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December 21, 2011


Reuters: Slumping Gingrich promises sharper counter-punch
WSJ: Gingrich Asks Romney to Get Ads Off the Air
Hill: Newt Gingrich’s identity crisis: Keep campaign positive or go negative
NYDN: Gingrich, sliding in polls, assails Romney for 'smear campaign'
WTimes: Gingrich scores key endorsement
Politico: Newt Gingrich races for Iowa organization
NYT: Gingrich and Clinton Trade Careful Praise in Fox News Interview
Politico: Bill Clinton: Newt Gingrich tall tale on the budget
NYT: For Gingrich in Power, Pragmatism, Not Purity
NYT: Gingrich Heads to Virginia for Ballot Push
WaPo: Gingrich to hold rally in Rosslyn Wednesday
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Gingrich’s faulty judgment about the courts
American Thinker: Gingrich and the Fear Factor

Andrew McCarthy: Gingrich and the Courts: Time to rein in the imperial judiciary
Harold Meyerson: Gingrich’s miscarriage of justice
Ruth Marcus: Extremism in the pursuit of judges
Maureen Dowd: Separation of Newt and State
Dana Milbank: Braveheart Republicans? Or false-hearted?
Kathleen Parker: Callista Gingrich: A Laura or a Hillary?
Chris Cillizza: Why a Newt Gingrich comeback won’t be easy

Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 48%, Gingrich 37%

Newt Gingrich: Merry Christmas

WaPo: Romney sees choice between ‘entitlement society’ and ‘opportunity society’
NYT: Romney Reworks Stumps Speech, but Keeps Focus on Obama
NatJ: Romney's Likability Tour
NatJ: Romney Kicks Off New Hampshire Bus Tour
NatJ: Nebraska’s Johanns to Endorse Romney
Albany TU: More NY Republicans back Romney
NYT: membering ’08 Fizzle, Romney Puts Added Emphasis on New Hampshire
Ross Douthat: Romney’s Three Paths to Victory
WSJ: That Romney Ceiling
American Spectator: Romney's Mormon Advantage
American Thinker: Romney's Problem with Main Street
Rush Limbaugh: Romney 2010 Flashback on Obamacare: Repeal the Bad, Keep the Good

WaPo: Ron Paul becoming serious contender in Republican presidential race
National Review: Paul Climbs in New Hampshire
National Review: Ron Paul’s Message
WaPo: Poll: Paul as third party candidate could doom GOP in 2012
WSJ: Ron Paul Nader? He owes GOP voters a straight answer on a third-party run
Politico: The GOP establishment's biggest fear: Ron Paul
WaPo: Ron Paul, the Betty White of GOP politics?
American Thinker: The Madness of Ron Paul
Jonah Goldberg: Ron Paul’s Naïve Promises

Politico: Bobby Jindal touts Rick Perry, wins fans

Hill: Santorum showing signs of life in Iowa
Human Events: Influential Iowa Social Conservatives Endorse Rick Santorum
NYT: Vander Plaats Endorses Santorum

Hill: Top Iowa conservative asks Bachmann to drop out of presidential race
Politico: Source: Bob Vander Plaats asked Michele Bachmann to quit

Examiner: Huntsman sees gains in make-or-break N.H.
Miami Herald: Huntsman seeks GOP presidential nomination his way
Brett Decker: Five Questions for Jon Huntsman

AP/Peoples: Johnson to drop Republican bid for Libertarian run

Daily Caller: The Herman Cain of 1996 opens up about the GOP primaries

WTimes: New polls find uptick in Obama approval
WaPo: President Obama’s middle-class momentum
NatJ: White House Political Machine Kicks Into High Gear
Hill: President Obama's Hawaii Christmas vacation dilemma
Rush Limbaugh: Media Stories Designed to Weaken Your Resolve
Rush Limbaugh: The President Cannot Win Reelection with White, Working Class Voters

WaPo: Mystery calls again bring Hillary Clinton’s name into 2012 election conversation

WTimes: Super-PACs the new elephant in the room
Politico: Super PACs: The bad cops of 2012


Miami Herald: U.S. House to U.S. Senate: We're not passing your payroll tax cut as-is
Examiner: House vote could mean Jan 1 tax increase
WTimes: House vote puts tax cut in limbo
Roll Call: Payroll Tax Cut Standoff Begins
NatJ: Congress's Payroll Standoff -- Who Blinks First?
Fox: After House Vote on Payroll Tax Cut, Obama Demands GOP Give In
WaPo: Congress leaves town with an uneasy stalemate and looming payroll tax hike
WSJ: Standoff Sets In as House Rejects Tax Bill
NYT: Republicans in House Reject Deal Extending Payroll Tax Cut
Human Events: Congress in Stalemate Over Payroll Tax Cut, Unemployment Checks
Hill: Lawmakers leave town after rejecting Senate payroll-tax-cut extension
NYT: 3 Million Could Lose Jobless Pay in Impasse

National Review: The House, Harry Reid, and the Payroll Tax
WSJ: Plan to Fund Payroll-Tax Draws Fire
WSJ: The GOP's Payroll Tax Fiasco
NatJ: Wall Street Journal Rips GOP Strategy
Hill: McCain: Payroll-tax fight ‘harming the Republican Party’
WTimes: Deflecting blame for tax-cut logjam
Politico: Mitch McConnell’s silence leaves John Boehner out on a limb
Rush Limbaugh: Libs Think Payroll Tax Issue Works for Obama
Hill: Ex-Bush official involved in payroll tax letter touted by GOP
Fox: In Search of Payroll Tax Cut Leadership
NYT: Editorial: Putting Paychecks at Risk
WSJ: OpEd: Want Growth? Try Stable Tax Policy

Fox: Coburn Releases 'Wastebook' Detailing More Than $6.5B in 'Unnecessary' Spending

WaPo: Is housing bouncing back?
WSJ: Demand for Rentals Drives Big Rise in Home Building

WSJ: The Financial Crisis on Trial
NYT: A Fight to Make Banks More Prudent
NYT: E-Mail Clues in Tracking MF Global Client Funds

NYT: Seeing Terror Risk, U.S. Asks Journals to Cut Flu Study Facts
WaPo: Federal panel asks journals to censor reports of lab-created ‘bird flu’
NYT: Hong Kong Culls Thousands of Birds After Virus Found in Chicken

WaPo: Manning faces hacker who told authorities of leak suspicions
Politico: Witnesses: Bradley Manning boasted of leak, had mental problems


