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January 31, 2011


WSJ: Race to Corral Campaign Rainmakers for 2012
WaPo: The important questions in the 2012 presidential race
Tampa Tribune: Old rules won't determine GOP presidential candidate
Roll Call: As New Hampshire GOP Eyes 2012, Obama Faces Enthusiasm Gap
WaPo: 2012 Republican presidential candidates all have flaws
JTA: Huckabee visiting Israel, following Romney
WSJ: Professor Cornpone: Ethanol lobbyist Newt Gingrich and us—and the future of the GOP
Fox: Youthful Memories Unadulterated by Civil Rights Struggle Trouble Barbour Critics
Politico: Roemer rips GOP field, eyes decision
Politico: Jon Huntsman team considers 2012 bid
Pittsburgh PG: Santorum may try Iowa caucus in presidential bid
Rasmussen: 46% of GOP Primary Voters Who Favor Palin Might Back Third-Party Option
NYDN: Todd Palin sex scandal claims: Sarah Palin calls affair rumors with Shailey Tripp 'b.s.'
Hill: Bachmann's Tea Party address gets 'Saturday Night Live' treatment
Human Events: Playing Hardball with Bachmann
Michael Barone: Politics by the Numbers: Good omens for the GOP in 2012

NYT: Protesters Take On Conservative Retreat
Politico: Koch meeting draws notables, protests

Politico: Top 10 most competitive Senate races
Roll Call: Democrats Force Votes With Eye on Campaigns
Hill: House Dem: Liberal groups need to back off for party to win in 2012

WSJ: The Carbon Tax Miracle Cure (via Google)
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Obama's bipartisan energy policy
Hill: GOP sees looming 2012 elections as key to blocking climate rules
Hill: White House official cites ‘education problem’ on climate

Wash Times: Two nominees again face Senate (Berwick & Becker)

Wash Times: With a GDP record, ‘economy is back’
WSJ: Home Prices Sink Further

Daily Caller: GOP lawmakers begin assault on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Wash Times: GOP to Obama: Help us reduce deficit
Fox: Boehner: U.S. Will Not Default on Debt, But Congress Will Slash Spending
Star Tribune: Debt ceiling vote could spark first GOP firefight
Hill: McConnell: Obama needs to be 'more bold' in tackling the debt
AP: Daley asks GOP to detail its proposed budget cuts
Human Events: Rand Paul's Budget
American Spectator: Rand's Reductions
Hill: New chief of staff: More cuts could be needed beyond freeze
Hill: Obama taps aide to lead 'reorganization' of federal government
AP/Lowy: Democrats push aviation bill as jobs program
Paul Krugman: A Cross of Rubber
EJ Dionne: Can Obama make sense of government?
Steven Rattner: Slowly but surely, Obama's economic medicine is working

WaPo: ATF fears budget cuts would imperil gun-trafficking fight at Mexico border

Politico: Daley walks back health-care criticism
WaPo: William Daley gives first televised interview, addresses health-care law critique (video)

Gary Bauer: Divisive Rhetoric Is Not the Problem

Wash Times: Reagan’s 100th wins a gala for the Gipper
American Spectator: Everybody Loves Reagan


Des Moines Register: Pawlenty in Iowa: Bachmann would be “a strong candidate”
Wash Times: Iowa joins states with eased policy on concealed arms


Roll Call: N.H. Craves 2012 Action as Campaigns Bloom Late


NYT: Cuomo Files Tax-Cap Bill, Surprising Assembly
Albany TU: Senate will vote on property tax cap Monday
Rochester D&C: State Senate to vote on property-tax cap today
NYT: Last Fall, Hurling Insults at Cuomo. Now, Michael Caputo Is Backing His Fiscal Plan
AP: N.Y. Gov. Cuomo's budget is expected to threaten state worker layoffs
NYT: Editorial: Within Our Means

Rochester D&C: Senate GOP moves to limit Robert Duffy's power
NYT: Issues of Race Bubble Up as Republicans Assert New Power in Albany
Buffalo News: Gaughan has State Legislature in his sights

NYDN: Hospital worker racks up $1M in overtime, padding his taxpayer-funded pension

WaPo: Rep. Charles Rangel reflects on his censure and his legacy

SIlive: Keeping an eye on Staten Island's congressional seat

NY Post: House ethics panel probing Meeks' money

NYT: Bloomberg Presses Cuomo on Teacher Seniority Rule
NYDN: Gov. Cuomo may cut funding to transit system without raising fares


WSJ: California Weighs Vote to Renew Tax Increase
Fox: California, Local Agencies Face Off Over Funds
LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown is facing tricky environmental and energy issues in California
SacBee: State of the State gives governor a big audience
Townhall: California GOP to Rise Again


Hill: Republican candidate hopes early start nets him Hutchison’s Senate seat


SPT: In tough 2012 Republican Senate primary, Adam Hasner may be one to watch

Buzz: Sen. Rubio will not attend CPAC


Savannah MN: Chambliss takes a new tack


NYT: Rough Side of Chicago Shakes Race for City Hall
Chicago Sun-Times: Editorial: Rahm Emanuel for mayor

Chicago Tribune: Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn to sign civil unions bill today


WSJ: Evan Bayh to Join D.C. Law Firm


Milwaukee JS: Dual roles could complicate Paul Ryan's life

Badger Herald: Republican leadership appoints Johnson to 3 major committees


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich's turn
Toledo Blade: Change of power in Ohio spurs flood of resumes


Detroit News: Conyers will run for 25th congressional term in 2012


KC Star: Missouri GOP scrambles to find an opponent for McCaskill


AP: Haslam hosts overnight retreat for top legislative leaders at his Smoky Mountains home


WaPo: Opponents of abortion in Va. split on next move


WaPo: Editorial: A dime a drink would help solve Maryland's budget woes


Wash Times: Seeing red, PAC is down on Scott Brown

Boston Globe: State parole bill could have wide consequences
Boston Globe: Gains from governors’ travel unclear

Boston Globe: Coakley involved in discussions about federal post


Las Vegas RJ: Budget battle something special
Las Vegas RJ: Problems put new chief judge in hot seat


Roll Call: Kyl’s 2012 Plan May Start Leadership Scramble


Wash Times: ‘Old school’ Hatch girds for new wave in primary


January 30, 2011


Boston Globe: Candidates hold back in GOP’s silent winter
Politico: 2012 kickoff could come as early as February
Politico: The early-state scramble
Reno GJ: Sarah Palin in Reno: she tells Safari Club hunting, fishing part of nation's heritage
Des Moines Register: Minnesotans with eyes on presidency differ in political styles
Politics Daily: Who's John Thune -- and Why is He on the GOP Short List for President?
NYT: Tea Party Gets Early Start on G.O.P. Targets for 2012
NYT: Political Blogs Ready to Flood Campaign Trail
NYT: Twitter, as a Helpmate, Goes to Capitol Hill
Frank Rich: The Tea Party Wags the Dog

WaPo: McConnell could chart new course in Senate
WaPo: Mitch McConnell: A Senate obstructionist could turn into a man of action

Roll Call: Ben Nelson, Lugar Begin Cycle With Healthy Cash Totals

Columbus Dispatch: 'Team Boehner' to help Republicans stay in power

WaPo: With 2012 looming, Obama focuses on economy
Louisville CJ: Arts funding proposals reignite culture war
Fox: Bachmann Takes Heat From Veterans' Group for Proposing Benefits Cuts
NYT: OpEd: Washington's Financial Disaster
LA Times: Editorial: Roots of a recession
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Obama has chosen not to lead on the deficit. Is there a Plan B?
George Will: Uncle Sam in the driver's seat
David Broder: Obama missed an opportunity on tax reform
Kathleen Parker: President Obama and that 'exceptional' thing
Ted Nugent: Do nothing, get nothing: For America to be strong, we need to reward the good

NY Mag: New Bill Reportedly Proposes Restrictions on Federal Funding for Abortions
NYT: Editorial: The Two Abortion Wars: A Highly Intrusive Federal Bill

Hill: Dems mount most aggressive fight yet to protect healthcare reform law
Hill: GOP to finally get its chance to grill controversial Medicare appointee

Wash Times: Court won’t hold ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ lawsuit

