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January 21, 2011


Wash Times: GOP panel maps plan for huge budget cuts
WaPo: House GOP group proposes deep spending cuts over next decade
NYT: G.O.P. Bloc Presses Leaders to Slash Even More
AP/Taylor: Conservatives want spending cut $90 billion more
Politico: Conservatives lay out $2.5 trillion in cuts
Hill: Cantor suggests GOP knife could cut deep
Weekly Standard: Jim DeMint & Jim Jordan Discuss Timeline for Balanced Budget
WaPo: New GOP proposal targets federal workforce
Fox: Cost of 1,000 Federal Committees Leaves Taxpayers With Skyrocketing Bill
NYT: Poll Finds Wariness About Cutting Entitlements
AP/Espo: House to vote on abolishing campaign matching fund
Ezra Klein: Trashing the CBO, and undermining any chance at fiscal responsibility
Michael Gerson: Two good arguments for civility - and passion - in politics

Wash Times: House GOP works on health 'solutions'
NRO: Replacement Takes Shape
NYT: House Republicans Plan Their Own Health Bills
Wash Times: Lawmaker backpedals on Nazi remark on health care foes
Rush Limbaugh: Cohen Didn't Get the Civility Memo
Charles Krauthammer: Everything starts with repeal
Rush Limbaugh: Bipartisan Obamacare Repeal Got More Votes Than the Original Bill
Rush Limbaugh: Apocalyptic Dems Call Obamacare Repeal a Matter of "Life and Death"

NYT: Path Is Sought for States to Escape Debt Burdens
NRO: DeMint: There Will Be No Bailout for the States
Fox: Nation's Mayors Urge Obama to Help With Jobs, Maintain Federal Grants for Cities

Jeffrey Immelt: A blueprint for keeping America competitive
WaPo: Immelt to head new economic advisory board; Volcker to step down
NYT: Volcker Out, Immelt In on Economic Board
Reuters: Volcker Resigns as Obama Adviser

Hill: Issa to public: Which regs hurt?

NYT: Banks Want Pieces of Fannie-Freddie Pie

WaPo: Annual home sales at lowest point in 13 years; December sees uptick

Pat Buchanan: How The Chinese Must See Us

WaPo: Obama to run presidential reelection effort out of Chicago
NYT: Obama Will Move Political Operations to Chicago
Roll Call: Obama Re-Election Campaign Staffing Up
Daily Mail UK: HI gov claims record of Obama's birth 'exists in archives' but can't produce it
WaPo: OpEd: Next up for Obama: Marriage equality for gay Americans
AP/Sidoti: AP-GfK Poll: Obama popular but doubts on progress
Peggy Noonan: How to Continue the Obama Upswing (via Google)
Human Events: Are We In Bill Clinton’s Third Term?

NYT: Palin Inches Toward 2012 in Iowa, Nevada
American Thinker: Sarah Palin, Combat Veteran
Rush Limbaugh: Joan Rivers: Sarah Palin is a Nazi
NYDN: Todd Palin in sex scandal with massage therapist Shailey Tripp: Enquirer
National Enquirer: Todd Palin sex scandal

Boston Globe: Romney keeps away from Tea Party

WaPo: Rick Santorum invokes Obama's race on abortion (video)

Politico: Open GOP field creates space for Mike Pence
NRO: Pence Reflects on Reagan
American Spectator: Public Service, Public Examples

William Kristol: The 2012 GOP Nomination Is Too Important to Waste

David Bossie & Ted Olson: How the Citizens United ruling freed political speech
Weekly Standard: Justices Disclosed Expenses from the Federalist Society in 2008, 2009


Politico: Sarah Palin aides in talks with Iowans
Roll Call: Pawlenty, Bachmann, Gingrich and Santorum Attending Iowa Lectures


AP/Davenport: Union sues over Haley's remarks about Boeing plant


Albany TU: Cuomo: There will be ‘pain,’ but I don’t have a number
NYDN: Gov. Cuomo: Budget war with lawmakers won't KO government
Albany TU: State officials meet to weigh pension cost cuts, including new Tier VI
Albany TU: Tax-cut bills pass in Senate
Albany TU: DiNapoli leaves trail of unpaid bills

Rochester D&C: Carlos Carballada's mayoral appointment raises questions


LA Times: Family sues Schwarzenegger over commutation of Nuñez's sentence
AP/Lin: Victim's family sues Schwarzenegger over clemency

Dan Walters: Just the facts on Californians' tax burden

AP/Williams: Whitman named to HP board, plans private speeches


Dallas MN: Perry declares voter ID, balanced budget amendment priorities for TX Legislature


SPT: A new frontier for Florida's governor: Twitter town hall
AP/Farrington: New Fla. Gov. Scott holds Twitter town hall

Buzz: Bill Nelson: Marco Rubio and I will be models of bipartisanship


Jacksonville: State representative readies to tackle Georgia's budget


AP/Johnson: New governor's words don't upset many in Alabama


AP/Pettus: Barbour: Memory 'not much' of MS civil rights era


Chicago Tribune: Poll: Emanuel closing in on majority vote
NYT: Emanuel Raises $10 Million in Mayoral Bid


Milwaukee JS: Walker scores victories on tort reform, HSAs


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich launches 'Jobs Ohio' reform
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich to meet EPA staff

Roll Call: Poll: Brown in ‘Decent’ Shape for Ohio Re-Election Bid


Detroit News: Snyder shifts bridge equation

Roll Call: Dingell Will Seek 29th Term


WaPo: George Allen looking to reclaim Senate seat


Michelle Malkin: The Philadelphia Horror


WSJ: Watch Your Back, Gov. Christie


Roll Call: Murphy Expects to Spend $10M on Conn. Senate Bid
David Brooks: Joe Lieberman: A Most Valuable Democrat


Wash Times: Outspoken Tucson sheriff faces recall bid
Rush Limbaugh: Dipstick Blames the Bush Tax Cuts!

