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January 7, 2011


Wash Times: GOP disputes deficit effect of health law repeal
NYT: Republicans Are Given a Price Tag for Health Law Repeal, but Reject It
WaPo: CBO says health care repeal would deepen deficit
Wkly Std: Paul Ryan: Actually, Obamacare Will Increase Budget Deficit by $700 Billion
WSJ: Boehner Dismisses CBO’s Health Repeal Cost
NYT: Democrats Plan Attack on Republican Repeal Effort
WSJ: Swearing-in Glitch Holds Up House Action on Health Repeal
NYT: Two Missed Moment to Solemnly Swear
David Brooks: Buckle Up for Round 2
John Fund: Things Could Get Ugly
Weekly Standard: Republicans Shouldn't Go Soft on Obamacare Repeal
Hill: Obama threatens to veto healthcare repeal
Rush Limbaugh: Make Obama Veto Obamacare Repeal Again and Again and Again
Kim Strassel: The New Party of No (via Google)

Rush Limbaugh: The Four Corners of Deceit Strike: Autism/Vaccine Study was a Hoax

WaPo: House passes budget cut for committees and legislative offices

WSJ: GOP Governors Seek Leeway to Cut Medicaid Rolls

Newt Gingrich: Prison reform: A smart way for states to save money and lives

WSJ: Hard-Hit Cities May Not Fully Heal for Years
WSJ: For My Dad, the 'New Normal' Is Old Hat

Wash Times: GOP faces spending test as debt nears $14.3T ceiling
WSJ: Initial Blows Exchanged as Debt-Cap Fight Begins
WSJ: Budget Panel Chief Makes Opening Bid
WSJ: Senior Republicans Weigh In On Debt Ceiling Vote
NYT: Geithner Asks Congress to Raise U.S. Debt Limit Quickly
Wash Times: Editorial: Only $279,950,956,705.59 left to spend
Paul Krugman: The Texas Omen
Rush Limbaugh: Who Has Power to Stop Spending?
Pat Buchanan: Are the Deficits Forever?

WSJ: Rep. Bachmann Moves Fast on Dodd-Frank Repeal

Politico: On Day Two, Eric Cantor builds his brand

Wash Times: Constitution read for first time, but not in its entirety
NYT: Constitution Has Its Day (More or Less) in House
NYT: Editorial: The United States Consti ...tion
Charles Krauthammer: Constitutionalism
Dana Milbank: Getting creative with the Constitution
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Tortured by Reading of the US Constitution on House Floor

NYT: For House Members Looking to Save Money, a Day at the Office Never Ends

Wash Times: Senate Democrats seek rule changes; GOP wary
Hill: Junior Senate Dems want chairmen to face election by secret ballot

Wash Times: Business community lauds Obama's new chief of staff
WSJ: President Revs Up Campaign to Make Peace With Business
WaPo: In Daley, Obama gets change, not continuity
WaPo: What the Bill Daley hire tells us about the White House
NYT: A Shift in Tactics, Not in Ideology
NYT: Business Background Defines Chief of Staff
WSJ: Daley Résumé Blends Politics, Business
NYT: Chamber: Daley Tough, but ‘a Very Strong Choice’
WSJ: Chicago Boy, 2.0

AP/Pace: WH: Obama to name Sperling to top economic post

AP/Aversa: Fed boss likely to sound more hopeful on economy

WSJ: Ex-CIA Official Charged in Leak on Iran Program
NYT: Ex-C.I.A. Officer Named in Disclosure Indictment

NYT: U.S. Cautions People Named in Cable Leaks
NYT: WikiLeaks Cables Make Appearance in a Tale of Sunken Treasure and Nazi Theft
Michael Gerson: WikiLeaks gives dangerous ammunition to a tyrant

WSJ: Pentagon Faces the Knife
WaPo: Pentagon to cut spending by $78 billion, reduce troop strength
NYT: Pentagon Seeks Biggest Military Cuts Since Before 9/11
Weekly Standard: Stealth Retreat

Jonah Goldberg: Who Are the Real Hijackers of Islam?

Fox: ACLU Sues to Protect Immigrant's Gun Rights From Change in South Dakota Law

WaPo: House Republicans seek to limit EPA climate rules
WSJ: Microbes Mopped Up After Spill
NYT: A Son of the Bayou, Torn Over the Shrimping Life
NYT: Editorial: Failure in the Gulf
WaPo: Editorial: The oil drilling industry, in over their heads

WSJ: U.S. Jump-Starts Bid to End Truck Dispute With Mexico
NYT: Obama Plan Aims to Ease Mexican Trucking Ban

WaPo: Editor who fired Juan Williams resigns after NPR review
Wash Times: NPR executive who fired Williams resigns

Peggy Noonan: The Captain and the King (via Google)
James Taranto: Huckleberry F---

C&E: Report: Obama to Base 2012 Campaign in Chicago

Roll Call: Despite Boehner’s Calls, RNC Member Backs Another Hopeful

Politico: Daniels to CPAC


State: Haley Inauguration: A day of firsts for SC
State: Sanford bows out, still urging tax cuts


NY Post: Cuomo's plan gets the cold Shel-der
NYT: Going to an Event Featuring Cuomo? Take a Coat, or Maybe a Blanket
NYT: Editorial: A Good Place to Start Cutting

Albany TU: Aubertine nominated for AG commissioner

Albany TU: GOP Senate has same old look, voice
Albany TU: Four freshman stand by Senate Dem leadership

NYT: Religious Leaders Call for New Efforts to Lower NY City’s ‘Chilling’ Abortion Rate

Fox: Snow Response Batters NYC Mayor's Approval


NYT: U.S. Inquiry Said to Focus on Calpers

SacBee: Moreno's departure gives Brown quick pick for high court


DMN: Questions about Sessions' status delay Republicans' health care repeal efforts


