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December 14, 2011


WSJ: Gingrich Surges, but Swing Voters Are Wary
Politico: NBC/WSJ poll: Newt double-digits over Romney nationally
Hill: Poll: Gingrich leads GOP field, Romney better against Obama
WaPo: Newt Gingrich: The GOP’s eccentric big thinker and bomb-thrower
NatJ: Poll: Gingrich Leads GOP Primary But Runs Worse in the General
NatJ: Why Newt Could Win: He’s a big thinker with big accomplishments under his belt
Roll Call: GOP Campaign Strategists Worry About Gingrich's Downballot Effect
Daily Caller: Newt’s unconventional NH campaign senses momentum shift
Politico: Does Newt go negative? Gingrich the stealth fighter
Politico: Newt Gingrich and Arianna Huffington: A '90s story
Politico: Newt fires new Iowa hire for Mormon 'cult' slam
Hill: Gingrich Iowa staffer resigns after calling Mormonism a 'cult'
Des Moines Register: Gingrich aide is out after blasting Mormonism
NY Post: Rudy: Gingrich ‘stronger’
National Review: Newt’s Old-Time Religion

Newt Gingrich: In America, Work Habits Begin Young

George Will: Newt Gingrich commits a capital crime
Jonah Goldberg: Newtzilla to the Rescue
Ben Stein: It's Gingrich-Huntsman
Victor Davis Hanson: The Gingrich Gamble
Rush Limbaugh: Newt Signs Pledge Not to Cheat on Callista
Rush Limbaugh: Axelrod Calls Newt a Monkey
Rush Limbaugh: Newt Attacks Mitt in Language of Left
Maureen Dowd: Honeymoons in Space
Ruth Marcus: Newt Gingrich’s revisionist history
Scot Lehigh: Gingrich’s superficial simplicities

WaPo: Romney blasts Gingrich as ‘extremely unreliable’ conservative leader
Boston Globe: Romney, Gingrich rift has old roots
NYT: As Rivalry Tightens, Romney Is Reflective
Hill: Romney's presidential candidacy in danger of losing electability argument
Fox: Christine O'Donnell Endorses Romney for GOP Presidential Nomination
Daily Caller: Tea-party favorite O’Donnell endorses Romney
Politico: Christine O'Donnell endorses Romney
Weekly Standard: Does Mitt Romney Have the Edge among Independents?

Holman Jenkins: Mitt's Moment: He fixes problems; we've got 'em
Michael Barone: Romney bets on old rules as Newt moves under radar
Kathleen Parker: Romney’s $10,000 wager was a safe bet
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Swears Off Red Meat
William Kristol: We REALLY Do Not Know

Daily Caller: In Iowa, Paul closes to within one point of front-runner Gingrich
Examiner: Ron Paul surging in GOP presidential race
Politico: Ron Paul closes 2012 gap in Iowa, according to poll
WaPo: GOP candidate Ron Paul draws huge crowds, says no Medicare in Constitution
WaPo: Ron Paul is Mitt Romney’s best (Iowa) friend
Ross Douthat: Ron Paul Rising in Iowa
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 43%, Paul 35%
HChron: Glenn Beck, Joe Scarborough tout a Ron Paul third party run vs. Gingrich, Obama

NatJ: Perry Kicks Off Bus Tour in Last-Ditch Effort to Win Iowa
Austin AS: Perry bus tour offers final chance to change minds in Iowa
HChron: Rick Perry is surging in Iowa. Just ask Rick Perry
Fox: Perry Chides Administration for Turning Down Texas Family Planning Proposal

WSJ: Huntsman Backers Bank on Dogfight
SPT: Jon Huntsman hangs a lot of hope on doing well in New Hampshire

NYT: Trump Won’t Go Forward With Debate
WaPo: Trump fires himself as debate moderator
Politico: Trump pulls out of moderating debate
Fox: Trump Bows Out as Moderator of GOP Debate, Reserves Right to Run for President
Weekly Std: Vice President Rubio, Secretary of State Pawlenty, and Attorney General Ayotte

Fox: Swing State Poll Shows Obama’s Narrow Options
Politico: Obama swims against historical tide
NYT: Democrats Find a Welcome Distraction
Dick Morris: Obama is running from his record, but he can’t hide it
Rush Limbaugh: Media Buries Bad News for Obama in Gallup Poll, Retail Sales Numbers
Rush Limbaugh: Obama and the Drone
Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Discover Obama Can Be Beaten


NYT: House Passes Extension of Cut to Payroll Taxes
Hill: House GOP passes payroll tax bill, gains leverage on Senate Dems
Fox: House Passes Payroll Tax Cut Extension With Keystone Pipeline Provision
WTimes: GOP ties payroll tax to oil pipeline
NatJ: House-Passed Bill Includes Extension of Federal-Pay Freeze
WaPo: Congress debates payroll tax cut, government funding omnibus
WSJ: Payroll-Tax Fight Stands in Way of Year-End Budget Bill
WTimes: Balanced-budget amendments facing hurdles
NYT: Editorial: The Insidious Fine Print
Politico: Payroll tax fight heads to Senate

Hill: Short-term spending bill to avoid shutdown more likely than omnibus

NatJ: Despite Uncertain Future, House Passes Spectrum Legislation

Hill: White House quiet on threat to veto defense authorization bill

Hill: GOP senators to unveil replacement for automatic Defense cuts on Wednesday

Politico: Roy Blunt wins Senate leadership post
Hill: Blunt defeats Johnson in race for Senate GOP leadership post
WTimes: Sen. Roy Blunt, a Romney backer, wins a key post

WaPo: Postal Service to delay closures
WTimes: Closing mail sorting plants put on hold
Hill: Post office closures delayed until May to buy time for Congress

NYT: Holder Signals Tough Review of New State Laws on Voting
WaPo: AG Holder says US election systems must be free of discrimination
Politico: Eric Holder: Voter ID laws hurt minorities
Austin AS: Holder calls for review of states' voter ID laws

Human Events: One Year Ago, Holder's Operation Fast and Furious Came Undone
Daily Caller: Rep. Ben Quayle on Holder: ‘I call for his immediate resignation’

Hill: Senators to Justice Department: Apologize to family of Sen. Ted Stevens

Daily Caller: Issa: Piracy bill would give Holder ‘broad new powers to police the Internet’

WTimes: Grand jury begins probe of bankrupt Solyndra
Politico: Grand jury investigating Solyndra

Hill: Witness: Corzine knew about loan made with customer funds

Examiner: Congress to investigate Occupy's use of McPherson Square

NYT: Immigration Crackdown Also Snares Americans
NYT: Editorial: Stopping the Free-for-All

Politico: Elena Kagan recusal judged on the blogs

NYT: Bigger Share of State Cash for Medicaid

Politico: Gregory Jaczko: NRC among 'Best Places to Work'

Politico: FEC dysfunction not just politics, it's personal

NYT: OpEd: Free the F.D.A.