AP/Davenport: Arizona lawmakers back governor on Medicaid waiver

Human Events: Media Distorts Coverage Of Arizona Ethnic Studies Ban


Denver Post: Colo. delegation to sit together during State of Union address


AP/Miller: Idaho GOP gets ready to nullify health care reform


January 20, 2011


WSJ: House Approves Health Law Repeal
Wash Times: House pulls plug on health care law: 3 Democrats side with GOP
Fox: House Republicans Vote to Overturn ObamaCare in Symbolic Move
Weekly Standard: The House Votes to Repeal ObamaCare
Fox: GOP's Health Repeal: Now for the Hard Part
Politico: Abortion on deck in health care debate
NYT: House Votes for Repeal of Health Law in Symbolic Act
WSJ: The Repeal Vote: An historic repudiation of an entitlement that is only 10 months old
WaPo: House votes to repeal health-care law
NYT: Bullish Blue Dogs Oppose Health Care Repeal
Politico: Focus shifts to second part of Republicans' 'repeal and replace' vow
Politico: Republican’s new strategy: Blame Harry Reid
Karl Rove: The GOP's Health-Care Offensive Has Just Begun
NRO: Editorial: The Battle Rejoined
WSJ: ObamaCare Howlers
Human Events: ObamaCare Repeal Passes the House
Rush Limbaugh: The Battle to Repeal Obamacare
American Spectator: Can the Religious Left Protect Obamacare?

Human Events: The Left’s Lesson In "Civility"
NYT: Approaching Civility (if Perhaps Falling Short of Eloquence) in Debate
Rush Limbaugh: CNN Apologizes for "Crosshairs," Not Dipstick Sticking to His Guns
American Spectator: Not Playing with a Fuller Deck

Hill: Republicans to hold spending vote before State of the Union
Daily Caller: House GOP conservatives set to unveil $2.5 trillion in deep spending cuts
Daily Caller: Rep. Kevin Brady: $150 billion in budget slashes a start
NRO: The Power of the Purse
Politico: Budget cuts may prove elusive for Republicans
Human Events: Can We Balance The Budget?
Rush Limbaugh: What Spending Will We Cut?
George Will: Hubris heading for a fall

NYT: Editorial: Beyond the Happy Visuals (SOTU Address)

Politico: Darrell Issa's panel to start with TARP hearing

Hill: House Energy panel to take aim at Obama climate change regulations
WaPo: Interior Dept. unveils two agencies to oversee offshore drilling, safety
Politico: GOP staff, energy lobby in closed-door talks

WSJ: Crackdown on Illegal Workers Grows

NYT: Higher Taxes Wouldn’t End Some Deficits
NYT: States Weigh Cuts in Hollywood Subsidies

NYT: U.S. Prepares to Lift Ban on Guantánamo Cases
Weekly Standard: Looking for Gitmo

WSJ: Study Tracks Pearl Murder Probe
WaPo: Khalid Sheik Mohammed killed U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl, report finds

Wash Times: Thou shalt steal, al Qaeda tells militants in cash quest

Wash Times: Supreme Court upholds background checks
NYT: Justices Uphold Background Checks
WSJ: Supreme Court Says NASA Background Checks Can Continue

NYT: Court Weighs Whether Corporations Have Personal Privacy Rights
NYT: Advocacy Group Says Justices May Have Conflict in Campaign Finance Cases

WaPo: Religious hospitals' restrictions sparking conflicts, scrutiny

Wash Times: Cosby joins Boehner in drive for more school choice

Michael Barone: High-speed Rail: A fast way to waste taxpayer money

WSJ: President's Ratings Climb
Rush Limbaugh: Frum: Give Up on Beating Obama
American Thinker: Report Card on Obama's First Two Years
NYDN: Record of Obama's birth in 1961 is 'in the archives': Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie

WaPo: A three-way pileup atop 2012 GOP presidential race

James Taranto: Palinoia, the Destroyer: What's behind the left's deranged hatred
Ann Coulter: Mud Libel
Human Events: Why Sarah Palin Drives Them Wild
Human Events: Sarah Palin’s unique location in our cultural geography
Human Events: Palin 1, Oprah 0
Politico: It's too early to count Sarah Palin out
Hill: Palin's unfavorable rating hits high mark

Politico: Huck adviser to be Hill CoS
Weekly Standard: Huckabee '08 Campaign Manager Takes Capitol Hill Job

WSJ: Huntsman Plays Coy About 2012 Run at White House Dinner for Hu

Politico: Texas not hot on Rick Perry White House run in 2012

AP: Senate map shrinks for Democrats in 2012
WSJ: Senators' Exits Reshape 2012 Fight
Wash Times: Lieberman's exit sparks Senate conjecture: Are other lawmakers ready to go?
Weekly Standard: Conrad, Lieberman, and Political Polarization

Doug Schoen: The Union Threat to the Democrats' Future


Des Moines Register: GOP to widen scope of proposed same-sex marriage ban


AP: NH GOP to hold 2012 presidential straw poll
CNN: Another serious New Hampshire hire for Santorum
Union Leader: Claira Monier chair of Santorum's PAC


State: Haley proposes cuts, will work with legislators on rest


WSJ: Cuomo Weighs More Than 10,000 Layoffs
NYT: Cuomo Considers Cutting Up to 15,000 State Jobs
WSJ: Indigestion at an Albany Breakfast (via Google)
Buffalo News: Cuomo team hears ways to fix Medicaid
NY Post: Campaign reports show bonuses for Cuomo aides

Albany TU: Senate Dems call for a larger share of the pie
Albany TU: Senate lays off 130 staffers

Albany TU: Tier 6 proposal may be on tap

NYT: Mayor Focuses on Small Things in His State of City Speech
Victor Davis Hanson: The Bloomberg Syndrome


LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown asks cities to help fix California budget
George Skelton: The budget perils of mixing government and politics

SF Chronicle: Is Republican billionaire Meg Whitman planning a political comeback?

