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December 31, 2011


Detroit News: Hopes rising, Romney makes pitch to Iowans
WSJ: Romney Hones Economy Pitch
Des Moines Register: Mitt Romney made effort to reach across aisle
WTimes: Romney braves rain, mocks Obama’s Hawaii vacation
Daily Caller: Romney: ‘I think John Bolton is right’
Hill: Gov. Christie warns Iowa: ‘I will be back, Jersey-style’ if Romney loses caucus
NY Post: Mitt man Christie threatens Iowa — ‘Jersey-style’
NatJ: For Christie, Returning Favor to Romney Is Important
WSJ: On Top in Iowa: Romney and Paul
NYMag: How Ron Paul’s Crank Appeal Could Hurt Romney Beyond Iowa
USA Today: Perry, Romney, Santorum look for strong Iowa showings
Politico: Mitt Romney's rivals try to slow him ahead of Iowa, N.H.
WaPo: Three ads that can seal the deal for Romney
Hill: Romney's son jokes about Obama's birth certificate, grades
WaPo: Obama campaign seizes on Romney son’s birther joke
Politico: Obama fundraising off Romney 'birther' quip

WaPo: Through rain, threats and tears, Iowa campaign heads to Tuesday’s caucuses
NYT: Group’s Ads Rip at Gingrich as Romney Stands Clear
NYT: As Gingrich Reels From Attack Ads, Some Aides Suggest Fighting Back
NYT: Gingrich Hit Hard by Iowa Mailers
Hill: Outside groups overwhelm Gingrich
NatJ: Iowa Voters Confirm They're Listening to Negative Newt Ads
WaPo: Gingrich tears up talking about mother (video)
Examiner: Watch Newt Gingrich cry remembering his mother
NatJ: Gingrich Kills Chapter on Climate Change in Upcoming Book
NYT: Ads and 30-Minute Special Will Promote Gingrich
WSJ: Divided Conservatives Fall
Politico: Deace for Gingrich
Hill: Conservative Iowa radio host Deace endorses Gingrich

Boston Globe: Paul’s libertarian message finds fans
NatJ: Paul: Poll Rise Has Led to Attacks From Rivals
NYT: Paul Assails Rivals’ Criticism of His Policy on Iran
Atlantic: Ron Paul's Ascent Cannot Be Separated from His Foreign-Policy Views
WSJ: Why Ron Paul Matters
Politico: In a switch, Ron Paul ignores the media
Daily Caller: Kelly Clarkson’s album sales surge 200 percent after endorsing Ron Paul
Hill: Singer Kelly Clarkson defends Ron Paul pick, tells haters ‘unfollow me’
NYDN: Ad shows Ron Paul as compassionate doctor to biracial couple in 1970s
LA Times: Iowa's GOP caucuses may see some Democratic defectors
Chicago Tribune: Iowa's GOP caucuses may see some Democratic defectors
Hill: Iowa kingmaker rips Ron Paul, hints at late endorsement in attempt to stop him
NYT: Paul Voters Not Necessarily Party Voters
Fox: Paul Says He Would Have Trouble Backing GOP Rivals
NatJ: Ron Paul's Fans: Will They Vote GOP in 2012?

WaPo: Santorum hopes for breakout in Iowa caucuses
BigGovt: Santorum and the Evangelical Civil War in Iowa
Examiner: Santorum says he's no Mike Huckabee
Weekly Standard: A Tale of Two Ricks

WaPo: Rick Perry a constant face on televisions across Iowa as caucus nears
Austin AS: Perry's faith talk appeals to Iowa voters
WTimes: Perry criticizes Santorum, Paul as Iowa caucuses near
NatJ: Perry Indicates Support for English as National Language
Politico: Rick Perry campaign plays blame game
Hill: Perry tries to 'rally Iowa caucus-goers' with ad

Politico: Michele Bachmann's final push draws small crowds
NatJ: Bachmann Attracts Few at Campaign Events

NYT: A New Hampshire Focus for Huntsman

WaPo: Palin, Daniels, Barbour, Cain: If I were running...

WaPo: Obama’s 2012 political strategy: Keep attacking unpopular Congress
NYT: Obama to Turn Up Attacks on Congress in Campaign
LA Times: Obama's resolution? To limit dealings with Congress
NYT: On Gay Rights, Obama Lets Surrogates Lead
WSJ: Obama Warms Up for Fall Iowa Run
Hill: Ahead of Iowa caucuses Obama readies for fight with Romney
NYT: Obama and Republicans Seek to Define 2012
Rasmussen: 47% Expect GOP to Win White House, 39% Think Obama Will Win

WSJ: Voter ID Laws Lead Flurry of New Statutes

Examiner: The top 10 GOP presidential campaign ads of 2011
Politico: 2011's top 10 political misstatements

George Will: Ringing in a conservative year

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet

Rush Limbaugh: Rush Goes On the Record with Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren
Rush Limbaugh: Rush On the Record with Greta Van Susteren: Additional Segments


WSJ: President Delays Request to Raise the Debt Ceiling
NYT: Obama Waits Before Asking for Increase in Debt Limit
Fox: Obama Delays Request for $1.2T Debt Ceiling Increase
Hill: White House delays $1.2T debt hike to give time for votes in Congress

Fox: Few Jobs Bills Slipped Through Capitol Hill Deadlock in 2011
NYT: Editorial: The Damage of 2011
WSJ: The Spenders Won 2011: Republicans fell for Obama's backroom budget trap
Human Events: Top 10 Lowlights of 2011
Human Events: The Top 10 political and policy stories to watch for in 2012

Politico: Mitch McConnell names tax-cut conferees

Hill: Lobbyists expect ‘surprisingly busy’ Congress despite campaign distractions

NYT: Editorial: Big Coal’s Bidding

Examiner: Tea Party 'outsiders' should raise hell about insider trading by lawmakers

Hill: Planned Parenthood tops $1 billion in assets


Dallas MN: Iowans go to great lengths to size up candidates
Fox: Undecided Voters Make for 'Wide Open' Iowa Race
DMR: Des Moines Register Iowa Poll results to be released at 7 p.m. today


American Thinker: A Beatable Bishop


SacBee: Jerry Brown builds political operation to win tax vote, re-election


Tampa Bay Times: Senate Reapportionment Committee releases new maps


Hill: Sen. Isakson reveals GOP's New Year's resolutions


Roll Call: Rep. Steve Austria to Retire
Politico: Steve Austria to retire
Fox: GOP Rep. Austria Drops Re-Election Bid, Faced With Contest Against Fellow Incumbent


Politico: W. Va. tops competitive gov. races


WSJ: GOP leaders bow to unions and defeat school choice in Pennsylvania


Roll Call: Judge Sets New Mexico Map


Denver Post: Gov. John Hickenlooper maintains popularity, but many say that cannot last

IBD: Ramirez Cartoons: Top 10 For 2011


December 30, 2011


WaPo: Romney prepares aggressive Iowa finish
NYT: Romney, Eye on Paul, Digs In as He Bets on Iowa
WSJ: Iowa's Evangelical Split Could Curb Influence of Key Voters; Romney Stands to Gain
NatJ: Romney Will Duck Out of Iowa to Head Back to New Hampshire
NatJ: Why Is No One Attacking Romney?
National Review: Mitt and Gay Marriage
National Review: The Wrong Kind of Minority
Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney and the Music Man
Examiner: Romney shifts focus from rivals, targets Obama
NYDN: Mitt Romney likens President Obama to deposed French queen Marie Antoinette