WaPo: Republican presidential candidates ramp up Iowa ads before caucus
WSJ: Iowa Threatens to Cloud, Not Clarify, GOP Race
Scott Rasmussen: Romney, Paul and a Game of Musical Chairs in Iowa
American Spectator: Hawkeye Fever


Michael Barone: NH quick to divorce candidates, not marry


Hill: South Carolina election officials take steps to protect primary from hackers


WSJ: Senator Admits Bribery Charges
NYT: After Resigning, Tearful Senator Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes (Carl Kruger)

NYT: In New Guidelines, Officials Affirm That State’s Family Courts Are Open to Public

Albany TU: Vote-probe arrests include councilmen


WSJ: California Suing Fannie and Freddie
LA Times: State sues for answers from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac on housing meltdown


Human Events: Florida Senate Primary Race Heats-Up


WTimes: Minnesota GOP’s debt, disarray seen hurting ‘12 prospects


Hill: Ohio Democrat: DCCC let us down in state redistricting fight


Politico: Tennessee man guilty in threats to Eric Cantor


WTimes: Let illegals, other noncitizens vote, New Haven mayor says


Politico: Brown, Warren now dueling populists


Roll Call: Arizona Redistricting Nears Endgame


Politico: Ethics panel says Don Young within rules
Hill: Ethics: Rep. Young didn’t break rules


December 20, 2011


Chicago Tribune: Newt Gingrich's return is rift for GOP, its base
LA Times: In Iowa, Gingrich lashes back after attacks from rivals
Hill: Gingrich struggling to regain ground in Iowa
WSJ: Newt and the Independents
CNN: Gingrich wins Tea Party Patriots straw poll
NYT: In Murky Republican Contest, the Clearest Target Is Gingrich
WaPo: Newt Gingrich takes aim at ‘activist judges,’ concerning some in GOP
NYT: Among Legal Ranks, Shrugs for Gingrich’s Tough Talk
WTimes: Gingrich’s mailing list sale under fire
American Thinker: Gingrich and the Fear Factor
Thomas Sowell: The Past and the Present
John Fund: Newt and the Roosevelts

LA Times: Romney loosens up on Letterman
NYDN: Romney visits 'Late Show with David Letterman,' pokes fun at Gingrich and himself
WaPo: Mitt Romney, establishment candidate
Daily Caller: In search of the ‘Republican establishment’
American Thinker: Mitt and the Tea Party
WaPo: Romney’s got the most presidential family tree
Politico: Mitt Romney jousts with Bill O’Reilly
Boston Globe: Dems: Romney is easier jobs target than Gingrich

WaPo: Poll: Gingrich, Romney in dead heat nationally
WaPo: Romney, Gingrich tied for top spot in GOP race
Politico: Romney vs. Gingrich: It's a tie
WSJ: Rivals Jockey to Overtake Slowing Gingrich
Roll Call: Prolonged 2012 Primary Risky for GOP

Politico: Ron Paul panic seizes Iowa establishment
American Spectator: Ron Paul in the Crosshairs
American Spectator: Iowa and Ron Paul
Daily Caller: Why is Ron Paul so appealing to younger voters?
NYT: Paul Moves Into Lead in Iowa Forecast
NYT: New Focus on Incendiary Words in Paul’s Newsletters
Ramesh Ponnuru: Ron Paul’s Ascent Won’t Last, or Help His Cause
Examiner: The Ron Paul double standard
Rush Limbaugh: The GOP Establishment's Primary Strategy Has Led to Ron Paul Creep
Rich Lowry: Paul, the Fringe Frontrunner

Star-Telegram: Perry still struggling to regain momentum
CBS: Perry: Obama's policies are 'destructive'
NYT: Perry Ad Casts Gingrich as a K Street Man
WSJ: Perry Crisscrosses Iowa in Search of Road to Revival
HChron: Perry’s family tree includes Sam Houston, Truman; Bushes related to Romney
HChron: Another oops moment as Perry comments on North Korea’s ‘Kim Jong the Second’

Miami Herald: Michele Bachmann is a conservative with ‘a titanium spine’

CBS: Huntsman's long-shot campaign hinges on South Carolina

NYT: Palin Says It’s Not Too Late for ‘Folks’ to Jump In

Examiner: GOP unhappiness with field fuels buzz for Jeb Bush
Rush Limbaugh: Jeb Bush's Brilliant Defense of Capitalism
Rush Limbaugh: The Era of Reagan is Back, Jeb?
American Spectator: Jeb Ex Machina?

WaPo: Obama’s job-approval rating is highest since summer, Post-ABC poll finds

WTimes: Democrats outpacing GOP in lobbyist cash race


WTimes: Deal on yearlong tax cut starts to unravel
Fox: Boehner Demands Year-Long Tax Cut, Challenges Senate to Heavier Lift
LA Times: House Republicans, in turmoil, delay vote on payroll tax cut
WaPo: House Republicans intent on killing Senate payroll tax cut deal
Hill: House GOP to vote Tuesday on tax conference with Senate
Hill: Dems vow not to cave on payroll tax, upping pressure on Boehner
WSJ: Lawmakers Deadlock Over Tax Cut
NYT: House Set to Vote Down Payroll Tax Cut Extension
Hill: First House Republican defects, says he will vote for two-month extension
Hill: Nonprofits triumph over House Republicans in 2012 budget battle
NYT: Editorial: The Middle-Class Agenda

WSJ: High Court to Hear Health-Care Case in March
WTimes: Supreme Court to hear health care suit in March
NYT: Supreme Court to Hear Health Care Case in Late March

Ezekiel Emanuel: For Medicare, We Must Cut Costs, Not Shift Them

Fox: EPA Ponders Expanded Regulatory Power In Name of 'Sustainable Development'

WTimes: House ethics panel asked to probe discounted loans to four lawmakers
Joe Nocera: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac didn’t cause the mortgage crisis

WaPo: Bradley Manning case: Investigators show evidence of WikiLeaks link, Assange chats


Las Vegas RJ: Amodei, Heck among Republicans rejecting two-month tax deal


NYT: Brooklyn Senator Expected to Plead Guilty in Corruption Case

NYT: Ex-Consultant to Mayor Gets Prison for Theft (John Haggerty)
NY Post: Steal cage: Mike $wiper gets jail

Albany TU: DiNapoli: Tax collections continue to lag


LA Times: Americans Elect wins third-party spot on California ballot

Dan Walters: California bullet train feud echoes old conflict


WaPo: College football analyst Craig James leaves ESPN to run as a Republican for Senate
Star-Telegram: High-profile figures file to run for House, Senate, other Texas offices