NYT: Elton John Plays Calif. Benefit to Back Gay Marriage


Roll Call: Senate Poll: Dewhurst Leads Texas Republicans
Hill: Rep. Ron Paul on a 2012 Senate run: 'It's certainly crossed my mind'
Austin AS: Williams prepares for U.S. Senate run, as Cruz jumps in

Dallas MN: House budget plan puts Texas in reverse, stalls progress, critics say
Dallas MN: Perry replaces technology fund adviser who was subject of Rangers investigation


Buzz: Mike Haridopolos, the state Senate president, and U.S. Senate candidate
Miami Herald: For last Democrat standing, a road to resistance

SPT: Rick Scott: Budget plan will cut taxes despite $3.6 billion shortfall
Miami Herald: Scott opposes gay adoptions

Buzz: Judge seals Jim Greer's tell-all book about GOP, Crist


AJC: Deal: Hands off Atlanta schools, for now


NYT: Judges Take Another Look at Ex-Alabama Governor’s Conviction

AP/Johnson: Ala. governor apologizes for remarks on Christians


Daily Caller: Carol Moseley Braun says Bill Clinton is betraying minorities
Chicago Tribune: Emanuel calls for a sales-tax swap
Chicago Sun-Times: Cut sales tax, but tax more services: Emanuel


Roll Call: GOP Website Seeks to Cast Klobuchar in Liberal Light
Star Tribune: GOP out to trim state workers


AP: Wisconsin's new GOP gov., lawmakers in hyperdrive

Milwaukee JS: Local law firm becomes go-to counsel for Catholic dioceses in bankruptcies


Columbus Dispatch: Poll: Ohioans give Obama thumbs up


Detroit FP: Gov. Rick Snyder: 'Job 1 is jobs'
WSJ: Michigan Governor Backs New Bridge From Detroit to Canada
Detroit News: For Snyder, reinventing Michigan begins with new bridge to Canada


Roll Call: Graves Weighs Challenge to McCaskill


WaPo: McDonnell ends ban on open-carry of guns in Va.'s state parks


WaPo: O'Malley is sworn in to second term as Md. governor


NYT: Familiar Face Among Connecticut Pack of Maybes for Senate
Hill: Candidates from both sides of aisle mull run for Lieberman seat
Roll Call: GOP Sees Opening in Murphy’s Potential Senate Run
NYT: For Lieberman, an Exit Forged in Alienation
NYT: For 2 Senators, Similar Paths Up and Down
WSJ: Draining Connecticut (via Google)
WSJ: Lieberman for the Defense (via Google)
Roll Call: Lieberman: ‘I Feel Good About What I Have Accomplished’
Rush Limbaugh: Bipartisanship Sank Joe Lieberman
Gail Collins: Goodbye to a Guy Named Joe


Boston Globe: Governor’s Council grills SJC nominee


Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval: Link agencies' budgets to goals


AP/Davenport: Ariz. governor's plan for Medicaid cuts advances

WSJ: Indictment in Giffords Case
WaPo: Jared Loughner indicted in Tucson shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, two aides


Denver Post: Immigration-crackdown bill introduced in Colorado Senate


Roll Call: Hatch Places Third in New GOP Poll


WSJ: Backpack Bomb Appeared to Target King Parade, FBI Says


Anchorage DN: Parnell addresses legislators on taxes, 'spending frenzy'


January 19, 2011


WSJ: Lawmakers Rejoin Health-Care Fray With Gusto—and an Eye on Civility
WaPo: House begins debate on health-care repeal with a collegial tone
WaPo: More Americans oppose health-care law, but few want a total repeal
LA Times: House starts healthcare repeal debate
NYT: Basic Questions, Elusive Answers on Health Law
Wash Times: House GOP dares Senate to vote on a bill to repeal 'Obamacare'
Hill: Cantor: Healthcare repeal wouldn't cost seniors their $250 drug rebates
Daily Caller: Effort to repeal health care law begins, will take 'years'
NYT: Democrats Make a Case for the Health Care Law
WaPo: White House 'open' to GOP suggestions to improve health law
NYT: Six More States Sue Over Health Care Law
Miami Herald: More states join Florida lawsuit against healthcare law
Dick Morris: Right must fight Round 2
Newt Gingrich: 1,968 Reasons To Repeal
Rep. Ted Poe: Why Repeal Really Matters
Human Events: Gingrich Calls Obamacare "Centralized Healthcare Dictatorship"
Dana Milbank: Health care debate: Tastes great, less killing
American Spectator: Obamacare’s Skeptical Investors

WSJ: U.S. Factories Buck Decline
WSJ: Obama Courts Business Support
WSJ: Health Care, Financial Reform Skirt Obama Review
NYT: Obama Orders Review of Business Regulations
WaPo: Obama orders all fed agencies to review regulations
Rush Limbaugh: Want to Cut Regulations, Obama? Help Us Repeal the Health Care Bill
WSJ: Obama's Rules Revelation (via Google)
NYT: In Wreckage of Lost Jobs, Lost Power
NYT: Editorial: Poverty and Recovery
WSJ: Poll: Voters Want Washington to Focus on Economy, Jobs

WSJ: Cantor Talks Tough on Debt Ceiling
NRO: No Surrender on Debt Ceiling
Sen. Pat Toomey: How to Freeze the Debt Ceiling Without Risking Default
Dick Armey & Matt Kibbe: What Congress Should Cut

Wash Times: House votes to cut down on printing of congressional measures

Wash Times: House GOP spoils for Constitution fight

Politico: John Boehner gets big poll bump

WSJ: Ways and Means to Hold First Hearing on Tax Overhaul

Weekly Standard: Rep. Peter King Blasts CAIR's “Don’t Talk to the FBI” Poster
Fox: CAIR Says Poster Warning Against Helping FBI is Misinterpreted
Politico: Muslim groups nervous about King hearings

NYT: New Justice Department Office Will Discipline Prosecutors

WaPo: Ambassadorial openings for open wallets

Hill: Al Gore highlights link between floods, global warming in 'climate crisis'
WSJ: The New Light Bulbs Lose a Little Shine

WSJ: Court Avoids Discussing Detainees in a Secrets Case
NYT: In Knotty State Secrets Case, Justices Ponder Telling Litigants to ‘Go Away’

WaPo: Editorial: High court should rule against AT&T's 'personal privacy' request

WaPo: Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to D.C.'s same-sex marriage law

NYT: Editorial: Friends of the Court?