WSJ: Obama Renews Clean-Energy Push

Elliott Abrams: Egypt protests show George W. Bush was right about freedom in Arab world

Human Events: The New Realities of Muslim Non-Integration

Maureen Dowd: No Axe to Grind (Robert Gibbs)

Daily Caller: Liberals plan to ‘uncloak’ the Koch brothers

Clarice Feldman: Frances Fox Piven: She Wouldn't Harm a Fly

Politico: John P. Wheeler III died from blunt-force trauma

Hill: Sunday shows: Chief of staff debuts


Dubuque TH: Private sector to play key role, Branstad says


State: Haley courts legislature, shares little with public

Spartanburg HJ: No rebuke for Floyd from SC Republicans


Rochester D&C: Gov. Andrew Cuomo has few options for slashing budget
Albany TU: Sampson: GOP Rules On Constitutional Collision Course

NYT: Dead Man on Ballot: An Election Mystery

Herbert London: New Yorkers Deserve Better Than Fraudulent Success in Schools

Rochester D&C: William Johnson touts his candidacy at city rally


LA Times: State of the State speech: Brown to offer few dire details on taxes
NYT: In California, a Proposed Cut Angers Local Officials
NYT: Few Californians Understand the State’s Tax System
Dan Walters: Permanent cuts build new California budget hurdle


DMN: Dallas mayor caught between the office he has and the lure of a Senate campaign
Dallas MN: Hispanic surge, metro area growth could reshape Texas’ political future
NYT: Health Law Response Goes 2 Ways
American Thinker: The EPA's Mess with Texas


Miami Herald: State workers fear likely pension fees


AP: Miss. gov. juggles White House hopes, state's past


NYT: A Debate Worthy of the Student Council


Muncie SP: Editorial: Pence is on right course
Indianapolis Star: Editorial: Redistricting in Indiana: Fair lines, fair elections


Milwaukee JS: Walker can tout progress, but big challenges ahead
Milwaukee JS: Meet the boss: Gov. Toughlove


Cincinnati Enquirer: Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty in Cincinnati for 'early' GOP pitch

Columbus Dispatch: Sen. Portman co-signs balanced-budget measure


Detroit FP: Bobby Schostak is unanimous pick to head state Republican Party
Mlive: MI GOP elect Bobby Schostak chairman; Gov. Rick Snyder touts party's 2010 landslide
Lansing SJ: Michigan Republicans in control, but agendas vary widely


AP: Kansan Todd Tiahrt wins spot on Republican National Committee


Winston-Salem Journal: NC Democratic Party picks Parker as next leader


Star-Ledger: Hispanics seek their own place on redrawn N.J. legislative map


Las Vegas RJ: Legislators hear appeals for increases, not cuts, in government services
Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval, state Democrats politely disagree on budget


Human Events: Rep. David Schweikert: Master of the Budget Numbers


Den P: CO's Capitol may be a mile high, but elected officials' pay is down near the bottom


McClatchy: Alaska's Don Young the last of a breed on Capitol Hill
Anchorage DN: Dealmaker will pull no punches in 20th term: Rep. Don Young


January 29, 2011


Scott Adams: How to Tax the Rich

NYT: For Governors, Medicaid Looks Ripe to Slash
WSJ: States Let Private Sector Seal Deals

Fox: Senate Proposal Would Amend Constitution to Restrict Birthright Citizenship
WaPo: States inspired by Arizona illegal-immigration law face tough fiscal realities

WSJ: Agency Revamp Focuses on Trade

WSJ: Housing Woes Fuel Apartment Surge
WSJ: Fannie, Freddie Got $21 Billion Back From Banks (via Google)

WSJ: Unions Enter Pacts to Boost Members

Wash Times: Obama open to ‘tweak’ of health care, not repeal
Daily Caller: GOP intends to investigate Obamacare's union waivers
Fox: Obama Steps Up Health Law Defense, Releases Report Claiming Premiums Will Fall
Weekly Standard: Obamacare Deep-Sixes Child-Only Plans?
Hill: Obama vigorously defends healthcare reform: 'Granny is safe'
Kim Strassel: Let's Talk About ObamaCare

Bill O'Reilly: Winning the Future
William Kristol: Can Obama Pull a Clinton?
Dick Morris: Obama speech shows he’s out of touch

NYT: Republican Congressman Proposes Tracking Freedom of Information Act Requests

Politico: Linda Sanchez may have conflicts of interest
Hill: Watchdog group wants House Ethics opinion on Sanchez staff-sharing

WSJ: Shifting Procedures Upset BP's Rig Team
Human Events: Oil Spill Commission Failed to Examine Key Evidence
Hill: Obama administration gets in gear to sell its energy agenda

NYT: For Media Veteran, a Tricky Transition to the White House He Once Covered

NYT: President Is Likely to Discuss Gun Control Soon
Hill: Judiciary chairman rejects Dems' call for imminent gun-safety hearings

WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Obama's strong legal nominees

NYT: Social Security and Welfare Benefits Going Paperless

NYT: Bush Says He’s Done With Politics
WSJ: Bush Aide Was Killed in Assault

NYT: Suits on Same-Sex Marriage May Force Administration to Take a Stand
WaPo: Pentagon: Training on end of 'don't ask, don't tell' to start in February

WaPo: Heritage Foundation: Gay group is a factor in CPAC pullout

Wash Times: Sen. Paul says tea party holds power on Hill

WaPo: For GOP hopefuls, a race before the race
NRO: Pence Out, Republican Presidential Field Open
LA Times: With departure of Mike Pence, GOP presidential field looking fallow right now

James Taranto: Eliminationist rhetoric against Sarah Palin: the Missoula Children's Theater
NYDN: Bristol Palin appearance at Washington U. in St. Louis canceled amid student outrage
Politico: Tim Pawlenty spent heavily on midterms
CNN: Gingrich ponders 'realistic possibility' of 2012 bid
Stephen Moore: Pence Disappoints Conservatives
Politico: Rudy Giuliani headed to New Hampshire
Politico: Santorum hires key Iowa advisers
William Kristol: Christie 2012?
Gail Collins: Don’t Know Much About History (Michele Bachmann)

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
AP: Guest Lineups for the Sunday News Shows


Des Moines Register: Santorum picks up two Iowa advisers


Human Events: Jack Kimball: The Quiet Man


NYT: As Republicans Resist Closing Prisons, Cuomo Is Said to Scale Back Plan
NY Post: Gov stalls revamp on teacher layoffs
WSJ: NYC Mayor Warns of Mass Teacher Layoffs

Bloomberg: New York Senate Leader Skelos Rejects Local Sales-Tax Boosts for Budgets

NYDN: Albany pols doing much more than just legislating, government full of moonlighters
NY Post: Judge axes Hiram lawyer
NY Post: Monserrate can't pay lawyer with public funds: judge

NYT: New York Bar Seeks Limits on Investigations of Judges

Albany TU: Two Democrats indicted in Troy ballot scam case

Rochester D&C: Lawsuit challenges Carlos Carballada as acting mayor


LA Times: Jerry Brown orders California agencies to halt new car purchases
NYT: Agencies in Cost-Cutting California Told Not to Buy New Cars
WSJ: California, Local Agencies Face Off Over Funds

LA Times: Efforts to right L.A.'s finances highlight March ballot


Dallas MN: Lt. Gov. Dewhurst makes few changes in Senate committee chairs


Politico: Rubio taps Cheney aide for chief of staff

Miami Herald: Gov. Scott fires Enterprise Florida president

Miami Herald: Rivera urged to explain finances to GOP
SPT: U.S. Rep. David Rivera denies wrongdoing as fellow Republicans fret over controversy
Roll Call: Freshman Republican Rivera Snared in More Campaign Finance Questions


AJC: Tax plan consensus forged in private meeting
AJC: Nathan Deal: Climate isn’t right for tax rewrite

AP/Bynum: Sen. Chambliss pledges to push for Ga. port funds


NYT: Emanuel, Back in the Race, Is Also Back on the Trail
Politico: His candidacy affirmed, Rahm Emanuel unveils ad
Chicago Tribune: Mayoral ballots without Emanuel's name on lockdown