Miami Herald: Race for GOP chairman becomes nasty

SPT: Rick Scott considers 'destination casinos' for his economic plan


NYT: Georgia Facing a Hard Choice on Free Tuition

AJC: Deal sets up payment plan for debt


Chicago Tribune: Democrat lawmakers push 75% state income tax increase
Chicago Sun-Times: Income tax hike deal reached
WSJ: Bond Buyers' Eyes Are on Illinois (via Google)

Chicago Tribune: Illinois House votes to abolish death penalty

Chicago Sun-Times: Daley son’s business partner indicted for mail fraud


Star Tribune: Dayton stands his ground on taxes with business groups

Star Tribune: Pawlenty looks to next chapter in autobiography
AP/Bakst: Pawlenty memoir highlights faith


Milwaukee JS: State Democrats are dragged to charm school


Columbus Dispatch: For $1, Kasich hires private help to spur job creation


Detroit News: Gov. Snyder picks Justice Corrigan to lead Human Services


National Enquirer: John Edwards secret proposal to mistress
Detroit FP: Tabloid: John Edwards engaged to Rielle Hunter
Politico: Reports: John Edwards engaged to Rielle Hunter

AP/Baker: Friend of John Edwards makes courthouse appearance


WaPo: NoVa Republicans propose plan to fund transportation


WSJ: Incendiary Device Mailed to Governor
NYT: Two Packages Emit Smoke in Maryland State Buildings

WaPo: Wait for same-sex marriage in Maryland could be nearing an end


NYT: Christie Outlines a Plan to Pay for Transit Work
NYT: Christie Signs Tougher Law on Bullying in Schools


Boston Globe: Launching 2d term, Patrick says state must act on tough choices


Roll Call: Poll: Dim Outlook for Ensign Re-Election


January 6, 2011


Wash Times: Boehner takes reins in House
WSJ: Boehner Takes Reins, Vows Change
WaPo: John Boehner sets humble tone as he claims House gavel
Hill: Gavel in hand, new Speaker Boehner pledges humble majority
LA Times: House Republicans to set the tone for 2012
WaPo: Speaker Boehner hits a home run
WaPo: Pelosi's handover to Boehner: Gracious -- and defiant
NYT: Taking Control, G.O.P. Overhauls Rules in House
WaPo: A changing of the gavel as 112th Congress is sworn in
Fox: GOP-Controlled House to Kick Off New Session by Reading Constitution Aloud
WSJ: The Constitution as Political Pocket Protector
NYT: Reading Between the Battle Lines: An Annotated Guide to the Constitution
WaPo: Constitution Day: House to hold first-ever floor reading of founding document
WSJ: Constitutional Power Hour (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Say Conservatives Have a "Fetish" for the US Constitution
NYT: Speaker’s Wife Emphasizes ‘Normal, Average’ Life
NYT: Before Family and Friends, Passing a Gavel Heavy With Symbolism
WaPo: For GOP freshmen, a mix of pomp and pressure
WaPo: For GOP freshmen, congressional swearing-in is 'game day'
NRO: Ready to Start Cutting
WSJ: The president must have power over the budget to make spending reform work
Wash Times: Centrists likely to sway priority issues on Hill
NRO: Editorial: Operation Rewind
Weekly Standard: Speaker of the House John Boehner
NYT: Editorial: The Corporate House
WaPo: Editorial: Changing Washington's wasteful ways will take more than rhetoric
Rush Limbaugh: The Cavalry Arrives in Washington
American Spectator: Reinforcements Are Here
John Fund: Congress's Seniority System Is Getting Old
Hill: New Oversight chairman casts wide net in targeting Obama regulations
Ann Coulter: Investigate This!
American Spectator: Ryan Takes the Point on Fiscal Reform
Ezra Klein: A very smart speech by Speaker Boehner
James Taranto: Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
Dana Milbank: Pelosi perma-grins & bears it as she hands speaker's gavel to John Boehner
Politico: 19 Democrats vote against Nancy Pelosi
Rush Limbaugh: Boehner Tells Off Dingy Harry

NYT: Obama Turning to Experienced Hands as He Remakes Staff
Fox: Volcker to Step Down as Top Obama Economic Advisor
WSJ: Economic Team Gets Sperling; Gibbs Out
Wash Times: Gibbs joins parade to door
WaPo: Robert Gibbs resigns, saying he'll serve Obama better from outside
WaPo: Daley visits White House as Obama prepares to make sweeping staff changes

Wash Times: Democrats in Senate stall over filibuster
Wash Times: OpEd: Bid to 'reform' filibuster is dangerous
Politico: Democrats' filibuster plan in jeopardy
Rush Limbaugh: Senate Dems Target Filibuster Rule

American Spectator: Lessons From the Lame-Duck Tax Rates Battle

WSJ: Health Spending Eats Up Record Chunk of GDP
NYT: Health Spending Rose in ’09, but at Low Rate
WSJ: White House Reverses on End-of-Life Counseling
Hill: Dems up for reelection under pressure to nix healthcare mandate
Karl Rove: ObamaCare Rewards Friends, Punishes Enemies
Rush Limbaugh: Vote to Repeal Obamacare Will Send Powerful, Historic Statement
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Push Health Care Deficit Lie
Rush Limbaugh: See, Sarah Palin Told You So: Obama Death Panels are Back

WSJ: Momentum Builds for Corporate-Tax Overhaul
WSJ: Private Sector Sees Hiring Surge (via Google)

Janet Napolitano: How to Secure the Global Supply Chain (via Google)
Fox: Napolitano: Counterterrorism Must Focus on Shipments of Everyday Chemicals

Wash Times: Senators seek data on Gitmo detainee transfers

WSJ: White House Probe Blames BP, Industry in Gulf Blast
NYT: Blunders Abounded Before Gulf Spill, Panel Says
WaPo: BP, Transocean, Halliburton blamed by presidential Gulf oil spill commission

NYT: Pension Fund Losses Hit States Hard, Data Show
American Thinker: Reevaluating Pension Entitlements in the Public Sector
WaPo: Recession-bruised states' revenue sank 30 percent in 2009, Census Bureau reports

NYT: OpEd: Who Wants a 30-Year Mortgage?