James Taranto: Leave Kate Zernike Alone

Wash Times: Conrad, Lieberman to forgo re-election; Lugar eyes 7th term
NYT: Gaming Senate Fights in Connecticut and North Dakota
Roll Call: Retirements Shuffle 2012 Senate Landscape

CBS: Reince Priebus' To-Do List
WaPo: Ed Gillespie, Nick Ayers to run Republican National Committee transition effort
Human Events: Wisconsin Conservatives Say Priebus Is 'Real Deal'
Politico: Reince Priebus's challenge: Win back RNC's big-donor base

Politico: 2012 campaign picks up the pace
Politico: Republican leaders duck 2012 endorsements

Politico: Palin takes a polling hit
Rush Limbaugh: Palin Doesn't Fold Under Criticism
American Thinker: Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin
Human Events: Blood Libe(ra)ls
Michelle Malkin: The Hate Speech Inquisition
Rush Limbaugh: The Left Creates a Climate of Hate
Rush Limbaugh: Call for "Civility" is Call for Tea Party to Shut Up, Drop the Agenda
Rush Limbaugh: Ban Guns and Free Speech for Libs
Andrew McCarthy: Wrong on Rauf: Sarah Palin did not libel the Ground Zero imam

Stephen Moore: Mike Pence's Options

Jerome Corsi: Hawaii governor can't find Obama birth certificate

D Caller: Barbara Walters disputes Ron Reagan's book claims about father's mental state
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Be Fooled: Liberals Despised Reagan and Were Not Civil About It

WSJ: Peace Corps Founder Shriver Dies at 95
NYT: R. Sargent Shriver, Peace Corps Leader, Dies at 95


Des Moines Register: Iowa joins lawsuit against health care law
Des Moines Register: Branstad says more than 1,000 newly filled state jobs may be cut


NY Post: NYers gung-ho on Andy's budget plans
NYT: Cuomo Campaign Aides Receive 5-Figure Bonuses
NYT: Editorial: Governor Cuomo’s Disclosure Pledge

Albany TU: Breslin: There will be ‘hundreds’ of Senate layoffs


LA Times: California taxpayers' money wasted, misused, state auditor finds
LA Times: California cities race to shield funds from state
LA Times: U.S. Supreme Court to decide if California can cut payments to Medi-Cal providers
Dan Walters: The elephant in the budget room? Teachers union


Dallas MN: Gov. Rick Perry calls Texas 'a beacon of opportunity' in inaugural speech
AP/Graczyk: GOP Senate candidates lining up for Hutchison seat
Austin AS: Budget plan proposes millions in new fees


SPT: Scott picks new social services chief
AP/Morgante: Scott's media limits upset journalists

Miami Herald: Little hope seen for state Dream Act


AJC: Chancellor warns of tuition increases in light of budget cuts
WSJ: The Anti-Illinois (via Google)


AP/Reeves: New Ala. gov: Just Christians are his family


Chicago Tribune: Clinton: Emanuel measures up to mayor's job
Chicago Sun-Times: Bill Clinton urges Chicagoans to back Emanuel for mayor
WSJ: Clinton Stumps for Emanuel in Chicago
NYT: Clinton Campaigns for Emanuel in Chicago
Chicago Sun-Times: Rivals say Emanuel ‘looked the other way’ during financial scandal
Rush Limbaugh: First Black President Campaigns for Rahm Emanuel in Chicago Race


AP/Wilson: Sen. Richard Lugar to seek re-election in 2012


Star Tribune: Minn. GOP's first budget pass: $1 billion in trims


WSJ: Conrad's Exit to Pressure Democrats
NYT: Midwest Democrat Rules Out Senate Re-election Bid in ’12 (Kent Conrad)
Roll Call: Conrad Says His Retirement Choice Personal, Not Political
Grand Forks Herald: With Conrad out, who will be in for a U.S. Senate campaign in 2012?


Milwaukee JS: State Senate passes tort reform measure


AP/Huggins: Ohio justice calls for end of death penalty


Detroit News: Snyder gets earful of advice
Detroit FP: Snyder's business tax plan gets mixed reviews
Detroit News: Editorial: Snyder's speech will be a call to reality


WSJ: University of Kentucky Settles Suit With Astronomy Professor


WaPo: Va. Senate Republicans outline legislative agenda
WaPo: Va. Democrats try to curb attorney general's power to subpoena public colleges
WaPo: House GOP announces program against illegal immigration

Roll Call: Kaine: Webb’s Running, I’m Not


WaPo: Kittleman to step down as Maryland Senate's GOP leader


NYT: W. Va. Court Orders Special Governor Election


Philadelphia Inquirer: Corbett sworn in, citing the 'pending storm' of a budget deficit
Pittsburgh PG: Corbett sworn in as Pennsylvania's 46th governor
Pittsburgh TR: New governor vows to dedicate himself to fiscal discipline
Reading Eagle: Corbett takes office, faces financial crisis


WSJ: Christine O’Donnell Sets Up ‘ChristinePAC’


NYT: Democratic Power Broker in New Jersey Has Governor’s Ear
NYT: Christie Says 23 Schools Get Charters


WSJ: Lieberman Won't Seek Re-Election in 2012
WaPo: Lieberman will not run in 2012, adviser says
NYT: No Fifth Term for Lieberman
NYT: Joseph I. Lieberman's Life and Career
Politico: 2 in House could seek Lieberman's seat
Weekly Standard: Dem Poll Shows Competitive 3-Way Connecticut Senate Race


Boston Globe: Patrick proposal would reshape public pensions

American Spectator: Hit Me With Your Best Scott


Las Vegas RJ: Reid tells Sandoval not to expect federal bailout


Las Cruces Sun-News: Martinez focuses on taxes, schools, crime in State of State


Denver Post: Wadhams to seek third term as Colorado Republican chair
WaPo: Wadhams Rides Again?