Peggy Noonan: Newt Makes Romney Better
Byron York: Romney briefed church on abortion stance

Hill: Polls show Romney gaining steam
Rasmussen: Iowa Caucus: Romney 23%, Paul 22%, Santorum 16%
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Romney 45%, Obama 39%
NY Post: Romney takes biggest lead yet against Obama in national poll
Hill: New NBC/Marist poll finds Romney and Paul in neck-and-neck battle for Iowa
Hill: Gallup poll: Romney breaking out nationally
Intrade: Romney hits 75% on Intrade

WaPo: Gingrich’s closing argument in Iowa: I’m the true conservative
WaPo: Gingrich renews criticism of Ron Paul, calls him ‘a protest candidate’
Human Events: Ron Paul - Newt Gingrich feud dates to 1996
WSJ: Newt Stays Positive: Absorbed $9 million of lies and distortions and personal attacks
NYT: ‘Whoops’ Is the Latest Ad Attacking Gingrich
NatJ: Gingrich: I Look Forward to South Carolina

Kim Strassel: Newt's Economic Stand: Voters seem to like his pro-growth message
Thomas Sowell: Choosing Gingrich: Candidate with the best record of accomplishments
Andrew McCarthy: Newt and the Courts . . . Again

NYT: Paul’s Stance on Foreign Policy Divides Many Traditional G.O.P. Voters
WaPo: Ron Paul ‘a dangerous man,’ New Hampshire Union Leader says
WaPo: Ron Paul’s foreign policy worse than Obama’s, says John Bolton
Hill: Ron Paul: ‘I had some responsibility’ for controversial newsletters
American Thinker: To Get Ron Paul's Insanity, You Have To Understand Libertarianism
NatJ: Is Any of Ron Paul's Support Transferrable?
Politico: Kelly Clarkson supports Ron Paul

Dan Balz: Ron Paul worries everyone but Mitt Romney

Fox: Santorum Claims Iowa 'Spark' as Polls Show Candidacy Surging
WTimes: Santorum: Willing to ‘throw the bombs that are needing to be thrown’
NatJ: Can Rick Santorum Save Retail Politics?
NYT: Santorum Events Reflect Rising Iowa Numbers
WaPo: Inside the Rick Santorum surge
WSJ: Santorum's Surge . . . | . . . And Self-Limiting Strategy
Politico: Rick Santorum: The GOP’s past or future?

Byron York: In final days, Santorum has potential to soar

Rep. Michele Bachmann: Little time to save America

NYT: Bachmann Strikes Thatcher Comparison in Iowa
Star Tribune: Countdown to Iowa caucuses: Bachmann running out of time
WaPo: Michele Bachmann’s campaign flameout
Politico: Michele Bachmann's hard fall
NatJ: Dispute With Former Supporter Knocks Bachmann Off Message

NYT: Perry’s Presidential Campaign Gaffes Put Texans on the Defensive Yet Again
WTimes: Perry accuses Santorum of winning $1 billion in earmarks
NatJ: Perry Hearing on Virginia Ballot Challenge Set for Jan. 13
HChron: Judge says ‘NO’ to Perry’s bid for spot on Virginia primary ballot
Daily Caller: Perry: Future of my candidacy is up to God
Weekly Standard: Rick Perry's Closing Argument?

NatJ: Conservatives Seem Not Able to Unite Behind a Candidate
NYT: In G.O.P. Field, Broad View of Presidential Power Prevails
Daily Caller: Study: On spending cuts, most GOP candidates light on details
WaPo: Despite kingmaking expectations, Fox News seems neutral among GOP field
American Spectator: Letting Down the Tea Party

Hill: Obama’s approval rating plummets
NY Post: Job rating slips for O
American Spectator: No Friend of the Middle Class
NYT: David Axelrod Is at Home Waging What May Be His Last Campaign
Pete DuPont: President Obama's Slip

Ted Nugent: In the new year, we must be bold


WaPo: Payroll tax cut raises worries about Social Security’s future funding

NYT: Tax Benefits From Options as Windfall for Businesses

WSJ: Lawmakers Lose in Markets

WSJ: Holder's Racial Politics: AG's attack on voter ID laws may backfire legally and politically

WSJ: Tensions Rising Over Drone Secrecy

Paul Krugman: Keynes Was Right

BigGovt: Nancy Pelosi's Daughter: 'My Mom Wants to Leave Congress'
Daily Mail UK: 'My mother wants to leave Congress': Nancy Pelosi's daughter reveals
Politico: Pelosi aides dispute daughter's claim
Roll Call: Pelosi Aide Denies Daughter’s Quote on Breitbart Site


Hill: Iowa's final 100 hours
American Spectator: Weird Week in the Hawkeye State
Fox: Iowa's Record of Picking GOP Winners Spotty Despite Caucus Fanfare
NYT: Voters Examining Candidates, Often to a Fault
David Yepsen: Five myths about the Iowa caucuses


DC: Allegations: SC tea party convention organizers called for ‘armed guards’ for security


WSJ: California Low-Carbon Rules Halted

WSJ: Redevelopment Entities Dealt Blow in California
SacBee: California Supreme Court hands Gov. Brown a win on redevelopment


NYT: Billing Both Legislature and Campaign? Prove It.


Miami Herald: Poll: Mack holds big lead in GOP Senate race


Chicago Tribune: Democratic congressional races shape up on last day of filing


WTimes: Tea party looks for strength in numbers: Members hope to tip the Senate


Hill: McConnell to stay '10,000 miles away' from primary contest in Kentucky


WTimes: Northern Virginia lawyer files suit to get Gingrich on Virginia ballot
Ezra Klein: Virginia’s ballot-access laws turn tables on GOP

WaPo: Va. homeowners face foreclosures during the holidays


NYT: Editorial: Gov. Chafee Declines to Transfer a Death Penalty Defendant to the Feds


Hill: Sen. Scott Brown suggests he could support raising tax rates in reform deal


December 29, 2011


WaPo: Time/CNN Poll: Romney rises, Gingrich stumbles in Iowa, New Hampshire
Hill: Poll: Romney leads in Iowa; Santorum jumps to third place
WTimes: Romney could back Paul, objects to Gingrich debate
NYT: Romney Jabs at Paul, Who Strikes Iowa Chord
Politico: Mitt Romney looks to lock down Iowa
Des Moines Register: Romney’s popularity requires double duty as rally overflows
WTimes: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry hit Ron Paul on Iran
WaPo: Romney and Santorum surge as Iowa caucuses near
NYT: Romney Enjoys the Growing Crowds in Iowa
Hill: Romney could lock up GOP nod without win in Iowa caucuses
WTimes: Super-PAC shifts to Romney
Hill: Pro-Bachmann group defects to Romney
NYT: Romney Turns to Supporters He Considers a Natural: Business Leaders
NYT: Romney’s Iowa Office Draws Protesters
American Thinker: Mitt Romney: Tea Party When Tea Party Wasn't Cool
American Thinker: The RomneyCare Blues

Ann Coulter: Only One Candidate Is Right on the Two Most Important Issues
EJ Dionne: New Hampshire looks like Romney’s granite fortress

