GOP 2012 field
NYT: Behind the Scenes at a Forum for Republican Candidates
EJ Dionne: A GOP reality-show race, thanks to the Tea Party

Daily Caller: Paul Ryan to endorse in GOP primaries, help replace ‘timid’ congressmen

Wash Times: ‘Carter’ is new GOP epithet for Obama
Roll Call: Obama’s Aloof Behavior With GOP Could Hurt Agenda
Human Events: Where Have All the Eric Hoffer Democrats Gone?
Hill: Signs of turning tide on economy lift Democrats, Obama's hopes
Politico: W.H. steps up outreach to black voters
Thurgood Marshall Jr.: The biggest lie about Democrats

NYT: OpEd: The Reinvention of Political Morality
Paul Krugman: Send in the Clueless


LA Times: Republicans caught between a tax break and a hard place
WSJ: Senate Democrats Plan New Payroll-Tax Measure
Fox: Reid to Propose Compromise Bill to Extend Payroll Tax Cut
Wash Times: Senate will hear compromise plan on payroll tax cuts
WaPo: Harry Reid to introduce payroll tax cut compromise Monday, Conrad says
NatJ: Reid to Introduce New Payroll-Tax Cut Package
Politico: Conrad: New tax plan Monday
Examiner: GOP tarnishes its own tax-cutting brand
Politico: Payroll tax cut: It's about who pays
Politico: K Street mounts blitz for tax breaks

Fox: Under Pressure to Reduce Deficit, Congress Tees Up Year-End Spending Spree
Hill: Hill Poll: Cut lawmaker salaries, but make them work longer, say voters
Judd Gregg: Time for Congress to step up on debt
Juan Williams: Denying mandate support won’t work
Fred Hiatt: Obama’s missed opportunity on the debt

Hill: The Week Ahead: Holiday crunch time

Wash Times: D.C., Park police dismantle Occupy shelter, arrest 31
WaPo: Occupy D.C. protesters arrested in standoff over makeshift shelter at McPherson Sq.
Examiner: 31 Occupy DC protesters arrested in police standoff
NatJ: Scenes From Occupy Wall Street Protests
Fox: Death at Texas 'Occupy' Camp Suspected to be Drug-Related

Hill: Corzine ties put Dems in tricky position
Human Events: Claim: Clinton Collected $50K Per Month From MF Global

Daily Caller: White House denies reports Obama knew of ‘Fast and Furious’ in 2010

WSJ: Hurdle for Health-Law Suit

Arnold Schwarzenegger: An unfair fight for renewable energies
Examiner: Clean energy powers a revolving door to K Street
National Review: The Solyndra ‘Business Model’

Daily Caller: Postal cuts to slow delivery of first-class mail

WaPo: White House pushes for confirmation of consumer watchdog nominee
Politico: Obama pushes fight for Cordray
Hill: White House opens offensive to confirm consumer agency head
American Spectator: Richard Cordray's 'Heroes' Occupy Banks and Private Homes

LA Times: Piracy legislation pits Hollywood against Silicon Valley

NYT: Editorial: Undermining the Executive Branch: Legislation would thwart regulatory system

NYT: Editorial: Pain in the Public Sector

NYT: Editorial: Immigrant detention centers: A Broken, Dangerous System

Daily Caller: Democrats’ embryonic stem cell strategy hits scientific wall
NYT: Anti-Abortion Groups Are Split on Legal Tactics

Fox: Obama Ambassador Under Fire For Blaming Israel For Muslim Anti-Semitism
WaPo: Romney, Gingrich call for firing of U.S. ambassador after anti-Semitism remarks
Weekly Standard: From Defending the Weathermen to Muslim Anti-Semitism . .

Fox: McCain: Time to Condition U.S. Aid to Pakistan


WaPo: Iowa caucuses: Four weeks out, what to watch for in the GOP race
NatJ: Iowa Republican Caucus: The Myth of Organization
Roll Call: What Happened to the Vaunted Iowa Campaign?


Albany TU: As lawmakers return to Albany this week, Cuomo jobs package will be there
Buffalo News: Cuomo offers dual plan for job creation
NYT: Cuomo Pushes New Tax Rates for Big Earners

NYDN: Andrew Hevesi poised to use new Assembly powers to hunt for corruption on Cuomo

Albany TU: Bruno and Boyland could get legal costs reimbursed

Albany TU: Appellate Division Justice Anthony Cardona dies


Dan Walters: Orange County revolt rekindles old Republican feud


Hill: Rep. Lankford looks to not just change what Hill does, but how it does it


Roll Call: Rubio Immigration Stance Could Hurt Appeal

Miami Herald: Can Rick Scott’s jobs czar bring business to Florida?