NYT: State Lawmakers Outline Plans to End Birthright Citizenship, Drawing Outcry
Politico: Steve King unveils birthright bill

NYT: Nominee for a Key Justice Department Post

Wash T: Gay group in, values groups out at CPAC: Social conservatives to skip gathering
Daily Caller: CPAC, homosexuality, and the crack-up of conservatism

Roll Call: GOPers With Gavels Not Likely to Seek Senate Seats
Roll Call: 2012 Senate Landscape Is Far From Finalized

Politico: House Republicans head to Baltimore

Roll Call: ABC News: Michele Bachmann Considering Presidential Bid
NRO: Bachmann for President?


Roll Call: Iowa’s 2012 Shuffle: Five Members, Four Seats


Union Leader: Ayotte begins term with a good run


State: Tea Party: Group high on Haley
State: Haley names new revenue chief

State: Wilson ready to obstruct health care reform


Albany TU: In State of State, Cuomo lays out plan to 'transform' NY
NYDN: Cuomo sets bold fiscal, ethical agenda in State of State
NY Post: Silver looks away as new gov pitches ethics reform in State of State
WSJ: Cuomo Outlines Fiscal Fix
NY Post: Andy short on specifics of $$ cuts
NYT: Speech Suggests Pro-Business Approach by Cuomo
Buffalo News: 'New perspective' is urged by Cuomo for daunting tasks
Rochester D&C: State of the State address: Cuomo offers agenda to reform New York
Syr PS: Reaction to Cuomo's State of State speech: Decent ideas, but let's see details
NYT: For Cuomo, PowerPoint as Fireside Chat
NYT: Editorial: Governor Cuomo’s New York

NYDN: Four Democrats, including Se. Jeff Klein, bold in state Senate free-for-all


LA Times: Jerry Brown's choices for key posts reflect his long career
LA Times: Chart: Brown's administration
SacBee: Jerry Brown appoints wife as 'special counsel'

George Skelton: At the end of Schwarzenegger's term, cronyism won


Politico: Kay Bailey Hutchison mum on reelection race
Dallas MN: Texas' GOP freshmen plan to be aggressive in U.S. House


SPT: Marco Rubio takes his place as Florida's newest U.S. senator


AJC: Georgians throw surprise into House speaker vote


Chicago Tribune: Braun releases more tax records, but questions linger
Chicago Tribune: Emanuel residency ruling appealed

Chicago Sun-Times: State leaders ‘very close’ to tax hike deal


Star Tribune: Critics get a say as Dayton opts in on health law


Milwaukee JS: GOP lawmakers block legal redistricting help for Democrats


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich relents, makes swearing-in public
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich may tap Democrat for BMV


Detroit FP: Snyder schedules State of the State address for Jan. 19


Politico: McCaskill moves away from mandate


Hill: Rep. Blackburn gets Democrat's support on legislation to strike net neutrality


WaPo: Elizabeth Edwards leaves everything to children in will; no mention of John Edwards


WaPo: Editorial: In Virginia, restoring the vote, and a life, for ex-cons


Politico: Rockefeller takes aim at EPA


WaPo: O'Donnell campaign pledges to review, resubmit financial reports
NYT: Losing Candidate Amending Finance Reports
Politico: Christine O'Donnell will refile finance docs


NYT: Sworn In, Connecticut Governor Calls for 2-Party Effort


Boston Globe: 2 N.E. freshmen personify the D.C. divide


Boston Globe: Maine inaugurates its first Republican governor in 16 years
Bangor DN: LePage sworn in as governor: ‘Four years and a job to do’


Las Vegas RJ: Heck joins 112th Congress; veterans take the oath again
Politico: Nevada political titan Raggio to retire


Anchorage DN: Murkowski welcomed back to US Senate

Politico: Palins go gold mining on 'Alaska'


January 5, 2011


WSJ: Battle Lines Form Over Government's Role
NYT: Republicans Lower Goal for Cuts to Budget
Human Events: GOP Needs Bold Initiatives For Job Growth
Newt Gingrich: Jobs And Paychecks Must Be Job One
Fox: Battle Brewing Over Federal Debt Limit
Hill: ‘Cut and grow’ is new mantra of incoming House GOP majority
NYT: As Boehner Ascends, His Power Comes With Caveats
NYT: Congress to Return With G.O.P. Vowing to Alter Rules
WaPo: In House, new Republican majority plans to act fast to undo Obama's agenda
Wash Times: Tea party organizers warn: 'We are watching'
LA Times: 'Tea party' freshmen embrace status quo
Hill: Tea Party skeptics to support Boehner for Speaker, leadership aides say
Human Events: DeMint: "Federal Government Has To Do Less, Not More"
Hill: Conservative lawmakers decry GOP rules with 'Washington-style gimmicks'
WaPo: After losing House, Democrats will try new strategy: bipartisanship
WSJ: Obama Can't Count on Support in Senate
WSJ: Hot Business Issues on Capitol Hill
Hill: House to vote Thursday on 5 percent cut to office expenses
NYT: G.O.P. Asks Businesses Which Rules to Rewrite
Daily Caller: Darrell Issa's looming letters to the Obama administration
WSJ: Freshmen Bring Business Resumes
WaPo: Recitation of Constitution set in House renews debate over Founders' intentions
WaPo: House appropriators face deep budget cut in anti-earmark era
NYT: Victory Alone Does Not a Mandate Make
NYT: A Title Change, but the Tears Will Stay
Fox: GOP Freshmen From Safe Districts Party On Despite Leadership Anxieties
Politico: GOP freshmen seek balancing act with party leaders
WSJ: The GOP Opportunity: The main Republican task will be framing the issues for 2012
NYT: Editorial: Pomp, and Little Circumstance
Fred Barnes: The Rise of the 2006 House Republican Class
Dick Morris: How to defeat Obama
Dana Milbank: GOP congressional leaders are acting a lot like their predecessors