Buzz: Rubio sticks with Senate payroll tax cut plan as House GOP prepare for a showdown


Florida TU: Georgia Republicans prefer Newt Gingrich, poll shows


Chicago Tribune: Kirk endorses Romney in 2012 presidential race
Chicago Tribune: Kirk: Illinois will matter in GOP primary

WSJ: Liberals Love the 1%: A lesson in big business tax favoritism in Illinois


NatJ: Inside the Indiana Democratic Party Leadership Tussle


MPR: Minn. GOP sorts out what's next for leadership
Star Tribune: Secret GOP meetings spelled Koch’s end as majority leader


Roll Call: Kentucky Republican Announces Bid for Geoff Davis’ Seat


Examiner: Democrats to fight McDonnell over Virginia budget


NYT: Cuts for the Already Retired


Boston Globe: Brown asks House GOP to bend on tax proposal


December 19, 2011


NYT: Gingrich Continues His Crusade Against Activist Judges
WaPo: Gingrich: Send U.S. Marshals to compel ‘radical’ judges to explain rulings
Roll Call: Newt Gingrich: Capitol Police Could Force Judges to Testify Before Congress
Fox: Gingrich Uses Judicial Reform as Magnet For Conservative Iowans
WSJ: Gingrich vs. Courts Echoes South's Criticism of 1950s Segregation Decisions
NYT: As Gingrich’s Star Rises, So Do His Party’s Concerns
Politico: Gingrich hires veteran operative
WaPo: Evangelicals divided on whom to support in GOP presidential race
Politico: Callista Gingrich: A force behind the scenes for Newt
Politico: Gingrich: Register not for me
Politico: Union Leader defends Gingrich from 'smears'
Union Leader: Smears against Gingrich: Rudy sees a Reagan there
WSJ: Gingrich's Worthy Brain Pulse
NatJ: Gingrich Falling? It's An Old Story This Race
EJ Dionne: Newt Gingrich and the revenge of the base
Colbert King: Beck calling Gingrich a progressive is off-base
Mark Steyn: The Gingrich Gestalt

Boston Globe: Wide-ranging Mitt Romney tries to build steam
Fox: Romney: Obama is 'Great Divider,' Doesn't Get How Economy Works
NYT: Buyout Profits Keep Flowing to Romney
Miami Herald: Romney’s shifts worry skeptics
NYT: Des Moines Register Endorsement Has a Mixed Predictive Track Record

LA Times: Mitt Romney delves into his personal life
Fox: Romney: All You Need is Love
Chicago Tribune: Illinois Senator Kirk to endorse Romney
Hill: Former Sen. Bob Dole endorses Romney
Politico: Mitt Romney has tame return to Sunday roster
Daily Caller: Romney makes pitch to tea party activists
Judd Gregg: Practical solutions could win it for GOP

NatJ: Romney Defends Controversial 'Money Photo'
NYDN: Romney says he and hedge fund pals were "just celebrating" in controversial photo

Examiner: GOP will take off the gloves if Ron Paul wins Iowa
American Thinker: Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Exposed
Infowars: Presidential Frontrunner Warns Martial Law Being Established in America
Weekly Standard: The Company Ron Paul Keeps

NYT: At an Iowa Church, Perry Takes On the Role of Faith in Government
NatJ: Perry’s Day Ends in Confrontation Over Fracking, Gays in the Military
NatJ: Perry's Attacks Vary Daily
Politico: Rick Perry's last stand

WTimes: Bachmann sprints as Iowa caucuses loom
Roll Call: 2012, Redistricting Make Bachmann Seat Iffy

NatJ: Huntsman Defends His Position
Politico: Huntsman predicts N.H. win

NYT: G.O.P. Contests Near, and the Pace Picks Up

NYT: Gingrich and Romney Tack Right, but Leave a Path Back to the Middle

William Kristol: A Deliberative Convention

Joe Curl: One president, please, with a side of Rice

NYT: Are Presidential Pardons Fair?

NatJ: President Obama’s Ratings Are Consistently Low
Hill: The Hill Poll: Obama more likely to lose than win again, say voters
Pat Caddell & Doug Schoen: New Hampshire voters should draft Hillary

National Review: Next Year’s House: John Boehner’s job seems safe


WTimes: Boehner rejects deal on payroll tax
WSJ: House Balks at Payroll Tax Deal
Roll Call: GOP Leaders Reject Payroll Tax Deal
NatJ: Boehner: House Opposes Senate Payroll Tax Bill
NYT: Extension of Tax Cut Stalls in House as G.O.P. Objects
WaPo: Payroll tax cut extension in doubt amid House Republican uproar
Hill: McConnell aide: Dems should be open to altering payroll tax deal
Politico: House sets Monday payroll-tax vote
Hill: House GOP threatens to kill bipartisan payroll tax deal in vote set for Monday
Politico: How long can Obama delay Keystone XL pipeline call?
NatJ: Why This Congressional Chaos Isn't About to End
Fox: Schumer: House Vote on Payroll Tax Cut is a Test of GOP Leadership
NYT: Editorial: A Fraction of a Tax Cut
American Spectator: Washington's Budget Onion

Jeb Bush: Capitalism and the Right to Rise
NYT: OpEd: Don’t Tax the Rich. Tax Inequality Itself

WSJ: Why Mandated Health Insurance Is Unfair

WSJ: The EPA's Fracking Scare

WSJ: House Members Received VIP Loans
Politico: Darrell Issa links VIP plan to 4 lawmakers

Roll Call: GPO Head Unsure Why He’s Being Forced to Leave
Hill: Senate rejects Obama’s nominee to head GPO

Politico: Gregory Jaczko now a Republican punching bag

Fox: No 'Merry Christmas' with Fed $, U.S. House Members Told

NYT: The Trouble With That Revolving Door

Robert Samuelson: Bye-bye, Keynes?
Paul Krugman: Will China Break?
Jed Babbin: Iraq in the Rearview Mirror

Politico: Testimony on Manning's computer

WSJ: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Is Dead

Hill: Top 10 Political Stories for 2011


WSJ: Rivals Diverge on Late Tactics in Iowa
Chris Cillizza: The Iowa caucuses and the GOP expectations game
Examiner: Iowa wide open for GOP presidential hopefuls
Dallas MN: Republican voters in Iowa looking for someone who can beat Obama
Weekly Standard: Chaos in Caucusland


Daily Caller: Alabama jobless rate falls amid immigration reform


Dan Walters: California's big budget numbers can be bewildering


Rahm Emanuel: Chicago's Plan to Match Education With Jobs
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich attorneys back in court today