Roll Call: Mississippi GOP Cautious on Palazzo


Chicago ST: State worker gave promoter use of Sox skybox, got Lollapalooza passes


Detroit News: Michigan's U.S. Senate hopefuls slow to disclose

Detroit FP: 160,000 jobless Michiganders at risk of losing safety net


Politico: Top Dems fret over Nelson's plans


American Spectator: Rand's Rebellion


Hill: Virginia’s Allen and Kaine prepare for first debate showdown

Wash Times: Cuccinelli bid upsets Bolling, backers at retreat


Fox: CT Gov Orders Investigation Into 'Possible Fraud' in Post-Hurricane Food Aid Program


Daily Caller: Ariz. congressman: Pressure to resign is getting to Eric Holder


Daily Caller: Primary challenger: Sen. Barrasso should be ‘jailed for treason’


December 4, 2011


Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: Gingrich leads GOP pack, then Paul, Romney
WSJ: Gingrich Leads, Romney Takes Third, in Closely Watched Iowa Poll
Fox: Gingrich Surges to the Lead in Iowa Poll
Wash Times: Gingrich ahead of Romney in Iowa poll
NatJ: Des Moines Register Poll: Newt Gingrich Leads in Iowa
Examiner: Des Moines Register poll: Gingrich 25; Paul 18
NYT: Gingrich Leads in Latest Iowa Poll
Hill: New Iowa poll: Gingrich leads Paul, Romney
Politico: Iowa 2012 Poll: Newt Gingrich leads, Bachmann and Perry fall
Bloomberg: Gingrich Surges in Iowa Republican Candidates’ Poll as Cain Exits Contest
Politico: For Newt Gingrich, experience pays off
Hill: Gingrich: GOP voters can trust him, won’t push ‘big government’
Hill: Actress Eva Longoria takes on Newt Gingrich over 'poor children' remarks
NYDN: Newt Gingrich's lead over Mitt Romney and Republican field might not last
Allycia Finley: Seniors Help Gingrich Surge
William Kristol: We Do Not Know
Michael Barone: Newt vies for America of his imagination
Maureen Dowd: Out of Africa and Into Iowa
Frank Bruni: And Now ... Professor Gingrich

LA Times: A closer look at Mitt Romney's job creation record
Daily Caller: Romney demands Eric Holder’s resignation
American Thinker: The Ethics of Eric Holder
Fox: Romney Moves to Keep Gingrich Surge in Check
NYT: Romney Tries to Show His Strength in New Hampshire
Politico: Mitt Romney goes door-knocking in New Hampshire
NYT: High-Profile Conservative Endorses Romney
Hill: Romney picks up Iowa paper's endorsement
Politico: Sioux City Jounral endorses Romney
WaPo: Can Romney prevail if few are excited about him?
Wash Times: Romney, Gingrich proceed carefully in GOP showdown

National Review: Cain Suspends Campaign
Fox: Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign, Cites 'Hurt' Caused by 'False' Allegations
WSJ: Herman Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign
NY Post: Cain suspends presidential campaign
Wash Times: Cain suspends campaign shifting GOP race
NYT: A Defiant Herman Cain Suspends His Bid for Presidency
Hill: Cain suspends campaign, vows to continue working from outside the race
WaPo: Cain’s constant search for the next big thing
Wash Times: Gingrich praises Cain for optimism, big ideas
Buzz: What we learned from Herman Cain's campaign
American Thinker: The Lessons of Cain
Fox: GOP Candidates React to Cain Campaign Suspension
NatJ: How the Cain Train Changed the Route to the White House
Hill: GOP candidates start angling for Cain endorsement after he suspends bid
NatJ: Cain's Endorsement Might Go to Fellow Georgian
Chicago ST: With Cain out, GOP race narrows to Romney v. Gingrich
AJC: Herman Cain and his wife’s permission

Hill: Ron Paul rips Trump, boycotts debate

Wash Times: Bachmann, from Waterloo to White House contender

NYT: Huntsman Campaign Gets Aid From Group Tied to Father
Hill: Huntsman could play NH primary spoiler

Politico: GOP hopefuls keep it friendly at Huckabee forum
Fox: Candidates Respond to State Attorneys General at Huckabee Forum
WaPo: Republican hopefuls make pitch at Huckabee forum
NYT: Republican Candidates Pressed to Prove Their Conservatism
NYT: Democrats and G.O.P. Seize on Competing Narratives
NYT: Mistrust of Institutions May Touch G.O.P. Itself
NYT: Public Editor: Riding the Republican Roller Coaster
Hill: One month before Iowa, GOP field wide open