American Thinker: Illinois Death Spiral


Politico: Ohio gov: I don't need your people


Hill: Former Rep. Hoekstra weighing 2012 run against Sen. Debbie Stabenow

Detroit News: Snyder's tax plan hits big firms hardest


Roll Call: Conservative Group Targets Ben Nelson with Ads


AP/Alford: Republican gov hopefuls see economy as top issue


Roll Call: Allen Challenger Appears at Senate Tea Party Caucus


Larry Kudlow: Christie: Showing Washington How to Get It Done


Boston Globe: DeLeo, facing fire, tightens grip on power


Las Vegas RJ: Sandovals shine during inaugural ball


Roll Call: Club for Growth Won’t Ease Off Hatch
Hill: Tea Party Express warns Sen. Hatch isn't off the hook, could face primary


Anchorage DN: Parnell opposes Obama plan for wild lands in Alaska


CBS: Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie's Health Director Quits


January 28, 2011


WSJ: Data Reflect Economy's Strain
Bloomberg: U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose More Than Estimated Last Week to 454,000
AP/Veiga: Foreclosure activity up across most US metro areas
WSJ: Geithner Reaches Out to House GOP
WaPo: Government report blames regulators and financial institutions for economic crisis
WSJ: Culprits From Beltway Casting (via Google)
WSJ: A Two-Track Plan to Restore Growth
NYT: Corporate Tax Code Proves Hard to Change
WSJ: Secret to Bank's Comeback: A Rich Uncle Named Sam (via Google)
NYT: Editorial: Obama and Corporate America
Peggy Noonan: An Unserious Speech Misses the Mark (via Google)
Charles Krauthammer: The old Obama in new clothing
Ruth Marcus: From President Obama, lots of talk, little leadership
Politico: Sarah Palin on Barack Obama speech: 'WTF'
WSJ: Palin Takes a Swing at Obama’s State of the Union Address
Wash Times: Editorial: Obama’s WTF presidency
Rush Limbaugh: Leftists Push Obama as Reagan
Pat Buchanan: Sputnik Moment, or GM Moment?
Paul Krugman: Their Own Private Europe
American Spectator: Obama's Robust Defense of Statism
Ben Stein: Promises, Promises
Victor Davis Hanson: Proteus-in-Chief
Rich Lowry: The Sputnik Fallacy

WaPo: History shows Obama's effort to reorganize government could be an uphill battle

WSJ: Obama's Choice at Housing Agency Withdraws Name

WSJ: Pick for Labor Board Opposed by Business
WSJ: Trade Groups Target EPA, Labor Rules

Kim Strassel: Cap and Trade Returns From the Grave

WSJ: Senators Agree to Changes to Ease Gridlock
WaPo: Senate leaders agree on filibuster changes
NYT: Senate Approves Changes Intended to Ease Gridlock
Wash Times: Senate OKs small reforms to filibuster, ‘hold’ rules
Politico: Filibuster reform goes bust
Hill: Reid: Gentlemen’s agreement does not cover healthcare reform repeal

Michelle Malkin: Waivers for Favors

Wash Times: GOP glitch delays judicial hearing

Wash Times: Sen. Paul says tea party holds power on Hill
Politico: 4th senator joins Tea Party Caucus
WaPo: Senate Tea Party Caucus holds first meeting without some who had embraced banner
WaPo: TeaPartyHD fills in gaps that mainstream media might ignore
WSJ: Rep. Chaffetz Takes Back Criticism of Rep Bachmann
NYDN: Meghan McCain: Bachmann is a 'poor man's Palin,' slams her State of Union rebuttal
Politico: Republicans terrified of tea
Hill: DeMint pledges Tea Party Caucus won't lose touch with roots

Politico: John Boehner expands political machine
Politico: Earmarks wane but lobbying continues

WSJ: Sen. Tim Johnson to Head Banking Committee
Politico: Burr won't fight Murkowski for top spot on Energy

WSJ: Carney Named White House Press Secretary
WaPo: Jay Carney, former journalist, is named White House press secretary
NYT: New White House Press Secretary Part of Makeover
Wash Times: Obama picks Biden aide as speaker to press corps
American Spectator: The Obama Carnival's Carney

NYT: F.B.I. Warrants Into Service Attacks by WikiLeaks Supporters

WSJ: Oil-Spill Lawyers Urge Clients to Settle

Judicial Watch: New Documents Detailing Pelosi's Use of Air Force Aircraft in 2010

WSJ: Gates Criticizes Congress for Forcing Pentagon Cuts
WaPo: Gates says Pentagon faces spending 'crisis,' blames Congress for potential cuts
NYT: Gates Says Budget Impasse Threatens Readiness

NYT: Gates Says New Military Policy on Gays Can Start Soon
NYT: Despite Obama’s Call, No Rush in R.O.T.C.’s Return to Campus
John Lehman & Richard Kohn: Don't expand ROTC. Replace it

NYT: Divisions on the Right Over Gays in Its Ranks
WaPo: The GOP's quiet evolution on gay rights
NYT: Obama Nominee for Judge Could Be First Openly Gay Man on the Federal Bench

WaPo: Obama administration to replace color-coded terror alerts with new warning system

NYT: Editorial: Lethal Injection and the F.D.A.

WaPo: NPR probe of Juan Williams firing questions Ellen Weiss's management style

James Taranto: The Politics of Bloodlust: The left's disturbing preoccupation with violence
Rush Limbaugh: Date Night was a One-Night Stand

Fox: Obama Faces Tricky Task in Building 2012 Campaign Platform
WaPo: Obama's fundraisers are rebuilding bridges to big donors for 2012 campaign
American Thinker: State Eligibility Law: Obama's Achilles' Heel in 2012?

Politico: RNC picks rainmakers to rein in rising debt

WSJ: Pence Decides Against 2012 Run
NYT: Mike Pence Will Not Run for President
WaPo: Indiana's Pence will not run for president in 2012

Politico: Top former supporters split from Mitt Romney

American Thinker: Sarah Palin's Way Forward

WSJ: Mitch Daniels Gets 2012 Plug — From Students
Roll Call: Draft Mitch Daniels Effort to Run Ads in Iowa

Roll Call: Thune's 2012 Decision to Come by End of February

Buzz: Rick Scott ace Susie Wiles joins Jon Huntsman in possible White House bid

Daily Caller: Chris Christie on 2012 presidential run: 'In my heart I know I'm not'

NYT: McCain Ex-Aide Suspected As Anonymous ‘O’ Author
Politico: Not so anonymous: The story of Mark Salter


Des Moines Register: 5 judges, 3 lawyers among 9 Iowa Supreme Court finalists


Roll Call: New Hampshire Republicans Flocking to Conservative Film Premiere


State: Haley completes cabinet; diversity questioned


NYT: Over Food and Drinks at Home, Governor Works to Build Rapport
NY Post: Cuomo appoints CEO of state’s top business association to head ESDC
Syracuse PS: Gov. Cuomo names new CEO of Empire State Development Corp.
Albany TU: Harvey is new parks commissioner

Albany TU: Skelos: Rules will pass with bipartisan support
NYDN: City senators may have to ditch pricey digs as GOP purse strings tighten on 8 Dems

NYT: Guy J. Velella, State Senator From Bronx, Dies at 66

Rochester D&C: William Johnson announces candidacy for Rochester mayor


WSJ: Schwarzenegger Clemency for Ally's Son Draws Flak


WaPo: OpEd: The case for pardoning Tom DeLay

Roll Call: Texas Republican Announces Senate Bid

Houston Chronicle: House warms up for voter ID bill

Dallas MN: State budget cuts may mean hundreds of nursing homes close, industry warns


SPT: State's budget gap could be nearly $5 billion
Miami Herald: Scott proposes rebirth of commerce department

Buzz: Florida tea party OK with Rubio snub of tea party caucus
Weekly Standard: Marco Rubio Picks a Chief of Staff: Cesar Conda

WSJ: Lawyers for Crist


AJC: Senate overrides Perdue veto on budget bill, but House has other ideas


Chicago Tribune: Emanuel on Chicago mayoral ballot
Chicago Sun-Times: Supreme Court reaffirms residency is all about intent
WSJ: Emanuel Can Stay on Ballot
NYT: Court Allows Emanuel on Ballot for Chicago Mayor
WaPo: Rahm Emanuel is back on the ballot in Chicago, courtesy of the IL Supreme Court
Wash Times: Court rules to put Emanuel back on ballot
NYT: In Chicago Race, a Fight Over the Meaning of Reside
NYT: Power Brokers’ Ties Complicate the Ballot Process
Chicago Sun-Times: Ballot battle turned Rahm into sympathetic figure

Chicago Tribune: Mayoral candidates try to steer debate
Chicago Sun-Times: Braun goes after rivals Rahm, Chico in mayoral debate
NYT: At Debate, Emanuel Returns to the Fray


Weekly Standard: Reports: Pence Running for Governor, Not President
AP/Davies: GOP congressman Pence mulls bid for Indiana gov


Star Tribune: Bachmann once again steals GOP spotlight

Star Tribune: $1 billion in cuts passes first test


Politico: Can Berg take Conrad's seat for GOP?