Hill: Top 10 lobbying victories of 2011

Al Gore: A Manifesto for Sustainable Capitalism
Zbigniew Brzezinski: As China Rises, A New U.S. Strategy

Rush Limbaugh: Critics Pan Chelsea Clinton's Debut

James Taranto: Bernie Sanders's America: A socialist senator's monstrous fantasies


WTimes: Measuring the grass roots in Iowa
Politico: Last-ditch tours aim to shake up Iowa


Rasmussen: New Hampshire: Romney 33%, Gingrich 22%, Paul 18%, Huntsman 10%


Rush Limbaugh: Who Do You Believe: Reid or Wynn?


Daily Caller: Un-sweet tea: Gingrich, Bachmann divide a movement in South Carolina


Albany TU: Medicaid panel spells out reforms
Albany TU: $25M tax break a Cuomo power grab?
NYT: Aiding Disabled, Nonprofits Rake in State Money

Albany TU: New enrollment show blanks rising


NYT: With Port Actions, Occupy Oakland Tests Labor Leaders
Michelle Malkin: Port Whine: Big Labor’s Occu-Punks


Roll Call: Texas Officials Move Filing Deadline


SPT: Despite Gingrich chatter, Rubio staying on sidelines in presidential primary


AJC: Lawmakers line up for Gingrich, as GOP hopeful launches Georgia robocall

AJC: Bob Barr says he won't run for Congress
Roll Call: Bob Barr Will Not Challenge Tom Graves in Georgia


Chicago ST: Blagojevich gets another month till he must report to prison


Roll Call: Tommy Thompson Secures Senate Endorsement From Mike Huckabee


Politico: Ohio Dems hit Boehner on remap
Hill: Ohio Democrats blast Boehner's role in the state's redistricting process


George Allen: Obamacare stalls American economic engine

WTimes: Raising gas tax for inflation would have netted millions


Roll Call: Proposed Pennsylvania Map Seeks to Shore Up GOP Incumbents


Roll Call: Lieberman Won’t Commit to Endorsing in Senate Race


December 13, 2011


NYT: Huntsman and Gingrich Square Off in Unmoderated Debate
WaPo: Two smart guys debate one-on-one
Human Events: Huntsman and Gingrich Cordial in Substantive Lincoln-Douglas Debate
NatJ: Gingrich, Huntsman Engage in Affable Foreign-Policy Debate
WaPo: Gingrich-Huntsman debate live blog
EJ Dionne: Gingrich and Huntsman ‘debate’ in New Hampshire

WaPo: ABC News GOP debate grabs highest debate ratings yet with 7.6 million viewers

WSJ: Gingrich Tax Plan Gets Close Look
WaPo: Study: Gingrich tax plan would provide big breaks for rich

Daily Caller: In New Hampshire, Gingrich opens up to overweight ninth-grader
Politico: Newt Gingrich in New Hampshire: Deafening applause

Daily Caller: Newt Gingrich gets coveted John Rocker endorsement

Tony Blankley: Newt’s past and future leadership
Paul Gigot: Cool Hand Newt?
Rich Lowry: The Myth of the New Newt
Alexander Bolton: Newt’s lonely battle to win GOP nomination
WTimes: Gingrich bashes, employs media to get ahead
Fred Barnes: Gingrich Hits Romney from the Left
Michael Gerson: The problem with Gingrich’s simplistic attack on sharia
American Spectator: Newt Gingrich and Corn Flakes
American Thinker: Forgiving Newt

WaPo: Mitt Romney steps up attacks on Newt Gingrich
Boston Globe: Romney, Gingrich spar over earnings
WSJ: The Front-Runners Start to Go at It
NYT: At Front of Republican Pack, Skirmishes Escalate
HChron: Gay New Hampshire veteran grills Romney on same-sex marriage
Daily Caller: Gingrich calls truce with Romney, vows to ‘run a positive campaign’
NYT: Campaign Sends Romney to the Rescue. Ann Romney.
Politico: Romney’s role: The Hillary Clinton of 2012?
NYT: Romney’s Run Puts a Spotlight on Private Equity
Hill: Mitt Romney starts to show cracks as front-runner status slips further
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Romney 45%, Obama 42%

Major Garrett: Romney's 1994 Problem
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Should've Bet His House
Rush Limbaugh: Why Mitt is a Moderate

WSJ: Paul Could Lead From Behind
WaPo: The man behind the Ron Paul ads

WaPo: Michele Bachmann’s certainty is her greatest strength, biggest weakness

Daily Caller: Perry blasts Obama for reducing National Guard troops on the border
HChron: Angry crowd in Iowa shouts at Rick Perry over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
Byron York: In Iowa, evangelical church to Queer Studies

Examiner: Santorum insists he'll win over conservatives
WTimes: Trump marginalizes Santorum's role at upcoming Newsmax debate
Rush Limbaugh: I Spent the Weekend Playing Golf with Trump
American Spectator: Trump and the American Dream

Politico: The South is up for grabs

WaPo: GOP hopefuls face pointed questions on gay rights

James Taranto: Why intellectuals love the president's brainless rhetoric
Gary Bauer: If GOP Goes Easy on Obama, It'll Be a Fatal Mistake
Rush Limbaugh: Libs Tell Obama He's Too Smart for America

WaPo: Eric Holder wades into debate over voting rights as presidential election nears

Politico: Supreme Court an ‘enormous issue’ for 2012
Hill: Supremes inject court into the 2012 campaign on health and immigration


Fox: Boehner: House Will Approve Payroll Tax Cut Bill
Hill: Boehner: House to vote Tuesday on payroll tax
WaPo: House to vote on extension of payroll-tax reduction
Politico: Payroll tax faces a bumpy finish
Hill: GOP vies for high ground on taxes

WTimes: House, Senate negotiators strike deal on defense bill
NatJ: Appropriators Reach Spending Deal
Hill: Deal reached on DoD authorization bill
Fox: House, Senate Agree on Defense Bill, Unclear if White House Will Hold Firm on Veto
WaPo: House & Senate OKs $662B defense bill, await word from White House on detainees
Politico: Defense bill revised in bid to avoid veto
WSJ: Bill Steers Terror Suspects Toward Military Custody
Fox: McCaskill Calls Out Nearly $1B in Earmarks From House Defense Bill

Fox: $1Trillion-Plus Spending Bill Takes Shape in Congress
Hill: Appropriators nearing deal on $1 trillion spending omnibus
Hill: Yearly deficit falls below $1 trillion for the first time under Obama

AJC: Unemployment benefits on the chopping block in D.C.
WTimes: Republicans calling for reform cite $16B in unemployment overpayments
NYT: Millionaires on Food Stamps and Jobless Pay? GOP Is on It
Hill: Dem calls GOP jobless benefits bill 'heartless'
NYT: Editorial: Targeting the Unemployed

WSJ: Congress's Phony Insider-Trading Reform

Richard A. Clarke: The President and the Generals
NYT: OpEd: Guantánamo Forever?