David Limbaugh: Obama Pleads for 4 More

NYT: Chelsea Clinton, Living Up to the Family Name

Hill: Democrats see opening among religious voters in 2012 election


NYT: House G.O.P. Is Split on Extension of Payroll Tax Cut
Politico: Why GOP bucked McConnell on payroll tax
TBO: Campaign mud obscures purpose of payroll tax

NatJ: Why Obama Might Veto Defense Bill: It'll Hurt The Fight Against Terrorism

WSJ: Below 9%: A drop in the jobless rate, but more people flee the labor force

Thomas Friedman: A legacy deal for Obama on gas mileage

NYT: Editorial: Britain’s Failed Experiment (radical fiscal austerity), Repeated

NYT: Editorial: How best to “reform” Medicare: What About Premium Support?

Fox: Postal Service Looks to End Overnight Mail Delivery
NYT: The Junking of the Postal Service

Hill: New documents detail how Justice sent faulty info on gun walking
NYT: Justice Department Counters Claim That It Misled Congress in Gun Inquiry
NYT: D.E.A. Launders Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels

Wash Times: U.S. lawmakers push for better treatment of illegal immigrants in Mexico
NYDN: New Obama guidelines not slowing immigration deportations

Ross Douthat: The Decadent Left
NYT: OpEd: The New Digital Divide
Clarice Feldman: Scenes of the Occupation
American Thinker: Harry Potter and the Islamization of America


Rochester D&C: Upstate GOP loyalties still in play for 2012 presidential election

Albany TU: Tax increase talk surfaces in state
Albany TU: Solar sector powers up

Buffalo News: Paladino back in the political arena


SacBee: California high-speed rail authority spends millions to polish image
Dan Walters: Tangled political web could trap California cities on redevelopment


NYT: Editorial: Voting Rights and Texas


NYT: As Gas Riches Remake Plains, Lawmaker Shares in Bounty


Fox: Rep. Jackson Jr. Battles Blagojevich-Era Claims as Report Surfaces
NYT: Congressman Says Staff May Have Violated Rules

Chicago ST: Judge: Blagojevich sentencing will take two days, even if lawyers wrap up sooner


Star Tribune: Minnesota GOP elects interim leader, ponders debt


Milwaukee JS: The coming deluge of political advertising in Wisconsin

Milwaukee JS: State Supreme Court justice proposes private discussion


Detroit FP: Bankruptcy might be Detroit's only option, experts say


Hill: Obama looks to channel Teddy Roosevelt in Kansas


Examiner: O'Malley, McDonnell take rivalry national


Salena Zito: Obama writing off Pennsylvania?


NYT: Some Cities Object to Being Carved Up by Redistricting


December 3, 2011


LA Times: Herman Cain drops out of presidential race
WSJ: Herman Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign
NYT: Herman Cain Suspends His Presidential Campaign
WaPo: Herman Cain suspends his campaign for 2012 GOP presidential nomination
HChron: NBC reports Cain expected to drop out on Saturday
Fox: Cain Prepares to Discuss Campaign's Future After Damage Assessment
Wash Times: End of the line for Cain? Announcement Saturday
Hill: Stay or go? Cain to announce campaign's future on Saturday
WaPo: What should Herman Cain tell his wife? Ask the comedians
WaPo: Herman Cain nearing decision on candidacy
WaPo: Report: Cain marriage rocked by claims
Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: Herman Cain support in Iowa takes nose dive
Rasmussen: 51% Think Cain Should End Campaign, 28% Disagree

NatJ: Iowa Evangelicals Considering Political Redemption for Gingrich
WSJ: Surging Gingrich Bolsters Campaign
HE: Front-runner Gingrich: 'Embark With Me On a Voyage' to Rebuild 'The America We Love'
Daily Caller: Explaining what Republicans see in Newt Gingrich
Politico: Can GOP accept Newt’s immigration policy?
Roll Call: Gingrich Rose to Wealth Through Congress
Politico: The return of Bad Newt Gingrich
Charles Blow: Newt’s War on Poor Children
George Will: Romney and Gingrich, from bad to worse
Kathleen Parker: Why Republicans like Newt Gingrich
Byron York: Voters like new Newt but wait to see if he's real
Rush Limbaugh: Newt Lights a Firestorm
Rush Limbaugh: Is Newt Really a Big Gov't Guy?
American Thinker: Newt: The Civil Warrior
American Thinker: Gingrich vs. Romney: And the Winner is....
Weekly Standard: The New Newt: He’s tanned, rested, and ready—and having a good time