AP/Paulson: Tancredo returning to GOP after failed gov bid


WSJ: The Utah Pension Model (via Google)


NYT: Bomb Is Found in Backpack Before March Honoring King


Anchorage DN: Legislature opens, oil tax change in doubt


January 18, 2011


WSJ: House Launches Health Law Challenge
Fox: House Set to Launch Health Law Challenge
LA Times: GOP set to assail healthcare law and seek alternatives
Politico: Health care lobby mum on repeal
Politico: Democrats seek redo of health care pitch
Politico: Repeal vote just the first step for Republicans on health care
Politico: Daschle, Frist join forces on health care reform
WSJ: Unexpected Limits of New, Free Preventive Care
WaPo: Government finds up to half of Americans under 65 have preexisting conditions
Human Events: Would Repeal Of ObamaCare Increase Deficits?
Human Events: Rep. Steve King’s Quest To Fully Repeal ObamaCare
American Spectator: Needed: An Alfred Kahn for Health Care Reform
American Spectator: Obamacare Shreds Mental Health Care

WSJ: New Calls on GOP Side Not to Lift Debt Limit (via Google)
Marc Thiessen: The GOP will win the debt-limit fight
American Thinker: Why Have a Debt Ceiling?
DC: State govt choices lay out 2 potential paths forward for federal deficit reduction
Hill: House GOP to take first step toward reducing spending to 2008 levels
Hill: House GOP schedule slips on spending cuts
Thomas Sowell: Budget Crisis Rhetoric

Barack Obama: Toward a 21st-Century Regulatory System
WSJ: Obama Launches Rule Review, Pledging to Spur Jobs, Growth
WSJ: Deadlines Missed on Financial-Overhaul Rules (via Google)

WSJ: The Latest American Export: Inflation (via Google)

WSJ: Fed Labors to Get Its Message Out
WSJ: Plosser's Monetary Rules (via Google)
WaPo: FDIC's new tools to close troubled banks offer opportunity, challenge

WSJ: A Bankruptcy Law—Not Bailouts—for the States (via Google)

WaPo: Significant labor law changes will bypass Congress

Politico: Obama administration's revolving door

NYT: Ghailani’s Lawyers Detail Terror Defense Strategy
Wash Times: Despite vow, Gitmo still open

Pat Buchanan: Who Lost the Middle East?

WSJ: Bioterror Fears Prompt U.S. to Keep Its Smallpox Cache

WaPo: Poll shows high marks for Obama on Tucson, low regard for political dialogue
NYT: OpEd: The Insanity Defense, Post-Hinckley
American Spectator: John F. Kennedy and Madness of the American Left

Chris Matthews: What Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill could teach Washington today

WSJ: High Court to Consider State Secrets Doctrine
WaPo: Editorial: Supreme Court can curb abuse of 'state secrets' privilege

WSJ: Rising Above Roe v. Wade: Maybe politics isn't the place to start

WSJ: Solar Power Eclipse: The failure of green energy subsidies (via Google)
Hill: Greens organizing to pressure Congress to pass oil spill bill
American Thinker: Gulf Oil Spill More a Man-Caused Economic than Environmental Disaster

WaPo: Moderate Republicans crash the House's tea party
WaPo: Two GOP freshmen to handle federal worker issues

New Yorker: Darrell Issa Makes Life Difficult for Obama
American Spectator/Prowler: Who's Afraid of Darrell Issa?

NYT: Where News Is Power, a Fight to Be Well-Armed

NYT: Palin Defends Use of ‘Blood Libel’ Phrase
Politico: Sarah Palin defends ‘blood libel’ use
Hill: Palin defends 'blood libel' description: 'That's exactly what was going on'
WaPo: Palin says criticism won't make her 'sit down ... shut up'
Daily Caller: Palin defiant on 'Hannity,' says she won't 'shut up'
Stanley Fish: Exceptionalism, Faith and Freedom: Palin’s America
Eugene Robinson: Palin's egocentric umbrage

Politico: Jim Ryun leads push for Mike Pence in 2012 run

NRO: Another Texan Running for President?

NRO: The Quiet Contender: Tim Pawlenty could charm voters in 2012

WaPo: The path for each GOP 2012 contender

NRO: Mutinies to Come? Three Republican senators appear vulnerable to primary challenge

C&E: Reince Priebus Elected New RNC Chairman
Hill: Michael Steele: Republicans 'could have used a few more brothers in the house'
Weekly Standard: The Lesson of Michael Steele

Roll Call: Political Cartographers Train to Redraw Districts

Hill: Cheney: Obama has learned that Bush policies were right
Daily Caller: Cheney talks Obama, health, and Tucson in new interview
NYT: Cheney Considering Heart Transplant


Des Moines Register: Pawlenty to meet with Iowa social conservatives Feb. 7


NYT: High Marks for Cuomo in New Poll
Albany TU: Poll: Seventy percent!
NY Post: Cuomo soars in poll
NYT: Group Takes On Albany With Cuomo’s Blessing
Albany TU: Leecia Eve heading to ESD

Albany TU: Democratic renegade Klein taking flak for Senate losses

Human Events: New York's Union Snow Job

Buffalo News: WNY projects stall as GOP-led House won't deliver pork


SacBee: California's Brown courts legislative leaders
AP/Williams: Brown taps deep political skills to sell budget
SacBee: Republicans face obstacles in redistricting
WSJ: City Drafts Bankruptcy Exit
AP/Watkins: Calif. city considers DUI mug shots on Facebook
Fox: Arizona Shooting Fuels Debate About Open-Carry Gun Law in California


Hill: President George H.W. Bush to offer endorsement in Texas Senate race
Star-Telegram: Roger Williams endorsed by George H.W. Bush

Star-Telegram: Perry makes sanctuary cities a top issue for Legislature
Dallas News: Donors, corporate interests footing bill for Rick Perry’s inauguration

Bloomberg: Texas Republican Lawmakers Put State' $9 Billion Rainy Day Fund Off Limits


Alligator: Haridopolos to run for Senate

Politico: Rubio undecided on joining Tea Party Caucus
SPT: Sen. Marco Rubio visits Pakistan, Afghanistan; criticizes Obama's drawdown plan

Miami Herald: GOP raised millions for Scott, itself

NYT: Florida Has Classes Without Teachers


AJC: State has diverted millions in fees
NYT: Museum Is Symbol of Waste in Georgia