WSJ: Far Fewer Enter U.S. Illegally From Mexico
WTimes: Obama to slash National Guard force on U.S.-Mexico border

WTimes: High court to consider Arizona’s appeal on migrant law: Kagan recuses herself
Rush Limbaugh: A Theory on Kagan's Recusal
Fox: Supreme Showdown for Arizona's Immigration Law
LA Times: Supreme Court to weigh in on immigration battle
NatJ: Roadmap to Understanding the Ariz. Immigration Case Before the Supreme Court
American Spectator: Obama Takes on Arizona

Daily Caller: Islamic governments push for speech curbs in the US

Daily Caller: Ariz. congressman files ‘no confidence’ resolution against Atty. Gen. Eric Holder
Daily Caller: Congressional Black Caucus splits over Fast and Furious, Eric Holder

NYT: Canada Announces Exit From Kyoto Climate Treaty
Eugene Robinson: Reason to smile about the Durban climate conference

American Spectator: CAFE Spells RIP for Trucks

Fox: Corzine, Two Other MF Global Execs to Testify They Don't Know Where Money Went
WSJ: Appetite for Corzine Bonds
Roll Call: GOP Benefited From MF Global Money, Too
American Thinker: Criminal Negligence at MF Global

NYT: Editorial: The Abu-Jamal Case

WSJ: The Church of Kathleen Sebelius: Contraception, sterilization and abortion
NatJ: Sebelius Denies Contraception Decision Was Political
Fox: N.Y. Federal Court Prepares for Showdown Over Pregnancy Pill
WSJ: A Lesson Before Dying

WaPo: Chelsea Clinton makes broadcast debut on NBC’s ‘Rock Center’


NYT: Iowa Evangelicals Split Over Caucus Endorsement


NYT: Members of Overhauled State Ethics Panel Are Named
NY Post: Westchester DA new ethics chief
NYT: Amid Paeans to Cuomo, Some Less Lofty Notes

Albany TU: Judge grappling with primary date

NYT: Koch Is Backing Quinn in 2013 Race for Mayor


SacBee: Could California's late primary really matter in GOP race?

Dan Walters: California voters side with Jerry Brown on pensions


Star-Telegram: $1.6 billion surplus projected for Texas

Roll Call: Supreme Court Leaves Texas in Tumult


WSJ: Florida's Hurricane Reform Winds


WSJ: Chicago Sued Over Vacant-Properties Upkeep Fee


WTimes: Indiana jumps on Illinois’ image as bad for business


Star Tribune: Minnesota GOP brings in expert to turn around finances


Milwaukee JS: U.S. Appeals Court strikes down part of state election law


NatJ: Boehner's Pivotal Role in Ohio Redistricting
WTimes: Democrats seek to take Ohio House


Human Events: Republican Eyes on Michigan for First Time Since '88


Hill: With tough election ahead, McCaskill targets earmarks


Examiner: Virginia's public pension fund short $20 billion


NYT: Unusual Move by Christie in Feud Over Judgeships


NYT: US Supreme Court to Weigh Arizona Statute on Immigration
WaPo: Supreme Court to hear challenge to Arizona’s immigration law


Denver Post: Colorado parties spar on meaning of new congressional maps


Politico: The Hawaii Senate Race Gets Busy


December 12, 2011


WSJ: Gingrich Up in South Carolina, Florida
NatJ: Gingrich Hires Rubio Strategist as Florida State Director
Examiner: Rivals fail to stop Gingrich's Big Mo in Iowa
National Review: Newt Rises in New Hampshire
Boston Globe: Gingrich hastens to build a network
Detroit News: Gingrich launches Michigan campaign
WSJ: A Big Play for Bigger Donors
WTimes: Evangelicals’ shifting attitudes aid Gingrich
WTimes: Gingrich tough on women, gays in military
American Spectator: Newt's Bold Words on the Palestinians
American Thinker: Gingrich's Citizenship Problem
American Thinker: Newt's Rise: It's the Persuasion, Stupid
National Review: Romney and Gingrich battle for the hearts of budget hawks
Hill: Hill Poll: GOP gives Gingrich edge, Romney shows Nov. appeal
WaPo: Romney and other Republicans scramble to blunt Gingrich’s momentum
Human Events: Gingrich Steady in Debate, Comes Out A Better and Stronger Candidate
NYT: Among Gingrich’s Passions, a Doomsday Vision
Politico: The return of Newt Skywalker
NYT: Flaws and All, Gingrich Says Life Is an Open Book
Human Events: Former House Staffer: October 1998 Is the Essential Gingrich Case Study
NYT: Debate Reverberates Going Into Final Stretch

Jedd Babbin: Why Is Newt Still Rising?
Joe Curl: Election 2012 by the numbers
Bill Keller: The Good Newt
Michael Goodwin: For Newt, good to be bad

Michael Barone: Bright light but no clarity in New Hampshire
NatJ: Romney Returns to New Hampshire After a Humbling Trip to Iowa
WaPo: In N.H., Romney seeks to counter the damage from his debate bet challenge
HChron: Romney shrugs off ‘$10,000 bet’ fallout
NYT: As Fellow Candidates Mock Romney’s Offer to Bet, Gingrich Holds His Fire
WSJ: Romney Shows a Personal Side
Politico: Mitt Romney begins humanizing campaign
American Thinker: Romney: Guilty of Wealth
NatJ: Comeback for Romney? He'll Need Help
LA Times: Romney didn't bargain for a bitter fight
WTimes: Gingrich awakens opposing super PACs: Romney camp airs attack ads

HChron: Gov. Perry talks faith in Iowa church as campaign hits crunch time
Daily Caller: Perry mocks Romney’s $10K challenge
NatJ: Perry Attacks Romney, Endures Protests
NatJ: Perry Says Romney is 'Out of Touch'
Hill: Perry: Romney $10,000 bet 'out of touch'
John Podhoretz: $10,000 question: Mitt’s ‘bet’ crack will cost him
WTimes: Perry again tries to woo Iowa’s religious right
Des Moines Reg: Rick Perry a ‘different candidate’ in debates since recovery from surgery
LA Times: Rick Perry heckled over gays in military campaign ad
WaPo: Rick Perry is confident, but is he ready?
Politico: Rick Perry: I don't have memorized all of the Supreme Court judges

Politico: Paul: Romney 'more diplomatic' than Gingrich
Examiner: If Newt trips as anti-Romney Paul could steal Iowa

WTimes: ‘Newt’s forte is glib,’ Santorum says

Fox: With Election Days Closing In, GOP Candidates Target Front-Runners
WTimes: GOP’s second-tier candidates target Romney, Gingrich
Hill: Gingrich and Romney poised for drawn-out primary fight for delegates