Sen. Mitch McConnell: A power grab Democrats should avoid
Human Events: Alexander Warns Democrats Against Senate Power Grab
James Taranto: The weird timing of the Democrats' "filibuster reform"
Hill: Democrats face delays on filibuster reform
NYT: A Warning on Reining in Filibusters
WaPo: Editorial: The filibuster's future

WSJ: Health Care Again Tops the Agenda, This Time of GOP
Wash Times: House to vote on repeal of health care law
Human Events: Boehner Takes Control With ObamaCare Repeal
Hill: Dems who voted 'no' on healthcare weigh support for repeal
WaPo: Both sides prepare to battle over repeal of health-care law
NRO: Obamacare: An Unacquired Taste
WaPo: Eric Cantor knows best? The GOP moves on health care
NYT: U.S. Alters Rule on Paying for End-of-Life Planning
FL AG Pam Bondi: The States Versus ObamaCare

NYT: Deflation Concerns Diminish at the Fed
WaPo: Federal Reserve's bond-buying program likely to run its course

Hill: Reform of Fannie, Freddie unlikely despite House Republican push

NYT: Birthright Citizenship Looms as Next Immigration Battle
WSJ: Birthright Citizenship and the 14th Amendment (via Google)

Hill: Rep. King blasts critics, defends hearing on homegrown terror

Human Events: Media Slow To Show WikiLeaks Justified Iraq War

Ted Nugent: Tighter travel restrictions pave way for government tyranny

NYT: Obama Aides Lean Against Bypass of Guantánamo Rules

NYT: Wanted: New Chiefs of Staff for Obama and Biden
WaPo: What Robert Gibbs' departure could mean

NYT: Cheney Is Back, With Heart Pump and New Outlook

Politico: Bush, Reagan aide last spotted near lawyer's office

Roll Call: Boehner Making Calls for Maria Cino
Wash Times: GOP moneymen unite against 2nd term for Steele
Hill: Ex-RNC head: Steele candidacy doomed
Weekly Standard: Does Michael Steele Understand the RNC's Role?

Daily Caller: Santorum knocks Palin, Romney
Politico: Sarah Palin hints support for 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal
AP/D'Oro: Palin's retweet on 'don't ask' raises some questions

American Thinker: The Military After DADT


Union Leader: Endorsements rolling in for both NHGOP chair candidates
Concord Monitor: More endorsements for state GOP chief


State: State employee pay cuts in last Sanford budget
State: Haley on track to raise $600k for inaugural


NYT: Cuomo Starts Term With Some Top Jobs Still Empty
Albany TU: Four more Cuomo appointees, officially
NY Post: Dark clouds over NY in 1st Cuomo speech
Syr PS: Cuomo is expected to reveal painful budget cuts in today's State of the State talk

Rochester D&C: Thomas Richards' eligibility for special election challenged


SacBee: Jerry Brown pitches a shift to local governments
NYT: Part of California Takes On Illegal Hiring
WSJ: California Fleeing: Govs Raid California for its businesses

NYT: California: Judges Ask for Clarity on Same-Sex Marriage Measure

Dan Walters: Foul stench permeates Schwarzenegger's final acts


Dallas MN: Dallas GOP wants party to pick Texas House speaker before session begins
WSJ: Texas Welcomes Nuclear Discards


Fox: Scott Sworn in as Florida's 45th Governor
SPT: Wistfully, Crist hands over the reins to Scott
SPT: Analysis: We still don't really know Rick Scott
SPT: Private security staff escorts Rick Scott throughout inauguration

Buzz: On eve of swearing in, Rubio given big welcome to Washington

Ledger: Putnam Sworn In as Agriculture Chief


AJC: Governor-elect has deep roots in Middle Georgia


Chicago Tribune: Top Dems struggle to beat tax-hike clock

Chicago Sun-Times: Braun needs a job, but tax returns won’t help land one at City Hall
WSJ: Judge Says Emanuel Can Run In Chicago Mayoral Election
NYT: Illinois: Another Ruling Favors Emanuel in Chicago Residency Dispute


NYT: Budget Hawk Eyes Deficit (Mitch Daniels)


Star Tribune: Republicans step into power
Star Tribune: Bachmann to introduce bill repealing Wall Street reform
Star Tribune: Klobuchar wants to change filibuster rules


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich promises transparency
Columbus Dispatch: Strickland commutes six sentences, pardons 37


Detroit FP: Snyder's pick to head agency has major Supreme Court implications


WaPo: FDA's No. 2 leaving to helm Md. health department


Pittsburgh TR: Toomey eager to roll up sleeves, take on problems
NYT: Arlen Specter to Teach at Law School


NYT: Christie Seeks to Relax Rules on Who Can Lead Schools
NYT: Panel Unveils Ways to Improve New Jersey’s Public Universities


Roll Call: Maine Democrat Considering Challenging Snowe


Las Vegas RJ: Report says Nevada's economic and budget crises will last 10 years


NYT: On the Way Out, a Governor Takes a Controversial Step


January 4, 2011


WSJ: New Speaker Vows to Share Power—a Tricky Proposition
WSJ: Congress Rediscovers the Constitution
WSJ: In With the New—and Young—Republicans
NYT: G.O.P. Sets Up Huge Target for Budget Ax
WSJ: Rules for Smaller Government (via Google)
Marc Thiessen: Advice for the new Congress from the original conservative insurgent
Human Events: DeMint On A Government Shutdown: Bring It
American Spectator: Boehner Takes On Radical-In-Chief
Bob Herbert: Get Ready for a G.O.P. Rerun
CBS: National Debt Tops $14 Trillion

Fox: Issa Sets Sights on WikiLeaks, Govt Regulation and Afghanistan for Future Hearings
WaPo: Incoming House GOP chairmen have a long list of issues to investigate
WaPo: House panel won't investigate six lawmakers' use of travel stipends
WaPo: Editorial: Rep. Darrell Issa's wild accusations are hurtful - to his own reputation