Gadsden Times: Bentley promises to put Alabama back to work
Montgomery Advertiser: Bentley takes office
BBJ: Bentley sworn in as Alabama governor


NYT: Editorial: Indiana’s Answer to Prison Costs


Politico: Michele Bachmann's real test

Star Tribune: GOP leader against state tax money for new Vikings stadium


Milwaukee JS: Doyle joins Foley & Lardner law firm


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich won't alter criticism of EPA process


Politico: Seniority pays off for Michigan
Detroit FP: Mich. lawmakers front and center in debate on health care repeal


Politico: Rookie Rand Paul tackles budget head-on


Fox: Grand Jury Probes What Edwards Knew About Cover-Up Money
AP/Pickler: Grand jury probe targets Edwards' role
AP: Grand jury probes what Edwards knew about spending
KEYC: John Edwards at Center of Campaign Money Probe

TBJ: N.C. Republican head of TARP probe


Richmond TD: Radtke challenges Allen to monthly town hall forums
WaPo: Allen announcement expected soon on Senate run


Philadelphia Inquirer: Menendez polls well against likely GOP rivals


Boston Herald: Brown bucks ‘itty-bitty letter’


Fox: Maine Gov. LePage Attends MLK Event After NAACP Criticism


Las Vegas RJ: Republicans pick Las Vegas for western states leadership conference


WaPo: As Giffords heals, law threatens hold on seat
KTAR: Giffords could lose seat because of obscure statute

LA Times: Rancor prompts resignations in Arizona


AP/Bohrer: Parnell proposes changes to oil, gas tax to boost production


January 17, 2011


Wash Times: Parties' talking points spin health care law
WaPo: Kathleen Sebelius: Health care law implementation 'is absolutely on schedule'
AP/Zaldivar: AP-GfK Poll: Raw feelings ease over health law
EJ Dionne: GOP test: A civil and honest health-care discussion
Paul Krugman: The War on Logic

Wash Times: Christie, Pawlenty call for GOP grit on Hill
WSJ: New Call Not to Raise Debt Cap
Human Events: House GOP Gives Obama An Ultimatum On Debt Ceiling
NRO: Republicans signal they're willing to compromise on the federal debt ceiling
NRO: A Roadmap Not Taken?

Wash Times: States eye 'sin' taxation as salvation for budgets
NYT: Budget Worries Push Governors to Same Mind-Set
Hill: GOP govs: Congress should cut spending, respect states

Wash Times: Priebus ousts Steele's RNC hires
Roll Call: Priebus Cuts Steele’s RNC Convention Planning Staff
WaPo: Winners and losers in the race for Republican Party chairman
Politico: Reince Priebus’s tea party tightrope
Politico: Steele's legacy of wins a challenge for Priebus

NYT: Lawmakers Aiming to Increase Civility
WaPo: Significant labor law changes will bypass Congress

WaPo: Federal authorities plan to move trial of Tucson shooting suspect
Politico: Giuliani: Shooting suspect 'crying out' for help
Fox: Schumer Pushes for Military to Report Applicants' Drug Use to Prevent Gun Purchases
Wash Times: Sunday talk shows take up mental health
Gary Bauer: Loughner’s Nihilism

Fox: Issa Makes Request for Documents on Homeland Security Policy
Politico: Candor, contrition in Issa profile

WaPo: 'Speech or debate' clause invoked in investigations of House members

Politico: Fairness Doctrine fight goes on

Daily Caller: Inaugural GOP presidential nomination rankings
Roll Call: Christie Not Interested in 2012 Presidential Run; Pawlenty Weighs Possibility
Politico: Pawlenty says he never backed bailout in 2008
Politico: Christie: My face-offs with voters aren't uncivil
Hill: Giuliani has thought about another White House run 'in recent weeks'
Hill: Giuliani defends Palin: Shooting had 'nothing to do' with 'a map'
Ross Douthat: Scenes From a Marriage: Sarah Palin & the Media
Human Events: Sarah Palin Vs. Oprah Winfrey, Round One
Daily Caller: Group forms to draft Rep. Mike Pence to run for president in 2012
National Journal: Conservatives Urge Pence to Aim for the White House

WSJ: Jeb to GOP: How to Appeal to Hispanics

Boston Herald: Obamacare sure to trip up Barack, Mitt

WaPo: A Third Way to reelection for Obama

American Thinker: What Obama Has Said about His Own Birth

Wash Times: Holder celebrates MLK, recalls his values
Hill: 'Times of challenge and controversy': Lawmakers reflect on Dr. King
American Thinker: Last Gasp of Affirmative Action?

WaPo: Supreme Court justices are not laughing at you. They're laughing with you


Des Moines Register: Governor's authority to transfer money troubles legislators


Seacoastonline: Kimball gaining momentum
Nashua Telegraph: OpEd: Principled Republican leadership key for next state chairman
Nashua Telegraph: Party infighting involves marriage


NY Post: Andy threatening a gov't shutdown
NYDN: Cuomo's hiring of Christine Quinn liaison may be major step in push for gay marriage
NY Post: Cuomo vows to collect casino revenues from upstate Indian casinos
Albany TU: Cuomo's pay raise parlor game
Albany TU: Is tax cap a budget buster?
NY Post: Shelly's $hale game
NY Post: Rivera's pork store

NYDN: Sen. Gillibrand, Rev. Sharpton join forces to aid black church summits

Rochester D&C: Redistricting proposals to be debated


NYT: For California’s Budget Examiner, an Ease With Diplomacy and Dollar Signs
SB Sun: Budget follows party lines
WaPo: Looming Battle: ‘Extending’ vs. ‘Increasing’ Taxes
McClatchy: Most states have budget problems like California's
George Skelton: Polls illuminate Brown's path
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's plan would hit two subsidies


Dallas MN: In inaugural address, Perry's vision may be bigger than Texas
AP/Tomlinson: Some in GOP deny Texas budget in real trouble

SA Express: Sen. DeMint picks favorites in Texas Senate race
Dallas MN: Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert says he won't run again, but hints at Senate


Buzz: Tallahassee reverend: The governor's in the house
Miami Herald: Rick Scott is first bald Fla. gov in 138 years