Fox: Indiana Lawmaker: Holder Absent on Primary Petition Fraud Case


Human Events: Wisconsin Gov. Walker: I'll Win Recall Vote by Creating Jobs


WTimes: Ohio redistricting sets up battles of incumbents
Roll Call: Ohio Democratic Party Head Miffed By Lack of DCCC Help


Detroit News: Editorial: Snyder faces bad choice on benefits bill


Politico: Blunt: Congress 'almost totally dysfunctional'


Roll Call: N.J. Mapmakers Hope for Redraw This Week


Albany TU: Gillibrand early target: GOP field already growing for senator's seat in 2012
NY Post: Cuomo shows DC tough gov
Albany TU: Sen. Sampson is "of-counsel" with ethics appointee
NYT: De Blasio Backs Wage Bill in a Challenge to Quinn


December 18, 2011


Gallup: Gingrich 28% Romney 24% Paul 10%
WSJ: Gingrich Takes Aim at Legal System
WTimes: Gingrich expands call to reel in federal courts
Hill: Gingrich ramps up objections to judicial branch's power
WaPo: Newt Gingrich’s assault on ‘activist judges’ draws criticism, even from right
NYT: Gingrich Survives Glare to Exploit the Spotlight
Miami Herald: Newt Gingrich: Portrait of a complicated politician
Politico: Callista Gingrich: A force behind the scenes for Newt
HChron: ‘Forgiveness clause’ aids Gingrich
Hill: Congressman: Gingrich critics ‘sensitive'
DMR: 10 factors that could determine Newt Gingrich’s fate in Iowa
Politico: Newt Gingrich’s Iowa for Dummies
Dan Balz: Gingrich’s time of testing arrives
Daily Caller: Ann Coulter: Newt would not do well debating Obama
Frank Bruni: Self-Adoration Reaches Newt Heights

Fox: Romney Cautions on Iraq Withdrawal on 'Fox News Sunday'
Fox: Romney Predicts Tea Party Will Ditch Gingrich, Ex-Speaker Laments 'Negativity'
NatJ: Romney Renews Freddie Mac Charge Against Gingrich
Des Moines Register: Endorsement: Mitt Romney is best to lead
WaPo: Des Moines Register endorses Mitt Romney
Politico: The Des Moines Register endorses Mitt Romney
WTimes: Iowa’s Des Moines Register endorses Romney
Hill: Des Moines Register backs Romney
Fox: Des Moines Register Endorses Romney to be GOP Presidential Candidate
NYT: Another Endorsement in Iowa for Romney (Bob Dole)
Daily Caller: Romney’s cronyism problem is emblematic of contemporary politics

Hill: Republican candidates turn fire on Ron Paul’s foreign policy

Austin AS: Iowa evangelicals split among Perry, other social conservative candidates
NatJ: Did Perry Overstate Budget Cut?
Examiner: Rick Perry: Newt the 'granddaddy of earmarks'
Star-Telegram: Critics blast Perry's retirement pay
Politico: Perry shaves Iowa buy

Politico: On tour, Bachmann stands ground, slams Paul, Perry
American Thinker: Back to Bachmann

Daily Caller: Trump’s letter to Obama: China thinks you’re weak
Politico: Trump rails at Obama over China
Politico: Newsmax debate: Rescheduled

Politico: Sarah Palin's absence slidelines tea party

NYT: Republican Candidates Cram in Events With Voters Before Break for the Holidays

Ras: 25% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of Obama, 42% Strongly Disapprove
IBD: Just 39% of Dems Say Obama Reelection 'Very Likely'
Salena Zito: Obama "bitterly disappointing" to working people


WaPo: Senate votes to extend payroll-tax cut, keep government open
WSJ: Senate Clears Tax-Break Extension, Spending Bill
Human Events: Senate Democrats Pass GOP Tax Cut and Unemployment Bill
NYT: For Senate Tax Cut Stopgap, Odds in House Are Uncertain
WaPo: To pay for payroll tax cut, Senate bill increases cost of new mortgages, refinancing
Fox: Mortgage Fees Would Rise Under Payroll Tax Cut Deal
Hill: Advocates for extending unemployment benefits see 'tempered' victory in deal
Hill: Sen. DeMint: Spending bills a shameful end to the year
Roll Call: Senate Wraps Up Business for the Year, Ball Now in House's Court
Hill: Senate schedules pro-forma sessions to block Obama's recess appointments

Politico: House GOP revolts on payroll deal
Hill: House Republicans voice opposition to Senate payroll tax cut package
Roll Call: House Will Likely Modify Senate Extenders Package
Roll Call: House GOP Conference Wholly Unsatisfied With Senate Extenders Deal
WaPo: House Republicans not sold on payroll tax cut package
Fox: Nephew of National Review's Founder Blasts Magazine Over Romney, Huntsman Praise

Fox: Keystone Pipeline Faces Uncertain Fate Despite Senate Deal
Hill: Keystone climbdown leaves Obama supporters scratching their heads

IBD: Fannie, Freddie At Heart Of Financial Crisis, Fraud Charges Show

Examiner: A Democrat reaches across the aisle on Medicare

Hill: House piracy bill markup to continue Wednesday
Hill: GOP chairman expects Obama to sign anti-online piracy bill

WSJ: House to Take Up Congressional Trading
Hill: Cantor says House will revive and expand insider trading ban

Rep. Duncan Hunter: Why the automatic defense cuts must be stopped

WTimes: Last U.S. troops leave Iraq as war ends
NYT: As Wars End, Young Veterans Return to Scant Jobs
LA Times: As last U.S. troops exit Iraq, they leave a troubled land behind

NYT: A Partisan Lightning Rod Is Undeterred (Eric Holder)

Daily Caller: The difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists

Fox: Senate Confirms Russia Adviser McFaul as Ambassador to Moscow
WSJ: Partisan Dueling Over Consumer Agency Blocks Obama Nominees in Senate

WaPo: Soldier’s gender identity issues raised in WikiLeaks case
WTimes: Manning’s sexual orientation is raised at military hearing
Politico: Defense cites Bradley Manning’s emotional, gender issues at Wikileaks hearing
NYDN: Lawyers: 'Don't ask, don't tell' drove Army specialist to WikiLeaks

Examiner: Occupy DC movement raises $20k to fund protest

Herbert London: The Vanishing Western Tradition


Dallas MN: Evangelical voters up for grabs in Iowa as candidates struggle to gather flock
Boston Globe: For Iowa’s evangelicals, no clear GOP favorite
HChron: Beating Obama a priority for Iowa evangelicals
NYT: Economic Health in Iowa Conflicts With a G.O.P. Theme


