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February 2, 2011


Hill: GOP leader McConnell to force Senate vote on healthcare repeal
Fox: McConnell Proposes Health Law Repeal as Amendment in Senate
Human Events: Mitch McConnell Forces a Senate Vote to Repeal ObamaCare
WSJ: Senate to Vote on Health-Law Repeal
Wash Times: GOP senators force vote on health law repeal
Weekly Standard: All 47 Republican Senators Back Repeal
Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional, But Fight for Repeal Must Continue
WSJ: States May Ask High Court to Review Health Law Early (via Google)
Hill: Lawmakers press Supreme Court for verdict on healthcare law
AP/Espo: Senate GOP pushes for repeal of health care law
WSJ: The Nuts and Bolts of the ObamaCare Ruling
NYT: Awaiting Health Law’s Prognosis
Hill: Senate moves closer to deal repealing 1099 provision in healthcare law
NYT: States Diverge on How to Deal With Health Care Ruling
WaPo: State officials divided on meaning of judge's health-care ruling
NYT: Tea Party Shadows Health Care Ruling
WSJ: Waivers From Rules Granted to Many (via Google)
WSJ: Health-Care Companies Staying the Course (via Google)
WaPo: Wisconsin attorney general: "Health care law is dead"
NYT: Health Insurance Kicks In for Congress
Roll Call: DCCC Slams House GOP Freshmen for Taking Government Health Care
James Taranto: Why Judge Vinson struck down ObamaCare's whole kaboodle
Rush Limbaugh: An Explanation of Severability
Rush Limbaugh: Reagan-Appointed Judge Saves America from Health Care Disaster
John Fund: ObamaCare Takes Another Licking
American Spectator: The Legal Future of Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: Lawless Regime to Ignore Ruling
NYT: Editorial: Judicial Activism on Health Reform
WSJ: A Toast to Your Health: Alcohol may increase your life expectancy & reduce dementia

Wash Times: Senate Democrats ban earmarks
NYT: Senate Won’t Allow Earmarks in Spending Bills
WaPo: Appropriations Chairman Inouye says he will enforce earmark ban in Senate
WSJ: Senate Democrats Announce Earmark Moratorium (via Google)
Hill: Sen. Inouye bows to earmark ban

Daily Caller: Three possible Freddie and Fannie reform scenarios
WaPo: Low rates prompting more 'cash-in' refinances

WSJ: Giving Workers a Union Choice (via Google)

WSJ: Upton Looks to Block Greenhouse Gas Rules
Fox: House GOP Readies Ban on EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations
NYT: Report Foresees Quick Gulf of Mexico Recovery
Hill: Senate Dems near compromise on oil-spill liability bill

Wash Times: ‘Pimp’ video stings Planned Parenthood
NYT: Group Releases Hidden Tapes of Planned Parenthood

WaPo: Mental health specialist recommended WikiLeaks suspect not be deployed to Iraq

WSJ: Number of Illegal Immigrants Holding Steady at 11 Million
NYT: 11.2 Million Illegal Immigrants in U.S. in 2010, Report Says; No Change From ’09
Politico: Gingrich, Dean debate immigration

Wash Times: U.S.-Canada border called ‘grossly underprotected’

Hill: Rep. Issa asks White House to turn over e-mails to Homeland Security officials

Vancouver Sun: 'Al-Qaida on brink of using nuclear bomb'

WaPo: Leaked cable tells of 3 previously undisclosed members of 9/11 plot
WSJ: 'Jihad Jane' Pleads Guilty in Terrorism Plot

Daily Caller: Beck says Egyptian unrest could lead to new caliphate
Dick Morris: Obama is losing Egypt
Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s 1979
Daniel Pipes: Iran Won't Come Out on Top in Mideast Turmoil

Michelle Malkin: A Christian Business in the Left’s Crosshairs

Hill: Former Sen. Kennedy staffer convicted of stealing from Senate
WaPo: Kennedy aide is guilty of fraud, stealing government property
NYT: Former Kennedy Aide Guilty of Theft

Wash Times: Keeping Carter’s home neat costs U.S. a tidy sum

NYT: Ethics Committee Names Special Counsel to Aid in Ensign Investigation

NYT: Editorial: Justice and the I.G.