NYT: Strained States Turning to Laws to Curb Labor Unions
WSJ: Labor's Coming Class War
WSJ: The Blue Men Group: Can Democrats reform NY, IL and CA? (via Google)

WSJ: Stock Surge Rings In Year
WSJ: Bankruptcy Filings Leapt 9% Last Year
WSJ: OpEd: Dodd-Frank and the Return of the Loan Shark (via Google)

NYT: House to Vote Jan. 12 on Health-Care Repeal
WaPo: House sets Jan. 12 vote on repeal of health-care law
Hill: RGA poised to play central role in looming healthcare battle
Weekly Std: HHS is Paying Google with Taxpayer Money to Alter 'Obamacare' Search Results
Eugene Robinson: A health-care fight Democrats should welcome

WSJ: FDA Prepares to Enact New Food-Safety Law
NYT: Obama Likely to Face Fight Over Cost of Food Safety Bill

WSJ: Democrats Aim to Curb Talking Tactic
NYT: Democrats Plan Push to Curtail Use of Filibusters
Politico: Democrats stymied on filibuster reform
WSJ: OpEd: Filibuster Reform Both Parties Can Agree On (via Google)
Sen Tom Udall: A Senate new year's resolution: Fixing a broken set of rules

NYT: President May Realign Senior Staff
WSJ: Ex-Clinton Aide in Line for Post
WaPo: William Daley, former commerce secretary, eyed for senior White House post
NYT: Obama Talks With William Daley About a Job
WSJ: Auto-Bailout Planner in Line for Post

NYT: Obama May Bypass Guantánamo Rules, Aides Say
James Taranto: Colman McCarthy Was Right

Wash Times: Army will evaluate suspect in WikiLeaks

WSJ: Navy Weighs Firing Chief for Lewd Videos
NYT: Navy Captain Is Investigated Over Videos
WaPo: Navy's quick condemnation of raunchy videos wins praise from gay rights groups

John Bolton: North Korea: Not the Time for Talks (via Google)

WSJ: Death of Bush Aide Is Called a Homicide
NYT: Remains of Ex-Officer Are Found in a Landfill
WaPo: Early supporter of Vietnam Memorial found dead in Delaware landfill
WaPo: John Wheeler, former Bush administration aide, found dead in landfill

WSJ: Path Clears for Deep-Water Drilling
WSJ: Investigators Urge Pipeline Measures

Wash Times: Reid unlikely to hold the trump card in push for Internet gambling

Andrew McCarthy: Congress Must Lead, Not the Courts
NYT: Editorial: The Missing Judges
WaPo: Editorial: Wheels of justice slowed by confirmation delay

NYT: OpEd: A Clear Danger to Free Speech (Shield Bill)

NYT: Senator Calls for Helmet Safety Investigation

Wash Times: Rivals for RNC chief vow to improve party finances
Human Events: No Dents In Steele At RNC Debate
WSJ: Contenders for RNC Post Snipe at Steele
Buffalo News: Cino does well in debate on who should lead GOP
Mother Jones: Dick Cheney's Disappearing Clout
NYT: Steele Faces His Rivals in Gentle G.O.P. Debate
WaPo: Steele defends record at RNC forum: 'We won'
Roll Call: RNC Candidates Say They’d Steer Clear of Primaries
WaPo: Steele: No 'alarm bells' at RNC
WaPo: The best (and the worst) of the RNC chair debate
Dana Milbank: Michael Steele is part of the chorus at RNC debate

John Fund: Obama Balms the Base

Fox: Democrats Hunting for Vulnerable Republicans to Shoot Down in 2012

Politico: House freshman throws a party - and GOP cringes


Roll Call: New Hampshire Republicans Splitting Over Chairman’s Race
Boston Globe: State GOP chairman endorses a successor
Concord Monitor: Sununu: Bergeron should replace me
Nashua Telegraph: Sununu endorses Bergeron as GOP chairman


Pat Buchanan: Requiem For A Patriot (Roger Milliken)


WSJ: Cuomo Targeting Medicaid Spending
NYT: Cuomo, Before Seeking a Wage Freeze, Says He Will Cut His Salary 5%
Buffalo News: Cuomo cuts pay 5% for top aides and himself
Albany TU: Cuomo: Wage freeze is ‘necessary’ (video added)
NY Post: Let 'millionaire' tax die out, Cuomo says
Albany TU: Governor takes charge with promises to keep
Albany TU: Iwanowicz is out; other agencies lose top aides
NYT: Decorum in Albany? Don’t Count on It

Albany TU: Skelos and Libous dismantle Fort, uh, Sampson

NYDN: Rep. Pete King set to take control of Homeland Security Committee


SacBee: Jerry Brown pledges 'tough budget for tough times'
LA Times: Taking state's reins for 3rd time
NYT: Brown Returns as California Governor, Facing Some Familiar Challenges
WSJ: Taking On a Different California
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown hits right tone in inaugural speech

LA Times: Cutting of Nuñez's sentence sparks anger
NYT: Son of Former Speaker Has His Prison Term Cut
Fox: Schwarzenegger Takes Heat for Commuting Manslaughter Sentence of Lawmaker's Son


Lubbock AJ: Chisum leads House speaker challenge
Austin AS: Conservative group turns up the heat in effort to oust GOP speaker
AP/Root: Conservative activists want new Texas speaker

WaPo: Texas slips in House leadership clout

Dallas MN: Private toll roads get new push in Texas


SPT: Rick Scott set to take final step in improbable journey to Florida governor

AP: Former Fla. GOP leader in court


GulfLive: Candidates line up for Mississippi governor race


Bloomberg: Illinois Has Days to Plug $13 Billion Deficit That Took Years to Produce