NY Post: Loser Paladino: I’m going to bat for Gingrich


Dan Walters: Are tax increases a solution to California's woes, or a downer


Politico: After much fanfare, Sanchez bows out of Texas Senate race


Buzz: The historic case for Fla's early prez primary

Buzz: Earmarks Rep. Connie Mack delivered could hurt him in Florida Senate race


AJC: Gingrich leads in Georgia primary


NYT: Editorial: Alabama’s Second Thoughts


Roll Call: Tea Party Express Turns Eyes to Senate


Star Tribune: State GOP staggered by debt, scandal


Milwaukee JS: Recall effort against 4 GOP state senators on pace, groups say


Politico: Group shells out $30M to defeat Ohio anti-union law


Detroit FP: Michigan's homeless students: Foreclosure crisis takes toll on 31,000 kids


Examiner: McDonnell's budget to increase spending, not taxes


Hill: Reps. Altmire, Critz push for advantage in Pennsylvania Democratic primary


December 17, 2011


NYT: Republican Primary Projections: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida

LA Times: Gingrich scrambling before Iowa caucuses
NYT: Gingrich Represents New Political Era for Catholics
Daily Caller: Gingrich campaign works to translate Hispanic ties into votes
Politico: Newt Gingrich just wants to have fun
Politico: Why Obama should worry about Newt
Politico: Gingrich to phone it in this weekend
WSJ: Gingrich of Freddie Mac
WSJ: Judge Newt
WaPo: Newt Gingrich tries to rewrite history of his ethics scandal (Fact Checker biography)
Rush Limbaugh: Why They're All Out for Newt
Andrew McCarthy: Gingrich’s Virtues
American Thinker: A Reluctant Embrace of Newton Leroy Gingrich

WSJ: Tea-Party Favorite, South Carolina Gov. Haley, Joins Others Backing Romney
NYT: High-Profile Romney Endorsement Is Dismissed by Gingrich Camp
WTimes: Romney works to cut Gingrich lead in South Carolina
NatJ: Can Nikki Haley Help Romney Win South Carolina?
NatJ: Romney Hopes S.C. Governor's Backing Helps Him Gain Ground
Rush Limbaugh: Haley Endorsement: Tea Party Attempts to Replace GOP Establishment
Politico: Romney heads to high profile Tim Scott town hall

Rasmussen: Election 2012: Romney 43%, Obama 42%

WaPo: GOP wary of Romney’s rhetoric on immigrants
WSJ: Romney Blind Trusts Shed Chinese Holdings
SPT: Pro-Mitt Romney group attacks Newt Gingrich on the air in Florida
WSJ: Freddie Mac vs. Bain Capital
Daily Caller: Democrats flip-flop on Romney, now say he’s out-of-touch
Rush Limbaugh: Romney on Abortion: Flip-Flop or Genuine Change of Mind?

NYT: Paul’s ‘Ground Game,’ in Place Since ’08, Gives Him an Edge
Rush Limbaugh: Ron Paul Puts on the Tinfoil Hat

NYT: Still Governor, Perry Collects ‘Retirement’ Pay
WaPo: Perry drawing annual pension on top of governor’s salary
NatJ: Perry Defends Retiring Early to Claim Pension
Austin AS: Perry adds early retirement to governor's salary
Star-Telegram: Perry drawing state retirement plus salary
HChron: Perry ‘retired’ in January to double-dip benefits
Politico: Perry on Haley: I'd rather call in the Marines
RushL: Rick Perry Wants to be the Tim Tebow (Not the Joe Flacco) of the Iowa Caucus

NatJ: Bachmann Keeps Up Attacks on Gingrich
WaPo: Opinion: Does Newt Gingrich have a woman problem? With Michele Bachmann, yes
Byron York: Marcus Bachmann describes role as First Spouse

NYT: G.O.P. Debate Wins High Ratings (Again)
NatJ: A Debate Season for the History Books
Human Events: Top 10 Most Memorable Debate Moments
Rush Limbaugh: The Best Debate Yet
NYT: In Spin Room After Debate, Glimpses Into Campaigns’ Weak Spots

NYT: Group Clears Path for a Third-Party Ticket

WaPo: Could 2012 be the most competitive Senate election in years?


WTimes: Senate brokers deal on payroll tax cut extension
WaPo: Senate leaders reach agreement to extend payroll tax cut for 2 months
NYT: Senate Leaders Agree on 2-Month Extension of Payroll Tax Cut
Hill: Senate leaders strike short-term deal to extend payroll tax holiday
WSJ: Deal Takes Shape on Payroll Tax Cut
Roll Call: Senate Has a Payroll Tax Deal and a Saturday Vote
NatJ: Deal Struck on Short-Term Payroll-Tax Cut Package
WaPo: Keystone pipeline emerges as main sticking point in payroll tax talks
WTimes: Boehner: Pipeline project will stay in tax bill
Hill: Dem Keystone support creates tougher fight for Reid, Obama
Fox: White House Signals Pipeline Provision Not a Deal-Breaker in Payroll Tax Cut Debate
NYT: Analysts Say Economic Recovery Might Suffer if Tax Break Is Allowed to Expire
NYT: Editorial: An Agreement on Spending
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Drop Millionaire Tax (Again)
Rush Limbaugh: We Pay for the Entitlement Society

WTimes: House passes funding bill, averts shutdown
Roll Call: House Passes Approps Package
WaPo: Government funding bill that will avert shutdown passed by House
WaPo: Cutting funds for new light bulb efficiency standards enforcement will have little effect

WaPo: Minimum essential health benefits will be largely set by states
WSJ: States Told They Can Decide on Coverage by Health Plans
NYT: Health Care Law Will Let States Tailor Benefits

WaPo: SEC charges former Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac executives with fraud
NYT: S.E.C. Accuses Fannie and Freddie Ex-Chiefs of Deception
Fox: SEC Charges Ex-Fannie, Freddie CEOs With Fraud

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Avoids Word "Victory" in Iraq

Roll Call: Ethics Committee Confirms Extension of Waters Probe

WTimes: Senate GOP likely to rebuff Obama’s labor board picks

WaPo: Under proposal, HUD’s HOME program to face tighter rules

WSJ: Corzine and the Missing Money

NYT: OpEd: Crippling the Right to Organize

WSJ: Space: The Next Business Frontier (Richard Branson)

Politico: Bradley Manning trial: Lawyer wants judge removed

James Taranto: No Better Place: An atheist meets his maker. No, make that his end