Newt Gingrich: Reagan Had the Recipe for Success. Let's Follow It

ABC: Gingrich Goes to Chocolate Factory for Semi-Sweet Challenge to Romney
NYT: On Trail, Gingrich Strains to Show Nice-Guy Side
Examiner: Va. GOP defends ballot process, Gingrich claims fraud
Politico: Newt Gingrich tackles voter concerns head-on in Iowa
NYT: Gingrich Campaign Says It Has Raised Almost $9 Million
WaPo: Gingrich raised $9 million in fourth quarter
Hill: In new ad, Newt Gingrich claims he can create ‘millions of jobs right now’
NYDN: GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich struggling to keep his presidential campaign afloat
DMR: Gingrich will make half of the number of Iowa stops announced last week
Examiner: Gingrich campaign flounders, but Newt Inc. thrives
Fox: Gingrich: Greek Cruise Was Test for Advisers Who Defected
NYT: Newt Gingrich’s Glory Days
NatJ: Gingrich Super PAC Funder Won't Go Positive, Will Go to South Carolina
WaPo: Donations flowed to Gingrich’s nonprofit after he shifted on energy issues in 2008

Kim Strassel: Newt's New Message
Larry Kudlow: Art for Newt

Des Moines Register: Steady-rising Paul sticks to his record
WTimes: Paul enjoying view from top of polls
Fox: Surging in Iowa, Ron Paul Takes His Turn as Rivals' Punching Bag
Weekly Standard: Ron Paul Praises Occupy Wall Street
NYT: New Iowa Poll May Understate Paul’s Support
LA Times: GOP rivals trade fire in Iowa, much of it aimed at Ron Paul
NYT: Marching Orders for Paul’s Volunteers: Do Shave, Don’t Tweet
NYT: Top Bachmann Aide in Iowa to Support Paul
WaPo: Kent Sorenson, Bachmann’s Iowa chair, defects to Paul
NatJ: Ron Paul Campaign Gets Bachmann Cochairman’s Backing
Hill: Rick Santorum says he'd cast vote for Ron Paul after taking 'a lot of antacid'
NYT: Could Age Be an Issue for Ron Paul?
NYT: Ron Paul’s World
Politico: Ron Paul soft spot emerges: foreign policy
WSJ: The Ron Paul Vote: It has little to do with the Texas congressman
WaPo: Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan (Fact Checker biography)
American Thinker: Ron Paul: Iowa's Confusion - America's Ross Perot?

HChron: Perry makes a last-ditch effort to woo Iowa’s far right
Austin AS: Perry urges Iowans not to settle, but polls show little movement for him
WTimes: Perry sues for spot on ballot in Va. after signature shortfall
Hill: Perry blasts Obama for not hosting parade for returning US troops
Dallas MN: Analysis: Perry improving on the stump, but time is running out
HChron: Can you say “oops”? Perry pal confuses “Hawkeyes” and “Buckeyes”
American Spectator: A Prediction Gone Wrong

WTimes: Santorum fights on in Iowa
Politico: Who won the day? Rick Santorum
NatJ: Santorum Discusses Shrinking Federal Court
NatJ: How Much Should We Read Into Santorum's Iowa Surge?
Fox: Iowa Pastors Urge GOP Candidates to Quit, Fearing Evangelical Split
American Spectator: Iowa's Final Flavor of the Month?

Star Tribune: Bachmann’s Iowa chairman defects
Politico: Bachmann savages Sorenson; Zaun taking over

Robert Reich: Get Ready For A Obama-Clinton Presidential Ticket
Hill: White House casts Obama as warrior for the middle class
WaPo: Wary Hispanic voters favor Obama over GOP rivals
WTimes: Economists grade Obama’s policies as ‘fair’ or ‘poor’
WaPo: GOP candidates’ ad spending down, but anti-Obama groups take to airwaves early
Fox: Poll: More Than Half of American Voters Now Disapprove of Obama's Job Performance

WTimes: Gary Johnson announces Libertarian bid for president
Daily Caller: In close race, Johnson could deliver New Mexico for Obama

Karl Rove: Political Predictions for 2012
National Review: 2012 Predictions

Thomas Sowell: Republican Voters' Choices
Gail Collins: Feel Free to Ignore Iowa

Fox: New Funding Rules Fuel Republican Candidates' Ad War
NYT: Editorial: Whose Welfare? Social Welfare Activists, Campaign Money & the IRS

Fox: Battle Over Voter ID Laws Heats Up in the States
Human Events: Voter ID and The Diluted Franchise

NYT: Republicans Shake More Hands Using Social Media


WTimes: Economists fear withdrawal symptoms if payroll-tax cut vanishes
Hill: Democrats have won high ground in payroll tax fight, Gallup finds

Rep. Darrell Issa: The millionaire tax fallacy: Spending reform to a balanced budget

NYT: Bipartisan Agreement: Obama Isn’t Schmoozing

NatJ: Keystone Supporters, Foes Race to Influence Pipeline Decision

WSJ: Criminal Charges Are Prepared in BP Spill
NYT: Oil Prices Predicted to Stay Above $100 a Barrel Through Next Year

WaPo: Editorial: The GOP should confirm Mr. Obama’s Fed nominees

WaPo: Pentagon trimming ranks of generals, admirals

NYT: Bishops Say Rules on Gay Parents Limit Freedom of Religion

George Will: The 9th Circuit’s proper call on bone marrow donations

Linda Greenhouse: What We Think About When We Think About the Court


NYT: Third-Party Groups Are Gearing Up in Iowa
Detroit News: Iowa takes spotlight as GOP caucuses near


Fox: Democratic Lawmakers Seek to Ban South Carolina Cheery Greeting Mandate


NYT: 14 Muslim Leaders Plan Boycott of Breakfast With Mayor
Fox: Muslim Leaders to Boycott NYC Mayor's Breakfast Over NYPD Concerns

Albany TU: Occupy takes case to federal court


Politico: Redistricting report roils California politics

NYT: Oakland’s Reins Blister a Mayor Raised on Protest


Politico: Texas redistricting winners and losers still unknown

NYT: Editorial: Justice and Prosecutorial Misconduct


Miami Herald: State GOP wants to limit questions of party accountant in Jim Greer case


Milwaukee JS: Republic National Committee got preview of legislative maps


Hill: Kucinich to challenge fellow Ohio Dem
Politico: Dennis Kucinich will challenge Marcy Kaptur


Detroit News: Michigan welfare recipients may face drug tests


WSJ: Ben Nelson Bows Out
Roll Call: Ben Nelson Exit Shifts Nebraska Senate Seat to Likely GOP
Hill: Retiring Sen. Ben Nelson would fetch top dollar on K Street


Daily Caller: Erickson vows to stop Blackburn’s re-election bid


WSJ: Judge Mulls Edwards's Request for Delay


WTimes: In Virginia, Kaine, Allen in dead heat for Senate


Fox: Colleagues Become Rivals as Redistricting Pits Incumbents Against One Another


Boston Herald: Scott Brown: Media’s pulling punches with Elizabeth Warren


Roll Call: Proposed Washington State Map Gives GOP Hope
Politico: Washington redistricting plan a small win for Democrats


December 28, 2011



WTimes: Romney looks past Iowa to Obama
Politico: Mitt Romney in striking distance of Iowa win
LA Times: Romney looks poised for Iowa victory, maybe even if he loses
WSJ: As Iowa Nears, Romney Sounds Confident
Hill: Mitt Romney’s juggling act
NYDN: Mitt Romney flexes his political muscle in Iowa, predicts he will win the nomination
NYT: The Retooled, Loose Romney, Guessing Voters’ Age and Ethnicity
WaPo: For Romney, stealth campaign brings real hopes of winning Iowa
NatJ: Romney: Gingrich Like 'Lucille Ball at Chocolate Factory'
Hill: Romney likens Gingrich's failure in Virginia to 'I Love Lucy' episode