RCP: Romney Declines Lincoln-Douglas Debate Against Gingrich

WaPo: Mitt Romney looks to outlast and outwork Gingrich to GOP nomination
Examiner: Romney ramps up campaign in Iowa
Weekly Standard: Romneycare and Abortion
Roll Call: Attacks Mitt Romney in Iowa (VIDEO)
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 42%, Romney 40%

HChron: Rick Perry touts his faith in new Iowa ad
Human Events: Perry Continues Humor Blitz on Tonight Show
WaPo: Darrell Issa on Rick Perry’s ‘God awful’ threat to federal workers

Mona Charen: Where Ron Paul Is Right: The drug war works about as well as prohibition

WaPo: Palin predicts Santorum’s rise in Iowa

Hill: Huntsman skips Trump, will debate Gingrich in unmoderated format
Politico: Jon Huntsman accepts Lincoln-Douglas style debate with Newt Gingrich

Fox: "The Donald" to Moderate Debate; Expects to Endorse or Run as Independent
Daily Caller: Donald Trump to moderate presidential debate for some reason
Hill: Trump to moderate Republican debate
WaPo: Trump to moderate GOP debate? This won’t end well

Fox: Rove Surveys the Volatile GOP Candidate Landscape
WaPo: The boom/bust cycle of the Republican presidential race

SPT: In Orlando, Republican governors tout can-do reform efforts

WP: Ex-presidential candidate George McGovern hospitalized after falling prior to TV interview


Fox: GOP Leaders Face Rank-and-File 'Pushback' on Payroll Tax Cut
WSJ: Payroll-Tax Rift Throws GOP a Curve
LA Times: Republican leaders try to make payroll tax break palatable
WaPo: Payroll tax vote reveals GOP split
NYT: House G.O.P. Is Split on Extension of Payroll Tax Cut
Hill: Republican leaders face stiff resistance on extending payroll tax cut
Politico: Why GOP bucked McConnell on payroll tax
Hill: Democrats downplay leverage they know they have in fight over payroll tax cut
Hill: Obama: Congress 'shouldn't go home' until tax cut is extended

Wash Times: White House reiterates threat to veto defense bill
Hill: White House stands by veto threat despite Senate compromise bill
Hill: Lawmakers shrug at Pentagon chief’s flights to California
Hill: Cantor acknowledges seeking deal with Dems to mitigate triggered Defense cuts

Politico: House GOP loads up year-end bill
Politico: W.H. to GOP: Don't flirt with shutdown
Hill: Snowe: 'No greater duty' than balanced budget amendment

WSJ: Jobless Rate Nears Three-Year Low
NYT: Jobless Rate Dips to Lowest Level in More Than 2 Years
Hill: Unemployment falls to 8.6 percent; economy adds 120,000 jobs
WaPo: Unemployment rate falls to 8.6 percent in November, raising hopes for growth
NYT: Democrats and G.O.P. Seize on Competing Narratives
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Manipulates Numbers to Get Unemployment Headline Under 9%

Rush Limbaugh: Luntz Capitulates to the Left, Advises That Capitalism is a Dirty Word

NPR: Justice Withdraws Inaccurate 'Fast And Furious' Letter It Sent To Congress
AP: Justice Dept. details how it got statements wrong
Wash Times: Issa says Holder ouster is up to White House
WaPo: Darrell Issa not joining calls for Eric Holder to quit over ‘Fast and Furious’
NYT: Justice Department Counters Claim That It Misled Congress in Gun Inquiry
Fox: Justice Department Explains How It Got Fast and Furious Statements Wrong
Politico: Top officials sent false Fast and Furious denials, documents reveal

Daily Caller: US Air Force faces litigation for ‘illegal termination’ of 157 officers

Hill: Lawmakers subpoena Jon Corzine to testify about MF Global collapse

Fox: Committee Weighs Contempt Citation Against White House Over Solyndra

Fox: Obama Is Pressured by GOP, Unions to Expedite Controversial Pipeline Project

DC: County’s protest against federal immigration law turns criminal aliens loose

NYT: Obama Announces Backing for Energy-Efficiency Initiative

NYT: U.S. Urges Creativity by Colleges to Gain Diversity

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


DC: Haley staffers to testify in probe of controversial decision to deepen Ga. port


NYT: Income Taxes for Wealthy May Increase in Albany Deal
Albany TU: Assembly Dems will conference at 3 p.m. Tuesday

Albany TU: State owes Bruno $100,000 refund

NY Post: SI power broker Molinari says: Not Newt, not ever!