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Politico: Nikki Haley's Mitt Romney endorsement catches flak


Roll Call: Texas Parties Request April 3 Primary
NYT: Texas: Judges Push Back Primary Election Date

NYT: College Football Analyst Is Weighing Senate Run
Politico: Craig James takes leave from ESPN


Miami Herald: In Senate bid, Connie Mack no longer boasts of getting budget pork


NYT: The Chicago Expulsion Act of 2011

Chicago ST: Quinn signs tax break bill to keep Sears, CME in state


Star Tribune: Sen. Koch quit over 'inappropriate' relationship


NYT: Editorial: The Case Against Sheriff Arpaio


Roll Call: Poll Shows Bonamici With Solid Lead in Oregon Special


December 16, 2011


Fox: Candidates Stake Iowa Debate on Electability, Leadership
LA Times: Gingrich, Romney set sights on Obama in Iowa debate
NYT: As Romney Steps Cautiously, Gingrich Duels With Others
NatJ: Iowa Debate: Plenty of Confrontations -- Just Not Between Romney, Gingrich
Boston Globe: Gingrich, Romney keep debate civil
Weekly Standard: Iowa Nice
Human Events: One Last Debate Before The Iowa Caucus
WSJ: For Romney, No States Are Too Small or Vote Too Late
Jen Rubin: Romney wins, Gingrich and Paul falter in Sioux City
Chris Cillizza: Iowa Republican debate: Winners and losers
HChron: Grading the candidates in last faceoff before Iowa caucus
Politico: GOP field slouches toward finish line
Jonathan Bernstein: GOP debate provides fodder for future attack ads

Rasmussen: Iowa: Romney 23%, Gingrich 20%, Paul 18%, Perry 10%

Fox: Sources Say South Carolina Governor Haley Set to Endorse Romney
Politico: Nikki Haley to endorse Romney

Des Moines Register: GOP debate: Gingrich skates past attacks
Dallas MN: In Republican presidential debate, Gingrich defends his electability
WSJ: Gingrich Defends Stances in Debate
WTimes: Gingrich takes fire from rivals in debate
Examiner: Gingrich defends credentials in GOP debate
NYDN: Newt Gingrich holds tongue as GOP opponent attacks
WaPo: Gingrich and Romney on the defensive in GOP debate
Rush Limbaugh: The Limbaugh Take on National Review's Newt Editorial
Human Events: Newt and Winston
NYT: Gingrich Push on Health Care Appears at Odds With G.O.P.
NYT: Gingrich Momentum Slows, Polls Suggest
Politico: Newt Gingrich shows signs of slide in Iowa
NatJ: Who's More Radical, Gingrich or the Courts He Wants to Abolish?
WTimes: Gingrich promises a positive approach
Politico: Newt Gingrich aided by old pal Bob Walker
National Review: Newt Camp: At GOPAC, Gingrich trained the foot soldiers
Hill: Gingrich signs anti-gay marriage pledge, says homosexuality a choice
NatJ: Unruly Republicans: Rank-and-file Republicans Helping Gingrich
WaPo: FBI considered a sting aimed at Newt Gingrich in 1997
EJ Dionne: Iowa Republican debate: Newt’s still on top, Romney steadies himself

Politico: Ron Paul faces hotter fire at Sioux City Republican debate
WTimes: Under the radar, Paul on the rise in Iowa
Des Moines Register: More Iowans join Ron Paul coalitions
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Elites Dump on Newt, Mitt, Each Other, & Then There's Paul
Kim Strassel: Why Ron Paul Can't Win
Paul Krugman: Ron Paul: G.O.P. Monetary Madness

Austin AS: Perry likens himself to often-doubted Tebow in final debate before caucuses
Star-Telegram: Governor wants to be 'the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses'
WaPo: Rick Perry: The Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses
HChron: Rick Perry says he loves Tim Tebow — but thinks Von Miller is Denver’s best player
HChron: Rick Perry vows to remain in the race through Florida

William Kristol: Michele, Iowa's Belle?

WaPo: Jon Huntsman is study in understatement

WaPo: Rick Santorum is long on substance, short on support
American Spectator: A Santorum Surge or a Jindal Jig

NYT: Huckabee Gets Star Treatment on Return to Iowa
Examiner: Huckabee dismisses a draft but remains big in Iowa

Am Spec: A new Gallup poll suggests Obama's class warfare is becoming a big loser for left
James Taranto: The Draft Dodger and the Spammer

Politico: FEC quashes new disclosure rules


Fox: Congress Agrees on Spending Deal Likely to Avert Government Shutdown
WTimes: Deal reached to avert shutdown of government
WSJ: Congress Blinks on Shutdown
WaPo: Congressional leaders reach spending deal to avoid government shutdown
NYT: Lawmakers Agree on Spending Bill, Avoiding Shutdown
Hill: Shutdown averted: Deal reached on $1T omnibus package
Hill: Omnibus clocks in at 1,200 pages

Hill: Reid, GOP leaders $90 billion apart on payroll tax holiday package
NYT: Disagreement Over Payroll Tax Cut’s Impact on Social Security
Ari Fleischer: Calling Obama's Payroll Tax Bluff
Human Events: Union Leaders Blast Obama For Keystone XL Pipeline Delay
Larry Kudlow: Keystone Blue-Collar Blues

Rush Limbaugh: Heritage Chart: % of Poor US Households Which Have Various Amenities
Rush Limbaugh: Half of Obamaville Lives in "Poverty" -- Which is Exactly What Dems Want

David Malpass: And the Crisis Winner Is? Government

WTimes: Congress overturns incandescent light bulb ban
Hill: Omnibus spending deal blocks funding for light bulb efficiency standards
Fox: Former Governor Schwarzenegger Calls Debate Over Solyndra 'Narrow Minded'

WSJ: Defense Bill Clears Congress
WSJ: Holder Skirts Fight Over Terror Bill
NYT: Editorial: Annual Military Budget Bill: Politics Over Principle

NYT: In Baghdad, Panetta Leads Uneasy Moment of Closure
NYT: OpEd: In Iraq, Abandoning Our Friends
NYT: OpEd: An Unstable, Divided Land
WSJ: Oil Sector Sets Sights High, Adds More Muscle
IBD: Islamists Ready To Pounce As U.S. Lowers Flag In Iraq
American Spectator: The Failure of Secular and Liberal Egyptians

Hill: Obama opposes Ryan-Wyden plan
Hill: Dems, allies firmly reject Paul Ryan's new Medicare reform plan