Milwaukee JS: Walker signs bill limiting court awards in injury cases


Columbus Dispatch: Portman on Armed Services Committee

Columbus Dispatch: Blacks ask Senate to reject Kasich's all-white cabinet


Detroit News: Gov. Snyder puts public employee pay under scrutiny


Roll Call: Graves Rises to Top of Potential GOP Challengers to McCaskill, Poll Shows
Weekly Standard: No McCaskill v. Talent Rematch in Missouri


C&E: Kentucky Considers Strict Contribution Limits


Roll Call: Olympia Snowe Has $1.2 Million in Bank


WSJ: Arizona Lawmakers Target Automatic Citizenship
NYT: Talk of Bipartisan Progress Fading in Arizona


Denver Post: Gessler pushes for citizenship proof when voters register


NRO: The Tea Party Express says they won’t primary Sen. Orrin Hatch


NYT: Hawaii: Bill Would Open Obama Birth Record


January 27, 2011


NYT: With Issa Leading, Oversight Panel Eagerly Begins Its Work
Hill: Rep. Issa: Obama 'feigns perfection' without achieving it on lobbying rules

Wash Times: GOP hearings put health law, oil spill under scrutiny
WaPo: House Republicans sharpen attack on health-care reform in two Hill hearings

WSJ: Deficit Outlook Darkens
Wash Times: CBO: Federal deficit to hit $1.5T this year
NYT: Deficit Forecast Nears $1.5 Trillion, Fueling Partisan Battle on Federal Spending
WaPo: CBO projects U.S. budget deficit to reach $1.5 trillion in 2011, highest ever
Hill: Republican Party unity cracks over raising $14.3 trillion debt ceiling
WSJ: After You, Mr. Ryan: The President says the deficit is the GOP's problem now
WSJ: High-speed rail and solar shingles are not the answer to America's "Sputnik moment"
NYT: Republicans Split Over Plans to Cut Defense Budget
NYT: C.B.O. Director Appointed for Full Term
WSJ: Executives Skeptical Obama Can Deliver
Karl Rove: Obama vs. Ryan: The Choice Is Clear
Ann Coulter: Hope, Change, and 'Invest'
Stephen Moore: Obama's 'Investment' Charade (via Google)
Newt Gingrich: Losing the Future vs. Winning the Future
Michael Gerson: No-bend Obama
James Taranto: The Speech Is Flat: But Obama breaks free from Thomas Friedman's orbit
William Kristol: Bill Clinton's Democrats vs. Paul Ryan's Republicans
Ted Nugent: Obama slept through the election
Rush Limbaugh: Flat, Insulting State of the Union Draws Raves from State-Run Media
NPR: Bachmann Speech — Live On CNN — Creates A Buzz
Rush Limbaugh: Libs Lambaste Bachmann Speech

NYT: Senate Democrats Drop Campaign to Limit Filibuster
WSJ: Reid Remains Supportive of Earmarks
Rush Limbaugh: Dingy Harry to Obama: Back Off!
NRO: Mitch McConnell: Master of the Senate

WaPo: House votes to do away with public financing of presidential campaigns
Wash Times: House votes for repeal of public-paid campaigns
WaPo: Effect of House GOP's anti-campaign-financing bill would be felt by Republicans

NYT: Moody’s Credit Ratings of States to Factor in Unfunded Pensions
WSJ: Banks Get Tough With Municipalities
WSJ: Rising Price Pressures Spur Concerns
NYT: Dissenters Fault Report on Crisis in Finance
WSJ: OpEd: What Caused the Financial Crisis? (via Google)
NYT: Fed to Continue Bond-Buying Program
WSJ: Unanimous Fed Keeps Buying Bonds (via Google)
WSJ: Tax Redo to Seek 'Level Playing Field'
NYT: Editorial: So Was It a Good Year?

WSJ: Budget Cutting Starts at Justice Department
Weekly Standard: The Decline of the Justice Department

Wash Times: Boehner backs revived school voucher plan
George Will: Getting American students to find the goal posts of success

NRO: The New Immigration Debate

NYT: Dealing With Assange and the Secrets He Spilled
NYT: Full Presidential Speech Got an Unscripted Leak

WaPo: Obama vows to end enforcement of 'don't ask, don't tell' this year

NYT: Report Offers Surprises on Muslims’ Growth
WaPo: Global Muslim population gains will outstrip non-Muslim growth over the next 20 years

WSJ: The Trials of Gitmo (via Google)
WSJ: U.S. Color-Coded Terror Warnings to Be Phased Out
AP/Sullivan: Color-coded terror warnings to be gone by April 27
NYT: Britain Proposes Easing Controls on Terrorism Suspects to Calm Rights Concerns

NYT: House Ethics Committee Clears 3 of Conflict of Interest

WaPo: To target Fox News over 'Nazi' label, rabbis make use of Murdoch's other media

Examiner: GOP field for 2012 remains muddled
Politico: Mitt Romney edges closer to an announcement
AP/DeFalco: NJ gov hosts private dinner for Romney
Politico: Chris Christie coy about 2012 preference
NYT: Palin’s PAC Raised $279,000 in Late 2010
Rasmussen: 33% of GOP Voters Hope Palin Isn’t 2012 Nominee
American Thinker: Sex and Sarah Palin
Weekly Standard: Tim Pawlenty's Problem?
Roll Call: Santorum Staffs Up for 2012 in Granite State
Wash Times: Saucy ex-pizza CEO makes long-shot bid for presidency
Politico: Michele Bachmann posing challenge for GOP

Fox: Celebrity Journalist: I Never Spoke to Hawaii Gov About Obama Birth Certificate


Des Moines Register: See how Branstad proposes to cut the budget
Des Moines Register: Same-sex marriage bill faces test vote in Senate


AP/Warren: Ex-SC governor, Argentine lover hit Uruguay resort

State: Floyd tapped for appellate court


Albany TU: Senate rush to change rules fails
Albany TU: Sampson to Skelos: Bring back rules reform panel

NYT: New York State Seizes Finances of Nassau County
Albany TU: Nassau Co. gets state oversight board
NY Post: State takes over Nassau County's poor finances

NYDN: Glenn Beck blasts Bronx, compares Co-Op City to failed socialist state

Rochester D&C: Barack Obama nominates Michael Green for federal bench


LA Times: California Gov. Jerry Brown defends cutting redevelopment agencies
George Skelton: Poll numbers back California Gov. Jerry Brown


Dallas MN: Senate passes GOP-backed voter ID bill
Star-Telegram: Senate approves voter ID legislation

Dallas MN: Ron Paul considers U.S. Senate run
Weekly Standard: Michael Williams to Announce Senate Run in Texas
American Spectator: Texas Tea


Hill: Prize panel seat could be Coburn’s


Miami Herald: Rubio questions need for tea party caucus
SPT: Sen. Marco Rubio's first real day on the job

Roll Call: Boehner Waits to See How Rivera Investigation ‘Plays Out’


AJC: Isakson proposes 2-year federal budget
WSJ: Last Call for Dry Sundays


Chicago Tribune: Will Emanuel ruling escape political taint?
NYT: Candidates, and Chicago, Await Ruling
Politico: Judge won't recuse herself in Rahm Emanuel case
C&E: Rahm's Residency Issues: A Teachable Moment?
American Spectator: Rahm Seen His Opportunities and He Took 'Em

WSJ: Court Halts Illinois Program (via Google)


Star Tribune: Should photo ID be required to vote?