WTimes: Gingrich challenges Romney: Go head-to-head before Iowa votes
Fox: Gingrich: I Will Grow Jobs Like Reagan
American Spectator: The Case for Newt Gingrich
WaPo: Gingrich fights back, aiming at Romney as Iowa caucuses heat up
NYT: Gingrich Strikes Economic Themes in Hitting Romney
WTimes: Gingrich backers return fire at Romney
Daily Caller: Gingrich lashes out at Paul
NatJ: Gingrich Unloads on Paul: Worse Than Obama
Boston Globe: Newt Gingrich hailed Mass. health law in ’06 paper
Hill: Gingrich, Perry dismiss ability of courts to end anti-abortion law
Fox: As Gingrich’s First Divorce is Revisited, Wife Callista Steps Up to Mic
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 47%, Gingrich 37%
Hill: EMILY's List ranks Gingrich as 'worst' GOP presidential candidate

Daily Caller: Pat Buchanan predicts Ron Paul victory in Iowa
Weekly Standard: PPP Polls Iowa: Paul 24, Romney 20, Gingrich 13
Daily Caller: New Hampshire: Ron Paul up five points in poll, Romney down three
Examiner: 'Mischief' voters push Paul to front of GOP race
NYT: Republican Rivals Unleash Broadside on Paul in Iowa
NYT: Mr. Paul’s Discredited Campaign
Daily Caller: Ex-aide who trashed Paul denies being ‘fired’ for ‘performance issues’
Daily Caller: Reason’s Nick Gillespie: Ron Paul ‘needs to explain’ controversial newsletters
American Spectator: The Surviving Ron Paul Report

Dallas MN: In final Iowa push, Perry aims to set himself apart as ultimate outsider
NYT: Rick Perry Appealing to Evangelicals, Hopefuls Pack Religion Into Ads
WaPo: Perry sues to get on Virginia ballot
NYT: In Lawsuit, Perry Challenges His Exclusion From Virginia Ballot
Examiner: Virginia ballot scrambles GOP presidential race
Fox: Perry Shifts Views on Abortion, Opposes Exceptions
NatJ: Perry Toughens Anti-Abortion Stance
LA Times: Perry shifts abortion views: No exception for rape, incest
Roll Call: EMILY's List Ranks 2012 Republican Candidates

NatJ: Bachmann Calls Paul Foreign Policy ‘Dangerous,’ Rebukes Newsletters

Hill: Santorum says he'll exit presidential race if he does poorly in Iowa caucuses

Fred Barnes: The GOP's Answer to Union Money
WSJ: Shutting Up Business: Unions turning to shareholder proposals to limit political speech

WaPo: Political endorsements don’t mean a lot — unless you’re Donald Trump

Examiner: GOP settles in for long, grueling primary fight
Ross Douthat: Getting It Right
Maureen Dowd: Kevin Warns Republicans
Dan Balz: For GOP candidates, worries about the party’s brand
Michael Barone: Voters want growth, not income redistribution
Michelle Malkin: Obama’s Scandals — and Scandal Deniers

WSJ: More Roads Lead to Possible Third-Party Bid

WTimes: House balance may hinge on court rulings

NatJ: Nelson Retirement Threatens Democratic Senate Majority
Hill: Ben Nelson gives blow to Democratic hopes of retaining Senate majority
Human Events: Nelson Exit Takes GOP Closer to Senate Majority


NYT: Obama to Ask for $1.2 Trillion Increase in Debt Limit
WaPo: Obama to ask for $1.2 trillion more in debt
NatJ: Debt-Ceiling Lift Could Trigger Fight Before Elections
WaPo: Washington’s year of drama leaves little done regarding debt

WaPo: Will the payroll tax conference committee be ‘Supercommittee 2.0’?

WTimes: Tax bill set for increasingly rare conference committee

WSJ: Housing Imperils Job Gains
LA Times: Home prices in largest U.S. cities fall in October from September

NYT: Obama to Nominate Two for Vacancies on Fed Board
WSJ: Obama Picks Bipartisan Pair for Fed
WSJ: The Federal Reserve's Covert Bailout of Europe

Fox: Senate Republicans Seek to Block Unconfirmed Appointments to Labor Boards

WTimes: MF Global chief missing $1.2B is financial adviser to EPA

Holman Jenkins: The Fannie and Freddie Hate Storm

WSJ: ObamaCare's Latest Casualty: Senator Ben Nelson bows out in Nebraska

WSJ: The Air Force Grounds Its Officers: Forced terminations with no pensions or benefits
WSJ: The Pentagon's Vindication
WaPo: Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing
NYT: Iran Threatens to Block Oil Shipments, as U.S. Prepares Sanctions

Daily Caller: Justice Dept. confirms that most intrastate online gambling is legal


Politico: Make or break time in Iowa


NYT: An Operator of Group Homes Keeps State Aid Despite Faults


HE: CA GOP Leaders Say 'Probe More' Into Dem Meddling With 'Non-Partisan' Redistricting


Star Tribune: Senjem named Senate leader


WTimes: Sen. Ben Nelson won’t run for re-election
WaPo: Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson won’t seek reelection to the Senate next year
NYT: Nelson to Quit the Senate, Giving G.O.P. an Advantage
WSJ: Nelson's Retirement Gives GOP a Lift
Jen Rubin: Republicans delight in Democrats’ Nebraska misfortune
Fox: Democrats Scramble After Nebraska Senator Announces Retirement


WSJ: Democrats Lag in Voter Registration
WSJ: New Map Roils N.J. District


NYT: Two New Jersey Democrats to Face Each Other
Roll Call: Rothman to Challenge Pascrell in Democratic Primary


Roll Call: Susana Martinez Has Conservative Cred, High Approval Ratings


December 27, 2011


Boston Globe: Unaligned N.H. vote a test for Mitt Romney
NYT: Romney Pushes Economic Agenda in New Ad
Hill: New Romney Iowa ad: Smaller government, end of 'Obamacare'
DC: TheDC Interview: Senior Romney foreign policy adviser Ambassador Richard Williamson
Politico: Romney Aide: 'I don't see any scenario where we're not the nominee'
Weekly Standard: NH Poll: Romney 39, Paul 17, Gingrich 17, Huntsman 11

Newt Gingrich: Video: Christmas Day 1776: Victory or Death
Detroit FP: Ohio Republicans leaning to Gingrich
Politico: A first: Newt camp goes on attack (and with oppo)
Des Moines Register: ‘Idea machine’ Gingrich strong on rhetoric
WSJ: Gingrich Applauded Romney's Health Plan
Politico: Paul Goldman helps Newt Gingrich with Virginia ballot
NYT: Documents Appear to Contradict Gingrich’s Account of First Divorce
HChron: Court documents contradict version of Gingrich’s first divorce
AJC: CNN: Newt Gingrich, not wife, pressed for first divorce
DC: Krauthammer mocks ‘the grandness, the immensity’ of Gingrich’s ‘Pearl Harbor’ analogy
Politico: 12th Amendment hitch for Newt Gingrich, Bob McDonnell ticket?
American Thinker: Newt and the Judges