NYDN: Children of the 2012 Republican Presidential candidates

Fox: Obama Sizes Up GOP Front-Runners in New Interview
NatJ: Obama: 'It Doesn't Really Matter' Who GOP Nominates
Politico: Can Jim Messina get it done for President Obama?
Hill: Obama: Voters have ‘reason to be impatient’ with pace of recovery
Human Events: Obama Frolicking in Hawaii While Economy Burns
Michael Barone: Obama, Romney Change Tacks in Week of Political Risks
Rasmussen: 48% Rate Obama’s Handling of Economy As Poor


Fox: GOP Leader Claims Dem Support for Payroll Tax Cut, Pipeline Package
Hill: Lobbyists go to battle over Keystone pipeline
Hill: Business groups push for investment write off in payroll tax deal
Hill: GOP payroll tax bill wades into flood insurance fight
Hill: Durbin, Graham predict payroll tax deal
Hill: One more test for Boehner
Politico: Mark Kirk: Let payroll tax cut expire
NYT: Price Tag Hindering Congress in Struggle to Pass Year-End Legislation
WaPo: Congress edges toward a compromise on spending
Politico: McConnell predicts end-of-session deal
Hill: Week Ahead: Crunch time for Congress

Rep. Mike Coffman: Time to Kill Congressional Pensions and Cut Pay

WTimes: At recess, House Republicans play hardball: Tactic thwarts Obama nominees

WSJ: Homing in on Fannie, Freddie
WaPo: As affordable housing lags, cities try to set right troubled construction deals

NatJ: McConnell Accuses Justice Department of Misleading Congress
Daily Caller: Holder may be holding on to private emails about Fast and Furious

Fox: U.S. Proposes Unmanned Border Entry With Mexico
AP: US to leave Mexican border crossing to rangers

Fox: Supreme Court Considers Taking on State Immigration Laws Cases

WSJ: America's New Energy Security
NYT: Editorial: Getting Gas Drilling Right
Fox: Conservative Group Launches Ad Criticizing Failed Solyndra Loan

WSJ: Global Warming and Adaptability
NatJ: Climate Deal Seen As Possible Turning Point

Human Events: An Occupy Obituary

Hill: Graham: Consumer agency like 'something out of the Stalinist era'

Hill: Issa seeks feedback on online piracy bill

WSJ: OpEd: The Future of U.S. Health Care

NYT: Editorial: Will Congress Ban Corruption in Its Midst?

Fox: Bolton: Iranian Jamming Technology Could Be Worse News Than Downed Drone
Politico: Bolton honored, surprised, by Gingrich offer


WaPo: Iowa caucuses are still first, but are they no longer foremost?
WaPo: Four spots from the GOP ad wars in Iowa
WaPo: How much does organization really matter in Iowa?


Judd Gregg: Everybody gets a shot in the NH primary


NYT: To Find the Perfect New York Mayor, Only 2 Years Left

WSJ: At Deadline, Ethics Unit Is in Limbo

Rochester D&C: Brooks vs. Slaughter race could be in the works


LA Times: New district maps threaten Republicans' seats in Congress

WSJ: California Budget Cuts Likely as Revenue Lags

Dan Walters: Legal traps could stop California's high-speed rail project


NYT: Texas Elections Are in Limbo Over Redistricting Issue


Miami Herald: Amid Capitol drama, FL Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll expects a bigger role in 2012


WSJ: Corporate Carve-out Revolt
Chicago Tribune: House Democrats try to weaken Illinois pension reform


Hill: Rokita finds election law expertise useful as he adjusts to life on Hill


Milwaukee JS: Spending on train service spurs new round of wrangling in Legislature


WTimes: Baltimore loses people, clout as D.C. suburbs grab for power


Roll Call: A Flood of Jewish GOP Candidates


December 11, 2011


NatJ: Gingrich's Even-Keeled Performance Makes Him a Different Frontrunner
WaPo: Gingrich comes under attack in GOP debate
WSJ: Gingrich Assailed by Rivals, Fires Back at Romney
NYT: Race Reshaped, Rivals Target Gingrich in G.O.P. Debate
WTimes: Gingrich assailed by rivals, fires back at Romney
NYDN: Newt Gingrich takes a beating at Iowa debate
Human Events: The ABC News Des Moines Debate
LA Times: Gingrich is favorite target at latest GOP debate
Hill: GOP debate: Romney, Gingrich split on illegal immigration policy
Daily Caller: Republican candidates gang up on Newt
Des Moines Register: Debate: Gingrich, Romney take most of debate’s jabs
Weekly Standard: Thoughts on Tonight’s Debate
Hill: GOP debate: Attacks focus on Gingrich
WaPo: Iowa Republican debate winners: Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich
WaPo: Iowa Republican debate: Winners and losers
NatJ: Five Takeaways from Saturday's Debate
Politico: Republican debate: 7 takeaways
Politico: At Republican debate, Newt Gingrich rolls on with steady performance
Politico: Newt Gingrich clears fences at debate!
NatJ: Gingrich: Great Debater, Greatly Flawed Candidate
NatJ: Gingrich: Romney Isn't A Career Politician Because He Lost to Ted Kennedy
NYT: Democrats Shift Aim to Gingrich After Debate
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Gingrich’s Attack on the Courts
Hill: GOP debate: Gingrich doubles down on Palestinian comments
Fox: Gingrich Describes Palestinian People as 'Invented'
Politico: Newt clarifies 'invented' comment on Palestians
Jen Rubin: Des Moines Republican debate decisive?
St. Petersburg Times: How Gingrich got back into the GOP race

NatJ: Romney Challenges Perry to a $10,000 Bet
Daily Caller: In debate, Mitt Romney offers Rick Perry $10K that his attacks are wrong
Politico: Republican debate in Iowa: Mitt Romney gambles with $10k bet
Des Moines Register: Romney bet was one of his worst debate moments
Des Moines Register: Big post-debate debate: Was Romney offer to bet a major gaffe?
HChron: Critics pounce on Romney’s $10,000 bet offer
NatJ: Campaign's New Buzzword: a $10,000 Bet
WaPo: Iowa Republican debate: An off night for Romney
NYT: Two Romneys: Wealthy Man, Thrifty Habits
NYT: When a Catholic Terrified the Heartland
WaPo: Mitt Romney, the problem solver

Dan Balz: The surprising candidacy of Ron Paul

Austin AS: Perry tackles top contenders in GOP debate
Star-Telegram: Republican presidential candidates woo Perry's supporters in Texas
Hill: Can Rick Perry come back?
Politico: Perry: Infidelity matters

Politico: Republican debate in Iowa: Bachmann elbows back into frame

Daily Caller: Perry: Ron Paul got me interested in the Federal Reserve
NatJ: Can the 'Wizard Behind the Curtain' Save Rick Perry?

NatJ: Huntsman, Excluded from Iowa Debate, Holds N.H. Town Hall
Politico: Jon Huntsman holds debate alternative in N.H.

NYT: Reality and Re-election Sharpen Obama’s Zigzags
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Salena Zito: Alexander Hamilton likely would have laughed at "economic fairness"
Maureen Dowd: Fire and Ice
Ross Douthat: Professor vs. Professor
Thomas Friedman: The Next First (and Only) 100 Days

WaPo: Hinckley: ‘Flawed’ but improving, or a danger?