Milwaukee JS: Changes to voter ID bill suggested

WSJ: Obama Takes Infrastructure Push to Wisconsin
NYT: Obama, in Wisconsin, Picks Up Address’s Refrain


NYT: Kucinich Sues Over Olive Pit
WaPo: Dennis Kucinich sues House cafeteria over olive pit


Daily Caller: Saul Anuzis contemplates 2012 Senate bid against Debbie Stabenow
Detroit News: Gov. Snyder's guide explains state debt; fix is harder
WSJ: Michigan Works to Speed Burials for the Poor
Detroit News: State employees' same-sex partners to get health benefits


AP: Rand Paul introduces bill to audit Federal Reserve


WITN: Republican Controlled Legislature Takes Over In Raleigh
News & Observer: Republicans face daunting job


George Allen: Why I'm Running for the U.S. Senate in Virginia
NRO: The Once and Future Senator?

NYT: Virginia: Quick Ruling Promised on Challenge to Health Law


S-L: N.J. Assembly Republicans shake up budget team in anticipation of Christie's fiscal plan


Boston Globe: Steep cuts in Patrick’s budget plan


Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval plan would jeopardize school district's finances, CFO says


NYT: Man Charged in Tucson Shootings Had Researched Assassins, Official Says

Fox: AZ Lawmaker Revives Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates to Show Birth Certificate


NYT: New Mexico: Court Overrules Governor on Pollutants


Anchorage DN: Ethics watchdog requests documents from Young probe


January 26, 2011


WSJ: Obama: U.S. Must Compete
WaPo: State of the Union 2011: 'Win the future,' Obama says
WSJ: Full Speech: The State of the Union Address (video)
WSJ: Text of Obama’s State of the Union Address
WSJ: In His Own Words | Breaking Down the Speech
WSJ: Obama Woos Center to Embrace His Vision of Future
WSJ: A Call to Overhaul Corporate Taxes
WaPo: Obama challenges the nation - and Republicans
NYT: Obama Pitches Global Fight for U.S. Jobs in Address
NYT: Obama Sets Stage for Clash of Governing Ideals
Hill: Obama vows in State of the Union to veto any bill with earmarks
NYT: After a Detour, Mapping America’s Journey
NYT: Remarks That Touch Not Just One City
NYT: Some Difficulties Unnoted, And Some Facts Shaded
NYT: Patterns of Speech: 75 Years of the State of the Union Addresses
NYT: Editorial: The State of the Union
WaPo: Editorial: President Obama needs to lead Congress on the path to compromise
Fred Barnes: Obama's Missed Opportunity
Michael Gerson: Obama's State of the Union: bipartisan and ideological
Jennifer Rubin: Where was Obama the centrist in his State of the Union?
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter: Spinning the Future: President Obama’s State of Union
Weekly Standard: Not a Winning Speech

NYT: Republican Response (video)
WSJ: Text of Rep. Ryan’s Republican Response
Hill: Ryan emphasizes cuts as GOP warns of 'tipping point'
Human Events: Paul Ryan to Obama: Not So Fast
NRO: Ryan: ‘We Still Have Time . . . But Not Much Time’

WSJ: Tea Party Response to Obama's Address (video)
NYT: Rep. Michele Bachmann's Response (video)
WSJ: Text of Rep. Bachmann’s Response to the State of the Union
Hill: Bachmann rips Obama on spending in Tea Party response
Dana Milbank: Michele Bachmann's alternate universe

WSJ: Republicans Speak With Two Voices, Deliver One Message
NYT: Two G.O.P. Responses Point to Potential Fault Lines

WSJ: Six on Supreme Court to Attend State of the Union
NYT: Six Justices to Attend State of the Union

WSJ: Signs of Harmony, if Not Quite 'Kumbayah'
WaPo: At the State of the Union, a spirit of camaraderie, at least for a while
NYT: New Seating Chart, but Same Divides
NYT: Who Sat Where: The State of the Union Seating Chart
Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Fall for Civility Trick, While Democrats Ramp Up Attacks
Rush Limbaugh: Explaining Democrats: They Hate Capitalism and They Love Power

WSJ: House Pushes Deep Spending Cuts
Sens. Cornyn & Hatch: Rethinking a balanced-budget amendment

WSJ: Panel Blames All for Meltdown
NYT: Financial Crisis Was Avoidable, Inquiry Finds

WSJ: The Great Misallocators: What Barack Obama and General Electric have in common
WSJ: Comparative Advantage and American Jobs (via Google)

WaPo: Home prices fall in nearly all major cities, heightening fears of double dip
WSJ: Falling Home Prices Reveal Limits of Recovery (via Google)
Ralph Nader: The Great Fannie and Freddie Rip-Off (via Google)

Dick Morris: Help states go bankrupt

WSJ: Uphill Battle for Panel Chief on Transportation Funding (via Google)

WSJ: Embassy Bomber Gets Life in Prison
WaPo: Gitmo detainee Ghailani gets life sentence in embassy plot
NYT: Ex-Detainee Gets Life Sentence in Embassy Blasts
WSJ: Trial Set in Detroit Jet-Bomb Attempt
NYT: Editorial: A Case for Accountability (CIA destruction of tapes)

WSJ: Obama Hails ‘Don’t Ask’ Repeal, Asks Schools to Lift ROTC Bans

WaPo: Senate closer to compromise on proposal to overhaul rules
NYT: Editorial: Make Them Work for It (filibuster)

American Spectator: Won't Somebody Please Help Frances Fox Piven?

Politico: Chris Christie dines with Mitt Romney
Rasmussen: Giuliani is Leading GOP Contender If Front-Runners Drop Out
Politico: Tim Pawlenty’s intro to New Hampshire
Hill: Don’t confuse nice with weak: Pawlenty
AP/Glover: Santorum in no hurry to make presidential decision
Politico: Newt Gingrich proposes abolishing EPA
Politico: Michele Bachmann schedules another Iowa trip

Politico: Priebus fires RNC political staffers

AP: Fred Thompson turns to lobbying for trial lawyers


Des Moines Register: House GOP rift stalls effort to narrow Iowa abortion laws


NYT: Yesterday’s Gadfly, Today’s Political Boss


NYT: For a Medicaid Cost-Cutter From Wisconsin, a More Complicated Job in New York
NYT: Proposal to Revamp Judicial-Conduct Agency Draws Fire
Albany TU: NY’s Health Commissioner not an AMA member
NY Post: Cash bash for Cuomo

NYDN: GOP tries to block Dem. lieutenant governor from breaking tied leadership votes
Albany TU: Missing a vote, GOP rules change must wait
Albany TU: Senate Dems blast GOP rules changes as ‘power grab’
NYDN: Argument over seating arrangement breaks out in state Senate
Albany TU: Indep Dems will get committee chairs

AP/Eltman: Rich but troubled NY county fights fiscal takeover


LA Times: Prop. 8 opponents ask CA high court to reject federal court's request for ruling
WSJ: Meg Moves On


Dallas MN: Texas Gov. Rick Perry defends fast-tracked items, says lawmakers can multitask


SPT: Gov. Rick Scott stalls new voter-approved redistricting standards
Miami Herald: Scott's campaign workers take key jobs


NYT: Drug Is Challenged as Georgia Plans Execution

AJC: Feds stick to their focus as Georgia lawmakers seek to crack down on illegal immigrants


Chicago Tribune: State Supreme Court gives Emanuel a reprieve
Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel back on ballot – for now
WSJ: Court Lets Emanuel Stay on Ballot Pending Appeal
NYT: Emanuel Back on Ballot; Court Will Hear Case
WaPo: Emanuel's mayoral bid gets boost from Obama
James Taranto: Rahm for Resident! Why he will be on the ballot in Chicago


Hill: Work cut out for him, Obama heads to critical battleground Wisconsin


WSJ: Ohio to Switch Execution Drugs

C&E: Ohio House Democratic Campaign Chief Reflects on Lost Majority


Hill: Jim Talent won't run for his old Senate seat
Politico: Talent won't run for Senate in Missouri


NYT: Omaha Mayor Declares Victory in Recall Vote
AP/Ross: Critics still hoping for ouster of Omaha mayor


Politico: Rand Paul unveils $500B in cuts


Roll Call: Senate Rerun Victories Very Rare
Roll Call: Webb Mum on Allen’s Comeback Attempt