WSJ: Illinois Attempts to Link Teacher Tenure to Results

Chicago Sun-Times: Braun changes mind, says she will release tax returns
Chicago Tribune: Braun flip-flops on tax returns

Chicago Tribune: Illinois Republicans plan Reagan-themed fundraiser


Roll Call: Daniels Aide Elected Indiana GOP Chairman


Star Tribune: Dayton: State, nation at crossroad


Milwaukee JS: Jubilant Republicans celebrate a new era as Walker sworn in


Columbus Dispatch: Slow redistricting could delay Ohio's presidential primary

Columbus Dispatch: Ohio House speaker sets busy agenda


Detroit News: Snyder to name Corrigan to Cabinet
Detroit FP: Gov. Snyder sets ambitious budget goal


WaPo: Republicans line up to run for Gear's House seat
WaPo: Republicans outraise opponents for Virginia special elections


Politico: W.Va. GOP chair mulling gov. run


NYT: Conservative Seeks Balance on His Way to Senate


NYT: New Tangle In Battle Over Court In Trenton
S-L: NJ Supreme Court stand-off may leave 2 seats open at end of Justice Rivera-Soto's term


Boston Globe: Patrick cuts lawmakers’ pay by $300


Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval: 'Nevada will be Nevada again'


Roll Call: Former New Mexico Rep. Wilson Considering Senate Bid


Oregonian: Allen Alley picks up strong backing for Oregon GOP chairmanship


January 3, 2011


WSJ: Congress Targets Spending
WaPo: Austerity is first order for Boehner's installation as House speaker
NYT: G.O.P. Newcomers Set Out to Undo Obama Victories
Wash Times: GOP to scrutinize Obama's feats
American Spectator: Here Comes Trouble
Fox: Tea Party Republicans Vow to Attack Deficit Spending 'Once and for All' in Next Session
Hill: With strong momentum on slashing deficit, strife looms in GOP
WaPo: House Republicans to bring up repeal of health-care law 'early' in new Congress
Politico: 6 states to watch on health reform
Fox: Issa Predicts 'Constant Battle' With White House Over Economy
Politico: Darrell Issa reveals list of investigations
WaPo: Issa says Obama administration is 'one of most corrupt'
Politico: Issa clarifies remark calling Obama 'corrupt'
Human Events: DeMint Demands Showdown On Increasing Debt Ceiling
Erick Erickson: Senator Jim DeMint: Conservative Of The Year
Rep. Jeb Hensarling: Simple Answers Missed
EJ Dionne: What a GOP Congress might bring

WSJ: House Panel Drops Probe into Travel Funds
NYT: Editorial: Reform and the Filibuster

Wash Times: Dramatic spike in gas prices forecasted
Wash Times: No comfort and joy in holiday gas prices
WSJ: Drilling Is Stalled Even After Ban Is Lifted
WSJ: New Scrutiny Slams Near-Shore Exploration
Hill: The top 5 overlooked energy stories
AP/McPherson: North Dakota oil production is predicted to double

WaPo: Wall Street ties complicate the politically touchy search for economic adviser
WSJ: Moving Beyond Fannie and Freddie (via Google)
WaPo: Editorial: New pay-go rules reveal GOP's misplaced priorities
Paul Krugman: Deep Hole Economics
Hill: Budget crunch threatens rollout of Wall Street reform regulations

NYT: OpEd: Chewing Gum for Terrorists

Jed Babbin: Let's Ban Ivy League ROTC

Zbigniew Brzezinski: How to Stay Friends With China

Arne Duncan: School reform: A chance for bipartisan governing

Ross Douthat: The Unborn Paradox

DC: RNC candidates vie for Steele's job at Daily Caller-sponsored debate
Human Events: Preview Of The RNC Debate
Weekly Standard: In RNC Race, Priebus Takes Heat for Steele Ties
Wash Times: RNC sees deep red for 2012 budget: Historic debt may sink Steele
Politico: Majority of RNC against Michael Steele
Human Events: Steele Fires Back, Responds To Critics
WSJ: Gentry Collins Quits RNC Race
NYT: Critic of Steele Drops Bid to Replace Him
Roll Call: Gentry Collins Drops RNC Chairmanship Bid
Politico: Doug Heye to leave Republican National Committee

Politico: Phil Cox named RGA executive director

NYT: Kaine Says He’ll Keep D.N.C. Post
Wash Times: Democrats aim to create jobs, Kaine says
Roll Call: DCCC Chairman Predicts Voters Will Have GOP ‘Buyer’s Remorse’

Wash Times: Graham: Romney leads possible 2012 GOP candidates
Politico: Toomey: Palin could carry Pennsylvania
NRO: ‘The Man with the Mustache’ (John Bolton)
McClatchy: As 2011 arrives, so does a new presidential race

WSJ: Forget Pep Talks; Governors Warn of Tough Times


State: Money, lack of GOP star temper 2012 race in S.C.


NYT: Cuomo Plans One-Year Freeze on State Workers’ Pay
Albany TU: Pay freeze on tap Wednesday
NYDN: Cuomo to push for freeze on state worker salaries and cap on state spending
Albany TU: Cuomo outlines new reality
Albany TU: Governor takes charge with promises to keep
Albany TU: Cuomo sends executive staff to ethics school
NY Post: Sandra Lee opens up about new 'baby' bird and life as the gov's girlfriend

NYT: Obama Signs Bill to Help 9/11 Workers


LA Times: Brown's success could depend on his first 100 days
Dan Walters: Brown 2.0 will face old issues
AP/Williams: Jerry Brown returns to lead a troubled California

NYT: Worries Follow Route of High-Speed California Line

WSJ: Schwarzenegger Exits, Legacy Vague
AP/Spagat: Gov. Schwarzenegger issues last day commutations


WSJ: The EPA's War on Texas (via Google)


Miami Herald: Scott casts skeptical eye on state pension funding

Jeb Bush: Accountability Is Working in Florida's Schools (via Google)