Hill: Rep. Paul says defense bill assures ‘descent into totalitarianism’
WaPo: Ron Paul’s House record marked by bold strokes, and futility
WSJ: Paul Campaign Rejects Racist Claims
Detroit News: Ron Paul building a solid Michigan base
Austin AS: Paul continues to lead Perry as Iowa caucuses near
WaPo: Where Ron Paul and Cato split
WTimes: Former Paul aide offers odd defense of ex-boss's tolerance
NatJ: Ex-Aide: Ron Paul Foreign Policy is 'Sheer Lunacy'
DC: Fmr staffer: Ron Paul planned ‘No’ vote for Afghanistan invasion, staff threatened mutiny
Jonah Goldberg: The Trouble with Ron Paul’s Defense

Politico: Perry releases 11th Iowa ad
Daily Caller: Perry running ads in Iowa calling for part-time Congress
Hill: Perry ad pushes for a part-time Congress
NatJ: Perry Racks Up Security Bills for Texas Taxpayers
Star-Telegram: Texas paying big for Perry's security out-of-state

Roll Call: Tea Party Express Boosts Michele Bachmann

Hill: Rep. Steve King to join Santorum for Iowa pheasant hunt
American Spectator: Hunting in the Hawkeye State

American Spectator: The Case for a Conservative

Politico: Gallup: Obama job approval surges
NYDN: Obama's approval rating tops disapproval rating for the first time since July
Hill: Obama's approval numbers climb in to positive territory
American Thinker: Obama's Poverty Politics
Human Events: 2012 is not about Obama; it’s a Referendum on the American Idea

Politico: New laws in 2012: More voter ID
NYT: Editorial: Keeping Students From the Polls
DC: Federal judge: For blacks, ‘voting rights’ include identifying Democrats on ballots

Hill: Lack of new campaign rules adds to outside spending groups' 2012 influence

NatJ: Immigration: The Sleeper Issue of the 2012 Election

WTimes: Recruiting tightens race for control of Senate

Pat Buchanan: Whose Country Is It, Anyway?


Hill: Democratic negotiators will try to capitalize on payroll momentum
NYT: Political Struggle in Congress Delayed, Not Resolved
Hill: House Democrats prepping for fight over proposed cuts to jobless benefits
Hill: Tea Party Texan blames 'failure to communicate' for payroll tax debacle
NYT: Economic Downturn Took a Detour at Capitol Hill
WaPo: Growing wealth widens distance between lawmakers and constituents
NYT: Law to Find Tax Evaders Denounced
David Brooks: Midlife Crisis Economics

WSJ: New studies show the quality of federal regulation is plummeting

Fox: Legal Experts See States Wagering on Online Gambling

Fox: NLRB Faces Shutdown After Member's Term Expires
Politico: It's World War III at the NLRB
Hill: Unions, business groups on watch for recess appointments to labor board

National Review: The Medicare Debate

Fox: Republican Lawmakers Question AARP'S Tax-Free Profits From Product Endorsements

Jed Babbin: Dissolving Iraq


Dallas MN: Iowa GOP caucuses’ outcome unpredictable as hopefuls enter final week
WaPo: 6 candidates set off on Iowa sprint as caucuses’ outcome remains uncertain
Fox: Candidates Return to Campaign Trail With Just A Week to Iowa Caucuses
Hill: GOP candidates heading to Iowa for a final sprint to the caucuses
NYT: Iowa Caucus Near, Race Is Still Up in the Air
NatJ: Romney, Gingrich Iowa Bus Tours: Too Late or Just in Time?
NYT: Twofold Goal in Iowa for G.O.P. Hopefuls
Politico: Iowa: Who will survive?
Michael Barone: As Iowa Goes, So Goes Iowa


Fox: Anti-Abortion Group Sues for Documents on US Funding of NH Planned Parenthood


Fox: White House Gives Nod to Schumer's Brother-in-Law to Be Federal Judge
Hill: Report: Questions raised about judicial nomination for Schumer's brother-in-law

Albany TU: Espada in new ethics tangle

NY Post: B’klyn Congressman overpaying for car lease

Rochester D&C: Is Attorney General Schneiderman next in line?

NYT: A Member of the House Who Rents Out Rooms

NYDN: Gov. Cuomo puts full-tilt casino in city on table


LA Times: Keeping low-profile, Jerry Brown reaps few victories in 2011


Politico: Craig James: 'I'm living on real street'


Miami Herald: Absentee ballots key to Florida GOP primary
Politico: The changing rules of engagement in Florida
SPT: While focus is now Iowa, GOP can't sleep on Florida


WSJ: The Chicago (Housing) Code


Detroit News: Detroit bankruptcy would be long, costly


Daily Caller: Schumer bro-in-law judge nod stuns NJ


WTimes: Outside groups air barrage of ads in Mass. Senate race


Hill: What the Oregon special election will say about the 2012 vote


December 26, 2011


Fox: Huckabee -- 2008 Iowa GOP Primary Winner -- Offers His Picks for 2012
Daily Caller: Huckabee: Romney likely to win Iowa
Politico: Huckabee: Romney will likely win Iowa, Santorum could surprise

NYT: The Anti-Entitlement Strategy
WaPo: Editorial: Mitt Romney’s secret money
NatJ: Poll: Romney Well Ahead in N.H.

WaPo: GOP partisans in key Ohio region seeing Gingrich as solid alternative to Romney
LA Times: Gingrich may be too arrogant for Iowa
WaPo: Gingrich faces long odds to compete in Virginia presidential primary
Hill: Gingrich camp likens Virginia ballot setback to Pearl Harbor
Chicago Tribune: Newt Gingrich launching petition drive for Illinois Republican primary ballot
Politico: Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton battle over 1990s legacy
NYT: Modernizing Attack Ads by Using Old Videos
SF Chronicle: Scars remain from Gingrich ethics case

Dallas MN: Texan Ron Paul surges in Iowa, and Republicans fear he’s a spoiler
HChron: Paul plays better on national stage
Des Moines Register: Can Ron Paul win the Iowa caucuses?
WTimes: Huckabee: Paul has no shot at GOP nomination
Hill: Huckabee slams Ron Paul, says he has no chance to win Republican nomination
Hill: Ron Paul supporters: Uncut video shows he didn’t ‘storm out’ of CNN interview
NYT: Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views but Doesn’t Disavow the Support
Politico: Lugar: Paul not in sync with mainstream GOP

MPR: Bachmann wrapping up Iowa campaign tour
Des Moines Register: Bachmann generates energy but few laws

SF Chronicle: Rick Perry, Ron Paul on opposite trajectories

Toronto Sun: Republicans brace for brutal war of attrition

Al Hunt: Don't Count Obama Out for Re-election Just Yet
EJ Dionne: Obama: The conservative in 2012
LA Times: Changing voters' views of Obama and the economy

WTimes: Dozen states will prove pivotal in race to White House


WaPo: Falling home values mean budget crunches for cities
Hill: Congress struggles to escape omnibus
Robert Samuelson: A country in denial about its fiscal future
DC: Sen. Toomey: 'Super committee' Dems unwilling to spurn their party's liberal wing

WSJ: Legal Experts See States Wagering on Online Gambling
Fox: Legal Experts See States Wagering on Online Gambling

Boston Globe: Health insurers slow rise in fees

NYT: A Watchdog for Conservative Ideals (Goldwater Institute)

WaPo: Solyndra: Politics infused Obama energy programs
WaPo: Coal extraction poses climate challenge for Obama administration
Paul Krugman: Springtime for Toxics

Hill: Advocates press for recess appointment of consumer chief

WTimes: Repeal of ‘don’t ask’ gets mixed reviews
Fox: D.C. Archbishop: Federal Policies Need to Respect Religious Expression

Salena Zito: Find Christmas spirit where you are

Hill: Redistricting battles to continue in new year

Lawrence Kudlow: The 2011 Human Events Conservative of the Year: Paul Ryan


WaPo: Many Iowans struggle with political indecision
NYT: Twofold Goal in Iowa for G.O.P. Hopefuls


Boston Globe: GOP candidates leaving a small N.H. town cold
Boston Globe: Gay marriage repeal a top issue in New Hampshire


Fred Dicker: Cuomotion on Senate control to wait until June


Fox: California to Ban Police From Towing Cars of Unlicensed Drivers


HChron: How has Texas fared amid Congress' gridlock?