Roll Call: Manchin Leads Potential Challengers in Poll


WND: Game-changer! Arizona to pass 2012 eligibility law


January 25, 2011


WSJ: Ryan Is Republican Point Man
NYT: Republicans’ Budget Man Draws Fire
WaPo: Paul Ryan is not what you think
Hill: Budget ax-man Rep. Paul Ryan is Senate Democrats' new villain
WSJ: Obama's Speech to Kick Off Fight to 'Win the Future'
NYT: Uncertainty Over Economy Clouds Obama Speech
NYT: Pitch for Rebuilding Infrastructure Carries Political Challenges
Hill: Business, labor listening for the president's plan on infrastructure
Wash Times: Obama to walk tightrope in State of Union
WaPo: Obama won't endorse raising retirement age or reducing Social Security benefits
WaPo: For State of the Union address, will Republicans and Democrats stand together?
Sen. Tom Coburn: Civility, Seating, and Substance
WaPo: The stories behind the visitors in the State of the Union galleries
WaPo: Supreme Court won't be fully represented at State of the Union
Hill: Scalia: No plans to attend Obama's State of the Union address
Fred Barnes: The Obama Code: What to listen for in the State of the Union address
David Brooks: The Talent Magnet
Rush Limbaugh: State of the Union Show Preview
Rush Limbaugh: Gov't Can't Create or Save Jobs
David Limbaugh: Obama Moving To The Center? Wanna Buy A Bridge?
Pat Buchanan: And The Debt Bomb Ticks On

WSJ: How Public Unions Took Taxpayers Hostage
Fox: Government Unions Build Ranks, Court TSA for Membership
Wash Times: Tea party wary of spending cut vows
AP/Taylor: House GOP to endorse pre-Obama spending levels

Michael Gerson: Health care and the contest of credibility
Wash Times: HHS recovers over $4 billion in probes of fraud
NYT: Editorial: What Comes After No? (Health Care)
Sen. Mike Johanns: Roll back the 1099 provision

WaPo: Cantor opposes allowing states to declare bankruptcy
WSJ: No State Bailouts, Lawmaker Says (via Google)
Eugene Robinson: In the GOP's budget, a surplus of spite

WSJ: Financial Crisis Panel Refers Evidence to Prosecutors

WSJ: GOP Feels Heat on Loan Guarantees (via Google)

WaPo: Fannie and Freddie spending lavishly on lawyers
Fox: U.S. Covers Millions in Legal Fees for Ex-Freddie, Fannie Executives

WSJ: White House Energy 'Czar' to Exit in Staff Shake-Up
WaPo: Key energy aide to Obama resigning
NYT: Director of Policy on Climate Will Leave, Her Goal Unmet
WaPo: Carol Browner to quit Obama administration

WSJ: White House Lawyer Tapped for Solicitor General
NYT: Obama Nominates a Deputy Counsel for Solicitor General

Marc Thiessen: The state of our terrorist detention policy
Human Events: King’s Hearings On Muslim Radicalization: Useless

Stanley Kurtz: Frances Fox Piven’s Violent Agenda
James Taranto: Frances Fox Piven and the NYTs's dishonest campaign for "civility"

WaPo: FCC's rules to protect Internet access spark claims of violations

Wash Times: Issa urges firing of Amtrak chief, counsel

NYT: Senate Nears Compromise to Ease Slowdown Tactics
Politico: Three Democrats demand filibuster vote

WSJ: Justices Extend Protection Over Workplace Retaliation (via Google)
AP/Jackson: Scalia addresses tea party-organized event
Politico: Antonin Scalia charms Tea Party caucus
NYT: Thomas Cites Failure to Disclose Wife’s Job
NYT: A Taxonomy of Supreme Court Humor
NYT: Editorial: Tactical Secrets

Bradley Smith: The Incumbent's Bane: Citizens United and the 2010 Election (via Google)
Rivkin & Casey: Common Cause v. Scalia and Thomas (via Google)

WSJ: The GOP's Latino Problem

NYT: Bush White House Broke Elections Law, Report Says
WaPo: Bush officials broke electioneering law, federal agency reports

WaPo: Editorial: System of publicly funding presidential campaigns needs a serious fix

WaPo: Thousands of abortion opponents rally in march on Mall
NYT: Despite Cold Weather, Abortion Opponents Rally in Washington
Politico: Mike Pence, Michele Bachmann attend anti-abortion events
Weekly Standard: The Supreme Court’s Back Alley Runs Through Philadelphia
Rep. Michele Bachmann: Stand For Life: Remembering The Past And Looking Forward

Bret Stephens: Why I'll Miss Keith Olbermann

Roll Call: 10 Years Later, Murray Is Leading a Changed DSCC

Rasmussen: Romney Holds Slight Edge Over Huckabee and Palin
American Thinker: That Disdain for Palin
Politico: From Tim Pawlenty, a jab at Mitt Romney?
Politico: 2012 siren: Barbour to South Carolina
NRO: Meet the Conservatives Hoping to Sway Mike Pence’s Decision
Roll Call: Thune Staffing Changes Send 2012 Signal
NY Post: First 2012 Republican debate to take place May 2

Milwaukee JS: Priebus keeping head down in new RNC role

NYDN: Bristol Palin has a new boyfriend & wants Levi Johnston to sign over parental rights


Des Moines Register: Public selection of justices begins
Des Moines Reg: Proposed amendment to ban same-sex marriage gets first OK in House

Politico: Christie Vilsack exploring House run


WaPo: Is the New Hampshire GOP establishment overrated?
Roll Call: Tim Pawlenty Debuts in New Hampshire With Video


AP/Davenport: Haley’s campaign paid staffers bonuses


Albany TU: Senate Dems like tax cap with other stuff, too


Dallas MN: Senate offers deep spending cuts, proposes siphoning Perry’s jobs fund
Dallas MN: Texas House Republicans act to avert Democrats’ stalling tactics


SPT: Rick Scott puts young campaign staffers in high-profile, in-house lobbying jobs

Politico: Rep. David Rivera facing ethics issues


AJC: Deal talks taxes, jobs at city leaders event


Chicago Tribune: Emanuel scrambles to get back on ballot
Chicago Tribune: Ballot upheaval could shape early and absentee voting
Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel has two legal issues looming large for Supreme Court
Chicago Tribune: Judges who ruled against Emanuel once slated by pol backing Chico
Chicago Sun-Times: Analysis: If Emanuel is kept off ballot, Chico looks like the man
Wash Times: Court orders Emanuel off ballot for Chicago mayor
Fox: Chicago Mayoral Ballots to Be Printed Without Emanuel's Name
NYT: Ruling Blocks Emanuel’s Bid in Chicago Run
WaPo: Rahm Emanuel cannot run for Chicago mayor, Ill. appeals court rules
WSJ: Big Bump in Rahm's Road to City Hall
WSJ: Read the ruling
WSJ: Who's a Carpetbagger? (via Google)
Human Events: What’s Next In The Emmanuel Case?

WSJ: Illinois Confirms Inquiry by SEC (via Google)


Milwaukee JS: Tort reform bill sparks filings


Columbus Dispatch: Keep primary in March, state GOP chief says


Detroit News: Granholm, hubby go west for new careers
C&E: Michigan Influencers Weblinks


WaPo: Republican George Allen of Va. to run again for U.S. Senate seat
Wash Times: It’s official: Allen running for Senate; focus turns to Webb
WaPo: Editorial: Act II for George Allen in Virginia?
WaPo: Remembering George Allen's 2006 campaign

WaPo: McDonnell's transportation plan gets support from across aisle in Va. Senate


Hill: Liberals trying to draft Keith Olbermann for Joe Lieberman's Senate seat


Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval calls for cuts to revive state
Las Vegas RJ: Blueprint contains widespread pain

Roll Call: Ensign Hosting Re-Election Meeting in D.C.


January 24, 2011


Sen. Jeff Sessions: Economic policy that's stuck in reverse
WSJ: Obama's Address Previews 2012 Race
NYT: State of Union Near, Republicans Draw Line on Spending
Wash Times: GOP leaders to watch Obama speech for real 'pivot' to center
WSJ: McConnell: ‘Going to Sit Where I Usually Sit’ for State of the Union
Wash Times: Ryan's star rising with Obama rebuttal
NYT: Editorial: A New Chance for Mr. Obama
WaPo: Editorial: The moment arrives for President Obama to pitch fiscal responsibility
EJ Dionne: How Obama can define moderation
Fareed Zakaria: Can Obama get it right on the economy?