Hill: West 'didn't learn anything' from chief of staff stepping down

NYT: Enter: Swinging. Exit: Much the Same Way (Alan Grayson)


AJC: New legislative session, old troubles
AJC: Perdue pushed pet projects


Chicago Trib: Emanuel's White House experience cuts both ways in Chicago mayor's race
Chicago Sun-Times: Meeks, Davis stand with Braun in mayor’s race
AP/Babwin: Blacks gravitate toward Braun for Chicago mayor


Star Tribune: Bachmann on "Face the Nation": Don't raise the debt ceiling
Star Tribune: Dayton takes governor's oath Monday


Milwaukee JS: Obey leaves Congress with plenty on his mind


Detroit News: Public workers in Snyder's sights


WaPo: Maryland GOP chairman Mooney doesn't rule out future Congress run


AP/Levy: Specter: A Democrat, and in between, a Republican


Boston Globe: Patrick may trim legislators’ salaries

Bost Globe: Alarms on sex assaults in military: Tsongas helps win law on handling of cases


Las Vegas RJ: Run for Congress likely in Rory Reid's future as county reign ends


WaPo: Arizona plan for largest U.S. copper mine spurs economic, environmental debate


American Thinker: Will Obama Silence Blundering Abercrombie?


January 2, 2011


AP/Babington: Spending showdowns will test new Congress
NYT: Public Workers Facing Outrage as Budget Crises Grow
Hill: California Republican touts legislation banning public pension bailouts
Ken Blackwell: GOP Should Trade Debt Ceiling Vote For Balanced Budget Amendment
David Limbaugh: The Administration's Administrative Tyranny Marches On

Hill: A new order: House power players to watch in the 112th Congress
LA Times: Incoming House chairmen are on a mission
SF Chron: GOP Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy on what Washington can learn from Bakersfield
Fox: Political Climate Changing as Rep. Upton Targets EPA Rules
Hill: Incoming Budget chairman punches back over rules change
Hill: Senior House Republican sees significant support from Dems this year
NYT: Tea Party Activists Angry at G.O.P. Leaders
WaPo: Tea-party activists question if rebel political movement has changed for worse
WaPo: President Obama and Republicans differ on political priorities for 2011
WaPo: As control of the House turns over, young aides perform a familiar shuffle
AP/Pace: Obama: Dems, GOP must cooperate in new year
Chicago Tribune: Biden is a linchpin of Obama's presidency

WSJ: A Few Surprises Could Make 2011 a Winner
NYT: Editorial: The Economy in 2011
Gregory Mankiw: How to Break Bread With the Republicans
NYT: Real Estate Developers Prosper Despite Defaults
WaPo: Editorial: Trim the excessive tax subsidy for real estate

WaPo: New health-care rules to take effect
Hill: GOP lawmaker likens healthcare repeal to battling in Fallujah
Hill: Kucinich: GOP push against healthcare law could revive single-payer push

Fox: Immigration Office Eases Off Foreign Worker Rule After Employer Backlash

Walter Mondale: Resolved: Fix the Filibuster

LA Times: Ex-Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman hints at GOP presidential bid
Spectator UK: Top Republican prepares to leave Obama's big tent (Jon Huntsman)
Newsweek: The Manchurian Candidate
Atlantic: Oh Calm Down ('Huntsman 2012' Dept)

DC: Saul Anuzis steps up to battle Michael Steele for RNC chairmanship

Hill: Sunday shows: 112th battles begin
Politico: Sunday TV show tip sheet


Des Moines Register: Branstad faces a changed Iowa


AP/Love: NH govs historically stingy in granting pardons


DC: Nikki Haley denies Oprah interview with convicted murderer Susan Smith
State: Questions surround latest attempt at state immigration reform
State: A year of 'firsts' in S.C. politics


Albany TU: Cuomo seeks to close 'integrity deficit'
WSJ: Cuomo Emphasizes New York’s Challenges
NYT: Cuomo Promises Emergency Financial Plan
NYT: A Speaking Manner Rooted in Queens but All His Own
NYT: Cuomo’s Albany Housing, From Old Hotel to Mansion
NYT: A Father Looks On Not With Pride, but With Gratitude
NYT: Nice to Meet You, Governor. And Sandra Lee! Wow!
Albany TU: Transcript of Cuomo’s inaugural address
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo, Robert Duffy vow to rebuild state

NYDN: AG Eric Schneiderman's got tough act to follow after replacing Cuomo

NYDN: Clueless Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith deserves blame for fiasco following blizzard
Fox: New York Government Reportedly Investigating Claims of Snow Removal Slowdown
NY Post: Sanit bigs boozed amid snow chaos: witnesses

Rochester D&C: Thomas Richards officially becomes interim mayor


Ruben Navarrette: Will Calif. follow Arizona on immigration?

BBC: 'Hasta la vista' for California Governor Schwarzenegger
LA Times: Schwarzenegger looks back on his seven years in Sacramento

LA Times: When will housing come back in California? Five experts offer their views


NYT: Legislature Is Coming: A Primer on the Session
Dallas MN: Texas social services chief blunt on severity of cutbacks on children, elderly


Orlando Sentinel: CEO about to become gov: Can Rick Scott run Florida like a business?

Miami Herald: Records expose payoffs to Florida's ex-GOP chairman Greer


NYT: Ex-Senator Is Now the Only Major Black Hopeful in a Chicago Race
NYT: Other Blacks Drop Out and Throw Support to Moseley Braun in Chicago Mayoral Race
Chicago Sun-Times: Braun gets official stamp of consensus candidate
Chicago Tribune: Moseley Braun says she's most qualified for mayor's job
Roll Call: Davis Will Stay in Congress
Chicago Tribune: Will Chicago think big after Daley?