WSJ: Companies Boost PAC Donations to New House Republicans
Hill: Dems’ money pace flags
NYT: Party Committees Burdened With Debt Heading into 2012

Politico: The Kochs fight back

NYT: Democrats Pick Charlotte for 2012 Convention
WSJ: Democrats' 2012 Convention Plan Aims to Keep North Carolina Blue (via Google)
NYT: Can North Carolina Deliver Again for Obama?
Roll Call: Democrats’ Convention Choice Showcases Tension
NYT: Two Cities, Two Parties, One Big Steam Bath

WaPo: Obama praise could hurt two 2012 GOP candidates
Politico: Huckabee hunts ducks, weighs 2012
Politico: Mitt Romney swings by 'The View'
NYDN: Michele Bachmann for President: Attacks on Tea Party darling by the left are irrational
Politico: Jeb says he'd run on Bush legacy

Newt Gingrich: Rendezvous with Destiny


Roll Call: Republican’s Pawlenty Remark Starts Feud


Politico: DeMint leads S.C. — Huck runs strong


NYT: With Cuts, Cuomo Offers Shrunken Budget
NY Post: Gov goes on $9B chopping spree
Buffalo News: Governor proposes tough medicine to cure 'bankrupt' state
Rochester D&C: Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls for first cut in spending in 15 years
Syr PS: Cuomo's proposed budget would make deep cuts in school aid, state agencies
AP/Gormley: Cuomo's NY budget calls for spending cuts, layoffs
Albany TU: Judiciary singled out for a Cuomo jab
Albany TU: Cuomo garners unlikely praise
NRO: Cuomo the Conservative
WSJ: Cuomo Budget Contains Blanks
Albany TU: In budget message, Cuomo left out the hard parts
NYDN: Cuomo's budget proposal would slash at least $700 million from NYC
Wash Times: N.Y., California sing blue-state budget blues

NYT: Editorial: Nassau in a Ditch, Again


Fox: Gov. Jerry Brown Compares California to Egypt in State of the State Address
LAT: Jerry Brown nearly matched Whitman's campaign spending on TV in final weeks of race
SacBee: Maria Shriver lands new gig with Oprah's magazine


Fox: FL Gov. Rick Scott Vows to Close $3.6B Deficit, Make State 'Most Fiscally Conservative'
Miami Herald: Scott: Workers must pay own way for a pension
SPT: Gov. Scott's pension proposal: have state workers pay 5% into retirement & end DROP


AJC: Office payroll under Deal up 30 percent
AJC: Georgia 7th among states for illegal immigrants


Roll Call: Hoosier State Republicans Eyeing Pence’s Seat


AP: Former Sen. Coleman rules out 2012 Minn. campaign
DC: A former senator-turned staffer takes reins for MN freshman congressman


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich: Ex-advisers won't get lobbying favors


Hill: Dem says spending-cap bill 'could cost me my Senate seat' in 2012


Roll Call: Two Potential GOP Rivals Poll Well Against Nelson


Roll Call: Murphy’s 2010 Challenger Won’t Run for Conn. House Seat in 2012


Las Vegas RJ: Senate panel hires special counsel for Ensign probe
Politico: John Ensign running, despite ethics investigation