WSJ: Obama, Boehner Duel Over Payroll-Tax Cut
Hill: GOP debate: Candidates split on extension of the payroll tax cut

Roll Call: House GOP Offers Sweeping Unemployment Reforms

Rep. Jim Jordan: Jobs Through Growth Act: Aspiration Replaces Envy

Hill: Defense authorization conferees aim to wrap up by Monday
WaPo: McCaskill-led earmark probe finds $834 million in requests
WaPo: McKaskill Report (.pdf)

Fox: GOP Lawmakers Push to Keep U.S. Funds Out of Euro Bailouts

NYT: Editorial: A Pentagon the Country Can Afford

NYT: OpEd: China’s Spies Are Catching Up

WTimes: U.N. climate conference approves landmark deal
WaPo: At U.N. climate talks, delegates salvage last-minute compromise
WSJ: Nations Chart New Course Toward Climate Pact
Fox: U.N. Floats Global 'Climate Court' to Enforce Emissions Rules
NYT: Young Voices Reverberate at Indeterminate Climate Talks
NYT: In Glare of Climate Talks, Taking On Too Great a Task
NYT: Quality of Air? That’s as Murky as Western Sky

Fox: Senator Reid Calls Criticism of Nuclear Chief a 'Witch Hunt'
Hill: Reid slams ‘witch hunt,’ complaints against nuclear agency chief Jaczko
Politico: Nuclear Regulatory Commission feud: Capitol Hill battle lines drawn

Clarice Feldman: Attorney General Milo Minderbinder

Hill: Legal expert: Online piracy bill is unconstitutional

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday show preview: 2012 candidates abound, but not Romney, Gingrich


NY Post: Rev. Al deep in the red


Fox: Companies Prepare for Paperwork as California Enacts Anti-Trafficking Law

Dan Walters: Demography determines California's destiny


NatJ: Outcome of Texas Redistricting Case Hinges on Anthony Kennedy's Swing Vote


Detroit FP: Gov. Rick Snyder: 'My goal is to see Detroit successful'


December 10, 2011


ABC: With Race Heating Up, Republicans Set To Square Off Tonight In Pivotal Iowa Debate
Des Moines Register: Live from Des Moines, it’s Saturday Night!
Des Moines Register: What to look for from each Republican candidate tonight
Chicago Tribune: Gingrich vs Romney rivalry in Iowa debate spotlight
ABC: Romney Hints at Gingrich Face-Off
HChron: Gingrich sure to be in firing line at GOP debate Saturday
LIP: Gingrich Comes to Debate with Front-Runner Status

Daily Caller: Gingrich: Palestinians an ‘invented’ people
CBS: Palestinians dismayed by Gingrich remarks
WTimes: Palestinians angry over Gingrich’s ‘invented’ people comment
NYT: Gingrich Suggests a Reversal of Mideast Policy
Politico: Gingrich: Palestinians 'invented,' promises Netanyahu-style foreign policy
WaPo: John Bolton to Newt Gingrich: Focus on nomination before secretary of state
WaPo: Gingrich gets Westmoreland endorsement
Hill: The conservative aura: Gingrich has it, opponents trying to take it
Hill: Gingrich surrogates: Romney camp in desperate panic
Politico: Republican debate: 7 attacks on Newt Gingrich to watch
NatJ: Washington Week Roundtable: Gingrich Soars
Politico: Newt Gingrich’s debate prep: Years of C-SPAN

Roger Stone: Gingrich surges to contention
James Taranto: Newt Year in Jerusalem
Dana Milbank: Newt’s nastiness comes back to haunt him
Conor Friedersdorf: Rush Limbaugh's Cowardly Approach to the Newt Gingrich Debate
Politico: Conservative pundits turn down Newt

WaPo: Newt Gingrich is wild about zoos

LA Times: Romney steps up efforts in Iowa
Reuters: Republican Romney hits Gingrich over Medicare plan
NatJ: Romney Continues Using Ryan Budget Against Gingrich
Daily Caller: In Iowa, Romney emphasizes family and marriage
LA Times: Pro-Romney 'super PAC' launches $3.1 million ad campaign [video]
WaPo: In frontal assault, pro-Romney group’s ad says Gingrich has ‘a ton of baggage’
WTimes: Gingrich, Romney engage in surrogate wars
RedCarpet: Kid Rock: Mitt Romney can use 'Born Free' song for campaign
Hill: Trump says Romney lacks the 'courage' to participate in Newsmax debate
WaPo: Some say Romney’s criticisms of Obama’s vacation plans, golf, are out of bounds
NatJ: Romney Strategy Reflects a Calculated Risk
Weekly Standard: Overestimating Romney

NPR: Why Iowa Could Be Rick Perry's 'Alamo' Moment
NYT: Perry Survived Even as His Big Plan for Texas Failed
Fox: "Ooops" Perry Did it Again
HChron: Perry’s Supreme Court gaffes reinforce narrative
WaPo: Perry gets number of justices on Supreme Court wrong, forgets Sotomayor’s name
Fox: Obama Spokesman Suggests Perry Campaign is Struggling
Hill: Texas Dem: Perry owes apology to gays in the military after ad
Politico: Rosie O’Donnell to Rick Perry: ‘Shame on you’

WaPo: Ron Paul targets youngest voters with campus-focused drive
Star-Telegram: Ron Paul outpacing Rick Perry in staying on point
WaPo: Five myths about Ron Paul
WaPo: Rand Paul hits his dad’s opponents
WTimes: Rand Paul slams Gingrich, Romney in Iowa voter appeal
George Will: Ron Paul, spoiler?
Rush Limbaugh: The Ron Paul Problem
American Thinker: The Case for Ron Paul

CBS: This week on Face the Nation: Michele Bachmann

LifeNews: Santorum: Newt Gingrich Wasn’t a Strong Pro-Life Leader

WaPo: Jon Huntsman, conservative alternative?

Examiner: Cain 'considering' a radio or TV show

WaPo: From televised debates to Letterman, free media helping to define GOP pres. contest
WaPo: Sparks are flying in Republican presidential candidates’ campaign ads
NYT: Faith and Family Values at Issue for Republicans
Rush Limbaugh: Offense Wins in Politics
Kathleen Parker: The GOP’s death wish
William Kristol: Hughes, Dewey, Nixon, Dole...?