AP/Martin: Ind. lawmakers to face tough budget decisions

AP/Wilson: Indiana secretary of state challenge filed in court


Coons Rapids Herald: Pawlenty ends eight years as state’s governor


NYT: Wisconsin State Workers Fret, as G.O.P. Takes Over
AP: Wis. Republican rails against Walker train sticker
Milwaukee JS: A look at Scott Walker's campaign promises
Milwaukee JS: Walker's fate tied to economy


Human Events: Rep.-elect Jim Renacci, The Dedicated Budgeteer


Detroit News: Snyder urges change in Michigan's culture, shared sacrifice
Detroit FP: Rick Snyder sworn in as Michigan's 48th governor
AP/Hoffman: Snyder Sworn in as Michigan's Governor
Detroit FP: Snyder's inaugural address: 'It is time to start a new era' in Michigan
Detroit News: Hamtramck is Snyder's challenge


Joplin Globe: Larger Republican majorities boost hopes for tax overhaul
Fred Barnes: Senator Kit Bond Says Goodbye


Richmond TD: Cantor set to become majority leader

WaPo: Editorial: As congressional redistricting reform creeps forward, it's Virginia's turn


Cherry Hill CP: Storm still rages over Christie's actions, cuts
Star-Ledg: Christie defends decision to stay in Florida during blizzard, requests federal aid
DC: Christie says he was away from NJ during blizzard because he promised children Disney


Boston Globe: Patrick may trim legislators’ salaries

Hill: Sen. Brown named 'Bostonian of the Year' for inspiring political underdogs


Carlsbad CA: Susana Martinez sworn in as New Mexico governor
New Mexican: New governor gets a warm reception on chilly morning


Hill: Miller concedes to Murkowski, but doesn't congratulate her


January 1, 2011


Street: Dow Finishes 2010 Up 11%
WSJ: Gold Gains Nearly 30% in 2010 (via Google)
WSJ: Copper Finishes 2010 at a Record (via Google)

Fox: Bipartisanship or Gridlock? Lawmakers Face Rocky Session in 2011

WaPo: New health-care rules to take effect
Norman Ornstein: 'Death panels' are real -- brought on by budget pressures

Politico: Climate PR effort heats up

NYT: Political Battle on Illegal Immigration Shifts to States

Fox: Rep. Rogers to Interrogate White House Over Interrogations
Politico: GOP intel chairman Mike Rogers to battle Barack Obama

WaPo: Here comes filibuster reform

WSJ: Chief Justice Decries Brawling Over Judicial Nominees
WaPo: Justice Roberts urges end to partisan fights blocking action on federal judges
NYT: Roberts Seeks More Judicial Confirmations
AP/Holland: Supreme Court to cut costs to fight deficit

WaPo: Editorial: Limits must be put on any subpoena power given inspectors general

George Will: Rev the scientific engine

NYT: Editorial: The Next Arms Treaties
NYT: Editorial: Still Tinkering with Intelligence Oversight

Politico: Steele ally swipes Barbour

NYT: Sarah Palin’s Nomination Chances: A Reassessment
WaPo: Is Sarah Palin toast?
DC: Not a fan: Krauthammer calls Palin 'rather weak' & gives her 'no chance of winning'

NYT: Power Shift Toward G.O.P. Resonates in 3 States
Conor Williams: Which party will win the Midwest?

Politico: The book that defined modern campaign reporting

Politico: Sunday TV show tip sheet


Hill: Ayotte: New and veteran Republicans resolve to 'stop wasteful spending'


NYT: Roger Milliken, Conservative Tycoon, Dies at 95


WSJ: Cuomo Sworn In as N.Y. Governor in Private Ceremony
NYT: Cuomo Is Sworn In as New York’s Governor
Albany TU: Capitol gets ready for Cuomo's big day
NYDN: Andrew Cuomo sworn in as New York's 56th governor
Buffalo News: Cuomo inherits state's shaky finances
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo, Robert Duffy take reins of New York state
Syracuse PS: Andrew Cuomo took office today in small, private ceremony
NYDN: Cuomo must wrest power from a hostile legislature
NYT: Back in Albany, 16 Years Later, to Serve Another Gov. Cuomo
NYT: Cuomo Names Developers of a Student Loan Center
NYT: The Political Rise of Andrew M. Cuomo
NYDN: Cuomo, Lee living in sin, and in sign of times no one seems to care
Albany TU: In Photos: Cuomo takes the oath

Albany TU: Pete Grannis named First Deputy Comptroller

NYDN: Paterson's bid for security detail gets nixed

NY Post: Disgraced Espada goes out skulking


NYT: In California, Few Signs of Transition
SacBee: 10 things to watch for a Sacramento turnaround in 2011


Dallas MN: Texas' social services chief expects agonizing budget process


Buzz: Scott making hires, but won't release salary info

Miami Herald: Pam Bondi sets stage for attorney general tenure, makes notable hire

SPT: Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp racks up $1.1M in security, travel costs

Miami Herald: New records shed light on ex-Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer


Bob Herbert: For Two Sisters, the End of an Ordeal
Wikipedia: Scott sisters


Chicago Tribune: Davis drops out, endorses Braun
Chicago Sun-Times: Davis out, endorses Braun: 'In unity, there is strength'
Politico: Danny Davis drops Chicago mayor bid
Politico: Obama unlikely to campaign for Rahm Emanuel


William Kristol: Michele Bachmann, Neocon

Star Tribune: Dayton fills slots in 3 key agencies


Detroit News: Snyder to take oath, vows new solutions


WaPo: Is Jim Webb a Shoo-In for Reelection in 2012?

WaPo: Va. Democrats look to build on national repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'


NYT: A Push to Privatize Pennsylvania Liquor Stores


Boston Globe: O’Brien resigns amid scandal
Boston Globe: No quiet retirement for Delahunt


Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval ready to take office as inauguration ceremonies loom


AP/Massey: Martinez becomes N.M. gov as new year starts

Wash Times: New Mexico governor decides not to pardon Billy the Kid
WSJ: Old West Outlaw Billy the Kid Fails to Win a Pardon


Anchorage DN: Miller ends challenge in US Senate race
NYT: Miller Ends Fight in Alaska Election


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