Politico: Orrin Hatch plays ball with tea party


Politico: Wilmer eyeing Rehberg's seat


Anchorage DN: Both Begich and Murkowski decry earmark ban


February 1, 2011


WSJ: Florida Judge Rules Against Health Law
WSJ: Contentious Clause at Heart of Health-Law Challenges
WSJ: ObamaCare and the Two Kennedys
Politico: Health care could be high-court nail-biter
WSJ: The Constitutional Moment: Judge Vinson introduces ObamaCare to Madison & Marshall
WSJ: Read Judge Vinson's opinion (.pdf)
NYT: Federal Judge Rules Health Law Violates Constitution
WaPo: Judge strikes down entire new health-care law
Wash Times: Judge rules against health law, cites Obama’s words
LA Times: Judge rules Obama healthcare law unconstitutional
AP/Nelson: Fla. judge in Obama health suit has own med story
DC: Coulter: If commerce clause allows health ins mandate, GOP should mandate guns, Bible
Politico: Who is Florida Judge Roger Vinson?
Politico: 3 other health care repeal cases of note

NRO: More Debt Ceiling Scare Tactics
NYT: Editorial: Debt Limit Follies

WSJ: Taxes Boost State Coffers
NYT: G.O.P. Governors Take Aim at Teacher Tenure
WSJ: Obama Proposes Tax Relief for Small Businesses
WSJ: Big Firms Get Break on Their Borrowing
Wash Times: Lawmakers wary of touching entitlements
Daily Caller: House GOP freshmen poised to push immediate spending cuts
Hill: House Republicans try to find middle ground on budget-cutting plan
Fox: Senate Democrats Promote Airport Construction Bill Worth $8B
WaPo: On economy, Obama takes a new role: cheerleader
Mark Penn: How Obama can find his center

American Thinker: Obama's Ongoing War on Inspectors General

WSJ: OpEd: Don't Just Cut Government, Reinvent It (via Google)

WSJ: Boom's Home-Ownership Gains Lost
WSJ: OpEd: What's So Special About the 30-Year Mortgage? (via Google)
AP/Fram: House panel probes Fannie, Freddie legal fees
Wash Times: Lawmakers not likely to evict Fannie, Freddie

Wash Times: Energy panel leader expects push for production of more U.S. oil
NYT: Gas Drilling Technique Is Labeled Violation
NYT: Obama’s Bid to End Oil Subsidies Revives Debate
WSJ: BP's Safety Drive Faces Rough Road
AP/Frommer: Key senator backs nuclear in clean energy proposal
Hill: Senator working with Obama officials to flesh out 'clean energy standard'
Rush Limbaugh: Two Stories on Electric Cars

NYT: Napolitano Accuses Critics of Politicizing Border Issues
Wash Times: ‘Virtual fence’ got late review of costs, benefits

Rush Limbaugh: The Regime of Pharaoh Obama Repeats Mistakes of Jimmy Carter
Rush Limbaugh: Economics of the Egypt Uprising
Larry Kudlow: Bernanke and Ethanol Sink Egypt
Rush Limbaugh: Flashback: What Did Obama's Apologies in Cairo Buy for Us?
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Didn't Back Iranian Revolt, But Supports Muslim Brotherhood
Human Events: Muslim Brotherhood Poised for Power in Egypt
Andrew McCarthy: Fear the Muslim Brotherhood
Weekly Standard: Dissecting Radical Islam
Pat Buchanan: Winners and Losers From a Pharaoh's Fall
Sen. John Kerry: Allying Ourselves With the Next Egypt
Michael Gerson: Arabs' urge for self-government shouldn't be a surprise
Marc Thiessen: 'We believe America is against us'
Wash Times: Editorial: Obama Channeling Jimmy Carter

Detroit News: Plot to blow up Dearborn mosque foiled by tip to police
Nice Deb: Another Liberal Meme Bites The Dust
BlogProf: He was Bill Ayers, not Tea Party

WaPo: Legislative proposal puts abortion rights supporters on alert

David Limbaugh: Liberal "Tolerance" Toward Bristol Palin

NYT: Bush’s Daughter, in a Break, Endorses Gay Marriage
WaPo: This just in...: Barbara Bush endorses gay marriage

NRO: CPAC’s Culture Club

Weekly Standard: The Left's Latest Target: Chick-fil-A?