WaPo: Donald Trump might dump debate
AP: Trump might scrub his GOP presidential debate
WTimes: GOP hopefuls passing on Trump debate: Only Gingrich, Santorum plan to attend
Rush Limbaugh: Trump Debate in Doubt
Fox: The Trump Factor in the GOP

NYDN: President Obama predicts unemployment could drop to 8% by next year
Fox: Obama Says It May Take More Than One President to Turn Economy Around
Fox: Poll: More Than Half of American Voters Now Disapprove of Obama's Job Performance
Hill: New problems for Obama on Israel as Republicans renew attacks
Ted Nugent: Captain Trainwreck’s White House whitewash (Obama's economic crackup)
Rush Limbaugh: Did Obama Confuse Hanukkah and Kwanzaa?
Mark Steyn: Statist Delusions
Fred Barnes: The Debate Winner: How the Republican contests help Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Flashback: Clinton, Bernie Schwartz, Loral Space and the ChiComs

James Taranto: John Cornyn: 'We Need an Election'


WaPo: House GOP formally unveils payroll tax package
NYT: House Republicans’ Bill Sets Up Pipeline Battle
Hill: Boehner: Not the time for Obama's 'theatrics' on pipeline, taxes
WTimes: White House: GOP ‘playing politics’ with pipeline
Hill: House GOP releases payroll-tax package under Obama veto threat
Hill: White House says it doesn’t need to threaten veto of Republican tax bill
Politico: Keystone XL oil pipeline now major sticking point on payroll tax cut extension
WSJ: Obama, Boehner Duel Over Payroll-Tax Cut
WSJ: Mortgage Fees Eyed to Offset Payroll Tax Reduction
Hill: Dem ads target House GOP on payroll tax
Hill: With caveats, CBO says GOP bill would add $25.3B to deficit
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: Unemployment Benefits Will Create More Jobs Than Keystone

Hill: NLRB withdraws Boeing complaint
Daily Caller: Republicans applaud NLRB decision, call for investigation into union collusion
NYT: Labor Board Drops Case Against Boeing After Union Reaches Accord
WTimes: Labor board: Boeing case dropped, but more possible
Politico: Republicans not letting up on NLRB
WSJ: The NLRB's Boeing Sham

Hill: Top nuke regulators tell White House of ‘grave concerns’ with NRC chairman
Fox: NRC Panel Say They Have 'Grave Concerns' About Chairman
WTimes: NRC panel: Nuke chief damages agency
Politico: Ugly divide at NRC pits Jaczko vs. fellow commissioners

Politico: Defense bill loses $700 million in special projects
Hill: Gen. Dempsey outlines ‘significant,’ but not ‘bold,’ cuts to budget plan
WaPo: Army slashing 8,700 jobs as budget cuts begin

Sen. Jon Kyl: Memories of Maggie

Rush Limbaugh: The Left Weeps for Corzine

Fox: Fox News Poll: Voters Back Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

WaPo: Delegates debate how to craft new climate pact by 2015
Human Events: Top 10 Inconvenient Truths about Global Warming
Human Events: Crusade for Fewer People on the Earth Seeks Volunteers
Rush Limbaugh: The Final Days of the Incandescent Light Bulb

WTimes: Editorial: Make congressional pensions passe

Fox: Details About Lost Drone Add to Speculation About Covert U.S. War in Iran

Daily Caller: FCC commissioner fears international Internet takeover

Hill: Obama not giving up on consumer bureau chief

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: Waiting to Be Bowled Over in Iowa
NYT: The Republican Primary Campaign in Iowa Is Right at Home on Fox News


NYT: Cuomo, Praised for Tax Deal, Takes Victory Lap to City
Albany TU: Kolb: Not going to talk about Cuomo chat
Rochester D&C: Cuomo's call to Brian Kolb miffs some

Buffalo News: In missed House votes, Slaughter tops area peers


LA Times: Three area Republican congressmen endorse Mitt Romney

SacBee: California Supreme Court to fast-track ruling on Senate maps
SacBee: Part-time status proposed for California Legislature


Austin AS: U.S. Supreme Court blocks Texas redistricting maps
Fox: Texas Primary Likely Delayed as Supreme Court Halts New Texas Electoral Maps
WaPo: Supreme Court blocks redistricting plan for Texas
WSJ: Supreme Court Steps Into Texas District Row
NYT: US Supreme Court to Hear Texas Dispute on Drawing New Districts
Roll Call: Supreme Court to Hear Texas Redistricting Case


Miami Herald: Economists say casino bill too uncertain to give it a revenue number

Buzz: Fla GOP Chairman Lenny Curry calls for less nastiness in US Sen primary


WSJ: Alabama Weighs Changes to Immigration Law
NYT: Alabama to Revise Immigration Law


Chicago ST: Blagojeviches get new puppy to ‘comfort’ girls as dad awaits prison
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich family adopts 2nd dog from shelter; 'Twix' could join 'Skittles'


Star Tribune: Dayton and Parry: The gloves come off -- again


Roll Call: Ron Johnson Draws More Activist Help for Leadership Bid


Detroit News: Bing races time to get fix-it plan for Detroit


Politico: If Nelson retires, would Bob Kerrey run?


NYT: Thousands Sterilized, a State Weighs Restitution


WSJ: Scott Brown's Strategy

WSJ: Police Clear Occupy Boston Site
Boston Globe: About 40 arrested in Occupy raid


Denver Post: Denver judge rules low funding for Colorado schools is "unconscionable"


Hill: Dems pour money into Oregon contest


December 9, 2011


Fox: Fox News Poll: Gingrich Leads in GOP Voter Preference
NYT: Gingrich, Ahead in Polls, Is Still Selling Books
Daily Caller: Gingrich praises Romney as Romney attacks Gingrich
Politico: Newt Gingrich pile-on begins
WTimes: Former Hill allies call out Gingrich
NatJ: The Skeletons in Newt's Closet
American Thinker: Newt's Different Approach to School Vouchers
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 45%, Gingrich 40%

Byron York: Surging fast, Gingrich looks to take Iowa
Peggy Noonan: Gingrich Is Inspiring—and Disturbing
Kim Strassel: Can Newt Inc. Deliver?
Larry Kudlow: Newt the Supply-Side Sizzler
Rush Limbaugh: The Establishment Guns for Gingrich
Michael Gerson: Newt Gingrich’s lack of discipline
Matthew Dowd: Newt Gingrich: Finding the Frequency
Jonathan Capehart: Newt’s surge and the looming GOP panic
David Brooks: The Gingrich Tragedy

Politico: Mitt's granite fortress under siege
WSJ: Tough Talk as Romney Takes Aim at Gingrich
WaPo: Romney supporters slam Gingrich’s leadership skills, vanity
NYT: Romney Campaign Looks to Draw ‘Contrasts’ With Gingrich
Examiner: Romney leads attacks on front-runner Gingrich
NatJ: Romney Turns Up Heat Against Gingrich, With a Little Help From His Friends
WTimes: Romney allies try to slow Gingrich surge
American Spectator: Mitt versus Newt
Rush Limbaugh: My Advice to Mitt: Run to the Right of Newt
Rush Limbaugh: Flashback to June 7th: "Bye-Bye Nomination" Romney on Global Warming

Politico: Ron Paul gears up for long primary slog
Austin AS: Ron Paul strong in Iowa, but doubts linger over winning nomination