NYT: Senate Republicans to Oppose Obama’s Spending Plans
WaPo: Reducing the deficit and growing the economy will be the hot topics in 2011
NRO: Debt-Ceiling Debate
Fox: Obama Tacks Center, but Debt Reduction Remains Elusive
WaPo: Key questions and answers on the debt limit
WSJ: Colin Powell: ‘Defense Budget Shouldn’t Be Sacrosanct’
Hill: U.N. funding an early target for House Republicans
WSJ: Cantor: ‘Every Dollar Should Be on the Table’
Hill: Durbin: Boehner 'much more reasonable' than Gingrich, won't allow shutdown

NYT: While House Is Abuzz, Senate Hits Snooze Button
WaPo: Senators discuss streamlining confirmation process
Sen. Mike Enzi: Against ending the filibuster

WSJ: OpEd: State Bankruptcy Is a Bad Idea

WSJ: Health Clash Senate Bound
NYT: Verbal Sparring Over Potential Senate Vote on Health Care
AP/Daniel: In Senate, GOP eyes a vote on health law
Ross Douthat: Reforming Health Care Reform
WSJ: OpEd: Why Obama Should Drop the Insurance Mandate
Pete DuPont: Target: ObamaCare

Fox: Fraud Reportedly Plagues Global Health Fund

WSJ: Obama's Rule-Making Loophole (via Google)

NYT: Mortgage Giants Fannie & Freddie Leave Legal Bills to the Taxpayers
WSJ: More Hiring Expected as Gloom Starts to Lift
Paul Krugman: The Competition Myth

NYT: Increasingly Confident Fed Is Set for First Meeting of 2011
WSJ: New Push at Fed to Set an Official Inflation Goal

WSJ: Global Price Fears Mount: Food, Raw Materials Soar
Hill: McCain: 'Ethanol is a joke'

WSJ: Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands of Post Offices

NYT: Justice Scalia to Speak to Tea Party Caucus on Separation of Powers
NYT: Editorial: An Evolving Court
Fox: Chief Justice Could Be No Show for State of the Union; Alito Begs Off

NYT: Editorial: Reform and the Teachers’ Unions

NYT: Olbermann Split Came After Years of Tension

NYT: President, Rebounding, Gives Opponents Pause
WaPo: Obama could survive some bumps on road to 2012 reelection
Politico: Fickle indie voters rethink Barack Obama
Hill: Seven reasons why the GOP faces an uphill battle to defeat Obama

Wash Times: Cantor: Obama is a U.S. citizen
HillBuzz: Obama birth certificate mystery solved?

Hill: Pawlenty promotes his Minnesota record as a model for the nation

Rep. Michele Bachmann: Stand For Life: Remembering The Past And Looking Forward

Wash Times: Tea party already gearing up for '12

NYT: OpEd: Build a Bigger House: Why We Need a Larger House of Representatives

Wash Times: Social issues top GOP state agendas

WaPo: With controversial memoir, Ron Reagan still deviating from family mold


Des Moines Register: Iowa Supreme Court candidate interviews begin today


Politico: Tea party win: NH race a 2012 omen


State: Ruling lets GOP move funds to Haley, Zais


NY Post: Andy's ax to cut $1b from apple
NYT: Unlikely Allies Fight Cuomo’s Plan for Property Tax Cap


Politico: Jerry Brown takes a big risk


Fox: Not Quite Gone But Quickly Forgotten -- Races Heat Up for Open Senate Seats

Dallas MN: Lt. Gov. Dewhurst to push Texas lawmakers to consider fee hike to pay for roads


SPT: Sen. Marco Rubio won't commit to join tea party caucus
Hill: Want to be the Marco Rubio of 2012? Start early, Republican consultants say

Miami Herald: Rick Scott makes progress on vows


Chicago Tribune: Mayoral front-runner presents transit plan


Roll Call: Republicans Try Tying Klobuchar to Franken


Roll Call: Ann Wagner Considering Missouri Senate Bid


WSJ: Feud Over Best Setting for the Disabled


Wash Times: Allen to seek to reclaim Va. Senate seat
WaPo: Allen to announce Senate run Monday
NYT: George Allen to Announce Plans for Senate Bid on Monday


WaPo: Editorial: O'Malley proposes more pain, some gain


Politico: Rendell to MSNBC, declares Casey "unassailable"


Boston Globe: Patrick seeks to end costly use of private lawyers for the indigent


WaPo: Health-care law: Arizona tries new approach to get by federal Medicaid rules


January 23, 2011


WSJ: Obama Address to Focus on Jobs, Cutting Deficit, Unity
NYT: Obama to Press Centrist Agenda in His Address
Fox: Obama to Push for New Spending as GOP Demands Deep Budget Cuts
WaPo: Interest groups vie for a moment of Obama's time in State of the Union address
NYT: As State of the Union Nears, Congress Plays Musical Chairs
NYT: OpEd: The President's Speech
Hill: Many hoping Obama will give hints on the thorny topic of tax reform
Hill: Obama to face down Republicans days after healthcare reform repeal vote
Hill: With climate bill dead, Obama faces pressure from greens on address
Tim Pawlenty: Don't raise the debt limit - reform entitlement spending

George Will: America's political disharmony

AP/Cassata: Tea partiers say defense in mix for budget cuts
Hill: Dreier: Internal GOP talks on spending, debt limit under way

Hill: Burdensome regs? Business groups happy to offer suggestions

WaPo: D.C. area will take hit if Wall Street steals away with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Hill: Momentum grows in House for repealing limits on debit fees

NYT: Federal Research Center Will Help Develop Medicines

WaPo: Domestic use of aerial drones by law enforcement likely to prompt privacy debate

NYT: Olbermann’s MSNBC Exit Was Weeks in the Making
WaPo: Olbermann's split with MSNBC may have been long in the making

WaPo: Senate in long recess as leaders seek to rein in Democrats' filibuster rebellion
NYT: Incumbent Senators Weigh Options

Fox: On Roe V. Wade Anniversary, Abortion Foes Increasingly Confident of 'Cultural Shift'

Andrew McCarthy: Back in Commission
Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Keep Guantanamo Open, Mr. President

Human Events: Despite "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal Princeton says no to ROTC

Jonathan Turley: Justice Scalia is a political star - and that's bad for the Supreme Court

Daily Caller: ACORN's man takes over the Democratic Party's war machine

WaPo: Who can win the 2012 GOP nomination?
WaPo: Mitt Romney tops New Hampshire presidential straw poll
Clarice Feldman: Allegory of the Cave of the Mama Grizzly
Dana Milbank: I'm declaring February a Palin-free month. Join me!
Politico: Mitch Daniels: Heartthrob of the elites

AP/Zongker: Bono sings, fond memories flow at Shriver funeral

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: Before the big speech


Des Moines Register: Iowa tea party leaders gear up to sway caucuses
Hill: Bachmann: Iowa trip isn't about 'personal ambition,' but 2012
Des Moines Register: Bachmann impresses some top Iowa Republicans

Des Moines Register: Branstad: No judicial litmus test


Union Lead: Jack Kimball elected new GOP chair 222 to 199; Romney tops field in straw poll
NYT: Tea Party Activist Takes Over New Hampshire G.O.P.
WaPo: Tea party candidate Jack Kimball snags N.H. GOP chair; Romney tops straw poll
Politico: First in nation, last with Sarah Palin


NY Post: Black attorney charges bias in Cuomo's attorney general office


Fox: California Treasurer Warns of IOUs, if No Cuts
Dan Walters: Debt puts pressure on deficit-ridden California budget

NYT: California Runner-Up Bypasses Review of Race


Human Events: Texas Battles EPA Over Carbon Dioxide Rules

Dallas MN: Three Texas lawmakers will discuss triumphs, setbacks as the session unfolds

San Angelo ST: Duncan charged with shepherding voter ID bill
Dallas MN: What would veteran lawmakers do about Texas’ budget deficit?