Buzz: Rubio makes trip to Afghanistan


AJC: Budget leans on job cuts


Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich trial hangs over Rahm’s campaign

NYT: Editorial: Illinois Wakes Up


Star Tribune: While state struggles, Legacy money flowing


Green Bay PG: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's tax cut proposals find bipartisan support


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio bill would ban late-term abortions
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich diversity comment upsets civil-rights group


New American: Senator Rand Paul Proposes Debt Ceiling Solution


News & Observer: Incoming speaker Tillis lines up his staff
AP/Robertson: In NC, more Republicans lobbying lawmakers


Penn Live: Corbett ushers in striking changes
Pittsburgh PG: Freshman Kelly wants to make a big difference in new Congress


NYT: Any White House Run Will Wait, Christie Says


AP/Johnson: Brown willing to compromise: Former backers not happy with his voting record


NYT: Editorial: Arizona, in the Classroom (Ethnic Studies)


Human Events: Idaho Iconoclast: Rep. Raul Labrador


Anchorage DN: Oil taxes, gas pipeline keys to Parnell legislative agenda
Anchorage DN: Johansen, Millett out of House majority caucus


January 16, 2011


WSJ: Boehner Addresses Debt-Limit Debate
AP/Raum: Record $14 trillion-plus debt weighs on Congress
NYT: G.O.P. Rally Ends With Call to Cut Spending
NYT: Boehner Ends Retreat With Warning About Spending ‘Illness’
NYT: Editorial: Here's an Easy One for Congress: Cut Farm Subsidies

Hill: Obama moves on tax reform, but GOP wary of sticking points

AP/Lin: Year ahead looms as toughest yet for state budgets
AP: States' desperate times lead to desperate measures

WaPo: As House Republicans begin health-care repeal effort, no clear plan has emerged
NYT: In the Health Care Fight, a Political Focus on Jobs, With No Simple Answers
Hill: Ohio attorney general: Insurance requirement like food police
NYT: Editorial: The Truth and Consequences of Repeal
Ezra Klein: How health care looks in 2030

Human Events: Top 10 Obama Administration Investigation Targets

Hill: Homeland Security chairman wants plan after White House scraps border fence

AP/Werner: Obama's education focus faces big hurdles

NYT: Looking Behind the Mug-Shot Grin of an Accused Killer
WSJ: Arizona Shooting Victim Arrested After Threat
NYT: Man Shot in Tucson Rampage Is Arrested at a TV Taping
Andrew McCarthy: One Little Thing about That Speech, Mr. President

WaPo: After Tucson, a thaw between Obama and McCain?

Miami Herald: Obama to ease travel restrictions to Cuba

Fox: Obama's New Proposed Gun Regulation for Border States Met With Bipartisan Dissent

Fox: New RNC Chairman Inherits Slew of Challenges
Hill: New RNC leader to House GOP: I'm here for work, not for show
NYT: G.O.P. Leader’s Promise: Humility and Hard Work (Reince Priebus)
Politico: RNC vote shows limits of John Boehner's reach
Human Events: How Priebus Won RNC Chair
Buzz: New RNC Chair cleaning house on 2012 Fla convention

Hill: Dems and GOPs join hands in effort to honor Reagan's centennial birthday
Politico: Michael Reagan calls brother an 'embarrassment'

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Des Moines Register: A new era dawns for Branstad


WSJ: Analysis: Albany opens for business in hard times


NYT: Governor’s Budget Cuts Will Not Affect Those With the City’s Universal Health Care Plan
NYT: Mayor Lee Leads Growing Asian-American Clout

LA Times: A new-old mission for Feinstein

LA Times: Schwarzenegger was inconsistent on clemency
Hill: Schwarzenegger: Being a governor cost about $200M in lost film pay, expenses


NYT: Perry Puts Immigration Atop Session’s Agenda
AP: Texas Gov. Perry takes time for cameo in movie
Dallas MN: A few Texas offices get to keep unspent budget money
Dallas MN: Hutchison: Under Perry, budget woes

Fox: Tom DeLay: "Arrogance is Not a Crime"


Ledger: Florida GOP Chooses Bitner to Lead Party
Florida TU: GOP looks to North Florida for leadership
Miami Herald: Republicans pick state chief
Pensacola NJ: Bitner takes helm of GOP
Buzz: Dave Bitner elected Fla GOP Chair


Chicago Tribune: Illinois moving up the tax charts
Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn, former state rep. say job not traded for tax-hike vote
St. Louis PD: Firms may not flee, but job creation will be hurt by Illinois tax hikes
NYT: Labor Laying Ground for Gains in Council Races


Detroit FP: State of the State: Painful budget cuts coming


Tennessean: Tennessee's new governor takes charge
AP/Schelzig: GOP's Bill Haslam sworn in as Tenn. governor


Charlotte Observer: Hayes wins leadership of state GOP
News & Observer: Hayes to helm state GOP
Roll Call: Ex-Rep. Hayes New N.C. GOP Chairman

Charlotte Observer: Raleigh lawyers, lobbyists adapt to GOP control


WaPo: Legislative session not expected to solve Northern Virginia's transportation woes
WaPo: Lynchburg Legislators Key to McDonnell Agenda


Bost Gl: Patrick, setting the stage for his legacy, targets health care & education in 2d term


Denver Post: Hick kicks off governorship with eight-city economic development tour


January 15, 2011


WSJ: Priebus Ousts Steele as RNC Chairman
Wash Times: Barbour defeats Boehner in proxy battle for control of RNC; Steele ousted
Wash Times: Steele's departure fortifies GOP strategy for 2012; Priebus elected chair
Fox: Reince Priebus Wins Race for RNC Chief After Steele Bows Out
NYT: G.O.P. Elects a New Chairman as Steele Drops Out
Hill: Steele drops out of race; Priebus is the new Republican Party chairman
WaPo: GOP picks Reince Priebus to lead as it regroups
Roll Call: RNC Elects Reince Priebus as New Chairman
NRO: Hail to the Chair
WaPo: New RNC chairman ran as the anti-Steele
WaPo: RNC finances suffer from loss of major donors
WSJ: Michael Steele Ignored Large Donors
Politico: Reince Priebus steps into the spotlight
Wikipedia: Reince Priebus bio
NYDN: Who is Reince Priebus?
Fred Barnes: First and Goal for the GOP