Prof. Ron Rotunda: Kagan must recuse from Obamacare case

National Review: Voter ID Is Not Jim Crow

Fox: Fast and Furious Scandal Gives Rise to Gun Regulation Debate
Jeff Kuhner: Obama’s Watergate: Officials cover up culpability for gun smuggling & murder
Daily Caller: Terry family wants criminal charges against officials for Fast and Furious
Daily Caller: 75 cosponsors sign House resolution of ‘no confidence’ in AG Eric Holder

Charles Krauthammer: The wages of appeasement

NYT: Wage Protection for Home Care Workers

Politico: Dems may cling to Senate majority


NYT: In Iowa, British-Accented Radio Host Draws G.O.P. Hopefuls


LA Times: U.S. stands by California bullet train project despite critics
WSJ: High-Speed Railroad Job


WSJ: Florida Republicans Fail to Overturn Cuba Policy

WSJ: Marco Rubio's Insurance Spin

WTimes: Governor wants Florida A&M president suspended

Miami Herald: Rivera investigation stalled over funds for GOP post

SPT: Voter registration groups sue over new Florida election law


Chicago ST: Source: Rod Blagojevich ‘can’t sleep without drinking’


Star Tribune: State jobless rate falls to 5.9% in November


Milwaukee JS: Walker, GOP sue state elections and ethics agency over recall effort
TPM: Wis. GOP Files Lawsuit Against Election Officials Over Recall Process

Politico: Huck for Thompson


Detroit News: Dems step up pressure on Snyder against EM in Detroit


Fox: Kentucky Rep. Davis Won't Seek Re-Election to Congress
Roll Call: Rep. Geoff Davis Announces Retirement
Roll Call: Former McConnell Staffer Considers Kentucky House Run


WSJ: Sheriff Is Accused of Bias
WTimes: Justice Department: Arizona Sheriff Arpaio violated federal law
WaPo: Ariz. sheriff illegally discriminated against Hispanics, Justice Dept. alleges
NYT: U.S. Finds Pervasive Bias Against Latinos by Arizona Sheriff


Denver Post: Green groups oppose plan for water pipeline from Wyoming to Colorado


December 15, 2011


Reuters: Gingrich rise comes without big-name endorsements
NatJ: Gingrich Brushes Off Attacks, Discusses Brain Science
NYT: Gingrich’s Foreign Policy Words Summon the Cold War, but Enemy Is Iran
WSJ: Gingrich, Before the Revolution
WaPo: Some Republican lawmakers wary of Newt Gingrich presidential nomination
WaPo: Could Ron Paul be Gingrich’s undoing?
Politico: Is Newt Gingrich taking Iowa seriously enough?
WTimes: Glenn Beck dishonors Gingrich supporters
Fox: Tea Partiers Reject Beck's Claim That Support of Gingrich Is Racial
NatJ: Is It Time for Gingrich to Ditch His Historian Identity?
Hill: Gary Busey withdraws Gingrich endorsement
Ann Coulter: Newt: Speak Bombastically and Carry a Tiny Stick
Rush Limbaugh: Will Newt Mop Floor with Bam in Debates?
National Review: Editorial: Against Newt Gingrich
NYT: The National Review Makes Its Case Against Gingrich
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 49%, Gingrich 39%
Hill: Political cartoonists rooting for Gingrich

NatJ: Romney Still Strong in N.H., New Poll Shows
Examiner: Editorial: Romney is GOP's best choice
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital tenure shows mixed record on bankruptcies
WSJ: Romney Steps Up Attacks on Rival
Fox: Romney Sharpens Attacks, Tests Gingrich Pledge to Stay Positive
WTimes: Romney slams Gingrich for flip-flopping on Freddie Mac
NYT: Shifting Tactics, Romney Attacks Surging Gingrich
NYT: Romney Warns of Nominating ‘Zany’ Gingrich
Weekly Standard: Romney Hits Gingrich on Tiffany's Purchase
Roll Call: Close Super PAC Ties Draw Ire
NatJ: Romney Remains on Offensive Against `Zany' and `Unreliable' Gingrich
WSJ: Mitt Romney needs a sparring partner: That would be Newt Gingrich
Politico: Mitt Romney: I'd see 'Book of Mormon'
NYDN: MSNBC ‘sorry’ for report comparing Romney campaign slogan to KKK hate rhetoric
NY Post: Mitt’s cash and spurn: $10M NY haul as foes ‘let fly’
Gail Collins: Mitt’s Zest for Zings

NatJ: This Could Be Ron Paul's Moment
WaPo: Ron Paul: The Alternative Candidate is a force to be reckoned with

Politico: Rick Perry stresses values on Iowa bus tour kick-off
Austin AS: Perry seeks to win back support, a few voters at a time
HChron: A Perry surge in the polls? The evidence is mixed
Examiner: Perry turns to faith to revive White House bid
Fox: Perry's Tour Bus Rolls Across Iowa in Search of Momentum
WTimes: ‘Moneyball’ politics can’t save Rick Perry campaign

Politico: Bachmann: Rivals' 'money is changing hands'
Daily Caller: Bachmann staff threatens to have reporters arrested [VIDEO]

Politico: Rick Santorum: 'My time will come'

EJ Dionne: Jon Huntsman, trying to thread a political needle

Boston Globe: GOP’s new rules set up long slog to nomination
WaPo: GOP debates, both interesting and important, score in TV ratings
WTimes: GOP’s millionaire candidates claim to know struggles of real people
Rush Limbaugh: The GOP Race Isn't Over: Newt and Mitt Both Have Problems
Fox: Limbaugh on the Phenomenon of the 'Not Romney'

ABC: Trump Eyes Run as 'Americans Elect' Presidential Candidate

Karl Rove: Donald Trump and Our Debate Mania

NY Post: Obama Trolling for GOP e-mails
James Taranto: Got a friend who backs Obama? They have a list of people like you
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Poll Numbers are Devastating


Fox: House GOP Unveils $1 Trillion Spending Bill
Hill: House leaders unveil 2012 spending bill
NatJ: GOP Unveils House Version Of Stalled Spending Bill
Hill: Omnibus reflects hard-fought compromises

Fox: Democrats Drop Millionaires Tax in Year-End Spending Bill
AP/Espo: Dems drop millionaires tax in year-end dispute