Fox: Bachmann Declines Trump Debate Invite
NatJ: Perry, Bachmann Decline Trump Debate
NYDN: Only Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum have accepted The Donald's invitation
Human Events: Trump Rails Against Food Stamp Crime Wave

NatJ: New Perry Ad Hits Romney, Gingrich on Health Care Mandates
NYT: Perry’s Anti-Gay Rights Focus Is Divisive Even to Staff
HChron: Using YouTube, Perry proves to be all thumbs

Hill: Santorum to get big endorsement in Iowa

James Taranto: Democrats for Buchanan

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s campaign for class resentment
Rich Lowry: Obama Blames the Rich
Jonah Goldberg: Obama: Man on a Mission
American Spectator: The Gospel According To Wright

WaPo: Super PACs herald a punishing campaign season


WSJ: GOP Ties Reducing Payroll Tax To Pipeline
NatJ: House Republicans to Attach Keystone Language to Payroll Bill
NYT: Republicans Unveil Plan for Payroll Tax
Fox: House on Collision Course With Obama Over Payroll Tax Cut, as Senate Bills Fail
Hill: Obama: More jobs from payroll tax package than Keystone approval
Hill: Obama makes Boehner’s job easier with payroll veto threat
Rush Limbaugh: Why Obama Won't Trade the Keystone Pipeline for the Payroll Tax Cut
WTimes: Senate defeats Democrats’ latest payroll tax cut plan
WaPo: Senate rejects proposals to slash federal payroll taxes

Hill: Republicans seek to cut federal unemployment benefits

NYT: Editorial: The Real Way to Help Small Business

Hill: Large group of Senate Democrats seeks to stop postal service cutbacks

Stephen Moore & Walter Williams: The Millionaire Subsidy Elimination Act
Politico: What's rich? $150K, a new poll says
Paul Krugman: All the G.O.P.’s Gekkos

Sen. Jim DeMint: How the U.S. Can Help Europe: Just Say No

WSJ: EPA Ties Fracking, Pollution
WTimes: Bad water found at fracking site
NYT: E.P.A. Links Tainted Water in Wyoming to Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas

Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Coal Crackdown

WTimes: GOP questions ‘two-month gap’ in Kagan’s health care involvement

NYT: Obama Endorses Decision to Limit Morning-After Pill

WTimes: Holder refuses to fire aides from Fast and Furious operation
WTimes: House Republicans say ‘Heads should roll’ in Fast and Furious operation
NYT: Holder, Grilled on Gun Inquiry, Says He Won’t Resign
Daily Caller: Eric Holder debates definition of ‘lying’ with congressman
Hill: Republican says Fast and Furious was hatched to build support for gun control
Human Events: Holder Threatened With Impeachment, Contempt in Fast and Furious Probe
Human Events: Eric Holder and the Fantasy of "Accountable Government"

NYT: Senate Stops Consumer Nominee
WTimes: President ‘not giving up’ on filibustered nominee
WaPo: Obama denounces Senate vote to block Cordray at consumer watchdog agency
NatJ: Despite Defeat, Cordray Lobbying Continues
Human Events: GOP Filibuster Against Cordray Holds

WSJ: Corzine Defends Tenure, Puzzles Over Missing Funds
NYT: Corzine Defends His Actions at MF Global
WSJ: Squirming Through the Day
WSJ: Corzine's Loss May Be Soros's Gain
Rush Limbaugh: Corzine Goes Greasy

NatJ: Critics of Online-Piracy Bills Release Their Own Draft Legislation


NatJ: Iowa Governor Scolds Romney
Kim Strassel: God and the Economy in Iowa


NYT: Tax Plan Passed, Legislature Faces Smaller Budget Gap
Albany TU: Governor to Assembly GOP: Vote for tax code unanimously or risk seats

NYT: Mayor and Congressman Clash on Police at Occupy Wall Street Protests


LA Times: U.S. appeals court seems unlikely to dismiss ruling against Prop. 8

Roger Hedgecock: California's Not Dreamin': This Is the Nightmare of an Obama 2nd Term


NYT: A New Look for Senator Coburn


Miami Herald: House maps create more compact districts, some competition

SPT: Florida insiders expect GOP nominating contest to extend beyond state's primary


NYT: What Blagojevich’s Sentence Says About Corruption and Greed
Chicago ST: Robert Blagojevich’s tears for his brother: ‘It’s just grossly unfair’
Chicago Tribune: Robert Blagojevich feels for his brother

Human Events: Joe Walsh to Seek Reelection in Illinois' 8th District
Daily Caller: Joe Walsh to run in blue district


Detroit News: Lansing explores backup emergency manager plan


Examiner: McDonnell proposes shifting more tax dollars to highway, bridge repair
WaPo: Editorial: Half-measures on Virginia’s transportation crisis


Boston Globe: Occupy Boston Protesters defy city’s deadline


December 8, 2011


NYDN: Gingrich challenges President Obama to debates
Hill: Poll: Gingrich holds double-digit leads in 3 of first 4 voting states
NatJ: Gingrich Surges, Obama in Trouble in Swing State Polls
WSJ: Gingrich Clocks Huge Gains in All Early Voting States
LA Times: Newt Gingrich's latest fundraising take: $4 million and counting
Boston Globe: Tea Party members get behind Gingrich
Examiner: Gingrich's Iowa bounce helped by Cain backers
Fox: Gingrich Says He'd Tap Bolton for Secretary of State
WTimes: Gingrich: John Bolton will be my secretary of state
WSJ: Gingrich Sends Hawkish Signal
NYT: Gingrich’s Unimpeachable Conservative Credential
NatJ: Gingrich and Bachmann Would Move Embassy to Jerusalem
NatJ: Gingrich: 'I Am as Good a Businessman as Mitt Romney'
NatJ: Democrats: Gingrich Negatives Could Mute Economy Negatives in 2012
Daily Caller: Influential Iowa Christian conservative: We can look past Newt’s infidelity
Daily Caller: Gingrich’s environmental proposals include altering climate with giant mirrors
WaPo: Want Gingrich to speak? He needs ‘first class expenses’ and 2 bathrooms

Karl Rove: Gingrich's Organization Deficit Disorder
Politico: Gingrich makes the Ohio filing deadline, mostly

Ann Coulter: Newt Presents a Fresh New Virtual Face
Jen Rubin: Gingrich is a great speaker — and a dangerous pol

NYT: Christie Stumps for Romney at Iowa Event
Daily Caller: Chris Christie mocks Occupy protesters after they disrupt Iowa appearance
WSJ: Romney Camp Turns Battle Personal
WaPo: Romney ad plays the family card against Gingrich (sort of)
NYT: New Romney Ad Turns Up Heat on Gingrich
WaPo: Gingrich, Romney prepare for January collision
Examiner: Romney: Gingrich will fade during long race
Hill: GOP leaders deny collusive aid to Romney
WSJ: The Newtitlement State: On Medicare, Mitt Romney has the bolder, better reform
Byron York: Romney wouldn't recommend Romneycare for states