WaPo: Editorial: The Justice Department has a way to go on ending prison rape

NYT: Smithsonian Official Defends Disputed Video’s Exhibit

James Taranto: Guilt by Free Association
WSJ: Another Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

NYT: Romney Outpaced Potential Rivals in 2010 Fund-raising
Hill: Romney laps the GOP field in fundraising
Politico: Huck slow walks the cash race
NYT: Envoy to China to Resign, Weighing ’12 G.O.P. Bid
WSJ: U.S. Ambassador to China Plans Exit
WaPo: The case for Jon Huntsman
WaPo: Data retread: can a Mormon win?
Hill: Axelrod: Obama faces wide-open, 'unpredictable' GOP field in 2012

AP/Elliott: RNC: $23 million debt as it gears up for 2012
WaPo: RNC is $23 million in debt
Roll Call: RNC’s Priebus: Finances Are Worse Than Report
Politico: The hole the RNC's in

Politico: Perry pockets $1.5 million for RGA

C&E: As Redistricting Begins, GOP Efforts Are Short on Cash

WaPo: DCCC targets 19 with first media offensive
Wash Times: Democrats already targeting first-term GOP congressmen
Roll Call: DCCC Has Twice as Much Debt as NRCC
Politico: DCCC $19 million in debt

American Spectator: Ronald Reagan's America
American Thinker: What Reagan Meant to America


Des Moines Register: Scores debate same-sex marriage at House hearing


Boston Globe: Hard turn right worries GOP moderates in N.H.


State: SC bill would require jobless agency to E-verify


NYT: State Prisons and Medicaid to Face Cuts in Cuomo Budget
DN: Cuomo's budget will call for 10% spending cut, nixing formulas that 'brought NY to brink'
NY Post: Cuomo exposes dirty budget trick
Buffalo News: Cuomo budget cuts spending for first time since mid-1990s
Albany TU: A budget volley from Cuomo
Albany TU: Cuomo to state workers: ‘Hang in there’
NYT: Senate Passes Cuomo’s Property-Tax Cap
NYT: Editorial: Property Tax Ploy

Albany TU: Video: Senate Dems have a rules alternative
Rochester D&C: Gov. Andrew Cuomo decries Senate vote limiting Robert Duffy's job

NYT: Nassau Sues Over Seizure of Finances


LA Times: Brown argues for his budget plan in State of the State address
WSJ: Brown's California Plan: Cuts, Taxes
AP/Williams: Whitman spends $178.5M on failed Calif. gov's race


Dallas MN: Texas’ proposed budget cuts frustrate senators in both parties


Buzz: Gov. Rick Scott to debut budget at tea party event


AJC: Bill would shorten early voting period


Chicago Tribune: Illinois civil unions signed into law
NYT: Illinois Governor Signs Civil Union Law


Star Tribune: Freshman class already making its mark in St. Paul


Milwaukee JS: Supreme Court's divisions get messy public airing


Detroit News: Gov. Snyder sets stage for tough calls

Detroit News: Stabenow coffers filling for '12 fight


AP/Lieb: GOP attorney Ed Martin to run for Mo. Senate
Weekly Standard: Martin to Challenge McCaskill in 2012
Roll Call: Talent’s Exit Opens Floodgates for Tea Party in Missouri


WaPo: Delivery of census data means Va. redistricting battle is near
WaPo: Could GOP grab control of redistricting in Virginia?

DC: Is U Va biased against professors that challenge global warming?


NYT: Republican Group Plans to Challenge Scott Brown
Roll Call: Scott Brown Has $7M in Bank to Fight Challenge From Right


Roll Call: Bingaman Has $500K at Start of 2012 Cycle


Roll Call: Denny Rehberg to Announce Senate Bid Saturday
Politico: Rehberg to announce for Senate Saturday


AP/Bohrer: Miller gives Fairbanks borough 30,000 requested e-mails


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