SacBee: Racing to raise taxes in California


Star-Telegram: Justice Department says it's not delaying Texas redistricting


AJC: Four groups launch a pre-emptive strike against Bob Barr


NYT: Congressman Jackson Says Staff May Have Violated Rules
Roll Call: Jackson Staff Aided Pursuit of Appointment to Obama Senate Seat


Star Tribune: Sutton resigns as state GOP leader


Milwaukee JS: Walker ads slap back at recall effort
Politico: Walker vows to crush 'union bosses'


Detroit FP: State orders Detroit financial review


Politico: McCaskill’s tweet goes awry


Politico: Cornyn, McConnell recruiting Heineman


Andrew McCarthy: Rand Paul, Libertarian Extremist


NatJ: Bolling Goes After Cuccinelli


Roll Call: Connecticut Redistricting Gets More Time


Politico: Doug Flutie goes deep for Scott Brown
Politico: Mitt Romney and Scott Brown: Too close for comfort


Denver Post: GOP: Colorado democrats proposed district lines are spiteful


December 2, 2011


DC: Gingrich opens enormous 21-point lead over Romney in new poll
Rasmussen: National GOP Poll: Gingrich 38% Romney 17%
Weekly Standard: Gingrich Is Uniting the Tea Party and Establishment
Hill: Gingrich: ‘I’m going to be the nominee’
Human Events: Gingrich Aces Iowa Speech, Signs Immigration Pledge
WaPo: Newt Gingrich as president could turn the White House into an ideas factory
WaPo: Newt Gingrich draws contrast with Romney
WaPo: Gingrich: Kill Romney with kindness
WSJ: Gingrich Backed Freddie in 2007 Interview
NYT: Gingrich Says He Was Acting as a Citizen, Not a Lobbyist
WaPo: Newt Gingrich on Medicare: flip-flopping on the flip-flop?
Fox: Can Newt End the GOP’s Conservative Cannibalism?
DC: Baptist leader to Gingrich: Request forgiveness for infidelity, or lose evangelical women
DC: Gingrich’s authorized biographer talks about forthcoming book
Politico: Newt Gingrich surge strains his campaign
American Thinker: The Case for Gingrich
Peggy Noonan: The Comeback Kid of 2012
Charles Krauthammer: Mitt vs. Newt
Byron York: Voters like new Newt but wait to see if he's real

WaPo: Mitt Romney highlights Ann Romney: Is it a subtle strategy against Gingrich?
WSJ: In Perry Country, Romney's Raiders
Hill: Romney’s campaign shows first signs of strain this week
Wash Times: Romney uses new ad, adrenaline to woo Iowa
Examiner: Romney ramps up campaign in Iowa
DC: Romney aide laments fall of Cain: ‘He keeps Perry down’
NatJ: Ex-Sen. John Danforth to Endorse Mitt Romney
NYT: Republican Leaders Still Seem Torn About Romney
DC: Romney hasn’t been on a Sunday show since entering 2012 race
Ramesh Ponnuru: Romney’s the One

WSJ: Cain Says He Helped Ginger White Pay Bills
NYT: Cain Says He Aided Accuser Without Telling His Wife
WaPo: Herman Cain says wife did not know of payments to alleged mistress Ginger White
Hill: Cain says wife didn't know about payments to Ginger White
NatJ: Cain Accuser: 'Sex Was Involved'
Politico: Ginger White: 'It was a sexual affair'
Kim Strassel: The Lessons of Herman Cain
WSJ: Reassessing Herman Cain
Politico: Scandal vets to Herman Cain: Time to go
WaPo: Herman Cain watch: Will he stay or go?
WaPo: Herman Cain prepares an escape hatch
NYT: The Tantalizing Lure of the Outsider Candidate
Rush Limbaugh: Who's Going After Herman Cain?