NYDN: Sarah Palin endorses Trump’s GOP debate, says Mitt Romney should participate

WTimes: Tea Party Caucus members don’t back Bachmann: Romney tops in endorsements

WaPo: Rick Perry’s ‘Strong’ ad -- Obama hates Christmas

Gail Collins: The Last Herman Cain Column

Human Events: Donald Trump Details His Foreign Policy Principles

NYT: G.O.P. Candidates, at Jewish Coalition, Pledge to Be Israel’s Best Friends

Politico: GOPers prep for Saturday's 'alpha dog' debate

NYT: Democrats See a Two-Horse G.O.P. Race, Adding a Whip

Hill: Democrats push back on Republican claims of growing Jewish support

WSJ: Obama's TR Turn
NYT: The Rough Rider and the Professor
WSJ: Obama's Godfather Speech: Sounds more like a Corleone than a Roosevelt
WaPo: Rightly targeting income inequality
WaPo: In the District, whites make three times the income of blacks
Daily Caller: Obama recycles themes from failed democratic presidential campaigns
James Taranto: Soar Loser: The fine line between cynicism and naiveté
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Osawatomie Speech was a Marxist Attack on America
Reid Wilson: Obama's Perception Dilemma: How different subgroups view the economy
EJ Dionne: Obama’s New Square Deal
WTimes: New York, California governors press tax hike on the rich

NYT: 2 Character Models for a Single Cinematic Point: Winning Elections at Any Cost

Roll Call: Republicans Want to Harness Power of Social Media

Roll Call: GOP Nonprofit Backs Electoral College

Roll Call: Parties Court Latinos as Swing Voters in 2012


NYT: Frenzy of Year-End Activity for Congress
WTimes: Feds run deficit for 38th straight month
Daily Caller: Sessions cautions against use of ‘war gimmick’ to falsely claim spending cuts
Hill: Rep. Ryan tries new budget tactic
Politico: It's Eric Cantor vs. John Boehner again on key issues
Hill: Speaker Boehner in tax vise

Fox: Senate Dems Threaten to Cancel Holiday Break to Push Payroll Tax Holiday
WaPo: Obama warns against add-ons to payroll tax cut
Hill: Obama won't go to Hawaii while payroll tax is in limbo
WaPo: In Congress, partisanship is no longer something to hide
NYT: OpEd: Why the Fight Over the Payroll Tax Matters

Hill: Obama threatens veto if pipeline decision is added to payroll tax cut
Examiner: Obama defends Keystone pipeline delay
Examiner: Fuel-subsidy fight pits Koch vs. Pickens
Rush Limbaugh: T. Boone Pickens Has Paid $665 Million in Income Taxes Since Age 70
WSJ: OpEd: Subsidizing Wall Street to Buy Chinese Solar Panels
WaPo: For Obama’s green-car revolution, fits and starts

Rush Limbaugh: People Pursuing Their Own Self-Interest is How Society Grows, Prospers

WSJ: Republican Proposes New Corporation to Replace Fannie, Freddie

WTimes: Occupy protesters block K Street, 62 arrested by police
Examiner: Occupy protests snarl traffic, provoke arrests
WSJ: Police Dismantle San Francisco Occupy Site
NYT: ‘Occupy’ Groups Face Setbacks in San Francisco and Boston
Boston Globe: Occupy Boston Protesters lose in court; mayor says it’s time to go
Fox: NYPD Pushes Back Against Calls for Probe Into Police Conduct at Occupy WS Protests

Fox: Grassley Calls for Top Justice Official's Resignation Over Gunrunning Operations
WTimes: Grassley: Justice Dept.’s Breuer needs to go
WaPo: Grassley calls for resignation of Justice Dept. official over guns operation

Daily Caller: Holder heading to House hot seat, Fast and Furious grilling on the way

Fox: Lawmakers Blast Administration For Calling Fort Hood Massacre 'Workplace Violence'

WaPo: Air Force dumped ashes of more troops’ remains in Va. landfill than acknowledged
NatJ: Report: More Troops' Remains Dumped at Landfill Than Previously Acknowledged

WSJ: Obama Health Chief Blocks FDA on 'Morning After' Pill
NYT: Plan to Widen Availability of Morning-After Pill Is Rejected
WaPo: Obama administration refuses to relax Plan B restrictions
NYT: Editorial: Politics and the Morning-After Pill
NatJ: HHS Decision Tarnishes Obama's Pledge to Put Science First

Daily Caller: Republicans stand firm on promise to block consumer protection nominee
NYT: White House Pushes Vote on Consumer Agency Chief

Hill: Issa rebuts critics, says online piracy bill has no chance to pass in the House

Fox: White House to Launch $1 Billion Fund to Assist Small Businesses

WSJ: Corzine Will Be Walking Fine Line at Hearing
Rush Limbaugh: Ask Yourself: Why Will Blago Go to Jail, but Corzine Won't?

Floyd Abrams: Don't Cry for Julian Assange

James Q. Wilson: Muffingate and the Media's Big Fat Mistake


Examiner: Economy why Iowa evangelicals divided on 2012


WaPo: SC GOP met with Colbert over rights to rename presidential primary after comedian


WSJ: New York Raises Taxes on Wealthy
Rochester D&C: State Senate approves measure that cuts taxes for middle class
Albany TU: Lawmakers salute income tax code overhaul
NYT: Behind Rapid Deal on Taxes, Stealth Maneuvering by Cuomo
NYDN: Andrew Cuomo’s tax deal will help his 2016 White House prospects
NYT: That Tax Pledge? A Governor Who Believes in Government Changes His Mind
Fred Dicker: A bizarre win – for political hocus pocus


NYT: Blagojevich Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison
WSJ: Blagojevich Gets 14-Year Term
WaPo: After scandal and spectacle, Blagojevich sentenced to 14 years for corruption

Human Events: Will Illinois Rep. Walsh Take On Fellow GOPer?


WaPo: Wisconsin Senate hopeful’s relationship with Gingrich typifies a complex speakership


Roll Call: Ohio Filing Deadline Arrives, But Is This Really It?


Detroit FP: Gov. Rick Snyder supports a consent deal for Detroit
Detroit News: Snyder: Public safety a priority

Detroit News: Detroit attorney is new Conyers opponent


Examiner: Kaine, Allen spar over Obama in Va. debate
Roll Call: Tim Kaine, George Allen Throw Sharp Jabs at First Senate Debate
WTimes: Kaine hits Allen over ‘bullying’ in first Virginia debate
Politico: Tim Kaine vs. George Allen: Round one

WaPo: Editorial: Cuccinelli needs to resign as Va. attorney general


NYT: Execution Case Dropped Against Abu-Jamal


Roll Call: All Eyes on a Kennedy in Race to Replace Frank

Roll Call: GOP Cries Sabotage of Brown’s Bipartisanship


WSJ: More Scrutiny of Richardson


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