Chicago Tribune: Chicago race and politics
Chicago Sun-Times: Rahm Emanuel’s $100,000 Club
Chicago Sun-Times: Carol Moseley Braun: ‘People underestimate me’


CNN: Lugar heads home to begin fight for re-election
Fort Wayne JG: Editorial: Questions on dumping Sen. Lugar


Star Tribune: Pawlenty 3rd, Bachmann 5th in N.H. straw poll


AP/Richmond: Walker hires former Democratic state senator


Columbus Dispatch: Chambers propose redesign of Ohio’s government


Detroit FP: Michigan GOP leader Anuzis considers 2012 run against Stabenow

Detroit News: Snyder defies a political mold


WTOL: Tennessee Democrat stands by Nazi remarks


Fay Observer: Republicans set N.C. agenda as budget shortfall looms


Boston Globe: DeLeo vows to battle patronage, but he sponsored many for probation jobs


Las Vegas RJ: Many cuts feared as Sandoval prepares for State of State address


Arizona Daily Star: Tea-party choice will head state GOP
Tucson Citizen: Tom Morrissey wins Arizona Republican Party Chairman

Arizona Republic: Arizona's middle class in crisis: Many are barely hanging on


Seattle Times: Radio talk-show host becomes new head of Wash. GOP


News-Miner: Murkowski welcomes development projects, Young announces assignments


DN: Neil Abercrombie, HI gov drops mission to dispel birthers, prove Obama was born in state


January 22, 2011


WSJ: Obama to Push New Spending
WSJ: Durbin Seeks Delay on Spending Cuts
Politico: David Dreier: We'll negotiate on spending
Hill: DeMint: Republicans must do 'everything they can' to block debt limit increase
Dana Milbank: Republican spending plan signals a new culture war

WSJ: President Tries the GE Way
Wash Times: Obama focuses on economic potential, names GE chief to jobs panel
WaPo: Obama taps GE chief Immelt for jobs role, continuing outreach to big business
NYT: Obama Sends Pro-Business Signal With Adviser Choice
Larry Kudlow: GE’s Immelt on the Hot Seat
Rush Limbaugh: The Regime-Immelt Deal Smells
NYT: Labor Worries About New Head of Obama Jobs Panel
WSJ: New Faces Appear at Bargaining Table
Hill: Critical of GOP on jobs, Murkowski a thorn in McConnell’s side
NYT: Obama May Find Useless Regulations Are Scarcer Than Thought
WSJ: Fannie-Freddie Report Likely to Be Late
Rush Limbaugh: Inflation Harms Seniors the Most

Fox: Obama Gets Second Chance to Stress Jobs Focus at State of the Union
WSJ: Ryan to Give State of Union Response
WaPo: Michele Bachmann to deliver her own State of the Union rebuttal
Daily Caller: Rep. Michele Bachmann to deliver Tea Party response to State of the Union
WSJ: Odd Couples Created in Seating for Speech
Hill: Who's your seat buddy? Congress pairs off for State of the Union

NYT: Will It Be 1995 All Over Again?

Hill: Barrasso: 'Now it's the Senate's turn' to scrap healthcare reform law
WSJ: Governors vs. ObamaCare
Hill: Health Secretary Sebelius: ‘There is no taxpayer funding for abortion’
Ezra Klein: The Republican war on the CBO

NYT: G.O.P. Grants Reprieve to House Ethics Office

WSJ: Issa Calls for Dismissals at SEC

WaPo: Corporate contributions have surged for new Republican leaders in House

NYT: A Warning to Obama on Guantanamo
Kyndra Rotunda: Geneva Conventions Support Keeping Gitmo Open

NYT: Ghailani Terrorism Conviction Affirmed

WSJ: Why the Arizona Shooting Won’t Lead to Tighter Federal Gun Laws
Charles Blow: Obama's Gun Play

NYT: E.P.A. Approves Use of More Ethanol in Gasoline
WSJ: Amber Waves of Ethanol: 4 of 10 rows of US corn now go for fuel, not food (via Google)

WSJ: Public Pension Hygiene Act (via Google)

NYT: Mayors See No End to Hard Choices for Cities

NYT: Lawmakers in Many States Pushing for Abortion Curbs

WSJ: MSNBC, Olbermann Call It Quits, Cancel Show
NYT: Olbermann Leaves ‘Countdown’ on MSNBC
WaPo: Keith Olbermann and MSNBC part ways
AP/Bauder: Keith Olbermann leaving MSNBC, ends 'Countdown'
Human Events: Olbermann fired by MSNBC
NRO: Video: Keith Olbermann Signs Off

WSJ: The State Against Blacks
NYT: Spotlight From Glenn Beck Brings a CUNY Professor Threats
Kathleen Parker: Disarm the language police

WSJ: Drug Halt Hinders Executions in the U.S.
NYT: States Face Shortage of Key Lethal Injection Drug
WaPo: Company to stop making drug commonly used in executions

Chicago Tribune: Republican hopefuls lay groundwork for 2012
Politico: Poll: Gov. Mike Huckabee leader in GOP field
Weekly Standard: Huckabee Looking at "Late Summer" Decision on Presidential Run
C&E: Romney Reportedly Adds Staff for 2012 Presidential Bid
Politico: Sarah Palin to speak in NY next month
AJC: Newt Gingrich tells Georgia Republicans he’ll be a candidate in ‘12
AJC: Gingrich: Georgia would play big part in presidential bid
Politico: Report: Newt Gingrich eyeing bid from Georgia
Politico: Rudy Giuliani 'absolutely' thinking about 2012
NRO: Giuliani: ‘I’m Like a Running Back that Has the Ball’
WSJ: Giuliani: ‘More Likely’ to Run in 2012 If Palin Makes Bid
WaPo: Mike Pence -- will he or won't he?
Fox: Bachmann to Address Iowa Crowd, Stirring 2012 Speculation
Politico: Rick Santorum won't fold on race card
James Taranto: Is Barack Obama black enough for Rick Santorum?
William Kristol: 2012: ‘An Open Field and a Fair Chance’
Weekly Standard: Putting Obama's Job Approval In Context

Human Events: New Slate At RNC

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Des Moines Reg: Michele Bachmann Warns Iowans About Risk of Being Enslaved to Debt


Union Leader: Today's NH GOP chairman vote will be telling
NYT: Republicans Battling in New Hampshire


State: Big bucks flow to Haley


Albany TU: Obama lights up GE, Schenectady
NY Post: Obama works crowd
Albany TU: Ed Cox not a fan of Obama’s speech

Albany TU: 15,000 state jobs at risk of layoff?


WSJ: Water Demands Collide With an Antitax Push
LA Times: Graffiti death threats made against Gov. Jerry Brown
SacBee: California's December jobless rate rose to 12.5%


AP/Root: All eyes on Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst in Senate race


SPT: Weighing the public's right to speak


AJC: Georgia plans to audit use of hiring tool in limiting illegal immigration
AJC: Ralston, staff and families took $17,000 lobbyist-funded trip to Germany


Chicago Tribune: Polling front-runner Emanuel holds an even bigger lead in fundraising
WSJ: Emanuel Gets a Boost From Financial Sector
WSJ: Rahm Emanuel Raises Big Bucks Out of State
Chicago Tribune: Chicago race and politics


Star Tribune: Bachmann testing the waters in Iowa


Milwaukee JS: Ryan to deliver GOP State of the Union response


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich alters order on work rights
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich to EPA staff: Let's make decisions


Detroit News: Union ranks fall in Michigan


Fox: Virginia Bill Would Require Schools to Keep Tabs on Cost of Illegal Immigrant Students


WaPo: Increasingly powerful GOP congressman from Maryland still cutting his own path


Politico: Bob Menendez sets up legal fund to fight recall effort


Boston Globe: Patrick plan would slash local aid
Boston Globe: In a turnabout, governor breaks with unions on health care plans


WaPo: Odds good for Democrats as Nevada adds a seat

Las Vegas RJ: Experts: Lawmakers have 'significant' gap to close to solve budget crisis


WSJ: Brewer Signs Bill on Medicaid Waiver Request

Rush Limbaugh: Dupnik's Former Deputy Calls Us


WSJ: Shirts Found With Parade Bomb Are Local


Fox: Hawaii Won't Release Obama's Birth Info
Rush Limbaugh: Governor of Hawaii Can't Find Barack Obama's Birth Certificate?

NYT: Hawaii: After Complaint, Senate Stops Praying


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