NatJ: Rick Perry Hits 'Tonight Show’
Rush Limbaugh: The China Myth and Rick Perry

Roll Call: Bachmann Campaign Wins First Congressional Endorsement
Rush Limbaugh: Bachmann Would Fight for America

WaPo: Jon Huntsman’s strange viral video strategy

NYT: Obama to Vie for Arizona as Latino Numbers Rise
Rush: Obama Publicly Writes Off White, Working Class Voters as Advertisement to His Base

WaPo: House votes to end public funding for presidential campaigns
NYT: House Votes to End Financing for Presidential Campaigns

NatJ: FEC Simultaneously Clarifies, Punts
Politico: FEC splits on Rove group ask
Hill: Outside groups raking in the cash

James Taranto: The Meathead Vote: For liberal baby boomers, it's always 1972


WSJ: Senate Blocks Tax-Cut Bills
Wash Times: Parties’ competing plans to extend payroll-tax cut fail
Fox: Senate Rejects Rival Payroll Tax Cut Plans as Vote Exposes GOP Split
Hill: GOP split on payroll tax cut
WaPo: Payroll tax break: Extension proposals from both parties fail in Senate
WaPo: Payroll tax-cut plan rejected, but workers aren’t in the clear
NYT: Democrats See an Advantage in Debate Over Payroll Tax
WSJ: Harry Reid's Jobs Surcharge: A temporary tax cut paid for by permanent tax increases

Examiner: House GOP look to extend tax cut, jobless benefits
WaPo: Expiration of jobless benefits sparks debate
Hill: GOP working on unemployment reforms

Hill: GOP to renew attack on healthcare reform
Rep. Lamar Smith: WH needs to come clean on Elena Kagan & the Affordable Care Act

Wash Times: Republicans: Solyndra documents withheld
Sen. Jim Inhofe: Obama's Job-Killing Global-Warming Agenda Continues Under the Radar

Hill: Senate passes $662B Defense bill after deal on detainee language
Hill: Boehner: Mr. President, help stop the automatic cuts to Defense spending
NYT: Senate Declines to Clarify Rights of American Qaeda Suspects Arrested in U.S.

WSJ: Lieberman Presses Insider-Trading Ban Vote
WaPo: Senate panel weighs congressional insider-trading ban
Politico: Nancy Pelosi backs Hill insider trading crackdown
Hill: Insider trading ban gains momentum, Pelosi backs House version of bill
Wkly Std: Sen. Gillibrand Trying to Gut Bill Banning Congressional Insider Trading?

Hill: Alternative online piracy bill floated
NatJ: Bipartisan Lawmakers Offer Alternative Proposal To Online Piracy Bills

Fox: Senate Backs Proposal to Let Military Chaplains Decline Performing Same-Sex Marriages

WSJ: Republicans for the Accounting Cartel

Hill: Conservatives craft bill to prevent IMF bailout of crumbling eurozone
Paul Krugman: Killing the Euro
NYT: Editorial: The Fed and the Euro
WSJ: OpEd: How to Save the Euro

Daily Caller: Under assault for liberal bias, Politico’s traffic dives


NYT: Negotiations Under Way for Special Session in Albany on Budget Shortfall
WSJ: Tax Session Talks

NYT: After Pushing Gay Marriage, Cuomo Is Thanked With Money

NYT: Carrión Is Fined $10,000 for Conflict Over Architect

NYT: Assemblyman’s Chief of Staff Is Arrested in Bribery Case

NYT: City Councilman’s Lawyer Calls Charges ‘Speculation’


WaPo: For Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., racial politics are part of primary challenge


WaPo: Months after shutdown fight, Minnesota projects an $876 million surplus


NYT: Tommy Thompson to Run for Senate

Politico: Wisconsin joins top governors' races


Josh Mandel: Washington Targets Ohio Shale Gas (Killed more than 200,000 jobs)


NYT: In Detroit, an Effort to Prevent a State Takeover

Wash Times: Repeal of helmet law gains traction in Michigan


Fox: Tennessee Weighs Slashing Lotto-Funded Scholarships to Close Deficit


Wash Times: Kennedy weighs run for Frank’s House seat


Human Events: Winner of Arizona Senate Recall: Immigration Law Not the Issue


WSJ: Richardson Feels New Heat
NYT: Ex-Governor Is Said to Be Focal Point of Inquiry


December 1, 2011


WSJ: Gingrich Evolves on Federal Role
NatJ: Gingrich Revives Questions About Obama's Community Organizing
NatJ: Gingrich's Inside Track with Iowa Evangelicals
Examiner: Gingrich gets As from Iowa corn farmers
NYT: Why Gingrich May Be the Last Anti-Romney Standing
WaPo: Newt Gingrich pledges no negative ads, says: “I have one opponent: Barack Obama”
DC: Former Newt aide says staffers who quit campaign were shortsighted
NYDN: Gingrich’s ‘humane’ immigration policy shows he has better grasp on issue than rivals
Hill: Gingrich's hand ‘always six inches from the self-destruct button’
WaPo: A new Newt?
Rasmussen: National Poll: Gingrich 45% Obama 43%
Weekly Standard: Gingrich Is Now Beating Obama among Independents