Star-Telegram: Texans in U.S. House face uncertainty about their districts


Buzz: Who's got the ground game for Fla's prez primary - and does it even matter much?


PJStar: 4 Illinois congressional races to watch


WTimes: Lugar makes pitch for support from tea party
Hill: GOP senator says Tea Party challenges 'killed off' efforts at Republican majority
Politico: Lugar says GOP could lose his seat without him


Star Tribune: Budget triage ahead for state GOP


Detroit News: Expert: Underwear bomber's handwriting shows terror traits


Human Events: Kentucky-4, Another Good Reason GOP Will Hold House in 2012


Human Events: The Liberal Senator Who Believes In Free Markets (Seriously)


December 25, 2011


NYT: Gingrich’s Ballot Miss Could Shake Voters’ Confidence
Examiner: Gingrich misses Va. ballot; suffers blow to bid
WTimes: Newt Gingrich attacks Virginia for keeping him off ballot
Roll Call: Gingrich Will Attempt to Mount Write-in Campaign for Virginia GOP Primary
NatJ: No Write-In Option For Virginia GOP Primary
WaPo: In his debut in Washington’s power struggles, Gingrich threw a bomb

Boston Globe: Romney leads, Paul rises in N.H. poll
NYT: Mitt Romney: At Harvard, a Master’s in Problem Solving
Detroit News: Romney: Touting business skills in White House bid
WaPo: Romney responds to Biden op-ed in Iowa, says VP and Obama live in ‘fantasyland’
NY Post: Biden wields poison pen vs. Romney in Iowa
Weekly Standard: Still Romney’s Race to Lose

HChron: New poll shows Paul ahead in Iowa, but not by much
Stephen Hayes: What If Ron Paul Wins Iowa?
Fred Barnes: Inconsequential Iowa
NatJ: Can Paul Repeat His Iowa Feats in New Hampshire?
HChron: An in-depth look at those controversial Ron Paul newsletters
Hill: Pro-Ron Paul PAC to combat ‘racist claims’ in new web advertisement

Fox: Perry Camp Weighing Options after VA Primary Misstep
HChron: Perry’s not the only one missing on Virgina ballot
NYT: State Still Footing the Bill for Perry Security Detail

NYT: Bachman Barnstorms Iowa

WaPo: As GOP candidates vie for Bush backing, Jeb hangs back
NYT: Wives in Ads, Kids on the Bus as GOP Voting Nears
William Kristol: A Time for Choosing

Fox: Obama Campaign, DNC Return Corzine Contributions After MF Global Collapse
WaPo: Obama goes golfing on day one of Hawaii vacation


Hill: Defense cuts hinge on '12 election

WaPo: For GOP, ‘repeal and replace’ has been nothing but a mantra on health-care law

NYT: Harsh Political Reality Slows Climate Studies Despite Extreme Year

LA Times: Angry former ATF chief blames subordinates for Fast and Furious
DC: Krauthammer: Eric Holder ‘one of the most incompetent attorneys general in US history’

NYT: Ruling by Justice Dept. Opens a Door on Online Gambling

Politico: Bradley Manning's WikiLeaks case: The larger issue

Daily Caller: Has National Review become the house organ of the GOP establishment?
Politico: Trump changes registration to 'independent'

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet

Bill O'Reilly: Christmas in Church
Rush Limbaugh: The Maha Rushie's Christmas Message
Human Events: Calvin Coolidge's Christmas Message 1927


Des Moines Register: Campaign styles reveal ways of Republican candidates


Politico: Nevada Senate race still tight


SacBee: California Senate Republican leader Bob Dutton to step down in January


NYT: In the Battle of the Maps, Republicans Win Either Way

Star-Telegram: Texas' voter ID law may not be implemented in time for 2012 primaries

Rep. Ted Poe: Merry Christmas


Buzz: Fla Insider Poll: Bill Nelson, Connie Mack running away w expectations game


Rep. Joe Walsh: What Are We Truly Celebrating at Christmas?


NatJ: In Ballot Fiasco, Virginia Loses Chance to be Relevant


Fox: Arizona Sheriff Faces New Setback Over Immigration


December 24, 2011


WTimes: GOP: Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry will not be on Virginia ballot
WSJ: Gingrich, Perry to Miss Virginia Ballot
WaPo: Gingrich, Perry disqualified from Va. primary ballot
NYT: Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry Fail to Qualify for Virginia Primary Ballot
NYT: With Paul on the Rise in Iowa, Gingrich Takes Aim
WaPo: Newt Gingrich: What kind of Catholic is he?

WaPo: Romney touts himself as successful consensus builder
WSJ: Romney, Biden Trade Barbs in Potential 2012 Preview
WSJ: Mitt Romney On Taxes, 'Modeling,' and the Vision Thing

WSJ: Spoiler Alert: Can the Republican Party hold on to Ron Paul's supporters?
WSJ: Iowa and the Future of the GOP
WaPo: Ron Paul’s investment strategy: Prepare for doomsday

NYT: For Santorum in His Iowa Bid, Never That Moment in the Sun

WaPo: Trump drops GOP, registers as ‘unaffiliated’ in NY to keep 2012 options open

George Will: GOP candidates face historical headwinds


WSJ: Tax Fight Ends Quietly, Scars Remain
WaPo: Payroll tax fight leaves Hill Republicans divided and angry
NYT: Lessons Learned in Congress, or a Sign of Things to Come?
NYT: Politics Stamps Out Oil Sands Pipeline, Yet It Seems Likely to Endure
WaPo: Obama heads to Hawaii for 10-day vacation, after payroll tax fight

NYT: Obama Challenges Provisions in Budget Bill

WSJ: Justice Opinion Finds Room for Web Gambling

WaPo: Medicare spending growth rising slower but enrollment will rise


WSJ: Pie in the Sky: The Iowa Pizza Circuit


WTimes: South Carolina voter ID law rejected by Justice Department
WSJ: .South Carolina Voter Law Barred by Administration
NYT: Justice Dept. Cites Race in Halting Law Over Voter ID
WaPo: Justice Dept. rejects South Carolina voter ID law, calling it discriminatory


NYT: Bloomberg & Cuomo: They Fume and They Bicker While Running City and State


NYT: Looking Up, Detroit Faces a New Crisis


NYT: New Jersey Redistricting Panel Picks G.O.P. Congressional Map


NYT: Medicaid Cuts Are Part of a Larger Battle in Maine


NYT: Mining Companies Back Friend’s Bid for Senate


December 23, 2011


WaPo: Gingrich and his ‘nice’ strategy are under fire from attack ads in Iowa
NYT: Gingrich Wraps Up Virginia Swing
WSJ: Newt (Hearts) Virginia
Human Events: Gingrich Qualifies For VA Ballot, Conducts Tele-Townhall With Iowa Voters
WTimes: Four of seven GOP hopefuls meet deadline for Virginia ballot
Politico: Newt Gingrich takes New Hampshire for granite
WSJ: Gingrich Rips Paul on Foreign Policy
WSJ: Gingrich Vs. Judicial Activism
Weekly Standard: Gingrich and the Courts
WaPo: Newt Gingrich: Kibitzer-in-chief?
WaPo: Callista Gingrich gets more involved in husband Newt’s presidential campaign
NYT: As New Gingrich Takes Center Stage, Old Reputation Lurks in Wings