WTimes: Congressional stalemate sets up Christmastime government shutdown
LA Times: Federal government shutdown looms amid payroll tax standoff
WSJ: Congress Can't Agree on Tax, Spending Bills
NYT: Congress Takes Up a Partisan Battle, Again, Over Spending
WaPo: Payroll tax cut and spending bill stall in Senate, raising threat of shutdown
WaPo: White House pushes for stop-gap funding measure as shutdown looms
WaPo: Government shutdown preparations begin as funding talks stall
Politico: Shutdown talk about 2012 politics
Hill: Sides plot endgame on payroll tax
Hill: GOP weighs hardball response on omnibus to ‘hostage-taker’ Reid
WaPo: Republicans turn Keystone XL pipeline into election issue
NYT: Omnibus Spending Bill Held Up as Congress Dickers Over Riders and Restrictions
Dana Milbank: Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell and the Malfunction Minuet

Fox: House Approves Defense Bill After White House Drops Veto Threat
NatJ: House Passes Defense Authorization Bill, White House Drops Veto Threat
WTimes: Obama will not veto defense bill
WSJ: Obama Withdraws Threat of Veto Over Detainee Rules
NYT: Obama Drops Veto Threat Over Military Authorization Bill After Revisions
WaPo: Lobbyists battle over sunken treasure

WTimes: Senate rejects balanced-budget amendments
NYT: Balanced Budget Amendments Fall Short in the Senate

NYT: The Politics of the Top 1 Percent
NYT: OpEd: Worker-Owners of America, Unite!
Ted Nugent: Occupy stooges on parade: It’s fun watching Dems getting hauled off to jail
Human Events: Issa Investigates What White House Knows about 'Occupy DC'

Time: Person of the Year: The Protester
American Thinker: Not All 'Protesters' Created Equal
American Spectator: Time Stops at Nothing

Sen. Ron Wyden & Rep. Paul Ryan: A Bipartisan Way Forward on Medicare
WSJ: Ryan Revises Medicare Plan
WaPo: Ryan to announce plan to keep federally funded Medicare
Politico: Ryan, Wyden back a new Medicare option
NYT: Lawmakers Offer Bipartisan Plan to Overhaul Medicare
WSJ: The Wyden-Ryan Breakthrough
Hill: Paul Ryan moves away from controversial Medicare reform plan
Weekly Standard: Ryan-Wyden Will 'Infuriate' Democrats 'All the Way Up to Obama'

NatJ: U.S. Formally Ends Iraq War
Examiner: Obama hails end of Iraq war
Politico: Panetta marks end of Iraq war
WaPo: Panetta arrives in Baghdad to lead ceremony to formally end Iraq war
NatJ: Dempsey Reflects on Iraq as U.S. Rushes to Exit
WTimes: U.S. to leave Iraqi airspace clear for strategic Israeli route to Iran

WaPo: Editorial: The U.S. has options to help end the carnage in Syria

WSJ: U.S. Pursues Sale of Armed Drones
Fox: U.S. Pursues Sale of Armed Drones to Key Allies
Daily Caller: US drone may have been downed in Afghanistan, not Iran

Fox: U.S. Officials to Meet With North Korea to Discuss Food Aid
WaPo: As Pakistan's population soars, contraceptives remain a hard sell

WTimes: Audit faults DEA on management of flight assets, budget

FoxL Mueller: FBI Criticism of NYPD Stopped When I Ordered It to Stop

Fox: Records Reveal Contact Between Corzine and the Fed in MF Global's Final Days
Examiner: Corzine's profiteering almost paid off

Hill: Bill banning insider trading advances in Senate over GOP opposition
NYT: Editorial: Insider Trading - Illegal, Just Not on Capitol Hill

Fox: FBI Dir Denies Cover-Up Involving 'Fast & Furious' Guns Found at Border Agent's Murder
Daily Caller: One year later, Brian Terry’s congressman refuses to hold Holder accountable

Human Events: Cornyn Defends Voter ID Laws Against Attorney General's Criticism
Fox: In Wake of Indiana Petition Forgery Probe, New Rules Offered to Prevent Fraud
NYT: Editorial: Holder Speaks Up for Voting Rights

NYT: Lines Drawn on Antipiracy Bills

WSJ: High Court Clarity on Immigration?
Linda Greenhouse: Rock Bottom

WSJ: Obama to Nominate Two to NLRB
Hill: Obama taps two for NLRB posts

WSJ: Undiplomatic Senate Hold-Ups

Hill: Hollywood, Israel lobby, unions seek exemptions from ban on lobbyist gifts


DMR: Bachmann, Gingrich, Perry and Santorum tell forum crowd how they’d limit abortion
Human Events: Candidates Court Social Conservatives at Premiere of Pro-Life Movie in Iowa
Daily Caller: Chris Wallace: A Ron Paul win in Iowa would ‘discredit’ state’s caucuses


Hill: GOP officials say Romney must spend more time in South Carolina to win state

Hill: GOP Gov. Haley accused of wasting tax dollars on 'sham' study


Albany TU: New ethics panel posts a tough sell for Cuomo

NatJ: Q Poll: Quinn Has Edge in NYC Mayor's Race Without Kelly


Fox: Sen. Boxer Warns EPA Provision in GOP Tax Cut Bill Will Lead to Thousands of Deaths


Star-Telegram: ESPN analyst eyes run to replace Hutchison
Roll Call: ESPN Analyst Set to Decide on Texas Senate Bid

WTimes: High court to ponder Texas redistricting
NYT: Texas Counties in Voting Chaos Over Redistricting Case
NYT: Texas Two-Step


SPT: Florida election law changes draw scrutiny by U.S. Attorney General Holder
American Spectator: A Full Nelson on Voting Rights


AJC: Georgia’s jobless rate falls to 9.9 percent in November


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich seeks drug treatment in prison
Chicago ST: Judge recommends prison drug rehab for Rod Blagojevich
Politico: Blagojevich drug rehab request goes to Federal officials


Rush Limbaugh: Phony Democrat Signatures Allowed on Wisconsin Walker Recall Petitions


Politico: Ohio primary moves back up to March


Detroit News: Michigan jobless rate slips to 9.8%, lowest level since '08


Politico: Ben Nelson encouraged by attacks


Roll Call: Young Businessman Eyes Heath Shuler Seat


WTimes: Virginia agencies can ban gay adoptions


Roll Call: Between the Lines: New Pa. Map Means Winners and Losers
Politico: Rough path for Pennsylvania Dems

NYT: Rush for Gas Rights Ignites Battles for Control of Land


Roll Call: Mike Castle Weighs In on O’Donnell Endorsement of Romney


Roll Call: First Candidate Files Papers for Barney Frank Seat


Daily Caller: Facing corruption allegations, Dem state rep. uses slur to demean GOP gov


Roll Call: Unrelenting Ed Case Says Mazie Hirono Is D.C. Insider


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NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

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