WaPo: Mitt Romney struggles to find a strategy to combat Newt Gingrich’s surge
WSJ: Romney Strategy in Question
DMR: Romney ramps up Iowa campaign with TV ad
WaPo: Blasting Gingrich’s views on immigration, Romney is fuzzy on how his differ
Roll Call: Thune’s Choice a Sign of Worry Over Gingrich
Examiner: Repealing Obamacare tougher than Romney claims
WaPo: Romney backers launch ‘super PAC’ to raise and spend unlimited amounts
NatJ: Mitt Romney Has A Temper? Compared To Whom?
WaPo: Forget Newt’s surge. Romney is still the favorite
NatJ: Poll: Romney Stronger Than Gingrich Against Obama in California
American Spectator: Mad Mitt
Gail Collins: The Mitt Romney Pardon

Fox: Cain Consulting With Family on Candidacy Following Claims of Long-Term Affair
NatJ: Cain Insists Campaign ‘Ain’t Over Yet,’ Though Fundraising Has Taken a Hit
Hill: Cain to make decision on race within a week
AJC: Cain accuser's phone records sought
American Thinker: Saving the Cain Campaign
NYT: Cain Pledges to Stay in Race
NYT: Amid Questions, Cain Stays Defiant
Politico: Herman Cain's defiance receives cheers in Ohio
WaPo: Herman Cain’s usual response to trouble: It’s not true
Fox: Cain Accuser Served With Eviction Papers in Illinois
NYT: News Host Is Scrutinized for Her Ties to Candidate
Rush Limbaugh: The Herman Cain-Ginger White Saga
Ann Coulter: Once you go conservative black, you better watch your back

WaPo: Perry: Disagreeable fed workers would be reassigned to some really God-awful place
WaPo: Rick Perry comments on federal workers anger union leaders
HChron: Rick Perry is “a great guy” who gets “a bad rap,” controversial sheriff Arpaio says
WaPo: Perry says New Hampshire holding caucuses, not primary in another gaffe
HChron: Another day, another gaffe: Perry refers to New Hampshire primary as “caucuses”
HChron: Cokie Roberts thinks Perry has still got a chance

NYT: Paul Campaign Releases Video Attacking Gingrich
NatJ: Ron Paul Accuses Newt Gingrich of ‘Serial Hypocrisy’

Examiner: Huntsman takes on 'socialism' of big-bank bailouts
WaPo: Huntsman: Does he really have the makings of a third-party candidate?

Politico: Team Bachmann says Iran embassy comment was 'hypothetical'

NYT: The Up-Close-and-Personal Candidate? A Thing of the Past
Wash Times: For GOP candidates, mum’s the word on Bush
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Race Has Become Search for Perfect Candidate

WSJ: Eliminate the limits on individual donations
WaPo: Congressional incumbents start attracting ‘super PACs:’ The Influence Industry

Politico: Students hit by voter ID restrictions

Karl Rove: Obama's Old-Time Re-Election Strategy
NatJ: Obama’s Silver Demographic Linings

Hill: Schumer: Democrats can gain Senate seats in 2012 election


WSJ: Congress Wrestles With 2012 Unemployment Benefits Extension
WP: GOP payroll tax cut proposal includes fed pay freeze, benefit reductions for high-earners
Fox: Republicans: Payroll Tax Relief Must Be Paid for With Budget Cuts
NYT: G.O.P. and Democrats Differ on How to Prevent Social Security Payroll Tax Increase
Examiner: GOP offers plan to extend payroll tax cut
WSJ: Congress Wrestles With 2012 Unemployment Benefits Extension
Hill: Democrats use payroll-tax break as campaign issue against Republicans
Wash Times: Obama pushes for extension of payroll-tax cut
NYT: Editorial: High Stakes, Little Time
NYT: Johanns Sees ‘Change in Mood’ for Tax Increase

WaPo: Boehner suggests supercommittee ‘trigger’ could be re-worked
Politico: Eric Cantor floats year-end trigger bargain
Hill: Supercommittee Dem: GOP trying to 'weasel out' of sequestration cuts
Hill: Additional budget cuts could force House committees to lay off staffers
Hill: DOD to offer sneak peek at budget

Nicholas Kristof: A Banker Speaks, With Regret
WSJ: Fannie, Freddie Spend $640,000 on Conference