NYT: Elder Bush Tells Paper Romney Is ‘Best Choice’
WaPo: George H.W. Bush backs Romney, criticizes Gingrich
HChron: Bush 41 backs Romney for president, admits he’s not Gingrich’s ‘biggest advocate’
WTimes: Romney says no to Gingrich debate
Hill: Romney turns down Gingrich debate challenge out of ‘respect’ for rest of field
Townhall: Romney 1994: Hey Ted, Quit The Negative Attack Ads & Focus On The Issues
NatJ: Romney Stays Busy in New Hampshire
Examiner: Romney tries to close the deal in New Hampshire
Politico: Mitt Romney’s day of N.H. hard knocks
Dallas MN: Romney hopes steadiness is winning over New Hampshire voters for good
Boston Herald: Mitt Romney hits pay dirt with Uncle Omar stand
LA Times: Spotlight on Romney's marriage casts shadow on Gingrich's past
NYT: Silent Night (or Two) for Attack Ads
Hill: Romney says he won’t release tax returns
Ben Shapiro: No on Mitt Romney
Paul Krugman: The Post-Truth Campaign
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 44%, Romney 41%
Gallup: Romney Less Polarizing Than Gingrich or Obama

Hill: Ron Paul woos religious conservatives as he pushes hard for win in Iowa
Politico: Ron Paul in Iowa: Surging numbers; steady message
Chicago Tribune: GOP in Ron Paul denial in Iowa
Reuters: In ad for newsletter, Ron Paul forecast "race war"
Daily Caller: Poll: Ron Paul would fare best against Obama among non-white voters
Daily Caller: Auburn student ordered to take down Ron Paul sign shares his story
Daily Caller: Messy NH free-for-all awaits if Ron Paul wins Iowa
Politico: Ron Paul 2012: Six comments he needs to explain

WaPo: Rick Perry back in Iowa, with less roar and more whisper
HChron: Pro-Perry PAC goes negative in Iowa and South Carolina
Miami Herald: Rick Perry, son of west Texas, usually wins what he wants
NYT: Yes, Perry Has Lured Business to Texas. But How Many Jobs Created Is in Dispute
Fox: Perry Wears Tribute to Fallen Navy SEAL

NYT: Bachmann Goes From Bus to Bike

WaPo: Jon Huntsman rocks ‘Johnny B. Goode’ on Letterman (video)
Concord Monitor: Editorial: Huntsman is the best choice for GOP

NatJ: Bachmann, Huntsman, Santorum Won't Appear on Virginia Primary Ballot

Daily Caller: What’s next for Herman Cain

Kim Strassel: The GOP's Message Problem
Byron York: Blame Florida for the GOP's holiday craziness
NatJ: Expectations Gap: GOP Presidential Candidates Over Promising?
NatJ: Gay Voters Confronting GOP Candidates on the Trail
Roll Call: Lobbyists Plan Holiday Travel to Early Primary States

Daily Caller: Martinez-mentum: Popular New Mexico governor could be on VP shortlist
Politico: Chris Christie opens door to VP job

Peggy Noonan: Oh Wow! Some highlights of 2011

WSJ: Holder's Voter ID Fraud: The AG invents fears of ballot suppression
Hans von Spakovsky: Yes, Virginia, There Really Is Voter Fraud

USA Today: Voters leaving Republican, Democratic parties in droves


WTimes: House signs off on Senate plan for tax-cut extension
Fox: Boehner Gets Behind Two-Month Stopgap
WSJ: Agreement Reached to Extend Tax Break
Human Events: Crisis Averted Again: House Republicans Strike Deal
WaPo: House GOP agrees to 2-month extension of payroll tax cut
Hill: House Republican leaders cave, agree to pass two-month tax bill
NYT: House G.O.P. Leaders Agree to Extension of Payroll Tax Cut
Hill: Reid praises ‘voices of reason’ in House on deal; McConnell touts pipeline push
WSJ: A Payroll Tax Deal: Will Obama now kill the Keystone pipeline?
WaPo: John Boehner’s leadership style had a price in rebellion over tax cut
NYT: A Victory Considerably Aided by the Other Side
Politico: The humbling of the House GOP
NYT: Editorial: The House Backs Down
Charles Krauthammer: The GOP’s payroll tax debacle
Major Garrett: Behind the Scenes of the House Republicans' Self-Inflicted Wound

WTimes: Payroll tax deal extends ‘Doc Fix’

Fox: Senior Republican Slams DHS For Misleading Congress on Chemical Security Office

Hill: Border chief resigns
Robert Morgenthau: Ending the Flood of Illegal Guns

WaPo: Prosecutors say Manning collaborated with WikiLeaks’ Assange in stealing documents
LA Times: WikiLeaks founder helped Army private get data, prosecutors say

Fox: Up to 64,000 Graves at Arlington Misidentified or Misplaced, Army Report Finds


WTimes: Judge enjoins provisions of S.C. immigration law
WSJ: Judge Blocks Parts of South Carolina Immigration Law

Hill: Sen. Harkin seeks formal probe into SC Gov. Haley's use of healthcare grant


Albany TU: Panel shifts inmate count in New York redistricting

NYT: NYC Campaign Finance Law Survives Another Court Challenge


WSJ: California War Over Districts Heats Up
Politico: The gaming of the California map
Dan Walters: California Democrats didn't cheat on redistricting, but they played politics well


NYT: Fire at Home in Texas Ends Former Iraq Commander’s Run for the Senate

Hill: Texas Dems drag Perry into fight over health waiver request


WSJ: House Ethics Investigators Extend Buchanan Probe
WTimes: House ethics panel votes to extend Buchanan inquiry

Roll Call: Marco Rubio Getting Heat Over Aponte Filibuster


Politico: Barbour never really left lobbying firm


Star Tribune: The fall of Michael Brodkorb


Milwaukee JS: Gov. Walker dominates the air waves early in push to burnish his image
NatJ: The Reasons for Democratic Optimism in Wisconsin


WTimes: Michigan bans domestic-partner benefits

NYT: Michigan City Turns Down Millions of Dollars, Saying Federal Money Is Not Free


Politico: John Edwards requests trial delay for medical issue
WaPo: John Edwards says medical problem would make it tough to attend trial, seeks delay


Examiner: GOP presidential candidates push to get on Va. ballot
WTimes: Virginia officials get high ratings


Politico: The state of play in Pennsylvania


WSJ: Gov. Chaffee Learns the Price of Independence


Boston Globe: Brown’s efforts add to moderate credentials


Roll Call: Maneuvering Begins After New Arizona Map Solidifies

LA Times: Justice officials expected to seek changes in Arpaio's department


December 22, 2011


WaPo: Gingrich challenges Romney to ‘test the heat’ with one-on-one Iowa debate
NYT: Gingrich Says He’s Ready to Take the Heat
WSJ: Gingrich to House GOP: Give In on Payroll Tax
NYT: In Islamic Law, Gingrich Sees a Mortal Threat to U.S.
HChron: Gingrich to gay man: Vote Obama
Examiner: Gingrich slams Romney in New Hampshire
Hill: Gingrich: Romney's 'baloney' attacks an 'embarrassment to the American system'
Politico: Newt Gingrich courting Iowa voters with judicial rants
Fox: Gingrich Uses Precious Time to Get on Virginia Ballot
Examiner: Gingrich scrambling to get on Virginia ballot
WTimes: Gingrich drew inspiration from management theorist
American Spectator: Newt's Last Chance
American Thinker: The Gingrich-Churchill Comparison
National Review: The Redemption of Newt Gingrich
National Review: Newt Sets Up a Surprise