WSJ: Debt Limit a Worry at GOP Retreat
WSJ: Republicans Say Obama Needs to Take the Lead in Setting the Agenda
NYT: G.O.P. Retreat Becomes Pep Rally for Fiscal Plan
NYT: Republican Governors Attack Obama Policies at House Retreat
Hill: Gingrich to House Republicans: Learn from my mistakes
NYT: Christie Will Be Keynote Speaker at N.R.C.C. Dinner
NYT: House Republicans Prepare to Get Back to Business
George Will: A Congress that reasserts its power
David Malpass: Debt limit opportunities: Use the $14 trillion debt to force change
James Bacon: Debt limit opportunities: Educate the public by playing chicken

Hill: House vote to repeal healthcare reform set for Wednesday
Politico: Health care reform law back on House agenda for Tuesday
Hill: Healthcare repeal effort will bring abortion debate to the forefront

Politico: Boehner declines state dinner invite

Hill: GOP leader endorses bipartisan seating at State of the Union
Rush Limbaugh: Why Dems Want Everyone to Sit Together at the State of the Union

WSJ: Unions Mobilize Against Curbs

NYT: U.S. Bills States $1.3 Billion in Interest Amid Tight Budgets

WSJ: Banks Loosen Purse Strings
WSJ: Labor Board Warns on Secret Ballots

AP/Flaccus: Federal judge mourned as fair jurist, family man

LA Times: School releases YouTube post from Loughner
WSJ: A Farewell Note, Lots of Errands on Eve of Massacre
NYT: Police Describe Busy Hours Before a Gunman’s Attack
Politico: Jared Lee Loughner posed in g-string with Glock
NYT: Differences in Federal and State Systems Could Complicate Prosecution
Sen. John McCain: After the shootings, Obama reminds the nation of the golden rule
Rush Limbaugh: "Together We Thrive" Theme was Recycled Obama Campaign Slogan
Hill: Arizona Republican Flake: 'Bullets of fanatics' will not deter lawmakers from duties
Bill O'Reilly: Confronting Hate In Arizona
Kim Strassel: Gun-Control Opportunists
Rush Limbaugh: Sheriff Arpaio Rips Sheriff Dupnik
James Taranto: Easy Rider in Bizarro World (Clarence Dupnik)
WaPo: An ex-Weather Underground radical on the Tucson shootings & political violence
Daily Caller: Former Carter pollster Pat Caddell: Krugman 'a flat-out asshole'
Rush Limbaugh: How Long Before the Left Frames Tea Party for a Violent Act?
Rush Limbaugh: Hollywood Always Escapes Blame

Fox: Napolitano Cancels Virtual Border Fence Project, Proposes Alternative
NYT: Homeland Security Cancels ‘Virtual Fence’ After $1 Billion Is Spent

Reuters: OPEC ministers say world can handle $100 oil
WaPo: Editorial: Oil spill panel gives lawmakers a get-tough safety guide

NYT: Release Sought for Soldier Held for Leaks

Fox: Gay Rights Groups Unhappy After Justice Department Defends DOMA in Court

NYT: Biden Chooses a Chief of Staff

WSJ: Wide-Open GOP Presidential Field Spurs Dark Horses
WSJ: Gov. Barbour: No Decision on Presidential Run Until Spring
WSJ: Palin to Headline Hunters’ Convention
WaPo: Sarah Palin to speak at gun convention
Politico: Sarah Palin to speak in Nevada
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Puts Crosshairs on Palin to Distract from Economy, Inflation
Politico: Mitt Romney meets with Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel
Politico: Retreads still drive GOP agenda
Gail Collins: Presidential Primary Book Club

Human Events: A Veto-Proof Senate In ’12?

WSJ: Jeb to GOP: How to Appeal to Hispanics
Politico: GOP event dodges immigration fight
Politico: Pawlenty offers few details of immigration view

WaPo: President Reagan suffered from Alzheimer's while in office, according to son

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Des Moines Register: New GOP National Committee chairman backed Iowa as leadoff state


State: Haley nominates 3 to head agencies
State: Michael Haley seeks active role


NYT: Cuomo Crisscrosses New York, Repeating His Call for Action
NY Post: Cuomo calling for donations to fund advertising blitz to support his budget plans
Albany TU: Committee to Save NY retains Lee, reveals board
NY Post: Cuomo cancels State Police pay hikes approved by Paterson
Albany TU: Source: Cuomo will rescind State Police raises

Albany TU: Obama to Schenectady on Friday, 1/21


LA Times: Lawmakers getting new cars despite push to pare California's vehicle fleet
WSJ: Orange County's Public Pension Compromise (via Google)


Houston Chronicle: City puts a stop to homeless outreach


Politico: Mike Haridopolos to challenge Bill Nelson in Florida

SPT: Judge behind lavish courthouse "lied'' in his testimony, legislator says


AJC: Why future is uncertain for tax proposals


Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois residents grappling with tax increase
Chicago Sun-Times: Food stamp surge in Illinois

Chicago Tribune: Face to face, Emanuel's rivals gang up on him
WaPo: It's Rahm Emanuel's mayoral race in Chicago, but Obama's record is the ammunition


Roll Call: Democrats Sue Over Congressional Boundaries


Milwaukee JS: Walker bill puts $500 million in wind turbine investment at risk


Detroit News: Michigan recovery battles with $1.8B deficit
Detroit News: Snyder's officials paid top salaries
Detroit FP: State budget chief gets top salary at $250k

WSJ: Detroit and Decay (via Google)

Detroit FP: Anuzis loses bid for RNC chief


WSJ: The Rest of the New Jersey Tunnel Story


Boston Globe: Brown won’t back a new weapons ban


NYT: Maine Governor Gets Testy With N.A.A.C.P.
NYT: Maine’s New Governor Clashes With N.A.A.C.P.


AP/Bohrer: Miller says he'd support changes in Alaska election law


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