WSJ: Rule to Speed Union Votes Moves Forward
Politico: NLRB approves union election rule
Human Events: NLRB Scraps Controversial 'Quickie Election' Rule Change
Wash Times: House rebukes labor board in effort to check ‘rogue’ agency
Hill: House passes GOP bill to block 'draconian' union election rule
Fox: Labor Board Averts Shutdown -- for Now

Hill: Google rips Senate's online piracy bill: 'This is what is wrong with Washington'
Politico: Piracy Act no easy sell in House

Fox: 'Fast & Furious' Whistleblowers Struggle 6 Months After Testifying Against ATF Program
DC: Inhofe demands Holder’s resignation over Fast & Furious, says he’s trying to shift blame

Politico: Maxine Waters ethics case may take more time

WT: Homeland Sec will comply with subpoena: House wants details on not-deported aliens
WaPo: Editorial: Republicans are fencing with the truth on immigration

Hill: Senate ready for showdown with Obama over bill with detainee language

Politico: Recusal fight could bedevil Supreme Court health care ruling
NYT: Editorial: The Supreme Court’s Recusal Problem

WSJ: Who's Afraid of the ABA?

George Will: The unintended consequences of racial preferences

WSJ: More Charges Set for Insider Probe
NYT: New Round of Insider Trading Charges Is Expected
WSJ: Mr. Corzine and His Regulators

NYT: OpEd: Running Dry on the Great Plains

George W. Bush: No Retreat in the Fight Against AIDS
Ezekiel Emanuel: Foreign Aid Is Not a Rathole

Fox: Prosecutors: Hinckley Deceptive and Unstable, Lied About Whereabouts
Politico: Feds: John Hinckley browsed assassin books
CNN: Hinckley not dangerous and should be released, lawyers say


Examiner: Iowa conservatives can't agree on 'anti-Romney'


NY Post: Read Andy’s lips: Maybe new taxes
NYT: As Economy Lags, Cuomo Reconsiders Tax Stance
Albany TU: Will Cuomo jolt tax code?
Albany TU: Cuomo: Many options out there for tax code tweaks
NYDN: Cuomo mulls higher taxes for wealthy, considers legalizing casinos in New York
Rochester D&C: Gov. Andrew Cuomo reviewing New York's tax code

NYT: A Lawmaker Back in Trouble, in a District That Knows Despair


LA Times: Jerry Brown to pitch tax plan to voters
NYT: In California, Asking Voters to Raise Taxes

SacBee: California voters less inclined to re-elect Obama
Mercury News: Field Poll: CA Republican voters still not thrilled with potential candidates


NYT: Texas: Justices Asked to Halt Use of Maps
Roll Call: Texas Attorney General Asks Supreme Court to Halt New Map
Roll Call: Ex-Martin Frost Aide Pursuing Texas Seat He Helped Shape


Roll Call: Senate Primary Rivals Test Strategy Vs. Connie Mack

NYT: FL charging residents higher college tuition if they cannot prove their parents are legal

SPT: Bob Graham: FL lawmakers reversed 40 yrs of FL's progress in water & land conservation


Chicago Trib: Prosecutors seek 15-20 years for Blagojevich, his lawyers seek compassion
Chicago ST: Give Blagojevich 15 to 20 years in prison, prosecutors urge judge
WSJ: Prosecutors Seek 15-to-20-Year Sentence for Blagojevich
NYT: Illinois: Prison Sought for Blagojevich

Chicago Tribune: Ohio said to offer $400M lure for Sears offices


Roll Call: Why Isn’t North Dakota’s Senate Race a Tossup?

Roll Call: John Hoeven Aide Joins House Race in North Dakota


Politico: Gov. Walker: I welcome recall election
Milwaukee JS: Walker administration bars open carry of guns in state buildings


Wash Times: Source: Cuccinelli set to announce gubernatorial run
WaPo: Cuccinelli will announce governor’s run within days, GOP sources say


Roll Call: State Majority Leader Eyes Challenge to Bob Casey
NatJ: Casey Navigating Obama Relationship

Roll Call: Between the Lines: State Lawmakers Ready Pa. Map for Monday Target


Roll Call: Are Stars Aligned for Republican Win in Mass.?


Roll Call: National Democrats Eye Arizona Senate Clash


WSJ: Former Gov. Bill Richardson Feels New Heat: Campaign Finance & Payments to Woman


Denver Post: Colorado Republicans say Dems given more time to turn in legislative maps

DC: Ex-Colorado sheriff accused of trading drugs for sex sits in jail named after him


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