Ann Coulter: Newt helped formulate Christmas
George Will: Gingrich, the anti-conservative

WTimes: Romney boards ‘Earn It’ bus, fumes past Gingrich
Politico: Mitt Romney begins final pitch to New Hampshire voters
LA Times: Mitt Romney hits his stride in New Hampshire
WSJ: Romney Takes Aim at Obama Again
KC Star: Romney says he would deport Obama's uncle
NatJ: With Gingrich Threatening, Romney Investing Early in Florida
NYDN: Newt Gingrich’s stumble and Ron Paul’s rise help stars align for Mitt Romney
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s private-equity past puts ‘creative destruction’ in spotlight
WTimes: Endorsements touted, but value uncertain
Weekly Standard: Romney, the Mandate, and Ohio
Politico: Mitt Romney Rx: A bloody nose
Politico: Mitt Romney Consultant wars: Stuart Stevens, Alex Castellanos, Mike Murphy
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Won't Call Obama a Socialist
Weekly Standard: Mormonism and Politics

WSJ: Paul's Positions Play Well in Iowa
Miami Herald: Ron Paul: National town crier for an exotic mix of views
HChron: Polls show Ron Paul could be a kingmaker
NatJ: Ron Paul Ignored by the Media? Not So Much
National Review: Ron Paul’s Rhetoric
Daily Caller: Buchanan: Ron Paul won’t go third party, it would damage son’s political future
Dorothy Rabinowitz: What Ron Paul Thinks of America

NatJ: Perry Backs Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients
NatJ: Perry: Fannie and Freddie Are Bonnie and Clyde

Politico: Michele Bachmann: Iowa voters ‘love her,’ hate her chances

National Review: Santorum, the Dark Horse
Rush Limbaugh: Why Hasn't Santorum Caught Fire?
Weekly Standard: Special Report Panel on Rick Santorum and Iowa

Daily Caller: New Hampshire observers find Huntsman’s campaign confusing

NYT: G.O.P. Hopefuls Finesse Fight on Payroll Tax
Hill: Payroll tax debate a juggling act for GOP presidential contenders
NYT: Obama Gets a Lift From Tax Battle With Republicans
WTimes: White House hedges on ‘4th-best’ president claim

Karl Rove: Obama's Strategy—And How to Fight It

WSJ: Cue the Voter ID Scaremongering
Fox: Officials Plead Guilty in New York Voter Fraud Case

NatJ: The Hotline's Senate Race Rankings: Christmas Edition
Hill: Senate GOP worries tax standoff could cost them upper chamber

Politico: Population surging in 5 battleground states


WTimes: Shortened session shows divide over tax cut
LA Times: U.S. leaders say they are hard at work on payroll tax
WaPo: House Republicans face pressure on extension of payroll tax cut
WSJ: Obama Presses Boehner On Tax Impasse
NatJ: Obama to Speak Thursday on Payroll Tax-Cut
Politico: Payroll tax cut: Obama ups pressure on Boehner
Fox: Obama Urges House to Pass Senate Tax Cut Bill, as GOP Stands by Call for New Talks
Hill: Obama shows he’s confident he’s beating GOP in payroll tax fight
NatJ: Isolated, Will Boehner Fold in the Payroll Fight?
Politico: Payroll tax cut: GOP frosh dig in hard
Hill: Rove: Republicans should fold in payroll tax cut standoff
Examiner: GOP fends off blame for pending tax hike
WaPo: How the Republicans lost the upper hand in payroll tax debate
WaPo: Editorial: The best way to end the payroll tax standoff
Rush Limbaugh: The Limbaugh Response to the Defensive WSJ Editorial on the House GOP
Rush Limbaugh: Newt Says He's with Boehner Despite Media Reports to Contrary
Rush Limbaugh: Eric Cantor Counters the Journal

Hill: Dem leaders rebuff stand-alone fix to avert pay cut to doctors

NYT: Signs Point to Economy’s Rise, but Experts See a False Dawn
Lawrence Kudlow: Paul Ryan's Old-Fashioned American Vision

Weekly Std: Who Benefits from the Mortgage Interest Deduction? Wealthy suburbanites

WSJ: What Fannie and Freddie Knew

WSJ: EPA Sets Cuts in Plant Emissions
NYT: E.P.A. Issues Limits on Mercury Emissions
WaPo: Environmental Protection Agency issues new regulation on mercury
Hill: Obama puts personal stamp on EPA rules as Republicans pounce
WSJ: Lisa Jackson's Power Play
NYT: Editorial: Toward Healthier Air
American Spectator: Obama's Solar Smoot-Hawley

Fox: DHS Internal Report Claims Anti-Terrorism Program Now In Jeopardy

Daily Caller: Lieberman directs staff to investigate Fast and Furious coordination
Daily Caller: RNC chairman promises to make Fast and Furious a 2012 election theme

WaPo: Manning’s defense rests in pretrial hearing

Rep. Jeff Flake: And a Happy Festivus From Congress Too

Fred Barnes: Five Books Definitely Worth Reading


Boston Globe: Voter excitement scarce as caucus draws near
EJ Dionne: The GOP’s Iowa chaos
Jen Rubin: Ad wars in Iowa

Des Moines Register: Ron Paul stays on top in new Iowa poll
Rasmussen: Iowa: Romney 25% Paul 20% Gingrich 17%


Michael Barone: Still Undecided in New Hampshire


NYT: G.O.P. Is Hopeful as Race to Replace State Senator Takes Shape
NY Post: ‘Poor’ old Kruger

NYT: Editorial: Prisons and Redistricting

NY Post: Former Congressman Anthony Weiner's wife gives birth to baby boy


NYT: Editorial: California’s Lethal Injections


WaPo: FEC came close to finding against Buchanan in straw-donor case
SPT: Rep. Buchanan's credibility takes hit in election report


Clarion Ledger: Barbour to return to lobbying firm


Roll Call: Joe Walsh Primary Rival Ends Bid, Clears Path for Freshman


Star Tribune: Koch apologizes for relationship


NatJ: The Reasons for Republican Optimism in Wisconsin
Milwaukee JS: Groups seek Gableman recusal: Democrats seek action in redistricting cases


Hill: Democratic Reps. Kucinich and Kaptur brace for House survival showdown
National Review: Kasich Reboots: The governor refocuses his administration on jobs


WSJ: Michigan to Put Detroit Finances Under the Microscope
Detroit FP: Detroit's debt crisis even worse than thought, state's review reveals


WaPo: In Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback puts tea party tenets into action with sharp cuts


WaPo: Editorial: Entitlements vs. the poor


Roll Call: New Lines to Be Drawn by Connecticut Supreme Court


Fox: Arizona Sheriff's Officers Turn in Federal Credentials
WaPo: Editorial: Arizona’s rogue sheriff


NYT: For Democrats in Hawaii, Unease in an Oasis


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Hill: Key upcoming dates on campaign trail

NYT: Republican Primary Projections: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida

NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

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